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    22yo straight acting lad from Newcastle who's just all of a sudden decided to start meeting guys to get fucked and see what its like on the receiving end of a cock hehe.

    Im young looking (actually 22yo but look about 16), smooth body with a shaved ass
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    Looking to meet older tops for bareback fun and start getting my ass filled up with anon loads. Would love to try a group breeding session

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  1. Wow. Nice looking hole, even I would switch to put a load in that!

  2. Hey Im planning on going to the sauna 52 in Newcastle and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice before visiting. Ive been wanting to see if I can handle getting fucked and filled by a group of guys. Im not on prep and know that im more than likely going to catch something but that turns me on even more haha. So if anyone has any advice for me about visiting the sauna 52, let me know. Thanks
  3. 22yo bttm wanting to meet a group of tops to take turns fucking and filling my ass. Not bothered about status as Im wanting as many guys possible to come use me like a slut til my ass is oozing with cum.
  4. 19yo shaved bttm looking for any tops wanting to meet this weekend

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