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  1. I'm going to make one post regarding this. @austin_submale's original story "The 800 Load Party 2" was the second time in two months that someone had taken one of my stories and added to it under their own name. Yes, @austin_submale gave me credit on that post, but it was still the same story, told by the other party. He asked for permission to post his original, but posted it anyway after waiting only two hours for me to respond. I don't live on BZ and don't consider that sufficient time to reply. As I messaged to him privately, there are many ways to take the basic concept of my story and make it your own, but that version (and it's replacement) were a thinly veiled rewrite of my story. It gives me NO incentive to post any more fiction here, since the hours I spend writing/re-writing and editing just get taken and used by someone else as their own. I'm done with BZ for a while and uninterested in discussing this further. If this stirs up another hornet's nest, then just add "Guest " to the beginning of my username.
  2. Time to take a break from BZ.  See y'all in a month or 20.

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      Sorry if your leaving is my fault.  I asked for my story to be removed.


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      I'm leaving too. Take care of yourself.

  3. Notice: The author does not consent to anyone using the characters or plot line of this story for any derived work, whether the author is still active on this site or not. They are not abandoned nor placed in the public domain. This is another one that's been sitting around a while. There's only one part. The following story is complete fiction. It never happened and any similarity to real life people/situations is a bizarre coincidence. ----- I'm one of those guys that's always horny and doesn't really care who he fucks. There were usually only bottoms out looking on the apps and sites near me, anyway. Most would take any half hard dick if it would just show up. I had chatted with plenty of bottoms over the years that listed "neg only" on their profiles that with very little arm twisting would gladly take my very toxic load. Most assumed when I said I was poz, that meant I was undetectable. It was always an awkward conversation to have when you're horny, but in the end they were more interested in getting fucked than anything else. One night I was looking over a few sites and I saw a guy that had a party ad for the next night at 6pm. His profile said he was a bottom on PrEP, mid thirties, kind of average size-wise and liked anonymous hookups. The party ad said that he was looking for 800 loads or something ridiculous and no loads refused so I sent him a message along with a party request. "Hey, like ur profile. Want me to load u up b4 the party?" I sent. The next day I got a message. "Thanks. sounds hot. is that 8 porn or real inches? u undetectable?" I'd seen these replies before and figured he'd wimp out pretty quick, but I sent him back "It could be really hot. Real inches. Not undetectable but ur on prep so it doesnt matter." "What about other guys at party? they might not be" he replied. "u said no loads refused nevermind" I replied and cancelled my request. Most guys like this were more interested in getting dick in them and I was surprised he cared about the other tops that had signed up. The site said that 22 were already approved but I knew that if five showed up he'd be doing good. A minute later I got back a reply "any load is good hope u can make it Sunset Inn #203 ready after 5pm" I waited a few hours and sent back "have another offer. might make it at 5 or 6." I knew at this point he'd rather take a toxic load than worry about the other guys fucking him. My goal was to bathe their dick's in a viral sea of cum. I didn't have any other offers, I just wanted him to be desperate for any dick he could get. At five forty the next day, I showed up at his motel room. The door was held open by the extended deadbolt. I walked in and gently closed the door, just like I found it. Only one dim light was on in the corner, enough to see where the bottom was but not bright enough to get any video evidence. Exactly how I like these hookups. I heard a little noise, but by the time I got past the bathroom, he was blindfolded and on all fours on the bed. I walked closer and felt his bare ass, running my fingers along the crack. His hole was lubed and a sniff told me it wasn't from cum. My cock got harder by the second and I quickly pushed my jeans off. Two spits on his hole and I shoved half of my eight inches into him. Some guys would scream out, but not this one. There was a little pain in his groan, but not a lot. A second thrust got three quarters and a third had him rooted. Each stroke after that was long and purposeful. I kept plowing him for about fifteen minutes until I heard more guys enter the room. I waited until four guys were there and then started to pound him. I heard grunts, groans and the occasional "thank you sir" as I glanced around the room. The guys were all stroking their dicks, waiting for their turn. I had been there long enough that my eyes had adjusted to the dim light and I could see the decent mix of guys pretty clearly. Everything from a nervous, plain, early 20's guy that looked like he just walked off a construction site to a late sixties otter. One guy I recognized from several of these types of parties. Sometimes he'd bottom, sometimes he'd top. My seed had gone into him at least three times and I'd watched his profile change from 'neg' to 'ask me'. A few hard thrusts and my cock was planted deep as it began to spew my toxic seed into his prep'd guts. When the last spurt shot out, I looked around the room wondering who were the protected ones and who weren't, Each one looked eager to sink their dick into the potent soup I'd just dumped into the cumslut. I marked his back with the marker on the bed, hoping he'd get at least a dozen more loads throughout the night, but figured that the five of us would probably be it. When I pulled out the construction guy took my place. I stood around and watched the next few guys fuck the host. With no new attendees, I pulled my jeans back on and headed out of the room. A guy was standing in the hall, nervously waiting and trying to get up the guts to go in. I could see a nice bulge in his gray sweatpants that he was trying to hide. "He's a good fuck and there's only a few guys in there. Have some fun" I whispered as slowly walked by him. A glance back as I made it a few rooms down saw him disappear into the party room. When I got home I sent a message to the bottom telling him "thx. nice ass. hope the other guys liked my lube."
  4. Thanks, but that's all for this one
  5. Part 6 "Who do you think knocked you up? Jerry can't since he's on meds. I decided if anyone was going to do it, it should be me. I know that sounds kind of selfish, but Dennis said it would bond us even closer" I replied. We talked while his cum soaked into my guts and I explained everything. "Don't blame Dennis, he may have suggested it, but I was the one who made it happen. I wanted to be the one and not some random stranger... or even a friend" I told him. He rolled us on our sides, spooning me with his arms wrapped around me tight, sobbing "Thank you" over and over until we fell asleep. People at work looked concerned when I got there, but my upbeat attitude told most that I was OK, and the few that inquired I told that things were great. They had noticed that I was distracted the previous few weeks after calling in sick for several days, which I had never done in the years I'd worked there. We went in on Saturday to get the numbers and a suggestion for treatment. Tom was told to avoid any sexual encounters and I was told to limit myself to safe sex regardless if the other person was poz. I'm pretty sure that the doctor knew I wasn't going to follow his instructions, much less his treatment plan. "So... what did you tell all those poz tops that wanted to breed you when you were convinced that you were still neg?" I asked, my dick firmly planted in his ass the next day. Tom chuckled. "One wants me to recharge him, two others offered to let me join them with the next chaser they found. The last was actually pissed" he said. "You were pretty intent on pozzing me when you thought I was neg. Are you going to find someone else to gift?" I asked. "No... I think I'm going to be a poz cum dump from now on. I'm not a great top and I like taking dick too much. Do you still want to be open or am I the only one to get your charged loads?" Tom asked. "I still think we should be open. The only time it was a problem was when you were trying not to get infected. That's not an issue any more and I love fucking you when there's a load inside you. What about you?" I asked. "Open, definitely. I promise not to go psycho again, unless I don't get any dick. Yours or someone else's" Tom said. "Good. I will guarantee two things, you'll keep getting my dick and you won't be the last guy I knock up... just the first" I told him. -- The first few weeks after Tom had joined club poz, we only had sex with each other. The vibe was like it was when we first met. Neither of us had realized that we'd slowly fallen into a rut when we fucked and both made comments to each other about how much better it was. When we finally went back at our usual bar we were the most popular guys around. It had been a couple months since we had gone out socially. We didn't need to buy a drink all night and there were guys I'd never talked to coming up telling us "congrats!" Word spread quickly and I know it wasn't from us. Some would dance around the topic until they'd ask if we were still toxic or had gone on meds right away. Most seemed to be happy we'd decided to wait a while. After a few nights at the bar I had almost twenty new contacts in my phone, all wanting to hookup some time and roll the dice. When there was a lull Tom turned to me and asked "Can I change my mind?" I laughed and said "No. There's no going back. Even if you could, I'd just knock you up again." Tom laughed and replied "That would be so fuckin cool, but that's not what I meant. I think I want to top some and not just be a cum dump. The more guys beg for my load, the more I want to do them." "That, you can change your mind about. I've got my first lined up for Monday, so you have at least that night free" I told him. He was so excited when I agreed I think he shot a spurt of cum into his jeans right then. I know there was a wet spot on them. When it got near to closing time, Tom headed to the bathroom to recycle some beer. I got another phone number from a guy who said he'd been chasing for almost a year. "All the poz guys I can find are undetectable" he groused. When Tom came back, there was a drip of cum on his cheek and I said "One guy didn't have very good aim" as I scooped it off his cheek and licked it up. "I'm lubed and ready for when we get home" Tom replied. This was our new sexual freedom. Sometimes we didn't wait to hookup, a quickie in the bathroom was just as good. The chaser on Monday was a fun time. He was a couple years older than me and muscled, but he moaned like a bitch when I rimmed him and squealed like a little pig when I pounded him. He begged for my bug filled load several times while I fucked his muscled ass. He got two loads planted in his hole and swallowed whatever he could lick off my dick after. He even wanted to meet the next day, but Thursday was the soonest I could make it. Tom was waiting for me when I got home, grinning and excited. "I hope yours was as fun as mine. It felt so good to shoot my charged load into his neg hole" Tom said. "Not as good as when I shot mine in yours" I replied. "Maybe. I think mine had second thoughts, though, but my dick stayed hard after I bred him the first time, so I kept going until I gave him a second load. We'll see if he wants to meet up again" Tom said. "The guy I just bred wanted to meet tomorrow, but I pushed him off til Thursday. Tomorrow I'm meeting Dennis to breed his ass for the first time since he knocked me up... Want to join in?" I asked. Tom smiled and replied "That would be fun." "Be sure to save up for the party on Saturday afternoon, but I'll invite him over instead of going to his place tomorrow" I told Tom. -- "Welcome to the club, stud. I wish we'd been the ones to knock you up, but I know Dennis is really happy to have done it. We should all can get together sometime and swap our strains" Tony said. We were sitting around Dennis' place, waiting on a chaser to show up. He flaked and Tom volunteered his ass to take all of the pent up loads. Everyone told him he was being greedy and with some encouragement from Rico and Tony, I ended up on all fours next to him. It was a new experience getting fucked next to my boyfriend, but we both enjoyed it. Tony and Rico were both bigger than Dennis and way bigger than Tom. They were both much better tops too. I knew I'd be hurting for a few days though. I got a load each from Rico and Tony, while Sean, Dennis and his nephew's buddy bred Tom. "You got a sweet ass for a top" Rico told me before adding "I hope that's not the last time I get to tap it." "Only after I get to recharge you and Tony" I replied. When we got home, Tom and I fucked for another couple hours, sucking and fucking until our balls were empty again. I fucked the cum out of him and then licked it off his chest and face. -- It had been a strange couple of months since Tom and I had converted. Our open relationship was working just like it had when we first tried it. We were meeting a lot of guys and having some great encounters with them before having some amazing sex together. Patrick and Dennis had introduced us to a lot of poz guys, some on meds and other that were, like us, not. While my attitude has always been pretty laid back regarding STDs - shit happens and deal with it - this was affecting me differently. Knowing that I was poz and viral had me looking at hookups in a whole new way. I was understanding Dennis' comments about the virus attacking me mentally. It just happened in reverse order than with Tom. The attraction I had to a guy had a new dimension to it based on his status. Negative bottoms not on PrEP were top priority, closely followed by unmedicated poz tops. Unmedicated poz bottoms were in the middle and the protected ones were last. Yeah, I found that I liked to bottom for guys that had a strong viral load to give me. I didn't say anything to Tom about it but one night I found myself bent over the urinal next to him at the bar, getting fucked. It turned him on and when we went home that night, he fucked me for the second time since he found out he had converted. He was much better than the other time he fucked me and I put it down to all the practice he'd been getting breeding chasers. "I take it Dennis isn't the only guy to fuck you lately" Tom said. "No... but since he's undetectable again, I've had to find some alternatives to get my fix" I replied. "If you keep bottoming, I might need to become a top to keep the universe in balance" Tom said, laughing afterwards.
  6. I hear you about fat fingering when typing on a small screen. The desktop browsers I've tried support some form of spell checking (usually highlighting with red squigglies) but Safari on IOS doesn't seem to. Maybe Chrome does.
  7. Part 5 "How's my little bug chaser doing? Feeling ok? We skipped Tuesday's dose... I guess we'll have to start all over again" Jerry said as Tom sucked on his dick. Jerry winked at me when I pulled my shirt up, showing him the last bits of rash on my stomach. Saturday was a repeat of the week before. I was amazed at how much cum my body could shoot. I did some role play on a few fucks, making him beg for my toxic load. I hoped that Saturday marked the day I was no longer shooting blanks and the countdown had begun before Tom was converting like I just had. Jerry moved to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday breeding schedule from Tuesday/Friday. Mine was seven days a week. Our sex had the energy it did back when we first met, but a week later I could tell that Tom was getting restless. "I know that I agreed with you, Patrick and Dennis that I should know who the guy that pozzed me is, but I'm wondering if Jerry is that potent or even poz" Tom said after Sunday morning's fuck. "Give it a little more time. You heard Dennis tell you about his nephew's friend and that it took over two months for him to convert" I said. I prayed that my newly minted bug would get him a lot sooner. Hoping to drag him a little longer, I added "Only a month til our anniversary. Hopefully you'll get a big gift." I watched Tom smile. He kissed me and said "I can't believe you didn't dump me when you found out I wanted to get pozzed. Thanks for being so supportive" Tom said. "You're welcome but you should thank Dennis too. He's the one that explained a lot of stuff to me. He really hated seeing us falling apart and told me I needed to encourage you" I told him. My cock pushed back into his wet hole and I gave him a slow sensuous fuck for the next forty five minutes. "Are you going to keep fucking me bare after I convert? Or are you going to stop until I'm undetectable?" Tom asked as we laid there with another load in his ass. "I doubt I could wait that long. Dennis did say it was really hot fucking a guy that was converting. I'll keep fucking your poz ass just like I have your neg one" I replied. He waited a minute and looked back at me. There was a twinkle in his eye and he asked "I heard some bottom guys get the urge to top once they convert. I'd like to try fucking you when I'm poz. OK?" I chuckled and replied "We'll see." Tom had never topped me in all the years we had been together. I may have swallowed hundreds of his loads, but I don't consider that bottoming. Immediately I knew that he wanted to charge me up so we'd be toxic together. If I had doubted Dennis' plan before, I didn't any more. When Jerry showed up on Monday night I left the two of them in the living room and wandered back to the bedroom to surf. It had gotten boring watching them and Tom said he was doing just enough to get the load. The next two nights when Jerry showed up were the same and I fucked Dennis at his place instead of watching lame sex. The weekend was when it was fun. Tom and I fucked half of Saturday and then hit the stores to replenish the house. I almost dragged him to the bathroom at the grocery store to fuck another load in his ass, but it was busy. The guys that came out were laughing and unfortunately there were a couple more in front of us so instead of waiting for someone else have a quickie, we just finished shopping and went home. Actually, we went home and fucked like rabbits. I'm sure the ice cream had started to melt, since we only got a few things put away before I had him bent over the counter forcing my bare cock back into his hole. Jerry was getting as bored as Tom was. Monday's fuck was quick and he was heading out the door fifteen minutes after he arrived. At least he gave me a nice lubed hole to drop my charged load into. There was so much cum on my bush and running down our legs, I think I forced all of his useless cum out and replaced it with my more potent seed. When I got home from work Wednesday, Tom was laying on the couch. The pained moans coming from his mouth made me grin briefly until I knelt down next to him. I remembered all of the things that I felt when I converted and it appeared he was now experiencing them. Dennis looked after me those first two days and I did the same for Tom. When Jerry showed up at eight, he took one look at Tom and said "My work is done. Be sure to share" and left. Normally, I hate feeling a body next to me in bed radiating enough heat to melt glass, but that night it turned me on. The last thing he needed was sex, yet I wanted to feel my cock plowing into his fevered hole. I wondered if Dennis enjoyed fucking me while I converted as much as I did fucking Tom. I took the next two days off to take care of him. He took longer to recover than I did and I probably didn't help him by fucking him a couple times a day and wearing him out. "Thanks for sticking by me. I guess this isn't gonna scare you away" he said Saturday evening, hugging me tight before he passed out again. I wondered how I was going to tell him that I was the one that pozzed him and that Jerry was just a ruse. Sunday he looked a little better but it took until Tuesday night where he was close to his normal self. "I heard it could be bad or I might never know when I converted, but that royally sucked. I guess I need to go and find out for sure, but from the stories I've heard I'm probably poz now. I'll understand if you want to find a more compatible partner" The sex that night was the most passionate we had ever had. I came three times in him. I showed up after work the next day with two of the drug store HIV tests, knowing they would probably tell us we were negative. He really looked disappointed when they did. We were back at hard, rutting sex that night where I told him "I'm gonna fuck the last neg load out of your dick!" He complimented me on my role play later, but was really depressed. I had hoped that it would spur some more nasty role play, but it did the opposite. The next few days, got him another load or two and he slowly got more involved. Sunday night, after a weekend of mostly sex, he said "I guess I need to find another guy to charge me up. Do you mind if I invite some guys over? I talked with a few online that said that they're so fucking toxic that one load will do it." "No, not at all. I find it really hot to watch you get bred by other guys before I fuck you too. But..." I told him, stopping mid-sentence. He looked back at me, waiting for me to continue. "I think instead we should go to the clinic and get a real test first. I heard the over the counter ones are only accurate a few months after you've converted" I said. He sighed and replied "OK." We hit the clinic in the neighborhood the next day. I'm pretty sure I wanted to fuck every guy there. Patients, nurses, the receptionist and the doctor. We both got poked, prodded, fingered, and drained of a few vials of blood. Everyone was professional and it was about as clinical as it gets and yet my dick was hard the entire time. Even the doctor made a comment about it. "I guess that works fine" he said, chuckling. Tom wasn't as excited and we went home to wait for our next appointment. The next couple days were hard and his libido had cratered. Tom's attitude was very different on our ride back home on Wednesday after we got the results of the more accurate test. He had gotten the news about the same time I did, just in different exam rooms. While I had assumed that the horrible flu was the definitive indication that I was no longer neg, Tom was the pessimist. He had gone through the roller coaster of emotions that almost destroyed our relationship and wasn't going to leap to any conclusions. My trick of giving him the OTC test had backfired and convinced him he was still neg after dealing with almost a month of Jerry's and my loads. He was so engrossed in finding out he really was poz that he never asked me what my results were. The moment we got back to the apartment, he was ripping off his clothes and pushing me towards the bedroom. I had never seen him that aggressive and never wanting to be the top. His prep consisted of four gobs of spit and less than a minute of fingering my once again tight hole. His dick followed almost right away and it hurt. Tom wasn't a good top and he rushed so fast to fuck me, he made it even worse. While I was in pain, I didn't put up any resistance. In less than ten minutes I got his first load. He kept fucking and his dick never got soft. I knew he was planning on trying to poz me that day and it turned me on a lot more than I expected. A second before he pumped his third load in, I cried out "Breed that poz ass!" He thrust in deep, unloaded and then asked "What did you say? You're poz too? How?" I laughed and laid there, feeling his viral cum and cock in my ass.
  8. Part 4 "Tom has never told me anything and all I know is from comments and questions he's made to Patrick. The moment he asked Patrick the first poz related question, Patrick knew where it was going" Dennis said and paused before continuing "We've always been really close, so Patrick told me, asking me not to say anything to anyone, especially you. At least now that the cat's out of the bag, I don't have to hold it in." "You know how hard it was not saying anything while I watch your relationship implode when I knew how to fix it? If I said anything it would mean I broke my promise to my closest friend. So... I didn't and watched you two tear each other apart" Dennis said, a tear running down his face. "Damn. I'm sorry you got stuck in the middle. You did the right thing though. Breaking Patrick's trust would have been the worst choice" I told him. I took a long breath and continued "There were a hundred ways for me to find out what Tom was thinking. I just wish he would have told me sooner" I said. In the end I decided that Dennis was right, and if anyone was to poz Tom it should be me. It wasn't like I was avoiding it or following my own advice to get protected from getting myself infected. "How do you want it to go? Know who did it or a group thing?" Dennis asked. The sinister smile on his face told me he had a preference, but when he didn't say anything more, I knew it was all up to me. "I'd like to know. Who do you know that can charge me up?" I asked Dennis. "Hmm, there's three that I know of off hand that are really toxic and would be into it... Rico, Tony and... me. From the text message I got earlier, both of them are very willing" Dennis said. "You? I thought you were a bottom and undetectable" I asked after giving him a long stare. Dennis chuckled. "I top sometimes when the mood strikes. My nephew's buddy was chasing, so I went off meds to tag him. The little fucker put up a fight too and it took two months of breeding to finally knock him up. You know that young guy that was staying with me a couple months back? Him" Dennis said. "Fuck... was he even legal?" I asked. "Yeah, he just turned twenty. He met his goal of being pozzed while he was still a teenager, but just by a month. We were getting worried. That last sex party I held was supposed to do it if I had failed. You, Tom and Luke were the only neg guys there. Anyway, do you want one of us three to do it? I can ask around if none of us are good enough" Dennis said, grinning. I was tight and Dennis is thick, making my first fuck as a bottom in well over a year painful. The second round hurt almost as much and I went back to the hotel with Dennis' smallest plug in my ass. The next morning, I met Dennis before work and let the bug filled cum stew in my guts all morning while I tried to work. I pulled the plug out at lunch and nothing dripped out. I was much more comfortable sitting at my desk that afternoon with the plug in my backpack, not my ass. Dennis was even more brutal that evening after work and had to find a larger plug to stuff in me. It was strange having our roles reversed and I know Dennis was enjoying every second of it. I wanted to fuck him after he bred me again, but I was told that he wasn't taking any more of my neg seed. Thankfully, the hotel desk clerk gladly took my load. I noticed a small scorpion tattoo behind his ear as I emptied my balls in him. He confirmed his status, making my dick hard enough to give him a second load. The next morning I checked out and after work I headed back to our apartment. Tom and I talked all night. While we had texted and chatted over the phone after he told me his secret, there was a lot more that came out when we were face to face. As I had discussed with Dennis, we were going to hook Tom up with a guy Dennis knew who loved poz dialog during sex. He was undetectable, knew our plan and thought it was hot. I collected my morning load from Dennis on my way to work and picked up a second one on my way back to the apartment that evening. A few hours later, Dennis' buddy Jerry showed up for his first fuck with Tom. I watched and occasionally cheered them on while I stroked. Tom was rarely hard when he got fucked, but his dick was totally rigid the whole time Jerry fucked him the first time. It even stayed hard after he got bred. "Now... let my little baby makers get you pregnant" Jerry said, rubbing over Tom's stomach after he had roughly shoved a plug into Tom's ass. I pulled mine out shortly before we went to bed and once again, Dennis' DNA had absorbed into my gut. I hoped that it didn't take a couple months before my body fell victim to Dennis' bug like his last chaser. Jerry showed up on Friday and bred Tom while I stopped over and was getting loaded by Dennis. Tom and I fucked too, spending our first Saturday back together in bed. I first had to remove the plug that Tom inserted the night before. All of Jerry's load had soaked in but by six AM, mine was taking it's place. Another fuck at nine AM added more and a third time at one PM topped him up. "Can we do a little role play?" Tom asked mid-afternoon. "Sure. What do you want to do?" I asked. It was good to see him talk about new things he wanted to try, regardless if he thought I might find them too weird. "Can you pretend you're pozzing me? I know Jerry is doing it, but I find it really hot when he tells me he's giving me the bug" Tom asked. "I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try" I told him. His dick was hard and jabbing into my abs, coating them with precum when I fucked him on his back an hour later. I had heard enough comments from Dennis to give me a good set of things to say. "You like feelin that poz dick diggin into your fertile cunt?" and "beg for my poz load... show me how bad you want to become my toxic bitch" and "Gonna be so fuckin hot to watch as my bug takes over your body" I growled out has I fucked Tom. A moment before I came, I asked "Is this gonna be the magic load?" Twelve days after Dennis had fucked his first charged load into my ass I woke up feeling rough. My throat was sore, the glands in my neck were swollen and my body ached. I left for work and instead checked into the motel. The desk clerk was the same one I'd fucked during my earlier stay and had a huge smile on his face. "Looks like an all nighter. The fire suppression system in the Spokane data center went off for no reason and we have to get everything back online" I told Tom after I'd gotten to the room. "Fuck... you're burnin up. You're the one that needs a fire extinguisher. Let me give you another big load of jizz to put out the fire" Dennis said. The sinister grin on his face showed me how proud he was to knock me up so quickly. I went home after a night away and collapsed on the bed. "Babe... you look like shit. You ran yourself down. Did you get any sleep last night?" Tom asked, looking over my sweaty, sore body. "About thirty minutes. It sucked. And there was this vent blowing ice cold air at me when I sat at the console" I whined, trying to put on a good show. Tom even canceled the meeting that night with Jerry to take care of me. By Friday, I was feeling better and watched Jerry give his own performance.
  9. Part 3 He was right. I was hard and staring at Dennis' naked body wasn't making it go down. It took me less than a minute to shed my clothes and before I could sit back down, Dennis' mouth engulfed my cock. It was a more vigorous blowjob than he usually gave me. I would have thought that as baked as he was and having just gotten fucked, he'd be more laid back. He bobbed, sucked, and licked my dick for a few minutes before pulling off and looking up at me. He smiled briefly before turning to face the couch. With his chest on the cushions, his hairy ass called to me just like dozens of times before, but this time the call was really strong. I always liked to taste the cum inside a slut's hole and this time was no different. He was clenching his ass tight, trying to keep at least two loads inside. The moment my tongue hit his ring, he relaxed and a blob of cum leaked out. My taste buds were in overdrive, savoring the cream that was coating my tongue. A tongue that was soon poking inside his hole and getting covered in spooge. There was no need to lube up his pussy and my brain knew that, but I stood there a little longer just for the sheer pleasure of tasting the cum and his ass. My little head took over and soon was feeling the cum coat him when I slid my achingly hard cock into the slick chute barely a minute later. I slowly plowed in and out, trying to not force any of the pearly cum out. Dennis was always a verbal bottom, encouraging his tops to enjoy his pussy, fuck deeper, harder or faster. On rare occasions he would become a power bottom, but that was usually when he hadn't been fucked in a while. This time, the his comments emphasized the poz ass I was fucking. When I started to fuck him harder, he asked "Like that toxic swill your dick is plowing into?" and then he said "Rico just converted... his jizz is really potent" and then "Tony's is pretty hot too... only took a couple fucks to tag Rico." I laughed, mostly ignoring what Dennis was saying, since I enjoyed drilling the cum filled chute. "You want my neg seed in that slutty ass?" I asked, feeling him work his ass muscles around my cock as I got closer to orgasm. "Yeah, but for how much longer?" Dennis asked, followed by an evil laugh and a hard squeeze around my cock. That was all my body needed and I immediately began to shoot strong volleys of cum into the sloppy hole. I hadn't fucked in a few days and with work being crazy there wasn't time to even jack off. It made me shoot even harder than normal. "Damn... You needed to unload. Have you fucked anyone since you walked out on Tom?" Dennis asked after the last spurt fired out. "Just the night manager at the hotel. Bred him in the office while the desk clerk watched. Would have done the desk clerk too if some other guest hadn't rung the bell" I said as my breathing slowed. Dennis grabbed a glass butt plug off the table and forced it into his ass. My body felt better than normal after a good fuck but I still wanted to know about the solutions he had mentioned before we had sex. "So... what are your ideas?" I asked. Dennis got comfortable again on the other end of the couch and he reloaded the pipe. He took a long hit and passed it over. I took one too and by then he was exhaling the smoke. "Tom won't be able to forget about his thoughts of wanting to get pozzed. The thoughts are like the virus itself. They dig in deep and won't let go. Trust me, I've been there. I'm not the only one. Ask Patrick or Sean or Donny. Even Eli. They all went through it and fought it off until the virus was inside them too" he said. I nodded, slowly understanding what Tom had said. "You said you didn't like ultimatums or simple choices, but let me give you a suggestion. Get pozzed and be the one to give it to Tom. It will bond you closer than you could ever imagine" Dennis said. "You said a couple ideas. What else?" I asked, shocked that he'd even suggest something that insane. "Set up a conversion party. Get some viral tops to breed him all night. It might take a few tries to get the bug to take, but it's a fun time for all" he said. "Oh... and probably the worst idea is to find one of those [banned word] that will pay to poz up a guy. You take a chance that Tom will get attached to the guy that gave him what he wanted and you two break up anyway" Dennis added. "You don't think it's just a passing phase until he finds some other fantasy to hook on to?" I asked. Dennis shook his head 'no' and then said "As I said, I've been there. No matter what you try, it keeps coming back. Usually stronger and once you make it through all those other fantasies, guess what's still there?" What about PrEP? He can take as many of those viral loads as he wants and not worry about getting infected" I asked. "That will hold him for a little while, but as he gets used to getting bred full of toxic loads, the thoughts are going to come back. He'll either stop taking the meds or 'forget' to take them and end up with some random guy charging him up. I still think the first idea is by far the best. Patrick, Sean and I did the second one. It took us two parties to get charged up. It could have been we just needed that booster shot or the guys were more effective the second time. But... neither of us know who did it and I'd like a connection with that someone" Dennis said. A moment later, Dennis said "Donny went the prep route and it only delayed his pozzing by a year." Through my pot fogged mind what he was saying made a lot of sense. I had never worried too much about catching anything from guys I hooked up with. Six years with Tom as my only sex partner pushed that worry way, way back in my mind. I would never suck a dripping dick or fuck a hole with warts or sores, but otherwise the pleasure of fucking a guy was my priority. I'd caught a few of the regular STDs before I met Tom, but hadn't gotten any since we opened our relationship up. "You seem to really get off when I fuck you with poz loads in you. Why?" I asked. "Every time you've fucked me since you two opened your marriage I've had at least one unmedicated load in me. That's over a dozen times. You know that tops can get pozzed too, right? I was kind of hoping it would happen and you would give Tom the bug and end his chase" Dennis said. The marriage comment grated at me, but I knew that most of our friends considered us de facto married. Apparently gay guys that live together for more than a year are common law married, compared to seven years for straights. "What? How long have you known that's what he wanted?" I asked.
  10. Back on topic... BSB is about as believable as the FraternityX site or other's of that ilk. It's porn with a vague premise. There might be a very small subset of actors that really are broke or in the gayest frat known to man, but they're the exception. While I like erotic fiction, none of those sites really do it for me since there's nothing more to it than the title and the actor's look that backs up the site name.
  11. If you go to your own profile, there is a button on the right that says "See my activity" (it toggles between that and "Profile") and that should give you a list of direct links to each of your posts. It's in the banner with the number of posts you've made, when you joined, etc.
  12. Part 2 Tom looked like shit which was rare for him. "Look, I'm not going to live like this. You have a few options" I said. I had rehearsed this because I really didn't want to leave him. I came up with a few good options and one crazy one, which I told him calmly while he softly sobbed. In hindsight, it was one good option, one bad option, one selfish option and one crazy one. "One, we can walk away and give up on almost seven great years. Two, we can close our relationship back up. Or at least you can, since I like hooking up with other guys and haven't had any issues other than a few mediocre fucks. Three, you can go on PrEP so you can let anyone fuck you and not have to worry about getting infected with HIV. I think we can deal with the other curable ones and they come with having lots of partners. Or four, you can go get yourself pozzed up, go on meds and not have to worry about catching it again, like Dennis" I said. I took one more sip of the crappy Malbec and stood up, adding "Let me know what you decide" before I walked back to my hotel. "You told him what?!?!" Dennis exclaimed when I talked to him the next day. "Well, I could only come up with the one good idea and I don't like to give ultimatums. I don't want to leave him and only allowing me to play on the side is a selfish choice since I'm not going to give it up and he's proven he can't do it well. So... I basically told him to get on PrEP or we were done" I told Dennis. "Uh... you gave him a choice and based on how scared he is of losing you, he might take the easy way out. You told him it was ok, too, since it was one of the options you told him. I do know a couple guys that would pay good money to charge up a hot neg guy like him" Dennis said. The chuckle he made after his comment was a little disconcerting. "Nah, he wouldn't do that. But, you're doin ok, right?" I asked, just in case Tom did something crazy and chose my fourth option. "I'm fine. It's fun collecting as much toxic seed as I can and then have a neg guy stuff his dick in it. Uh... want to meet up Saturday at the Watering Hole?" he asked. "Yeah, sure. Nine ok?" I asked and he replied "Sounds good." A few of Dennis' comments had rattled me and I was thinking about them all night. -- "Got a minute" came the text the next afternoon. He called when I said "ok" and his attitude was very different. Tom was calm and serious. "I've been thinking about our meeting and your options. I think I can rule out number one, since I want to make this work. All of my freakouts have been because I'm scared of losing you. This past week has made it painfully clear that I need you in my life" Tom said. "I want to make it work too, but I'm not interested in the emotional rollercoaster we've been on" I replied. "Can I be honest with you? I mean, brutally honest?" Tom asked. "Of course" I replied. "I'm kind of turned on taking poz loads. The undetectable ones like Patrick and Dennis have don't do it for me any more. The thought of taking unmedicated ones with high viral loads just turns me on so much. I'm just afraid that if I get pozzed, you'll dump me" Tom said. "So you'd rather become a psycho bitch every couple months and make me dump you for that?" I asked. "I don't want to lose you for any reason" Tom told me. "Well, think about this. If you go through with it, it's a life long commitment. You shouldn't do it just for a wild fuck or ten, or just to make a hookup seem hotter. Talk to Patrick and find out what its really like, long term. PrEP is a much more sensible option" I said. Tom's bombshell wasn't nearly as much of a shock after the discussion I'd had with Dennis. Looking back, it kind of made sense, which meant he wasn't just making shit up to get back together or to shock me. A few hours later I was on my way over to Dennis' place. I needed to talk this whole thing out with him but I was also horny as fuck. When I got there, two guys were just leaving. I had seen both of them at the gym over the past few years. The black guy was thick and muscled and the Latino was about fifty pounds lighter with big arms, a classic vee leading down to an eight-pack. Both reeked of pot and giggled as they walked by, winking at me. Dennis was inside the doorway, wearing only a huge grin. The skunky aroma barely covered up the smell of fresh cum. He handed me a pipe and lighter and I took a hit of some really strong weed. The second hit was even longer and was exactly what I needed. The third I shotgunned into Dennis' mouth after letting my lungs soak up as much as they could. We ended up on the couch and I told him what Tom had said. I wasn't sure if he was just letting me talk through it or if he was too stoned to even hear my words. A ding came from his phone and he glanced at it to read the notification. He looked back at me, smiling, and said "I got a couple ideas, but first you're gonna have to give me what's trying to escape your jeans. That bulge is fuckin huge."
  13. Notice: The author does not consent to anyone using the characters or plot line of this story for any derived work, whether the author is still active on this site or not. They are not abandoned nor placed in the public domain. Another short one, but since I'm still working on the last chapter it may get longer. The following story is complete fiction. It never happened and any similarity to real life people/situations is a bizarre coincidence. Part 1 Tom and I had been together for six years and had been living together for four. Both of us were in our early thirties (33 for me, 32 for him) and we complemented each other. He was the outgoing, social one and I was close to being an introvert. I stood in the back and observed and then jumped in when I felt comfortable. He was fashionable and kind of fit the smooth gym bunny stereotype and I was the slightly hairy, nerdy guy with glasses and a beard. I was in IT guy, after all. The sex was what made it really work. He was a bottom with a hot ass and some amazing muscle control. We both could get aggressive in bed, or wherever we were fucking, and he liked feeling my thick eight inches pounding into his ass until he got filled with my cum. I liked being on top and while I had bottomed a few times, I didn't really enjoy it. We opened our relationship a year ago after drooling over some other guys at the bar. I think the conversation went something like me asking Tom "You've been staring at that guy for the past hour. Do you want a free pass to go see if he wants your sexy butt?" and him replying "Only if you go find some hole to tap too." He went home with the guy and wandered back home about ten the next morning. I spent the rest of the night plunging my dick into four different guys in the restroom. The last one was our friend Dennis, the city's horniest ginger cub. The last time I fucked Dennis was right before I met Tom and once my dick was back into his ass all those memories came flooding back. "What's the deal? Did you two break up or finally open your relationship?" Dennis asked after we made our way back to the bar to order something to quench our thirst. "I think we're trying to see if we're ok screwing other guys and then going back home together" I replied. "Except he left with the other guy and you stayed here trying to fuck every slut that bent over in the bathroom" he said, winking at me. "I didn't hear you complain when my dick went back in your ass after all these years. How many loads did I sink my dick into? You were pretty fucking sloppy... I would have lasted longer if it didn't feel so good with all those stranger's loads in you" I replied. "Five and then yours for six. I hope that's not the last time that happens" Dennis said before giving me a quick kiss and going home. The next morning when Tom came home, we had some of the most amazing sex. That evening at dinner we both agreed that open was the way to go and that we'd tell each other if we found we were getting too attached to our other partners. Little did I know that wasn't going to be the problem. Getting attached was never a problem for me since, other than Dennis and Tom, I didn't really fuck the same guy more than a couple times. It was a big advantage of being a top around here, since there were so many bottoms. Sometimes we'd tell each other about our hookups and other times we didn't. I think it was the good ones we talked about more, but if one of us had tried something new we'd see if the other one might be into it too. One night Tom came back a lot sooner than I expected. It kind of pissed me off since I was still looking for some hole to drill. "What happened?" I asked. "Dude told me he was poz now, right as he shoved his dick in me. It killed the mood for me and I got dressed and left" Tom said. I shook my head and replied "He should have told you that before you got naked. Were you going to play safe?" I asked. We both preferred to fuck bareback and we did with guys we knew well, but otherwise covered up. Well, he did... I think. Guys like Dennis I knew were poz, but they were undetectable and I never hesitated to fuck him bare. Tom's friend Patrick was the same, undetectable and had filled Tom's ass numerous times. "We had fucked several times before and the last couple were bare, but he was neg then" Tom replied. "Maybe. When was your last hookup with him? Do you know when he converted?" I asked. "About a month ago was our last fuck. I didn't stick around to discuss how and when he got pozzed" Tom replied, sounding a little disgusted that we were even talking about it. "Not much time between your hookups, then. He might have been poz the last time you fucked. It's about time for our regular tests anyway. How about tomorrow?" I asked. Unfortunately, Tom's mood ended any thoughts that I could fuck and fill him with my own load. Worse, I didn't think I could leave him for a hookup that night either, so I went to bed horny as fuck. For the first time, Tom was nervous when we hit the clinic to get our blood tests done. He wasn't much fun to be around and an even worse fuck that night. Dennis was happy to fill in when I decided I didn't want to fuck my boyfriend until his attitude improved. I guessed that would be when he got the test results in a few days. Indeed, when the results came back negative for both of us, he was back to his old self. I wondered how long that was going to last. Six weeks later he was freaked out again. Another negative test result and then two months later there was another freak out. I told him he was being a drama queen, packed some things and walked out with my suitcase full of a weeks worth of clothes. A hundred messages came from him, begging me to come back. After a few days I told him to meet me at a cafe to talk.
  14. I've never considered my PA to be a fetish. An enhancement, yes. As a top they feel great tugging on my dick as you thrust in and out. As a bottom I love feeling the bigger ones (gauge and diameter) going in and out of my hole. The smaller gauge ones aren't nearly as good so I prefer ones over 4 ga.
  15. Personally, I think they can. Full beards may take them out of the twink category, but a goatee/chin patch or soul patch won't. I also disagree that any ink on them means they aren't a twink. Some guys can carry the twink look into their 30's but its all down to genetics. AFAIC a thin, smooth body of smaller stature is all that is required to be considered a twink.
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