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My sister the bitch


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Not much actual sex here but I will at some point continue, this is fiction but one or two points are based on fact.


When I left school, my sister, Tracy,  got me my first job, working in a bar as a glass collector, the bar was split into three, upstairs where the younger more wild crowd where, middle bar where the owner hung out with his friends and the lower bar where the hardened crowd, the older drinkers went, although to me at that age everyone was older.

My job was to clear glasses from tables, wash-up, empty the drip trays and restock the bars as required

My sister worked behind the bar at the top and middle bars with other staff, but the lower bar was run exclusively by Pete, at first I liked Pete, he always had a drink ready for me and always a smile and a chat, but I liked the top bar with the younger crowd, besides some of the guys up there told me that Pete was gay and had a thing for young lads, hinting that he liked me in that way, of course after that I used to be a bit more observant, and I would notice him looking at me and it made me uncomfortable, especially when he brushed past me. So, I avoided going down there but inevitably got told off by the boss and told to treat all the bars the same.

My sister occasionally would go to the lower bar and chat with Pete, sometimes I got the impression they were talking about me, they would look smile laugh. I tried to ignore it but it became very obvious.

I had a girlfriend Helen, same age as me but vastly more experienced. 5 foot 10, great body, loved sex, what else could I ask for? Although as we both lived at home, we struggled to find places to go.

My sister got on well with Helen, they would go shopping or for drinks together and my sister was a wild thing, a bad influence, if they had a night out I would ring Helen the next day to arrange to meet to invariably find her hung over.

So, one Friday night, I am thinking about how Helen and I could have some alone time the following night, one of my infrequent Saturdays off, the lower bar was closed for renovation and the smell of paint fumes where keeping the customers away, so fewer staff required. I call up Helen only to be told, “Oh, I’m sorry sweetie, I have arranged to go out with Tracy”, I am already angry with my sister and confront her, “you knew I wanted to spend time with Helen, instead you decide to fuck up my evening”.

She replied with, “oh don’t worry, you have been invited to a party, Pete has invited you!”

“I don’t want to go to a party with that queer”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll be there too, Helen is coming too”

That’s where I made my mistake, I accepted a lift from my sister to the party but when I asked if we were picking Helen up, I was told she would make her own way…… sooooo, we got this house in the middle of an estate, no idea where, there were a few cars there both my sister and I get out and go into the house, surprise surprise, it is just guys, my sister is the only female there, she reassures me others will be there soon, but in the meantime she needs the toilet, she wanders over to Pete and points me out the disappears to the toilet. Pete comes over with a couple of drinks and talks to me whilst I wat for Tracy to come back, I am not comfortable, not comfortable at all, especially as when I start to look for her I see one guy giving another guy a blowjob, I look into another room two men naked on the bed in each other’s arms. A third room a big TV is showing gay porn and by now my head is buzzing, I feel unsteady, I go outside and find my sisters car is missing. I try to phone her but my phone is not in my pocket, did I leave it somewhere? Pete guides me back to the house, I am so unsteady.

That my friends is about all I remember.


I woke up the next morning, naked, on a bed with 4 other naked men all passed out. I get up, I feel sick, my limbs ache, my mouth tastes awful, the corners of my mouth are cracked and white flaky stuff is on my body, its on my face and comes off as I rub my face, my bum feels sore, very sore, but at the same time feels empty, and amazingly, my groin has been totally shaven clean. I feel sick to the pit of my stomach my headaches my nipples feel like they have been torn from my body and for some strange reason I have a handcuff attached to my left wrist, just hanging there.

I am standing there in a room with 4 other naked men, sorry 6, two more are on the floor spooning.

I look for my clothes, I find my jeans but my wallet has been taken from my pocket and pretty much emptied and left on top of my jeans, my cards are there but my provisional driving licence is gone and so has the little cash I had.

I search for the rest of my clothes, I find one sock which may or may not be mine, I can’t find my underwear, I find one trainer in one corner and the other in another, I can’t find my tee-shirt so in the end I just grab one off the floor, no idea who it belongs too, I cant find the keys to the handcuff and want to get out before anyone wakes, I go to a bathroom, passing by stuff that I have never seen before, but know to be drug stuff, syringe, lighter, spoon tin foil, I’ve seen this shit on TV but never in real life.

In the bathroom it stinks of piss, yes I know some bathrooms do, but I can see in the bath, the plug is in and there is half an inch or so of piss, in the bottom of the tub, at least I am guessing that’s what it is.

I check myself out, my first concern is my bum, I reach back and touch my hole, it feels swollen and puffy, there is more of the flaky substance around my hole and on my bum cheeks. I get dressed the best I can, and look for a way out.

I leave the house through the kitchen passing two men one sat on a kitchen chair the other sat on him facing him, both kissing both naked, they just smile at me as I leave then go back to kissing and walk away.

I walk for maybe an hour or more when a car coming towards me slows and I realise it is my sister, she turns the car around so she is travelling my way, she opens the door I go to get in as what else would I do, she has a big grin on her face smiling from ear to ear, “I hear from Pete you had a great night, life and soul of the party he said”

“wait”……she reaches into the back gets out a small towel and folds it and puts it on the passenger seat, “don’t want you leaking on my seat” she says with a massive grin.

“you dumped me there”

“I told you I was going out with Helen”, she replies, besides Pete says you had a fantastic time and everyone loved you, I mean they really loved you” as she laughed to herself

“Anyway”, she continued, “you couldn’t have come with me and Helen, 5 would have been an awkward number”

“what do you mean 5”, I ask suspicion dawning on me

“Well, there was me, Jon”, (tracys boyfriend) “Helen and Daniel”

“who the fuck is Daniel”

Tracy snarled at me, “don’t you raise your voice or swear at me, Daniel is Helens new friend”, “she was telling me how brilliant he is and how talented”

“what do you mean”

“oh nothing little brother, don’t worry about it, after all you have new friends now too, I am sure Helen wouldn’t be jealous of them”

I sit there brooding, we don’t say anything for a while until Tracy points out the bruises on my arm, I hadn’t noticed before, three thumb size bruises in the crook of my left arm, three small dots, I couldn’t bring myself to admit what they were, although Tracy knew and suggested next time I do it somewhere less obvious, like in my groin or in my cock, I couldn’t believe she just suggested that to me, Jesus did people really do that? Stick a needle in their cock? Not me, no way, no way at all. I don’t do drugs, and I wont stick things in my groin or cock and I wont be going to anymore parties. I closed my eyes and leant against the window feeling so totally and utterly depressed and just wanting to get home and climb into bed and sleep.

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We get home and the house is empty, our parents have gone away for  a few days so I just go straight to bed, I know I need to shower at least but I done even have the enthusiasm for that, I did notice there was a faint smell of perfume in my room but instantly ignored it and in seconds I am asleep, only to be woken a short time later by my sister, normally she doesn’t come into my room, but she shook me awake, standing by my bed in just her bra and knickers, I cant stop staring at her body and don’t even notice her holding out my phone to me,

“you left this in my car yesterday”, she says, “Pete wants a word with you”, she is grinning from ear to ear as she hands me my phone.


“hello sexy”

“Please don’t call me that”

“You didn’t mind last night” he laughs

“what do you want?” I ask him

“just to ask if you fancy a drink tonight after work?”

“no thank you, it will be late when we finish”

“you can always stop at mine”

“no thank you”

“Ok well, I will see you later at work, oh and by the way, thanks for last night, you were great” and then he hung up

Again I felt sick, I go to get out of bed but realise I had stripped off before I got in and my sister is still in my room,

“could you leave please, I want to get dressed so I can go and see Helen”

“sure but you had better shower first, and clean your teeth, god you stink, smells like piss and cum”

She laughs as she walks out of my room, and I get out of bed naked with a raging hard on from seeing my sister in her underwear

I grab a towel and head for the shower, I scrub and scrub and scrub, I also put my finger into my bum hole to make sure I am clean there, but when I pull my finger out there is blood on it, oh God, I hope I haven’t been damaged, I really don’t want to go to a doctor and tell him what I think may have happened

As I leave the bathroom, I go past my sisters room her door is open and she is looking in her mirror, her back to me, she is just in her knickers, her bra is gone, I stand and stare,

“enjoying the view little brother”

I just head back to my room and get dressed, then go to leave the house, Tracy offers me a lift but I say “no”, I don’t want to be near her.

 “you know Helen is probably spending the day in bed, after all she had a busy night last night, she didn’t leave here until this morning when I gave her a lift home, I dropped off Daniel first and then Helen”

“Daniel stayed here last night?”

“of course”

“where did he sleep?”

“in your bed of course, I cant really put him up in mom and dads room, mom would go mad”

“where did Helen sleep?”

“where do you think, although, I don’t think she slept much”

I stormed out of the house I was so angry

I go straight into the garage and spend some time with dads hacksaw cutting off the handcuff, I suspect it wasn’t a real one, just bought from some sex shop or something, anyway, it took a while but soon I was rid of it and threw it in the bin

I walked to Helens and by the time I got there I was still angry but also ashamed at what I now knew I must have done, although it wasn’t my fault

I knocked on the door and Victoria, one of Helens two younger sisters answered

“Hi, she’s still in bed, go on up, mom and dad are out”

If her parents had been in I would never have been allowed in Helens room

I knock gently but with no answer I just walk in and find her asleep only half covered by her duvet but clearly naked beneath it. The first thing I noticed where the love bites on her neck, again I felt sick, but at the same time I was fascinated and she looked so god damn fucking sexy. I stared at her, examining her to see if I could find any other clues. Sure enough, there where bruises on her exposed tit and there was another mark, a bruise on the inside of her left arm with a small spot in the middle, just like mine.

I saw her phone on the floor and picked it up, I unlocked it to read her messages, there was one from Daniel, “thanks for last night, damn but you are good”, there was a photo attached, it was a cock shot with the caption, “just for you xxx” it was thicker and longer and circumcised, I kept staring at it

I looked for other messages but there were none, or at least not between Helen and Daniel. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to say, I just left, I didn’t even say bye to Samantha and Victoria, Helens sisters.

I left and walked home again and kept thinking about the pic of Daniels cock, imagining Helen must have had it inside her, I felt sick but also perversely jealous, I couldn’t admit to myself I might have wanted his cock, so I told myself I was jealous that he fucked her and I didn’t

I got home and shortly afterwards Tracy told me it was time for us to go to work, I got in her car but didn’t speak until almost there when I said,

“Daniel sent Helen a pic of his cock”

“hmmm, it’s a nice one isn’t it?”

“you disgust me” I said

“why? Because he didn’t send it to you? Well don’t worry, I am sure you will get to see it soon enough, Daniel likes guys and girls, in fact he and Pete where an item for a while”

Whilst in work, I avoid going down to the lower bar but in the end I cant put off the inevitable, I go down and start work in there, Pete is at the end of the bar chatting to a younger guy, still older than me but younger than him, the guy pushes something across the bar hidden in his hand and Pete takes it and puts it in his pocket. As I collect wash and stack the glasses, Pete keeps pushing past me, groping my bum.

“please don’t do that”, I say almost in tears

“well you didn’t complain last night sweetie” as he pushes against me and I feel his cock pushing into my back, he reaches around and gropes my front and I just stand there completely humiliated, It is obvious to anyone at the bar what he is doing, and the guy at the end of the bar is now grinning like a Cheshire cat, he walks towards us, still grinning, he leans across and puts out his hand to shake mine,

“hi, I’m Daniel, your sister is right, you are cute”

Just then his phone rings, he takes it from his pocket,

“right, I have to go, got a date with a slut I fucked last night, damn she was good and her arse was so tight, but not so tight this morning I’ll bet, see you soon”



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I stood there, not even shocked anymore, just kinda numb, I felt a hand on the back of my neck,

“don’t worry sweety, she’s having her fun, you’re having yours”

As he pats my behind and walks away to serve someone, I just stand for a few seconds then go back to cleaning glasses like nothing happened. Later that evening as I am finishing cleaning tables, my sister informs me that she and Jon are going for a late drink with Daniel and that Peter will be taking me home that night, to his place, I don’t even argue, I don’t even answer, I just carry on cleaning, I have given up but also, I still feel so empty, I feel like I need something in me.

After we have closed I just follow Peter to his car I don’t say anything, he tells me I am quiet but not to worry, Daniel has given him some party favours and I will soon perk up, I know I wont, this is the end of my world, I feel so depressed. What stunned me was that at one point in the evening two women at the bar commented that Peter and I made a good couple at which point he even kissed me on the cheek and had his hand on the back of my neck, his thumb rubbing my neck. I suddenly realised, I had spent almost the entire evening in the bottom bar, a place and a person I had previously actively avoided and now here I was in his car, his hand on my thigh and knowing that before morning he will have used me in ways I never dreamed of and I will have allowed it.

We arrive at Peters place and both get out of the car, he walks around to my side and pushes me against the car and kisses me deeply, I feel him sucking aggressively on my tongue, so much so that it hurts, his tongue exploring my mouth whilst his hands one on the back of my head, the other kneading my cock through my jeans

“come on lover boy, lets get high and fuck”

I follow him to his apartment like I am in a daze and when we get inside he goes straight to the living room and puts some porn on the TV, and then starts to strip, I don’t wait to be asked or told, I just start stripping, I know what is expected of me, he walks towards me and holds my face in his hands lifting my face up to look at him, he tells me to open my mouth which I do, and he promptly spits into my mouth and then again and then a third time, he leans in and kisses me,  his cock hardening between us, pushing against my belly, I feel his stubble on my face, I feel his tongue searching my mouth, he moves his head back and closes my mouth and tells me to swallow, I do exactly as I am told as he grins and tells me I am a good boy as he slides his hands onto my shoulders pushes me down onto my knees, I know what is expected and take his now rigid cock into my mouth and begin to suck and lick, I am unsure of what I am doing but think the best way would be for me to do what I know I enjoy Helen doing to me…………………Helen, I think of her now as I am naked and on my knees sucking cock, I imagine her getting fucked by Daniel, I already know he likes to fuck her arse, something she would never let me do, I think of my girlfriend being a dirty slut for another man whilst I am sucking my boyfriends rigid member, twirling my tongue around the head of his 7 inch cut cock………………………Oh my god, did I just think of Peter as my boyfriend? Maybe he would better be described as my pimp as I know that at the party I was used by more than one man, or maybe it is my sister who is my pimp and Peter is just one of my customers?

I notice as my head is bobbing up and down that Peter has a tattoo on his belly, just above his groin, I have seen the same design on the photo that Daniel sent to Helen, oh well, not surprising, Tracy had already told me they had been a couple once, so they got matching tattoos, some couples do.

Peter is starting to move his hips into my face, quite literally fucking my mouth, I can taste his precum and my mouth is full of saliva, I swallow. He forces my head all the way down onto his fuckstick, and I gag, he pulls out without cumming and says,

“don’t worry, we will soon cure you of that gag reflex, some of my friends are a lot bigger than me, right now lets get slammed”

I remain on my knees as he walks away from me, he looks back,

“cmon, bedroom….now!”

I get up and follow him, he tells me to get on the bed as he takes some things from a small bag on the side,

“left arm”

He wraps a rubber strap around my bicep, he does the same to himself, he slaps his inner arm a few times, I notice for the first time he has several scabs on his inner arm, he takes a syringe and inserts the needle into a vein, draws back the plunger, I see some blood mixing with the clear liquid in the syringe, he depresses the plunger wasting no time in injecting himself with half the contents, he coughs a little, removes the syringe and the band and raises his arm above his head, a small trickle of blood runs down his arm, he lowers his arm puts the small puncture wound toward my mouth and simply says,

“suck it”, I lick the blood off and suck the small wound then he takes my arm, slaps the inner elbow a few times and inserts the same needle, again drawing back on the plunger but this time emptying the syringe into me, I cough, quite badly, I feel him release the band and raise my arm, but other sensations are coming now, I cant really describe what I feel, but like a head rush, a feeling of satisfaction, I feel good, I feel like I don’t care I feel like I am full of energy but at the same time want to take things easy but most of all, I feel confused my head is clear but all these mix of emotions.

I look at Peters face he is grinning at me whilst stroking his cock, he gets lower on the bed, between my legs, he lifts my legs exposing me and I just know I am about to get fucked again but this time I want it, I want to feel him inside me, I want him to open my arsehole and slide his cock in, but he doesn’t straight away, first he pushes one finger in then another I can feel some pain from my previous fucking but I also feel slight pain from his fingers scraping the walls of my fuck hole, after a while he takes the two fingers out and holds them up to look at them, I hadn’t noticed before that his first finger has a nail sharpened to a point, why hadn’t I noticed that before? Is it the clarity of the drug in my system? I seem to feel and see things more clearly his fingers have a little streak of shit but they are also pink/red, I must be bleeding a little again, this time it does not worry me, I don’t have a care in the world, he puts the fingers to my mouth and I suck them for a few seconds, the taste is so acute, and then he leans back and starts pushing the head of his cock against my hole which he has lubricated with spit I actually hear a pop as he enters me and it hurts but is also amazing, I am filled again, I feel comfort, not just from the invader in my arse, but from knowing someone wants me.

He pushes, withdraws, pushes withdraws, pushes and soon I can feel his belly against me, he is all the way in, I have accepted a man inside me, and it feels wonderful, he pistons in and out of me until he stops, shakes a little lets out a groan and I know he is filling my bowels with his cum, he gets off me, and lies on his back, I curl up next to him, I can feel I am leaking cum from my arse but I haven’t cum myself yet and somehow this doesn’t matter as I have pleased my boyfriend ……………oh my god there I go again, my boyfriend only now it sounds right to me, Peter pushes me down to his groin,

“clean me” he says, “suck it”

I don’t hesitate, I immediately start to suck him clean, his cock tastes of my arse, my blood and his cum and I suck and lick and do the best I can to please him.

I hear his phone chime in the other room, a message, but he just lays there as his cock goes soft in my mouth and I realise he is snoring. I curl up next to him, holding him wanting to feel this good and this safe forever.

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The morning comes and I awake with morning glory as usual, there is a bad taste in my mouth and of course I suddenly realise I am not at home, in fact I am lying next to Peter, both of us naked, his member is hard too, the realisation hits me, I had gay sex last night and it was consensual, I see Peter has his eyes closed and I go to get off the bed, thinking I would get dressed and go home, I need to clear my head, I need to think about this, but a hand grips my wrist,

“hey sexy, where are you going, I got a cock that needs emptying”

I go down on his cock and start licking and sucking, he holds my head in place and says

“don’t spill any, I don’t want piss on my sheets”

Oh Shit!, I thought he meant he needed to empty his balls, not his bladder, then I feel it enter my mouth, a very strong pungent stream of piss and I swallow as fast as I can, he seems to piss for ages, but it probably wasn’t that long, eventually he stops and I use my mouth and tongue to clean his cock, then another new development in our relationship, he lifts his legs and tells me to suck his arse and to use my tongue on it, I do and I hear his moans of pleasure, his hole has a tangy taste to it and I find myself thinking about how it would feel to have someone do this to me, but why would they, my hole is swollen and a little bloody.

Peter lowered his legs and got off the bed, his cock still standing proud,

“ok bitch, on your knees”,

Bitch? That was the first time he called me that, but I guess I was, that’s what I had become, in 48 hours I had become a cock craving bitch, but I was lucky, at least I had a loving man who would take care of my needs.

I felt his fingers first on and then in my hole with a cold gel he was applying, but strangely enough a slight burning sensation, then he pulled me a little bit further back on the bed and mounted me, just like the bitch he had just called me, I loved the feeling of his shaft in me and this time, it was a lot quicker and easier for him to completely enter me, my hole was already getting used to being used like a cunt, and in that moment, that is exactly what I wanted, my hole to be filled, to be used, to be opened up. He pistoned in and out of me, but didn’t cum, instead he withdrew and reached under the bed and withdrew a basket, a basket full of vibrators and dildos and butt plugs, things I had only seen on sex sites. Some of them where massive, bigger than my own fist or longer than my forearm or both and I had no idea why he had these, they would never be able to fit into someone’s body, obviously I had a lot to learn and as turned on as I was I needed him to fill me, he worked his fingers in and out of me, whilst at the same time choosing something to put in me, the dildo he chose was bigger than his cock, maybe 9 inch and quite thick, I wasn’t sure I could take it but I knew I wanted it, and I wanted to please him, I wanted to impress him but I knew, as soon as he pressed the head against my hole, this plastic fuck toy was going to split me, it would tear me open and I would bleed to death, I just knew it would damage me inside, I knew all these things for a fact, what I didn’t know was that I was wrong, and that in fact, this 9 inch dildo would be small compared to some of the things Peter would eventually put in me.

He did get it in me, I did feel like I was splitting and I probably was bleeding, but I was proud when he announced I had it all the way in.

“good boi, good little faggot, well done, now suck me”

I was so proud, and I turned on the bed, my pussy full of plastic cock and I worshipped his meat fuck stick, I loved it, the dildo was painful in my arse, but I had made my boyfriend happy, I knew this as he grabbed my ears and fucked, quite literally fucked my face, precum and saliva pouring down my chin, it didn’t take long before I felt his shaft pulse and pulse and pulse as squirt after squirt of hot jizz filled my mouth, I already had a belly full of piss, and now would top it off with his creamy cum, I continued to clean his cock then he just pulled out without saying a word and walked into the living room.

I fell back on the bed, my boi pussy still full of plastic cock, and it still hurt but I didn’t want to take it out, I needed to feel something inside me, besides, I didn’t know what Peter would do if I took it out.

He came back into the room smiling as he looked at his phone that he had picked up from the living room.

“Well, there is a beautiful sight” and he showed me a picture that someone had sent him last night, a female, taken from behind, you could clearly see her cunt and it was red from a lot of use, but the more obvious thing was the gaping wide arsehole with cum all around it. Peter looked back at the phone flicked his finger across it and showed me the next picture,

“looks like your girlfriend is enjoying herself”

A picture of Helens face, her mouth open and a very large cock in it, I was shocked, but couldn’t tell if she was enjoying it or not, she seemed to be, but her eyes seemed a little unfocused or was that me just trying to justify her actions, whilst at the same time ignoring the fact that I had been unfaithful to her.

“oh look”, said Peter, “one more picture”,

Helen on her knees getting fucked from behind by Daniel, whilst Jon my sisters boyfriend was fucking her mouth.

I lay there with the dildo stuffed in my own fuck hole, my mouth and face smeared in cum and i wondered, who took the picture, with Jon in it, it could only have been my sister.

“right bitch boi, get that dildo out of your cunt and get showered, we got places to be.

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I went to the shower, in fact I waddled to the shower, once I was in there and the water was cascading down my body I removed the dildo and cleaned it with the warm soapy water, I touched my hole and it felt as though it was literally gaping open, like all my innards would fall out, it also felt extremely empty, Just then Peter got into the shower with me, he had an object in his hand which he informed me was an anal douche, he filled it then filled me for the first time then told me to sit on the toilet and empty myself,

“that’s how to do it every time before sex if you get the chance” he said, “guys will want you to be clean back there but not smelling or tasting of soap, so just use warm water, and you wont always get the chance so do it when you can”

What guys, I thought it would be just me and him from now on, I mean ok, so we went a bit wild at that party but that was a one off, and if it is just me and him then maybe I can keep some semblance of my normal life, I can get Helen back, she doesn’t have to know about Peter, that can be my secret. How totally naive I was.

When I finished the fourth and last douche, I climbed back into the shower, Peter was still in there, he had watched me this entire time, it was a little embarrassing to say the least, but now he turned me around so my back was to him and he soaped my back and shoulders then held me close and soaped my groin stroking and pulling on me until I shot my load in the tub, and watched it drain away, he moved my hair away from the nape of my neck and kissed me several times on my neck and right ear, gently biting on my ear, it felt so nice, however, he suddenly stopped and got out of the shower, throwing a towel to me and also drying himself off,

“come on, we are meeting Tracy at 11:00”

“What? Why?”

“she thinks its time you got a haircut”, he looked at me, “and I do too”

If it had just been Tracy I would have said no, but as my new boyfriend, my new lover wanted it too then I would have it done, I liked my hair as it was, almost shoulder length, but I also wanted to please, I guess my mind was just a cauldron of mixed emotions, unsure of what went on Saturday night, (but having a rough idea), finding out my girlfriend is getting fucked behind my back, feeling the chemical rush that Peter had introduced me too, looking back, it is hardly surprising I was an emotional mess and looking for any life raft to cling too, in this case a life raft in the form of Peter, It never occurred to me that he was taking advantage of my mixed emotions, my naivety and of course at just turned 18, my still raging hormones and that he was cranking that volume up by introducing me to drugs.

I got dressed, my hair still damp, when there was a knock at the door, Peter went to answer it and in walked my sister, she looked beautiful as always, but with a sneer on her face as she looked at me struggling to get my socks and trainers on, I couldn’t look her in the eye, I knew she knew what had gone on,

“did you guys have a good night?” she asked?

“oh yes”, replied Peter, “your brothers a horny little fuck”

I stared at him aghast that he would say such a thing in front of my sister, she of course smiled so damn wide

“right, come on then, we are going to a friend of mine to get your hair done”

Done? Get your hair done? Doesn’t she just mean cut, I’m only getting it trimmed.

We traipsed out of the apartment, the three of us and headed down to my sisters car, I was relegated to the back seat, Peter got in the front with Tracy driving and within a few minutes, we had arrived at a hairdressers salon, not a barbers for men but a salon.

“we are not going in there are we” I asked?

“Yes Tracy replied, I have a friend here who I trust to do your hair right”

We walk in and are met by Tracy’s friend, a middle aged woman who I can only describe as having a well-endowed chest, I couldn’t take my eyes off her cleavage. She walked me past a few women getting different hairstyles and indicated for me to sit in the chair, she put a cape around my upper half and even though my hair was wet, she leaned me back onto a sink and washed it, she dried it roughly with a towel then took me to another chair, picked up a hairdryer, this was strange, this was weird, but it also felt nice letting someone else do these things.

When my hair was dry, I said to the lady, my sister’s friend that I just needed a trim, and she said,

“just leave it to me, Tracy has already told me what’s needed”

As she cut my hair her and my sister talked about things that just bored me and so I tuned them out, I then felt the clippers on the side of my head and nearly jumped out of the chair,

“I said just a trim”

“I told Fiona what cut to give you so sit back down” said my sister, Peter got up from where he had been sitting,

“I told you your sister knows best, now stop being such a baby”

A half hour later I left the salon, my head shaved on one side, my hair left long on top and down the other side. We, the three of us walked for a few minutes then stopped at a tattoo parlour and my sister led us in

“I’m not getting a tattoo, no way”

“oh relax cry baby, your not here for a tattoo, not today anyway”

As my sister greeted a person in the sop, a big guy covered in ink, and spoke to him quietly, he called to a girl in a hygienist style smock and white trousers,

“Take this young lad in, tongue, ears, nipples, Tracy has already chosen these for him” and he gave the girl a tray

What the fuck is going on, the girl took me into another room and started work putting things into an autoclave,

“Take your tee-shirt off please”

“What erm no, I’m not here for”

Peter who was stood behind me said

“oh come on, its what I asked for, you’ll look so fucking sexy”

I went bright red, the young girl had heard everything and was smiling to herself, I was beet red all the way to my trainers I was so embarrassed and as he said it, Peter untucked my tee-shirt and lifted it off my body. The girl told me to sit on a stool which I did and then she set to work, I wont go into details, but when I left, I had a tongue stud fitted which made my speech slightly slurred I guess my tongue had swollen a little, I had a diamond style ear stud in each lobe, and I had a ring in each nipple, apparently, and I had no idea until after it was done but my sister had gone for the 14G size ring, the thickness being 1.6mm which is bigger than a normal starting ring or bar. Either way, I hated the fact that they clearly showed through my tee-shirt anyone walking past could see them.

Peter stopped, he turned to my sister and I and said

“Right then, I have things to do, I will see you tomorrow”

and then he kissed me, full on, in front of my sister and the rest of the street, I had just had my tongue pierced but he didn’t care and sucked on it, there, right there, in front of everyone and I heard an old man walking past say

“bloomin shirt lifting poofters, shouldn’t be allowed” and I felt I would die of embarrassment

My sister took me home then said she was going out and left, the house was empty, I went to my room and just sat, I took off my tee-shirt I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked like a very effeminate boy, I ran my hands over my body, looking at myself and smiled, I did look sexy, and then I cried, I was so confused, I threw myself on my bed and cried and all the while I had that empty feeling in my arse.

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