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    Sharing is good, dad/son too.

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  1. At a quick glance - it seems i'm the only one on here that loves smooth everything. Pubes are a menace: 1. to our toilets 2. reduce impact of cock arrival/arrounsael (by up to 25%**) 3. Because. LONG LIVE THE SMOOTH! **Government factoid Dec. 2019
  2. "my anxiety/addictive personality" - you surely mean "I really need to wank dreaming of the members of Breeding Zone" ??
  3. hey breeder lad - want my toxic spunk?
  4. That dirty grin does make me smile - and very hard 😉

    1. BugBoyEric


      Thank you Sir!  You look really sexy yourself!!

  5. the hottest lad on here - keep it up 😉

    1. jonny4dad


      Awww thanks Daddy, but I'd look much hotter with your raw cock in my ass 

      IMG_7256 (2).JPG

    2. ronnie4u


      MMMMMMMMMMM Rock Bottom - Hard and Deep - Do it !   more - more - Please !

    3. jonny4dad


      That's a bi truck driver breeding my ass last week

  6. yes - but not from here. sometimes Grindr can offer some sleazy lads ;)\
  7. But its randomness also gives it a far more private risky edge than other sites /
  8. def like discuss results - will message ur wic

    1. rawfilthukx


      Sent you my wkr user. Looking forward to your message

  9. hey lad u sound good - am in kent which is easy if u drrive looking for long chemmed sessk=ion u got pics?
  10. Naw. Didn't get pozzed. But I wanted to meet up with him again. 😏

    1. sleazewhore


      he know ur after his dna?

    2. SubZer0
  11. fuck wish I was closer to you hot af... would be down to slam cam 1-1 and [banned word]

  12. if i do suceed, i'll set up a live feed - good idea 😉 suggestions of lads up for it then PM me
  13. ur fucking hot lad - would have enjoyed watching them all come then adding my toxic load - just to make sure
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