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Depending on his size,it hurts.A lot.

It feels like you’re being ripped in half.

But once he’s balls deep in your ass and is steadily pumping you  the pain does diminish a little.

Some advice:

Use lots of lube.Too much lube is never enough.When you think you lubed his cock enough,lube it some more.

Grip the sheets and bite the pillow.

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The first few times it's going to range from uncomfortable to painful to start, depending on size and technique. You have to learn how to get fucked as much as a top has to learn how fuck. Be honest with prospective partners about your experience, and don't let initial discomfort put you off. Poppers, lube and maybe beer will help, and a good top will relax you before 'the main event.' It's all about finding what you like in it - for me, it's as much about the mental stimulation of having a man inside me (or vice-versa) as it is the physical sensation of being filled with cock and the prostate stimulation.

Don't go for someone too big to start, unless you want it to hurt, and don't expect to get it right first time. Good luck, and hope you enjoy your encounters.

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Lube, lube and lube.  My first time, the top was regular size, used fingers to open me up some and then slowly entered me.  There was a little discomfort at first.  The slight discomfort then turned into a very pleasurable fuck.  Learn to relax your hole and you will have a great time.  There is a reason why men get fucked in the ass, it feels good!

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On 11/25/2021 at 12:57 PM, Kimberley said:

Use enough lube, it will giving the best comfort to make it easier and less painful. best is to start with a small dick. hope you enjoy it

I agree with Kimberley:  "big" is best for a lot of experienced bottoms, but for first-timers, start modestly and see where it takes you.  Even after all these years, I still won't let anything truly impressive anywhere near my ass ... you can get seriously injured (i.e. a visit to the emergency room) if you try too much too soon. 

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