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  1. GreaT wriTing!!! Hope to see more!
  2. We always bring a bag of toys to the baths - 'cause we know after 8 hours of partying, neither of us will be able to get it up... ran into a guy we knew from the local leather bar who we thought was a total top. turned out, when he partied, he became this sleazy bottom pig! (I know - big surprise...) anyway, he ended up in our room in leather with a baggie and a glass pipe. we probably had at least a dozen dildos in varying sizes (including two double-headed ones), plus an endless supply of J-lube and a large can of Crisco. Needless to say, three boTTom pigs managed to satisfy ourselves f
  3. HoT!!! luv to get drunk and high and work my hole!!!
  4. Same experience here. Used to think that when i got older, i'd just be put out to pasture. But you're right - a lot of these younger guys really go after a "muscle daddy." And the well-hung ones DO love sliding their thick cocks into a greasy fist-hole!!! Oink!!! Love going into "the maze" at the baths after a good fisting - knowing that i can take ANY cock that's oFFered!
  5. Great writing! Great story - as always! Nice to hear from another pig!
  6. Fuckin' hot, dude! Luv the smell of engine oil, gasoline, sweat and cum!
  7. HoT story!!! Sounds like a FFun sex club! luv getting fisted at the baths.
  8. Hot story! I was at Club Columbus many years ago - driving on a business trip and needed a place to crash for the night. I like to stay at bathhouses because they're cheap and they have the benefit of a quick, anon fuck. It was a weeknight - probably a Tuesday or Wednesday - so my expectations were low. Man, was I surprised! I had brought a little leather (always travel with it!) and this attracted a couple of young guys who I gladly fucked. Then hooked up with a hot pig with some favors who was into fisting! We partied and played the rest of the night - taking turns fucking and fisting
  9. He crawled back on the bed to put the tin full of chems back in his bag, and while doing so, unashamedly exposed his used musclehole. I pumped some lube on my right hand from the bottle on the bedside table (a plywood cube painted black), and went straight to work on his sphincter. The muscle was inflamed, and a dark purple in color - a sign of much use. Just by touching his hole, he immediately relaxed, and the muscle started to open. First one finger - then two - easily slid in to his warm rectum. His only response was to widen his stance and push back on my fingers. "Fuck yeah pig
  10. FFuck!!! Your writing is so fucking good! Feels like I'm right there - and the inTensiTy and buildup from one chapter to another is perFFecT! Glad you got to the point of FistFucking Stevie's wrecked, pozzed hole! Been righT there in Sling Room No. 2!!!
  11. Fuck - that's hoTTT!!! Can't wait to hear more of your chemplay!
  12. I always clean out super well ('cause I'm into fisting and big Toys, Too!), so I love TasTing my ass on a top's big cock. And I know it's a huge turn-on for him to fuck my face with the cock that's just been drilling my fuckhole! Also, sometimes (before he cums) it makes him harder and rougher when he goes back to fucking!!!! Oink!!
  13. Sorry for the delay in getting back - the holidays got in the way... Before things got too far along, I found my "Anal Intruder Cockring" (a chrome cockring, that has a curved piece of steel and a ball on the end to slip into your ass). You have to get it on before you get hard, otherwise your cock and balls will never slide through the cockring. Looks and feels HOT!!! (And won't fall out like a buttplug!) I had my laptop with me, so I logged in to PornHub to watch some of the hot bareback videos in my playlist. Found a hot one of Tex Davidson at some B & B at the breakfast
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