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    Poz, On Meds
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    love to be fucked and please my top, looking for chat and friends and some hot sex :)

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  1. SYD here but never hooked up from this site - but would love too Im in west Sydney, near Blacktown.. happy to travel 🙂
  2. In Blacktown area and always happy to travel for some fun 🙂
  3. you still looking for hot loads man - hit me back if u r

  4. Fuck this is so fkn hot. Best story ever. Wish it was be being used
  5. very nice profile mate

  6. Hey Guys Im in the Sydney/ Central Coast/Newcastle area and looking to take some hot loads.. 26 btm boi here can travel. Willing to try anything you are into.. Love to please my top.. try me.. i live to please and be used... horder2001@live.com.au is me .. hope to hear from you all
  7. hey mate - how r u?? sorry i missed your msg last night - must of just went to bed when u sent it :P

    keen to chat - horder2001@live.com.au is me ... hope to hear from you soon

  8. mate VERY keen to take your hot load - horder2001@live.com.au is me.. lets chat and organise .. 0424 148 652 is me - lets organise some fun

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