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  1. Due to the pandemic, I had not traveled anywhere for over a year, and cabin fever set in long ago. So I decided I needed a change of scenery and I drove to a small coastal city about 5 hours away. I settled into my hotel and looked around on Grindr and Scruff. I found a profile with a sexy DILFish guy who was at work. We set a time for him to come over after he finished and I went for a walk and explored the town. As it got close to 4:30 I headed back to the hotel. The guy said he just wanted to cum in my throat, which was fine, but I hoped maybe he'd change his is mind and breed me, so
  2. At the time it wasn’t. Happened in 2005 and the guy I dated had spiked my soda with G. It was the first time I ever let anyone cum in me. So there were some rough emotions going on after I tested. On the plus side, I could start fucking and getting fucked without even thinking about condoms ever again.
  3. No. In hindsight, it should have been obvious because I got infected the first time I took raw cock from the guy I was dating. But I thought it was just a nasty bug, which it was. Yes thanks. Medicated. And you? Great pic btw. I’d like to be on either end of that 😈
  4. No. In hindsight, it should have been obvious because I got infected the first time I took raw cock from the guy I was dating. But I thought it was just a nasty bug, which it was.
  5. Naked is cool, but I really love wearing a jock while getting fucked. I also like having my cock caged but some guys aren't into that.
  6. I have had a FB for about the last eight years who is hung - guessing 9x6. He's fucked me hundreds of times and I normally end up on my back with my knees to my chest. He almost always gives me an anal orgasm when he fucks me like this. I don't shoot my load but I feel waves of involuntary pleasure. It typically goes on for several minutes and I usually shake from it. He serves up amazing dick.
  7. Jack Allen with long or short hair. Does anyone know if he's still around? Jed Athens too.
  8. I wasn’t able to attend this and haven’t been to one since Manifest closed...way before COVID. If you went, how was it? Crowded? Fun? Different than TV is normally?
  9. Same here unless it is a stealth scenario.
  10. Yeah, he served up the most consistently good cock I’ve ever had.
  11. I had a long term FB who is horse hung. I could usually tell he was going to cum when he wanted me on my back and he pinned my knees back all the way. His pace would pick up until he grunted and a could usually feel his hot load emptying into me. As he recovered with his still stiff cock in me, I felt his heart beat through his cock until he pulled out.
  12. I really find it a turn on when a fit guy gets bred but a dude with a bit of a gut. A true alpha marking a beta.
  13. It isn’t a true stealthing if you know about it. The lie is part of the act.
  14. Mine was unplanned. I was dating a Colombian guy and I had mostly been fucking him. I was 100% into sex with condoms. Then one night we went to a party and I drove so I wasn’t drinking alcohol. At some point he gave me a swig of his Gatorade. He told me to take a really big gulp. Shortly after, I felt incredibly horny and touchy feely. We went back to my place and I rode his bare cock reverse cowboy. It was my first raw cock. I got pozzed that night. He claimed later he didn’t know he had the bug, but I didn’t buy it.
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