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  1. I don't think the OP is overly territorial, just trying to figure out whether there's a boundary here they care about. My experience of non-performative dominant breeders is that they like a variety of subs and bottoms to use and enjoy. I like a variety of dominants and tops to use and enjoy me as well, so in that the expectations are balanced. Now, that doesn't mean I don't feel envious of all the other boys he's fucking and pumping his seed into. But that understanding can be fuel to focus and become his best boy. It sounds like the OP needs to use his words and just get this out in t
  2. Once I'm fully sensitized, very light touches can make my whole body spasm.
  3. Yup, I'm a submissive bottom whose nipples are wired to my ass. The problem I've found is that the men who do like to play with my nipples are very timid about it, rarely getting to even 20% of what I can take. The right level of intensity in nipple play can turn me into a growling, primal animal on your dick. I'd love to find a guy willing to explore how he can control me and get my ass to spasm and contract on his dick using my nips.
  4. Generally, you're considered a minor if you are under 18, or under 21 if the discussion is about drinking alcohol. However, the age of consent in US states varies. While 18 is the age of consent in California where you are, it's as low as 16 in other US states (19 states/territories are at 16 years). It's definitely possible to be a minor (under 18) and over the age of consent in many US states.
  5. The wording is, at the very least, ambiguous. Making it explicit that "young" means 18-21 years old would have been much better. That it wasn't made that clear given the rules could be seen as leaning into intentional ambiguity. I find younger guys of *legal age* problematic. I'm naturally drawn to very clearly sexually mature men with significant secondary sexual characteristics. In part perhaps because the man who raped me as a 12 year old was in his 40s, athletic, and hairy, and definitely in part because the idea of having sex with someone who looks very young, regardless of th
  6. I can't find the open hours or rules on their website. Are they somewhere arcane?
  7. But also hoping to fulfill your function as his mare.
  8. A little ball worship often pays a seed dividend.
  9. Rugby player's loads are the best. I miss having access to a larger population of rugby players.
  10. It is also important that you express your identity and truth as dedicated fuck hole with a useless clit.
  11. Your instincts do you credit. The cage needs to be snug and have no gap at the end, but for a new locked nub its not a good idea to compress the clit. You need to be conditioned to sleeping in it to tame and blunt your clit's regular nightly swelling first, as well as wearing it through the day. Some discomfort is expected. If your goal is respectful limpness while being used, I really think you should also consider adding hypnosis to your arsenal. I thought I had a small dick, but keep getting feedback that it was both not small and a "very pretty dick" as well. I didn't want that distra
  12. You always take the time to pleasure the man in your cunt. That's not just about the load/s he pumps inside you, but about his arousal and pleasure overall. A more aroused and well pleasured man, even before he releases his seed, will make a strong memory for him. That the journey to releasing his seed inside you was a worthy one.
  13. Riverfk's sense of even temper, humor, and playfulness will be missed by many of us. If he's decided to spend time away from here let's trust that he knows what he needs and wish him well.
  14. If the man's desire to fuck and breed isn't pure and authentic, if there's some other incentive, it ruins the connection and fuck for me. It makes it empty and sad, instead of fulfilling and joyous. YMMV.
  15. Having been through this as a partner and carer, don't jump to conclusions about the ultimate diagnosis or treatment. You'll need various imaging and biopsy results to arrive at a Gleason score (clinical staging) and if a prostatectomy is needed you'll get pathologic staging to better understand where you are. It's not uncommon for the pathologic to be different to the clinical staging. Regarding the nerves on either side of the gland, there may be no invasion of the nerve by cancer cells so don't borrow trouble and wait for the test results. It's far too early to know your situation yet
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