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  1. Restroom Fun "It depends on what you are wearing underneath. Underwear, is probably a no. Nothing is also not allowed. Jockstrap is ok" I said. He nodded and took his jeans off, revealing a leather jockstrap that framed his ass nicely. He made a full 360 turn, modeling it for us. A few minutes later I saw a guy walk in and was happy he decided to come. I waved him over and introduced him to the group. "Gabriel, this is my co-worker Marc and his partner Sebastian. Guys, this is my friend Gabriel" I said. Gabriel left his tee on and while it was one for a famous leather store in San Francisco, he had no gear on other than some boots. Boots that were almost identical to the ones I had on. I got him a beer and when I came back the three of them were talking and I hoped it wasn't about me. We chatted for a while, looking around the room and admiring the wide range of guys. We kept getting interrupted as several guys came over to say "hi" to me, all making comments about how good it was to be out and mingling again. "You seem to know a lot of people here. You must have something they all want" Marc said. Gabriel looked over, concerned, but then relaxed when I replied "I have been coming here since I was in university so I have known many of them for years. Some are just friends, some I have done bondage play with. Only a couple were sex partners and that was years ago." About that time, Tim showed up with a friend of his. I spotted him, but before I could wave he saw me and came over to the table. With the introductions, we found out Tim's friend was Omar and I got refills for the beers. By the time I got back from the bar, Tim and Omar had their shirts off and tucked into their jeans. I could see Marc trying to figure out Tim's tattoo, but then got distracted with the new drink and his hand groping his partner. The conversation now got complicated. It really became two or three conversations but everyone seemed to be having a good time. Tim looked good in the tight jeans and a thin strapped harness, but it was more for show than anything else. One good tug on it and I'm sure I'd have just a fistful of broken straps in my hand. I later found out it was his dad's and I suspected Tim would be out shopping for his own after seeing many different ones that night that were much more functional. Gabriel and I went for the next round and Tim said he'd make sure that Sebastian made it to the bathroom ok. I gave them directions and Tim, Omar and Sebastian went off in search of a piss. "I'll hold the table" Marc said, looking a little worried. I ordered the six beers for us and then asked the bartender "What's Carlos drinking tonight?" Of course it was an expensive Scotch, but I got him one anyway. "I'll deliver it" I told the bartender. He gave us a tray to hold the pints and Gabriel lifted the heavy tray like it was second nature and didn't spill a drop. I walked over to the end of the bar with Gabriel in tow. I walked up to Carlos and handed the glass of scotch to him. "Thank you officer for all you do to keep us fags safe" I said, smiling. He stood up, took the glass and set it down on the bar next to his almost empty one. "Craig, you stud. How have you been? Since I haven't seen you, you must be keeping out of trouble" he said, being much more friendly than most of our encounters. I looked him over and he looked the same as when we were in his basement months ago. I looked to his side and there was a college aged guy kneeling on the floor in only a stained white jockstrap and plain black collar. A leash draped from his neck up to Carlos' hand. "Another rescue? The Animal Control Department is going to start complaining that you're taking all of the strays" I said. "No, this is just a boy that was looking for a Master. I have two rescues at home, now. Unfortunately, since they come from different gangs, I have to keep them caged separately or they'll kill each other" he said. "Shame, I always thought that Juan needed a playmate" I said with a grin. Glancing back at Gabriel I said "I need to get these drinks over to my friends before they get too warm. Let me know if you need my services again to mark your new rescue or maybe even this one" looking down to the floor. "Juan took care of the other rescue. It was quite a sight to watch. But, I'll keep that in mind if this one stays much longer. It's good to have them marked to show ownership. I see you have a new one too. He is a big improvement over Tim... much sexier. Just as toxic, I imagine" he said with a wink to Gabriel. We got back to the table and Marc was still sitting alone, scoping out the crowd and obviously concerned where his partner was. Gabriel set the glasses down, making sure they ended up in the right spots. "Let me go check the bathroom. I know it gets backed up when the place gets busy" I said as I turned and left Gabriel with Marc. Wandering to the back, I saw that there was a line to get into the bathroom. Saying "Just looking for someone" I was able to jump the line and go inside where I spotted the cause of the wait. Both stalls were occupied with guys fucking. There were only 2 of the five urinals being used to piss and a guy was using one of the sinks to empty his bladder. The first three urinals were taken by bottoms leaning against the wall getting their asses pounded. That's where I found them. Tim was standing back, watching his friend fuck Sebastian. "Some guy tossed that tee over Seb's head and pushed him to the wall. He fucked him good and then his buddy took over. Another guy finished his piss and then just slid right into Seb. I jumped in so another guy didn't" Tim told me as he watched Omar drill Sebastian. I'm sure that was close to what happened but Tim was not Sebastian's savior if Omar was now fucking him. I heard grunting from Omar and I knew he was about to add his probably viral load into Sebastian's ass. When he pulled his cock out, I moved in next, which seemed an unpopular move to some of the guys that were waiting their turn. I hooked my finger into the back ring on Sebastian's collar and leaned in. "Back away from the urinal, wipe your ass with the T-shirt and we're going back to the table. I'll keep quiet if you want me to" I said sternly into his ear. He nodded and I tugged backward on the collar. He did as he was told, dropping the t-shirt on the floor as we made our way out of the crowded room. Who knows if that urinal got used as a fuck or a piss station after we left, but Marc was relieved when he saw us coming back. "They sure seemed to like watching all of the fucking that was going on in there. No wonder there was a line" I said when we got back to the table. Both Tim and Omar had big smiles on their faces. Sebastian looked a little nervous and I saw some cum drip down his leg. We all talked a little more and then Gabriel said "I hate to go, but I have an early doctor's appointment in the morning." "I hope it's nothing serious" Marc said. "Just some tests to see how viral I am" he said unemotionally. Everyone at the table looked shocked at his comment. Tim looked at me, obviously wondering if he was Gabriel's bug brother. "Viral?" Sebastian asked. "Yeah, I have HIV and I'm seeing a new doctor about treatment" Gabriel replied, just as frank as with his prior comment. Part of me was proud that he could finally talk about it without breaking down, but I was also worried that he was now numb to it. I was surprised, though, that he hadn't mentioned that he had made an appointment. "Oh, I'm sorry. Good luck tomorrow" Marc said. Gabriel seemed to ignore Marc's comment as he took a last swig of his beer and headed to the door. As soon as he was gone, Mark turned to Sebastian and said "See, that's why we are so careful."
  2. Another that got too long and I split it in 2. No sex, just story in this part. Sorry. ------------- The Out of Towners On Friday, my boss had given me a heads up to reserve my evenings the next week since we had a guy from the Euro office coming in most of the week. "Dinner on Monday and if they don't have plans, take him on a lake cruise or out for drinks Tuesday and Wednesday" he said. It had been a fun but crazy weekend with Gabriel but when he left Sunday afternoon I knew I needed to rest up for the week. Monday morning I showed up at the office dressed better than normal and unsure of what was going to happen. No one made a comment about the earrings, but I still felt self conscious about them. I knew we had meetings all day, but hopefully I'd be able to escape dinner by eight. I didn't have any plans, I just hated those social work things. My boss introduced me to the guest, Marc, and just as we grabbed coffee and a pastry, the meeting started. The morning went quick and when we broke for lunch I went to recycle four cups of coffee. As I came out of the restroom, Marc was standing there. "Can I ask you a personal question, Craig?" I never like questions like this. "Oh... maybe, I like to keep my personal life private, but you can ask" I said with a grin. "I heard you are gay. Is it true?" he asked. I took a deep breath and replied "My sex life is separate from my work life. It never interferes in my ability to do my job" I said coldly. "No, no. I didn't mean it that way. My partner joined me on this trip and I was hoping you could tell me some gay places we should see while we are in the city" he replied, smiling. I laughed at my misreading of the question. Sometimes a grammatically correct sentence doesn't truly impart the intended meaning. "Oh, I'm sorry. I took it the wrong way. Uh... there are lots of things that gay people do in the city. Museums, the zoo, beaches... shopping, of course" I said. The look on his face told me I should think of more exciting places. "Or, for nightlife we have dance clubs, drag bars, regular gay bars, leather bars, bathhouses... almost anything. What kinds of places were you looking for?" I asked. His eyes lit up with my second set of suggestions. While he looked a little older than me, he was in good shape and I could see him in almost all of those places. "Those sound more interesting. Let me text my partner and see what he wants" Marc said. "Tonight we have dinner planned and I think I heard you are flying to LA on Thursday. Two nights doesn't give you much time to experience it all. You should pick two and spend the evening exploring one each night" I said to him. He nodded and I got a message from my boss saying that lunch was ready. We finished up the day and the three of us walked over to one of the nicer restaurants near the office. Waiting outside, looking around impatiently, was a young guy in his early 20s. Blond, slender and a little shorter than me. He was dressed well and as soon as we got close, Marc ran up to him and hugged him, placing a kiss on each cheek. A few people looked at them but as soon as the flurry of French came out of their mouths they carried on. My boss and I were introduced to Sebastian and we went inside to be seated. I had never really talked to my boss about being gay, we kept our conversations strictly about work. Most everyone in the office knew, but I just never made a point to say anything about it. Not like the straight guys that would sit in the lunchroom bragging about the latest women they'd screwed. But, here we were, three gay guys and one straight guy talking about almost anything. We heard about how Marc and Sebastian met, how long they'd been together, trips they had taken, and more. "Do you have a partner, Craig?" Marc asked. My boss looked over, seemingly more interested in this than anything else. "No, I don't. I really don't do well in relationships. I much prefer Mr. Last Night than having a boyfriend" I replied, using the same line I usually used when asked this question before. Everyone laughed but as soon as I said it, Gabriel's face flashed in front of me. We had finished off the third bottle of wine when my boss made his apologies for having to leave to get back to his wife. The three of us stuck around and finished off a fourth bottle of wine and dessert. With only us queers at the table, the conversation got a little more lively. "You really keep your sex life and work life separate?" Marc asked. "I only broke that rule once and it got me fired from my first job" I said. "This sounds interesting" Sebastian said, suddenly being more talkative. "It was simple. I like to play around and he wanted a faithful husband. When he found out I was fucking several other guys, he dumped me and made up a few lies to get me fired" I explained. They were nodding, but I wasn't sure if they had been in that situation before or just could relate to it. "Gay men are not meant to be monogamous. Sebastian has many lovers, as do I. Sometimes we even get them together. It's a much better way" Marc stated. I nodded, agreeing to an extent but still not wanting to get locked into a relationship. "So, have you decided what types of places to go on your free evenings? I can give you some suggestions if you want" I said, trying to steer the conversation away from relationships. Sebastian got excited again and both of them leaned in. "We don't know what places you usually go to but we hoped you would take us to a leather bar tomorrow. Then... the bath house on Wednesday. I wish we had more time, but next week we are spending four days in San Francisco so we will have some fun there too" Sebastian said enthusiastically. I thought about it a moment and I didn't have a problem taking them to a leather bar, since that was mostly a social event. Some drinking, take a look at the guys and figure out which were real and which were posers. Maybe even toy with some of the college guys that always showed up. I would just avoid playing in the bathroom or back room. The bathhouse was off limits. The last thing I wanted was to run into RJ who was screaming about how I pozzed him in front of my co-workers. Another reason sex and work should not get mixed together. "Yeah, we can hit the leather bar tomorrow. I think it's the night you don't need gear, which makes it easier for you two" I said. "Oh, we brought some of our leather clothes" Marc said with a grin. "As far as the bathhouse, I just don't feel comfortable going there with people from work. It's a rule I just won't break. Besides, all you need to know is where it is. They all are pretty similar" I said, taking the last sip of wine from my glass. They looked disappointed and I hated being an ass since they seemed to be good guys. After a few minutes I said "Let me see if any of my friends will show it to you." They both smiled and we toasted our empty glasses to the next few nights of adventure. Once I got home, I texted Tim "Got any leather?" I got a reply from him a while later "wtf?" "guy from work in from out of town. Wants to hit a cpl gay spots while here" I replied. "ok we gonna tag him?" he replied. "I wont. leather bar just social meet on tues. thought you could show him the bath wed" I texted back, crossing my fingers. "why dont u take him 2 bath?" Tim asked. "Too much gossip @work if I do. Bar ok, baths cud make trbl for me" I answered. "He hot?" Tim replied about ten minutes later. "mid 30s, good bod with twink partner ur age" I sent back. "partner?" he asked and I replied "they r open." "U want me to poz em?" Tim then asked. This was a question I didn't really want to be involved in. "I dont want to know if u guys do anything. Im setting up a tour. no more" I texted back. "but u asked me and u know I like 2 fuck - guys" he texted, obviously digging to see my intent for the guys. "no clue if they are + or -. maybe u can find out at leather bar ;)" I said. I was being honest there, it hadn't come up and I didn't care since I wouldn't be fucking them. If they flew back home with a few souvenirs, it wasn't going to be my fault. A few more messages later and Tim agreed to meet at 9 over at The Saddle. Marc, Sebastian and I hit a pub near work to get dinner and then I headed home. I gave them the address and set up an uber to take them from their hotel to the south end of the gayborhood. When I got home I showered and laid out a few outfits trying to figure out how far to go. Jeans, tee, boots and cuffs seemed to be the safe call. The tee would probably be off before we even got in the door. I laid out a few more combos of stuff i had and settled on leather pants and boots, my favorite harness covered by a tee until I got there. I got a few looks heading to the train and even more as I got off and walked the four blocks to The Saddle. The place had started out as a country and western bar but soon found the gay leather community taking over. Even after the owners sold out, the name and crowd stayed the same and occasionally some naive cowboys would walk in and have the surprise of their life. Many ran out, but some stayed and found a new type of bronco to ride bareback. I stood out front, waiting for Marc and Sebastian to show up. Their uber pulled up a couple minutes later and I looked them over. Marc had a muscular upper body that was bulging under the tight t-shirt and harness. A large tribal tattoo was visible on his left arm below the sleeve of his tee and there was a partial sleeve on his right arm. No wonder he had worn a dark, long sleeve dress shirt at work. Marc wore leather pants, similar to mine and much chunkier boots. Sebastian appeared dressed more for a straight bar, wearing jeans, a tee and some canvas sneakers. The only thing that wasn't vanilla was the thick leather collar around his neck. We said hi and I ushered them to the doorway and walked in. It was decent crowd and I glanced around the room, looking for a spot for four or six. After we sat down, I pulled my tee shirt off and tucked it in my back pocket. The other two also pulled off their tees. Sebastian pulled out a canvas bag and stuffed their shirts in. I handed mine over and headed to the bar. I ordered based on what we had at the pub earlier for dinner. A couple light lagers and a hoppy ale for me. While waiting for the pints to get poured I looked around and saw several familiar faces. One in particular was a pleasant surprise. As I walked back to the table, I noticed Marc had a huge back tattoo with a medieval theme in addition to the ink on his arms. It was quite a contrast to Sebastian's un-inked body. I dropped off the pints and Sebastian leaned in over the table. "Can I take my pants off here?" he asked.
  3. Is This a Date? Friday I stopped at the store after work to get a few last things for dinner that night. There was no sign of the blond cashier from last time and I hoped it was his day off. When I got home, I changed out of my work clothes into a jock, running shorts and a pair of flipflops. I got part way through getting dinner ready when the phone rang from the doorman. I had him send Gabriel up and soon there was a knock at the door. "Oh, I didn't realize it was beachwear night" he said, before laughing. "Get your ass in here and get naked" I replied, taking the gym bag he was carrying and putting it in the bedroom. I went back to cooking and suddenly had a naked body standing behind me. "Ahh, that's better. I like something hot to look at while I cook" I said. I bent over to put put the pan in the oven and I felt two hands on my hips and Gabriel grinding on my ass. "Watch it..." I said, adding a few moments later "That's not really a bottom move." "No, but you looked so hot bent over like that. I couldn't resist. Besides, I haven't always been a total bottom" he replied, with a slight grin. It didn't really register until several minutes later since I was more concerned about getting dinner cooked perfectly. While I was waiting for the last few things to finish, I turned around and leaned back against the counter. I pulled him in for a deep kiss and when it ended, I said "So, tell me more. What made you decide to only bottom? Is it just because you're poz now?" The smile on his face disappeared and I regretted asking. "It's ok. Don't worry. It hits everyone differently. Uh... did you used to top a lot?" I said. He looked back at me and nodded. It took several seconds for him to regain his composure. "I've always preferred to bottom, but you know how it is. There's never enough tops. If I liked a guy enough or found him sexy I would either flip or top him. But once I got infected... I just couldn't even think about fucking another guy" he said. We had a good dinner and finished off a couple bottles of wine before moving to the couch. I lit a joint and after my first hit, I passed it to him. He inhaled like a pro and grinned back at me after exhaling the smoke in my face, which I breathed in. "Damn, I haven't smoked since I moved back. I've really missed that feeling" he said. We finished off the joint and then headed to the bedroom. We were both pretty wasted and in no shape to fuck. We were naked in bed, spooning, and my dick just laid there barely hard. It didn't matter, we were sound asleep in a few minutes anyway. When we woke in the morning, I saw him staring at me. I could see him thinking and after a few minutes he asked "What do you think would make your perfect partner?" I choked, really not wanting this type of conversation until I'd at least had some coffee, after a few drinks or never. "I dunno... someone who doesn't mind me fucking around on the side and does the same. A guy I can trust... Someone that won't get jealous of the other guys I fuck. A guy that trusts me. Someone that can be spontaneous and do something crazy at the drop of a hat. Someone that pushes me to try things, but doesn't want to mold me into someone else" I said. I knew it wasn't an exhaustive list but to be honest I really had avoided thinking about it. "Yeah, you didn't really strike me as the monogamous type. What kind of spontaneous things?" he asked. "Hmmm. Just flying off and spending the weekend someplace I've never been. Having sex in an exotic location. Leaving a pile of laundry and going over to the bathhouse and having fun with random people" I said. "I knew you had a high sex drive but it's really part of everything you think about, isn't it?" he said. It wasn't a question I answered right away, so he then asked "In this hypothetical run to the bathhouse, are you with your partner or not?" "We go there together... but then I could see it go several ways. Having fun together, having fun together with other people or each finding other people there. I'm an exhibitionist and like people watching me, whether it's sex, bondage or just fooling around. I love to help a guy explore his sexuality and have him help me" I replied. "Interesting... Do you think this mythical man exists somewhere in the world?" he asked with a grin on his face. "I don't really think so. I tried to find him when I was younger and guys said they were ok with me fucking around, but it always became an issue. I hated getting close to someone and then having it fall apart. I'm not an easy guy to get along with for more than a few hours" I said. "I guess" Gabriel said. We laid there for a while and he broke the silence with "My tattoo appointment is at two this afternoon. Want to skip doing your laundry today and spend a few hours before my appointment over at Steam?" A smile grew over my face and I rolled over to face him saying "Are you trying to prove to me that you're the guy I gave up looking for?" "I think you're just afraid to find that guy" he said before getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom. We got cleaned up and made it over to the bathhouse just before eleven. I was a little nervous about running into RJ but we got a room and wandered around. "If you find someone you want to take to the room, just go. I prefer the public play areas" I told him, but he stayed near me most of the time. We ended up in the dark room and I fucked him as soon as we found a spot. He seemed to tense up when a guy started feeding him his cock but when I rubbed his back he began to get into it. I felt a guy next to me and slowly fucked Gabriel for another minute before letting the new guy take over. I moved over to a chubby college guy that had just walked in. He kneeled on the bench and slid into his well fucked hole. The guy that fucked Gabriel lasted a few minutes before I heard him moan and stop fucking. Another guy took his place and lasted just a little longer when he did the same thing. When that guy left, I pulled out of the college guy and went back to Gabriel and felt his ass. He had taken at least one load and probably two and Gabriel began squeezing my fingers inside his hole. When the guy that was face fucking him groaned I knew he'd gotten his third load of the day. I tapped him on the shoulder and he stood up and we moved on. Finding nothing happening on the third floor, we went back to the second level and took another lap. We went into one of the glory hole booths and someone was in the cubicle next door. I whispered in his ear "feed him" and pushed him to the hole. I heard a faint "Oh fuck yeah" come from the other side of the wall, so the guy must have liked what he saw come through the hole. While Gabriel wasn't fully hard in the beginning, I assumed he didn't stay that way long from his moaning. I moved behind him and slipped into his cum-filled hole. I fucked him gently while kissing the back and sides of his neck, listening to him moan. The guy on the other side must have been good since I could hear Gabriel moan and feel him squirm as the guy got him close and then backed off. I began to thrust a little harder and Gabriel went back to squirming. Suddenly he froze and I heard him say "No... NO! NOOOO!!!" and he started panting. Seconds later, I felt his hole start to spasm and I assumed he shot his load into the guy's mouth. When his orgasm faded I pulled out and he fell back against me before turning around and holding me tightly. "Shit! Fuck! Damn it! The fucker backed his ass up on my dick and I couldn't stop from cumming in him!" Gabriel sobbed as he held me tight. "Remember what I told you. Guys that do that stuff here are either poz already, looking to be poz or on prep. It's not your job to keep them safe" I said, stroking his back. He calmed down and we left the glory hole, noticing the room next door was now empty. We walked some more and watched a few guys fuck in their rooms and in one of the larger rooms. A pair of older leather daddies were playing in the sling and it was amazing to see the connection they had. While they mainly were giving each other pleasure, they also were putting on a show for those of us that were watching. "They barely talk yet they know what the other is thinking" Gabriel whispered to me. I nodded and noticed the top looking over at me with a grin. I looked back and mouthed silently "fucking hot" before nudging Gabriel toward the door. We walked a bit more and passed the chalkboard at the top of the stairs on the second floor. "poz wanted 213" it said scrawled across the bottom. I didn't want to pass up that chance and we wandered around looking for the room. The guy was face down, ass up with some guy drilling him when we got there. As the top's pace increased, so did his grunts and twenty seconds later he was dumping a load in the bottom. The guy in the doorway stopped stroking and took the tops place. He pushed in easily, paused a second and then just hammered him for a minute before adding his seed to the mix. When he left, I started toward the bottom and Gabriel looked at me. "You gonna?" he asked, shocked that I had no problem fucking and breeding this stranger. I stepped close and looked down and someone had drawn a biohazard tramp stamp in marker on him. I pushed in and felt the loads he'd gotten before me. When I got half way in, I stopped and asked "Chasin?" and the bottom responded "mmhmm." I fucked him hard and with the warmup of fucking Gabriel in the gloryhole, I was adding my bug to his ass in a few minutes. I pulled back out slowly, trying to leave as much cum inside the bottom as possible. I gave Gabriel a gentle push and said "You heard him, he wants it." His cock said yes since it was hard again but the look in his face said no. "You want something potent, chaser?" I snarled. "Oh god yeah... poz me, sir" the bottom cried out. I watched Gabriel close his eyes, grab the bottom's hips and push his hard shaft in. He pumped his cock in and out, building up steam. When the bottom begged "Give it to me... please!" Gabriel gave one more shove and shot his load into the sloppy hole. I could see the conflict in his eyes so I led him back to our room and we sat down on the bed. "You ok?" I asked. He slowly turned to me and said "I don't know. I can't believe I just pozzed two guys" he said, staring blankly at me. "Both of them wanted it. In different ways, but both willingly took it. Don't ask why. They made their decision and you helped them on their journey. Besides, one load rarely does it" I said calmly. Gabriel nodded and we got up and went to the locker room. Once we were showered and dressed, we headed over to the tattoo shop. We were a few minutes early and went in. Gabriel met the artist and he looked over the renderings. I sat in a chair by the door wondering if I had done the right thing or had just ruined our friendship. "Craig, come here. Look at this. What do you think?" Gabriel called out. I walked over and looked over the drawing. The confusion was apparent immediately. Gabriel looked at me and then said "Oh, I forgot to tell you. I changed the tattoo. It's going on my chest now!" I laughed and said "That looks really good. It's going to be a lot more visible now." He pulled his tee off and took a seat before he removed his nipple piercing. "We've been doing these a lot lately. Scorpions too, but mostly biohazards. I think everyone is making up for lost time after last year and screwing anything that moves, regardless of the consequences" the artist said as he finished setting up. "Blake usually does the poz guys but he's off at a show this weekend. I swear he's just looking for hookups at those things" he said as he shaved around Gabriel's pec. "Last one I did was a pair of blond frat guys who wanted matching small scorpions on their wrist. No other ink on 'em and didn't even have a pierced ear. Probably horny guys that got more than they bargained for" he said as he started in. I had to chuckle and wondered if they were the guys I fucked in the grocery store bathroom. Due to the simple design, Gabriel's tattoo was done in no time. I was impressed with the artist's steady hand and smooth arcs on the tattoo. The biohazard symbol in black ink was centered around his left nipple and had just the right proportions for his body, almost three inches in diameter. Big enough to see within ten feet yet, not too big to look silly. He didn't put the date on it in the end as the artist thought that it would clutter up the design too much. The smile on Gabriel's face when he saw it was priceless. I had never seen him that happy. "OK, Sara is waiting for the next step in back. Follow the care instructions so it heals well. Let me know when you want the next one" the artist said with a wink. I followed him to the back of the shop and was surprised to see that this was the piercing section. "Let's get this one back in first and then work on that other one" the piercer said, slipping the little barbell back into his left nip. As she got ready to pierce Gabriel's other nipple, he asked "Craig, how come you don't have any piercings?" "I had my left ear done a long time ago, but took it out when I was looking for a job after college and never wore it after that. It's closed up now" I said. "You should put it back in. I think it would look good on you. Maybe get a matching one on the other side too" he said. The piercer looked at me and smiled. "Those are so easy, I can do it when I finish his" she said, giving me a wink. I watched Gabriel get his nipple pierced and almost fainted. A few minutes later, I had two more holes in my head. "They are just simple studs. Once they heal you can find something nicer or stretch them. I think a small gauge would look good on you. Maybe a nose ring too" she said to me. Looking at Gabriel she said "Obviously you know how to care for your new piercing since the other one turned out great. You can show him too in case he doesn't remember. Let me know if you want anything else done." Gabriel turned to her and said "Do you do genital piercings? I was thinking of a PA."
  4. There have been some site software updates lately so maybe they don't like the header information in the GIFs. I just tried to upload a simple GIF from GIMP and it worked fine. I would suggest that you try opening a GIF that is giving you problems in some graphic editor (MS Paint, Paint 3d, GIMP, etc) and do a save-as to a new filename and trying to upload that. Good luck!
  5. Just A Quick Poke Walking back home, I wasn't sure why I'd said "yes" or why I had asked him to come over on Friday evening and spend the night. I liked that he was beginning to accept his status and even embracing it. But, I didn't understand why I felt so close to him. Our sex had become more sensuous while still keeping a rawness about it. Chase was almost the opposite, in many ways. Pale white vs chocolate, hairy vs smooth, inexperienced vs seasoned pro, eager vs laid back, versatile vs bottom, neg vs poz. Well, maybe neg. And while Gabriel was the consummate bottom, I wished he was a little versatile so I could watch him fuck someone. I thought it would look really hot watching him drive that long cock in and out of some neg hole. Maybe even share a bottom with him. I got to my place and dumped the empty bottle in the recycling bin and washed out the glasses. I wanted to leave the glasses and opener at his place but he said it would cause problems and I wanted to stay on his mom's good side. I had told Chase that maybe we could hookup again on Thursday and when I got home I had a message from him. "have 2b@ library 7pm thurs 4 project. quick 1?" he said. "k" I replied. I got out of work and was over there about ten after six. He just had some basketball shorts and sandals on and back to his room we went. I wasn't sure who was at Chase's apartment but no one was in the living room and the other bedroom door was closed. He dropped his basketball shorts and showed off his ass in a black jockstrap just inside the door. Following him down the hall, we got into his room and I shut the door. "Gotta make this quick. I have to leave in thirty" he said. My dick had chubbed walking up the stairs behind him and it fully sprang to life as I unzipped my pants. I tugged my company polo shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. Remembering Gabriel's comments the night before about a back alley fuck, I thought that's what I would do with Chase. I could think of a bunch of alleys that I would like to find him in, leaning against a wall or dumpster with his furry ass in full view, begging to get fucked and bred full of my special seed. In fact, if I'd been thinking I would have done just that behind his building or even in his living room. But we were in the safe confines of his bedroom now, so I got a little rough and pushed him against the wall. I forced two fingers into his hole and it felt a little squishy. "Hmm, couldn't wait for my dick so you found someone else?" I snarled. "Just... Tyler... I caught him jacking... and told him to give it to me as lube" he gasped out. He seemed a bit frightened at my sudden attitude change. While we had fucked roughly before, I'd never gotten this physical with him. My forearm was against the back of his neck with his face was flat against the wall, my legs had spread his legs, and yes, my fingers were probing his ass roughly. I dug my nails in and twisted my fingers around, making him yelp out like a puppy whose tail I'd stepped on. Adding a third finger, I worked his his hole until it opened up nicely. While his body was still shaking, he had calmed down a little. I worked my fingers inside of him, getting them as deep as possible. Yanking them out, I heard him whimper at the sudden emptiness. Quickly, I turned and used my body to hold him in place as I raised my hand. "Open wide" I growled and watched him slowly open his mouth. Stuffing my cum coated fingers in, I then told him "Suck on Tyler's neg seed. You gotta keep breeding his ass until he's shooting the good stuff." I heard him moan and felt him suck and lick my fingers clean. Pulling my fingers free, I used my hand to position my cock at it's next target and pushed in. There was still plenty of Tyler's cum in his hole but I stretched him back open and forced my cock much deeper than my fingers had gotten. Going balls deep during the first penetration made him yell out and squirm. By now, I knew his roommates were not going to check on him unless there was a truly blood curdling scream. Letting him adjust for few seconds, I pulled back and then started to fuck. He was gasping each time I thrust in and both of those got faster and faster. Grabbing his hands, I held them above his head as my sweaty chest was on his back and my head was next to his. I pounded his ass mercilessly, feeling the cum inside him get forced past my cock and all over my pubes and his ass. After ten minutes of drilling him, I drove in hard and planted my cock all the way in, holding him between the wall and my sweaty body and fully impaled on my shaft. "Want some more toxic cum in that neg ass?" I snarled into his ear quietly. His chest was still heaving, but he eeked out "yes... sir." "Good boy" I said before I hammered him for fifteen seconds and unleashed a torrent of cum in his slick hole. Sometimes when you cum, it's just pulses but other times you can feel your whole cock throb in a guy's hole as you deposit your load. This was a full on throb and I'm sure Chase felt it too. With the last drop in his ass, I slowly pulled out and grabbed a nearby t-shirt, using it to clean off my cock before pulling my trunks up, followed by my work pants. I knew there were probably some wet spots on my pants, but I figured if I left my polo untucked and with the warm summer air they would be dry by the time I got home. Leaning in, I whispered "Thanks, Chase. You're one step closer" before I backed away and pulled my shirt over my head. I grabbed my backpack and walked out of his room, leaving Chase panting against the wall.
  6. Spin the Bottle The commute on Wednesday was so much easier than the day before. I crawled out of bed, pissed, made some coffee and sat down at the table naked, ready for work. The day breezed by and I closed the laptop just after five, having never had to put any clothes on. The time I setup to meet Gabriel was a few hours away. I didn't want to be rushed like I had been the day before with Chase or make it sound like I was inviting myself over for dinner. As I was making myself something to eat, I began to think that maybe I should invite him over for dinner. That thought caught me off guard since I liked to keep people at arms length. But there was just something about him that I liked. Maybe it was his honesty or vulnerability or playfulness or how he felt in my arms or something I hadn't realized yet. Yeah, the sex was good, well... great, but I thought there was something more to it. I finished my dinner and jumped in the shower. I felt like a total queen as I rummaged around for just the right things to wear. Eventually, I decided on worn jeans with a few tears in the leg, leather boots and a tight fitting tee. Sexy and a little edgy. I picked a bottle of wine out of my rack, which thankfully took much less time than the clothes selection. I put a pair of plastic wine glasses and a corkscrew in the bag with the wine and went downstairs. I had called an uber and stood there in the vestibule waiting for it. "Damn, you lookin fine there. Hope it's a hot date" the doorman said as I stood there waiting for the car to pull up. Chuckling, I replied "Thanks. I hope its hotter than hot." The car finally arrived and I rode over to Gabriel's place silently. I got out and tipped the driver extra since he was really quick and safe, a rarity among taxi and ride share drivers from my experience. A push on the button and a few seconds later Gabriel was opening the door. His mom was in the living room watching TV and I said "Nice to see you again" as we walked through. She gave me a big smile and said "I'm glad to see you again, too" in reply. We walked back to his room, sitting down on the floor and I opened the bottle of wine. After I poured out two glasses, Gabriel took the bottle in his hand and read over the label. "Someone has good taste. This is not cheap stuff" he said with a grin. "I thought about bringing something fortified to get you drunk and easy, but I was all out" I said back, trying to hide my own grin. "Man... you already know I'm easy. I gave it up as soon as you got here last time" he replied. We both laughed and talked a while before he said "Momma must really like you. She said to have fun and just close the door if we do anything nasty. She's always wanted me to keep my door open when anyone came over." He reached back and swung the door shut. "You must have a lot of visitors" I replied, hoping the smirk on my face told him I was joking. "Tons... well... not really. A few friends and I've only had sex here twice. A guy in high school and you" he said, looking a little ashamed. "Quality over quantity" I said, taking a sip of wine. He burst out laughing and I wasn't sure if he was making a comment about the sex we had or not. "The guy in high school was as clueless about sex as I was. It was soooo fucking bad. I found out later that a couple girls in school had already experienced his lame moves so they passed the word around. None of the girls would have sex with him so he tried me. I thought getting my cherry popped was supposed to be this magical thing. Instead, I realized my finger was much better than his dick" he explained. "I hope I set the bar higher" I said. "You're here again, aren't you?" he replied with another of those sexy grins. I poured the last of the wine into our glasses as we kept talking. I didn't want to kill the mood, but I decided to bring up the free clinic that wasn't too far from his place. "Testing and visits are free and they find ways to make the medications affordable or free, too" I said. He seemed to appreciate my concern but stayed quiet after, saying "Thanks, I'll look into it." It felt like he didn't want to discuss it anymore, so I changed the topic and asked about his life out on the west coast. Once we had finished off the wine, I pushed the empty glasses and bottle to the side and pulled him close. We kissed for a while, our hands groping and rubbing all over each other's fully clothed bodies. He slid his hands under my tight tee and and had it over my head after a brief struggle. Next, it was my turn and since his shirt was much looser, it was sliding across the floor in about a second. He kicked off his slip-on shoes and then I realized my big fashion mistake. I reached down and pulled up my jeans and started unlacing my boots. "What the fuck? Boots? Fuckin' twenty hole boots? Were you planning on just slipping those jeans down far enough to get your dick out and fuck me against the wall like some back alley hookup?" he asked, looking pretty pissed off. "Nah... Nothin like that. I wasn't even planning on taking my clothes off tonight" I said back, innocently. It was the truth and even though I rarely met a guy without fucking him, this was going to be one of those times. I stopped untying my boots and began to lace them back up telling him "Maybe I should go." He moved closer and gave me the look my mom used to when I'd done something really bad as a kid. "I'll do it this time, but don't make a habit of it. I'm not your bitch" he said, his stern face turning into a devilish grin. He unlaced them and then tugged both off before looking back at me. "You don't think I spent all that time cleaning my booty just to have you sulk off home without giving me at least a quickie, do you?" he added, keeping the devilish grin. My pants slid off quickly and then my trunks. Gabriel stood up and did a slow striptease, pulling just his jeans off and showing he was going commando. He wasn't going to have any impediments to getting my dick in his ass tonight. But with his mom a few rooms over, I needed to be quiet. I pulled him back down to the rug next to me and kissed him again. A short while later, I rolled on top of him, pinning him face down to the floor. My stiff cock nestled between his butt as I continued to kiss the back of his neck while I slowly humped his ass. He was making these soft grunts with each stroke of my cock between his butt cheeks. Rising up and hovering over his body, my cock worked its way into the crevice and toward his hole. The quiet moan he let out encouraged my slow descent into him. It continued until my hips pressed against his ass and he whispered "Oh fuck yeah" before giving my cock a couple quick squeezes. Bending my arms, I lowered myself on to his back and began to roll my hips. This was a little like the second fuck a few days earlier, but I was determined to make it last a lot longer. I was only giving him quarter strokes, but it was the deep end and it felt really good to keep most of my cock inside of him. The moans he let out were quiet but I didn't want to let anyone else hear them but me. Reaching over, I could stretch just enough to grab a pillow and I tossed it next to his head. Moments later, his face was buried into the pillow and my strokes got longer. Some of his moans escaped the pillow but he kept most of them muffled. I sped up a little, giving the occasional hard thrust into him. He would grunt louder when I did that, and I didn't want his mom pounding on the door. It felt almost like one of those high school fucks I'd had so many years ago and I let out a soft giggle at the thought. I drilled him a few more minutes and then pulled my cock slowly out. I rolled him over and pushed his legs back before easily slipping my bare cock back inside. Gabriel held on to his legs, spreading them wider and allowing me to go a little deeper. We both tried to stay as quiet as possible but when I started to pound him harder, I had to place my mouth over his to keep our moans contained. With our mouths connected, it didn't take long for our tongues to begin playing. As much as I wanted to slam into his ass, I knew the sound of our bodies hitting each other would make more noise than I wanted. It didn't matter, the feeling of his soft, warm chute and the constant squeezes his ass gave my cock got me closer and closer to orgasm. Both my tongue and cock made a final plunge and I was again filling him with more of my charged seed. Almost immediately, I felt the first strong shot of his cum coat my chest and then his remaining ones covered his chest. Obviously, he had remembered my comment from my previous visit and allowed himself to cum naturally, rather than hold off until I had left. It did milk out another shot or two from my balls. I really believe both the top and the bottom should enjoy sex, regardless of the situation. We rolled again until he was laying on my chest. Gabriel alternated between kissing my chest, sucking on my nips and licking his cum off of me. A few minutes later he worked his way down my body and let his tongue loose on my soft cock. It didn't stay soft for long as he bathed it with his tongue, covering every square inch. "Mmm, a little metallic... you are trying to knock me up again" he said with a grin. He crawled up next to me and we began to kiss, swapping spit and poz cum back and forth. His arm was laid across my chest and mine around his shoulder. We dozed off for a few minutes and when we woke it was just after ten PM. I kissed him again and then he smiled back at me. "I have a favor to ask" he said softly. I nodded and he continued "I decided to take your advice and embrace the new, poz me. I'm going to start by getting a tattoo." I'm sure I looked a little shocked, but I tried to wipe it off my face and seriously ask "Are you sure you want to mark that beautiful body?" He chuckled and said "It's already marked on the inside..." pausing and then adding "I don't want something that is normally visible, but will tell the guys I get naked with what's up. I was thinking of a biohazard symbol on my ass, with the date below." "You know... that would be misleading if you become undetectable" I replied. "Yeah, but I will always be poz. I want to do it to show people I am not ashamed of having HIV" he said. "Well, then you might want something more visible. Maybe on your wrist or neck... on your chest or around your nipple. Just remember, it's permanent like the bug is, so choose something that YOU can live with" I told him. He nodded and seemed to be thinking more about it, so I gave him a minute before I asked "So what's the favor? I can't tattoo you." After a few moments Gabriel asked "Will you come to the shop with me on Saturday?"
  7. The Newbies On Monday morning I was moving slow. The first cup of coffee helped and the second got me into the groove. This was a week I'd been dreading for a year and a half. My days were Tuesday and Thursday to go into the office. I wasn't really sure what the point was, since half of the people I would need to deal with were still going to be working at home those days. I could be just as productive sitting at home almost naked with my fuzzy slippers on. I checked my phones to see if there were any messages and sure enough both had some. My regular phone had a couple from work, two from my family and one from an unknown number. The hookup phone had a message from Chase. After reassuring my brother that I could find my way back to the office and my mom that I was still among the living, I dealt with the work messages. With coffee number 3 poured, I tackled the last two messages. "Hi. This is Gabriel. Thanks for yesterday. BTW my mom thinks you're cute" read the message from the unknown number. I quickly added him to my address book and sent off a reply. "Thank YOU. Was fun. Hope to meet up again. btw, your mom has a hot son." Then I moved over to the other phone and read Chase's message. "hope ur free this wk wud lv repeat tell me when" he said. "ur the busy one" I replied to Chase. I knew it would be a bad idea but I figured I could tap him on my way home from work on Tuesday, unless he was busy again. I knew I should figure out what my new work schedule was before planning the extracurricular events, but I really wanted to get my dick back into him. A minute later, I typed out "tues after work? abt 6?" I could get off the train a few stops early and have only a two block walk and I don't think he'd mind me being a little sweaty from working all day. It's not like I got very dirty at my desk job. Thankfully Monday was a lot easier than the last two at work and before I knew it I was done for the day. Done work-wise, anyway. Closing my laptop, I put it into the case it hadn't seen in over eighteen months and made sure my badge was still in the front case pocket. I sat down on the couch with a scotch in my hand and went to surf. A short while later my phone buzzed and I looked at the message. Gabriel asked "got some time?" You can always tell if someone has a quick question or if you're going to be tied up a while. I knew this was the latter. I refilled my glass and replied "Sure, what's up?" The phone call lasted almost two hours and we talked about a lot of stuff. Most of it was my sexual experiences and being poz for several years. I could tell he was still in the "freak out" stage after several months. Mine had lasted five minutes. He seemed surprised that I had no problem fucking neg guys and even was ok infecting them. "Unlike twenty years ago, there's a few ways for them to stay negative. I already eliminate some guys if they want to use condoms. I only bareback and I don't care about the bottom's status. My profiles all say that I'm poz and that covers the hookups I make. I can't tell you the last time I met up in a bar or club. The bathhouse on the other hand makes it hard to have that conversation. Guys that go there are already poz, looking to get poz or are on prep. Or just really naive" I said to him. "Some guys lie about their status" he said. "Yeah. All the more reason to be on prep if you're neg. But you're poz now, so it doesn't fucking matter. Choose your path. Stay off meds and let the other guys roll the dice. Get on them and it doesn't matter. Or, if you try to only fuck with poz guys, neither of you are at risk." I replied. "Ya know... I don't know what your sexual habits were before or even how you got pozzed. I don't want this to sound cold, but I don't care. My history with you started a few days ago. What you did before that doesn't really matter unless it consists of really bad shit and I kind of doubt you were that kind of guy. You're named after an angel, after all" I added. He laughed, which I took for a good sign. He told me about the hookups that he think got him knocked up. "Five or six hookups with this chubby latino guy that loved rough sex like I do" he said. Or his past, before covid where he was very picky about who he hooked up with and spent most of his time working not playing. "You missed the best time of your life. Being in your 20's, gay and good looking, you can get fucked 24 hours a day. 30 and over and its harder" I said. "Maybe, but I enjoyed it and some of the guys were very generous" he said, sheepishly. "You hooked?" I asked, surprised since he didn't seem to be the type. "No, not as a job. I just had a few customers at the restaurant that didn't mind spoiling me if I gave them some personal attention later" he replied, very defensively. "You'd probably do really well if you escorted, though. That body is fucking awesome and your ass is even better" I replied, chuckling. "I prefer sex to have a little more meaning than collecting money" he said. "Come on. We met on a hookup app. That's the definition of looking for meaningless sex" I replied, trying to ignore the fact that now I looked at our meeting as more than a one night stand. "I know... but I've only met one other guy off it and it was a total mess" he responded. I quickly responded "How so?" and I could hear him take a deep breath. "He was another poz guy, since that's all I ever looked for after..." and I heard a sob. "He treated me like shit, told me I was just another worthless... poz... fag... and I should be grateful that he was willing to stick his dick in me" he finished up the explanation. "He's an ass. There's a lot of them out there and some are neg, some have no clue and some are poz. You're not worthless. He was probably jealous of you. You're sexy, nice, funny and great in bed, all things he probably isn't. Some dudes have such low self esteem they talk down to guys... especially bottoms... to make themselves feel superior" I replied, my blood starting to boil. It was at that point I realized that the weird feelings were because I genuinely cared about Gabriel. "Sorry... I didn't mean to get you mad" he replied. I took a deep breath and said "No, not your fault. I get pissed when I hear about someone mistreating people I care about." There was a little pause and I wasn't sure how he was reacting. "You know... this is a good time to re-invent yourself. Keep the stuff you really like and toss everything else. Be adventurous. Grow your hair out, do some drag, learn to skydive. Use the change as the beginning of the next chapter of life" I said. He still didn't respond and I wondered if I pushed him too far. "So... we got a little sidetracked. Did we cover whatever you wanted to talk about?" "Uh... Kinda. I just wanted to talk... Maybe see if it was just a hookup or maybe more" he said, his voice shaking. "Oh... shit... Uh... I don't really do relationships... very well... or... but yeah, I think it's more than just a hookup... Uh... mind if I stop by on Wednesday night? We can talk some more or even..." I said, hoping I hadn't fucked things up. I realized I was on my fourth scotch and pretty buzzed. "Uh... OK. What time?" he asked, sounding a little unsure. "Eight? I can bring something along if you want. 420? Beer? Booze? Wine?" I asked. "Oh shit... no weed. If mama smelled that I'd be out on the streets. Maybe wine would be ok..." he replied. "Ah... got it" I said, realizing my substance use was probably way more than his right now. -- Tuesday was the least productive day at work I'd had in years. Fill out forms, show my vaccination card, sign forms saying that if I got anything I had to stay home, sign forms saying that I wouldn't hold the company liable if I caught anything. Hell, I think there was a form telling them my left testicle was bigger than the right. The only good thing was that the guy they had collecting forms was really cute. Early 20s, nice lips, good butt, flawless dark skin, tight pants, neatly trimmed beard and his hair pulled back in a short tail. The kind that is good to hold on to as you pound his ass. He got kind of shy when I'd flirt or wink at him. He was safe, I never fucked guys from work. Flirt, yes. But if I stumbled across him at the baths and he didn't know it was me, his ass was mine. It was almost six when I looked at the clock and I quickly put everything away. I flew out of the office and hopped on a train, having to run the last hundred feet to catch one that was about to leave. I got off on the first university stop and made my way over to Chase's place, calling him again as I got to the front door. He was down in seconds and with me being about a half hour late, he seemed surprised that I had showed. We made it just inside the door when Tyler came out of his room and stopped, blocking the hall. I looked around and didn't see the Asian guy anywhere. "Sorry about my attitude last time... I... just... didn't know what the deal was" Tyler stammered out. "No worries, just realize everyone likes different stuff and don't shame them for it. You probably don't even know everything you like, yet. And just cuz someone else likes it doesn't mean you have to. But... keep an open mind and next time let Chase piss on you or tie you up. There's a ton of kinks out there to try and see what gets you hard" I said with a wicked grin. Just like before, he didn't seem to dismiss the thought right away and I wondered how long before he took his first shower or swallowed his first gulp of piss. He ducked back into his room as Chase chuckled behind me and we continued to his room. This time, I did close the door and we both were naked in seconds. I laid back on his bed with my semi-hard cock pointing up. He sat down next to me and looked over, unsure of what to do. Since I was going into the office that day, I'd put deodorant on and I didn't want him to get a tongue full of that crap, so having him eat my pits again was out. My hand guided his head to my dick and he started to suck on it. A couple minutes later, he rolled off the bed and on to his knees, never letting his lips leave my cock. He started out better than last time and when he decided to take it in, it went much smoother. Maybe it was because he wasn't trying to impress his roommates or maybe he'd practiced stretching his jaw since then. Chase still dragged his teeth along my cock and with him taking most of my dick several more times than last time, it really started to sting. One thing he was able to do this time was to bury his face in my pubes. He had to tug to get the last bit in, but he did. From the moan around my cock, he appeared happy he finally did it. I'm not sure if he was happier proving to himself that he could do it or prove to me he could. I don't really care about things like that, just make me feel good and get my dick covered in spit and I'm good. The spit was making the abrasions on my cock pretty uncomfortable so I pushed his head slowly backward. My cock head left his lips with a pop and he tilted his head up at me. Spitting a gob into his open mouth, I leaned down and grabbed under his arms, hoisting him back on his feet. As soon as he was up, I slid off the bed and got behind him. "Bend over and show me that hot ass" I said deeply. He spread his legs and leaned against the bed, as I'm sure he'd done lots of times before. Kneeling down, I only spent a couple minutes eating his ass, getting a little saliva into his winking hole and the hairs matted down. From his moves and moans, Chase needed to get fucked just as bad as I wanted to fuck him. My cock slid in a few inches pretty easy but I knew he was feeling it by the groan he let out. After getting the head in, I paused a moment before pushing half way in. I slowly pushed until I felt the barrier, enjoying the tight sleeve gripping my cock. I felt him push back and I knew that more force was needed to break through his inner ring. "Not yet" I said softly before slipping back and then rocking my hips. I plowed him with three quarters strokes listening to him moan. When he got used to it, I began to thrust faster. I heard a short whine and then he went back to moaning. Another ten minutes passed and I notched it up again, drilling him a little faster. The tip of my dick was teasing his inner ring and if I hit it too hard I'd feel Chase twist his body. Pushing him up on to the bed, I knelt down behind him and got into a good position to pound him. My cock slid easily into the gaping hole and I picked up the fucking where I had stopped. He kept moaning and muttering "oh fuck... oh god... ahhh yeah..." over and over. Some times he would shove his ass back as I went in and others he'd just work his ass muscles on my dick. The sounds from his now wet hole really spurred me on and after a few more strokes I gave a hard shove and broke through. He cried out and immediately buried his face into the bed while my hands held his hips still and I left my dick planted deep. I'm sure Tyler was listening to us on the other side of the wall, probably stroking himself silly. A few seconds later, I pulled back half way and resumed drilling his ass. Two minutes later I jabbed in again, slapping my balls into his. His outer ring clamped down on my cock and when it loosened up, I went back to plowing him again. Waiting a short while, I changed it up and began slowly deep dicking him. He took every inch and while I felt him squirm a little and gasp each time I bottomed out he never said "stop." It felt great but my balls were churning away and I only gave him four or five more thrusts before slamming in again. My cock throbbed as each shot filled his guts with my toxic load. I leaned forward against his back and slowly humped his ass, shooting a couple more spurts of cum into him. "Gonna knock this ass up good" I whispered into his ear. I ground my hips on his sweaty ass, listening to him moan before he collapsed flat on his stomach. My cock stayed in him, holding in all the viral goodness, as he continued milking my cock with his ass. It kept me hard a lot longer than normal and I did give him a few more erratic thrusts. This time he really sounded sloppy. After a few minutes just laying there, I rolled us on to our sides. I reached around and his cock was sticky and soft. "Already shoot your load?" I asked quietly. "Mmhmm. Twice" he replied, chuckling. "Sorry I didn't notice, I was enjoying how good it felt fucking you" I said mischievously. He laughed and replied "First was when you kept hitting my spot before you went all the way in..." He paused and I could tell he was a little shy about when the second was. "And?" I asked. His head turned back and I could see he was blushing. "When you said you were knocking me up" he said softly.
  8. Angels vs Demons While I had been planning on tapping a few guys that night, I just went home and laid out on the couch. A few bowls of weed later and I was baked like the night before. Occasionally, the image of RJ's shocked face would pop into my mind. It was a little unsettling since I'd never felt bad about any of the other neg guys I'd charged up. Maybe it was because we had such a long history. Still, it was up to him to get back on PrEP before hitting the baths and knowingly taking loads from a poz guy. Or guys. Sunday I woke up and after another lazy morning, I hopped on the apps to see who I could find for a quick NSA fuck. There was no sign of Chase and he'd said he was busy this weekend anyway. None of the others I knew were on, either. I got a few hits from guys but most I dismissed pretty quickly. Some just wanted to party and, of course, I had to supply the favors. That wasn't my scene and I'd had my share of bad tina fucks so I pretty much just avoided those guys. Others had a huge list of what they wanted in their profile, most of which ruled me out but they were still messaging me. One guy wanted me to fuck him while his cuck husband watched. Some were neg4neg and others were safe only. The latter ones got a longer view since I knew many guys said safe only on their profile yet never balked at the raw poz dick going in their ass. I was about to take a break and wait for some new guys to filter in when I got a message. "yo bro wanna lay sum dat poz pipe inna my knokd up cunt?" it said. I chuckled and took a look at his profile. It basically said "skinny poz black bottom up for anything." He was by far the best option I'd seen. He was only a year younger than me, about my height, just skin n bones except for a really nice bubble butt. He was hung too and I'm pretty sure that pissed off a ton of other bottoms since his profile said "don't fuckin ask me 2 top!" "Lookin 4 a recharge?" I sent back. "Don relly care jus figured u dint care i was poz" he replied. He was right, I didn't care and it actually made him more attractive considering I still had images of RJ running through my head. As I read over his profile again he sent another message - "got place 2 myself til 8." The app said he was 2 miles away and after a couple more messages I was on my way. Jogging over, I kept repeating the directions and address since, like with most first meets, I left everything at home including my phone. From our texts I expected a pretty ghetto guy but as I got close the neighborhood was anything but ghetto. I stopped in front of a nice two-flat and dug out the scrap of paper I'd written the address on to make sure I was at the right address. It was just before four and I was right on time. Ringing the bell on #2, it was answered by a slightly thin male voice without any of the language from the texts. "Hi... We talked earlier on... the app" I said, scrambling for words since I wasn't sure I hadn't gotten sent to the house as a prank. "Yeah, this is the right place. Be right down" the voice said out of the speaker. The difference between the language in the texts and what I heard out of his voice was totally different. The language had changed from ghetto to almost schoolbook perfect English. Once he opened the door I knew it was the guy from the profile. The body matched the pics which was always a good sign for a hookup. "Come on in" he said, opening the door. We climbed the stairs and went into a nice, spacious apartment and he led me back to a small bedroom. "I'm crashing with family until I get my shit back together" he said, smiling back at me as he sat down on the bed. He was dressed like most guys I had hooked up with at their place. In his case the shorts were gray sweatpants cut off just about knee length and other than a pair of flipflops he just had a gold chain around his neck and a pair of small diamond stud earrings. My eyes kept roaming and I noticed he had his left nipple pierced with a small black barbell that almost blended in with his skin. His hair was buzzed short and his face was smooth and sexy. Model quality sexy. Further down, his body was also smooth and defined. He looked much better in person than his pics showed. His arms had more muscle but not overly done and I expected his legs would match. "That's cool" I replied. Normally I'd be pulling my clothes off at this point but I was still trying to figure out the disconnect between the texts and the discussion we were having now. He must have sensed something and asked "Everything ok? You looked confused. Am I not what you expected?" I chuckled and replied "Not really... but in a good way. I was expecting..." and I was searching for the right words not to offend him. "A ghetto dude? An aids patient? Some guy with ten year old pics?" he said with a smile, finishing off my sentence. "From your messages... a bit of the first" I started to say and he broke out laughing. "Yeah, most dudes on the hookup sites like that shit so that's how I usually start. And... I was kinda looking for a thug to do me today but when I saw your profile I changed my mind" he said casually. I laughed again and said "I don't do thug, sorry. Rough top, yeah... but not thug. And I don't mind being second choice if this is what I get" I replied, grinning as I pulled my sweaty shirt over my head. "Good... it seems that's all I can get now" he said, slipping off the bed on to his knees in front of me. His hands raised up and I felt them roam over my chest with his fingers gently playing with my nips. "Fuuuuck, you are one hot mother" he moaned out as his hands moved lower until they were tugging on my shorts. Tossing them to the side, he buried his face in my jockstrap while grabbing each of my butt cheeks with his long slender fingers. He pulled my crotch closer to his face and was soon gnawing on the growing bulge with his mouth. A mixture of spit and precum had soon soaked the pouch and I was bending over to rub my hands down his back and into the slightly exposed crevice. Slipping my fingers along the crack and around his hole he got more aggressive with his mouth. Less than a minute later, he had my jock pulled down and was working over the foreskin with his tongue and teeth. His hand wrapped around my ballsack and tugged down. Everything he did made my cock get harder and harder. I could feel some slickness on his ass ring, so I pushed in to get my first knuckle inside. The further I pushed my finger in, he sucked more of my cock into his mouth. My finger plunged all the way into his hole and he clamped down on it. His hole felt damn good and from his actions he knew how to use it. Reluctantly, I pulled my finger free and stood up. My hand wrapped around the back of his head and he was experienced enough to know what I wanted. He was gentle yet determined and a couple minutes later I felt my cock pushing into his throat. The fluid-like motion was so smooth and the firm pressure from his lips felt so good. An experienced cocksucker like this didn't need any guidance on how to service my cock. While Chase had been good just based on his perseverance, this guy was in a completely different league. Even better than RJ. The tip of my cock slipped past his lips and he looked up at me "Damn, you taste amazing" he said before opening his mouth and diving back on to my cock. His nose would bury itself in my trimmed pubes, he'd flex his throat just before pulling back which was driving me crazy. I knew I couldn't let him go on like this for much longer or I'd be dumping my load down his throat. The next time he went all the way down, my hands held him there and I said "So... you want this poz pipe deep in your charged up pussy?" Except for serious chasers, I usually didn't do poz talk during a fuck but since that's how he said "hi" on the app, I figured that's what he wanted. He let out a muffled "mmhmm" before giving a hard squeeze to my cock in his throat. Holding his head I slowly withdrew my shaft and once free I slapped it across both sides of his face. It had been a few years since I fucked a poz guy that didn't get that way from my DNA but I was going to have fun with him. I had a dilemma though - I could fuck him harder doggy style, but he was so hot I wanted to be look at his face as we fucked. Pulling him up to his feet, I drew him closer to me and began kissing him. He let me take the lead but he wasn't really submissive. His tongue was taking some initiative and exploring my mouth just like mine was trying to do to him. Our cocks were both hard and pressed between our bodies, leaking pre over each other's shaft. It was hot making out with him there, I'd kiss him aggressively and then he'd take over. My hands worked their way down his back until I'd grabbed each butt cheek and pulled him closer and then let go slightly. The motion made his body grind against mine, stroking each other's hard dicks with our abs each time. I have always loved hung bottoms. They have an attitude about them that they know what they want and just want you to use the part of their body they want used. I'd even got a few guys that thought they were tops to find out that they were really bottoms needing to get fucked and their dick was just eye candy. As good as he felt rubbing against me and kissing, I did need to feel his ass wrapped around my cock. I gave him a hard tug against me and he broke the kiss, looking at me with a devilish grin. He wrapped his arms around my neck and I gave another tug, pulling up a little. "mmhmm... one more" he whispered in my ear and I did it a third time, much harder. He pulled himself up and wrapped his legs around me. My cock was slick with pre and slid over his taint until it found his waiting hole. As experienced as his mouth was at engulfing my cock, his ass was trying to do the same. I bounced my hips a little and the tip settled in. I'm sure it didn't look as graceful as it does in porn flicks, but a few bounces later and he'd taken the first third of my cock. Unlike many bottoms that were hard as rock during foreplay and then softened up as soon as my cock went in, he stayed stiff. My dick got further and further inside as we rocked and bounced with both of us moaning loudly. About ten minutes after I had entered him, I knew I couldn't keep this up and it was time to move to the bed. I gave a last thrust and then moved us a few feet to the edge of the bed. Crouching down, I leaned him back on the bed and with my dick still in him and began to rock again. His hands let go as I stood up slightly and began to roam over my chest. We looked at each other and soon his grin was back. When I'd thrust in harder, it would disappear while he moaned out but was back quickly. My pace would vary as would his moans, from deep and sultry to a higher pitched squeal when I plowed really deep. Leaning forward, I started to fuck faster. His grin got bigger, showing his perfect gleaming teeth as he started grunting the occasional "oh fuck" or "god yes!" or just an incoherent moan. Once he started to work his ass muscles around my shaft, I knew it was only going to be a few moments before I bred him. He clamped down hard on my cock and screamed out "Fuck yeah! You can't knock me up but I need that cum!" I slammed in a few more times and grinned back at him growling out "Don't be so sure... I'm pretty fuckin toxic and I'm sure as hell gonna try." The moment after he cried out "Poz my ass" I began to shoot. My cock throbbed as each spurt flooded his guts. There were over half a dozen shots that pumped into him. His eyes shot open when he felt me fill him up, or maybe just from my throbbing cock inside his ring. I was panting with my eyes closed as the pulses faded. I said "Nothin like a sexy guy that knows what he needs" as I opened them and saw his face. The grin was gone and he looked scared. A tear dripped out of each eye and down the side of his face. "What's wrong?" I asked softly. It took a minute but he finally said "I don't deserve this..." I laid down on top of him, my cock slipping out of his hole and I wiped the tears away. "However it happened, you'll be ok. Trust me. There's lots of poz guys out there living good lives. You just deal with it as one of life's challenges" I said, trying to calm him down. A minute later I added "Sorry, I thought you were into the poz talk from some of your comments." "I thought I was ready... but I guess not. I'm sorry I ruined it" he replied. We sat there and talked for a while. Eventually, he asked "you really poz?" "Yeah, about seven years" I responded "Fuck... Are you on one of the medications?" he asked. "I was. Ran out with covid and haven't got back on em, which is why I'm really toxic right now" I answered. "So... you only fuck other poz guys?" he asked a minute later, obviously unsure if he wanted to know. "Poz, neg, prep. I don't limit myself that way. It's more important if I have a connection" I said. I didn't tell him that the connection might only be my desire to charge the guy up. "Oh... I don't think I could let a neg guy fuck me. I'd feel too guilty" he said. "If you're undetectable like I was for a few years, then there's no risk. Even if you're not, there's less risk for the top" I replied. "I can't afford the medications since I lost my job last year" he said. We laid there and talked a while and the longer we did, the more comfortable he became. We'd make out for a while and then talk some more. We did that a few times and then I rolled him over, pulled him to his knees and mounted him. This fuck was much slower paced than the first but didn't last very long. The long slow thrusts were much more sensuous than the rutting earlier. The cum inside him from our first round felt great. My hips ground against his ass each time I bottomed out and his moaning got louder until I climaxed. While not as big a load as the first one, it was still pretty big. He clamped down as I pulled free, locking my jizz inside him. We laid there next to each other a moment and I asked him if he came. "No, I usually wait until the guy leaves" he said softly. "You're a bottom, not a second class citizen" I said with a grin. While I don't normally suck dick, I do it when the situation calls for it. I climbed between his legs and licked up the length of his half-hard cock. Wrapping my lips around his cut cock, I nursed on the head a few moments before slowly taking him in. He grew as I sucked and began to moan. I felt his hand gently lay on the back of my head and then pull away before it moved back again. I'll never claim to be an expert cocksucker but his cock fit really well. He was only slightly shorter than me and not as thick. When I finally got my face into his very short pubes, my throat massaged his cock. I felt him twist under me and realized I was about to drown if I kept it up. Instead, I began to bob on his shaft, working my tongue until I felt him tense up. My hand cupped his tight ball sack and then circled the base of his cock just as I felt the pulses shoot out. The first shot hit the roof of my mouth and the rest coated my tongue. His balls must have really been full since I had to swallow twice and still had a nice bit in my mouth. I pulled off, using my lips to collect any cum in my mouth until I got to the head. I knew he'd be sensitive and only lightly grazed the tip with my lips. His face was a mixture of shock and delight. Crawling back up on the bed next to him I licked any remaining cum off my lips and said "Mmmmm, I love the taste of poz cum." A second later, he pulled my head in and began to kiss me, digging his tongue in and swirling it around my mouth. Falling back, he stared at me and said "It tastes like it usually does, just a bit of your spit in there too." Swallowing the last of his load, I grinned back at him. "So, you have a discerning palette?" "I had to. I worked in a high end restaurant and had to be able to describe everything to my customers" he said, completely serious. "Sorry, I didn't mean to question you. I was trying to make a joke" I replied. "No... no. I'm sorry. I'm just used to having people question my sense of taste. You know, like my kind can't have a sophisticated palette" he replied, dropping his chin. I pulled it back up, so he was looking at me and leaned in for another kiss. "What do I taste like?" I asked after I ended the kiss. "Stud bull. Fresh, tender but a little gamey. With a hint of cream on the finish" he said, deadpan, before laughing. We continued talking a little more as we groped each other. Suddenly he jolted up off the bed and yelled out "Oh fuck! They're home. Shit! Get dressed!" We both threw on our clothes. I pulled on my jock, shorts, shoes and then my tank top. He added a tee to his shorts and we walked out of the room down the hallway to the kitchen. "Hi mama. My friend was just about to leave" he said breathlessly. "Hello, ma'am. I'm Craig. Nice to meet you" I said, reaching out to shake her hand. There was another woman about my age behind the guy's mom, rolling her eyes. Mom looked me over and then looked at her son and said "If you're the one that finally got Gabriel here to smile again, then you must be an angel." The other woman looked like she was about to break out laughing and probably had figured out what we'd been doing. I chuckled and looked over and he did have that grin back on his face. I wasn't sure if it was because he truly was happy or because we almost got caught. "I usually get comments comparing me to something with horns and a pitchfork, but thank you. I should get going. It's a long run home" I replied. I'm sure that both of us stunk of cum, mostly from my breath and the growing wet spot on Gabriel's shorts. He walked me to the door, keeping his back side away from the women. Looking at him seriously, I said "I hope to see you soon... Any time you need to talk is ok." I jogged home, my mind was totally scattered and my stomach was churning. Grabbing the key from the doorman, I didn't even stop to chat like I did most of the time. Once back in my condo, I grabbed my phone and pulled up the app. "Hope we meet again. Even just to talk. Take care" was the message I sent off to Gabriel along with my number. My real number.
  9. I hope it was worth the wait. I wasn't sure how many times he should get bred before it came up. Funny thing, that bug. Not everyone gets symptoms or the same symptoms. Maybe they are getting smarter than some of the humans they infect. Maybe not. He's the type to go on meds ASAP. It all depends on his insurance plan and their accountants (<-- Joke for US readers) Oh, I'm sure he got the number 😁
  10. A Greedy Bottom Thursday and Friday had been pretty brutal work-wise. I'd finished up at eight both days and really just wanted to veg out the rest of both nights. The baggie of green I'd picked up the previous weekend helped relax me and by ten on Friday I was totally baked. It had been a while since I had gotten that high, but I really needed it. Unfortunately, that meant I was going to be going back to the dispensary sooner than I had planned. The blinking light on my hookup phone caught my eye but it took a while for my foggy mind to realize what it was. I got the phone to see who wanted to hook up. I wasn't in any shape to go out and meet anyone, which was just as well since the message from Chase said "really? u want 2 meet again? bz this wkend tho." Saturday was a sleep-in day and I got up just before noon. I got some stuff done in the afternoon but while I was in the grocery store, just about every guy made me hard. I'm sure some of the guys thought I'd stuffed my jock since the bulge was much bigger than normal. A few days without sex or even stroking myself off and I was horny as fuck. I grabbed the last few things on the list and went to check out. "Someone really likes the merchandise" the dark blond cashier said with a smile. I realized he was staring at my crotch and the smile became a big fucking grin. "Tight jeans and tank were probably the wrong things to wear today" I thought to myself before saying "Yeah... been too long" sheepishly. He smiled back at me and as I grabbed the bags he handed me my receipt and said "I can help. Call me." It had been a while since I'd had someone hit on me like that but it felt good. I wasn't sure why I was embarrassed, but I knew I needed to fuck and figured I'd take the easy way out and hit the bathhouse again that night. "Damn, I haven't been there that many times in a month since I was a young pup" I muttered to myself on the walk home. After I got there, I put everything away and grabbed a beer, settling onto the couch with my phone as I went through the apps. Nothing caught my eye which just made the decision to head back to the baths easier. I crashed for an hour or so and then got ready. Walking back out of my building I noticed the ground was damp and a mist filled the air. The rain, while light, seemed to keep a lot of guys away and I walked right into the bathhouse on a Saturday night. After stuffing my things in the locker, I wrapped the towel around my waist and went prowling. The dance floor was wide open as were the few play spaces on the first floor. I barely made it fifty feet on the second floor when someone grabbed my shoulder from behind. "Oh thank god. This place is filled with nothin but bottoms" RJ said loudly over the music. I laughed, knowing the balance was always skewed heavily towards bottoms there, even pre-covid. It meant the tops got to tap who they wanted and to be honest, I wasn't really planning on meeting up with him that night. With the memory of fucking Chase fresh in my mind, my dick wanted some more new meat. "How about a good long fuck this time? Really wreck my pussy instead of the samplers you gave me the last few times?" he asked. "Oh? I didn't give you not enough dick or cum the last couple times?" I asked with a chuckle. "No!" he replied a little too enthusiastically. "Well... I really should spread the love out and give a few other guys the chance to feel my dick inside them. I've seen several tonight that I've never fucked... and if they're all bottoms..." I said with a smirk. His face went blank and his jaw dropped. I knew that he was planning on getting at least some of my dick tonight and suddenly the thought that he might go home unfucked was becoming a reality. I took pity on him and leaned in close. "Maybe not a marathon session, but I'll scratch that itch" I whispered in his ear. RJ gave me a big smile and nodded, knowing he couldn't really push it or he'd end up with nothing more than giving a blowjob to another bottom. "I got a room upstairs" he said before turning and heading down the hall to the third floor stairs. I followed him, planning on giving him a longer fuck than last time but still saving some of my seed for some other lucky bottom. We reached his room and as soon as we were inside he dropped to his knees and was on my cock in a flash. Apparently I didn't realize how eager RJ was to get fucked because he devoured my dick. Without any help from me, his nose was pressing into my pubes in under a minute. It took me a little longer for my cock to get fully hard and when it was, he had it sliding down into his throat. Years of practice had gotten him to easily take almost any hard dick he could find. I let him go for a short while before I took control. With my hands behind his head, I plowed in hard and stayed there. He lasted longer than I expected, but finally I felt him start to fade. Most guys will fight and pull off, but RJ didn't. He knew I wouldn't put him in any real danger of suffocating and he was right. I withdrew just far enough for him to gasp and fill his lungs back with oxygen. Once he was back, I started to fuck his face for a few more minutes. Whether my cock head was brushing past his lips or plunging into his throat, he just took it. When I pushed him off and stepped back, he knew what was coming next. He stayed on his knees and looked up at me like a puppy, waiting for the next treat. All I did was turn my head and look at the stained mattress and he leapt off the floor, jumped on the bed and knelt down with his ass over the edge. "Go easy at first, my ass is still sore from Wednesday" he said apologetically back to me. I chuckled, thinking "he really is out of practice." In the pre-covid days, we used to play up the poz on neg aspect and most of our fucks were rough. We played it like I wanted to destroy his hole so my bug could claim another neg guy. He got off on it and obviously I did too. But both of us knew then that he had the safety blanket of prep so he was never going to get knocked up. I was ok with it since he really was a fun fuck, but I still knew he was never going to be another notch in my belt. Our fucks lately were a lot less edgy but still decent sessions. It was time to fuck him like I used to. "Then you shouldn't have wanted me to fuck you so bad" I snarled. I spit on his hole, pulled back the rest of my foreskin and dragged the bare tip of my cock over his hole. "Oh fuck!" he cried out as my cock stabbed into his hole. From his twitches and writhing, I knew he wasn't lying about still being sore. He used to take this easily. But, I can be a selfish bastard and it didn't slow me down. I pulled all of the way out, grabbed his shoulders and shoved back inside deep. He tried to stifle his next scream but didn't succeed. No one came running to his rescue since the room in the back corner of the third floor was isolated enough that no one heard him scream over the DJ's music. The open door didn't matter, either. Long strokes came next, plowing from tip to base. His cries and whimpering slowly changed into groans as his ass became numb to the abuse. My hands moved from his shoulders to his neck as my assault on his ass continued. This was like our hard fucks of old - brutal and animalistic. Slowly, my fingers wrapped around his neck and got a good hold. It helped me get leverage as my thrusts got even harder. A few guys poked their heads inside the room as I drilled RJ's ass, all smiling and I'm sure most wished it was them getting fucked. I hammered him a for several more minutes and yanked my cock free of his ass. The whine he let out showed me just how much he wanted my cock back in him. At least that's what I thought. I grabbed his legs and rolled him on his back. He seemed surprised at the manhandling, but I wanted to look him in the eye for the rest of our fuck. Lining up, I slammed back in, feeling my balls slap into his ass. His expression changed from anticipation to shock. His eyes got bigger when I pulled back and thrust in again. His legs were over my shoulders and my hands went back to his throat. Many guys would freak out like this but just like with my cock choking him earlier, he knew my hands would only take him to the brink of unconsciousness. My cock drilled in repeatedly. The fuck wasn't as brutal as before, but with my hands squeezing his throat I could sense the tension. A dozen minutes later, I slowed down the pace, but each thrust got harder. We gazed into each other's eyes until it seemed we were looking into each other's soul. He'd grin and then change back to a more serious look. And then do it again. I pulled all the way out, wishing I could see the big gape of his hole but I wasn't going to break our stare to go see. Slamming back in, he gasped and I could feel his throat expand as he sucked the air back in. Drawing back, I made the same move and this time he grunted when I shoved in. I did it a few more times and then he clenched down on my cock. A large spurt of my seed shot into his ass. Each of the next five thrusts pumped more of my tainted seed into his hole. After the second thrust, he started to moan as he felt me start to fill him up. I drove in deep with the last stroke, pumping my poison far into his guts. Gazing into his eyes, he had a huge grin on his face. Going back to my thoughts from earlier about our pre-covid fucks I said "Better hope that prep works good, cuz you just got some pretty potent seed in that wrecked cunt", my face inches from his. It took a few seconds to register, but the grin vanished and he yelled out "Oh.... FUCK!" His face had spun from euphoria to panic in a fraction of a second. "I... uh... thought you were on meds" he said. "Nope. Ran out during covid and couldn't get any more" I said calmly. After several seconds of him blankly staring back at me, it really sunk in and the panic became terror. He stammered out "I stopped during the lockdown and haven't started again yet." My devilish smile told him exactly how I felt. Every neg guy was a potential target for me and hopefully RJ here was going to be carrying my DNA for a long time. My attitude has always been if you're serious about staying neg you don't get bred unless you're on PrEP. My dick was still firmly planted inside of him and he wasn't trying to break free. Frozen was a good description. "Oh my god... Why didn't you say anything?" he asked. "We been doin this for years. We knew where each was - you're always on prep and I'm poz. Why keep bringing it up and kill the mood?" I replied. He still was laying there, my dick slowly softening in his ass as my toxic seed soaked into his body. With my cock now limp, I pulled it out and backed away. "Too late now for pep... I've bred your ass every time we've met since the baths re-opened. Cross your fingers, I guess" I said, just as unemotional as when I'd said the same thing to other neg guys that I bred. His feet fell to the floor and I moved to the door. He followed me down the hall to the stairs and into the main floor showers. Nothing was said as we washed off the sweat and cum. I looked over and saw a few small splotches on his chest and abs and smiled. "Rash?" I thought to myself as I turned the water off and headed to the locker room.
  11. It's not unattractive at all. Younger hairy guys are really sexy. Become comfortable with yourself (mind & body) and work it to your advantage. If a guy isn't into you because of your body hair, find another guy who is. You might need to widen your search criteria, but it will be worth it. Guys trying to be something they aren't is a real put-off for me. You might try keeping it trimmed or maybe even "manscaped". BTW, if you decide to shave it, keep it shaved. For me, there's nothing worse than stubble all over a guy's body. I don't mind smooth, prefer hairy but mostly just natural.
  12. Lather, Rinse, Repeat I wasn't sure why I was heading back to the bathhouse on Wednesday night. The previous night's fun should have kept me sated for a few days, anyway. When I got there, it was chaos. The EMTs were there with the entrance blocked off so they could bring out yet another casualty. The guys in line were already spreading rumors. One rumor was that someone overdosed, another that someone passed out on the dance floor and yet another that someone fell in the shower getting gangbanged. I'm sure the real story would be a lot less interesting. I gave it fifteen minutes and just as I was about to leave, they wheeled out a guy on a stretcher. A few more minutes and the tape barrier was gone and the waiting group was heading inside. By the time I got in and wandered around, I was just not in the mood anymore. I had decided to leave but seconds later I ran into RJ. He was definitely in the mood, so I figured I could do another quick fuck and then head home. A short walk and we were in one of the open play rooms and I had him bent over a fuck bench with his legs spread. I didn't even give him time to mount the bench, he just grabbed on the top pad with his arms stretched out and bent over. If anyone wanted to use the bench properly, they wouldn't have to wait long. My fingers worked their way into his lightly lubed hole. Starting with two, I was able to get him loosened up pretty quickly. Some more spit and a minute with three fingers and he was ready. Or, at least I was. Aiming my hard cock at his hole, I dropped another gob of spit above his hole and let it run down the crevice before pushing in. RJ let out a loud moan and most of the guys around the room turned to take a look. I saw a few smiles before I turned my attention back to RJ. My cock slowly descended until I was fully planted in his ass. His moan kept going the entire time and when my hips hit his butt it stopped and was replaced by a big gasp followed by a gutteral, drawn out "Fuck yeah!" With him fully opened, my hips pulled back and I began to drill him. Each stroke ended with a thud as my body slapped into him. After a dozen firm thrusts, I paused a moment and he took two big hits from the popper bottle in his hand. As soon as his hands were back on the bench I shoved back in and pounded him a little harder. A few guys were now standing around watching us and I checked to see if Chase was there, like last time. It would have been surprising if he was, since I'm sure his ass was still hurting from our fuck the day before but maybe that would spur him into top mode. It was probably ten minutes after RJ had bent over and I was pounding him with all I had when I felt the cum start to rise. My cock grew thicker too as I approached climax. I'm pretty sure RJ could tell, since he began to milk my cock with his ass. Squeeze on the outward thrust, release as I pushed back in. With the extra stimulus, I only lasted another dozen strokes before giving a final shove and let my cock flood his guts. He got a surprisingly large load and it seemed my balls had been working overtime the past 24 hours. Once the last pulse had fired I stayed planted a few more moments before I pulled out. Helping RJ stand back up, I pulled him to my chest and whispered "Thanks, bud." He followed me down the hall to the showers and we both cleaned up. "Not sticking around for more?" I asked as we dried off. "After that I don't think I could take another fuck. Your dick kinda spoils it for the others. Maybe this weekend I'll be ready to get back into cumdump mode" RJ said with a grin. I gave a short laugh and then started to head to my locker downstairs. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a guy's arm and the tattoo that I remembered from one of the sites. He'd played the chaser role but the moment we had set something up, he vanished. It had happened several times with various guys and I'd gotten used to it. I was someone's jack-off fantasy and they never planned on meeting to go through with it. I headed back up the stairs and saw him poke his head into the upstairs showers and then the playroom I'd just fucked RJ in. Each stop he made had given me a chance to get closer and soon I was near enough to make sure he was who I thought he was. Five foot six blond twink, fully shaved with a pink unicorn on his left upper arm. Looking lower... yes, two pale blue stars, one on each forearm. "Yep, that's him" I muttered to myself. He kept walking around the second floor and then ducked into the gloryhole area. Too easy, I thought. He took the center of the three booths and I went into the far one, grabbing a few packets of lube from the bowl on the way. I pulled my towel off, tossing it over my shoulder and heard a gasp on the other side of the hole. My cock had stiffened and I was just wondering how I could get it inside his ass. "Don't rush it" I told myself. Once I saw a finger at the hole, I moved closer and pushed my semi-hard cock through. His tongue lapped over my growing shaft but he didn't really start sucking it. A few minutes later, I pulled my cock back past the hole and bent over a little. "It's not a fucking lollipop, are you gonna suck it or just lick it?" I said, clearly showing how unhappy I was with his skills. "I'll try, sir. It's kinda big" he said back. I laughed and gave him another shot. This time he tried to suck on it but could only take two or maybe two and a half inches. He did seem to know how to play a bit with the foreskin. I kind of regretted showering after the session with RJ, so that he could enjoy the taste of some dried cum and some stranger's ass juice. I let him work it a few more minutes and then I pulled clear of the hole again. "Show me that ass" I barked. I expected him to bolt at that point, but he turned around and came close to the wall, spreading his ass nice and wide. Opening the packet of lube, I coated my finger with the oily goo and rubbed it over the pink hole before pushing in to the first knuckle. He gasped but didn't move. Pulling back, I added more lube to my finger and worked more of it into his hole. His ass seemed to be more adept at taking cock than his mouth had been and soon I had two fingers inside him. Ripping open a second lube packet, I put half on my cock and the other half on the third finger that squeezed into his ass. With a light thud, he fell back against the wall, surprising me again. Another minute later, I stopped twisting my fingers and gently pulled them back. My foreskin was pulled back and my dick was glistening in the dim light. I aimed my cock and pushed in, trying to get in before the hole closed back up. I knew I would never get all of my cock inside him and to be honest all I wanted was enough short strokes to dump a few shots of viral seed inside him. He kept pressing back until the head actually popped inside the outer ring. The moan from him was easily heard in my booth and probably out into the hall. My hips began to rock and while not getting very deep it went further into his ass than his mouth. His hole kept getting slicker as I plowed in and out the precum and lube mixed together. I tried to go a little deeper, but the cry that came out of him told me that was about all he could take. I fucked a little faster and remembered one of his last messages on the site that said "I hope I feel your toxic load in me soon." The thrusts slowed down and I knew every second could be the moment that he pulled away and vanished again. Instead of pushing in as far as I could and breeding him, I just let it flow while I pumped my cock and out of him. There wasn't a loud groan or exciting orgasm. My cock just thickened and began to spew a few shots of my cum inside his hole. I knew I'd probably never know if I was able to knock him up with this lame fuck, but I had the satisfaction of finally getting my dick and charged load inside him. I gave a few harder thrusts and he let out a yelp and began to pull away. I also pulled back and wiped my dick off with my towel. "Fuck, I can't believe I took that" I heard through the hole. I said to myself "No, you didn't. You couldn't take even half of it." Instead I muttered an half-hearted "Thanks" and walked out of the booth. He didn't follow me or even come out of his booth for the few seconds that I hung around. Back to the locker room I went and when I saw the blood stains on the towel I tossed it in the bin and decided to shower at my place. I walked back out into the pleasantly cool night air and headed home realizing it turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. -- Friday morning I woke and saw a few message on my hookup phone. I made some coffee and started to eat breakfast as I took a look to see what spam I'd gotten this time. Instead, there were two messages from Chase. "thx 4 givin tyler a push 2 try bbing" the first message said. The second message said "was only a min n he pulld off b4 I bred him." I laughed as I read it and yet was surprised that my suggestion worked so quickly. I typed back "congrats. next time give him ur babies." It was only a sip of coffee and a couple bites of fruit later and he replied. "hope so think he luvd it" Chase texted back. I thought about it a moment and then typed back "1 roomie down, 1 to go." Not knowing the dynamic of the three of them, the only thing I knew was that Chase had fucked Tyler enough to have condoms ready for it. Maybe he fucked or got fucked by the Asian guy too. "he likes 2 watch but only fux with chinese guys" Chase messaged back a couple minutes later. A wicked grin came over my face and I typed out "hmm I might the perfect guys 4 him." "Cool dont think hes fucked many guys" Chase replied. I tapped out message to Dragonboy and after getting Chase's roommate's number I passed it along. "gave # to my fb. he & his cuz vbtm n fun. toxic so u might warn ur roomie" I sent to Chase. "he shud ask if he cares" came back his response several minutes later. A followup came in a few minutes "just fingered Tyler while he was doin dishes gonna try n load him this time." "LOL have fun" I replied. A few hours later my phone buzzed and and when I had a break from work, I saw the message from Chase "hes a cum pig now gave him 2 loads." "Hot. U should tell him if u get sick. stealthin roomies can get ugly" I responded before getting up and heading into the kitchen. I refilled my glass and came back to the table, seeing the light flashing on my phone again. There was no text from Chase but a pic of a spread, hairy, beefy ass dripping cum. It was tempting to lick the phone, but I'd rather lick the real thing. I typed out "tasty. u wanna meet sunday?" and went back to work.
  13. Red Means Go Over the next few days I popped on the hookup app to see if I could find the nerdy guy again. I wanted more info on him if I was going to call and I'd been too rushed on Saturday to look. Tuesday I finally spotted him and read over the profile. "22 auburn/blue, 5'10 135lbs vers bottom" was all it said, but the "neg" checkbox was ticked. I wasn't sure whether to send a message via phone or the app. Giving it more thought than it deserved, I grabbed my hookup phone and tapped out a message to him and hoped he gave me his real number. I typed out "hey I'm the guy from the showers at the bh on sat" and hit send. I didn't expect a reply right away and wasn't sure I wanted to hookup that night anyway, but it didn't take too long to get a response. "really? im not really in ur league" he sent back. "I like lots of types but if u think ur too hot for me..." I replied, chuckling to myself. I might be cocky, but I'm also a little self deprecating. "F no other way round u lookin?" was his lightning fast response. "maybe. what u into? ur prof light on info. U saw mine n read all of it?" I typed back, having to retype half the words and remembering how crappy the keyboard was on this phone. I took so long to reply I half expected him to think I ghosted. "ur top hot hung bb only" and then "dont like BS or flakes" he replied. "Hmmm, maybe he did look it over" I thought to myself. "And?" I added, wanting to make sure he knew my status. "not lookin for a bf" he sent back a minute later. I shook my head, not wanting to drag this out much longer. "U see my status?" I asked. "yeah i fucked w poz guys b4" he said. I smiled wondering how many were as toxic as me. I then sent "k. u on prep or just fuck undet guys?" "no prep since covid others undet I think why?" he sent back a few minutes later. It seemed like he was either distracted with other possibilities or was starting to figure it out. "meds ran out so i'm viral" I sent back, expecting that to be the last of it. It took several more minutes to get a response and I had enough time to roll a few joints from the bag I got on Saturday. "wow u poz that guy in shower?" he asked. I laughed to myself and typed out "hes on prep." With no response, I flipped on the TV and got sucked into a youtube rabbit hole. It was maybe thirty minutes later that I saw a notification on my phone and it said "4 new messages." Nerd boy had replied while I was distracted and had sent "1 guy did poz rp when he fucked me" followed by "was hot" and then several minutes later "u poz ne1?" and then the one I just got - "u there?" "it can be hot but some freak out. yes I have ;)" I sent back, wondering if he'd be one of the freak out guys or the turned on ones. "u really want to meet?" he sent back a minute later. "sure just know what ur getting into" I replied back. "tonight or tomorrow good?" and then "roomies here tonight maybe tom too" he texted back. "tonight good. idc about roomies. we can fk in front of em if u want" I sent back, half serious. "omg 9 ok?" came back right away. A few more messages and I had an address near the university and he knew I was going to jog over there and would be hot and sweaty, which seemed to excite him. I sent "here" as I got to his building and he was letting me in a minute later. We climbed the stairs and made our way down to the back corner of the building. Walking into the apartment, there were two guys on each end of the couch and the smell of stale pot smoke lingering in the air. "Damn, he's a lot hotter than the guys you usually bring around" said the thin Asian guy wearing just some running shorts like mine at the far end of the couch. His body seemed almost completely hairless and perfectly smooth. With the black framed glasses he wore, I would pegged him as another nerdy college guy. The only thing that changed that impression was the long goatee and left tattoo sleeve . "You paying him, Chase?" asked the other guy, a beefy cub in cargo shorts and a loose tee. His arms and legs were covered in dark fur and his longish hair was pulled up into a bun. Given how hairy his limbs were, his shaved, cherubic face would definitely look a lot better with a beard, I thought. "Shut up, you're just jealous" the Asian guy said as the cub nodded. I briefly thought how hot it would be to have all three of them lined up on the bed, waiting for me to breed all of them. "Let's go to my room" my nerdy guy, Chase, said. I followed him down the short hallway, noticing a surprisingly clean bathroom and a very messy bedroom on the way. Chase said "Here's my room. Its smaller but I have it to myself" as he pulled his tee over his head and kicked off his sandals. Thankfully his room was pretty neat. I went to close the door but he said "mind if we keep it open? They do like to watch sometimes." I laughed and opened the door wide. When I turned around he was standing there naked next to the bed, his cock starting to harden. "Confident or eager... both are sexy traits" I thought to myself. On the bedstand next to him I spotted a bottle of lube and some poppers next to a couple condoms. Walking closer, I pulled my tank top off and wrapped my hand around the back of his head. I pulled him in for a sloppy kiss which quickly had our tongues probing each other. He was a good kisser and seemed to like it as rough as I did. Grabbing his hair, I pulled his head back and looked right into his eyes. "This is your only chance to stop. If you tell me to keep going, I'm going to fuck you and breed you. After that, its a crap shoot as to what happens" I said quietly so only he could hear. He was staring back at me and nodded, saying "Let's do it... just no poz talk in case my roomies are listening." His face broke into a devilish grin and I smiled back at him. He was probably expecting me to resume the kiss, but I twisted my upper body and mashed his face into my sweaty pit. I wasn't sure if it was a loud whimper or a moan that came out of him, but he seemed to be enjoying it. His tongue was lapping over every bit of my pit, licking the sweat and hair while breathing deep to get my rank scent. I let him go after a few minutes like this and pulled his head back again. His face was covered in spit and he was waiting for my next move. Twisting the other way, he had another pit to service and this time I heard him breathe deep before he started to lick. He savored my right pit just like he did the left, his moans having a sultry tone to them. Like the other one, I let him work my ripe pit over for a few minutes and then pulled him off. I wasn't planning on going full alpha on him but he wasn't giving me any sign that it wasn't his thing. Chase was staring back at me, the sweat and spit glistening off his skin and several days scruff. He was panting a little and it seemed like a good time to see if he could suck my dick like he devoured my pits. Backing away a few inches, my fistful of hair pulled him down and he quickly took the hint. He surprised me as he dragged his tongue down my chest and I'm sure if I had let go of his head he would have spent some time on my nips. It's not that I don't like a guy working my nips over, but I was mostly in control and I guided him down to my already hard cock. That was much more important. "Oh my god" he muttered and I heard some shuffling behind me. Turning my head, I saw both of his roommates were at the door, peering inside and trying to watch. I've never been afraid of an audience when I fuck and this was no different. I turned slightly so that they could see their roommate start to take my cock into his mouth. There was a gasp and "damn" coming from the doorway and a muffled grunt as Chase stretched his jaw open to get the first part of my cock into his mouth. He struggled and tried to make sure my shaft went in without his teeth scraping but he couldn't. Now, I've gotten used to teeth being part of most blowjobs and have learned to like it. He must have had enough guys tell him "no teeth" so he quickly retreated and began working on the head. Chase was no stranger to uncut cock and he knew how to play with the foreskin and use his tongue to good effect. A few snickers came from the doorway so I turned my head and said "If you think you can deep throat this, then get over here or shut the fuck up!" That silenced the peanut gallery pretty quick and Chase kept working at it. He licked over the sides and bottom and then went down to my balls. It was nice to see him not give up easily and after a while he tried again, wrapping his lips around the head and then going down a little at a time. I'm not sure what he did, but he was able to get his jaw open a little further and once he got past the thick middle part of my cock he was golden. My right hand pressed on the back of his head and my cock sunk deeper. "Holy fuck" came a comment from the doorway. Holy fuck, indeed. Chase didn't take my cock all the way, but he came damn close and it was obvious that his throat could open wider than his jaw. I slowly fucked his mouth for a bit until I knew he needed a break. Pulling back, I felt his teeth graze over my dick until the head popped free of his lips. He pulled the foreskin back and lapped around the exposed head and dug his tongue into the slit. He got his first taste of my toxic juice and kept going for more. He held my cock with the head on his tongue and let the pre leak out on to his tongue before he sucked on the head again. I wasn't sure if he was trying to put off the actual fuck or if he really loved nursing on a guy's cock. When I let go of his head, he leaned back and looked up at me. The grin on my face told him it was time and he nodded back before sliding back on to the bed and pulling his legs back. As much as he might like sucking dick, I like eating ass. Both make a good prelude to the main event. I knelt down and buried my face in his ass. The covering of red hair continued inside his butt crack. The musk from his sweaty ass sent a surge through my body as I dug my tongue into his waiting hole. My beard intermingled with his ass hair and soon all of it was covered in spit. While his ass might have been sweaty, his pussy was fresh and clean. The ring kept flexing around my tongue while I heard his moaning fill the room. Well, it might not have just been his moaning - there was a surround-sound effect coming from in front of me and behind. A small wet spot was forming on the carpet below my cock and I needed to see if his ass felt as good around my dick as it did my tongue. After several minutes of rimming his hot ass, I stood up and grabbed his hips, pulling him a bit further off the bed and lining up my rigid cock. Reaching over, I grabbed the poppers and took a couple hits before tossing them on the bed next to Chase. He took a couple on each nostril and then I watched his face flush. I thought about asking him again if he was sure but the look on his face was one of pure lust. It would be a waste of time asking him since his dick and ass were doing the thinking right now and I could totally relate. With my cock nestled up to the ring, I dripped some more spit on it before pushing in. His initial tightness soon gave way as he relaxed and my cock was able to force its way inside. He let out a groan and I knew he was getting stretched more than he was used to. I felt it too, since the abrasions on the top and bottom of my dick were beginning to sting from the spit. My gaze went from watching my shaft invade his body up to his rigid, dripping seven inch cock that was hovering over his abs and then up to his face. Less than a quarter of my cock was inside him and the expression on his face was one of victory. I wasn't going to consider it victory until he'd taken every inch and was filled with my seed. Bracing my hands on his legs, my hips began to rock back and forth, driving my shaft deeper each time. Our eyes were locked again as my cock stretched him open. With over two thirds of my cock inside him I really started to fuck. Faster and faster I pumped my cock until I was sliding in and out easily. My precum was helping but he really did open up faster than most guys I've fucked. Now that I had a good pace thrusting into him I wanted to get the rest of the way in. The tip of my cock was tapping relentlessly onto his inner ring and eventually it made it through. It was probably a lot bigger than he expected, based on the sudden writhing he did under me. I leaned forward and pinned him to the bed, my cock fully rooted inside him. His eyes were wide open and almost the size of baseballs. His mouth kept moving but no sound came out. I didn't move and just let him try to adjust to the invasion. Once the spasms faded I knew he was ready for the next step. I slowly pulled my cock back until just the head was inside and then drove back in until my balls were resting on his sweaty ass. Chase's eyes rolled back and he cried out "Oh god... do it again!" This time I pulled back a little faster and then thrust my shaft in again. The bed squeaked, there were gasps from behind me (a little closer than before, I thought) and a deep groan came from Chase. I kept it up, going faster each time until my grunts joined the chorus and my balls were now pulled up tight. The puddle of pre on his abs and chest grew as my cock massaged his prostate with every thrust. I changed my angle just a little and the next shove plowed in making him spasm again. This time, he wasn't writhing in pain, he was showering his chest and face in his own cum. I love making a bottom orgasm from my fucks since it always seems to milk a bigger load out of my balls. As his second volley landed in and around his open mouth, my first spurt shot out, flooding his wrecked fuck chute. The pulses of cum from my cock coated everything both past his inner ring and before it, while my cock slowly rocked inside him. Both of us were growling as we released our loads and soon the growl became a moan before fading away. We stayed there, locked together for a few minutes until I slowly withdrew my softening cock. It left his hole with a plop and a large glob of pink cum fell to the floor. "Holy shit, you really fucked him raw and bred him?" the cub asked. I laughed and said "Yeah, I only fuck raw. Think it's easy finding rubbers that fit this?" pointing to my dick. "Uh... I guess not. I always play safe though" he replied. "I guess you don't want to try this, then" I responded. "Fuck no... See what you did to his ass? I can see blood" the cub said with a tinge of disgust in his voice. "Well, maybe you should try Chase as your first bare fuck. He's not as thick and I you'd get to find out how much better a raw fuck is compared to a covered one" I said. I could see that he was thinking about it and hadn't just dismissed it right away. Hopefully he would get one of Chase's first viral loads. I was feeling pretty confident that between Chase's wrecked hole and the big load I gave him he'd be in the brotherhood soon. The roommates retreated out of the room and I laid on the bed next to Chase. "You ok?" I asked, getting ready for the PEP discussion. "Fuck yeah. That was so hot. I've never had anyone own my ass like that. Most guys don't get as rough as I like. I'm gonna feel this for days but... damn I loved it!" he said. He was still staring at the ceiling when he said "I know you said you're not looking for a boyfriend. Neither am I... cuz I like doin it with more than one guy... and I like to top some..." He paused and then added "... but I hope we can do it again... I mean... if I wasn't a bad fuck." I laughed and replied "No, you weren't a bad fuck... pretty damn good, actually. But maybe next time it can be just the two of us. I hate a judgemental audience." "He's not so bad. But I kinda hate fucking him with rubbers. That's why they're on the table... for him. I almost always fuck bare. I'm glad you told him I should fuck him raw to see what its like" Chase replied, with a grin on his face. "Yeah, sometimes it just takes a guy that you trust to make that leap. 'Course who knows if you're still gonna be neg in a month" I said, the last sentence was much quieter than the first. He gave a nervous laugh before getting off the bed and disappearing down the hall. I chuckled to myself watching the cum drip down his legs as he walked away. It didn't seem to bother him so I assumed he was used to it. I know lots of bottoms that get off on that feeling. When he came back, he tossed me a towel and said "You can shower here if ya want." "Nah... I'm gonna run home so I'll get sweaty again. Besides, I like to make the doorman at my building jealous when I come home stinking of cum" I replied. I wiped my chest and face off with the towel and then put my gear back on, stepping into the jockstrap and letting the pouch absorb another layer of cum and another bottom's ass juice. Walking back to the front door, the other bedroom door was closed and the Asian guy was sprawled out on the couch in the living room playing with his phone. "Catch ya later" I said as I walked out the door.
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