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    Only interested in bareback. I love CUM!
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    Let's talk cum-guzzling, piss pigs, breeding and spreading the joy!.

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  1. I remember about 12 really enjoying getting hard and the beautiful feeling when I rubbed it. I did that in bed for some weeks until one time I remember losing control. I was rubbing my cock and it kind of overwhelmed me and I remember thinking ..... oh god I need to piss ...... when suddenly I tensed up and cream squirted out and I felt like my body was on fire. That first time was beautiful ...... though I made a heck of mess of the bed.
  2. How about poz  cum in the mayo jar for everyone to enjoy 💧🍆👿

  3. Nothing hotter than a good boy turned bad. Love your attitude brother!

  4. Totally agree ....... I love to watch the expression on his face as he squirts!
  5. Thanks for the oink, you get some great pictures for the site

  6. The Pandemic has been bad for my sex life but sometimes the world gives you a surprise. Working from home, I have been going out regularly for walks to stop myself going freaking mad! It's been really stormy recently. Wind, rain, hail ..... you name it. I stumbled across two guys in a wooded area not far from my home. A guy was on his knees giving a blowjob. I was quite shocked - there was wind and rain all around and two guys enjoying themselves. Not what I usually see on a walk out. The cocksucker took fright and disappeared in a hurry leaving the guy with his long hard dick sticking out. I grinned as widely as I could and he gestured back by waving his hard cock in my direction. Well I knelt and started to suck. Long hard pointed torpedo of a cock and tight little balls. I guess the first cocksucker had been working hard because within a very short time I had a mouthful of the most delicious sweet creamy jizz you could imagine. My friend zipped up, patted my head and buggered off. I didn't even get time to get my own hard cock out. But that jizz tasted soooooo delicious!
  7. Fuck I hope you all slammed before you  Fuxked the hell out of each other p

  8. You have a great profile on BBRT ....... nice!

  9. Oh fuck all those fuckable cocks.....full of hot spunk...

  10. Fuck yeah want all the cocks on here especially your profile cock pic.....could fuck that all day .....using mouth and ass......seed me fukker...

  11. Fuck I’m ready for that cock.....yes fill me full of hot cock and. Spunk.....

  12. thanks man.  nice cock

    2021-02-13 092244.jpg

    1. squaredolphin


      Wow ....... I want to get lost in that ass!!!!

  13. Fuck...that would stretch my arse.....deep throat that one......every last drop of spunk and more....I’m such a greedy fukking cum dump whore......need filling....

  14. Fuck ....lunch .dinner and tea.....and afters.....yes plz.....hot cum......

    1. squaredolphin


      It's all yours, baby!

    2. Cockstrap


      Thank you...I’m sure we could share....

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