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  1. Don't wash it. Store it in a brown paper bag otherwise it will get moldy. This will allow it to air dry so it will be ready to wear again.
  2. I officially started barebacking, taking anonymous loads, on my 18th birthday, 1971. That was the day I was introduced to the bathhouse scene in New Orleans. At the time, New Orleans had several bathhouses. The Club Baths, Miidtown Spa (later Flex), Canal Baths and Camp Baths were my favorite places for swapping loads. Being fit, blond, new meat and 18 made you very popular with everyone at the baths. Many of the bars also had back rooms for anonymous sex. I quickly learned the pleasures of raw sex and preferred raw over wrapped. AIDS was unknown to me until the later '80s. By that time I was already a committed and exclusive barebacker. I tested during those risky years, yet remained negative. When the '90s arrived, I adopted the "do not care" attitude regarding statuses and discontinued testing. I knowingly took HIV+ loads during the '90s forward. It wasn't until 2018 when a fuckbuddy challenged my "do not care" attutide. I got tested expecting a positive result. To both our amazement's I was and still HIV-. At 66, I am pos. friendly and still taking all loads.
  3. As a bottom, I always clean my tops cock. It the top is into it, I will eat his hole. Most expect it and love it.
  4. Never been embarrassed. Most tops will stick their finger up my hole to see if it is pre-loaded. Never had any complaints when it was.
  5. I have done some wild, uninhibited and kinky things throughout my sexual life, but I have never found any, one individual who was as versatile, uninhibited and kinky as I was in my youth. I wonder what it would be like to be identical twins who were both sexually versatile, uninhibited and kinky?
  6. Halloween, 1996, I flew from New Orleans to Philadelphia for a hook-up. 1,088 air miles. Met on AOL in m4m chat room. He was 19, Asian, pocket-gay and very kinky.
  7. As hole gets stretched and filled with come, it actually becomes quite comfortable and very erotic. The end result is a nice swollen rosebud to attract more tops.
  8. Yes, and this too will pass. With more STI's and STD's becoming drug resistant; and, new strains of viral mutations, barebacking will once again be taboo. Today we are seeing more individual,s across the age spectrum, who advertise in their profiles they are "DDF--drug and disease free, HIV+ undetectable, HIV+ undetectable on meds, and "I tested negative on this date". Most of us know the drill. People lie about their status. People lie about their health,. People lie regarding their relationship status. People lie in their profiles. People lie to have sex. In the United States, drug prices are not regulated. Most private health insurers do not cover long term prescriptions for HIV prevention. They regard recreational sex exposure the same as they once regarded pregnancy--Insurers did not cover it. Pregnancy in the 1950's was regarded as a "planned event" and not a health related issue. My health insurer will only pay for a 30 day dosage of Truvada if you may have been exposed to the HIV virus, and they will only cover it once. I have searched for health care plans offered by private insurers covering HIV prevention medications, and I haven't found any that were affordable. Most company health plans also don't cover HIV prevention medications. "Gilead Will Donate Truvada to U.S. for H.I.V. Prevention" May 9, 2019 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/09/health/gilead-truvada-hiv-aids.html Drug donations, grants, discounts are wonderful. However, the cost of HIV preventative medication is and will remain too expensive for most to obtain.
  9. My bf told me that while I was eating a cum load (not mine) out of his hole. I never let on I knew because I loved to eat and fuck his cum filled hole.
  10. The term "faggot" to me has always been a derogatory term for "homosexual". Whereas, "gay" to me has always been the politically correct term for "homosexual". I recall as far back as grammar school being called queer, fag, faggot, cock sucker, even though I had no sexual attractions to either male or females and did not understand what the terms meant other than being different until the sixth grade--age 10-11.

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