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    Redmond, Oregon
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    Sexually I enjoy bareback breeding, deepthroat sucking, light kissing if theres chemistry, frot, light tit play, nothing demeaning, humiliating or painful. In general....enjoy life, nature, cosmos, art, music, literature, science, metaphysics, philosophy, religious studies, consciousness, erotica, gay spirituality, culture renaissance, health, progressivism, expolitics, space exploration.......
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    I'm still evolving, growing, expanding, learning, exploring, enjoying :)
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    Some personal video (stroke and fuck vids) on Xtube; amateur projects, experimental photography, erotic art, eye candy facilitator
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    good chemistry, awesome exchange of erotic and spiritual energy, creativity, expansion, mutual life enhancement and erotic adventures :)

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  1. I am looking to get my ass loaded good! I want a poz no meds. load in there.

  2. Thanks for comments,....happy humping, and get that ass loaded good : )

  3. Awesome! Was it a weekend, around what time...seems to vary....hit n miss there. I havent been there in awhile....about due for another visit
  4. Hi guys, Kind of a trick question, since its relative to how size can affect the experience and one's own preference of any particular size among other factors. Being more of a versatile top, when I bottom I usually prefer a nice ave. size cock or lil larger (length wise, some girth is good but no beer cans for me)... 5.5 - 7.5 is ideal ...not too small and not too large...a comfortable size enough to feel but not be painful. A nice mushroom head feels good and finding a cock that fits ur asspussy 'just right' in most positions...and ballsdeep is most awesome. So, until I experience bigger cocks as a bottom, and know my limits and pain thresh hold....ill enjoy nice ave to lil above ave cocks. Most of my toys (I may have them posted in one of my galleries)...are 5 - 7.5 " range. As a top I love to fuck more sensually and can get pretty primal too, edging as long as I can and deep breeding my partner...feeling my cock pulsate spurting my hot seed deep into that cum hungry ass. Some bottoms say I swell up pretty big too, especially the head of my cock before I nut, I love that feeling when I bottom too if the top swells significantly. Nothing like it.
  5. hi, thanks for your comments on pics :) 


    1. Chargedup


      Hell yeah. Loaded ass my fave to follow after. ☣️

  6. I never really got into poppers, get too much of a head-rush, but bottoms are welcome to use when I'm topping if it enhances their experience. Been taking the generic form of Sildenafil as a 'booster', much cheaper than viagra but smaller 20 mg pills, under a buck a pill with the GoodRx discount. Anyone else use Sildenafil 20mg tablets, and how much works for you? I dont like the side effects of flushing, head-ache or stuffing nose, but find taking some tylenol or ibuprofen before hand helps with headache. I've just been experimenting with 20 - 50 mgs so far,...havent tried 60 mg. yet. I do just fine without it, while masturbating/edging at home by myself,...its just a booster for sex with others. Open to tips, comments and suggestion
  7. Hi, thanks for your comments, hot ass. Looks very fuckable :) - I can imagine deep breeding that sweet asspussy.

    1. slideinmedeep


      i wish you would breed me. 

  8. Hi gabb, just shooting out a 'hello' :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JockstrappedSlut


      Now your just teasing, my ass is pulsing !!


    3. soulpioneer


      lol, yeah....i can be a 'teaser' at times, but hey...prolly beats being without 'eye-candy'? :) - was just looking and see there is 500 mb limit for your attachements. Hmmm...I wonder how that works when u reach that limit...cant post any more pics? or is there a paid level membership that can expand your storage space? 

    4. JockstrappedSlut


      Not sure haven't got the skills you have!

      I know a few people over here who want to wear you out, me included !!

  9. Hi guys, New here, enjoying the forum, check out my recent contributions. I do have my own xtube page and vids, but most are older. I need to make some new videos soon, but I dont have any full internal breeding vids on my channel at the moment, just one 'cumshot' one which is more a cream pie, and various fuck scene snippets. This video is a casual more sensual clip of some of my fucking style (I can go fullbore too). - more vids to check out on channel. I do usually fully breed the bottoms I fuck of course, even if not captured on cam. Fuck yeah, nothing like breeding a hot hungry ass pussy DEEP https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/ploughing-2-16489782
  10. Hi all, Just joined recently, have posted an album so far and several random gallery pics - vers top barebacker here, found out was 'poz' (tested at 2 labs to confirm) in 2000, - I went as long as I could not taking meds although tcells were very low, with viral load fluctuating but never really huge levels from what I recall, but I came down with shingles & non hodgkins lymphoma in 2003, stage 3 so did 6 rounds of chemo, then got on the meds after I recovered from the chemo to recover my immune system, so have been on a 3 med regimens so far, maintaining a good 'undetectable' levesl for some years now. - I then gradually got more comfortable with barebacking and getting over the hiv stigma or 'fear' of possibly infecting other guys, as I was still uncertain and learning if I could still 'transmit' the virus, etc. Now I'm totally over it. Its fun times, fullbore raw sex and freeball breeding When cruising now, I usually prep as well as I can in case I bottom, may take a few loads or more, then give one load before going home, so at times am pretty versatile,...while planned dates with a bottom or vers guy will be different per person and situation. I'm on Adam4Adam, BBRT, and showyourdick.org under the same name or 'soulpioneer7'. I cam sometimes on chat sites like Menchats, freechatnow or chat-avenue,...got messenger, hangouts and kik, but kik is on kindle only and video cam is blocked for some reason, but can still share pics n vids. I've not go so much into the whole 'bug chasing' or 'pozzing' hype or sensationalism,...but open to explore the 'psychology' involved, tending towards the more life-enhancing positive aspects of male erotica and joys of bareback sex,...i'm open to explore and expand my mind of course, with further research and experience If any are in the Central Oregon area (Bend, Redmond, etc.) shoot me a PM, open to networking, meeting or even just platonic friendships, its all good. Enjoy trading/sharing pics too, and experimenting with male erotica shots, cock and ass shots, as both 'art-form' and 'eye-candy'
  11. Hi, enjoyed some of your poz chasing stories :) - hot profile pic but was looking for more pics of you? :) - I've posted some in the gallery and have one 'seed em and breed em' album so far. More to come :) - never got too much into the whole 'bug chasing' scene, but learning more about it, the 'psychology' involved. I just enjoy raw bareback and breeding, just natural, primal - regardless of status, but still exploring this area. I find any hot bottom hungry for a nice cock and big load, enough for me. Looking forward .......

    Picture 1091.jpg

    1. barejackbro3


      Hey, thanks. Glad you liked and I hope to post more! Hot pic, I will have to post some more too ;)

  12. hot fuck vid, both ass and cock. Looks like he fucked the condom deep in his ass? Unless I skipped a frame or 2...I did speed past a few parts. The bottom will obviously find out later or even 'feel' something odd in his ass, and for sure when there is a bowel movement or he is leaking out alot of cum from his ass. The condom being on in the first place is the conundrum, but thats whole nother can of worms...........
  13. Hi guys, Kinda new here, just browsing the forum for interesting subjects,....like the thread topic and photo persepective, looking in my own gallery for some similar shots,....sharing one. Yeah, I do like like that perspective, and have experimented with nude/cock photos over the years,...honing the craft

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