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  1. He said it best overall in this case since you're taking it "as you see fit", compared to the recommended daily regiment. If you're taking it daily as it's instructed, then that risk is lower overall, but that doesn't mean it can't happen either. Had the guy been Undetectable, then you'd be fine without worry, but with him being at a higher load count he's got a higher chance to somehow seep in a couple drops that could affect you. No true guarantees in whatever direction you take, but it's all up to you on whether you want to have fun with him or not.
  2. To take PrEP would more than likely lessen it rather than being a block for the fuck flu. Another thing to is that not everyone who got Poz had that flu, so it might not be as much of a necessity as you think. I'll have to see about doing a poll on here to see if there's been any changes in recollection about those who got the flu and became poz, or didn't get the flu, but still got pozzed anyways.
  3. That's a big point to take into consideration too in a recent survey I took asking about what I've done for playing with poz or neg guys and all, they started asking about taking injections instead of the daily pill regiment, so it's starting to look more and more of a possibility to get PrEP injections in the near future instead of just the pill form.
  4. That's actually happened to one of my older vids. It's showing as recently updated, when I loaded it years ago on there.
  5. Nothing wrong with being skeptic about this. Hence my point too that it's going to be interesting in general since PrEP itself has been overall effective, BUT has those nasty side effects that does happen in a good portion of people (met a guy who was taking it, but had issues with his bones from it). Hopefully with the new advancement and the expiring patent, things can get easier for everyone who needs to take PrEP and aren't chasers that want to play with everyone.
  6. [think before following links] https://news.yahoo.com/gsks-long-acting-injection-beats-091421824.html Compared to taking the daily regiment, this is going to be interesting in something to look at as an alternative for every other month, compared to daily and having the issues for kidneys and bones.
  7. Got the StackPath page and this ref ID 01d5a38ef44c06503f28e5df314ebf6c Tried to post a link in the Poz Video thread in the Backroom
  8. [think before following links] https://twitter.com/NekoChaser
  9. Well, it's nearly that time for the Gulf Coast area of NW FL's panhandle area, where so many will be coming in, visiting family, having BBQ's and naughty debauchery when possible. For those who are visiting, feel free to hit me up and so many of us who are local, hopefully, to have a lot of fun times when possible. http://my.barebackrt.com/nekofox http://my.barebackrt.com/nekofox
  10. https://www.click2houston.com/health/london-patient-might-be-second-to-be-cured-of-hiv As of the time, the article appeared online, there is a strong possibility that HIV may soon be treatable as if any regular type of infection. As far as the treatment itself is concerned, they did say that how it's done won't be for everyone, but at least we're getting closer since we now have 2 that appear to be cured. Keep in mind, this is about those that have regrets or may choose to get it out of their bodies, not those who are active chasers (there's a place of discussion for that), For those
  11. It's still in its overall infancy, so it's still growing. It's not going to be immediately like Tumblr just yet, but it's getting there. Just gotta give it a little more time.
  12. I noticed it briefly that I couldn't get onto the site at first, and now, it seems to be working like normal. Might've just been something with their host for the site.
  13. Until we can get something more concrete, it'll be tough overall, unfortunately. Plus, it doesn't help that their "support" that's supposed to help out is really no help at all, just lazy ass idiots who don't even bother to do the basics of helping people.
  14. thanks for the follow 


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