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  1. I spent all morning yesterday recycling my own piss over ice. It was fantastic and the taste got stronger as the day progressed. If you haven't spent a day drinking your own piss you should.
  2. Getting those who suck back together for a guy's weekend might be fun
  3. I love that they churned each other's butter
  4. Piss and whiskey make a delicious cocktail. Just put a few fingers of whiskey in a tall glass, add some ice, piss the rest and repeat all night long
  5. Since Covid, I have been self experimenting with piss more. I've tried new sensations and cocktails. I found that my whiskey piss is best when I start to use my piss as mixer as the night goes on. I've also been experimenting with pissing myself in different clothing and pissing in public. I can't be the only one. At least I hope not.
  6. If you have stubble I recommend grinding your chin into his asshole. Trust me he'll go nuts 😉
  7. I love a cock in my mouth. I love all sizes, sucking the cock with balls of the smallest or deepthroating up to 10". I love feeling him thrust in and out. I love him letting me take over. I love tightening my suction to make it rough or tease with barely a faint drag of the tip of my tongue while he only feels the damp heat of my mouth wave over him. I love blowing cold air on his wet cock to make him twitch and quickly follow it with hotbreath to make him leak beyond his control. I play with his tits or massage his legs while I'm serving him. He gets my full attention. And I always swa
  8. I definitely wanted to be with a man before that age. I was inserting things into my ass at an early age. I used to watch me doing it in the mirror. It was always hot watching my ass getting entered and see my ass take it in and out. I would pretend it was a dick. I wonder how many guys grew up playing with their ass and how many spent their youth lusting after men
  9. I would love to go back to the days of learning to suck cock again. The training, the exploring, the joy of pleasing a man. And the first time I experienced cum I was hooked. You seduced your first man and reaped the rewards.
  10. I love swallowing loads! Sounds like it' was something you really enjoyed. I'd love to hear what you have to say about it.
  11. I'm so happy for you two. May it only get better and better!
  12. Wow, such a tease. He really knew how to make you want it more. One can only wonder if he learned that from his own dad
  13. That must've been delicious rising sexual tension. Happy things went your way!
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