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    Let's start with what I'm not looking for: NO chems, no drugs, no "enhancements". I'll march for legalizing anything you want to put in your own body, but I don't want to be around anyone who's using. Period.

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  1. I for one would think it's approaching the height of rudeness to suggest how an author should restructure his story to better suit one individual's preferences. It's one thing when an author has indicated he's not sure which way he wants to go with a character; it's another thing entirely to suggest that his story should be changed because you don't like the way it's going. If you don't like a story, write your own.
  2. In my experience it's been that way for years. I quit almost a year ago and it had been bad for a long time before that.
  3. If a story doesn't contain the use of illegal drugs as part of the plotline, why would it be in "Chemsex"? The entire point of the existence of that category (for fiction, especially) is to separate out stories with drug use from stories that do not contain it, because depictions of drug use can be triggering for people in recovery (and highly annoying to people who go to significant lengths to avoid glorification of drug use as standard). As I understand it, there are seven "fiction" areas, where you can post fiction (ie non-true stories) about bareback sex, with the appropriate area det
  4. So, in other words, you were raped, and in a case of Stockholm Syndrome you have become attached to your rapist. That is not advice I would recommend to anyone else seeking to ingratiate himself with a virgin, in part because it's illegal to "forcefully [make someone] take his cock in [your] mouth against [your] will and ass." Good for you, I suppose, that you came to enjoy it, if that's what you wanted, but as advice, this sucks.
  5. Pills sold over the counter run the gamut from totally useless to mostly useless. To the extent they work for erectile issues, the effect is probably 95% psychological. I mean, let's be real - if people had actually discovered an inexpensive substance that dramatically enhanced virility, the details of the substance would be known worldwide, given what horndogs men are in general. That said, that doesn't mean they are harmless substances that can't affect any other part of your body or interact with other drugs. Without knowing the specific compound you're referring to, it's impossible to
  6. Personally, I think your best bet is to take sex off the table entirely. Make sure he knows that you want to meet him in a public place, he can arrive and depart on his own, and anything more will wait for another day. And repeat that the next time, if necessary. He's a virgin (or at least, so he says). He's not going to go from 0 to 100 in one step. If he does, he's probably got other issues that need to be addressed first.
  7. Cumunion is a series of sex party events held in various locations across the world. Some are tied to other big events (ie a Cumunion Party held at the same time as a particular bear or leather event) and others are standalone. They are essentially all-bareback parties. You can find more at cumunion.com. For the moment, they are having Friday night virtual parties (and have been for much of the Covid pandemic), although some venues have re-opened and scheduled Cumunion parties. Undoubtedly more will return as vaccination rates improve and incidence rates of Covid drop further.
  8. I'm starting to think "eyeroll" would be a useful reaction to have available - for the posts that don't *quite* merit a downvote (which has both punitive effect by reducing a member's approval score, and which often inspires retaliatory downvoting) but which inspire the reader to think "Really? Again with this shit?" Not sure how you'd distinguish it visually from the "sad" and "confused" icons (which also both feature faces with big eyes) but something to think about.
  9. For every single body variant in the world, there are people who are attracted to it. Every single one, from nubile twink with no body fat or musculature to super-chub, from dad bod to muscle head. The more conventionally appealing the body is, the more likely it is a large number of people will find it attractive, but that's because *that* is exactly what "conventionally appealing* means. It's like saying "the most popular color is the most popular color" - something logicians call a tautology.
  10. The same could be said of the white hood - that to some, it's not a KKK symbol, they just like it, and they're going to wear what they please. That's not going to protect them if someone sees them wearing it. Symbols become symbols through broad cultural adoption in a particular culture, not by requiring universal approval - as I'm sure you realize. Swastikas, for instance, had a long and distinguished (though not prominent) history as a symbol in more than one culture until appropriated by the Nazis. Like it or not, this particular combo - black tall-ish boots with white laces - has beco
  11. Broadly speaking, I prefer bearded men. That said, there are some men whose faces can't grow a decent beard and they shouldn't try. They're better off with a face that's clean-shaven.
  12. OK, let me see if I have this straight. You want to bottom. You can't clean out at home (presumably because you're leaving early and it won't last till you get to fuck). You are too shy to clean out at your top buddy's house. If you don't clean out before he fucks you, you have issues with diarrhea afterwards. Sounds to me like unless you're willing to carry a disposable enema with you at all times, and can find a public restroom with a more or less lockable stall door to administer it, then you're (to coin a phrase) shit out of luck.
  13. Wrong. Dead wrong. It's true that beginning in the mid 90's, the number of new HIV infections each year began to fall significantly, because newly introduced treatments meant guys who were previously transmitting the virus most of the time, when they had unprotected sex, could now dramatically reduce or eliminate passing on their infection. PrEP has further reduced that transmission rate. That said: it's still a major health issue, it's just less likely that you will become poz than it once was. Once you do get it, you've got to treat it (which is a lifetime commitment and expensive)
  14. And yet you posted it publicly rather than actually sending him a private message. Odd.
  15. So: are you saying that anyone who is a "switch and versatile" is automatically a "optimal slut"? What, pray tell, is an (not "a") "optimal slut"?
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