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Found 12 results

  1. How many guys sabotaged a relationship to get out of it and if so how ?
  2. Hey guys! Please consider that this is my first erotic story ever and that English is not my native language. Have fun! Meeting my hero Part 1 I had just become matriculated at the university, when I was browsing the diverse student groups there were. One of them especially sparked my interest: A queer student group. They planned different types of events at the semester start – even before the lectures. One of them was a superhero themed meet and greet which had the purpose to convince guys to visit who had not come out yet. Actually a very nice idea, which got my attention, as I was only outed with my friends and sexually quite inexperienced, a virgin indeed. So I searched for a sexy Spider-Man costume. He's my favourite. And thinking ahead I thought that I should be mostly naked underneath, but not totally – in case of … boner. So I bought my very first jock strap. An embarrassing shopping tour. When the evening came, I was surprised how chill I was since everything was anonymous. I could just go any time without being stigmatized as a party hater forever and so on. I felt a certain freedom here. The student group had rented a local club. It was dark with flashing lights and loud. As I went inside I was greeted by an Iron Man and another Spider-Man. Oh shiiiit. The Spider-Man told me that I shouldn't be shocked. Spider-Man was apparently the costume of choice here for many. This sucked for me, but whatever. After a while of partying, as I went to get a new drink, I could feel someone putting a hand on my shoulder, saying “Hey, we should totally further the plot, Spidey.” As I turned I could see a Deadpool standing in front of me. He was slightly taller than me and the only Deadpool at this party. I, giggling: “Hey, nice hit on!” Deadpool: “Yeah, I kinda want to stay in character here. So, wanna be my Spidey?” I: “Well, uh, how come you chose me?” Deadpool: “I figured you're the hottest Spidey here, and the hottest guy as far as I can see.” He leaned to the side to take a look at my ass. “Awesome ass. The jockstrap's a bonus, honey.” I: “Oh shit, you can see that?” Deadpool: “Oh, I can see that.” His hand which so far was holding a drink in front of his crotch moved to the side. “Whereas I'm naked.” He visibly smiled through his mask as my eyes widened and I gulped. I could see the outline of a very nice cock. “So in a Deadpool-Spidey situation, you'd really be the Spidey, right?” As he said this he elegantly raised his glass and spread a finger when saying “Deadpool” and inserted it into a hole created by his index finger and thumb of his free right hand for “Spidey”. Then he added: “Ok, let me just break character a minute. I'm not usually like this, ok? But I kinda feel like being cheeky today, as a Deadpool.” I: “Yes”, I grinned. He didn't wait long to grab my arm and pull me aside to the wall. After some chatter without much meaning, as we were both done with our drinks, I licked my lips as I so often do after drinking. However, in this context I knew that I could get his attention with it. He quickly grabbed my empty glass, put it aside, put one hand at my hip, the other at the back of my head and started kissing me with passion. He was the best kisser I'd ever had, really know how to use his tongue annd I did my best to reciprocate. “Oh, I can't take it any more. Let's go, Spidey!”, he said and again impressed me with his strength by simply pulling me somewehere else. Oh, I like strong guys.
  3. Relationship or Cumdump?

    Hey there, thought I saw a thread similar to this a while back but I can't seem to find it... I'm looking for some advice: I've been in a relationship for a little over two years now, and I'm very happy with what I have. However, I've had a few slips which almost ended the relationship - he found out I was planning to meet someone for BB sex once, almost got fucked by a friend, etc. Yet, we're still together through all of that. No matter how much time goes by though, I still jack off to the idea of getting bred by a room full of daddies, or getting spitroasted, etc. Not sometimes, every time - it's the only thing I get off on, and I think about it periodically during the week as well. I think a lot about breaking up so I can go out and do these things, but I'm still in love with this guy. I'm fighting between two things I enjoy, and a part of me feels like the breeding desire is just short term happiness, but at the same time I feel like the thoughts will never go away and I'll likely cheat on him at some point and end it anyways. The constant internal arguing is becoming exhausting and I'm not sure what to do. After the close calls with cheating he's absolutely not interested in opening up the relationship (which I get). Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any thoughts regardless?
  4. I've been married for 18 years, my husband and I are both Poz. Back in the day when I was diagnosed most Negative guys I met wouldn't consider having a long term relationship with a Poz guy. After many years of conversations with other Poz guys i found that my experience wasn't unique. I wonder if PrEP has changed that?
  5. Hello buddies, four weeks ago my bf got a positive HIV test result. He was taking the initial test for starting the PrEP. I am on PrEP and we wanted him to get it too. The test was a huge shock for both of us because I am sure that he always had safe sex - he was even more precautious then me. As his VL was very low the doctor assumed that either he is a good controller or the infection had occured recently. As mentioned this test was a big shock and somehow I can't really believe it till now. I also took two test (even for RNA) because we had bb sex since I had started the PrEP. But I am negative. I won't tell you how hard the following days were, but I think we found our way through this rough phase. He is going to work again and now we are waiting for the second tests to see how the infection develops. Besides of asking you guys in which way I can support him without clucking him I realized that my sex drive has driven down to nearly zero. So has his. Even though I'm on PrEP he doesn't want to have Sex at the moment, not with me, not with others. (This is heartbreaking because I know how much he loves cocks.) I wanted to take to PrEP to have uninhibited BB sex. But now, everytime some guy asks me for an encounter, I feel blocked. In a crazy way his infection feels like a punishment for me for wanting too much. A huge point is that he wasn't chasing or such thing, I believe him that he always used protection. So he wasn't a tempted barebacking candidate. That's why I think this is so unfair he got it. So how shall I enjoy (BB) sex when he got infected by not even barebacking? I know it sounds crazy but talking a crazy idea out of the mind usually doesn't bring back the boner. Maybe I am moving too fast and when things settle down a little the drive will return, but it's been four weeks now and I wonder how long this will take? I would really appriciate if someone shares his thoughts on this... BTW: We are a couple for nine years now, living together and loving each other.
  6. So do you find it a turnoff if a guy is upfront and ready for sex/eager or is it better if he acts less interested/standoffish/has other options? I guess this might vary by top/bottom and also if you are wanting some kind of relationship or just a one off fuck. I tend to just be...you're hot...you're hung...i need fucked...let's go and i've had some guys say they like the chance more. So what are your thoughts?
  7. Recently broken up here and been thinking about what it is I really want out of a relationship. Most of the time I feel like all I want is to be fucked day in, day out by as many cocks that want it; no relationship needed, though buddies would be cool. Lately though, I've been having fantasies--and even a few dreams--about being turned out/owned/pimped by a guy or group. I guess it's a common fantasy, but I'm feeling like it might be more than just a thrilling thought for me: I want my very existence to be wrapped up in sexually caring for the needs of my top(s), and ideally this means putting me into a lot of different kinds of sexual situations, even demeaning or shameful ones, if it helps him/them get off. I've been feeling like that would be closer to the kind of relationship I could be satisfied in. I wish there were some way to combine the two: to be owned by someone or a group of guys, and to get used by others if he/they wanted it. Anyway, I'm wondering: is anyone currently or in the past been in a slave-like relationship, or just one where control was basically centered on what the sexually dominant one wanted? Or has anyone ever owned/been owned by a group or pimped to a bunch of other guys? What is/was the relationship like? Any words of wisdom or experiences to share? I really appreciate hearing from guys here who have more experience with stuff like this, thanks, guys.
  8. So my partner and I have been together forever... always play together and have had more 3-ways then I can count... but to make a long story short we had met a guy a few years ago and almost started a triad relationship but things didn't work out (no fault on anyone... moving and life issues) but we have always been close. Things happened and he called last month needing help and came to stay with us and we found out he was using us and is gone... however it was nice coming home to 2 guys, sharing the bed and not cruising for hook ups. My dilemma is should I tell my partner I want a triad relationship and we should start dating to find us a new partner... or should we leave things as are and continue to have threesomes and cruising the gloryholes? The problem with option two is there are things that I love that my partner doesn't or just doesn't understand and things I have learned I liked over the last month that he just can't do no matter how loud I scream harder.
  9. I made a resolution that when I fuck in 2013, I will only fuck bare. I'm starting to communicate my preference for topping bare in online profiles instead of just sounding things out once I meet a guy. It's paying off in that I am meeting more guys and having great encounters. The problem is that I also want to date, and maybe find a new partner. People in the dating pool seem to respond negatively to the idea of a non-monogamous relationship, let alone to the mention of barebacking. I don't agree that the only valid relationship involves I white picket fence. I want to commit to the kind of guy who comes home with another guy's load in his ass and tells me about it as I add my own, and who encourages me in my extra-curricular pursuits. Any advice from people about being a slut and having a relationship at the same time? I know it's possible to open up a relationship after the fact (usually with tears, jealousy and conflict, it seems). I want something that starts out emotionally solid and sexually open. Thanks, and I hope that this isn't a dumb question.
  10. Top & Bottom couples

    Hey guys, I am new to this site. Just registered. I noticed that when I am on dating sites (either just for sex or a bit more) I am attracted to certain guys but then see the guy in question is (like me) a total bottom too. That got me me wondering. What if you are really attracted to someone, get along, want a relationship, but he is -like you- a total top too, or a total bottom too? How do you handle that? As a bottom I don't really want to have a dildo up my ass all the time when being with my partner, but a real cock fucking me and a load up my ass. If you are a total top I guess you want ass to fuck. Would this automatically lead to an situation where you only can only have open relationships, or threeways, foursomes?
  11. Well, here's the background. I'm a pretty much total top... Do bottom occasionally but it's been over a year since i've had a cock up my ass. Status has never bothered me and I always said that status doesnt matter when it comes to falling in love. So this past friday I went to have a date with this guy who I knew was hiv positive. He is totally undetectable and has everything that I look for in a guy. He is dirty minded, but faithful, respectful, and affectionate. He is 48 and i am 23. I like older men so it's perfect for me. We share a great deal in common, and even though we only planned a date for friday, i ended up staying til Sunday night! I fucked him a total of 7 times... I would have fucked him more but he was sore and then he has a hard time getting fucked after he comes. Anyways... my point is that I have never dated a poz guy before.. Was just curious about anyone who is neg or poz in a relationship with a guy of the opposite status. What kind of stigma is there out there? Because I already face the negative stigmas of the older/younger couple. Also I was wondering, if you were neg and your partner was poz... would you tell your friends? I mean... it really is none of their business... but I almost feel like they should know. Idk I guess it's just something very new for me. I like him alot and i'll continue dating him irregardless. Just wanted you're opinion. Sorry for the LONG ass blog. PS: I'm not a bug chaser thats why i didnt post it in that section.
  12. need advice

    I'm a 21 year old bottom twink bitch. I love taking cock, anon, bb, pubic you name it (usually only by neg guys... w/e). But here's my problem. My bf of 2 years, and I, are in an open relationship, but he doesn't know I'm into that stuff. In fact, he's really opposed to that kind of life. But I just can't help it. I want to go to bookstores, etc, and get my as fucked like crazy by lots of guys, but we live in a small college town. Lots of gays, but they all know each other. How do I achieve my goals?

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