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  1. The Heath is a 15 min walk from Hampstead Station (Northern Line), regular buses can take you back into Central London at night. Point to a place called Jack Straw’s Castle, next to that you’ll see a track and a car park, follow that and head down the stairs. Most action happens in the “darkroom” now. Turn right when you get to the bottom of the stairs and shortly you’ll see an open space on your left - if you see a path and building on your right you’ve gone too far. Walk through that and in between the trees you’ll find a path, follow the sound of guys fucking and you’ll reach the darkroom. There’s usually loads of guys walking around and heading to the same place so you can just follow them. The famous fuck tree can still be fun sometimes, there’s proper directions on Squirt. I would recommend using Squirt if you don’t already, it’s a good way to know who’s there. You’re almost guaranteed to get some action in the evening/night though. Daytimes can be fun too.
  2. Any hung tops in London want to breed my ass. I can host in Chelsea or travel. Accept all types of loads
  3. Probably Sweatbox. Vault is busiest on naked nights (Mon & Thurs). Tuesday night is just “cruise” so probably won’t be that busy
  4. Hard On is a great event if you want to get properly filled! I went for the first time last month and had so much fun. It’s on Sat 16th April at Union in Vauxhall
  5. Lots of cumdumps seem to stay at St Giles hotel on Tottenham Court Road
  6. We need events like this in London. I’d totally go and open my ass for every load
  7. Thanks! I took a lot of loads, still neg though 😔. I’m at Vault regularly if anyone wants to give me theirs
  8. Naked, it’s less restrictive. I love underwear during foreplay though, that really turns me on
  9. Will be naked and only wearing white trainers with white socks that say bottom on them
  10. Will be at Vault 139 tonight taking loads in my neg hole. Come dump one in me. Toxic loads accepted 😈🐷💦
  11. I’d love you to poz me

  12. That feeling when after a bit of resistance my hole gives and let’s the cock slide in. I also love it when I can feel my hole getting looser, that’s when the top starts to pound harder. Plus obviously when they shoot their load - the moment just before when they’re really going for it and fucking me so hard, then push themselves deep inside me and unload.
  13. I like my big dick. It’s hot seeing it flop about as I’m riding a hard hung top
  14. Thanks for the follow. I’d love your toxic load in my ass

    1. jizz70


      fuck yes boy, would love to poz fuck and breed you

  15. I’d love to take your toxic load sometime

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