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    Only interested in bareback. I love CUM!
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    Let's talk cum-guzzling, piss pigs, breeding and spreading the joy!.

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  1. These were the kind of shorts we used to run in when I was a teen. So fucking horny to wear ..................
  2. Yeah black Adidas is very Berlin. When I was teen it was Adidas shorts that got me all hot and bothered. I used to run in a harrier's team and most of us wore Adidas but those tight shorts were so delicious! I had a friend who was really hot and once I stole his shorts. I used to wank with his Adidas shorts on my face!
  3. I love the way your mind works bro! Fucking hot!

    1. backpackguy


      Fuck bud...it appears that we are kindered spirits in soooooo many ways!! Too bad you are across the big pond! Wish I had known you when I lived in Europe!🤪🐷

    2. squaredolphin


      I've done a lot of anonymous fucking in darkrooms, bath houses and saunas across Europe. Spread my seed far and wide! Maybe I inhaled your body in the past? Sniff ... sniff ..... ♥️✈️🐷😈

  4. I know it's a bit cliche but I love a guy in sports gear particularly Adidas. It makes me hard almost instantly. I guess it's from my teen years getting dressed in the locker room and watching the other boys getting their gear on but it still does it for me.
  5. Love your pics, thanks for posting, we are very similar tastes.

    1. squaredolphin


      We do buddy. Great minds think alike. Keep it hard man.

  6. I met a guy at the supermarket about 3 weeks ago. He was wearing light grey sweats and his big ass filled out the pants so i had to follow him round. He must have caught me checking him out because he asked for my number by the ticket machine on the way out. He wasn't particularly good looking but that ass looked magnificent. He had a wedding ring and I guessed he was straight still I hoped he would call but nothing. I forgot about it until yesterday morning he left a message asking to meet at the shop in the afternoon. Well the inevitable happened and we ended up on my bed his big hairy ass winking at me. massive thighs. It was just beautiful just the kind of sight I really love so I started to take photos. This freaked him out. He didn't want his girlfriend seeing them (why I would show her I don't know) and so I had to delete them which was a pity. Long and short of it we fucked. He made little whimpering sounds which was very sweet and I nutted deep inside him. He didn't want to fuck me so I sucked him dry. He was clearly sexually frustrated because I got a massive mouthful. Before I'd wiped my lips he was getting dressed and out the door. I'm not holding my breath but I hope he sends me another message maybe when his balls are so full he can't stand it any longer.
  7. I always thought Fucktard was a particularly hot, horny and beautiful guy ..........
  8. You sound pretty delicious to me. I love young hairy guys!
  9. Hey daddiii! 19yo here twinky! Looking to text, do you have skype? My id is Chris Konnin

  10. Great profile. You make me really horny!

  11. Wow ..... beautifully said! I know how you feel. Fuck!
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