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What do you like to piss in when you can't be messy?


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well a quick-  used to go to parties in Portland ( where I got gifted) and the play was in a shed out back.  People would piss in things like Garorade jars and one night while not paying attention I was thirsty and grabbed a Gatorade and took a big drink and it was tina piss-  tasted horrible but I needed liquod and drank it all down-  a fucking great buzz. 

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On 11/18/2022 at 12:52 AM, BBrooklynWS said:

If I have to go a lot I like to use the toilet to hear the splash and see how hard I can make my stream. Been told it's like a fire hose by people I've pissed on

Do you make "bubbles" in the toilet bowl? Based on your description, my hand would be pinned in the bottom of the toilet bowl by your "fire hose" piss stream. Do you flush after finishing pissing?

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