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    I was born to suck cocks, get fucked and take loads from any male who wants to use me.i am a faggotwhore cumdumpster.i was born to be a bugchasing faggot tranny whore and take POZ loads anytime, anywhere from any number of men.l have always been a magnet for hiv positive men and guys who love to use a faggot like trash.Most of my boyfriends have whored me out to lots of guys and love watching me take poz loads and begging men to knock me up.a man at the bathhouse nicknamed me Aidsbait because men with aids love fucking me and some neg guys who fuck my sloppy poz cumfilled hole in the bathhouse probably get pozzed
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I'm a whore, a faggot, a tranny, an anonymous pozzed up bathhouse cumdumpster, porntheatre fuckboy, street tranny cumdump, cruising spot fuckslut, pissed on, spit on, choked, whored out, passed around, knocked up, degraded, worthless, disposable hiv cumsewer.Poz men have always loved fucking me bareback and blowing loads of toxic cum into my ass.My boyfriends, daddies and owner have all whored me out to men with hiv, posted ads online for unmedicated high viral load men to breed me and invited men with fullblown asids to fuck me anonymously. I have even had several full on pozzing parties set up by them and even set up a pozzing party for myself.i have been fucked bareback by thousands of men and most of the cum I get dumped inside me is poz and I have never seen the faces of most of the men who have used me.i am often told I look like a bareback cumdump and men know they will get to breed me as soon as they see me cause I look like an easy faggotwhore.which I am.

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  1. I have sucked cocks everywhere. at my work at other guys work, malls, public restrooms, school washrooms, alleys, parks, busses, trains, train station, bus station, parking lots, guys cars, on the street, on porches, in the backseat of my parents car (while they were in the front seats). I even sucked a couple guys off in the school yard back in the day
  2. I love being used as a urinal right in public restrooms. shows what men think of me.
  3. any truly submissive faggot want to suck his biological fathers cock. only the truly trashy faggots do it. its easy when your fathers cock looks and tastes like my fathers
  4. hiv1, hiv2, hsv, hpv, chlamidia, syphillis, and gono several times each. once tested pos for all of them at the same time
  5. honestly, I never notice when I have any std until I get tested. as a bottom boy its hard to notice. I have tested positive for it several times and really had no idea outside of assuming I had at least a couple bugs due to the number of loads I take from random men
  6. I think about sucking my fathers big meaty cock every morning when I wake up.
  7. just took a load from a dirty old man with a big meaty cock, behind a dumpster in an ally. then when I was kneeling there naked jerking myself off he pissed all over me then left. never said a word to me.
  8. as the family cumdump I have been happy with every family members cock I have sucked
  9. I pull it off. they usually still fuck me raw. I also tell them I'm allergic to latex like I was trained to say. doesn't happen too often. most guys willing to fuck a pozzed up tranny whore like me are barebackers and usually poz
  10. nice! I had a daddy that had a pulley system rigged to his ceiling above a fuckbench so him and his buddies could use an actual noose to hang me while they fucked me
  11. yeah! even better when you get choked out and when you come to a totally different stranger is fucking you and the guy that choked you out is long gone, leaving his load dripping from your used hole for the next guys lube. I hate when a guy is "choking me" but I can still breathe a little. l want the man raping my ass to do it like he's trying to snuff me. I know they think I'm worthless trash, so treat me like it.
  12. you are just like me fellow cumdumpster! faggots like us don't need to see the men who are fucking us and unloading their balls into our bodies. plus lots of men who like fucking trash whores like us don't want anyone to know they fuck us or they don't want some dirty little whore to recognize them or speak to them in public cause everyone know what cumdumps we are.
  13. I have been sucking cocks since grade school and I can honestly say I have always swallowed. I loved the taste of cum from the very first load a boy shot in my mouth. also as a born submissive faggot cumdumpster I know it it my duty to take mens loads inside my body through both fuckholes. I worship cum far too much to ever spit it out. I drink every drop I can get. I even eat cum from my used pussy
  14. 13 inches and thicker than my girly wrist. I got a fair amount of it down my throat when he was semi hard. completely filled my windpipe. it was fun to choke on
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