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    Sauna or at your boyfriend's giving him what he needs
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    Finding out how fucking deprived I can really get and savoring every second
    Update. Destruction is liberation. Corrupt. Infect. Destroy. Repeat.
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    Former good boy now becoming sicker and corrupted with every fuck. Going through a new phase in my life. My new self is invading every part of my life. Fuck work and respectability.
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    Got a few hot things my pigs leaked online
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    Does anyone actually fucking read this shit? We are all looking for the same thing here

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  1. I want to meet u

    mario 352 630 1503

  2. If you feel evil pozzing up dudes then that makes two of us.  Convincing them im clean only makes fucking a neg cunt even more intense. 

    I fucken get off pozzing victims as you call them.  

    The more you do it the better you get at the whole picking up through to squiting in our dirty seed

    1. Ukpoz


      Hastings 07434617177 

  3. Fucking hate lockdown in London.  Before it was soo easy to hunt so many victims as everyone is coming and going and using London as a pit stop.  Now I can't hit random bars and have to be extra careful as if I fuck up its easier for shit to be traced back to me.  

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. StickyWetHole


      ...Before it was soo easy... - D.F.B.

      It has never been easy. Guys spent hours, days, weeks, or months trying to have sex, and that was before Covid.

      Guys look down on other guys like a bunch of Mean Girls thinking they are the models and standard of fetch.

      They ignore and exclude guys based on skin color, “low” weight, “high” weight, shorter height, taller height, younger age, older age, or nationalities. It’s not discrimination. It’s a sexual preference.

      The reality: a long time since last fuck is a reality. The reality is it was never easy, it took and takes days, weeks, or months before an anon or pump-n-go breeding happens.

       Horned & Looking Men Like Me

      — Preface: Internet social websites, bookies if these sites were race tracks, from many organizations have over 75 active^ men at each organization looking for sex. The majority say they are vers, vers-top, or tops and they are looking for vers, vers-top, and tops only. They swear they are not bottoms and are just looking to get fucked today for a change.

      — Each unique users individual profile template option:

      A- Masc for Hot Only. Please be able to show your NFL issued Masc validation card and your Playgirl issued HOT validation card. We do not accept MLB validation cards nor written statements from others in your life and your support system notarized as extra validation that you are Hot. You are totally almost hot but sorry not Hot.

      B- Hot here looking for other Hot guys. I will tell you my height, weight, age, and that I am not a bottom. Reach out and ask for this information. Plays well with others and in groups (as long as they are like me and I invited them to your place.)

      C- Guys looking to get fucked. We were informed no one needed any pics because it’s about the fuck and dripping cum breeding experience, not the persons looks. This has always been the reason why we never send pics back to others. We are ready now* and horned up. hmu 

      — Hours (or Days) later—
      Guess I’ll start up the Zoom cam just like the other Masc, and Hot, and not bottom, guys who are ready now*.

      Moral of this story:

      Worldwide the Financial 1% usually governs others lives.

      Worldwide the Sex Is Easy 1% has no governing power over who you have sex with, or how much sex. You do not need the Mean Girls approval.

      You are a Man. Ditch your copy of “Mother’s Guide to Choosing a Man For Sex”. Widen the current narrow selection options which you call preferences. How wide? The largest choice, butt plug #3 of 3 from the beginner butt plugs line. Then choose, approach, and offer sex to a gay man looking for sexy too.

      Do this quickly before your Look-At-Me higher brain functions begin to realize they were left behind because  sex is now what we want, not a coffee at the Starbucks, after our workout where we put on this awesome tank top on that really does make my worked out arms look jacked and confirm for me “I am Hot.” 
      ——————————————————- ^ Ready Now - adj. I am ready now, once the washer and dishwasher finish so I can shower, then pack a small bag so I look good when I leave, sometimes sooner sometimes later. And guys always have clean towels, sheets, lubes, poppers, cock-rings, and sex toys so I’ll leave mine here which will help eliminate any water time by me.

      ^ Active Man - noun. An Active Man is a man who has a sex profile at multiple organizations. Example: 75 Active Men on Grindr are half of or the entire subset of the same 75 Active Men on Scruff, on BarebackRT, etc.

      Choose! Approach! Offer!

      Note: If you have been offered to engage in the acts of sex then please consider the following instead of denying the offer. Please do not utter the odd excuse -...I would but I have laundry waiting for me at home.-

       By declining the offer everyone will have confirmation you are now a Suburban Repubmocrt and sex needs to be scheduled in advance.

      Say Yes. You are also encouraged to voice your creative enthusiasm by saying something like...

      Hell yes. If you haven’t chosen a location then I’ve always wanted to have sex while standing in a bank teller line waiting for the one bank teller help all 75 customers in line. No one will notice and it will be so hot! 

    3. Dirtyfuckboy
    4. Sfmike64


      Sounds like he did the whole 8ball.

  4. The pig washed up 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. fungayboy


      Awww let's see the front side 😉

    3. gkkau
    4. PozRod


      Nice physique... 😍

  5. be ur bitch anytime 

  6. Delicious nourishing new boy to play with


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. mjkuhl


      He's ripe for the picking and you are the guy to pluck him.


    3. SecretCumWhore


      Just go to the xvideos site and search for the title you see in the image if you’re referring to my comment. If your talking about Dirtyfuckboy. 😉 That’s up to him 

    4. Greim


      Give us an update and photos. 

  7. Looking for a new pig

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    2. 501andboots
    3. kiraizuru


      your missions accomplished and they’re not on your list anymore but the fresh pozzed kids recognize who’s their father. Sorry kids, ur dad is busy, grow up!

    4. parvenu


      This is so hot where can I see info and pics for how the previous pigs were ruined?

  8. I am crushing on you so hard! Can't get enough of your content! *heart*

  9. Fucked 4 loads today into pig and smoking some delicious t. Noticed the rash on him so I guess that means am truly back and charged up boys...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Norya


      show us pictures



    3. botchaser


      Sorry, autocorrect is so annoying ... meant to say text me! 😉

    4. Greim


      Where are the photos?

  10. I find it both pathetic and hilarious how easy it is to get guys to do what i want. The new pig is hooked on t especially if slammed or drinking my t piss

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bberlinotter


      Well, look at you. You're the dream of every bottom. Who wouldn't be easily seduced by you? ...

    3. takingdeepanal


      Do you find it more degrading to pissfuck their ass or pissfuck their mouth?

    4. Dirtyfuckboy


      @takingdeepanalmouth.  I want to see the look of shock and submission when they drink my chem piss. Baptised in my waste. 

  11. What I mean is how long do I have to entertain this pig until he is knocked up- he's been taking my unmedicated cum for over 2 weeks without any Prep. 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Rainmaker5555


      How can I go about getting you to pos me

    3. Bmann55


      I’m available if you want to stake your claim with me dirtyfuckboy! 

    4. ejaculaTe


      "make him twisted beyond his darkest nightmares..." 

      chaotic evil indeed....

  12. QUICK QUESTION,  how long does it take for Prep to work is easy or of a person? Asking for a pig?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. drscorpio


      It drops off slowly for the first week, but around 8-10 days there is a marked drop in its protection. By the end of two weeks (as someone else said), it will be almost totally gone. 

      Did he stop taking it willingly?

    3. Dirtyfuckboy


      @drscorpiogreat reply,  u got medical background? He is fairly easy to manipulate to do what I want.  He's smoking in my bed as we speak such a fucking meth pig.  Should i suggest that he restart Prep then?

    4. drscorpio


      No, I just looked into it a lot because sometimes I am tempted to not take my PrEP like I should. I wanted to know what I could play around with and when it started to be a serious risk. 

      Sure, go ahead and suggest it. If he's enjoying his new life, he probably won't care about it. 

  13. Feeling fucking powerful now,  have my pig here and his rugby playing ass is just milking me dry like a pro! Already can see he is hooked on parTying! But he isn't aware that I have been flooding him full of unmedicated POZ cum haha

    1. 7bb86


      That’s it you hot stealther!! Let’s see your little piggy soon to be a poz bitch!!

    2. gaypigbb


      Wow, amazing! Spread your toxic seed. I would love to help him drain your balls. 🐽 

    3. alwaysready


      i suppose if you really want to know, buy a home test kit (2 really so you can do it at the same time). not sure how long it takes for a poz reading though.

  14. The pig wants to come back to hang out and 'stuff' he's a chem pig already

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. evilalex


      film it 

    3. Char88


      Do it! Lol

    4. Dirtyfuckboy


      Giving the pig what he really craved.  Sent him away for a few days ago I don't have to look after him as he was crashing, already a willing slam pig. Best thing is he's been too preoccupied with T to even get his Prep...

  15. What new years resolutions should i make?

    1. nicesexyass


      Don't know for you ... try a DP ... never did myself but would like so bad , to be double fucked , feel two cocks slide agains each othr in my ass .  Would you try that too ?

    2. SecretCumWhore


      Work on controlling orgasms more (if you feel like you could do better at it). To be more flexible to change the fuck plan on the go more freely as a night develops if you wanna take it from one way to a completely different direction.  *lick*.     Stay sexy pig. 

      This isn’t saying you got any issues on the subject. Just threw this out there cause I know there’s been a few times where I wish I had practiced controlling my bodies primal urges more to work with how a fuck night went. Instead of finishing once earlier before the real peak of the night happened. 

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