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  1. Loving it! The more Twisted, the more perverTed, and Taboo, the better!
  2. What happened to the shemale nurse?
  3. The fact that he looks drugged up, AND UGLY, is what attracts me to him! He can fuck me anytime, and I'll take any fluids he graces me with!
  4. So hot! Please! Continue!!!
  5. Is the Sansom  theater in Philly still open? I went there, about 15 years ago, and remember getting fucked, repeatedly, by all types of guys, all over the theater!

    1. Cumjunky215


      Yes still there.  Haven't been in for about a year but was pretty crowded.  Thanks for info on bookstore in AC, I should take a ride down and get some Jersey meat.  Hot story about you being bred by homeless guy there.

    2. PozBottomACNJ


       Thanks. Always looking for new cocks to breed me!

  6. Yes, the bookstore in Atlantic City, on Atlantic Avenue, between Indiana, and Illinois (AKA MLK)...
  7. Yesterday, I went to the adult bookstore video booths. Hooked up with a scrawny, UGLY homeless guy. He skull-fucked me hard for about a half hour, and when he finally pulled his cock out of my throat, it was covered with my throat slime. He didn't say a word, just pushed me onto my back, and rammed his cock up my asscunt, the only lube, being my throat slime! I loved it! He pounded me like a demon, all the while spitting in my face, and calling me a filthy faggot slut. He fucked me for about 45 minutes, all the while saying how loose my hole was, which proved that I was a filthy faggot slut! He finally came up my ass, spit in my eyes, then pulled out, and rubbed his filthy cock all over my face, then walked away. I stayed there, on my knees, till someone came over, didn't see who, and pushed me forward, and shoved his cock in my ass. He came MUCH quicker, and I stayed bent over like that, for, probably another 15 minutes. Sadly, no one else used me that day, but I went home with the cum of two strange men, dripping down my legs!
  8. It's an AMAZING feeling, having a guy piss up your ass! The heat is such a wonderful feeling! And if it's chempiss, it's even better! And the mental feeling, of offering your asshole to a man (or men) to piss into, is indescribable! It's like you're offering him a part of you, that is purely submissive.
  9. 3 cocks in his ass at once? God, I'd love to be there, to eat his bloodied, cum- filled hole!
  10. First off, welcome to the party! Now, get your ass to a doctor and get on meds. First few months might be a little difficult,as your body gets used to the meds, but you'll come back to somewhat normal, in a few months. I hope you tested poz very soon after converting. Those opportunistic infections are a real bitch. I didn't know I was poz, until I was hospitalized with MRSA. I was in for over a week, with constant IVs, and VERY uncomfortable, and feeling like crap. I never really wanted to know my status, so was never tested until this incident. A funny thing... everybody talks about the "fuck-flu"... I don't recall ever getting it... doc said it looked like I had been poz for about 5 years... Feeling better now, and staring to feel like Topping someone... I haven't wanted to Top, for at least 20 years.. now, before I become undetectable, I want to poz a few guys...
  11. I LOVE taking a load of piss in my ass, especially if it's chempiss! I *WANT* to learn to drink it, either straight from the dick, or from another's ass, or even a glass full. I just need to find a guy (or group of guys) that will let me try, as often as possible, so I can make it second nature to drink it, so the taste doesn't make me gag. I want to be able to be the nastiest pig possible, for those guys that want that. I love pleasuring Men, and want to be able to do anything they wish. Atlantic City, NJ area, if anyone is willing to help train me!
  12. Got told my results August of 2017, after i was hospitalized with MRSA. I wasn't at all surprised. I don't recall ever getting the fuck flu, but since getting out of the hospital, my bowels, and guts have been playing he'll with me. In 4 months, I've only been in the mood to suck two cocks, and actually felt better, physically, than in a long while. I WANT to get fucked, SO BAD, but my physical health keeps me from going out. Knowing what I know now, I would have started on PREP. I know is be getting more dick than I am now. Also, I'm unmedicated, as they want $600.00/ month for Genvoya.
  13. It want bad, imho, or would have been better, I think, with more descriptions of how he felt during the sex. I've fantasized, for years, of being drugged, unconscious, and being used as a cumdump by many men. Not be aware that anything even happened, until weeks later, when I open my email to find a video link to a tube site, and watch more being used by a group of guys, with my face shown,, and my info in the comments.
  14. Recently diagnosed poz, NEED to be used like a cheap whore! One on one, or in groups, your place, a sleazy motel room, an adult bookstore/theater, your car, an alley, wherever! No condoms allowed! Love ALL sizes, colors, shapes! Total cumdump looking for loads! Into most scenes, just ask!
  15. Atlantic City here,  poz, 90% bottom. Hit  me up

  16. I've just gotten the results of my first test. Positive. Didn't really surprise me, but it's upsetting, nonetheless. Part of me wants to curl up and die. Part of me wants to get fucked! Not sure what's going to happen now...
  17. I've made it a habit to, whenever I go too an adult bookstore video booths, or theaters, to actively LOOK for any wasted cum on the floors, walls and screens, and lick it up. Especially love it when guys are watching, and express their disgust at what a filthy pig i am, licking cold cum off the filthy floor. Many of those guys that showed disgust, wound up fucking me, or jerking off into my face!
  18. http://thisvid.com/videos/fucking-my-boy-pussy-with-a-cruel-condom-covered-dildo/

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