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  1. yourcummyass

    Joining the Poz Party

    Excellent story! Any vacancies? My neg hole needs breeding and converting.
  2. Taking a neg load does nothing for me, I only get turned on by poz cum, undetectable or, preferably, toxic. It is much hotter for me if I know I'm going to get HIV pumped into me, knowing I might be getting infected, at that moment, is way hot.
  3. yourcummyass

    Down the slippery slope

    A very hot, well written story, I look forward to seeing more from you. My journey was similar to Drew's, but I've not yet taken a toxic load. Hopefully that will happen soon.
  4. yourcummyass

    Infected By the AIDS Troll

    Glad everybody likes it. It really is fiction, unfortunately. I have recently decided to actively chase, anybody want to convert me? AIDS Daddies get first shot.
  5. yourcummyass

    Poz tops at a bathhouse

    Any bottom that takes a load without asking is saying he doesn't care what he gets. It is on each party to ask questions, if they don't anything goes. Personally, I think it's hottest if a top tells me he's toxic after he's in me, before he cums.
  6. yourcummyass

    The Night I Was Stealthed: A True Story

    Great story. I'd love to get the bug like that.
  7. yourcummyass

    My Quick And Bloody Infection

    There might be more. I'm working on a variation of this story, both are fantasies of what could happen Saturday, 5/23, with a poz guy I've talked to on BBRT. If anything does happen, I'll post an account.
  8. My Quick and Bloody Infection I was a wannabe bugchaser who had never taken a poz load. Red is a poz top I've been flirting with online for a long time. During that time he'd said he had been on and off meds. He'd told me he has infected men, 'they wanted it', and he wanted to infect me. This online conversation took place two weeks ago. Red You want my load in you soon? Me Yes. I want your load. Red will be ready on your bed, ass up, lube on the bed and ready for my raw cock? Me Yes, I want you to breed me. Red great, I'll seed you deep Me I jerked off earlier imagining you were infecting me Red fuck yeah, that's hot. I'll breed you soon and when you're ready to take my HIV strain, we can make it happen. Make your hole bloody with a toothbrush so my bug absorbs directly in your blood stream: Me Yes. I want it Red you want my HIV strains running through your veins? Me I do and I don't. Are sure you're on meds?. Not fibbing to me? Red once I slide my raw cock in your hole, will you care? I never pull out until I dump my load deep inside Me 3:22 I'll take what you give me Red you won't have a choice once I'm in you, I can't bring myself to pull out of a raw hole until my cum is inside Me I want it. Red emailed me a week ago. Red I want to breed you, now. Me Can you come to me? Red yes. address? Me 5341 NW 52rd St, #11. Red leave door unlocked, be on your bed, ass up and ready Me Yes. I want it. Please. I heard the door open and close, footsteps, clothes being shed. He climbed up on the bed, his knees pushed against my thighs, a finger probed my hole. I whimpered and pushed my ass up, the finger withdrew, then was back, wet with lube. It pushed deep in me, probed around, curled and pulled out, the nail scraping my rectum, pulling out still curled. It hurt as it cut my anus, he pushed back in, dug around more, scraping, cutting, pulling out, making me bleed. Red held a toothbrush up so I could see it, I moaned, knowing what was next. "Now to rough you up inside, need to make sure my virus gets deep into your blood." I whimpered as he shoved the brush in my hole and scrubbed vigorously, in and out, then scrubbed across my already bleeding anus. Back in and all around inside my rectum, it felt like a small animal clawing it's way deep into my guts. I knew Red planned to infect me. He pushed me over on my belly and mounted me, his cock slid into my bloody asshole easily, he started fucking me slowly. He put his mouth against my ear. "I've been off meds for two weeks, my VL is up over a million. I've wanted to infect you for a long time, now I will. I'm going to pump you full of my infected cum, my HIV strains will be in your blood, may be already." With that he shoved hard and held it, cock swelling and twitching. I felt his big, mushroom head pulse in me, hot semen spurted against my internal sphincter and a warm flood filled my ass as he ejaculated deep in me, humping, moaning, injecting his death seed deep in my guts. Red turned me over, slid up and stuck his dick in my mouth. I sucked eagerly and tasted ass juice, cum and blood. The taste of blood was strong, it had to be my imagination that I could taste the virus infecting his cum, and me. After I cleaned him up he slid off the bed and dressed. Before he left he patted me on my ass. "I know I just infected you, but we'll do it again next weekend. Call me if you get the fuck flu." We set up another trick for the next Saturday, I tried to cancel. I woke up that morning with a high fever and barely made it to the bathroom before throwing up. Red said he'd come over and give me another bloody fuck, just in case. It wouldn't be the first time he'd fucked a man he'd just infected.
  9. yourcummyass

    That First Charged Load

    One of the best stories on here. Very good work. If it's real as you say, congratulations, I envy you.
  10. I like this post by TheNaturalWay Perhaps an idea for the "dead-ends" of multi part stories. Would it be an idea to set a certain period after the last addition by the original author in the forum rules (etiquette) after which the story is to be considered "orphan" and free for any insterested author to adopt??? An excellent idea. Anyone finding any stories of mine on this site should feel free to finish them or change course with them, or whatever. It would interesting to see where other's go with things I've started.
  11. I agree with previous posters: way too many multi part stories are left hanging, too many just take too long and are too slow.
  12. I sat sipping whisky, my ass sore, and with a deep feeling of sick satisfaction while a fine load of AIDS cum seeped out of my ass into my shorts. The guy that made the deposit sat across the bar sipping his drink, a smug look on his face. It's not every day an AIDS troll gets to pass his disease to a neg bottom. The geolocator on BBRT showed a top in the area that looked hot, a possible source of dirty, sick, deadly sex. The guy looked to be fucking hot, dirty, sick, literally. He called himself AIDSgftr. He was in his fifties, had been poz for twenty plus years, never on meds, and was highly infectious. I wanted his evil load. His pics clearly showed his sickness, wasted face and body, swollen belly, a few Kaposi's spots, but his cock was magnificent: long, hard, thick, uncut and drooling, a large PA that was sure to rip my ass open. I'd been a bugchaser for years, had taken several poz loads but none had taken, I was still neg. The sick thrill I got when some faggot pumped high VL HIV positive cum pumped into my guts had worn off quite a lot as the loads never had taken. It seemed I couldn't get infected. But as I knew that full blown guys had very high viral loads, soaring to astronomical as they neared death, taking a highly infectious AIDS load from a disease-riddled troll like AIDSgftr would be the ultimate in death bound bugchasing. I tracked him to a sleazy dive in a deserted block, all vacant lots or boarded up rattraps. The place was a magnificent example of a bottom feeder's dream, Not that old for the area, maybe from the fifties, cheaply built to start and gone downhill for 60 years. There were a half dozen old derelicts sitting at the bar. I took a seat and got a shot of bourbon. Now the AIDSgftr was very near me. BBRT showed him within 30 feet. An email popped. It had a couple of pics attached. "I'd love to fuck your neg ass and infect you with HIV, give you my AIDS. I'm full blown AIDS, and if I fuck you, I'll infect you. You know you want it. I will infect you with HIV. I will give you my AIDS." One of the pics showed him grinning toothlessly into camera while he fucked a bent over bottom. The caption above his head said, 'This can be you, tonight!' Another pic showed him fucking a really wasted, obviously diseased bottom. His grin was broader, evil, the caption chilled and excited me 'He died of my AIDS last week. You're next!' I looked over at the diseased fuck, he grinned at me, toothless mouth gaping exactly like the pic. If he could get it up long enough to ejaculate in my ass and fill my guts with billions of deadly AIDS bugs, I would get the disease I'd been seeking. He jerked his head towards the back of the bar as an email pinged on my phone, then got up and walked that way. "Bathroom, now. It's your turn to get bugged." My legs were shaky as I walked back to the bathroom, every man in the place looking at me. I wondered if they all knew I was a queer who was about to take another queer's load. That was scary. And hot. I was going to return to the bar with a load of AIDS cum in my guts. He was leaning against the sink, coat and pants open at the front, a large belly sticking out above his drooling cock. Figuring he needed help to get his diseased dick hard, I dropped to my knees and got to work. His cock was large, half hard, foreskin lapped over a large PA. I sucked eagerly as I pulled him to me, hands on his withered ass. He was soon fully erect, more than a mouthful of long, thick dick oozing lots of precum, mmm, AIDS precum, yum! A hand grabbed my hair and pulled, that was all the hint I needed. My eyes had adjusted to the light and as I rose I could see his legs, also withered and spotted with Kaposi's. The gaunt body, the belly and the spots made me queasy. I'd never seen a man as obviously diseased, but, he was plenty strong enough to push me around and his cock was big, hard and dripping. He pushed me up against the sink, grabbed my hips and humped. I bleated as the PA ripped into my hole and he pushed eight inches of meat into my ass and then started fucking hard, dropping me into bottom bitch heaven. This was the hottest sex I'd had in months! I grunted as he fucked me hard, ramming his cock into me. His hands left my hips and circled my chest, I looked at his arms and saw Kaposi's lesions, I was finally getting fucked by a guy with full blown AIDS! My dick had been hard, now it throbbed and almost shot. I had an AIDS cock fucking me! He'd ripped me when he shoved in, I felt the burn as my asshole tore. Now he was tearing me more, making me bleed, giving his bugs a clear shot at my bloodstream. I moaned and sobbed as he tore open my ass. This was the best sex I had ever had, and he was going to infect me! In fact, he probably already had. He was breathing hard, almost panting, ramming me urgently, starting to grunt softly. Fuck yeah. I knew I was about to get a gut full of AIDS cum! "Yeah bitch, fuck yeah, gonna give it to you, gonna give you my AIDS. You're gonna die from my AIDS. I'm gonna give you my AIDS, right fucking now!" I squealed and my dick squirted as he rammed in and held it still. I felt his cock swell and twitch, my ass went warm as a flood of his infected cum filled my ass. I had just taken my first load of AIDS cum! He lay on me for a few seconds, then his cock softened and slipped out. His AIDS cum ran down my leg. He pushed off me and slapped my ass. "You're a good piece of ass, bitch. We'll do this again."
  13. My Fast Alley Pozzing I could feel semen ooze out of my sore asshole as I sat and sipped whiskey. Taking my first poz load had taken all of fifteen minutes. I smiled and wondered if I was infected. Fifteen minutes ago my phone had rattled with a text forwarded from BBRT. It was from PozSanta, a top that lived nearby. "I want to fuck you, now. Alley behind new Thai place." "Yes." "5 minutes." "On the way. I knocked my whiskey back and headed out the door, I'd have to hurry. BBRT showed his current location to be closer than I was, I wanted his load bad. He listed his HIV status as 'Positive'. BBRT had another option for 'Undetectable', so I assumed he was not on meds and his VL was high. I was neg. This fuck could infect me with HIV. I wanted it. For several years my favorite jerk off fantasies had featured me taking poz loads, I'd always chickened out. There was a 1 in 70 chance of one fuck infecting me, I told myself I was going to roll the dice. I wasn't exactly lying, I didn't want to get infected, but when I jerked off I muttered to myself, 'fuck me, cum in me, knock me up, infect me with HIV, please infect me'. The idea of getting infected was what really got me off. Fuck it, I was going to do it, roll the dice. Now. The alley was surprisingly well lit, I saw a man walking toward me, then he ducked into a doorway twenty feet from me. I looked in, he was standing half in the light with his cock out, stroking slowly. It was the cock in his profile, not long, but thick, curved, oozing precum. I walked up and took it in my hand, he was ready, hard, wet, oozing. I turned, sidling into the dark doorway and pushed my pants down, bent over, legs spread. He moved to me, the wet head of his dick nuzzled my hole. I moaned and pushed back. He grunted and shoved in deep. I whimpered and shuddered, I had a poz dick in me! He growled and started fucking me slowly, stroking deep, pulling out and popping back in. I whined and tightened my hole, he pushed hard, violating me. It hurt like I wanted. "Neg bitch likes my poz dick, don't you?" "Yes, yes, fuck me, cum in me, give it to me!" "You want my poz cum, you want my bug, you want me to poz you?" "Fuck, yeah, poz me, knock me up, poz me!" I shuddered and sobbed as he fucked my ass with his toxic cock, this was what I wanted, a man fucking his virus into me. "Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me...." His arms squeezed me hard, his cock shoved deep and twitched, swelled, I felt hot, poison semen jet out into my guts as he ejaculated deep in me. I jerked in orgasm , my cock squirted a load onto the wall I was leaning on, my ass squeezed his death cock hard, milking more venom into me. "Yeah, cum in me, cum in me, give it to me, poz me, knock me up, infect me, infect me good..." He trembled and held his dick deep in me, both of us breathing hard, shuddering, his cock swelling and twitching, pumping a few last squirts of lethal virus into me. "Fuck yeah, fuck, giving it to you, infecting you good, bitch! You got my bug, bitch, welcome to the club." He sighed, dropped his arms and backed away. His softening cock slid out and a rush of warm, virus laden cum ran down my legs. I pulled up my shorts and pants as I heard him walk away. A few minutes later I was back on my barstool, a celebratory glass of bourbon in front me. I sighed and savored the soreness in my asshole and the wet feel of my shorts, soaked in toxic semen. I made a mental note to buy canned soup and gatorade the next day, just in case.
  14. Note: This story is FICTION. It DID NOT HAPPEN. Enjoy ************************************************************************************************************************************ "I want to give you my AIDS, now." The email was from, AIDSGftr, a new guy on BBRT. He had appeared just a couple of weeks earlier, and I noticed geo locator showed him to be just 300 feet from my place. I'd never emailed him, but thought he was hot: he was obviously sick, wasted, an AIDS belly, a few Kaposi's lesions. Looking at his pics made my asshole ache for his deadly cum. His profile said he had never been on meds, was recently diagnosed with AIDS and he got off on infecting neg bottoms. I was still neg, even after taking several loads I knew were high viral load, and, of course, having taken numerous anonymous loads. This guy looked to be my chance to take an AIDS load, to get the infection I craved. I knew there was a 1 in 70 chance of infection with each fuck from a regular high viral load poz top, and I wondered if taking a load from a guy who had been diagnosed as actually having AIDS would mean certain infection. I hammered out a reply and hit send. "Yes. Where?" "The big apartment building half a block east of you. Ground floor, corner unit, will be waiting in patio. Hurry." "On the way. Five minutes." I pulled on a coat and shoes, grabbed my keys and was out the door in less than a minute, cock rigid, oozing and about to blow. Was I really, at long last, about to take an AIDS load? It was 206 steps from my door to his patio. I made it in three minutes. He was waiting in the open door to his place, naked, hard cock jutting out, sipping on a beer. I walked up to him, he turned stepped aside and motioned me in. I stood looking as he smiled at me and stroked his cock. It was beautiful, long, thick, hard, perfectly formed - the perfect weapon to fill me with death cum and infect me with AIDS. He pointed at the back of a couch and set the beer down. "Bend over, pants down. You still neg?" I nodded and obeyed, my heart about to explode, and reached back to spread my cheeks. He looked disgusting, obviously very sick, but I needed his disease bad. To my shame I whimpered as I felt his cock smear precum on my hole. I getting AIDS virus on me! "You want my AIDS, my disease, you want that?" "Yes, god, yes, give it to me, give me your AIDS!" "Oh, yeah bitch, gonna give it to you, gonna pump a load of my death cum in your guts, right now. I've infected three men that I know off, you'll be number four. You want that? You want my AIDS?" "Yes, fuck yes. Please, give it to me, infect me now. Please infect me, give your AIDS!" "Okey dokey, one more infected bugchaser, one more faggot dying from AIDS, coming right up." He grunted and shoved hard, I squealed as his diseased cock slammed deep into my ass and he pumped away frantically. Four pumps and he shoved in hard and grunted into my ear "Fuck, bitch, fuck! Pozzing you, bitch, cumming in your ass, bitch, knocking you up, infecting you good! You gonna be one AIDS infected dick sucker!" A warm flood filled my guts as he ejaculated. I convulsed with the hardest orgasm of my life. He humped into me spasmodically, gasping as he pumped his AIDS-laden cum into my ass. My cock kept jerking and squirting and I wondered if I had been infected. Had he ripped me open when he shoved in without lube? I could feel my ass burning. Was I bleeding? If I was, his virus had a direct route into my bloodstream. Was this the time? Would I convert and eventually come down with AIDS? I hoped so. We slid to the floor and lay flat, breathing hard. I wiped my ass with my hand and sniffed, then licked. Cum and ass juice, no red streaks. Was there a slight coppery taste? If I was bleeding there was no way he hadn't infected me. I bent over his crotch and swallowed his still hard cock. More cum, some ass juice. No taste of blood. He was ready very quickly. He flipped me over and spread my legs, dove in and licked and sucked my ass. I moaned as his tongue wormed up my newly pozzed hole, knowing he was about to mount me and pump another load of death deep in my guts. As he mounted me again, I groaned with pleasure, and this time he slid in with no trace of burn. My neg ass was well lubed by his poison cum. He pumped me slowly, pulling out and plunging in repeatedly, stroking deeply, not quite long enough to bump my sphincter but plenty thick enough to feel incredible. I moaned and fucked him back, eager for infection. "Fuck my neg ass, yeah, fuck, infect my neg ass, yeah, give me your AIDS, infect me good. Do it, fuck me, pump me full of death cum! Give me AIDS!" He slammed in hard, humping me deep and moaned "Fuck yeah, bitch, gonna poz you good you bugchasing bitch, gonna infect you good! Mmm, yeah, fuck yeah, bitch, gonna fuck you full of my AIDS juice, yeah, you gonna die from this fuck!" He slammed in hard and fast and held it deep. His cock pulsed and hot semen squirted into my guts. More toxic cum, more HIV pumped deep into me. "Fuck, bitch, yeah, you're getting it now, giving you my bug, bitch, giving you my AIDS, bitch, you're one infected faggot now, giving you my AIDS! One guy already died from my AIDS! You're next!" I lay back breathing hard, my asshole pleasantly sore, feeling his toxic semen ooze out of me. No more doubts. I wanted more. I wanted him to infect with HIV. I leaned over and swallowed his cock again, savoring the taste of semen and ass juice. Two poz loads in my guts - so far. I hoped he was up for more. Would I be infected with HIV before I left? He moaned and pushed me off his cock. I lay back and smiled, feeling his cum run out of my ass. Had he already infected me, or was that wishful thinking? "Damn, that was good, you're a hot piece of ass. I never fucked a man who begged for my death cum like you. That was hot, knowing you want to die from that fuck." "I do, I wanted death cum in my butt, I want AIDS in me, as much as I can get. I want to die from your AIDS." "Well, you got some. I've been full blown for a while. My doctor warned me that if I had unprotected sex with a guy, I would likely infect him. Hope you're really okay with that." I was. There was no question what I wanted. "Yes, I am. I want your bug, I want you to infect me with HIV. I wanna die from your AIDS." "That's good, I'm gonna give it to you. You up for another fuck?" "Hell, yes! Let's make sure you infect me. Plus, that big dick of yours feels incredible in my ass." "Give me a minute, I'll breed you again. Mmm, do me a favor?" "Sure." "Don't fuck anybody but me until you test poz?" "Sure thing, as long as you keep pumping my guts full of your AIDS, I'm your bitch. Anytime you want my ass, you got it." He fucked me twice more that night. I finally waddled home about 4:00 AM, my asshole raw, bleeding and leaking semen. In the next two weeks he screwed me at least once a day. My ass stayed raw, my shorts spotted with blood until I came down with the flu. When I was able he gave me a ride to the clinic. I was poz. Another dicksucker successfully infected with HIV. Right after I got the news, my AIDS daddy texted me: another guy he had infected had just died from AIDS. And so will I.
  15. Note to all my stories: What I post in the fiction section is really and truly fiction, products of my diseased, perverted mind. This story had its start in a guy I saw at Club Z many years ago, long before I discovered bugchasing. He was a troll, looking at him disgusted me, skinny, wasted, missing teeth, much like the Troll in this story. As revolted as I was I couldn't help being fascinated by his cock, it was lovely. Long, hard, perfectly formed, my mouth almost watered watching him stroke it slowly as he looked me in the eye. I wanted to suck it, feel it slide up my ass, squirt me full of his obviously diseased cum. He smiled at me and I turned and fled. I never saw him again, but I still think, what if...? Infected By the AIDS Troll I swallowed when I looked at the Troll, he was obviously sick. I'd seen guys with full blown AIDS before and it had always disgusted me. Now it made my dick hard to look at him and imagine his diseased cock raping my neg ass. He was gaunt, obviously ill, with a big belly that was not from beer. His legs were spotted with a few small Kaposi's marks. He didn't look that bad, but he obviously had AIDS. Did I actually want to let this diseased, AIDS ridden troll fuck me and cum in me? My dick throbbed with the answer, I did. I'd taken never taken a load I knew was poz, had just tested neg after a long dry spell. Now was my chance to get what all my jerk off fantasies revolved around, taking a poz load. I'd finally had to admit to myself that it turned me on more because it would be a load of AIDS cum. We were at a meet and greet for poz men. The organizers put a line in the publicity for the meeting that reluctantly welcomed 'poz friendly neg men', an obvious euphemism for bugchasers like me. I'd recently admitted to myself that I was a bugchaser, what better place to find someone willing and eager to spread the bug than here? I'd thought I'd meet some hot, young, fit guy and go back to his place and get poz fucked. Now my asshole was wet and aching to feel the Troll's diseased cock raping it, tearing it up, making it bleed so his AIDs bug would surely infect me. Troll smiled, a big, shit-eating grin. sure enough, no teeth, just raw gums. I almost shot my load, he was disgusting, I knew I'd be his bitch in minutes. He'd zeroed in and approached me, his name was Tom. The place was packed, he pushed up against me, pressing his hard cock into my butt, then reached around and groped my equally hard cock. We spoke briefly, then he wandered away and circulated, but his eyes kept track of me. My descent into bugchasing started when I saw references to 'charged loads', 'gifting' and 'pozzing' on the net. Soon all my fantasies featured me taking poz loads. When I first stumbled across accounts of young guys taking loads from old, AIDS ridden trolls I'd been revolted, but my dick was always rigid and oozing. More and more I jerked off to more extreme bugging fantasies featuring disgusting AIDS ridden trolls. Why was my dick hard and oozing, about to cum in my pants when I looked at him? I tried desperately to hide it, but I wanted him to bend me over the table and give me the hardest buttfucking of my life, ramming his diseased cock in me hard enough to tear my ass bloody and give the virus that infected his cum a straight shot at my bloodstream. Tom snickered as looked me up and down, he knew what I needed. He wore loose sweat bottoms and his cock was swelling as he looked me, tenting the crotch of the sweats. I couldn't help but stare, it was obviously large, thick and long, I went weak in the knees with a need to suck it, to make it grow, make it hard, so he could violate my neg ass and infect me with his disease. The place had thinned out a bit, men were making out, a few were on their knees sucking, one pair were fucking urgently. Tom looked at me and leered, my time was near. He pushed his sweats down and his cock flopped out. I whimpered, it was beautiful, magnificent, long, thick, big helmet head, a long foreskin lapping over a huge PA. My ass ached as I thought of how much it would hurt when he shoved that AIDS dick in me, how he'd tear my ass open and create clear paths for his disease to find it's way into my bloodstream and infect me. He pulled his shirt up and pushed his sweats down, he was gaunt and wasted, full belly, obviously diseased, Kaposi's on his thighs. I swallowed and dropped my pants to my knees, then turned around, leaned against the drink rail and stuck my ass out. Seconds later I felt the wet head of Tom's cock nuzzle my needy asshole. I moaned and pushed back, he chuckled and slapped me. "Easy, boy! I'm the boss here, you're nothing but a sick bugchasing bitch. You'll get what you want, but you'll get it like I want to give it to you. Tom pumped nine inches of hard dick in and out of me. He popped the head out, then back in, fuck it felt good! A few more minutes of slow fucking and he chuckled. "You like my AIDS dick in you, don't you?" "Fuck yeah, fuck it's good, give it to me." "Oh, I will, you're gonna get what you want tonight, gonna pump a creamy load of my AIDS cum into your tight neg ass, just like you want. I'm full blown. Yeah, you're gonna get it tonight, gonna poz you tonight, gonna infect you tonight." My stomach lurched when he said that. His dick felt so good in me, I loved he had AIDS. He would infect me, I should ask him to stop, or pull out and cum on my ass, not in it. It was so good getting fucked, it was so hot having an AIDS infected cock in me. My ass felt really wet, like when a man had cum in me, had he? I couldn't, but I knew some guys could cum more than once per fuck. Had he already shot in me? My dick pulsed at the thought, I could have AIDS cum in me now! I almost shot my load, it was so hot thinking about getting AIDS cum in me, I wanted it. "You gonna cum in me, gonna fill me with AIDS cum?" "Already shot once, your neg ass is full of my AIDS cum, my AIDS babies are in you now, I just pozzed you, just infected you, you got my AIDS." I moaned and shot my load, it was too late, he'd cum in me. No point in asking him to stop. And it felt so good, I wanted another load of his poison cum. "Fuck that's hot, cum in me again, give me another load of AIDS cum!" "Oh, I am, I'm pozzing you tonight, just like you wanted." "Fuck yeah, poz me, give it to me, poz me, infect me with HIV! Give me your AIDS!" I wanted it, wanted to get pozzed, infected with HIV. I might already have been, would be if he fucked me enough. Yes, he was infecting me now. "Sure thing, bitch, gonna infect you tonight, just like you want, gonna infect you with HIV." "Yes, infect me, infect me with HIV. I want you to infect me with HIV, I want your AIDS!" I looked at him fucking me in the mirror, he was full blown, he had AIDS. I felt his swollen AIDS belly against me and knew my belly would be swollen when I had AIDS. I wanted his AIDS. "Give me your AIDS, I want your AIDS, infect me with HIV!" "Already have you sick fucking faggot, already infected you, you're gonna die from this fuck, you wanna die from this fuck, take my AIDS cum, faggot!" He shoved in hard and moaned, I felt his cock swell and a warm flood filled my guts as he ejaculated and filled my ass with his AIDS cum, giving me his AIDS.

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