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  1. Hiya DirtyFuckBoy, Will you do me a tiny fave and yell BOO!, I wanna spook my T-cells.  lol In other news I want you man.  hot poz fit unmed and a juicy fat cock to make it tears.  U ever in Toronto? 

  2. After I became a bareback poz chem pig I remember I needed to do something really evil and twisted to celebrate my conversion. Being raised a good old Christian boy I used to go to church and I remember one of the choir boys was particularly beautiful, almost like an angel. I knew I had to have him and ruin something so pure and perfect. I remember going back to church just to see him sing and could tell he was at least bi most likely closeted gay. I made sure to 'accidentally' bump into him after and put on the mask of being a good 'big brother' looking for mates to hang out with. 

    Worked as planned and after inviting him back to mine to play on my PlayStation I soon had him drinking his first alcoholic drink (heavily laced with G but I told him all alcohol tastes like that) things were moving kinda slowly for my liking so I went in for the kill and showed him a good time. The g was kicking in a bit but the frigid virgin was tensing up and asking me to slow down as it was his first time. He was too sweet to not fuck and I needed to feel my toxic cum in him and so started to show him how real men fuck. 

    I can still remember him half high and horny and as I was ripping our clothes off he saw my cock and his eyes almost bulged out of his head in fear. I remember entering his tight hole as he tried to tell me I was too big. He knew I wasn't going to stop until I shot and then the fag started to pray, actually closed his eyes and pray as I took his cherry. I would have laughed if I wasn't so eager to cum and lucky for him I quickly found his prostate and the prayers turned to piggy squeals and I knew he was mine. 

    I dumped probably 4 loads in him that afternoon and we met up whenever I was back in town. Good kid lol.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Pozlover1


      Hopefully in there he will get off drugs and  accept his sexuality.

    3. orange8


      probably he needs a recharge from you :)

    4. Breakin


      Hm... Sounds pretty fictional to me.

  3. Kink shaming prudes are just repressed pigs *begging* to be set free. Very few guys who rode my toxic meat can resist it again and they all shut up about being judgemental condom Queens. It makes me laugh how easy it is to change their minds and status lol.
  4. Smoked a shit load of t and I need to infect a hot neg boy. Too fucking high and horny to act like a good guy though so scaring away the hot dumb teens on Grindr

    Oldies 655500391.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TightAsian
    3. breederjock


      I’ll take that poz breeding for my neg boi hole

    4. evilalex


      I want that down my throat. 

  5. I am a slave to my urges. I tried to do the 'right' thing and it wasn't for me. I am only ever alive when I am sharing my virus and getting pigs hooked on sleaze. I always have a few guys who try to 'save me' they try to show me that there is more to life and I have a problem- I quickly show them what they are missing out on and they get it. Follow your urges bro you won't regret it!
  6. Need some t and some ass


    1. AlexDaBaas


      I'd love to get spun with you and have you use my ass however you want.

    2. bugRyan


      I got the T, let's find us some neg holes. ☣

    3. AlexDaBaas


      I wanna be your first.  never taken poz cum.  you guys could set up a gangbang for me and keep me spun the whole time, takin any loads you want me to.

  7. I have always had an incredibly high sex drive and blessed with hyperspermia meaning I can cum like I piss. Recently I found out that if I sleep naked and haven't fucked in 2-3 days I am getting wet dreams that's would put a 15 year old boy to shame. It's kinda fun but also creates a fucking huge mess that is a pain to clean up. One guy I played with put my cock in a milking device as I slept and in the morning i came so much in my sleep it was overflowing. Any solutions?
  8. Ever in DFW area?

  9. What brand jockstraps would you pigs recommend?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. quarryman


      I think "PUMP" jocks suit me best. Wish the PUMP label was at the back, though


    3. Dirtyfuckboy


      Great choices pigs

    4. Midazed


      Thank you sir 


  10. Really need new gym gear including jockstraps as am destroying them like crazy

    1. RawSexAddict


      begs the question - what happens to the old gear 😈

    2. Dirtyfuckboy


      Heavy gym goer and hard fucker. They get abused a lot and ripped off by me or the sluts I am fucking.

    3. RawSexAddict


      do you toss them?  That sounds like a trophy to me!

  11. How do I set a public Amazon wishlist on here?

    1. Horny4256


      Most likely copy the link and paste it into the box for a post

    2. Betab0y


      Send me the link so I can serve my superior Alpha Male like the beta bitch I am

    3. Betab0y


      Pls send me your info so I can send you tributes, sir.

  12. Alpha rights. When you are a true alpha dog and get what you want and need by your good looks and dick.

    1. Betab0y


      You are definitely a true Alpha! I would love to serve you 

    2. lipigbear


      As well you should. You are muscular, handsome, have a big poz man cock, and huge loads. You should get whatever you want. 

  13. You can see how I have gotten more confident and cocky becoming a breeding machine

    Oldies 8033675.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. rawanalbaby


      Breed me with your toxic cock

    3. huntman
    4. NVTanner


      Fill me with your big cock and cum!

  14. Horny as fuck need to parTy with hot boys now!!

    1. LoadsNeeded


      If you were near me, I'd parTy with you and take you unmedicated POZ seed deep in my fag cunt!! 

    2. NegBear


      I wish man. I need to get knocked up to become fully free like you. Then it'd be my job to pay it forward. 

  15. Just found out that bike jockstrap company went bust! Was really looking forward to building a collection. Any ideas on where I can still get them cheap or used? 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. alwaysready


      I think a lot of people have discovered that. I would say the best place would be ebay, but I have not figured how to access the uk version.  the cheapest bikes are those made to hold a cup. if you want a classic bike jock, be prepared to pay. I noted ads saying 'vintage new bike jocks'  that is b/c a few years ago they started to offer the old cotton version again. international jock no longer list bike as one of their brands. the Russell corporation actually closed down bike in 2017. good luck.  you might try seeing if you can get guys to trade.

    3. NLbear


      I would also say Ebay for 2nd hand ones. I can buy from anywhere in the world on Ebay so don't know there would be a national version only accessible from a certain country. Jockstrapcentral.com has jockstraps from a company that bought BIKE. They are rebranded but the same style and material. Ask them, they are friendly guys in Toronto.

    4. quarryman


      This kind? Got this pair about 10 years ago but they didn't suit me like some other brands. I wore each once before moving on. If the XL size is right, let me know and I'm sure we could work something ouT. 


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