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    Biwm looking for the gift.
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    Now actively bugchasing after being a wannabe bugchaser for years.
    Any gifters out there want to give me their strains?
    I am bi and would love to meet and fuck poz and bugchaser women.

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  1. Thanks for the Follow!!! *smooch*

  2. yourcummyass


    One of the best stories I've read here, a bugchaser's ultimate fantasy.
  3. yourcummyass

    Travis's Claim

    Excellent story, thank you.
  4. yourcummyass

    Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    For years I was a devoted condom Nazi, wouldn't play with guys that bb'd. One night I was really drunk and horny, this hot young guy came over, I looked at his gorgeous hard cock and asked him if he wanted a condom. I'd never done that, never even considered it. He said 'No' and when his bare cock slid in my hole, that was it, it was bb for me from then on. I wanted his load in me and wanted to cum in him but were both too drunk to cum. Three days later I found a big dicked stud to fuck me hard and pump me full. Feeling him ejaculate in me was amazing. I religiously serosorted for years, rejecting poz guys, then one night read a story that started me fantasizing about about seeking out poz loads. The story from that point on is best continued in the Back Room.
  5. yourcummyass

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    I'm next! I want to get AIDS fucked and AIDS infected.
  6. yourcummyass

    Joining the Poz Party

    Excellent story! Any vacancies? My neg hole needs breeding and converting.
  7. yourcummyass

    Down the slippery slope

    A very hot, well written story, I look forward to seeing more from you. My journey was similar to Drew's, but I've not yet taken a toxic load. Hopefully that will happen soon.
  8. yourcummyass

    Infected By the AIDS Troll

    Glad everybody likes it. It really is fiction, unfortunately. I have recently decided to actively chase, anybody want to convert me? AIDS Daddies get first shot.
  9. yourcummyass

    Poz tops at a bathhouse

    Any bottom that takes a load without asking is saying he doesn't care what he gets. It is on each party to ask questions, if they don't anything goes. Personally, I think it's hottest if a top tells me he's toxic after he's in me, before he cums.
  10. yourcummyass

    The Night I Was Stealthed: A True Story

    Great story. I'd love to get the bug like that.
  11. yourcummyass

    My Quick And Bloody Infection

    There might be more. I'm working on a variation of this story, both are fantasies of what could happen Saturday, 5/23, with a poz guy I've talked to on BBRT. If anything does happen, I'll post an account.
  12. My Quick and Bloody Infection I was a wannabe bugchaser who had never taken a poz load. Red is a poz top I've been flirting with online for a long time. During that time he'd said he had been on and off meds. He'd told me he has infected men, 'they wanted it', and he wanted to infect me. This online conversation took place two weeks ago. Red You want my load in you soon? Me Yes. I want your load. Red will be ready on your bed, ass up, lube on the bed and ready for my raw cock? Me Yes, I want you to breed me. Red great, I'll seed you deep Me I jerked off earlier imagining you were infecting me Red fuck yeah, that's hot. I'll breed you soon and when you're ready to take my HIV strain, we can make it happen. Make your hole bloody with a toothbrush so my bug absorbs directly in your blood stream: Me Yes. I want it Red you want my HIV strains running through your veins? Me I do and I don't. Are sure you're on meds?. Not fibbing to me? Red once I slide my raw cock in your hole, will you care? I never pull out until I dump my load deep inside Me 3:22 I'll take what you give me Red you won't have a choice once I'm in you, I can't bring myself to pull out of a raw hole until my cum is inside Me I want it. Red emailed me a week ago. Red I want to breed you, now. Me Can you come to me? Red yes. address? Me 5341 NW 52rd St, #11. Red leave door unlocked, be on your bed, ass up and ready Me Yes. I want it. Please. I heard the door open and close, footsteps, clothes being shed. He climbed up on the bed, his knees pushed against my thighs, a finger probed my hole. I whimpered and pushed my ass up, the finger withdrew, then was back, wet with lube. It pushed deep in me, probed around, curled and pulled out, the nail scraping my rectum, pulling out still curled. It hurt as it cut my anus, he pushed back in, dug around more, scraping, cutting, pulling out, making me bleed. Red held a toothbrush up so I could see it, I moaned, knowing what was next. "Now to rough you up inside, need to make sure my virus gets deep into your blood." I whimpered as he shoved the brush in my hole and scrubbed vigorously, in and out, then scrubbed across my already bleeding anus. Back in and all around inside my rectum, it felt like a small animal clawing it's way deep into my guts. I knew Red planned to infect me. He pushed me over on my belly and mounted me, his cock slid into my bloody asshole easily, he started fucking me slowly. He put his mouth against my ear. "I've been off meds for two weeks, my VL is up over a million. I've wanted to infect you for a long time, now I will. I'm going to pump you full of my infected cum, my HIV strains will be in your blood, may be already." With that he shoved hard and held it, cock swelling and twitching. I felt his big, mushroom head pulse in me, hot semen spurted against my internal sphincter and a warm flood filled my ass as he ejaculated deep in me, humping, moaning, injecting his death seed deep in my guts. Red turned me over, slid up and stuck his dick in my mouth. I sucked eagerly and tasted ass juice, cum and blood. The taste of blood was strong, it had to be my imagination that I could taste the virus infecting his cum, and me. After I cleaned him up he slid off the bed and dressed. Before he left he patted me on my ass. "I know I just infected you, but we'll do it again next weekend. Call me if you get the fuck flu." We set up another trick for the next Saturday, I tried to cancel. I woke up that morning with a high fever and barely made it to the bathroom before throwing up. Red said he'd come over and give me another bloody fuck, just in case. It wouldn't be the first time he'd fucked a man he'd just infected.
  13. yourcummyass

    That First Charged Load

    One of the best stories on here. Very good work. If it's real as you say, congratulations, I envy you.
  14. I like this post by TheNaturalWay Perhaps an idea for the "dead-ends" of multi part stories. Would it be an idea to set a certain period after the last addition by the original author in the forum rules (etiquette) after which the story is to be considered "orphan" and free for any insterested author to adopt??? An excellent idea. Anyone finding any stories of mine on this site should feel free to finish them or change course with them, or whatever. It would interesting to see where other's go with things I've started.
  15. I agree with previous posters: way too many multi part stories are left hanging, too many just take too long and are too slow.

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