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  1. I really hope you cap this excellent series with an episode when the the lockdown lifts.
  2. A very good start. Your writing is better than 90% of the native English speakers here. I look forward to reading more from you.
  3. Very hot, very well written. Nice to read actual literate porn, for a change.
  4. Hottest stories I’ve read in a long while. I have no desire to be 18 again, but I’d do it to be pozzed like that.
  5. It is very nice to read a story by someone who is actually literate. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, plot and character development and everything. More, please.
  6. I have used a hard bristle toothbrush on myself when I was getting ready to take a toxic load. I got fairly rough, brushing vigorously across and in and out of my anus, then going deep and scraping the walls of my rectum. It hurt a little, but not anything to whine about. A little blood spotted the seat of my shorts. It did really turn me on, I was fully prepared to take the top’s virus, with his high VL I knew he would certainly infect me. I would be poz at last. Of course, he flaked and I am still neg. Sigh.
  7. Just started taking to young guy, recently converted, wants to fuck my neg hole. His profile says bottom-vers, looks like the bug is telling him it wants to spread. I have been a bottom for years, now that it looks like I might get infected, my dick is starting to get hard, I want to spread it.
  8. Excellent story, hope you will post more.
  9. Excellent story, wonder what I’ll do when I convert...
  10. Better and better. Some of the best writing I have seen here.
  11. This really good, more please. Just a tip from a writer: cut out the ‘haha’, it interrupts the flow. Other than that it is very well written.
  12. Please more AIDS stories, taking the gift from a wasted AIDS god would be the ultimate.
  13. Yum yum, I can almost feel that murderous studded cock pumping poison in my guts, bring on the Aids/HVL loads. More, please!
  14. A good story, very readable, very understandable. There are numerous usages that are not common in English, but do not detract from the story line. Much better than most BZ members could write in their non-native language. Bring on the party.

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