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  1. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 9 - Monday - Long way home Mark woke to feeling his hard cock being massaged by Joe’s ass. Joe had taken advantage of Mark’s morning wood and impaled himself and was trying to milk another load out of his brother. Mark reached his arm around and pulled his brother closer as he thrust his hips against Joe’s butt, driving his cock in deep. He continued to drill into Joe’s warm pussy and rolled him over on to his stomach. The pounding woke Kyle, who rolled over and watched his boyfriend get fucked again by Mark. Mark soon felt the cum rise and began to pump his load inside his brother’s doomed cunt. Mark pulled out and looked at Kyle, “Your turn” he said as he backed away. Kyle climbed behind Joe and pulled him to his knees, driving his hard cock into Joe’s cum slicked hole. Mark sat back and watched, trying to decide which was hotter - watching his brother get fucked or Kyle’s ass as it flexed with each thrust. Mark stood up and moved behind Kyle, whispering in his ear and urging him on. As Kyle pulled back out of Joe, Mark shoved his cum covered cock into Kyle. Kyle moaned loudly and began to fuck himself on Marks cock and then ramming back into Joe. Mark worked Kyle’s nipples, pinching and twisting them which caused Kyle to clamp down on Mark’s cock. Kyle was in pure bliss and tried to hold off his orgasm but finally gave in and shoved his throbbing cock into his boyfriend. Mark felt Kyle’s breathing change and as he lunged forward into Joe, Mark pushed forward ramming his cock deep into Kyle. Kyle shot a large wad of neg cum into Joe and his ass milked a poz load out of Mark into his own hole. The guys laid there in a pile as their cocks and asses twitched. After several minutes, Mark pulled out and went into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, he walked under the spray and washed himself off. Walking back into the room, Joe and Kyle were still on the bed making out. He got dressed in his workout clothes and headed towards the gym. The gym was empty and Mark looked over the equipment again while stretching out. He hopped on the elliptical machine and began. He worked up a good sweat and kept pushing himself. He heard a noise and looked towards the door as Dennis walked in. Dennis had a big smile and he headed toward Mark. Instead of stopping he motioned with his head toward the locker room. Mark got off the machine and followed Dennis. Once inside the locker room, Dennis pinned Mark against the lockers and kissed him roughly. Finally, he pulled back away from Mark and said “Thanks for setting that party up. That was freakin wild. I’ve seen those guys around but never thought they might be toxic breeders. The only time I’ve seen Luis was with his ass backed up to a glory hole at the new ABS. My boyfriend loved putting his cock in my ass last night and feeling all that cum inside.” Mark nodded “Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted.” “Oh yeah, I know I did. I hope its enough to do the trick” Dennis replied. “Let’s make sure. Turn around and drop those pants” Mark commanded. Dennis grinned and turned around, unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. Bending over the bench he spread his ass and Mark could see that his hole was still swollen. Mark let his shorts fall to the floor and pulled his cock out of the side of the pouch and stroked his already stiffening cock. He spit on Dennis’s hole and shoved his cock in half way and held it there. “What’s the charge for a late checkout?” Mark asked. Dennis was surprised by the question, but answered “One load and you can checkout by one, sir”, the pain clearly showing in his voice. “Mmmm, good. That’s all I need” Mark said as he thrusted his cock the rest of the way in. He knew Dennis wasn’t ready for his cock and could feel Dennis’s hole spasm around it. As the spasms subsided, he began to piston in and out of Dennis’s pussy. He enjoyed fucking Dennis, he was one of those bottoms that knew how to work a cock but always let the top be in control. Mark knew time was short though, and he began to make longer and longer thrusts until his cock was just coming out of Dennis’s hole before he drove back in. Dennis started to beg for Mark’s load and his bug. Hearing Dennis plead just made Mark fuck harder until he felt the load build in his balls. He put his arm around Dennis’s neck and slammed his cock in hard a few times before the cum began to shoot, coating Dennis’s guts. As he lay on top of his back, Mark’s sweat soaked into Dennis’s shirt and he whispered in Dennis’s ear “I wish I could be here when you convert and become a true poz pig. It won’t be long.” Mark pulled his cock out and Dennis turned back around and started to lick the cum and ass juice off his cock. When Mark was satisfied, he pulled his cock out of Dennis’s mouth and tucked it back inside the jock and put his shorts on. “Text me and let me know how things turn out, OK?” Dennis replied “Yeah, I will.” “Oh, and check up on the Steven and Joe. You guys need to help each other out when your bodies lose the battle with the bug. I’m pretty sure all four of you will be poz soon.” Mark walked back to the room with a smile on his face. Joe and Kyle were dressed and sitting on the couch smoking a bowl. Mark stripped as soon as the door closed and headed to the shower. “Smells like someone had a good workout” Joe yelled as the water in the shower turned on. A few minutes later Mark came out and put on the last of his clean clothes. “I’m heading over to the Tattoo shop. Do you guys want to go?” Joe and Kyle jumped up and said “hell, yeah.” They drove over to the shop and walked in. Thad was over near his tattoo chair sketching on a drawing pad. He stopped and greeted the guys “Hey, guys. Glad you came back. Daryl is in back if you want to see him.” “I just want to pick up a couple piercings” Mark said. Kyle immediately picked up when Mark stopped “And I want to see about an appointment.” “Yeah, I warned him. I think thats what he’s getting ready for. Let me get him” Mark replied. Soon out of the doorway walked Thad and right behind him was Daryl. Daryl wasn’t what Mark was expecting. Daryl looked to be in his late 30’s, stood about six foot tall and was on his way to becoming a bear. Like Thad, he sported a long pony tail but instead of scruff he had a bushy beard. Barrel chested with fur popping out from under his tank top, and thick legs that looked like they could break Thad in two in a flash. Daryl was no stranger to the piercing needle either. Mark spotted numerous piercings in both ears, a bridge and septum piercings in his nose, snake bites in his lower lip, large nipple rings were visible through his tank top. Mark noticed the ink too. While not as dense as Thad’s or his own, it covered a large part of his visible skin. Daryl let out a hearty “Hi, what can I help you with?” Kyle hesitated a moment so Mark answered with “I saw a couple piercings in your display while Joe was getting inked yesterday that I would like to get.” “Sure, which ones?” Mark pointed out the ones he saw the day before and Daryl unlocked the cabinet and pulled them out and laid them on the counter. Daryl looked at Mark’s chest, the tight fitting t-shirt revealing all of the curves. “You don’t seem to have your nips pierced for these so I assume its for a PA?” He didn’t wait for an answer and continued “Obviously these are just for decoration. I don’t recommend leaving these in during sex since they’ll shred the pussy you’re fucking. The one with the mini mace balls especially.” Mark chuckled “Yeah, probably.” “These are 7/8ths inch diameter. I have the one on the left in 3/4 and one inch too.” Mark said “OK, I’ll take the mace one and the other one in 3/4 inch.” “Great. Thats the last mace one I have. I only made up a couple. A lot of guys get freaked out when they see it. Let me grab the other one and we’ll be done” Daryl said as he rummaged through a box looking for the right size. He rang Mark up and then said “Was that it? Thad said something about someone wanting to get a PA.” Kyle responded “That would be me, but I want to get two.” Mark and Daryl looked at him with a perplexed look. “Oh, not both for me. One for me and one for my boyfr… er, uh, Joe” Kyle said, looking completely embarrassed. Mark laughed and Daryl looked at the clock checking to see if there was enough time before saying “I think we can squeeze two in if you don’t mind being together when I do it… And if he’s your boyfriend I hope you wouldn’t mind.” Kyle pulled out a wad of money and they took care of the transaction. Daryl ushered both Joe and Kyle into the back room and Mark followed Daryl. Mark noticed poking up above the neckline of Daryl’s tank top was the top of a biohazard tattoo between his shoulder blades and smiled. “Nice ink, Daryl” and patted him on the biohazard tat. “OK, both of you stand next to the table and drop your pants and underwear and lets figure out where we do this.” Mark interrupted and said “Lets pierce them a bit larger than you usually do. 8 gauge? They’re not going to change their mind and they will be stretching them as soon as possible. Daryl looked at Joe and Kyle asking “You ok with this?” Joe replied “He’s the expert.” Daryl said “Cool” before first lifting Kyle’s cock and looking it over. Reaching over and grabbing an alcohol wipe he tore it open and sanitized the top quarter of his penis. Daryl then picked up a marker and put a dot at the spot the needle would go in. He grabbed another alcohol wipe and slid his chair over to Joe. He followed the same procedure with Joe and laid his cock back down. Mark was rubbing his cock through his jeans as Daryl continued “You guys have really nice cocks. They would look even better with a ladder, I bet” Joe and Kyle looked back bewildered. “Ladder?” they both said. Daryl said “Yeah. A Jacob’s ladder. Its a series of bars that run up the cock perpendicular to it. Here, let me show you” and Daryl stood up and dropped his shorts. Lifting his cock he showed the guys the row of 8 bars across the bottom of his cock and the mace balled PA ring on the end. “That would wreck a hole” Joe said as Daryl pulled up his shorts, smiling. “OK, there’s only room for one on the table, so Joe you stand to the side and Kyle you get up and lay back.” Daryl pulled over a tray and ripped open a swab. “This has a topical numbing liquid on it, but a lot of guys think this is the worst part of getting a PA. Do you ever play with sounds?” Daryl asked, looking at Kyle. “Sounds?” Kyle asked a little bewildered. “Ah, never mind. Look it up. It can be fun.” With that, Daryl stuck the swap into Kyle’s piss slit and pushed it down and twisted it around. Kyle squirmed and whimpered. “Once I start with the needle, you have to be still. No more moving around. Got it?” said Daryl in a stern voice. Kyle nodded and gripped the table with one hand and Joe’s hand with the other. Daryl waited a minute for the anesthetic to do its work and picked up the receiving tube and slid it down Kyle’s urethra and then got the needle. “Breathe deep a few times, nice and slow. In……. out….” Daryl told Kyle. On the third inhale, Daryl pushed the needle in, sliding the ring in behind the needle and pulling the receiver out. He popped the ball into the ring and blotted the blood off. “You ok?” he asked and Kyle responded “Yeah, I’m ready. Poke me when you want.” Daryl chuckled “It’s done, you goof.” Kyle looked down at his cock head with the ring in it. ”Wow” was all he could say. “Fuck, that is hot” was Joe’s response. Daryl looked up at Joe and said “Good, cuz you’re next.” Daryl wrapped the head of Kyle’s cock in gauze and helped him sit up and stand. Kyle pulled up his underwear putting his wrapped cock inside and pulled up his pants. Kyle walked over to a chair and sat down. Joe hopped up on the table and was ready by the time Daryl walked back. Daryl threw away the used wrapping and dumped the needle and receiver in a container and set up the items for Joe. Mark moved next to the table and grabbed Joe’s hand, his cock tenting his pants. Daryl repeated the procedure except Joe watched every step. After it was done, Joe sat up on the table with his bandaged cock and pulled up his underwear before standing and slowly pulling up his jeans, gingerly stuffing his cock in. Daryl looked at Mark and said “I assume you know how to care for your boys’ new piercings?” Mark looked at Daryl and laughed before explaining “Joe is my brother. I’m just visiting for the weekend. “ “Oooohhhh. Sorry” Daryl responded. “No need to apologize, but I will tell them about what to do… and not do. The ‘no sex for a few weeks’ part is going to be the worst for them, I bet.” As they walked back to the front of the shop, Daryl handed each of them a small bottle of mild soap and a sheet telling them what to do and not to do. “Be sure to follow the soaking instructions. Its a pain, but will help it heal quicker” Daryl said. Thad tapped Joe on the shoulder and said “we didn’t schedule your next visit yesterday. Can we do it two weeks from yesterday, same time?” Joe replied “I think that will work, unless I have the flu then.” Mark smiled. Mark drove back to the hotel and packed his suitcase and backpack. The three of them got in the car and Mark dropped Joe and Kyle off at their apartment. Standing on the curb, Mark gave Joe a big hug. “Keep in touch. I’m going to call mom and dad on my drive to the airport and tell them what we decided. Don’t forget it. Oh, and let me know what happens” he said with a wink. Mark then gave a big hug to Kyle whispering in his ear “Take care of each other. You may be sick together. Text me if you need anything.” Mark got in the car and drove back towards the highway. Driving down the expressway he dialed his mom and dad’s number. His mom answered the phone and started in again “Why didn’t you call us? We were worried. Are you ok? How is Joel? Where are you?” Mark waited for the string of questions to end before he bothered to speak. “Everything is ok. Not perfect, but ok. I’m fine and Joe is fine.” He detailed the story that Joe and him had agreed on and assured his parents that things will work out well for Joe. “He just needs to survive one and a half semesters and he will graduate“ Mark added. “I’m almost to the airport, so I have to hang up. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.” Mark hung up the phone and breathed a sigh of relief. Mark took the exit off the highway and pulled down the side street to the car rental place. Pulling in to the lot he spotted Aaron sitting on a bench tapping away at his phone. Mark stopped and got out of the car and got his bags. When he turned around there was Aaron standing in front of him with a very big smile. “Hi. Welcome back. I hope the car was ok. Did you have a good time visiting?” Aaron said a bit too enthusiastically. Mark then saw Aaron gazing at his crotch and just smiled. “Oh, lets put your stuff back in the car. The shuttle bus is having issues, so I’ll drive you over to the airport” Aaron explained. Mark saw the shuttle bus in the pickup zone with the driver standing next to it and just shook his head, wondering where this was going but said “Ok.” Mark got in the car and Aaron drove the car to the exit and the person in the hut just raised the gate and waved. Aaron drove down the road and made a few turns before he pulled into an abandoned self serve car wash. Parking the car, Aaron looked over at Mark “I hope we have time for a repeat. I couldn’t stop thinking about you fucking me all weekend long. You’re right, bare does feel better and I tried out a few other cocks to make sure.” Mark looked around and saw no one but still said “Here?” Aaron said “This is the only place I could find nearby. The rental office has too many people today.” “Alright, then” and Mark got out of the car and walked around to the drivers side grinning. Aaron got out and started to get in the back seat when Mark pulled him back and pushed him against the car, his chest against Aaron’s back. whispering in his ear “You want to fuck here, then we do it outside.” Sliding Aaron towards the front of the car, he bent him over on the hood (bonnet). Reaching around, he unbuckled Aaron’s belt, unbuttoned the pants and then pushed them down to his knees. When he tried to pull down Aaron’s underwear, it was caught on his hard cock. He slid his hands in Aaron’s underwear and stroked Aaron’s cock and freed the underwear. He kept stroking Aaron until he started to feel precum ooze from his cock. Coating his finger with Aaron’s precum he spread it over Aaron’s hole and then slid his finger inside. Slowly he finger fucked Aaron until he was able to get 2 fingers inside. His fingernail would occasionally catch and scratch Aaron’s tender cunt. Mark’s cock was straining at his jeans. He undid them and let them drop as his cock poked over the top of his jockstrap. Mark pulled his cock out the side of his jock and stroked it. Moving close behind Aaron he asked “What do you want Aaron?” “Please, sir, fuck me again” Aaron replied. Mark wanted to hear him beg for his toxic load “And?” “Please, sir, cum inside me. Fill me up with your seed” Aaron begged. Mark teased his hole with his dripping cock and Aaron pushed his ass back. “Are you sure? I may have picked up something from one of the boys I fucked this weekend” Mark added. “I don’t care, I need your cock and cum in me. PLEASE FUCK ME” Aaron pleaded. The last part was loud and if anyone had been within a few hundred yards they would have heard it. Mark looked down and positioned his cock on Aaron’s pink hole and started to drive in. Aaron was panting and trying to relax as Mark’s cock relentlessly pushed inside aided by Mark’s puss and precum. Aaron gasped as he felt the head pop inside the outer ring. Mark’s cock felt better and thicker than any he had taken and he needed to feel it fuck him roughly until he got filled with hot, creamy cum. Mark waited a moment letting Aaron get used to his thick cock and then started thrusting his cock in. He wasn’t going easy. He didn’t want to get caught fucking Aaron in public but he needed to breed this sweet 19 year old hole again. Each jab of his cock pushed Aaron’s face into the hood of the car. Harder and faster he rammed his cock into Aaron’s pussy. “He’s going to be knocked up before he’s twenty” thought Mark “hopefully its my seed that does it.” He felt his balls start to tighten and asked Aaron “You want this load?” and got an immediate response “YES SIR! BREED MY ASS!” It was all the encouragement that Mark needed. He slammed his cock in at an angle, scraping his PA along Aaron’s colon and began pumping another toxic load into his body. “Yes! YES! I CAN FEEL IT!” screamed Aaron. Mark gave a few hard thrusts and pulled his cock out. Looking down he saw some streaks of blood and cum on his cock. He pulled Aaron back and forced him to his knees. “Lick my cock clean, Aaron” Mark said in a commanding voice. Aaron looked up at Mark, unsure he could lick a cock that had just been in his ass. Mark nodded and Aaron began to clean his first cock - cum, puss, blood and all. The taste of cum drove him crazy with lust and he made sure he licked Mark’s cock and balls clean. Mark stood back and helped Aaron to his feet. They both pulled up their pants and got into the car and started driving back to the airport terminal. Nothing was said for a few minutes until Aaron said “Thank you, that was even hotter than the last time.” During the rest of the drive Mark debated telling Aaron about the poz cum in his ass, soaking in and becoming part of his body, but decided it really didn’t matter at this point. Aaron would find out soon enough if he was infected. If he kept up getting bred by strangers he would end up poz anyway. Aaron dropped Mark off at the terminal and Mark gave him a hug telling him “Thanks, hope you liked it as much as I did.” Aaron blushed and said “Oh, I did!” Mark walked inside and checked in for his flight. After making it through security, Mark sat at his gate for a while thinking about the weekend. He only got one load, but what a fuck it was. Every hole that he bred was neg, but probably not for much longer. He felt closer to his brother than ever before. His daydreaming was stopped as he heard the boarding announcement so he got in line. Walking on the airplane he was greeted by the same male flight attendant that caught him reeking of cum. They both smiled and nodded at each other as he got on the plane and found his seat. Thankfully no one was next to him and the elderly woman in the aisle seat didn’t try to talk to him. He slept most of the flight waking up just in time to get his little cup of soda. The flight attendant winked at him as he got his drink and he chuckled to himself “Don’t get your hopes up. Not my type, sister.” After they landed Mark joined the herd getting off the plane and went up to the board looking for his new gate number. Just as he found it a hand rested on his shoulder and he heard “Do you need any help sir?” It was the flight attendant. “Let me show you the way” he said as Mark started to protest. They walked down the concourse and the flight attendant said “You must have had a really good time when you were here last Thursday. I’d like to nail that ass and leave my load in you like the other guy did.” Mark looked at the guy in disbelief and said “I’m mostly a top.” The flight attendant laughed “Ive heard that before, honey” and nudged Mark to his right, into the men’s room where he got fucked the last time. The flight attendant wasted no time and directed Mark back to the stalls and pushed him into the same stall as last time. Opening up his pants he looked at Mark and said “Suck it, Mr. Top.” Mark found himself strangely turned on and opened his mouth and started sucking what looked like a very average cut cock. As it grew in his mouth he realized it was bigger than he thought, maybe eight inches long and not quite as thick as Mark’s. His face started to get fucked and the long cock pushed into his throat. Mark was no stranger to long cocks and he gave it a good working over. As quick as it started, Mark felt the cock get pulled from his mouth and he was getting up and turning around. “Drop them” he was told and he did, only to hear a quiet laugh behind him. The flight attendant rubbed his cock around Mark’s hole and then just shoved in. Mark gasped and felt the rest of the guys cock push in. “Yeah, you know how to take cock pretty good for a top. Well, you’re my bitch now” he heard. His ass was getting pummeled. The sounds of the hand dryers was drowning out the quiet grunts he was making as he leaned against the wall being used just like he had used Aaron a few hours earlier. He felt the flight attendants breathing change and then the tell-tale thrusts and he knew he was about to get bred. Sure enough one hard slam pushing him into the wall and he felt his gut get flooded with cum. He felt the hot breath on his neck as the last few spurts filled his gut. The flight attendant whispered “A slut like you doesn’t mind an ass full of toxic cum, I’m sure. Enjoy.” Suddenly his ass was empty and the flight attendant was wiping his cock off with some toilet paper then walking out of the stall, leaving Mark just like he was the week before. Mark cleaned himself up a bit and and left the bathroom, walking over to the gate for his flight home. He sat down feeling the squishiness in his ass as he tried to keep it in. He sent off a text to Eric, asking if he was ok. A few minutes later he got a reply “feel like hell but need ur cock.” Mark remembered that feeling - sick and unbelievably horny at the same time. His flight started boarding and he got up found his seat on the plane. He fell asleep before the flight took off and woke up as the wheels hit the ground. Mark collected his stuff and grabbed a Uber home. Walking in, he dropped his stuff just inside the door and went into the bedroom. Looking down at Eric, he was surprised at how bad he looked - pale and covered in sweat. He took his clothes off and climbed in bed, kissing Eric on the forehead. Eric moaned and said “hi, babe” very weakly. Mark rolled Eric over on his side and kissed his neck while wrapping his arm around Eric’s torso. Mark reached down and Eric was rock hard. “fuck me” Eric whispered. Mark was very turned on by the sight of his boyfriend converting and his own cock was fully erect. Mark slid his cock into Eric, feeling the warmth of his fevered body. Slowly he fucked Eric, knowing he couldn’t take the intensity of their usual fuck. It didn’t matter, after only a few minutes Mark couldn’t hold back and began to shoot volleys of cum into his boyfriends newly poz hole. He kissed Eric again, holding him tight and left his cock deep inside as they both passed out.
  2. Great story.  We'll have to meet up at Steamworks sometime when I come up there.

  3. A Brother in Trouble

    Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. It's going to be a couple days before the next and probably last chapter. BTW, I'm not sure what's going on. There seem to be some subtle changes to the story after I posted the last few chapters. Mostly formatting but some content changes too.
  4. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 8 - Sunday - Party Time Mark woke up on the couch and went into the bathroom to take a morning piss and noticed his cock was dripping. He chuckled thinking 'Guess I picked up something else. I’ll get that checked when I get back home'. He let the piss flow and got in the shower. His body had a distinctly funky odor which undoubtedly related to the sweaty breeding sessions for the past day. Looking back he had the impression he had been neglecting Kyle. But he also rationalized his priority was to make sure his brother’s body absorbed as much virus laden cum as possible, and, of course, would soon never shoot another neg load. Besides, even if he didn’t infect Kyle, Joe would surely finish the job. As he was drying off he heard his phone buzz. Who would text him this early? His mom never sent him a text message and it was too early for his friends at home. Walking naked over to the phone and he picked it up. The message was from Eric and read "Sick. Feel like dying. Sweats, fever, everything hurts, glands swollen. Is this it? Love u.” Mark smiled. His bug had another victim. He texted out a reply “Yeah, u r converting. Wish I was there 2 help. Drink fluids. B back tomorrow night. Love u 2.” Mark then sent another text to a friend of theirs, Dan, who Mark had helped charge up. “Eric sick. Prob poz. Can u check on him today n tomorrow? He needs Gatorade. thx.” Mark got dressed and went down to the lobby area to get some breakfast. It was a bit more crowded than the day before and Chris was there with the family. Mark got some fruit and juice and decided that the waffles looked good. While waiting for it to cook he felt an arm on his shoulder. It was Chris who whispered in his ear “Thanks, bud. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done. Left the cum in for a few hours. It was pink when I dumped it out in the toilet. Is that normal?” “Yeah, pretty common. Good chance you caught the bug though. Look for the flu in a few weeks if you did.” “Fuck! That’s hot” Chris replied with a smile as he returned to his family. The waffle alarm went off, Mark pulled his waffle out, added the butter and syrup and took a seat at a nearby table to eat. As he was finishing-up, a woman, Chris' wife, in fact, approached his table saying “Excuse me. Uh, Chris told me I need to apologize for my comments the other morning. I’m sorry if I offended you.” Mark glared up at the woman. “That’s not really an apology, you’re just saying what you were told to say. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions about people based on your prejudices. I’ve met drug dealers that looked like accountants and you probably would think they are nice guys. I don’t need your empty apology. Just go back to your family and think about being more accepting of people that don’t look like you.” He put the last bite into his mouth and got up and put his plate in the trash. As he walked out he saw Chris and his wife arguing. Mark grabbed his phones and keys, texted “On my way” and drove over to Joe’s apartment. When he got there he knocked on the door, but it swung open. He heard the shower running and smelled the coffee brewing. Heading back to the bedroom he found Joe sprawled out on the bed, face down and naked. Smiling, he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his sleeveless tee and dropped his jeans. He rubbed his cock which was already getting hard inside his jock and let it free out the side of the pouch. Softly climbing on the bed he spit on Joe’s ass and started to push his cock into his brother’s battered hole. Sliding in he felt a load of cum already inside him and chuckled thinking 'Kyle lubed him up for me'. A moan came from Joe and he pushed his ass up, his face, however, still buried in in the mattress. Mark began to drive his cock deeper and the moans got louder. He started jabbing his cock into Joe’s chute at all sorts of angles hoping to find some part he hadn’t already abused. He pulled out and slammed his cock back in and heard Joe groan. Soon he was pounding his brother’s hole as fast as he could, forcing Joe back down flat on the bed. The bed was squeaking and banging into the wall until Mark thrust in hard and felt his cock spray his cum inside Joe’s cunt. Collapsing on to Joe’s back Mark whispered in his brother's ear “Morning, sunshine,” laying prone for a minute or so, resting. “Fuck, you are just a breeding machine,” Kyle announced from the doorway. Mark laughed and pulled his cock out and started to get up. Kyle gave him a 'ahem', tossing him a butt plug. Mark understood Kyle's unspoken command, and pushed the plug into Joe’s hole, getting it most of the way in before Joe’s hole sucked it deep inside. Mark heard his hookup phone ring from inside his jeans. He picked it up and it was a local number that he didn’t know. Answering, it was Steven. Mark went out to the living room and let Joe get up and take a shower and get ready. Steven asked about the party. Mark told him “Well, its at 3 at my hotel room. Room 152 of the Rest Inn Lodge. There will be 5 guys at least, but less than 10. Just like last night, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I do want to warn you though, there are going to be a couple poz guys there.” Mark heard a gasp and “What?” come from Steven. Mark was sure he lost him at that point but added “You can play with whoever you want..” All he got in response was a sullen “Oh, OK. Bye” and Steven hung up. “Fuck!” Mark thought to himself. He had really wanted to fuck Steven. It had been a while since he had been inside a guy that who had only been fucked once and he was really cute and innocent. About that time Joe and Kyle came into the room. Looking at the clock, Mark said “No time for coffee. We gotta go or we’ll be late.” Mark drove the three of them over to the tattoo studio which was in a strip mall in one of the rougher parts of town. They walked in and there was Thad prepping his equipment. Thad stood about six foot four and was skinny. His hair was in a long pony tail and his face covered in scruff. Dressed in a tank top, shorts and sandals you could see that almost all of the skin below his neck was covered in various colors of ink - arms, chest, hands, legs and feet. Thad said “Hi, come on over.” Looking at Mark you could see his mind sifting through his previous clients. “I remember you now. Damn, you really added a lot more ink since I last saw you.” Mark laughed “Yeah I used what you started and took it a lot farther. Hope you like it.” Thad checked out the artwork and kept nodding “Yeah, very nice work. Wish I had done it.” Mark explained “I moved to California and got the rest of it done out there. When my brother here said he wanted a tattoo, I told him he should come to you.” “Thanks, I appreciate it. Now, let's get started. Which one of you is the victim, er, client?” Joe answered "That would be me," with a nervous laugh. Thad showed him the drawings that he came up with based on the images Mark had sent - one complete drawing and four others with the various layers he would do. Joe nodded in agreement as Thad explained "Now, this is going to cover from your elbow to your collarbone, wrapping around the front on to your pec and back onto your shoulder blade, right?” “Yeah, that's what I want,” Joe replied. With a marker, Thad marked out the limits. “You want a hard line at the bottom or a fade?” “I like it hard” Joe said with a laugh. “Okay, let's talk money. How do you want to do this? Pay for each session or all today?” Mark interrupted “I’m paying and I’ll pay for it all today. It’s his graduation present.” As Mark counted out the money they agreed on, Mark whispered in Thad’s ear “Here’s an extra hundred. When he earns it, give him a biohazard tat.” Thad looked at Mark and nodded with a grin on his face. “Fuck yeah, you think he’s close?” “I think so,” Mark replied. “Have a seat and we’ll get started. Today we’re just doing the outline of the tattoo. It should take about ninety minutes to two hours, depending on breaks. Let me know if you need to stop for anything - piss, smoke, jerk, whatever." Joe pulled his shirt off and sat down in the chair, feeling the plug jab his ass, earning a wince. “Most of this will go pretty quick, but the inside of the arm is harder since I have to do it upside down and the skin is a lot more sensitive there so some people find it painful.” With that, the room filled with the buzz of the tattoo pen and Joe felt the jab of the needle. His cock immediately stiffened. He had been waiting two years for this and it was happening. He stared around the shop trying to stay still. Mark and Kyle started wandering around the shop looking at the artwork on the walls, the book containing the work that Thad had done. Mark even found his picture and showed it to Kyle. Against a side wall was a display case with hundreds of piercings in it. Mark asked “You do piercing too, Thad?” “Kinda, my boyfriend does the piercing side of the business. He’s off at a show today.” Mark looked at the items and spotted exactly what he was looking for. A circular barbell like the one the guy in the airport had. Next to it was an even more evil looking one that was like his with little spikes on the balls. “Cool. Can I get anything today or do I have to wait for him to get back?” Thad responded “Ya gotta wait. He’ll beat my ass if I touch his shit. He’ll be back tomorrow.” Mark smiled and continued looking around. Thad raised Joe’s arm and started in on the under side of his upper arm. Joe had been silent for the rest of the work and suddenly was visibly hurting from the pen jabbing the tender skin. “Yeah, I know this hurts. Its what separates the queens from the studs” Thad joked. Joe never thought he was into pain, but his cock was straining at his shorts and there was a wet spot growing. Kyle hadn't said much the whole time, frequently rubbing his cock through his jeans getting turned on watching his boyfriend get marked up. He asked Thad “Do you know if he has any openings tomorrow?” Thad paused, glanced at the appointment book and answered “Yeah, there are a couple in the morning but his afternoon is booked solid. What are you thinking of?” “I can’t decide if I want my nips done first or a PA” Kyle replied. “Go for the PA” Thad said before adding “It heals a lot faster and feels fucking awesome for both of you when you have sex.” “Yeah, I know. That's why I want one like Mark’s.” Kyle said. Thad gave Mark a smile as he finished up the first layer of Joe’s tattoo. Thad then helped Joe get to his feet, and walked him over to the mirror to show him what had gotten done. Joe sat there turning back and forth admiring the work. “I’ll put some cream on it and bandage it up so there is no infection” Thad told Joe and finished telling him what to do to help his arm heal. “Come back in a couple weeks and I’ll do the second layer.” As they went to leave Mark told Thad “Thanks, and I guess we’ll see you and your boyfriend tomorrow.” The three got in the car and Mark drove over to the store, running in and leaving Joe and Kyle in the car. When he got back to the car he found Kyle and Joe in the back seat with Joe sucking Kyle’s cock. Mark put the beer in the trunk and got in, telling the guys “Save it for later. You guys need to be ready for a few hours of fucking.” He then drove back to the apartment. As they walked in the front door Mark asked “Got any weed you can bring? Any toys you want? Oh, and grab some lube.” The three hopped back into the car and Mark drove over to the hotel, parking in front of his room again. They guys got out and took their boxes of goodies into the room. Mark looked at the time: it was 2:30 PM. Half hour to go. He sent Kyle and Joe down the hall to get ice for the tray to keep the beer and water cool. When they came back, Mark was in the shower cleaning himself inside and out. Joe looked at him and asked “What the fuck are you doing?” Mark replied with a smile “Gotta be prepared. I never turn down a chance for a recharge.” Kyle stripped and joined Mark in the shower and likewise prepared his hole. Joe bent over and pulled the plug from his hole and nothing drained out. Smiling in satisfaction, he cleaned the plug off and joined them in the shower, afterwards the guys sat around the room drinking and smoking a bit while watching the porn on the TV that Dennis had set up. They all recognized several scenes and Mark realized that every scene showed someone with a biohazard or scorpion tat breeding a young innocent looking guy. Soon there was a knock on the door. Mark grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist and opened the door. Dennis walked in and gave Mark a kiss and a hug before realizing they weren’t alone. Surprised, he moved back. Mark put his arm on Dennis’s shoulder and brought him into the room. “Dennis, meet my brother Joe and his boyfriend Kyle. Joe and Kyle this is Dennis. He, uh, works here and is into hot raw sex just like us.” Dennis smiled his greetings, blushed a bit, and went over next to the dresser to removing his clothing, which he elected to store in the bottom drawer. Of course to access the bottom drawer he had to bend over. "Fuck yeah," was the simultaneous exclamation voiced by Joe and Kyle as they stared at (and admired) Dennis' ass. Kyle packed another bowl and passed it to Dennis who took a big hit and passed it around. After he exhaled he said with a smile “I was going to bring my boyfriend but he had to go to his parents' house for some disaster. He told me to be sure to bring home a souvenir of the activities to share with him.” He grabbed a beer and sat down next to Kyle on the couch. A few minutes later, right on time there was another knock at the door. Opening the door Mark saw Tony, as well as tall muscular black guy (who looked to be in his mid 30’s) and the Latino bartender from the club standing in the hallway. The three new guys walked. Tony took the lead in introducing the other men, gesturing to the tall black man saying "This is my partner Derrick," and adding "I think you met Luis the other night at the club." Greetings were exchanged and the newcomers all started to strip, dumping their clothes on the floor in three piles. Mark introduced Joe, Kyle and Dennis to the new arrivals while checking out Tony, Derrick and Luis. Derrick was similar in stature to Tony but slightly taller. Both obviously worked out a lot as their arms and legs were thick and muscular. Derrick’s head was shaved and he sported a bushy goatee. It was hard to discern the tattoos on Derrick’s body but Mark spotted the large biohazard tattoo between his navel and his sizable thick pierced cock. In contrast to Tony and Derrick, Luis was built lean, his cock hung low (even when soft), and was uncut. He was also startlingly short, coming in about a foot shorter than both Tony and Derrick. Mark finally stopped staring long enough to say “Rules of the party - if you fuck, you breed. If you get fucked you take the load. I know Joe, Kyle and Dennis are versatile take ALL loads in their neg holes. Tony? I know you’re poz and I assume Derrick is too with that tattoo.” Tony licked his lips while looking over Dennis, Joe and Kyle “Uh, all three of us are poz. Luis just got over his fuck flu a week ago. Oh, and we are all versatile too.” Kyle blurted out “Cut to the chase: who’s toxic?” Tony, Derrick, Luis and Mark each identified himself as poz. “Fuck, yeah!" exclaimed all three of the three neg guys. While the new guys helped themselves to the beer and pot they all started talking. The talking soon moved to groping. Mark went over to his suitcase and pulled out a few toys and a pill bottle with several little blue pills. “If anyone needs a dick pill, here are some I brought. Joe and Kyle walked over to their box and pulled out two harnesses, one of which was the one that Joe had on the previous day with the biohazard symbols on the straps and the other one was plain. Tony, Derrick and Mark all swallowed a blue pill and washed it down with a swig of beer. As a couple guys started moving to the bed there was a knock on the door. Mark looked at the clock and it was twenty after three. He grabbed the towel from before and wrapped his waist as everyone else got really quiet. Mark cracked the door open and asked "Yes?" Looking through the crack was Steven, clearly nervous, but present nonetheless. Mark ushered Steven into the room with the introduction "Everyone, this is Steven. Steven this is Tony, Luis, Dennis, Kyle, Derrick and Joe." “Hey” he said in acknowledgement. “We were just about to start. I didn’t expect you to join us today.” Mark said. Steven took a big breath and said “The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I told my parents that I have a project for school to work on so I can’t work tonight.” “Cool. Get naked and we can get started” Mark instructed. Derrick piped up and said “He’s fucking cute, but I don’t fuck kids.” Tony nodded in agreement. “I’m 21, sir. Is that okay?” Steven responded. “Oh, yeah. Works for me. I hope you like black cock.” Steven beamed “I haven’t tried one yet sir. Ask me later and I will tell you if I did.” Mark’s new protective nature took over and he turned to Steven. “Joe, Dennis and Kyle are the only neg guys here, so pick your partners with that info.” “I hope I get poz and neg cock inside me and my dick in anyone that wants it” Steven said bluntly. Mark smiled and thought 'I may get my wish after all'. Kyle walked over to Steven and helped him finish undressing. He then walked him to the bathroom and into the shower. “I remember my first sex party and I dont want you to make the same mistake. Let’s clean you up a bit.” With that explanation Kyle grabbed the shower douche and helped him clean out. Once done, the two walked back to the room and looked around. Dennis was on his knees nursing Luis’s cock to full hardness next to the couch. Mark had Joe on the bed and was rimming his ass and stroking Joe’s cock. Tony and Derrick were standing in the middle of the room,each stroking his cock with one hand and pinching the other's nipples with the other hand. Derrick moved first and moved towards Steven and put his large hand on Steven’s back and directed him to the side of the bed opposite Mark and Joe. That left Tony and Kyle. They wasted no time going to the foot of the bed. Luis held Dennis’s head still as he started to fuck it slowly. Dennis was enjoying Luis’ thrusts, especially when Luis' cock hit the back of Dennis’s throat. He tried to lunge forward to take it all but Luis held firm. “You like that toxic cock? ” Luis asked. Dennis could only briefly mumble “mmmmm” before the cock went deeper and he couldn’t make any sound. Dennis’s tongue kept swiping across Luis’ cock and he started tasting the precum dripping from his cock. The taste just fueled his desire to have that toxic cock deep inside his ass. Freshly pozzed, Luis should have a really toxic load to help him convert, thought Dennis. He pulled free of Luis’ hands and climbed up on the couch facing the wall with his ass hanging off the front at cock height, wiggling his butt. Luis took the hint, got on his knees and began eating Dennis’ hole. After working his tongue over the hole, he fingered the hole, probing and stretching Dennis’ pussy so it was relaxed. Quite soon Luis had three fingers inside Dennis, who was begging "Please, please, please, do it, please...." Luis got to his feet, paused to admire the neg hole he was about to defile - the first of many he hoped to gift with his infected cum. He pressed his cock to the ring and thrust inside. Dennis gave a yelp and some of the other guys turned to see the first penetration of the party. Luis might have looked like a nice, fun guy normally, but when he started to fuck he became an animal. He furiously pounded Dennis into the couch, grabbing his hair, using it for leverage when slamming into Dennis's hole. Luis saw it as his mission to wreck Dennis’s hole and ensure his bug invaded Dennis’ body. He pulled out and slammed back in. Dennis' scream of pain was a form of encouragement. Withdrawing, Luis flipped Dennis on his back, and having positioned Dennis’ legs over his shoulders, he drove his cock back in as he stared deeply into Dennis’s eyes. “You want this load, neg boy?” “Fuck yeah, breed my hole and poz me up,” Dennis immediately and unhesitatingly replied, even working his ass muscles on Luis’s cock, milking it to get Luis’s cum deep inside his torn and battered hole. Dennis reached up and twisted Luis’s pierced nipple and felt Luis slam into him in response. Luis began to jack rabbit Dennis’s hole and suddenly began shooting his noxious cum and flooding Dennis’s guts. Both of them smiling as the deed was completed. Luis leaned forward and kissed Dennis then rested his head oh Dennis’ shoulder whispering “800k.” Steven was on his knees on the bed staring at Joe while Derrick feasted on his ass. He never knew that a tongue could feel so good on his ass. “Damn you’re tight. You ever get fucked before?” muttered Derrick. Kyle was only a few feet away and said “Damn right. I popped his cherry last night.” Derrick laughed and said “Virgin to pozzed up cumslut in two days. Nice!” and dove back into munching on Steven’s boyhole. He used every trick he knew to open up Steven’s hole because he knew his thick nine inch cock was going to rip him open. Derrick looked around and grabbed a washcloth and stuffed it in Steven’s mouth. There was going to be screaming and Derrick didn’t want to draw attention to the party. He grabbed the lube and liberally coated his cock and Steven’s quivering hole. He rested his piercing on Steven’s pucker and started in. He looked at the fear in Steven’s eyes and said “Shhhhh, babe its gonna feel good after you get it inside. Just relax. Remember how good it felt last night? Its gonna feel even better today.” Steven felt like everyone was staring at him and they really were. He didn’t want to fail taking his first cock of the party. No one would fuck him then. He closed his eyes and took big breath like last night. Derrick took saw the boy breathing and trying to let him in and finally felt the hole relax enough to try. Pushing in he felt the piercing pass through the ring. Derrick kept up the pressure and started to stroke Steven’s cock. He felt the head pop through and kept sliding in deeper. Steven’s eyes opened wide as he felt like his body was being ripped in two. Looking up he saw Derrick’s face in total bliss and tried to relax even more. Derrick knew he was scraping and tearing up Steven’s colon and his precum was coating the fissures and seeping into his bloodstream. Derrick stopped short of giving Steven his whole shaft. He started slowly fucking the hole, each stroke getting longer. Steven’s hole kept spasming from the intrusion and it drove Derrick into a frenzy. Soon he was driving in faster and deeper. He could hear Steven’s cries in pain or pleasure through the gag. The bed started to shake and the Mark felt Joe’s body get slammed into his face as he tongue fucked Joe’s hole. Derrick, took hold of Steven’s shoulders and thrust in deep, slamming past his second ring. Steven let out a muffled scream and Dennis held his cock deep inside the near virgin boy’s hole. He felt his balls contract and his cock swell and the inevitable pumping of Derrick’s charged seed into the inner recesses of Steven’s body. As the orgasm subsided, Derrick slowly pulled his cock back, first popping through the inner ring and then the outer ring. A mixture of cum and blood dripped out of Steven’s now gaping hole. He pushed Steven flat on the bed and said “Stay there boy, you need some time to rest.” Tony kept glancing at his partner fucking Steven while he tongue and finger fucked Kyle’s hole. He couldn’t wait any longer and pulled Kyle off the bed so his feet were on the ground and bent over the foot of the bed. He had wanted to tap Kyle since he first saw him over a year ago. First he hesitated because he didn’t want to ruin Kyle and Joe’s relationship. By the time he found out they were open and fucked others and could have a chance, he had gotten pozzed and gave up hope of fucking him. Part of him wanted to make it last and the other part wanted to sample all of the neg boys holes and leave his load in each of them. The slutty thought won out and he drove his cock in one long thrust into Kyle’s hungry hole. 'This boy knows how to take cock' thought Tony as he just began fucking Kyle with firm long strokes. Kyle zoned out as Tony started to fuck his hole. Tony had a cock that he could take for hours. It’s size and curve felt perfect inside him. He started to fuck back as Tony shoved in, their bodies slapping together. He kept looking at Steven getting pounded and Joe waiting for Mark to add another dose of poz cum to his body. Surely Joe had taken enough seed to seal his fate he thought. Tony started to slam his cock in harder as he watched Derrick drill Steven harder. He was trying to keep pace with his partner hoping he could breed Kyle at the same time as Derrick bred Steven. They came close. Once Tony heard Steven’s screams he pounded Kyle quickly and then shot six strong spurts of virus laced seed into Kyle’s cum craving hole. He leaned forward laying on top of Kyle and forcing him down onto the bed. Mark was enjoying hearing the sounds of sex around him as he feasted on Joe’s hole. His little brother was an excellent sex partner and their fucks had gone from poz breeding brutal fucks to fucking for the fun of it with a side benefit of giving his bug to him. As the tops around him began fucking their respective bottoms, Mark decided it was time for him to get his cock back inside his brother. Joe’s hole by now was receptive to almost any cock. Between the hard fucks and butt plugs he was able to slide inside with only a little spit. Mark moaned and he once again begin to fuck his brother. His precum added to the spit and soon he felt Joe’s hole become a warm, wet pussy for him to savor and seed. He looked down at Joe as his cock thrust in over and over. Joe was obviously enjoying the cock in his ass, so Mark varied his attack, first pounding his brother's hole fast, then slow, then short strokes then long, coaxing his balls to prepare their cocktail of cum and HIV and who knows what else. After quite some time of exhausting effort, Mark lay Joe’s chest, kissing his brother, even as his hips pumped his cock in and out. He shoved his cock in, paused and shoved in again and felt the cum rise, once more flooding his brother’s body. Thoroughly satisfied, Joe wrapped his legs around Mark, locking the brothers together. When the shots of venom stopped Mark slowly withdrew and slapped his ass as he looked down at his well bred brother. Each of the four pairs seemed to finish within a minute or two. The bottoms all stayed in their positions waiting for the next round - except for Joe. He sat back on the bed grinning. Mark handed a water bottle to Joe, then Steven, Kyle and Dennis and they drank the water down replenishing the liquid they had just sweated out. Luis, Tony and Derrick also gulped down water while discussing who got who next. Derrick walked up to Joe and said “You up for me?” Joe smiled and said “Sorry, but I’m only taking Mark’s strain. I want to make sure he ’s the one. I WANT that cock though as soon as I’m poz.” Derrick looked a bit surprised but replied, "I understand. That’s cool. I felt the same about the guy who pozzed me," and with that gave Dennis a pointed look. Dennis laughed “Yeah, I don’t mind being second choice if I get that cock in me.” Luis walked over to Kyle and slapped his ass. “You’re next!” Tony looked at Steven and saw a look of fear and lust. He grabbed Steven’s arm and led him over to the end of the couch where Mark was seated. “Suck his cock” Tony commanded. Steven got down on his knees and began to suck on Marks cock. He was fascinated by the piercing and used his tongue and fingers to play with it when he wasn’t trying to suck his cock deeper. While Steven was preoccupied with Mark’s cock, Tony slid his cock into Steven’s still loose hole. A couple of slaps on his ass and Steven tightened up nicely around Tony’s shaft. Each bottoms enjoyed the new cock inside his hole, with with the second round the room’s energy level ticked back up. The sound of cocks sliding into cum-filled holes echoed around the room. Moans and grunts were the only verbal noises and before anyone knew it the pace increased until toxic cum was once again being pumped into once neg holes. Tony finished first and swapped spots with Mark. Having been edging while Steven sucked his cock and balls, Mark quickly dumping his load inside Steven. Luis let out a yell and filled Kyle up and Dennis who had been whimpering for a while screamed out as Derrick slammed his full shaft inside and added his load to Dennis’ vulnerable body. Once again there was a lull and beers were passed around and shared. Who cares about a little spit in the bottle when a guy just pumped his poz cum inside your ass? Tony walked over to Dennis and slid two fingers into his hole, coating them with cum and then feeding them to Dennis. “Need more?” to which Dennis replied “Of course!” Luis pushed Steven up on the couch and started to eat the cum from his hole. Derrick looked at Kyle and grinned. “Guess you mine.” Kyle let out an “Oh fuck!” Mark looked at Joe smiling. Joe slid down the bed and stood on the floor next to Kyle, both bent over the bed. Mark took his position behind Joe and next to Derrick. Derrick and Mark looked at each other and simultaneously thrust into his respective bottom. They kept the same pace, fucking Joe and Kyle in unison, each guy drilling his partner, each top feeling the silky cum from the previous fucks coating his cock. Each bottom initially moaning, which then turned to begging, until one by one each bottom was filled with another infected load. Luis shot first as Steven was begging for Luis to make sure he was pozzed. Dennis was next with Tony pounding him fast and ruthless until his load was mixed up with the others. Mark tried to keep up with Derrick, but his body just couldn’t last as long and he began sending volley after volley of his cum into his brother’s ass. The men who had shot all found themselves watching Derrick and Kyle, and wondering how long Derrick would be able to hold off blowing his load. As it turned out, Kyle actually pushed Derrick over the edge as Kyle, unable to handle Derrick’s abuse of his prostate any longer, shot his load on to the bed. Kyle's orgasm pulled Derrick over the edge as his hole spasmed for over a minute around Derrick’s fuckstick. The guys looked around the room at each other, all of them looking sweaty, grungy, and ready for another round. It didn’t take long until Dennis and Luis were fooling around with Dennis pushing Luis to the ground and rubbing his cock along his crack. It was a short, hard fuck with Dennis filling Luis’ ass with a huge load of neg cum. Steven was stroking his cock watching Dennis and Luis and looked around the room. He got up and walked up to Kyle who looked back and nodded. That was all the encouragement that Steven needed and slid his cock into Kyle's cum soaked hole. “Oh my god” exclaimed Steven. He finally had his cock inside another guy and it felt fantastic. He started to fuck Kyle as everyone else watched. Steven got all sorts of suggestions and he couldn’t process most of them as he reveled in the feeling of his cock inside the guy that took his virginity and all the poz cum that Kyle had taken. He got more and more excited and finally buried his cock and felt his cum shoot inside Kyle's cum-filled hole. The guys clapped as Steven pulled his cock out of Kyle and Kyle spun around and began to suck Steven’s cock clean. Afterwards the guys lay around, drank and relaxed, watching the porn on the TV. Occasionally a guy or two would go into the bathroom and shower. Steven fucked Luis in the shower and soon had an audience. Live bareback sex is always better than porn. Tony, Derrick and Luis were the first to head home leaving the others to contemplate what was next. Mark suggested they head out to dinner, it would be his treat. Since college students love free food, they all jumped at the chance.
 The five of them squeezed into Mark’s rental car and they drove to a burger place Mark remembered. As they went into the restaurant Mark was quietly laughing as he watched each man struggle not to leak any of the cum which was housed in his ass. They ordered food and found a table away from everyone. Mark sat across from Joe and as they started to eat said “Joe, we have a problem.” Joe looked back at him concerned. “What’s that?” “What the hell are we going to tell Mom and Dad?” "I don’t think we should tell them what really happened this weekend. They’ll kill me and maybe you too” Mark said. Everyone at the table laughed. Mark and Joe threw out a few ideas. The other guys gave a few suggestions too. Finally Mark said “Lets keep it close to the truth. How about you had a fight with one of the coaches and they faked your drug test and threw you off the team. You got a student loan and you’re going to graduate next semester on time. You’re looking for jobs already but don’t have anything locked up. Simple and believable. By the way, how are you paying for tuition and the apartment and food?” Joe looked back at Mark unsure of how to respond. His brother had taken everything so far with no problems, but would he be okay with the truth here? “Uh, its complicated, but I’m making it work.” “That doesn’t answer my question,” Mark insisted. Joe leaned forward and whispered “I have some student loans and I’ve been escorting when I can.” Mark let out a laugh. “Cool. Definitely don’t tell Mom and Dad that part!” Mark had noticed that Steven was constantly shifting his body and couldn’t sit still all through dinner. “You okay there Steven?” he said as everyone turned to look. Steven looked embarrassed and finally said “Yeah, but my ass feels like its on fire.” They all chuckled. “Well you really jumped into the deep end. I know a lot of seasoned bottoms who couldn’t take the pounding you got today. I’m glad you came and had fun,” Mark said. “That was so fucking hot hearing you beg for Luis’ poz load,” Kyle added. “Thanks. I'm honestly glad you extended the invitation, and no less glad I accepted it," Steven replied. “Not to get too serious, Steven, but if you don’t want to chance those loads infecting you, you can get a treatment, but you only have a couple days to decide,” Mark explained. “No, I’ve been looking at websites and videos about getting chasing and getting pozzed for a while and always thought they were hot. I just never thought I’d get the chance around here.” After a lull in the conversation, Joe said “Damn, this table smells like sex. We should go before we spook the other diners.” The guys got up and walked to the car. Mark was last and saw wet spots on all four butts. Steven’s was the biggest and he realized he should have plugged Steven’s hole before they left the hotel. Mark drove back to the hotel. Dennis and Steven grabbed their stuff and headed home. Kyle and Joe started to clean up the room and took the rubber sheets and bondage straps off the bed “Damn, we didn’t use these” said Joe. Once things were tidied up, they all stripped naked and lay on the bed and nuzzled together. Soon they were soundly sleeping.
  5. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 7 - Cat’s out of the bag Joe’s jaw dropped and eyes went wide. He was stunned. Finally he said “You’re poz? Why didn’t you tell me?” Mark laughed, “I just told you I was gay yesterday. We really didn’t get any farther than coming out to each other and its not something you tell someone right away.” After a pause Joe asked “So did you just fuck me last night or did you cum in me?” “Oh you got a big load deep inside” Mark answered. Joe started to get excited and said “Fuck yeah. You really think you did it? Pozzed me up? Oh fuck that would be so hot having my brother be the one that charges me up and makes me into a poz pig.” Mark felt his cock twitch and start to stiffen and said “Maybe. You wouldn’t be the first guy I fucked once and they converted.” Joe kept getting more excited and said “Who said anything about once. I want you to fuckin’ breed my ass every hour ’til you have to go home.” Mark and Kyle both laughed. “I want you to fuck me right now and see if I can remember which cock you were,” Joe said as he pulled his tank top off and dropped his gym shorts. Picking them up he headed for the hallway and said “Come on, let’s go.” Kyle got up and followed Joe. Mark gave a grin and finally got up and followed the two to the second bedroom. Joe opened the door and went in and Kyle and Mark followed. Mark was amazed at what he saw. The room was divided in two with a sling on a stand on one side and a rubber lined floor area on the other with an inflatable mattress on it. Across from the sling was a St. Andrews cross attached to the wall. The closet doors were off with bookshelves in the closet lined with various toys. “Damn!” Mark exclaimed. “You dirty little perv. Bet this is lots of fun.” “Yeah, we have a lot of fun in here” said Kyle as he was rubbing his cock through his shorts. Joe was digging through a box and pulled out a leather harness and slipped it on. As he snapped the last strap, Mark saw two biohazard symbols, one on each of the top straps. The grin on Joe’s face was huge and he hopped in the sling and wiggled into position and put his feet into the straps. “Get out of those clothes and let’s fuck! I need more of that dirty seed inside me” Joe commanded. Kyle quickly shed his clothes and grabbed the lube. Mark looked around for a blindfold. Not finding one he grabbed Kyles t-shirt and walked up to Joe and wrapped it around his head. Once Joe couldn’t see, Mark spotted some cuffs and a couple carabiners and locked Joes hands on to the chains of the sling. Kyle was grinning at Mark’s prep work and handed him a real blindfold from a box. Mark bent over Joe and swapped the t-shirt for the blindfold over Joe's eyes. Now that Joe was ready, Mark stripped and stroked his half hard cock the rest of the way. Kyle’s cock was already stiff. Mark whispered a few words to Kyle and walked up to Joe and caressed his hole with lube. Adding a bit more lube he pushed his finger into Joe’s hungry hole and felt it clamp down on his finger. He stuffed two fingers into Joe’s pussy and twisted them around. Backing away he said “Joe you are going to get two cocks in you. You need to tell me which one fucked you in the club last night. If you’re right I will keep breeding you until I leave, almost surely pozzing you up. Get it wrong and I won’t fuck you again.” Mark pushed Kyle towards Joe and Kyle pushed his lubed cock into Joe’s hole slowly. He thrust in a few times leaving some neg precum deep inside his boyfriend and pulled out. Mark was tempted to push Kyle back to fuck Joe a second time and try and trick him, but he really wanted to fuck his brother again. So he approached Joe and unlike his normal penetration where he would play with his PA on the guys hole before going in, he just went for it. Slowly he slid his cock into Joe’s hole, pausing only a moment after the head was inside Joe’s first ring. Joe gasped and let out an “OH FUCK!” Then Mark took a few more thrusts getting deeper each time. On the fourth thrust he pushed in all the way and pulled out. Standing back next to Kyle, Mark asked “Was it number one or number two?” Joe was quick to answer “Fuck, it was number two. That fuckin’ cock tore me up last night.” Kyle said “I know, bro, it feels great doesn’t it?” Joe responded with a quizzical “Huh?” before continuing “I couldn’t take the next cock after it and had to get up. Some of the guys were pissed they didn’t get a chance to fuck me. And what the fuck are you talking about Kyle?” Mark and Kyle laughed and Mark explained “The hookup I had yesterday before meeting you after class turned out to be Kyle. I gave him a quick pump and dump downstairs. You should have seen our faces when I came to see you and he opened the door and I found out who I bred.” “So I was right, huh?” said Joe. “Mmmhmm” Mark replied. “Then get that hole wrecker over here and knock me up!” Mark grabbed his underwear and a bottle of poppers, pouring a little onto a corner of the shorts. He then walked over and held the bottle under Joe’s nostril, closing the other one. “Breathe.” Joe took a big hit. “Again.” Joe complied. “Open your mouth," upon which Mark stuffed his underwear into Joe's mouth, leaving the popper soaked section just under his nose. Standing between Joe’s legs he reached over Joe, his cock pushing between Joe’s ass cheeks, and removed the blindfold. Tossing it to the floor, he leaned back and played with Joe’s hole. “You don’t get any more lube - its dry or cum for lube from now on” Mark stated. He grabbed the lower straps on the harness and tugged, slamming his cock deep into his brother’s hole. Joe’s hole clamped down tight around Mark’s shaft as Joe let out a muffled scream. “Yeah, is that what you crave Joe? A toxic cock slamming in and ripping your cunt apart so my seed can infect you and make you into just another poz casualty?” He pulled all the way out and slammed back in. Joe screamed again and Mark could see the sweat start to pour out of his body. “Breathe” and Joe did. Mark looked in his brother’s eyes and saw him begging for more. 'He’s gonna be one toxic fucker soon' Mark thought. Mark pulled back with just the head inside Joe’s hole before he pounded the hole with five or six hard thrusts each time watching the sling pull his brother off until Mark tugged back on the chains. Mark pulled Joe tight against him, his cock deep inside and leaned forward. With his head close to Joe’s face he said “Two things I expect of guys I charge up - no meds for at least a year and you gotta share your new gift. You good with that?” Joe nodded in agreement. “Good.” Mark smiled and leaned back. He started drilling Joe’s ass letting the sling do most of the work with the occasional hard slam into his brother’s hole. He looked down and saw Joe’s swollen ring around his cock. He pulled out and saw a gaping hole and streaks of blood on his cock. Shoving his cock back in he started to pound harder and faster. His cock kept nudging the second ring and each time Joe would squirm and yell out into his gagged mouth. He continued to fuck until his balls started to churn and his cock begin to swell, Mark started to grunt. Kyle stood at the side watching his boyfriend get pummeled even harder than Mark had fucked him the day before and stroked his cock in unison with Mark’s thrusts. Finally Mark shoved in hard, his piercing driving through Joe’s second ring and holding Joe tight as volley after volley of Mark’s poison pumped into Joe’s ravaged chute. The orgasm was one of the biggest Mark could remember - almost s big as the first toxic one he had given Eric a few weeks earlier. He bucked his hips a few more times and fell on top of Joe’s chest, his cock still deep inside his brother. When his breathing slowed back to normal and his cock started to soften, Mark stood up and pulled his cock out slowly, catching any cum that escaped. He left Joe in the sling and pulled his underwear from Joe’s mouth. Joe was gasping. “Thanks, bro” was all he could say between gulps of air. Mark moved back and leaned against the wall, his sweat gluing him to it. He too was gasping. He looked down and his cum and blood covered cock just hung there throbbing. Kyle moved over and dropped to his knees and began licking Mark’s shaft up and down. Any place that Kyle could find cum he licked and sucked it off. A few minutes passed and Kyle was on his knees looking up at him like a puppy. Mark grabbed Kyle’s arm and pulled him up and pushing towards Joe. “Fuck him and breed him. Use my charged cum as lube” Mark said to Kyle. “Yes, Sir,” Kyle responded, sliding his hard cock into his boyfriend and started to fuck him. He knew he wouldn’t last long since he had been edging while Mark had fucked Joe. “Slower, make it last. Let your cock soak in my load” and Kyle slowed down as he was told. Suddenly Kyle felt a finger spreading his ass apart and rubbing his hole. The finger went away and came back with a little bit of lube and pressed into his hole. Joe was swinging back and forth in the sling, bouncing off Kyle’s body. He felt Mark spread his feet wider and move up behind him. Due to the height difference, Mark was squatting down. Mark ran his cock up and down Kyle’s crack. Kyle knew what was about to happen and wasn’t sure if he was scared or excited. He didn’t have to think long when Mark shoved his cock into Kyle’s hole. “You wanted to do it again, you got your wish” Mark whispered in his ear. Mark started to thrust into Kyle just as Joe was bottoming out on Kyle's cock, pushing Joe away. It took a few tries to get the timing right, but they did and Mark was tearing into Kyle just like the day before. Mark couldn’t last long like this and his balls quickly readied their poison. He grabbed Kyle from behind and drove his cock into him as hard as he could and unloaded five spurts of virus laden seed into Kyle. As soon as Kyle felt Mark shoot he started to unload inside Joe. Kyle’s orgasm milked a few extra spurts out of Mark. As the orgasms faded they both looked at Joe who had a big smile on his face which was covered in his own cum. Mark pulled out of Kyle and Kyle pulled out of Joe. All three were drenched in sweat. Mark undid Joe’s cuffs and helped him out of the sling. Kyle was rummaging through a box and pulled out two butt plugs and handed the bigger one to Joe. Kyle spit on his and bent over and pushed it in. Joe just bent over and used the cum dripping out of his hole to help it slide in. The three went into the living room and Kyle threw down a blanket. They all laid down on the blanket, spooning each other with Joe in the middle and his brother behind him. Soon, they were all asleep. Mark woke up and went into the bathroom. He climbed into the shower and turned it on. Letting the hot water spray over his body he pissed down the drain. As he started to soap his body up, the curtain opened and Joe stepped in. Joe hugged his brother tight and looked up at him with a smile. Grabbing the soap from Mark he started to wash his brother, covering every inch of his body. His hands roamed over Mark’s body and his eyes were not behind. Joe examined the tattoos and then kneeled down and looked at the piercing. He played with it with his fingers and watched it rotate in Mark’s cockhead. As he finished washing and Mark rinsed off, Mark took the soap back and started to wash his little brother’s body. When he got down to Joe’s butt, he bent Joe over and pulled the plug out of his ass. Some pink slime oozed out of Joe’s hole and down his leg soon to be washed away. Mark said “Good. A lot of the cum has already been absorbed into your system.” They finished their shower and dried off, walking back to the living room naked to see Kyle still sleeping. Mark and Joe smoked some pot and talked a lot, mostly about how Mark got pozzed and the people he has infected since. Joe wanted to hear about each guy’s pozzing and how many times he fucked them and how long it took before they got sick. Mark told Joe about Eric and that he had been breeding Eric for a couple weeks now, but he hadn’t gotten sick yet and warned Joe that not everyone gets noticeably sick when they convert. Joe then started asking about the tattoos. Mark explained what they meant to him and how they got done. At one point Joe went to the bedroom and came back with some drawings and handed them to Mark. “This is what I want for my first one” Joe stated. Mark looked over the drawings which were pretty detailed, and asked “Did you draw these? You’ve been thinking about this for a while, huh?” “Yeah I did. I’ve been thinking about it for a couple years. I didn’t know you had tats until you showed up yesterday. I just can’t afford it until I graduate and get a real job” explained Joe. “Well, these are pretty complex. You would have to do several sessions to get all of it done. And there’s healing time between. Have you found anyone yet to do the work?” Mark asked. Joe just shook his head no. “There’s the guy I used when I got my first two tats my senior year. He’s really good. I wonder if he’s still here,” Mark mused. A quick google and they had their answer. Mark made a call and talked to Thad. He texted over the drawings that Joe had made and asked what he thought and how long. Thad said he’d take a better look and call him back. About 20 minutes later he got a call back and they worked out a plan. Thad said it would take four sessions to do it and gave Mark a price. Mark asked if they could stop by the next day and start. Thad pushed back and said he was really busy, but in the end agreed if they could do it earlier in the day. They agreed on 11:00 AM. Joe looked at his brother confused. “I told you I can’t afford it right now. Why did you set up an appointment?” Mark just smiled and said “First one is on me.” Mark picked his phone up again and said “I have an idea. Interested in a small orgy?” “Of course” Joe replied, adding “but that's going to take a lot of work and time to set up.” “You just need the right incentives” Mark said wryly. Mark thumbed through his contact list, selected one and tapped out a message and hit send. Mark then sent a second message to another contact and set the phone down. “That’s it? Just two people?” asked Joe. “I want just a select few people there and I think each of them will bring one or two others. And there’s the three of us. Sometimes its quality not quantity” Mark explained. “Fuck, I gotta clean the apartment then. I don’t want people to see it this messy” said Joe. Mark laughed “But its okay for me to see it like this? Jeez. Don’t worry, my hotel room is perfect for a small group fuck party.” Mark’s phone dinged and he looked at it and smiled “There’s one RSVP.” A few minutes later his phone dinged again and Mark checked it out “There’s the other. I hope you don’t have any plans for 3:00 PM tomorrow. I’d have to share my seed with someone else if you do,” he said with a smirk. Mark looked over at Joe with a mischievous grin. He got up and nodded towards the playroom. Joe jumped to his feet and hurried to the room. His ass still was sore from the earlier fuck but he didn’t care. He needed to make sure he got as much cum from his brother as possible. Mark looked around and tossed the harness back to Joe, who put it on. Mark found the cuffs again and put them on Joe’s wrists. Mark led him over to the cross and locked the cuffs to the top of the cross with Joe facing the wall. Mark pushed two fingers into Joe’s fuck hole and commented “Pretty dry there. You must have soaked the rest up. Do you want more?” Joe moaned “Hell yeah.” Mark decided he needed a bit of lube. Any other chaser he would have just shoved in dry, but this was his brother and he didn’t want to hurt him any more than he had to to share his bug. He dripped some spit on his cock, lubing himself. Spitting another dollop on his cock, he positioned himself at his brother's puffy opening. His chest was resting against his brother’s back and he whispered in Joe’s ear “What do you want?” As Joe replied “More poz cum” Mark thrust his cock back inside Joe’s ravaged pussy, pumping away, fucking his little brother a bit less brutally than earlier. His cock was sore and he knew that Joe was in pain, but he needed to do this. Part of his brain said it was wrong, yet he was extremely turned on trying to poz up his brother. Sex usually wins over rational thought. Mark started to pound faster and felt another load start to brew. The cross was squeaking and Joe grunted each time he shoved in. Joe’s hole definitely felt different than when he had fucked him in the club last night. It was really abused and Joe was struggling to work his ass muscles on Mark’s cock. He looked over and there was Kyle in the doorway stroking his cock as Mark drilled Joe. Mark felt his balls start to tighten and piston fucked his brother quickly before he grabbed Joe tightly and shoved his cock in deep. It was a smaller load than earlier but probably just as deadly. He heard Kyle groan as he shot his load all over the floor. As Mark’s spurts of cum stopped he thrust in a few more times and slowly pulled his cock out. He unlocked Joe’s hands and the three of them went back to the living room, collapsing on the blanket. The guys rested a while until Mark got up, asking “You guys hungry? Lets go grab a bite to eat.” They showered again and dressed and hopped in Mark’s car and headed down town. Mark parked the car and they went in to a restaurant. It was one of Mark’s favorites from his days in school there. Joe and Kyle looked at each other and said simultaneously “Thai food?” Mark chuckled “Yeah, its better than fast food or more pizza, its spicy and some of these Thai boys are really cute.” They sat down at a table and a waiter came up and giving them menus and water. Mark looked up at the guy who was exactly what he had hoped for - a cute Thai guy, shorter, maybe 5 foot 6 at the most, thin, with jet black hair and a wicked smile. He introduced himself as Steven and explained a few specials. Mark quipped “You forgot yourself.” Kyle and Joe giggled and Steven blushed before stuttering a bit saying “I’ll let you decide and be back in a few minutes.” “I hope he’s for dessert," Kyle murmured. All three broke into gales of laughter. Mark kept glancing up at Steven and then back to his menu. Joe and Kyle had no clue what to order and Mark really wasn’t helping. Steven walked back up and asked if they had decided. Joe was the farthest and said “I really have no idea. I’ve never had Thai food before. Steven leaned over the table and pointed out that the dinners were on the right, with noodle dishes on the top and rice dishes on the bottom. A pepper next to an item meant it was spicy. Meanwhile Mark and Kyle were staring at Steven’s ass and pointing at each other trying to decide which one was going to tap it first. As he stood back up Mark could see Steven’s cock starting to bulge in his pants. Mark finally gave the boys some suggestions and and Steven walked away. Their glasses never got more than one sip down and Steven was back refilling them. About the third trip Steven started to flirt with them. Their food finally arrived and Steven put the plates down in front of each one, winking at each guy. The guys had burned a lot of calories that day and were very hungry. They wolfed the food down and as Steven came back to check on everything was amazed that the plates were mostly clean. “I hope you saved room for dessert” he said and the guys broke out laughing. Mark finally stopped laughing and said “I think what we want isn’t on the menu. Just an iced coffee for me.” Joe and Kyle ordered the same. When Steven came back with the coffees, Mark said “We’re going to have a little fun later if you want to join us. Here’s the address” and slipped a piece of paper to Steven. The look of shock on Steven’s face was priceless. Mark was sure that none of his customers had ever propositioned him before. Steven slipped the paper into his pocket and walked away. As Mark was finishing his drink, Steven walked up and set the bill down on the table and gave the usual “I’ll take that when you’re ready.” Mark opened up the folder with the check in it and besides the total was a slip of paper that said “I get off work at 9:00” Mark took the paper and put the money and a generous tip into the folder. Steven came back to the table visibly nervous and took the folder with Mark adding “It’s all set. Keep the change” with another wink. The guys got up and walked out of the restaurant with Steven calling “Bye” to them as they left. Mark drove over to the store and picked up more beer and a bottle of good tequila and they went back to the apartment. The guys cracked open the beer, Joe packed the bowl and they passed the pipe around until it was dead. Kyle looked up at the clock and announced “It's 9:30. Do you think he chickened out?” “Could be” replied Mark as he got up to get another round of beer. Joe got up and went into the bedroom and changed into some running shorts with no shirt. As they sat down there was a knock on the door. Joe got up and answered it. Steven was standing there almost shaking in his shoes. “Hey, you came! Come on in. We almost gave up on you” said Joe. Steven walked into the apartment, looking around nervously and said “I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but you guys seemed to be nice and fun.” “You know we’re gay, right?” Kyle stated. "Of course. Besides, I saw his bracelet," pointing at Mark's wrist and then continued "I am too, but I have a hard time meeting other guys that are interested in me.” Mark sensed that Steven’s experience level was pretty low and decided he better set some expectations before things got out of hand “Steven, I want you to know that we will respect any limits you have. If things go too fast or too far, just say something. We want you to have fun, not be scared away.” “Thanks. I have only been with a couple guys before and we didn’t do much. I really want to try everything. I hope you don’t mind teaching me stuff.” The guys got up and moved closer to Steven and started exploring his body. Very quickly Steven’s cock stiffened and strained against his pants and he let out a soft moan. Kyle leaned in and kissed him as Joe undid his pants, watching them fall to the floor. Mark stayed back a step from the boys and watched them undress Steven. Joe went down on his knees and pulled Stevens underwear down exposing a hard six and a half inch uncut, perfectly straight cock. Sliding his tongue between the head and foreskin, he could taste the day's sweat and piss that had built up under the hood, the scent drove him wild and he began so suck harder. Kyle pulled Steven’s shirt off and resumed kissing him, plunging his tongue into Steven’s mouth. Mark removed his clothes and then moved behind Steven, rubbing his shoulders before moving down his back and then to his butt. He moved in closer and started to grind his hardening cock against Steven’s ass. Mark moved his finger down and slid it between his crack and pulled it up to his nose for a sniff test. He smiled and began rubbing his hand between the crack, caressing Steven’s soft, possibly virgin hole. Kyle broke the kiss and realized he was the only one with clothes still on which he quickly rectified. Mark moved over next to Steven and Joe was presented a dilemma - suck his brother’s cock or the newbie. He didn’t get to choose since Kyle sank to his knees next to Joe sucking and kissing on Steven’s body until he reached his cock. Joe gave his full attention to Mark’s cock and balls sucking and licking until he felt it start to ooze precum. Mark looked down at his brother and they locked eyes, knowing what each of them needed. Mark motioned with his head towards the couch and the two of them moved there, Joe kneeling on the couch and facing the wall. Mark pushed the table out of the way and got on his knees, eating out Joe’s battered hole. Kyle meanwhile moved Steven over towards the blanket and they both laid down in a sixty nine position, each sucking each other's cock. Every once in a while Mark heard Steven gasp out “oh my god” and he would chuckle and dive back into Joe’s ass. Mark needed to get his cock back into Joe almost as badly as Joe needed Mark’s cock inside him. Mark got up and teased Joe’s hole until Joe bucked his ass back onto Mark’s cock. Mark stretched Joe’s hole open as he pushed his cock in balls deep. Joe sighed and said “fuck I need this, fuck me hard bro.” Mark began to piston his cock in and out of Joe saying “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Kyle worked over Steven’s dick feverishly, taking him close to the edge but never allowing him to go over the line. He wanted to get his cock into Steven’s ass but knew he had to take it slow. “He’s probably really tight. I hope I don’t shoot right away” thought Kyle. Meanwhile Steven was savoring Kyle’s cock. His previous attempts at blowjobs had been short sucking sessions ending with the guy pushing him off and cumming on the floor. His lack of experience meant that he didn’t know whether he wanted to be fucked or be the one fucking more. He hoped that he was going to lose his virginity tonight and really didn’t care which position it was in. He figured he should let the other guy lead. Then it hit him. Here he was, having sex and he didn’t even know the name of the guys with whom he was playing. He also concluded, however, it didn’t matter. Names or no names, he was feeling more alive than he ever had. Kyle began to finger Steven's hole as he sucked on his cock. He then pulled off Steven’s cock and move down a bit and began licking Steven’s taint and then his hole. He fed some spit on his hole and worked it in with his finger. One finger became two as Kyle tried to open Steven’s tight hole. He finally got to the point that it wasn’t like a clamp around his finger and it started to wink and twitch. He knew it was time to pop this cherry. Kyle pulled off Steven and rolled him on to his stomach before helping him to his knees. Kyle grabbed a bottle of lube from the table and moved behind Steven. He dripped some on Steven’s pucker working it in with his spit inside. Kyle lubed up his cock and let it rest on Steven’s hole. Softly he said “Ready Steven?” Everyone in the room heard the trepidation in Stevens voice as he replied “mmmhmm.” Slowly, Kyle started to press in. He could feel Steven tense up and told him to relax. “Its going to hurt a bit at first, then you will enjoy it” A little more pressure and Steven’s hole opened up and felt its first cock enter. “OH FUCK!!! STOP!!” Kyle froze, but with difficulty. The pressure on his cock head was intense. He felt a spurt of precum shoot inside Steven’s hole. "Breathe, Steven. Relax." Finally the ring relaxed a little and Kyle edged in a little further until he felt the head get past the ring. Steven was breathing heavy. After letting him get used to having a cock inside him Kyle slowly started to work his cock deeper. He added a bit more lube to his cock and when he made it three quarters of the way in he sensed the change. The tight grip on his cock became a firm touch. His strokes became longer and he heard moans from Steven. He varied the tempo of his fuck and the length of the strokes. He felt his balls start to tingle and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He started to pound his cock into Steven’s hole when all of a sudden Steven’s ass ring started to spasm. Steven let out a loud groan as his ass body shook in orgasm. Kyle couldn’t hold back any more and began to shoot his cum deep inside Steven’s pussy. Shot after shot of warm seed filled his guts while Steven’s load soaked the blanked below them. Kyle leaned forward and held Steven tight as their connected bodies bucked and shook. Hearing the near simultaneous orgasms from Kyle and Steven, Mark started to ram his cock into Joe even harder. He imagined his cum shooting inside Joe’s hole, soaking in and the virus spreading throughout his body and then made it reality. He grunted three times as he slammed his cock deep into Joe, driving his cock into and past the second ring before shooting spurt after spurt of toxic poz cum into his brother’s guts. Both Mark and Joe were moaning. Joe felt the pressure build up inside his body and his brother’s chest on his back and Mark’s hot breath on his neck. Another dose of poisonous seed had been pumped into his vulnerable body. He never would know which load would be the one that sealed his fate, but it didn’t matter. He loved every one that his brother filled him with. Mark pulled his cock out and slapped Joe’s ass. Kyle slowly pulled his cock out of Steven and rolled him over on his back and the two kissed passionately. Steven eventually broke the kiss and looked at Kyle and said “Thank you, whoever you are.” The four of them broke up laughing. Mark told them “Fuck first, ask questions later. That’s my motto!” Mark took the hint and introduced Joe, Kyle and himself to Steven, then the guys sat around for a short while drinking, sharing some weed and chatting. Mark finally asked the question everyone wanted to know “Steven, are you glad you came over tonight?” “Fuck yeah. That was so much better than I ever imagined. I need more!” said Steven to which everyone laughed. “Well…” Mark started “we actually have a little group tomorrow if you’re interested. I know there are two other guys here that want to dip their cocks in a hot Thai boy. It starts about 3:00 PM.” “Haha… I don’t know if I can do that. I start work at five tomorrow” Steven replied. “You can stay as long as you want and go to work, uh, invigorated” Mark said. “OK, I’ll think about it. I should get going now, its late and I need to study tomorrow morning” said Steven and he got up and started to dress. Mark scribbled down on a piece of paper his number and handed it to Steven who put it in his pocket. Mark told him “Call me tomorrow morning between 9 and 11 and I can give you the info.” They all hugged and each gave Steven a kiss before he went home. Mark also decided to call it a night and got dressed. Exhausted, Mark drove back to his hotel and walked into his room. The towel stack was even higher than before. There was a dozen water bottles sitting in an empty tub. Mark noticed some bondage loops hanging from the corners of the bed which also had a rubber cover over it. In the bathroom there was a douche attachment connected to the shower. The couch had a sheet, pillow and a blanket on it, made up for Mark to sleep on. The TV played a bareback porn flick with the sound muted. “Dennis knows his stuff” he thought. He stripped his clothes off and laid down, falling asleep almost immediately.
  6. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 6 - A Dilemma Mark was rudely awakened by his phone ringing, as he had been the day before. This time, however, his head was pounding from the alcohol he had consumed the night before. The ringing stopped and he tried to read the clock. It read 7:32 AM. WTF? Of course he knew had telephoned. He lay in bed a few more minutes and he heard the alert that said he had a voicemail, only to have the phone ring again, scarcely three minutes later. Answering it, he heard his mom's voice running through her usual avalanche of questions: “Are you okay?” "Is Joel okay?" “You know, we haven’t heard from you.” “Have you been drinking?” and on and on. The same as yesterday - questions and not waiting for an answer. “Yeah, Mom. I’m okay. Joey is okay. I spent all evening with him. I don’t really know everything yet, so I’m going back over today. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I've gotta run, Mom, so I'll call you back when I have more to tell you.” Hanging up the phone, he sighed deeply and jumped into the shower to rinse off, where, once the water was cascading over his body, the night before replayed through his mind. After drying off, Mark put on his jock, a pair of workout shorts and a sleeveless tee and his flip-flops, thinking 'I'll hit the gym and sweat out the hangover'. Grabbing the complimentary bottle of water, he headed out to the hotel gym. To say Mark was bitterly disappointed by the gym was an understatement. The room gave the distinct impression it had served as a conference room at some point in the past, and management had christened it a gym by scattering some garage sale gym equipment throughout the room. Over in one corner he saw a door labeled 'Locker Rooms'. In another corner was a treadmill with boxes stacked on top of it. Another corner had the lone elliptical machine and on it was the Dad from breakfast the day before. Mark quickly looked around to make sure the kids and wife weren’t there. He walked over to a weight machine that was near the Dad and sat down on it, placing the water bottle on the floor. After adjusting the weights, he started to do some bench presses and zoned out just staring at the ceiling. He lost count. Was that 30 or 40 reps? He stopped and realized that the Dad had also stopped and was just staring at him. Looking down his body he saw his shirt had ridden up and exposed his abs, and the tip of his cock was poking above his shorts. Mark always got a little hard when he worked out. “Oh shit. Sorry,” Mark muttered. The Dad grinned and replied “No worries, I was just admiring your….uh, ink.” Mark sat up and pushed his cock under the top of his shorts. Grinning back he said “Oh, thanks. I heard your wife yesterday and I guess she’s not a fan of tattoos. By the way, I’m not a drug dealer, just a computer geek.” “Sorry about that. Yeah, she’s still pissed that I got this little tattoo a month ago” the dad said pulling up the sleeve of his t-shirt exposing a small tattoo that Mark couldn’t make out. “Cool, but if you were going to get so much grief you should have gone for something more elaborate” Mark said, laughing. “Yeah, I really should have. It’s a shamrock. The kids like it. I can’t imagine what she would have said if I came home with what I really wanted to get. A friend convinced me to start small and then work up to bigger. That’s not going to happen now. I’m Chris, by the way.” Mark introduced himself in return. The guys started working out again and chatting. After a while Chris got off the machine and said “I’m going to go see if the sauna works. Catch you later,” as he walked to the locker room door. Mark finished his set of reps of on the butterfly part of the machine and got up. “Sauna, huh. I love saunas,” he said with a chuckle. Mark went in to the locker room door and saw it led to a short hallway with door on either side “Men” on the left, “Women” on the right. He went through the left door and was greeted with a small locker room with metal lockers on both sides and a bench in the middle. 'This would make a great porn set' Mark thought. Further back was a small shower area with three showers that were larger than your typical locker room shower. Next to it was a cedar door that Mark assumed went to the sauna. He noticed a table in the corner with a stack of towels similar to the ones that Dennis had brought. Mark grabbed a towel, took his clothes off and hung them in a locker. He rinsed his body off and wrapped the towel around his waist and went towards the sauna. Opening the door he felt the blast of heat hit him. Sitting in front of him on the top bench was Chris, naked and sitting on his towel. Chris’s eyes opened and he said “Hey”, then grinned. Mark took off his towel and set it down about three feet from Chris and sat down on it. He looked over and saw the fresh tattoo and could finally make it out. It was only about an inch and a half square and probably just flash art. He looked over Chris’s body as the sweat dripped off of it. 'Yeah, I was right yesterday. Ex-jock,' mused Mark, only to realize Chris was looking at him too. His eyes darting all over - up and down his arms then to his cock and back to his arm. Mark swore he saw Chris’s cock twitch too. Finally Chris commented “Fuck that is so hot. I really wish I had the guts to do something like that.” Mark had an idea what Chris meant, but presenting a wry grin asked “Like what?” Chris blushed a bit and said “Everything. The ink. The piercing.” The last bit surprised Mark so he decided to push it and see where things might go. “Take a closer look if you want. I’m not shy.” With that Chris got up and moved closer, kneeling on the lower bench where Mark's feet were. Chris’s hand moved up and moved over the tribal tattoos on his arm. As Chris moved over to the other side to see the tattoos on his left arm his cock brushed Mark’s leg. Chris’s eyes roamed over his arm as his hand rubbed up and down over the images of skulls and snakes. He stopped with his fingers on the image of the reaper and looked at Mark “That's pretty intense.” Mark felt Chris’s cock resting on his leg and it was getting stiffer. He could sense that Chris also wanted to see the piercing in his cock but was afraid. Mark reached down and stroked his cock a few times and felt it get stiffer and lifted it up. “And then there’s this,” he said looking down at his cock. Chris swallowed hard and looked down and got a little closer. “Oh my god. That had to fuckin’ hurt. I’ve seen a few guys with a pierced dick, but never up close or this big. Why did you do it?” “Cuz it feels really good when I’m fucking and I’ve been told it feels great inside,” explained Mark. At this point he decided to go for broke. Mark moved his hand and started pushing Chris’s head towards his hard cock. “Take a closer look. Touch it. I know you want to.” He could feel Chris’s breathing get heavy and Chris raised his shaking hand and grasped Mark’s cock and then moved it closer to the head. His thumb pushed the piercing and it rotated a bit. Mark pushed his head closer. Feeling no resistance, he whispered “Suck it.” Chris stammered “Uh, I don’t know. I don’t usually do that sort of thing.” Mark keyed in on the word ’usually’ and said “So you’ve sucked a guy before?” He could feel Chris’s reluctance start to fade. “Just a couple of times. Nothing this big though.” Mark pushed Chris’s head to his cock, the cock head touching his lips. Chris opened his mouth and started to take Mark’s cock into his mouth. Slowly he started sucking and playing with the piercing with his tongue. Chris started to bob up and down on his cock and Mark moaned. It wasn’t the best blowjob he had gotten, but having a straight guy suck him really turned him on. Mark looked down Chris’s body and saw his ass moving around as he was sucking his cock. 'I wonder...,' thought Mark. Mark started to move his hips, thrusting his cock deeper into Chris’s mouth. Chris gagged a few times but kept sucking. Mark pushed his cock into Chris’s throat and held his head there with his hands for a few seconds before letting up. Chris stood up and gasped for breath “Oh Fuck!” he grunted only to go back down and resume sucking. Mark didn’t want to waste his load down Chris’s throat so when he started to get close he pushed Chris off and said “My turn” with a smile, gesturing for Chris to take Mark's seat. Chris complied, sitting on his towel as Mark got to his knees between Chris' legs. The cock facing Mark was a rock hard six inches of circumcised baby making meat. Obviously he must have enjoyed sucking Mark’s cock if he stayed hard the whole time. Mark began his oral endeavors by licking up and down Chris’s shaft and curling his tongue around the head. He dug his tongue into the piss slit and wrapped his lips around the head sucking gently. He slowly descended down the shaft moving up and down until he was almost at Chris’s pubes. He opened his throat and dove down the remaining distance and squeezed his throat around the tip of Chris’s cock. Mark felt Chris shiver and knew this was much better than he ever got from his wife. Mark kept working Chris’s cock a few more minutes and then pulled off before moving down and sucking one of Chris’s balls into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue. Pulling back he stretched the ball in its sack until it popped out of his mouth. Hearing the moaning from Chris, he repeated it with the other ball. Mark then pushed Chris’ legs back and started licking down the taint to Chris’s pucker and brushed his tongue over the hole. Tasting just a bit of funk, Mark kept flicking his tongue over Chris’s fuck hole making him moan even louder. He brought his finger up and circled the hole before pushing in just up to the first knuckle. A loud gasp came from Chris. Mark continued working Chris’ hole with his finger, getting deeper and feeling the hole start to relax a bit. He looked up and Chris had his eyes closed with a big smile on his face and was holding his legs open for Mark. Mark stood up on the lower bench and ran his cock across Chris’ straight boy hole. When the steel ring touched Chris’s hole, Chris’s eyes opened wide almost immediately, as he exclaimed “No! I can’t take that!” “But your hole says it wants it, Chris,” Mark said softly while rubbing his leaking cock around his pucker and pushing in gently. Chris’ breathing turned into a panting. "Relax, Chris, I'll go easy," Mark said soothingly just before he spat a large glob of saliva on to the head of his cock and a second at mid length. He also worked several globs of saliva into Chris’ hole, using the head of his cock as a bludgeon. “Breathe deep, now exhale” and as Chris exhaled Mark pushed in and felt the head pop inside. Pausing for a moment, Mark let the precum ooze from his cock inside Chris’s tender hole. He started to rock his body, working his cock in deeper and deeper as he heard Chris grunt and groan. Once he was half way in his rocking motion gave way to bigger thrusts and he would occasionally stroke Chris' still hard cock. Usually when Mark got to fuck a straight guy, their cock never stayed hard but Chris was enjoying this too much. As Mark’s strokes got deeper he started nudging Chris’ prostate and he watched as the precum started to run out of Chris’ dick. Mark was thrusting in all the way and feeling his balls slap Chris’ ass. He knew he was close and his conscience was poking his brain. Mark continued driving his cock into the now sloppy hole as he instructed “Chris, look at me.” Chris’ eyes opened as he grunted with each inward stroke and nodded. “Chris, I’m about to cum. I’m HIV positive and I will probably infect you if I breed you. Do you want me to pull out?” The thrusts were getting harder and more erratic. Chris looked right into Mark’s eyes and said “Breed me. Give me your cum.” The words were exactly what Mark wanted to hear and he slammed his cock in as his balls pumped their tainted seed deep into Chris’ fertile hole. After the last spurt of cum shot into Chris’ hole Mark moved back and he pulled his spent cock out of Chris’ now swollen hole. Over his shoulder he heard “That was damn hot.” Turning to look, he saw Dennis there, naked, stroking his hard cock. “Can I have a turn?” Chris weakly nodded, still in a daze. Dennis was in between Chris’ legs before he could change his mind and thrust his cock into the poz-cum filled pussy. Dennis started pounding Chris like it was the last fuck he would ever get. Their bodies slammed together over and over until Dennis grabbed Chris’ shoulders and rammed his cock in all the way and let out a growl as he unloaded his seed deep inside Chris’ guts. Almost immediately Chris’ cock erupted covering both of them with neg cum. Both of them were breathing hard and Dennis slowly pulled his cock out of Chris’ hole. The three of them got up and walked out of the sauna and went to the showers, sharing one shower stall as they rinsed off. Chris turned to Mark and asked “Were you serious about being poz?” “Yeah, I was. You still okay with it?” replied Mark. “Too late now, but yeah. I’ve been wanting to get fucked like that for a long time. Maybe now I’m free to do it." Dennis just grinned as he listened to the conversation. Dennis said “Gotta get back to work. Thanks” and dried off, dressed and left. Chris then dried off and dressed, walking out of the locker room a bit stunned. Mark toweled off and went to his locker. Opening the locker, he took his clothes out and found a note tucked inside. It was Dennis’s phone number. Mark went back to the room and contemplated his actions from last night and today. Was he going down a bad, dark path? After taking a long shower in the room, he made his plan. He got dressed, forgoing his usual jockstrap for boxer briefs, and jeans and a t-shirt. Grabbing his phone and keys he walked out the door and hopped in the car. He drove over to the big chain pharmacy and went inside. Mark roamed the aisles as if on a mission. Damn, he hated how they re-arranged these stores every month so you could never find anything. Finally he turned down the right aisle and spotted his target. He grabbed two home HIV test kits from the shelf then looked around and picked up a ten pack of condoms. Going to the front of the store he noticed this store didn’t have the self-serve checkout lines like his at home did. Oh well. Dropping the items on the counter the middle-aged female clerk looked at him with a disapproving expression. 'Fuck her,' thought Mark. He paid and took his bag out to the car and looked at the clock. It was 12:15 PM. 'Damn, I’m late' he thought. Mark knocked on Joe and Kyle’s door, it took a few minutes before Kyle opened the door. He obviously had just awoken. Mark entered the apartment and tossed the bag on the couch and sat down. Kyle headed to the kitchen and said “Coffee?” "Sure," Mark replied. He sat there a while until Kyle brought the cup of java and Joe finally came out of the bedroom and plopped down in the chair looking pretty hungover. Mark took a sip and then said in a serious tone “Joe, we need to talk about something, but first stand up turn towards the door and pull down your shorts.” Joe slowly got up and said “This is starting out to be a pretty kinky day.” Mark looked at Joe’s butt closely and said, “OK, pull em up and sit down.” Joe looked at Mark very confused. “What the fuck were you doing in the john at the club last night? Are you fuckin’ nuts? Just bent over taking cock like a slut from anyone who pulls his dick out? Do you even know who fucked you last night?” Joe’s jaw dropped and his foggy mind couldn’t put together anything to say. It was just “um, uh, I, uh....” Mark continued “You’re gonna get yourself pozzed like that. And who knows what other diseases - Hep, syphilis, gonno, herpes.” Joe’s face just went blank as he stared back at Mark. With Joe saying nothing and Kyle staying quiet too, he opened the bag and tossed a test box to Joe and the other one to Kyle. “Take these. NOW.” Joe and Kyle opened the boxes and followed the instructions step by step. The room was silent while they waited and Mark kept the time for waiting calling out the first time to check middle and end time. Mark was hoping that Joe was already poz and he wouldn’t be the one that pozzed him up from last night’s fuck. After each time was called, Joe would say 'Fuck' and nothing else. At the end Mark asked “Kyle, what did your test say?” Quietly Kyle said “Neg”. Mark looked at Joe and asked him the same thing. “Neg. Again.” “Again?” Mark asked. “Yeah, we’ve been trying to get pozzed up for a several months now” Joe explained. Kyle was nodding in agreement. “Fuck. Are you nuts? There’s no cure. And if you don’t take the drugs it kills you.” “I’m know what can happen and I’m not nuts. I got sick of trying to avoid it. I hate using condoms, sex is better bare. And it really turns me on thinking each guy who fucks me may be the one to gift me," Joe explained. “There’s PrEP. You can get fucked by anyone and not get pozzed. With HIV anyway,” added Mark. “If I’m taking drugs why not just be poz too?” was Joe’s retort. Mark realized that Joe and Kyle had already made up their minds and he wasn’t going to change them. And deep down, he didn’t want to change their minds. He had already bred each one of them and it was too soon to tell if he infected them. With that realization he made a snap decision. “Well, I was in the john last night watching you get fucked and I know at least one poz guy bred you. And he’s got a pretty high viral load too. So you might be on your way” Mark told Joe. “Who? You watched the whole thing? And didn’t say anything until now? Oh fuck.” said Joe. “No, I just saw part of it. I didn’t know it was you until later” Mark added. “How much later? Did Kyle tell you?” Joe looked at Kyle with an evil look. “No, Kyle didn’t say anything. I found out it was you as I pulled my cock out of your ass and saw the birthmark on your butt cheek,” explained Mark. “So, did the poz guy fuck me before or after you?” asked Joe. “Joe, it WAS me.”
  7. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 5 - The Talk Once again, Mark was jolted awake by his phone. He got up and went into the bathroom and took a long piss. He washed his hands and face, trying to wake up. He grabbed the hookup phone and put it on the charger. He checked the time and it was 3:20. Time to leave. At the last second, Mark grabbed a packet of lube and put it in his jeans pocket. He was planning on taking Joey and his roommate out for a pizza and then hit a few bars after Joey and he had 'taken care of business'. Marked hoped to find someone for a bathroom fuck at one of the bars. He loved fucking straight guys in bars but he hadn’t done it since he got pozzed. Driving over to the apartment he had a knot in his stomach. He had rarely had serious discussions with his brother. He had always looked out for him and given him advice, but this was different. Hopefully it would go okay. He parked and walked up to the building he was in just an hour or so ago. Shaking his head he thought 'Sometimes life is really strange'. Walking up the staircase he found the apartment on the third floor and knocked. He heard someone coming closer and the door then was unlocked. The shock was immediate and the knot in his stomach got much bigger. It was the guy he fucked earlier. Both looked at each other in disbelief. Mark raised his finger to his mouth, telling the guy to stay quiet and got a nod from the guy's stunned face. “Hi I’m Joey’s brother Mark. Is he back from classes yet?” Mark stated, trying to be as calm as possible. “Oh… uh.. hi. Yeah, he’s just changing clothes right now. Come on in.” Mark went in to the apartment and glanced around. It reminded him of Joey’s room in high school but bigger and even messier. The smell of pot hung in the air and on the table in front of the couch were a couple pipes and a small bong. “Have a seat wherever. I’m Kyle, Joe’s roommate.” Mark put out his hand and shook Kyle’s hand like any straight guy would. Kyle still looked stunned and pale. Mark made a mental note to himself 'It’s no longer your kid brother Joey, he’s now Joe'. “Do you want a beer?” asked Kyle as he walked to the kitchen. “Sure, thanks” Mark said as he sat down. He heard the toilet flush and the sink run a bit and out came his brother into the living room. Mark got up and met his brother and hugged him, exclaiming "Damn, it's good to see you again, Joe.” Joe was a bit surprised at the length of the hug he received from his brother. He as no less surprised by Mark's firm grip on his back. Mark had never been that affectionate before. “Good to see you, man," Joe answered as Mark finally stepped back and looked his brother over and smiled. Joe was about the same height as his roommate, maybe a bit taller and more muscular. He had his hair in a short wide mohawk and had a chinstrap beard. His ears were both pierced and plugged. The t-shirt he had on was form fitting and showed his body off. The jeans he had were ripped and he was barefoot. Yeah, he was no longer a kid and is becoming his own person, thought Mark. Joe was also checking his brother. “Nice ink, Dude. Does mom know?” Joe asked. Kyle passed out the beers and they all sat down - Kyle and Joe on the couch, Mark in the chair facing them. Kyle started to pack a bowl which caused Mark to chuckle. “So Mom and Dad are pissed at me, huh?” Joe started saying. Mark laughed but knew that Joe’s statement was pretty close to the truth. “Not pissed, just worried. Do you want to talk alone or….” “Nah, Kyle’s cool and knows everything anyway” Joe replied before Mark could finish his sentence. Mark took a breath and said “So, just between the three of us, what the fuck is going on?” At that point Kyle flicked the lighter and took a big hit and passed the pipe to Joe. Joe did the same and after he exhaled the pot smoke into the air looked at Mark. “Well, I got thrown off the team for failing a drug test.” “I didn’t think they threw you off for pot. Hell, most of the guys I knew on the teams were big pot smokers when I was here. Its not really a performance enhancing drug,” Mark commented, laughing at the last part and reaching for the pipe and lighter. Mark took a hit from the bowl and finished it off, enjoying the hit as he felt it spread through his body. Putting the pipe down, he looked at Joe waiting for the rest of the truth. The pause was uncomfortable and Mark added “So what’s the part you’re not telling? I’m not gonna yell at you, I just want to know and help if I can.” Mark looked at Joe, then Kyle and back to Joe. The silence was broken by Kyle, which surprised Mark. “Tell him Joe, tell him everything. I think he’ll be cool with it.” Mark looked at Kyle and nodded, seeing a different side of the guy he had fucked earlier. Joe started to protest and Kyle looked at him sternly and said “Tell HIM”. Joe glared at Kyle with a very pissed off look. After a few moments, Joe started “oh, fuck. Here it goes. Well, I was caught fucking a couple of the other guys on the team. Uh, more than once. And it wasn’t pot that I tested positive for, it was a bunch of other drugs.” There was a pause, but before Mark could say anything, Joe continued announcing “Yeah, I’m gay. Happy? Is that what you wanted to know? Surprised? Your supposedly straight jock little brother is a fag? Yeah, I like cock. I like ass. I like getting fucked and fucking guys. I like a whole lot of shit you probably would freak out about. And before you ask, yes. Kyle is my boyfriend." After he vented, Joe just broke down and started crying as Kyle held him close. Mark let Joe get it all out. He was sick that he had just caused his brother so much pain yet strangely turned on by finding out his brother was gay too. He always had thought his brother was sexy. What were the chances that both kids from uber-straight, homophobic parents would be gay. Mark needed to let Joe know it was okay and he might as well out himself since Kyle would do it sooner or later. “Joey… uh, Joe. It's okay. Gay, straight, trans… I don’t care. You are what you are and I’ll love you just the same.” Joe looked up and wiped the tears from his face “I’m sorry if I let you down, Mark.” With that comment, Mark almost got angry. “Let me down? Don’t let me ever hear you say something like that again. Being gay is not something to be ashamed of. Its a part of who you are just like being blonde or hairy or hung. Be proud. Enjoy the sex, the friendships that you make and meeting other gay people. We have enough of a problem being persecuted by homophobic assholes that we need to stick together and support each other.” Joe looked at Mark confused. 'Did he just say we’? Joe asked himself, only to decide to voice the question: “We?” Mark smiled back at Joe “Yeah, WE. Your big brother is a homo too. Capice? Happy?” The three of them laughed at the last word. Joe responded “Fuck yeah, I’m happy! I’ve been dreading this day for almost 10 years. I never would have thought that it would work out this good.” “Well, don’t count on Mom and Dad taking it as well. It may just kill them if they find out both of their kids are queer,” Mark commented. Gales of laughter ensued. Kyle got up and grabbed a six pack out of the fridge and handed a beer to each of them. Mark toasted Joe and Kyle “To being gay” and they clinked the bottles and took a big swig. For the next couple hours they drank and smoked, revealed some of their exploits and the times they were sure they were caught by each other or their parents. Joe and Mark hadn’t been this close or opened up to each other since they were in grade school. Mark ordered a pizza as the munchies took hold and when the delivery guy showed up they laughed since all three of them had fucked the guy. As the clock tipped past 10:00 PM they ran out of beer. Mark broke the news and said “Well, I was hoping we would go out to a bar tonight and relax after our ‘meeting.’ You guys interested? And thank god we don’t have to go to a straight bar.” “Fuck yeah!” Joe and Kyle answered in unison. Joe and Kyle changed their clothes and Joe said “I know a great place to go. Its only a few blocks from here.” “Great," Mark replied, adding "But I need to piss first,” as he walked to the bathroom. He left the door open and as he finished up and turned around he saw both guys at the doorway watching. “Too bad we couldn’t see the good stuff” said Joe. The guys walked over to the club and were joking and laughing the whole way. They stood in line for a bit and when they made it to the door, the bouncer asked “Who’s your daddy, Joe?” Mark laughed and then looked at the bouncer a bit closer and chuckled saying “Don’t take shit from Tony, Joe. He’s just a big teddy bear." The bouncer, who stood 6 foot 4 inches of solid muscle, stood up and stared down at Mark. A grin immediately followed as he exclaimed “Holy Fuck! Mark! It's great to see you bud. God, I miss your cock," as Tony and Mark exchanged a big bear hug. At one point Tony actually picked Mark off his feet. The rest of the people in line had prepared for a fight and were relieved to see it was just old friends. Many were laughing about Tony wanting Mark’s cock. "It must be good" said one guy. Tony finally let Mark down and stamped all three of their hands, not collecting the cover charge. “I’ll see you in a bit Mark, when I get a break” said Tony as the three guys went into the club. The music was thumping and the floor was filled with guys dancing. Most were shirtless and some were almost naked with just a jockstrap or thong. Along one side was a large bar with some tables scattered around. They filtered through the crowd and it was obvious that Joe and Kyle knew a lot of the crowd - there were a few hugs and several asses slapped. They found a table that was empty and Mark headed to the bar. There were three bartenders working and he really liked their uniforms - a black jockstrap and a pair of Chucks. It displayed their sweaty bodies nicely and gave him something to lust over while he waited. Mark noticed that each of the bartenders had dollar bills stuck through the top strap, so he wasn’t sure if that was where they stored tips or if they danced too. He didn’t have to wait too long and one of the bartenders came over and yelled “whatcha need?” Mark gazed at the guy a bit too long, taking in his tight Latino body, six pack, smooth caramel skin with several prominent tattoos and a nipple ring. He had a bit of hair on his pecs and a thicker trail down to a sizable bulge in his jockstrap. There were glow sticks wrapped around his biceps showing off the muscle. His gaze was interrupted as the bartender yelled again “WHATCHA WANT?” Embarrassed, Mark yelled back “Three shots of Patron and three PBRs.” The bartender smiled, and gave him a wink and took off to get the drinks. Mark stared at his hot ass, perfectly framed by the jock’s leg straps, as he walked away and Mark felt his cock twitch. Soon the bartender was back with the drinks on a tray - three rocks glasses with a generous shot of tequila, three limes, a salt shaker and three tall cans of Pabst. The bartender yelled out “Thirty bucks, and I need the tray back right away.” Mark peeled off a 20 and two 10s handing 30 to the bartender and then reached over and stuffed the other 10 into the pouch of his jockstrap. Grabbing the tray, he carefully headed back to the table, dropping off the drinks. Mark never cared for the tequila ritual of salt and lime, so he just grabbed the glass as Joe and Kyle licked and salted their hand. “Salut” yelled Mark and they each downed their shots. Mark collected the glasses, salt shaker and spent limes and took them back to the bar and motioned to his sexy latin bartender that he had returned the tray and glasses. The bartender blew him a kiss and Mark blew one back and went back to the table. The table always seemed to have someone stopping by to say hi and he was introduced to many guys: Tim and Brandon, CJ and Nick and Stephanie and… ugh, he would never remember them all which was okay since he would likely never see them again. Joe and Kyle asked “How about we dance?” Mark, however, replied “You can. I’ll hold down the table,” and with that Joe and Kyle were off to the dance area. Mark watched them for a while, nursing his beer and enjoying the sight of his little brother dirty dancing with his boyfriend. At one point he saw Joe slide his hand down the back of Kyle's pants and Mark laughed, wondering if his load was still inside. Suddenly Mark felt a hand on his shoulder and two beers plopped down in front of him. It was Tony. “How the fuck are you?” was Tony’s greeting. “Doing great. Just back visiting for the weekend and checking up on Joey.” Mark and Tony chatted a bit and caught up. At one point Mark mentioned that he had a hotel for the weekend and maybe Tony could stop by before he left and sample his cock one more time. Tony looked down and then moved his head next to Mark’s ear and quietly stated “I’d love to play with you, but we gotta do it covered this time. I’m poz.” Mark turned his head and grinned at Tony and privately told him “No, we don't have to cover up. I'm also poz, but keep it quiet. I don’t want Joe to know yet.” Tony immediately had his smile back and they both hugged. Tony leaned in and told Mark “I haven’t said anything to Joe about you being gay. Does he know?” “Oh yeah, he does now. It has been an interesting day.” Mark made sure that he had Tony’s current number in his phone and Tony headed back to work just as Kyle walked up dripping with sweat and his t-shirt tucked into his jeans. Mark thought 'Damn he looks so fuckable right now' and almost wanted to bend him over and breed him again. Kyle took a swig of his beer and said “Joe is talking to a bud trying to score more weed. He’ll be back in a few.” “Cool” Mark replied and added “I’m gonna take a leak. Gotta recycle this beer.” Kyle said to Mark “Why don’t you wait 'til Joe gets back. I hate standing here alone, I feel like a loser.” Mark laughed and said “Sorry, nature calls and I can’t hold it much longer. You’ll be fine.” Mark headed over to the restroom and walked in. He was amazed at how big it was. How things change in a few years. He guessed gay clubs in college towns are no longer the dives they kept hidden like when he went to school. There were plenty of urinals, several stalls, a bunch of sinks and there seemed to be two connected rooms. He saw one stall with its door open and a guy fucking another just like he was in the airport the day before. He spotted an open urinal near the end and hurried over to it, whipping out his cock and pissed like crazy. Over his shoulder he heard a bunch of guys yelling and cheering. Once he finished pissing, he stuffed his cock back in his pants, quickly rinsed off his hands, and stepped into the other room to confirm what he suspected was going on. And right he was. The second room was occupied by a group of about a dozen guys circled tightly around a guy who was bent over getting spit roasted. Mark moved in closer and watched the guy to his right drill the bottom slut. Each of the guys surrounding the bottom was stroking his cock, some of whom blew cum on the slut’s back. Mark pulled his cock out and started to stroke. The guy to his left let out a “Holy fuck, this dude’s pierced.” Mark blushed as everyone looked over to see his hard cock and 0 gauge PA. The guy to Mark’s left reached over and stroked Mark’s cock, gripping it tightly, and Mark reached over and stroked the guy's cock. The guy to his right grunted, bending over the slut, slamming his cock balls-deep as he came. The guy pulled out, his cum clearly oozing out of the slut’s hole. The guy to Mark’s left nudged him over and said “I want to see you fuck this cumdump.” A few of the other men nodded, as each stroke himself. Mark moved over and rubbed some of the cum on to the head of his cock and rested the ring on the slut's hole. Pushing in, the sluts well lubed and stretched hole swallowed up his thick cock. Once he was all the way in, he started fucking for all he was worth, totally enjoying the slut's hole. The guy to his left leaned over and kissed him while pinching his nipple. His thrusts got harder and harder the more his nips were played with. He felt his balls start to tighten and then the guy twisted his nip hard. That was all it took and Mark started to flood the slut with his venom. One spurt became five, then six, then seven. The guy to his left broke the kiss and stopped the nipple play and Mark pulled his cock out of the slut. Looking down at the slut’s ass he saw some cum drip out and a birthmark on the slut's right cheek. “Oh fuck,” he muttered. Mark stuffed his cum-covered cock back into his jockstrap, he zipped, again washed his hands, the whole time his heart raced. Leaving the men's room he headed back to the table and found Kyle there, who immediately asked “You okay man? You look like you saw a ghost.” Mark said “I’m fine. I just caught my cock on my zipper.” Kyle had gotten a round of beers and Mark took a big swig. The awkward silence was broken when Mark whispered in Kyle’s ear “Let’s keep our hookup this afternoon just between the two of us for now. Okay?” Kyle quietly replied "Absolutely. Joe knows I got bred this afternoon, but I didn’t tell him it was you.” “Thanks” Mark replied as he absorbed the ramifications. About that time Joe walked up and smiled, patting his bulging pocket. “Scored some good stuff.” They finished their beers and Joe said it had been a long hard week he was beat. It was almost closing time anyway, so how about they meet tomorrow about noon. Mark agreed and they headed out of the club where Mark slapped Tony’s ass and gave him a big hug. The guys walked back to the apartment. They hugged goodbye at the building door and Mark went to his car still kind of buzzed. 'Good thing the hotel isn’t far' he thought. He pulled in to the space right by his hotel room and went inside. Stripping his clothes off, he went into the shower and rinsed off. Leaning against the wall he let the hot water run all over his body. Finally he turned the water off and dried his body off and fell into the bed. Muttering 'shit' to himself, he rolled over and soon was sound asleep.
  8. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 4 - Friday Funday Mark was awakened by his phone ringing and finally got to it right before it went to voicemail. “Hello,” he answered in a groggy voice. It was his mom. “Did you make it okay? Have you talked to Joel? Why not?” It was a one-sided conversation in which he couldn’t get time to answer the questions with more than one word before she started the next question. He just let her talk until she was done and told her everything would be fine. He would talk to Joey after he finished classes today and not to worry. He tossed the phone on the bed and wandered into the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and said to himself “This is not going to be fun.” He shaved, showered and brushed his teeth and went over to the dresser. He grabbed some clothes to put on, a jock, a pair of jeans and a tee. The clothes were all tight fitting and showed off his body nicely - bulge, bubble butt, abs, pecs and biceps. He decided that he needed a decent meal since yesterday diet of coffee and sex left him pretty starved. Mark wandered down to the lobby area where they had a continental breakfast laid out. Not many people were there since it was 8:30 AM. A family with a mom, dad and two little kids; an elderly couple; and a large middle aged woman. The dad was his mid 30s and was not unattractive. He probably was a jock in his high school and college days, but life as a family man was obviously taking its toll. He looked tired and was putting on some weight. The kids were screaming for their food, tugging at his pants for attention and constantly changing what they wanted. Mark grabbed a bowl and put some fresh fruit and yogurt in it, then grabbed another bowl and filled it with cereal and milk. He set the bowls at an empty table and grabbed a cup of coffee. He sat down and chuckled - his mom would be proud of him eating a nutritious meal. As he ate breakfast he caught up on emails and the news. Getting up to get another cup of coffee he overheard the mom tell her husband "See? You don’t want to look like that. All those ugly tattoos. You can barely see his skin. UGH! He’s probably a drug dealer.” Laughing to himself, Mark thought 'She must be talking about me. That poor pussy-whipped sucker is stuck listening to her bitch at him for the next 50 years unless he divorces her - or kills her'. Mark cleaned his table off and took his coffee back to the room. Looking at the clock he had six and a half hours until he needed to be at Joey’s apartment. “Let’s see who’s around” he thought to himself and grabbed his hookup phone. The apps on this phone were a lot different than his normal phone. No news or weather apps, just a couple hookup apps, a Craigslist app and a web browser. He looked through the apps and Craigslist and there was nothing of interest. “Probably a bit too early for any students” he guessed. He grabbed the car keys and his 'fuck bag' which contained lube, poppers and a safety pin and decided to take a wander around town to see if any of his old haunts were still there. Driving around he was amazed at how much it had changed. New strip malls where cheap student housing used to be. New names for old bars. His favorite ABS was now an office building parking lot. He drove over to the campus and parked the car. Suddenly he felt a little old or the freshmen looked really young, he couldn’t decide which. Wandering around he ended up at the library and decided to check out the restrooms he used to cruise in. Walking in to the first one he immediately noticed the security camera on the ceiling. 'Damn, there’s no action gonna happen here', he thought. He hit the other one in the basement that usually attracted the kinkier guys and found the same thing. 'Fuck, where do guys hookup around here'? He remembered the storage room over in the old engineering building and wandered that way. When he got close all he saw was a crane with a wrecking ball and the building mostly demolished. His heart sank. He had sucked and fucked a lot there during his tenure. He walked around a bit more and sat down on a park bench and pulled out the phone. More people were on the apps but nothing really looked good. Getting on Craigslist he did a few searches and only found one that looked promising: Horny bottom cub looking for hot sex. 27, 5’10, 200lbs, furry ass, safe or bb, anon ok The pics looked decent, especially the one with him laying in a sling. He decided what the fuck and sent a reply including his phone number and a couple of his own pics - the obligatory dick pic and a body shot. He kept searching with different terms and wasn’t finding much else when his phone rang. He answered and it was the cub from Craigslist. They traded questions and answers for a minute and Mark got the address. Half an hour to get there was more than enough time so he went back to the car and drove to the address to check the area out. Finding nothing suspicious, he found a spot to park and waited five minutes. Taking out a lube packet and the brown popper bottle he put them in his jeans pocket. No need for the safety pin to sabotage a condom, since the guy wanted a raw fuck and sounded excited when Mark had told him he never pulls out to cum. Walking up to the door of the house Mark took one last look around to make sure he was safe and knocked on the door. The door opened and standing in front of him was the guy in just a black jockstrap and a black leather harness. Just like the pictures, if not better. It looked like he had been working out a bit since the pics were taken and was turning into a sexy muscle cub. He had dark hair, a slightly bushy beard, fur covering his chest, abs and legs. Mark introduced himself saying “Hey, I’m the guy who from the Craigslist ad”. The cub took a look around and smiled before asking Mark to come inside. Mark followed him back to the bedroom and could smell the pot smoke lingering around. The bedroom was a little small but it was obvious a lot of sex had happened there. The bed had restraints on each corner, there were a couple boxes of various toys next to the bed and there was a large eyelet screwed into the ceiling. Mark grabbed the cub by his harness and pulled him close, roughly kissing him before pushing him back a bit and spitting in his mouth. “You ready, fucker?” Mark asked. “Yes Sir!” was the response. Mark didn’t consider himself a Dom, but he could become quite dominant given the right bottom and this guy fit the bill. He quickly shed his clothes and took the lube and poppers out and tossed them on the bed. Grabbing the cub by the harness again he pushed him back next to the bed and then pushed him to his knees. The cub was on Mark’s cock in a second and started licking all around it before grabbing the PA with his teeth and tugging. Mark grinned as he looked down watching the guy suck his cock like a pro. The cub was rougher than most with his cock sucking and it set the tone for an aggressive fuck. After using his tongue on Mark’s balls, shaft, head and piercing he swallowed Mark’s cock all the way down. Mark gasped and then moaned in pleasure. Not many guys had been able to swallow his cock that easily and with each passing moment Mark realized that this guy was going to be a great fuck. Mark began to fuck the guys face, driving his cock deep and holding it there for several seconds until he felt the cub start to struggle. Each time he did it, he waited just a bit longer, depriving the cub of air. With his cock covered in spit and throat slime, Mark lifted the cub to the bed, spun him around and got him on all fours. Mark looked at the cub’s furry ass and licked his lips. Many of Mark’s friends were not into hairy asses, but they really turned him on. Licking up from the cub’s balls, over his taint and along the crack he tasted the cub’s scent. Licking up to the cub’s hole, he zeroed in on his target. He was disappointed that he couldn’t taste any cum from an earlier breeding. Fucking the hole with his tongue he felt the hole start to open and relax. He sucked on the pucker and forced some of his spit inside. Moving his hand over the furry butt cheek, he pushed a finger in next to his tongue. Feeling the warmth of the cub’s hole he began to alternate his tongue and finger inside the hole. The cub was groaning in pleasure at the assplay and Mark started to get more aggressive with his finger before adding a second finger. Mark felt his cock starting to drip precum and knew both of them were ready for the real fuck. Mark stood up and rubbed the piercing around the cub’s ring. Grabbing the lube packet, he ripped it open and dripped some on and in the cub’s hole. Adding some to the tip and shaft of his cock he leaned in and started to push. He felt the hole relax and the ring and head slipped inside before the hole tightened around it. “Aaaahhhh, fuck yeah” Mark muttered as he continued pushing his cock into the cub’s velvety hole. Grabbing the cub's hips, Mark began to fuck, thrusting in harder and harder until his cock was planted all the way in. The cub was rocking his ass back to meet Mark’s thrusts and Mark was bouncing off the cub’s furry, muscled butt each time. Between the lube and Mark’s precum the cub’s hole was slick and easy to power fuck. The cub for his part was working his ass muscles and milking Mark’s cock. Mark pulled out and pushed the cub into the middle of the bed. Standing on the bed straddling the cub, Mark bent down and slammed his cock back into the cub. The cub grunted and responded “Fuck yes, Sir!” Mark’s sweat was dripping off of him on to the cub's back as he pounded the cub’s ass with long hard strokes. With the cub gripping Mark’s cock with his ass, Mark soon felt his balls start to tighten up and his cock engorge. With his final few stroke, he slammed his cock hard into the cub and his cock began to shoot volley after volley of diseased cum into the cub’s hole. Mark fell on top of the cub and piston’d his cock in a few more times before pulling out. Both of them rolled over on the bed breathing hard. The cub spoke first “Thanks man, that was awesome. I love feeling my ass full of cum.” Mark replied “Yeah, that was fuckin’ good. You really know how to work a cock. Thanks”. After a minute the cub said “I hope you don’t mind taking off, but I have another guy coming over in about 10 minutes and it gets awkward the tops run into each other.” Mark chuckled and said “No problem man. You’re all lubed for him, that's for sure.” Mark got up and put his clothes back on and walked to the front door, the cub close behind. Mark slapped his ass and said “Thanks, enjoy the load,” before walking out the door and to his car. Mark had worked up an appetite from the fuck, so he drove over to a sandwich shop he used to go to. Thankfully it was still there. Going in, he got his 'usual', a spicy italian sub with fresh mozzarella and a drink. He chowed down on the sandwich and felt the burn of the spicy meats and giardiniera. His energy replenished, Mark opened his phone again and looked around to see what fun he might be able to squeeze in before going back to the hotel for a shower and then meeting up with his brother. Looking through the apps and CL again, he found a few more things that looked promising but nothing that sounded great. Finally he found a guy that was looking for a 'quick pump and dump, no blowjobs'. The guy had a good description 'gwm, ex-jock, cumdump btm 5’6, 155, tight ass' and it said 'BB only, no loads refused'. Hmmm. A few messages back and forth and they had a meeting time and place. No mention was made about status and Mark wasn’t going to tell unless he had to. The street sounded familiar, but Mark couldn’t figure out why. The guy wanted to meet/fuck in the storage room of his apt building in case his roommate came home. The guy said he was on his way back from classes so he needed a bit of time to clean up. Mark had 45 minutes to kill so he drove around a bit more hoping to see a few more places he used to go to still there. A few minutes before the meeting time, Mark pulled up to a large apartment building. Then it hit him. This is where his brother lived. Same fucking address. Crap. What was he going to do? The pics didn’t look like his brother, which was a relief, but he didn’t want to possibly run into Joey having just fucked a hookup, but to cancel now would be a dick move, so he decided to chance it. Besides, he was horny again and his cock was half hard already. Mark grabbed a new lube packet and the poppers and went in to the building, down the stairs, to end of the hall and the door on the right. Knock twice, followed by a single knock. The door opened and there stood the guy. “Sup” was all the guy said. The description matched perfectly, so Mark walked into the storage room and followed the guy to the end of the aisle and turned. There were some boxes there and the guy pushed his gym shorts down showing a bare, hairless, muscled bubble butt. Mark grabbed the poppers and took a hit and passed them to the guy who did a couple hits. Mark dropped his jeans down and pulled out his semi-rigid cock and stroked it several times until it was hard. Lubing the guy's ass from the packet, he put some on his cock and spread the guy's ass cheeks, teased the guy's hole for a couple seconds and then pushed in. Mark heard the guy grunt out “Oh my fucking god, oh fuck fuck fuck,” as Mark shoved his cock in balls-deep in with one long push. He knew he was tearing the hell out of the guy's hole, but Mark felt if you say “no loads refused” it really means “poz me up” and Mark was going to try his best. Once he got all the way in he didn’t wait to start pounding the guy's hole with no mercy. His body kept slamming into the guy's ass over and over. Mark ground his hips as he was thrusting in. All you could hear in the room was the drone of some building equipment, the slapping of skin, Mark’s grunts and the guys constant “Oh fuck.” Mark was being rough and brutal and his goal was to make this guy a 'one and done' conversion. Some jackrabbit fucking followed by several hard thrusts jabbing into the walls of his ass. Pull all the way out and slam back in. Finally Mark couldn’t last any longer and drove his cock in deep and felt the pulsations as his balls pumped the demon seed into the guy. The breeding complete, Mark pulled his cock out and saw his cock covered in cum and blood. He grabbed the guys shorts and pulled them up, wiping his cock on them before letting the shorts snap tight around the guy's waist. “Thanks, bud” Mark said and walked out of the room, letting the door close behind him. Mark hurried out of the building and back to the car hoping he wouldn’t run into Joey. Looking at his phone he saw the time - 19 minutes from meet to breed to gone. Perfect. The phone buzzed with a message. It was from the guy he just fucked. “OMG that was hot. Can we do again tomorrow?” Mark just laughed “Greedy fucker” and drove back to the hotel. Mark walked in the room and it was sparkling clean. The stained bedspread was replaced and the stack of extra towels was even higher. A note was on the pillow with a wrapped piece of chocolate and his butt plug, all cleaned. The note read simply “Thanks again, Dennis.” Mark showered and put some clean clothes on and laid down on the couch watching TV. He set the alarm on his phone and laid his head back to take a quick nap.
  9. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 3 - Getting to the hotel As he is walked up to the car rental counter, he checked the guy out and laughed to himself, thinking 'Poor fitting, cheap white dress shirt? Check. Ugly $5 tie? check. Can’t see his pants, but probably cheap polyester dress pants? Maybe. Over enthusiastic smile? Check. Cute, naive and probably straight 18-21 year old? Check'. The guy was thin and shorter than Mark, about 5 foot 8 inches, longish hair that was bleached with streaks of red, green and blue. His ears had large plugs and his nose had a septum ring. Definitely not the type Mark usually went after. Mark got to the counter and took his wallet and got his license and credit card out. Before he could say anything, the guy cheerfully greeted him with “Good evening sir. Welcome to A1 Car Rental. My name is Aaron and how can I help you tonight?” Mark smiled, leaned on the counter with both arms and told Aaron that he had a reservation, gave him his name and handed over his license and credit card. While they were going over all the info Mark caught Aaron checking him out and then staring at his hand on the counter. It was then Mark realized that he still had his pride bracelet on and it was showing below the cuff of his jacket. 'Better remember to remove it later since this place isn't as gay friendly as home,' he thought. It seemed like there were hundreds of questions and Mark just wanted to get to the hotel. Once finished Aaron handed Mark the keys and said “We are all out of compact cars that you reserved, so I gave you a free upgrade to a premium car.” “Oh, thanks Aaron. I appreciate it. Uh, is there a restroom I can use before I get on the road?” “Yes, down the hall to the right is the men’s room,” Aaron replied. “Thanks, I’ll be right back” Mark said, leaving his suitcase next to the counter and went into the bathroom. Mark was standing at the urinal pissing when Aaron walked in and locked the door. Mark looked over and could see Aaron, who nervously asked "Uh, is there.. uh.. anything I can… help you with?” Mark chuckled to himself, remembering the days when he first started hitting on guys. Shaking the last of the piss off his cock Mark turned around and answered "Yeah, there is. But first.. how old are you?” "Nineteen, sir," Aaron replied. “Cool. You want to suck my cock Aaron?” With that, Aaron turned bright red and looked down at his feet. “Come on, Aaron. Nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re gay or bi, then you’re going to have to get used to sucking cock.” Aaron moved closer to Mark and looked up at him. Mark put his hand on Aaron’s shoulder and pushed him down. Aaron got on his knees and looked up again at Mark. “Take it in your mouth and suck it Aaron. I doubt that this is your first time giving a blowjob," Mark softly commented. With that Aaron lifted Mark’s flaccid cock and gasped when he saw the piercing. Mark laughed “Never seen a pierced cock before Aaron?” Aaron sheepishly replied “No sir." “Well, lets get rid of the sir bullshit since I’m not that old and I’m not your Dom. Now try it. See how it feels.” “Okay” Aaron replied before he wrapped his lips around Mark’s soft cock. The sight of the young guy starting to suck his cock got Mark excited pretty quickly. Mark’s cock stiffened and Aaron eagerly started to suck his cock. 'Pretty damn good for a noob,' thought Mark as Aaron’s tongue licked, probed and explored Mark’s cock. Aaron started to take the cock deeper into his mouth and Mark started to slowly fuck his face. Occasionally Aaron’s teeth would scrape along Mark’s cock and Mark would bark "Watch your teeth.” He got in a good rhythm and was softly moaning when Mark looked down at Aaron with an evil grin. 'Should I?' Mark mused. Mark’s hands moved to the sides of Aaron’s head and he started to fuck Aaron’s mouth harder. Slowing the pace down Mark asked Aaron “You want to get fucked Aaron?” Aaron’s eyes got very wide and Mark could sense the boy was conflicted. Soon Mark heard what he was hoping for, a muffled “Mmmhmm.” Mark pulled his hard cock from Aaron’s mouth and helped him stand. “Move over to the sink” and Aaron went over quickly and unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor. “Mmmm, very eager” thought Mark. Mark got on his knees and pulled the boy’s tightey whitey’s down and ran his tongue between Aaron’s ass cheeks. Smelling as he went, Mark was surprised - damn clean with just a good man scent from the sweat of working all day. Spreading Aaron’s cheeks his tongue dove in licking around the boy’s hole before probing in. Aaron gasped as he felt the tongue around his hole. Mark forced some spit into Aaron’s pussy and got up. Mark fished a packet of lube out of his backpack and rubbed some on his rock hard cock and Aaron’s hole. Pressing in, he told Aaron to relax and breathe. Soon, he felt the PA and then the head of his cock pop inside Aaron’s tight hole. Giving Aaron a moment to get used to his thick cock, Mark then started to rock back and forth getting his cock deeper each time. He could tell Aaron was hiding the pain he was in, Mark added a bit more lube and continued to fuck his cock in deeper. When he was almost all the way in, Mark thrusted in the last inch and held his throbbing cock deep inside Aaron. A few moments later, Mark started to piston his cock into Aaron’s hole, his poz precum coating the walls of the young man’s chute. As it got slicker Mark could sense that Aaron was enjoying the fuck, he was moaning and softly saying “oh fuck yeah” over and over. All of a sudden Aaron jolted up and said “You’re using a condom, right?” Mark, continued his thrusts brushing his thumb over Aaron’s nipple. “No Aaron, I don’t use condoms. Don’t worry, every thing will be fine” Mark began to pick up the pace with long, firm strokes and started pinching both of Aaron’s nipples through his shirt. Each pinch got exactly the response that Mark was hoping for - Aaron would clench his ass around Mark’s cock. “But we should” muttered Aaron between moans. Mark whispered in his ear “Doesn’t this feel better than with a condom?” After several minutes of Aaron’s ass working his cock, Mark couldn’t take any more and gave several frenzied thrusts before he shoved in all the way and unleashed his poisonous seed inside Aaron’s tight young pussy. Mark thrust in hard a few last times and pulled his cock out. He noticed a few red streaks on his cock and a bit of shit on his PA. He grabbed a paper towel and cleaned off his cock, not wanting Aaron to see the blood. Aaron was just standing there breathing heavy with sweat dripping off his face. Mark wiped the the sweat off with a clean paper towel and kissed Aaron’s neck. “Thanks, Aaron. You really know how to make a customer happy, hehe.” “Thanks, Mark. That was amazing. I have never taken a bare cock before. It does feel much better. I can even feel your cum drip down my leg!” “Well, I hope you keep doing it. You will enjoy sex a lot more. But… I need to leave so I can get to my hotel. This really got me in the perfect mood for the drive” Mark said. Aaron and Mark pulled up their pants and quickly washed their faces before going back out into the main office. “Let me show you your car, sir” Aaron stated, back in ‘overly helpful employee’ mode. Mark and Aaron walked out to the parking lot and found the car freshly cleaned and much nicer than the cheap econobox that Mark had reserved. With his backpack and suitcase in the trunk and his phone connected to the car’s audio system, Aaron wished Mark a safe ride and added “I’ll be working when you return the car. Please ask for me” Mark smiled and assured him he would before pulling out for the hour long ride to the university and hotel. The drive to the hotel was boring. Mark had driven it dozens of times when he went to school here, so he cranked up the tunes and cruised down the highway. Thoughts ran through his head about the day’s unexpected events - How was Eric doing? How toxic was the load he took? How much he enjoyed breeding Aaron. Will the load he left in Aaron poz him up? Will the car rental place be as empty when I return the car so I can nail Aaron again? Before he knew it, the exit came up and Mark turned off and drove down the city streets to the hotel. He surprised himself at how he remembered how to navigate around town and he hadn’t been here in over 2 years. Pulling into the hotel parking lot he found a spot and went in to check in. Walking up to the front desk, it was empty. After tapping the bell, a young college aged guy came out of the back office and greeted him with the standard scripted corporate greeting “Hi I’m Dennis. Welcome to the Rest Inn Lodge. How can I help you?” “Yeah, I have a reservation”. Mark looked Dennis over as he typed all the info into the computer. Dennis was a tall ginger. About the same height as Mark, but thinner. He had a trimmed dense beard and judging by the hair on his arms that he could see below the shirt cuffs was probably a bit furry. His left ear had several piercings on the bottom and an industrial bar through the top. Several tattoos were showing through the thin white dress shirt he wore. The more Mark looked the more he liked what he saw. After getting all of the info he needed, Dennis said “would you prefer a king size bed or would two queens be ok?” Mark looked at Dennis with a look of “are you kidding?” and said “two queens don’t do anything for me. Not my type. I’ll take the king” with a chuckle. Dennis’s jaw dropped and he realized the double meaning and let out a laugh. “Sorry, its been a long day. Here’s the key for room 152. Its around back so its a bit more private and quiet. Since its an away game this week, the hotel is pretty empty, so no one should disturb you. If there’s anything I can do to make your stay more enjoyable, let me know” Mark took the key and winked at Dennis and wandered back out to the car and drove around the building. There were only a few cars back near his room so he found the one in front of his room and parked. Mark dragged his suitcase and backpack in and dropped both down on the bench in the room. He looked around and saw this was much nicer than the standard room he had reserved. The bathroom was large with a walk in shower big enough for 3 or 4, the king size bed had plenty of room around it and the couch and table gave another place to fuck. On the wall was a large flat screen TV. This would be ideal for a little group fun if he can find the time. Mark went into the bathroom and pulled out the wad of TP in his ass, noticing just a bit of blood on it. He cleaned his ass up with soap, water and a washcloth. He looked himself over in the mirror and smiled. His ass still ached a bit but it was a good reminder of the fuck earlier. He turned and went back into the main room naked and started to unpack. Mark had most of his clothes put away in the dresser and picked up his phone and looked at the time. 11:35PM. Damn, he thought. Too late to go over and see his brother Joey. Mark sent him a text message telling he was at the hotel and would see him the next day after classes. He got a reply back almost right away. Joey said “c u 3:30.” Mark shook his head. Joey never texted more than the bare minimum. Mark fished out his hookup phone from his backpack and turned it on. He always carried a second phone that he could use for hooking up. If there was anyone harrassing him, he would just pick up a new SIM card and have a new number so any hookups wouldn’t be able to track him down if they got pissed about any unexpected gifts they got from him. Only trusted people got his real number. He plugged both phones and the tablet in to recharge and heard a knock on the door. Surprised, he grabbed a pair of underwear and threw them on as he went to the door. Looking through the peephole he saw Dennis standing there with something in his hands. He opened the door about 6 inches and said “Yeah?” Dennis stumbled for some words and finally blurted out “I… uh… brought you some………….uh extra towels and soap. I thought you might need them”. Mark opened the door the rest of the way and said “Uh, thanks” with a confused look on his face and motioned for Dennis to come in. Dennis entered the room and set the stack of towels down on the couch. He turned to Mark and looked a bit embarrassed. “I saw your bracelet and we keep this room available for, uh, family. Its a great room to get a group of people together for… fun.” Dennis said, followed by “I hope I didn’t offend you.” Mark could tell that Dennis was checking out his almost naked body - his eyes were looking him up and down and he even licked his lips. Mark burst out laughing. “Hell no, I was just thinking that this would make a great orgy room!” Hearing Mark’s comment, Dennis let out a sigh of relief. Mark said “Thanks for the setup, hopefully I can put it to good use sometime this weekend. I don’t want to keep you from the front desk but if I do have a get together here, I’ll be sure to let you know”. Dennis gave a big smile “Thanks, I bet it would be fun. And… I’m done with work, I just wanted to drop this stuff off before I went home”. Mark was always a sucker for a good smile and pushed the door closed. “If you want to hang around a bit before you go home, maybe we can dirty one of those towels.” “I can’t stay long, my boyfriend is waiting for me”. “Oh?” Mark replied, the sound of disappointment in his voice was obvious. “Oh, its nothing like that. We’re very open. He’s probably laying in bed right now with a load or 2 in his ass.” was Dennis’s response. That was all that Mark needed to know. He walked over to Dennis and untied his tie, pulling it from the collar of his shirt and tossed it on the bed. As fast as he could, he unbuttoned Dennis’s shirt. He had to see his body and see just how sexy Dennis was. Dennis was feverishly kicking off his shoes, socks and pants and in a matter of seconds was standing there in only his jockstrap. Mark backed up a few feet and took Dennis’s body in. All of his guesses were right - ginger fur covered Dennis’s pecs and there was a trail down to his cock. Dennis was not heavily muscled but wasn’t a twig either. His body was well defined and had just enough muscle mass to balance his body. What really turned Mark on was the ink covering his body. Most of Dennis’s torso and arms were covered in ink. Not the random “I get a tattoo every time I get really drunk” that many guys get, but a well planned canvas. Lots of black ink with pops of color. The two looked over each others ink admiring the similarities and differences. As Mark’s cock throbbed he thought that this was going to be an even better fuck than he expected. Mark finally stopped looking and pushed Dennis to the bed. Dennis laid back on the bed as Mark dug into his suitcase and pulled out the baggie of lube and poppers, then pushed the suitcase next to the bed. Mark dropped his shorts and walked towards the bed. Dennis looked at Mark’s cock with the big PA and let out a gasp exclaiming “oh my fucking god, yeah. I want that.” Both of their cocks started to stiffen in anticipation. Mark climbed on to the bed and moved over on top of Dennis. He grabbed the tie on the bed and wrapped it around Dennis’s wrists and then tied the other end to the bed’s headboard spindles. “You’re fuckin’ mine now” Mark growled punching both of Dennis’s pecs. Pushing Dennis’s ass into the air he slapped both cheeks and buried his face into the crack. Chewing and licking, he ravaged Dennis’s hole. Dennis kept groaning and encouraging Mark to keep going, get rougher and use his hole. Mark’s cock was dripping precum all over the bedspread and he knew he had to fuck him soon or he would waste his load. Lowering Dennis’s butt down, he slapped his cock against the furry hole. Grabbing the brown bottle he took a couple of hits and passed the poppers to Dennis who took two long hits. Seeing the rush hit Dennis he leaned in and pushed his cock deep into Dennis’s hungry hole. It was obvious that as inexperienced as Aaron was earlier, Dennis was a pro at taking cock. He knew exactly how to work his hole, milking Mark’s cock. His verbal encouragement as Mark pounded his hole just kept making their fuck even more intense. There wasn’t any comment about condoms, in fact Dennis was telling how he loved feeling Mark’s raw cock inside him and how the precum was making his hole slick and sloppy. And Mark was leaking like crazy as he drove his cock in and out of Dennis’s hole. Soon Mark hit the point of no return as he felt his balls start to tighten and cock thicken. Dennis was just as close to shooting from Mark’s cock repeatedly hitting his prostate. Dennis didn’t skip a beat and kept egging Mark on to “breed my fuckin’ hole” and “fill my guts up with your hot load”. Mark grunted and shoved and finally slammed in as his cock exploded pumping his charged up cum deep inside Dennis’s cunt. As soon as Dennis felt Mark’s cock start to shoot, he began to orgasm and blasted his load all over his chest and face. Sweat and cum covered both of their bodies and Mark collapsed on top of Dennis trying to catch his breath. When the rush faded he rolled over next to Dennis and untied his wrists and laid back down. Mark started thinking about Dennis’s comments when he was fucking him. The last one really caught Mark by surprise. Did he mean what I think he means? Mark did flood Dennis’s guts with a very hot load. Dennis broke the silence and said “Damn man. That was fuckin’ intense. That was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had!” Mark agreed with a “Fuck yeah”. As they lay there kissing and stroking each other one thing bothered Mark. After several minutes he finally asked “Dennis, What’s the deal with this un-inked spot? Are you saving it for another tattoo?” Dennis had a look of surprise on his face. He stammered a bit and finally said “yeah, I’m just waiting until I earn it”. Curious, Mark started to push. Earn? Dennis was very evasive and a thought flashed in Mark’s mind. “Ooohhhh, I think I know.” Dennis looked a bit panicked but just said “What?” somewhat innocently. “Maybe you think theres a biohazard or a scorpion tattoo in your future? It would look perfect there.” All Dennis could say was a quiet “Busted.” Mark gave a chuckle and said “We just met and you had no problem letting me fuck you bareback and begged for my load with no questions asked. Are you chasing or just think its inevitable?” Dennis looked straight at Mark unsure how to answer and finally said “Chasing” and dropped his head. Mark grinned and put his finger under Dennis’s chin and tilted it back up. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed about what you want.” Mark paused a moment trying to decide whether to tell him the truth. “In fact, your chase might be over. You’ve got a big toxic load in your ass right now and it might be the one that pozzes you up.” It took a minute for Mark’s words to really sink in but when it did a smile came over his face. “Really? You’re not lying to me like some guys have?” Mark looked back at Dennis telling him “Nope, not lying. I was pozzed a few months ago and not on meds. My seed has got a bit of a kick and has ended a few chases already.” Dennis sat up and hugged and kissed Mark. “Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU” was all Dennis could say. Mark cautioned Dennis “You won’t know if it took for a few weeks, so don’t get too excited. Be patient and maybe your wish will come true.” Mark reached back into his suitcase and pulled out a buttplug and handed it to Dennis. “Put that puppy in there to keep the cum inside to do its work and let’s grab a shower”. They both got into the shower and soaped each other up and cleaned the sweat and cum off their bodies. While rinsing off Dennis moved over and hugged Mark tight and kissed him passionately. “Thanks. I really hope that this is the one that takes” Dennis whispered in Mark’s ear. Mark tapped the plug in Dennis ass with his hand “I hope so too. If it does, just promise me you will share your gift with lots of others.” “Oh I will” said Dennis with an evil smirk. Looking over at the clock, Dennis let out a sigh. “Damn, its late. I need to get home and you probably need some sleep.” Dennis quickly left and Mark pulled the stained bedspread back and lay in bed. “Its been a great fucking day” he thought before falling asleep.
  10. A Brother in Trouble

    Thanks for the comments. Hope you enjoy the rest of it too. -------------- Part 2 - Travel time The next one and a half weeks flew by. The apartment suddenly had the same energy that it used to have. The two of them were joking and groping each other like when they had first met. The sex between Mark and Eric was non-stop. There were long fuck sessions in the evening until they passed out along with the occasional morning breeding. Eric was getting numerous doses of poz cum and his ass was constantly sore. At one point Mark asked Eric if it was okay to bring a couple other poz guys over to help make sure he got knocked up, but Eric insisted that he wanted only one person to be the one that charged him up and that was Mark. The night before Mark was to fly out to visit his brother, he started packing his suitcase. He laid out a few things and before he could get too far, Eric was behind him, naked. Eric started to undress Mark, playfully biting his neck and rubbing his body. Soon they were both on the bed naked and Eric really started to take over. He needed to fuck for a change since he had been bottoming all the time since he told Mark he wanted to convert. Eric quickly had Mark sucking his hard cock and before too long was fucking Mark’s face. He knew his shorter dick wouldn’t gag Mark and decided that once he was poz he would get his cock pierced like Mark’s. Once his cock was covered in spit he climbed between Mark’s legs and teased his hole to get it ready. A bit of tongue, some fingers, and finally cock played with Mark’s fuck hole until he started to push in slow and steady. As the head finally made it past the ring, Eric moved to fuck Mark harder and harder. He was so horned up from not fucking that it didn’t take long before he got to the point of no return. As his balls and cock throbbed, he told Mark “I’m not sure whether this load is neg or poz but its going inside you. NOW," burying his cock deep in Mark’s hole as the rush of cum shoot inside. The orgasm was one of the most intense that he had ever had. Eric looked down at Mark and saw a big huge grin on his face. Both of them had enjoyed this quick reversal of roles but now it was time for Eric’s dose of toxic seed. Mark flipped Eric over and drove his cock in hard. He had been dripping precum the entire time Eric had been fucking him and the precum lubed up Eric’s hole very fast. Mark was sure that there was no real need to breed Eric again, he was probably already infected but with the spark back in their relationship he didn’t want to derail it again. Mark decided that tonight’s fuck would be more sensuous than the previous week’s sex had been. Firm and hard, but still more akin to making love. He was going to be gone for several days and wanted tonight to be more than just a fuck to poz Eric up. They fucked for over two hours, during which Mark came in Eric three times, to the point his balls ached. Eric fucked Mark again and gave Mark an additional two loads, so the score was even at three loads each. They then collapsed, falling into a deep sleep. Mark got up early Thursday morning and finished packing. He knew he overpacked for just a few days trip, but he made sure there was plenty if lube and poppers in his bag. At the last minute he grabbed a dildo, a plug, some ropes and a blindfold and dumped them in the bag. Any drugs he wanted while he was back in the Midwest he could score on campus. Maybe even from the same guys he used to buy from, he laughed. He grabbed a Uber to the airport and checked his suitcase, chuckling at what the TSA might see when x-raying his bag. There were no direct flights so he had his tablet to watch some videos on the plane and during his three hour layover. The first flight went smoothly and they even landed early. No screaming kids, no obnoxious people in his row, just a bunch of business travelers. He grabbed a good nap since he was still tired from the night before. Getting off the plane he grabbed a large coffee, found his next gate and sat down for a long wait. After catching up on email and news it was time to recycle all the coffee he had drunk. Packing his backpack up, he wandered down the concourse and found the mens room. Walking in he checked out the guys at the urinals as he always did. Not a lot of guys were there and most didn’t interest him but there was one guy that caught his attention. Taller than Mark by a few inches and a body muscled up from working, not working out, his hair buzzed short and the scruff on his face about the same length. The guy made Mark’s cock and ass twitch. He walked up to the urinal to the left of the stud and pulled out his cock to start to piss. With his backpack slung over one arm, Mark wasn’t standing up straight and as he pulled his cock out the PA clanked against the porcelain urinal and caused him to jolt to the left a bit. He heard the guy next to him chuckle and mutter “nice,” possibly with a sarcastic tone. However, the guy's meaning was a bit clearer when, having finished his piss. the guy brushed against him and gave a nod towards the stalls. Mark knew he had at least an hour to kill so he shook his cock dry and stuffed it back in his jeans and zipped up. Looking around he didn’t see anyone else watching so he followed the stud back around the corner where there were a few stalls by themselves, all empty. After a second check to see if anyone was watching, he followed the guy into the first stall. Mark quickly put his backpack down next to the toilet and as he looked up the guy grabbed his head and held it tight, roughly kissing him and groping his ass. The stud’s strong hand slipped down the back of his jeans and a finger ran between his ass cheeks and into his hole. A moment later Mark found himself pushed down to the toilet seat. Looking up he saw the guy motion with his finger to his mouth to be quiet. Mark chuckled quietly to himself, having fucked many times in public toilets he knew the drill. He reached up and unbuttoned the stud's jeans and fished out the guy’s cock. Soft it was six inches and even thicker than Mark’s with a large PA like his own except for the pointy conical ends to the circular barbell ring instead of the balls Mark had on his. Mark eagerly sucked the cock into his mouth, his tongue wrapping around the piercing and the head as he took more of the cock into his mouth tasting the piss and some precum. Knowing he had to work quickly, he bobbed on the cock covering it with as much spit as possible. The stud’s cock kept growing and filled his mouth. The stud then gave a few quick jabs with his cock into his throat. With the PA scraping his throat raw, Mark thought 'Damn, this thing is gonna destroy my ass if he fucks me'. No sooner than he finished his thought, the guy pulled his cock out of Mark’s mouth and grabbed his arms, pulling him up and spinning him around in one move. Mark knew what was coming and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down with his underwear. He spread his legs and bent forward, bracing himself on the toilet. Mark felt a few spit covered fingers circle his fuck hole before they plunged in stretching Mark open. A few seconds later Mark felt the PA against his pucker and readied himself for the cock that was about to fuck him. He felt the pressure and tried to relax as the monster cock invaded his hole. Mark was used to big cocks and fists in his hole, but this was so sudden that he couldn’t prepare for the pain. As much as he wanted to scream out, he knew he couldn’t make any noise. The stud just kept pushing until all nine inches of cock was inside Mark, scraping, stretching and tearing its way inside. The guy gave Mark a few moments to adjust before he started fucking him with long, slow, hard thrusts. Each thrust seemed to get more brutal than the last. The fucking only lasted a few minutes but it seemed like an hour to Mark. Finally the stud pulled Mark up to his chest and buried his cock deep inside Mark’s ass. Mark could feel the pulses in his ass ring as the guy pumped his load inside Mark’s destroyed man cunt. As the guy’s orgasm faded he whispered in Mark’s ear “That load is going to be with you forever. Enjoy it.” Slowly the stud pulled his cock from Mark’s ass and spun him around forcing him back on the toilet. Mark knew what he was expected to do and began cleaning the cock in front of him. He could taste the blood and some very nasty tasting cum. Once the stud was satisfied he pulled his cock back and stuffed it back in his jeans. The stud slapped Mark’s face lightly and quietly muttered “Thanks, fucker” and squeezed out of the stall. Mark locked the door and took a few minutes to come down from the post fuck rush. He grabbed a wad of toilet paper and made up a makeshift tampon and stuffed it up his ass to keep the cum and blood soaking through his jeans on the next flight. When he stood up, his legs were still shaking and he realized he never had a chance to get off himself. Looking at his phone he realized he had to get back to the gate so he wouldn’t miss his flight. Once on the plane he was happy that he was the only person in his row on that side of the airplane since he knew anyone close could smell the cum. During the flight he replayed the whole fuck session over and over with his cock rock hard most of the time. 'What exactly did he mean by the load would be with him forever', he thought. Definitely at least HIV, but was it an untreatable strain? What other STDs had no cure or treatment? It was a rough flight and the plane bounced through the air the whole time. Mark’s ass ached from the pounding he had taken and each time the plane bounced he got a stinging reminder, but it was a feeling he enjoyed. Soon the plane was landing and Mark was hoping his emergency tampon had worked and there wouldn’t be a spot on his jeans. Just in case, Mark waited until he was the last passenger on the plane and got off. As he was getting off the plane the male flight attendant at the door smirked at him and said rather effeminately “Hope your evening is as good as the rest of the day.” Fuck, was the smell that obvious? Finding a bathroom, Mark went to a stall to swap out the tampon for a new one, finding it was easier to shit it out than to try and take it out with his fingers since the blood and cum had dissolved most of it. Inserting the new one, he stood and checked the toilet. The huge toxic load the guy gave him was there, all dark pink. He took a piss and flushed the toilet, washed his hands and headed off to get his suitcase from baggage claim. After getting his bag, he hopped on the car rental shuttle and took the ride to get his car. It seemed like the driver was aiming at every pothole he could find and each jolt sent a shockwave through Mark’s body. Once he got to the car rental office he went inside. Thankfully there was no line and a young guy was the only worker at the counter.
  11. This is my first story. Go easy on me guys The following is pure fiction. It never happened and any similarity to any real life happenings is an amazing coincidence. Part 1: Intro “Fuck!” Mark yelled as he put his phone down. His calls with his parents had grown less frequent the past few years, but they always seemed to find a way to piss him off. The latest way was that they wanted him to go check up on his brother Joey at college since they had found out Joey had got thrown off the wrestling team and lost his sports scholarship and wouldn’t talk to them. “We would do it ourselves, but you know how we don’t like to travel to big cities” they said. “Big city? Its a damn college town in the middle of farmland," Mark replied, thinking to himself 'It seems my brother is following in my footsteps', knowing that his brother was even more easily distracted by partying than he had been. Mark began to think about the events that had brought him from a small, rural midwest town to where he was today. It had been quite a wild ride. Mark had left his small hometown and went to college several hours away for many reasons. First was to escape his parents who were very conservative and religious and tried to control everything Mark did. Second was so he could meet other gay guys his age without trying to hide it from his family, friends and nosy townspeople. And last was because there was nothing other than small community colleges nearby and Mark wanted be able to find a good career and move to one of the coasts and enjoy city life far away from his family. After a shaky start in school from too much partying his first semester, he did well. He got good grades, met lots of people and enjoyed a very active sex life. He was a lot more reserved his senior year when his brother decided to go to the same university. His parents were relieved that they were both going to the same school so that Mark could look after his little brother during his first year, but the reality was that they saw little of each other. Mark was busy with finishing up his senior projects and some hard classes while Joey was working out and practicing with the team when he wasn’t studying. They would occasionally run into each other at parties and go home for holidays together, but other than text messages they just lived in different worlds. After graduating, Mark landed a good job at a Silicon Valley software company and moved to California, sharing an apartment with his friend Eric who had also found work out there. The two of them had become friends with benefits their junior year but they never wanted to commit to a relationship since they enjoyed fucking everyone they could. Both, however, were quite relieved to be out of the Midwest, feeling liberated on the West Coast. They frequently went to San Francisco on weekends and hit any baths, bars and sex parties they could find. They had an easy time picking up guys - Mark was tall, a six foot Midwestern white guy with dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, nicely toned even though he only sporadically went to the gym (and then usually just to check out the guys), a light fur covered his chest with a trail down to an impressive package - almost eight inches and thick sporting a PA that he recently upped to 0 gauge. His legs and bubble butt also had a covering of light hair. Over the last year he had been adding ink to the two tattoos that he had gotten in college. Both arms now had complete sleeves - the left continuing the tribal motif he started in college, the right being considerably darker and gothic. He was about to start on the tattoos for his back and was getting the art finalized with his tattoo artist. Being truly versatile, he could usually find sex partners almost anywhere - top, bottom or other vers guys to flip with (his favorite). Eric was equally as handsome but very different than Mark and could easily attract his share of men too. Eric came from a traditional Japanese-American family who was not pleased when he came out. He rarely talked to them and it was one thing that Mark and Eric had in common and they had become each other's family. Eric’s darker skin was devoid of any tattoos and he worked out to a strict schedule to keep his muscular five foot, nine body toned, taut and shaved, except for a neatly trimmed bush surrounding a thick 6 inch uncut cock. The only adornments were a small goatee, pierced ears and nipples, and an ever present smile. Eric considered himself to be versatile as well, but in reality he spent most of the time as a bottom. Most would consider him a power bottom - aggressive and usually in charge. That attitude continued when he topped. Whoever he fucked knew who was in control. A few months ago, Mark came down with nasty flu and was home in bed for over a week. A few friends told him to go get tested and he found out he was HIV+. Eric got tested too, but was still negative. The news didn’t really slow either of them down, they both continued to work hard and play harder but Eric was more cautious with whom he hooked up with. Some of Mark’s fuck buddies wouldn’t fuck with him any more, others insisted on condoms which Mark still refused to use. Mark did try condoms with Eric to keep their sex life going, but they both hated the feeling so sex between them stopped. Eric didn’t want to get infected and started to think about going on prep. They still did social events together, but their relationship started to drift apart. Mark did find a new group of guys to fuck that were either already poz or didn’t care. Mark kept putting off the doctor's instructions to begin meds. Several of his poz friends started letting him know where to find neg guys that wanted poz loads and he really enjoyed his new found power. The first week he bred five neg guys, all of whom announced he had come down with 'the flu', which gave Mark's confidence a boost. He no longer feared he was either never going to have sex or only get to fuck a few other poz guys. None of Mark’s family knew of his sexuality or infection and Mark was keen to keep it that way. He had heard enough from his parents preaching about “how those queers were going to rot in hell.” Mark tried to talk to his brother over the phone about his parents' concerns, but didn't get any solid answers out of his brother, so Mark concluded he would need to meet with his brother in person if he was to get a handle on what was going on. He really cared about his brother Joey and wanted to make sure he was able to graduate and escape like he had. Mark talked to his boss and was able to get a few days off a couple weeks later, so when he got home from work he sat down at the computer and hit all the travel websites and found what he needed - air tickets for going Thursday and coming back Monday and a rental car. He originally thought it would be better to stay at his brother’s apartment, but the more the thought about it a hotel room would make it a lot easier to hookup if he had time. After hunting around for a couple hours, he found a place that wasn’t a dive and didn’t cost a fortune. The hotel had outside door access and remembered going to a few sex parties there when he was in school. Everything was set. He would have to work hard the next two weeks since he might have a few days off, but the deadlines were still the same. He closed the laptop and got up and got ready for bed. Naked, he slipped into the bed with Eric and they kissed each other just like countless other nights before Eric pulled away and told Mark “We need to talk.” Mark’s heart sank at the sound of Eric’s words. Thoughts flashed through his mind, but the one that stuck was that he was about to get dumped. Looking at Eric he knew something was wrong because Eric's smile was gone and he looked very serious. “I know things have been pretty awkward between us since you found out you are poz” Eric said. “I want you to know that I still love you.” Mark’s heart sank even lower. He started to speak but Eric cut him off before he got the first word out of his mouth. “Let me finish” Eric continued. “I’ve decided that I don’t want to go on PrEP, Mark. It just isn’t me. I want our relationship to be like it used to be. Passionate. Sensual. Wild.” He waited a moment and took a deep breath. “I want you to poz me Mark. Share with me your virus like we used to share everything else. I want a part of you to be with me forever.” Tears ran down Mark’s face as he heard Eric talk. He wasn’t sure he heard it all correctly, since he just relieved with the fact that Eric wasn’t dumping him. “Are you sure?” Mark said after a long pause. “You really want me to infect you?” Eric’s smile came back as he wiped the tears off Mark’s cheek. “Yeah I do. I’ve thought about it a lot and realized I was jealous of those guys you have pozzed. I want to share our life together as a poz couple” Eric replied. Kissing Mark passionately and aggressively, Eric stroked Mark’s cock. Breaking the kiss he continued “And I want you to start now. Breed my fuckhole full of your toxic seed. Make me the poz pig you know I can be." “Oh fuck yeah” was all that Mark could say as his mind raced. Since the moment he found out he was poz he had wanted to bring Eric into the poz brotherhood but knew it had to be Eric's choice. He had almost given up hope that Eric would change his mind, but now it was happening. As months of pent up lust took over his body, Mark grabbed Eric’s head and forced it down on his hardening cock. Eric greedily sucked down Marks shaft, feeling the new larger piercing push into his throat. Eric always prided himself on having almost no gag reflex but this was the first time with Mark’s larger piercing and it was noticeably bigger. His throat covered Mark’s cock with slime as his tongue flicked and probed around the cock. Eric was eager to feel Mark’s cock back inside his ass after such a long time. He really missed their almost daily fuck sessions that they had done since their college days. Wrapping his hand around Mark’s balls, he tugged a bit, something he knew Mark loved. He felt the big balls with his fingers knowing that their poisonous contents would soon be deep inside him. The thought sent waves of excitement through his body. With his other hand, Eric stroked his cock which was now harder than he ever remembered it being. Leaking his neg precum onto the bed Eric bobbed on Mark’s cock, occasionally pulling off and grabbing the piercing with his teeth and shaking his head driving Mark crazy. Finally Eric couldn’t wait any longer and climbed up on top of Mark and positioned Mark’s poz cock at his ass ring. Feeling the steel on his hole for the first time in months, he grinned and remembered how good Mark’s cock always felt inside him. Mark looked up at Eric as their eyes locked. “Are you sure about this Eric? You can stop if you want to” Mark said softly. Eric just breathed deep, letting his hole relax a bit and shoved down as hard as he could onto Mark’s rigid cock. The pain was intense and he let out a scream, but it was what Eric wanted. He wanted to make sure that his fuck hole would have lots of small tears so that the virus could quickly enter his body. In some ways he wanted to make sure that it was the first fuck that infected him, but he wanted to take Mark’s charged load every day until he knew that he was no longer neg. After pausing a few seconds with Mark’s cock balls deep inside, Eric begin to ride Marks cock like he had hundreds of times before. He moved with hard, long strokes bouncing off Mark’s body. The look of pure lust came over both of them as the sounds of grunts and their bodies slapping together filled the room. After twenty minutes of Eric riding Mark’s cock, Mark bucked Eric off, pushing him on to his back. Grabbing his legs, Mark lined his cock up to Eric’s swollen hole. Looking down he saw a few red streaks on his cock and he looked straight at Eric and said “You are so fucking ready to get knocked up. My precum has been soaking into your wrecked hole and now its time for you to get bred." Without any hesitation Eric replied “Fuckin’ do it. Poz me up.” With that, Mark shoved his cock back into Eric’s hole, making sure to go at an angle and dig his cock into the walls of Eric’s chute. As if possessed, Mark started to pound Eric rougher than he ever had. He used all of the tricks he learned from the past few months of breeding several bug chasers he had fucked and converted. The bed was rocking from the force of Mark’s thrusts. Both of them were moaning and grunting in the sheer ecstasy of the moment. Sweat was dripping off his body onto Eric’s own sweaty body. At one point, Mark flipped Eric onto his stomach and then pulled him up onto all fours. Standing up, he shoved in three fingers into Eric’s gaping hole and roughly twisted them, scratching with his fingernails as he turned his wrist back and forth. Eric whimpered at the pain from Mark’s preparation. Mark quickly replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock. He knew he was close to shooting his poz seed into his boyfriend. Leaning forward Mark’s head was next to Eric’s ear. Eric could feel the heavy breaths on his neck as Mark feverishly thrust his cock in and out of Eric’s ravaged hole. Their bodies slammed together over and over until Mark drove his cock in deep and held it there whispering “I love you” into Eric’s ear as his cock erupted. Spurt after spurt of toxic cum pumped into Eric’s gut. Mark just moaned as the cum kept shooting. He couldn’t remember ever shooting that much cum before. Marks body was pressed on Eric’s back while his cock unloaded the virus laden cum deep inside. As the pulses of cum subsided, Mark slowly started to thrust back in and out, pushing the cum around and deeper into Eric. A few minutes later his cock started to soften and Mark slowly pulled out telling Eric “Stay right there.” Mark jumped off the bed and went to the toy drawer in the dresser and pulled out a steel butt plug. Jumping back on the bed, he pressed the cold steel to Eric’s puffy hole and pushed it in until he felt the familiar pop as Eric’s hole sucked the plug the rest of the way in. Moving around to the side of the bed, he fed his dripping cock to Eric who quickly licked and sucked it clean. Once he had finished, Mark laid down in the bed, covered in sweat, cum and spit. Eric curled up next to him and kissed him one more time whispering “Thank you” as they both quickly fell asleep.
  12. My Son Is Getting a Sugar Daddy

    Good for him. My guess is that he's just going to be arm candy at social events or companionship most of the time, but who knows where it will lead. As long as it consensual, no problem. Hope he has fun. Experiences make the man.
  13. Jimmi69 is in Chicago too.wish I were there we'd all meat.

  14. Yeah, screw the car. I always use muni to get around SF. And there's something oddly satisfying being on public transport with a few strangers loads in your ass.
  15. Blood turn-on

    I love a hard fuck and love seeing my blood on guys cock when he pulls out.

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