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    Sauna or at your boyfriend's giving him what he needs
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    Finding out how fucking deprived I can really get and savoring every second
    Update. Destruction is liberation. Corrupt. Infect. Destroy. Repeat.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Former good boy now becoming sicker and corrupted with every fuck. Going through a new phase in my life. My new self is invading every part of my life. Fuck work and respectability.
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    Got a few hot things my pigs leaked online
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    Does anyone actually fucking read this shit? We are all looking for the same thing here

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  1. In London next week.. lets fuck ;) 

  2. Great jockstraps! Love under armour

    1. alwaysready


      under armour is studly, if pricey.

  3. how soon will you be able to receive messages?

  4. Quick rant. I fucking HATE Prep, it is killing my fun of creating new sick fuckers with my strain. How the fuck will my legacy carry on if so many bottom bitches can act like sluts without any of the repercussions of being marked? I swear Prep is this generations condoms, I am so disgusted sand disappointed when guys say "don't worry I am on Prep". I want to walk away when it happens but I just fuck them more brutally instead- worthless fags. If you're going to BB at least man up and do it fully RAW without hiding behind Prep grrrrrr!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. alwaysready



      IM me, dfboy; I have some info I think will be of interest.

    3. PozInTx


      Part of my ART cocktail is truvada. I’ve had the occasional thought of going off my meds and randomly popping my 4 month supply of truvada to develop a resistance to it. Heh. 

    4. alwaysready


      and these prep/pep guys are not taking into account that there are drug resistant strains, which a lot of breeders are picking up. though, as sad as the prep/pep situation, the dwindling # of breeders is worrisome.

  5. I don't think you need to know the language to fuck. Point and use your hands to grab, push and cover their mouths if they get too annoying. All pigs know what to do if I show them my hard cock. I sometimes pretend I don't speak English if they ask for condoms etc lol
  6. nice stuff, hot fucker

  7. Feeling like an attention seeking whore. Upvote and like and comment if you want me to unleash more pics

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    2. alwaysready



      damn, boy, you are like the poster boy for bz. so popular. ez to see why.

    3. BBFCKR


      Come over mate and I’ll wreck your cunt 😜

    4. Dirtyfuckboy


      Am a top @BBFCKR so the only cunt that will be destroyed is yours, but you need to get off Prep if you want it

  8. High and Bornu pigs! Got a nice big bowl of t 

    1. PupShock


      Yes please🤤🤤🤤

  9. This man is worth begging.

  10. attempted to message you and said you can't get messages. Is it because your box is full?

  11. Would love to take your load sexy 😍

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