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    Only interested in bareback. I love CUM!
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    Let's talk cum-guzzling, piss pigs, breeding and spreading the joy!.

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  1. Very nice uploads man! Hot AF!

  2. But ..... if you were actually there, 18 would be the one to approach. It's his first time at a BB party so he's watching and taking it all in. He's not sure how to get involved but with a little coaching he'll become a pro. If you feel up his ass straight away you'll frighten him off. So stand beside him and mirror his behaviour. It'll take a while but you can gain his confidence by expressing what he's thinking .......... 30 minutes of patient work and then you'll find yourself eating out that nice round ass and be fucking him into the middle of next week ......... another 30 minutes or so and you'll have him begging for your seed deep in his guts!
  3. I love the whole chav, scally, trackie look ........... barebacking in sneakers is beautiful! Fraser Jacs in the photo is into sneaker inhaling with his partner here. Horny fuckers. Sadly not bareback but still hot!
  4. I agree - Calvin Banks is one dirty little fucker ........... very tasty!
  5. I like the idea of getting bred in a pubic restroom but these days it's difficult to find one where you can do that. I do love anon loads - mainly in clubs or at BB parties or occasionally in Dark Rooms - nothing like feeling somebody behind you (you know like while you're sucking cock) start to work on your hole and then push his dick up inside.
  6. One of the difficulties I find of being poz is that guys who are up for a recharge (or sometimes poz guys pretending to be neg so that they can act out the fantasy of getting converted!) love verbal breeding. You get lots of 'Give me your dirty jizz' or 'Poz me man' or 'Give me ****' and so on. Now I don't mind verbal when I'm fucking and roll play can be a real turn on, but when I cum I really can't speak ...... not at that precise moment. For me the process of cumming, that point of no return, starts in my asshole as the muscles begin to clench and then my balls tighten up and my stomach muscles get stiff and I feel it rise to my chest and then my neck and then I can't breathe as I feel the squirt begin to rise and then my whole being tenses as I shoot ..... maybe 2 maybe 3 squirts ...... during which time I can't speak. The release comes about a second or two after the final squirt and my body begins to shake and spasm and I need a gasp of air as the shakes go on for maybe up to a minute pulsing through my body. Now I wish I could scream out ' Take my poz cum you fucking cunt!' or 'I'm breeding your hole man' or something that will please the guy I'm creaming ........... but it's just impossible. One of my regular FBs who knows me well, loves me to fuck him on his back and he says he likes watching my face because he can always tell when I am actually breeding him. I'm usually just lost in the squirt at that point!
  7. Simply HOT and Beautiful you are - every Dick should be Sucked - young or old - me being used and abused - Cum dumpster - spreading the seed / bug to others - males or females - Sex Whore / Smoking - Clouds - Slut - more - more - Please !

  8. Just got a call from a buddy. He's horny and needs me to blow him. His jizz is the tastiest I've ever had - it's thick creamy and sweet. I am hoping for a delicious mouthfull!

    1. squaredolphin


      ...... oh and poz. Almost forgot!

    2. rjtopher


      lucky guy -both of you!

  9. I am with you there man. Dawson was the reason I started barebacking, but I had forgotten about Ian Jay ...... you are right, he comes across as such a total whore. Yes he's another hero. Great guys. Thanks to their inspiration we are all breeders. So glad I watched them all those years ago!
  10. The bottom is Sage Daniels ............... beautiful breeder, gives it and takes it ............ lovely!
  11. Totally agree man. Once you've dumped the rubber there's no way back. I know exactly what you mean. I can't get excited with a rubber and I can't watch porn if they rubber up - its a real turn off even if the guys are hot. Once you've crossed to barebacking then you want it real bad, you need it, you go to any lengths to get a raw dick. But I think that's what makes it so good - it's like turbosex - it drives you every way! I hope you are getting fucked. It's difficult these days I know but guys think with their dicks so there's bound to be hard meat around.
  12. Your profile picture is Simply HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - party time - getting high , naked - wrecking my cunt / pussy hole - breeding me multi poz loads - do not care - ripping my hole - drops of blood - making me a bloody whore for you and your boys !

  13. Well 7 years since I posted that answer, I'm still into Owen Hawk. He has gone from pretty young man to rough daddy ....... beautiful. I think nowadays I'd also add Austin Wolf though he seems to go for pretty young boys. And I also love Austin Wilde ............. that chiselled body of his! Shit!
  14. I always swallow but I prefer it shot into my the mouth rather than down my throat ...... that way I can taste it properly!
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