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    Sleazy fit daddy, looking for lads tp develop corrupt and other sleazy stuff
    Sharing is good, dad/son too.

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  1. sleazewhore

    Goals for 2018

    I'm saying it again here as I am determied he'll see my plan on his phone tonight and will soon be full of me
  2. sleazewhore

    Goals for 2018

    This lad is one of my 2018 goals - repeatedly. Want to be proud and sure. ;0
  3. sleazewhore

    I want to start barebacking

    You need to not worry about ur cock lad and let me put mine in you instead. I'm sure it would be the right thing, son
  4. Sharing huh,mmm?

  5. sleazewhore

    Visiting, come flood my ass

    Hot pics lad, hope you have a good pride weekend / breeding
  6. Thanks for following me, I am honoured. I really want to accept all loads, but I am still new and tight, the dildo on the photo only went half way in.

    1. sleazewhore


      lets sort that in July, son

    2. 18Henrik


      Thank you Sir!

      I would be happy if you couls take me around, once in berlin I was almost raped (makes me hard now) in a dark room

  7. hey  thanks for the follow . You ever get in this area  let me know . have holes that need filling

  8. sleazewhore

    Exposure Fun

    hot lad - i'd certainly show you to many
  9. sleazewhore


    Glad you enjoyed me @swine
  10. sleazewhore

    sat 4th - mon 6th nov sub bottom in london

    def up for meeting you

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