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  1. From early in the Democratic primary process, -when there were what, 25 self-declared candidates running? - I've been asked repeatedly who "my" candidate is, the one I was supporting to become the nominee. As I told each of them, "I'm voting for the Democratic nominee, whoever he or she may be, even if it's the reanimated zombie corpse of Adlai Stevenson." Because this, exactly - four more years of what we have occupying the White House now will destroy what's left of America. Nothing about Joe Biden - nothing that's been reported thus far - even begins to stir me from that position.
  2. Again, there were not "these millions" of voters who might choose Trump over him. There were just over a million, last go-round, and every, and I do mean EVERY, credible poll suggests that Trump's standing with the African-American community has eroded substantially. At this point, I would predict with some confidence that he will get a lower percentage of the black vote than Romney or McCain did. That does not mean Biden's gaffe was harmless. While not presuming to speak for black voters (unlike some), I will note that I believe I understand the point Biden was making: that black voters backing Trump are unlikely to have shared in the overall, experience typical of black Americans. He is certainly not an eloquent, off-the-cuff speaker, but he is still light-years ahead of Trump in terms of everything that matters. And in the long run, that is ALL that matters. Bitching about his imperfections is only going to dissuade voters from showing up to vote, and we need every voter we can get.
  3. There is ZERO evidence for this fantasy of yours. Did it cause some black voters to question supporting him? Almost certainly. Is he still likely to cause a significant drop in African-American votes for Mango Mussolini? Yes. It's especially hysterical to see you waving the Trump banner when you claim to be so supportive of alpha males, when your candidate wears lifts, lies about his height and weight, whines like a baby incessantly about how badly he's treated, and throws Twitter temper tantrums whenever he gets cranky. The toddler-in-chief is the least adult male president we've ever had, and you sing his praises like a cuckold. Pitiful.
  4. It's not critical (I can masturbate anytime, I suppose) but there's nothing like cumming while a cock is pounding your hole. So I count that as a distinct plus when it can be arranged. I'm even happy to cum early on and then let the top really pound away after I've shot.
  5. No, they didn't. The total turnout in 2016 was about 132 million people, in round numbers. Of those, roughly 12% were black, or about 15.8 million. Trump got slightly less than 8% of that black vote, or just over 1 million votes. And that was before the last four years of stepping into stinking piles of shit, like his unforgivable comments about the "very fine people" who marched in Charlottesville waving Confederate and Nazi flags. But we'll see what happens come November. Trump may win - I doubt it, based on the panic you see coming out of their campaign - but it won't be because of any surge in the black vote.
  6. Biden also recognized his mistake, apologized genuinely and sensitively for it, and moved on. When was the last time you heard the Orange Turd even admit he isn't perfect, much less apologize for anything he's said? He's still pissed that he had to halfway walk back his "on both sides" crap from Charlottesville and has long since doubled-down on the sentiment. As for Biden's comment: it was a graceless way of stating something very true at its core: no matter whether you're African-American or not, if you have to even stop to think, briefly, about whether to support Trump or Biden, then your life experiences are so out of sync with what virtually every other black person in America faces, you might as well be purple.
  7. To be fair - the number of cases confirmed is going to continue to go higher in areas where testing was limited before; since most cases are low-symptomatic or asymptomatic, the more people test, the more cases they'll find (which will reduce the percentage with complications and/or death). But that doesn't mean it's not going to spread faster as things open up too early, and people at risk, more than anyone else, need to continue to avoid contact with others as much as possible.
  8. Virtually anything used that way is likely ineffective over the long haul. HIV works by compromising otherwise healthy immune systems; most HIV-negative people have more or less healthy immune systems and yet can be infected, particularly if they have unprotected receptive sex with someone who's got a reasonably high viral load. That's what makes HIV so insidious - with the apparent exception of people who have a particular, very uncommon genetic variation, the virus is capable of infecting almost anyone, in the right circumstances. And once it's there, its very nature is to secrete itself in cells that the immune system normally can't touch. There it slowly replicates, wearing down the immune system over time, until the body's protections give out. If you don't want to contract HIV, and you want to have unprotected sex, then use PrEP. There's no "natural" or "herbal" shit that's going to protect you.
  9. JFC. Yes, there are possible dangers. Mixing chemicals of assorted types, produced under undoubtedly limited oversight, ostensibly intended for one use ("video head cleaner", as though anyone still has VCRs) - what could possibly go wrong?
  10. Or my favorite, saying they want a younger (or rarely, older) guy, but no clue as to what their age is.
  11. To those who accuse Biden of being incoherent, here is our current president, this morning, answering the question as to whether he was still negative for the coronavirus: "And I tested very positively in another sense. So this morning. I tested positively toward negative, right? So no, I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative. But that's a way of saying it. Positively toward the negative." Yeah, I'm not worried if Biden occasionally has to reach for the right word.
  12. To people who keep buying into the Trump campaign's bullshit that Biden is "incoherent" (when Trump himself can't make a single English sentence without assistance) - or who pretend to, because they're secretly supporting the other side and want to sow division among Democrats - should look at the polls. Biden leads Trump not only nationally but in every swing state and in some states not traditionally regarded as swing states. Some on the left (and I'm a progressive, don't get me wrong) think the solution is to nominate someone far to the left, like Sanders, ignoring that while he'll excite a small portion of the Democratic base, it's the part of the base that turns out at the lowest rate, year in and year out. And meanwhile, that sort of candidate scares the pants off moderates in the suburbs - the people who swung the House back to the Democrats in 2018. Did none of you notice that of the 41 seats that flipped from Republican to Democrat, not a single one was in the AOC/Sanders mold? Those candidates and representatives are great, don't get me wrong, but they're great for districts that have wide margins of progressive/liberal voters. Not so much for suburbs that for the last two decades have been trending Republican; those people DO turn out to vote, year after year, and the more of them we can keep on our side, the better our chances of winning not only the White House but the Senate. Because without the Senate, NONE of Sanders' progressive ideas will ever see the light of day on that side of the Capitol. Nor would most of his judicial nominations. Think McConnell was cheeky for holding onto a Supreme Court seat for a year so Trump could fill it? Wait till he does that for four years with a Democratic president, for every single federal judgeship. I get it - politics, for some people, is like sex, and they only like the very specific kind of sex (and politics) that get them off. The problem is that the choice here is going to be similar to sex that's OK, occasionally pretty good, but sometimes mediocre, for four years - or no sex at all. Moreover, if we have another four years of a Republican president and senate, god forbid, the federal judiciary will be so thoroughly hollowed out of liberal or even moderate voices in favor of young, long-lived extremists who'll see to it that Democratic presidents and Congresses are stymied for the next 30 years. Biden is the best shot we have for avoiding that. Maybe that's a bad reflection on the Democratic party, I don't know - but anyone who thinks Trump is awful needs to vote for Biden and every other Democrat running for federal office in his area. Period.
  13. Yes, but they were posted in invisible ink and you have to have your Captain Caveman Super Decoder Ring in order to see them.
  14. I think the point is that in the real world, absolute fidelity to the daily regime for Truvada is not a universal condition, and thus the injection, which only requires one shot every 8 weeks, has better results (because the doctor's office will likely schedule your appointments in advance, you'll get a reminder, etc. and that beats the sometimes irregular PReP regimen some guys have. A clinical trial wouldn't call the Truvada people every day and remind them to take their pills, and you can bet some forget, some skip a dose or more for any number of reasons, etc. Because that mirrors the real world, where people are imperfect.
  15. You do know, don't you, that the only reason the Republicans have been able to have a House majority at all, in the last 20 years, is because of extreme gerrymandering? You do know, don't you, that state after state is ending that practice (in some cases, by order of the state supreme court), which is contributing to ongoing and heavy losses in GOP house seats? You do know, don't you, that "the American People" cast more votes for Democrats for the House every year, year after year, than Republicans - by a margin of nearly 9 million in the last midterm (which usually benefits Republicans)? I'm not sure what fantasy world you're living in that you think people are moving towards the Republican Party, but I would suggest you re-anchor in the real world, where in the last midterm 41 House seats flipped from Democratic to Republican (the third largest such flip since Watergate, which coincides with the onset of modern campaigning). And they flipped across the board, in liberal states like CA, NY, and IL; moderate states, like IA, MN, MI, and PA; and conservative states like UT, GA, TX, and SC. How you turn that momentum around when the top of your ticket is losing support almost on a daily basis and is increasingly deranged, I have no idea.

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