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    Salt Lake City, Utah
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    Poz chaser, Sex addiction, Cum and Poppers.
    Love bathhouses and sex clubs I take all and any dick.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Total barebacker love to fuck with other POZ guys.
    Love Cum in my ass.
    Former Chaser LOL! I got HIV injected into my ass. Yahoo
    I had full blown AIDS
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    I am chasing poz dick even if I am already Poz my self.
    Looking for poz dick, and top with my poz dick and get cum loads.
    Looking to be a cum dump for a group and have it broadcast to the net.

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  1. Looking to get my ass fuck and loaded with cum, I will be anytime the 20th to 25th in SLC for dick.

  2. Bill 801-201-9209 - please text :Salt Lake City, Utah 84109 Times you're generally not available: Weekends Age: 49 Height: 5'8" Weight: 150 Ethnicity: White I am total cum slut likes cum in both hole. Poppers and POZ dicks A+++
  3. I found nothing screams bottom like a jock strap. I works for me, found it easier to find a top in a bathhouse when I wear one.
  4. The only challenge a poz cock for me was to make sure he shot his load in me.
  5. i only bareback, i will turn down a fuck if they want to use a condom. For me condom are not a option, i would not let Justin Bieber fuck me with a condom. PS, Cum is the best lube. LOL
  6. Getting a dick and cum up my ass!!


  8. Will be in LV Sunday the march 8th to 10. Can host travel or meet at Hawks. Poz dicks jump to the front of the line. Also a good top but love that cum, mostly from poz raw dick.
  9. Nice to see someone else here in slc.

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