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  1. I wish I'd had a brother like you.
  2. I agree that its men of color whose points of view need to be amplified on this topic, just like this one.
  3. I don't think we can reasonably know what goes on in the depths of other people's minds. I think we can take it as read that racism = bad, just as homophobia = bad. However, that doesn't stop gay, bi, and even straight men getting turned on when they do play where someone gets called fag because the dynamic turns them on. Why is it so hard to imagine something akin to this around race? I've talked with black men who are appalled by race play and the objectification of black male sexuality and bodies, and I've talked with black men who want to fuck my white ass and pump it full of black seed so I can be their brood mare and bear them strong black baby boys. I think the direction the power flows and who's controlling the narrative matters. I would probably have trouble if a black man wanted me to call him derogatory terms but considering how I'm wired that's not likely. There are plenty of gay men who hate the F word and plenty of black men who hate the N word, but there are some of each who know there is erotic power in those words when they are deployed in play to maximize people's pleasure and enjoyment. We have to allow room for the minority of people of color who are into some kind of race play because of its transgressive nature, and because it works for them.
  4. I'm pretty confident in the bona fides of my VPN service provider. I've tried to find a repro scenario, but I haven't been able to make it recur. It has the feel of some kind of state bug or race condition. I'll keep a weather eye out.
  5. As a bottom who hasn't been fucked or bred in two months as of today, you most definitely need to be a stallion. Thinking about being live covered and serviced by multiple stallions is taking up a lot of space in my mind today.
  6. I really enjoy the way your mind and limbic system works.
  7. My ass and body can spasm from the stimulation of an intense fuck. I've been toyed into an anal orgasm so I'm wired for them. My first intense bare fucking brought me to the edge of an anal orgasm. I have strong insemination and impregnation kinks so I think about my cunt as fully functioning and fertile.
  8. This really puts the situation into perspective for me. We each have baseline health conditions, a number of people we come in contact with, and behaviors during those contacts. The most variable factor and the hardest to get a handle on is how many people in your location have COVID-19. It's not an intractable problem and, after a little digging, there is a risk calculator out there that I think might be illuminating for people to take a look at. Even with my limited contacts, wearing a mask, and social distancing, my risk is fairly high because of where I live. We all have our needs. Exercise. Social contact. Touch. Fucking. Using and being used. Giving and taking loads. Be informed about your risk and then you know how much risk you present to others as well. As a sidebar, I'm curious about how submissive bareback sex is considered self-medication. I know that semen exchange has shown a positive effect on mood in some studies, but I'm not sure @Oldercumslutmeans the same thing...
  9. I think you're exactly right @BlackDude. I'm drawn to quietly confident and relaxed men, they are themselves and don't need to put up a front. Arrogant men are, by and large, performing because they don't feel secure and confident in themselves. I'll take the quiet, dark-horse Dom or Top that everyone underestimates but who always manages to slip his cock into my mind before he ever gets it inside my cunt. I think that men are often hot *because* they are cool, relaxed, and confident.
  10. You are a humanitarian, of that there is no doubt.
  11. My laptop needed a restart yesterday and once it had finished restarting I opened the browser and got a 302 error trying to access BZ. Thinking it was a transient problem on the server end, I let it be and resolved to try again later. This morning I looked at BZ and have the same 302 error, but I got a notification of new content on BZ via email. Hmmm, someone can access the site. For security and privacy, I use a VPN almost all the time, so I decided to test with the VPN disabled. Et voilà! BZ came up normally. Then I tried re-enabling my VPN and I'm still able to access the site. Anyone else ever see this kind of error?
  12. Does that have a hot and cold water hookup to get a safe and comfortable temperature?
  13. Welcome, TallTopBreeder! This is a great place to explore and grow into your nature and desires. Don't be surprised when guys take you up on your offer of interacting "in all possible ways". I've lost count of how many men named Panos I've known, but a couple I still think of fondly. Enjoy!

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