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  1. chi4loads

    A Brother in Trouble

    Part 72 - Adios Cancun The morning came quickly and Joe turned to Kyle. “Last full day, babe. What do you want to do” asked Joe. “Let’s relax today. My ass is sore, my dick is sore and my balls still ache.” Kyle replied. “Yeah, sounds good” Joe said. They showered and went down for breakfast. They heard several comments about them in the restaurant, some good and some bad, obviously from guys that had watched them get fucked the night before. They just laughed it off and ate their food. They went back to the room to put their swimsuits back on and found Javier in the room, cleaning. Joe closed the door and they walked into the room. “Hola, Javier” Joe said. “Hola” replied Javier as he walked out of the bathroom. “Thank you for the little surprise yesterday. They both were very tasty” Kyle said. “I’m not sure what you are talking about, señor” Javier said. “The champagne and the person delivering it” Joe explained. “Oh. Yes” Javier said, looking down at his feet. “I cannot infect him. I do not want that on my shoulders, but I told him that you might help him. I don’t want it to be anyone that he knows.” “You had no problem giving it to Ian the other day” Kyle said. “Yes, I know. But I do not love him like Francisco. I have given the bug to many people who asked, but I can’t do it to my friends” Javier said. Joe leaned in and hugged Javier. Holding him close he said “He’ll do anything to be with you, he’s already proven that. If we didn’t do it, then it should be you.” “I understand señor” replied Javier. Joe and Kyle put their swimsuits on and headed down to the pool with their supply bag. They lounged in the pool, played in the ocean, drank a lot and smoked the last of the joints trying to soothe the aches and pains of their sexual endeavors. They took a long siesta under an umbrella and made out like on their first date. They decided to head back to the Mexican restaurant and ask for another assortment of dishes and to make sure that Roberto was going to the club that night. They even got the chef to come out of the kitchen for a toast of tequila. Joe and Kyle did their usual post-dinner walk and spent a long time out on the beach kissing each other and staring at the stars. Eventually they heard the music start emanating from the club and wandered back to the buildings. The club was packed and they noticed it was a mixture of guests and resort workers. Some of the workers were still in their uniforms, others had taken their shirts off and others had changed into street clothes. Joe and Kyle grabbed a drink first and then checked out the groups in the club. The music was thumping and everyone seemed to be getting looser as each song passed. There were shirts draped over chairs and tables at the back and few people were wearing them by 10pm. Further back in the club some of the off duty staff had shucked their pants and were down to their underwear. Joe and Kyle had their shirts tucked into the back pocket of their shorts and had joined the group in the middle of the dance floor. They were dancing with an ever-changing group of guys when Joe felt two hands grab him around the waist and pulled him back against a nearly naked, sweaty, hairy body. A head poked over his shoulder and whispered “You’re even sexier without your shirt on. I bet it’s even better when you’re naked.” Joe pushed his ass back and ground against the guy behind him. The voice was familiar, but he couldn’t place it since the music was so loud. He looked over towards Kyle, but all he got in exchange was a big grin and a nod. A few minutes of grinding later, Joe felt a hand slide down the back of his shorts and then a finger probed his crack. Joe leaned his head back and moaned as the finger slid up and down between the two halves of his muscled ass. Joe pushed his ass back again, hoping that a finger would push inside his sweaty hole. “Yes? You want it inside you? You want to be my little puta?” the voice asked. “Oh god yes” Joe moaned. The guy guided Joe off the dance floor to the back of the club. On their way back, they stopped and the guy behind him told someone dancing “treinta minutos”. They got further back and there was a large area to the side with stacked chairs and large carpeted boxes that was obscured from the main part of the club. The area was dimly lit and most of the light was from the main club area. Joe looked and he saw nine guys all having sex in some form. One was bent over being fucked with two men behind him, one stroking and waiting for the other to finish. Another guy was on his back on one of the boxes getting fucked. Two guys were on their knees each sucking someone. Joe was led over to a corner and then pushed to his knees. Kyle watched Joe get taken off the dance floor and was guessing he had no idea who he was with. He kept dancing and flirted with several guys until he was tapped on the shoulder and turned around. Javier was there completely out of uniform. All he was wearing was a shiny red thong that barely contained his cock and balls, the sweat that was dripping off his body and the biggest grin imaginable. Kyle chuckled and moved in closer, dancing with him for several minutes. He turned Javier around and pulled him against his body, rubbing his bulge against Javier’s naked butt. He thrust his hips forward a few times provocatively and got a shove back in return each time. When the song faded into the next he felt Javier reach back and grab his shorts and pull him off the dance floor towards the back of the club. He saw several guys either on their knees sucking and a few more fucking two bottoms. Javier took him to a corner and spun him around. With one swift move Kyle found himself on his knees and Javier’s thick cock in front of him, blocking any view of the other guys. He wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to suck the thick uncut monster. He reached up and felt the heft and then ran his tongue up the shaft. He pulled back the foreskin and then sucked on the head before slowly descending to the base of Javier’s cock. His mouth was stretched wide and when he made it most of the way down he felt it hit the back of his throat. Kyle relaxed his throat and tried to go deeper but he struggled to deep throat it. He got more spit in his mouth and took several deep breaths and tried again and felt it start to go in. He wrapped his hands around Javier’s ass and pulled hard, forcing the thick chorizo down in. His face was pressed into Javier’s pubes and he flexed his throat around what felt like a baseball bat in his throat. Joe was on his knees and his face was buried in the crotch of someone he thought he recognized the voice of but knew nothing more. He knew in this position what was expected. He reached up and unbuttoned and unzipped the pants, before pulling them and the guy’s white underwear down. He was met with about seven and a half inches of uncut cock. In the darkness he couldn’t really tell the skin color and definitely couldn’t see the plus-sign tattoo on the shaft. It was about average thickness and he could circle it with his thumb and forefinger which he used to pull the foreskin back and taste the sweaty head along with some stale piss for extra flavor. He licked and sucked and inhaled the scent. This was a cock that had been locked inside clothing while the guy had worked all day, sweating and pissing. It was a smell and taste that always made Joe even hornier than normal. He sucked on the cock, getting it deeper and then taking the cock into his throat. He felt two hands grip his head and the guy started to forcefully fuck his face. Joe was taking the cock well and using his tongue and throat muscles to pleasure it as best as he could. After a few minutes of face fucking the guy suddenly pulled Joe’s head off his cock. Joe started to look up to see who was using him and his head was forced down with one hand and while the other hand reached down and pulled Joe up, turning him around before shoving him against one of the boxes. Joe felt a hand roughly undo his shorts and then shove them down. Joe was left standing there in his jockstrap and his shorts around his ankles. Instinct kicked in and Joe pulled his foot out of the shorts and spread his legs wide. He heard the guy laugh behind him and then say “Yeah, you are a good slut. Get ready.” He heard the guy spit and then two fingers roughly pushed into his hole. The guy’s other hand was still firmly holding his head down and there was no way Joe could steal a glance to see who he was. The voice was familiar and obviously had a slight accent. He figured it was one of the Mexicans from the resort that he had met during his stay, but which one? More spit was added to his hole and the fingers went back into his pussy, twisting and stretching him for the inevitable fuck. Joe tried to relax his hole and it didn’t go unnoticed. A third finger poked in and Joe moaned out. His penetrator knew he was ready and he felt a cock slide up his crack and in, replacing the fingers inside him. Joe grunted as the cock drilled in all the way and stayed there, throbbing inside him. “Time for my dessert” the guy said and Joe instantly figured it out. He pulled his cock back and slammed in hard, forcing Joe’s body to rub against the rough carpet that covered the box. It repeated over and over, slightly faster each time - slowly the cock would withdraw just so the head was inside and then a hard thrust in. Joe enjoyed the motion, it was one he used often as part of a hard fuck. The assault on his ass went on for a good twenty minutes. The other guys having sex or getting blown in the room were all in quickie mode and were gone and replaced a couple different times while Joe sucked then got fucked. Kyle’s throat was raw and sore and yet Javier kept face fucking him. Kyle tried to yell out to get him to fuck him, but there was never enough time that his mouth was empty. Kyle tried a different tactic and collected some of the spit running off his chin on his finger and slid his hand up between Javier’s legs. He pushed the finger between the flexing ass muscles and then to his hole, digging it in up to the first knuckle. The first reaction he got from Javier was a cock slammed all the way into his throat. It wasn’t what he wanted, but he had no choice. Kyle pushed his finger in deeper and then wiggled the last two knuckles inside Javier’s cunt. Kyle heard him groan and felt him pull his cock halfway out before flexing his assring around Kyle’s finger. He pushed his finger in as far as he could go and then wondered if he was setting himself up to fuck or be fucked. Javier pulled his cock out and tilted Kyle’s head up and looked down at him. “Oh, no. It is your ass that is mine” Javier said with an evil grin. Kyle pulled his finger out and in only a couple seconds was hauled up to his feet and turned to the wall. Kyle braced his hands and spread his legs. He felt hands pry his ass apart and then a face spread it wider as Javier licked around his puckered hole. Spit started soaking the hole and then a tongue started pushing it in. A finger joined the tongue and then two fingers. Kyle knew that he needed to be prepared to take Javier’s thick sausage. He tried relaxing but the assplay was turning him on and his cock was rock hard. The tongue disappeared and three fingers were tugging and stretching his hole out. He almost was ready to feel a fourth finger when the fingers came out of his hole and he felt Javier stand up behind him. He bent his knees a little and pushed his ass out. Just as with his throat, Kyle thought he was taking a baseball bat up the ass. Spit alone wasn’t enough and his hole had constricted enough since the fingers were removed that the cock was just bludgeoning his hole. He tried everything he could to relax and let it go in. Javier started nudging his fat cock in and finally pulled out, spit on the head and gave one hard shove. Kyle saw stars. The shockwaves of pain ripped throughout his body. As the initial shock faded, Kyle realized he had only taken about a quarter of Javier’s cock. He felt the pressure from Javier starting to pump in and out and he felt like he was being split in two. Sweat was pouring off his body from both the heat in the room and the pain. Once he felt Javier get half way in he realized he could do it. He slowly started pushing back to meet Javier’s thrusts and a few minutes later he felt their bodies meet. Kyle let out a loud moan which was mostly drowned out by the music. Kyle felt Javier’s cock throb inside of him and then felt the emptiness take over as Javier pulled out. It wouldn’t be empty long as Javier immediately pushed back in. The strokes were always the same length, Kyle got to feel every inch. The speed and intensity varied as Javier pounded his hole. Kyle remembered Javier’s earlier comment about pozzing up many guys and he knew how. It probably only took one fuck like the one Kyle was getting now. His victims asses were torn and wrecked from taking the monster cock inside and then the cum that flooded their holes full of virus filled fluid would find thousands of ways to infect them. Kyle was rocked back to the present as Javier slammed his cock in all the way and screamed out. He felt each pulse and then his cunt filled the warmth of the huge load. “Now you have my poison inside you, like Francisco has yours” Javier said breathlessly with his chest pressed against Kyle’s back. The cock kept slamming into Joe’s hole and the spit inside him had mixed with precum. His hole got sloppier and he countered by squeezing down on the guy’s cock. The grunts got more frequent and he felt the thrusts get erratic. Joe clamped down as hard as he could and then felt the cum start to pump inside him. “Breed me Roberto! Give me that load!” Joe yelled out. He felt some teeth bite down on his shoulder and a growl come from behind. The spurts finally stopped and their bodies were glued together. “You figured it out. You are smart AND sexy. I hope your tattoo is not a lie because the cum you have in you now will infect you very soon if it is” Roberto said into Joe’s ear. They stood there a moment and then Roberto slid his cock out of Joe’s battered hole. Joe could feel the cum run out of his hole and soak into the pouch on his jockstrap or down his legs. Joe went to step back but there was a guy on his knees right behind him. “Please wait a moment. This slut is here to clean you up” Roberto said. Joe guessed it was the guy Roberto told “30 minutes” to on the dance floor. The guy sucked the cum out of his hole and Joe helped by feeding him some too. While the tongue licked and explored Joe’s hole he heard two guys walk up. “Damn, I didn’t get that kind of service after my fuck” Kyle said. “This is Martin. He works in the kitchen here and he is here for you to use. He is looking for the bug and we have shared ours with him and now it is your turn” Javier said. Martin stood up and Joe turned around. The five of them were in a circle, oblivious to the other guys around them fucking and sucking. Joe and Kyle looked Martin over like a piece of meat. Martin stood five foot four and was twink-like in stature but had a dense covering of hair on his chest and a trail down to a heavy bush around his cock. Likewise, his legs were hairy and his head was covered with a thick mop of black hair. His face was clean shaven and he looked innocent from a distance, but the fire in his eyes told a different story. “How old is he?” asked Kyle. “Twenty two” replied Javier. Joe’s cock got harder by the second and was poking above the top band of the jockstrap. “Do you really want it?” Joe asked. Javier repeated the question in Spanish. “Si, señor” he replied. Martin looked at Joe with pleading eyes and then did the same with Kyle. Martin stood there in just his white bikini briefs. Joe turned him so he was facing the boxes he had just been fucked on and dropped to his knees, tugging Martin’s underwear down. He went to rim Martin’s ass but his tongue tasted nothing but cum with a faint coppery taste. “We have already given him two loads. You will not need lube” Roberto said. Joe stood up and popped his stiff cock out the side of his jockstrap pouch. With one swift move, he was balls deep inside Martin. The cum inside was the perfect lube for the next round of breeding. Joe ground his hips against Martin’s small round butt. He heard a moan come from Martin’s mouth and Joe gave him two more full length thrusts before he began to fuck in earnest. Joe wrapped his arm around Martin’s neck and his hips swung back and forth, driving his cock in and out of the creamy hole. Even with Martin sucking the cum out of his ass, Joe felt more of Roberto’s load running down his leg. His cock slammed in over and over and after ten minutes of fucking, he drove in and shot six big spurts of his infected semen into Martin’s guts. Before Joe even started to pull out, Kyle was moving closer with his rigid shaft in his hand. Martin’s hole was cock-less for only a second with Kyle’s cock digging in at an angle. The piercings clawed at the already bruised flesh. Martin cried out, but no one looked at him except for the guys orchestrating his pozzing. Kyle didn’t fuck as hard as Joe, he figured all he needed to do was to shoot his load inside the already wrecked cunt. He enjoyed the feeling of the cum slick chute. He was surprised at how well Martin was able to massage his cock with his ass muscles after getting fucked by Javier. He would jab in different directions occasionally and varied the speed of his penetrations. Kyle lasted a little longer than Joe but once his balls signaled their intent he was unable to slow it down. He grabbed Martin tightly and thrust his hips a few last times and then the volleys of bug-ridden cum filled up his hole, mixing with the three charged loads already inside. Joe had found his shorts and had put them back on while Kyle was fucking Martin. When Kyle finished, Roberto had a plug ready to put back inside Martin to hold the juices in to do their magic. The five left the back area and Joe and Kyle went straight to the bar. Guzzling down several glasses of water they then grabbed a couple beers and watched the mob of flesh on the dance floor. As last-call was made, they finished their beers and headed back up to the room. The two were passed out and the next thing they heard was the alarm going off. It was a quick run through the shower and they grabbed some clothes to wear on the flight back home, tossing everything else in their suitcases. They ran down and rushed through breakfast and then were back in the room to grab their stuff. Joe and Kyle ran into Javier in the corridor who gave them both a hug before they ran down to hop on the shuttle bus. They got to the airport and through security and finally on to the plane. Joe looked at Kyle and said “Now we need a quiet vacation to recover” before laughing. Kyle nodded and then fidgeted in his seat trying to find a comfortable position for his still sore ass. ———— That’s all for a few weeks until I get back in town at the end of July.
  2. chi4loads

    A Brother in Trouble

    Bonus post since the last chapter would have been too long with this as part of it Part 71 - Howling at the Moon “Damn, my dick is sore” Kyle said about halfway through dinner. The guys at the table next to them snickered. “Yeah and my balls hurt too. It’s gonna be a quiet night I think” Joe said. They finished their dinner and did their usual walk around the resort, admiring the clear night, the warm breeze and the hot guys. They sat at the pool bar and enjoyed a few beers and chatted a while. They walked around again and heard some noises coming from an area opposite of the hot tub from the night before. Getting closer they noticed the sign warning of nude sunbathing allowed inside. The sounds definitely didn’t sound like sunbathers and the sun was down. “Vampires getting a moon tan?” Joe joked. “Werewolf orgy sounds more like it” Kyle quipped. They walked in and saw two guys on their knees on a pair of lounge chairs getting fucked. Most of the guys standing around were naked and stroking, a few were like Joe and Kyle and had clothes or swimwear on. Each time Joe or Kyle rubbed their crotch they were reminded of just how sore their cocks were. “Come on, guys. Get your clothes off!” yelled one of the guys fucking. Joe looked at Kyle and shrugged his shoulders. They took their shirts off, dropped their shorts and underwear and folded them, placing them on a table. They moved closer to the action and soon heard one of the tops grunt and unload in his bottom. Seconds later the other top did the same. As the tops pulled out, the bottoms got up and one said “That’s all I can take right now” and the crowd grumbled. Some tops that were in line looked around to see who would come forward to be the next guys to get fucked. Joe pushed Kyle forward who reached back and said “If I get fucked, you do too.” Joe chuckled and followed his boyfriend to the chairs and they got on their knees. The first two guys approached them and spit on their holes and then both pushed in, caring little if Joe or Kyle were ready. Joe looked over at the guy fucking Kyle and laughed to himself. The guy fucking Kyle was a chunky sunburned guy with gut. He was thrusting his cock into Kyle like a jackhammer. Joe wondered if this was the first time the guy had fucked in months. The guy fucking him was almost the exact opposite. He was a hairy, tall, thin, dark skinned middle eastern guy. His motion was almost gentle and delicate. The only time Joe liked a gentle fuck was with Kyle and even then, very rarely. After a few minutes of slow strokes, Joe shoved his ass back, driving the guy’s cock all the way in. He gripped the shaft as tight as he could with his ass muscles and yelled out “Fuck me dude! We’re not making love here.” The guy responded and within a few seconds had grabbed his hips and was drilling Joe hard. The guys standing around started yelling out encouragement and he started fucking faster. Joe started milking the guy’s cock and soon he felt the change in thrusts. A couple guys yelled out “Breed him” and two more thrusts was all it took. Joe felt the guy’s cock pulsing in his hole and he kept milking it, feeling his hole getting sloppy with all the cream now inside. He looked over and Kyle’s top was now just slamming in every few seconds. He was dripping with sweat and breathing heavy. He pushed in hard and held Kyle’s hips tight as his body twitched. Kyle yelled out “Oh fuck yeah” as his ass took the stranger’s load. Joe felt the cock inside him slowly get pulled out and then another guy shoved his cock inside. This one was thicker but not as long and just pounded him nonstop for about five minutes and then dropped his load in. Joe looked at Kyle and saw another guy fucking him and a few minutes later heard a loud grunt and the guy fell on top of Kyle, pushing him flat against the lounge chair. Three more guys fucked Joe and two nailed Kyle and there was a pause. Joe looked around and then he heard people mumbling. A guy walked up behind him and slapped his ass “Well, howdy neighbor” a deep rough voice said. “Uh… Hi?” Joe replied. “I’m kinda sick of listening to you guys breed everything that moves and leave nothing for the rest of us” the guy said. “Plenty of dick and ass to go around, bud” Joe said. “Not everyone is so eager to get our dirty seed. Unlike you pups, we let our bug grow and stay potent instead of taking drugs and just pretending to be a dangerous poz guy” the guy told Joe. Joe chuckled to himself, letting the guy believe what he wanted. The guy slammed his cock into Joe’s hole and Joe could feel the large PA drag through his hole and then plunge inside. Joe let out a loud grunt and the people standing around all gasped. Joe turned his head and saw it was the cub from the bus. Six feet of furry, barrel chested late 30’s man with a mean look on his bushy bearded face hiding the sunken cheeks. A red biohazard tattoo was around his pierced left nipple and the word “Proud” right above it. Joe smiled and then said defiantly “Fuck me. Do your worst.” The guy snorted and pulled back and slammed back in. It was a brutal fuck, just like Joe had given to so many guys that were chasing the bug. He liked that the guy thought he was a medicated, undetectable poz guy and looked down at him for caving to the expected treatment. BAM! The guy slammed back into him. Joe could hear the people talking. He heard the comments from the crowd - “Oh my god, I’m glad that’s not me” and “It’s kinda hot watching two poz guys fuck” and “How can he take being pounded like that and not scream out?” Joe looked over and the otter was fucking Kyle. He had a matching biohazard tattoo around his left nipple as well as a skull and crossbones tattoo on his right pec. It looked like most other fucks - nothing overly hard or gentle. Just a constant pounding of a poz cock into a poz hole. The otter had a smile on his face and was just enjoying a warm, cummy hole to fuck. The cub started fucking faster and Joe felt his hands grab on to his shoulders. The guy was going to make sure that all six inches of virus injecting cock was getting inside Joe’s cunt. Faster and faster he pounded, each stroke pushing the chair a few inches across the concrete. “God, I envy the fucker that charged this ass up. You really know how to take a cock” growled the cub. Joe smiled and thought “God, I’m glad it was Mark instead of you.” A dozen more thrusts and Joe heard a roar come from behind him as the cub buried his cock in as far as he could. Joe could feel the thick cock throb inside him as the cub pumped his toxic seed inside. Joe wondered if any neg guy would be crazy enough to dip his cock into his hole after the cub finished. Kyle felt the otter start thrusting into him harder. He clamped down with his hole around the cock and heard the otter groan. He did it again and heard the guy ask “You want this load? I’m gonna give you a new strain for sure.” Kyle grunted and then felt one last thrust and then his hole getting flooded with another charged load. The otter pulled out and slapped Kyle’s ass and Kyle looked around. There were still a dozen guys standing around stroking their cocks but no one seemed to be interested in putting their cock in the poisonous mixture inside his or Joe’s holes. Kyle started to get up and then heard a voice say “Wait, s’il vous plait.” Up walked a skinny guy with a very bushy beard that hung down over four inches from his chin. His left arm was covered with dark ink and he had a large septum piercing that got buried in his mustache. He had a long, nine inch cock with an upward bend that was pointing out in front of him, dripping as he walked. The head of his cock had four dydoe piercings. Kyle had no longer gotten back on all fours when he felt the cock shove all the way into his hole and past the inner ring. The guy muttered numerous words in French that Kyle had never heard before. His business languages classes never covered terms like “slut”, “fag”, “cumdump” or “bitch.” After several minutes of pounding the guy shoved him flat on the chair and used his cock to piledrive into Kyle’s abused cunt. The guy let out a loud groan and Kyle could feel the cum pump into his ass and some drip down his balls. The guy pulled his cock out and said “Bon chance” as he walked away. Kyle laid there a minute and got up before he walked over to Joe and pulled him to his feet. They put their shorts back on and headed to the bar for a well deserved drink.
  3. chi4loads

    A Brother in Trouble

    Part 70 - Complementary Champagne Kyle woke up and pulled Joe tighter as he kissed the back of his neck. He humped Joe with his hard shaft along Joe’s crack. They made out for several minutes and then moved into the shower. It wasn’t a quick shower and they spent more time kissing and groping than washing off the chlorine and sweat from the night before. They finally dried off and put shorts and tank tops on and headed out for breakfast. They ran into Javier out in the hallway who greeted them with a cheerful “Buenos dias.” Joe and Kyle’s grins told Javier that they had a good night. They inhaled their breakfast and walked around the resort holding hands. “Kinda nice to be able to do this without worrying someone is going to pick a fight” Kyle said, squeezing Joe’s hand. They made it back to the room and Javier had cleaned it up nicely and the card for the champagne was now prominently placed on their bed with a towel folded like a swan. “Oh yeah, can’t forget that” Joe said. They changed into their dry swim suits and headed back to the pool. They drank and relaxed, occasionally taking a trip to the beach to smoke one of the joints that Joe had rolled earlier. They had a buzz going, the sun was out, the music was good, the guys were looking really sexy and all was right with the world. They took a break and noshed on some food from the pool buffet for lunch and decided that the guacamole was the best they ever had. Or at least the best munchie food they ever had. As they sunbathed Joe noticed that several people made comments when they were on their stomachs about the biohazard tattoos. Some seemed to think they were just posers proclaiming they were “bad boys” and others seemed to know what it really meant. The latter group was split 50/50 on it being hot or “stay away from those guys.” Late in the afternoon Joe said “Let’s head back to the room and get our bottle of champagne and enjoy it alone.” “Sure” said Kyle and the two went up to the room. They entered their room and Joe tackled Kyle to the bed, straddling him and giving him a deep french kiss. He rolled off Kyle and jumped on the swan, grabbing the card and then reaching for the phone. He dialed room service and told them about the card and gave them the code that was on the card. “Yes, sir. That is only available from four pm until ten pm. Can you wait for thirty minutes? We will send it up then” were the words from room service. “OK” Joe replied as he looked at the clock and it said 3:27 pm. “What?” asked Kyle. “We can only use it between four and ten. That’s fuckin’ strange. It just means I have you for thirty minutes and I’m gonna take advantage of it” Joe replied. The two rolled around and kissed, groped and sucked like when they had just met. Joe had just gotten Kyle’s cock into his mouth when there was a knock at the door. “Shit!” Joe said. He pulled on his swim suit which barely contained his raging boner and went to the door. “Hola señor. My name is Francisco and I am delivering your champagne” the guy in the resort uniform said. Joe looked him over and noticed he was trembling and figured he was new at the job. “Yes, Francisco. Thank you. Come in” Joe said. Joe watched him walk past and liked the scenery. Francisco looked a few years younger than Joe or Kyle. He was shaven, but he had a full beard who’s stubble was showing. He was an inch or two shorter than Joe and had a full bulge in front and a bubble butt that filled out the uniform pants. Joe could see the shadows of a few tattoos showing through the white shirt on each upper arm. Francisco walked into the room with the ice bucket and bottle in one hand and two glasses in his other hand. “Where would you like the bottle, señor?” “On the table is fine” Joe replied. Kyle was laying on the bed, still naked from their earlier fun. Joe was leaning on the wall in the entry way of the room, watching Francisco closely. “Uh, thank you sir” Francisco said. Joe noticed that he was looking down and trying to avoid eye contact but he also seemed nervous and wanting to say something. “Francisco, can you tell me who gave us this gift?” Joe asked. “Did it not say on the card, sir?” Francisco asked innocently. “No it didn’t” Kyle said, holding up the card. “It is… uh… complements of the resort, sir” Francisco replied unconvincingly. “Is that so? It is very kind. But I think you are not telling us all of the story” Joe said, walking towards Francisco. After a few moments of awkward silence, Francisco said “Uh... Javier… Javier said you had something special you could give me. He has said he wouldn’t but that you might be interested” his voice trembling like his body. “Maybe we can. Is this what you are looking for?” Joe said turning around and pointing to his lower leg. Francisco gasped and then smiled. “Yes, sir. Very much.” “You know that it can kill you, right?” Kyle asked. “Yes sir” Francisco replied. “Why are you eager to get infected, Francisco?” Joe asked. Francisco looked at his feet again, stammering at first while shifting his body uneasily. “Javier and I used to be together. When he got infected he wouldn’t see me any more. I want what he has so we can be together again” he said. “You know that even if you are poz like him, it may never be the same?” Kyle asked. “I want to try, señor” Francisco said, a tear running down his face. “I assume you don’t have to go back to work?” asked Joe. “No, señor. I work until four, that is why I couldn’t deliver until then.” “Well, Kyle. I guess we have a little work to do” Joe said as he walked up to Francisco. “No rest for the wicked, as my grandma used to say” Kyle said. Joe walked behind Francisco and reached around, unbuttoning his shirt. Kyle climbed off the bed and walked over to Francisco, his cock getting stiffer by the step. He reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. “Once we start, we won’t stop. OK?” whispered Joe into his ear. Francisco nodded and pushed off his shoes. He stood there in his red bikini briefs with his pants around his ankles. His bulge seemed to be growing and a wet spot was forming on the red fabric. Kyle took his hand and led him to the bed, Francisco stepping out of his pants. Kyle sat down and Francisco sank to his knees, pulling his underwear off on the way down. He looked up at Kyle and then back down to Kyle's hard cock. A drop of precum formed at the piss slit and then rolled down the side of his shaft. It only dripped down an inch and Francisco’s tongue licked it up. Joe was pulling his swim suit back off as Francisco started to devour Kyle’s cock. Joe sat down on the bed next to Kyle and Francisco moved over to his cock. Every minute or two, Francisco would alternate between the two cocks. Joe looked at Kyle who nodded back. They reached down and grabbed Francisco by the arms and pulled him up on to the bed. Kyle scooted back and Joe stood up. Joe adjusted Francisco’s butt so that it hung over the edge of the bed. He only needed light touches since it seemed that Francisco had done this many times before. Kyle splayed his legs out on either side of their newest chaser and Joe buried his face in the lightly haired butt. Kyle felt the moans around his cock and knew that Joe was rimming Francisco’s ass like he usually did - his tongue poking deep, gentle bites and lots of spit. His ass slicked with spit and Joe’s cock dripping, Francisco seemed to be eager to feel his first toxic cock inside him. Kyle pulled Francisco’s head off his cock and said “This is your last chance to change your mind.” “Please, señor. Give me your devil’s seed” Francisco said. Joe chuckled and thrust his cock inside. Francisco screamed out and Kyle pushed his head down, muffling the tortured scream. Joe felt Francisco’s body spasm around his cock. This wasn’t a spasm from orgasm, it was one attempting to deal with the sudden invasion of a cock without any warning. When Francisco settled down, Joe started to drive his cock in and out. The little bit of spit and the increasing amount of precum was the only thing helping his cock glide in and out. He felt the tight chute grip his cock and tug on his piercing. He was pumping his cock into Francisco’s hole with long, firm strokes. He seemed to be quickly getting used to Joe’s cock and then Joe remembered Javier’s thick cock. If Francisco and Javier had fucked a lot, then Francisco would be used to something thicker than Joe’s cock. Joe had met lots of people that wanted to get pozzed. Some even told him why, but with Francisco doing it to get his lover back was probably the most rational of them all. Joe was drilling in as hard as he could, grinding his hips around with each thrust. After the initial thrust, Francisco hadn’t made a sound other than moans. As hard as Joe could fuck, it elicited nothing other than the sounds of pleasure from Francisco. Joe’s balls began to churn and his breathing got deeper. His thrusts got more irregular and Francisco seized on the cues and worked his ass muscles to milk Joe’s cock. Joe gave a few last thrusts and then felt his balls start to empty. Spurts of charged semen filled Francisco’s ass, coating every surface it could find. Before Joe’s second volley of cum shot out, Kyle had pulled his cock from Francisco’s mouth and was crawling off the bed. Kyle’s spit covered cock was pointing straight out, ready to impale Francisco’s neg hole. As Joe moved aside, Kyle moved in. His cock picked up a glob of cum that was running out of Francisco’s ass. He pushed in and kept going until his balls smacked into Francisco’s. He heard Francisco cry out as his cock filled the sore hole. Kyle wiggled his hips and pulled back, with just the PA ring inside Francisco. He pushed in harder the second time and Francisco groaned. He pulled back faster, doing the same as before but increasing the speed. A dozen strokes later he was pounding the battered hole. Joe had climbed in front of Francisco and fed him his slime coated cock. It diverted some attention away from the abuse that his cunt was taking and Francisco worked feverishly on Joe’s cock, cleaning it from the piercing to his balls. Kyle yanked his cock out and drove back in, causing Francisco to scream out around Joe’s cock. He did it three more times and each time his balls got tighter. On the fourth thrust, he felt his cock begin shooting its death seed into Francisco’s body. Each shot was forceful and his whole body shook. There was a ring of Joe’s cum around the base of his cock outside and inside his cum was mixing with Joe’s. As the shots ended, Kyle pulled back and shoved back in again and he fell forward on top of Francisco’s sweaty back. Once his body recovered, he stood up and pulled his softening cock out of Francisco’s hole. He laid down on the bed and found a tongue licking him clean a few seconds later. Joe watched Francisco give Kyle’s cock the same attention that he had gotten and smiled. He climbed behind Francisco and used his own tongue to lick up the cum that was trying to escape the ravaged pussy. He tried to push it back inside with his tongue, but there was just too much and Francisco’s hole was gaping enough to prevent him holding it all inside. Kyle’s cock was now free of the cum and ass slime and Francisco laid back on the bed between his two breeders. “There are no guarantees, Francisco. Only time will tell” Joe said, staring over at him. “I know, sir. This was my first try, so I hope it works. I will be sore for a few days” Francisco said. Joe got off the bed and walked to the table. He pulled the bottle out of the bucket and removed the foil. He aimed at the bed and twisted the cork out of the champagne and watched it fly. Kyle grabbed it with one hand and Joe filled both glasses. Walking back to the bed he handed one glass to Francisco and sat next to Kyle. Kyle and Joe held the other glass and Joe said “Here’s to our gifts and may they blossom inside you.” The two glasses met and Francisco sipped his while Joe and Kyle shared theirs. They finished the champagne off and Joe gave out sinister laugh. He put his arm around Francisco and led him towards the balcony. The three stepped outside and Francisco turned back at him with a worried look. “Lean against the railing, Francisco” Joe said. “But, sir. People might see me” Francisco begged. “Then you better stay quiet” Kyle replied. Francisco put his hands out and leaned on the railing and then spread his legs out. He was bent over with his head just over the railing. Joe moved in and without any notice slid his cock between the crack and then shoved in. Francisco grunted as quietly as he could and Joe grinned. His strokes started slow and he enjoyed the feeling of the still cum soaked hole wrapped around his cock. His drilling lasted almost twenty minutes and finally Francisco turned his head and said “Please breed me sir.” There was pain in his voice and Joe knew that his hole was completely shredded by now. He thrust in one more time and felt the cum shoot out its bug filled payload. Joe left his cock inside Francisco’s hole for a minute after the last spurt shot out. Both him and Francisco were breathing heavy in the humid air. Kyle had been slowly stroking his cock and when Joe pulled out he was ready to get back inside. Kyle took pity on the abused hole and gently pushed in. Francisco let out a groan as Kyle’s cock poked deeper into his cunt. Kyle fucked slowly and heard a few whimpers come out of the boi’s mouth. The short strokes gradually got longer and then the familiar sound of two bodies slapping together echoed out of the balcony. A head poked around the wall between the balcony next door and Joe and Kyle’s. It was the otter from the shuttle bus. “Damn, guys. You seem to get a lot of action over there” he said as he watched Kyle pound Francisco. Francisco turned his head away, hoping that no one else would see him being fucked. “We’re here to have as much fun as we can” Joe said. Kyle felt his balls churn and knew he was ready to dump another load. He leaned forward, holding Francisco tight and planted his cock in deep. Each pulse shot a rope of tainted cum, adding a fresh load of virus to the ones from earlier and hopefully giving Francisco the gift he desired. The guy next door clapped his hands and said “Fuckin' nice!” before heading back inside his room. Kyle slowly pulled his cock out and pulled Francisco upright with him. He hugged him from behind and then the three went back inside. They showered together, washing off the sweat and cum coating their skin. Francisco dried off and put his uniform back on. “Thank you, I am glad you helped me get my partner back” he said as he opened the door and walked outside. Joe and Kyle looked at each other and smiled. They walked over to the bed and fell back on it, Joe pulling Kyle in close. They passed out and slept for a couple hours. Waking up, they dressed and headed down to a late dinner.
  4. chi4loads

    A Brother in Trouble

    Part 69 - Twinks in the Tub Joe and Kyle went back to their room and found a card on the dresser telling them they had a complimentary bottle of champagne and to call room service to have it delivered at their convenience. Joe chuckled and said “I wonder who sent it?” “I guess we’ll find out when we get it delivered. First I need to crash. That was exhausting” Kyle said as he fell on to the bed. “Yeah, I don’t know which was more tiring, fucking a hot guy in the jungle or riding the jet skis” Joe replied. Joe pulled his and Kyle’s swimsuit off and threw them into the shower and curled up naked behind Kyle on the bed. Joe woke up an hour later and felt Kyle’s tongue poking into his hole. He moaned and pushed his ass back and Kyle dug in deeper. “Fuck! I can still taste his load. He gave you a big one” exclaimed Kyle. He sucked, licked and chewed Joe’s ass for several minutes and then climbed on top. He dragged his cock along the crack and then dripped a mixture of spit and Carlos’s load onto the head of his cock. Kyle slowly pushed it into Joe’s hungry hole. “First time I’ve had a chance to let you feel the new ladder, babe. Seems everyone else keeps getting in the way." The ring popped inside the hole and then Kyle’s mushroom head. He kept pushing slowly and then Joe felt the first bar. Joe let out a loud moan and then felt the second bar push through his outer ring. And then another and another until Kyle was fully into Joe’s ass. Kyle gave a kiss to Joe’s neck and then started to withdraw. Each bar pulled through and then Kyle was almost out. Kyle pushed back in, faster this time and repeated it until he had a good, even rhythm going. Joe was moaning with each thrust and Kyle was in ecstasy. Finally he was able to fuck Joe after several weeks of only being on the receiving end while his cock healed. Kyle put his hands on Joe’s muscular shoulders and started to pound him. “FUCK!” screamed out Joe as his ass was hammered like never before. He could feel Carlos’s load dripping down his balls and figured that a lot of Kyle’s precum was mixed in with it. Suddenly Kyle dropped down onto Joe’s back and Kyle held him tight. Kyle’s cock throbbed and he pumped another charged load into Joe’s ass. Both were breathing heavy and covered in sweat. Each pulse of his cock sent shockwaves through Joe’s body and garnered another moan from Joe. They laid there for several minutes, Kyle’s cock finally softening and he pulled it out. Kyle rolled over and sat on the bed. Joe moved over and lapped at the cum covered cock, sucking it clean and then grabbing the PA with his teeth and shaking his head. “You really did some damage there. I guess I’m gonna have to get used to it, though, cuz I’m not gonna go without getting your cock in me” Joe said, looking up at Kyle with a smile. They showered and dressed before going down for dinner. “Which one should we hit tonight?” asked Kyle. “How about the traditional Mexican one. Its been a long time since I had a real Mexican meal. Anything from taco hell doesn’t count” Joe replied. Kyle laughed and they got seated. The waiter came up, introduced himself and took their drink order. Joe was eyeing the waiter as he walked away and again when he returned. He seemed to be a little older than most of the staff, Joe guessed early thirties. There was no ring on his hand and Joe liked how the uniform clung to his ass, showing it off nicely. He was taller than a lot of the other staff and probably an inch taller than Joe. He was muscled and his shirt was tight around his biceps. A thin mustache was above a pair of slender, soft lips that were frequently smiling. “Have you gentlemen decided what you would like to order?” Roberto asked. Joe looked up at him and said “Roberto, we rarely get to eat authentic Mexican food. Everything on the menu looks really good, but can you bring us several dishes of what you think we should try while we are here. Don’t worry about it being too hot, Kyle and I like our food and our men to be spicy.” Roberto smiled and told them “I think I can do that. I hope you are adventurous.” He walked away and both Kyle and Joe admired his firm butt. They sipped on their drinks and chatted about how much fun they were having. Soon, the plates started showing up. Roberto brought them empty plates to eat off of and then several plates to share. “The chef was happy to hear that you wanted to experience our local food. Some of these dishes we just make for the staff dinner and aren’t on the menu. Some you have probably heard of - ceviche and pork pibil. You won’t find flavors like these in most Mexican restaurants in the states. I hope you enjoy it. Save room for dessert” Roberto explained. The guys dug in and didn’t stop until every plate was empty. Some of the plates they knew and others they were unwary of and tried a little bite of before finishing it off. Roberto came back a few times to check and just laughed as they inhaled the food. He kept their drinks full and when everything was gone he came back. “You realize that we don’t know what half of what we ate was” Joe said as they finished off the last plate. “Did you like it?” Roberto asked. “Oh my god that was amazing” Kyle replied. “Please thank the chef for us” Joe added. Dessert showed up and it was accompanied by a glass of tequila. “Salut” Joe toasted and they sipped the smooth tequila añejo and ate their dessert. Roberto came over as they finished up. “Thank you for a superb dinner, Roberto” Kyle said as he put a pair of twenty dollar bills in Roberto’s pants pocket. “If you would like to join us later, it would make us even happier” Kyle added. “Thank you, but we cannot mix with the guests. Except… two nights from tonight in the club. It is the one night of the week that the managers.. uh, cover their eyes” Roberto said. “Mmmm, that sounds like fun. We’ll be sure to be there” Joe said. They wandered around the pool areas trying to walk off part of their huge meal. They made it back out to the beach and this time there were four lounge chairs occupied with couples fucking. They found the lesbian couple under the same tree as the night before and Joe turned to Kyle, saying “I hope they went back to their room to sleep at some point” and laughed. They wandered back towards the buildings and noticed that there was a secluded hot tub with tall plantings all around it, obscuring the view from the paths and the rooms. There was a sign that warned that nudity was allowed in this area and when they peered around the shrubs they saw four naked guys in the tub. Joe figured that the tub could seat at least a dozen people so there would definitely be room for them. “Feel like a hot dip?” Joe asked. “Oh yeah. Lets get out of these clothes and come back down” Kyle replied. The two walked quickly back to the room and shed their good clothes and put on their swim trunks and t-shirts. They grabbed more pool towels from the closet and started to walk to the door when Joe said “One thing first.” He dug into his backpack and opened the baggie. He quickly rolled a joint and grabbed the lighter before heading out on to the balcony. Kyle followed closely behind and the two enjoyed a peaceful toke. With the joint finished, they kissed each other deeply and went downstairs. Kyle grabbed a couple beers at the bar and they wandered the grounds trying to find the hot tub again. As they got near the clothing optional hot tub, they heard laughing and splashing. “They may have started without us” Kyle said. As they rounded the corner and went into the spa area, the guys in the tub all stopped and looked over at them. “Room for two more?” asked Joe as he felt all eight eyes on him. “For you guys, hell yeah!” said one of the two blond guys. Joe pulled his shirt off and waited for Kyle to do the same. The tail of his scorpion tattoo stuck up just above the top of his spandex trunks, just like he had planned. He could feel his cock start to thicken and was sure the guys in the pool could see it snake across his trunks. One of the guys in the tub gave a whistle and the two started walking to the edge where no one was seated. “Take it all off or you can’t get in” the other blond guy said. Joe chuckled and looked at Kyle before they both slid their trunks off. “Oh my god” said one of the other guys in the hot tub, a tall, thin ginger haired guy with gauged ears, and pierced nipples on his lightly hairy chest. Joe and Kyle couldn’t see his eight inch uncut cock but eventually they would. They put their cups at the edge and then stepped into the pool and sat down. Everyone seemed to be eyeing each other closely. Joe took a gulp of beer and put his cup back as one of the blond guys said “Hey, I’m Jace and this is my brother Jax.” Joe looked the brothers over and he could tell they were related. Both were shaggy blond haired, blue eyed and stood about 5 foot 6. They just had a wisp of fuzz on their bodies and had trimmed their pubes down to almost nothing. Other than the single stud earring on both ears, there wasn’t a mark to be found. “Ahh, brothers. I was wondering if you hunted everywhere to find a boyfriend that was a mirror image of you” Joe said with a laugh. “I’m Joe and this is my boyfriend Kyle” Joe added. “Yeah, some people think we’re twins but we’re not. We’re only ten months apart, I guess dad was really horny after Jace was born” Jax said. “Hmm, gay brothers. Just like you and Mark” Kyle said with a smirk. Joe and Kyle’s eyes turned to the other pair in the tub, waiting for their introduction. “Oh, I’m Casey and this is my partner Drew” said the ginger haired guy in a slight southern drawl. Kyle looked over Drew and he wasn’t the type of guy he expected to be with a guy like Casey. He was built like a linebacker and stood at least three inches taller than his boyfriend. He was an imposing guy. His brown hair was buzzed short and his face was covered in scruff. His body was bulging with muscles and covered with tattoos that extended most of the way down to his wrist and waist, unlike his partner who didn’t appear to have any ink. Joe noticed that Jace and Jax both scrunched their faces up after the introductions. He saw Jax turn to Jace and say quietly “boyfriends and partners, I guess you’re gonna have to take care of me again tonight.” Joe winked at Kyle who was taking a sip from his beer. “Well, we’re pretty open, so if you want to have some fun with someone besides your brother, we can probably help” Kyle said. Casey smiled and said “We’re open too. I think it would be hot to watch two brothers fuck but even hotter to watch them get fucked next to each other.” “Oh hell yeah” said Jace before adding “we’re both mostly bottoms.” “Ok, Jace and Jax, give us a show” Joe said. With that, Jace turned to Jax and started making out with him. Their hands dropped into the bubbling water so no one knew who was playing with what. Casey and Drew slid over near Joe and Kyle to get a better view while Jace and Jax got hornier and hornier. Finally, Jax ended the kiss and hopped onto the edge of the hot tub, his cock rock hard and pointing to the stars. Jace moved between his legs and took his cock into his mouth. The guys watched the two brothers go at it and started to stroke their own shafts in the warm bubbling water. After several minutes, Drew stood up and walked across the pool and said “You’re only getting half of his cock in your mouth, a good blowjob goes all the way in.” Drew grabbed Jace’s hair with his fist, pushing on the back of his head forcing it all the way down, so that Jax’s trimmed blond bush was pressed hard against Jace’s face. He held it there and saw Jax’s eyes get bigger as he felt Jace’s throat touch his cock for probably the first time. After half a minute, Drew let Jace off and he gasped for air while large globs of spit dripped off his face. Drew pushed his head back down to Jax’s cock, but this time let Jace bob on it, his hand making sure that he took almost all of Jax’s cock into his mouth. Soon Jace was deep throating Jax’s cock on his own and Drew moved back and sat next to Joe. After several more minutes of sucking and slobbering over Jax’s cock, Jace pulled off and bent over the edge of the pool. Jax climbed behind him and rubbed his spit covered cock on his brother’s hole. Jax spit on the hole and pushed a finger in, working the spit inside. He spit again and then used his cock to push the second gob in. He slowly pushed in and then stopped when his brother whined. He rocked his body and worked his cock in deeper until all four and a half inches were in Jace’s hole. It was a jerky motion and Joe could tell that Jax was nervous having an audience. He kept fucking slowly for several more minutes. The guys watched and soon realized that Jax was almost as bad of a fucker as his brother was a cocksucker. At the very least, his short cock was not going to do a good job opening up Jace’s hole for the four other guys. Casey got up and moved behind Jax, putting his hand just above Jax’s butt and tried to get him into a regular rhythm and to fuck harder. Casey’s finger slipped down and rubbed between the crack and the tip of his finger began massaging Jax’s pucker. Both Jace and Jax were moaning until Casey pushed his whole finger into Jax’s hole. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to get Jax to start shooting his cum into his brother. Jax fell forward on to Jace’s back, bucking his hips, half to get his cock and cum inside his brother and half to get Casey’s finger into him. After the orgasm passed, Jax kissed his brother’s head and backed away, his soft cock falling out of Jace’s now cummy hole. Casey pushed Jax next to his brother and bent him over. Drew stood back up and moved over behind Jace and kneeled down to run his tongue between the two mounds of flesh. His tongue scooped up the cum that was dripping out of the hole and then licked and dug his tongue into the tight hole. He sucked some more cream out and stood up and shared it with Casey in a deep, wet kiss. Drew spit the remainder out onto his hand and rubbed it up and down his thick 6 and a half inch cock. He pried apart Jace’s ass and aimed his bare cock at the hole. He pushed his cock into Jace’s cum slick hole, ignoring the protests as Jace’s hole was stretched far wider than it had from his brother’s cock. “I assume since you took your brother’s cock bare, you won’t mind me raw fucking you” Drew said. He didn’t wait for Jace to say anything and pulled back and thrust his unsheathed cock back in. Casey was fingering Jax’s hole like he had been earlier but now had added a glob of spit that had some of Jax’s own cum mixed with it. It helped Casey get two and then three of his long slender fingers inside Jax. Jax’s response was almost all moaning, unlike his brother’s whimpering. Satisfied Jax was ready, Casey aimed his thin eight inch shaft at Jax’s pussy and drove in deep and hard. Jax grunted and then returned to moaning as Casey started thrusting his hips back and forth. Casey and Drew had different styles of fucking their bottoms but both seemed to be enjoying raw dicking the brothers. Joe and Kyle sat back, stroking their cocks as they watched Casey and Drew prep the brother’s holes for them. After another fifteen minutes, Joe needed to get his cock in something other than his fist. He stood up and got behind Drew’s muscled ass. Using spit, he slid his fingers between the two halves of hairy muscle and entered Drew’s pussy. The move didn’t seem to startle Drew at all and quickly Joe realized that Drew was used to guys coming up behind him and playing with his ass before they fucked him. He knew the type well and figured Drew probably had been fucked hundreds of times in locker rooms over the years. His fingers worked Drew’s hole and he wondered what caused Casey to say “oh my god” when Joe and Kyle had taken their swim suits off. Was it the scorpion tattoo? Was it the size of their semi-hard cocks? Or was it the cock piercings? It didn’t matter since Drew wasn’t trying to stop Joe from fingering him. He matched the speed of Drew’s now slower fuck and dropped a glob of spit on the head of his cock. Joe swapped his fingers and cock and then drove in faster on Drew’s next stroke and sunk into his warm chute. Drew let out a guttural moan and adjusted his motions to fuck himself on Joe’s dick. Joe decided that his earlier thought was right, Drew was an experienced bottom and could adjust to any size cock without much trouble. Drew resumed his earlier pace, fucking into Jace and then back onto Joe. Joe looked over and saw Casey staring at his partner being sandwiched between Joe and Jace. He gave Joe a big grin and began hammering Jax’s ass. Jax’s moans became groans and then grunts. After a few more minutes, Casey slammed in and let his cum fly. “Oh fuck yeah! Breed me!” yelled out Jax who was feeling every twitch of Casey’s cock inside him and the warmth from his big creamy load. Kyle figured it was his turn now on Jax’s cunt but when Casey pulled out he bent over and started eating Jax’s cum filled hole. Kyle chuckled but wasn’t going to turn down Casey’s ass which seemed to be eager for his fingers, tongue and cock. He leaned forward and kneeled behind Casey, diving into his ass tongue first. He licked and poked around the flexing hole and then used his finger to stretch the puckered hole open. It seemed that Casey was adept at relaxing his pussy and Kyle wanted to spend more time with his cock inside than his fingers or tongue. He pushed some spit inside and stood up. He placed his cock on the hole and leaned in, letting his body weight force his cock inside. He felt Casey tense up and then relax and then his piercing and head popped inside. He let Casey adapt for a moment and then started pumping his cock in and out slowly. He got deeper with each stroke and then the ladder started to ripple past Casey’s outer ring. He heard Casey start to yell out but pushed his head deeper into Jax’s ass. After a dozen strokes, Casey seemed to get used to the feeling and Kyle fucked harder. He looked over and saw Joe start to thrust into Drew and knew he was close. Joe slammed in and drove Drew’s cock all the way into Jace. Joe unleashed shots of poisonous seed into Drew’s cunt and it triggered Drew to dump his load into Jace. The two stood there flexing and bucking as both filled their bottoms. Kyle felt his cock twitch, knowing Joe had just flooded Drew with his toxic load. He kept thrusting into Casey, wanting to enjoy the tight hole a while longer before he bred him. Joe pulled back a bit and Drew slowly fucked his load deeper into Jace, while working the load in his ass deeper too. Both pulled out completely and stepped back. Joe watched a drop of cum fall out of Jace’s ass into the pool and then turned to Drew who leaned down and kissed him. Joe bent over and licked and sucked Drew’s cock, taking it all the way on the third bob. Drew let out a loud moan and everyone turned to see Joe sucking Drew’s cock. It didn’t last long before Jace started to whine about his empty hole. Joe went down two more times and then flicked his tongue over the tip of Drew’s cock and moved into position behind Jace. He gave a swift slap to Jace’s ass and said “You’ll get fucked when we want to fuck you.” Joe could feel Drew come up behind him and then felt Drew’s hands on his shoulders. He figured that Drew was going to give him payback as soon as he got his cock inside Jace. Joe put his hands on each butt cheek and pulled them apart with his thumbs, looking at the pearly cream drip out of the boi’s hole. His cock was still hard and he bet that Jace would be even tighter than Drew was. Joe circled the piercing around Jace’s hole and then pushed in. He saw Jace writhe as his cock ripped its way inside. Joe wasn’t going to go easy on the slut and just firmly pushed all the way in until his bush was kissing Jace’s pussy. Joe pulled back half way and then shoved back in. Some might have thought it was an asshole move, since Jace was clearly uncomfortable with the force his cock was going in. But Joe was showing the younger boy who was boss. If Jace wanted to get fucked by someone other than his brother, he would have to let Joe fuck him when and how Joe wanted. Kyle was now pounding Casey’s hole and driving his face into Jax’s ass. When he got a little too hard, Casey would wiggle and try to escape, but Kyle wasn’t going to let that happen. Holding Casey firm, he drilled and felt the cum rise from his balls. Grabbing Casey’s shoulders, he pulled himself as deep as possible and let his cum start shooting into Casey’s empty cunt. He knew he still had Jax to fuck and hoped his balls would keep some cum in reserve. Casey let out a loud moan when he felt the cum start to fill his guts. Kyle leaned forward and held Casey tight, letting the pulses die down and his adrenaline fade too. Joe saw Drew’s head over his shoulder, watching his cock drive into Jace’s hole. “Yeah, fuck him. Make him feel all of your cock” Drew said. Joe wasn’t sure he wanted a commentary to his fuck but Drew was definitely bigger than him so he ignored it. Joe fucked faster and his body was slapping against Jace with each inward thrust. When he got Jace stretched open, he really enjoyed the fuck. His precum and Drew’s cum lubed the hole nicely and there was just the right amount of pressure on his cock to not make him cum too soon but also not too loose. He doubted that most of the guys that had fucked Jace had been as rough as he had been, based on the whimpers and groans. It was going to get harder too, as he felt Drew wrap his arm around Joe’s chest and started rubbing his nipple with his thumb. Joe pounded faster and and Drew started pinching. He hammered Jace for a few minutes and then when Drew pinched and twisted his nipple, Joe slammed in and felt his cock pump ropes of infected jizz into Jace’s hole. Joe looked over and saw Kyle mounting Jax, having pushed Casey out of the way. He heard Casey say “Holy fuck” and then move in behind Kyle. Joe pulled his cock from Jace’s ass and found Drew turning his body and then Drew dropped to his knees sucking Joe’s cock clean. “Nice tat, Kyle. You gonna knock him up like you just did me?” Casey whispered in Kyle’s ear, his chest pressed against his back. Kyle shoved his cock into Jax’s hole and said “mmhmm.” Anyone else would have though he was moaning, but Casey was close enough to understand what he meant. Kyle pulled back a bit and shoved his cock in hard, feeling Casey’s load coat his cock for the next thrust. Jax had a long break between fucks and his hole had tightened up so it was almost like he hadn’t been fucked by Casey earlier other than the cum filling. The tightness around his cock and the comments from Casey told him he wasn’t going to last very long. He drilled Jax’s hole and realized that Jax and his brother sounded the same when they whimpered from a hard fuck. Jax seemed to be trying to pull away from the Kyle's assault and Kyle knew that the tender fuckhole was getting shredded from his piercings with such a hard treatment. Even Joe had problems earlier and he never got as rough as he was with Jace. “Breed him. Tag his hole” Casey encouraged as Kyle pounded Jax. His balls tightened up and his cock swelled leading Jax to cry out. Ramming in deep, he felt the first of a half dozen spurts of virulent seed pump in and mix with Casey’s cum. Jax was still whimpering and whining when Kyle pulled his cock out. Casey wasted no time and had his tongue lapping at the spooge covered cock. Kyle looked over and Drew was just finishing up cleaning Joe’s cock. He gave Joe a wink and a grin and let Casey finish licking all the tainted seed on his cock and balls. Jace and Jax were still bent over the side of the pool almost as if they were waiting for the next round. Joe and Kyle pulled their cocks out of Casey and Drew’s mouths and sat back down on the other side of the hot tub feeling the jets soothe their bodies with hot water. They leaned in and kissed each other as Casey and Drew took a seat next to them. Jace and Jax started to move and Joe said “Hold it. Stay there, we want to enjoy this view for a while.” The four chuckled as they looked at the two ravaged holes, cum dripping off their balls and running down their legs into the pool.
  5. chi4loads

    A Brother in Trouble

    Thanks for the kind comments. --------- Part 68 - Five Star Service Joe woke up in the morning and felt a hard cock poking at his ass and realized it wasn’t Kyle. He rolled away, looking at Ian now gently humping the air in his sleep. Joe kneeled on the bed and gently rolled Ian on to his knees. With his stiff cock preventing him from laying flat, Ian had his ass up in the air and his shoulders and head flat on the bed. “Perfect” Joe muttered to himself. He moved in and spread Ian’s legs wider and then pressed his already dripping cock between the ass crack. Joe gingerly held Ian’s hips and pushed in. Ian awakened immediately and let out a loud grunt as he was suddenly skewered on Joe’s cock. Kyle was awake in seconds from the commotion and then turned to watch Joe fuck another dose of poison into Ian. There was no warmup for Ian this time. Joe needed to fuck and he needed to nut and it had to be soon. Joe jackrabbit’d Ian’s ass and then pushed in deep. His cock throbbed and ropes of his bugged up semen filled Ian’s ass. After several spurts, Joe could feel Ian’s orgasm shooting his own load onto the bed sheets. The spasms milked a few extra shots of Joe’s cum and Joe stood holding Ian until they died down. He finally pulled out and got off the bed, pulling Kyle and Ian with him toward the bathroom. The three rinsed off and they walked out, naked, on to the balcony. Joe got up after about twenty minutes of them chatting and watching the surf roll in. He went in and made some coffee with the bottled water and grabbed three glasses and filled them with a generous pour of tequila. He walked out and set the glasses down and went back for the coffee. They sat there for a while and Kyle joked with Ian about the puddle below him. It was a beautiful sunny morning and the guys kept sipping the tequila and drinking the coffee. Joe got up to make another pot of coffee and as he got half way across the room he noticed the room door was open and a second later Javier walked out of the bathroom. He stood there naked looking at Javier and saw Javier looking up and down at him. “Sorry, señor. I knocked and there was no answer so I came in to clean your room” Javier said. “No problem, Javier. We were out on the balcony having coffee. I hope you don’t mind that we’re naked,” Joe said with a grin. He saw the bulge in Javier’s pants grow and Javier’s eyes had continued to look over Joe’s body. “Uh… no…” Javier said and then licked his lips. Joe let out a short laugh and said “Do you like what you see?” “Yes I do, señor” Javier said as he adjusted himself. Joe smiled and walked past him to the door and looked up and down the corridor. Spotting no one, he came back in and pushed the doorstop out of the way and let the door close. He came back to Javier and reached down and unbuttoned and un-zipped his pants. “Sir…” started Javier. “I’m just going to show you how much we appreciate what you do” Joe said. “But I can’t get caught with guests” Javier pleaded. “Then we’ll have to do this quick” Joe replied while looking at the nice thick uncut cock in front of him. For a short guy, Javier’s 8 1/2 inch thick uncut cock looked even bigger. Then Joe noticed the mark. He looked closer and there was a tattoo on the top of Javier’s light brown cock. A plus sign in black ink. Joe smiled and looked up at Javier. “Does this mean what I think it does?” Joe asked and then licked the tattoo. “Yes señor. It is like the one on your leg” Javier said quietly. “I see. Have you been taking your medications?” Joe asked. Javier swallowed hard. His body trembled and he said “Uh, no señor. I don’t take medications.” “Good. Me either. And Ian, behind you, would love to get some of your… uh, leche” Joe said. Javier gasped and turned around. Kyle and Ian were standing right there. Ian smiled and walked over to the bed and crawled on. Joe gave Javier a little push and Javier pushed off his shoes and pants and then removed his shirt as he walked to the bed. Joe and Kyle were right behind and Joe dropped back to his knees next to the bed. He took Javier’s cock into his mouth and sucked it deep into his throat. Joe sucked quickly, trying to get the rapidly stiffening shaft coated in spit. Kyle climbed on the bed on over Ian and leaned over, spit on Ian’s pucker and dug his tongue in, tasting some of Joe’s cum from earlier. Joe pulled the foreskin back and dug the tip of his tongue into the piss slit and tasted some of Javier’s charged precum. He leaned back and grinned at Javier who climbed on the bed, while Kyle moved back to give him room. Javier didn’t kneel behind Ian, he was in a crouching position on his feet. He rubbed his leaking cock head on Ian’s hole and then pushed in. The moan was loud and deep and then it turned into a growl as Javier started to thrust in hard. “He has taken cum already?” asked Javier. “Four. Two from each of us” Kyle boasted. “Slut!” called out Javier as he started to pound Ian’s ass. Joe knew from sucking him that Javier’s cock was thicker than either Joe’s or Kyle’s cock by quite a bit. It was easily seven inches around and Joe could see Ian struggling to take the thickness. Sweat was flying off Javier as he drilled Ian mercilessly. The words coming out of Javier’s mouth were a mixture of English and Spanish, none of which Joe had learned in his high school Spanish class. The words faded to grunts and then Javier buried his cock in deep and growled as he shot his highly toxic seed into Ian’s cunt. “Yeah!” yelled out Ian as he felt another charged load fill him up. The four went into the shower and washed off. Javier put his uniform back on and thanked the others but pleaded for them not to say anything. “Don’t worry. We won’t” Joe told him. Joe, Kyle and Ian dressed and headed down to the main restaurant to get breakfast, since they were all starving. Ian kept squirming in his chair as he felt the loads seeping out of his ass. Once they finished, Ian headed back to his room to change and Joe and Kyle went up to theirs to get into their swim suits. Joe and Kyle found their spots from the day before at the pool and grabbed a couple more beers. The sun was hot and their beers didn’t last very long. Kyle looked around and finally flagged a waiter who came by and took their order. When he came back, Joe motioned for the guy to come closer. Joe whispered “Do you know where we can find some weed?” The waiter looked a little confused and Joe added “Ganja, you know, marijuana.” The waiter smiled and turned around, pointing towards the beach, suggesting "See that man in the blue shorts? Follow him. He wants the same. Go down the beach and you will see a tall man selling souvenirs. Ask him.” Joe reached into his backpack and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and gave it to the waiter. “Mucho gracias” Joe said as he got up, pulled-on his tank top and followed what turned out to be a line of several of the resort guests down the beach. Everyone went to the same little hut about 200 yards past the end of the resort, right before the beach got rocky. Next to the hut, Joe saw an old VW van parked on a dirt road. When he walked up, there were numerous souvenirs on the tables in front of the hut and a very tall, lanky, tanned white guy with a large hat sitting under the hut’s awning. Each person would look over the trinkets and pick one up and go talk to the man. They paid and had gotten a small baggie with their souvenir. Joe chuckled that this was the smartest guy on the planet - he had a captive group of customers with money to spend and many wanting some good pot for their vacation and souvenirs to take back home. When it was Joe’s turn he brought up two small items and in less than thirty seconds had scored a bag of pot, some rolling papers, and a lighter (what the guy called the “starter” kit) with a warning to not smoke in the hotel rooms - only on the balconies, beach or away from other guests. As Joe walked back down the beach he spied the jet skis and the guy renting them. He walked up to him and asked what the deal was. Glancing down at Joe’s wristband, he said “With your package, you get 15 minutes a day free. Twenty dollars more and you can do 30 minutes. Forty dollars for an hour and I can give you a tour.” Joe smiled, looked closely at the guy’s name badge and said “There would be two of us. When can we go for an hour, Carlos?” Carlos looked at the schedule and said “Three PM or four PM is available today. Four is our last time of the day.” “Four PM sounds perfect” Joe replied. He gave his name and room number and said “See you at four” as he walked back to the pool. “Where the hell have you been?” asked Kyle. “Oh, just organizing a little fun for us” Joe said as he showed Kyle the baggie of pot before stuffing it into his backpack. “I also got a reservation for the jet skis at 4:00 PM, so don’t make any plans” he added as he waved at the waiter. It was the same guy as before and he hurried over. “Yes, señor?” he asked. "Dos mas cervezas, por favor” Joe said. The waiter smiled and headed back to the bar and came back promptly with two cold beers. “You were able to find what you wanted on the beach, señor?” he asked as he placed the beer on the table. "Oh yes, thank you very much” Joe replied. They drank beers, got some more sun and cooled off in the pool. Joe looked over and saw the clock by the bar said 3:30 PM. “Guess its time to dump our stuff in the room and go try to not kill ourselves” Joe said as he and Kyle walked to their room and prepared for there experience on a jet ski. Kyle chuckled. “Have you ever been on one of those things?” Kyle asked. “Hell no. Last time I was even on my bicycle was in junior high and I broke my wrist and couldn’t wrestle. I hope this goes better or you’re gonna have to stroke me off while I have the cast on” Joe joked. "That will be hard to do when I’m some shark’s dinner” Kyle replied, laughing as they made their way back to the beach and, as they approached the jet ski concession, Kyle remarked "The guy is really cute. No wonder you wanted to try this.” “Yeah, I’m hoping we can get him naked somewhere. He’s gonna give us a tour,” Joe replied. “I like your thinking” Kyle said with a laugh. They walked up to the hut on the beach about five minutes early. “Hola, Carlos. Ready for us?” Joe called out. Joe handed over the extra money and Carlos gave them a brief explanation on how to ride the jet skis. Each one took a test spin and once Carlos was satisfied that they understood, the three of them took off. Carlos showed them a few easy tricks jumping small waves which Joe and Kyle picked up quickly. They goofed around for almost fifteen minutes when Carlos waved at them to follow him. They zipped along the water and when Joe and Kyle were keeping up with Carlos, he went even faster. The jungle and beach zoomed past and after several minutes, they pulled into an inlet. Carlos dropped the speed down to a slow pace and they went deeper up the river. A short ways in, Joe saw a waterfall and when they got closer he saw a small beach area off to the side. Carlos headed to the beach and gunned his jet ski and then let it beach itself on the sand. Joe and Kyle did the same and they pulled the crafts up on the beach further before tying them together and anchoring them down. “You like?” asked Carlos. Joe and Kyle both laughed at the ambiguity of the question. Did he mean the jet skis? Did he mean the waterfall and beach? Did he mean him? They walked over to the side of one of the jet skis and leaned against it looking at the waterfall and the beautiful nature around them. They heard lots of animals calling out in the trees and the loud rush of water from the waterfall. Joe looked over and Carlos was lighting a small pipe and then took a big hit. As he exhaled, he handed the pipe over to Joe who did the same and passed it along to Kyle. “Fuck, thats some good stuff” Joe said after he exhaled and felt the warmth spread throughout his body. Carlos smiled back at him and said “Same that you bought from Bandit. He gets a lot of customers from the resort.” Carlos took the pipe back and looked at the bowl. “A little left” he said and flicked the lighter, inhaling the last of the unburned bud. Joe was looking at him and Carlos didn’t exhale like he expected. Instead Carlos leaned over and put his mouth on Joe’s, both kissing him and shotgunning the smoke into Joe’s mouth and lungs. He pinned Joe against the jet ski and grabbed his balls. Kyle chuckled and then moved behind Carlos. He tugged and Carlos’s board shorts fell to the ground. Kyle then pulled his own trunks down before he humped his hardening cock up and down Carlos’s tight butt crack. Joe and Carlos broke their kiss and Joe exhaled the remains of the smoke. Carlos reached down and pushed Joe’s swim shorts down, releasing his stiff cock. Carlos turned Joe around so he was facing the jet ski and reached down and guided his seven inches of plump, uncut meat to Joe’s hole. “You have a sexy ass, Joe. When I saw you walk back to the pool I knew I needed to fuck it” Carlos said. He started poking and then pulled his foreskin back and aided by his precum, started to push inside Joe’s pussy. Kyle stood there, rubbing his cock against Carlos’s ass, waiting for him to get inside his boyfriend. Kyle thought that Carlos was going too slow and gentle and leaned into Carlos’s back. His cock was between the two halves of his butt and Kyle quickly found the target. The piercing was pushing into Carlos’s hole when he yelled out “NO!” It was too late. Kyle shoved into Carlos’s hole with only sweat and a little precum to assist. It took only three jabs for Kyle to get all of his cock inside the tight chute. Joe’s ass was full of Carlos’s cock and he could feel Carlos panting on his neck. Kyle whispered “You have a sexy ass too and I knew I had to breed it as soon as you kissed my boyfriend.” Kyle pulled back slightly and felt Carlos come with him. Kyle stopped and then Carlos started to push back into Joe’s cunt. He heard Carlos whimper and grunt as he fucked himself on Kyle’s cock and fucked into Joe’s ass. Faster and faster Carlos went and he was pounding Joe and himself in only a few short minutes. Kyle could feel Carlos's ass getting sloppier from the precum that he was leaking. Carlos slammed into Joe and held him tight and Kyle did the same to Carlos. Kyle could feel the pussy spasm around his cock as Carlos unloaded his seed into Joe’s poz cunt. After two of Carlos’s spurts, Kyle started pumping his virus filled spunk into Carlos’s tight hole. With both asses filled with cum, Kyle pulled his cock slowly out and then watched Carlos pull out of Joe. Carlos was steadying himself on the jet ski when Joe turned around and pushed Carlos where he had been moments earlier. Joe drove his cock into Carlos’s cum filled hole and hammered it hard while cum ran down his legs. It was only a couple minutes until Joe’s cock added its own unique strain into Carlos’s unsuspecting ass. Joe pulled out while still breathing hard and reached down and picked up his swim suit. “Fuck!” yelled out Carlos and Joe and Kyle looked at him, trying to decide if that was a good “fuck” or a bad one. Finally Joe said “What?” “I told my girlfriend that I would stop getting fucked. But it feels so good to have a man cum in you, no?” Carlos remarked. Joe and Kyle both laughed and said “Yeah, it does.” The guys put their swim suits on and pushed the water crafts back into the water. They started them up and went back into the sea and played around jumping waves, each trying to get more air than the other. Joe landed off balance and fell off at one point but was able to swim over and climb back on. Carlos of course won by getting the highest jump, since he had been riding a lot longer than either Joe and Kyle. Soon, Carlos waved at them to follow him and they ended up back at the resort. They pulled in and beached the crafts and two workers from the resort helped Carlos put the jet skis on trailers. Joe and Kyle walked up and gave Carlos a bro hug and Joe slipped him a few extra twenties and gave him a wink.
  6. chi4loads

    A Brother in Trouble

    I finally completed the next chunk. Now to see if there is any interest or if its dead. There are 5 parts which I will post before I go out of town for most of July. ---------- Part 67 - Spring Break Joe was sitting on the couch after class. The TV was on showing the college basketball tournament as background noise and he was typing away on his laptop. His two phones were sitting next to him along with a list of topics he wanted to cover in the presentation he was working on for one of his classes. First, his escort phone buzzed alerting him to a new message. A few minutes later his regular phone chirped on the arrival of a message. It seemed that there was only a few minutes between messages and they kept coming. It was ruining his concentration and he figured he should read the messages together and then put the phones in silent mode for an hour or two. First he looked at the escort phone. The first was from a known number. He looked it up and it was a guy that he had met several times before, all before he got pozzed. The guy was a young farmer in his late twenties. Joe had helped him first by teaching him about gay sex and then coming out and then the guy lost his parents in a fire and Joe helped him through it. It had been almost nine months since he had heard from him last. The message simply asked “Is this Dave?” He chuckled but appreciated that it had been a while and the guy didn’t want to blindly text someone asking for an escort appointment if the number was now someone else’s. He replied: Joe: “Yes. Are you Blaine?” Blaine: “yeah. U still avail?” Joe: “booked for 3 weeks” Blaine: “damn ur popular” Joe: “LOL, I wish. busy with school then spring break” Blaine: “ok. call when u have time” The next message was from another previous client asking if he was free that Friday night. He replied that he wasn’t. He was going out with Kyle and that always took precedence. Grabbing his regular phone he saw 4 new messages: Kyle: “at library with project team home at 9” Patrick: “need to talk soon” Mark: “u have plans 4 spring break?” Paul: “u guys are good. both ur btms from party +” Joe got nervous with the message from Patrick. He hoped that the job hadn’t fallen through. He had stopped looking for a job since he had accepted the offer from Greg. The trip to California seemed a distant memory now. He texted back “ok, when? good or bad?” He then replied back to Paul: “;) they ok? u tag urs 2?” Then to Mark: “staycation. maybe job hunting” He set the phone down and waited to hear a reply from Patrick at least. He typed out some more on his laptop and his phone chirped. Mark: “shit! what happened?” Joe: “dunno. got msg from Patrick that we need to talk” He grabbed the pipe, checked that it still had some life in it and lit it, taking a big hit. He calmed down a bit and went back working on his presentation. A few minutes later the phone chirped and it was a reply from Patrick - “both, now?” Joe replied “ok. u call me.” The phone rang and Joe answered it. “Hi Joe. I know you’re probably freaking out about now, but don’t worry. We had a little issue with Greg and he’s no longer with the company. Some of the higher-ups questioned your hiring since Greg was so big on you, but I took care of it. He wasn’t the only one to interview you and everyone who did wants you to join. We talked while you were out here and I know your brother. He spoke really highly of you, but I know he’s biased. In the end, I don’t see a problem with you starting in July as long as you graduate. Just be aware that some important eyes will be on you the first few months” Patrick said. “Oh, thank god. I had visions of having to start my job hunt all over. I won’t ask what Greg did, but it must have been bad” Joe replied. Patrick chuckled and continued “Uh, yeah. On the non-work side of things, I’m now single and my knocked up ex is out of the picture. If you hadn’t guessed, your little new years party was quite effective in giving me the bug. I’d prefer to think that it was then, rather than Greg’s hotel get together.” Joe chuckled. “I hope it was the party too. The hotel thing with him was strange and I only got a couple more odd messages from him after that while I was out there and there’s been nothing since. The new years party was a lot more fun. Congrats on your freedom. I hope you find someone who treats you better. I take it you were able to do the deed?” Joe asked. “Hell yeah! The stupid fuck couldn’t understand why I suddenly wanted to top all the time after I got sick” Patrick said. “That’s fuckin’ cool. I want to hear about it sometime” Joe replied. “Yeah, that kind of leads to the other thing I wanted to ask you. Are you going to be able to join us in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend? I have a room reserved for you. We’ll cover the cost of the room, but you are responsible for getting there. I just need you to confirm a week before, ok?” Patrick replied. “I think so. Can my boyfriend share my room?” asked Joe. “Yeah, no problem. Some guys are sharing their rooms with guys from the office and others are bringing in their partners so they will have a room to themselves. There’s one guy I think you’ll like who wants to make it a positive weekend. Oh, Raphi will be there too with his new magic trick” Patrick said. “Yeah, he told me once he got the test result. It will be fun seeing you guys again” Joe said before asking Patrick to keep him in the loop and then goodbye. He sent off a message to Mark “job still ok. why did u ask about spring break?” Mark: “I never did spring break. saw a deal. thought u n kyle might like it” Joe: “not in budget. gotta save for apt n car. CA more xpnsv than here” Mark: “My treat if u can get to Chicago, Dallas, Denver” Joe: “maybe. need to talk to kyle” Kyle and Joe talked and decided to take Mark up on his offer. Soon a packet showed up in the mail with all of the information - vouchers for the airport shuttle, airplane tickets and the brochure for the “LGBT-friendly” resort. They looked through the brochure and saw it proclaim that all packages were “All-inclusive” and “Over 90% of staff speak English” along with French, German and Portuguese. The pictures showed people swimming in pools, drinking at the pool bars, sunbathing, sailing on small catamarans, dancing in clubs, and eating at romantic dinners. They noticed that many of the people in the pictures were same-sex couples. “This place looks fucking awesome for a couple of homos” Kyle said. Joe and Kyle worked hard the next few weeks making sure they wouldn’t have any classwork waiting for them when they got back. They found out a friend of theirs was going back home for the break and lived just outside of Chicago. They could leave their car at his parents and get dropped off at the airport. The drive to Chicago was long and boring, broken up by a few breaks in rest area bathroom stalls for some fun. The final tally when they got to their friend Jaime’s parent’s house was 3 truckers, 2 twinks, 1 bear, 1 30-something businessman and 1 creepy older guy with only a few teeth who couldn’t bend over fast enough to have three college guys breed his hole. They got dropped off at the airport early in the morning with Kyle’s ass full of Jaime’s newly toxic nut. Kyle and Joe slept most of the flight and were well rested when the plane touched down in Cancun. They made it through customs and found their shuttle bus. It was easy to spot since there was small pride flag in the windshield. As the bus filled up they looked around and it was all guys near their age except for two guys in their late thirties (one cub and one otter) and two butch lesbians. Kyle looked at Joe and smiled, saying “Mark seems to have set us up good.” All the guys were rubber necking, checking each other out when the bus driver hopped in and closed the door. They drove to the resort which was in a secluded tropical forest right on the water. As they pulled up, Kyle saw four flags in the courtyard - the Mexican flag, the state flag, the hotel flag and a pride flag. Everyone piled out of the bus and grabbed their luggage and stood in line to check in. The guys were flirting with each other while waiting to check in. Joe and Kyle walked up and attempted to use their high school Spanish until they got hopelessly confused. The clerk laughed with them and tried to correct some of their bigger misuses of the language. He put their wrist bands on and then gave them their room key. They found their room which turned out to be an ocean view suite and a large covered balcony. The king size bed looked like a fun place and they saw the liquor dispenser on the wall. “All inclusive, baby” Joe joked to Kyle and then kissed him deeply. There was a knock at the door and Kyle reluctantly ended the kiss and opened it. “Hello. I am Javier. I am your room steward. I hope everything is good with your room. You can call me if you need anything” the guy said with a slight accent before handing Kyle a card. Joe and Kyle were mentally undressing the short, thin Mexican with a neatly trimmed beard and a bright smile. They stared just a bit too long, making it awkward and finally Kyle said “Gracias, Javier. Everything looks perfect.” “Thank you. Have a good day” Javier said and then turned and walked down the hallway. Joe and Kyle watched the nicely formed butt disappear around the corner and then laughed at each other. “I hope we get to tap that before we leave” said Joe. The two unpacked their clothes and looked through the info. They put their swim suits, tank tops and sandals on, grabbed some sunscreen and headed down to the pool. Kyle’s tattoo was mostly covered by his shirt and Joe’s covered the scorpion but the back of his lower leg was telling everyone he passed of his status. They walked up to the bar and said “Dos cervezas, por favor” in that uniquely American accent of high school Spanish, realizing they were better off sticking to short sentences if they spoke Spanish. The bartender responded “Can I see your wristbands?” They showed them to him and he then asked “Which one?” while pointing to the four beer taps. “Modelo Negra” Joe said and Kyle responded “Corona.” They got their beers and found two lounge chairs next to the pool. They sat down, stripped their shirts off and slathered on the sun screen. They laid back and enjoyed the breeze, sun and the music from the poolside DJ. After about twenty minutes, Joe rolled over and had Kyle help reapply sun screen to his back and did the same for Kyle. Another fifteen minutes later and the beers were empty and the sun seemed to be getting hotter. Joe got up and jumped in the pool and swam over to the pool bar. He ordered two more beers and then walked through the pool back to their chairs, looking around at all the guys. Kyle jumped in and they stood there talking at the edge of the pool for a while. They heard some noises behind them and saw that some guys had started a water volleyball game. It seemed to be six against four and they were trying to split a couple up to make it even. Joe yelled over “Need two more?” and the group yelled back “Yeah.” Joe and Kyle chugged their beers and swam over, joining the team of four. Once the game started, Joe realized quickly that these guys were serious about playing and it got physical. No one seemed to mind the body contact. There were splashes from guys diving to make plays and several times he collided with another guy going for the ball. A few times the other guy grabbed Joe while they were underwater and felt up either his ass or cock. One time he leapt into the air and when he came down the guy next to him reached into his board shorts and grabbed his cock and squeezed it several times, winking when he felt the piercing. He looked over a few plays later and someone had just ripped Kyle’s trunks off and was holding them up in the air. “Kyle, get those back on. We don’t want to get thrown out on the first day!” Joe yelled half jokingly. Kyle tackled the guy that had his trunks and slid a finger in his ass before grabbing his swimsuit and then releasing the guy. “That felt good” the guy said as Kyle put his trunks back on. They finished the game and both teams called a waiter over and ordered a round of drinks. They all stood in the corner of the pool and chatted, Joe behind Kyle with his arm around Kyle’s shoulder and chest. The guy that had taken Kyle’s trunks came over and said “Hey, I hope you didn’t mind me pulling them off. I kinda wanted to see what was inside. I'm Ian, by the way.” Kyle laughed and said “Its a lot bigger than the finger that went into you! Hi Ian, I’m Kyle and this is my boyfriend Joe.” “And probably a lot more dangerous too judging by the ink… Ah, boyfriend. I guess you’re taken for the week” Ian said. “He has a very long leash” Joe said and they watched Ian’s eyes light up. “So, I… uh… like the tattoo. Are you advertising or just like the danger that it hints at” Ian asked quietly after moving in closer. “I’m poz, if that’s what you’re asking” Kyle said. Ian seemed surprised at Kyle’s bluntness. “Uh, yeah. Ive run into guys who just liked the design and others that are fans of the band and others that just attract trouble” Ian explained. “Are you poz too?” asked Kyle. “Nah. Taken a bunch of charged loads but I’m still neg” Ian said. “If you keep taking them, it will happen eventually unless you’re on meds” Joe said. “No, no prep. I kinda like the risk of it all. Nothing hotter than a guy telling you right before he cums inside you. I love that rush” Ian said. “Sorry, I gave away the surprise then” Kyle said with a wicked grin. Joe decided he wanted to extend this cat and mouse game and asked “so, is that your boyfriend that you were paired up with during the game?” Ian chuckled “Nah, he’s just a friend. We tried being fuckbuddies but we’re both bottoms. Neither of us is very good at topping, but we like each other and do a lot of stuff together, just not sex. We joke that we’re like an old married couple in a sexless marriage.” “Where are you guys having dinner?” Joe asked. “We’re on the cheap plan, so we get either the buffet or the big restaurant. I see you have the primo wristbands so you can hit them all” Ian replied. Joe chuckled “We didn’t know. My brother got the trip for us so we don’t know what the hell he bought.” “Be sure to use all of the perks. You guys get sailboats, jet skis, free shuttle to the strip, and massages. Hell, they might give you free blowjobs too!” Ian said laughing. “With this crowd, I think everyone gets free blowjobs” Kyle said. Joe added “Except for the lesbians. Do you want to meet after dinner in the club?” “Sure. I should probably run through the shower before dinner. Meet at 8PM?” Ian asked. “Sounds good. I need a nap before dinner too” Joe said. “Siesta, Joe. It sounds more sophisticated” Kyle said with a laugh. Joe and Kyle dried off and grabbed their things and went up to their room. They started making out on the bed but were both sound asleep in minutes. Joe and Kyle woke up and realized they had been sleeping for almost two hours. They ran through the shower and dressed for dinner. “Thank god I didn’t get rid of all of the preppy clothes that my parents gave me” joked Joe. “And which fraternity house are you in?” Kyle jabbed back. The two were laughing as they walked out the door. Javier was walking towards them and Joe gave him a wink. “No ring. You think he’s straight, bi or gay” Kyle asked as they waited for the elevator. “Hopefully gay. He has a nice bulge and a killer ass so hopefully he’s vers too, as long as I’m dreaming” Joe replied. They walked up to the seafood restaurant and got seated in a corner looking out at some gardens. “An hour and a half should be long enough for us to get dinner before we meet Ian” Joe said. “Yeah, whats the deal? I was figuring you were going to drag him to the room and fuck his brains out but then you start asking about the guy he’s with and set up a time to go clubbing?” Kyle asked. “I just wanted him to be eager to get fucked. Kinda like fishing. Tease him a bit until he’ll do anything to get us to nail him. Sometimes the chase is as good as the conquest” Joe explained. They each devoured a dozen raw oysters, enjoyed a bowl of fresh seafood stew, and inhaled a full lobster while washing it down with a couple mojitos. “This is as close to a date as we’ve gone on in a long time” Joe said as they finished up. “Yeah. Its kinda nice. I hope one of the days we’re here it can be just us” Kyle said and Joe nodded. They got the waiter to take a picture of the two of them at the table and Joe sent it off to Mark with the comment “Thanks for the trip. Wish you were here.” They finished dinner and took a walk along the beach. A couple guys were on a lounge chair, one riding the other, the waves drowning out their moans. They passed the lesbian couple from the bus making out under a tree and then headed back to the main building. They walked up to the club and heard music coming from inside and it seemed there was a bunch of people dancing. They walked in and grabbed a couple drinks from the bar and looked around. The crowd was all guys and they were mostly crowded at the center of the dance floor. A few couples were on the edges dancing together. Other guys were in small groups talking and thats where they spotted Ian and his friend, Kent. Joe and Kyle walked over and greeted them. Once they finished their drinks the four moved over to the dance floor. By now several of the guys dancing had removed their shirts and hands were roaming everywhere. Kyle slipped his hand down Ian’s pants and fingered the now sweaty ass. Joe had grabbed Kent’s ass a few times but he seemed to be uninterested. Joe moved over and started to make a few moves on a shaggy haired blond guy and danced with him for a while and then kept moving around dancing and groping several of the guys. Joe got a tap on his shoulder from Kyle who motioned toward the door. He assumed that Kyle and Ian were headed back to a room and nodded. A second later, Kyle tapped him again, this time harder. Joe looked and the hand motion was more like “come along” this time. He smiled at the guy he was dancing with and headed towards the door. He walked out of the club and Ian, his friend Kent and Kyle were standing there. Joe raised his eyebrows, surprised that Ian’s friend was there based on the earlier vibes. Kyle led the three others up to their room and once inside the four stripped their clothes off immediately. Kent was on his knees in front of Joe in as soon as his clothes were off. Joe was completely confused but the moment that Kent’s mouth was around his cock he didn’t care. His tongue was magic and Joe was moaning in seconds. Joe held his head gently and slowly fucked his mouth. Kent didn’t seem to have any problems until the piercing went into his throat. Kent gagged a bit but soon was taking it as if nothing was there. Joe kept face fucking Kent for several more minutes and decided he needed to feel Kent’s pussy wrapped around his cock. Kyle was all over Ian and had him pushed to the bed. He climbed on top and fed his cock to an eager mouth. Ian was licking and sucking all over Kyle’s cock and balls. Kyle tried to push deeper but unlike his friend, Ian was having a lot of problems getting the pierced dick into his throat. Kyle jabbed his cock in deep and held it there a few seconds and started to feel Ian wretch. He pulled back and let Ian recover and decided on a shallow blowjob after that. Ian slobbered a lot of spit over his cock and Kyle could see even more spit running down his cheeks. Kyle pulled out and sat down on Ian’s face and “let” him rim his ass. Ian’s tongue seemed eager to dig into the sweaty ass and Kyle was moaning from Ian’s tongue both licking and poking into his hole. Joe looked over at Kyle and Ian and realized he was going to have to use something other than the bed since Kyle was right in the middle of the king sized bed. He looked around and decided the balcony offered a couple of possibilities. He reached down and pulled Kent up to his feet and led him out there. The warm moist air made the venue completely different than the chilled hotel room. Once on the balcony, Joe pushed Kent to the railing. “Grab on, its gonna be a bumpy ride” Joe joked as Kent grabbed the railing and he pushed Kent’s legs wider. The night sky was clear and there was a gentle breeze blowing. The sounds of crashing waves added a nice backdrop to drown out the quieter sounds the two were about to make. Joe was on his knees, prying Kent’s butt apart and then burying his face into the crevice. Joe hadn’t shaved since they left home and was growing his beard out. The stubble above the fuller chinstrap beard he usually had bristled against Kent’s butt cheeks and his tongue jabbed at his pucker. Sweat was dripping down Kent’s back and added an additional flavor to his regular scent and crotch sweat. Joe’s tongue fucked in and out and he could feel the hole start to relax. He pulled back and used his finger to circle the hungry ass-cunt. He heard Kent moan and wiggle his ass. Standing, he dragged his cock up between the crack and let the piercing rest on the hole. He leaned over Kent, his chest lightly pressing on Kent’s back. “What do you want?” Joe whispered in his ear. “I need your cock” Kent responded. “What else?” Joe asked as he began humping Kent’s ass, his cock riding along the crack. “Your cum” Kent moaned back. “What kind of cum?” Joe asked. “Your poz cum” Kent begged. “You ready to get charged up, Kent?” asked Joe. “Oh god yeah. Breed me good” Kent said while he started to rock his hips back to meet Joe’s thrusts along the crack. Joe aimed his shaft lower and drove in hard, feeling his cock squeeze into the tight ring. After a few more stabs, the piercing and his head were inside the tight tunnel. Joe had been leaking precum since he first started humping Kent and now it was making the passage slick as well. His strokes got longer until he bottomed out, his trimmed pubes pressed tightly against Kent’s ass. Joe wrapped his arm around Kent’s neck and started thrusting his cock in and out. He heard Kent whimper, but it didn’t seem to be from pain. He was submitting to Joe’s cock and letting Joe use him as he wanted. Joe felt Kent work his ass muscles around his shaft. He wasn’t aggressive like he wanted Joe to breed him right away, but enough to be more than a human fleshlight. Joe fucked faster and he knew anyone close could hear the grunts over the sound of the waves. Joe reached around with his other arm and twisted Kent’s left nipple and Kent dutifully clamped down on Joe’s cock. “You want it, Kent?” Joe asked as his arm pressed tighter on Kent’s neck. “Breed me, Joe. Mark my ass” Kent begged through his gasps. The words spurred Joe on and his thrusts got slower but more deliberate. The slaps of skin and the grunts from both guys could be heard all around. Joe’s balls had pulled tight and his cock was throbbing. Joe held Kent tight and gave his cock one more stab inside and unleashed a torrent of poz cum into the abused cave. His body shook, trying to get every bug filled drop of seed inside Kent. “Oh my fucking god, you did it! I can feel your cum inside me” Kent yelled out. Joe chuckled and rammed his cock in a few more times and slowly withdrew the shaft from Kent’s throbbing hole. “Stay there a minute” Joe said as he walked inside. Kyle watched Joe and Kent go outside and after face fucking Ian for a while and then getting rimmed, he slid down Ian’s body and pushed his legs over Kyle’s shoulders. His cock was dripping both saliva and precum as he pressed it to the puckered opening. He looked down at Ian and grinned. Ian locked eyes back with him and Kyle could see the fear and excitement in his eyes. “You want this poz dick?” Kyle asked. Ian nodded and Kyle pushed in a few times until the ring and his cock head popped inside. Ian let out a loud grunt, the spit and precum not being nearly enough lube for his tight chute. Kyle waited a moment and then rocked his hips until his cock was sliding easily in and out of Ian’s neg cunt. With each thrust, the piercings of the ladder would ripple through the outer ring of Ian’s pussy, sending shivers throughout Ian’s body. The harder Kyle fucked the more he felt them wrecking his guts. Kyle knew he could fuck deeper doggy style, but he liked watching the expressions on Ian’s face as he fucked him on his back. His pounding got harder and harder and then he leaned in. Kyle whispered “I’m not on meds, this load is going to be really toxic.” Ian flinched and his hole gripped Kyle’s cock tighter than it had before. Kyle moaned and felt his cock start to throb. He began thrusting in faster as his balls prepared their potent mixture. Kyle let out a few grunts as he slammed his cock in deep each time. His cock began to spew his viral seed into Ian’s battered hole. The toxic cream coated every crevice and ripple of Ian’s fuck chute, looking for any way to invade his body. Kyle gave a couple last thrusts and laid there on top of Ian, panting. Joe walked in just as Kyle had pumped the last spurt of venom into Ian. He stood there a moment and grinned. “Dude, you gotta feel this hole. It’s like fuckin velvet. Well, wet velvet now” Joe said and laughed. Kyle got up, slowly pulling his still partially hard cock from Ian’s ass. As Kyle walked toward the balcony, Joe took his place on the bed. He looked down at Ian and asked “Ready for more?” Before Ian could answer, Joe’s hard shaft slid into the slick tunnel. He could feel Ian twitch with each thrust and knew that Kyle had fucked him hard. He slowed down and let Ian relax a bit. Moans soon started coming out of Ian’s mouth and Joe decided to try flipping him over, so he pulled out and rolled Ian over. While pulling up on his hips slightly, Joe firmly drove his cock back inside and rolled his hips, plunging in and out of Ian’s well worn hole. Kyle walked out on to the balcony and saw Kent standing there, his arms splayed out on the railing and his legs spread wide on the floor. Cum was dripping out of his hole and he told Kent “Tsk, Tsk. You’re wasting Joe’s cum. I’m going to have to replace it.” “Wha…” was all that Kent could get out as Kyle jammed his cock into Kent’s pussy. “FUCK!” was the next thing out of Kent’s mouth. Anyone on their balcony or in the gardens below heard Kent’s scream. Kyle began fucking the still tight, cum-filled hole. His hands were on Kent’s shoulders and his hips were swaying back and forth, driving his cock deep inside Kent’s hole. His strokes got longer as almost the whole length of Kyle’s cock was sliding in and out. He fucked faster and started to hear Kent cry out with each stroke and he knew Kent’s hole was feeling the wrath of his new piercings. Kyle ratcheted up the intensity and was now pounding Kent’s ass. When his balls started to churn again, he knew he was going to shoot soon. He held off as long as he could and then slammed in and let his balls go. Shot after shot if his tainted cum pumped into Kent’s wrecked hole. Kent let out a weary “Oh fuck!” as he felt his ass getting filled with more poz cum. Kyle backed away and his softened cock plopped out of Kent’s swollen hole. He was waiting for Kent to turn around and hopefully suck his cock clean, but instead Kent stood, turned and walked right past him and into the room. Kyle turned around and followed him inside and watched Kent pull his shorts on and walk out of the room, carrying his shirt and sandals and saying nothing. He stood there a moment with his mouth open, shocked that he just got ditched like that. Kyle shook his head and walked over to the bed, leaned in and kissed Joe. Joe pulled Ian on to all fours and Kyle kneeled in front of Ian, who quickly started licking the cum that was dripping off of Kyle’s cock. Joe fucked faster and Kyle followed his example, fucking Ian’s throat. They pounded into each end until Joe gave a final shove and painted another layer of deadly cum all over Ian’s guts. Joe pulled back and collapsed on to the bed and Kyle did the same. Ian turned around and started to lick Joe’s cock clean of the mixture of cum, precum, and ass juice. Ian knew he would be feeling this fuck for a few days and with the coppery taste in his mouth knew that his string of taking poz loads and staying neg might be over. Once Joe’s cock was clean he crawled up between them on the bed and laid back. “Where did Kent go?” Ian asked. “I think he realized he’s not ready to be a poz pig like he thought he was” Kyle said. Joe let out a laugh and looked at Ian. “I hope you are, cuz I’m looking forward to pumping a few more loads into that hot ass of yours.” “I guess its too late to turn back now. I couldn’t start pep until I’m back home and thats in five more days” Ian said. The three made out and chatted for a while until they finally fell asleep. Ian woke up in the middle of the night with Kyle’s cock pushing back into his tender hole. He pulled his ass apart and pushed back on to the stiff cock. He felt Kyle’s cock piston into him and used his sore muscles to milk it. His own cock was rock hard and he guided it between Joe’s ass cheeks. Joe stirred and then pushed back and Ian suddenly found his cock deep inside another guy’s ass for the first time in over a year. Kyle started pumping faster and Ian was gasping for breath. Kyle shoved in and forced the last inch of Ian’s cock into Joe. Kyle’s cock pulsed as several shots of poisonous cream filled Ian’s cunt. Feeling Kyle unload inside him caused Ian to shoot. He hadn’t cum for over a week and he was full. Almost a dozen shots of neg cum pumped into Joe’s empty hole. Joe moaned and wiggled his ass around Ian’s still hard cock and they all fell back asleep.
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    A Brother in Trouble

    In this case, I tried to indicate that Curt had a reputation for harassment of lots of people and Jeff's issue was the breaking point. Apparently I failed. I understand wanting to avoid stories/chapters that don’t work for you, but at what point do authors start putting in warnings? Most of the topics that this story is about are disturbing to many people. For example, someone who has had to deal with anal perforations probably doesn’t want to hear about someone getting their hole brushed before sex to increase their odds of converting. Do I warn about that? (Too late) There are several stories on here that I stopped reading or skipped over chapters when I found parts that didn’t turn me on. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that others won’t. Its hard enough to write/edit one of these stories to also try and guess what might turn some readers off (besides the post that says what’s not allowed) and put a list of warnings at the top. Your comment was that I break it out if I continued the storyline of Curt. I assumed that the only reason to break it out into a different thread was because it was too dark and violent compared to the rest of the story. If the story tells about Curt becoming a monk, brewing trappist ales and becoming the abbey cocksucker, does that warrant a new thread? If he becomes a slutty gay bottom, is that a chapter or a thread? There are a thousand ways Curt’s character could develop and only some might warrant breaking out from the main story because it is too different. That’s why I replied. As far as getting sidetracked, it appears we already did. I was working on a 5 chapter chunk with Joe and Kyle, but right now I don’t really have any interest in working on it. I guess it's time for a break and see if the spark rekindles.
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    A Brother in Trouble

    Wow. I haven't even spent more than a few seconds thinking about what that chapter or thread might look like and people already have decided it will be dark & violent.
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    A Brother in Trouble

    Part 66 - Cum Again? It was a nice spring day but Steven was trapped in a lecture hall. Two hundred of his closest classmates listening and typing or scribbling down notes of a boring economics lecture. He felt his phone vibrate and a few minutes more he got the reminder. Ryan knew his schedule so unless it was an emergency knew not to disturb him. A few more minutes and his phone vibrated again. “Shit!” he said to himself. As discreetly as he could, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and saw the notifications. Two messages from Mr. Snyder. “Double shit!” he said silently. He opened the messages and read: 2:37: I need your services tonight. 7pm. 2:41: You have the night off from the restaurant “Oh fuck. What is happening now?” Steven thought. It had been five days since his last meeting with Mr. Snyder and his boy, but it was a Monday night and the restaurant would be slow. He typed out “ok. where do I meet driver?” A few seconds later he got a response - “In front of your apartment.” Steven had never said where he had lived and the two previous times he had gone to Mr. Snyder’s house he was picked up in front of the restaurant. Obviously Mr. Snyder knew more about Steven than he thought. He finished the class and then texted Ryan and told him about the messages. “Steven, he has a lot of contacts around town. He probably knows everything about you. He even knew you were mostly a top, since he wanted you to fuck him at the first meeting” Ryan said when they met up at the apartment. Steven had confided in Ryan about the two meetings and what happened at both. Mr. Snyder had told him not to tell anyone about it, but Steven trusted his boyfriend completely and Ryan had promised not to tell anyone else. Ryan got ready for work and walked over to the restaurant alone, something he hadn’t done in a while. He felt lonely without Steven by his side, but he hoped that Steven would be all over him later when they got home. Ryan walked into he restaurant and clocked in. The manager walked up and said “Your buddy has some pretty powerful friends. I let him off tonight, but if he continues to be called away, he won’t be working here much longer. You will be working both yours and his jobs tonight.” Ryan nodded and replied “OK, I will let him know. I don’t think it was his choice, though.” It was a double punch, since Ryan had to do twice as many tables and the other wait staff was pissed at him since he was getting twice the tips. They would be no help to him at all. Steven showered, cleaned out and was dressed by 6:45pm. He popped a little blue pill and waited nervously before he walked downstairs a few minutes before 7pm. He waited only a few seconds and the familiar big silver SUV pulled up. The driver opened the door for him and he got inside. When he got to Mr. Snyder’s house, he walked up to the front door and wondered who would greet him this time - Mr. Snyder or Will or maybe someone else. He rang the bell and a few seconds later, Mr. Snyder opened the door. “Welcome, boy. I am glad you came tonight. Follow me” Mr. Snyder said. Steven followed him through the hall to the doorway that he went through the previous time. They went down the stairs and hallway to the same room. Steven followed him in and found Will on the cross, his hands and ankles locked down. He saw four lashes on his back, each having drawn blood at some point but were starting to scab over. “We had an issue after our last session. I would have preferred you to have kept your secret hidden, but Will here is quite observant” Mr. Snyder said. “He unfortunately told a few of the other boys and two of them left. I guess my benevolence and promise to care for them was not enough. The others, while scared, are willing to follow through.” Steven nodded, realizing that Mr. Snyder knew of his status before their first meeting. “As you can see, I had to punish Will for his indiscretion. As I warned you, I will not tolerate anyone talking about our meetings to others. Now, I want you to give me one more dose of your demon seed” Mr. Snyder said as he removed his robe and climbed on the fuck bench. Steven’s mouth was dry at the sight of Will. With the comment from Mr. Snyder, he realized that his services would probably not be needed after that night. He took his clothes off and approached Mr. Snyder. There was a small bottle of lube under the bench and he picked it up and applied some to his stiffening cock. He dripped some onto Mr. Snyder’s hole and worked it in with two fingers. He grabbed the elder’s hips and rested the tip of his cock on the hole. Looking down, he saw a large rash on Mr. Snyder’s back and he was sweating already. He reached forward and put his hands around the sides of Mr. Snyder’s neck and felt the swollen glands. Steven smiled and slammed his now hard cock into Mr. Snyder’s pussy. He heard a loud grunt but ignored it. Mr. Snyder may be rich and powerful, but Steven knew he now owned his ass. It was his bug that would now haunt Mr. Snyder forever. The grin on his face was large and getting larger, just as the thrusts got longer and harder. He could feel Mr. Snyder trying to slide away from the assault Steven was making on his ass, but Steven pulled him back on his outward strokes. Their bodies slapped together and he almost wished that Will could watch him pound his master’s hole. Steven couldn’t remember his cock leaking as much as it was now and soon it almost sounded like he was fucking a cum filled hole. He moved his hips around, forcing his cock to jab into different parts of Mr. Snyder’s chute. He could see Mr. Snyder’s back covered in sweat and his chest heave from Steven’s onslaught. He pulled out and shoved three fingers in, twisting them around roughly and gouging his fingernails in. After a half dozen twists he drove his cock back in and hammered away until he could feel the load start to rise. He ended with three slow slams into the abused pussy and then the shots of toxic seed invaded Mr. Snyder’s ass once again. Each throb of his cock added another dose of his virus, making sure that Mr. Snyder would never shoot another neg load. Steven leaned over his back, feeling the fevered skin against his own and whispered “Welcome to the club.” He unceremoniously pulled his cock out of Mr. Snyder’s pussy and looked for a rag. He heard the gasps and wheezing from Mr. Snyder followed by a raspy cough. “Thank you Steven for your gift. I would like you to rest a moment and then give Will as many loads as you can muster.” Steven chuckled and let the cum drip off his cock on to the floor. He rested about ten minutes, looking back and forth between Will and his master. It was an uncomfortable silence, but they really had nothing to talk about. He walked over and looked Will over. The skin was broken where the leather had slammed against his skin and the red abrasion was at least two inches wide on each of the four wounds. He wondered if the resulting scar would ever fully heal on the boy’s formerly unblemished skin. His hand hovered over the marks and he could feel the heat emanating from them. It wasn’t as hot as Mr. Snyder’s skin currently was, but he knew it was a matter of time until Will would experience the flu too. He leaned in to Will and whispered “You’ll be poz soon, just like me. Don’t fear it. Enjoy your new found power and freedom.” He pressed his cock between the butt cheeks and pushed in. He felt Will relax his hole and his cum covered fuck stick slid into the tight hole. He tried not to touch his chest against Will’s back to spare him further agony, so he put his hands on his shoulders and started to rock his hips. He could hear Will whimper and sob as his cock drove in and out of his boi hole. In only a few minutes, he was pounding away, his body bouncing off the firm butt. Steven leaned in and whispered “Tell me what you want.” He heard a couple more sobs and then a mumble. “What? I couldn’t hear that” Steven said back quietly. “Poz me with your cum” Will whimpered. Steven fucked a little harder but hearing the words from Will was enough to trigger his orgasm. Steven pushed in deep and then felt his cock pulse as the infected jizz flooded Will’s abused cunt. He stood there as the shots faded and left his hard dick-pill enhanced cock inside. It kept the cum from escaping and Steven loved the feeling of Will’s hole wrapped around his stiff cock. He rested there, the heavy breaths on Will’s neck soon tempered back to normal and the body contact seemed to have soothed Will down. The sobs were gone and there were just slow, deliberate breaths. He knew that Mr. Snyder’s eyes were watching every move he made, but he really didn’t care. This was about his enjoyment as much as it was about Mr. Snyder’s desire to watch his sub get pozzed. Steven started to rock his hips again and he heard Will gasp. He figured he would be able to dump one more load into Will. It wouldn’t be a large load, but one more couldn’t hurt. As he got into a full stroke fuck, he heard Will moan instead of whimper. He fucked faster and then slower, slow and hard and then slow and gentle but he could only last so long. He hammered away for a few minutes and just as he thought he was going to shoot, he felt Will’s hole spasm around his cock. He knew that Will was shooting one of his last neg loads hands free with a toxic poz cock about to breed him again. Steven swore that the cum was being sucked out of his balls by Will’s orgasm. There were four or five spurts of charged seed that shot into Will, but that was all his body had at the moment. Part of him wished he could stay for several more hours and add a few more loads to Will's cunt, but realized that he was better off ending this now. Steven pulled out after both of them recovered and spotted a butt plug next to the cross. He pushed it into the throbbing hole, sealing in all of his juices to soak in and become part of Will. He walked over and presented his cum covered cock to Mr. Snyder who was still laying on the bench and he half heartedly started to lick it clean. Steven put his hand on his head and pushed in deeper and then started to fuck his face. After a few minutes, Steven was satisfied that his cock was clean enough and pulled out. “Thank you sir. It has been a pleasure and I hope you got everything you wanted” Steven said as he started to put his clothes on. “Thank you Steven. The driver will have your payment” Mr. Snyder replied. Steven found his way out and walked up to the SUV. He figured this would be the last time and he was both glad it was over and sad that the easy money was no longer his for the taking. He climbed in back and the driver closed the door. They drove back to Steven’s apartment and he grabbed the envelope off the seat. The door opened and Steven got out. “I hope you enjoyed your night, sir” said the driver and he walked into the apartment building. Ryan was flying from table to table to kitchen to bar to table. He had only gotten through half of his shift and was exhausted. He seemed to have a couple minutes to get a drink and rest a moment. He gulped down three glasses of water and was still thirsty. One of the busboys came up and said to him quietly “You look really hot when you’re sweaty.” Ryan did a double take and looked back at the guy. He never had thought the guy was gay and he had worked with him for two years. He smiled back at the guy and said “I prefer to sweat from other activities than this.” He heard the bell ding indicating another order was ready and he assumed it was probably one of his, so his break was over and he headed back to the kitchen. The second half of his shift was a little slower and when the last table left he slumped into a chair. “Still got work to do, Ryan” the manager said. His brief break over, he finished up his duties and finally walked out the back door. Leaning next to a car was the busboy from earlier. Ryan was tired and the last thing on his mind right now was fucking a bi-curious busboy. The guy motioned him over and handed him a lit joint. Ryan took a hit and passed it back. “You want to show me your favorite way to sweat?” the guy asked Ryan. “Lenny, I doubt you could take it. Have you ever been fucked by a guy? I thought you were straight” Ryan replied. “Yeah I have. I don’t limit myself to chicks or guys. I like both. You haven’t seen me checking you out the past couple years? I’m hurt” Lenny said with a chuckle. “Why tonight? Cant you see I’m beat?” Ryan asked. “Well, your friend Steven wasn’t here tonight, so I thought I might have a chance. All ya gotta do is bend over, drop your pants and let me do all the work” Lenny said. “You’re fuckin’ nuts. The only guy that fucks me is Steven. With any other guy, I’m the top” Ryan said. “Uh… I guess, for you, I would take it. I’ve wanted to fuck with you a long time” Lenny answered. Ryan sighed. He figured that Steven had been fucking all night long and would probably not want to fool around when he got home. He looked at Lenny and his puppy dog eyes and said “Ok, where. We gotta make it a quickie though.” Lenny’s eyes lit up and he motioned for Ryan to follow him. Ryan followed him to the back of the parking lot next to a shed and Lenny unbuttoned his pants. “Where? Here? Uh… I dunno” said Ryan. Lenny pushed his pants and underwear down and bent over the trunk of a car. “Here. You just gotta be quiet” he said. Ryan rolled his eyes and then looked at the hot ass bent over just begging to be fucked. “You got a condom?” Ryan asked. “No, man. I fuck bare. I won’t get pregnant, I promise” Lenny said. Ryan laughed and shook his head. “You may get pregnant if I breed you” Ryan thought to himself. Ryan’s cock had sprung to life as soon as he saw how eager Lenny was to get fucked. He pulled his cock out and stroked it completely hard. He spit down on the shaft and rubbed it in and then moved behind Lenny. He pulled his ass apart and spit on the hole. He figured Lenny probably wasn’t prepared to get fucked and this wasn’t going to be the cleanest of fucks. Rather than get some shit on his fingers, let his cock push the spit inside. He dropped two gobs on the hole and worked it just inside with the tip of his cock. He added two more and then pressed in. “Breathe deep and relax, Lenny” Ryan whispered. He nudged his cock over and over until he felt the hole start to open. He rocked a little harder and felt the head pop inside. “Oh, fuck” Lenny said wearily. Ryan knew that Lenny’s hole was tight and he was really gonna feel this fuck for a day or two. Ryan pumped his cock in a few times, pulled out and added more spit. Ryan pushed his cock back inside and began to work it in deeper. He could tell Lenny was in pain, but he wanted to fuck, cum and get out of there before they got caught. The strokes got longer and with a hard shove, felt his pubes against Lenny’s ass. “Fuck!” Lenny quietly yelled out. “Shhh” Ryan said, holding his cock deep in Lenny’s cunt. After a minute, he really started fucking Lenny. It was gentle for the first minute, but Ryan was giving almost all seven inches of his cut cock and he got harder with each stroke. He was trying not to slam into Lenny’s ass for fear of the noise, but other than that is was full strokes. The risk of getting caught had excited Ryan more than he thought it would. It had been less than ten minutes since his cock first got inside Lenny, but Ryan needed to cum. He fought it off for another minute, but then shoved all the way in and felt his cum shoot with an intensity that he hadn’t had in a while. Gobs of diseased cream plastered the walls of Lenny’s colon and when the shots subsided, Ryan fucked his cock a few more times to make sure every surface was covered. He pulled his cock out and saw Lenny still leaning over the car, panting. There was a large blob of cum on the ground where Lenny had shot his own load sometime during the fuck. Ryan laughed and pulled up his underwear and let it soak up the cum on his cock. He zipped his pants and said “Thanks dude. Let me know if its a boy or girl” and walked towards the apartment.
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    A Brother in Trouble

    I'll think about it. It could be a challenge.
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    A Brother in Trouble

    That chapter wasn't too popular judging by the down votes and messages I got, so I wasn't going to take it further.
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    A Brother in Trouble

    Part 65 - Giving Great Customer Service “Aaron, I need to talk with you” the manager said as he walked in the back door of the car rental office. “Sure, boss. Is anything wrong?” Aaron replied as he followed the manager into the office. “There will be if I don’t show up on time for my wife’s birthday dinner. I’m leaving you in charge tonight. There are only a few reservations so there shouldn’t be any problems. Harry is running the bus and Jack is the porter. Think you can handle it?” the manager said, visibly anxious. “Yeah, no problem. Don’t worry about us and have a good time with your wife” Aaron said with a grin. The manager rolled his eyes and passed a slip of paper to Aaron. “This is my passcode if you need to override anything. Don’t abuse it, okay?” Aaron took it and slid it in his pocket and pulled a condom back out. “Here, boss. In case you get lucky” Aaron said as he put the packet on the boss’s desk and smiled. The boss looked back at him with surprise but then slowly took the condom packet and put it in his own pants pocket. As Aaron walked out of the office he said “I have lube too, if you need it.” He worked part of his shift until the manager came up and said “OK, I’m taking off now. If there are any emergencies, call me but it better be serious.” “Don’t worry, boss. By the way, when are they coming to fix the air conditioning?” Aaron asked. “Tomorrow sometime, I hope. See you then” the manager said as he walked out the door. Aaron double checked the reservations and there were still only three. One in a half hour and two in three hours. He went over and clicked the fan up one notch hoping a little breeze would help the sweltering heat inside the small building. The porter was in the hut at the gate with its own AC unit and Harry was in the bus which was nice and cool, but the main building was hot so he rolled his sleeves up his forearm half way. The bottom of his biohazard tattoo showed, but he would roll them back down as soon as a customer arrived. He read through messages on his phone, something he normally couldn’t do with the boss around. The radio crackled and Harry reported he was on his way back to the office with one passenger. He changed the fan to point towards the customers and took his place behind the desk just as the customer walked in the door. “Good evening sir. Welcome to A1 Car Rental. My name is Aaron. How can I help you tonight?” Aaron said like the thousands of times he had said it before. “I have a reservation for Cramer” the guy said as he handed over his drivers license and credit card. Aaron found the reservation and he was typing all the info in. He could sense the guy looking at him but that was pretty normal. While he had toned the hair down the past few months after several comments from Nick, the piercings and tattoos (which were visible through his thin white dress shirt) always seemed to get people to stare at him. He liked the attention even if sometimes the looks told him they were not a fan. He handed the license and credit card back to the customer saying “Mr. Cramer, let me print out the paperwork and we’ll get you on your way.” Rather than taking his credit card and license, the customer reached up and pushed Aaron’s sleeve up a few inches. “Ah, that’s what I thought it was. Very nice. I hope you earned it and its not just a decoration” Mr. Cramer said. Aaron blushed and pulled his arm back a few inches. “Thank you and yes, I earned it” Aaron said. He completed the rest of the rental paperwork and Aaron grabbed the keys off the rack. “You have a white Toyota in parking space B5. Just show the paperwork and your license to the porter and he will let you out of the gate” Aaron said. “I need to use the restroom first” Mr. Cramer said, winking at Aaron. “Down the hall to your right” Aaron replied. He watched the guy look back at him several times and he walked out from behind the desk and saw him standing at the bathroom door, looking back and waiting. Aaron had had numerous customers hit on him since he started the job but no one had ever been this obvious to get him into the restroom. He looked at his watch, grabbed the radio and asked Harry where he was and got “Waiting at Terminal 1” back. He knew from there, it would be at least 20 minutes before Harry would be back. Grabbing the radio, he walked down the hall and saw Mr. Cramer walk inside. Aaron slowly opened the door and saw him standing at the urinal. As the door clicked shut, Aaron locked the door, set the radio down on the sink and waited for Mr. Cramer to make the first move. He hadn’t had sex in there since the time with Mark. Mr. Cramer wasn’t nearly as good looking as Mark, but he seemed to want to play with the fire that was Aaron’s cum and that was one of the differences in the meetings. Mr. Cramer was a tall, medium built guy in his 30’s. His dark hair was thinning and there was a wedding ring on his left hand. “Uh, can we do this quick?” Mr. Cramer asked. “Do what?” Aaron replied, a knowing grin on his face. “You know, a quick fuck” was the response. “Are you neg?” Aaron asked as he moved closer. “Uh, yeah. I think so” Mr. Cramer replied. “I’m not and I only do it bare. Is that a problem?” Aaron asked coyly. “Hell no, that's what I’m looking for” said Mr. Cramer. “What’s your wife going to say?” asked Aaron. “Husband, actually, and he wants it too” Mr. Cramer said. “Well, then. Lets see if we can help you out. Get those pants off and get over here on your knees” Aaron said, surprising himself at his commanding voice. Mr. Cramer kicked his loafers off and dropped his pants and underwear into a pile on the floor. He was on his knees and reaching for Aaron’s belt in seconds and had fished his hardening cock out in a few more. He frantically started sucking Aaron’s cock and Aaron just stood there and let him go at it. It turned out to be a very good blowjob, which surprised Aaron. In only a few minutes, he was rock hard and ready to find out if he took cock as good as he sucked it. He pulled his cock out of Mr. Cramer’s mouth and helped him to his feet. Pushing him over towards the sink, he remembered Mark doing the same to him months earlier and giving him his first poz load. Mr. Cramer took the hint and braced himself on the sink. Aaron kicked his feet wider and kneeled down. He pried his ass apart and spit on the hole. “That’s all the lube you get. A rough fuck helps get you knocked up” Aaron said as he stood up. He jabbed a finger in, digging his fingernail into the tender chute. He did it a gain, with two fingers and then with three. Each time Mr. Cramer yelled out “Fuck!” Aaron ignored the expletives and the obvious pain Mr. Cramer was in and stabbed his fingers in a few more times. Aaron stood and rubbed his dripping cock head around his hole and said “Last chance to change your mind.” “Do it. Charge me up” Mr. Cramer said. Aaron rammed his cock inside and immediately felt Mr. Cramer’s body go limp. “Oh my fucking god!” screamed Mr. Cramer as his body started to regain its strength. Aaron waited a few more seconds and started to drive his cock in and out of the freshly tortured hole. He used long strokes and would grind his hips as he pushed in. He reached his arm around, leaving his forearm in front of Mr. Cramer’s mouth. “Kiss it. Kiss the symbol of what you want so bad” Aaron whispered in his ear. The pounding continued on Mr. Cramer’s cunt and the sounds of slapping skin echoed in the bathroom. It went on and on and Mr. Cramer couldn’t believe that Aaron was fucking him for this long. He hoped they wouldn’t get caught. Aaron was grunting as he started to get close to shooting his poison into his willing victim. Suddenly he felt the hole start to spasm around his cock and Mr. Cramer let out a loud moan. Spurt after spurt of cum shot out on to the floor from Mr. Cramer’s cock. The orgasm forced Aaron’s own and he gripped Mr. Cramer’s body with both arms as his hips rolled a few more times before his cock began to pump its deadly semen into another victim. Aaron thrust in a few last times and then slowly pulled his cock out of the ravaged pussy. The cum covering his cock was a hue of pink and he knew Mr. Cramer would be feeling this fuck for a few days. Aaron turned Mr. Cramer around and pushed him to his knees. “Clean it” he commanded. Mr. Cramer methodically licked up the shaft from the base along the bottom of Aaron’s cock then curling his tongue around the sides and lastly opened wide and deep throated his cock. His lips were tight around the rod and slowly Mr. Cramer pulled back, sucking any remaining cum off the cock. Mr. Cramer looked up at Aaron with a smile and Aaron tucked his cock back into his pants. “I hope you’ll give us good ratings on the survey” Aaron said as he grabbed the radio, unlocked the door and walked back to the front desk. He keyed the radio and said “Jack, we have a code 19. White Toyota.” “10-4 good buddy” replied Jack with a chuckle. A minute later, Mr. Cramer came out of the restroom and grabbed his suitcase and went out the side door to the parking lot. Aaron walked over and watched as he found the car, put the luggage inside and headed for the front gate. Mr. Cramer stopped at the hut and Jack walked up to the car, taking his license and paperwork. Mr. Cramer looked back at Jack and saw a tall skinny black guy. He had close cropped hair, a big smile, a little goatee on his chin and his fingers seemed to match the rest of his body - long and thin. He moved with grace and purpose, completely at ease with himself. Jack looked over the documents and then walked around the car. “Mr. Cramer. We have an issue. Can you come take a look at this?” Jack yelled out. Mr. Cramer put the car in park and got out of the car. He walked around the back and over to the passenger side of the car. He saw Jack pointing at something but couldn’t tell what. “What?” Mr. Cramer asked. He got closer and suddenly Jack pushed him against the car, facing the hut. His hands were quickly placed on the roof of the car, spread out like he was going to be frisked. Jack’s body was firmly against his back, holding him in place. “I hear you’re looking for gifts. We like to make sure we satisfy all our customer’s needs” Jack whispered in his ear while reaching around and unbuttoning Mr. Cramer’s pants. “I love sloppy seconds too. Aaron and I give different experiences. He’s short and thick and I’m long and thin. Can you take 12 inches?” “Uh… I.. What? Uh… I don’t know” Mr. Cramer stammered out. He looked around and the area was deserted. The parking lot lights on this side of the car were out so he stood in the shadows. His pants were pulled down exposing his butt and there was a sizable pinkish wet spot on his white underwear. Jack pushed his hard cock between the two mounds and after a few pokes found the source of the oozing cum. Jack started to push and with the aid of the large cum load and the recently fucked hole, just slid his 12 inches of manmeat into Mr. Cramer’s wrecked hole. He got most of the way in and hit the second ring and with a hard shove, drove his cock all the way in. Mr. Cramer screamed out but only the birds and squirrels could hear him. Jack’s chest was against Mr. Cramer’s back and he could feel the bottom breathing heavy from the invasion. “Damn good there Mr. C. It usually takes a three or four tries to bottom out in most of our special customers” he said. His hips started rocking and the short strokes gave way to longer ones. Mr. Cramer pushed his ass back and Jack really began his fuck. With his hands on top of Mr. Cramer’s, holding him to the car, his body started pistoning almost the entire length of his cock. Mr. Cramer was whimpering from the cock ramming in deep and then pulling almost out. He had never experienced that much cock pumping in and out of him. Not one of the thrusts of cock was gentle. He felt Jack bounce off his ass as he bottomed out and then pulled back. His ass was under assault and he wasn’t sure how much more he could take. “Please… Breed me!” Mr. Cramer yelled out. Jack didn’t need to be told again. He jack rabbited the businessman’s ass, plowing in and out of the inner ring until his body started to shake and he shoved in, pinning Mr. Cramer to the side of the car. Waves of viral semen pumped into the helpless bottom. Jack gave a few final thrusts after the last cum shot and stood there with their torsos fully connected for a minute. Both were breathing heavy and as they returned to normal, Jack pulled his still stiff cock out of the puffy hole. Jack pulled a paper towel from his pocket and wiped his cock off and zipped up. Mr. Cramer stood there a few more moments and then pulled his pants up. His legs were wobbly, but he made it back around the car and plopped down in the driver’s seat. Jack closed the door and handed the papers and license back. “Thank you for renting with A1. We will see you back in a few days.” Jack said as he reached into the hut and pushed the button to open the gate. Mr. Cramer was still shaking as he drove through and out on to the road.
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    A Brother in Trouble

    Part 64 - Return Call Steven was scrambling to get ready for work. He and Ryan had been fucking since they got back from their 2PM classes and his ass was full of charged cum. Ryan had just dumped load number three in his ass when he noticed the time and realized they were going to be late for work. Standing in the shower, he pushed it out and watched it run towards the drain, the water helping it along. He hated to do it, but with that much cum he knew it would want to escape at the least opportune time while he was working. They dressed and both walked over to the restaurant. Once again the manager asked Steven to wait tables. It seemed that he was getting asked to do it more and more so he felt that they had confidence in him and hopefully he would be doing it all the time soon. As he took the order from table 12, his phone buzzed. He knew he had to be careful when looking at messages while at work. So when he finally had a spare minute he ducked into the storage room and read it. “Are you available tonight after work?” He looked at the contact and it was from Mr. Snyder. He hadn’t heard anything from him since the first meeting a week and a half earlier. Steven’s heart started beating faster. He kind of had hoped that he wouldn’t hear from Mr. Snyder ever again, but he did like the money he got. Several thoughts went through his mind - was the one fuck enough to infect him? It was probably too soon but he could be. Did he want to meet so he could accuse him of pozzing him up? A man that rich could crush Steven and leave him broke and homeless on possibly in jail for the rest of his life. He showed the message to Ryan who told him he was being too dramatic and just go turn the trick and enjoy the extra cash. During the next lull Steven was back in the storage room and typed out a reply - “yes. meet out front again?” A few minutes later he got a simple reply - “Yes. 10:15” He finished his shift and he once again tried to clean up a bit in the bathroom before meeting Ryan out in back of the restaurant. Ryan kissed him and said “Have fun!” They walked along the side of the building and when they got to the street Steven spotted the SUV. Ryan turned left and headed back to his dorm room and Steven walked over to the truck. The driver opened the back door for him and he got in and was on his way to Mr. Snyder’s mansion. Steven was even more nervous than the first time he went. He felt guilty for not telling Mr. Snyder he was poz and quite infectious if the last test results he got from Tyler were to be believed. He tempered that guilt with the knowledge that Mr. Snyder was well educated and yet never questioned Steven about his status and willingly got fucked raw by him. They pulled up to the huge mansion and the driver opened the door. This time he went to the front door by himself. Before he could knock, the front door opened and there stood a guy with a bow tie and a black jockstrap and nothing more. He was about Steven’s age and height, slightly more muscular, dark close cropped hair but that was the extent of any hair he could find. The guy said “Welcome Steven. Our master awaits you” as he ushered him inside. Steven got a knot in his gut. He wasn’t anyone’s slave, sub or boy, unless someone was referring to Ryan, and even then that was not how their relationship worked. He followed the guy and passed the doors to the room he was in before. The guy opened another door and then descended down the steps to a lower level. They walked down a hallway and then the guy opened yet another door. He stood to the side and motioned that Steven should go inside. Steven walked in and saw a large sex room. It was like the one that Joe and Kyle used to have in the bedroom he now used, but much larger. He saw Mr. Snyder laying on a padded bench, his stomach on the leather and each wrist and ankle locked to the thick wood legs. As he walked towards him, he heard the door close behind him and the guy quickly walked past him until he was standing next to Mr. Snyder. Steven looked back and forth between the two and was unsure what to do. “I’m glad you could come tonight, Steven” Mr. Snyder said. “Yes, sir” Steven replied. “I thought you might like to meet one of my boys. I have a few on staff to keep me entertained. They are all bottoms, since I usually prefer the top role. It is only when I need to satisfy a different itch, that I bring in people such as yourself” Mr. Snyder said. There was a pause and he continued “Obviously, I enjoyed our last encounter. It was much more satisfying than the previous few. It’s nice to find a younger man who knows how to properly use another man. First, I want to watch you use Will, here. He has earned the privilege of being fucked by someone besides me. My cock has been the only one that has ever been inside him. Please use the mat in front of me so I can see and enjoy him as you wish.” Steven smiled and hoped that Will knew what he was getting into. He slowly disrobed and replied to Mr. Snyder “Yes, sir. Thank you.” He stood there naked trying to figure out what to do to make sure that Mr. Snyder was pleased with his performance. Thinking back on his fun with Ryan earlier, he was happy that he didn’t have a chance to blow his load during their fuck. Steven stroked his cock and moved to the mat. Will was already there, on his knees with his hands behind his back, awaiting Steven’s orders. Steven approached and stood in front of Will. He stood there for an extended period of time, waiting to see if Will would make a move to suck him before Steven told him what to do. Will stood there and Steven could see how eager he was to either suck or get fucked, but stood his place. Will licked his lips and Steven slapped his face firmly, but without much force. “You will wait until you are told what to do” Steven said sternly. Steven’s cock got harder by the second. Mr. Snyder may be the master around this house, but he was going to be the best alpha. Will had a look of shock in his face as he resumed his position and now expressionless face. Steven grinned and only looked over at Mr. Snyder with his eyes. He saw a slight grin and figured that he was doing a good job so far. He moved closer and his rigid cock was only two inches from Will’s lips. He stroked it a few times, pulling the foreskin back and watching a drop of precum form at the end of his cock. He held it there, taunting Will with his hungry cock. Will wasn’t going to move until told to do so. He already found out that Steven was almost as demanding as his master. His breathing got quicker, but he stayed in place even though he wanted to leap forward and swallow down the first non-white cock he had ever been this close to. Steven moved an inch closer and he could see Will tense up. He then leaned in and brushed his cock over Will’s lips, testing him a little more. Satisfied that Will would obey and was eager, Steven put his hand on the back of Will’s head and then told him “Suck it, Will.” Will opened his mouth and licked off the drop of precum, savoring Steven’s unique taste. His lips brushed against Steven’s cock as he took more of it into his mouth, using his tongue to slather spit over it and stimulate it more. Steven was slowly fucking Will’s head onto his cock, deeper and deeper each time. His cock nudged into Will’s throat and he was pleasantly surprised at the lack of gag reflex. He put his other hand on Will’s head and thrust in all the way. Other than a warm, moist throat enveloping his cock, Will did not protest or struggle. Instead, he massaged the end of his cock with throat muscles. Steven held him there, enjoying the feeling until he felt the muscles seem to spasm. He pulled Will’s head back and tilted it up towards his. Will was quietly gasping for air, refilling his lungs. Steven knew that Will was no stranger to this sort of treatment. With no struggle until his body instinctively showed his limit, Steven knew that Will was trained to serve and trust his master. Once he had replenished his oxygen supply, Steven pushed his cock back into Will’s waiting mouth. He released his hands and let the boy prepare his cock for its eventual anal entry. Will deepthroated Steven’s cock several times and pulled off after almost twenty minutes of oral stimulation. He looked up briefly to Steven and saw first his smile and then his nod. “Show me that ass” Steven said and Will turned around and presented his smooth butt. Steven kneeled and pulled the two halves apart. He spit on the hole and then pressed two fingers to the puckered ring. He rubbed the spit around the hole and then pushed them in. They sunk in easily and soon Steven knew why. He pulled them out and saw the creamy coating. He licked the tips and then fed his fingers to Will who eagerly sucked them clean. He heard Mr. Snyder quietly chuckle and knew that he had prepped Will’s hole. Steven jabbed his face into the crack and pushed his tongue in before sucking out some of the cum inside Will’s cunt. He could tell the move surprised Will, but he recovered quickly and braced himself for the next step. There was no need for any more foreplay and Steven sat up and shoved his cock into the freshly bred pussy. He drove in with one long, fast movement until his body slammed into Will’s. There was only the slightest of grunts from the bottom but Steven could feel his body race to adapt to the bare cock that was now fully implanted inside it. Before Will was completely ready, he pulled back and rammed in again feeling the quivering hole around his shaft. Steven began a series of slow, hard thrusts which forced much of Mr. Snyder’s cum out of Will’s hole. What was left was the bare minimum of lube coating Steven’s cock and the vulnerable walls of Will’s chute. Steven knew that this was the right time to pound the hungry cunt and abuse it enough to make it receptive to the virus that was slowly seeping into his body from his precum. He fucked hard and then harder still until he was pulling all the way out and then shoving back into the battered hole. Steven looked over and saw Mr. Snyder watch him fuck his sub ruthlessly. He didn’t have an expression of surprise or pleasure, but one of admiration. Steven’s pace picked up and the tightness in his balls increased. Holding on to Will’s hips, he slammed in several times, the last one bringing a flood of poz cum into the bottom’s well used hole. Steven growled as the pulses added spurts of jizz into the throbbing cunt. Steven pulled his cock out slowly, using his fingers to push any cum that tried to escape back into the confines of Will’s hole. He shoved two fingers in and roughly twisted them around, gouging his fingernails into the soft flesh. This last move caused the only real audible noises from Will. It was louder than a whimper and almost a quiet scream. One more twist and Steven pulled his fingers out and pressed them to Will’s lips. Will licked them clean and then started to turn around before he stopped, realizing he had received no instructions to do so. “That’s ok. Turn around, Will. Assume your sub position, facing your master” Steven said pointing to a spot to make sure he was off to the side so he could have a better view of the upcoming activities. The grin on Steven’s face told Will and his master that he was thinking of something devious. Steven stood and walked the few steps over to Mr. Snyder and pressed his cum covered cock to Mr. Snyder’s lips. Trapped, Mr. Snyder started to object but Steven’s hands on the back of his head told him it was futile. In seconds, his mouth opened and took the slime coated cock into his mouth. Steven slowly fucked in and out, making the master become his cocksucker. Steven heard Will gasp and assumed he had never seen his master forced into submission. He only spent a few minutes making Mr. Snyder clean his cock of the cum mixture before pulling out and saying “Very good.” Steven moved around to the back of Mr. Snyder and caressed the exposed butt. He moved his hand so that it ran up and down the crack and then pushed his middle finger into the crack so it dragged along from the taint to the hole. He pushed the dry finger into the hole and heard a moan from Mr. Snyder. If anything, it felt even tighter than the last time. Steven fucked and twisted his finger around until he could push a second finger in. He heard a pained groan as he screwed his fingers in harder. Will stood to the side, keeping quiet but the expression on his face showed his shock. Steven dripped a gob of spit onto his fingers and pushed them in and then added a third finger. Steven gave one last twist and pulled his fingers out. One step had him centered behind the millionaire’s ass, close but not touching. He looked down and saw the pucker wink at him and he knew that Mr. Snyder was anticipating his penetration. Steven dripped some spit and let it run down the crack, over the hole and down to the elder’s balls. He drew it out, waiting longer and making both Will and Mr. Snyder wait for the inevitable plunge. On their first meeting, Mr. Snyder was completely in control with what happened and when. Steven was taking advantage of this new situation and was going to do things his way this time. He reached down and circled the now quivering ring with his finger and pushed it in to the second knuckle and left it there. He heard Mr. Snyder clear his throat, but other than that he stayed silent. Will was craning his neck to try and see what was happening, but his master’s body blocked the view. The hole pulsed around his finger and Steven smiled. He waited several seconds more and then pulled his finger free and jammed his dripping cock into Mr. Snyder’s pussy. He was balls deep in only a second or two and heard a loud, pained grunt from his bottom. Will looked shocked as he watched his master being violated like he was but did not move from his position. Steven gave Mr. Snyder only a moment to get used to the cock in his tight cunt. He started with long strokes, pulling back slowly until just the tip of his cock was inside and then shoved back in. Each time was a little faster on the withdrawal until he had an even pace, fucking in and pulling back. He started moving his hips around and each thrust dug in at a different angle. He felt Mr. Snyder squirm on the bench and a quick slap of the lightly haired ass stopped that movement. He heard a quiet gasp from Will and smiled back at him. Steven gave a half dozen quick and hard thrusts and then went back to slow pulls and firm shoves. He could feel the hole getting slicker, no doubt from his precum and maybe some ass juice from Mr. Snyder. He marveled at how stiff his cock had remained since he first entered Will until now. He didn’t have a chance to take a vitamin V before the session, since he kept his small stash that Joe gave him at home. He wondered if the first fuck was enough to infect Mr. Snyder or whether this was the one that would do it. Of course with his more aggressive attitude this session, there might not be another meeting to fuck him again. He wasn’t sure that Mr. Snyder liked having an aggressive top after the previous session where he had been a Dominant bottom and told Steven he wanted to be in control. It didn’t matter. Steven wanted to fuck his way and while he liked the money, if this was the last time then he didn’t care. He started to fuck harder and grabbed Mr. Snyder’s hips to brace himself. Their skin slapped together and his formerly swinging balls started to draw up closer to his cock. He could feel the occasional spray of precum from Mr. Snyder’s swaying cock as he slammed into him. Steven jammed in one more time as his cock swelled and began shooting it’s charged payload into the abused tunnel. “Oh fuck yes, boy” Mr. Snyder exclaimed. The pulses faded and Steven started to slowly fuck the now sloppy hole. Something inside him wanted to keep fucking Mr. Snyder’s ass. He thought partly it was to do a thorough job and partly because it felt so good to have a tight cum filled hole gripping his cock. He knew he wouldn’t last very long and the third load of the night would be small but he fucked with determination. He heard a few grunts from Mr. Snyder and could tell that he wasn’t used to being fucked for as long as Steven had. He pounded for a few minutes more and then unleashed four last spurts of toxin into the battered hole. He slowly removed his cock and looked around the playroom to see if he could find a plug. Not seeing one he walked around Mr. Snyder and presented his dripping cock to Will. Will glanced over at his master and then back to the cock in front of him. He licked the charged cum off the shaft and then cleaned off Steven’s bush and balls. Steven patted him on his head and said “Good job, Will” before turning back to Mr. Snyder. “Thank you sir. I hope you enjoyed it.” Mr. Snyder was not used to being the one on the bench and looked back at Steven. “Yes, boy. That was a lot more than I was expecting. I may have misjudged your talents. The driver will have your payment. You may go now” Mr. Snyder said, still locked on the bench, sweating profusely and with labored breathing. Steven assumed that Will would release him, just as he assumed he had locked him down before Steven’s arrival. Steven had been careful to always face Will and Mr. Snyder so that they couldn’t see the brand, but he looked down at Will and walked right in front of him, the biohazard branded ass cheek just inches from his face. He thought he heard a slight gasp but he wasn’t sure. He took a towel from the table and wiped his cock off and put his clothes on. Steven showed himself out and heard the front door click shut behind him as he walked to the SUV. The driver was waiting with an open door and Steven climbed in. On the seat next to him was an envelope and he picked it up and held it for the ride back to the restaurant. The driver stopped and got out, opening the door for Steven. As Steven got out the driver said quietly “You must be good. Few ever go back for a second visit, much less get a bonus. Enjoy your night, sir.”
  14. chi4loads

    A Brother in Trouble

    Part 63 - Confrontation The alarm went off and the coach laid there in bed. All he really wanted to do sleep the rest of the day and recover from the nine hard breedings he took the day before. Instead, he got up and slowly walked to the shower. He stood there letting the water rush over him and then took the soap and cleaned himself off. He got dressed and then packed his bag up and took it to the van. His legs and ass were sore, he was sure that anyone looking at him could tell he had been fucked all night. He walked back into the breakfast area and the team was already there. “Hey coach!” Shane said. The team all had grins on their faces and the coach was sure they knew he had had a rough night. “Hi, guys. Ready for the last day of camp?” he asked. “Yeah. This was a lot of fun” Marty said. “I hope you learned a lot too. We need to be really competitive the rest of the season to make it to finals” the coach said as he shifted his position to find one that hurt less. “You ok coach? You look like you’re in pain” Ethan asked. “I’ll be ok. I just slept funny” the coach replied, getting up and then heading over to get a quick breakfast. The team all snickered and gestured on the positions they thought he was in while “sleeping.” The coach came back and they all finished breakfast. The coach tossed Shane the keys to the van and said “Get everyone’s luggage in the van and bring me the room keys.” Shane and Ethan handed over the room keys and the team headed to the parking lot. The coach went to the front desk and Dakota was standing behind the desk. “Hello, Dakota. We’re checking out” the coach said as he pushed the keys across the desk. “I hope you enjoyed your stay, Coach Adams. I know I did” Dakota said with a smile. “Feel free to stop back any time, no reservation is needed for that hot ass of yours. We give free booster shots, too.” The coach nervously looked around to see if anyone could have heard the last part and was relieved that no one was nearby. “Uh, sure” the coach replied. The coach started towards the front door and saw Ric walking towards the front desk. “Leaving in a couple minutes, Ric” he yelled out. “Thanks, coach. I’ll meet you over at the University. I’m meeting a friend first.” Ric replied. The coach shook his head. If it had been one of his team, he wouldn’t let him skip out of part of the camp, but since Ric wasn’t a swimmer, he just let it go. “Be sure to be over there by 4PM” the coach told Ric. The team headed over to the athletic center and Ric poked his head into Dennis’s office. “Hey Dennis, how’s it going?” RIc asked. “Doing good. I hope you guys had fun while you were here” Dennis replied. “Oh yeah. A lot different than the last time, but still a lot of fun. With any luck the room may have gotten another convert or two” Ric said with a devilish grin. “Yeah, it gets a lot of action and hopefully you guys were successful” Dennis said before he motioned for Ric to come closer. “Keep this between you and me, but you should keep an eye out on your coach. He may need some help in a few weeks.” Ric’s eyes got big “You tagged him?” Ric asked. “Yeah, my boyfriend, Dave, Dakota, Tony, Luis, Juan, Tyler, Carl and I all fucked him” Dennis said. “Dave? The escort? As in Joe?” asked Ric. “Oh, you know? Cool. Yeah, that Dave, er.. Joe” Dennis said. “Wow, you really did a job on him with that many guys. Does he know about you guys being poz?” Ric asked. Dennis replied “Yeah, Joe told him and he seemed to get off on it. We’ll see how enthusiastic he is when the flu hits.” “Now his comment when I ran into him in the sauna makes some sense. He saw my biohazard tat and asked if someone sent me in there. I bet he thought I was sent to breed him” Ric said. “Hehe, yeah. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t once you’re back home” Dennis said. “Fuck no! I don’t want to end up on the news as another student that fucked his teacher. It would screw both of our lives up. Maybe after I graduate, but even then I don’t know” Ric answered. “He’s got a great ass, but yeah, I get it. So you guys head back today?” asked Dennis. “Yeah. This is the last day of camp. The team already left. First, I’m going over to get pierced by Daryl and then meet them at the University before going home” replied Ric. Dennis smiled and asked “Cool. What are you getting done?” “I want to get my nipples done and then a ladder on my cock” answered Ric. “Wow, that’s a lot in one day” Dennis replied. “Yeah, but its kind of hard to get up here. Do you know what bus I need to take to get over to Daryl and Thad’s shop?” asked Ric. “Don’t worry about the bus. I can take you over in the shuttle. Just let me know when” Dennis said. “Thanks, I really appreciate it” Ric said. Dennis dropped Ric off at the tattoo shop telling him to call when he was done and he would take him over to the university. Ric walked up to the door and pulled. It was locked but after a few knocks, Daryl came up and let him in. Dennis drove off and Ric went inside the shop. “So, nips and a ladder? You’re going to be one sore puppy” Daryl said with a smile. Ric picked out a pair of barbell’s for his nipple piercings and they went into the back room. Ric pulled his shirt off, sat down in the chair and leaned back. He felt the adrenaline start to pump through his body and then there was the rush of endorphins as the needle poked through. “Fuuuucck!” Ric yelled out while still trying to hold still. “One down, five to go” Daryl said with a grin. He moved over and pierced the second nipple, with Ric yelling out like before. “Rest there for ten minutes and then we’ll work on the ladder” said Daryl as he got up and put the needles in the used bin and went to get the stuff for the other piercings. Daryl laid everything out and then said “Ok, now take your shorts and underwear off.” Ric did and Daryl smiled as he saw the hung cock between Ric’s legs. Ric sat back down and Daryl asked “Is that what its like soft?” “Nah, its a little hard now” answered Ric. “OK, get it hard so I know what size and where to put it” Daryl said. Ric stroked his cock and once it was hard Daryl rolled his eyes and said “I forgot how big it gets. Just a sec, I need to find some longer bars.” Daryl rummaged through the container of straight and slightly curved barbell piercings and then muttered “Shit.” He got up and went to the front of the shop and Ric could hear him pulling out case after case. Ric sat there with his cock rock hard and wasn’t sure what to do so he kept stroking it to keep it stiff. Daryl came back into the room and said “Sorry, bud. I don’t have anything that’s the right size. Most guys aren’t as thick as you are, and the ones I have would be too short and pretty painful. Let me measure exactly what I need and then I’ll do it when they come in. I know this sucks for you since you can’t get up hear that easy, but I want to do it right.” Ric looked up at Daryl, the disappointment clearly showed on his face. “Damn. Ok. I understand” Ric said getting up out of the chair. He put on his clothes and they walked back to the front of the shop. He paid for the nipple piercings and gave Daryl his number to call when the right piercings came in. Ric called Dennis back and told him he was done getting pierced and a few minutes later the van showed up. Ric hopped in and Dakota was driving. “Heading over to the athletic center?” Dakota asked. “Yeah, gotta meet up for my ride home” Ric replied. There was a long silence as they drove through the streets until Dakota said “Your coach is a great fuck. He took everything I could give him. You think he’s really neg? I mean, not for much longer, but now? He took some pretty potent seed.” Ric squirmed in his seat, feeling a little uncomfortable talking about the coach getting bred. “I dunno. I’m not even on the team, I just tagged along to have some fun with the guys and I haven’t fucked the coach” Ric replied. “Ah, gotcha. Dennis said you were in the club, so I assumed you had tagged him too. I saw you fuck the one coaches in the sauna. That was pretty hot. Too bad you got interrupted by those guys. You should have fucked the bottom guy and left him a surprise present” Dakota said. “I was tempted, but I really just wanted to get out of there. Besides, my balls were empty after I fucked the coach” Ric replied. They pulled up to the center and Dakota turned to Ric. “Here’s my number. Whenever you’re up this way I’d love to hookup some time. You seem like a nice guy and Dennis said you are a great fuck. Maybe we can swap strains” Dakota told Ric. “Thanks, that sounds like fun” Ric replied as he squeezed Dakota’s leg. Ric hopped out of the van and walked into the building and went to find his usual spot. He saw someone sitting over there and as he got closer he realized it was Joe. “Hey, what are you doing here?” he said as he got close. Joe turned and said “Hey, Ric. Well, I got a message from Marcus to meet you and him here. I’ve been waiting an hour. I saw him over with the rest of the swimmers but he hasn’t come over.” “Oh shit. This isn’t good. He showed up at the hotel yesterday and then ran out when he saw my biohazard tat and figured out we were poz. I guess you didn’t warn him” Ric said. “Fuck. No, I didn’t. I don’t think he knows I’m poz either. This might get ugly. I’ll take the heat, don’t worry” Joe said seriously. A whistle blew and that session was over. Joe saw Marcus walking their way. “I’m gonna take us to the wrestling room. No one else needs to hear this” Joe said as he got up and pointed towards the doors. Ric and Joe started walking to them and Marcus changed his direction there too. Joe and Ric got to the doors and walked to the wrestling room. They went in and then kept walking to the second room. “No one can hear us in there even if he yells” Joe said. Once inside, Joe stopped and turned around, waiting for Marcus to come in. The door flew open and Marcus came towards Joe and they could tell he was pissed. “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing? Setting me up with a poz dude? Are you fuckin’ nuts?” Marcus said as he walked up to Joe. He jabbed his finger into Joe’s chest with each of the last four words. “Marcus, you seemed to like him and he liked you. I just thought I’d let you know where to find each other and that there was mutual interest. We haven’t fucked in a while. I don’t know what you’re into or not any more. Shit, you’re both adults and you know you have to have these conversations if you’re gonna fuck… thats if you actually care if a guy is neg or poz” Joe said back in a stern voice. “What? You think I’d fuck with poz guys? This guy’s still in high school. Why would I think he’s poz?” Marcus asked back. “You don’t think guys in high school fuck raw? I know I did. I never used a condom until I got to college. And I know we never used one when I fucked you all those times. Who knows how many poz guys you’ve been with and didn’t even know it” Joe countered. Marcus was stunned. “I… uh… I’m careful about who I fuck with” Marcus finally said. “Doesn’t sound like it to me. Ric said you never asked and only stopped when you saw his biohazard tat” Joe replied. “But I told you, I never expect a guy that age to be poz” Marcus said. Joe could tell the intensity was easing from Marcus’s argument. “That doesn’t mean shit. Old, young, smooth, hairy, athletic or obese. Anyone can be poz and with most guys you can’t tell. Are you on prep?” Joe asked. “What? No. Why would I be. I told you, I’m careful” said Marcus. “Would you have let the other guy in my room fuck you raw?” Ric asked before Joe could say anything. “Sure. He’s cute and had nice cock, but he seemed more interested in getting fucked” Marcus replied, not expecting to get questioned from both guys. “Then you would have take a big toxic load. He just converted a month ago. He’s not on drugs and is really potent. He loves getting his dick in neg holes too” Ric said. Marcus’s jaw dropped and he backed up a step and was clearly panicked. Joe laughed and said “Who knows, that pretty little ass of yours might already be knocked up. You’ve always been a horny bottom. You probably want it but are just afraid to admit it. I’ve seen it a lot. First guys stop asking if the tops are neg and then after they find out they've taken a few poz loads they get comfortable and start looking for the poz guys.” “No, its nothing like that. It just makes things awkward” Marcus said. “That isn’t what guys that are intent on staying neg say. You’re just playing russian roulette. One day the bullet will end up in the chamber and you’re gonna be pozzed up like Ric and I are. It might have already happened” Joe said with a chuckle. Ric was grinning, since he thought he knew where Joe was taking the conversation. “You? You’re poz too?” Marcus asked incredulously. “Yeah, I am” Joe said smiling back at Marcus. “Why don’t you just admit that you want a good poz fuck. You always liked my cock and I bet you’d love Ric’s cock too. He may be young, but he’s hung and knows how to use it” Ric moved behind Marcus and gently ran his hands over Marcus’s speedo covered ass. He heard Marcus gasp and then his breathing became labored. “No, thats crazy dude. Why would I ever want to knowingly take a poz load?” Marcus asked. “Once you’re poz, you never have to worry about some guy pozzing you again” Ric said softly in his ear as Ric’s hands continued to rub over his ass. Joe moved closer and brushed his hands over Marcus’s chest, rubbing the hard, pierced nipples. Joe could see Marcus fight with himself. “I know you want it. Just tell us and we can give you a fuck like no other. You can choose who and how. Just me, just Ric or both of us. I could even set something up and get a group together, but Ric might not be able to make it and you really should experience his cock. Just say yes, Marcus and we’ll take you over to the storage room and give you the fuck of your life” Joe said. Marcus was muttering to himself as he listened to Joe. A large wet spot of precum had soaked through his speedo and his cock was getting harder. Ric thought he heard “oh fuck” over and over but since he was behind Marcus he couldn’t really hear it. Joe saw a tear run down Marcus’s cheek and then he said “I want to but I shouldn’t. Oh god, what do I do?” “Let fate decide for you. That’s what I did” Ric said. “What?” Marcus said, confused more than ever. “I took the loads and let fate decide if I got pozzed. My life has been so much better since then” Ric said. “oh fuck, oh god” Marcus said and then was breathing heavy. Joe and Ric let Marcus stew with the thoughts and finally Marcus said “Give me your poz cocks.” Joe's grin got more intense and he led Ric and Marcus over to the storage room. The three went inside and Ric locked the door. Ric moved in behind Marcus and started to kiss the back of his neck and put his hands inside Marcus’s speedo and pulled them down. Joe pulled off his t-shirt and dropped his shorts to the floor. A tug and his jockstrap was laying on top of his shorts. Joe moved closer and kissed Marcus deeply. He could feel Marcus’s cock get stiffer between them and rubbed his body against the leaking shaft. Ric was the only one with clothes on, so he pulled away and shucked his clothes onto the floor too. Getting closer, he got down on his knees and pried the firm ass apart. Ric inhaled deeply, smelling the sweat and scent from Marcus as well as the chlorine from the pool. He licked along the crack and and felt Marcus shiver. Joe licked and kissed down Marcus’s front and took his stiff cock into his mouth. Joe sucked and licked, trying to get Marcus to a stage of lust that he would never want to come down from until his ass was full of Ric and Joe’s cum. He could hear Ric doing his best on Marcus’s pussy and knew they had to be intense but not take Marcus over the edge. When Marcus started to squirm he knew that it was time. Joe pulled off and pulled Marcus down to his knees. Ric sat down on the rolled wrestling mat as Joe directed him to. Joe turned Marcus so that he was in between Ric’s legs and then moved in behind Marcus, like he had done dozens of times before and slicked his cock up with spit. Marcus started to lick Ric’s hard cock and braced himself on Ric’s legs. Joe pushed the piercing into the throbbing pucker and added more spit. Pressing in harder he could feel Marcus start to tense up. Joe gave him a few strokes with his hands along his back and Ric’s hands were caressing his his head which was enough to relax Marcus and Joe pressed in harder. A few more rubs of his hand and Joe felt the hole open up enough and he gave a nudge, letting the rest of his cock head pop past Marcus’s outer ring. When Joe had fucked Marcus in the past, Marcus was always eager to get all of his cock inside him. This time Joe was going slower and figured once he got a good rhythm going Marcus would become the usual cock hungry slut. Joe started to rock his hips, pushing deeper in each time. Marcus was energetically sucking Ric’s cock and Joe’s strokes got longer. Soon he was fucking Marcus just like the old days. He pushed all the way in and then got up on his feet, pushing Ric’s cock deep into Marcus’s throat. With Joe now in a better position, he began to pound Marcus’s hole. He could feel the ring tug and pull as he jabbed it into the tender walls of Marcus’s rectum. Joe was hammering away at Marcus’s ass and was amazed that Marcus was still sucking Ric’s thick shaft. Ric had his eyes closed and was enjoying the oral workover from Marcus. Joe knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, but wanted to make sure he got Marcus’s chute opened up and prepped for Ric’s larger cock. He pulled out and plunged back in a few times but that just intensified the tightness in his balls. Joe grabbed Marcus’s shoulders and drove his cock in deep. The pulses from his cock were intense and he could feel the cum shoot out and cover the walls of Marcus’s tunnel. Joe grunted as each wave of toxic seed pumped into the swimmer. Marcus had stopped sucking when he felt Joe start to breed his hole. It was too late now, Joe’s poz cum was now inside him, possibly infecting him. Marcus was expecting it to feel different, but it felt just like all the other times Joe had cum inside him. It was a feeling that he loved - the warmth and wetness of another man’s cum deep inside him. He let out a loud moan that surprised not only Ric and Joe, but himself. His heart was racing, knowing that he had just done something that he had been avoiding since he took his first cock. Joe left his cock inside Marcus for a minute after the shots of cum ended. He slowly pulled out and left the gaping, cum filled hole empty. Ric realized it was his turn and gently pulled his cock from Marcus’s mouth and slid over before quickly moving behind Marcus. He saw some of Joe’s cum dripping out of the battered hole and smiled as he lined his cock up. He pushed in and Marcus’s hole was tight. The coating of spit and Joe’s cum didn’t seem to be enough to let his cock just slide in. He waited until Joe was in place in front of Marcus and Marcus had started to lick the still hard shaft clean. With a little more pressure, his cock descended deeper into Marcus’s hole. He could hear the groans but kept pushing further. When he hit the inner ring he looked down and still had over an inch left to go. Ric grabbed Marcus’s hips and thrust in, plowing in the rest of the way. He heard a muffled scream so he stood there motionless for half a minute. When Marcus seemed to recover, he pulled back and heard another muffled groan. Ric started to rock back and forth slowly, letting Marcus get used to his sizable shaft. Just like he had done the first time fucking most of the guys, he let Marcus get used to it and then fucked faster or longer. Marcus seemed to adapt quicker than many guys and he thought it might be one of the few times that Marcus would know how it felt to be fucked by his own cock. Their length and thickness seemed to be similar from the short time that he saw it before Joe began fucking Marcus. Ric soon had a good pace going, long firm strokes felt good inside the experienced hole. Marcus even started to squeeze down on his cock occasionally. A tingle or two from his balls told Ric he was nearing the point of no return. He fucked harder and looked at Joe who was watching Ric pound Marcus’s ass. Joe grinned and nodded to Ric as he sensed Ric was getting close. Joe held Marcus’s head down on his cock as Ric pushed in all the way. Ric let out a growl as his cock pumped shot after shot of charged cum into Marcus’s wrecked cunt. After the first few spurts, Joe let go of Marcus’s head and let him gasp for air while Ric flooded his ass. Ric left his cock inside Marcus while his body recovered from the orgasm. Ric pulled out and sat down on the floor against the rolled mat. Marcus then backed away from Joe and laid down on the floor on his back, breathing heavily. “Oh my god that was wild” Marcus said. Joe got a wicked smile on his face and leaned forward and crawled between Marcus’s legs. “What are you doing, Joe?” Marcus asked. “I just want to feel what that hole feels like after Ric stretched you out” Joe replied. Before Marcus could say anything, Joe lifted his legs up and slid his hard cock right into the loose, cummy hole. Joe started to drill Marcus again, this time feeling Ric’s and his cum mixed together coating his cock. Marcus moaned as Joe fucked him. He tried in vain to clamp his hole down around Joe’s cock and just laid back and let Joe pound his pussy. “Damn, you’re loose now” Joe said. “Think he can take us both?” Ric asked. A look of fear came over Marcus’s face as Joe said “We can try.” Joe hooked his arms under Marcus’s arms and then leaned back until Marcus was now riding him. Ric pushed Marcus over so he was laying on Joe’s chest and he straddled Joe. He pressed his cock against Joe’s shaft and then up to Marcus’s hole. He shoved in and got nowhere. He then pulled his foreskin back and pushed slowly and felt his cock head catch on the battered hole. Pushing harder he heard Marcus whimper and then it stretched enough for him to start sliding in. Joe held Marcus still as Ric’s shaft pushed along Joe’s. Ric felt Joe’s piercing drag along the bottom of his cock as he gave Marcus the last few inches. Marcus was fully impaled on both cocks and had never felt so full in his life. Ric started to move back and forth with his hips and while the strokes were only a few inches long it was enough to send shockwaves through all three of them. He kept it up for a few minutes and then felt Joe’s cock start to pulse against his own. Another dose of Joe’s viral cum pumped into Marcus’s ass and the feeling caused Ric to shoot another load in too. Marcus whimpered and yelled out “Oh fuck!” as he felt the third and fourth poz loads fill his tortured hole. Deep down he knew this was probably it - his neg days were now numbered. He was on an adrenaline high like never before with the risk making it so much more intense. Ric pulled his cock out and Marcus stood up, his shaky legs barely holding him vertical. Ric put his clothes on and helped Marcus get his speedo back on. Helping Joe off the floor, Ric watched him put his clothes back on. They walked slowly out of the wrestling rooms and towards the pool. As they got closer to the pool, Marcus went over to where all the swimmers were. Joe and Ric went back over to the other side. Joe gave Ric a hug and told him to keep in touch and let him know where he decided to go to college and then headed out the door. He stared at Joe's ass walking away from him until the door closed. The final whistle blew and the camp was over. The teams showered and packed and Ric dragged the equipment duffles back to the van. Everyone hopped in for the drive home. They pulled into the school parking lot and as Ric was unloading all of the bags the coach walked up to him. “Ric, I’d like you to stop by my office some time this week. I think you’re the only one at school that can help me with a few things I need to know. This is just between you and me. OK?” Coach Adams said. “Sure thing coach” Ric replied.
  15. chi4loads

    A Brother in Trouble

    I've wondered what characters were the reader's favorites. I can't see where I can add a survey to an existing thread and don't want to clutter up the thread with votes. Oh, well.

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