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  1. Well, considering the history of which subset of the RCC the men in long dresses and ruby slippers come from - (the College of Cardinals, if I'm not mistaken), chances are poor that any pope in history has never had his Cock sucked or his ass fucked by another Prince(ss) of the RCC. Which would answer why the really active pedophiles were moved around the global chessboard, parish to parish to parish, rather than drummed out. There'd be only a handful left - most likely Lesbians passing for men.
  2. Some interesting responses above. The point of a darkroom, is to remove the sense of sight, thus requiring us to use other senses - hearing, touch, smell, taste - to navigate. That, in and of itself, can be arousing, and when it occurs in a darkroom filled with Breeding men, well - what could possibly be better !!! Moving slowly, sliding one's foot to avoid stepping on some guy on the floor, hands somewhat extended, feeling our way past raw Cocks rutting in raw Hole ... hard Cocks being sucked, Holes being eaten, listening to the grunts, groans of ecstatic pleasure, smelling the sweat and Sperm of loads already pumped up Holes, tasting the fruits of other men's Lusts .... It's absolutely magnetic .....
  3. Welcome, Splendidpup. Sounds like you're taking the age issue too seriously. At 39, you're in your prime !!! Thanks for surfacing - we look forward to hearing more from you.
  4. I don't remember exactly - but it was probably within 5,6,7 months. For context, I grew up in a large metro area in IL, bisected by a river. Everyone of a certain Northern European heritage lived on the east side, and no one else. Everyone else lived on the west side of the river, and there was precious little back & forth between the two. Hellish, right ???
  5. Well, I love to eat a wet Hole. It's not that some particular guy's Sperm is up there - it's nothing personal at all. My interest is that there are loads in the Hole; it's the Sperm, not the source that interests me. So to the question, I don't feel the need to consume some one's Sperm, It's that the bottom is taking loads off any Cock that's inclined to Breed him. Behavior-focused (of the bottom), not which Cock has pumped load up his Hole.
  6. At first, the Chicago suburbs for 2, 3 years - then in the city for the next 35 or so, finally to FL. My dad pussied out when it came to the "birds and the bees" chat. Instead, he took me down to the YMCA for a series of lectures by some "expert" in the field. yaaaawn ,,,,,,
  7. Thanks, moondreamer, for your reply. I have another viewpoint to offer: If you allow your mind to open a bit further, consider the potential to widen your Breeding experience a bit. For example, when I rut in a Hole, and pump my Sperm into it, I am, in some way, "connecting" with every other Cock, and thus every guy, that has Bred that Hole previously. When I put my mouth on a well-Bred Hole, taste/consume the Sperm of the guys preceding me, I am "connecting" with those who mated with the Hole. I know it sounds a bit esoteric, but if you allow, this "connection" can be really exciting. Of course, it doesn't happen every time, but when it does it's magnificent. At every moment, it's day somewhere, and it's night somewhere, and there are thousands of men somewhere on this earth sharing their Lusts together. At the very moment I type this, and at the moment you read this, there are Holes being fucked full of sweet, fantastic, wonderful, life-giving Sperm, and tapping into that sexual energy, men in their thousands, sharing their Lusts at every moment of every hour, can be a fantastic experience - if you allow your mind to engage. Maybe you're young - maybe you're not. I've been at this sweet task for decades, and the thrill only deepens. I hope you can manage to realize that the "link" you refer to exists only in your mind. It is completely valid (for you and the other guy), but that validity need not hinge on merely two guys (you and the other guy) sharing their Lusts. The "link" can be far more than that. Best wishes, then ....
  8. My vote goes for HAIRY .... the hairier the better: 1. The more hair surrounding the Hole the better it can retain/keep in place the Sperm it's taken. Some from one Cock may ooze out and mingle with Sperm from another Cock .... and Holehair helps hold the Sperm in place for increased eating enjoyment. 2. To my eye, at least some hair covering the cheeks is more attractive than plain skin. It's a visual treat - a reminder that it's a male - not a female - that's taking my Cock. 3. The darker-complected the bottom is, the more beautiful the Hole becomes, at least to my eye. Thick, rich, curly black Holehair is like the magnet to my "iron-filings" tongue. More, when it's been taking loads off other Cocks, it's almost hypnotizing. 4. Having no small amount of experience to back this up, I can say that the thicker/darker the Holehair is, the hotter the Hole will taste (before it's been Bred). Men with dark-colored Holehair simply have the best-tasting Holes; eating their Holes (even before they've taken loads) is like tongue-poppers. It goes without saying that once a Hole has taken the Sperm of a number of Cocks, it will taste all the better. Men of Northern European heritage have lovely Holes, as do men from anywhere on Earth, but pale-haired Holes just don't have the same taste-component that darker-complected men possess. 5. Of course, the hairier the Hole, the more likely there will be more body-hair too - which is always an attractive facet of any man.
  9. Cripes .... just found this again. For some reason I lose track of threads - even when I click the "follow" doo-dad on the bottom. If responses don't show up in the "notifications", I seldom find it again. In any case, I well-understand the problems associated with taking the responsibility of posting content supplied by other people (members of BZ or any other source). That said, those are actual photos of BZ'er's we see - above on this page, for instance - correct ?? I guess I'd need some guy who grew up with this stuff to come over and do it - I've tried any number of times.
  10. The question must apply to dildos? I love my Cock .... I don't want it chewed up by who-knows-who . If a sub has been trained (i.e. by a known, respected Leatherman), maaaaybe throat-abuse could be included in a scene. This sounds like mostly fap-fap-fapacious stuff to me ....
  11. Then that's exactly what you should have, Bimarried001 !!! Every guy gets to have what he likes best, and plenty of it.
  12. I tend to reserve the PigBreeding for Fri and Sat nights, and mentioned in a previous post a curious situation. In brief: ran into a beautifully attractive Hole in the darkroom of my favorite fuckjoint. On subsequent weekends, ran into him again, and then later, along with his partner/boyfriend/whatever. I won't go into all of that again, but I did see the p/b/w on Friday night, but not guy with a fantastic Hole. p/b/w was rutting in other Holes, as was I. No words exchanged. Last night, both of them were there, hotassboy smiled, felt my Cock while I was rutting in another Hole, said how much he wished I would do what his p/b/w wanted so he could take my Cock/load, and I just replied that sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't. Told him I still loved his ass, his Hole, but the requirements to get it were beyond my capacity to fulfill. Last night, at least I had the pleasure of eating that Hole again for a while - then he took a Cock close by mine, so I had at least the pleasure of loading the Hole I was in while I watched that beautiful, amazing Hole get fucked fuller. Apparently the p/b/w was around, but I didn't see him. It's really, really dark in there, so for all I know he could have been one or two guys away from me rutting in Holes, or maybe some other area.
  13. I have this mental image every time I see this thread ..... There's a beauty parlor somewhere, with ladies sitting under those huge, egg-shaped hair dryers, other employees (I think they're called beauticians?) fiddling and filing on their fingernails, painting their faces, blah blah blah. And then there's a door to another room in back, where the naked boys are bent over a long, padded bench, not to get fucked, but to have their Holehair trimmed into the fashion of the day. The busy gossiping is the same as in the ladies room up front, but the subject matter is something like "oh - that 'do' makes your Hole look fat !!! Or too skinny !!! Or, that 'style' makes your Hole look so hotttttt - but the color needs adjusting to match your chest or armpits .... or contrast with them ...". Or, or, or. And in some fuckjoint, tubs, backroom, it won't make one bit of difference to the Cocks Breeding in those Holes.
  14. Great question !!! There are several layers to begin to answer that, and here's my take: Traditionally, whichever party happens to be out of the majority at the midterms gains a majority (often in the House, less so in the Senate), because Americans are notoriously self-centered about when they vote, who for and why. Given the recession, higher costs for everything, shortages of some goods, etc, this time around the Democrats lost, but only just. More, they kept the Senate majority, and early in Dec, we'll find out by how much. This tradition, in theory, attempts to keep the Congress attuned as much as possible to the will of the citizens. Piss off the electorate, get tossed out on your (now wealthy) ass. However. This time, Mr. Trump had led so many Americans astray with his constant lies - all aimed at undermining the citizens belief in the stability of their Government - to the point that (apparently) millions of Americans jettisoned their intellect, in favor of following a huckster - the leader of the cult they've fallen into believing, and merely followed their supposed 'savior' in a vain attempt to restore him to power in the general election 2 years from now. The truly odious thing is, this segment of the electorate simply abandoned their powers of reason, in favor of believing that the aforementioned conman would uphold and defend their perceived position in the social structure of the US. Oddly, the Republicans didn't seem to notice that their field of candidates reflected an inordinate number of fools, which didn't help their cause. The traditional "out-of-power" wave didn't happen, mostly for reasons the Republicans crafted in the first place. However, thanks to a overweening sense of Entitlement on the SCOTUS, that handful of old men (and one truly misguided young woman) really pissed off millions of Americans on both the political right and the left. That, and the distaste of decent-minded American voters towards the previous President combined to prevent the Republicans from taking the Senate, and gaining only a tiny majority in the House. Basically, the hatreds stirred up by the previous President, cemented in the minds of the conservative electorate, allowed the Republicans to hang onto the House by their well-manicured fingernails. This is only an overview of what happened - I'm sure other guys will be adding their insights as well - but, in the proverbial nutshell, that's pretty much what happened. I hope you found this helpful, and this thread continues. Thanks for the question !!!
  15. Obviously. Farther up this page BootmanLA listed a number of terms that described various structures, and questioned how I defined my own relationship some years ago. That's the whole point of discussing these things, and I find his replies insightful. I added my thoughts before his reply, and considered a number of "status" descriptions. What didn't appeal to me was the seeming lack of recognition of the intensity of the commitment of the two men in the principal relationship as described in the definition of "open" relationships, so I used the term "polyamorous". To me, it's the meshing of everything - mind/body/spirit - that allows that ineffable "connection" between two (or potentially more, I suppose) men. The term "open" just seemed too lacking in the foundational commitment, with all the rest being an "up and extra". Bingo !! I agree with you, in that any relationship not built on that firm foundation of open, honest communication has too much sand mixed into the mortar to expect it to last a lifetime. But then, that's only my perception. Every guy gets to decide what his own definitions are going to be.
  16. I very much enjoy eating a wet Hole. The wetter the better - makes it all the more exciting knowing that the bottom has taken multiple loads before I happened along, and thus is comfortable and takes pride in practicing his Lusts over and over and over again. Not that I mind being the first of the cumdumps night - someone has to be - but I'd much rather be the 5th, 6th ... 10th, 12th. It's not so much a "need" - like eating (food) or breathing - it's more a huge pleasure.
  17. Ahhhhh .... then it's an attempt to gather personal information - for mostly nefarious means, I assume. Well, I'm glad I don't use those apps anymore. It's a lot easier to just go to the places where men Breed, and those guys aren't "bots". Thanks for the explanation.
  18. I do .... but I won't let my tongue go exploring if there's any off-putting scent of unpreparedness. I've always thought of it as a Hole's pre-cum - except maybe a bit richer in all the important ways. It's like the cumdump's actual body hollering for loads, not just his voice. It's also like iron filings to a magnet. 😈
  19. Probably, but not for the reason you may think ....
  20. Well, good luck to you too, kinkatx. But I'd rather you stay and fight for Equality, Justice, and Democracy. We can right the wrongs, if we - as a nation - determine that it shall be so.
  21. Maybe partially - but obviously not wholly.
  22. LOL ..... well, at least now I know that there's one less "thing" out there in the ether I have no clue about ..... 😊
  23. Is "bots" a contraction for "robots"? I'm sorry guys have to put up with this stuff. I knew what "ghosting" was, but I'd never heard of "haunting" !!!
  24. It may be possible that you didn't notice my tongue firmly planted in my cheek?
  25. I think we should pass a resolution in the new Congress to the effect that there was no 45th President of the United States. Only a mickey that slipped through on a bed of hatred.
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