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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Sleazy fit daddy, looking for lads tp develop corrupt and other sleazy stuff
    Sharing is good, dad/son too.

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  1. I’d love you to poz me

  2. I'll meet & breed u anywhere - let me know where you choose
  3. corrupt my piglet cunt. yummm

  4. Mine too! At least I'll 'know' someone there now 😜
  5. Always nice to be the first to welcome a new lad to this site.  
    Welcome @twink4pozzing the very sleaziest spunk.
    Including from me. x

  6. hurry up lad - i've got a hot present for you
  7. welcome gym boy. sound hot and commited - am in kent, so not far for a sleazy visit 😈
  8. I'd love to get your poz seeds, breed me a lot, please...

  9. made me want u even more
  10. Perfect lad, you've sailed thru the enquiry stage. I reckon I'd enjoy breeding you, son (perhaps!)
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