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    DeLand, Florida
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    leather, boots, clouds, piss, cum, kisssing, smoke and more smoke
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    Biker, player, smoker.
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    I look for heavy smokers, rough around the edges men. Leather and muscle move to the front of the line.

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    M/A-they banned me.
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  1. how’s it hanging? Horny wild neg IMG_3394.JPG.374640bd1c2988cee0d92a16b2e0c00c.JPGIMG_3391.JPG.2503f1ad52a9807c42aeef4310261cf3.JPGIMG_3438.JPG.ee113f2fc788ddb21a11244b5a0f0035.JPGIMG_3395.JPG.dbcf1dd449da43d6269ae37df99233a3.JPG63028340471__B54EFE24-FD25-4309-9E70-39895CE59008.fullsizerender.JPG.thumb.jpeg.fe05bee755dbbc1295c2349ba9a2798e.jpegbtm here. looking for fun on Tampa and Central FL, can travel. 863-225-2765 or badotter2284@icloud.com

  2. Thanks for the follow man; I hope your weekend has started out well!


  3. My fantasy tells me that it's real. My libido during the vid confirms it..GRIN
  4. Any video that focuses on drug use and sex gets my top attention. Becuase smoking is such a huge fetish of mine, I look specifically for those vids that highlight drug use. Previtus Media is one of my all time favorite producers.
  5. I;'d hang out with ya

  6. Always lookin' for new friends and runnin' buds....


  7. It would be an honor to smoke with you sir 

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