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  1. First - congrats on the new job! I hope things hold together (as well as is possible) until you can get on the company health plan. Second - I'm honestly shocked that Oregon, which is usually at the forefront of fixing things like this, could have these kinds of problems. It's especially concerning because under the ACA, loss of health care coverage (whether through losing one's job, having hours cut back to where you don't qualify for their plan, etc.) is considered a "qualifying event" for triggering the ability to get a plan on the ACA even if open enrollment is closed. The fact that i
  2. Very well handled. And if it ever happened again, I'd simply block the person. Repeat problems with one guy who can't understand, to me, is a different issue than multiple people asking the same question.
  3. I think this is one of those cases where I believe "words matter". The thoughts you express here - that the two aspects of "being gay" and "being poz" are inseparable, for you, doesn't mean that being only one or the other makes one "incomplete." The OP said - and I quote directly - "For me being a gay transman its a rite of passage to being a true gay man. So when I get it its going to be my badge of honor." That's awfully dismissive of the millions upon millions of gay people who are NOT HIV-positive, and extraordinarily snubbing to the hundreds of thousands of gay men who died n
  4. And I agree - you shouldn't *have* to compromise what you want, if it's important enough to you! The solution you have - ignore locals, avoid the apps, and go to another city when you really need it - works for you, apparently, and there's nothing wrong with it. My only issue is with dismissing the locals, who may not have those options, as being unable to read. I think that's gratuitously cruel.
  5. I was with you, mostly, until the part about "nearest big city". In my experience, guys in smaller towns are much more accustomed to compromising on things because of a lack of options - and that applies whether you're shopping for men or paper towels. That doesn't mean *you* need to compromise; it's just that other local guys may be used to doing things that are not their first choice, in order to experience *some* form of M2M interaction. Again, not suggesting you need to compromise, but being understanding about the fact that most people in your circumstances probably *do* have to com
  6. The only thing I might (gently, I hope) point out is that saying you bareback is not the same as saying you ONLY bareback. I know guys who prefer bareback but will use a condom if requested and they want the other guy bad enough. So *if* your profile isn't clear that it's "bareback ONLY", maybe that might improve your results. The hosting thing is harder to excuse, although some people assume that means "it's hard to find a time when it would work to do it here" and they're hoping this might be one of the rare times. If the issue is more permanent - ie "my partner and I agreed that all o
  7. The one thing that gives me a little hope: Gorsuch's opinion this past June in the employment discrimination cases, where the Court held (6-3!) that the provisions of federal law that ban discrimination in employment based on sex included, by its very nature, discrimination against LGBT people. Chief Justice Roberts was in that 6-3 majority. Having established that, even with replacing Ginsburg with Barrett, it'll be hard not to see how that would govern most laws that prohibit discrimination "on the basis of sex". Unfortunately, the oldest conservative justices are only 72 and 70, w
  8. I don't know what any "protocol" for druggie sex might be. That said, if you've got a site that caters to a wide range of interests, you'd likely want to put the most widely discussed and shared topics first, so that a casual user who hits the site isn't slapped in the face with, say, chem-induced orgies or nullo eunuchs right away; if that's the first thing a user sees, there's a significantly non-zero chance (if he's not into those) that he'll turn away and not scroll through the rest of the site to see the variety of topics.
  9. We actually have the electoral college because the slave states wanted to ensure that slavery would be protected, and thus they refused to sign onto the Constitution until (a) the idea of giving every state two senators, regardless of size, and placing that provision outside the amendment process, was included; (b) the House was apportioned by counting enslaved people, who could not vote, albeit at a 40% discount; and (c) having the president selected by electors, who equaled in number the senators and representatives from a state. This meant that after the first census (in 1790), VA ended up
  10. FWIW I always tell people who insist on voting third-party that it must be nice to have the luxury of not caring who wins at all - because to vote for a candidate who has zero chance of winning even one electoral vote is exactly equal to saying "I don't care who wins". And I say that knowing that at times, a particular third-party candidate *might* be closer, overall, to my views on most issues than either the Democrat or the Republican. But given that one or the other of those two is going to win, it's in my interest to vote for the one whose views more closely align with mine than the
  11. I would suggest this, then: comments about racism being a white-only phenomenon are valid *in the context of western European and American culture* (and in societies elsewhere created and dominated by those groups, such as South Africa before the end of apartheid. Perhaps a better way to express it would be that racism, being about *power*, can only be expressed *in a particular community* by those who wield power in that particular community. Which means yes, in Asia, where caucasians are a definite minority and even less so in the power structure, it's certain possible for, say, Chinese
  12. Two ways to approach this, then. One is the do-it-yourself way. Get some top buddies willing to fuck you on camera, set up for filming, and go for it. Post on JFF or OF or whatever. All the work's on you, but you control the product and can work as much or as little as you choose. The other is to go commercial. In that case, though, whether *you* want to do it for fame/experience, as opposed to money, doesn't matter one iota. The company's going to have to spend money: to rent or maintain its locations, to pay its crew, to pay the post production people, to pay for permits, to pay fo
  13. Oregon has had expanded Medicaid since long before the ACA offered a way for states to put most of the cost on the federal government. Between it and the ACA, you should be able to get coverage no matter whether you're jobless or at a very low income (via Medicaid) or via the ACA with your premium subsidized (perhaps heavily) if you're making above the Medicaid cutoff. Separately, there are also Ryan White Act funded programs in essentially every state to ensure that people who are HIV-positive can get and remain on treatment. Unless you WANT to have unchecked HIV, there shouldn't be too
  14. Descovy is used on its own for PrEP, but when used to treat someone who's already HIV+, it's customarily paired with another HIV medication. Descovy consists of two medications (emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide fumarate), both of which are nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs, or “nukes”). This type of medication blocks the HIV virus from copying its genetic material (which is RNA) to DNA. Some of the single-tablet regimens for HIV treatment include both of these, along with a third medication from a different class of HIV drugs. For instance, Biktarv
  15. That's because to you, "top" includes, by definition, "dominance". To others, "top" is simply "insertive partner". Not to suggest either is incorrect, per se. And some "passive tops" are, in fact, acting to get what they want. They're picking a bottom, ordering him to do the necessary work, and getting the low-effort orgasm they desire.
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