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    Sauna or at your boyfriend's giving him what he needs
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    Finding out how fucking deprived I can really get and savoring every second
    Update. Destruction is liberation. Corrupt. Infect. Destroy. Repeat.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Former good boy now becoming sicker and corrupted with every fuck. Going through a new phase in my life. My new self is invading every part of my life. Fuck work and respectability.
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    Got a few hot things my pigs leaked online
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    Does anyone actually fucking read this shit? We are all looking for the same thing here

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  1. fuck mate I'd so would love to be pozzed up by you and help spread your seed. edinburgh here, make me one of your new creations



  2. Damn you are sexy as fuck

  3. what happen to this hot boy?

    1. alwaysready


      I wish I knew

  4. Great profile! Where do you live? 

  5. Hir sir, I want to eat that dick in both my holes.


  6. Heya. Hope all is well


  7. Right now. Me and David who is now officially our newest member by yours truly. A fellow cum chem pig who is learning the joys of knowing his duty in infecting. HnH and mid session 


    1. alwaysready


      how big does that dick get?

    2. TopDad4Younger


      Any chance of seeing you pozzing a young neg - 1 on 1, group, consensual or stealth?

  8. Wired as fuck pigs. Talk to us as we bring two guys to the brotherhood

    1. alwaysready


      film at 11?  you use lube, or just plunge in raw and dry? messes the ass up

    2. Berdell
    3. Dickmatized


      How did the session go?  How many loads did each guy take?

  9. Sometimes I think I am a sex addict because I am obsessed with sex 24/7 have the most evilest thoughts and I fucking can't stop myself

    1. alwaysready


      are you ever coming back to the states for a visit? pick up some bike jocks in Memphis?

  10. Mid binge with chem whores after a break. Wired as fuck and destroying every cunt tonight fuck yeah hail Sarah Palin with my fucking POZ monster cock

    1. bugRyan


      Good job brother!  Breed, impregnate, damage, corrupt and destroy

  11. David is a great example of how sleaze makes any guy into a filthy fucker 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CuriousForPozzing


      Fuck I need to have you chem me up and poz me 

    3. Lndpozboi


      Fuck! Pound your poz load deep inside my toxic poz hole! HIV strains are always welcome in my hole! 

    4. finndude


      So hot man!

  12. Easiest way to catch fags is to have your goods on display


    1. alwaysready


      not exactly on display, but the next best thing: a bulge that is irresistable

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