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  1. Stopped cold after a close call - sex club I went to had a big outbreak that made the local news. Waiting for MP #2 and then I'll dip my toe back in.
  2. I asked my primary care physician about this. He said the smallpox vaccine has risks he considered significant, potentially life threatening if you’re unlucky.
  3. I was in a video arcade a while back sucking and getting fucked. A married Latin guy got in the booth with me and wanted to fuck me but he put a condom on and I said no thanks. After that, I lube my ass with baby oil before I go out cruising to fix any situation like that.
  4. About half the guys I chat to block me when I share a pic of my cock with PA hardware in. 2 gauge.
  5. I enjoy the contrast of sizes when I see Dr Wolf cumming in him balls deep missionary
  6. He definitely looks like Axl Heck on his back getting fucked.
  7. Next time, pre lube yourself with baby oil.
  8. If you ever went off meds id love to have some fun. ATL here too. 

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    2. Collegebator


      East Point, and sometimes. 😈

    3. bbm4matl


      Fuck yeah. Or I can breed you at southern nights sometime. 

    4. Collegebator


      Hell yeah. Hmu on kik or [deleted]? The usernames should be on my profile

  9. Before Covid, when I went to SN (on Cheshire Bridge) adult store, there were two clerks would regulars up my ass. One was sexy. I’d pay my admission to the glory hole arcade and run my finger on his palm as he took the cash. Then a minute or two later he’d be in the arcade and we would get in opposite booths. I’d start out sucking him and then I’d back up on his hard cock. He always shot his load quickly so he wouldn’t be missed up in the store. He was gone after the lockdown.
  10. He was incredibly sexy. Especially when he got fucked by Eddie Black. I have no idea what the official cause of death for either of them was. I always assumed it was an OD in both cases but that is pure speculation.
  11. I went to the Parliament Resort in Augusta, GA. It wasn’t the greatest but not horrible. I sucked some hot cock and got impregnated three times and two were hung. I hoped for much more but I felt off, and made it an early night.
  12. I went to the local bath house on Saturday night. I had not been there in several years. Since I last went, they drastically reduced the size of the venue and only had one common play area. Of course, they have not reduced prices to reflect a loss of about half the club. I found a cave man/hillbilly kind of guy who put me in the only sling in the common area and rimmed me. Then he bred me. The rest of the tops were sparse and not the least bit attractive to me. I went back to my cabin and opened Sniffies. There was a tall 18 twink bottom who pinged me. He was also in the venue. I gave him my room number and waited. He came in and I closed the door. He towered over me so I had him bend over the bench and I rimmed him for about 20 minutes. I think he liked it. Then, I told him to lay on his back on the bench. I pinned his long legs to his chest and slid slowly into his slick hole. I fucked him for about 20 minutes, all the while his cock dribbled precum all over both of us. Finally, I asked, “where do you want this load, boy?” And he said “give it to me”. I did. And it felt good. I pulled out and sent him on his way.
  13. Jack Allen (on TIM videos). I don’t know if he’s still active. Blake Harper - was in some BDSM videos in the early 2000s. He retired.
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