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    Brussels Belgium
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    Being a total cumdump pleasing several tops, I can handle a hand... Asslong my ass enjoys it 😂

    Getting just a bit deeper in the world of chems... 👀

    Looking for a master that can train me, but be aware I do speak back, I am a brat for the right motivation you'll get me doing your chores!
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Playful cub, love to tease!
    Had a previous profile but well sometimes we change passwords 🤣
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    None, but message me!
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  1. whaT a great story! ☣️💉🎇
  2. So well written, hoT story, gets me leaking with cum! Small idea, isn't it time the Kenta ready for a big cock DP or some fistcock fucking action later on, the story started on a Friday and was planned all weekend...
  3. Damn what a great story! Can't wait to read more and hopefully this black God is the one from the porn vid earlier! 😈💦
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