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Hand Sanitizer as Lube - is this a thing?


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I've been at the bookstore and fucked by this older Hispanic man. He's a decent top but he is always using hand sanitizer. Lately I think he is using it as lube and whenever he puts it on his cock and rams it in I get the sudden feeling that I need to take a giant shit. Really ruins the mood and I feel like I need to bail before I coat him in crap. This Sunday I was back at the bookstore and this tall younger guy with a nice cock starts fucking - suddenly I feel the same thing happening. His cock is running smooth and freshly lubed then all of a sudden I have this strong desire to dump-a-roo. I have a feeling he was doing the same thing - using sanitizer as lube. So is this a thing? I know the alcohol in hand sanitizer can't be good inside your ass.  Anybody spotting a trend here or is it just me?

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if he is he must be pretty into BDSM. Due to a multitasking error, I got some hand sanitiser on my cock accidentally and the pain was really intense and in no way pleasurable. It felt like I was having a layer of skin peeled off like cling film. I in no way would want to explore that in my arse area!

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