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A couple years ago I loved cocaine,. Infact the first time I had gay sex I was whacked out on cocaine. It happened when I walked into a local bar. It was a known drug bar . Heroin, cocaine, meth, you name it. So anyway I was sitting at the bar getting pretty fucked up . Right away a gay Spanish guy asked if I wanted to do a line, I didn't know he was gay at the time, so I followed him into the men's bathroom. He asked me if I was gay and I said no. I forget what else we talked about, but he chopped out some lines. When I went to do my line he asked if he could feel my cock and I said yes, without hesitation. I remember getting hard before his hand touched my cock. He only rubbed  my cock for a few seconds until he started to suck my cock. I remember fucking his mouth. He asked if I wanted to leave and so we did. We got to a dark alley and he started sucking my cock again. This time I told him to let me suck his cock and he pulled his cock out, it was a beautiful uncut 8 inch cock. I only sucked his cock for 5 minutes at the most and he said swallow it. Then he shot his load in my throat. It tasted so good, I loved how it tasted and felt , sweet and warm. It was a big load too. After he came I told him I wanted to get fucked by him, so we went to his car and I played with my cock until we got to his apartment. We got to his room and both of us stripped naked doing 69 he licked my ass and gave me a great time job. He said he didn't have condoms, but I didn't care I told him I still wanted to get fucked. He soaked my ass in lube and had to fight to get his cock in me, but eventually he got it in and got balls deep in my hole. We kissed as he fucked me , that got me real horny and I told him to fuck me from behind. He flipped me over and pounded my ass, it kinda hurt, but I was pretty coked up which pretty much turns me into a whore for cock. He started fucking me really hard and fast I told him to cum in me and he said he was going to cum , he shot his load deep in my ass. He pulled out and I suck the cum and anal juice off his cock. And that's how I became aware that I love cock.

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