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  1. Apologies to anyone who has worked in the adult film industry for the inaccuracies that are in this and the last chapter. Just treat this one as humor, I guess. I have no experience in making porn, but thought it might be an interesting scenario. Remember, this _is_ fiction! ———— Part 94 - Action! Ric walked in the door and his dad was laying on the bed, trying to find a comfortable position. “Where have you been?” Frank asked, obviously pissed off. “I took a walk and got lost. I ended up in the wrong hotel. Sorry” Ric replied. “I tried calling but it just went to voicemail” Frank said. “Yeah, the battery died” Ric answered. “I was worried, Ric. I don’t want anything to happen to you and your mom would kill me if something did” Frank said in a fatherly tone. “I’m ok. I can handle myself” Ric answered as he dug out his toiletry kit and went into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and cleaned up before coming out and taking his clothes off. He grabbed a pair of boxers and put them on and then laid out on the other bed, plugging in his regular phone and then surfing a bit. The rest of the evening was quiet and neither said much until they went to sleep. The next day, Ric and his dad did some more exploring around campus and joined a presentation in a small auditorium. It was most of the people from the previous day and about a dozen new people. The guides from the previous day were there as well as some of the faculty. They got a lot of useful information, but Ric thought the day was just dragging. He could hardly wait for the evening, but still needed to come up with an excuse to disappear for a few hours. In the end he figured he would use the same excuse as he did the day before. Frank wasn’t happy, but suspected that his son was meeting an escorting client. At least it would give him some time to find another hookup to fuck. Ric showered and cleaned out before he walked over to the other hotel. He kept looking behind to see if his dad was following him. He took the elevator up to the seventh floor, knocked on the door and someone opened it a few inches. “Hi, my name is Austin. I’m here for the video” Ric said. The door opened and a burly guy covered in hair wearing just a pair of baggy shorts and sneakers let him in. “Mmm, aren’t you yummy” the guy said. Ric looked around the room and one guy was working with some camera equipment, another was dealing with some lights and reflectors and Ari was sitting at the table with a lot of papers in front of him. He saw a doorway open to the room next door and assumed that would be where the video would get done. “Austin, right on time. That’s good. Come here, we need to take care of the legal stuff” Ari said. Ric slid behind the two guys and sat down in the chair across from Ari. They went over the documents, one was the disclosure that he asked for from the other actor, another was a non-disclosure, and on and on. Ric thought he understood most of it and Ari seemed a little annoyed that he was actually reading the contracts. Ari explained a few things about the shoot, what he should do and not do and finally Ari said “OK, it’s time you met our star.” The two got up and Ric followed Ari into the next room. Laying back on the bed with his eyes closed was a blond twink that Ric remembered from some porn he had watched over and over. This guy was even cuter in person than on his phone or tablet. He was several inches shorter than Ric, blond, and thin but not skinny. His bubble butt was shaved and his six inch uncut cock was perfectly proportioned. His pubes were trimmed as was his pit hair. The only hair on the rest of his body was on his head. It was medium length on top and faded down to nothing over his ears. It looked stylish but Ric wondered if there would be enough for him to grab when he wanted to get rough. “Austin, this is our star Rawson” Ari said. Ric put his hand out but just got a nod back. “Prima donna” was the first thing that popped into his mind. “You tag many guys yet? I’m getting sick of taking these poz loads and nothing happening” Rawson said. “Not sure how many, a lot of guys I just breed and never hear from again. At least a dozen that I know of, though” Ric said. “Cool, I hope this one does it. I guess you’ll find out when the vid comes out. If you’re in it, you did it. If scene 4 is some other dude, then you failed” Rawson said unemotionally. “So Austin, I’d like you to pick out the costume that we’ll start out with” Ari said as he led Ric to the bathroom. There were four masks laid out on the counter - a gold sparkly Mardi Gras mask, a blue Mexican wrestling mask, a ski mask and a leather hood with openings for his mouth, nose and eyes. Ric frowned. This was what he was afraid of. The second one looked the best, by far. He looked on the other side and there were a couple pairs spandex shorts - one more brief like and the other going down past his knees. There were a couple jockstraps, two different tank tops and some baggy shorts. “Lets go with a Luchador theme. Blue mask and the long blue shorts. Let’s change the name on the credits to be some fake wrestler name like ‘The Blue... Viper’” Ric said. He took off his clothes and changed into the tight shorts. They showed his sizable bulge and Ari thought it would look really good when he was fully hard. After trying on the mask, he looked at himself in the mirror and thought it looked good but it felt uncomfortable since it covered his whole face. He took it off and figured he would only have it on while they were shooting and the fucking would distract him. Everyone got ushered out of the second hotel room while Rawson finished getting ready. Ari told Ric the storyline was based on his costume pick and that he was a wrestler coming back to the hotel room after a match and him fucking a fan. Ric chuckled to himself thinking that it was pretty good as far as porn plot lines go. “Remember, though. Rawson is the star. Most of the attention will be on him and you do what he wants. As far as I’m concerned, a hot video is the number one priority. Rawson is more concerned about you infecting him, so we have to strike a balance” Ari said. “Uh, a wrestler is gonna have a lot of testosterone running through him after a match. How rough should I be?” Ric asked, obviously thinking about this more than Ari expected. “Get aggressive, but don’t hurt him” Ari replied. They got in position and shot a couple takes of Ric coming into the room and pushing the ‘fan’ to the bed. After a few tries Ric tried grabbing Rawson and forcing him to his knees and pushing his face to his hard cock. “Hmm, that looks better. I like it” Ari said. They did another take and by this time there was a large wet spot soaking through from Ric’s very stiff, visible cock. Rawson started gnawing on Ric’s cock and Ric let him go for a minute before picking him up by the arms and throwing him on the bed. Ric pulled his shorts off and threw them on the bed and reached over and yanked Rawson’s shorts off. He jumped on the bed, pinning the star and slapping the bed with his hand. Ric laid there for a moment before he straddled him and began to face fuck Rawson’s mouth. Ric thought that this was going easier than he thought. He tried to remember some of the stuff that had happened in Rawson’s videos that he had watched, but then decided to do more of what felt right and what he wanted to do to this bug chasing twink. Ric rolled over, sitting against the headboard and pulled Rawson with him, never letting his cock out of his mouth. Immediately, he was pounding Rawson’s mouth and the guy seemed to be into it. He shoved in deep, holding his head down and feeling Rawson struggle. Releasing him, Rawson gasped for breath and looked up at Ric with a smile. Ric gave the back of Rawson’s head a light slap and the twink quickly dove back on his cock. The face fucking went on for several more minutes and then Ric pulled out, easily tossing Rawson on his back and pulling him to the edge of the bed. The bottom’s mouth opened wide and Ric plowed in. The new position made it easier for Ric to pummel Rawson’s throat, first getting it sore from the abuse and then coating it with Ric’s toxic precum. It was obvious to Ric that Rawson was an expert cocksucker and he was used to many types of cock from thin to thick. Ric went back to fucking Rawson’s throat and after a few more minutes heard “CUT!” Ric pulled out and sat back on the other bed, pulling the mask off. “Fuck dude!” Rawson yelled out. Ric looked back and asked “Too rough?” “Fuck no. That’s just how I like it. I just didn’t expect that from you. You seemed to be too nice earlier” Rawson said. Ari and the two camera men were talking and Ari asked “Can we do another take, maybe with you guys in a sixty-nine?” “Uh, there’s no mouth hole on the mask so I can’t suck him. Maybe I can finger his ass instead” Ric replied. “Yeah, whatever” came the reply. They started up again and Ric realized he couldn’t even lick his finger. He chuckled to himself and pushed his finger in dry. He pushed in and felt some lube inside. Rawson relaxed his sphincter and Ric pushed all the way in. He jabbed his finger in and out, twisting it around and feeling Rawson’s well used hole open up easily. Each time his fingernail would catch, Rawson would squirm. He didn’t want to get him bleeding too much, otherwise the video wouldn’t be usable. After several minutes of this position, there was another break. “Enough foreplay, let’s get to the fucking. I liked how you tossed him around earlier, so do that to get him in position. Be sure to go in slow the first few times and give the cameras room to show the penetration” Ari said. They did several sequences of Ric tossing Rawson around and then plowing into Rawson’s hole. Ric noticed that one cameraman was making sure that the biohazard tattoo was always visible as he shot, even bending him back at one point. Ric was happy he popped a dick pill before the shoot since the constant stopping and starting would have messed things up, otherwise. He really wished he had talked to Joe about some wrestling moves he could use, but it was too late to “phone a friend.” Finally, they reset and the real fuck scenes could begin. Doggy style off the side of the bed, doggy style on the bed, pushed flat on the bed piledriving and both kneeling upright with Rawson’s back against Ric’s chest. They did them all and Ric kept up the intensity, only occasionally slowing down for a few moments. Ric started to get close and he wanted to look Rawson in the eye when he pumped his first load in. He pushed the bottom off, grabbed his legs and flipped him on his back. Pushing Rawson’s legs back and apart as he got closer, he teased the hole with his rigid cock and then plowed in to the base. He would have liked to have seen it, but there was a camera in the way zoomed in on his disappearing cock. Rawson gave a few squeezes of his hole and Ric drilled in hard. He started to grunt, the only vocalizations he allowed himself while the cameras were running, and heard Rawson start to do the same. He locked eyes with his prey and pulled all the way out, waiting for the first shot of cum. As soon as the first volley covered Rawson’s hole, he shoved in deep, past the inner ring he had been abusing since they started fucking. He growled as the rest of the spurts of toxic cum shot inside Rawson’s gut. Rawson’s eyes rolled back as he yelled “oh fuck” several times, feeling Ric’s cock pulse inside him and hoping this breeding would end his chase. Ric slowly pulled out and the cameras moved in, one covering Ric’s cum covered cock and the other Rawson’s gaping hole. Only a little bit of cum dripped out, Ric having pumped the rest deep inside. “Damn, that was good” Rawson said as Ric sat down on the other bed, dripping sweat and pulling off the mask. Ric smiled and looked around at the crew hoping that they thought so too. “How many more do you need?” Ric asked. Ari answered first “We can go as long as Rawson and you can last.” “Give me 10 and I can go again. Everyone took a quick break and then got ready for the second round. They tried a few new positions, one with Rawson against the wall getting plowed and another of him hanging off Ric, his legs and arms wrapped around and Ric’s cock driving in and out. Finally he was bent over the bed and Ric really hammered his hole. This time the orgasm came faster than Ric anticipated and he couldn’t show the cum shoot outside before he shoved in and bred Rawson inside. He hoped that no one would be too disappointed as he stood there, recovering. When he went to back away, he found a cameraman between his legs and stumbled. “Fuck, that was so hot. You could watch his balls contract and the cock throb as he bred him” the cameraman said. Ric sat down again on the other bed, breathing heavily. “Sorry, I couldn’t pull out in time” he said. “Don’t worry, we got the first one and if Sammy liked the shot he got, then we’re good” Ari replied. After a pause, he added “Unless you can go again… Anything we get from now on is extra stuff we can edit in if we need it.” Ric looked at Rawson, waiting for him to reply. Hearing nothing he said “I got an idea, but you might not be able to use it. It’s more for Rawson’s goal than anything.” Rawson gave a big grin and nodded. Ric got up and moved over to the other bed and pulled Rawson to the middle, on his knees. One of the cameramen grabbed his comera and moved closer. Ric slapped Rawson’s ass and then pulled the cheeks apart. He easily sunk two fingers in and was playing in the cum filled chute. He added a third finger and fucked them in and out before his arm started twisting. He curled his fingers and dug them in, hearing Rawson’s moans get more strident as the pain got more intense. Ric reached up with his other hand and started twisting Rawson’s nips. Each time Ric would feel him try and clamp down on his fingers. After several minutes of abuse, Ric pulled his fingers out, took a look at them before he fed them to Rawson who was now whimpering. As his fingers got sucked clean of cum and traces of blood, Ric rammed his cock back in Rawson’s hole. He pounded for a few minutes and pulled out. Ric fingered the hole roughly for a minute and then pulled them out and rammed back in again. He leaned over Rawson’s back and whispered in his ear “Want another load?” Rawson began to beg loudly “Oh god, please fuckin’ breed me. Fuck my hole and give me all of your cum! I need it bad.” Ric rolled his hips and humped Rawson once again. Ric grunted a few expletives in Spanish and called him a pig, hoping that a deeper voice and using Spanish would obscure his identity. Rawson collapsed on the bed and Ric pounded him with as much energy as he had left. With one hard thrust, he began pumping one last load of charged cum into Rawson’s tortured hole. They laid there for a moment before Ric climbed off and announced “I’m empty” and fell back on the other bed. “Damn, your hole is wrecked” the photographer said as he set the camera down. “Why don’t you grab a shower in the other room, get dressed and we’ll take care of the rest” Ari said to Ric. Ric grabbed his clothes and went to the other room and cleaned up. Walking out of the bathroom, Ari had an envelope for him. “Thanks. I think that shoot had a lot of good energy in it. If that’s the one that we use, we’ll edit it up and you’ll get an email so you can preview it before it goes on sale” Ari said. Ric said “Thanks” before he walked out the door and thumbed through the envelope seeing more money in one place than he ever had before.
  2. He took his jacket off and I took it from him, holding the inside to my nose and breathing the scent in deeply. My cock instantly got hard as I smelled Louis’ sweat and the leather. I had a big smile on my face as I set it down and he had his hand out, waiting for me to take my jacket off. He did the same with my jacket and then said “Fuck that smells good.” He put both our jackets on a chair and then proceeded to strip his clothes off. I expected him to head to the shower, but he just picked them up and tossed them in his bedroom. I looked back at him quizzically. “What? I liked your idea of being naked most of the time when I’m at home” he said. I unlaced my boots and undressed until we were both naked. He walked into the kitchen and pulled a frozen pizza out of the fridge and turned the oven on. “Uh, I do put some clothes on when I cook. Once you drop something hot on your dick, you get more careful” I said. He chuckled and went into the living room and turned the TV on. When the oven was hot, he put the pizza in, set the timer and came back to the couch where I was sitting. “I was glad you texted me. I talked with my cousin and told him what happened over the past couple weeks. He told me I was an ass. Well, after he told me how hot it sounded, he told me I was an ass. He told me I should have told you where I wanted our relationship to go, not just leave you hanging like that. So…” Louis said and then took a deep breath. “I’m not gay. I still like women. Maybe I’ll find the right one some day and get married and have kids and a dog” he said. “You’re not straight either” I replied. “Yeah, I know that now. At first I thought we’d just have a little fun and I could experiment and it would be over. But now I realize that I enjoy it too much. After today, I realized it’s not just being with you, either” Louis replied. “That’s cool. You can take it wherever you want and with whoever you want. I’m not really a relationship guy. I like to fuck around with different guys. I have friends and I have fuckbuddies and I have guys I just have sex with. As much as I like us hanging out together, I’m hoping we can keep with being fuckbuddies. Depending on what happens in your straight life, we can fuck or not” I said. “Yeah, my cousin said the same thing after he explained it to me. I just hope I can find a girl that won’t mind me having a guy on the side. I’d rather not have to cheat to get all my needs taken care of” said Louis. “How much DID you tell your cousin?” I asked. “Everything. He was the only person I knew of that I could talk to about this. He was surprised at the stuff I tried and even more surprised that I liked everything. He said it sounded like I had a good teacher though and his boyfriend can now stop fantasizing about popping my cherry” Louis said with a laugh. I blushed. “Hmm, so your cousin’s boyfriend has been crushing on you?” I asked. “I guess. I think they want to get together some time but I think that would be too weird. I never thought that way about my cousin or his boyfriend. They’re great guys, but I’m not sure about having sex with either of them” Louis said. “You never know, it might be amazing… or really awkward. Just realize your relationship with your cousin will never be the same now that he know’s you’re bisexual” I said as I leaned in and kissed him. The damn timer went off and our kiss ended. We ate the pizza and kept talking. A couple hours later Louis stood up and put out his hand, hoisting me off the couch and leading me to his bedroom. “This time you’re not running away after dinner” he said. We rolled around on his bed, kissing, licking, and breathing in each other’s now strong scent. I had my face buried in his pits and then he reciprocated. The smell of him, his sweat and leather had my cock rigid and trapped between us. I knew it was leaking because my stomach was sticky. Louis worked his way down my body, sucking on my nipples, licking down my chest, slurping up the precum and finally taking my rod into his mouth. Each time he sucked me it had gotten better, but this time it was a giant leap up. He bathed my rod with spit and massaged it with his tongue. He sucked on my balls and then went back on to my cock. I had my eyes closed just enjoying how he was making me feel. I quietly said “Turn around and climb on top of me.” He never took my cock out of his mouth and moved around, swinging his leg over my head. I looked at his gorgeous ass and started to rim him. He moaned around my cock as I dug my tongue in deeper. I slapped each ass cheek and he took me all the way into my throat and held it there. I felt him start to struggle, but he stayed down for a few more seconds before he leaned up and gasped for air. I pushed him down my body and told him to ride me. “How?” he asked “You never had a girl ride your cock?” I asked. “Uh, no. Almost all missionary. I did doggy a couple times…” he replied. I showed him how to crouch down and lower his hole on to my cock and then take it in. “This way you can control it… well until I start fucking too” I told him. He fucked himself on my dick, mis-gauging how far to go up and down at first but then he figured it out. It felt pretty good and I could tell he was enjoying it. I slowly started to buck my hips up as he was riding down the shaft. The loud slap bounced off the walls and we started to fuck into each other. After about ten minutes of drilling, Louis fell forward on his knees. “Damn, that’s a workout” he said I sat up and rolled on top of him, sliding my cock back inside. I grabbed his hips and began thrusting in again. Hearing him moan and push back on my cock just turned me on even more. I laid on his back and pushed up on my feet so I could get better leverage and pound him harder. I loved feeling his back rub against my sweat covered chest as we rutted. I got a good pace going and then slammed in hard. He knew I was the top and he was my bitch. And yet, it wasn’t quite that. There was a power dynamic but I never wanted us to be anything but equals. A top was nothing if he didn’t have a bottom that can satisfy him and Louis was just that. And it worked the other way. I loved feeling him fuck me. I pulled back one more time and slammed back in as my balls unleashed their cum deep inside Louis’ guts. His bowels were marked with my DNA, just like he had done to me. And he would do to me again soon. It was satisfying to know that I had bred him and yet it wasn’t enough. I needed to keep filling him with cum just as much as I needed his cum in me. When we both orgasmed we laid there clutching each other on the bed for several minutes. “Ya know, when I watched you fuck that guy in the bar, I was really envious. I thought it was hot, but I really wanted to be in his place. How many guys do you think did him?” Louis asked. “Probably three or four more. But you never know” I said as I faded off to sleep.
  3. Part 93 - Opportunities Ric got back to the hotel and walked up to the room. While he had dumped two loads in the client, he still wanted to fuck. Maybe his dad would like to play or maybe he could find some cruising spots online. He didn’t want to hookup in the room in case his dad walked in and he already had done one three-way and wasn’t interested in another one today. He wanted the attention he could get from a one on one fuck. Ric got to the room and heard some noises from inside but didn’t know if it was the TV or his dad getting some action. He unlocked the door and slowly opened it checking to see if the safety lock was up. The door didn’t bump into it, so he opened it further. Laying on the floor in a pile was a hotel uniform and on the bed with his legs wrapped around Frank’s waist was one of the hotel workers. Ric shook his head as Frank turned to him and said “You want a go? He’s a great fuck and already lubed.” Ric sighed and said “No dad, I don’t want your sloppy seconds. I’ll be back in an hour.” Ric walked out of the room and wandered around the hotel. He realized that he only had his escort phone with him so his dad couldn’t text him when he was done. He sat down in the lobby and watched the people come and go, glancing at the phone waiting for the hour to expire. The phone buzzed and he saw he had a few new emails. He read through a few, some were spam and others were asking about escort services. He replied to one that seemed to be serious and got to the most recent message. The title of the email was “unique opportunity.” He almost deleted it without reading it, except that the preview caught his eye. He opened it and it read “Hello. A friend of mine thought you would be perfect for a filming session we are about to do. My friend said I needed to contact you ASAP since you will be in town only a day or two more. If you are interested in doing a scene in an adult film that requires someone with your special gift, please call me. Slick Palm, Esq.” There was a phone number listed at the bottom of the message and Ric re-read the message several times. He had only told a few people where he would be this weekend so it had to be one of them. “Adult film?” Ric thought. It might be interesting, but he was pretty sure he didn’t want anyone to know that he was escorting, much less doing porn. Once the video got out, it would be all over the internet and it might screw up a “normal” career after he graduated. He decided he had some time to kill before going back to the room, so he might as well call to find out more. “Hi, you sent me an email a half hour ago about a unique opportunity?” Ric said, a hint of nervousness in his voice. “Ah… yes… Is this Austin?” a deep voice asked. “It is” Ric replied. “I know the message was vague. I assume you might be interested but need more information?” the guy said. “Mmmhmm” replied Ric. “Well, I don’t really want to get into specifics over the phone. How long are you going to be in town?” the guy asked. “I’ll be around all day tomorrow and then until about noon on Sunday” Ric answered. “Ah, ok. We would have to do something tomorrow then. Can you meet this evening to talk further? I’m at the Grand Palace Hotel. Is that convenient?” asked the guy. “Uh, I think that’s down the street from the hotel I’m at. When would be a good time?” Ric asked. “How about now? I’m in room 702” the guy said and Ric agreed. As he was walking over to the other hotel, Ric realized he hadn’t showered since the client meeting. The butterflies in his stomach now were now swarming. He prayed that he wouldn’t have to undress or get really close to anyone, since they could probably smell the dried cum and sweat on his body. He got to the room and took a deep breath before knocking. The door opened and a there stood a guy about Ric’s height but about 25 pounds heavier and 30 years older standing in front of him in khakis and a polo shirt. His dark hair was graying and he had a bushy mustache. “Hi, I’m Ari aka Slick Palm. Nice to meet you Austin. You look even better in person. Uh.. have a seat.” Ari directed him to a pair of chairs that was separated by a small round table by the window. “So, a bit of background. I’m a manager for several well known adult film stars. I deal with the studios and take care of the legal BS so my clients can just do what they’re good at. The most well-known client I have is working on a project to sell to a studio as a complete video. He has been disappointed with the editing of the last two, so he is demanding full control. He’s well known as a prep user in the industry and will film with anyone so he’s been paired with a wide variety of other stars” Ari explained. Ric nodded and waited for how he would fit in to the project. “So, the theme of this video is my client getting fucked bare and filled with cum from detectable HIV positive men. We have shot three scenes so far and are very happy with them. We need one more. Now, the thing is that my client stopped taking PrEP a few weeks before filming started. No one knows this except for the actors and myself. My client wants to have this video out there and no one except for a select group of people to know that it documents his infection” Ari continued. “Fuck, that’s sick” Ric replied. Ari smiled and nodded. “It’s his choice and he really wants to do this. Now, and this is where you come in, we need to do another scene, but the budget won’t allow us to use any of the big name actors. Most of the poz ones are on meds anyway and my client wants it to really happen on film. He’s getting quite irritable since he has been limiting his sexual encounters to just our filmed scenes. So far, we have filmed a scene and waited three or four weeks before he then gets tested. So far, he is still negative.” “So you want to film me breeding him and see if he gets pozzed up?” Ric asked. “Exactly. We only need one more scene and the one that ends up in the final product will be the guy that succeeded. Does this interest you?” Ari asked. “Yeah, it sounds cool. But…” Ric said, pausing for several seconds as his mind raced. “What more do you want to know?” asked Ari. Finally, Ric said “If I did it, I really don’t want people to be able to recognize me in the video. I’ve seen porn scenes where guys wear masks but they’re really cheesy or they look like bank robbers. Many times you can even tell who it is. And… how do I know he’s not going to change his mind and sue me or get me thrown in jail? Uhhh, and last… can we really do this by tomorrow night?” Ari smiled back. He picked up a piece of paper that had several pictures of Ric from his escort ad and a couple private ones that he had sent to prospective clients and looked them over. Ric saw what they were and was surprised. Ari said “Those are pretty good questions. Uh… I think we can come up with a way to obscure your face and with editing we can probably cut out any close ups of your chest tattoo. Without that, you could be just about any latino porn actor. As far as changing his mind, I doubt that would happen. We can easily have him sign a document acknowledging that he knows your status and is willingly having unprotected sex with you. And yes, we can do this by tomorrow night, we will just need two to three hours of your time. Is there anything else you want to know before we go any further?” “Uh, I guess the other important thing is how much does it pay?” Ric asked. Ari wrote down a number on a stickie and gave it to Ric. “Its a flat rate. There are no things like royalties you might get on a Hollywood production” Ari added. Ric had no idea if he was getting screwed over or if it was a fair amount and he couldn’t really call anyone to ask them. It seemed like a decent amount of money - it was a lot more than what he would make on a 3 hour escort job. If things went like Ari said they would and he could keep his anonymity, he thought that this could be a great job. Besides, they were paying him to fuck a porn star. “I guess it’s ok. What is your share and what’s next?” Ric asked. Ari chuckled “I get paid to put it together, so that’s all yours. Cash, by the way, paid after the scene is filmed and we’re happy with your work. As for what’s next… well, I need to inspect the goods. No sex mind you, but I need to see you naked and make sure everything works.” “Uh, I’m a bit grungy from earlier. Can I quickly run through the shower?” Ric asked. Ari laughed and said “Of course, but first, please swab your gums with this. Once on top, once on bottom.” Ric took the test stick and did as he was told and handed it back to Ari. He went into the bathroom and quickly stripped his clothes off. He washed himself off as fast as he could, making sure that his cock was clean and the dried cum under his foreskin was gone. He dried off and decided since Ari wanted to see him naked anyway, there was no sense in putting his clothes back on. He walked back into the main area and Ari looked up over the papers he was reading. “Mmm, good. You’re not shy about being naked around strangers. I’m always surprised when porn actors are. You definitely are endowed like I was told you were. Can you stroke it the rest of the way hard?” asked Ari. “This is soft, but yeah” Ric said as he reached down and started to jack his cock while his other hand was flicking one pierced nip. He closed his eyes briefly and his go-to image when he needed to get hard quick was Dave, uh Joe, riding his cock and taking his virginity shortly after they met. His cock was soon at it’s full glory. He looked over at Ari who was licking his lips. He remembered that Ari had said “no sex” so instead of moving closer and brushing his cock over Ari’s lips, he just modeled it showing both sides, top and bottom and his lightly hairy balls. He even turned around and showed his furry ass. “Very nice” Ari said as he looked him over. “Your skin is perfect, the body hair gives a nice accent and is trimmed just right. The biohazard tattoo gives you that ‘bad boy’ edge. Shame we will have to edit out the other tattoo and no one will get to see that sexy face” Ari said with his voice trailing off. Ric was a little embarrassed listening to Ari critique him but it did boost his ego. “Thanks, Joe” he thought. Ari looked down at his watch, then looked at the test and smiled. Ari then said “You can get dressed now. We will meet in this room tomorrow night at seven. Please be here showered and ready to go. We’ll provide something to cover your face, any props and lube. Think about a name to use for the credits, it can be your escorting name or something else.” Ric went into the bathroom and put his clothes back on as he listened to the rest of Ari’s comments. “Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow” was all he said as he walked out the door. He had been in the room for almost two hours and figured his dad was probably done by now. He headed back to his hotel wondering if it was a good or bad idea to do this porn shoot. He was curious as to who had recommended him for the job but realized that his pics were going to get out and he had no control over it. The same would be true for the video. — Frank told the hotel worker to get dressed and to get back to work after Ric left. He really wanted to watch his son fuck another guy and he wondered why Ric didn’t want to join him but shrugged it off. He showered and waited for Ric to come back to the room. It had been over an hour and he started to get worried. He put on some shorts and a tee shirt and went searching around the hotel for Ric. He looked all over - the lobby, the gym, the pool, even the bar. On his second loop he stopped at the bar and ordered a drink and sat down. In less than five minutes a guy moved over and sat next to him The flirting was nonstop from the tall, older businessman. Frank figured he was in his early sixties, with a shaved head, a single earring in his left ear and a confidence about him. When Frank sipped the last of his whiskey down, the guy said “Lets take this to my room.” They walked to the elevators and then to the older guy’s room with only a few words said between them. As soon as the door closed, Frank was slammed to the wall by the older guy who started kissing him roughly. “Ready to be my bitch?” the guy said as he pulled away, grabbing Frank’s shirt and tugging him towards the bed. Frank pulled his shirt off and then pushed his shorts down, leaving him in just a pair of briefs. The older guy laughed as he unzipped his pants and said “I figured you were a little bottom slut. Now suck my cock.” Frank reached in and pulled the guy’s underwear down and pulled out a thin seven inch cut cock with a bend to the right. He licked at the tip and began to suck, first on just the head and then slowly going down. The guy started forcing Frank’s head down on his cock, making him gag. “Choke on it, slut!” the guy barked out. Frank slobbered over the cock and kept taking it down into his throat where he would squeeze around the cock and then pull off to gasp for air. Suddenly the guy pushed Frank’s head off his cock and yelled out “On the bed, show me that ass.” Frank complied and stood there on his knees at the edge of the bed. Whack! He felt the guys flat hand smack his right ass cheek. Whack! The left side got the same treatment. “Why the fuck do you still have your underwear on? You think that’s gonna stop me from fucking your ass?” the guy said with disgust. Frank reached back to push his shorts down but was too late. The guy grabbed Frank’s shorts and ripped them open over his ass. The guy roughly shoved a finger into Frank’s hole. “Damn, I expected a load or two in there from a pig like you. Just going to be spit then” growled the guy as he hacked up some saliva and spat it on Frank’s exposed hole. Frank spread his legs a bit wider, knowing that this wasn’t going to be an easy fuck. Sure enough, he felt the guy ram his cock in all the way to the base. “FUCK!!!!!” Frank screamed out as his body spasmed around the sudden intrusion. A few seconds later the guy started to drill Frank’s ass. His hole was burning but the guy didn’t care. Frank begged for more spit but was ignored. The curve to the cock was digging into the side of Frank’s bowels in a way he had never felt before. Their bodies slapped together as Frank’s hole was pummeled. The guy started to pull all the way out with each thrust, only to slam back in to Frank’s swollen pussy. The guy growled again and the pounding continued. Frank figured the guy wouldn’t last much longer and he was right. He felt the cock start to swell inside him and was battering his hole even more with the increased thickness. The guy lunged in, grabbing Frank’s hips and began to pump his load inside. The spurts seemed to last forever and Frank was happy that the pounding was over. Whack! Frank felt another hard slap on his right ass cheek and waited for the one on the left, but it never came. Once the last shot of cum pumped out, the guy pulled his softening cock out of Frank’s ass. Frank stood there stunned at what just happened but was jolted back to reality when the guy barked “Get out of here, now, slut!” Frank rolled off the bed and grabbed his shorts, pulling them on and grabbing his shirt before quickly heading to the door. “I wouldn’t fuck your wife any more, that’s a pretty potent mixture of bugs in your ass” the guy said as Frank opened the door. He got out into the hallway and heard the door close before he leaned against the wall, catching his breath. Looking at his phone, he had been inside for less than twenty minutes but he was sore and exhausted. He put on his shirt and headed back to his room to wait for Ric to return.
  4. I kept quiet and didn’t say anything to Sky at my appointment Monday about the weekend with Louis. I wasn’t sure if Louis’ comment about not wanting a gay relationship extended to even being friends. Friday, while I was at lunch I sent off a message: “weather good tomorrow, want to go riding?” I figured it would be a good way to show him that being buds or fuck buds was fine with me. I was sitting in a bar with a couple friends later that evening and got a message back. “sounds fun. or we can fix something in your garage ;)” Louis replied. I smiled and was happy that sex wasn’t off the table. But, I had moved too fast the previous weekend so I wasn’t going to make that mistake again. A few messages back and forth and I told him I would meet him at his place at nine the next morning. I was up early and made it to Louis’ apartment about fifteen minutes early. I pulled off the helmet and my leather jacket and leaned against the bike. As I started to type out a message telling him I was there, he came out with a cup of coffee for me. “Gimme five and I’ll be ready” Louis said. I sipped my coffee and waited and he came back down, his jacket over his shoulder wearing a tight tank top, jeans and the flawless boots. His beard looked even shaggier than the week before. “Do you shine those things before you go riding?” I asked. “Gimme a fuckin' break. I don’t ride everywhere I go like you do. I spend more time on trains than bikes” Louis replied back to me scowling. “Let’s see if we can fix that. You need to be back any time soon?” I inquired. “Nope, but I didn’t bring anything if we’re overnighting it” he said with a laugh. That hadn’t crossed my mind but might be fun some other time. I guzzled the last of the coffee down and he held out his arm to take the mug from me. “Ah, Sky finished it. Looks great” I said, noticing the completed tattoo. “Thanks, I’m happy. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do for my next one” Louis said as he opened the car and put the mug inside. He locked it up and then put his jacket on before wheeling his bike out. We took off and tried to avoid all of the Saturday morning traffic. I knew a nice route that should be mostly quiet after the first hour. I normally ride pretty quick, but I wasn’t really sure that was Louis’ style. Our previous ride had been in the city where you’re just trying not to get run over while still looking cool. I pulled in to a gas station to fill the bikes and grab some water or gatorade to stay hydrated as the temperature kept rising. We chatted for a few minutes and then jumped back on the road. I went a bit faster and Louis kept on my tail even when the road got a bit twisty. I was having a lot of fun and I hoped that Louis was too. We had another gas stop and asked “Interested in some lunch?” Louis nodded, so I hopped back on and took off. Twenty or so miles later, I pulled into a bar I knew of that was just off the highway and not too far from a university. It was mid afternoon and I was hot and sweaty and needed a break. I had been here a few times and always had a good time. The clientele was a mixture of locals, bikers and the occasional college guys that wanted to pretend they were badasses for a few hours. We went in and I ordered a pint of beer. Louis insisted on just iced tee saying that he never drank when he was riding. “That’s cool. I like to have one during a break especially if I’m grabbing food. The bratwurst here is great, that’s what I’m having” I replied. We sat down at a table and a few minutes later the bartender brought over our brats. We ate them down while joking about the other customers. They were all in clumps - three older farmers at the bar, seven bikers had pushed a couple tables together, four preppy looking college guys sitting at a table rubbernecking in the back and then us. We finished our food and my beer was almost empty. Louis got another iced tea and was half way done with it when one of the college guys got up and headed to the basement where the bathrooms were. I waited a few seconds and tapped Louis on the arm. “If you’re up for some fun, let’s go downstairs” I said. I left my jacket on the back of the chair and started to the stairs, Louis was behind me after gulping his tea down. I got downstairs and watched the college guy walking towards the end of the building instead of down the hall to the bathrooms. The basement was divided into 3 areas, divided by walls. First was the bathrooms, second was a large room that looked like it could hold banquets. The last was a smaller area that had a partial wall and looked a little like a storage area. I followed the college guy into the storage area and once inside I leaned against the wall. “Looking for the bathroom or something a bit more fun” I asked the guy as I rubbed my bulge. He was right under the lone fluorescent light and it made it easy to check him out. He was blond and pale, around twenty years old, about five foot seven and on the skinny side. He wore a tee shirt and baggy shorts and a pair of sneakers. Well, normally he would be pale, but right now his face was bright red and he was shaking. He didn’t answer my question verbally, but I knew why he was there. “Bathrooms are back there, but I’m guessing you’re looking for some biker dick to suck” I said. Louis was now right next to me and as I moved into the center of the room he followed, the grin on his face getting bigger. “I don’t want any trouble, mister” the guy said, his eyes darting back and forth between Louis and I. “Nah, me neither. I was just hoping those pretty lips were looking for a cock or two. My buddy here just broke up with his girlfriend so I know he could use a good blowjob” I replied. Louis figured where I was going with this and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them. I motioned with my hand the way past us to the bathroom and said “Your choice.” The guy walked up to Louis and slowly sunk to his knees on the cold tile floor. He hesitated a moment but then reached up and pulled Louis’ cock out of his underwear. I smiled back at Louis as the guy began to lick his cock. Both of us were sweaty from riding in the sun all day and I was sure that his cock had a nice salty flavor. I let him go for a few minutes before I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down. I pulled my cock out of the side of the pouch on the jockstrap that I had been wearing for nine days without washing it. It had a good funk to it as did my whole body. They guy pulled off Louis’ cock and moved over in front of me and I heard him mutter “fuck” quietly. “Just watch your teeth, it’ll be ok” I reassured him. It took a few attempts before he was able to suck me properly and not gag or bang the piercing on his teeth, but once he got going he was pretty good. It wasn’t his first time at the rodeo. He sucked a few minutes and went back to Louis. A few minutes later he was back on me. I pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on a box nearby and then said “Shorts too.” The guy didn’t hesitate and soon he was kneeling on the floor in front of me, sucking eagerly on my cock in just a gleaming white jockstrap. After a few minutes he was back on Louis’ cock and I moved behind him, raising his hips up. I kneeled down and looked his cute bubble butt over. It had fine wisps of blond hair over it and his hole was so inviting. I pulled his jock down and he stepped out of it. His cock was rock hard and his balls were hairless until they were resting in my beard as I started licking his hole. I heard him moan and I started poking my tongue inside his hole. I realized I had a packet of lube in my jacket, but that was upstairs. I got him lubed up with spit as best I could and then stood up. Louis’ eyes were glued to me as I rubbed my cock over the college guy’s hole. I pressed in and felt the flesh open up, my cock plowing deeper and deeper until I was planted inside his hole. “Fuck. You got him already” a voice said. I looked and it was one of the other bikers who had wandered down looking for some college ass or mouth. “Stick around, I don’t think he’ll mind a third” I said checking the guy out. He was probably in his late forties, just over six foot with his head covered with a bandana, a black tee, vest and black jeans. His beard hung down to his sizable gut, but I saw the grin and he nodded his head, watching us spitroast the college guy. I started to pump harder and forcing him all the way down on Louis’ cock. Soon I saw Louis fucking his face and hoped he was going to save his load for the guy’s ass. The thought of Louis shooting his load sent signals to my own balls. I hammered his hole and then shoved in all the way as my cock pulsed and sent spurts of cum into the college guy’s pussy. With his hole filled with my seed, I pulled out and saw that Louis was doing the same. We swapped ends and while our cock hungry college guy cleaned my cock, Louis slipped inside and pounded away. I was surprised how energetically our bottom was cleaning my cock and in only a minute he had replaced all the cum he found with a thin layer of spit. I motioned for the older biker to come over and take my place and saw he already had his cock out. I stepped away and tucked my cock back into the jock and buttoned up my jeans. The bottom was eagerly sucking away at the older biker’s cock. I saw Louis trying to hold off, but he growled and then flooded the guy’s fuckhole with his seed. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, since I didn’t know if the older biker was up for fucking after two strangers had bred the college boy’s hole. I shouldn’t have worried, with Louis pulling out the biker was quickly moving to take his place. Louis got the same thorough cleaning as I did and was zipping up a minute later. We both left the biker with the college guy and headed back upstairs. As soon as we appeared, one of the other bikers started moving towards the stairs. I saw that both the biker group and the college guys were staring at us. I just smiled and picked my jacket as Louis got his and we headed out. “Fuck, how did you know that was gonna happen?” Louis asked. I winked at him and said “You got to learn to read the room” as I hopped on and hit the starter. We took a scenic route along the river until we cut back towards the city. We pulled in to his apartment building just after nine. He pointed at a spot for me to park my bike. I followed him upstairs and once inside he pinned me to the wall and kissed me. When we finally stopped a few minutes later he said “That was an amazing day. A lot more fun than when I ride with the other guys I know.”
  5. Thanks for the comments! ----------------- He lowered me back down, holding my ankles until his cock grazed my hole. He spit on his hand and coated his cock with it and then leaned forward. I could feel the pressure of his cock at my hole and I relaxed, letting him enter me. He slowly sunk every inch into me and paused there a minute looking down at me. It felt good to feel him back inside me, but I knew this was going to be a very different fuck than the one in the garage. We stared at each other as his hips began to roll and he started to fuck me slowly. This wasn’t the animal-like rutting of last time, this was more sensual. I could tell he was taking his time, feeling how my hole felt around his cock, both at the ring and deeper inside. I gripped his cock with my ass muscles and I heard him moan. We kept this up for several minutes and then the strokes started getting longer. I calmly told him “try pulling all the way out and then going back in.” The first few attempts didn’t work since his cock wasn’t lined up and his inward thrust missed my hole. He got the hang of it, though, and it felt amazing. I could tell it was getting to him after doing it several times and he was trying not to cum so soon. He went back to just pumping inside me, the strokes were long but never close enough to pull out. Slowly he started to thrust in harder. He was looking deep in my eyes and while the only verbal communication we had was from grunts and groans, we were letting each other know how great it was. It wasn’t long and the firm thrusts had become pounding. That familiar ‘slap’ as our bodies came together filled the room and the grunts from both of us got louder. He rolled me back on my shoulders and began pile driving into me. My ass had gotten sloppy and the spit and Louis’ precum added to the fuck noises. I reached up and stroked my cock a few times but I didn’t want to shoot yet. Louis’ grunts suddenly turned to growls and the look on his face was intense. His teeth were clenched and I could see the lust in his eyes. The pounding stopped as he slammed his cock in me deep, held it there for a few seconds and then pulled back and slammed in again. I could feel the warmth fill me up as he shot his spunk in me with each shove. When he gave me the last thrust, he slowly lowered me back down. His chest was heaving and I saw the glisten of sweat on his body hair. He looked sated for the moment but when he finished coming down from the post fuck rush, he said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get that rough. You ok?” I smiled back at him and replied “Hell yeah. I’m not some dainty girl you have to be afraid you’re gonna break.” He leaned forward and laid on my chest, our sweat mixing together. I kissed his forehead as his cock softened inside me and eventually plopped out. We laid there for about ten minutes and then I rolled us over. I heard the rain hit the window and I knew that this was going to be one of those stay-in Sundays. I was between his legs and my cock was nudging his hole, just playing with him. He looked so sexy laying on the bed. I’d had lots of guys where he was but this was the first guy that I had enjoyed for more than sex in a long time. He was willing to try anything I threw at him with only the mildest of protest. I rolled him on to his stomach and I spread his ass apart, staring at the sweat slick hair around his hole. My hands rubbed the back of his thighs, caressing the thick hair that covered them and his ass. Slowly I leaned down and licked all over from his now empty balls up to and around the crack before I zeroed in on his hole. I spent the next half hour licking around and in his puckered hole. By the time I finished, my beard was soaked with my own spit. My tongue was tired and it needed a break, but my cock was painfully stiff and dripping precum. I crawled up his back and laid on top of him with my cock digging deeper into his crack. I slowly humped him adding plenty of precum to the spit I had left on his hole. My cock wasnt going to wait any longer and I slipped inside him, descending deep inside with one long push. I felt my balls resting on top of his as we laid there moaning. I began to rock my hips and plow into him. The strokes got longer and I realized that he was starting to learn how to use his ass muscles around my shaft. I splayed my legs and pushed against his back until I was upright and I could pump my cock harder. My body was bouncing off his ass and I looked down at the sheen of sweat covering his back. I saw the patch of hair in the small of his back was matted down and collecting my sweat as it dripped off my face. I tugged on his hips and quickly had him on all fours. I pounded him harder for a few minutes and then laid on his back and humped for a few more. I alternated like this several times until I suddenly felt him squeeze his ass around my cock. My balls tightened instantly and I let out a loud groaning “FUUUCCKKK.” I thrust in several more times and he did it again. “You trying to get me to breed you, Louis?” I asked as I was panting, trying to hold off blowing my load. “I’m trying not to shoot until you do, Ryan, but I can’t wait much longer. Please cum in me” he begged. I hammered his hole for ten to fifteen seconds and then planted my throbbing cock as far as I could. Ropes of hot seed shot out, filling him with my cum again. I was growling as I held tightly on to his shoulders feeling one of the strongest orgasms I’d had in a while. His hole was spasming around my dick as he shot again, sucking all of the cum from my balls. When my chest stopped heaving, I pulled out and rolled over on my back next to Louis. We slept for a few hours and then both got up. We lounged around the apartment naked the rest of the day watching TV, talking a bit and getting stoned. About seven that evening I got up and threw some cargo shorts on and started to make dinner. Louis got dressed and stood there watching me intently. We really hadn’t eaten any food all day and we were both hungry from our workout earlier and the pot. We finished eating and were cleaning everything up when Louis looked at me and said “I’ve been meaning to ask you… How much do I owe you for fixing my bike?” “Uh… the parts were about a hundred sixty, nothing for the labor” I replied. He pulled out a wad of bills from his wallet and handed them to me. I wasn’t really sure how much was there but I knew it was more than one sixty. “Come on. Just pay for the parts. It was the most enjoyable wrenching I’ve done in a long time” I said. He didn’t move so I flicked through the pile of money and then handed the extra back to him. Reluctantly, he took it and stuffed it back in his wallet. I could tell he wanted to say something but he stood quiet for several minutes. “I should get going… I gotta work in the morning” he said as he went to collect his stuff. He put his boots on without saying anything, but I could tell something was up. He stood up and walked to the door and turned to me. “Ryan, this was a great weekend. I tried stuff I never would have thought of and had a lot of fun. My bike works too. But… I don’t think I’m ready for a gay relationship. I don’t want to mislead you or hurt you. It’s just not me… at least right now.” With that he turned and walked out the door. I was stunned and didn’t even have time to respond before the door clicked shut. I heard his bike start up in the alley and he took off and I went and crashed in my bed. I finally knew what it felt to be on the other side. He was right, it was a lot of fun.
  6. Part 92 - Looking for Financial Aid Paul sent a text and soon the door buzzed open. He and Ric walked into the lobby area and Paul stopped. “You’re legal, right?” Ric nodded and quietly said “Yeah.” “Good. Follow my lead. I’ve met this client once before and he wanted a couple guys tagging him this time. Normally I wouldn’t do a job like this with someone I’ve never met, but the client picked you out and had me set up this three-way. Don’t fuck it up or you’re gonna see a really bad side of me” Paul replied as the elevator door opened. The two stepped inside and Ric said “Don’t worry about me, I’ll just follow your lead. I’ll top, bottom, suck… whatever.” “Unless he wants you to suck me or me to fuck you, you’ll be nailing him hard and dumping as much of your boy cum into him. Uh… you’re on prep, right? Your ad said that you liked it raw and were versatile” Paul asked. “No, no prep” Ric answered looking down at the floor. “Huh? You’re not going to stay neg long being a bareback escort without prep” Paul said in and almost fatherly tone. “I’m poz” Ric replied quietly. “Damn. That was fast” Paul said with a chuckle. “Kinda like me. You doin ok with the meds?” Paul asked. “No meds. I’m doin good though” was Ric’s succinct reply. “FUCK! Toxic too? Nice! This guy is gonna have a deadly brew in him when we’re done” Paul said as he raised his hand for a high-five. “If the guy says anything about status, let me handle it. OK?” Paul said. “Uh… I have a biohazard tat over my cock. I crop it out of the pics I send out… I’ll try to cover it as much as I can” Ric said as the elevator stopped and the door opened. They walked down the hall and Paul whispered “He probably doesn’t know what it means, but yeah, don’t bring attention to it.” Paul tapped on door 7D and a few seconds later it opened. Ric saw the client standing there in just a towel. He was a white guy about forty with a decent tan, curly light brown hair and a lightly muscled body. He would later find out that the guy had strong legs and a firm butt from running nearly every day. “Hey, good to see you again” the client, Craig, said. “Last week I had so much fun, I just had to do it again and maybe kick it up a notch or two. Since my divorce I’ve been experimenting a bit and found out what fun I’ve been missing all these years. I was always curious about guys but I’ve been stuck with that she-devil since high school.” Paul rolled his eyes at Ric as Craig rambled on. He knew the guy was nervous but they were just there to fuck and go, not hear his life story and Paul had heard most of it last time. Craig finally stopped talking and looked both Paul and Ric over. Walking up to Ric, he traced his finger over Ric’s chest and up to fur on his chin and then winked at him. “Way better than your pics. You need some new ones, Austin. I do need to ask you though… you really are eighteen, right?” Craig said. Ric chuckled and said “Yeah, I am” realizing that even with the beard he still looked young. These were the first words that he had said since walking into the condo and the guy smiled. “Sexy voice, too. Are you guys really gay or do you just do it for the money? Neither of you sound gay” Craig said. Paul laughed and said “You don’t either but you sure seemed to like having a guy’s dick in your ass last time and that’s about as gay as it gets. Where do you want to play this time? No sense in spending all of your money just chatting.” “Bedroom, I’d like to maybe get fucked on the balcony too, if we have time” said Craig as he led them down the hall. Ric looked around the condo and it seemed a little disorganized with several boxes laying around. They got to the bedroom and Paul closed the shades a bit so that they weren’t completely visible from the neighboring buildings. “Whatcha looking for this time, Craig? It can’t be completely vanilla with a three way…” Paul said while he moved closer to Craig and stood off to his right side. Ric took his cue and moved in next to Paul and kissed Craig’s cheek and then moved over to his ear and nibbled on the earlobe. “Ooooh fuck… Now that I know I can take it, I want you to get rougher with me. Treat me like a slut. I always wanted to fuck hard with my ex, but she never let me” Craig explained. “Ahh, ok. You just want to bottom?” Paul replied. “Yeah, Maybe next time I can try fucking you, but it felt so good last time and it just about blew my mind when I felt you cumming inside me. I felt it seep out of me the rest of the day” Craig said. “Cool. Well, I like it rough and I’m sure Austin here won’t mind it. If we get a little too carried away, just let us know. Uh… what was your ex’s name?” Paul asked. “Tracy. Why?” Craig asked as Paul pulled Craig’s towel away and threw it on the floor. “That’s your safe word. Just say ‘Tracy’ and we’ll slow down. Say it twice and we’ll stop” Paul said pushing Craig back to the bed. Ric was a step behind Paul and was pulling his shirt over his head. Craig was sitting on the edge of the bed with Paul on one side and Ric on the other, their pants both sporting significant bulges. Paul took his shirt off and pulled Craig’s face to his crotch. Craig breathed deep and reached over to feel Ric’s growing bulge. “Fuck” Craig muttered as he leaned over and buried his face in Ric’s crotch and fondled Paul’s package. His hand fumbled as he tried to unbuckle Paul’s belt and after a few failed attempts Paul reached down and unlatched it. Craig had more success unbuttoning Paul’s jeans. Paul slipped off his shoes let the jeans drop before kicking them aside. Craig moved back over to Paul and was licking and gnawing at the fabric of his tight trunks, the outline of his rigid cock easily visible. Ric removed his shoes and dropped his jeans, leaving him standing there in just a yellow jockstrap. Paul hooked his thumbs around the trunks and pulled them down, freeing his cock and letting it slap Craig in the face. Craig’s tongue was lapping at Paul’s member, coating it with spit. Ric pulled his cock out of the side of the pouch of his jock, thinking that the waistband would obscure his biohazard tattoo. Paul reached down with both arms and hoisted Craig back on the bed, straddling his chest and feeding his cock to Craig’s eager mouth. Ric followed them on to the bed and began to suck on Craig’s balls before swallowing his five inch stiffie. Ric didn’t know if Craig was one of those guys that was done as soon as he shot, so he made sure that Craig didn’t get too close while he sucked and licked. He moistened his finger and traced down from Craig’s balls to his recently deflowered hole. Ric briefly wondered if Paul had been the one to take Craig’s anal cherry and poz him at the same time, just like Joe had done with him. He cleared his mind of the distraction and went to work opening up Craig’s hole. Craig was moaning and would occasionally clamp down on his finger. He pushed in a second finger and felt the hole relax a little more. He looked up just in time to see Paul turn his head back and mouth “You fuck him first.” Ric nodded, unsure if he was to fuck him missionary or flip Craig over to fuck him doggy. His question was answered when Paul leaned forward and started to slow fuck Craig’s mouth. Ric lifted Craig’s ass and spit on the hole before pushing three fingers in. Twisting and prodding, he stretched out the hole even more, knowing that Craig had probably never had anything near the size of his cock inside him. Adding more spit, he knelt between the splayed legs and rubbed his dripping cock over the waiting hole. He tapped Paul on the leg and mouthed “now” to him. Paul thrust his cock into Craig’s mouth and Ric pushed his thick, wet cock into his ass, stretching the ring around his cock head. Craig writhed at the sudden intrusion and his inability to breathe. The twisting of Craig’s body pulled Ric’s cock out of his ass so Ric pulled back the foreskin and added more spit to the precum on his cock head before he made a second attempt. He held on to Craig’s legs tightly this time and let him get used to the thick meat that was stretching his sphincter open. Ric had noticed that he seemed to leak precum a lot more when the guy he was fucking was not already poz and this case was no different. He was soaking Craig’s chute with viral precum and he stood there for over a minute before he used the precum-as-lube to push deeper. Ric began to drive in and out, feeling Craig try to wiggle and his body shake the deeper he got. He remembered that Craig said he wanted it rough, so his thrusts got more forceful. His body was slamming into Craig and sweat was dripping and flying off, covering both Paul and Craig. He pulled back and adjusted his angle and drove back in hard, hearing Craig yelp around Paul’s cock. After ten minutes of varied firm strokes Ric started pounding even harder. A few more minutes and he went as hard as he could. In less than a minute, Craig yelled out a cock muffled, but distinct, “TRACY!” Ric dialed it back for a few more minutes of drilling and then rammed in and felt his cock shoot ropes of infected cum deep into Craig’s abused colon. Ric stood there, gasping as his cock finally stopped pulsing and looked forward to see Paul twisted back staring at him in disbelief. Slowly, Ric pulled his cock out as Paul climbed off of Craig, smiling at him and giving Ric a wink. Ric grabbed Craig’s hips and flipped him over, feeling his body still quivering. Paul took his place behind Craig as Ric climbed in front, brushing his cummy cock over Craig’s lips. Craig was obviously still in a daze when Paul, crouched on his feet, pushed into the swollen hole. As if on autopilot, Craig started licking every part of Ric’s cock and balls. He seemed to spend extra time pulling back and releasing Ric’s foreskin, marveling at something he had never seen up close before. Paul’s cock wasn’t nearly as big as Ric’s, but Craig’s hole had tightened up in the short time it was empty. Paul loved fucking cum filled holes and knew that Ric had planted a large load inside. He was enjoying pounding Craig’s ass like he usually fucked. Their previous fuck had been slow and gentle the entire time as Paul opened Craig up. He wished he had been the first escort that Craig had hired to pop his cherry, but he was glad to be the second one to get his cock inside Craig. He loved the innocence that Craig had, and how he appreciated every new aspect of gay sex he was experiencing. Paul started fucking faster and harder, trying to mimic the intensity of Ric’s fuck. He pushed Craig down flat and was piledriving his hole. Ric was face fucking Craig in time to Paul’s thrusts, but the angle was bad and he wasn’t nearly as brutal. His crotch was dripping with Craig’s spit and Ric noticed that Craig was no longer fighting the abuse to his body. There was an occasional whimper, but mostly moans. Paul slammed in one last time and let out a guttural roar as his cock pumped another virus laden dose of seed deep inside. Paul collapsed on top of Craig, panting like a dog. Ric wasn’t sure what to do next and had his eyes trained on Paul. Without a cock in his mouth, Craig’s moaning was even louder but eventually it faded and he said “Oh fuck! That’s what I was talking about. I won’t be able to walk for days, but god I loved that.” “Who said you were done?” Paul asked. Ric got a big grin on his face and wondered what Paul was going to do next. After a minute, Paul rolled off Craig’s sweat soaked back, got off the bed and gestured to Ric. Ric moved around and pushed Craig’s legs wider and then dug his tongue into the cum filled hole. The mixture of their cum and Craig’s ass juice, covered his face and beard. While Ric feasted, Paul walked over and pulled the belt out of his jeans. He usually used cloth belts when he went to meet clients that weren’t into BDSM scenes (leather was always the preferred material for those other meetings). He then went over toward end of the bed and picked up the towel he tossed there earlier and walked back to the side of the bed. Ric stood up as he felt Paul get near, leaving Craig laid out flat on his stomach on the bed. Quickly, Paul looped the belt around Craig’s wrists and cinched the belt down. He pulled and dragged Craig over to the balcony door and motioned for Ric to move the chair to the middle. Ric positioned the chair and Craig found himself kneeling on it and bent over the back. Paul tied off the other end of the belt to one of the chair legs and then opened the shades all the way. Craig was staring out at the cityscape wondering how many of his neighbors were looking this way. Paul folded the towel and wrapped it around Craig’s eyes and tied it behind his head. Paul motioned for Ric to remove his jock and plow his cock back into Craig’s ass. “Holy FUCK!” Craig screamed out as Ric shoved all the way in with one hard stroke. Paul was motioning instructions to Ric and Ric started to mercilessly pound Craig’s hole again. Paul grabbed his phone out of his jeans and took a few pictures and a video of Ric raw fucking Craig’s ass and got a couple with Ric’s biohazard tattoo showing right above Craig’s wrecked hole and a ring of slightly pink cum around the base of Ric’s cock. None of the pictures had faces but showed what a cumwhore Craig had become in a short time. Ric had only been fucking for a couple minutes and Paul motioned him away. He pulled out and Craig whimpered at the sudden emptiness. Paul drilled his cock into the gaping hole for a few minutes and then they swapped again. Back and forth, a few minutes of each cock at a time until they couldn’t hold back any longer and it was time to breed again. Ric came first, adding more toxic sperm to Craig’s guts. He didn’t yell out or make any outward signal other than pushing in and holding his cock deep inside Craig’s ass and feeling his cock throb as his balls emptied their contents. Paul took his last turn on Craig, pounding him relentlessly and then added his cum to the mess. Ric slid his jock back on and then his jeans and shirt. He smelled of sex but he didn’t care. Paul pulled his cock out and slapped Craig’s ass. “Now you’re done, fucker” he said as he reached down and untied the belt before loosening it and removing it from Craig’s wrists. Leaving him blindfolded for a few more minutes, Paul got dressed too. Paul removed the blindfold and looked at Craig. “Time’s up. Hope you enjoyed it” Paul said. “Fuck! That was intense. I’ve never done anything like that before. That first part was hot and I loved being used like that, but the second part was so strange. I couldn’t see anything or move much. I hope no one saw me get fucked like that” Craig said. “Pffft, that’s nothing. It’s just a taste of bondage. If you want, we can try some of the more advanced stuff some other time. But for now, we’re done. I’m beat and you look like it too” Paul said. “Oh, yeah. I don’t think I could take any more today. My balls hurt from shooting so many times. I’m sure the sheets are soaked with jizz. Uh, your envelope is over there by the front door. It’s for both of you. Thanks, that was so much fun. I really wish I had tried this sooner. I wasted half my life trying to be straight” said Craig. Ric and Paul smiled back at him. “Paul, I will call you about another appointment. Austin, I’m glad you could come. Too bad you won’t be in town very long. That cock of yours is amazing - I’ve never felt so full” Craig said. “Thanks, I enjoyed it. I’m sure you’ll remember this for a long time” Ric replied. Ric and Paul walked out, Paul grabbing the envelope on the way. Once in the elevator he counted the money out and split it with Ric. “Not bad for two hours work. He even put in a tip. Here ya go. It was good working with you Austin. You really did surprise me. Next time you’re out this way let me know and maybe we can schedule a few jobs together and share our gift. I wouldn’t mind feeling that big cock in me, either” Paul said as they descended to the first floor. “Yeah, it worked out better than I thought it would. I may be moving out here later this summer so I’ll keep it in mind, but I don’t do a lot of escorting” Ric replied. They walked out of the building and Ric waited for his ride back to the hotel and Paul disappeared down the street.
  7. ^^^^ What Phukhole said. Don't hog the sex furniture. Most parties I've been to there have only been 1 or 2 slings and maybe a bench, but most have been at guy's apartments or houses. The first party I went to there was only regular furniture. Guys were fucking on couches, beds, the floor, etc. I started sucking a guy on the bed while he made out with his BF. My ass was in the air and I felt someone start to eat my ass before he mounted me. I got a commentary from the boyfriend "oh yeah, he's gonna fuck him", "wow, he's goin in raw", "he's really fuckin him" "he's gonna get bred" and on and on. When a second guy bred me, the guy I was sucking blew his load down my throat. I never knew who those first 2 guys were but I didn't care - I'd gotten fucked and had 2 loads in me. I got a fucked by several more guys and got a few more loads and bred a couple guys at that party. The next party with that group everyone remembered and I had an even better time. Part of being successful was being the new meat, but I think if you just put it out there without being too needy, guys will respond. Suck some guys, show off your ass but don't wave it in everyone's face. Once you get fucked once at a party, the tops will know if you're a good fuck. If it's not a strict BB party and some guys cover up, showing that you take it BB helps your chances to get fucked in my experience.
  8. I turned him against the wall and kneeled behind him. With my face buried between his hairy ass cheeks, I tongue fucked his hole trying to push a bunch of spit inside. He was moaning and I felt his hole quiver around my tongue. I pulled out and stood back up, pressing my rock hard cock to his hole. I felt his hole open up and the ring and cock head popped in side. I stopped and closed my eyes. I heard Louis quietly beg “Please fuck me” but I had other plans. A waterfall in a park I used to hike in as a kid was pictured in my mind as willed my bladder to open up. It was only a minute and the stream started to pump my warm piss inside Louis’ ass. “Oh FUCK!” Louis yelled out as his brain started to figure out what I was doing. I held him tight and pushed my cock in deeper. I rocked my hips a few times and then pulled my cock out of his hole and showered the outside of his ass with more piss. I pushed back in as the stream started to fade, rocking my hips once in side. After a minute, I felt his hole spasm around my cock as he let out a loud moan. I pushed in deeper and the spasms were milking my cock. I felt the first big rope of cum shoot out of my cock, mixing with the piss still inside. My hips pulled back and I thrust in all the way as the next few ropes shot out. I reached around and twisted both his nipples and felt his hole squeeze around my cock. Two more spurts pumped more seed inside him and then I leaned against his back, breathing heavily. We stood there like that for a few minutes and then I pulled my cock out. A mixture of cum and piss ran down his legs and then I turned him back around. Once again, his eyes were dazed and I thought I had gone too far. He didn’t move, he just stared back at me. Finally he said “Wow.” When he didn’t say anything more, I asked “You ok?” He stared back at me for a few moments and then said “I… I never thought of piss as being erotic. But damn, that was crazy. When I felt you start to piss inside me I first thought it was cum. I realized though that it couldn’t be and it made my dick so hard to know you were pissing inside me. And then when you fucked your dick in me while still pissing, I lost it and shot my load without touching my cock. I didn’t know I could do that” Louis said with his voice trailing off at the end. “You’ve never been so turned on you shot a load without stroking or fucking?” I asked. “Uh, no” he replied. “Well, now you know you can. Hopefully it won’t be the last time” I said as I turned the shower on. While I sometimes go to bed with dried cum and piss on my body, I didn’t want to push him any more that day. We cleaned up and dried off. I grabbed a couple beers from the fridge and we sat on the couch talking. He told me about the things he liked to do for fun, about his gay cousin, some of his girlfriends and why they broke up. We ended up in bed, but both of us were too tired to do much other than make out and grope. I woke up the next morning to the sound of running water in the bathroom. I laid there and it stopped and then Louis came back to bed. I looked up and Louis had a big grin on his face. He crawled into bed and straddled me, looking down at me. “So, how does that discussion go when you have two… what did you call them… versatile??? guys get together?” he asked. I chuckled “Well… Some times its verbal and other times it’s just by who is the aggressor. You act dominant, you’re the top. You act submissive, you’re the bottom… And sometimes it’s like arm wrestling - whoever overpowers the other is top. It can be fun when you keep flip flopping from top to bottom, too” I said with a smirk. “Hmm, that kind of sounds like fun. I did some wrestling in middle and high school. I wasn’t very good though” Louis said. “Middleweight division champion, my freshman year” I replied grinning back at him. “Fuck. I’m dead meat” he said, laughing. I quickly flipped him over on his side and then on his back, pinning him to the bed with my body. “I remember a few moves, still” I replied as I used my legs to spread his legs wider. I reached back and pushed his legs back as my cock nestled next to his. “So… you’ve now experienced being both top and bottom. Do you like one more?” I asked. “Well.. obviously I have a lot more experience fucking since I’ve done girls since I was a teenager. I’ve only gotten fucked since…uh… yesterday” he said laughing. “Yeah, but do you like it? They are different experiences but there’s nothing that says you can’t enjoy both. I know I do” I said. “Yeah it is very different. Plus I’m not used to having sex without condoms. When I fucked you in the garage I almost shot in the first thirty seconds. My dick isn’t used to the feeling of raw flesh against it when I fuck and you were much tighter than any pussy I’ve fucked, even the two virgins. When I did shoot, it was so fuckin amazing filling you with my cum and not having to worry about you getting pregnant” said Louis. “So you prefer being the top” I asked. “I’m not sure. There were times it hurt when you were fucking me but then I got used to it or my body stretched out enough that the pain suddenly became this huge rush of pleasure. When you came inside me yesterday morning, I was hoping you would go on forever. I know, though, that can’t happen. I could tell that you were cumming and I had the satisfaction that I was able to make you orgasm with my ass. You were right though, it does feel good knowing that you have another guy’s cum inside you. My dick was hard the whole way over to the garage yesterday” Louis said. “Cool” I said as I grabbed his legs and flipped to my side and on my back, swapping positions. “You want it, don’t you?” I asked. he went to reach for the lube and I said “Try eating my ass, first. I kinda like spit for lube.” He set the bottle back down and moved back, trying to figure out how. I grabbed my ankles and leaned back, raising my ass in the air. Louis pushed me the rest of the way back on my shoulders and leaned in. He gave one long lick up to my balls and it felt great feeling his beard brush across my ass cheeks. His technique was very different than mine or most of the guys that had rimmed me. I guessed it was from all those years of eating pussy. He wasn’t very aggressive and while he did get his tongue inside my hole I wouldn’t say I got tongue fucked. What he did, though, worked. My hole was slick with a lot of spit and was silently begging to feel his cock in me again.
  9. We snoozed for a little while and then we both seemed to awaken from some city noise at the same time. I rolled out of bed and said “We should head over and finish your bike.” I reached down and picked up my jockstrap from the floor and put it on, followed by the jeans and tee. I went into the bathroom and fished a new toothbrush out from the cabinet before brushing my teeth with mine. Louis walked in in a pair of jeans and a tee. “What do I do with the cum in my ass? I feel it leaking down my legs” Louis asked. I laughed with my mouth full of toothpaste. I spit and rinsed and told him “Squeeze your ass and hold it in. I like to keep a guy’s loads in as long as I can. It reminds me of the fuck. If you want, some guys shoot it into their hand and lick it up or you can shit it out in the toilet.” “I’ll try to hold it in if you want me to” he replied. I handed him the new toothbrush and left him in the bathroom as I went into the kitchen. I made some coffee and put a couple muffins out on the table. Just as the coffee finished, he walked into the kitchen area. “I know it’s after noon, but I felt like breakfast. Grab a muffin. There’s OJ in the fridge” I said. “No vodka?” Louis joked. We finished breakfast and then headed back to the garage. I rolled the door back down and said “Let’s see if we can get a little farther than changing our clothes this time.” “Damn, I was hoping for a repeat” Louis replied and then chuckled. I looked back at Louis and there was a large wet spot on the seat of his jeans and I laughed to myself. With both of us changed into shorts, I rolled the door up. As I turned, I saw Louis was putting on his tee. “Too warm for that today, just keep it off” I said with a smile. We put everything back together and I started the bike up. It took a few tries but I was able to dial in the carb and it started sounding pretty good. Loud, but good. I swapped my shorts for jeans and then grabbed my jacket before pushing his bike into the alley. I put my helmet on and yelled “Be back in a minute” and fired the beast up. It went into gear with a loud thud and off I went. I ripped down the street, feeling the torque thrust me forward. The brakes were ok, about the same as the last cruiser I rode. It seemed to track straight and was ok in a gentle slalom I did. I pulled back into the alley and cut the engine a few doors down from the garage and pulled in. “Damn, did it die again?” Louis asked. “Nah, I killed it to not annoy the neighbors. Everything seems to be fine” I replied. We cleaned up and wheeled our bikes (the Honda for me this time, since I wouldn’t have a passenger) out into the alley. I locked up and off we went. It was late afternoon on a Saturday so there was traffic everywhere we went. It was good though and I had forgotten how fun it could be to have someone to ride with. We ended up back at my place at almost midnight. We put the bikes to bed and went up the stairs. Louis seemed a bit anxious as I unlocked the door. “Come on, I gotta piss” he said. “Yeah, me too. But... I want to try something…” I said. As soon as we got inside I put my hand on his shoulder, stopping his motion to the bathroom. “Strip” I said as I was pulling off my tee. I don’t think either of us had ever taken our clothes off that quickly. I led him into the bathroom right past the toilet and climbed into the shower. I dropped to my knees and looked up “ok, now” I said. Louis looked confused but his need to piss was taking over all of his thoughts. I wrapped my lips around his cock and almost immediately felt the stream pumping hot pee into my mouth. I pulled off and used his cock to shower my head and then face with his piss. I leaned back and he took hold of his cock and began hosing me down. He aimed for my chest and then down to my cock before going back up and aiming for my open mouth. I let it fill my mouth and then spit it out so it cascaded over my body. I was surprised at how long he pissed, but I enjoyed every second of it. When his bladder was empty, I stood up and stared at him a moment, seeing the shocked look on his face. I leaned in and kissed him, my piss soaked beard against his while we passed his piss back and forth between our mouths. I got greedy and swallowed it down and broke the kiss. “Fuck! That was so hot and nasty” Louis said. I grinned back at him and asked “You like that?” and got a quick reply of “oh yeah”
  10. Part 91 - A Three Hour Tour? Ric and Frank walked around the campus for almost an hour before heading to the meeting point for their official tour. The tour was led by a pair of college students, one guy and one girl, and Ric immediately knew the guy was gay. His gaydar, which he thought was always wrong, was going off loud and clear. He looked at the other people taking the tour and all were people his own age, each with one or two parents. One was a cute guy with two dads who was obviously long past the stage where it may have embarrassed him. He seemed straight as could be, yet he thought the guy’s dads were checking him out. After the first 15 minutes, he had decided there was only one other gay guy in their group and one possible lesbian. They walked around and got the history of the university, what each building was for and tons of useless trivia. They ended up in a cafeteria and each was given a card to use to pay for the meal. They sat off in a corner and ate as a group. There was some talking and when there was a lull, Ric asked where the restroom was. The male tour guide, Taylor, said he would show him. He could see several of the people smirk but Ric didn’t really care. Taylor was a little effeminate, but also seemed to be confident and outgoing. His voice wasn’t over-the-top but had a soft feminine lilt to it and his gait had a little swish to it. He was growing out of his twink stage and his face seemed to be the first to start to mature - gone was the soft baby-face skin, replaced by a seemingly dense beard that he kept shaved. Ric noticed his firm butt that filled out the khakis nicely and the slim fit polo shirt with the school logo on the chest that showed a little of his defined body. Taylor’s dark blonde hair was cut short and conservative, but you could tell he had been to a stylist not a $6.99 chain. Taylor made some idle chit-chat as they walked down the hall and he led Ric into the men’s room. They both walked up to one of the two urinals and Ric fished his cock out and started to piss right away. Taylor stood there, holding his cock out and glancing over at Ric. “Damn, they grow them big where you come from” Taylor said as he saw Ric’s cock. Ric backed up a bit so Taylor could see all of it with the heavy stream of piss coating the inside of the urinal. “Yeah, I got lucky. But it freaks guys out sometimes. They want it but can’t handle it” Ric replied with a grin. When the stream stopped, he shook it off and let the foreskin slide back over the head. Taylor was tucking his cock back into his underwear and zipping up while Ric stood there holding his cock in his hand. “You want a taste?” Ric asked. Taylor swung his head around looking to see if anyone else was in the restroom and and looked back at Ric, his face was bright red and he was obviously conflicted between nervousness and lust. Ric turned and nodded at Taylor before motioning for Taylor to assume the position. Taylor kneeled down on the cold tile floor and looked at Ric’s cock closely. While it was only semi-hard, it was still longer than most of the cocks he had ever taken and it was one of the thickest, too. Taylor reached up with his long slender fingers and held Ric’s cock for a moment, looking it over. He pulled the foreskin back and licked over the head, tasting the fresh piss but not much more. He let the foreskin roll back and forced his tongue under it before he flicked his tongue back and forth and then took a quarter of Ric’s cock into his mouth. His tongue explored the cock inside his mouth and Taylor’s lips were tight around the quickly hardening shaft. Ric knew that Taylor had a lot of experience sucking cock by the way he devoured his cock. Taylor’s head bobbed and tongue flicked as he took more of Ric’s cock each time. Ric felt Taylor’s nose just start to touch his trimmed pubic hair and that seemed to be as far as Taylor could go. Ric reached around and interlocked his fingers behind Taylor’s head and let them follow the motion. Sensing that Taylor wasn’t going any deeper, he tugged and shoved his cock into Taylor’s throat and his face hard into Ric’s pubes. The door to the bathroom opened and Ric’s heart started pounding. He was holding Taylor on to his cock and his eyes were wide open. He looked back and to his relief it was one of the gay dads who had walked in. The guy stopped dead and then his jaw dropped. “Oh fuck. Uh… sorry” the dad said as he backed up against the door, holding it shut and staring at Ric and Taylor. Ric smiled and brought his finger to his mouth telling the dad to stay quiet. He started to face fuck Taylor who seemed to be cooperating. It only took a couple minutes, but Ric felt the cum start to rise from his balls. He kept fucking Taylor’s face and when the first rope of charged cum flew out, he was ramming his cock in. Ric let a few pulses go and then pulled back letting the next few spray over the inside of Taylor’s mouth. He glanced at the dad who now had his cock out and was stroking furiously. Ric shoved back in and let the last few spurts go right down Taylor’s throat. He slowly pulled back and then watched the dad shoot his cum all over the floor a good two to three feet in front of him. Taylor was gulping down the last of Ric’s cum and then licked any remnants off of Ric’s cock. “Fuck, that was hot” said the dad as he walked over to the sink and washed the cum and spit from his hands. “Yeah, I enjoyed it. How about you Taylor?” Ric asked. “Uh.. yeah. I did too” Tayler answered in an embarrassed tone. “Please don’t say anything or I’ll get fired” he added. “I never fuck and tell” Ric replied putting his cock back in his underwear and zipping up his jeans. Ric and Taylor walked back to the cafeteria not saying much until they got close and Taylor blurted out “so thats why most freshman live in the dorms here and then about half move out to apartments and half stay in the dorms the next year.” They took their seats and when everyone was done they continued the second half of the tour. At the end there was question and answer period with some of the university staff where both Ric and his dad were asking questions. Satisfied they had all they needed to know, the group dispersed and Ric and Frank headed back to their hotel. “Hey dad, I have an appointment late this afternoon. I’ll be out between 4:30 and 6:30 or so. We can go for dinner after. OK?” Ric said. “What is the meeting about? If it’s about school I should be there” Frank said with a concerned look on his face. “Well, I guess you could say it’s about financial aid, but I need to do this myself” Ric replied. He had posted a travel ad before he left on the trip and had quickly gotten a reply. Everything had been set up and all Ric needed to do was show up. He had only done a dozen escort gigs since Joe had set him up with the first one, but he liked the money and had enjoyed the sex. He didn’t have a lot of spare time to do many meetings and turned down most of them. It seemed a hung eighteen year old bareback escort was a popular option with lots of guys. Ric looked at the clock and he only had a half hour to clean up and head to his appointment. He showered and grabbed a small bag he had prepared before they left home from his suitcase. His dad still looked concerned as Ric left, but Ric knew he had to hurry to get to the Uber that was almost to the hotel. Ric got out of the car and looked over the building. It was one of those generic apartment towers that could be in any city in any country. There was a nondescript entry with glass doors and a small waiting area by the elevators. He was supposed to meet the guy outside by the door, but no one was around. He looked at his escort phone and he still had a few minutes to go. He looked up and down the street and saw a few people standing around. He walked down about 20 feet and leaned against the concrete wall that was next to the sidewalk and checked his phone again. Just as Ric looked up, a guy who was a few years older than him walked by and stopped at the walkway up to the apartment building. He looked back at Ric and smiled, nodding his head to the door and then went to the front of the apartment building. Ric followed and as he stepped up to the door the guy said “Are you Austin?” Ric nodded. “Cool, I’m Paul.”
  11. We laid in bed for a few more minutes in silence before I asked “Was that the first time you tasted cum?” He blushed and replied “No, I usually catch it and lick my hand clean after I jack off.” “Cool. Me too” I replied. I wondered how many other things he tried but before I could start asking he said “So… how do gay guys decide who’s the guy and who’s the girl?” “Well, it’s top and bottom… or in other countries - active or passive. Usually you have to talk about it . There’s a few guys you can assume based on their actions, but that can be embarrassing if you’re wrong. Some guys are exclusively tops and are the ones who fuck. Some are always bottoms and get fucked. And some are versatile, like me, who do both. For me, it depends on my mood and who I’m with as to whether I top or bottom” I explained. Louis nodded and I continued explaining how there is a huge gray area because some tops like to suck and get rimmed and some don’t. “Damn, that’s complicated” Louis said. “Not really much worse than with straight sex. Even there, you have some women who like to fuck guys with a strap-on. Some like their tits played with and some don’t. Some suck dick and some will beat your ass if you try to make them. It’s just that with fucking, it’s de facto that the guy is going to fuck the girl in the pussy. Have you done anything besides basic straight sex?” I asked. “Not really” he replied. He almost seemed to be embarrassed about how vanilla his sex life had been. “I know you hadn’t done anal, but no toys? Bondage? S&M? Groups?” I probed. “I caught one girlfriend using a vibrator and another suggested going to a sex party but that was right before I found out she was cheating on me so we didn’t go” Louis said. The light bulb over my head went on and I got up and walked over to the closet, pulling out a box and setting it next to the bed. I pulled a couple dildos out of the box and laid them on the bed. I dragged Louis off the bed and went into the bathroom and showed him how to clean his ass out. We went back to the bed and I had him lay on his back. I reached into the drawer in the bedstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. I pushed him back on to his shoulders and told him to hold his ankles right before I spit on his hole. “Hey, I just cleaned that” he joked. I got the last laugh though as I buried my face in his ass and began to give him is first rim job. The loud moans were interspersed with “OH FUCK!” “OHSHIT!” “Oh my fucking god!” My tongue licked and probed, I sucked and pushed spit into his hole and then I added a finger to the mix. Rubbing around the ring I pushed the spit inside with my finger. He clenched his ass tight around my finger and I stopped. “Relax, Louis. It’s ok” I said and slowly felt his sphincter loosen. I played with his hole with one finger and when he seemed ok with one knuckle deep, I worked in deeper. One finger became two and when he had no problems with two getting pushed in all the way I pulled them out. I grabbed the small dildo and slicked it up with lube and then rubbed the end over his pucker. I pushed gently and watched the fake cock enter his hole. I spent ten minutes working his hole with the dildo listening to him moan until he could take all four inches of the thin shaft. I reached over and grabbed the bigger dildo and repeated the process. This one went in easier as he now was used to being penetrated. After a little more than five minutes, I started to rub my rock hard cock with lube. I pulled the dildo out and tossed it to the side as I stood up and guided his ass lower. I wished I had put the ring back in, but it was probably better this way. I added some more lube to his hole and pushed it in with my finger. My cock head nestled into the quivering opening and I looked into Louis’s eyes. His mouth was open but he wasn’t making any sound and his eyes were locked to mine. I smiled and pushed in gently, feeling the warm flesh part and wrap around my cock. The prep had done it’s job and while I paused every half inch or so, he seemed to be doing ok. I got a little over half way in with my “almost” seven inch cock and started to rock back and forth. I heard some light grunts from Louis but he never asked me to stop. I pulled out and dripped some more spit on his hole and then went back to slowly fucking my cock in deeper. “Ready?” I asked. He looked a little confused but nodded ‘yes’ so I slowly pushed the rest of the way in and our bodies were firmly connected. I stayed like that for half a minute and then pulled back and started Louis’ first real fuck. I mixed it up - short and long, slow and fast and he seemed mesmerized staring back at me. There were grunts and moans which got louder when I fucked harder and deeper and they tapered off when I slowed things down. I saw that Louis’s cock now had an endless rope of precum dripping out of the piss slit and over the thick pelt on his stomach. I stopped at one point and scooped some of it onto my finger and then sucked it off, savoring the taste. I had been fucking him for almost twenty minutes and I could feel my balls start to churn again. I figured Louis probably couldn’t take much more. I really wanted to try several more positions, but I put them off for our next fucks. And based on how he seemed to be taking this fuck, there would be more. I thrust in faster and harder and pounded him for a few minutes as my balls prepared their next load. Louis’s eyes opened wide as I drove my cock as deep as it would go and then felt the pulses of cum flood his body. He let out a loud whimper as my cock throbbed inside him. After the pulses faded I stood there a moment enjoying the feeling of his tight, warm hole filled with my spunk. I leaned forward and he let go of his legs and we began to kiss, my cock still planted in him. My cock began to soften and before it fell out we rolled on our sides and kissed some more. The last words I heard from him as we drifted off to sleep were “I guess I’m not a virgin anymore.”
  12. We spent the next hour drinking beer, smoking a little weed and making out. I hit my limit and smiled back at him “Time for me to get some sleep. You want the couch or sleep in the bed with me?” I asked. “What do you think?” Louis said with a smile. I got up and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I walked into the bedroom and Louis was already laying in my bed, right in the center. I raised my eyebrows at him as I pulled off my jockstrap and tossed it on top of my jeans and shirt. I walked to the far side of the bed and climbed in, pushing Louis a little to the other side to get enough room. “Do you always sleep in the nude or just when someone’s here?” Louis asked before he pulled his trunks off and tossed them over by my jeans. “Always. I like to be naked as much as I can” I replied. He nuzzled in and put his head on my chest, throwing his arm across me and was asleep in a minute or two. I wasn’t too far behind. I woke the next morning to the feeling of Louis nursing on my left nipple. He would suck a little and then play with the barbell piercing with his tongue a little and back to sucking on it. My cock was hard and when Louis realized I was awake he looked up and grinned before giving his attention to my nipple again. His hand came up and started to stroke my dick and it felt good. I like to compare how guys stroke cocks. Everyone seems to have a slightly different technique and Louis did too. His grip was three fingers on top with his thumb and pinky on the bottom. The pressure was gentle and the speed was a little slower than I usually use. His forefinger kept rubbing just up to the lip of my cock head before he stroked back down. It was sending shivers down my spine each time. He pulled his lips off my nipple and rubbed his face down my body until his outstretched tongue was lapping at the cock piercing. This time of morning, the piercing didn’t rotate easily in my cock so he could squeeze his tongue through the balls on the end of the horseshoe. His tongue played with the piercing for a few minutes and then he opened his mouth and took in my cock. I felt the piercing tap a few molars and he tried to take me deeper, but his gag reflex was strong and quick. I chuckled as he tried again. Most inexperienced cocksuckers won’t even attempt to suck a cock with a large piercing in it, but Louis seemed determined to try. After a half dozen attempts I told him to try licking down the sides of the shaft. This worked much better and when he moved around to lick on the bottom of my cock I reached down and unscrewed one ball of the piercing. He stopped and watched as I rubbed his spit on the steel ring and then spun it around and off, putting the ball back on and placing the piercing on the bedstand. He resumed licking and then crawled over and between my legs. He looked up and licked from my balls up the shaft. He swallowed the tip and started to bob on my cock with short strokes. He didn’t seem to get any more than two inches into his mouth but the attention to my cockhead was driving me wild. He pulled off and looked up at me and said “Sorry, I’m not very good at this. Not anything like you did to me yesterday.” I laughed and said “It just takes practice and I’ve had a lot of it.” We spent the next forty five minutes with him sucking and me giving him suggestions. He almost made it all the way down but he kept gagging with the last inch and a half to go. He did damn well for what I figured was is first time sucking a guy’s cock. When he leaned up, gasping for air, I climbed off the bed and stood next to it. “Come here” I said invitingly. He crawled off the bed and kneeled in front of me looking like an eager pup. I looked down at him and my mind filled with things I wanted to do with him like this. I didn’t want to scare him though, so instead of a little Dom/sub play I calmly said “open your mouth.” I rubbed the tip of my cock over his lips and then pushed it into his open orifice. My hands gently wrapped around his head and I began the gentlest face fuck of my life. It took several strokes but Louis started to flick his tongue around my cock as I thrust in and out. I went a little deeper and felt my cock start to bump into his throat. He seemed to be ok with this so I tried a little deeper. I felt a little resistance and slowed down even more. “Breathe deep and relax” I said in a soothing tone. On his third inhale, I pushed in slow and steady and finally had my balls on his chin. I held it there for only a few seconds and pulled back out. He gasped for air as soon as he could and then looked up at me. “Aaahh, yeah. That’s how a good cocksucker does it” I said. Before I could do or say anything else, he swallowed my cock and started to suck like crazy. He could get three quarters of my cock in with no problem so that’s how far he would go. Fast then slow and back to fast. He paused and then took a big gulp of air and slowly pushed down all the way. I counted to seven and he pulled off quickly, gasping for air with spit dripping off his beard and my cock. He went back to bobbing for a few minutes and then deepthroated me again. He made it to a nine count before his throat spasmed around my cock and then he pulled off a second later. He looked up at me looking for my approval. I had a huge shit-eating grin on my face. I loved how he looked with all that spit coating and dripping off his beard. He looked down and inhaled my cock, sucking with a lot more vigor than before. It seemed frantic and I knew he was trying to get me off. It was working too because I could feel my balls begin to churn and my cock got even thicker. I grabbed his head and slowed him down and right as the cum started to rise, I stopped thrusting and held his head still. The helmet of my cock was just inside his lips and the spurts showered his mouth with my cum load. I could feel him try to swallow but after four shots, he pulled off. The next spurt hit his cheek and the one after that hit his mustache and nose before they dripped down into his beard and mouth. He waited like that for a few moments and then looked up at me to see if I was satisfied. He looked so hot like that, on his knees with cum on his face. I wished I had my phone to take a picture of it. Louis stuck his tongue out and licked the cum off from around his mouth and I leaned down to lick the rest off his beard and cheek. I pulled him to the bed and we laid there, kissing and swapping my cum back and forth.
  13. I grabbed my shorts and walked over to a shelf and pulled two towels down, tossing one to Louis. “Sorry, no shower here” I said. I wiped my crotch and ass off and put my shorts back on. He wiped off, but still seemed to be in a daze. I looked at the clock and it was almost ten PM. “I guess we’re not going to get much done tonight. My place is closer if you want to just head over there. We can drink a few beers and you can crash there. We’ll finish the bike up in the morning” I told Louis. “OK, I don’t really feel like working on the bike right now either. You sure its ok to stay at your place? I can grab a Uber or bus back to my place” Louis said. “Yeah, of course. You want to go now or do a bit of work?” I asked, hoping he was on the same wavelength as me. “I don’t think I would be of much use right now. I’d just be staring at you the whole time” Louis replied with a grin. I dropped my shorts back to the floor and walked past him to pick up my jeans. As I walked by I felt his hand touch my ass. The garage was like a sauna with the door closed and our sweating bodies hadn’t helped it cool down. We both put our clothes on, me in jeans and a tee and Louis in his khakis and shirt. Once my boots were laced I opened the door and wheeled the Yamaha out again. All suited up I closed the door and hopped on the bike with Louis taking the bitch spot again. I left my jacket open and took the long way home, enjoying the summer air as it cooled me off. I noticed that Louis’ grip on my waist was tighter than it had been the week before and he would occasionally reach down and grab my junk. I pulled off the alley and parked under the back stairs like I always did and locked the bike to the post. “Welcome” I said as we walked in the door. I gave Louis the grand tour by standing in the center of the living room and pointing at the other rooms. “Kitchen… office… bathroom… bedroom” I said. “I need the bathroom first, Ryan” Louis said and almost sprinted over to it. He closed the door which made me laugh to myself, but I went into the bedroom and pulled my boots, socks, jeans and shirt off. I walked out of the bedroom about the time Louis came out of the bathroom. “Whoa” he said, obviously surprised at me being almost naked. “Sorry, this is how I usually dress when I’m at home. I can put my jeans back on if you want…” I replied. “No, no, I just wasn’t expecting it. It’s your place, your rules” Louis said, smiling. We sat on the couch and I flicked the TV on before I reached over and grabbed the pipe and loaded it with the weed I got earlier. We passed it back and forth taking hits until it was spent. Louis looked over at me and seemed to want to say something and then just pulled his shirt off. “Fuckin’ warm in here” he said and I wasn’t sure if he was complaining or explaining. He stood up and kicked off his sneakers and then his jeans and sat back down on the couch in just his CK trunks close to me. Sky’s comments kept haunting me in my mind and while I desperately wanted to jump his bones, I didn’t make any moves. Well, for a few minutes anyway. Louis nuzzled in next to me and I wrapped my arm around him. We finished the show on TV and he turned his head and smiled at me. We locked eyes and his nose was right next to my sweaty pit. I saw him sniff quietly a few times and then I had to know. “You like that smell?” I asked. Louis turned bright red, realizing he was busted. “Nothing wrong with it, Louis. Just about every animal uses smell to find mates, humans are no different. Go ahead, sniff all you want” I said calmly. Louis turned and then pushed my arm up. What he did next, surprised me. He attacked my pit with his nose and tongue. He was breathing deep and coating his beard and face with my sweat before he lapped at my whole armpit with his tongue. I heard him moaning quietly and a smile grew across my face as I realized he was enjoying it as much as I was. He spent almost ten minutes like this until his tongue had washed most of my scent off. My rock hard cock was sticking up past the top band on my jockstrap, leaking precum down through the hair and into the cloth. I reached over and grabbed his arm and was about to shove my face in his armpit when he stopped me. “No! I put antiperspirant on this morning” he yelled out. I appreciated the warning - I’ve gotten my tongue coated in that damn stuff too many times to count and it sucks every time. I knew of a few other spots I could savor his scent, but I didn’t want to move too fast. “You do like the smell of a sweaty pit then” I said. “Yeah, if I’m going to be alone for a day I don’t shower or use pit stick so I can smell my ripe pits, but I didn’t know anyone else did shit like that. Sorry, I've always wanted to try that with my own pit and you didn't seem to mind” Louis said. “That was hot. I love a man’s natural scent and when it gets really ripe it’s even better. I never use deodorant - the most I’ll do is grab a shower if I have to be scent free. If no one is going to be around, I’ll just let it build for days” I replied. “Mmmm, I want to smell that” Louis said while looking back at me with a smile.
  14. Part 90 - College Tour It was Saturday morning and he had been putting off talking to his parents all week long and now he had run out of time. Ric had rehearsed what he was going to say since he woke up at 6am. He put on a t-shirt and shorts and went downstairs for breakfast. After finishing off his food he looked up and said “I’m going to have to make a decision on which college to go to in the fall really soon. Is there any chance we can go visit the one in California? I’ve already been up to State and those are my top two choices.” Both of his parents looked back at him, unsure what to say. His dad was the first to speak. “Well, I suppose I could cash in my frequent flier miles to fly out there…” Before Frank could finish he was interrupted by Ric’s mom “Are you sure it’s a place you would want to go to? It’s a long way from home and you couldn’t come back here easily if you’re homesick. We would only see you for the holidays. Do you know of anyone else from your class that is going out there?” Ric hesitated, not sure how he should answer since it might create issues. “I know one person that is going out there. I know its a long way away, but I think the program out there is a lot better and without a bunch of my friends there I wouldn’t be as distracted. Over half of my class is going to State.” “When did you want to go?” Frank asked. “I was hoping to go late next week since I need to decide by the end of the month” Ric replied. “That’s awfully short notice, Ric. We can’t just drop everything at the last minute and go running off to the the west coast” Ric’s mom said. “Well, we don’t all have to go. I can probably take a day off next week and if we fly out Thursday night and come back Sunday, then we will have 2 days to tour and get as much information as we need” Frank said. Ric’s mom scowled at Frank. “I could go by myself…” Ric started to say and was immediately cut down with both of his parents saying “NO!” emphatically. They made the plane reservations and got a hotel and car. Ric was excited all week long and couldn’t wait for Thursday to arrive. He sat in the window seat and let his dad deal with the middle seat on the plane. Ric slept most of the flight and they finally made it to the hotel at 11pm. When they walked into the room and Ric looked around. Two queen beds, a small flat screen TV, a desk and a little seating area filled out the standard generic hotel room. Ric dropped his stuff on to the bed by the window and dug out some boxers from his bag. He changed as his dad looked on. “What?” Ric asked as he noticed his dad staring. “You’ve seen me naked before, as a baby and when we’ve fucked.” “Yeah, but I still enjoy seeing your body” Frank said as he rubbed his crotch and then took his shirt off. “Would you rather see me completely naked?” Ric asked. “Actually, yes, I would. You can sleep in my bed too. Your mom isn’t around” Frank said. Ric laughed. “You horny old man. You just want to fuck, don’t you?” he said. “I was hoping. I still like your cock the best” Frank said. “Well, I’ve never had yours except for that one time I sucked you” Ric said. He let his boxers fall off and bent over to pick them up, showing his ass to his dad. He grabbed the small toiletries bag from his suitcase and went into the bathroom. His teeth brushed and his ass cleaned out, he came out a little while later and smiled at his dad. Frank went in and prepped for bed and came out to find Ric laying on the bed closest to the door, stroking his cock. There was a bottle of lube and bottle of poppers laying on the bedstand next to him. Frank crawled on the bed between Ric’s legs and licked up Ric’s shaft. “God, I’ve missed this” he said before he pulled the foreskin back and licked the head. Frank sucked deeper and deeper, flicking his tongue under Ric’s shaft. Ric let his dad go for more than 15 minutes and then pushed his dad’s head up and flipped around, crawling under his dad. His mouth was wrapped around Frank’s cock and as soon as he started sucking, Frank resumed sucking on Ric’s pole. Ric often wondered where he got his large cock from, since it obviously wasn’t his dad. Frank had a decidedly average cock, a little under 6 inches and not very thick. It was easy to suck and take all the way down. His dad, was struggling to get more than three quarters of Ric’s cock in and gagged as his cock tried to push into his throat. Ric got some spit on his finger and started playing with Frank’s ass, easily getting inside. He noticed that Frank was no longer as tight as when he first started fucking him. He added a second finger and felt his dad moan around his cock. Twisting and finger fucking, Frank’s ass knew what was going to happen and kept opening up. Ric’s mind was scheming and he decided he was going to turn the tables on his dad. He sucked a little longer and then pushed his dad off. Raising his legs, he pulled them back, exposing his hairy hole. “Fuck it, dad. Fuck me like I have fucked you” Ric said. Frank looked back and was startled at hearing his son. He had never attempted to fuck Ric, though he had fucked many guys since that time with Dave and Ric had re-awakened his gay sexual desires. In many ways he had let Ric become the Alpha in the family and definitely when it came to sex. But if Ric wanted his dad’s cock, he would have to do it. He grabbed the lube and pushed Ric’s legs back, dripping some lube above the hole. He jabbed the tip of his cock into Ric’s pucker forcing some lube inside. He dripped more on his cock and rubbed it in while Ric held his legs back. Slowly he pushed in, feeling Ric’s pussy suck his cock inside. Frank’s eyes got big as he penetrated his son for the first time. He looked down and Ric smiled back at him. Frank pumped in deeper until he was all the way in and then started to go faster. He kept looking at Ric’s face to see if he was going too hard or fast, but Ric seemed to be in a state of bliss. He pushed Ric back on his shoulders and started driving his cock in as hard as he could. He wondered how many guys had fucked Ric and if he was as good as them. Ric seemed tight so he assumed that most of the time Ric was using that huge cock to fuck most of his partners. Ric looked up at his dad and the concerned look when he first pushed in had now become contentment. His dad was a decent fuck, but much quieter than most of the guys he had been with. He worked his ass muscles over Frank’s cock and started grinning at his dad. “You like fucking your son?” Ric asked while reaching up and tweaking his dad’s nips. Frank slammed in hard, ground his hips and replied “Hell yeah I do.” “You like pounding that toxic dick into me? You gonna breed my ass?” Ric egged his dad on and got fucked harder in return. “I bet you wish you were the one that pozzed me instead of Dave” Ric said, squeezing his ass one more time which caused Frank to shoot his load. Frank was breathing heavy and sweating as the last pulses from his cock shot more cum into Ric. After a long pause, Frank looked at his son and said “No, I could never do that.” “In a way you did, since you hired a poz escort. It might not have been your cock and cum, but you set me up.” There was a short pause and Ric continued “It’s not a bad thing, dad. It changed my life in a million ways. I’m not the guy that stays in the back, out of the way anymore. I like who I’ve become and the guys I’ve met. And yes, I pozzed some of them” Ric said. Frank stood there, not sure what he should say or do. He leaned back and his cock slipped from Ric’s cum filled hole. In a daze he laid back on the bed, still staring at Ric. Ric rolled forward on to his knees and looked at his dad. “And now, I’m gonna breed you again. We gotta keep you potent as fuck for all those business trips you go on. You been pozzing the customers?” Ric asked as he slid himself between his dad’s legs. His cock head was covered with precum under the foreskin, so he spit down on Frank’s ass and then worked the mixture into his hole with the exposed head. “No, never customers. Guys cruising” Frank said as he felt his hole get stretched open. He had only gotten fucked a couple times by Ric since he converted and he really missed how it felt inside him. Ric pulled back and added more spit before he thrust in again. Frank’s hole struggled to open up and take his son’s cock. He reached over and grabbed the poppers and took a few hits and felt his hole open up. Ric felt it too and drove his cock in all the way. This was a new experience for Ric. Every time he had fucked his dad before it was doggy style. Now he was looking down at him with Frank’s legs spread and pushed back. This was a position he liked. He liked how it made him feel dominant and he could see the expression on a guy’s face when he was breeding him. Sometimes they knew how toxic the load they were about to get was, sometimes not. Ric took his time and drilled his dad who seemed to be enjoying the big cock inside him again after a long break. He could feel his dad’s load slowly dripping out of his ass as he fucked. It dripped down his balls and legs while his hips rocked back and forth, plowing his dad’s pussy. He stared at his dad and said “You want this? You want more of my dirty seed?” Ric asked while thrusting harder “Yeah, breed me Ric. You own my hole. Give me that poz load!” Frank said, getting more excited as he talked. Ric started to grunt and slam harder into Frank’s ass. This was the first time they fucked where they didn’t have to be quiet. “Yeah, gonna recharge that ass. Gonna make my bug even stronger…” Ric said as his cock erupted. A half dozen spurts pumped into Frank’s hole while Ric stared into his dad’s eyes. They were both covered in sweat and their breathing was labored. After a few minutes, Ric slowly pulled out and fell over on to the bed. His cock was still pretty stiff and covered in a layer of cum. His dad turned his head and said “Thank you Ric. You’re the best son a guy could have.” They laid there for about 20 minutes cuddling and then got up and showered together. Both went back to the bed naked and laid down, pulling the sheet over them and soon both were passed out. Ric woke the same way he fell asleep, his dad spooning with him and Frank’s arm over him. This time Frank’s hard cock was nestled between Ric’s ass cheeks. He rubbed his body up and down and Frank woke up from the gentle encouragement. Frank rolled Ric over on to his stomach and continued to rub his cock over his ass for a minute before he pushed it down and it snared Ric’s hole. Most of the cum from the night before had absorbed into Ric’s body, but there was some left and with a little spit, that was all that Frank needed. His cock slowly drove into his son’s ass and he was laying on top of Ric. His hips rolled and he began to fuck Ric’s hole. The strokes were short and he wanted more, so Frank lifted himself up and started thrusting longer and harder. Ric’s moans encouraged him even more and the two bodies were bouncing on the bed. Frank’s balls started to tingle and he knew he wouldn’t last more than a minute or two more. He held off as long as he could and then collapsed on top of Ric and let the cum shoot. Each throb of his cock pumped another shot of poison into Ric’s cunt. Frank growled as he came inside his son and then kissed the back of his neck as the last few drops emptied into Ric. “Thanks, Ric. I used to love fucking first thing in the morning and I can’t remember the last time I could” Frank said. “That was hot. I bet you never fucked mom that hard” Ric replied, realizing that he might have crossed a boundary between father and son as soon as he said it. There was a long pause before Frank replied “Ahem, uh… Let’s get cleaned up and grab some breakfast before we head over to the university.”
  15. Usually by this time with a guy we had already decided who was going to top but the kiss had been so sudden I had no idea if this was just going to be a kiss and grope or we were going all the way. I heard him moan into the kiss and realized from his actions he didn’t either. Our hands explored over each other’s bodies and we kept kissing. Most straight or curious guys I had been with didn’t like to kiss but Louis wasn’t one of them. He seemed to love to kiss and was really good at it. But I needed more. While I usually topped, I figured that he would feel more comfortable fucking. I broke the kiss and rubbed our beards together as I moved back to his ear. I sucked on the earlobe a moment and then kissed down his neck. My hand rustled through the chest hair on his right side and down to his stomach. My head was following behind and my teeth latched on to his nip, biting it gently while I sucked on it. Louis’s hands were on the back of my head making sure my mouth didn’t stray too far from his body. I hooked my fingers around the waistband of his trunks and pulled them down, feeling his hard cock spring free and rub over my chest, drooling precum into my fur. I let go of his nipple and traced my tongue down his treasure trail, feeling the shaft brush through my beard to my lips. I licked the head of his cock and then wrapped my lips around it, slowly descending until my nose was buried in his trimmed pubes. I squeezed my throat around the tip of his cock and felt him shudder and moan. Slowly I pulled back until the flare of his cock head was on the inside of my lips and then I went back down. I began to bob on Louis’ cock using every trick I knew to drive his lust into overdrive. My tongue, lips and throat worked his cock like I’m sure no woman had ever done to him. I could feel he was getting close and I decided that I wasn’t going to swallow this load. I pulled off and sucked on his balls, one at a time, looking up and seeing his eyes closed and his mouth agape. I wondered what he was envisioning - me sucking him or some hot supermodel. I pushed off my shorts and walked the few steps over to his bike and bent over, the straps from my jock framing my furry ass. One hand was on the tank and the other on the back of the seat, I was braced for the fuck I hoped was going to happen. Louis looked at me and I looked back at him. He looked confused, like he had never fucked anyone before. Finally he said “You got any rubbers?” “Nope. No lube either, spit is gonna have to do. You ever fuck an ass?” I asked. “Nnnnno” was all he replied, obviously nervous. “Same as pussy, just better” I said before I spit on my hand and rubbed my hole with it. I knew it wasn’t enough for him to just slide in, but I like rough fucks. Louis moved closer, holding his cock in his shaking right hand. I pulled my butt apart and wiggled it suggestively. He spit on the end of his cock and rubbed it over my winking hole. I would have been in heaven if he had spent a long time rimming my ass, but I’d have to wait for that another time. Hopefully there would be another time, I thought. I relaxed and pushed back about the time he pushed forward. It took a moment of pressure, but then he popped inside. “Oh fuck… Oh my god… Aaahhhhh… aaaahhh… ahhhh” was all he said as his cock drove slowly into my hole. He got half way in and then pulled back a bit. He rocked his hips, getting deeper each time until I finally felt his hips hit my ass. The lack of lube had definitely given me the burn inside, but knowing he was fucking me raw made up for it. I felt his hands grasp my hips and he started to plow in and out of my hungry hole. His moans and grunts filled the garage and my hole started to get slicker as his precum coated the walls of my rectum. He pounded harder and I felt the sweat drip off his body on to my back. Louis slowed down after a while and I wasn’t sure if he was getting cold feet and was about to pull out or whether he was mixing it up so he could fuck longer. He kept fucking though and I enjoyed every thrust. When his hands moved to my shoulders and he started to hammer my hole I knew the answer. Several minutes later the grunts got louder and I could tell his breathing was erratic. A few well timed squeezes of my sphincter and he buried his cock all the way in. I could feel the throbbing from his cock and knew he was filling me with his pent up load. My own cock started to pulse, shooting cum all over the floor and milking all of the seed from his balls. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time I had wasted a load on the garage floor. I stood up, reaching back to make sure he stayed inside me and felt his sweaty chest against my back. It felt odd with one side furry and the other side shaved, but there was no way I was going to complain. I felt Louis’s arms wrap around me and his heavy breaths on my neck as the rush slowly dissipated. “Oh my god, that was amazing” Louis said breathlessly. He couldn’t see my grin but it was almost from ear to ear. After a few minutes, I moved forward and felt his softening cock fall out of my ass. I felt the familiar drip of cum run down my leg and I turned around to see if he was ok or if I had gone too fast once again and fucked it up. He leaned in and kissed me again. It only lasted a few moments before he backed away a half step. “So that’s what gay sex is like?” Louis asked. I chuckled and said “That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Louis.”

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