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  1. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 36 - Gym Muscle Daddy It had been a crappy day at work and it didn’t look like the next few were going to be any better. Mark sent a message to Eric asking what time he would be home and Eric replied “8:30-9.” “Damn”, Mark muttered and he decided to hit the gym. It had been a few days since Eric and him had tag teamed a Craigslist hookup and he was horny again. A quick workout and he could scope the guys and maybe get lucky. He got to the gym and went to change. The locker room was deserted which was an ominous start. He put his jockstrap on, then his gym shorts and finally a sleeveless t-shirt. He headed out and started his usual routine and looked around to see who was there that might have a willing hole. There were only a few guys around and none of them turned Mark on. Mark finished his workout and decided to hit the sauna for a few minutes before going home. He walked through the weight lifting room to get to the sauna, a shortcut he usually avoided since the steroid enhanced bodybuilders that usually were there he found annoying, arrogant and just jerks. He was surprised when there was only one guy there pumping iron. Mark checked him out, just like he usually did, and was pleasantly surprised. The guy was nicely muscled but was missing the thick neck and roid look. He seemed to be half way between muscle cub and muscle daddy, with a nice pelt of fur on his chest poking out of his tank top and a full but trimmed beard and closely cropped hair. He wasn’t the type of guy that Mark usually looked for, but he still considered handsome. As Mark got closer the guy said in a sexy, deep voice “Hey, bud. Can you spot me for my last set? I can’t believe no one is here.” Mark walked over and waited as the guy added another pair of weights on the bar and then spotted him as he did his set. When he was finished the guy said “Thanks, I really appreciate it. I’m Vince, by the way.” Mark replied “No problem, Vince. I’m Mark. See you around” and Mark headed back to the sauna. He grabbed a towel and took his clothes off, putting them in his locker and went in to the men’s sauna. He was the only one there and found a spot near the back and sat down on his towel, naked. He zoned out, trying to relax from the stress at work and heard the door open. He kept his eyes closed and heard someone come near and sit down somewhere close. He opened his eyes and saw the guy from the weight room. He looked even better naked and Mark tried to look him over without being too obvious. “Thanks again for spotting me. I like it when this place is quiet but today its deserted” Vince said. “Yeah, they must be giving away free donuts down the street or something” Mark joked and he heard Vince laugh. There was a pause and then Vince said “I haven’t seen you here before and I think I would have remembered you.” Mark laughed to himself as he thought “this guy is trying to pick me up.” “Yeah, this is not my normal time to work out, but I had a rough day at work and my partner won’t be home until late so I thought I’d get a workout in.” “Oh, you have a partner…” Vince started to say and Mark quickly said “its an open relationship” and gave him a wink. Vince smiled and moved a little closer to Mark who turned a bit to get a better look. Vince put his hand on Mark’s leg and began to rub it. Mark’s cock reacted and soon was getting stiff. Vince moved his hand from Mark’s leg to his cock and began to stroke it while looking at Mark’s face to see his reaction. Mark was a little surprised, since he initially thought the guy was a top, but enjoyed the handjob. Getting no resistance from Mark, Vince went down and started to suck Mark’s cock. Hearing no comment about the piercing, Mark assumed Vince had seen and swallowed them before. Vince sucked him really well, giving attention to every square millimeter of his cock and balls. Mark’s cock was leaking precum and Vince was edging him perfectly. Finally, Vince pulled off his cock, looked up at Mark and asked “Do you have a condom?” Mark could feel his cock soften almost immediately. “No, I don’t. I never use them” Mark replied. “Oh, I only play safe” Vince answered. “Sorry” Mark replied and got up. As he walked towards the locker room his balls ached and needed a release, but Mark had been in that situation before and knew he would get to drop his load in someone soon. He headed to the showers and picked the large one in the corner away from the others. He figured he could rub one out and get some relief. Mark pulled back the curtain and was about to step in when Vince walked up quickly behind him and said “I really need to get fucked bad and your cock is amazing. Can we still fuck?” “Its gotta be bare” Mark said. He could see Vince trying to decide and after several seconds he said “Uh, ok. But don’t cum in me.” Mark smiled and said “No guarantees, I can’t always pull out in time” knowing he had no intention of pulling out at all. Vince nodded and joined Mark in the shower. Mark closed the curtain and pushed Vince to the wall and went to his knees and started to rim his furry ass. Mark loved the thick hair on his ass cheeks and the hair around his hole. It gave him something to feast on and inhale the sweaty man scent from. He slicked up the hole with spit and then forced some spit inside. His tongue and finger warmed up Vince’s hole and he could tell that the guy would do anything to get his cock inside him. He stood up and played with his cock against Vince’s hungry pussy, hearing him moan quietly. Mark pushed in and felt the tightness begin to fade and his bare cock slowly entered Vince’s safe-only hole. Slow, short thrusts got longer as he got his raw, poz cock got deeper into Vince’s ass. Mark reached around and pulled the muscled stud against his body as he pounded his hole harder. “Doesn’t that feel better than a covered cock?” Mark said quietly into his ear. Vince just moaned louder. “Say it” Mark demanded and heard him say “oh my god yeah, it feels so much better.” Mark knew the longer they fucked the better chance they had of getting caught and he knew too well how they dealt with shower sex in the gym. He fucked faster and was drilling into Vince’s hole, the shower water barely covering the sounds of his body slapping into Vince’s firm butt and thighs. “I’m getting close. That ass feels so good around my cock” Mark said into Vince’s ear. “oh god yes, so am I” Vince said and Mark knew he had him where he wanted him. Mark rammed in harder, feeling the piercing and the head of his cock nudge Vince’s prostate each time until he felt Vince begin to shoot his load. The orgasms caused Vince’s ass to clamp down on Mark’s cock and milk it. It was no longer Mark’s fault that he bred Vince, Vince’s own orgasm betrayed him and got his ass filled with toxic seed. Mark planted his cock deep inside Vince’s hole and shot several spurts of his infected cum into Mr. Safe Sex. “Oh fuck, I’m sorry. It felt so amazing I couldn’t prevent myself from cumming” Vince said as both of them stood there recovering from their orgasms. Mark replied “Yeah, you came before I could pull out. Your ass clamped down on my cock and I filled your ass with my load,” Vince pulled off, embarrassed, and quickly walked out of the shower back to his locker. Mark finished his shower and then went back and changed clothes. He tossed the towel into the bin and headed towards the front door. He almost made it when the guy at the front desk whistled at him and he knew he had been busted again. Mark turned and walked to the front desk where the attendant said “You know the rules, Mark. Cough it up. Mark opened his wallet and pulled out a twenty and handed the bribe over to the smiling attendant. “Hope he was good” the attendant said as Mark finally got to the door. A couple days later Mark sat in his car after work. The last three days had been stress filled disasters. Nothing seemed to be going right at work. He texted Eric asking what they were doing that night. Eric replied he had to work a bit late, but he wanted to hit the gym since he hadn’t been all week. Mark told him that he would go too and Eric could meet him there. Mark got to the gym and changed into his usual workout gear and headed off to start his regular workout routine. The gym was busier than it was the last time he was here, but it was still pretty empty. He had no idea when Eric would finally show up, so he took his time with his workout. He decided to take a break when he finished and spend some time in the sauna. He went to take the shortcut through the weight room and saw through the window Vince working out inside. Mark smiled to himself and walked in and as he got near said “Hi Vince” and kept walking. He heard a faint “Hi” back. “Fucker doesn’t even remember the name of the guy that bred him a few days ago” thought Mark. Mark put his workout gear in his locker and grabbed a towel before going into the sauna. Mark sat in the same place as last time. There were a couple other guys in the sauna this time, over on another wall and talking to each other. Mark sat there on his towel, naked, and enjoyed the relaxing steam. He heard the door open and looked, seeing the other two guys leave. He closed his eyes again and about a minute later, the door opened again. He cracked his eyes open and saw Vince walking towards him. Vince sat down next to him and didn’t say anything for a few minutes and then told Mark “Sorry about running out like that last time. I was kinda embarrassed. I don’t do things like that with guys I don’t know.” “Hehe, yeah. Thats what I guessed. Don’t worry” Mark said. “It was fuckin’ hot though. Thanks” Vince said. “Yeah, I enjoyed it too” replied Mark. They stood there in silence for a little while and then Vince reached over and stroked Mark’s cock, feeling it get harder in his hand. Vince got up and kneeled in front of Mark and started to suck his cock. Vince was taking the whole shaft into his mouth and throat, playing with the piercing with his tongue and licking up from the base to the tip. “He likes it if you play with his balls while you suck” Eric said, standing right behind Vince. He had snuck in quietly and found Mark exactly where he expected him to be. Vince froze. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but he was very vulnerable in the position he was in. He didn’t think it was someone from the gym staff busting them, but an angry husband/partner was a good possibility. “Don’t stop. I like watching him get sucked” Eric said as he got on his knees and pushed his face into Vince’s hairy ass. He smelled the musk and licked the sweat and zeroed in on his tight ring. Vince gasped before swallowing down on Mark’s cock again, this time fondling his large balls at the same time. Mark looked down at his partner feasting on Vince’s pussy and remembered he hadn’t told Eric about his rendezvous with Vince the other day. When Mark saw Eric lean back and prepare to fuck Vince, he said “We’re gonna have to go somewhere if things go any further. I already had to pay a fine for our fun the other night, Vince.” Eric looked at Mark with a grin and Vince leaned back and looked surprised. “Oh, sorry. Uh, my apartment is a couple blocks from here” offered Vince. Mark nodded and said “Cool, then we don’t have to rush it.” The three went into the locker room and put their clothes on, skipping a shower and leaving with the sweat from the sauna on their bodies. They walked over to Vince’s apartment with few words spoken. Once inside the apartment, the three were tearing each other’s clothes off until they all stood there naked. Vince pushed the coffee table aside and Mark sat down. Vince was on his knees in a hurry and started to bring Mark’s cock back to life. Eric went back to rimming Vince’s hole. Eric, satisfied that Vince’s hole was lubed enough with spit, got up again and looked at Mark, hoping he wouldn’t stop him this time. Mark looked at Eric and smiled, wondering if Vince would bring up condoms again. Eric rubbed his cock against Vince’s pucker and heard Vince moan around Mark’s cock. Eric added some pressure and felt Vince’s hole start to open and he entered the muscle daddy’s tight pussy. Mark put his hands on the back of Vince’s head, hoping to prevent him from speaking and watched Eric start to fuck Vince. 

Vince didnt put up any fight and seemed to be enjoying Eric’s bare cock inside him. Eric got a good tempo going and felt the hole open up and then get sloppy from his toxic precum. Vince started to work his ass on Eric’s cock, milking it or just gripping it hard. Eric’s thrusts got harder and he really was pounding Vince’s cunt. Vince wasnt slowing down on Mark’s cock either and Mark was afraid he was going to waste his load in Vince’s mouth. Mark saw Eric change his fuck style and knew he would be breeding Vince very soon. He knew the grunts and the stabs from Eric’s cock well and counted down until the moment he would shoot. “Three… two… one… BAM!” Mark said and Eric started to shoot his viral cum just as Mark said “BAM”. He knew Eric hadn’t shot a load in several days and while he had hoped his ass was the one that was going to get it, but Mark thought that Vince could use it even more. Vince let out a loud moan around Mark’s cock and then slowly pulled free of the shaft. “OH FUCK!!!! That feels so good” Vince said as the spurts from Eric’s cock slowed. Mark got up and moved around to Vince’s ass and Eric took Mark’s spot on the couch. Vince started to suck and clean Eric’s cock and Mark slid his cock into the freshly poz bred hole. He fucked rougher than Eric and wanted to make sure that his piercing did as much damage as it could to Vince’s fuck chute. Vince’s moans from Eric’s fuck were now groans while Mark pounded his ass. Mark had already been close to cumming from Vince’s sucking and was trying to delay the inevitable, but it only took several minutes before he was depositing his virus laced cum into Vince’s cunt. Vince pulled off of Eric’s cock and was grinning from ear to ear. “Damn that was so hot. I love feeling your cum inside me.” Vince said. Mark looked at him curiously. “Last time you wanted a condom fuck. What happened?” “After you fucked me last time I realized how much better a raw fuck was. I met a bud last night that had been wanting to fuck me raw for years and he fuckin bred me three times. I’m hooked on it, I guess” Vince said. Eric looked at Vince and asked “Are you a bottom or vers?” “Mostly bottom, but I fuck sometimes” answered Vince. Eric pulled his legs up and exposed his hole over the edge of the couch. “Like now?” asked Eric. Vince moved closer and rubbed his dripping hard cock over Eric’s pussy. He pushed in and felt the warm, slick hole surround his cock. Eric had taken a load from one of his assistants at work just before he headed to the gym, and the virally enhanced cum had been stewing in his hole since then. Vince fucked awkwardly into Eric’s hole, his cock coated with poz cum. It only took a few minutes of slow fucking before he pushed in and felt the cum shoot from his cock into Eric’s colon. He pulled out and Mark pushed Vince on to his back on the floor and sucked all the cum from Vince’s cock and balls. Mark and Eric got up and put their clothes back on. They thanked Vince for the good fuck and headed back to the gym. “You’re getting pretty good at getting those safe-only guys to take bare poz cock, Mark” Eric said as they walked back to their cars. “I guess I’m just that good of a fuck” Mark said laughing.
  2. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 35 - Team Player Ric walked home and his head was whirling with thoughts. Shane wanted his poz cum. Jason wanted his poz cum. His dad seemed to want his poz cum. He knew from his own experience that this was only going to last a couple weeks before the three of them would be sick like he was and then they wouldn’t need him. His balls felt drained and he half-hoped that his dad wouldn’t come into his room and want to be fucked again like the last few nights, since he didn’t know if he would have anything to give him. When he was almost home he got a text message. The message was from Jason and he asked if they could meet again Saturday morning. Ric laughed and thought “I was hoping to fuck that ass before then.” Ric got home and his mom told him he had 30 minutes until dinner. He put his backpack in his room and typed out a message “tagged another guy. whats thad’s number? want to see him next week” and sent it off to Dave. He got an email and a text message a few minutes later and read Dave’s text message first and copied the number to his contact list. He then read Shane’s email which had about twenty pics of tattoos. None looked similar and he laughed, thinking “He has no clue what he wants but a biohazard would look really good on him.” Ric replied back to Shane “you gotta narrow it down. pick a style then a few similar designs and then decide what u like about each so he can draw it up.” Ric chuckled at the thought that he was sounding like an expert on how to pick a tattoo design, especially since Dave had decided what to do for him. Sure enough, Ric’s dad came into his room again after 1 AM and wanted to get fucked again. Ric did the best he could and while he did breed him, the load was pretty small. He did fuck him for a while and he liked hearing his dad moan as he thrust his cock in and out of him. He put the plug into his dad again and as his dad left the room he went back to sleep. The next day Ric was walked into the cafeteria and Shane walked up to him with one of the other guys on the swim team. “Ric, this is Marty. He’s on the team too” said Shane. The two said hi to each other and Shane then led them to a table away from everyone else. They sat down and Shane said to Ric “Marty wants some of your juice too.” Ric looked really shocked and was starting to wonder if everyone in school was going to know he was poz before too long. “Uh, I really don’t want everybody to know, Shane” Ric said with a tinge of anger in his voice. “It’s cool dude. He’s the only one I told and only because we’ve both been looking for it” Shane replied. Ric just shook his head. “I told him you were hung and a great fuck too” Shane added and Marty grinned. “Anyway….” Shane started “the reason I wanted to talk was I wanted to know if you could come over tonight to my house. My parents are going to be out all night and I thought we could get together for a little group fun.” “Just us three?” asked Ric. “No, it would be the five of us on the swim team, a guy on the wrestling team and a flamer we fuck a lot. You can fuck whoever you want and breed whoever you want, but you just can’t say anything to anyone else about the party. Ever. You don’t even need to tell the guys at the party your’re… uh… your cum is special.” Ric was torn. He wanted to fuck Shane again and Marty was really sexy. The chance to fuck seven guys in one night sounded like a lot of fun. He wasn’t sure about fucking guys and not telling them, “stealthing” Dave called it, but it might make it easier since he didn’t want everyone at school to know he was poz. But if he infected a bunch of people without them wanting to get pozzed, he could end up in real trouble. “Uh… I don’t know. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I don’t know if I’m ready for something like that. “Come on, Ric. It will be fun. Just a couple hours of wild sex. You can just fuck me, if you want. You’d have to fuck at least one guy there, since we don’t let guys just watch at our parties. You could even fuck with a condom on” Shane implored. “No, I don’t do condoms. Can I… uh… give you an answer later today. We can meet at the same spot after school” Ric asked. Ric thought about the party all afternoon. He couldn’t remember what happened in any of his classes. He was horny and the thought of being in his first sex party really made him want to go. But he wasn’t sure about breeding a guy with his poz cum without him knowing. It seemed hot when he read stories on the internet about it, but he didn’t want to get a bad reputation in school if the guy got pissed and found out it was him. He walked out of school at the end of the day and saw Shane and Marty standing next to the tree. He had a lump in his throat as he got near. “I’ll go, but I’m only gonna breed you two guys and prob not fuck anyone else. OK?” Ric said to them quietly. “Deal. Be at my house around 7 tonight” Shane said. Ric had never been nervous about having sex after he got over his fears with Dave. When his dad got the female hooker, he just wasn't interested. On his day with Dave, he went in not caring what happened and it turned out to be a great experience where he learned a lot and had fun. His fuck sessions with his dad were never about more than having fun and satisfying each other’s needs. When he had fucked Jason, he was just having fun with a friend. The others were just one off fucks where both needed to cum or get fucked. But walking over to Shane’s that evening he was more nervous than he had ever been in his life. He knocked on the door and Shane opened it dressed only in a speedo. Ric wore the outfit that Dave had bought him - the low cut jeans, a jockstrap and the muscle tee. He walked in and saw the swim team already there. One guy was already on his knees sucking two of his teammate’s cocks. Marty walked up and rubbed Ric’s bulge whispering “Fuck, you look so hot. I want this so bad.” Shane said “Marty, show Ric where he can put his clothes. I’ll wait for the other guys.” Marty took Ric to Shane’s room and he saw four piles of clothes on the bed. Marty didn’t wait for Ric to take his clothes off and started to kiss him deeply. RIc’s cock started to harden as soon as he felt Marty’s lips touch his. Marty and Ric had a couple things in common that Ric knew of - they both had latin blood and were constantly horny. Marty’s parents were mixed - his mom was Puerto Rican and his dad was white. His skin was lighter than Ric’s but not like the paleness of Shane’s. Like all swimmers, his body hair was shaved except for a patch of trimmed pubic hair. His body was lithe and muscular, his butt was firm and had a nice bubble to it and he stood 5 foot 8. He found out later that Marty had a thick, seven inch uncut cock that loved to fuck ass. The only adornment on his body was a pair of earrings. Marty started to undress Ric and spent half of the time running his hands over Ric’s body instead of pulling off clothing. Ric stood there in his jockstrap, his cock straining at the fabric of the pouch. Ric leaned towards Marty and pulled him close to him and slid his hand into the back of the speedo, running his finger into the crack and around Marty’s hole. Before he kissed him, Ric asked quietly “Ready to get pozzed?” Marty whimpered like a puppy wanting the bone in your hand. “Please breed me before Shane. I know you already gave him a load yesterday.” Ric kissed him and then pushed him towards the door. As they walked down the stairs, Jeremy from the wrestling team was walking in the front door. As soon as the door closed the doorbell rang again. Shane opened it and it was Alex. Alex was the femme boy that had been hitting on Ric for the past few weeks. Alex was wearing his usual form fitting jeans and a tight t-shirt. He had lipstick and eyeliner on and pranced when he walked. Ric wasn’t into effeminate guys, but Alex was really a nice guy who would help anyone and Ric considered him a friend. Ric had also heard that he was an amazing cocksucker, but he hadn’t had a chance to experience that yet. Alex and Jeremy went up to Shane’s room and came back almost undressed - Jeremy in a jockstrap like Ric’s and Alex in some pink lace panties. “OK, guys. Let’s head downstairs and get this rolling” Shane said. Everyone went down into the basement which had a large wrestling mat on part of it. In another part there were a couple couches facing each other and a table in between. A table on the side had a tub with a bunch of beer bottles and some water and pop bottles in ice. Over near the wrestling mat, were some towels, several bottles of lube and two small brown bottles. Ric watched Shane grab one of the brown bottles and sniff into one nostril then the other. Marty then did the same before coming over to Ric and holding the bottle up to his nose. Ric took his first hit of poppers and liked the feeling as the rush filtered through his body. Ric was enjoying the rush and didn’t notice Marty go down on his knees and pull his cock from the jockstrap’s pouch. Marty began sucking and Ric’s cock kept growing. Marty didn’t know whether to be happy or scared as the cock got to its full length and girth. Now he knew why Shane had raved about Ric’s cock. Ric looked around and everyone seemed to have paired up with someone and were in some form of foreplay - sucking, kissing, or rimming. Marty’s mouth felt really good on his cock and he felt the precum start to flow. The more he looked around the less confident he was about only fucking Shane and Marty. He wanted to get his cock in every one of them and with the way his cock was dripping right now, he would be soaking all of them with his toxic cum or precum. Ric pulled his cock from Marty’s mouth and turned him around and started rimming his ass. He only spent a minute licking at the shaved, hairless ass since the stubble irritated his tongue. His pubes wouldn’t care and they were going to be the next thing against the firm ass cheeks. Ric ran the tip of his cock around the tight ring and knew Marty wasn’t really ready for his cock, but he pushed in anyway. The yelp from Marty caused everyone to look at them as Ric slowly filled the neg swimmer’s tunnel. Ric grabbed Marty by the shoulders and shoved the remaining two inches into Marty’s writhing body. Marty felt like he was being split in two and his instincts made his body try to escape, but Ric held firm. When Marty stopped squirming, Ric started to work his cock in and out. Each time he thrust in, Ric felt his cock squeeze through Marty’s inner ring and he would whimper. The noises from Marty were turning the other guys on and they knew that Ric must have a sizable cock if he made Marty yell out. Ric’s pace increased and as Marty started getting used to the thickness and length, the yelps turned to moans and Marty started to fuck himself on Ric’s cock. Ric pulled out and rammed his cock back into the stretched out pussy and Marty yelled out “FUCK!” which caused Ric to grin. He didn’t really like hurting people, but he knew the rougher he fucked the better chance that Marty would get knocked up. Marty had been fucked hundreds of times and hadn’t had a problem taking any cocks before, but he wasn’t sure how much more pounding he could take from Ric. It had gone from pain as Ric stretched him out to pleasure and now back to pain. He started begging Ric to breed him. He wanted the load anyway, but now he just wanted the pounding to end too. He heard Ric start to grunt and his thrusts got erratic. Marty tried to clamp down on Ric’s cock and get him to shoot, but his ass muscles just couldn’t do it. Rick slammed in hard and his cock started shooting cum deep inside Marty’s gut. Marty could feel the cock pulse inside him and knew he was taking his first toxic load of cum. The adrenaline was pumping through his body knowing there was no turning back now. He had fantasized about this moment for a long time. Ric looked up and everyone was watching him as his balls emptied their special sauce into the jock’s destroyed cunt. He wondered if anyone besides Shane knew he had just pozzed Marty. Ric slowly pulled his semi-hard shaft out of Marty, noticing the streaks of red on it and watched Marty fall forward and collapse on the mat. A huge puddle of cum was on the mat between Marty’s legs and he just lay there breathing heavily. Ric sat down on the mat next to Marty and slowly recovered. He looked around and Jeremy was fucking Shane, two of the other swim team members were fucking and the other swimmer was deep inside Alex’s pussy. Jeremy was the next to unload and Ric looked over as the cock pulled out of Shane’s gaping ass. Ric grinned, thinking that Jeremy must have a thick cock to open up Shane’s hole like that. Marty got up but his ass was too sore to sit so he stood up and went over to watch Alex get fucked. Ric moved over and pushed his face into Shane’s ass and sucked some of Jeremy’s cum out. Shane pushed his butt back trying to get Ric’s tongue into him deeper. He wasn’t sure at first who had come up behind him, but knew it was Ric when he felt the beard against his ass cheeks. Ric was worried he wouldn’t be able to dump a load into Shane since it had been so soon after breeding Marty, but he wanted to get back inside Shane and feel his cum soaked hole. His cock was hard again and he stuffed two fingers into Shane’s pussy and curled them as he twisted around. He heard Shane wince as his fingernails dug into the soft tissue inside. He pulled them out and sucked them clean before crouching behind Shane and sliding his cock into the warm, moist tunnel. Ric loved the feeling of all the cum Jeremy left inside Shane’s ass. The natural lube helped his cock slide easily into Shane’s hole and it made him feel like he was fucking a real slut. He saw Marty watching Shane take his cock and laughed to himself thinking that Marty was hoping that Shane would struggle to take it like he had. He kept pounding away at Shane’s hole, knowing it took himself a while to cum the second time. He felt his balls tingle and wanted to fuck Shane longer. He pulled out and stuck his tongue back into the open hole, curling it around before he then leaned back up and jammed his cock back in. Shane grunted when he felt the shaft stab into his cunt. Ric’s thrusts got harder and faster and he had to hold on to Shane to prevent him from crawling away. Shane squirmed when Ric’s cock poked deep and Ric could tell he was trying not to scream out. If Shane was so keen to get pozzed, Ric wasn’t going to go easy on him and only fill him with charged seed when his hole was truly battered. Ric leaned forward and wrapped his arm around Shane’s neck and rolled his hips with firm strokes. The angle was forcing his cock right into Shane’s prostate and which made his body start to flinch. He tightened the grip around Shanes neck and drilled in ruthlessly. Ric whispered into his ear “Ready for your second charged load?” as he slammed in hard and let his cock pump it’s toxic cream into the young stud’s ass. Several spurts filled Shane, mixing with Jeremy’s juice from earlier. Ric kissed the back of his neck as he released him and fell down on the mat. Shane crawled over, unable to speak but horny enough to start licking Ric’s cock clean. Ric laid there a while after Shane finished and closed his eyes. Soon he felt a tongue on his partially soft cock and felt it twitch. A hand wrapped around it and then he felt lips around the covered head. His cock got harder the more the guy sucked him and he opened his eyes to see Alex devouring his cock. The rumors were true - Alex was a great cocksucker. He licked and sucked, exploring every part of Ric’s cock and balls. Looking back, Jeremy was fucking Alex while Alex was sucking his cock. When Jeremy would slam into Alex’s ass, Ric’s cock would ram into Alex’s throat with no gagging at all. He loved the feeling of Alex’s throat tightly wrapped around the head of his cock and it was dripping precum into his throat. Jeremy quickly pounded Alex’s cunt and then pushed in deep, laying on top of Alex’s back as his seed flooded the well fucked hole. Alex looked up at Ric smiling and when Jeremy pulled out he crawled forward over his hips and guided Ric’s cock into the cum filled cave. With two loads inside Alex’s experienced hole, Ric’s cock slid in all the way with one slow movement. Ric looked at Alex with surprise trying to avoid showing the panic he felt inside. He had only wanted to fuck Shane and Marty, since they were the ones he knew were looking for his special brew of cum. He could easily overpower Alex and throw him off, but his cock felt so good inside him. Alex began to ride Ric’s cock and as everyone looked on, it was obvious that Alex was having no problem taking Ric’s large shaft. Alex bounced up and down, milking Ric’s cock until he knew he wasn’t going to be able to prevent shooting his poisonous seed up into his cunt. Alex looked at Ric’s face and said gently “I want it, I want it bad. Mark me with your cum.” Ric started to buck his hips up and then held Alex tightly to him as his cock once again twitched, throbbed and spurted his infectious cum into another victim. Alex leaned forward and kissed him deeply while holding Ric’s cock in his hole. When his softening cock fell out of Alex’s hole, Alex crawled over to a gym bag on the edge of the mat and pulled out a butt plug. He inserted it into his loose, cum filled pussy and sat down on one of the chairs and wiggled his butt. Ric got up and grabbed a beer from the bin and guzzled half of it down, trying to quench his thirst. He stood to the side watching Shane fuck one of the other swimmers, while another swimmer was fucking Jeremy. When the swimmer finished breeding Jeremy, Ric walked over and got on his knees and started to rim Jeremy’s freshly bred hole. Ric heard some snickering but kept probing and sucking on Jeremy’s lightly furred ass. Ric felt a wet finger push into his ass and instinctively spread his legs. He heard a few more snickers and then felt a cock head at his hole. One of the other swimmers, Ethan, was teasing his hole. Ric relaxed his hole and thrust his body back, impaling himself on Ethan’s cock. Ethan wasn’t really hung, but his 6 inch cut cock filled out the pouch of his speedo nicely - he was a shower, not a grower. Ethan gasped since he wasn’t planning on really fucking Ric, but with his cock inside he wasn’t going to stop. He was so turned on that after only a few minutes of fucking Ric’s ass he pumped his only load of the night into Ric’s neglected ass. Ric got up, cum dripping down his leg and noticed another swimmer, Zac looking at him and stroking his cock. Ric went over and said “Hi, I don’t think we’ve met.” “Hi Ric, I’m Zac.” “I noticed your ass is as nice as your cock” Ric said, thinking “how the fuck did I come up with a line that lame?” Zac was the shortest of the guys on the swim team, just 5 foot 4 and was blond haired and blue eyed. He was naturally pretty smooth, but he kept all of his body hair shaved. It made him look even younger than his barely 18 years of age. Everyone was looking at them and waiting to see what happened. “I’d like to think so, but I’m not sure I could handle a cock that big as much as I want to try.” Zac said. “I’ll go gentle” Ric said with a smile. “I know you guys like to fuck bare, but I only fuck covered” Zac said. “Ah, ok. I don’t use them and I don’t think there are any here that are big enough for my cock. Maybe another time” Ric said politely and moved over to where everyone else was standing. They chatted a bit and then Zac came running back down the stairs into the basement and came up to Ric and asked “I have these. Will any work?” Ric looked over the three condoms packets, never having had one in his hand before. One of them had the word “Large” on it so he smiled back at Zac and said “We can give this a try but I don’t know. I’ll stop if its too uncomfortable” Ric figured that he would have to start using condoms in order to fuck guys that he didn’t want to infect and he might as well try it now, since Zac seemed so eager. Zac had always been the one that would stand and watch while stroking his cock when the group got together. He usually only fucked or got fucked once and he was done and always safe. Everyone in the room had their eyes on Ric and Zac as they moved over towards the couch and Ric directed him to lean over it. Ric opened the condom package and Shane showed him how to roll it on. It felt kind of tight to Ric, but since this was his first time wearing one he didn’t know what to expect. He coated the condom with lube and then lubed Zac’s hole, dripping some of the lube on his pucker and working it in with his finger. Zac gasped when he felt Ric’s finger enter his hole and tried to relax but he was nervous. It had been over a month since he had been fucked last and he had never had a cock in him as big as Ric’s was. Ric tried to soothe Zac as he tried to loosen up his hole with his finger. He finally was able to get a second finger inside and it seemed that Zac was getting used to the finger invasion. Ric knew he would have to get three fingers in if his cock had any hope of penetrating the hairless swimmer in front of him. A crowd had gathered around and all of the guys were stroking their cocks wanting to see Zac take Ric’s large cock. Zac was moaning as Ric slowly twisted and turned his fingers inside his pussy. Ric thought “This is going to be so damn tight.” He started to stroke his cock with his other hand as he felt his cock start to soften. He hoped it was due to it taking so long to open Zac up and not the condom. Ric added a bit more lube to the condom and Zac’s hole and pressed the tip to Zac’s slightly loosened hole. He pressed in, feeling the tight ring stretch around the latex sheathed shaft. Shane and Jeremy coached Zac as Ric pushed in deeper. He stopped when he had gotten just inside the boy’s tight ass ring and let Zac get used to the size. “Please, fuck me” Zac said with a little pain in his voice and Ric didn’t want to disappoint him. He slowly started to rock in and out of Zac, getting his cock deeper each time. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to plant all of his cock inside, the condom wasn’t long enough and he figured Zac wouldn’t be able to take it. Ric got a good rhythm going, giving Zac just over half of his cock. He decided to try going a bit deeper and heard Zac start to whimper so he said “Ok, I won’t go that deep” and Zac replied “No, give it all to me. Just like you did to Shane and Marty and Alex.” The other guys grinned as he said it and started stroking their cocks harder. Ric started pushing deeper and got to the end of the condom on his shaft and stopped going in any further. He gave Zac long even strokes and while it felt OK, he knew it would feel so much better bare. Ric started to fuck harder and his balls started to signal their readiness to fire. He gave a hard jab into Zac and heard him yelp and squeeze his cock even tighter. He liked the feeling and did it again and got the same response from Zac. When he did it a third time, he felt something odd but was too engrossed in his impending orgasm. He gave one last thrust and felt his balls start to shoot their charged sperm into the condom. He held his cock inside as his cock pulsed over and over. It didn’t feel like he expected it to. He expected to feel his cum tight around his cock head as it filled up the condom, but it felt pretty similar to all the other times he came inside a guy. Maybe these condoms weren’t so bad. When he pulled his cock out of Zac though, he realized why. The condom was just shredded latex hanging off of his cock. He heard Shane gasp and Zac asked “What?” “Oh nothing” said Shane. “Nothing? The fucking condom broke and I just bred Zac!” yelled Ric.
  3. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 34 - Ric’s swimmer Ric was in the school locker room getting ready for gym class when Shane walked up. Shane was the captain of the swim team and was one of those jocks that got along with everyone. He wasn’t arrogant or cliquish and could fit in with jocks, nerds, stoners, artists or just the people who didn’t fit in. Ric knew who he was but they had never talked but they had acknowledged each other when they saw each other. “Hey, I like the tat. I never thought of you as someone that would get one” Shane said. “Yeah, I wanted one, and a friend helped me update how I looked several weeks ago” Ric said. Shane chuckled, “I hope you paid her back for all her help. She did a great job. You really look good. I almost didn’t recognize you. I bet you have all the girls chasing after you now.” Ric ignored the innuendo that it was a girl that helped him or that he did it to get laid with a girl. He quickly thought that Shane was trying to dig to see if Ric was straight or not. “Thanks, I’m happy with the way it turned out” Ric said. “I’d like to talk to you some time about the tat. I want to get one now that I’m over 18. I’m sure my parents and the coach are going to flip, but its my body. Can we meet after school tomorrow?” Shane asked. Ric was surprised, but said “Sure, what time?” “Lets meet in front of the school after classes let out and we can go to my house and talk” Shane said. The next day Ric walked out of the front of the school building and instead of heading towards his house he stood next to a tree by the main entrance, waiting for Shane to meet him. After waiting fifteen minutes, he decided he had gotten blown off. Just as he started walking towards home, Shane came running up. “Dude, I’m sorry I’m late. I was talking to the coach and I don’t have your number to let you know I’d be late. Ric bought the story, at least outwardly, and the two turned and walked towards Shane’s house. When they got inside, Shane immediately took his shirt and jeans off. He was standing there in his jockstrap and socks and Ric was both surprised and aroused. “Some idiot spilled their drink on me at lunch and I have to toss these in the wash” he explained. He watched Shane put them in the washer and start it up and then Shane said “My room is upstairs” and Ric followed him up. Once inside the bedroom, Ric dropped his backpack on the floor and looked around. There were a couple shelves with various sports trophies and a couple large posters - two with really hot swimmers leaping into a pool and one of a diver in a pose before a dive. “Have a seat on the bed” Shane said as he put his own backpack down next to the desk. Ric expected Shane to put some clothes back on and sit down in the desk chair, but instead he just sat down on the bed next to Ric. Ric hoped his hardening cock wouldn’t be too visible, but with Shane so close and almost naked, it was probably a losing battle. Ric figured that swimmers are used to being mostly naked a lot of the time, so it must be natural for him. “Oh, let me grab something to drink, I’ll be right back” Shane said and Ric watched Shane’s tight ass walk out the door. Soon he came back with two glasses and handed one to Ric. Shane hopped back on the bed and said “I have a ton of questions about your tattoo. It looks so hot. I like how guys look with ink on them. It makes them look tougher and sexier, I think.” “Yeah, I guess. I looked at it as marking the beginning of the next part of my life” Ric said and almost immediately regretted it. “What do you mean? We haven’t graduated yet and we can’t drink. We’re stuck at that age where we can get arrested as an adult but can’t have the same fun.” Shane said. Thinking quickly Ric said “Uh, I guess I look at turning eighteen as no longer being a kid and becoming a man.” “Oh, yeah. That makes sense. So how did you decide what it was going to be?” Shane asked. “I really didn’t have a good idea. I talked with the tattoo artist and he gave me some suggestions and sketched a few things out. It was really cool. I wish I could draw like that” Ric said. It was mostly true and he realized that he was going to have to think fast with some of his answers. “Cool. Yeah, I suck at drawing too. Was he cool about you not knowing exactly what you wanted?” “Yeah, he was. He even explained the meanings of some symbols that are used. One of the meanings for the stars I have is that I am following my own dreams. He warned me to avoid getting something just because it looked cool and go for something that had meaning to me since I would be stuck with it for the rest of my life. He joked about people he inked with their girlfriend’s name and when they broke up six months later they were back trying to get it covered up” Ric said, surprised that he made a straight anecdote. “Oh, yeah. I never would have thought of that.” said Shane as he adjusted himself in the jockstrap and Ric hoped that his cock would fall out of the pouch. “Do you know what you want?” Ric asked. He saw Shane blush and added “I mean what kind of tat you want.” “I kind of like the tribal designs. I want it big and cover my pec, shoulder and upper arm. What do you think something like that would cost?” asked Shane. “I don’t know. I got a deal because a friend of mine knows the tattoo guy and I did some work there to pay for some of it” Ric said, stretching the truth a bit. “If you find some pics on the internet of what you want, I can send them up and see if he’ll give you a ballpark price.” “Yeah, that would be cool. I have a bunch on my computer I can send you. Can I see yours again?” Shane asked. Ric smiled and felt his cock throb. “Sure” he said as he pulled his shirt off. Shane moved close to Ric and stared at the tattoo and then started rubbing it with his finger. Ric didn’t know where this was heading but having a hot, almost naked guy with a lean muscular body rubbing his chest was something he really enjoyed. Shane looked up at Ric and their heads were only inches away. “God that is so sexy, Ric” he said as he looked straight into Ric’s eyes. Shane moved forward and their lips touched and Shane started to kiss Ric. It wasn’t just a quick kiss, either. It went on for several seconds and then Shane put his hand on the back of Ric’s head and started kissing more passionately. Ric pushed his tongue to Shane’s lips and felt them part. His tongue met Shane’s and darted back and forth across his tongue. Ric pushed Shane on to his back and climbed on top of him. He pinned Shane to the bed and rubbed his bare chest against the swimmer’s shaved chest as they kept kissing. Shane was moaning and Ric felt Shane’s cock pop free of the jockstrap. He let go of Shane’s hands and they groped each other. Shane’s hands started unbuttoning Ric’s jeans and tugged them down. He reached in and grabbed Ric’s hard cock and stroked it. Shane stopped kissing Ric and said “Holy fuck thats big” and rolled Ric over. Shane moved down Ric’s body, kissing each star on his tattoo, nibbling on each of his nipples and then licking down his treasure trail to his cock. He looked up at Ric, grinning and then started licking and sucking Ric’s cock. Ric moaned and felt his body shudder as Shane tried to deep throat his cock. Ric quickly figured out that Shane was no stranger to sucking cock and he had flashbacks to Dave and then his dad sucking his cock. He thought Dave was the best but Shane was a close second. He felt his cock start to leak it’s toxic precum into Shane’s mouth and Ric knew he had a decision to make - stealth him or tell him. He put it off as long as possible and took advantage of Shane’s cocksucking skills. Shane looked up at him again, this time his eyes were pleading for Ric to fuck him. “Shane, I don’t have any condoms. I didn’t expect us to do anything like this” Ric said. “I know, but I find you too hot to resist. Fuck me bare. I need your cock inside me” pleaded Shane. “I can’t, Shane” “Why? I need it and can see you want it too. Please fuck me. I won’t tell anyone, I promise” begged Shane and Ric could sense the urgency in his voice. “I don’t want to hurt you and if I fuck you bare, I will” Ric said and Shane replied “I’ve taken cocks bigger than yours, I know you won’t hurt me.” Ric panicked. He didn’t want to tell Shane he was poz but there didn’t seem to be an alternative. “Shane, its not the size, its whats in my balls. I have HIV. If I fuck you, I will infect you.” “Fuck, the rumor I heard is true. Thats why you were out sick. Fuck! Now I really need you to fuck me. Please Ric, fuck me and give me your poz cum. I NEED IT!” Shane pleaded with Ric. That wasn’t the response Ric expected and he felt his cock swell even bigger. Ric went into total top mode, getting up and shoving Shane on his back, with his legs raised up. He pushed Shane back further on to his shoulders and started to rim his hairless hole. Ric thought Shane looked so hot with his cock poking out the top of his jockstrap and his muscled butt framed by the straps. His tongue dug into Shane’s hole and he got it slick. He wanted to get his cock deep inside Shane quickly before he had time to change his mind. He climbed up and rubbed his cock along the crack and saw the tip of his cock head peering out from the foreskin. He pulled the foreskin back and covered Shane’s hole with precum and then aimed his rock hard cock into the swimmer’s neg hole. He saw Shane winking his hole and timed his thrust to easily penetrate the starving pussy. He kept pushing his cock deeper, never stopping, until his full length was inside. He looked at Shane’s eyes and he saw lust combined with panic and uncertainty. He pulled back slowly until just the tip was inside and he then drove back in. “You like that poz cock inside you, Shane? Do you feel the toxic precum coat your guts trying to find a way to infect you? Do you want me to poz you up?” asked Ric. “Oh fuck yeah, it feels great inside me. Fuck me hard and make me yours. Knock me up!” begged Shane. Ric started slamming his cock into Shane’s greedy hole. Ric was sure that lots of other swimmers had fucked Shane and maybe their coaches too in the past few years. He was going to do his best to charge Shane up and then let him pass on his bug. He didn’t realize how hard he was fucking until he saw how high the two were bouncing on the bed. Shane was yelling “oh my god” over and over as Ric pummeled Shane’s hole. He pulled all the way out and shoved back in, briefly seeing Shane’s stretched out hole. He gave three fast, hard thrusts and then felt his balls shoot their toxic load into Shane’s cumhole. Ric stayed there, looking at Shane’s face as his cock throbbed inside his cunt. A large grin covered Shane’s face and he said “Fuck dude that was so fucking amazing. I’ve wanted to take a poz load for a while, but to get it from a hot guy like you made it even better.” Ric liked hearing Shane’s complement, but he wasn’t done yet. He wasn’t sure how many guys he would find that were willing to take his charged seed, so he was going to take full advantage of it. He pulled his cock out and pulled Shane to the edge of the bed, turning him over. With Shane bent over the edge of the bed, Ric took a look at his cute ass begging to be fucked again and some of his pearly white cum dripping down Shane’s leg. Ric forced three fingers into Shane’s still tight hole and twisted them around roughly, digging his fingernails into the walls of Shane’s cunt. Shane yelled out “Ow” and Ric leaned forward, pushing Shane’s face into the bed. “Be quiet, I’m just making it easier to charge that ass up. If you want poz cum in you, then you better be ready to be poz yourself.” He stabbed his fingers in a few more times and pulled them out, quickly shoving his cock back in. Shane moaned as he felt the hard shaft start to fuck him again. Ric fucked back into the cum filled hole. He knew Shane had a lot more experience with gay sex than him, but he tried to remember everything that Dave had done with him. He fucked hard and fast and then slow and deliberate. He would dig his cock in at different angles and listen to Shane groan. He started to pull out and ram back in. He looked down as he pulled out and saw a few red streaks on his cock and the frothy cum surrounding Shane’s hole had a pink tint to it. He had been working on round two for over thirty minutes and he could tell Shane was getting sore. “Oh fuck, I can’t take much more” Shane gasped as Ric changed back to hard strokes. Ric reached around with both hands and pinched Shane’s nipples and felt him squeeze his cock tight. He leaned closer as he pounded and whispered in Shane’s ear “I hope you’re not just a bottom and you’re going to share your seed with lots of guys once you’re poz.” “Oh god… yeah I am” Shane moaned and Ric felt his balls tingle. He tortured Shane’s nipples, squeezing and twisting them to get Shane to milk his cock. He twisted both at once and felt Shane clamp down hard on his cock as it was ramming in. Ric’s balls didn’t hold back any longer and he started shooting more poisonous cum into the jock’s wrecked hole. Ric held his cock inside Shane for a while and when his cock softened he pulled out, pushing as much cum back in as he could. Shane crawled up on the bed and rolled over. He motioned Ric to join him and the two made out for several minutes before Shane asked “Did you do it?” “You got two huge loads in you dude” Ric naively answered. “No, am I poz now?” Shane asked. “I don’t know. it took a few weeks before I got sick and that’s when my friend told me I was poz. I waited after I got better to get tested.” “Oh ok. I hope we can fuck more. You really know how to fuck. At first, I thought you might even be a virgin.” Shane said with a chuckle. “So, did you really want to know about the tats or was it just an excuse to fuck?” asked Ric. “I only wanted to find out about getting my tattoo. But you were so hot and you didn’t seem to mind me touching you, so I decided to see if you wanted to do more” explained Shane. “You said there were rumors that I was poz?” asked Ric. “More like gossip. A couple people started saying you were gay when you changed how you looked. Then when you got sick someone said that it was the flu that guys get when they get pozzed. I didn’t believe them since I know you don’t get pozzed right away from having sex with another guy or I would have been pozzed a hundred times over already.” Shane said, snickering. “Who?” asked Ric who was a little pissed off that people were talking about him behind his back. “I don’t know who it was, I just overheard it.” Shane said and then tried to change the conversation and asked “How much did it hurt to get your tattoo? Can you give me your phone or email so I can send you the pics to ask your tattoo guy how much?” “Sure. I’m going to go up there next week. I just need to find an excuse to use the car so my mom doesn’t suspect anything. It depends on where you get the tattoo. Some parts of your skin are more sensitive than others. Sometimes its just a weird sensation, sometimes it hurts a little and sometimes a lot” Ric said. “If you go one of the days I’m not training, I’d like to go with you. I can even drive” Shane said. “That might work out. Which days? Then you could see my next tattoo get done. It’s small but I think it will look really hot.” Ric said as he looked over and saw the time on the alarm clock and asked “Is that time right?” “Oh shit, yeah it is. I didn’t realize you fucked me that long. Uh, I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off from swim practice” Shane said. “Yeah, it takes me a while to shoot my second load. I wasn’t complaining, your ass felt so fuckin’ good. I gotta get home though” Ric said as he started to put his clothes back on. “And I gotta clean up cuz my parents will be home soon. Don’t leave just yet, I want to rinse off” said Shane as he ran next door to bathroom. A minute later he was back. “Dude, you still smell like my cum” Ric told him as he started to walk towards the front door. “See you at school tomorrow?” he asked as he turned back to look at Shane. Shane leaned in and kissed Ric. “Sure thing, stud. Thanks for this afternoon, I hope we can do it again… many times” said Shane as Ric headed home.
  4. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 33 - The Interview Joe was looking through the university website as a friend had mentioned the university was sponsoring a job fair at which many large companies would come to campus, taking resumes and offering interviews to students who seemed to be a good fit for the company's needs. Joe found the page and looked through it noticing several companies that were in California. He wanted to move out there to be near Mark and away from his parents so that he and Kyle could continue their relationship. He set an appointment on his phone’s calendar app and worked some more on his resume. The job fair was only a week away so he figured he needed to a few things to prepare - get his resume finished and some copies printed on nice paper and create an electronic version to send out, get some clothes to interview in, read up on some of the companies that he wanted to target, etc. He was torn about whether to leave the mohawk or get his hair cut into something more mainstream. Joe and Kyle were out shopping for interview clothing, laughing with each other as they tried on suits and realizing that they didn’t want to have to wear things like that every day. Mark had explained to them that many places were more casual, but it was still a good idea to dress up for the interview to show one was serious. Joe’s phone buzzed with a message and he read it while Kyle was trying on a few pairs of dress pants. “Hi. I saw your escort ad. I’m going to be in town for business and want to have some fun in my free time. I like the things you list that you are into. Are you available Tuesday night? I will have a hotel room alone. I’d like to book for at least 2 hours, maybe three. Not into quickies. Thanks.” Joe read the message over a few times. He really didn’t want to book an appointment for the night before the job fair, especially if it was going to be for a few hours. He wanted to look well rested not tired or hungover when talking to people at the fair, but two or three hours of escort time would be good money. He sent back a reply telling the guy that he would be available, but not very late - the session would have to end before midnight. He asked for what type of activities the guy wanted and emphasized that the fee was for his time, not for any sexual activities if they happened. It didn’t take long before Joe received a response: the client also wanted to end early as he had meetings all day Wednesday. Activities were open but no condoms would be required. The client was versatile and it would depend on their chemistry as to what happened after they met. He added that he was bi, 38 years old, a muscled gym rat, 5’10”, 180 pounds, shaved torso and hairy legs/ass, inked, several piercings with a seven and a half inch cock and he was sexually adventurous. He requested a few more pictures and Joe sent most of the ones that he had, omitting the full body back pic that showed the biohazard tattoo on his calf and the full front that showed the scorpion. There were parts of the scorpion showing in other frontal pics he sent, but nothing really obvious. Joe was surprised that with the detail that the guy gave he omitted HIV status, but didn’t care. He was prepared to see where it went and possibly show up and get turned away when he saw the tats. His concerns were unwarranted since he got a reply back that said “Very nice pics. Is that a scorpion tattoo?” "Yeah," Joe replied, holding his breath. The response took him a bit by surprise. “Fuck yeah. I’ll bottom then. I hope you have a lot of cum to share.” Like all escort meetings, he counted on one in four to cancel and this seemed to be one where the client would get cold feet or was just playing him. He set up a time anyway and they swapped contact numbers and he crossed his fingers. Friday night Joe, Kyle and Steven went over to the club. It had been a while since any of them had been there, since Jeff was unable to go since he was too young. Jeff needed time that weekend to work on a project for one of his classes, so Joe and Kyle were going to take advantage. The guys spent the evening dancing and talking with friends. Luis stopped by and dropped off a free round of beers and asked how they were doing. They joked around for a few minutes and then Luis asked “Did you hear about my roommate Juan?” “Yeah, I heard fourth time finally did the trick at the club party. I hope he enjoyed my loads,” Kyle said. “He’s a pretty greedy bottom for someone that claims to be a top” added Steven. Luis laughed “He was still feeling like shit from the flu and was looking for someone to breed, but every night since the party he’s taken a load from me. He got his test results yesterday and he’s officially in the club. I gotta get back to work. Have fun guys!” As Luis left Steven said “I’m gonna take a leak. Don’t drink my beer.” Steven entered the bathroom and spotted an open urinal and walked up to it. The guys on either side of him were stroking their cocks and he smiled, checking them out as he emptied his bladder. He shook the last few drops of piss out of his cock and zipped up thinking to himself 'Maybe a bit later'. Returning to his table, he finally got a taste of his beer, and just as he took the last swallow, Ryan walked up, still wearing part of his work uniform. “Can I take your order?” he joked and then gave Steven a deep, passionate kiss. They both got a beer and the group chatted and scoped out the guys in the club. Steven had caught one guy looking at him several times all night and whispered to Ryan “Are you interested in a random quick three way?” Ryan nodded with a sinister grin on his face. He discreetly pointed out a man he identified as Lee, who standing with friends at a nearby table. Lee was a little taller than Steven and shorter than Ryan. He was a few years older than they were and Steven knew he was a grad student since he had been a TA in one of his classes the previous semester. Lee looked like a midwestern farm boy - brown haired and brown eyed, an innocent look on his face that probably hid some darker desires. His body was nicely muscled and Steven could see parts of a tribal tattoo poking below both sleeves on his tee shirt. Steven got up and walked through the club and as he passed Lee’s table winked at him and headed to the bathroom. Steven stood in front a one of two neighboring urinals which were empty, pulled out his cock and began stroke himself. He was already hard in anticipation of fucking the cute guy. A few seconds later Lee had taken the bait and was standing next to him. Steven looked over at him and smiled before reaching over and rubbing his firm butt. Lee looked back at Steven and said “Ooooh yeah, fuck, man.” With a quick nod, Steven and Lee went over into the open space in the bathroom and Steven backed against a wall so he could see who walked in. Lee went down on his knees and began sucking Steven’s cock. His tongue explored and probed the shaft and balls, covering every part with spit. Only a couple minutes had passed and Ryan walked up and barked out “What the fuck do you think you’re doing with my boyfriend?” Lee stopped and turned around, the look of sheer panic in his face. Steven grabbed his head and turned it back towards him and said “Keep sucking.” Ryan slid his hand into Lee’s pants, fingering the tight hole and then reached down and unbuckled Lee’s belt and undid his jeans. Lee started to protest and Steven held his head. “Just keep sucking” he commanded. Ryan started to rim Lee’s ass, licking all around and then sucking on the pucker. Lee moaned around Steven’s cock and tried to spread his legs as far as he could with his jeans around his ankles. Ryan helped free one of Lee’s feet from the jeans while licking more aggressively. He forced some spit into the hole and then worked it in with his middle finger. He felt the hole yield quickly. Lee was clearly no stranger to taking cock up his ass. Ryan stood up and pressed his stiff cock into the slick hole. There was some initial resistance, but soon enough Ryan’s cock slid into Lee’s very willing hole. Ryan started drilling Lee’s ass, the warm, moist flesh feeling good against his bare cock. His thrusts got faster and his body kept bumping into Lee’s ass, which forced Steven’s cock into Lee’s throat. As Ryan and Steven spit roasted Lee, a crowd of men gathered, most of whom were openly stroking. Ryan loved seeing all of the hot, hard cocks. Steven withdrew his cock from Lee’s mouth and one of the guys quickly took his place, feeding Lee another cock. Ryan grabbed Lee’s hips and shoved in hard, his cum flowing freely into Lee’s unsuspecting guts. When the last spurts of charged cum shot into Lee, Ryan pulled his cock out and Steven quickly shoved in. Ryan was right behind Steven, shielding Steven’s branding on his ass cheek from the crowd and tweaking his nipples. Lee’s oral skills had gotten Steven close, so it only took a few minutes of pounding his hole before Steven rammed in deep and several shot ropes of his infected seed into Lee’s cunt. The crowd had been cheering them on, but with his balls empty Steven pulled out and stuffed his now semi-hard cock into his jeans. Ryan and Steven watched another guy mount Lee and push his bare cock into the toxic cream in Lee’s hole. They smiled at each other and went back to the table with Joe and Kyle, leaving Lee on the floor of the bathroom getting gang fucked. Monday night Kyle was pissed that Joe wasn’t interesting in fucking, but he knew that Joe took his escorting seriously and could use the cash. Joe got a message from his Tuesday client, confirming the time and place, which surprised him. 'Guess he will show after all', he thought. Kyle told Jeff to stop by so he could get some relief and Jeff promptly showed-up at the apartment. Joe rubbed his crotch as he heard Kyle and Jeff rut, but purposefully saved his cum for his Tuesday client, who seemed keen to experience. get. Joe texted the client asking f there was anything specific that he wanted to do, so he could be prepared. The client said “No, just you.” Tuesday evening Joe showered and got ready, making sure that he had plenty of supplies in his bag, gave Kyle a kiss and headed over to the nicest hotel in town. He dressed better than he did for many of his tricks, trying to fit in with the clientele of the hotel. He walked in and nodded to the person at the front desk who he had seen numerous times before, heading directly to his client's room, arriving two minutes before 8:00 PM. A knock on the door and Joe heard a voice from the room yell “Just a second.” Joe waited patiently. The door opened and there stood a guy who matched the description the client had sent him a week earlier, only now the client was wearing only a pair of form fitting trunks with a very nice bulge. He looked better than Joe had imagined. The trimmed scruff on his face with several piercings in each ear, a muscular chest with both nipples pierced with barbells, both upper arms had partial sleeves and his muscled, hairy legs also had several tattoos. A bright, friendly smile and sexy grey eyes looked him over as Joe checked the client out. “Hi, I’m Dave” Joe said, always feeling strange when he said his ‘escort name’. He took a second perusal of the guy, which apparently the guy was doing to Joe too. “Oh, I’m sorry. Come on in Dave, I’m Greg.” Joe walked in and the door closed behind him. Greg set the deadbolt and safety bar and walked back into the room where Joe was standing. Joe looked around and there was a laptop at the desk and a cell phone, some clothes laying on a chair and a stack of money next to the flat screen TV. 'He’s done this before', thought Joe. “So, we really didn’t talk a lot about what you’re looking for tonight. I understand keeping it vague when messaging like that, but before we start I’d like to know what you expect to make our time together what you want,” Joe said. “Well, we can start by seeing what you really look like. The pictures were hot, but I like flesh even better,” Greg replied as he unbuttoned Joe’s shirt, followed by unbuttoning Joe’s jeans. Joe kicked off his shoes and let his jeans fall to the floor. He had decided to go commando this evening, so he stood there with only his socks on. Greg moved back and looked Joe over, caressing his body and feeling his muscles, cock and ass. “Hmm” Greg started as he moved around and looked over Joe’s backside. Greg rubbed his fingers between Joe’s crack and Joe let out a light moan. He was accustomed to clients checking him over like a piece of meat before anything happened, but Greg seemed to be more thorough than most. “You seem to be keeping yourself in good shape. I like the mods. I love a guy with a PA and the ink is quite nice. I like two of them in particular. I assume that with both the scorpion and biohazard tats that you are poz?” Greg asked. “Yes, I am. I brought condoms in case we need them,” Joe replied. Greg chuckled “I never use them. How I have stayed neg all these years is really a surprise. Are you on medication for HIV?” Joe hadn’t been asked this before and wasn’t sure how to answer but he said “No, I’m not yet.” “Ooooh, this is going to be good, then. Do you have any problems breeding neg guys, Dave?” Greg asked with a sinister tone to his voice. “I’m here to do what ever you want, Greg. If you want me to breed and maybe infect you, it’s your choice. If you want to cover up and do everything safely, I can also do that,” Joe replied. “I recently decided to get pozzed, Joe. But, I don’t want it from just anyone. I want it to come from someone who turns me on and can fuck without regret, knowing what he is doing to the body that I have spent years getting to look like this. We seem to have similar thoughts like that. You have the advantage of age. I wish I had the guts when I was your age to take this leap. Did you do it intentionally?” Greg probed. “Yes I did,” Joe said simply. “Fuck. I really admire you for that. I would like to hear about it when we are done, if you don’t mind. If tonight goes well, I may want to hire you again tomorrow and maybe Thursday. May I ask if you have infected anyone yet?” Greg asked. “A few. Most, 'though, were group efforts,” Joe answered, almost apologetically. Greg nodded and grinned and asked “Do you know what your viral load is?” “When I tested last my load was 212,000,” Joe said, trying not to sound annoyed. He wanted to fuck, breed, collect his money and get out of there, but he humored Greg with all of his questions. “You might be the perfect person to knock me up, then. I want you to do whatever you think it will take to make sure the bug gets into me. Be as rough as you want, but no permanent marks and don’t break anything. No one at my meetings tomorrow can know that anything happened to me tonight, but I will have your seed inside me tomorrow destroying my body from the inside out.” Joe reached down and pulled his socks off and walked around Greg like he was prey. He pushed his hand under Greg’s trunks and forced his finger into his hole. Joe pulled him close and kissed him roughly before pulling the trunks down and seeing Greg completely naked for the first time. Both of their cocks were stiffening by the second and and Joe liked Greg’s bubble butt and the large 0 gauge PA in Greg’s sizable cock. Joe pushed Greg over towards the bed and demanded “Bend over the bed and stay there a moment.” He reached into his jeans and got the bottle of poppers and fished a few things out of his bag. He walked up behind Greg and slapped his ass and then put a ball gag around Greg’s head. When it was tight he put the popper bottle up next to Greg’s nose, closing the other nostril and said “One long hit.” Greg breathed deep and Joe repeated it with the other nostril. Joe put leather cuffs on both wrists and connected them. He looked down at Greg and said “Last chance. Do you want me to stop? Nod your head.” Greg shook his head no and Joe said “Good man.” Joe knelt behind Greg and started to rim his ass, tasting the man scent and giving him just a small bit of spit for lube. Under normal circumstances, Joe would have feasted on Greg’s hot butt for a long time, but tonights activities were only dealing with getting him pozzed up. Joe shoved a finger into Greg’s hole, using his fingernail to scrape and gouge into the tender flesh inside his mancunt. He reached back and got a bottle brush from his bag and slowly inserted it into Greg’s rectum. Greg screamed around the ball gag, but Joe ignored it and started twisting it around and in and out until it was coated in fresh blood. He pulled the brush out and showed the red dripping brush to Greg. Joe could see the terror in his eyes and knew about this time Greg was probably having second thoughts. Joe stroked his cock to full hardness and looked over Greg’s tortured hole. He lined up his cock and firmly pushed all the way inside Greg’s hole, feeling him squirm as his cock stretched the tunnel open and his PA dragged along the scraped up tissue. Joe climbed on Greg’s back and whispered in his ear “Your ass is all ready to soak up my toxic cum. I could stop right now and you would just be sore for the next few days or I can fuck and breed that sexy ass of yours and let the bug invade your perfect body. If I breed you, you have to agree to share your gift when you’re poz and don’t go on meds until your t-cells are in double digits. Do you agree?” Greg nodded his head up and down and said a muffled “Mmmhmm” around the gag. The deal struck, Joe started to fuck Greg’s pussy with determination. The blood made his hole feel wet and his precum was adding to it with each stroke. He had a big load saved up and knew he would probably be able to inject at least three doses of his virus filled cum into Greg’s fertile hole. He moved his cock around as he pounded Greg and he could hear the tone in Greg’s voice change as the pain faded and he started to enjoy the fuck. Joe started to wonder, was Greg normally a muscle bottom or a total top bottoming to get pozzed? Right now it didn’t matter, he was Joe’s fuck toy to use as he pleased and fill with as much toxin as he could. He could feel Greg start to work his cock with his ass and knew he was physically begging for his first load of Joe’s cum. Just as the clock hit the 45 minute mark of their meeting, Joe slammed in and felt his balls empty their charged cum into Greg’s helpless guts. He heard Greg moan loudly around the gag as he felt the cum flood his body. Joe slowly pumped his cock in and out, pressing it into the walls of Greg’s colon. He laid on top of Greg and unbuckled the gag and disconnected the cuffs from each other and then pulled his cock out and he laid on the bed. “Round one done. I hope you’re up for more,” Joe commented. Greg was panting hard and slowly moved forward laying on the bed, face down. “Oh my fucking god,” he said breathlessly. “You destroyed my ass. I’ve never been fucked that brutally. I hope I can take more.” Joe inwardly chuckled thinking 'Yeah, he’s mostly a top', telling Greg “Climb up on the bed a bit more and roll over.” Greg wasn’t used to being told what to do, but he complied. He had given control to Dave and needed to follow through. As they both got their bodies back to breathing normally, Joe wanted to taste some of Greg’s last neg seed. He crawled between Greg’s legs and started licking and sucking Greg’s flaccid cock. The cock started to grow in his mouth and he flicked his tongue around Greg’s PA, getting his tongue between the two balls of the horseshoe piercing. He bobbed and used all of his tricks to get Greg to shoot, but he got nothing until he slid his finger into Greg’s battered hole and found the spot and rubbed his prostate. Greg bucked and squirmed as Joe sucked until finally Greg shoved his hips up and started shooting his cum into Joe’s mouth. Joe swallowed down the first shot as the second filled his mouth. Tasting the sweet cum that hopefully would be filled with his bug in a matter of weeks, he tried to get all of Greg’s load out and savor it’s purity. Joe pushed Greg’s legs up and Greg looked back at him with worry in his face. Joe grinned as his rock hard cock pushed back into Greg’s pussy. Greg groaned as Joe’s cock stretched his sore hole open again. He had never felt his hole ache like this before, but he knew that there was a good chance that as beat up as his hole felt, the virus would easily invade his body. Joe spread Greg’s legs wider and began fucking again, slowly building up speed. He pushed Greg back on to his shoulders and got into position to pile drive his cock into the wrecked hole. Greg looked up at him with a need in his eyes that Joe remembered he had when Mark was breeding him several weeks earlier. Joe’s cock drove deep into Greg and the slap of their bodies was a familiar sound to both of them. Greg started to quietly beg - “breed me, please breed me.” Joe laughed to himself thinking he may have broken the poor stud and turned him into a bottom. He began to jackrabbit his cock into Greg and then planted his cock as far inside as he could as a second round of cum filled the neg stud. They both let out moans as the cum transferred between them. As his body stopped twitching from the orgasm, Joe lowered Greg back down to the bed and the two laid there side by side. “Do you always fuck this rough?” Greg asked. Laughing, Joe said “No, I don’t. It depends on who I’m with and what the guy is into. Tonight we only have one goal and thats to get you knocked up. The easiest way is for a rough fuck that gives as many channels as possible for the virus to infect you. If you want I can go easier for the next round.” “Yeah, please. I don’t bottom often and its usually not a hard fuck. Now I know how some of the guys I’ve fucked felt when they told me to go slower” Greg said with a laugh. “Sorry, I thought that’s what you wanted” Joe said, starting to be concerned. “No, thats exactly what I asked for. I thought that I could handle it but I guess not” Greg said meekly. Joe got up and grabbed a bottle of water and took a large gulp, drinking half of it. He put the cap on and tossed it to Greg who looked concerned that he was going to drink out of the same bottle as Joe. Joe chuckled and said “You’ll take my poz cum with no problem but are worried about a few germs from my spit?” Greg laughed saying “yeah, thats pretty silly, isn’t it” and chugged the rest of the water down. Joe glanced at the clock and realized that the two hour session they originally planned was going to go long. It really didn’t matter and he didn’t want to rush the last fuck. He climbed on the bed and rolled Greg on to his hands and knees and licked from his balls, up his taint and then around the puffy ring. He tasted the mixture of cum, assjuice and blood and pushed a glob of spit inside. He moved closer and slowly pushed his cock back inside Greg. This was more gentle, but Greg’s hole was very sore and he heard the pain in Greg’s groans. It wasn’t a romantic fuck, but Joe fucked just hard enough to be able to coax another load out of his balls. The even tempo of his strokes seemed to soothe Greg’s pain and the two loads of cum were coating Joe’s cock and Greg’s guts. Joe leaned forward and kissed the back of Greg’s neck as he got up on his feet and started to thrust a bit harder into him. He heard Greg grunt and then say “oooooh yeah, poz that hole up.” Joe closed his eyes and kept a steady speed with his cock pushing in and out of Greg’s ravaged pussy. As his balls started to tingle again, he knew this load would be smaller than the other ones, but just as toxic. With a few final lunges, he drove his cock in and let the cum shoot inside Greg’s cunt. Joe was surprised at how many spurts of his charged seed he gave Greg for the final fuck of the night. He laid on top of Greg for several seconds and then rolled with him over on to their sides, his cock still inside Greg. Joe held him tight, comforting him from the savage fucking he had given him earlier. Joe’s cock deflated and fell out of Greg’s hole followed by a trickle of cum. They laid there for several minutes until Greg said “Thanks.” Joe got up and headed towards the bathroom. “Let’s rinse off in the shower” Greg said and the two walked into the shower stall. They washed and rinsed off and as Joe was about to turn the water off Greg turned him around, pushed him to the wall and started to kiss him passionately. Joe was startled but went with it and kissed him back. Their kiss lasted a few minutes and then Greg let Joe go and stood back. “Sorry, I don’t normally do that with escorts, but you really turn me on. I’ve hired escorts for over ten years and this was the best time I’ve ever had. I was serious about meeting tomorrow night, if you can. I’ll be in meetings all day but if we could do the same time tomorrow, I’d really like it” Greg said. “I really don’t know if I can. I have a lot scheduled for tomorrow and I know one of the things is probably going to go into the evening. I can let you know when I’m free and we can see if there’s still time to meet. I’m sorry, but school comes first for me since I can’t escort for the rest of my life” Joe explained. “Oh, ok. I understand. You’ve got the right priorities. You’re going to do well in life” said Greg. Joe got dressed and picked up his stuff from around the room. He picked up the money for the gig and headed to the door with his bag. “Thanks Greg. I hope you get what you want and hopefully we can meet tomorrow. I’ll let you know.” “Thank you, that really was amazing” Greg said as he hugged Joe. “Take care.” Joe walked out of the room and down the hallway towards the elevator. He counted out the money, Greg had given him three hours pay. He smiled and headed towards home, tired and his cock was sore. He walked in to the apartment to the sound of Steven and Ryan fucking and it sounded like Kyle and Jeff were still going at it too. He took his clothes off and grabbed the blanket and fell asleep on the couch. Tomorrow was going to be a crazy day and he wanted to give the best impression he could to each of the recruiters. Joe finished his morning class and met Kyle at the car. They drove home and changed into their dress clothes for the job fair. They joked with each other about looking like they were going to go work at a bank. They grabbed their stacks of printed resumes and their phones and headed back to campus. As they walked to the building where the job fair was being held, they looked through their list of preferred companies. They walked in and the place was full of activity. Joe walked up to the table for the company first on his list and talked with the woman there. He filled out the card they had and handed the woman a copy of his resume and moved on to the next place on his list. He talked with the person there for several minutes and they discussed things more deeply than the first company. He was feeling pretty confident and the person gave him a card to come back in an hour for a 15 minute interview. He moved on to several more tables getting three more interviews. Joe was feeling really confident when he showed up for his first interview. He sat down and things started well but quickly turned ugly. The questions that he was getting asked weren’t anything that he had studied and Joe stopped at one point and asked the interviewer what types of positions he was being interviewed for and got “It doesn’t matter” as a response. He walked out of the interview deflated. He had fifteen minutes until the next interview and he hit another couple tables and got another interview. The second interview went well and his attitude improved. The third interview he walked in and there was one chair for him and four chairs for the people interviewing him. He had heard about these - he would get barraged by questions in rapid-fire fashion. No time to rest, just question after question. Three people came in and took their chairs and one person gave a quick overview of the format and what types of people they were looking for. Joe thought he was a good fit, but he started to get nervous. The last person came in and sat down as he was talking to the person on the opposite end and when they finished he turned and saw the whole group. The guy that had just walked in was Greg. Joe didn’t know whether to be relieved or scared. He knew he couldn’t reveal that they knew each other or how they met. The interview started and the questions were nonstop. Greg really seemed to be grilling him hard. There wasn’t a pattern to the questions. Some were about projects he had done, some were technical in nature, some were about how you resolve conflicts in teams, what his goals were in 5, 10, 20 years, and his favorite - what did he like to do in his spare time. His head was spinning by the time the 20 minute interview was up. Joe’s shirt was drenched with sweat and he wasn’t sure he was able to deal with the other two interviews he had. He left and went to the restroom and used the hand dryers to dry out his shirt. He headed into the next interview as Kyle was walking out. He thought that one went well and waited for the final one he had scheduled. That interview he thought went well too, but the person interviewing him seemed to be indifferent. He thought he was good at reading people, but that person was like looking at a brick. He went back out and hit a few more tables and scored one more interview before the end of the fair. That one went really well and they scheduled him for a full interview the following day. Joe sat on a bench waiting for Kyle to finish up and typed out a message to his brother. “had 6 mini interviews at job fair. got 1 interview tomorrow. didn’t see ur company here. don’t know if I will get any other interviews this time.” Mark sent back a message “don’t worry. lots of time still. send resume. how u doin? u need money?” Joe laughed and sent back “sorry mom. msg was for mark” and then another one “doin good. been workin so ok with $$$” He then emailed his resume pdf to Mark. He was exhausted and just wanted to go home and smoke a few bowls and relax for the evening, but he had told Greg he would let him know if he could meet. Greg knew what he was doing and when he would be done, so he really couldn’t lie. That would definitely screw his chances of getting a job with his company. Before he could make a decision his phone rang and it was Greg. Greg had only used email in their previous messages, but Joe had given him his number early on hoping to speed up the discussion. “Can I speak to Dave” Greg’s voice said. “Hi Greg. How are you doing?” Joe replied “Pretty fucking sore, if you really want to know” Greg said with a laugh. “I guess you tried to get even with me today, then” Joe jabbed back. “Oh that’s nothing. You should see what I’m like when I don’t like a candidate” was Greg’s retort. “Oh my god. That was the easy version?” Joe asked back. “Hehe, not really. But, the reason I called was to tell you I really can’t meet tonight with Dave. My ass is too sore to go through another round.” “That’s ok. I’m pretty exhausted after 6 interviews today and I have a full one tomorrow at 10 AM, so I need to get some rest tonight” Joe replied. “Oh, you have another interview? Well the other reason I can’t meet tonight is because I want to take Joe out to dinner with a couple of my co-workers. Would he be able to swing that?” asked Greg. Joe got a lump in his stomach. This was getting complicated. “Uh, yes, I think I can do that. What time?” “How about 6:30. I need to shower and find some ointment to put the fire out down below. Are there any good pizza places around here to meet at?” Greg asked. “That works. I know what works really well - a big dose of hot cum” Joe said laughing and then added “Everyone has their favorite, but I like the pizza at ‘The Pie in the Sky’ on Cross Street.” “Yeah, and I know who’s cum. Its expensive but its worth it, right? OK, we’ll meet you there. Meet out front?” Joe went home with Kyle and they compared notes. Kyle had an interview the next day as well and was disappointed that he hadn’t heard from anyone else. Joe told him about the seeing Greg as an escort and then in an interview today and then meeting for pizza later. “Put in a good word for me” said Kyle as they walked up the stairs to the apartment. Joe dug through his clothes looking for something casual but nice. He found some shirts his mom had bought for Christmas and birthdays that looked way too ‘frat boy’ for his taste. Kyle laughed as Joe tried each one on. He finally found something he liked. It may have showed too much of his tattoo for an interview, but he decided to take a chance. Joe stood out front of the restaurant and waited for Greg and his co-workers to arrive. They showed up and Joe showed them inside and had reserved a table for them already. This interview went much slower and Joe actually enjoyed it while they dined on pizza and beer. As the interview wound down Greg asked Joe “So, do you mind telling me who you have an interview with tomorrow?” Joe was surprised at the boldness of the question and if it had been anyone else he would have told them he did want to say. “Carville” Joe said, thinking that the beer had helped loosen his tongue. “Ah. Ok. Good company. We’re better. And more fun.” The interview moved on to idle chit-chat until Greg said “I think its time to call it a night. We all need some rest for the day full of interviews.” Greg paid the bill and they sent the leftovers home with Joe. Joe woke up and went down to campus skipping his morning class to go to the interview. It seemed to go well and he was told he would hear in a few weeks if an offer would be coming. He went back home and changed into his regular clothes and hit his afternoon class and got notes for the class he skipped. When he got home he was studying when his escort phone buzzed and read the message from Greg - “Can we meet tonight? 8? Just an hour and go easy please” Joe laughed and replied back “Sure.” Joe arrived at the hotel and went up to Greg’s room again. He knocked and Greg answered wearing only a jockstrap. Greg smiled and ushered Joe in. “Hi Dave, I’m glad you could come back.” Joe found it humorous that Greg would keep ‘Dave the escort’ and ‘Joe the student’ separate by using his escort name but appreciated it. “Thanks for having me. I hope you’re feeling better” Joe said with a smile. “A little. I think I want to try your suggestion and hope it helps the healing process” Greg joked as he pulled Joe close and kissed him. Greg started to remove Joe’s clothes and Joe kicked off his shoes. They quickly ended up on the bed, rolling around groping each other. They took turns being the aggressor, each one getting the other ready to be penetrated before they overpowered the other and swapped positions. Finally Joe ended up on top of Greg, who was on his back, and pushed his legs apart as he mounted the neg stud. He was a lot more gentle than the day before, but he knew that as sore as Greg still was, his seed would still have a good chance of seeping into his bloodstream. The piercing would help too. The long slow strokes that Joe started with caused Greg to start moaning. It definitely sounded different than the sounds he made during their first meeting. There was no pain in his moans and Greg started to be an active bottom to Joe’s fucking. Joe leaned in and folded Greg back as his hips thrust into Greg’s hungry hole. The intensity kept increasing and Joe was afraid of hurting Greg any more, but his need to breed more charged cum into Greg’s hole took over. “oh god yes, fuck me, breed me, poz me” Greg moaned as Joe got closer to cumming. Greg started to milk his cock and that pushed Joe to the point where his cock began to shoot its venom deep into Greg’s cunt. Joe’s body shook as it once again filled Greg’s neg hole with its toxic load. They laid there kissing as the last squirts pumped into Greg. Greg rolled over and swapped spots with Joe. He thrust his cock into Joe’s unsuspecting hole with Joe groaning as the cock tore into his ass. He felt the heavier piercing inside him and made a quick note to try and stretch his up one size. Greg started off slow and sensual but soon was fucking Joe with hard, long strokes. Joe started to egg Greg on - “Fuck me with that neg cock” “You gonna breed me with that worthless neg seed?” He was really enjoying getting a cock inside him since he had mostly been topping since he converted. This was the type of rough animalistic sex he loved to have with other strong guys. Greg growled as he slammed his cock into Joe’s tight pussy. His ass was still throbbing from the damage Joe inflicted two days ago and it served as a reminder why he was here, but he hadn’t shot a load in over a week and Joe was the type of guy that he loved to hire to fuck and breed when he was on the road. He felt Joe’s cum drip down his balls and legs as he rammed Joe. He didn’t want to lose any of the precious seed, but he couldn’t stop now. His balls were boiling and his cock throbbed as it drove in and out of the boy’s hole, coating it with precum. He bent forward and forced his tongue deep into Joe’s mouth as his cock filled his ass. With two more hard slams of his shaft, his cock erupted, filling Joe with his neg semen. Greg’s body flinched and spasmed as the last of his cum shot into Joe, their sweaty chests glued together. Joe wrapped his legs and arms around Greg holding them together as they kissed. After several moments, Joe loosened his grip and Greg rolled off him laying on his back next to Joe. “Thanks, I needed that. I thought my balls were going to burst. I can hardly wait until I’m shooting charged loads” Greg said as he lay there. “Yeah, you’re gonna love it” Joe replied as he rolled over on his side and was flicking his fingers over Greg’s pierced nips. Greg moaned and Joe moved back between his legs, hoisting his ass up in the air and burying his face between his ass cheeks. Joe tongue fucked the hole, tasting his cum in the hole, and then slurped up the cum on Greg’s balls and thighs. Joe felt his cock twitch again and figured he could give Greg one more load before he had to go. He licked up from Greg’s balls and up his shaft, cleaning the cum off. As he lowered Greg’s ass towards his poisonous snake, he kept licking up Greg’s torso, tasting the sweat and cum, a mixture he always found intoxicating. It fueled his need to fuck Greg again and he slid into Greg’s hole easily. This fuck was slower yet and Greg was really working his ass muscles on Joe’s shaft. He enjoyed the cock massage and would stab his dick in occasionally, hearing Greg gasp and then moan. He started to fuck Greg’s hole harder and knew it wouldn’t take long before he would be breeding Greg for possibly the last time. “Fuck me Joe, give me your poz cum and finish the job” Greg said. It took a few moments for it to register in his brain, but he realized that Greg had called him by his real name, the first time during their fuck sessions. Joe was close and said to Greg “Yeah, I’m going to knock that hole up and turn you into a poz fucker. My DNA will be with you forever.” Each thrust got more erratic and stronger until he felt his cock shooting more diseased seed into Greg’s muscled ass. Greg was milking his cock, trying to get every drop of seed inside his still starving cunt. Joe laid there, his cock covered in his toxic spooge inside Greg. He let his cock soften and finally fall out of Greg’s battered hole, seeing traces of blood on it. “Do you have a plug to hold the cum in?” Joe asked. Greg replied “No, I forgot to pick one up.” Joe got off the bed and pulled one out of his bag and dripped some spit on it and forced it into Greg. Greg groaned as his hole was invaded once again. His ring stretched and then sucked the plug in and clamped down, holding it firmly in place. Joe said “Consider this a gift… or a bribe” and laughed. The two went to the shower and cleaned up. It was a long shower and at one point Greg put his interlocked fingers around the back of Joe’s neck and looked him in the eye. “I shouldn’t really say anything, but you were the best one we interviewed. Everyone liked you and you seem to be pretty smart. Even if you haven’t pozzed me I want you with my company. If you have, I will guarantee you will get hired.”
  5. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 32 - Not So Straight Dennis had been manning the front desk at the hotel. It was the last home football game of the season and it didn’t look to be a winning day. It didn’t matter, the alums were in town by the carload and the hotel was booked solid. Even the party room, #152 was booked by an older gay couple who had invited Dennis to stop by later that evening to help break the couple’s new houseboy in. As game time grew near, the crowd had slowed and he finally got time for a quick break. He came back to the front desk and looked over and saw someone he recognized. The guy got up off the lobby chair and nervously walked over to the front desk and said to Dennis “Hi, I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Chris and we met in the sauna here a month or so ago.” It had been a busy month, but Dennis smiled and said “Yeah, I was the second guy to have some fun with you. Weren’t you here with your wife and kids that weekend?” Chris nodded and Dennis asked “What can I help you with?” Chris stammered bit before saying “I had a really good time that weekend and was wondering if you knew where I could do that again?” Dennis chuckled before asking “What part of it did you like best or want to repeat? That was pretty spontaneous, so its kind of hard to just run into things like that again. I know that the other guy isn’t in town anymore, so some part of it would have to be different.” “Yeah, I know. But the whole damn thing was so hot. I never felt so alive and scared at the same time” Chris told Dennis. Dennis suddenly changed the conversation and said “I’m sorry sir, but we are all booked for this weekend. Maybe next weekend might work for you?” as one of the other customers walked by toward the breakfast area. Once the other customer was out of hearing range, Dennis went back to the original conversation, saying “Can I ask how you’ve been feeling since that weekend? If you remember, the other guest may have given you something.” Chris’s face turned pale and he said “Nothing out of the ordinary. I get a lot of colds with the kids around. Why?” Dennis smiled before saying “Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if that was one of the things you liked. You should probably get tested anyway, especially if you’re having sex with your wife.” Chris looked embarrassed and told Dennis “Yeah, that was part of it. Do you really think I caught something? I’ve fucked her several times since then but I know she’s been cheating on me too.” An evil smirk came over Dennis’s face. With any luck, not only was Chris poz, but his wife and the guys she was doing were too. “You should go over to the Jones clinic and get tested to find out. If you want to make sure you got something, though, I think I know a few guys that can help you” Dennis said . “Fuck, that would be great!” Chris said excitedly. Dennis chuckled and motioned with his head and Chris followed him down the hall. Dennis unlocked a door and they walked through the back door of the Men’s locker room. “Let’s do this quick, I gotta get back to work” Dennis said as he unzipped his pants. Chris got on his knees and pulled Dennis’s hardening cock out of his underwear and began to suck it. Dennis was typing away on his phone “have bi slut in hotel locker rm. he needs loads”. He copied the text and sent it off to a few people. He set his phone down on the bench and then started to face fuck Chris. He shoved hard, forcing his thick cock into Chris’s throat, making him gag. After repeating that a few times, Dennis pulled his cock out and said “Get your clothes off and bend over the bench.” He laughed to himself as Chris was so eager to get fucked he almost fell over he stripped so fast. Dennis bent over and rimmed Chris’s hole a minute before standing up and pressing his cock against Chris’s tight pucker and watched his precum start to ooze out and cover the hole. Chris relaxed and Dennis’s cock sunk into the warm, soft tunnel. Dennis loved a pump and dump and knew he had to get back to the front desk quickly. He thrust his cock in all the way and heard Chris stifle his scream. “Yeah, that’s a good slut. Take my cock nice and deep. Let’s get you lubed up for the other guys I invited over to fuck you. I hope you weren’t planning on getting home soon” Dennis said softly as he picked up the pace and was fucking Chris harder. The door creaked open and Dennis looked over as Tony and Derrick walked around the corner. They started to rub their crotches as Dennis fucked. Dennis slammed his cock into Chris’s hole and felt his balls release their charged up seed. The shots of cum coated the walls of Chris’s fuck chute and Dennis pistoned his cock several times, pushing it in deeper. He slowly pulled his cock out and pushed any cum that tried to escape back into the greedy hole. As soon as they saw Dennis start to pull out, Tony and Derrick moved in. Derrick pressed his large cock to Chris’s lips and Tony just shoved his cock deep into Chris’s pussy. Dennis grabbed a towel and cleaned his cock, pulled his pants up and said “Have fun!” before walking out the side door and back to work. Tony kept drilling his cock in and out of Chris’s fuck hole enjoying the sloppy cunt, knowing it was going to be even sloppier when they were done. Few words were spoken as Tony fucked and Derrick stuffed Chris’s mouth with his long, fat cock. Chris figured there was no point in protesting his treatment, either one of the guys could easily take him by themselves, besides he was really enjoying being a piece of meat for strange guys to fuck. He had little clue as to who was fucking him now, he knew the guy fucking his face was tall, muscular and black, but that was all he could tell from the brief glimpse he got before his throat was filled with cock. Tony started hammering Chris’s hole and then pushed in hard and held it there as his cock twitched and pumped more toxic cum inside. Tony and Derrick swapped positions and Chris was tasting the cum from his ass as he cleaned and sucked Tony’s cock. Derrick forced his cock into the cum slick hole, hearing Chris scream out until his cock finally popped inside. Derrick let Chris get used to the thickness of his cock for a minute before he began driving his cock in and out. Derrick assumed that Chris hadn’t had any cocks as thick as his, but he really didn’t care. Guys like this were made to be cumdumps and they would learn to take all cocks eventually. He didn’t have an even fuck motion like many guys, Derrick liked to pull out slowly and then shove his cock in hard. Each time he thrust in, he forced Tony’s cock down Chris’s throat, muffling the screams Chris was trying in vain to make. Grabbing Chris’s hips, he shoved in hard, ripping past his second ring and held there for a while until he felt the ring stop spasming from the sudden invasion. He pulled back, past the second ring, then the first, looking at the tortured hole filled with cum and blood. Derrick slammed back in, Tony holding his cock deep inside Chris’s throat and grinning as Derrick did his best to wreck Chris’s pussy. You could see the sweat pour off Chris’s back and face. Derrick slowly pulled all the way out and with one more hard shove, buried his cock into Chris and felt his cock start to pulse, pumping more tainted seed into the father of two. “Aww, man. That holes gonna be all stretched out before I get to it” said a voice nearby. Tony laughed and said “Don’t worry Luis, I’m sure it will close up a bit before you fuck him.” Derrick’s body gave one more big shake as the orgasm ended, adding one more spurt of diseased spunk deep inside Chris. Derrick pushed Tony aside and let Chris concentrate on the cum covered shaft in front of him. Luis waited and watched Chris clean the cock that had just wrecked him and then began eating Chris’s hole. His tongue lapped and poked, tasting the coppery tasting cum. When he felt the hole gripping his tongue, he knew it would be tight enough to feel good around his cock. Luis stood up and without any warning, drove his cock all the way into Chris’s cunt. There was only a quiet yell from Chris this time and Luis pounded Chris’s hole without any warmup. Only five minutes of hard fucking and Luis screamed out himself and forced his cock in as deep as he could and shot several volleys of poz cum into Chris’s sloppy cumhole. “I heard you’re going to have a couple more guys stop by to use that sweet hole, papi, so don’t go nowhere” Luis said as he pulled his cock out and slapped Chris’s ass. Chris laid on the bench with his ass up and waited. He ran his finger over his fuck hole and felt the cum. He pushed it in and then sniffed his finger, smelling the cum before licking his finger clean. He was almost ready to give up when he heard the door creak open again. He raised his ass up like before, one knee on the bench and the other foot on the floor. He glanced back and saw another hispanic guy walking up rubbing his crotch. “Mmmm, thats a nice hole, papi. I hope it loves my special seed. It took 23 guys to make it and today’s the first day I feel good enough so I can share it.” Juan had been wanting to get pozzed for a couple years and finally it happened on his terms. The club gangbang a week after Joe, Kyle, Dennis, Steven and Aaron’s induction was the one that finally did it. There were only two bottoms that week but both of them got toxic loads that ended their neg days forever. Juan quickly had his pants down and was thrusting into Chris’s cum filled hole. He fucked hard and brutal, wanting to make sure that his seed helped charge this guy up. Chris wasn’t sure he could take much more pounding. Juan had been driving his cock into Chris for almost 20 minutes before he grabbed his shoulders and planted his cock and pumped seven volleys of viral cum into his ex-jock ass. Juan leaned over and whispered in his ear “I hear your wife likes to cheat. I want to give her the same gift I just gave you. Where can I find her?” Chris was in a daze and told him a few places she liked to go to and his home address without even thinking. “Thanks papi” Juan said as he pulled his cock out and pulled up his basketball shorts and walked out. Chris laid back down, his heart racing and his breathing was heavy. He was finally being the gay slut that he had always wanted to be. He slowly got up and walked back towards the sauna, the place where his current adventure had started. He grabbed a towel and went in, sitting down on the towel and trying to keep his hole closed to hold in all of the precious cum. He was relaxed and yet excited. The door to the sauna opened and in walked a tall, muscular guy about ten years older than him. He had a tanned furry body with several weathered tattoos and one fresh biohazard tattoo. His face had a full dark beard with some bits of gray in it and a determined look on his face. His muscles were those of a guy that did hard labor for a living, probably construction of some sort, not from steroids and gym workouts. “You the guy looking for some hot loads?” asked Carl. Chris grinned and said “yup”. “Then turn around and show me that ass” Carl said. Chris turned around and bent over the upper bench. Carl stood on the lower bench and rammed his cock all the way into Chris’s pussy. Normally that would have sent Chris screaming for the door, but his hole was so ravaged by the previous guys it was just a mild stinging that he felt. Carl started his slow, firm thrusts into Chris and continued for almost a half an hour. “Ya know, I used to be a total bottom slut like you that couldn’t get enough cock. Now, I can’t wait to breed another guy and knock his ass up.” Chris had never had a conversation while having sex, but kind of enjoyed hearing Carl talk to him while stroking his cock into Chris. Finally, Carl started to fuck faster and faster until he started to grunt loudly and his cock started spurting his newly charged cum into Chris’s doomed hole. “Nice, its like deja vu” Dennis said from the doorway to the sauna. Carl pulled his cock out of Chris and jabbed his fingers into the stretched out hole. He pulled his fingers out and sucked the cum off of them and walked back to the showers. Dennis walked up and said “Sit on the top bench, lets do it like the first time.” Chris turned around and slid on to the top bench with his ass hanging off. Dennis got on the lower bench and poked his cock into Chris’s swollen hole. Chris gritted his teeth as he felt Dennis’s cock bottom out inside him. It was a quick fuck, just like the one several weeks earlier. Quick, hard and purposeful. The only difference this time was that Dennis wasn’t shooting blanks, but now a very toxic potion of cum. Dennis had Chris folded up and his hands interlocked behind Chris’s neck. He stared deep into his eyes as he pounded and mixed up the collection of poz strains in Chris’s cunt. The strokes started getting ragged and Dennis began dumping another load of bug filled cum into Chris. He pulled out and looked at Chris. “Thats all the guys I could get today, but that should fuck you up. I left the address of the clinic and who to ask for with your clothes. They’re waiting for you today. They’ll test you and let you know what your current status is. If its neg, then get tested again in a month or so. Good luck!” Dennis left the sauna and quickly showered before going back to work. Chris just stayed in the sauna for several minutes contemplating what his future was going to be. He went over to the clinic and asked for an STD test by Tyler. Chris went back a few days later and was told that the test showed negative for all the standard STDs that they screen for. As he pulled up to his house after getting the results, he saw a strange car in the driveway. He waited in his car in front of the neighbor's house and soon watched Juan walk out the front door after kissing Chris’s wife.
  6. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 31 - Used and Dumped? Aaron had been spending most of his non-work time at Nick’s apartment. It had started simply enough with him fucking Nick a few times a day and had morphed into them flip fucking every time. His ass was sore and people at work had commented that he always looked tired. He wasn’t complaining since he loved being around and in Nick. His gut had a bad feeling that it would all end soon when Nick got what he wanted. Half of him wanted Nick to be poz and half wanted things to stay as they were. Another thing was bugging him - the time it was taking for Nick to get sick. He kept thinking about his own conversion and the timing. The hookup in the ABS with the guy that told him he was giving him AIDS was too close to when he got sick and then tested for him to have been the one. Who then? When he got off work, Aaron sat in his car thinking and picked up his phone and sent off a text message. It simply said “Are you poz?” He set the phone down and started driving back to Nick’s place. Mark was laying on the couch surfing for a hookup. Eric had been busy with work projects, so Mark was fulfilling his need for sex with hookups. His phone buzzed and he picked it up. He read the message and got a knot in his stomach. He hadn’t heard from Aaron since the day he found out he was poz. He had gotten updates from Joe and was happy that things seemed to be going well for Aaron. He wasn’t sure how he should respond to Aaron’s question. Should he be truthful? Apologetic? Lie? Maybe he should just ignore it or blacklist his number. He wasn’t sure it was the right thing to say, but he replied “yes.” There was a long pause since Mark had sent his reply. He started to get worried. Once Aaron got to Nick’s apartment he read the message from Mark and smiled. Aaron: did u know u were poz? Mark: yes Aaron: did u want to poz me? Mark: no Aaron: just fuk? Mark: just bj but got too horny Aaron: why no condom? Mark: didn’t have any & never use em Aaron: regret pozzing me? Once again, Mark wasn’t sure how to respond. He hadn’t regretted pozzing anyone but this might have been the exception. Finally Mark sent back “sorry.” Aaron quickly replied “don’t be sorry. very glad it happened now. I’ve met a lot of great people and learned so much. May have found a bf too.” Mark wasn’t sure what to say next and was a little confused. He called Aaron to make sure he was really serious. Aaron laughed and said “I was fuckin scared when I got sick. That other guy really got to me. Now, I don’t even know if he really was poz or had AIDS.” Mark replied “Well, you said you had bare sex with a few guys the weekend I was there. It might have been one of them.” Aaron chuckled and said “I just sucked those guys. I didn’t want you to think that I never got fucked. You were only the fourth guy to fuck me in my life and it had been a few months since the last guy and the other two were in high school. ” “Oh fuck. There goes my excuse. I guess it was me. I really felt guilty after I got home. I even told my brother that I was” Mark said meekly. Aaron smiled seeing that he had the upper hand. “When I got sick and then went to the clinic I wanted to kill the guy that pozzed me. I even thought about killing myself. But you were there and you helped me. And the guys and staff that I met at the clinic helped too. I’ve been having fun with some of the guys, I have a bunch of new friends and have had some amazing sex. Now that I know that I’m not going to die right away and have this special power, I’ve never been so happy.” Mark thought a moment and decided he might as well let Aaron know everything. He then asked “Who were these guys you met at the clinic?” Aaron laughed “Just some sickos that were trying to get pozzed. They’re really nice guys though. I told you about Dennis. He talked to me a lot. Joe and Kyle helped me too. Their roommate Steven was kind of quiet but he helped me get over my fears. I’m really glad I met them.” “Aaron, I need to confess. Joe is my brother. He’s the one I went to see that weekend I visited. And when you called all freaked out, I asked him to be there to make sure you were ok when you got your results. He was already planning on going to the clinic that day, I just asked him to be there when you said you were going.” Mark said. “What? You set me up with them?” Aaron asked. “No, you met them by chance the first day. He told me he met a guy that sounded like you at the clinic and I just asked him to watch over you at the clinic when you got your results and make sure you were ok. I didn’t ask him or his friends to do anything else. Joe said he and his friends really liked you after you met them the first day. They got really concerned when you went back for the results and passed out.” “Oh, ok. I really thought they were my friends” Aaron said. “I know they are. And its not just about sex. They care about you. I’ve gotten several messages keeping me up to date on how you were and a couple weeks ago Joe said that he thought you were going to be ok and for me not to worry” Mark replied. “Well, I haven’t talked with any of them the past week or so. I’ve been busy with a guy that Joe introduced me to. Well, more than that. We had fuck party to poz the guy up. It was one of the guys I went to high school with and had a crush on but I thought he was straight. He’s the guy I mentioned about maybe being my boyfriend. “I didn’t try to trick you Aaron, I just thought it would be less creepy if you didn’t know that Joe was my brother” Mark explained. “I hope it works out with this guy, but remember first relationships rarely last - gay or straight. Enjoy your time together and try to be friends if it doesn’t work out.” “Ok, Mark. Thanks for being honest with me now. I’m at Nick’s place and I have to go. Bye” said Aaron. “Take care and please keep in touch, Aaron. Bye” Mark answered. Aaron hung up the phone and walked up the stairs and into the apartment. Laying on the couch was Nick, shivering and covered with a blanket. He looked pale and moaned in pain. Aaron remembered when he got sick and it wasn’t nearly as bad as Nick looked. Nick looked at him and forced a grin on his face. “Thanks bud, I think it finally happened.” “Damn, Nick, you look bad. What do you need?” Aaron said. “Your cock. Fuck me one more time” replied Nick. Aaron’s heart sank. Did he really mean it? Just one more fuck and he was to just leave? Never to be together again? Were his fears really happening? He tried to hold back the tears as he said “I don’t think thats a good idea, Nick. But what do you mean?” Nick looked up and couldn’t figure out why Aaron was playing hard to get for the first time since they’d started fucking. “Just fuck me and give me another poz load.” Aaron started to sob and finally blurted out “if you just want me around until you’re poz then I should just leave now. I thought we had something more, but if all you want is poz cum then there are lots of other guys that can give it to you.” He walked back to the bedroom and bathroom and quickly collected his clothes and the things that he had left in the apartment. When he walked back in the living room he saw Nick leaning against the door, blocking the way. “Please don’t go. I didn’t mean it that way. All I wanted was to be with you while I changed from being a neg guy to poz. We’ll be two poz guys together after this is over. I’ve never been closer to anyone than you. I don’t want it to end.” Aaron dropped his stuff and hugged Nick, ashamed that he let his emotions get the better of him. Aaron was holding Nick upright and Nick’s strength was fading fast. Aaron helped him back into the bedroom and put him into bed. Aaron took his clothes off and climbed in next to Nick and was in-between his legs. Nick was like a rag doll, but they both needed this fuck. Nick faded in and out of consciousness as Aaron drilled his cock into the scorching heat of Nick’s fevered body. His cock pumped several shots of diseased semen into Nick’s gut. They both fell sound asleep, holding each other tight. Aaron spent the next few days nursing Nick back to health even taking time off work since he didn’t want to leave Nick alone. Joe’s escort phone buzzed with a message. When he got out of class, he read the message from Ric. “Thanks for last sunday. mom pissed about tat, earrings. ppl at school all love it. met some new guys. fukd 3. found out friend from grade school has had crush on me for 5 yrs. u r right about figuring out who is interested. surprised how many. fem guy been hitting on me today.” Joe smiled and tapped out a response “yw. good to hear u r ok and doing good. ur mom will be ok after she gets used to it and sees u r happy. u interested in gs friend? keep fuckin. have fun. let me kno how it goes” He got a reply back quickly from Ric “she already sees change in me. much happier. gs guy wants 2 date. I want to fk around. will do.” Joe grinned and was happy to hear from Ric and he wondered what was going to happen when he converts. — A few days later Joe was studying and heard someone banging on their apartment door. He looked through the peephole and saw Aaron. He opened the door and Aaron burst in. “You fucker! You’re Mark’s brother and you never told me. You knew what he and I did and never said a word. What the fuck?” “Oh, jeez, Aaron. Calm down. We met before Mark even knew. Yeah, Mark asked me to be at the clinic to make sure you were ok when you found out if you were poz or not. Thats all he asked me to do. He was worried about you. The rest of it was genuine. We all thought you were a cool guy and now you’re almost like a brother to us.” Joe hugged Aaron and stayed there holding him for a few minutes letting him cool down. Finally Aaron sobbed “Really? You’re just not saying it?” “No, of course not. We’ve gone through some stuff that have bound us together. I care about you. Kyle does too. I know Dennis does too” Joe reassured Aaron. “How is Nick doing? I heard he was pretty sick.” “Yeah, he was pretty bad. I’m glad I wasn’t that sick. He didn’t end up in the hospital like Jeff, at least.” Aaron said before adding “I guess he’s feeling better since he’s trying to figure out who to breed first.” Joe laughed and said “I remember being like that. You were a lot saner than we were.” “No I wasn’t. I was scared. You guys chased and knew what was going to happen. I was just Mark’s victim. But it worked out. I met you guys. I met Nick. I stopped being scared of being gay and then scared of being poz. Sorry I yelled at you earlier. I just felt like you guys set me up” Aaron said. Joe hugged Aaron again, but this time he kissed him. As the kiss turned passionate, Aaron’s hands roamed over Joe’s body as Joe groped Aaron. Soon, Aaron pulled Joe’s shirt off and had his hands inside Joe’s shorts, grasping his cock and feeling it stiffen in his hand. Joe was sliding his hand down the back of Aaron’s jeans and fingered his hole. Aaron whispered in Joe’s ear “I need that cock inside me. The last pierced cock I had was your brother’s when he was pozzing me up. I loved how it felt inside me.” Aaron pulled Joe’s shorts off and moved over to the couch, unbuttoning his jeans as he walked. He pushed them down as he knelt on the couch. Joe was right behind him and grabbed the poppers and lube off the table next to the couch. Aaron took a hit of poppers while Joe lubed his cock up and teased Aaron’s hole with his piercing. Slowly Joe pushed his cock against the tight pucker until he felt it start to enter Aaron. Aaron moaned “Oh god yeah. I love how that feels. I like Mark’s ring better, its bigger.” Joe thrust his cock in deeper and Aaron gasped. Each stroke punched deeper into Aaron’s tight hole. He hadn’t been fucked since Nick had gotten sick and he really needed it. Aaron was still a bottom at heart and while he thought he had become a very good top, he still loved feeling a guy fuck him. Joe moved closer to Aaron and pushed his chest against Aaron’s back as he fucked. He wrapped his arms around Aaron’s chest and his head rested on Aaron’s shoulder. Joe quietly spoke into Aaron’s ear “You know we really are brothers. Mark pozzed both of us. All the other guys took loads from several guys, but Mark is the only one to breed us poz.” Joe’s cock pummeled Aaron’s hole, slamming in while his arms held Aaron tight. “Fuck me Joe, breed my ass like only a brother can do” Aaron begged. Aaron was milking Joe’s cock as he fucked and Joe was close when Aaron clamped down on his cock when it was deep inside him. Joe’s cock spewed shot after shot of tainted seed into Aaron and both felt his hole fill with cum. Joe’s cock had stopped shooting and his cock was softening, but Joe still held Aaron tight. After a few minutes, Joe finally released Aaron and they both sat down on the couch. “Oh, shit. I hope I didn’t ruin things between you and Nick. You’re not cheating on him, are you?” Joe asked. Aaron chuckled. “No. We have been doing a lot of talking while Nick has been sick and we decided it had to be an open relationship. We’re both too horny and love fucking other guys. As long as we don’t neglect the other, we can fuck whoever we want. Oh, and I’m moving in with him at the first of the year.” “Congrats Aaron. That’s great news. That’s how Kyle and I do it. I love him but I need other cocks and asses. Since I escort, it kind of forced it that way. Its been working out great, but Kyle tells me when I haven’t spent enough time with him. Don’t be afraid of telling Nick the same thing” Joe said. Aaron got dressed and kissed Joe. “Next time, I get your ass” Aaron said as he walked out the door. — Joe was chatting back and forth with an escort prospect and got another message from Ric. It had been four days since he last heard from him. He read the message “Dave, I’m scared. woke up sweating last nite. sore throat, body hurts. fever. am I gonna die?” Joe sent back a message “no, but u r prob converting. watch ur temp. drink fluids. see doc if temp too high. txt me at least every day or when u have questions” The messages kept coming over the next six days. Joe got updates telling him what his fever was and what had changed - the rashes that showed up, the aches, the swollen glands. His mom and dad watched over him and wanted to take him to the doctor, but he refused. He was out of school for just over a week and when he returned, two of his new gay friends cornered him asking about the flu he had. They both asked if he thought he had gotten infected and Ric just played it cool saying no, it was just the flu, nothing else. One guy, Jason, Ric had fucked several times in the past week since they had met. Jason visited him several times while he was out sick and realized that no one else caught the flu Ric had. He thought he knew what was going on and the thought of taking a possibly infected load of cum from Ric turned him on. He had been getting fucked by three other guys, but he stopped seeing them and kept close with Ric. Two days after Jason went back to school Jason asked Ric to come by his house after school and they could have some time alone until his parents got home from work. Ric and Jason made out in his bedroom and talked about things that Ric had missed when he was out sick. Ric seemed reluctant to fuck Jason, which was different than all the other times they had gotten together. Jason finally forced the issue and unbuttoned Ric’s jeans and started to suck his cock. Ric had been trying to be celibate for a week or two until he could get to the clinic and find out for sure if he was now poz. But his willpower to avoid sex melted away as Jason sucked his cock. Jason was an experienced cocksucker and soon had Ric’s hormones raging. Ric’s next thought was to only cum from the blowjob and the likelihood of him infecting Jason would be low. Jason had other plans. Jason worked his pants down while he sucked. Ric’s eyes were closed as he enjoyed Jason’s oral attention to his cock. Jason now only had his tee shirt and socks on and his cock was as hard as it had ever been. He spit on his fingers and then used them to wet his hole. In one swift move, he stopped sucking and climbed on top of Ric, positioning his wet cock on his hole. He took a deep breath and and forced himself down on Ric’s cock as Ric yelled out “No!!!” Ric’s cock ripped into Jason’s cunt and he tried not to scream as the pain spread through his body. He needed to be fucked since it had been almost two weeks since the last time, and Ric had become the guy that satisfied his sexual needs best. With Ric’s cock deep in his gut and his body no longer spasming from the sudden invasion, he started to ride Ric. Ric kept trying to throw him off, but just made the fuck that much harder. Jason had all the leverage and soon was taking the full length of Ric’s thick cock. Each thrust hurt and he knew he probably had numerous tiny tears in the walls of his rectum, but it excited him even more. Ric stopped trying to get Jason off his cock and watched Jason fuck himself on his stiff shaft. He felt like he was being raped and wondered if a top could be raped by a bottom. His reticence to the fuck faded fast and he enjoyed what might be his first fuck as a poz guy. Jason rode him hard and was trying everything he knew to get Ric to blow his load inside him. With his ass milking Ric’s cock, one hand pinching Ric’s nipple and the other rubbing his taint and pushing into his hole, Ric couldn’t wait any longer. Ric reached up and grabbed Jason’s arms and pulled him down so his cock was as deep inside Jason as it would go and started shooting his cum deep within him. Neither knew what Ric’s status was, but it didn’t matter anymore as the deed had been done. Ric didn’t remember Jason shooting his load all over his chest and face, nor how many shots of seed he had planted inside Jason. It seemed like his cock had shot hundreds of times and was still hard. Jason leaned forward and kissed Ric. Neither one said anything about the potential that Jason had just been infected but they both knew it and were both excited about the prospect. Jason pulled off of Ric’s still half-hard cock and licked up all of the cum that was on Ric’s body and face. They ran through the shower quickly before Jason’s family got back home and Ric headed back to his house for dinner. While he walked home, his mind was filled with thoughts about what he had just done. Maybe he shouldn’t wait to go up to the clinic. Maybe he should take Jason with him and they could give him something so he didn’t get infected. Jason was the one that wanted it though. Maybe he wanted to be infected. His parents noticed that Ric was distracted all through dinner, but didn’t say anything. Ric studied most of the evening and then went to bed. Ric had been sleeping but awoke sweating again. It was getting better but still worried him. He was just about to doze off again and he heard his door open. He glanced at the alarm clock and it said 1:30 AM. His dad walked in and went over to the bed. Frank leaned down and kissed his son on the forehead. “Are you awake?” Frank asked quietly. “Yeah, I just woke up” Ric whispered. “Can you fuck me like the last time?” Frank asked. “I don’t have condoms, dad. Dave thinks I’m poz now” Ric replied, still whispering. “I don’t care and it may not matter. I can’t stop thinking of when you and him fucked me and I need to feel it again” Frank said. A smile came over Ric and he sat up in bed, his cock getting hard as he thought about it. “Get on your knees next to the bed” Ric said as he got up and pulled his shorts off. Frank’s arms and chest were on the top of the mattress and he spread his legs giving access to his hairy ass. Ric spit on Frank’s hole and then on his hand, rubbing the saliva around his now stiff cock. Ric pushed, but Frank’s ass was closed tight. He then pushed his index finger into his father’s hole and felt it yield and he pushed his finger in further. He fucked with his finger like he remembered Dave had done with him and then worked a second finger in. He tried to remember how Dave had moved his fingers - twisting and pushing in and out - and mimicked those with his dad’s hole. When he felt that it was loose enough, he tried again with his cock. This time, Ric’s cock was able to enter the tight ring. It didn’t go in easy, but he added more spit and pushed in harder. “I need to get some of that lube that Jason had” Ric thought. Ric worked his cock deeper and deeper, rocking his hips and he heard his dad moan. Once he had gotten almost all the way in and was bumping into his dad’s inner ring, Ric began to fuck with longer strokes. He tried to be quiet so his mom wouldn’t hear them and walk in and find him fucking his dad. Frank quickly acclimated to the girth of his son’s cock deep inside his manpussy. When it hurt he bit into the bed sheets, but mostly moaned and enjoyed the feeling of his son’s sizable cock fucking him. Between Frank getting used to the thickness of Ric’s cock and the large amounts of precum that Ric was leaking, Ric could now start thrusting in hard into his father. Frank responded by using his ass muscles and milking Ric’s cock. Ric looked at the clock and saw it now said 2:12. He knew he had to finish soon and he wanted to cum, but didn’t want to poz his father. His breathing got labored and his thrusts got erratic and he was about to pull out and shoot his cum on his dad’s back when his dad turned his head and whispered back “Cum inside me son. Give me that seed.” Ric always got aroused when he heard a bottom tell him to cum inside but to hear his father say it hit him hard. In less than a second he was pumping his seed deep inside Frank. Several ropes of probably toxic seed coated Frank’s guts. Ric stood there as his body shook from the orgasm and his balls emptied into his dad. Ric leaned forward and whispered in his dad’s ear “Thanks.” “No, thank you, Ric” Frank said. Ric then whispered “stay right there” and pulled his semi-hard cock out and moved over and pulled the plug Dave had gotten him out and went over to Frank who was still on his knees next to the bed. Ric pushed the plug into his father’s ass and then sat down on the bed. Frank looked up at Ric, smiling. He moved over and licked Ric’s cock and balls clean, tasting his son’s cum for the first time. Ric fucked and bred Jason and his dad over the next week. Monday morning Frank walked up to Ric at the breakfast table and handed him the keys to the car. “You should go up to the clinic Dave told you about after school today. I told your mom you’re picking up a few things for me and will be home late today. Just go up there, get tested and come back, OK?” Frank told Ric. “Ok, dad.” During lunch he sent a message to Dave and said “Going to get tested today” but didn’t hear anything back. He checked his phone again between his next class and there was a reply from Dave “Good. what time?” He sent back “abt 4.” Ric walked up to the building and looked at the sign - Jones Sexual Health Clinic. He took a deep breath and walked into the clinic and looked around, thinking that Dave might be there to help him but he didn’t see Dave among the dozen or so people in the waiting room. He had never been nervous going to the doctor, but this time was different. He re-read the info Dave had given him and went up to check in. The receptionist told him that first he had to fill out some forms - “Please be honest, we don’t share this information with anyone other than the staff who see you” he told Ric. Ric turned around and found a chair to sit in and fill out the forms. He was surprised about the personal information that they asked and was embarrassed to tell them about the amount of sex he had. He took the forms back and the receptionist said to have a seat and it would probably be about twenty minutes. He kept scanning the room looking for Dave to show up and finally decided that Dave wasn’t interested in seeing Ric again since he did what he was hired to do a few weeks ago and was just being polite by answering his text messages. He was surprised at the guys that he saw in the waiting room. Many seemed to be about his age. Some acted very effeminate and some were jocks and others just regular guys. There was an older guy that looked like he was in construction and another older guy in a suit. His cock twitched as he checked them all out and he chuckled to himself when he realized he wouldn’t mind fucking with every one of them. The nurse came out and called “Ric.” He started to get up and realized he had put his full name down on the forms. He sat back down and looked to see who else got up. No one did and when the nurse called out “Ric” again, he got up and went to the nurse. He gave his full name to the nurse and she assured him that he was who she was asking for. He followed her to the exam room and got weighed, his temperature and blood pressure taken and told to wait. The doctor came in and went over his forms, smiling and saying “You seem to have a pretty big sexual appetite there.” He asked about his recent flu and for all of his symptoms. The doctor then examined him thoroughly. He enjoyed feeling the doctor’s finger in his ass and the swab in his cock less so. The doctor told him that the next step was to take a blood sample and he should come back on Wednesday or Thursday to get the results. “Can’t I get them over the phone?” Ric asked. “No, we prefer to have patients here when we give that kind of information out. Some people don’t deal with the news well and we want to be able to help them through it if the results cause them stress” the doctor explained. “OK” Ric said. The doctor escorted him down to the waiting area for the blood test. There were two other guys already waiting and he sat down in the next empty chair. The guy next to him looked to be a few years younger than him and still had peach fuzz on his face. Ric could sense that he was even more nervous than Ric was. “Is this your first time too?” asked Ric. “Yeah” the boy said after several seconds. “Nothing to worry about” said the guy first in line and then said “They’re good. I never feel any pain when they take blood here. Been getting tested every three months since I was your age.” The door opened and a tall middle eastern guy in his mid-thirties walked out “See you in a month, Tyler.” Finally Ric got his turn and went in to get his blood drawn. Ric walked in the room and closed the door. Ric was surprised by the guy in the lab coat who was going to take his blood. He was really sexy and looked like he should be modeling expensive clothes, not taking blood in a clinic. “Hi, you’re Ricardo or Ric?” Tyler asked. “Yeah” I am. How does everyone know my nickname?” Ric asked. “Its a pretty common nickname” Tyler said before asking “I do have a question for you thats not normal procedure. Do you have any tattoos?” Ric was surprised at the question, but this was the first doctor visit since he got his tattoo. “Yeah I do. I just got it a few weeks ago. Is it going to affect the blood test?” “No, not at all. May I see it?” Tyler asked innocently. “Uh, ok” Ric said with a puzzled look on his face. He pulled his shirt off over his head and revealed the tattoo on his chest. Tyler looked it over and smiled. “Very nice work. Most guys your age get small, crappy random tattoos or flash tattoos where thousands of other guys have the same one. You can leave your shirt off while I draw blood, it gives me something nice to look at while we fill the vials.” Ric snickered and said “OK” and laid out his arm. Tyler took four vials of blood and then told Ric he could put his shirt back on. “We’re running a bit behind on getting blood work done, so can you come back on Thursday for the results?” Tyler asked. “Uh, sure” Ric replied as he tucked his shirt back into his jeans. “Good. It’s better if you make an appointment with the receptionist. One more thing” Tyler said as he put the labels on the blood vials. “Dave asked me to tell you that he’s sorry he couldn’t make it today. He was a little tied up. But he will be here on Thursday if you come at the same time.” Ric grinned and realized thats why they knew his nickname. He went back to the lobby and made the appointment. As he walked towards the door, the boy that was next to him to get his blood test was sitting in a chair by himself crying. Ric sat down next to him and put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Its going to be ok. Don’t worry” Ric said. The boy turned to him and said “I don’t want to die. I was just having some fun.” Ric smiled at him. “Really, you don’t need to worry. We all die sometime, but I think you probably have a long life ahead of you. I’m sure they are going to help you here if you need it” Ric said as he got up and went back to the car. Thursday he drove back to the clinic. He made up a story for his mom that the stuff he was supposed to get for his father on Monday they couldn’t find and he had to go back to pick them up now that they had found them. He arrived at the clinic again and went in. He talked to the receptionist and took a seat waiting for his name to be called. Once again, he looked around and didn’t see Dave anywhere. The nurse called his name and he went back just like on Monday. He waited for the doctor to show up and after almost fifteen minutes a different doctor walked through the door. “Hello Ric. I’m Dr. Simms and I’m the infectious disease specialist here. I’ll be taking over your case and will be treating you from now on. We have the results from the lab and you have tested positive for HIV. Your viral load is very high, but your CD4 counts look good. My guess is that you were recently infected. Do you have any idea when you might have been exposed to HIV?” Ric tried to hide his smile and said that it could have been about four weeks earlier. “Ah, ok. Your forms indicate you have been very active sexually since then and you never have protected sex. That means that you may have infected everyone you have had sex with since your seroconversion. You should let them know, if you can. I realize that sometimes it is not possible. It looks like that is only two people from your forms, which is fewer than I would have thought. Many guys your age have several partners in a week” Dr. Simms said. From his tone, Ric thought that he was being ridiculed for not being a big enough slut. He wanted to yell out “I was a fucking virgin two months ago! How much sex can I have?” “We’ll be taking another blood test to see how your viral load is progressing“ the doctor told Ric who nodded. “Now, I understand that some people in your situation want to help others who are in need of having a more positive future and I commend that. I would actually encourage you to be more sexually active now. It will help you psychologically overcome this news. Getting back on the horse, as it were. We will delay any significant treatment until you are ready or your body shows signs of serious deterioration. We want you to continue a full happy life that is sexually active and rewarding. I realize that our clinic isn’t convenient to where you live and I assume most of your sex partners are near there too, but I would appreciate it if you sent them to us for diagnosis and treatment. You should be able to help us boost our numbers down near the city quite effectively.” Ric was listening closely and it seemed the doctor was encouraging him to spread the virus to as many people as he could. “You want me to have more bare sex and not take medication?” Ric asked. “Exactly” the doctor replied. “Since you don’t live locally, I’ve modified our testing schedule. Please visit us once a month for the next year to get your blood tested. I would also like you to inform our lab tech, Tyler, of how many people you have had sex with. If he is not available, you can omit that information and give it to him on your next visit. Now, please stop by and get your blood drawn from Tyler who will give you more information. Congratulations, Ric.” The doctor got up and directed Ric to get his blood drawn and was still in a state of shock. Tyler took him in and closed the door. “Welcome back, you stud. Lost your virginity and willingly got pozzed in the same weekend. And you’ve been sharing when you knew you were probably infected. You’re going to be quite the pozzer” Tyler said as he prepped Ric’s arm and the syringe. “Do you know if you have been successful with these two guys?” Tyler asked as the needle slipped into Ric’s arm. “No, I don’t. Both seem to be ok so far” Ric answered. After thinking about it a few seconds he said “Are you guys kidding me? You want me to infect other guys?” Ric asked. Tyler chuckled and said “We don’t do that with everyone. But some patients we get seem to like spreading their gift around and we encourage them. Its more business for us and I like to meet fellow poz guys, maybe for some off-work fun. We normally don’t do this with people that don’t live around here, but Dave recommended that we make an exception for you.” “Yeah, Dave. He was supposed to be here today, but he blew me off again” said Ric. “Hehe, not quite. He’s waiting for you in our other waiting room. OK, all done. The doctor told you about keeping track of the number of people you give your cum to and then letting me know when you get tested. You only test monthly, so it might be harder to keep track.” Tyler said. Tyler led Ric down the hall into the club waiting room and there sat Joe, watching porn on the TV. He turned when he heard the door open and saw Ric standing there. Tyler said “You got half an hour.” Joe stood up and went to Ric and gave him a hug, grabbing his ass cheeks tightly. “Congrats and welcome to the club” Joe said. “Club? What club?” asked Ric. “For most poz guys, its a virtual club. We just say that since there are a small group of people that can say they are poz. In our case, we really do have a club. Since you don’t live right around here, you are now an honorary member. We’ll do the official ceremony when you can come up here and spend the night. It does earn you a free biohazard tattoo, so decide where you want to put it and we can set up a time for Thad to do it. “Fuck! Really? Can we do it today?” asked Ric excitedly. “I kind of doubt it, but I can send a message to Thad and see. Do you know where you want it or what kind you want?” Joe replied as he sent a message to Thad asking if he had time. “Uh, I don’t know either. I guess I should look online and get some ideas” Ric said. “Yeah and you might want to think about making it a bit conspicuous, since people are going to see it in the showers when you have gym class and if its out in the open, like mine, when you wear shorts its visible to everyone” Joe said. “Yeah, I didn’t think of that. I’ve been going shirtless around the house to make my mom get used to the one I have, but its just pissing her off. She’ll really freak if she sees I got another one so soon ” said Ric. Joe’s phone buzzed and he read Thad’s message “He can’t do today. He asked if maybe you could do next week. That would give you time to really think about it. You should never rush a tattoo - it’s there forever. I’ll give you a suggestion - put it down by your cock. above, or to your left. Maybe have a bit poke above the top of a speedo or low cut jeans. And don’t do one of the standard biohazards. Make it unique.” Ric nodded and it made a lot of sense. He’d have to come up with an excuse to get back up to the tattoo shop, but that would be easy. “Now, we don’t have much time, but I really wanted you to dump your first official poz load into me. You up for a quickie?” Joe asked. “Fuck yeah!” said Ric and he immediately started unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. Joe did the same and with his ass uncovered, he sat backwards in one of the chairs with his hole towards Ric. Ric knelt down and pushed his face between Joe’s ass cheeks and began eating his hole. He forced his tongue into Joe’s pussy and then sat back, slapping Joe’s ass. “You slut, there’s already a load in there” said Ric. Joe snickered and said “Yeah, Tyler had a few minutes free…” Ric dove back in and sucked out some of Tyler’s charged seed and let it sit on his tongue as he got up and pushed his cock into Joe’s waiting hole. He held Joe’s shoulders and started to pound Joe’s cunt. There was no need for a warmup, Tyler had taken care of it already, so Ric just used Joe’s hole to get off. Tyler’s cum covered Ric’s cock as he drove his cock in and out of Joe. Joe flexed his ass muscles and gripped Ric’s cock, sending waves of pleasure through Ric’s body. Ric slammed his cock into Joe several times until with one final push he felt his balls unload their special seed into the guy that he hoped had pozzed him up. “Thank you Dave” he whispered into Joe’s ear while his body settled back to a normal breathing pattern. “My pleasure” said Joe. Ric moved back and stuffed his cock into his underwear and jeans and Joe pulled up his jeans. He turned around and Ric immediately hugged and kissed him. “I really can’t thank you enough. You helped me go from a scared, closeted gay virgin, afraid of even touching another guy to a confident poz slut” Ric said. “It was your dad’s idea, so he should take some of the thanks or blame” Joe replied and then asked “So who are the two lucky guys you’ve been breeding full of your toxic seed?” Ric laughed “My dad and a new fuck bud who I think wants to get pozzed. I don’t think it will be long before both of them are poz too.” Joe laughed “You are one sick fuck. I love it!” as they left the room and wandered out of the building. Joe and Ric hugged again and Joe said “Let me know when you are going to Thad’s place next week. I’ll meet you there.”
  7. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 30 - A Well Meaning Dad 2 Joe and Ric walked into the hotel room and it was spotless, almost like they had never been there earlier. Ric looked around and saw the ice bin with water had been stocked with a few beers and there was a small bottle of tequila with a glass full of limes next to a baggie with a few hand rolled cigarettes and a lighter. Ric looked over and sitting next to the bed on his knees with his hands behind his back was a naked boy about his age, maybe a bit younger. He had a harness on his chest and a thick leather collar around his neck. Looking down, he saw some sort of cage on his cock. “Thank you boy. I’m glad you could make it” Joe said. “Thank You, Sir. Sir Dennis let me in. I hope you don’t mind. The items you asked for are in the bag next to yours” replied Jeff. “I don’t mind at all. Ric, this is Jeff, my sub. I’ve invited him over, since some of the things you’ve told me that you’ve thought about he can help with. Jeff, I want you to treat Ric as you would any of my friends. You will obey him and do whatever he asks. Well, until a little later, but you will know what to do then.” “Yes, Sir” replied Jeff Ric kept looking back and forth at Joe and then Jeff. He remembered stumbling across a web site that had guys in leather like Jeff was dressed, but never thought he would see something like this in person. “Ric, show Jeff your new clothes down and what they look like” Joe said. Ric went about modeling the new clothes. Jeff smiled and even cat called a few times. When he finished he took all of his clothes off and walked over to get a closer look at Jeff. They both looked each other over and Ric was envious that Jeff seemed to have a head start on his sexual adventures and seemed content with his role being subservient to Dave. His gaze at Jeff was broken when Joe’s voice close behind him said “suck his cock, boy.” Jeff finally left his pose and reached up and started to suck Ric’s flaccid cock. Jeff gave close attention to the foreskin and the work from his tongue caused Ric’s cock to harden again. Ric put his hands on Jeffs head and slowly started to fuck Jeffs mouth. As his cock grew, he pushed into Jeff’s throat. Joe stood back, naked, and watched the two young men pleasure each other. When Joe sensed that Ric was getting too close he said “That’s enough, boy. We don’t want him to cum too soon.” Jeff pulled away and left Ric’s balls aching - so close to cumming, but he was not allowed. “Boy, stand next to the bed and bend over. Ric needs to feel your ass wrapped around his cock.” “Thank you Sir” Jeff said as he stood and bent over the bed. Ric felt like he was in a porn movie with everyone following the directors actions. He moved behind Jeff and rubbed his dripping cock up and down the sub’s crack. He pushed in and heard Jeff moan. He fucked and felt Jeff respond by pushing his ass back as he thrust in, his hole massaging his cock occasionally. Ric got into the zone and kept varying the speed and intensity of his fucking. It felt so good, so much better than the few times he had masturbated and much tighter than when he fucked Dave. When he started to get close again to cumming, he said “Do you like that, boy?” Jeff quickly responded “Yes, Sir. Very much” and gripped Ric’s shaft tightly with his ass muscles. That was all Ric needed and he grabbed the back of Jeff’s harness and slammed into his hole three times before shooting his cum inside Jeff’s grateful hole. Ric couldn’t believe that he had that much cum still inside him, this was his fourth orgasm of the day. He slowly pulled his cock out of Jeff and laid down on the bed, breathing heavy. “Thank you, Sir Ric” said Jeff. Joe tossed a water bottle at Ric and said “You should probably drink some water.” Ric drank from the bottle and laid back on the bed. Joe said “Boy, come here please.” Jeff turned around and walked over and started to kneel. “No, stay standing. You have earned a reward.” Joe leaned down and unlocked and then removed the cage from Jeff’s cock. “Thank You, Sir” Jeff said emphatically. Joe led him back to the bed and told Ric to roll over on the bed on all fours. He reached down and slowly pulled the plug from Ric’s ass, hearing him groan until the plug popped free and they watched the hole slowly close back up. Joe looked over at Jeff and his cock was already getting hard, free of the cage. He grabbed the lube and lubed up Ric’s hole and then slicked up Jeff’s cock. Jeff looked shocked as his second master stroked his cock to full length and then moved him behind Ric. He wasn’t sure what to do since he had never fucked anyone and he didn’t want to let Joe down. Jeff looked over and Joe had a big grin and said “Go on boy, you will be the second person ever to fuck Ric. He wants to learn and you were in his shoes only a few weeks ago.” Jeff pushed his cock into the soft, slightly loose hole. Once the head of his cock was inside, he heard Ric moan out “oh yeah, fuck me.” He remembered those first few fucks, where every time was a new experience and his cock twitched. He had never felt it this hard before and pushed in further. He felt Joe’s hand on his ass, directing him to start fucking in and out. He put his hands on Ric’s hips and started to pull Ric back as he thrust in. Soon, he was fucking Ric just like Joe and Kyle had done to him. He loved the feeling of Ric’s warm, wet tunnel around his cock. The strokes got harder and he watched Joe move in front of Ric, pushing his cock into Ric’s mouth This was one of Jeff’s favorite positions when he bottomed, since he could pleasure both of his masters at once. It wasn’t long before all the new sensations on his cock overwhelmed him and he began shooting his newly charged cum into Ric’s near virgin hole. He hadn’t been allowed to cum since the day after he got out of the hospital and his balls were overflowing. His body kept spasming as each shot coated the insides of Ric’s no longer pristine colon. He lost count of the spurts of cum and as they stopped he pulled his cock out of Ric and flopped down on the bed trying to catch his breath. Dennis had quietly walked in and stood in the room watching Jeff fuck his first guy and rubbing his cock through his jeans. By the time that Jeff finished breeding Ric, Dennis was naked and his cock hard and dripping precum. Joe was feeding Ric his cock and heard Ric whine around his shaft when Jeff removed his cock and the sudden empty feeling. With a nod of his head, Joe directed Dennis to fill the now vacant cumhole. Climbing on the bed, he covered his cock head with the cum that was seeping out of Ric’s pussy. He gently pushed in, stretching Ric’s hole wider than it had been with either of the other two cocks he had taken or any of the dildos. Slowly he filled the boy’s chute with his thick shaft. Ric squirmed underneath him as the cock got deeper than anything had ever been and he felt a pressure deep inside him. Dennis gave a final shove and pushed past Ric’s inner ring while forcing Joe’s cock into Ric’s throat. Ric panicked. Unable to breathe and skewered from behind, he couldn’t escape either. Suddenly he felt hands holding his head and hips keeping him stationary as his body started to convulse. Joe loved the feeling of a guy’s throat wretching around his cock, but didn’t want to scare the boy and started to pull back, letting him breathe. Dennis did the same and withdrew his cock until just the head was inside. He started long, slow strokes, filling Ric’s tight hole with cock and then leaving him almost empty. The more that Dennis fucked Ric, the more Ric enjoyed the large cock inside him. His throat was getting raw from Joe’s piercing scraping it each time it got shoved down his throat as he got pummeled from behind. Dennis started to fuck faster. He needed to add his strain into the boy’s cunt and it was all he could think about. He ignored the muffled screams from Ric and kept ramming his cock in as hard as he could, each time plowing through the Ric’s inner ring until it was only a firm squeeze massaging his cock. His balls were boiling, preparing their poison to help infect the young man and turn him into another poz breeder. He wrapped his arms tightly around Ric and felt his body twitch and thrust as his cock pumped his very toxic seed into the young stud. Ric stood there on his hands and knees, sweat dripping off of him, spit dripping out of his mouth and feeling both cocks pull out of his body. Another of his fantasies had now been played out in real life. His body ached and hurt in ways he had never imagined, but he was in heaven. Dennis saw the blood on his cock and the pink cum dripping out of Ric’s tortured pussy. He reached over and picked up the plug and put it back into Ric’s cunt, sealing in all of the seed to let the bugs invade his body completely. “Thanks for helping Ric experience a few new things” Joe said as they moved into the shower and let Jeff clean each of them off. Dennis put his clothes back on and left the room, heading home to his boyfriend. Joe put the cage back on Jeff’s cock, squeezing it in as Jeff was still partially aroused. “Thank You Sir” Jeff said and Joe smiled responding with “You’re welcome, boy. I hope you enjoyed being a top for a change. You can go if you need to.” “Yes, Sir, I do” Jeff said as he walked over and put his clothes on near the door and left. Joe and Ric laid on the bed for a bit relaxing. “There’s another thing I want to show you, so let’s run through the shower and then head out” Joe said, breaking the silence. Ric got a big smile on his face and was in the shower in seconds. When they got out, Joe started to get dressed. He tossed a spare tank top to Ric and said “Wear this, it will show off your body.” Ric put it on along with his jeans and they drove over to the adult book store. Joe walked up to the clerk and bought some tokens and the clerk said “Its busy back there, I bet he’s going to be really popular.” Ric followed Joe into the back area where there were a half dozen guys standing around stroking their cocks. One gray haired guy had a younger thin black guy against the wall and was fucking him, both with their pants around their ankles. Joe stood next to a wall, scoping out the guys that were there and rubbed his cock through his jeans. Ric figured he should do the same, but he felt that everyone was staring at him. A door opened and a college student came out, still zipping his pants up as he walked toward the front door of the book store. Joe waited to see if anyone else was going to take the booth and when no one did, he tapped Ric on the arm and the two went into the booth. Closing the door behind them, Joe stuffed some tokens in the machine and selected a bareback gay porn video. Joe dropped his jeans and motioned for Ric to do the same. They stroked their cocks and Joe kneeled down to peer into the booth next door to see if it was someone looking to fuck or suck and get fucked. The fingers that came through the hole, told him all he needed to know. Joe whispered in Ric’s ear and Ric moved to the hole, pushing his cock through. As the guy on the other side of the wall sucked Ric’s cock, Joe whispered “Don’t let him let you cum right away. If you get too close, pull back.” Ric closed his eyes and let the guy suck him, feeling his tongue all over his cock and balls. Ric’s cock was hard and dripping and suddenly the guy stopped sucking him. Ric let out a quiet “Huh?” and then felt the guy backing his ass up to the wall. His cock touched the guy’s hole and the guy kept pushing back. Ric moved back as well, but not as fast and his cock worked its way into the stranger’s ass. When the guy’s ass was firmly against the wall, Ric started to push in deeper and Joe whispered “Fuck him for a bit and we’ll swap” into his ear. Ric fucked against the wall, trying to get his cock as deep as possible into the guy’s cunt. He found it awkward fucking against the partition but the hole felt so good around his shaft. He kept fucking harder and harder and when his balls started to tighten he pulled back and let Joe shove his cock into the unknown hole. Ric heard the guy on the other booth yell out “Oh FUCK!” when the pierced cock penetrated his hole. Joe drilled the strangers ass a while as Ric kept stroking his cock to keep it hard. Joe pulled out and Ric then took his place and fucked the guy again. Ric couldn’t hold off much longer and felt the impending orgasm take over his body. He shot a few squirts of cum into the guy, but his body was running out of cum. He started to pull back and the guy pulled off his cock and immediately started sucking his cum covered cock. When he thought it was clean, he pulled his cock out of the hole and moved next to Joe. Ric heard the guy say “Thanks” through the hole and then Ric looked at Joe. “Can we go back to the hotel room?” Ric asked. “Sure. I take it you don’t like glory hole fucks?” Joe asked. “No, not really. I like having a body to hold on to and see when I fuck. Sorry.” Ric said. Joe laughed. “Don’t be sorry. You tried something new and found its not for you. You learned something about yourself and that’s good.” They pulled their pants up and walked out of the booth. Several of the guys looked disappointed when they realized the two young studs were leaving. Joe stopped at the clerks counter and bought a butt plug and dildo before walking back to the car. Joe and Ric went back to the hotel room and as they walked in, Joe went over to the bin and asked “Want a beer?” Ric started to say no and then stammered a bit. Joe popped the caps off of two bottles and brought them over to the couch, where Ric was sitting. Ric sipped the beer and looked at Joe, who was staring at him trying to decide if this was another cherry popping. “I’ve had beer and booze before” Ric said. “How about weed?” asked Joe. “Just once” replied Ric as Joe walked over and grabbed the baggie of joints and the lighter. The two sat there watching porn on the TV, smoking and drinking for an hour or so and Ric finally got the courage up and leaned over and started kissing Joe. The kisses got more and more passionate and they spent a long time making out. Ric stopped kissing and got up, pulling Joe to his feet and dragging him over to the bed. Ric pulled Joe’s shirt off and then his pants and socks before taking off his own clothes. Joe was smiling as now Ric was feeling confident enough to be the one taking the lead. He figured Ric was probably a 60/40 or maybe 70/30 vers top and was going to let Ric take control. They laid down on the bed and their bodies were entwined as Ric explored every inch of Joe, mostly with his tongue and hands. Ric’s cock was once again hard as a rock and he pushed Joe’s legs up and forced his cock into Joe’s pussy. He held Joe’s legs wide as he started kissing Joe again while fucking his thick cock deep into Joe’s hole. He fucked harder and harder, his tongue digging deeper into Joe’s mouth. The bed was rocking and squeaking until Ric pulled Joe tight to his body and shot off a few more squirts of cum into Joe’s now sloppy hole. As the orgasm faded, Ric pulled Joe next to him, spooning with his cock back in Joe’s ass. It didn’t take long and both of them were fast asleep. Joe woke up feeling Ric trying to push his hard morning cock into his hole. He rolled over on to his stomach and Ric followed and mounted him, pushing his cock all the way in with one long stroke. “God that feels so good” Ric whispered in Joe’s ear while starting to pump in and out. Joe wasn’t complaining. The boy had almost 9 inches of thick, uncut cock and he was quickly learning how to use it. Joe started coaching Ric, telling him to slow down when he felt he was close to cumming, even pulling out and rimming his ass before plowing his cock back in. Joe flipped over on his back and let Ric mount him again. He looked up at the sexy boy that was pounding him. “I’ve unleashed an animal” thought Joe as Ric looked back at him with a grin and slammed his cock into Joe, who let out a loud grunt as the cock punched through his inner ring. Joe showed him a few more positions, but Joe always was on his back marveling at the young stud’s transformation. Ric couldn’t keep the cum in any longer and lunged into Joe, seemingly trying to put his whole body into Joe's ass. Ric’s body shook and shuddered as he flooded Joe’s gut with more neg cum. Ric fell down on Joe’s chest and kissed him over and over. Ric rolled over on to his back, next to Joe “Thank you Dave. This has been an amazing day and I don’t really want it to end. How much longer do we have?” Joe reached for his phone and saw it was just before nine in the morning. “Not much longer. Your dad is going to be here in about an hour.” “Oh” Ric simply replied, but Joe could see Ric’s mind whirling. After a long pause, Ric asked “Were the other guys you had fuck me poz too?” “Yeah they are. Both are really toxic too” Joe said as he turned on his side to look at Ric. “Oh cool. They were both really hot, but very different. I guess I don’t know what kinds of guys I like. Right now I guess its all of them” Ric said. Joe laughed and replied “That’s a good attitude to have. You will be a lot less disappointed if you keep an open mind and not look for some guy that looks a certain way. There’s a lot of gay and bi guys out there that don’t scream ‘I’m gay’ so it can be hard to find guys that turn you on sometimes. Don’t let it get to you. You’ll get better at finding them as you get more experience. Just observe how they look at you and you can see if they’re checking you out or not.” “Ok” Ric said. Joe knew he wanted to say more and Ric finally asked “Can you fuck me again before my dad gets here? I want more of your poz cum inside me to make sure it happens.” Joe grinned and wasn’t going to turn down one more chance to breed Ric. He spit on his hand and slicked up his cock and pressed the pierced cock head against Ric’s hungry hole. He said “You’re going to make one sexy poz boi, Ric” as he pushed his hard cock in until the head was past his outer ring and paused. Ric moaned as he felt Joe’s cock inside him again, but the ring really fascinated him. He could feel it as it pushed inside him and he had an odd sensation from Joe’s cock as he started to fuck him. He remembered how sore his throat got when Joe had fucked his throat the day before and imagined it was doing the same with his guts. “Fuck me Dave. Fuck me hard. Make me poz just like you so I can earn my next tattoo” Ric begged. Hearing Ric beg him to poz him up put Joe into overdrive. He pounded Ric’s pussy relentlessly, grinding his hips around and digging his cock into as many different parts of his fuck chute as he could. He was slamming hard and staring back at Ric with their eyes locked on each other. Lust and desire was all they saw in each other. Joe’s body was bouncing off of Ric’s ass as the bed rocked. Joe began to grunt with each thrust and Ric egged him on - “Yeah, do it!” “fuck me good” “poz me up!” It was the last one that pushed Joe over the edge and he did exactly what Ric begged him to do. Spurt after spurt of his bug laden seed filled Ric’s now wrecked hole. Ric yelled out “Oh my god YES!!!” as he felt the cum fill his body. Joe looked at Ric, his eyes were closed and a huge smile was on his face. Joe slowly pulled his cock out and reached for the butt plug he bought at the book store the night before. He coated it with the bloody cum on his cock and pushed it in. Joe moved around and tapped his cock on Ric’s face and Ric turned and swallowed his cock down. After licking and sucking for a few seconds he pulled back and asked “Why does your cum taste so different this time?” Joe chuckled and said “Thats your blood mixed with my cum. My PA kinda wrecked the walls of your ass. Don’t worry, it'll heal in a few days but you’ll be sore. It will make you remember our time together. It helps the bug get inside you though, so if the other loads didn’t do it this one probably did.” “Oh fuck yeah” Ric said as he dove back down on Joe’s cock and cleaned every drop of cum he could find, savoring the coppery sweet cum taste. Joe pulled his cock back and said “We have to run through the shower. Your dad will be here soon.” They went into the shower and washed each other up before Ric held Joe tight and passionately kissed him while grinding their bodies together. Joe playfully tapped the plug in Ric’s ass and then spanked his ass cheek before pulling away and taking one last rinse and got out of the shower. He tossed a towel to Ric yelling “Only got five minutes” and headed out to put his clothes on. He got his jockstrap on when there was a knock at the door. Ric was still putting gel in his hair and primping it like Enrico had showed him, so Joe went to the door and cracked it open. “Dave? Ric?” the guy said as Joe was checking him out. He looked like an older version of Ric. His face had a look of both worry and excitement. Joe opened the door the rest of the way and Frank walked in. “Wow, you look better in person than the pictures” Frank said. “Ric’s in the bathroom getting ready. We just got out of the shower” Joe explained. “I know I’m a bit early, but I was kind of anxious to find out if Ric’s ok and if he had a good time” Frank said. “Yeah, I think it went well, but the real judge is Ric. You have a great son there, Frank. You should be proud of him.” Joe said. “Oh, I am. I just want the best for him” Frank replied before whispering to Joe “Uh…. I gotta ask… Is he really… gay?” “Oh yeah, he proved that pretty quickly. I hope you’re ok with it and it won’t change how you feel about him” Joe said quietly back. “Oh, it won't. And, did you fuck him? And… knock him up?” Frank asked, embarrassed. Joe looked at Frank quizically and slowly said “Yeah, we both fucked each other.” Frank could tell Joe was unsure about the question and said “I saw your tattoo in the pictures. One of the reasons I chose you was that I’m guessing you are poz and I wanted Ric to get it out of the way and not have to worry about becoming poz. It’s going to happen sometime if he’s gay, right?” Joe was shocked. The guy wanted Joe to poz his son? What the fuck? “It doesn’t have to happen. There’s ways to prevent it. Condoms, prep, being careful with who you fuck” Joe said. “Yeah, but its easier to just get it over with and he can now do everything without worry” Frank said. About that time, Ric walked out of the bathroom, wearing his new jeans and the muscle tee they had gotten the day before. “Oh my god” Frank gasped as he saw his son. “I didn’t expect you to do anything but talk and maybe have some fun.” “You like it dad?” Ric asked tentatively. “You look so handsome. Sexy even” Frank said as he walked around looking at the hot young man. Ric smiled as his dad gave his approval and the brief tension in the air was gone. “Ric, I guess your dad had another mission for me that he didn’t tell me about. He wanted me to poz you. What do you think about that?” Joe said, feeling like he had been set up. Ric looked at his dad, surprised and said “You did?” “Yes, Ric, I did. If you’re gay, not straight, you should enjoy having sex with men and not worry about getting infected. I’ve missed out on having sex with other men so many times because of that fear and the chance of giving it to your mom.” Ric couldn’t believe his ears. His dad likes to have sex with guys too? He felt his cock stiffen in his tight jeans and the bulge got more visible. Without even thinking he said “You should let Joe fuck you. He’s a lot of fun.” It was Frank’s turn to look shocked. His son wanted to watch him get fucked by another guy? A poz guy? “I think its only fair, Frank. I bet you want to have a young jock fuck you to make up for all those times you didn’t satisfy your urges. We have some time before we have to check out of the room…” Joe said as he moved toward Frank and started to pull his shirt off. Ric reached for Frank’s belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Frank just stood there as the two younger men stripped him, unsure what to say. He finally said “I shouldn’t.” “Come on dad. I’ve just had the most amazing time of my life and you should get some too” Ric urged. Joe pushed Frank to his knees and pulled his cock out of the pouch and rubbed it on Frank’s lips. Frank opened his mouth and started to suck like a starved animal. Joe smiled as Frank devoured his cock and thought “this guy has sucked a lot of cock in his life.” Ric stood back rubbing his crotch as he watched his dad suck Joe’s cock and quickly realized his dad was no stranger to giving blowjobs. Ric unbuttoned his tight jeans and pulled them off, revealing his cock straining inside the pouch of his jockstrap. Freeing it, he began to stroke it and then saw Joe motion to come next to him. Soon, Joe had his arm around Ric as Frank went back and forth, sucking each cock before moving back to the other one. Ric looked down, watching his dad suck his cock, flicking his tongue around the shaft and licking his balls. As he got really excited, his dad moved over to Joe’s cock and repeated the actions. Joe couldn’t take much more and wanted to see if Frank’s ass was as good as his son’s. Joe pulled his cock out of Frank’s mouth and grabbed his shoulders, pushing him towards the bed. Frank knew what was going to happen and climbed on the bed, on his knees, with his ass over the edge. Joe laughed as he watched Frank assume the position like a pro. Joe grabbed the lube from the table next to the bed and pushed some in deep with his finger. Frank moaned as he was penetrated for the first time in over a year. Joe felt Frank’s hole open up and he added a bit more lube and two fingers this time. Ric was stroking his cock, watching Joe prep his dad’s ass for his poz fuckstick. Joe moved behind Frank and rubbed the piercing and his dripping cockhead on Frank’s hole. He pushed in, watching the piercing and his cock disappear into the starving mancunt. Frank’s moans filled the room as Joe pushed deeper into his hole. Ric watched as his dad was filled with cock. He stopped stroking for fear of cumming too soon and knew Joe would fuck his dad for a while. Ric took his shirt off, revealing the fresh tattoo, and climbed on the bed in front of his dad. His dad opened his mouth and Ric pushed his throbbing cock in. As Joe’s thrusts got harder Ric just had to stay in one place as his dad’s mouth and throat got impaled on his cock. He leaned forward and pulled Joe in for a kiss while his dad got spit roasted. Joe started to really pound Frank and felt his piercing tug as it dug in along the tight walls of Frank’s neg tunnel. Joe stopped kissing Ric and bent over Frank’s back and whispered in his ear “You’re very observant. Yeah, I’m poz and not on meds so I’m really toxic. I knocked your son up and now its your turn. You can convert together.” Joe’s thrusts got harder and harder, almost throwing Ric backward from Frank’s body being shoved forward. “Yeah that’s so hot, Dave. Breed his ass!” said Ric just as Joe felt his balls start to tighten up and his cock began to shoot its deathseed into Frank’s hole. He paused only a moment for the first few spurts and then started to ram in, pushing the remaining spurts in deep. As his cock stopped twitching and shooting, he looked at Ric and said “Your turn, I think your dad needs to feel how good that cock of yours is.” Ric was shocked but as horny as he was right now, he quickly bounded off the bed and took Joe’s place. His cock easily slid into the gaping hole that Joe left. He thrust in most of the way and felt his cock hit a wall. He started pounding and his dad began screaming around Joe’s cock which was now deep in his throat. After several punches in, he felt the blockage give way and his cock head was past his dad’s inner ring. He loved pounding in and feeling all of the toxic cum that Joe had dumped in his dad coat his cock. With all of the edging he had been doing, it wasn’t long before he grabbed his dad’s hips and drove his cock all the way in and started shooting his load deep inside the man who had made him. Ric pulled his cock out of his dad and Joe climbed off the bed. Frank fell forward on the bed, exhausted. “Oh my god that felt so good. I haven’t had a raw cock in me in almost 20 years. I forgot how much better it is” Frank said breathlessly. Ric looked down on the bed and there was a large pool of cum where his dad had shot while he was being fucked. He desperately wanted to lick it up and taste the seed the had created him. Joe must have been thinking the same thing, since he scooped up some of Frank’s seed and fed it to Ric before tasting it himself. After several minutes, Frank got up off the bed and turned around seeing Joe and Ric, kissing. It turned him on watching his son kissing another guy, especially one as sexy as Joe. When the two stopped kissing and were standing side by side, Frank noticed the tattoo. “Oh my god. Your mother is going to shit bricks. A tattoo?” Frank exclaimed. Joe and Ric smiled. “Yeah, I wanted it and I’m old enough to get one. I even paid for it” Ric told his dad proudly. “Well, it does look good except that you only have chest hair on one side. If you’re like me, that forest will grow back pretty quickly. Can I shower, I don’t want my wife to smell the cum on me” asked Frank. Joe chuckled since he knew that the seed would be inside him for a while and no shower was going to wash it off. The three of them showered together with Ric going down to his knees and sucking his dad’s cock. He was rewarded with a few spurts of cum in his mouth which he let sit on his tongue, absorbing the flavor. The three dried off and dressed. Frank walked over and hugged Joe whispering “Thanks for everything. This turned out better than I could have hoped.” Frank reached into his pocket and peeled off three hundred dollar bills and stuffed it in Joe’s pocket and grabbed a quick feel of his cock. Joe walked over to the desk and wrote down the info for the clinic and gave it to Ric. “You’re probably going to need to go here in a few weeks. You probably will get a bad flu. If you don’t, go to the clinic in a month and get tested. And let me know how things go. You’ve got a lot to offer guys, Ric, and deserve to have a lot of fun and maybe even meet the right guy.” Joe turned to Frank “That goes for you too” as he patted both of them on the back. Frank and Ric walked out the door and Joe walked back and fell on to the bed, drained. After a few minutes, he got up and collected his stuff and put it in his bag. He grabbed the remaining joints and put them in the side pocket to give back to Dennis. Leaving the room he was feeling elated. This had been one of the best gigs he had done in his short escorting career.
  8. A Brother in Trouble

    While editing this one, I realized it was just too long so I broke it up into 2 parts. ————— Part 29 - A Well Meaning Dad It had been a several weeks since the initiation into The Club and Joe had been busy. He had met up with a few escort clients and had replenished his bank account nicely. He was looking forward to a nice lazy Thursday evening. He started surfing on his tablet and went to check out the spread for Saturday’s final football game of the season. He had a standing bet with the grad student downstairs who still rooted for his undergrad university’s team and they were playing against them this weekend. He yelled out “FUCK!” when he saw the new spread - yesterday his team was to win by 11 points, today it was losing by 7. He looked through some sites and found the reason pretty quickly - his team’s best wide receiver was out with the flu. “Damn, what did I do?” thought Joe and he sent a message off to Terrence. It didn’t take too long and he got a message back “think u did it bro. thx.” “I guess those four fuck sessions and over ten loads charged him up” thought Joe. An hour later, his phone buzzed and he took a look at the new email that was there. It was from a potential client. A father was worried about his son making it to his age and still being a virgin. He had gotten his son a female escort for his 18th birthday and it didn’t work out very well. The guy, Frank, thinks his son may be gay and wanted to hire Joe to “show him the ropes.” Joe chuckled - the kid probably knew everything already, but for an overnight hire, he wasn’t going to say no. He had decided after he converted that clients would only get poz cum if they asked for it, so the guy’s son would be a safe fuck. He already helped poz up one eighteen year old, so it wouldn’t be anything new. He sent back a few questions including asking for a phone number so they could talk. This usually weeded out the tire-kickers. It was only about thirty minutes later when Joe’s escort phone rang and he started talking to Frank. Joe asked some probing questions to find out what the guy really wanted, what limits, etc. Once satisfied this was a real meet and he got some good information about the son, Joe told Frank his rate and told him that it he would end the session in an hour if Joe felt it was a waste of his time and Frank would just pay $250 for the hour. Frank appreciated the fairness. Joe told Frank to make a reservation at the Rest Inn Lodge and ask to talk to the special events manager to book and prepay for the activity suite. He would meet Frank’s son in the room on Sunday morning around noon and Frank could pick his son up at 10 AM the next morning. Frank should call him back if there were any problems setting up the room and they would find an alternative. At 10PM, Joe got a call from Dennis. “Thanks for the referral, bud. Its a good thing I told the other front desk people to call me if anyone asked for the Special Events Manager, I almost forgot about it and your other name myself” Dennis said with a chuckle. “No problem. It was the only place I thought of to meet a client for an all day and night gig. I hope you gave him a good rate” Joe replied laughing. “Oh yeah. He’s gonna get fucked at least twice” Dennis joked and asked “Do you want me to set it up? Beers, water, porn, the usual?” Joe responded with “Just water and maybe some softer gay porn. Uh, maybe the shower setup to clean out. I’ll need the room for an hour or all night, I’m not sure.” “OK, cool. Let me know if you need me to help giving him a few extra doses of special seed” was Dennis’s reply. “Nah, I doubt it will go that way. Are you working Sunday about eleven AM?” asked Joe. “I can if it would help.” “I’d appreciate it. Thanks. See you Sunday” Joe said before he hung up the phone. Sunday morning, Joe grabbed his escorting bag and headed over to the hotel. He got there about 11:30AM and snuck in the back way to see if his client had arrived. Seeing no one at the front desk he walked up said ‘hi’ to Dennis in the office. Dennis told Joe “Your client checked in about forty-five minutes ago. It was a dad and his son or ‘son’. Thats pretty kinky shit you’re getting into.” “Great, I’ll go over to the room in a few. I’ll tell you the whole story later when I know what the is story myself” Joe said laughing. Joe knocked on the door to room 152 and several seconds later, the door opened slowly. There stood an eighteen year old hispanic guy with nerdy glasses, a mop of hair and a scraggly beard wearing a star wars t-shirt and jeans. Joe realized he never asked Frank what his son’s name was, so he said “Are you Frank’s son?” “Yeah, I’m Ric. You’re Dave?” said the young guy. “Yeah I am. Can I come in?” Joe asked trying to remember to use his escort name at all times. Joe walked in and grabbed a bottle of water and cracked it open, drinking a big gulp. He saw the envelope with his fee and picked it up and folded it in half before putting it in his jeans pocket. “I don’t know why my dad keeps trying to set me up. I’ll get laid when I want to. I guess after the last one he figured out I’m gay” Ric said as he walked into the room and sat down on the bed, briefly looking at the porn playing on the TV. “You know parents, they always want to help but don’t always do it the best way. So what did your dad say about today?” asked Joe. “It was kind of like the last time, but he said I’d be meeting a guy to help me get over my first time jitters” Ric said rolling his eyes. “Ah, ok. You said you were gay. How do you know? Have you been with a guy before? Kissed? Had sex?” Joe asked as he tried to decide whether to sit on the couch or on the bed. After setting his bag down, he sat down on the bed next to Ric, but not too close to make him feel uncomfortable. “Nah, I haven’t done anything yet. I just know that I like checking out guys. I think a few guys have caught me looking in the locker room at school. Seeing naked women doesn’t do anything for me” Ric explained. “Cool. So, why haven’t you done anything with a guy? I know when I was your age I jacked off at least once a day and was having sex once a week if not more. Are you nervous? I was scared shitless my first time” Joe said wondering where the words were coming from as he was coaching the boy. “I, uh, I…. I was scared someone would find out I’m a freak that likes guys. And yeah, I’m nervous. I don’t know what to do or how. I’ve watched a little porn but was worried someone would catch me” Ric said visibly nervous with sweat pouring off his face. “I guess your dad figured it out and seems to be really cool with it. You should be happy, not all parents are so accepting with a gay kid. So do you ever, uh, jack off?” Joe asked, feeling that he was getting Ric to start to open up. He got up and went into the bathroom and grabbed a hand towel and came back and mopped some of the sweat off of Ric’s face. Ric dropped his head, embarrassed, saying “Yeah, I do when no one is around. They told us in church that its bad and we’ll go to hell.” “Yeah, most churches don’t deal well with sex in any form other than making babies. Masturbation is bad, don’t have sex for pleasure, and being gay is even worse as far as they are concerned. You just have to ignore them and do what your body wants” Joe told Ric as he finished wiping the sweat off. He continued “I’m here to help you try whatever you want. We can just talk or touch or… whatever” he said with a grin as he pulled Ric’s t-shirt off over his head. The shirt was hiding a nicely developing chest with a bit of hair on his pecs and a thicker trail down to his cock. He was surprised that Ric wasn’t trying to stop him, so he kept going. “Yeah, I know, but I feel guilty having these thoughts about guys” said Ric. “What kinds of thoughts?” asked Joe as he threw the t-shirt off the side of the bed and sat down next to Ric. Ric was obviously embarrassed about telling anyone what he considered his dark thoughts. Joe prodded a him with “You can tell me, I’m not going to tell anyone - your dad, your mom, or post it online. Some of the things I think about sometimes even surprise me. And I’ve tried a lot of things” Joe said in a soft tone, his head getting closer to Ric’s face. Ric took a deep breath and said “Sometimes I want to be tied up and forced into doing gay stuff.” Joe saw his hands trembling. “Sometimes I have dreams where a guy holds me down and rapes me and I have this one dream that keeps happening where a guy whips me, forcing me to fuck a guy” Ric said. Joe smiled, Ric might be a kinkster and not even know it. “All of those feelings are you giving up control, so its not your choice to do these things. But, that doesn’t usually happen in the real world. You have to seek out those types of things to get them to happen” Joe said as he started to rub Ric’s chest. “If you had one of those things to try, what would it be?” he asked. Ric closed his eyes and moaned lightly from Joe’s touch. “Which one, Ric?” Ric replied softly, almost too quiet for Joe to hear “I want to be tied up and made to suck a guys cock.” Joe leaned in and kissed Ric on the lips, softly at first and when RIc started to reciprocate he got a little more aggressive. Ending the kiss, Joe said “We can make that happen and much more.” Joe stood up and went over and picked up his bag and set it on the bed. He opened it and pulled out some cuffs and a section of rope, setting them down on the bed for Ric to see. He heard a small gasp from Ric and smiled. He moved in front of Ric and picked him so he was standing and unbuttoned his jeans. RIc kicked off his shoes and let the jeans fall, leaving him only in his tighty whiteys and socks with the bulge in his underwear getting bigger and a wet spot starting to form. He was letting Joe manipulate his body and felt the leather cuff go around his right wrist. As Joe reached for the other cuff, he saw Ric’s uncut cock poke out of the top of his underwear. Joe felt his own cock start to stir and buckled the second cuff on Ric’s left wrist. Joe pushed Ric back on to the bed on to his back. He removed the white socks and then grabbed the top of his underwear and pulled it off. Joe tried to hide his shock when he saw Ric’s full cock. It wasn’t even fully hard yet and it was a good seven inches long and thick. “Move toward the headboard, Ric” said Joe and Ric scooted toward the middle of the bed. “Good, right there” Joe said as he fed the rope through the eyelet in the left cuff, pulled his arm above Ric’s head and then did the same with the right cuff. He used his boyscout skills to knot the rope together and then took the other end and tied it to the headboard. A panicked look came over Ric’s face as he tried to tug against the rope and couldn’t move. Joe pulled his shirt off and let Ric look him over. Ric’s eyes got big as he saw the tattoo on his arm and chest. “Do you like the ink, Ric?” “Yeah, it looks really hot. I want one but my mom would kill me. What’s the other one I can see under your jeans?” Ric asked, his breathing getting quicker and his cock fully engorged. “Ah, that one is a little special. It serves as a warning to guys that my cock can bite” said Joe before adding “Theres another one on my leg that warns guys too.” “How can it bite?” Ric asked innocently. “The cum it shoots can change your life forever. But don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I save it for people that really want it.” Joe said as he unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to the floor. Ric could see a little more of the scorpion tattoo and when Joe took off his jockstrap and was standing in front of Rick naked, he saw it in all its glory. “Oh my god, thats so hot” Ric said staring at the tattoo. “Show me the other one” urged Ric and Joe stood up on the bed and showed him the biohazard tattoo on his calf. “A biohazard symbol. Are you toxic?” Ric asked. “Yeah, I am in a way.” Joe replied. “I want one like that. Its so cool” Ric said. Chuckling, Joe replied “That one you have to earn. It has special meaning for gay guys.” Joe moved over and straddled Rick’s tight stomach, his pierced cock laying on Ric’s chest. “Fuck, I didn’t see that before. You have a ring in your cock” said Ric, the panic coming back in his eyes. “Yeah, I can take it out if you want. Just be careful and don’t let it chip your teeth and you will be ok. You want to try it?” asked Joe. Ric nodded and Joe moved closer and tapped the ring and his cock head on Ric’s lips. Ric opened his mouth and his tongue touched a cock for the first time. He quickly pulled it back and then stuck it out again, licking the ring and the head of Joe’s cock. Joe leaned forward and started to push his cock into Ric’s mouth. “Open wider, you don’t want to scrape my cock with your teeth” Joe said. Ric tried to move his head and take more of the cock into his mouth, but the restraints and Joe’s body on his chest prevented him from moving very far. Joe braced himself and began to fuck Ric’s mouth with slow, short strokes. As Ric got used to it, Joe would tell him things to do with his lips and tongue. Joe worked his cock deeper int Ric’s mouth and then felt his PA start to enter his throat. Ric shook his head as he started to gag and Joe realized he was going too fast with this newbie. Joe slowed his pace down and spent some time just letting his lips and tongue explore his cock. He then pulled his cock from Ric’s mouth. “Is that what you did in your dream?” “Oh yeah” Ric said trying to catch his breath. Joe moved between Ric’s legs and licked up the length of his cock and Ric gasped loudly. Joe grinned and knew he was going to blow Ric’s mind as he got his first blowjob. He lifted the large cock off of Ric’s abs and pulled the foreskin back and licked the head. Letting the foreskin cover the tip again, Joe pushed his tongue between the foreskin and head, moving around and feeling Ric squirm. Joe cupped Ric’s balls and gently squeezed them. He then began to take Ric’s cock deeper into his mouth and then throat. Ric groaned as he felt his cock get squeezed by Joe’s throat and Joe relaxed it and took Ric’s shaft all the way down. The more Joe sucked the more he wanted Ric’s cock in his ass. He really wanted it bare, but didn’t want to endanger the young guy. He felt Ric start to get close and he pulled off of his cock and looked up at Ric who was straining his neck to watch Joe suck him. Joe reached into his bag and pulled out a condom, even making sure it wasn’t one of the doctored ones. Joe opened the package and started to roll it down Ric’s cock. “Wait, I was told never to use condoms. You interfere with what God wants” Ric said sternly. “That’s for straight people. They want you to create as many children as possible so the church population gets bigger. We can’t have kids and condoms prevent diseases from passing from one guy to the next.” Joe said as convincingly as he could. “Still, I don’t want to use them. If God wants me to get a disease then I should do it.” Ric told Joe. Joe couldn’t believe he was trying to get Ric to cover up this magnificent cock, but he was. “I don’t want you to get infected, Ric. I have HIV. We need to cover our cocks up if we have sex.” “Does every gay guy get HIV if they have sex without condoms?” Ric asked naively. “Not all, but many do. That’s what my tattoos indicate” Joe said as he looked down at Ric’s throbbing cock. A little voice kept telling Joe to tell Ric about prep, but Joe was thinking only a couple things - feeling that big cock in his ass and breeding that virgin hole. “Then no condom” Ric said and Joe smiled even bigger. Joe squirted some lube on Ric’s cock and added some to his hole too. He then moved up and was on his feet, crouched over Ric’s cock. He teased his hole with the thick cock and then lowered himself down and felt the cock pressing on his pucker. The thickness made sure it wasn’t going to slide in easy. Joe had taken every cock he had ever tried in the past few years and most of the fists, so he knew he could take Ric’s, but without anyone to open his hole first the large head was proving a challenge. He closed his eyes and relaxed and slowly his hole started to open enough and the raw cock started its first voyage into a guy’s ass. As the head passed Joe’s outer ring he kept pushing down as the shaft slid deeper into his cunt. Joe slowly started moving up and down on RIc’s bare cock and then started to get into a good rhythm when he heard Ric begin moaning and quietly saying “oh fuck” over and over. Joe could see the look of ecstasy in his face and was wishing he could remember the first time he fucked a guy. He pushed down hard and when his butt rested on Ric’s body, he squeezed his hole tight around Ric’s cock and heard a guttural growl come from the no longer virgin guy inside him. Joel leaned forward and went to his knees, keeping the large member inside him. He put his hands on either side of Ric’s head and kept leaning forward until he was kissing Ric. He pushed his tongue against Ric’s lips until he let them open and take Joe’s tongue into his mouth. While he kissed Ric, he started rocking his body, making Ric’s cock drive in and out of his hole. It was only ten or so minutes before Ric started to thrust his hips up into Joe and he began his first fuck. Joe pushed his tongue deeper into Ric’s mouth as Ric fucked faster and harder into Joe, who knew the excitement wouldn’t let Ric fuck for long. He helped Ric to achieve his first orgasm with another man by rubbing Ric’s nipples with his thumb before pinching them. With a few well timed clenches of his hole, Joe brought Ric to the point of no return and felt the cock inside him start to throb and twitch until the cum started pumping into his hungry poz hole. His mouth was still on Ric’s and muffled the screams as Ric’s body convulsed trying to get his cock deeper into Joe and empty his balls of neg seed. Joe milked the cock of every drop of cum Ric could give him and then leaned back and looked down at Ric. “That was pretty good for a guy thats never had sex before. Did you like that?” Joe asked. “Oh my god Dave, that was amazing. I didn’t hurt you did I? What happens to my cum? Can we do that again?” replied Ric without letting Joe answer him. “Yeah, we can do it as many times as you want. And, no, you didn’t hurt me. I like sex when its rough, but that wasn’t rough at all. I usually save gentle and romantic for my boyfriend. The cum? I like to keep it inside me, but some guys don’t. We’re here all day and night for you to do and ask whatever you want. I do have a few ideas for some other things to try” Joe said as he untied the cuffs from the headboard, leaving the rope next to the headboard. Joe and Ric talked for a while with Joe explaining a lot of basic things that Ric would need to know out in the world when he was cruising and talking with other gay guys. Joe unbuckled the cuffs on Ric’s hand and led him to the bathroom. “If you are going to bottom, most guys like a clean hole. Messy holes are after you know a guy and both decide you want to do it that way. There’s several ways to clean your hole out and this is one of them” said Joe as he pulled the shower attachment down and set the water temperature. “Not too hot or cold” he said as he positioned Ric and showed him how to get his hole squeaky clean. Once his hole was clean inside, he led Ric back to the bed and emptied his bag out and selected a small dildo. “Get on to the bed on all four’s and I’ll show you how to get used to having toys and cocks in your ass. Joe lubed the toy and Ric’s hole up and started to insert the dildo. Ric gasped and yelled out “FUCK!!!! STOP!!!!” “Don’t try and fight it. Just relax and don’t be afraid. It’s just like the shower attachment, but with no water. The lube will help it slide in. You saw how I took your cock and this is a lot smaller than you are” Joe said calmly. “Ok, I’ll try” Ric replied. Joe worked Ric’s hole open with the dildos, using larger ones when he got used to the smaller ones, and soon had his fingers exploring the boy’s hole. The dildos had taught Ric the pleasures his ass could give him but the flesh of Joe’s fingers got him even more excited. Joe had worked up to three fingers twisting and fucking Ric’s tender pussy. He pulled his fingers out and pushed his face between the boy’s lightly hairy ass cheeks. When his tongue started exploring Ric’s pucker, Ric leapt forward. Joe pulled him back and held him tight as he started rimming his hole deep. Moans started to fill the room and Joe got more aggressive tongue fucking the virgin boypussy. Joe decided that it was time to pop this boy’s cherry. He leaned back and removed his cock piercing and opened a condom package. Ric may have wanted no condoms, but he wanted to show him what covered sex was like. He generously lubed up the latex sheath and pushed some lube inside before resting his cock head on Ric’s hole. “Relax Ric, this might hurt a little at first, but I’ll go gentle.” Joe started to push and felt his cock start to penetrate the tight ring and enter him. He paused a moment and let Ric get used to having a cock inside him. Slowly he started rocking his hips, working his cock deeper and deeper. Having not heard anything from Ric, he asked “Are you ok?” Ric quickly replied “Oh my god yes. I’ve dreamed of this for so long.” Joe started getting a good even rhythm sliding in and out of the freshly popped hole. His strokes got longer and longer and he felt Ric start to push back on his cock as he shoved in. Ric moved his hand back, trying to feel the cock slide into his fuckhole and felt the lip of the condom and asked “What’s that around your cock?” “It’s a condom, Ric” Joe said as he started to fuck harder. “But I said not to use them” Ric said, sounding agitated. “I know, but I wanted you to know what it feels like. Don’t worry though. It won’t last long since the lube I used will cause it to break pretty quickly” Joe replied with a sinister laugh. His thrusts got harder and harder and it seemed that Ric was enjoying the harder fucking. Joe’s cock was hitting Ric’s prostate with each stroke and he could feel Ric’s body shiver each time. Joe leaned forward and stroked Ric’s rock hard cock and felt the precum drooling out. He brought his finger up and licked it clean, tasting the boys neg precum. With one hard thrust, he felt the condom give way and with each succeeding stroke the bits of latex bunched up around the base of his cock. “Oh FUCK!!!” screamed out Ric as he felt the sudden change and the bare skin on skin of Joe’s cock on his hole. When the condom broke it dumped all of Joe’s toxic precum inside the tender, vulnerable walls of Ric’s colon. The latex had surely irritated it some along with Joe’s firm strokes of his cock. Joe enjoyed the new feeling of his latex free fuck. His cock throbbed and he savored the feeling of Ric’s velvety hole. Ric was moaning louder and told him how good it felt. He began to pound harder as he felt the cum start to rise. He was going to pull out and not flood Ric with his poisonous load, but it felt too good and he just couldn’t stop. He slammed in and grabbed Ric’s body as the orgasm ran through his body. Shot after shot of charged up seed filled Ric’s gut. Ric was overwhelmed by the feeling of Joe cumming inside him and his cock started shooting cum all over the bed, without any help from his hand. Joe’s cock was milked of all of its deadly seed as Ric’s hole spasmed around it. Joe rolled their two sweaty bodies onto their sides and they laid there spooning with Joe’s cock still inside Ric. They laid there for a while, Ric muttering “oh my god yeah” over and over. Joe kissed the back of Ric’s neck and slowly pulled his cock out of the battered hole. As expected, there were streaks of blood on Joe’s cock. He rolled over and grabbed a small butt plug from his bag of goodies and slid it into Ric’s cunt. Ric rolled over and smiled at Joe saying “Thank you. I really didn’t want to go today, but I did to make my dad happy. But this has been the best day of my life.” Joe responded, saying “Cool, I’m glad you’ve had fun so far. We have a lot of time left, I hope you want keep going.” “Fuck yeah I do!” Ric said eagerly “But… did you give me HIV?” “It’s possible. Some people get infected easily, with others it takes a long time. Are you ok with it? It’s a one way street. There’s no going back” Joe said. “Yeah, its OK. You did show me that I never want to use a condom ever again. It feels too good when you are fucking me and I love the feeling of your cum inside me” Ric said. “OK, lets jump in the shower and wash up and then we can figure out what else to do” Joe said as he pulled Ric to his feet and they went into the shower. They soaped each other up and kissed in the shower, their cocks still hard. Ric was finally feeling confident about his sexuality and decided to try something he had dreamt about. He turned Joe to the wall and held Joe’s hands against the wall and then spread Joe’s legs with his foot. Ric rubbed his cock along Joe’s crack and then pushed in, thrusting his cock into Joe’s ass. Joe was surprised at the suddenly aggressive moves Ric made, but was really turned on. Soon, Ric was pounding Joe’s hole, grunting and groaning. His body was slamming into Joe driving his sizable cock deep into Joe’s inner ring. “This is for fucking me with a condom asshole” Ric whispered into Joe’s ear right before he drove his cock in hard and pumped a second load into Joe’s hungry cunt. As quickly as Ric had gotten rough, he changed back and sensuously kissed Joe’s neck. He pulled out and they finished their shower without any words spoken. They walked back to the room and Joe pulled the cum stained bedspread off and tossed it in the corner. He laid down on the bed and Ric said “Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Joe chuckled “Fuck, that was really hot. I was really surprised but really liked it. Don’t be afraid to try stuff like that as long as the other guy doesn’t object. Its the only way you’ll find out what really makes you tick.” Joe looked over at Ric laying naked next to him. He wondered how Ric might take some suggestions to make him look a bit sexier. “You know” he started, “you’re a pretty sexy guy. I think you’re going to have no problem meeting guys. That cock alone will make you popular. Mind if I make few suggestions?” “Hell no. I never know what to wear or anything. My parents are always ragging on me to dress better or get my hair cut. Mom hates the beard, but I’ve had it since I could grow it and I like guys with facial hair” Ric replied. Joe smiled and took him into the bathroom. “Let’s trim your beard, maybe give you a chinstrap beard and trim the goatee, I think that fits your face better. Once he got it done, Ric looked in the mirror and smiled. He liked the new look. Joe looked at the clock and said “Its mid afternoon. Let me make a couple calls and see if a couple people I know are free. Have you ever thought about getting a piercing? Ears maybe?” “Yeah, I always wanted to but wondered what people would say” said Ric. “Rule number one - worry less about what other people think and say and make yourself happy” Joe replied sternly as he typed out a few messages on his phone. Ric smiled and nodded. “Why don’t you put your clothes on and we’ll spice you up a bit and get all the guys wanting you.” “What about the thing in my ass?” asked Ric. “Oh, that stays in a while. I know its a bit uncomfortable, but its letting my cum become part of you” Joe replied with an evil grin. As the two were getting dressed Ric stopped and said “I don’t have any money to spend.” He sat down on the bed and looked depressed. Joe chuckled “No worries. Consider it one of the gifts I’m giving you courtesy of your dad.” Joe’s phone had buzzed a few times and he read the messages. “I think thats going to work perfectly. Come on!” he said as they walked out the door. They drove over to a small place in a strip mall that had a simple sign overhead that said “Hair Styling by Enrico”. They walked in and standing there was your stereotypical flamboyant gay hair stylist. “Ric, this is Enrico. He can work magic with those scissors and has an ass you could fuck for days” Ric’s eyes got big and he had never been so embarrassed in his life. “Flattery will get you everywhere, you stud” Enrico told Joe in a wispy voice. “What are we doing for this sexy young boy?” Enrico said as he rubbed Ric’s chest before moving his hand around to his lower back, directing him to the chair. Ric shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t have a clue.” “Do something that will make all the guys drop to their knees and beg him to fuck them” Joe said. After some clipping, some buzzing, and of course some “product,” Enrico was showing Ric and Joe the result. Ric was surprised. He never thought he would look fashionable or sexy but he now was and he really liked it. Joe looked at his phone and said “I’d love to stay and chat and maybe fuck, but we gotta get the rest of his new look done” as he peeled off some money and paid Enrico before giving him a deep kiss and Enrico squeezing Joe’s cock. They drove over to the mall and hit a few stores getting some low rider jeans that showed off Ric’s ass and bulge nicely, a few shirts - a tight muscle tee and another dressier shirt, a couple pairs of CK trunks and a jockstrap. The longer Ric walked the worse his gait got with the buttplug stuck in his ass. “Damn, we gotta go” Joe said as they rang up the last purchase. They pulled up to the tattoo and piercing shop and went up to the door which was locked. Joe tapped on the door and Daryl let them in. “How’s it going?” Daryl said as they walked in. Ric’s head was almost spinning around as he looked at al of the displays. “Great. Sorry for making you stay late on a Sunday, but I’m helping Ric here find his queer self. So, both ears, Ric?” Joe said. “Yeah, I think so” said Ric as he walked over toward Daryl. Daryl pulled out a case with several kinds of stud earrings and Ric picked one. Daryl ushered Ric to the back room and got to work. Thad smiled over at Joe and said “I didn’t realize you liked them young” and chuckled. Joe went over close and said quietly “his dad is paying for me to teach him a bit about gay life. As much as I want to fuck him all day and night, I want him to get a bit more out of it. He’s a good guy, just nervous about being out.” “Aww, thats a side I haven’t seen of you” Thad said and then asked “But I gotta ask - have you bred him yet?” Joe laughed “I shouldn’t say, but yeah. He’s got a plug holding my juice inside him right now. You should see his cock, it’s mighty nice too.” Thad’s eyes got big and he whispered “You didn’t pop his cherry and poz him at the same time?” Joe nodded and whispered back “The condom broke” with a grin on his face. “You think you can give him a quick bit of ink?” Joe asked. “Hehe, sure. He’s old enough, right?” Thad asked and Joe replied “Yeah, had his 18th a few weeks ago.” “Cool, what were you thinking?” asked Thad. “I don’t know, something not too elaborate. Maybe a nautical star or two? Its really up to him. Nothing too expensive.” “Well, I got a deal for you. For something like that how about a load from each of you. I’m already prelubed from Daryl.” “I think that would work” Joe replied. Thad sketched out a quick drawing and Joe nodded. “Pec up to his shoulder?” asked Thad. “Maybe” said Joe. Ric and Daryl came out of the back room, Ric’s ears sporting new fake diamond studs in each ear. “How much to pierce my nips?” RIc asked as they walked over to Joe and Thad. “We can work out a deal” Daryl said with a wink. “Have a seat. We were talking about how you should have a little ink to show off.” Ric looked up at Joe and said “oh my god, really? That’s too much.” Joe smiled and said “You gotta pay for part of it, though” Ric’s look of elation quickly sank. “I told you I don’t have any money on me and I doubt what I have at home would pay for it.” “No cash, you got to work for it. Let’s go to the back room” said Thad. The four guys walked into the back room and Joe whispered in Ric’s ear “Get ready to drop your pants. Thad wants your cock and load. I’ll lube him up first.” Thad pulled back a curtain, pulled his sweat pants off and kneeled on a mat facing Joe and Ric. Ric stood there and unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped them and let them fall with his underwear. Thad licked his lips and pulled the semi-rigid cock to his lips and started to suck. Joe stood next to Ric and dropped his pants as well and Thad started to go back and forth between the two cocks. Once they both were wet and hard, Thad turned around and was on all fours. Joe kneeled down and stuck his finger into Thad’s cum filled hole. He pulled his finger out and licked it before shoving his cock into Thad’s slick hole. Joe was happy to be fucking with his piercing back in. It added so much extra feeling with it in. There was no gentle part of this fuck, he started at 5 and worked his way to 11, Thad encouraging him the whole way. Ric kept looking around. He had never fucked with anyone watching. Hell, this would be only the third time he had fucked anyone. The nervousness that had prevented him from sex in the first place came back to him. His cock softened and he started to panic. He didn’t want to disappoint Dave or not be able to “pay” for his tattoo. He tried to clear his mind and watch Dave and Thad fuck. It turned him on to see two guys fuck right in front of him and when Thad started to beg for Dave’s load his cock responded. He heard the grunts and then the sounds of the orgasm as Thad’s hole got filled with more poz cum. Joe pulled out and smiled at Ric as he backed away “Your turn. No lube needed.” Ric moved in and centered his cock on the cummy, gaping hole. Thad told him “fuck me hard and give me that load” so Ric just shoved his cock all the way in. His cock was thicker and longer than Joe’s and he heard Thad groan as his hole stretched to accommodate his cock. Thad’s dirty talk did the trick and got Ric to pound and abuse Thad’s pussy. His body was slapping into Thad’s and the sound filled the room. Ric felt a finger try to push into his ass and Daryl exclaimed “Holy fuck, he’s plugged!” Joe looked at Daryl and grinned, silently telling Daryl that his toxin was helping Ric become part of the club. Ric wanted to give Thad a great fuck. He had no idea how long he should go or if he should try to pump two loads in. He decided that he should go for two loads and it didn’t take much to encourage his cock to spew a large neg load into Thad. As soon as his cock stopped shooting cum, he started to fuck again. A few minutes later his balls began to throb again and a second, smaller load pumped into Thad’s sloppy hole. He collapsed on top of Thad and laid there as his heart stopped pounding and resumed a normal pace. He pulled out and heard both Daryl and Joe clap. A smile covered his face and his confidence returned. Before Ric could get up, Thad had spun around and was licking and sucking his cock clean. The group went back to the front of the store and Ric sat in the chair. Thad and Ric discussed where to place the tattoo and Thad made a few drawings. Thad pulled out a razor and some shaving cream and shaved his left pec and started in with the tattoo. Thad took a few breaks when he sensed Ric was nearing his pain threshold, but finished the tattoo with no problems. He held up a mirror for Ric to see and he looked it over, his face beaming. Thad helped him out of the chair and walked him over to a full length mirror. Ric looked over not just the tattoos, but his whole body and liked the new version. The tattoo - three larger nautical stars going from his left pec up to his shoulder with several smaller shaded stars around it looked really good but he missed the chest hair that he was so proud of. It would grow back eventually, he guessed. Thad gave him instructions on caring for it, but didn’t bandage it since he knew Ric would have an active night ahead of him. They said their good byes and Thad thanked Ric for the load. Ric blushed, not being used to people talking openly about sex. Joe drove over to a restaurant and the two ate burgers. Joe wanted a beer, but held off not wanting to drink in front of Ric who he guessed had never drank alcohol or gotten high. Joe tapped out a few more messages and they finished dinner. Ric had inhaled his meal since he hadn’t had much for breakfast since he was so nervous. He looked back and realized that as much as he was dreading this day, it really had been one of the best of his life and he had no idea what was going to happen next.
  9. A Brother in Trouble

    I appreciate the encouragement. While I find writing a lot of fun, seeing that other people like to read it makes it worthwhile. I guess I have a bigger ego than I thought
  10. A Brother in Trouble

    Thanks. This one was darker then the others. Probably too violent. As for Mark, I don't know. It depends on how many more I write. If interest continues to drop, then I'll just finish the couple I have partially done and really stop.
  11. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 28 - The New Jeff Kyle had been having fun with Jeff, teaching him the discipline to be a proper sub and getting him regularly filled with more poz cum. Jeff had been keeping track of who had bred him including a list of unknown to him men - listed as Unknown #1 - Unknown #17 on his spreadsheet. Kyle would let him know when it was a repeat of the one of the unknowns. It was a Tuesday night when Jeff showed up at the apartment, as requested. He entered and immediately removed his clothing, folding it neatly next to the door, and knelt on the floor awaiting his instructions. “Boy, you have learned everything I have taught you well,” Kyle started. Jeff looked around the room and saw Joe, Steven, Ryan and Dennis, two on either side of Kyle. “Thank you, Sir,” Jeff replied. “I would like to take our relationship to the next level, if you are willing. You will only get one chance at accepting this offer and you need to think about it completely, since it you will be making a long term commitment to me,” Kyle told Jeff. Jeff turned pale, unsure what was about to happen but he knew he had to reply “Yes, Sir.” Kyle pulled a leather collar from behind his back and held it in front of Jeff. “I want you to be my boy, uh, my slave. By wearing this collar it will let everyone know that you have given yourself to me and are now owned by me. I will control what you can and cannot do. You should also consider Joe as your master too, since we are partners. I will protect you and in return you will obey my every word. Since neither of us has done this before, we will start a two week trial period and at that time, either of us can walk away. Or continue on.” Kyle's offer left Jeff was shaking. Did he want to give up his freedom? He had enjoyed every moment he had had since Steven took his virginity, but did he want the commitment to only one or two people? He looked at Steven, wondering if the prospect was okay with him, although Jeff reasoned it must be as he was standing there, not showing any sign of disapproval. “How long may I take to decide, Sir?” asked Jeff. Kyle smiled and said “You have 30 minutes, boy.” The guys went into the kitchen and talked quietly while Jeff pondered his fate. Jeff knew if he turned it down, he would probably never get another chance with Kyle or maybe all of them. He had learned so much from them already and didn’t know how he could repay them for freeing him of his former life as an easily forgettable, vanilla nerd who tried to please his parents and never himself. He had read a little on Dom/sub relationships after his first experience with Joe and Kyle, but never considered it full time, just for a few hours at the most. After 20 minutes of thinking about it, he finally said to Kyle “Sir, I would be honored to have you as my Master.” Kyle was just as nervous about it as Jeff, but was hiding it well. He walked over to Jeff and said “Are you sure?” “Yes, Sir. Please collar me," Jeff asked, a bit of trepidation in his voice. Kyle walked behind Jeff and put the collar around his neck, fitting it snuggly before putting the small lock on and with a ‘click’. Jeff was now his. The other guys came over and congratulated both of them. Jeff was surprised at the attention that he was given and it seemed that everyone was proud of him taking this step in his journey. “Guys, my boy and I would like to celebrate this occasion with an evening of sex. Please use my boy for your pleasure - after I get the first fuck. Kyle clicked a short leash on to the collar and told Jeff to rise before leading him over to Steven’s room and putting him into the sling. Kyle secured his hands and feet before removing his clothes. The other four removed their clothes and gathered around, stroking their cocks. As Kyle moved to Jeff’s ass, Joe moved to his head. Jeff began to suck Joe’s hardening cock and Kyle lubed his hole, slowly inserting one finger, then two and finally three. Kyle could feel Jeff relax his hole and then tighten it around his fingers and he knew he was ready for his cock. He pulled his fingers out and teased Jeff’s hole before penetrating him slowly, sliding in all the way in one long, patient stroke. Joe felt Jeff moan around his cock as Kyle was filling his other end. Kyle nodded to Joe and they simultaneously started to fuck their respective orifice. Joe held Jeff’s head as his cock drove deep into his throat. A few weeks ago, Jeff would have gagged or even vomited with this treatment, but his training had gotten him to be a skilled cocksucker. With Joe getting blown, Kyle couldn’t use the sling to full effect and was holding Jeff still as he thrusted his cock into the warm, silky canal, his cock coating it with toxic precum. Kyle started to pound harder and Jeff’s moans got louder. Jeff was now his and he was going to take advantage of his body. All too soon, he felt his balls prepare to shoot its demon seed and as hard as he tried to hold off, he began to fill the boy’s hole with more poz cum. Joe pulled his cock out of Jeff’s mouth as he saw Kyle begin to orgasm and let Jeff enjoy the full effect without distraction. Joe and Kyle swapped spots and Joe easily pushed his cock into the cum filled hole. Jeff eagerly cleaned his Master’s cock, his cum tasting sweeter than ever. Joe immediately started to drill Jeff’s ass. He had been edging while he was using Jeff’s mouth and throat and couldn’t hold back very long before he too was shooting his poisonous cum into Jeff’s hungry hole. Joe pulled out carefully, pushing any cum that tried to escape back into the boy’s pussy. Steven took Joe’s place and slammed his cock in all the way. He remembered his first fuck with Jeff and replicated its intensity, but this time it wasn’t a grudge fuck. He would pull out slowly and then drive in hard, hearing Jeff grunt “Thank you, sir” each time. He looked down at Jeff and saw a boy completely content in his world - happy to serve and provide pleasure to those his master deemed worthy. Jeff was massaging his cock and brought all thoughts to an end as his need to breed overtook his body. His cock began to shoot its venom into Jeff and the hole got even sloppier as the cum filled him up. Steven pulled out and it was futile to try and keep all of the cum inside. He fed his cum-covered cock to Jeff as Dennis, kneeling, feasted on Jeff’s hole. Jeff squirmed as he felt Dennis’s beard between his spread ass cheeks and then moaned as he felt Dennis’s tongue explore his hole inside and out. Dennis sucked some of the cum out and savored the taste on his tongue as he stood up and slid his cock in. His cock being thicker than the others, stretched Jeff somewhat wider and he inwardly smiled, thinking Jeff's ass felt even better than he remembered. Jeff knew how to get fucked this time and Dennis was going to enjoy this fuck. When Steven removed his cock from Jeff’s mouth, Dennis started to get Jeff swinging and fucking himself on Dennis’s throbbing cock. The strokes got longer and Jeff was bouncing off Dennis until the cock was coming completely out of him for a second before driving back in. Everyone was grinning as they heard the sounds of a well-bred hole being pummeled. Dennis finally pulled Jeff tight onto his cock, stopping the swinging motion and then jackhammered his hole until his cock shot his charged load into Jeff, adding to the toxic mixture already in him. Ryan looked at Kyle, waiting for his approval to fuck his roommate. While he had taken dozens of toxic loads, he didn’t feel that he was in the same league as the others since he couldn’t say for sure he was poz or not. “Come on, Ryan. I know Jeff wants you to fuck him too,” Kyle said with a wry grin. Ryan moved in and inserted his rock hard cock into Jeff’s pussy. He never had fucked a hole with this much cum in it and knew the poz seed was coating every part of his cock. He fucked like a locomotive, building up speed slowly until he was pounding Jeff’s ass as hard as he could. Jeff was staring back at Ryan. He had secretly lusted after Ryan from the day he moved in, but back then he didn’t know why. Ryan let out a loud groan as he emptied his balls into Jeff, his neg swimmers being in the minority inside Jeff’s cunt. Kyle entered Jeff again after Ryan pulled out. He grabbed the leash and used it to pull Jeff on to his cock before Kyles hips pushed him away. After watching everyone use Jeff, he knew he was going to cum quickly and after only a few minutes of drilling his boy, Kyle grabbed his legs and pushed as deep as he could and shot more cum into his hole. Joe handed Kyle a buttplug and it slid easily into Jeff’s gaping hole. Kyle released Jeff and the guys all went back to the living room. Joe filled the pipe up and lit it, passing it around. This time, Kyle passed it to Jeff, who took his first hit of pot. Jeff coughed as the smoke burned his lungs and everyone chuckled. Later, Kyle got up and walked over to Jeff and grabbed his leash. “Rise, boy” he said and Jeff got up, feeling a little unsteady after several hits of weed. Kyle leaned in and kissed Jeff passionately. Ending the kiss, Kyle disconnected the leash and said “We all have classes tomorrow, so it’s time to get some rest. I will see you tomorrow.” Jeff walked over and put his clothes on, and he and Ryan went back to their dorm. Jeff walked out of his dorm room the next morning wondering what kind of responses he was going to get from his collar. He had seen a few people on campus with them, but almost all of them were people into the punk or goth scenes. He didn’t have to wait long for the first derogatory comment. Sitting at the table in the dorm cafeteria he heard one guy walk by and say “Look at the nerdy dog.” A few minutes later another guy started to taunt him and he was about to get up and leave when Ryan showed up and told the guys "Fuck off and leave him alone.” It was just like when guys made fun of him in High School, but this time he was proud of what he was and knew that they were probably just belittling him to cover their own insecurities. The comments continued when he got to his first class with a few people making comments. One guy did stop him after class and complemented him on his collar suggesting “Ignore those guys. They’re just assholes. I think it looks pretty damn hot. I wish I had the guts to wear one. Hi, I’m Ben,” the guy said. Jeff had seen him in several of his classes, but had never talked to him. Ben was a tall guy at just over six foot two and skinny. He always dressed in dark colors, usually black and had his ears mildly gauged. His hair was dark and long, sometimes in a short pony tail and other times just left hanging. “Hi Ben, I’m Jeff. Thanks, I could use a bit of encouragement. I haven’t had a good reaction from a bunch of people today,” Jeff said with a sullen tone. “Oh, is it your first day with it? You can always take it off if the comments piss you off, but that would let those guys think they won,” Ben replied. Jeff took a breath and swallowed before saying “I can’t take it off. It’s locked on me.” “Fuck, that so fuckin' cool. So it isn't just for fashion?” Ben asked. Jeff chuckled and said “No, it isn’t.” Ben’s eyes got big and he whispered “You have a master?” Jeff wasn’t sure how much he wanted to say, since he had just met Ben, but since he had been supportive so far he replied “Yeah I do. I got the collar last night.” “Fuck, dude. That is really cool. Can I ask, is it a guy or a girl? I’m just curious. I’m bi so I’m good with it either way.” Jeff was taken aback from the question and Ben outing himself but quickly answered “My master’s name is Kyle, and yeah, I’m gay.” Ben and Jeff had started walking out of the lecture hall and out of the building towards the center of campus. “I hope you don’t mind me asking questions. I’ve just never met anyone who is comfortable talking about this stuff. I tried being a sub to a guy once, but all he wanted to do was beat me for no reason and then fuck me. I hope you’re having a better experience,” Ben told Jeff as they walked. Jeff’s amazement continued as Ben was very open about his sexual adventures. “Uh, yeah. I have liked it so far, but I just really started a few weeks ago. I like what’s happened so far, that’s why I agreed to the collar,” Jeff explained, not wanting to give many details about his sex life to a stranger. “Oh, good. Maybe you can introduce me to your master sometime. Maybe he knows someone that could train me. I want to see what a good Dom/sub experience is like” Ben said. “Yeah, you should definitely try some short sessions first. I didn’t, but I think I got lucky by meeting the right people. I’ll ask him and let you know” replied Jeff. “Cool. Let me give you my number and you can text me the info or if you need help,” Ben said. Jeff headed towards the library to study before his next class and hoped people would just leave him alone. He made it through the next class with only one comment “Hmm, someone is either trying to become a bad boy or already is.” Jeff smiled in response. When Jeff got back to the dorm there was a crowd waiting for the elevator and the guy that made the dog comment in the cafeteria saw him and walked up to him, putting his finger into the D-ring on the collar asking “What the fuck do you think you’re doing with this on? Are you just a lost puppy looking for a bone?” “Curt, leave him alone,” said one of the people in the crowd as Curt started to drag Jeff around the foyer, occasionally yanking him in different directions. Jeff was about to thrust his knee into Curt’s balls when an RA walked in and Curt quickly let go of Jeff. “Curt, follow me,” said the RA and the two of them disappeared down the hall. A few people came over to ask Jeff if he was okay. Jeff replied yes he was, just a bit shaken. Jeff sat in his dorm for a while shaking and wondering if this was worth it. He knew he might get harassed, but didn’t think it would be this bad. He was curled up and sobbing on his bed when Ryan walked in. “What’s wrong, Jeff?” Ryan asked as he sat down on the bed and held Jeff close. Jeff explained his day and the event at the elevator. “I’m gonna beat the crap out of that asshole” Ryan yelled and started to get up. Jeff said “No, he’s too strong and will probably hurt you. Let the RA deal with him and if it happens again, I’ll call the cops.” “OK, but I want you to text me the minute he or anyone else harasses you” Ryan said and then asked “Are you going down for dinner? We can go together and I’ll beat up anyone who says anything.” “No, I’m not hungry. Can you just bring me back an apple or something?” Jeff said as he curled up on the bed again. “Sure. Don’t let these guys get to you. They’re just scum and karma will get them eventually” Ryan said as he walked out the door. Ryan went and got dinner, but sat by himself at a table and pulled out his phone, sending a text message to Steven “Jeff got harassed 4 collar. Can u tell Kyle, but don’t let Jeff know I said anything.” Steven, Joe and Kyle were eating Thai food that Steven had made for them for dinner when Steven’s phone buzzed. Reading it, he yelled out “Fuck!” and Joe and Kyle looked at him. “What?” said Kyle and Joe at the same time. Steven read the message aloud and looked at Kyle. Kyle’s face was bright red and he looked like he was going to rip something or someone to bits. Steven called Ryan back and put it on speakerphone. Ryan told them what Jeff had told him. Kyle’s expression just got more intense. “Where can I find Curt?” asked Kyle. “He’s got a room on the 3rd floor of my dorm building. I don’t know the room number, but I think its on the west end. He’s just an asshole and picks on anyone he can. If you need help changing his jawline, let me know” said Ryan. Kyle tapped out a message to Tony “Need help. My boy got beat up by thug. Want to get even.” Kyles phone rang a few minutes later and Kyle explained the situation to Tony, first having to tell him about collaring Jeff. Tony asked Kyle to meet him at the club warehouse in 45 minutes and bring whatever muscle he wanted to help. Kyle chuckled as he looked around. Joe would be good muscle. Steven was not even close to muscle. Ryan was a little better in the muscle department than Steven, but not much. All had offered to help, so he brought them along. When they got to the warehouse, there were two other cars there and three pickups. The guys went to the front door and found it locked. Kyle knocked and Tony opened the door and let them in and led them to an office. Kyle saw four large muscled guys and three boxes on the desk. Tony said “I realize that your boy is not in the club… yet. But he’s your boy and that means we protect him too. This is part of our enforcement crew. We will make sure that the guy that picked on your boy regrets having been born. Grab a mask, a hoodie and gloves from the boxes and lets take the trucks. I got a bit of info on your guy Curt. He's rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and this is going to be an easy one.” They drove over to the dorm parking lot and parked. Tony motioned for everyone to stay and walked over to gold Cadillac Escalade and jabbed the side of each tire with an awl. He stood behind the SUV as the tires deflated and sent a text message on his phone. Tony hopped back into the pickup and said “He should be out here any minute.” Soon they saw a lone figure walk across the field to the parking lot. Tony nodded at the other four members of the enforcement crew and they got out of the truck and crouched down near Curt’s wounded SUV. You could hear the swearing from Curt as he got close and saw what had been done to his beloved truck. As he walked around the SUV, one of the enforcers came up behind him and covered his mouth with a rag and Curt was passed out and limp in seconds. Tony picked up Curt and threw him over his shoulders and walked back to the pickup. He laid Curt down in the pickup bed and one guy taped his ankles together and another his wrists. They tied his body down with a cargo net and then got into the truck. They drove for about 30 minutes out of town, down a few gravel roads until they got to a farm and pulled in back of the house next to a large metal shed. The door opened and the trucks drove in. Curt was taken from the pickup bed into a room, stripped and placed on a fuck bench and his hands and feet shackled down. Kyle looked around the room and noticed a man that had not been in the warehouse. He was a thin, frail man about Kyle’s height, and looked to be in his late sixties. His cheeks were sunken in and there was a few sores on his face. On the table next to him was one of those old-time doctor’s bags. Everyone stood around Curt’s limp body as the man approached Tony. “Dr. C, its good to see you again. Unfortunately, this young man seems to need an attitude adjustment. He has attacked verbally and physically one of the club members. He sounds to be homophobic and thinks he is better than everyone else. I think the usual treatment will get him to be a better citizen.” Dr. C nodded and looked Curt over. He walked behind Curt and set his bag down on a table nearby and pulled out a speculum. Applying the tool to Curt’s ass, he spread it open, stretching the hole until Curt’s guts were easily visible. The doctor then pulled out a large bottle brush from his bag and inserted it deep and began to twist and piston the brush until the brush turned red and blood dripped out of the hole. The doctor then removed the speculum and put it and the brush inside a plastic bag and then into his satchel. The guys watched Curt’s hole slowly close and the doctor then dropped his pants and pulled out a large 8 1/2 inch pierced cock. He stroked it from semi-hard to full length and then slammed into Curt’s unsuspecting ass. He fucked for almost five minutes before screaming out as he pumped his high viral load cum into the passed out college student. Each of the guys took turns adding their own tainted seed into Curt’s pussy. Ryan was the last to fuck Curt and wasn’t sure whether he was shooting charged or uncharged cum, but enjoyed every second fucking him. As Ryan walked back to the wall, two of the enforcers unlocked Curt from the bench and laid him down, face up on the large table. The doctor walked over and set out a piece of cloth around Curt’s cock and balls. He put down another cloth and laid out some tools - a scalpel, a needle and surgical thread, a bottle with a cleaning solution, and some gauze pads. He put on some surgical gloves and then pulled Curt’s ballsack up and secured it with some clamps on either side. He applied the cleaning solution and slowly he cut an incision, pulled a ball out of the sack and used his scalpel to remove it and set it in a jar full of liquid. He did the same with Curt’s second testicle and then sewed everything up. One of the enforcers walked up with a box containing bottles of saline solution, a stack of gauze pads and several more clean rags. The doctor turned to Tony and said “Please, put him back on the bench, I will want to inseminate him several more times in the next few days. Come back in three days at midnight and you can take him back. He will hopefully no longer be a threat to anyone. If he does cause more issues, then we can take it a step further and remove his penis. There are a few further treatments we can give him if he remains a problem.” The enforcers gently moved Curt back to the bench, making sure his cock and balls were free from the top of the bench. His hands and feet were reattached to the tie down points and a blackout hood was put over his head. Once Curt was secured, everyone but the doctor left the room and went back to the pickups. They drove back to the warehouse and as they got near Tony said “Kyle, I want you back at the warehouse Saturday night at eleven PM. We won’t need anyone other than you and the enforcement crew and we will take Curt back to the dorm. OK?” “Yes, Sir” Kyle said. “Good. And I don’t think I need to tell any of you that you will never speak of this evening again. It never happened. You studied all night, right?” Tony said sternly. “Yes, Sir” the guys said. Kyle dropped Ryan off near the front of his dorm and then they went back to the apartment. Few words were spoken as they had driven and it continued in the apartment. Finally Kyle said “Thanks guys, I appreciate your help. I didn’t think it would be this drastic, but that fucker deserves it.” Steven and Joe nodded and they then headed to bed. Ryan walked into the dorm room, hoping that Jeff was ok. The lights were out and he fumbled over until he found the desk lamp and turned it on. He looked over and Jeff was on his bed, just in his sleeping shorts, but on top of the sheet and blanket unlike he usually was. He looked closer and could see Jeff sweating and drenching the sheets with perspiration. “Fuck” he thought. He reached for his phone and texted Steven “Tell Kyle that Jeff is sick.” Curt awoke, shivering in his truck. His body ached almost everywhere. He could feel his nose was dislocated and there were cuts on his cheeks. His chest hurt each time he took a breath and his stomach felt like he had been gut punched for hours. His cock hurt. He looked down and his t-shirt was torn and his pants were ripped open around his knees which had large scabs on them. His cherished Air Jordans were covered in what looked like cow dung and were ripped at the toes and ankles. Even his balls hurt, but as he rolled over and went to adjust himself, he couldn’t even feel them. Panicked, he pulled his jeans down and felt around. His balls were gone. Not hiding since he was cold. Gone. He got out of the back of the truck and saw the four flat tires, like he remembered right before he passed out. Walking back into the dorm several people were pointing at him and laughing. In his usual bravado he told them to “Shut the fuck up.” Curt got onto the elevator and saw his reflection in the door and saw something taped to his shirt. It was a sign. On one side - the one facing out - said in large letters “I AM A FAG” and on the other side was a note: “Curt, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. You have harassed people for too long and now it was time to pay for it. You will no doubt find that you are no longer the same pompous jerk. Your body has changed and will continue to change. Hopefully you will mentally change for the better. We know how to get you and punish you. Any time. Any place. If you try to find us you will fail. If you continue to harass people, we will come back. No one will listen to you, since you have hassled too many people for anyone to care if you received any retribution. Be a better person and nothing more will happen.“ He walked to his room and went in. His roommate had moved out and the room was just his stuff, but most of it was broken. He looked at the mirror and there were bruises on his face and hands. He took his clothes off and saw more bruises all over his body. His ribs were sore, like he had been kicked on the ground. The bruises continued on his legs. HIs ass was sore, like someone had impaled him with a baseball bat. Someone walked down the hall and saw his door open and said “Oh, look. The asshole is back.” As he got up to go yell at them, his body ached too much for him to want another altercation. Curt laid low for the next week until the flu hit. He could barely get out of bed. He had a fever and had more aches over his body, different than the aches from a week earlier, but just as painful. He tried calling people but even those that had been his friends wouldn’t return his calls or would hang up when they heard his voice. He finally called 911 and when the paramedics showed up they were disinterested in helping him. After he pleaded for 15 minutes, they took him to the hospital and left him at the emergency room to wait with the other patients. When the hospital staff finally looked at him, they admitted him and put him in an old room by himself. He was hooked up to an IV to keep him hydrated and sedated and given minimal food. After a week he started to feel better and the doctor came in. “Hello Curt. I don’t know what you did, but you seem to be the most unliked person in this city. The nurses are drawing straws and the loser has to attend to you. It took days, but I finally got your test results. The flu that you had was from your seroconversion. You are infected with a rare strain of HIV that we have currently have no treatment for. The hepatitis we can treat, but it will take a while before we can get approval for it. At least with your castration, your sex drive should be down so you won’t infect anyone else.” Kyle and Ryan kept monitoring Jeff and when the fever got too high, they took Jeff to the same hospital that Curt had just been admitted to. The nurses checked him over and the doctor admitted him, but he was placed in a much better area. They quickly got him rehydrated and got his fever under control. Kyle had been by his side most of the time and had removed his collar before he went to the hospital. When Jeff came to after being unconscious for over a day, he panicked when the collar was gone. Kyle reassured him it was safe and was only off until he was released. Just as Jeff was starting to feel better and was about to be released, Ryan was coming down with a fever. His illness was not nearly as bad and only lasted two days before he was moving around as normal. A week later, Steven took Ryan to the clinic to get tested and make sure he was the newest poz guy in town.
  12. A Brother in Trouble

    Thanks. I have a couple more chapters I'm working on.
  13. A Brother in Trouble

    Speaking of last parts… this is it. At least for now. Thanks for reading —————— Part 27 - The Initiation Joe, Kyle and Steven were just getting out of the car when Dennis pulled up. Steven looked at his phone and it said 10:03PM. The guys put their phones in the trunk of the car, not wanting to lose them. The parking lot was pretty full, they guessed that there were over fifty cars there and a row of motorcycles next to the building. They walked up to the door in the front of the warehouse building and saw a large biohazard magnet attached to the door and a second one next to it that had one of the pictograms saying no phones. They followed the hallway back where there were two doors, one of which had another biohazard magnet on it. They entered and there was a table with Tyler standing behind it, dressed only in leather boots, a leather jock, leather armbands and a harness. “Hi guys. I’m glad you accepted the invitation and came tonight. We just have a few things to take care of and we can begin the initiation. Here is a bag to put your clothes in. It has your name on it. I hope you followed the sign and left your cell phones in your car or at home. No pictures or videos are allowed. We request that you stay naked for tonight, shoes or boots are ok. In the future, you can wear gear. I have a wrist band for each of you. And one last thing….” The door opened and Aaron came rushing in. “I hope I’m not late” he said breathlessly. Tyler looked up at the clock and it said 10:13PM. “You’re just in time. I was worried you had changed your mind” Tyler said. Quickly, Tyler recapped everything for Aaron and gave him his bag. The guys started undressing and putting their clothes in their bags and Tyler said “I was saying… You need to choose your mark and its placement. Each member must have their body marked with the club logo - a biohazard. You can choose a tattoo or to be branded. With the tattoo, you get a choice of sizes and a few colors - black, red or black and red. You may have noticed mine at the party last week.” The guys looked at Tyler with surprise. “I know its short notice, but please decide quickly and write them down on these pieces of paper. Put your name, tattoo or brand, the location on your body and size and color. Each thought a few minutes and filled out the form and gave it to Tyler. The bags were collected and Tyler then looked at the list and put the appropriate wrist band. Joe, Dennis and Aaron got dark blue ones, Steven and Kyle got light blue. The five of them were ushered past a door and down makeshift hallway with dark curtains on one side. Near the back of the building, they turned and went up a few steps. They were standing at the side of what looked like a stage, a large biohazard sign was hanging from the ceiling, providing a backdrop. On the stage was a man standing naked with a red leather harness on and five fuck benches spread across the front of the stage. A bell sounded and the lights dimmed in the room. The stage was illuminated with a few spotlights, but the audience was invisible in the darkness. Tyler whispered to them “It’s time. Walk out to the center, line up in front of him, with your back to the audience. Just follow the directions. It won’t take long and then we can have some fun.” Joe went first, followed by Kyle, Steven, Aaron and Dennis. They faced the priest and he began. “We are gathered here to welcome the newest members to our brotherhood. Our mission is to celebrate our gift and help those less fortunate than us become a positive force in the world. I will ask each of you if you are willing to join us support our mission.” The priest moved in front of Joe and asked him and he replied “Yes”. The priest led him over to the first fuck bench and he laid down on it. A guy came from the shadows and locked Joe down. The priest then did the same with each of the other guys. Once they were all locked down, the priest said “Let the consummation begin.” Five men walked out on stage, each naked and wearing a red wristband that matched their red leather harnesses. Each took a position behind one of the guys and the crowd started to chant “Breed. Breed. Breed.” The men looked at the priest and when he nodded they thrust their cocks into each of the boys. None of them were prepared to be violated in such a brutal fashion. They all screamed, but it was drowned out by the chanting. The men fucked the boys harder, seeming to enjoy the pain they were inflicting on them. It only took a few minutes before one by one the men would grunt and fill their boy with cum. As they pulled their spent cocks out of the boys, the priest handed them a metal butt plug and the breeder pushed it into their boy’s sore hole. “Now that you have been filled with AIDS seed, let it become part of you. It symbolizes the sharing we must do throughout the rest of our lives as we create new generations of gifted people” the priest told everyone and then said “We will now perform the last step and your initiation will be complete.” The assistant came out and unlocked Joe, Kyle, Aaron and Dennis and ushered them over to the side. A new spotlight came on and there was Thad and another tattoo artist waiting to give them their club mark. Joe was placed on a table, face down and Thad set some marks down on his right calf and the tattoo needle began making the outline. While Joe was getting tattooed, the assistant walked up to Steven and placed a leather bit between his teeth and fastened the strap behind his head, holding it in place. The look of fear in Steven’s eyes was immense. Soon, a cart was wheeled out that contained an iron stove with a fire inside. A brand was sticking out of the stove and the priest put on heavy gloves and removed the brand from the fire. He noted the orientation of the brand and approached Steven. He lined it up near Steven’s right butt cheek and said “Be strong, my son” and pressed the glowing brand into Steven’s skin. The screams from Steven could have awakened the dead. The smell of burning flesh filled the area and everyone turned to watch as the priest removed the brand from Steven and set it in the holder next to the stove. Ointment was placed on the blisters and Steven’s screams subsided slowly. The audience clapped their approval. It was an option that few members used. Aaron sat down in a chair and the other tattoo artist smiled at him. He turned his forearm up and the artist marked it out and looked at Aaron for approval before starting in. Daryl pulled Kyle aside and had him lay on a table, facing up. He pulled out a razor and removed Kyle’s pubic and body hair from his navel to his cock. Once Joe’s tattoo was finished, Kyle was next for Thad to work on. Once Aaron’s tattoo was complete, Dennis laid down on the the table Joe had used and was also face down. The tattooist showed Dennis where it would be by placing his fingers between his shoulder blades. Once Dennis was happy his body felt the needle begin its work. The crowd mingled until the marking was complete and the Priest announced that the celebration could begin. Room lights came back on and the crowd filtered to the sides and picked up their glasses of champagne and then started to move to the back of the room. There were three slings spread out, with markings on the floor designating an area for each. A large roulette wheel was on the wall with several colors painting sections of the pie. There was a narrow red slice, several light blue, dark blue, light green and dark green slices. There were a few yellow slices as well. Out from the front office of the warehouse, three people were led with hoods over their heads. Each was stood in front of a sling. The priest walked up to each and asked if they were ready to begin and accept their fate. He then announced to the crowd who tonights participants were. “We have tonight, in sling number one a caucasian university professor. He is 34 years old, gay and versatile. He has chosen to remain hooded until the reveal. In sling number two, we have a 23 year old latino restaurant worker. He is bisexual and normally a top. He has chosen to be unhooded. And in sling number three is a 45 year old caucasian construction worker. He is also bisexual and a bottom and will be hooded until the reveal. Please spin the wheel for sling number one. While the wheel is spinning, can everyone congregate with their respective colors.” The five guys stood on the stage with Tyler and he explained “The members are separated by color, tonight its blue for detectable poz, green for undetectable poz, on the wheel yellow is for what we call ‘get out of jail free’ and it means they don’t get fucked. Where the wheel stops decides which group fucks the guy. The guy in the sling is always neg when he shows up here. You line up and fuck until you breed him. Be sure to hit the button on the sling after you cum. Thats how we keep track of how many loads a guy takes. It works better if you edge while you’re in line and then just fuck for a minute and unload. After everyone is done, we reveal to the guy if he took charged cum or not and remove his hood if he was hooded like those two. Oh, there’s a face pic of the guy above the button so you can see if you know him. It gives you a chance to remove your wristband at the end if you don’t want the guy to know you fucked him.” “What’s red?” asked Dennis. Tyler chuckled and said “Guys with AIDS or guys with multiple bugs. We had one guy a few months ago hit a full house and got all of the usual STDs. He’s down to just hep and hiv now.” “You guys can join in your groups if you want, but you don’t have to if you’re still sore from getting marked” Tyler said patting Steven on the shoulder. The guys walked down the steps awkwardly with the plugs still holding their AIDS loads in their asses. Tyler joined Steven and Kyle with the light blue group just as the wheel stopped on light blue. The group of just over a dozen guys cheered. “The light blue group will have sling number one. Please spin for sling number two” the priest announced and the wheel got spun again. Joe looked around his dark blue group and recognized a few people. Tony was talking to Luis and he saw Douglas from the clinic stroking a rather long and pierced cock. He looked over at the group Steven and Kyle were in and saw Derrick, Daryl and Thad. He spotted a few people he had seen around campus including one professor in the blue groups. Joe looked at the other side of the room and saw the green groups. He recognized people over there as well. Then he looked to see if he could find the red group. He never even saw the guy that pumped his first AIDS load in his hole. There were six of them standing together next to the priest. “And we have light green for sling two. Light green people, please get ready. And spin the wheel for sling three” said the priest. Kyle walked up to Tyler and said “This is fuckin’ hot. I wonder if its one of my professors?” “You’ll find out soon enough. We should start heading over there. I see you’re already getting boned thinking about breeding another neg ass” Tyler replied “And dark blue for sling three. Everyone else can either watch or enjoy themselves. Please wait for the bell and then you have 90 minutes to put as much cum as possible into the guests. Don’t forget to tip your waiters” the priest said laughing at his pun. As the groups assembled in the areas, a bell rung and immediately the guys in the slings had a cock in their ass. Each guy waited their turn stroking their cocks and sometimes each other. A few were blowing guys in line. Joe looked around and could not believe the number of biohazard tattoos he saw. Some had more than one. He looked at where guys had put them. Arms, chest, legs, asses, hands, and back. There were a few guys he couldn’t see one at all. He got closer to one guy and saw it was on the top of his cock. When he got closer to the guy in sling three he looked him over. He was a muscle bear with some ink on his hairy body. He remembered him described as a construction worker in his mid forties and a bottom bi guy. “I wonder if he’s gonna knock up some chicks once he converts” he thought. The closer he got, he heard the construction guy grunt “Thank you, Sir!” as each guy unloaded into him. The room was filled with the sound of bells dinging - a different pitch for was sling. He watched the guys in front of him fuck the guy. Each had their own style and a couple were obviously ready to shoot as soon as they put it in. Others savored the cum filled pussy and still others pounded the guy like they were possessed. Luis was one of the latter. He pounded the guy, taking full advantage of the sling and letting it do most of the work. The bottom groaned and yelled out “Yeah, fucker, wreck that hole” before Luis slammed in and unloaded his strain into the guy. Luis walked back and fist bumped Joe, Dennis and Aaron and whispered to the three “The guy in sling two is my roommate. He’s gonna be pissed he didn’t get charged cum again. Its the third time he’s been here” and walked back to the end of the line. Aaron was amazed at what he was witnessing. Guys spinning roulette wheels to decide if they got pozzed. He had been breeding Nick all weekend and had dumped another load in him only a few hours earlier and hoped he had a good load to pump into the construction guy. Aaron stood next to Dennis the entire time waiting and stroking his own cock and occasionally giving Dennis’s cock a tug. He got closer and closer and looked at the guy in the sling. He was a sexy guy with muscles everywhere, all earned from hard labor. The hood obscured his head he imagined a rugged bearded guy. Looking down, he saw a pool of cum start to form underneath the bottom’s ass. He wanted to get on the floor and lick it up. Kyle was standing with Steven and Tyler. They were edging themselves watching the guy take cock after cock. His body was in good shape well defined for a mid-thirties professor. His chest was shaved and he had only one small tattoo that he could see on his arm. It was the Yin-Yang symbol. His cock was a nice length, maybe seven inches and cut, and was rock hard and leaking over his abs. Kyle could hear him grunt and moan as the guys fucked him and an “oh god!” when someone would thrust into him hard. Daryl was in front of him and he looked at what piercing he had on. As much as he wanted to see what happened if he used the mace balled PA, Daryl had a regular horseshoe 0 ga PA in. Daryl turned and asked Kyle “Enjoying the PA?” “Yeah, I am” replied never thinking he would have a conversation like this. “Give it another month or two and we can stretch it up a size. Club members get the stretches and new rings for free. I think you would look really hot with a 0ga there but its going to take a while. And don’t forget about the ladder too” Daryl said with a wink. About that time the guy in front of Daryl pumped his load in, pressed the button and pulled out. Kyle was finally close enough to look at the picture on the sling stand. “Fuck” he said. Steven asked “What?” Kyle turned to him and whispered “It’s my engineering professor. He let me do a make-up test when I had the fuck flu.” Steven chuckled at the irony. “Don’t worry about it. You’re gonna repay him with a big poz load. If he didn’t want it, he wouldn’t be here.” Kyle realized his cock was even harder than before and heard Daryl pump his load into the professor. He walked up and stuck his finger into the hole and tasted the mixture of charged jizz. He quickly slammed his cock into the professor who screamed out “FUCK!!! Another pierced cock. You guys are going to shred my cunt.” Kyle smiled as he fucked his professor, enjoying the cum filled hole milk his cock. Kyle was impressed, at least ten other guys had fucked him and he could still milk a cock. He jabbed his cock to the side, feeling his PA scrape and tug inside the guy’s chute and got the expected groan. As his balls began to throb he gave several fast thrusts and then pulled the chains and his professor all the way on to his cock and felt several shots of his poz semen join the ones already inside. He pulled out and hit the button and went to the back of the line. Daryl got on his knees and sucked Kyle’s cock, grabbing the PA with his teeth and tugging while Kyle moaned. Steven was next and slid into the professor’s hole easily. He heard “Thank god, this one isn’t pierced.” Steven grinned and then slammed in hard and grabbed the professor’s legs and jackhammered his hole for a few minutes and then buried his cock in as deep as he could and pumped yet another virus filled load into the guy. Joe finally got his turn on the construction dude and slid in and completely out several times, enjoying the feeling of his PA push through the guys outer ring. The bottom was moaning in pain from Joe’s attempts at getting a new path for the bug to infect him. He continued to do it, just pulling the guy back on the sling harder and harder until he was slamming into Joe and then pushing him completely off. The moans became screams and he saw his cock start to have some red streaks on it. A few people came over to see what was happening and started to cheer Joe on. A few times he missed the hole and both of them yelled out in pain. Dennis came up behind Joe and urged him on and started to pinch his nipples. That pushed Joe over the edge and he pulled the construction worker tight against his body and started firing shots of his virally enhanced cum inside. Joe pulled out and tagged the button, looking at the picture thinking how much he wanted to fuck this sexy muscle bear again. Dennis’s thick cock wasn’t pierced, but still tortured the guys hole as he rammed in hard. He left his cock in a few seconds and adjusted his body and began his fuck. He heard whimpers that he didn’t expect from a guy like this. He pulled all the way out and drove in all the way a few times and the whimpers got louder. He did it one last time and left his cock all the way in as his cock emptied its highly toxic seed into the ravaged pussy. His hole was only empty a second before Aaron eagerly pushed his cock inside. It felt so good with all of the cum in the hole and a greedy bottom milking his cock. He knew that his cock was now coated in all of the other guy’s cum, but it was Dennis’s cum that he wanted to feel. He didn’t last long and was feeling spurts of his poz jizz mix with the other cum all fighting for the chance at infecting the bottom. When the bell finally rang, indicating the 90 minute breeding session was over, everyone had dumped at least one load and almost everyone had given them two. Several guys were on the floor lapping up the spilled cum and there were three lucky guys cleaning up the wrecked holes. After several minutes of the guys feasting on cum, one of the assistants came up and put a buttplug inside each of the bottom guests. He then helped the bottoms stand. The three were all standing next to their slings, holding on to the stand as their bodies recovered from the abuse they had just received. Each group stood behind their bottom. Only a few people took their wristbands off and joined the audience. Kyle wasn’t one of them. “Sling number one, you received 27 loads of unmedicated poz cum” the priest announced The professor removed his hood and stood there a little stunned as everyone clapped. He smiled and looked around and saw the group of his 14 gifters behind him. He spied Kyle and looked surprised and then chuckled. “Sling number two, you received 31 loads of undetectable poz cum.” Everyone clapped, but you could see the disappointment in Juan’s face. Luis nudged Kyle “I offered to give it to him, but he likes the gangbang.” “And, sling number three, you received 28 loads of unmedicated poz cum. Please remove your hood” was the announcement. The construction worker removed his hood and looked around at the group of 15 guys that had bred him and smiled. “Thank you, Sirs. I hope your efforts will succeed.” Everyone mingled and Kyle kept looking at his professor, wondering if he should say anything. He grabbed a drink from one of the waiter’s trays and went over to him. “I hope that was the outcome you were looking for” Kyle said. The professor turned and faced Kyle and said “I’m not sure what I really wanted, but It was a great experience and I’ll deal with what happens. I was very surprised to see you here, much less in my group.” “Well, I guess you now know why I was sick a few weeks ago. I really want to thank you for helping me out with the test” Kyle said. “You’re a good student and I knew you would fail the test the way you looked. The test you did take was harder than the one everyone else had and you did well. Thanks for the gift you gave me. We will see if I become poz like you. At least now I know someone I can talk to about this.” “Yeah, anything you need to know, I’ll try to help as best I can. And if you want more seed, I can give you that too” Kyle told him. The professor looked at Kyle up and down and said “Thanks, but I want to know if this evenings loads do it. It’s going to take a while for my hole to recover from the abuse those piercings gave me, but I will want to talk to you about those another time” Kyle grimaced and said “Sorry, I may have gotten carried away. I’ll talk to you later” and walked back over to Joe and Steven. The crowd started to thin and the guys were comparing their new tattoos when Joe looked at Steven and said “What the fuck were you thinking? Branding?” Steven laughed, saying “It seemed like a good idea at the time, I hate needles. Now I know better. But at least it will be different than everyone else’s.”
  14. A Brother in Trouble

    There was a hint about him in the last part
  15. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 26 - The Followup As Aaron was driving up to meet Nick on Sunday, he called him and said “I heard you used to hit the glory holes at the bookstore. How about we do it there?” Nick chuckled and said “Sure. you want to pick me up or just meet there?” “How about we meet there in a half hour. I want to suck some anon cock first” Aaron replied. “OK, I’ll see ya there” Nick said with laugh. Aaron pulled into the parking lot and walked in. He never had been here before, but quickly figured the place out. He got bought a bottle of poppers and got some tokens from the clerk and headed into the back area. There was an open area across from the four booths. A couple guys were standing back, watching who entered the booths. One guy was in his sixties, thin, bald and was stroking an average sized cock. The other guy was in his forties with a bushy beard and shaved head, a sizable gut on his large frame. Aaron saw there was a restroom behind the booths but not much else. He headed into the last booth and put in a few tokens. He selected a bareback gay porn video and took his shirt and pants off and began to stroking his cock. It was only a few minutes before someone entered the booth next to him. He looked through the glory hole and saw the bigger guy from before. He motioned for the guy to feed him his cock and the guy obliged. Aaron licked the mostly hard six inch cut cock and started to suck it down. It was definitely not fresh and Aaron tasted cum, sweat and piss at the very least. The guy was trying to fuck his mouth, but his oversized belly wouldn’t allow him to thrust all the way to the partition so he just pushed as far as he could and held it there as Aaron bobbed and sucked. It didn’t take long for Aaron to get rewarded with a mouthful of bitter cum. When the last shot went into his mouth, the guy pulled out and zipped up and was gone. Aaron leaned back and started stroking his cock again, waiting for the next guy to stick his cock through. He figured it would probably be the older guy that he saw across from the booths. It took longer than expected but finally someone came in. He looked through the glory hole and saw a guy in his mid thirties. He took his t-shirt off and unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to his ankles. He quickly checked him out, liking his jock build with a few extra pounds and some light hair on his chest that seemed to be trimmed and a small green tattoo on his arm. He put a few tokens in and heard straight porn come on the screen. Aaron motioned with his fingers and the new guy pulled his cock out of his underwear and stroked it before pushing it through the hole. Aaron licked the tip and flicked his tongue under the head of the guys cock before sucking it down. He heard a moan and the guy pushed his body flat against the wall. This cock was a lot cleaner and longer than the last and Aaron gave it better attention, not just trying to get the guy off. It didn’t matter because after several minutes of sucking the guy pulled his cock out of the hole and put his ass up. He wasn’t sure if the guy wanted him to rim him or fuck him, so he started to eat the guys nicely muscled ass. After only a minute of him tongue fucking him, the guy pulled off and said “I want your cock.” Aaron wasn’t going to give up this opportunity and stood up and pushed his cock against the spit covered hole and thrust inside. Aaron heard the guy scream out as his cock invaded tight hole. It was a quick fuck, as Aaron wanted to nut inside the guy before Nick showed up and wanted time to build up another load to breed Nick with. He pounded the guy mercilessly and then slammed in and dumped his charged seed into the anonymous cumdump on the other side of the wall. When his cock stopped spewing cum, the guy pulled off and cleaned his cock off and said “thanks, bud” before leaving the booth. Aaron scooped the cum off his cock and licked his fingers knowing that a lot more was inside they guy he just bred. He sat back again and stroked his cock, smiling. His first anon poz breeding was done. Aaron’s phone buzzed and he looked at the message “where r u” from Nick. “in booths. rt one” he replied. Someone entered the booth next to Aaron and he looked through. It was Nick. He stuck his cock through the hole and felt Nick go to work, sucking his cock. He hoped he liked the protein coating and once he had licked his cock clean, Aaron started to fuck Nick’s face on the other side of the partition. He pulled out and motioned through the hole to turn around. Nick backed his ass up to the glory hole and Aaron pounced. The spit on his cock was the only lube Nick got, Aaron’s cock ripping into his hole. Aaron heard Nick yell out and just kept plowing into his hole. He fucked hard and fast until he drove his cock deep and felt it throb as more toxic seed filled Nick’s probably pozzed hole. Monday morning, Joe, Kyle and Steven drove over to the clinic for their followup appointments. They checked in and waited for Aaron and Dennis to show up and their names to be called. Once again, Dennis and Aaron arrived together, this time Aaron was much more relaxed and even laughing with Dennis when they walked in. Joe grinned and said “It looks like you guys been have been having a good time. Are you going to share the juicy details?” Aaron burst out laughing “I really shouldn’t kiss and tell…” he started and then said “but that was too good not to.” “I’ve been fucking Nick all weekend long. I started Friday after work and kept breeding him until I went to work Saturday night. I needed a break to give him and my balls a rest, but drove back Sunday and we kept going at it. I called Dennis to take over this morning when I was empty. That fucker Nick is insatiable.” The guys laughed and patted Aaron on the back. The nurse came out and called Dennis in to the exam room to meet with the doctor. He got his vitals taken and sat in the chair waiting, wondering how he was going to tell the doctor he had no intention of starting treatment any time soon. After nearly ten minutes of staring at the walls, a new doctor came in with a folder. “Hello Dennis. I’m Dr. Simms and I’m the infectious disease specialist here. I’ll be taking over your case and treating you from now on. We have the results from the lab and it appears that you are extremely infectious. Your viral load is very high. It’s possible that its an aberration due to when the test was taken. Your CD4 counts look good, though. We’ll be taking another blood test to see if your viral load is at a more reasonable level. “ the doctor told Dennis. Dennis nodded and waited for him to continue. “I understand that you have not been refraining from sex and I need to remind you that you are very infectious at this time. We don’t want an epidemic on our hands. We already have had more people test positive for HIV this month than the rest of the year. I also understand that some people in your situation want to help others who are in need, and I commend that. We will delay any significant treatment until you are ready or your body shows signs of serious deterioration. We want you to continue a full happy life that is sexually active and rewarding.” Dennis looked perplexed. Did the doctor just tell him he knew he was pozzing neg guys and encouraged it? “Uh, I’m confused” he said. “Yes, I get that all the time. Our special case patients don’t expect us to encourage their, how should I say this… risky behavior. It’s simple - it keeps me in business and I know the satisfaction of successfully helping someone reach their goal.” Dennis couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but he liked it. “Oh, ok. This wasn’t the way I expected this conversation to go, but I’m good with it. I suppose that I should keep this confidential” Dennis replied. “Yes. We should keep all our conversations just between you and I. Now, can I ask… How many people have you helped since you were informed you were positive?” Dr. Simms asked. Dennis answered “Uh, two.” “Ah, good. Now was this by yourself or were other people assisting you?” the doctor asked. Dennis squirmed in his chair, unsure how much information like this he wanted to share and finally said “I was with other people with both of them.” The doctor smiled and said “Mmmm, very good. It helps increase the chances that you are successful at helping them that way. Now, I want you to come in for blood tests every two weeks for the first two months and then monthly after that for the first year. There will be no reason for an exam at each test. We will call you if we need to talk to you about your uh, non-treatment plan. If at any time you want to change to the full treatment, we can. It’s up to you. It would be helpful if you notified the lab tech, Tyler at your blood tests of the number of people you have assisted.” Dennis still was incredulous that the doctor was telling him that pozzing guys was good. “OK, that sounds easy enough. Can I just come in for the blood tests or do I need to make an appointment?” Dennis asked. “Just come in when you have free time and it is within a day or two of your scheduled test. Please, only see Tyler. If there is someone else in the lab, then come back another day” Dr. Simms told him. “OK, I understand.” “You can go down and get your new blood test and Tyler will show you where to wait until I am done discussing everything with your group. Remember, this is just between you and me” he said, winking at Dennis. Dennis got up and went to the lab area where Tyler was waiting for him with a big smile. “So, the doctor explained everything to you and you are ok?” he asked Dennis. “Yeah, I’m good but surprised” Dennis replied. Tyler motioned for Dennis to take a seat in the vampire’s lair and prepared to draw more blood from him. “You are part of a select group of people we do this with. I saw a lot of potential in you and your friends at the event the other night and thought that you would be good to add to our group. But, we need to keep this very quiet. You’ll get more information later.” Tyler finished taking Dennis’s blood, labeled the vials and put a bandage over the needle mark. “Follow me” Tyler said and Dennis got up and stayed a few paces behind him down a hallway and into a room with no windows. The chairs were more comfortable here and there was a station with coffee, water, fruit and pastries. “Help yourself. We treat our special patients well” Tyler said with a laugh and closed the door, leaving Dennis alone. Dennis poured himself a coffee and took a donut and sat down in a chair. The TV was playing a rather bizarre animation of what looked like sperm swimming down a tunnel and then they faded into the walls of the tunnel. Then there was a biohazard symbol covering most of the screen and then it faded to black and started over. As he was eating the last bite of his donut, Joe entered the room, escorted by Tyler. Joe was wide-eyed and was shaking his head. “You wouldn’t believe what I just heard from the doctor” Joe said. “Oh, right now I think I would believe anything” Dennis responded and added “He wants you to keep poz breeding, right?” Joe nodded and said “Yeah. How fucked up is that?” “We appear to have been chosen to be part of a group that helps chasers. Oh, and watch this weird animation on the screen” Dennis said. Joe watched it and just kept shaking his head. About that time, Steven was the next one put in the room. Once the door closed Steven said “You guys aren’t going to believe my conversation with the doctor…” Steven was interrupted by Dennis who said “Yeah, it was probably as weird as ours.” Kyle was the next one to arrive in the room and said the same thing after the door closed and the other guys just nodded. Aaron was the last to go into the exam room. The nurse took his temperature, weight, and blood pressure and then had him sit on the chair. “Please don’t pass out again” she said with a wink and Aaron blushed. “I don’t think that will be a problem this time” he told her as the door closed. He remembered only small parts of what the doctor told him the last time he was in this room. He looked around and read the posters on the wall. He wondered if the doctor would ask if he had sex with anyone since the last visit. Should he lie or tell the truth? He didn’t know what the other guys had told the doctor. Maybe they told him about the party with Nick. No, they wouldn’t do that. His mind was racing when the doctor knocked and came in. “Hello Aaron. I’m Dr. Simms and I’m the infectious disease specialist here. I’ll be taking over your case and treating you from now on. We have the results from the lab and it appears that you are pretty infectious. Your viral load is quite high. Your CD4 counts look good, however. We’ll be taking another blood test to see how your viral load is progressing“ the doctor told Aaron and he nodded. Most of this information would have been gibberish to him, but he had been reading up on HIV after he got the diagnosis. “I am concerned about the note in your file about your reaction to the news that you had tested positive for HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis. I also see that you didn’t visit with any of our counselors here since then. I need to know that you are mentally prepared for the treatment plan that I am going to propose” the doctor told Aaron. “I knew it was a possibility and I had talked to some friends about it before my appointment, but it still was a shock. I have been talking to my friends every day since then and they have shown me that things are going to be ok, maybe even better than before. They really have helped me through it and I didn’t think I needed to talk to someone here too” Aaron replied. The doctor paused a moment and thought which direction to go - normal treatment or the special treatment. Once he decided, he said “OK, that makes some sense, since I understand that you have not been refraining from sex.” Aaron turned pale as the doctor seemed to know about at least some of his exploits. The doctor continued “You seem to be much more comfortable of your new status than I expected from reading the file. But, I need to remind you that you are very infectious at this time. We already have had more people test positive for HIV this month than the rest of the year.” “Yes, sir” Aaron said solemnly. “Aaron I also understand that some people in your situation want to help others who are in need, and I want to applaud you for that. We are going delay any significant treatment until you are ready or your body shows signs of serious deterioration. We want you to continue a full happy life that is sexually active and rewarding.” Aaron was about to nod and say “OK” but he replayed the last few sentences from the doctor in his mind. “You want me to delay treatment? And how can I help people?” Aaron asked. Dr. Simms smiled and said “I heard that you and your friends have already helped one lucky person get what he desires. Nick, was it? I understand you were the first to share your gift with him and were not selfish. We need more people like you, Aaron. So, I do not want to start you on any medication at this time. Sometime in the future, based on how your body handles the virus, we will think about it to prolong your life but you need to take advantage while you can.” Aaron this time nodded and said “OK.” He thought to himself “How did the doctor know about Nick. Did he know what he did with Nick all weekend long? Did the guys tell the doctor? Was he going to walk out and get arrested for giving Nick HIV?” He decided to say as little as possible. Just as with Dennis and everyone else, the doctor detailed a blood test regimen and told him about reporting the people he helped to Tyler. Aaron told the doctor “Thank you” and went down to get his next blood test from Tyler. Tyler drew his blood and repeated the same information he told Dennis, Joe, Steven and Kyle to Aaron. When he was done, Tyler took him down to the special waiting room and Tyler closed the door, this time with him inside. “I want to remind you guys that we need to keep this a secret. Soon, you will get more information about how you should continue to spread your gift and how we will help you. I can’t really give you any more than that right now, but soon your questions will be answered. You can now leave through the regular waiting room.” Dennis had to hurry to get to work since he had swapped shifts in order to go to the “secret meeting” they had been invited to later that night. Aaron wanted to head back to Nick’s place and spend more time filling him with cum. Joe, Kyle and Steven headed back to their apartment and then off to their classes. Joe got back from class and sat down on the couch and looked at his phone. Five hours until the mystery meeting. He looked through his email and responded to a couple possible clients. One looked very interesting, a straight but curious businessman visiting and wanting to get tied up and used. He replied asking for more details on what his ideal scene would be - safe/bb, just restrained or more of a BDSM scene, toys, cbt, fisting, and how long of a session he wanted. He was back studying when Kyle and Steven came home and they ate a light dinner, unsure of what the rest of the night would bring. They each cleaned themselves out and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. Kyle decided to go commando, Joe had his usual jockstrap on that hadn’t been washed in weeks and Steven had a pair of boxer briefs on under his torn jeans. All three of their phones buzzed at the same time and Kyle was the first to read the message. It said “235 Industrial Drive. Door open 10:00-10:15 PM only.” They looked up the address on their phones and saw that it was in a warehouse park just outside of town. Joe said “that should take about fifteen minutes to get there. I’ll ask Dennis if he wants to ride with us. That will add five minutes or so.” Kyle and Steven nodded. Dennis told Corey that he was going out late that night. Corey kept pressing for details, since it wasn’t a time Dennis normally hooked up or went to work. Dennis made up a story about meeting Steven to tag team a new friend of his, which had bits of truth to it. When he got the message from Joe he replied “no, meet u there” to keep the story he told Corey going.

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