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  1. Thanks maverick! It feels fucking awesome from my end and I can't figure out why more guys aren't into it. I used to have a young fb I did this with all the time. Every time he'd pretend to be upset, but he really loved it too. Especially when I'd keep my cock in him like a stopper, and walk him to the bathroom with his feet on top of mine like a little kid. Then he'd stand in the shower and let it out ... the piss and cum running down his legs. Good times man!
  2. I like pissing inside asses. Especially if the bottom doesn't know it's coming. I let him think I'm just recovering after shooting my load and am reluctant to pull out lol. I fucking love it when the warmth starts to spread and they reaiize what's happening lol.
  3. I do ... most of the time. If I'm fucking a dude (or my wife) being able to last is a plus. But sometimes u just want to get off quick (like a bj in public, which I love) but can't.
  4. I hear ya. I've never been a jackrabbit, but it's been taking me a lot longer to come recently too. Thought it might have something to do with a pain medication that I take, but the doc told me that the only possible side effect of that would be ED. Well fortunately I don't have that problem. But it is an issue, especially since I often like to stop off at an ABS for a quick bj on my way home. I've actually had two cocksuckers cut out on me after 25 or 30 minutes--while I was still rock hard--because they had run short on time.
  5. Ok, switch up the question ... what if the 13yo was desperately horny, wanted to be sucked, and asked u really nicely? LOL!
  6. Even if the bottom was poz and unmedicated, in a single incident the odds of HIV transmission to the top are less than 1 in 200. Altho it's advisable to assume everyone is poz, most of those who know it are on meds (making the odds even lower). Hell I'm married and still occasionally bb top dudes of unknown status (i.e. anons) without fear. Man up, sailor!
  7. Probably murder. Although the distinguishing factor is intent, that can sometimes be derived from the sheer foolhardiness of one's actions.
  8. Should be fixed now

  9. your inboy is full...

  10. @ uclatinosj: that is one fine looking culo u got there mate. Love it when I'm scrolling down a page and see your avatar :-)
  11. Kansas is seriously vying for the "most backward state" title. Last week these same clowns passed a law restricting abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. That can be as early as six weeks ... i.e before many women even know they're pregnant. None of these laws are expected to survive court challenges, but the fact that in these times the government of Kansas is willing to waste taxpayers' money passing and defending them, speaks volumes about how much they respect their constituents.
  12. I realize I'm replying to an ancient post, but I've only read it for the first time and am so disgusted that I had to comment. This is the biggest pile of shite I've ever read. A blatant attempt by a member of the abuse industry to create victims where none existed. I would never trivialize or minimize the very real crime of rape--i.e. sexual assault-- but I deplore efforts like this to convince those who were willing and enthusiastic participants to statutory rape (or even underage instigators, as I once was) that they should feel shame and embrace their victimhood. Fuck that. I'll save my concern for real victims.
  13. That's a popular misconception. The shortness of average lifespans resulted from very high infant mortality. Those who didn't die in infancy generally lasted until their teeth did them in (well beyond 30). Fifty to sixty-year olds were pretty common (and are what was considered elderly).
  14. Not sure i get how this is sexual. Seems like it's all over in one swallow. Then what?
  15. Every time I hear about those cocksucking Sambias I think what a shame it is that they haven't heard of the other, more effective, method of harvesting that semen strength. ;-)

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