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    Sauna or at your boyfriend's giving him what he needs
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    Finding out how fucking deprived I can really get and savoring every second
    Update. Destruction is liberation. Corrupt. Infect. Destroy. Repeat.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Former good boy now becoming sicker and corrupted with every fuck. Going through a new phase in my life. My new self is invading every part of my life. Fuck work and respectability.
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    Got a few hot things my pigs leaked online
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    Does anyone actually fucking read this shit? We are all looking for the same thing here

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  1. Update: met up with fag ex coworker and slipped him a little something to loosen him up. Took him to mates and made sure he got what he deserved. Already forwarded video to his bf and half the office. Guess he'll have more time to enjoy exploring his single life as a pig lol.

    1. Gingercumpig


      Hot piggy beautiful fucker

    2. NegBear


      He'll feel better with his newfound freedom anyway. 

    3. alwaysready


      are you going to post the video here?

  2. Early bloomer. Had boners since 9 and was already pretty big from an early age. Came when I was 11, wet dreams are a bitch.
  3. You need to get some pics and videos of yourself up. 

    1. Monster5-8gPA


      I couldn’t agree more!

  4. How do I create polls on here?

    1. SecretCumWhore


      When you click create new post in the relevant forum (make sure it’s in the right section of the site from what rawtop has posted).  Click the arrow above the post and select poll.  Then go from there. 

    2. liononwings
  5. The problem is it's never ENOUGH. As soon as I cum I feel a few seconds of relief but already my balls start to refill and I go back into fuck mode. It takes GREAT restraint to cum once and go, it's a full time occupation being a multiple cummer
  6. Men are divided into two groups. Neg boys to be bred and AIDS riddled pigs. WHICH ONE ARE YOU?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. kckinkybtm


      Neg boy to be raped/gangraped


    3. Dirtyfuckboy


      This is why I love this site. It exposes so many of you greedy pigs who are dying for my juice ☣️🐷😈☣️

    4. BeefyButt4U2Nail
  7. Found out my fag ex coworker thought I was a fucked up sex addict guess I have to show him what he's missing out on lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dirtyfuckboy


      He's got a steady boyfriend whose details I found on Facebook. Dunno which of them I am going to chem out and fuck on film being loaded with random guys from bbrt

    3. NegBear


      Tough choice. If it were me I'd probably go after the boyfriend first. 

    4. takingdeepanal


      If you need an assistant ...

  8. FUCK babe i want your lethal seed making me toxic like that!i want to hospitalize some whores with my cock like you stud! Woof


  9. Becoming so fucking cocky and vain I concentrate on myself when I knock up pigs. I love watching myself fuck and smirking at my reflection. 

    1. Hunter22


      If you got it flaunt it ;) 

      We got mirrors all over our play room and my favorite one is located above the sling, I can see how the tops pound me 😈

    2. orange8


      Should set up some spy cameras 


  10. Just fucked an old mate who knew me when I was still a good boy. Shame the condom broke and everything 😈☣️😈

    1. takingdeepanal


      Pity, that! Guessing he wants to get revenge by any means pozzible. You looking for a sacrificial lamb or biTch?

  11. I mistook my fuck flu for a chem comedown. Was one hell of a binge, naive fucker I was! Last few fuckers I gifted ended up in hospital which does how strong my strain is getting! Happy days!!!!
  12. Didn't you used to be Lone_Wolf? You and he sound a lot alike in your profile and language.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. leatherpunk16


      I thought so! I think the change is good, especially the profile picture. If that is you in the photo... well, the pastor told me that Lucifer would be beautiful. LOL

      PS - you can't "become more sicker". That's not a phrase. Just "becoming sicker" is more correct.

    3. Dirtyfuckboy


      Thanks bro. I was brought up to be humble and to not take pride in appearance or have vanity. Thank fuck that's all changed now lol. Guess I should have called myself el diablo

    4. puphawaii


      ah .. but you DO give a fuck .. you give lots of fucks .. pozfucks!    ;>



  13. I think I've also just gone through the same life change and phase as you (same age here too). :) 

  14. Your new avatar pic is fucking hot. You should share some bigger pics. 😉😘

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