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  1. It does and you're going to love it!
  2. It's good that you two can open up to and share with each other
  3. That's sweet and I'm sorry for your loss
  4. Sorry to hear that. Covid certainly kept people apart. Maybe one day you can get together.
  5. You're lucky to meet him. I promise you're going to really like piss play
  6. Sqwert


    Did they both top you?
  7. It's great that you and your uncle get along so well. Do you think you would introduce him to your cousin?
  8. I would love to hear more about your time with your uncle and dad. How did you get them to play with you? Who was better at doing what?
  9. I spent all morning yesterday recycling my own piss over ice. It was fantastic and the taste got stronger as the day progressed. If you haven't spent a day drinking your own piss you should.
  10. Getting those who suck back together for a guy's weekend might be fun
  11. I love that they churned each other's butter
  12. Piss and whiskey make a delicious cocktail. Just put a few fingers of whiskey in a tall glass, add some ice, piss the rest and repeat all night long
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