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    Here largely for the discussions and adding any bisexual perspectives. Not necessarily all about sex, and can have an offbeat sense of humor. I tend to be the contrarian in discussions and in life.
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    Bi male. Very open, few limits, started young and looking for others for shared experiences. Here to learn and read the experiences of others. Open to testing my limits with others.
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    Done some work in FTM films under the name of Mike Litterice. And some straight work as Lou Briccant. (obviously joking) Seriously, absolutely no experience whatsoever, but...you never know.
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    Simply, fun. Looking for others with few to no hangups, enjoy having fun, willing to try new things and just enjoy each other. Live life, have no regrets, enjoy the time and experiences we have together.

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  1. "It's not you, it's me." Sorry to hear, but it seems he recognizes what would have inevitably happened. Good luck searching for someone who won't mistreat your feelings.
  2. This particular article may be enlightening. A lot of different factors can impact the color and even taste of sperm including what you eat. Anyone of a certain age who watched "Sex & The City" will recall the episode about "funky spunk" and Kim Cattrall's answer to it which was wheat grass. [think before following links] https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/semen-color-chart#semen-color-chart The chart will give indications of underlying conditions like prostatitis, urine, metals, even jaundice and STIs.
  3. This is definitely true from personal experience. I needed to do a cardiac catheterization a couple years back, and as part of the lead-up work, along with my regimen of prostate meds, Cialis (using for the prostate indication), and HBP meds, my cardiologist threw in a vasodilator to test. Along comes a vasovagal reaction which sent my BP down significantly and instantly into pass-out range. I understand only a bit about how poppers work, but they're contraindicated for anything to do with the Big-3 ED drugs. [think before following links] https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/amyl-nitrite-inhalation-route/side-effects/drg-20061803?p=1 Since I'm normally prone to vasovagal reactions from stress and extreme exertion (not running marathons in my future for a lot of reasons, heart valve leakage congenitally being just one), I'm pretty sure I'll heed the warnings.
  4. It's fine, I'm in the same boat, plus I've had to put some people on ignore for the time-being. (kinda tired of the "everyone but him is wrong" responses, and really have no more fucks to give). I'll throw a like on yours when I get some more back. But to your point, I do not expect to just be the cacophony chorus because we all see and have seen things differently. I've worked hard, earned my way, overcame racial biases, and seen or experienced some shit and am better off for it all. Your mileage may vary. We might agree to disagree, but I viewed the OP's question at face value: A fetish. Not much different than something like race play or Nazi uniforms, or teacher/student or the like. If it was a test of the overall tolerance of this community, we all failed by viewing and immediately conflating it as (ahem) another poster attempted to project. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Or a fetish is just a fetish, however strange others may feel that to be. I stand by my stance on where and who suddenly turned a fetish into a referendum on politics. I'd think the same if we were joking about AOC, though that might be really funny. Thanks for keeping this civil, Barelover666. I'll leave this discussion with one of the best quoted retorts from a great movie and agree as the responder did that, "No, it's awful. Oh my, it's awful." "You're just absolutely right and I'm absolutely wrong? It must be nice to always believe you know better. To think you're always the smartest person in the room." No one's the smartest person in the room, nor always right, least of all me. Cheers! Exit stage right. (oops, pun intended)
  5. Well, I'd say he gave you "more than a tip". LOL
  6. Conservative (small-c) - I'm to the right of most people here. I accept that. Pretty sure I'm not 'fuckable' to most here if I even say I'm conservative, and that's cool too (I probably wouldn't want to fuck them either if I knew that side of them, so it plays both ways). So I've been a local activist as well. My perspective from that experience to accomplish what you're asking: Do your research. Determine what represents your views, your community's. Educate yourself on issues and facts. Ask questions. Demand answers and accountability. If they try to deflect your question, point out their deflections. Support those who represent those views. Grass roots efforts work, I've done it before for a local candidate going up against a very Trump-like blow-hard (we won). Vote. Get others to vote. Talk about your candidate but not to push down another as if "you're an idiot for supporting so-and-so". That only gets the vitriol started. That's what worked for us, and it brought a lot of good people around and made them recognize their votes mattered. Oh, rooting out corruption in the political systems is always a good thing. I mentioned in another post that I brought a class-action against a Board of Elections to ensure transparency and fair voting (many precincts only had 60% of ballots while others had 102%, and we brought close to 90% of registered voters to the polls, so chaos ensued). Suing a County isn't easy and many of us took a lot of grief over it, but the result mattered and we got everything we wanted when we settled. I'm putting all of those out there as background so y'all don't think I'm some right-wing nutcase trying to convince you to to abandon your own beliefs. I'm a realist, and those of us who did all of this ranged from staunch conservatives to Sanders-type Democrats. We did what mattered. I'll respectfully ask this. What's wrong with asking everyone to be more civil, regardless of political leaning? Serious question. I really don't care if you're liberal, progressive, moderate, conservative, MAGA, socialist or communist. When someone denigrates another's rights to their views, no matter how incorrect you think they are, they're no better than those they denigrate. We all need to be more civil toward each other.
  7. Directions?!? I would have thought that any Top could provide those to a willing bottom. LOL (obviously kidding, but I'm sure they appreciate the public service, and I hope you're getting a discount from the proprietor).
  8. It started, as @SeanBrah originally said, as a "fetish". Please see below. Initially my comments were pretty even-handed and conciliatory. So I asked the Rodney King question of whether we could coexist even if we had differing political viewpoints. And we can see where that went. I won't reiterate it here, y'all can scroll back for yourselves to that point. Look, we're never going to reach any agreement on our politics, that much has been made clear in any political discussion here. My question initially was whether there is any common-ground. Hell, @SeanBrah had his point pretty well proven out: You're not into it. That point seemed dead back on page 4 of the comments: First at 4, Live at 5, Dead at 6. Geez, it'll be buried by 10 or 11. If the dude wants to be humiliated by someone in a MAGA hat, or someone else wants breath play with a dude wearing a Hilary Clinton mask, great for them. But don't think that y'all didn't start it, and it had to get moved to a political forum. Perhaps best for anyone with diverse political leanings to stay clear of the LGBT Politics Forum from what a few of us have seen. Glad we added fuel to the vitriol. Peace, out.
  9. I'm originally from Philly. Here's how well that works. South Philadelphia = Sou Fluffia Water ice = Wooder ice Eagles = Iggles Beautiful = Bee-You-Tee-Full Police = Pleese I need to unlearn speaking through my nose and shift to the back of the throat. Every. Single. Time.
  10. Your mileage may vary. 😃 I reckon from the OP's original comments that there was a significant difference in the relationship. If you're in a hotel room or bathhouse and meeting anonymously, I'd find it difficult to believe anyone is doing a conversational screening based on politics or religion: "So Anonymous Cocksman, do you think Gavin Newsome is a true-talent or a complete twat?" Yeah, somehow doubt that ever happens. "And what are your thoughts on the economy?" Yeah, I'll give you what everyone's been getting from the economy, no reach-arounds just like in real life. 😂
  11. I'm Vers/Top so my bottoming is rare. And I'm not a Trans/TS/TV or any other permutation of appliance, but I respect those who are and am totally down to breed wherever they may like it (hugely turned on by FtMs since I'm also bi). So if someone has a pussy and wants me to fuck it, no need to ask me twice. The only issue I've ever had has been "what do you call it" because quite a few FtMs don't want it to be considered as a "pussy". So what's the right term?
  12. This is precisely why I despise typing on a mobile (iPhone) keyboard, I've never caught the hang of typing with two thumbs and I'm afraid in a few generations we'll evolve to malformed fingers and massive but precise thumbs. I make more mistakes that way and end up recorrecting. The only thing worse is that I have auto-correct on my laptops.
  13. It isn't about just me. That type of statement is much like Disney stating that they'll do everything in their power to change a law rather than leaving those decisions to the people who have and should have a voice in that: Voters. It's not up to a corporation receiving highly favorable tax treatments to think they have any right as an entity to change the will of voters. It's also not up to me pushing to "make sure he doesn't come back". It's up to 2 things: The Law and the will of a majority of the country. The voters have spoken on that count. If he truly broke the law, indict him, bring him to trial, and adjudicate it. You'd get no argument from me. But if we are talking about "incompetence", how happy are you with the state of the country right now? Because even most Democrats aren't and the country's level of consumer confidence is reaching lows, VIX (Volatility Index) has increased by about 100%, people don't feel safer, are becoming a LOT poorer, Hispanics have given him lower approval ratings than even whites (seems they don't like how he's handling the border either), the list just goes on. Not even mentioning the recent coverage in The NY Times that a poll of 50 influential Democrats suggest that Biden should not run in '24. Even CNN, MSNBC and the major networks as well as NYT and WaPo are starting to talk about how bad things have gotten under Biden. Maybe I didn't love Trump, but based on the way things are now, I'll take a few mean tweets versus this. 😃 If you think about it for a moment, up to this point Biden has had a very friendly press corps who've been willing to toss him mostly softball questions, and it's been a long time since he's held a press conference (126 days). Compare that to the same hostility that his predecessor encountered -- while you may not like the approach, the man held his ground and stood up to take the questions. I don't have any confidence that Biden could even do that given that the guy flubs up reading a teleprompter much of the time. It's World Elder Abuse Day today. The kindest thing anyone could do for Mr. Biden is ensure he steps down.
  14. @ErosWired is absolutely right. Please don't take my prior post to mean anything beyond putting the "is he gay" and "is he interested in me for some reason" issues to rest with responses. Once you have those answers, it's time for him to decide what, if anything, he wants to do with that information. Everything you've described paints him into a position of being conflicted. But unlike ErosWired's comment, I'll stop short of laying any/blame/fault/concern solely at your feet. There are two parties in this interaction. If you want to resign yourself to being the side-piece, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Don't lock out other possibilities while you await this guy to figure out who he is and how you figure into his equation. He needs to figure into yours.
  15. Thanks for this. Interesting stuff. The one survey was structured, in a nutshell and I'll paraphrase, upon asking 'if all White Nationalists are white'. And the results were statistically significant that they were. I'm joking in a sense, but when I read through it, it was focused on a fairly white nationalist profile to get its results. Also, the fact that the author spends so much time postulating a position before presenting the data suggests that his approach to get his data is more focused on validating his own opinion. So I get how he want about it, but that he also outsourced his data collection to Amazon MTurk -- you can look up how MTurk sources workers and provides services through crowd-sourced labor -- isn't very 'scientific' in nature. The second survey from Politico -- which isn't exactly a non-politically-biased source: [think before following links] https://www.allsides.com/news-source/politico-media-bias ...and is about 6.5 years dated (back to the 2016 primaries). And...oh! He's a Political Sci professor at UMass Amherst teaching, what else, 'authoritarianism'. His subsequent writings have been beating this drum for some time. I think this may have been the survey you were seeking since he's been a frequent guest on NPR. Nonetheless, I credit that he's said some interesting observations, with which I agree with a few. Not sure I agree with all, but he makes a couple of good points. I wish he'd done similar research oriented toward Democratic candidates, but that I couldn't find from him. Would have liked to have compared the perception/reality on Hillary Clinton. One thing that is notable is that it was clear on "who" aligned with a candidate based on their authoritarian views, but it made no specific statements on whether that candidate was authoritarian in nature. Interesting stuff though.
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