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    Biohazard tats, raw poz cock, stealthing
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    Meets and chat, feel free to DM!

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  1. I have spoken to @rawTOPand he is currently unavailable due to personal circumstances. I think we have to be patient for the time being and hopefully the chat will return soon. x
  2. To be fair I was totally respectful and I mentioned that running a site was time consuming. I also contacted a mod and rawtop before making this post.
  3. Hi guys. I asked a mod and dm'd rawtop about this but obviously running a site is time consuming so figured I'd try here. For several days now the chat icon has just been three little dots for me and doesn't open chat. This is in different browsers, with cookies cleared, logged in and out etc, even on my phone. Any ideas?
  4. I much prefer being able to focus on and enjoy the moment. I only knew my last fuck was done because he pulled out and that was that. Still enjoyed it but felt like something was missing.
  5. Chat icon has totally vanished

    1. Sfmike64


      That generally means the chat system is down.

  6. wanna breed u lad




    1. chaserslut


      If you're ever up my way or me down your way I'll take your loads happily!

  7. Glad there's a few more of us around here, for a variety of reasons too.
  8. would love to breed u lad

    1. NickJ


      If you ever visit Dublin I'd love to have you poz me

  9. love to breed u lad

    1. NSABB


      Luv u to breed my jockpussy too alpha 

    2. chaserslut


      Hell yes breed my tight hole 

  10. Relatively new to this so my record in groups is only four so far, but this will change, and I will keep you guys in the loop when I have a big one!
  11. I started going bare from November last year and I'm never letting another condom go inside me. Completely different feeling, both physically and mentally.
  12. Thanks! My ass is still a bit sore today. I'm 30 and he's 45. No idea of his status or anything but he does have a gf.
  13. Just met a bi guy who has a gf. I love these guys because they just wanna pump and dump and don't care much about me at all. Anyway, in his bedroom I got down on my knees and sucked him hard, He had a beautiful cock. Maybe 7 inches and girthy. When he was ready he told me to get on all fours and he fingered me. I always meet prelubed so I think when he realised he didn't add any lube and just slid home. Took a moment of adjustment on my part but he was already into a rhythm so I just enjoyed being used. This is where it got kinda painful though. Every so often he pulled out and fingered my hole quite roughly, and his nails were too long. I'm not saying this as a 'omg he tried to poz me' type thing, I think he just didn't realise how painful it was. I dealt with the discomfort and enjoyed the actual fucking but by the end even when he slid back into my hole it was stinging pretty bad. I got a nice big load out of him though. I pushed some cum out when I got home and it was bloody. Like not pink, red. Still happy to have provided a warm hole for the guy though.
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