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  1. @rawTOP It looks to me like whatever "icon" is used for the heart "like" logo is the culprit, not displaying properly on an iPad (presumably with Safari, since most people use the default browser there). That may give the support team something to work with.
  2. For what it's worth, there are similarly themed parties elsewhere. While the Fickstutenmarkt parties are limited to Europe (at least for now), there is (in the United States) the HorseMarket, which is based in SF but holds parties at leather and fetish events around the country. Your profile doesn't indicate your location, but if you're in the US, that might be a more accessible option. That said, I believe both sets of parties are on hold and have been for a while due to COVID-19.
  3. You can ignore people - thus not seeing their posts (hateful or not). I'm not sure whether that means they don't see your posts, as well. Very few message board systems I've used allow people to edit or delete their posts more than a minute or so after posting, because otherwise you'd have people posting inflammatory comments and then changing or deleting them before getting written up. Or editing posts to remove things they'd stated as facts, that contradict other things they'd stated as facts elsewhere on the site, which contradicted (in a different way) other things they'd stated
  4. If you already know you want to be poz, as your title suggests, what does it matter what *other* people felt like when they found out? It sounds like you already know what you want your experience to be.
  5. Read up to the top of the thread. They were outlined many, many years ago.
  6. Obviously, this is a bareback-positive site (and I'm all for that). But I think we can do without the condom bashing. Some people don't have access to PrEP and want to remain negative. Some people are concerned about other STI's. Just as it's not other people's place to rag on you about your preference for bareback sex, it's not your place to criticize them for making a different decision than you have. Those who bash monogamy, or safer sex practices, are the first to get indignant if they're denigrated for being sluts or engaging in risky play.
  7. I'd add this: the nicer the hotel, the harder it's going to be to get people in and up to your room - *especially* if it's anywhere near a major festival event, when hotels frequently have security to prevent anyone who's not a guest (or with a guest) from entering. Also, be forewarned: I'm sure it depends on the bottom in question, but as is the case in most places, the bottom-to-top ratio is very skewed. New Orleans has a reputation for debauchery at times (and in some ways it's warranted) but the idea of being able to go ass-up and find a score of guys to come over and fuck you is abou
  8. Why not go on PrEP? If not becoming poz is important to you, then don't trust someone's "paperwork" - it's only as good as some point prior to the actual test being done, for starters, and that's if you'd know whether the results shown are real or fake. I guarantee you I could, in half an hour's time, craft a realistic looking lab report that would clearly indicate the subject was HIV negative, even if the "subject" didn't really exist. If you don't want to become poz, YOU need to take responsibility for that, and get on PrEP if you're going to risk taking raw cock. Period. If you do
  9. doubtful, as the last post by the author is coming up on 11 months old. Most stories here just drop off; few have confirmed "the end" bits.
  10. Posts in a topic that's fairly active get an extra column to the right of the main posts - it shows the top posters in the topic, along with the most-liked posts. That's probably what you're seeing in terms of columns. As for the "React" icon - @rawTOP will probably need to look into that, if he's not already (with this info about platform and browser, it may help them track down the problem).
  11. This vaguely reminds me of that quote falsely attributed to Abraham Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time." I'm sure that some people can detect when some men are about to cum. I'm sure that some people can detect when MOST people are about to cum. But I doubt there is anyone who can always tell when any man is about to cum.
  12. If "things relax a lot" when on the edge of passing out, people would shit themselves every night while sleeping.
  13. One useful divider is between sports that involve lots of rough physical contact (US football, hockey, rugby, boxing, wrestling, MMA, and increasingly others where teams get into brawls during games) - which are all more or less ways to letting men be violent in somewhat acceptable ways - and those without such contact, including tennis, swimming, track and field, etc. The former group, unsurprisingly, seems filled with people who have violent streaks. Look at the huge numbers of players who've had to deal with domestic violence charges. And those are the sports where CTE is becoming abun
  14. Are you referring to the large white circles on the RIGHT (not left) of the post? That's where the "React" button (ie Like, Upvote, Downvote, Thank, HaHa) should be. They appear normally on my system. You should probably specify which operating system & version (ie Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Mac OS, etc.) you're using as well as the name and version of your browser (ie Chrome 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit), Safari xxxxxx, etc.). Looks like the icon for the button (normally a white heart on a light gray background) is not loading properly, but why that is, I can't say.
  15. Nope. Again, you invent things you think I'm saying because they're easy targets for you to attack. Must be sad to be so unable to actually read with comprehension and address what was actually written. Yes, I do. I deny it emphatically. Again, you invent things and expect me to spend my time defending something I didn't say. Sorry, won't bite. Thank you for making your bigotry clear beyond question. I think everyone can now see this is, for you, about nothing more than your rage-filled bigotry against about 20% of the world's population, and not any sort of rational thinking (
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