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    I was born to suck cocks, get fucked and take loads from any male who wants to use me.i am a faggotwhore cumdumpster.i was born to be a bugchasing faggot tranny whore and take POZ loads anytime, anywhere from any number of men.l have always been a magnet for hiv positive men and guys who love to use a faggot like trash.Most of my boyfriends have whored me out to lots of guys and love watching me take poz loads and begging men to knock me up.a man at the bathhouse nicknamed me Aidsbait because men with aids love fucking me and some neg guys who fuck my sloppy poz cumfilled hole in the bathhouse probably get pozzed
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    I'm a whore, a faggot, a tranny, an anonymous pozzed up bathhouse cumdumpster, porntheatre fuckboy, street tranny cumdump, cruising spot fuckslut, pissed on, spit on, choked, whored out, passed around, knocked up, degraded, worthless, disposable hiv cumsewer.Poz men have always loved fucking me bareback and blowing loads of toxic cum into my ass.My boyfriends, daddies and owner have all whored me out to men with hiv, posted ads online for unmedicated high viral load men to breed me and invited men with fullblown asids to fuck me anonymously. I have even had several full on pozzing parties set up by them and even set up a pozzing party for myself.i have been fucked bareback by thousands of men and most of the cum I get dumped inside me is poz and I have never seen the faces of most of the men who have used me.i am often told I look like a bareback cumdump and men know they will get to breed me as soon as they see me cause I look like an easy faggotwhore.which I am.

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  1. if you are a true faggot whore and a community cumdumpster like me it is amazing. I have always been a cockhungry cumthirsty faggot with absolutely no standards, no pride, no shame, no limits and no self respect who was always willing to suck any guys cocks, get fucked bareback by anyone, anytime, anywhere, any number of men but when I started getting gangbanged I really understood exactly what I am and what I was born to do. I am a fucking whore and a queeny little faggot. I was born to suck cocks, get fucked and take loads from literally any male that wants to use my body to get themselves o
  2. definitely. many men have told me I am nothing but a cumhole for them. more guys show it by how they use me. they make it clear that I have no value as a human being and am just some worthless trash whore that men use to jerk themselves off. I am admittedly hot so I could delude myself into thinking im valued by men as a hot fuckslut but when you have taken as many guys loads through glory holes or under restroom stalls and in darkrooms as I have I realised the men breeding me don't give a fuck about me. I am just a human fleshlight to most guys
  3. what makes me a whore is begging strangers to do the kinds of dirty perverted stuff to me that even the dirtiest whores need to be paid to have done to them. the fact that I have no standards, no limits, no pride, no shame and no self respect and am nothing more than a fuckhole for males to get themselves off. the fact that I am trash and men treat me like it and I thank them for it.
  4. I get stds constantly. I usually test positive for a few at a time. even my own boyfriend describes me as a bug filled whore. not only do I get them from all the random pigs that fuck me but I have actually had several std parties where every single guy that fucked me had at least one std. I actually have guys contact me right after they get tested for stds just so they can try to give me whatever they have. I recently got an email from a man that said "hey cumdump I'm looking for bug chasers to infect and I know you love taking dirty cum. I have hiv, hep c, syphillis herpes and chlmydia. let
  5. down on my knees. its the position that says what I am. I'm a cocksucker. not just a faggot who sucks cock.as soon as guys started calling me a cocksucker I knew what I was to them, specially straight guys who don't wanna fuck a faggot. I'm just a cocksucking faggot who will get down on its knees for any man anytime any where and suck his cock until he blows his load down my throat. no questions asked.if you wanna piss down my throat after you cum in it don't ask, just piss.
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