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  1. Thank you for clarifying the site's attitude towards author's content. Maybe that warning should be popped up when someone hits "Submit Reply" or "Start New Topic" I'll heed it from now on.
  2. I agree that there are issues that the mods need to check for to keep the site out of trouble. However, I don't think they should have the right to change the content without anyone (other than the original author) knowing. I know from experience that the mods have little trouble hitting the "delete post" button when a site rule is violated. I think that if there are any content issues, the mods should do that and send a note to the author to know what needs to be changed. If the site continues to let mods edit posts as they see fit, then there should be a note in the post that says it was altered by a mod for formatting, grammar, and/or content. If it's content then the original author should have the choice of deleting the post. You say that they don't just make changes "for the hell of it" but as we have seen from the examples from pervinmt and myself, you have someone on staff that does. Scumbags that break into sites don't do things like this - they trash huge parts of sites and hold it for ransom.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it. I had already started writing other stories. Other than editing, this last chapter was finished almost a month ago. Now I just have to find some place to post them that respects their contributor's work.
  4. Agreed. Some of the changes I've found in my story: Part 5: … Mark said and they all laughed. BECAME …Mark commented. Gales of laughter ensued. Gales of laughter? Part 8: “Thanks, I’m glad I went” Steven replied. BECAME “Thanks. I'm honestly glad you extended the invitation, and no less glad I accepted it," Steven replied. Who the hell talks like this? Part 9: Mark drove back to the hotel and packed his suitcase and backpack. The three of them got in the car and Mark dropped Joe and Kyle off at their apartment. BECAME Mark smiled and he, Joe and Kyle left the shop, returning to the hotel where Kyle quickly packed his suitcase and backpack, checked-out, and drove Joe and Kyle to their apartment. This one might be the worst. It takes two simple sentences and turns it into one run-on sentence and has the wrong character packing and checking out of the holel. Formatting changes I have NO problem with. Looking back on my first chapters, they really needed it and I learned how to make it more readable. It was my first attempt, after all.
  5. Part 100 - Tying Up Some Loose Ends It had been a long drive but Joe and Kyle were now relaxing in the pool at Mark’s apartment complex. “Only 3 days until you start your job. You should enjoy this while you can” Kyle said to Joe. “Yeah, hopefully it isn’t too grueling… for the first month, anyway. Have you heard back from any of the places you interviewed at yet?” Joe asked. “No, it really sucks. I’ve had seven phone interviews since graduation and not one word from any of them since” Kyle replied. “Hang in there. Something is bound to come up. In the mean time you can be my houseboy” Joe said and then laughed loudly. “I’ll be your trophy husband instead. Speaking of which, my beer is empty. Get me another one” Kyle replied, barely able to say it without laughing. They got out of the pool and dried off before heading back to the apartment. ——— Ric was counting down the days until he left for college. His mom wasn’t happy with his decision to go to school in California, but he really did think it was the best place to go. The logistics were getting complicated and he wasn’t all that keen that his mom was flying out with him to help bring all of the clothes that he would need for the semester. There was a knock at the door and when he opened it, Alex was standing there. They went up to Ric’s room and laid on the bed. Alex stroked Ric’s bare chest as they talked. After a half hour, Ric’s escort phone chirped and he got up to took a look. It was a message from Ari and he opened it up and read it. “Austin, I hope you are well. We completed the video project and have sold it to a studio. It took a little longer than expected due to a few issues. Our star’s test 3 weeks after your shoot came back negative. We found another actor, but when we went to shoot the scene, our star was not feeling well. The new actor recognized the symptoms and a new test had a different result. Congratulations! You are the actor in scene four. The star sends his thanks. Enclosed is a link to download your copy of the final product. The link will be valid for 30 days. Obviously, it is for your personal use only. Do not share the video or the link with anyone. Please let me know if you want to do additional work, it was a pleasure working with you. Ari.” “Fuck” Ric said as he opened up his laptop and downloaded the video. “What? Bad news?” Alex asked. “Uh… I don’t know if it’s good or bad. If I show this to you, you can’t tell anyone about it. OK?” Ric said. “You know me, my lips are sealed. My ass isn’t, but my lips are. What is it?” Alex replied. “I did a little video work when I was out in California. This is the finished product. Want to watch?” Ric asked. “Wow… Uh, sure” Alex replied as he went over to Ric’s desk. Ric started the video and Alex gasped as he realized it was a gay porn video that Ric had done. They watched each scene and when they got to his scene, Ric paused it. “Don’t you want to watch any more?” Alex asked. “This is my scene. I’m kind of nervous” Ric said. Alex reached over and hit the space bar to get the video to continue. “You have to watch it at least once. Besides, it’s out and I’m sure lots of people have already seen it” he said. The two stood there watching the action with Alex making comments the whole way through - “fuck, you’re hot” “yeah! pound that guy” “be his little neg bitch” “take that poz load” “yeah! breed him again” and on and on. Finally they got to the end and Alex said “That was fuckin great! You got to fuck a real porn star. Too bad he’s one of those vocal PrEP proponents so you didn’t knock him up like you did me. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.” Ric grinned back at Alex but didn’t want to divulge the secret. “I wonder if there are any reviews yet. Let’s search” Alex said. A quick web search found a few places where there were comments. They read through them and most were positive. “Rawson really knows how to take dick and always gets bred” “Love the cum shots esp the 4th guy who shot just a little on his hole and then pumped the rest inside” “Are all these top guys poz?” “haven’t seen the guy in scene 3 in years. he looks sick” “wish the wrestler dude would fuck me like that” “the bio tat on the wrestler was so hot, I’d take that dirty load any day” “that seen with his cock pumping cum into Rawson was epic. shot my load 5x watching it” “Anyone know where I can find more vids with that latin dude?” “lots of porn guys escort, wonder if I can hire the wrestler” “3 boring scenes. only last one worth watching” “I’d let that last top knock me up” “hope prep works or Rawson is really fucked” “is that blood in the cum on the last shot?” “You have some fans” Alex said, looking at Ric. “Yeah, I guess. I might want to lay low for a while” Ric said quietly. He closed the laptop and looked at Alex, smiling. “Want to get fucked by a porn star?” —— Joe got back to Mark’s apartment after work and sat back on the couch. His first few days at the job had gone well, since he really didn’t do much other than fill out forms, meet people and read documentation. He knew Kyle had an interview that afternoon and hoped that since he wasn’t home yet it had gone well and he wasn’t sitting in a bar getting drunk since he was depressed. He had tried to keep Kyle cheered up, but the long job search had him feeling depressed most of the time. With some time to kill, he grabbed his phone and tapped a message he’d been meaning to send all week. “Hey, when are you getting out here? I thought I’d have a welcome party for you so you can meet a few people.” He hit send and then lit the pipe and took a big hit from it. A few minutes later while he was deleting spam email, he got a reply from Ric. “thx arrive Aug14 mom goes back on 15th anytime after then ok classes start aug19.” He sent back a message “21st ok?” and got an immediate reply “yes.” Kyle walked in the door looking exhausted. He pulled the tie off and unbuttoned his shirt, dropping both in the middle of the living room and collapsing on the couch. “Oh my fucking god. That was rough. Nine hours of interviews. I even got grilled during lunch. Only the last one was easy, the rest of the time they dissected my brain. It wasn’t an interview, it was an interrogation” Kyle said. “Stop your whining. I’ve been there and done that” Joe said before adding “The important question is… did you get the job?” Kyle turned his head slowly to Joe and then began to smile. “Yeah, I did.” Joe leaned over and pinned Kyle to the couch, kissing him and grinding against his tired, sweaty body. “I’m really proud of you” Joe said as he dragged Kyle off the couch and to their bedroom. —— August rolled around and Joe walked into the kitchen and said “Mark, would you mind if I had a party here this Saturday? A friend from back home is starting school this week and I’d like to introduce him to a few people so he has someone to talk to besides his roommate.” “Uh, sure. How many people?” Mark asked. “Well… him, us four, a couple guys from work and anyone you want to invite since I don’t know that many people either” Joe replied. Mark laughed. “So you want me to get some guys to come over to fuck? I assume that this guy is gay. How do you know him?” Mark asked. “Yeah, he’s gay and I figured it would turn into a sex party. How we met? Well… That’s complicated. The short version is that his dad hired me to let his son try gay sex. I liked him and we became friends” Joe said. “You didn’t…” Mark started to say and Joe interrupted him “yup, cherry popped and pozzed.” “Fuck! But… How old is he?” Mark asked. “Almost nineteen. But he acts older and is a great fuck. And he’s hung. I even got him to do an escorting job” Joe said, with Kyle nodding over his shoulder. “Damn, dude. I guess you ARE taking after me. Let’s keep it small. I’ll invite a couple other people over. I know Paul wants to come over and see you again. And maybe that guy from building 2 that you two knocked up at New Years” Mark said. “Adam? He was a fun fuck and his roommate was even better” Kyle said. “OK, that should be enough. I’ll get food and beer. How about we start in the afternoon? Maybe 3pm?” Joe said. “Yeah, sounds good. I’ll tell Paul and you can tell everyone else. I hope you remember where Adam and his roommate live to invite them” Mark said chuckling. ——— Joe drove over and picked up Ric from the university and brought him back to the apartment. Joe had told him to plan on staying overnight, since no one would be sober enough to drive him back to his dorm. Ric dropped his backpack in the bedroom and then went to help Joe and Kyle get things ready. Mark and Eric came back from their run and stood there in just jogging shorts, sweat and shoes. “You didn’t say he was really cute” Eric said as he closely looked over Ric. “He’s smart too, but all you noticed was his body. Shame on you Eric” Joe replied before introducing Ric. “Thanks for inviting me over. It’s really strange being so far away from my friends and family. I kind of like it, but it’s going to take some time to make new friends to hang around with” Ric said. “Well, you shouldn’t have any problems meeting gay guys and if you swing that way, women” Mark said. “So… you were one of Joe’s tricks?” Mark asked. Ric blushed and then explained the whole thing from meeting the female escort, to meeting Joe, then fucking and then Joe giving him a makeover. “That might be an interesting TV show, Joe - maybe call it ‘Queer Eye Escorts’” Eric said, laughing. “I just gave him advice that I wish I had gotten. My useless brother didn’t bother to even tell me he was gay until after he left the state” Joe replied, snickering. There was a knock at the door and Adam and Wes came in. More introductions were made and Joe started handing out drinks while Ric and Kyle put some hors d’oeuvres out. “Hey Adam, Mark tells me you didn’t quite make it to PrEP. You doing ok?” Kyle asked. “Yeah, I’m fine. I went to the clinic after our little session and started the tests for PrEP. But then I got really sick and when they re-tested it was too late. You guys don’t mess around, I guess” Adam replied. “Did you do meds right away?” Ric asked. “Nah. I waited a few months before I started meds” Adam replied and then Wes added “He suddenly became this aggressive top and was fucking any guy he could find. Knocked a few up, too.” There was another knock at the door and Joe went to invite the next attendees in. Raphi and Ken walked in and Joe introduced everyone. The living room was getting crowded so Mark and Eric pushed the couch back to give more floor space for people to sit. “So, is everyone here poz?” Mark asked. Everyone raised their hand except Wes. “I’m on PrEP, so don’t get any ideas that I’m your neg fuck toy to poz up today” Wes said, making everyone laugh. “Damn, I knew I forgot to get something for the party” Joe said, chuckling. “Finding an eager bottom is easy around here, neg ones are more of a challenge” Adam said, grinning. The group talked for a while, drinking beer and filling the apartment with a thick cloud of pot smoke. The appetizers were gone soon after everyone started smoking and Joe wasn’t sure he wanted to start grilling burgers like he had planned. The guys were all looking at each other deciding who was prey and who was predator. There was a knock at the door and Mark was the first to move. “I think my guest finally arrived” he said. Mark opened the door and said to Paul “Hey buddy, glad you could make it. And look, you brought us a toy to fuck.” Paul followed Mark into the room and his friend followed him. Mark said “Hey everyone, this is my friend Paul and his friend…” “Paul!?!? Rawson!?!?” Ric exclaimed. “Oh my god! Austin?” Paul replied just as astonished. Everyone looked back and forth, a little confused. Mark jabbed Paul in the ribs and whispered “Ric.” Ric got up quickly and wobbled a bit as his pot hazed mind tried to regain balance. He went over to Paul and Rawson as the door clicked shut. “Hey guys, I never expected to see you here. How the hell are you?” Ric said. Rawson grabbed Ric and gave him a big hug and deep kiss that lasted for a couple minutes. “Thanks! I was really hoping you were the one and while it took a little longer than I expected, you really did it!” Rawson said enthusiastically. “I bet it was because you were on meds so long” Paul said quietly. They could hear the murmuring from the rest of the guys in the room. Many knew who Rawson was and never expected a porn star to be at the party, much less anyone knowing him already. The four went back in the room and Joe delivered more alcohol to keep everyone primed. “So, Ric. Can you tell us how you know a porn star?” Joe asked. “Because he’s one too. He was in my last video” Rawson replied before Ric could say anything. Ric blushed and was embarrassed for all of this to come out in front of people he was trying to impress. “Yeah… it’s true. It was a last minute thing when I came out here to look at the university. Uh… Paul… Did you have anything to do with it?” Ric asked. “Guilty. I called his agent right after we finished with our client. His agent had been trying to get me to do the scene, but when I saw you in action I knew you should do it instead” Paul said. Everyone was glued to the conversation. “Oh yeah… Do you know what happened with that guy? I know he wanted to see you again” Ric asked. “Yeah, I saw him a few more times. He never forgot the safe word, either. He even used it a few times, hehe. Based on when he got sick, I’m pretty sure we knocked him up that day. Once I took him to a bathhouse and he found he could easily fuck and get fucked for free, he stopped calling. That’s ok. I don’t like clients to get too attached. Five or six sessions is usually the max I do” Paul said. No one was talking and a few seemed astonished that they would talk about an escorting client like a hookup. “I’m glad you called my agent. I think that was the best scene I’ve done in a while. It reminded me of my first few videos. You were so spontaneous and energetic. You even tripped over the cameraman like I did on my first shoot” Rawson said. “I gotta see this. Rawson, do you have the video we can watch?” Kyle asked. “Of course. I have it on my phone with all of my other scenes” Rawson replied, eager to show off his latest video fuck fest. Mark grabbed the remote off the table and turned on the TV and set it to receive the cast. A minute later, the video started playing and Rawson walked over and sat down on the floor in front of Ric and leaned back against his chest. Ric leaned forward and whispered “I hope you’re staying toxic.” “Mmmhmm. You got some grandkids already” Rawson whispered in Ric’s ear before he pulled his shirt off. The guys watched the video and by the end of the first scene most everyone was undressed to some extent. When the second scene ended, most were naked and stroking their cock or their partner’s cock. “This is fuckin hot. All of these guys are openly poz and you’re just taking their loads and begging for more” Wes said. “Yeah, that was the theme. All of them had high viral loads and weren’t on meds. It was fun taking them and the tops really got off breeding my neg hole” Rawson said before he looked back at Ric and winked. “I know that feeling. Your public service ads got me on PrEP and I haven’t said no to a guy since. Its even better when it’s a really sleazy looking dude and you know he wants to give you a bug or two. You just fuck and maybe go to the clinic for some antibiotics a week or two later” Wes said. “I have a contest on my site for fans to be the bottoms in my next video. I’m going to top for the first time on camera and breed them” Rawson said with a grin. “Oh... oh... this is the last scene and it’s with this stud” Rawson said, pointing back at Ric. Ric was even more embarrassed and was avoiding eye contact with everyone. He just stared at the screen and then at Rawson. “My ass hurt for two days after we did this shoot, but it felt so good” Rawson added. Everyone watched the scene and would look over at Ric occasionally. Joe had a huge smile on his face the entire time and would occasionally mutter “That’s my boy.” When the video ended, Ric looked around the room, expecting everyone to be laughing at him. Instead he saw a bunch of horny guys rubbing cocks and trying to figure out who to fuck. Adam was the first to move and he just rolled over on to his knees, with his ass hanging off the front of the couch and his head over the back. Seconds later, Ken was shoving his cock into Adam’s ass and Raphi took his mouth. Rawson stood up, looked around the room and laughingly said “Two porn stars, no waiting.” Joe walked over immediately and said to Ric “I want that ass and I want it now.” Ric smiled and turned to face Joe and said “Aye, papi” before he kissed him deeply. Ric stroked Joe’s cock and then slowly dropped to his knees saying “You can have it any time you want… You own it.” He opened wide and took Joe’s cock into his mouth until his face was firmly planted against Joe’s pubes. Ric slobbered and sucked on Joe’s cock and pushed a wet finger into Joe’s ass, massaging his prostate until he tasted the precum in his mouth. Ric slowly pulled away and looked up at Joe, grinning, before he turned around and presented his ass. Joe kneeled on the carpet and rubbed some spit into Ric’s hole before driving his cock in with one firm shove. “Aaahhh fuck yeah” Ric said as he pushed back. “Damn, Ric, you’re so fuckin’ tight. You need to get fucked more” Joe said, getting a good rhythm going and opening the tight hole up. “I know, but there’s so many damn bottoms to breed” Ric replied, fucking himself back on Joe’s cock. A few guys were eyeing Rawson but Kyle was the first to move. “Show me how you’re going to fuck those fans before I breed your neg ass” Kyle said. He pulled Rawson over to the end of the couch and Kyle bent over, letting his shorts fall to the floor. He stepped out of them as Rawson spit on Kyle’s hole and worked it in with his fingers. “I just started topping a month or so ago. I just suddenly had the urge to breed guys like they bred me” Rawson said, pushing his hard cock slowly into Kyle’s pussy. Paul walked past Rawson and rubbed his hand over Rawson’s ass. “Mmm, new tat. Not the usual one, but appropriate” Paul said as he moved towards Mark. The tattoo on Rawson’s ass was a spider with red fangs in a web. Rawson chuckled as he fucked harder and harder, making Kyle grunt and brace himself against the couch. Kyle was surprised to hear that he had only started to top recently, since he seemed pretty good. Rawson let out a loud groan and shot his newly charged seed into Kyle’s unsuspecting ass. He pulled out and Kyle was laying him back on the arm of the couch moments later. Kyle felt over Rawson’s ass, before sliding a finger inside. It was already moist and he looked back at Rawson’s face. “Yeah, Paul dumped one in earlier. Go for it” Rawson said. Kyle plowed in and felt the cum coat his cock. He drilled Rawson’s hole and realized he was a really good bottom. A few minutes later Kyle started to wonder if he was as good a top as most of the guys that had fucked Rawson on video. He quickly realized it didn’t matter, he was fucking him now and wanted to blast a big load into his neg hole. “You toxic?” Rawson grunted out while Kyle thrust in. “Yeah, it’s still viral” Kyle replied, pounding in harder. “Good, give it to me” Rawson said back. Kyle fucked faster until the cum started to rise from his balls. He flooded Rawson’s guts with ropes of hot cum until he was empty and pulled out. “Thanks, man. That was hot. I might have to flip like that in my next video. It would be a great way to start” Rawson said. Paul walked up to Mark and pushed him towards one of the chairs. “You fucked me over the last few weeks, now it’s my turn to fuck you” Paul said. “What?” Mark asked. “You had me workin overtime so much I couldn’t do any escorting. Now it’s payback time” Paul barked out. Mark kneeled on the chair and Paul shoved two spit covered fingers into Mark’s ass. “You slut, you’re already lubed” Paul said, chuckling. He guided his cock to Mark’s hole and drove in. Mark groaned as Paul pulled all the way out and plunged back in. “God, you got a great ass” Paul said as he hammered away on Mark’s butt. “Yeah, fuckin’ wreck that hole, Paul” Mark yelled back. Paul took it as a challenge and fucked harder. The chair was rocking and squeaking and Paul grabbed Marks arms and hoisted him to the floor before it broke. He pressed Mark to the floor with one hand between his shoulder blades, pinning him down. He didn’t slow down, he fucked harder. And harder. The room was filled with the sound of men fucking, but theirs was the loudest. Mark was grunting with each thrust and then Paul snarled out a loud “FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” as he shot his virus filled seed into Mark’s battered chute. He slowly pulled his cock out and saw it covered with cum and streaks of blood. He slapped Mark’s ass before he got up and headed to get something to drink. Eric grasped Wes’ hand and pulled it behind his back, whispering “Lets put those drugs to the test.” He forced Wes down on to the carpet and dragged his cock over Wes’ lips. Wes licked around the head of Eric’s cock and swallowed it down. Eric slowly fucked his cock into Wes’ mouth and then laid down on top of him. Eric slurped over Wes’ cock a few times before he began to suck in earnest. He was fucking Wes’ mouth while bobbing on his cock, but that only lasted a few minutes before he rolled them on their side. Eric liked this position better, since he could concentrate on sucking Wes’ nine inches of cut cock and Wes could suck him. He took most of it into his mouth on the first slow descent, but still left a few inches outside his lips. Eric pulled off, his lips tight around Wes’ shaft and took a deep breath before trying again. He relaxed his throat and grabbed Wes’ hips and pulled himself almost all the way down. His nose was in Wes’ trimmed pubes but there was still almost an inch to go. Suddenly he felt Wes pull back and shove his cock all the way into Eric’s throat. Eric held himself there and flexed his throat around Wes’ dick. He could feel Wes bobbing on his cock and knew it was covered in spit. Eric waited a few more seconds until he started to feel his body beg for some oxygen and pulled off. He rolled Wes over and mounted his bubble butt. Wes’ hole was tight so Eric added a little more spit and pushed in. “Aaahhhh FUCK!” Wes groaned out. Eric sunk his cock in with one slow push and laid on Wes’ back for a moment letting him get used to his cock. First he just rolled his hips, plunging his cock in and out of Wes’ tight hole. Soon, though, he pushed himself up and was driving his cock in harder and faster. Eric finally thrust in and let his balls pump their poison into Wes’ PrEP’d hole. When the last cum load shot out, he fell down onto Wes’ back again and whispered in his ear “You should stop the meds. You have the perfect pozzing weapon.” The party started to wind down and the room smelled like cum. The haze of pot smoke filled the room again. Raphi and Ken were the first to leave, followed by Adam and Wes. Paul got up and looked over at Rawson and laughed when he saw Rawson and Ric making out. “It’s a good tonsil hockey match, you should let them find a winner. We’ll get him home tomorrow” Mark said to Paul. Joe went into his room and pulled out some bedding and dropped it on the couch for Ric and Rawson to use when they finally went to sleep. Joe pulled Kyle to their bedroom and Mark and Eric went to theirs. When Ric came up for air, he looked around and it was just the two of them in the living room. They pulled the covers down and laid down on the cum stained rug. Rawson spooned behind Ric and in less than a minute was pushing his cock into Ric’s hole. He threw his arm over Ric and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Ric” Rawson said as he drifted off to sleep. The End. —— It’s time to let Mark, Eric, Joe, Kyle, Ric et al ride off into the sunset. I never imagined that this story would go on this long, but 100 chapters seems like a good place to stop. With the mod's announcement today that they have a policy that they can change any posting in fiction to what they like, means an author has no idea what will end up visible to readers. I will have to think long and hard about ever posting any more fiction here. Thanks for reading.
  6. It's happened to me too. Cleaned up? Butchered is a better description. I have one more chapter I am going to post and that is it. I'm done posting fiction on this site. I might understand line breaks and paragraphs, but wording changes. BTW, I've found plenty of grammar errors in the stuff I have written and NONE of that was corrected. And on other stories I've found typos, endless paragraphs, etc. Sentences were changed in a few paragraphs of my long running tome with inappropriate wording. That is unacceptable. It did seem to stop after I pointed it out, but I see it's still going on with other writers.
  7. From the look in Ben’s eyes I could tell that Louis was now inside him. With the lack of movement, Louis was probably letting him get used to his cock before the real fucking would begin. My mouth met Ben’s and I began kissing him and a moment later Louis started rolling his hips. I couldn’t tell if Ben was whimpering into our kiss or if it was short moans. I ended the kiss and worked my way down his body - licking, biting, kissing, sucking on whatever I found. Of course, I reached my goal when I had Ben’s rock hard cock in my mouth. I played with his cock, tugged on the ring with my teeth, licked his balls and sucked it down to the base. As Louis got into more of a rhythm, I let Ben fuck my mouth with Louis’ thrusts. It didn’t take long before I realized that Ben was doing most of the work - fucking my throat and then fucking himself on Louis’ shaft. I decided to let Louis take him all the way so that I’d have a nice creamy hole to fuck. Louis would let Ben ride his cock for a few minutes and then start pounding to meet Ben’s backward thrusts. They did that cycle a few times. Ben’s pierced cock would punch into my throat and I would squeeze as hard as I could around it as he pulled back. Louis started drilling harder and I reached back, cupping his balls. They felt heavy, but it was only temporary. The harder he fucked, the harder it was to hold on to his nut sack. I felt it start to tighten up and I knew Louis was almost there. “FUUUCCKKK!!!” growled Louis as he slammed in one more time, planting Ben’s cock into my throat again. I could feel Louis’ body shake from the orgasm and it transmit through Ben’s body. Louis pulled back and rammed in again, surely shooting another few ropes of pearly white cream into Ben’s gut. I felt Ben’s cock start to throb in my mouth so I pulled back a bit to feel his cock spray the inside of my mouth with his load. I sucked the last bits of cum out of Ben’s dick and stood up. Both Ben and Louis were breathing heavy and Louis was still planted inside Ben’s hole. I gave them a few moments to come down from the rush and then said “I hope you’re up for more.” Ben nodded and I moved around behind him. Louis’ cock plopped out and I could see the sheen of cum covering it. My cock slid easily into Ben’s chute. I only got halfway in when Ben started pushing back. I chuckled as I wrapped my arm around him and thrust the rest of the way in. My hips started rocking and my cock was sliding in and out of Ben’s very sloppy hole. I wondered if all of that cum was Louis’ or if Ben had gotten bred earlier too. Based on his eagerness to get fucked, I kind of doubted that Ben got fucked as much as he wanted, but you never know. Sluts come in all shapes and sizes and from anywhere in the world. After a few minutes of fucking Ben upright with my chest against his back, I bent him over. Louis caught on and took his place feeding his sperm covered shaft to Ben’s mouth. Ben did have a good ass to fuck and he was good at using his ass muscles to show his appreciation. I rested my hands on Ben’s hips and picked up the pace. I love the sound when a cock plows into a well bred hole and with the background noise of the birds chirping, the rushing water from the creek nearby and the sun beating down on us it was a beautiful day. I kept varying the speed of my strokes and occasionally grinding my hips on Ben’s lightly furred ass. I wanted this to last a long time but eventually the sensations took me to the point of no return. I put my hands on Ben’s shoulders and pulled back a bit, taking him off Louis’ cock. The thrusts got harder and slower as my balls churned away. I planted my cock in deep and let it roar. The spurts were strong and plentiful. I moaned as the shots kept coming until finally they started to fade. I pulled Ben the rest of the way up and when my chest stopped heaving I kissed the back of his neck and said “Thanks, Ben.” Louis moved back in and began kissing Ben while working his nips. A minute later Louis looked at Ben and said “Want some more?” I chuckled and thought of Louis as the energizer bunny. Apparently he had gotten fucked too much lately and his cock wanted equal time. I pulled my softening cock out of Ben’s ass and Louis guided Ben over to the truck. Ben bent over the back of the truck with no further help. I guessed that he had fucked like this many times before. Seconds later, Louis was plowing back into Ben’s pussy. I stood back and watched Louis fuck Ben and my cock quickly got hard again. I stroked my cock and then licked the cum off my hand. I kept watching Louis fuck Ben and wished once again I had a video camera capturing the action. I moved a bit and got a different angle, which was just as hot. I realized that I liked watching Louis fuck other guys. It wasn’t as good as when we fucked, but it was a close second. I moved again, getting closer to the bikes. I picked up my leather jacket and then moved back behind the pickup truck and laid my jacket down on the ground. I wanted my next fuck to be missionary so I could look into Ben’s eyes as I fucked and bred him. The coat would provide a little cushion from the hard dirt. Louis didn’t last as long as the first time and I heard him start to grunt. Ben yelled out “Fuck yeah!” as Louis buried his cock into him and added another load of cum. I stood there waiting for them to stand up and pull apart, but Louis just laid there on Ben’s back holding him tight. “Ahem” I said and they both turned to me with big smiles on their faces. They stood up and I told Ben “Over here, on your back.” Ben gave me a nod, laid down on my jacket and pulled his legs back. I pushed my jeans down until they were bunched up above my boots and kneeled down. I pushed him back further and then licked around his cummy hole. His thighs were coated in cum and I mopped it up with my beard before I dug my tongue into his hole. There was a lot of cum in there and the taste was heavenly. As much as I wanted to eat Ben’s ass for hours I needed to fuck him again too. I lowered him back down and my cock slipped into his hungry hole. Once I bottomed out, Ben wrapped his legs around me and I started to piston his cunt. My face was inches away from Ben’s and our eyes were locked. I fucked harder and then slower, mixing up all of the seed inside him. I tried forcing my cock to rub against his prostate and once I got the right angle, Ben’s cock started oozing precum. “Oh god yeah… just like that… oh fuck… harder, sir… OH FUCK… I’m gonna cum” Ben said. The expression on his face told me he was trying not to cum. I wasn’t sure if he was waiting for permission or if he felt as a bottom he shouldn’t cum. I don’t think a guy should ever deny himself an orgasm during sex, so I nodded at him and said “Do it, boy. Cover us with your load.” As soon as I said it, I felt Ben’s cock pulse between us and a few spurts hit my beard. His sphincter spasmed around my cock and I started dumping more of my jizz into his gut. After we both finished shooting, I laid down on top of Ben, so that I could coat my torso with his sweat and cum. I leaned in and kissed him before leaning back and pulling out. I stood up and saw Louis with his cock in his hand, stroking, and wondered if he had any more cum to shoot. I reached down and pulled Ben to his feet. “Holy shit. That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had” Ben said. Louis and I were both nodding. While I’ve had hotter ones they weren’t way better and it had been a while. Ben was a great fuck who knew how to work his ass and mouth and was really fun to be with. It was nice to see Louis start to get more assertive, too. I pulled up my jeans and then pulled both Louis and Ben in for a long three way kiss. The sun was dipping lower in the sky and I knew we needed to start on our way home. “Thanks, Ben. I’m glad we could meet up. I’d love to do this again some time” I said after we separated. Ben reached down and picked up his shorts and then my jacket. “Definitely. You have my number” Ben replied. Louis slapped Ben’s ass and ended up covering his hand with cum. He laughed and licked it clean. Ben pulled his shorts on and then slipped back into his work boots. Louis and I went back to our bikes and put our shirts on and I put my jacket back on. I knew we both smelled of cum, but it was going to make the ride back home more enjoyable. “See ya around” I said as I hit the starter. Louis followed suit and we headed back to the highway. When we stopped for gas I’m sure people thought I was crazy with the huge grin I had on my face. It was one of those hookups that turns out perfect in every way.
  8. “Is that the guy from the park?” Louis asked me quietly. I just nodded yes and pulled off my jacket, laying it over the seat of my bike. Louis grinned and pulled off his t-shirt. He strutted over towards Ben and I heard him say “Ready to get fucked?” I realized that Louis had taken my comments at lunch to heart and was making sure Ben knew what his intentions were. I hoped that this didn’t scare Ben off, but it was nice to see Louis get more assertive. “Yes, sir” Ben replied. I pulled off my shirt and followed Louis over behind the truck. Ben seemed a bit nervous and I could understand. We were two strangers and he was out here alone with any help at least a mile away. I figured I would calm the vibe a bit and said “Hey Ben. I’m Ryan and this is Louis. I hope you’re up for some fun.” “Yes, sir. I am. I really didn’t expect you to take me up on the offer but I’m glad you did. You guys looked so hot fucking in the woods behind the park” Ben replied. I walked up next to Louis with Ben facing us. We were both looking Ben over and I’m sure he was doing the same. Ben was just under six foot tall, his frame was slender but his body had muscles from working every day in the fields (not just driving a tractor) and tanned from rarely wearing a shirt in the sun. His hair was buzzed short and was a dirty blond color and his face had a few days beard growth with more on his chin. He had a large tribal tattoo on his left upper arm and both of his ears had smaller black plugs in them. I moved behind Ben and I put my hands on his shoulders before I leaned in. Quietly, I asked “Is this a good spot that we won’t get interrupted?” “Mmhmm” he replied. “Good, cuz I’m not looking for a quickie today” I said as my hand rubbed his chest and then down over his rippled abs and my hips ground against his ass. I heard him moan lightly before I unbuttoned his shorts and then unzipped them, letting them drop to the ground. I nodded at Louis and he came closer before opening his jeans and pulling his cock out. I moved my hands back to Ben’s shoulders and pushed him down gently. He took the cue and was kneeling on his shorts seconds later. Ben reached out and stroked Louis’ cock as I walked over next to Louis. Ben licked over the head of Louis’ cock while I unbuttoned, unzipped and pushed my jeans and trunks down. I stroked my already stiffening cock as Ben devoured Louis’ shaft. I looked over and Louis had his eyes closed and his head tilted back showing a contentment that men know when their cock is being expertly sucked. “Oooooh yeah… Ooooh fuck yeah” Louis kept saying. I hated to break Louis’ mood, but I needed to feel that warm mouth wrapped around my cock too. I reached over and wrapped my hand over the top of Ben’s head and pulled it towards my dripping cock. I heard the pop as Louis’ dick exited Ben’s mouth and a moment later felt Ben’s lips around the head of my cock. Ben didn’t seem to be surprised as my pierced shaft slid into his mouth and enter his throat. Now it was my turn to be in that Zen state. Ben was no stranger to sucking cock and he was one of the best I had ever had. His tongue, lips, throat and suction seemed to be just about perfect to keep my arousal level up but not to the point of shooting my load into his throat. I got a few minutes of pleasure before Louis pulled the same move and guided Ben’s mouth back to his cock. We took turns a few times and when Ben went back to my cock for the fourth or fifth time, Louis moved around behind Ben. I wrapped my hands around the back of Ben’s head and pushed my cock as deep into his throat as I could. I held it there a few seconds and then fucked his face for a minute and deep throated him once more. This time I held him down until I could tell he needed to breathe. I kept him there a few more seconds and then pulled his head off my cock. Ben gasped for air and I watched spit drip off his chin and off my cock too. Once Ben’s stopped gasping, I pulled him to his feet. I looked into his eyes, grinning and said “You’re a damn good cocksucker.” Ben seemed surprised at my compliment, but replied “Thank you, sir.” I had watched Louis kneel as I pulled Ben up and knew what was going to happen next. Ben gasped again, but this time from being startled as Louis pried his muscular butt apart and buried his face in. The smile that grew on his face told me he was enjoying Louis’ rim job and I knew from experience that his tongue knew how to pleasure a man’s hole. I pulled Ben’s head in for a sloppy, deep kiss. My other hand pinched and twisted his nipples, one by one, before roaming down his body and cupping the pouch of his jockstrap. Based on the feel of his package, Ben was nicely endowed. I freed his cock from the confines of the cloth pouch and grasped his shaft with my paw. I squeezed a few times and then slowly stroked his cock. When I reached the end I was surprised to feel the thick ring in the end of Ben’s cut cock. I tugged on it as I forced my tongue deeper into Ben’s mouth. I felt Ben push against me and realized that Louis was probably tongue fucking his hole I wish I had set up a camera to capture the action, but I would have to just use my imagination. A few minutes later I was looking at both Ben and Louis’ faces. Louis leaned in and whispered “Ready?” Louis was rocking his hips and rubbing his hard dick along Ben’s crack. I could tell he stopped and then pictured the precum leaking head planted against Ben’s puckered hole. “Oh god… please… give it to me” begged Ben.
  9. Part 99 - Diploma Time Mark and Eric were walking down the concourse at the stadium looking for the section where their seats were. “Fuck. I hope this goes ok” Mark said to Eric. They stopped near the mens room and Mark was in front of an older guy and said “Hello, Uncle Edward. I didn’t expect to see you here.” The guy was a tall, thin, meek looking man who was mostly bald wearing an ill-fitting, cheap looking blue suit. “Mark? Likewise, I didn’t expect you to be here. We came up for Cynthia’s graduation. It’s a year early but you know what a bookworm she always was” Edward said. “Congratulations. I came back from California for my brother Joe’s graduation. Is Aunt Sophie here too?” Mark asked, trying to be polite. “Oh yes. We even brought your parents up. I was hoping that seeing your brother on the stage getting his diploma will get them out of their stubborn old fashioned thinking and let your family be whole again. Is this your… boyfriend?” Edward asked. “Oh yes, sorry. Eric this is my Uncle Edward. Uncle, this is my partner Eric” Mark said, surprised at the accepting tone. “Good to meet you Eric. Keep a tight leash on him, he can be pretty wild at times but he is a good person” Edward said with a smile. “Yes, he is. I think I manage keeping him in line” Eric replied with a grin. “I’d love to talk more, but I need to get back to Sophie and your parents. Fingers crossed it goes well” Edward said as he leaned in to hug Mark and then Eric. Edward continued down the concourse and Mark and Eric went in the opposite direction to their seats. “Well, fuck me. I can’t believe how good that went. I expected fireworks or him avoiding me” Mark said. “Maybe there’s hope yet” Eric said. —— Walking out of the stadium after the ceremony, Mark spotted his parents with his aunt and uncle. His mother glanced his way and smiled briefly but kept walking. He and Eric got to the car and headed back to the hotel. They took a long hot shower together, taking turns sucking each other and making out under the cascading water. They finally turned off the water and dried each other. They both stood there naked, rummaging around their suitcases trying to figure out what to wear to Joe’s party. Eric slid on a pair of shorts and a jersey with his last name emblazoned on the back above the number 69. “Going commando, huh?” Mark asked. “Yeah, I don’t want to slow anyone down from stuffing their college dick in me or mine in them” Eric replied, chuckling. Mark pulled on a yellowed, dirty jockstrap and some baggy cargo shorts that hung down showing the top of his crack and the waist strap on his jock. He pulled a tank top on and then grabbed a couple bottles of poppers and a small lube bottle and put them in a pocket. “You don’t think your brother will have enough?” Eric asked. “I want to be prepared. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night” Mark replied. They drove over to Joe’s apartment, stopping at the drug store on the way. Mark laughed when he got to the checkout line and it was the same cashier that checked him out when he got the tests for Joe and Kyle the previous fall. She had the same disapproving expression on her face as she scanned the kit and Mark paid for it. He grabbed the bag and walked out and hopped in the car. Eric looked inside the bag and said with a big grin “I can tell you the result right now, if you’re not sure.” Mark laughed and replied “Joe wanted it. I assume he wants to know if he tagged another one.” They got to Joe’s apartment and walked in the open door. Joe and Kyle were running around getting everything set up for the party. The keg was in the end of the kitchen, the dining table was pushed against the wall and the four well-worn dining chairs were spread around the living room. The TV was on with no sound and music was playing. “Congratulations Joe. I’m really proud of you” Mark said, hugging his brother. “Thanks! You brought me a present? I love the wrapping job you did” Joe replied, taking the bag from the drug store. Eric hugged Joe and told him “Congrats, bud. Now you can start being a responsible adult” before laughing loudly. Mark gave Kyle a hug and said “Congrats to you too” while squeezing his ass. “So, who is the lucky guy that earned his test?” Eric asked. Joe burst out laughing. “Uh, it’s my neighbor and I didn’t even know he was gay. For the past 2 years, his roommate has been fucking him and sharing him with his buds and I never suspected a thing. He’s going to be our entertainment for the night. I just want to know if he’s already in the club or not. He doesn’t seem to care” Joe said. He finished setting out some munchies and headed back to his bedroom. Joe came back with a canvas bag and said “Mark & Eric, can you help me a minute.” They followed Joe out the door and down the hall. Joe knocked on the door and soon Zhen opened it up. “Hi Zhen. Are you ready?” Joe asked and Zhen nodded back. “This is my brother and his boyfriend Eric. They’re going to help you set the sling up. I’ll be back in 20 minutes or so” Joe told the three as he started to leave. “Oh, I forgot. Here, swab your gums with this” he told Zhen passing him the test stick. Joe went back to his apartment and the three assembled the sling. Mark looked around and there was nothing in the living room of the apartment. Once the sling was put together, Mark showed Zhen how to get on it. It took Zhen a few tries, but then he had it figured out. Mark said “Now, take your clothes off.” Zhen was nervous but did as he was told. He stood there naked with his hands behind his back looking back at Mark. Both Mark and Eric looked him over and felt up his body. Eric guided him into the sling and positioned his legs in the straps. Mark pulled the bottle of lube out of his pocket and slicked up Zhen’s hole. Both Mark and Eric chuckled as they heard him moan each time Mark’s finger pushed inside. He pushed in two fingers and added a little more lube. “I think that’s enough to get you started. After the first two guys, cum will be your lube” Mark said. Mark and Eric stepped towards the door and Zhen asked “You’re not going to fuck me, sir?” Mark stopped and turned around. “Would you like us to?” Mark asked. “Yes, sir. I haven’t been fucked since Tuesday and I need to feel a man inside me” Zhen replied. Mark looked at Eric and grinned. “Are you sure? We don’t have any condoms” Mark said. “I never use them, sir. I was taught it was rude to refuse a top man and to always let them fuck me as nature intended - bare” Zhen stated. “I never pull out. You will take our cum” Mark replied. “I hope so, sir” Zhen said back. Eric unbuttoned his shorts, pushed them to the floor and moved in between Zhen’s legs. Zhen let out a loud gasp. “What?” Eric asked. “I… uh… I have never been fucked by an asian man before” Zhen said. “You’re kidding” Eric and Mark replied together. “No, sirs. Mostly black, some latinos and a few white men. Just the men who Lenny sent to me” Zhen replied. “Well, then. I will be your first” Eric said as he held Zhen’s legs and pushed his cock into the freshly lubed hole. “Thank you, sir” Zhen said as he closed his eyes and relaxed. Eric worked his cock in deeper, knowing that Mark had only lubed the first few inches of Zhen’s fuck chute. Once he was driving the full length of his shaft in, Eric started to fuck harder. Zhen kept muttering encouraging words, occasionally begging to be fucked even harder. Eric obliged and was soon pounding Zhen’s ass as hard as he could. The chains jangled as his cock slammed in repeatedly until Eric growled loudly and pumped a large shot of his poison into Zhen’s empty hole. “Thank you very much, sir” Zhen said, smiling back at Eric. Eric slowly removed his cock from Zhen’s hole and gave room for Mark to take his place. Mark lined his cock up and yanked back on Zhen’s legs, impaling his cock into the tight, cummy hole. Zhen grunted but gave no other protest. Mark fucked hard and varied the angle his cock jabbed into the walls of Zhen’s colon. Mark was impressed at how well Zhen was taking the abuse his cock was delivering and was surprised when Zhen started to use his ass muscles around his cock too. “You want me to breed you, don’t you” Mark asked as his cock thrust in hard, pushing Zhen off of it and then ramming back in as his body swung back. “Yes sir. I want every man who fucks me to give me his seed” Zhen replied unemotionally. Mark grabbed Zhen by the legs and slammed his cock in, feeling each spurt of venom he was pumping into Zhen’s battered cunt. He pulled his cock out and easily pushed two fingers into the slowly closing hole. He twisted them around and then fed them to Zhen, who eagerly licked them clean. “Thank you sir” Zhen said smiling back at both Mark and Eric. “Our pleasure. I’m sure there will be many more tonight” Eric said as he and Mark pulled their shorts on and headed to the door. They met Joe in the hall carrying a few towels and a bottle of lube. “He’s already got enough lube unless no one else fucks him for a few hours” Mark said. Joe chuckled and opened Zhen’s door and set the stuff inside. He came out a minute later and said “Damn, you guys really filled him up, there’s already a puddle on the floor.” They walked back into Joe’s apartment and finished setting up. Kyle passed a freshly loaded pipe around and each took a big hit of some killer weed that he had gotten. “Shit, dude. That’s got some kick” Mark said. The knock at the door brought the first guests. Jeff, Connor, Dennis and Corey all stood there and Joe invited them in. “Glad you could make it. Beer’s in the kitchen, food’s out here, bedroom at the end of the hall is available to fuck or the apartment next door has a guy in the sling taking all loads” Joe recited. Each of the guys chuckled and walked in. Kyle looked over and Connor now was wearing the leather collar he had given to Jeff many months before. He walked over and said “Damn its good to see you here. I was worried about freeing you, but you look like you’re doing good, Jeff.” “Thank you, sir. It was hard, but I understand now. Congratulations on getting your degree” Jeff replied with a smile. People arrived at the party and soon the room was packed. Each got the same welcome message from Joe or Kyle. Joe looked around and saw people heading back to his bedroom or disappearing out the door and coming back ten or twenty minutes later. After a couple hours, Mark walked up to Joe with a concerned look and asked “What happened to Steven?” Joe smiled and said “He and Ryan are working tonight. Hopefully they’ll be here just after 11. I’m sure the party will still be going by then.” Mark nodded and then asked “Have you bred your neighbor yet?” “Not yet. Now is probably a good time, can you greet anyone that shows up?” Joe replied. “Sure, go have some fun” Mark answered. Joe grabbed Kyle and they went next door. They walked in and were surprised to find a line waiting to fuck Zhen. Connor was balls deep in his hole with Jeff grasping his collar in his hand. Jeff was sternly telling Connor to fuck him harder and Connor obeyed. He hammered his cock in until he was shooting ropes of diseased cum deep into Zhen’s ass. “Make him number five” Jeff said as the last spurts filled Zhen’s hole. Connor pulled out and moved over to let Zhen lick his cock clean. Jeff shoved his cock in and pounded Zhen, holding his body still so he could suck Connor’s cock. After only a few minutes he rammed in and unleashed a huge load of viral seed to the mix inside Zhen’s cunt. When Jeff pulled out, Connor immediately pulled away from Zhen and dropped to his knees to clean Jeff’s cock. Joe watched the next guy stuff his cock into Zhen’s cum filled hole. It was one of his ex-teammates from the wrestling team, Devin. Once he got a good rhythm going he turned his head back and said “He’s even sloppier than you were after your last match, Joe.” Joe smiled and watched him fuck harder until he was unloading his cum into Zhen. After he removed his cock from Zhen’s hole, Joe walked up to Devin and whispered “There’s a lot of poz cum in that hole, I hope you’re good with it.” Devin turned back and replied quietly “I’m hoping to take a few charged loads tonight since my boyfriend won’t poz me.” Joe pushed Devin against the wall and spread his legs wider. “You want it, you got it” Joe said to Devin. His dick had already been hard, but now it was hard as steel. Devin pushed his ass back and Joe rammed in. Devin screamed out as Joe’s cock ripped in and stretched the soft tissue of his rectum. Joe covered his mouth to muffle the scream and as it died down, Joe pulled back and thrust in hard again. Devin growled this time and Joe began to plow harder and harder into Devin’s unlubed ass. This was an ass he had wanted to fuck since they were freshmen together on the team. Devin had fucked him many times since then, but now he got to fuck and maybe mark him for life. Joe slammed in and bred Devin at the same time Devin’s boyfriend dumped his medicated poz seed into Zhen. Kyle looked back and forth as Devin’s boyfriend moved away, trying to decide who to fuck - his neighbor or Joe’s teammate. Kyle moved in and shoved his hard, dripping cock into Devin’s hole. Not having heard any of the comments between Joe and Devin, Kyle just fucked. There was no erotic talk, just one guy fucking another as hard as he could. He wrapped his arm around Devin’s neck and shoved in deep, pumping another charged load into Devin’s hole. As the four walked out of Zhen’s apartment, two more guys were walking in. “Hi Thad, hi Daryl. Have fun and see you next door when you’re done” Joe said. Joe and Kyle joined the party again and were milling around talking to people. A while later, a guy tapped Joe on the shoulder and asked “Did you just poz my boyfriend?” Joe looked back and it was Devin’s boyfriend. Joe smiled and said “Yeah, I did. He wanted it” hoping that the scene didn’t get ugly. “I know. I just can’t do it. Thanks for helping him out” he said and walked away. Joe walked over to Mark and said “See that guy there with the soccer jersey on? He needs a few more toxic loads.” A few minutes later he watched Mark and Eric push Devin into Joe’s bedroom. He knew that Devin’s chase was about to get a helping hand or two. Kyle saw the front door open and a guy walk in that he didn’t recognize. He walked over as the guy looked around. “Looking for someone?” Kyle asked. “Yeah, my cousin Steven lives here and invited me to the party. Is he here?” Sam said. “Are you Sam?” Kyle asked and Sam nodded back. “Good to meet you. I’m Kyle. Steven said you might stop by. Grab a beer, have some fun. Look at the room that says ‘Do Not Enter’ on it, that’s where you would stay after Steven and Ryan move to our room. Steven should be here in about a half hour or so” Kyle explained. He watched Sam get a beer and look around the apartment, spending a long time looking into Joe and his room, where he knew at least one guy was probably getting fucked. “Gotta burn that mattress before we move” thought Kyle. Twenty minutes later, Sam walked up to Kyle and asked “You know a bunch of guys are fucking in your room, right?” Kyle laughed and replied “Yeah. We’re sending our room out with a bang. If you want to join in, go right ahead. Or you can fuck our neighbor next door. Just remember the rule in this place is ‘no condoms allowed’ and the load you get might have some bite to it.” Sam grinned and said “Thanks” before he headed back to refill his beer cup. Mark and Eric walked out of the bedroom, zipping their shorts up. Moments later, Devin staggered out and rejoined the party looking much more exhausted than he did earlier. Kyle saw Sam walk into their bedroom and decided to see what was up. As he walked in he saw Dennis and Luis pawing over Sam and stripping him naked. A minute later he was being strapped to the cross and Luis was stroking his cock fully hard. Luis lubed it up and then forced some lube inside Sam’s tight hole before he pushed his cock into the tight chute. Kyle smiled as Luis started to fuck and Dennis abused Sam’s nips. He went back to the party to let Sam get fucked by Luis, Dennis and hopefully a few other guys. Aaron and Nick walked in the door and Joe gave them the run-down of alcohol, food and sex spots. Just as he finished, Steven and Ryan walked in. Kyle walked up and told Steven that his cousin had shown up earlier and was around ‘somewhere.’ Steven replied “cool, I’ll find him after I change out of this uniform.” Ryan and Steven went to their room and found two guys on their bed naked, making out. Ignoring them, they stripped off their work clothes and changed into shorts and tees. Aaron grabbed Mark by his shorts and dragged him back towards the bedroom. “You owe me one. Drop those shorts and bend over” Aaron said with an evil grin. Mark bent over the side of the bed, staring at a smaller jock who was getting fucked by a much larger one. Aaron licked a finger and pushed it into Mark’s ass. “You fuckin slut. You’re already filled” Aaron said before stuffing his cock into Mark’s cunt. “Fuck me Aaron. Recharge me with my own bug” Mark said back to him. Aaron drilled Mark as hard as he could. The bed was bouncing as Aaron and the larger jock brutally fucked their bottoms. Just as Aaron was getting close, the larger jock growled “I’m pozzing you good, Tommy!” The smaller jock yelled out “Oh fuck! NO!!!” as he collapsed on the bed, trying to escape the bigger jock's cock. Aaron shoved in and shot six ropes of highly infectious cum into Mark’s chute. “You didn’t even have the guts to tell me like that guy did” Aaron said, slapping Mark’s ass hard. Aaron pulled out and pulled up his shorts and Mark stood up and pulled up his. “Sorry, Aaron. You’re right, I should have. Sometimes I think with my dick” Mark said. “Yeah, I know. I do the same. I don’t regret it… now” Aaron replied. “Speaking of which, how’s Zane?” Mark asked. “A little freaked out. It was his first time getting bred. He was also really turned on. I’ll give him a few weeks and if he doesn’t get sick I’ll finish the job” Aaron replied with a grin. Steven looked around and didn’t see Sam anywhere. He finally went into Joe and Kyle’s room and found him strapped to the cross getting fucked. Luis and Dennis were pulling their jeans on as Thad slid his cock into Sam’s now loose hole. He heard Sam beg for a hard breeding and figured he would check up on him later. He got two steps out of the bedroom door and turned around. He stood back watching Thad hammer his cousin’s ass. His cock got harder every time Thad shoved in to Sam. Thad slowed down and leaned in, whispering something to Sam. Sam said something back that he couldn’t hear and then Thad began to roughly pound Sam. Two minutes later, Thad slammed in and unleashed his cum, pumping Sam's hole full of toxic jizz. Steven pulled his clothes off and waited for Thad to pull out. He heard Thad say something else to Sam, but the only words he could make out were “free tattoo.” Steven didn’t say anything, he just slid in behind Sam and gently pushed his hard shaft into the sloppy, wrecked pussy. He felt the cum coat his bare cock and then pulled out and shoved in hard. “I guess you like taking poz loads” Steven whispered into Sam’s ear. “Mmhmm” Sam replied. Steven pulled back and rammed back in again. “Good, I have a big load just waiting for you” Steven said as he began to thrust in and out. He had no idea what Sam’s status was but knew he was filled with some pretty potent cum and desperately wanted to add his. He may have been tired from work, but he had renewed energy fucking his cousin. Even over the sounds of music and an apartment full of people, everyone in the living room could hear the cross bang on the wall and the grunts and slaps as Steven attacked Sam’s hole. He didn’t know why, but he needed a rough, rape-like fuck right now and Sam was his victim. He drilled a few more minutes and then shoved in, shooting huge spurts of charged cum deep inside as he yelled out. Steven stood there with his cock all the way inside Sam, kissing the back of his neck. “Get used to this, we’re going to be fucking you a lot as soon as you move in” Steven whispered to Sam. He backed away and bumped into Marcus who was standing there, stroking his cock. “Can I take a turn?” Marcus asked. “All yours. Hope you like it sloppy” Steven said as he grabbed a towel and wiped his cock off and then got dressed. “I hope he likes it toxic. I got almost a million babies that want a new home” Marcus said as he shoved his cock into Sam’s leaking hole. As the clock turned three AM, the crowd had dwindled. The core group was still there, but looking tired and wasted. Joe headed next door to check on Zhen. “You doing ok?” Joe asked as he walked in seeing someone he didn’t know pump their load into Zhen’s puffy hole. “Very good, sir” Zhen replied. The guy pulled out his cock and pulled up his pants before heading out the door yelling “Thanks.” “How many, Zhen?” Joe asked as he rubbed his bulge. “Nineteen have filled me, sir” Zhen answered. “Let’s make it an even twenty” Joe replied as he let his shorts fall to the floor and stroked his cock the rest of the way hard. Looking directly at Zhen, he slid his cock into the cum filled hole. Zhen moaned and closed his eyes briefly. “Thank you, Joe” he said as Joe started to fuck, churning up the cum mixture of several men. A ring of frothy semen formed at the base of his cock and Joe thrust in harder. Joe drilled a few more minutes and then planted his cock in deep and shot several spurts of his charged cum deep inside. Once the orgasm died down, Joe pulled out and then helped Zhen out of the sling. Zhen wrapped his arms around him and Joe didn’t know at first if it was because he couldn’t hold himself up or not. As Zhen squeezed tighter, he said “Thank you” over and over. Eventually, Zhen released Joe and he headed wearily to the bedroom while Joe walked out the door, locking it behind him. He walked into his apartment and found most of the guys sitting around the living room passing the pipe and a few joints around. He sat down and joined in. Mark asked “Hey, Joe. How did the test go?” Joe chuckled and replied “It was positive, so no one knocked him up tonight. He’s probably been poz a while and doesn’t even know… or care.” Steven looked over at Sam and asked “How was yours?” Sam looked down at the floor and said “Negative… but who knows about the next one”
  10. Josef laughed as he walked up to Louis and pushed a plug into his ass, saying “Let’s talk.” The two walked over to the rack and after some discussion, Louis had a black harness and the chaps he had worn in a bag. It was getting late and all of us left Josef to lock up his store. Louis headed back to the train and I wasn’t sure that his ride home was going to be any less adventurous as the last one. Wednesday I sent a message asking him if he wanted to meet over at Chaps and he replied that he was busy. I wondered if he was hooking up with the girl from the bar, but it didn’t matter. I ended up finding a college twink that kept calling me ‘daddy’. It kind of bugged me since I didn’t think I was that old, but he was a good cocksucker and great fuck. The weather looked good for the weekend, so on Thursday I sent off a message to see if Louis was up for a ride. Late in the evening I got a reply back “Sat-no,Sun-yes.” I figured that his life had gotten busy or maybe he had found someone for a more traditional relationship. I ended up working on Saturday anyway, so things kind of worked out. After work on Saturday I was sipping a beer on the couch and grabbed my phone and sent off a message - “Hey, I’m the guy from the park a few weeks ago. Going to be out ur way tomorrow if you want to meet up.” I figured it was a long shot but it didn’t hurt to ask. An hour later I got a message back “fuck yeah. when?” A few messages back and forth and things were set. I met up with Louis at our usual time and spot. We headed out to the more scenic areas and stopped for lunch. I could tell that Louis wanted to say something but he kept quiet most of the time while we ate our lunch. “Ryan, I’m kind of confused about something. Why do gay guys assume I’m a bottom?” Louis finally asked when no one was around. I was kind of surprised at the question since I didn’t think he was. Maybe it was because of the way I lured him into having sex with me that first time. “Well, Louis, you give off that vibe sometimes. Maybe its from you being too nice or not aggressive enough. Why do you ask? Is it about the fuck in the store last week?” I replied. “Yeah, that and a guy I hooked up with last week. I was looking forward to fucking him and the next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking him and then on my back with my legs over his shoulders. When I tried to flip him he told me to not even think about it and I was his bottom boy” Louis explained. “That sucks. Where did you meet him?” I asked. “He’s the guy that gave me his number on the train a week or two ago” replied Louis. “Ah, didn’t he finger you and taste the cum in your ass? His expectation was that you bottom from that, so unless you told him up front that you wanted to fuck him then all he was planning to do was fuck you. You need to talk first unless you don’t care whether you top or bottom” I said as some guy sat down at the next table. Louis blushed a bit hoping that the guy didn’t hear any of the conversation and said “Ok, thanks.” I looked at my phone and realized that we had better get going, so I picked up the stuff from the table and dumped it in the trash. It was a spirited ride to get out by the park but Louis was hanging close. I wished I had a camera looking at Louis’ face as we zipped past the park. I bet he was hoping I would turn in. Instead, I went past it and around the bend before slowing and turning down a dirt road. The blue bag was tied to the gate like I was told and I followed the road back slowly. As we got to the river, there was a pickup truck parked in a small clearing, so I pulled up and parked next to it. “Why are we stopping here?” asked Louis. Moments later, Ben walked out from behind the pickup wearing just a pair of cargo shorts and a huge smile.
  11. Part 98 - Graduation Prep “Hope to see you at the party tomorrow night” Mark said to Aaron as he picked up the keys off the counter. He saw Zane stumble out of the restroom, tucking his shirt back in and still looking stunned. Mark and Eric drove up towards the university and finally got to the hotel. Mark parked the car and hopped out and as he got to the hotel door realized that Eric was right behind him. “Don’t trust me to even get the room keys?” Mark asked with a grin. “No fuckin’ way. You know too many people around here. If I look away for half a minute you’ll be humping some old hookup” Eric replied. Mark laughed as he walked up to the desk and tapped on the counter. Dennis looked out and smiled. “Shit. You again? Hide all the neg boys!” Dennis said before bursting out laughing. “How the hell are you?” he asked. “Doing great. This is my boyfriend Eric. Eric this is Dennis, the manager that can arrange anything” Mark said. “Well, almost anything. I can’t give you the same room you had before. It’s been booked for months. Once word got out, it’s been very popular. I just finished a junior version of it, though, so that’s the room I reserved for you. You get to break it in, there’s not a cum stain in sight” Dennis said with a smile. “Thanks, we’ll do our best. Too bad we’re not staying as long as I did last time” Mark said. They headed down to the room and when Mark opened the door he smiled. While not as big as the room 152, room 269 was setup similarly. The bed had numerous tie-down points for bondage scenes, there was a small dresser with toys of all sorts including dildos, plugs, cuffs, rope and rubber sheets. The large flatscreen TV was playing porn. There was a spotlight showing a design on the floor. Eric picked up a remote and found he could change the image. He began clicking through the spotlight images and found a simple circle, a heart, a rose, “will you marry me?” text, interlocked male, female and hetero symbols, handcuffs, a scorpion, and a biohazard. Mark walked over to the table in front of the couch and saw a bucket with four beers chilling next to a baggie with two joints and a lighter. Eric checked out the bathroom and said “Fuuuuuuck” as he looked around. There was a wet side and a dry side. The wet side had a shower with six heads, a douche, several drains, a hose faucet and a bunch of tie-downs in the floor and on the walls. The dry side had the usual pair of sinks and a mirror, along with several hooks on the wall and numerous towels stacked on a shelf. “I could see us hosing down that hot manager buddy of yours with piss and then fucking his brains out” Eric said to Mark. “I think he’s pretty much a top, but doubt he’d turn down a good recharge” Mark replied. “You poz him too? Maybe it’s you and him hosing ME down before you fuck MY brains out” Eric retorted. Mark chuckled “Aaron didn’t give you a big enough load?” “You know how greedy my ass gets when I don’t get fucked for a few days” replied Eric. Mark laughed as they headed to the couch. Eric lit up a joint and the two passed it back and forth while they killed off two of the beers. Once the joint and beers were done, Mark went over next to the bed and took his clothes off and climbed in. “I think I’m going to save my loads for tomorrow’s party. You know that if Joe throws a party, sex will be involved” Mark said while Eric climbed in the other side of the bed. —— Steven was taking a ten second breather from a busier than normal Friday night. With all of the graduate’s parents invading town, every seat at the restaurant was taken. His phone buzzed and he snuck a quick look. It was a message from his cousin Sam. All it said was “can u talk.” Steven looked around and quickly typed a reply “no, work til 11.” When he finally finished his shift he was exhausted but still wanted to know what Sam wanted. “sorry, boss hates anyone being on phone at work. sup?” he texted. He started walking back to the apartment hoping that Ryan was going to be there waiting for him. He got halfway home and the phone rang. “Hi, Steven. I… uh… have a problem. My roommate wants me out of there as soon as possible. He came home and a guy was fucking me in the living room. He’s pissed that I’d do that in a shared space, not just in my bedroom. Do you know of anyone that might have a room to rent?” Sam asked. “You dog, Sam. Was it a good fuck, at least? How fast do you have to get out of there? Today? Monday? In a week?” Steven asked. “Tomorrow is great, Monday would be OK, in a week would probably be the longest I can wait. And yeah, it was a great fuck” Sam replied. “Well, since it’s the end of the semester, lots of places are going to open up for the summer and then new leases start in August. Do you want to share a place or have your own apartment?” asked Steven. “I can’t really afford my own place. I could go back home, but my sex life would end and I would go nuts” Sam said, sounding even more dejected. “Well, two of my roommates are moving to California after graduation, but I don’t know when they are moving out. I’m thinking it will be Monday. You could move in with us after they’re gone, but I need to ask my boyfriend first. We are going to take over the apartment for next year but I can’t just get another roommate without his ok. You know, you might have some family issues if they know you are moving in with me. If they don’t know you’re gay yet, they will probably figure it out” said Steven. “Fuck, that would be perfect. They probably already know. I haven’t been very discreet, lately. Can I come over tomorrow and meet with your boyfriend and see if he’ll let me move in. I would even sleep on the floor if I have to” Sam said, sounding optimistic. “Well… I’ll talk to Ryan tonight, but tomorrow is a bit busy since it’s graduation and Joe and Kyle are having a party afterwards. There’s going to be a lot of people there and I doubt anyone is going to be wanting to talk about moving plans. Moving the mattress, yes. You can come over, I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind another party guest as long as you bring something to drink or eat. I have to work so I won’t be home until 11” Steven said as he started walking up the stairs. “OK, I’ll get there about that time, then” said Sam. “I think it starts at seven, you can stop over any time after that. It might be good to be out of your place if your roommate is still pissed. Uh… Sam… Did you ever get tested after we fucked those three times?” Steven asked. “Tested? No, I just assumed that I was poz. That’s what I’ve told the guys that asked. Why?” asked Sam. “Well, most of the guys at the party are going to be poz and I expect that there’s going to be a lot of fucking going on. Get a test at the drug store tomorrow and take it before the party. If you’re still neg, then don’t fuck with guys unless you want to be poz. If you’re positive, then just have fun. I’ll text you the address. See you tomorrow night” Steven said and hung up the phone. He talked with Ryan about it and Ryan said that if Steven thought it was ok, then Sam was more than welcome to take the other bedroom. —— Joe woke up early Saturday morning and grabbed the pile of light colored clothes and put them in the basket with the detergent and headed down to the laundry room. He had just started the washer when his neighbor Zhen walked in with a bag of dirty clothes. “Hi Zhen, why the long face?” Joe asked. “Lenny went back to Africa on Tuesday. His degree is finished and I guess we are too” Zhen replied as a tear dripped from his cheek. Zhen and Lenny had moved into the apartment next door at the same time Joe and Kyle moved in. They were friendly with each other but not friends. Joe had no idea that Zhen and Lenny were anything more than roommates. They were definitely different people. Zhen was Chinese, no more than five feet three inches tall, skinny and wore dark rimmed glasses. He was quiet, polite and almost invisible. Lenny was almost the opposite. He was six foot five, with very dark skin and a constant smile that lightened every room up. He was outgoing and always laughing and making those around him laugh. About the only thing they had in common was their intelligence. Both were smart in a wide range of fields and they both loved to spread their knowledge to anyone that would listen. “You two were together? Partners?” Joe asked. Zhen nodded. “He taught me how men could love each other and helped me accept that I was gay. But I can’t go to Africa and he can’t go to China, so we are both alone now” he said. “Zhen, you’ll find someone new. I know how you feel. I was crushed when my first boyfriend broke up with me. But I found Kyle and he’s ten times the person my ex was. Just give it time” Joe said over the din of the washing machines. “Once I found out how good it felt to…” Zhen said and then stopped. Joe could tell he was embarrassed to finish the sentence, but he finally did. “…to have men use me sexually, he helped me satisfy my constant need, even when he couldn’t.” Joe looked back at him perplexed. “Constant need?” Joe asked. “Yes, I need it daily. Or more. Lenny would send his friends over to take care of my addiction. Sometimes three or more would show up and it made me feel so good” Zhen said. “Are you addicted to drugs, Zhen?” Joe asked. “Oh no. I never use drugs. It’s sex I am addicted to” Zhen replied. “Ah… You should be able to find many guys around the university to have sex with. This place is filled with horny students” Joe replied. “Yes, but I never had to do that before. Lenny took care of sending guys over. He would just tell me when. I haven’t had anyone come over for four days and I need to feel a man inside me filling me with his seed” Zhen explained. Joe grinned. “Nice. I might be able to help you out. I’m having a graduation party later and I’m sure some of the guests would like some sexual release” Joe said. “Really? I’m not comfortable intruding into your party, but if you could send them over to my apartment I would be grateful” Zhen replied, excitedly. “One thing though… Do you know your status?” Joe asked. Zhen looked at him curiously and then said “I’m here on a student visa.” Joe laughed and asked “No, I meant your STD status. Do you have any?” “I don’t think so. Why?” Zhen asked. “Well, some of the guys that will be at my party have HIV, so I’d only send the guys over that matched your status” Joe said. “Lenny told me I should never refuse anyone, so I have followed his rules” Zhen said. Joe turned around and pointed to the tattoo on his calf. “Have you seen this before?” he asked. “Of course. I have seen it in the chemistry labs many times. I also saw it on some of the men Lenny sent to fuck me” Zhen said. Joe grinned and said “Ah, ok. Be ready about 7pm and leave your door unlocked. Just lock your door when you have had enough.” Joe noticed that Zhen smiled for the first time that day. “Thank you, Joe. I will be prepared before seven pm” Zhen replied. Joe left Zhen to finish his laundry and went back to his apartment. He pulled out his phone and sent a message to Mark - “can u pickup hiv test at drugstore?”
  12. Part 97 - Pomp and Strange Circumstances “Aaron, I need to talk to you. Stop in my office as soon as you finish up with your customers” the car rental manager said. Aaron took a deep breath and wondered what he had done wrong. He worked his way through the short line and keyed the radio saying “Harry, code 14. Gimme ten” before locking the keyboard and going back to the manager’s office. “Have a seat, Aaron” the manager said. Aaron really started to get nervous since the manager was being overly formal. “Yes, sir. Is there something wrong?” he asked. “No, nothing is wrong at all. I want to tell you a couple things. One is that I know how hard you work around here. You’re always friendly with the customers and I want you to know that it’s really appreciated” the manager said. “Thanks, boss” Aaron replied, feeling a million times better. “Second is that I’m thinking of making you the assistant manager. You’d be managing the night time staff and I would be going home earlier. These twelve hour days are killing me and my marriage. That means you would be moving to full-time. Is that something you would be interested in?” the manager asked. Aaron’s eyes got big and his heart started to thump in his chest. He wanted to scream out “FUCK YES!” but didn’t want to screw anything up so he just said “Yeah, I would… Very much. Thank you.” The manager continued “Good. There’s one thing I would like you to do before we make it official. We have a new guy coming in tomorrow that I would like you to train. He’s my neighbor’s kid and I told him I would do him a favor by giving his kid a chance. He hasn’t been able to keep a job in the two years since he graduated high school, so he might be a handful. Give me progress reports every day for the first two weeks and we’ll either cut him loose or keep him based on what you think.” Aaron nodded and said “I’ll do my best. Is there anything else?” The manager chuckled “That’s it. We’ll talk more in a couple weeks about the promotion.” Aaron was excited and nervous at the same time. “How bad could the guy be?” he thought. The guy showed up the next day and Aaron was confused. The guy looked a little unassuming and he wondered why he kept leaving jobs. He stood about the same height as Aaron, with his blond hair buzzed short. “Twink” kind of came to mind, but it didn’t really fit. Visually, he was bland - not ugly but not hot, either. Aaron introduced himself and he went to work walking the new guy, Zane, through the tasks he would have to do. After the first day, Aaron left a message for his manager saying that things went better than he had expected and that Zane was picking things up pretty quickly. It wasn’t until the third day that he noticed something odd. He found Zane staring at him several times. Then, he seemed to keep dropping things and would suggestively bend over, looking back to make sure that Aaron was seeing him. Aaron finally let him start checking customers in, but was right next to him to help him if needed. One tall, dark haired male customer who was extremely handsome came up and Zane was visibly nervous. He barely made it through checking the customer in and when the customer was just out of hearing range Zane turned to Aaron and said “Oh my god! That guy was fuckin’ gorgeous. I almost came in my pants!” Aaron was stunned. He now guessed why Zane never lasted at jobs. Most places probably wanted him gone before the reports of sexual harassment started coming in. He had suspected that Zane was gay, but had never brought up the topic. Zane wasn’t his type and Aaron had his boyfriend Nick. He figured he should let Zane know that he needed to keep those comments to himself and that some of the other employees might be offended. The response he got surprised him, though. “Yeah, I get that a lot” Zane said. “I just can’t seem to keep quiet when I see a hot hunk. I’d just bend over and drop my pants if I got a guy like him in a room alone.” “Too much info, dude” Aaron said, shaking his head. “It’s ok to be gay or to find other people attractive, but you need to keep that stuff to yourself. When you’re off the clock and somewhere else, say that shit to your friends. Not at work.” “Uh… sorry. I thought you were into guys and you’d appreciate my comments. You didn’t mind me flirting with you so I thought you’d be ok with it” Zane explained. “Yeah, I’ve been meaning to say something about that too. Don’t flirt with the customers or your co-workers when you’re here. Maybe if you get to know them better, you can flirt with them, but not when you’re working and if someone says ‘no’, then back off. And yes, I’m gay, but you have to respect that other people aren’t and that not everyone wants to hear your lewd comments” Aaron said. “You never find a back room and have some fun with your co-workers when it’s quiet?” Zane asked. Aaron wasn’t really sure how much of his escapades with customers and co-workers he wanted to divulge. “I won’t say it’s never happened, but it’s really rare that it happens and you won’t get caught. But… if you hear me say anything about a special customer, keep your eyes open” Aaron said. The next week went by with only a couple more incidents and Zane quickly stopped as soon as Aaron started to say anything. Zane had opened up a bit when they had taken breaks and Aaron could relate to his sexual frustration since he was in the same situation less than a year ago until it changed that one night at work. Now he had confidence and could find as much sex as he wanted. Aaron got to work Friday afternoon and started his new routine of checking all of the reservations for that day and matching them with the inventory. One name popped out and he tried to remember why. Soon, he pulled out his phone and found the contact. A big smile came over his face and his cock stirred. The night was a slow one and he kept an eye on Zane making sure he didn’t get into any trouble. It was nice not having the manager always around looking over his shoulder, yet it seemed that he was policing himself just as hard. It was getting near closing time and he was still waiting on one rental to show up. “On my way back to base, two guests, one rez” the radio finally screeched. “10-4 Harry. That’s the last rez. See you soon” Aaron replied. “Zane, I’m going to take this one, he’s a special one, ok?” Aaron said. “I’m sure I can handle it” Zane replied. Aaron shook his head and thought “He barely listens to what I say.” “It’s a SPECIAL CUSTOMER, Zane” Aaron repeated. The bus finally made it to the car rental building and two guys got off the bus. Harry drove the bus into the back area to park it for the night. Aaron smiled as the guys came into the building, both dropping their luggage by the chairs near the door and one walking up to the counter with a shit eating grin on his face. “Good evening sir. Welcome to A1 Car Rental. My name is Aaron. How can I help you tonight?” Aaron said in his well rehearsed manner. “Don’t give me any of that ‘sir’ bullshit Aaron. And I know of a hundred ways you could help me tonight, you know that” Mark said before he started laughing and walked over to the opening in the counter. The two hugged like long lost friends. Zane stood there surprised at the banter between Aaron and the customer and was even more surprised when the hug turned into a grope. When the hug ended Mark said “Are you going to introduce me to your co-worker?” Aaron chuckled and said “Mark, this is Zane. Zane, Mark. Mark is one of our special customers that we try our best to keep happy. Zane is new and still a trainee.” Zane blushed and then scowled at Aaron for telling the customer that he was ‘just a trainee’. Mark countered with “That’s my boyfriend Eric back there with his nose buried in his phone. He’s probably checking out the apps for a hookup.” Mark turned back to Aaron and Zane and looked over Zane closely. “I can think of bunch of things you could be training him for and none of them have anything to do with rental cars” Mark said with an evil grin. He walked back to the counter and handed over his credit card and drivers license for them to get the paperwork ready. Zane typed in the info and Aaron was glancing at the video monitor watching Harry get into his car and head to the front gate while they chatted. “Still got the same boyfriend, Aaron?” Mark asked. “Yep. I told him I might be late tonight since someone got the last flight in. Is that the only time you fly?” Aaron asked as Zane printed off the forms and put them on the counter for Mark to sign. “The time zones really fuck with flying east. Besides, this way I get personalized service since I’m the only one here” Mark replied. Mark finished signing and initialing and looked up to see Aaron nod his head towards the back of the building. Mark’s cock throbbed and he had a feeling he knew what Aaron was thinking. “Uh, bathroom is down the hall to the right?” Mark asked. “Yeah, it hasn’t moved since last time” Aaron replied. Mark headed to the restroom and Aaron nudged Zane. Zane looked back at Aaron with a perplexed look on his face. Aaron leaned in and whispered slowly “Special customer… he might need help.” Zane looked even more confused, but he headed down the hallway. Eric looked up and saw Mark gone and Zane go into the restroom. He shook his head and laughed to himself, guessing that Mark was gonna have a quick fuck or blowjob. Eric, however, didn’t expect Aaron to walk up to him and say “They might be busy for a few. Follow me.” Mark walked up to the urinal and pulled his cock out, stroking it. He heard the door open and waited a moment and then said “Just like last time, huh?” before he turned and saw Zane standing just inside the door. Mark was a little shocked that it wasn’t Aaron but decided to roll with it. “Aaron said you might need help…” Zane said, watching Mark turn with his cock in his hand. Zane’s jaw dropped and he then said “oooohhh.” Mark motioned Zane over and he was standing in front of Mark in an instant. He looked down at the growing shaft and licked his lips. “Take your clothes off, Zane” Mark said quietly but firmly. Zane did as he was told and left a pile of clothes by the sink. He moved back over in front of Mark and kneeled down, looking at Mark’s pierced cock. “Oh fuck” Zane muttered before he stuck his tongue out and licked over the piercing and then the tip. Eric followed Aaron into the women’s restroom and once inside, Aaron turned and said “Last time, Mark fucked and pozzed me in that bathroom. He’s probably got Zane on his knees, right now. You want to fuck or get fucked?” He pushed his shoes off and pants down and kicked them off to the side. Eric chuckled and said “That’s Mark. He always loves to get his dick in a new hole and now he leaves them something to remember him by.” Eric dropped his pants and looked over at Aaron who was removing his shirt and soon was standing there naked, his cock getting harder by the second. Eric walked over to the sink and braced his hands on it before pushing his ass out. “I hope you’re still toxic” was all he said. Aaron spit on his fingers and rubbed it over Eric’s hole and then pushed some of the spit inside with a finger. “Oh yeah, just like Mark, I’ve embraced being a toxic fuck” Aaron said. His cock was hard and he looked at Eric’s face in the mirror thinking how hot Eric was. He then looked down at Eric’s ass pushed back, begging to get fucked. “I bet Mark loves fucking you. You got a great ass and I’m not even inside yet” Aaron said as he pushed his cock to Eric’s hole. “He does, but I like fucking him just as much. Now, show me what you got” Eric replied. Aaron pushed his cock inside Eric’s hole and was surprised that it didn’t seem to have a load already inside from Mark. “Not prelubed?” asked Aaron. Eric chuckled and said “Sorry, there were no quickies in the bus on our way here.” “Then I’ll do the honors for you” Aaron said as he started to work his cock in deeper. He moaned and enjoyed the feeling of Eric’s ass gripping his cock. He realized that Eric was no stranger to a quick bathroom fuck and he was already milking his cock. Aaron began pounding into Eric’s hole and had built up a good sweat from the fuck. He pulled Eric back so his chest was on Eric’s back. “He knock you up or did you do him?” Aaron whispered into Eric’s ear as the thrusts got harder. “I was sick when he fucked you, so we both have the same poz breeder” Eric said as he began to fuck his ass back onto Aaron’s cock. He liked how Aaron was fucking him and making him feel every part of his cock. He clamped down on Aaron’s cock, hoping to get a big load of charged seed in his hole. They heard a few yelps and screams through the wall and both knew what Mark was doing. “Yeah, we fuckin do. Mark’s our bug daddy. Maybe he'll be Zane’s too. Get ready to take my load, Eric. I was hoping to breed Mark, but this is just as good” Aaron said as he slammed in fast a few more times and then emptied his balls into Eric’s hungry hole. Both guys moaned as the cum filled Eric’s cunt. Mark was getting impatient with Zane. All he had done was lick up and down the shaft slowly, never once taking the cock into his mouth. “Suck it!” Mark barked out. As soon as Zane wrapped his lips around Mark’s cock, Mark pulled Zane’s head down on his cock. He felt the PA hit a couple teeth as he shoved in and then barked “Watch your teeth or they’ll get broken.” He started fucking Zane’s face and he quickly realized that Zane wasn’t a very experienced cocksucker. He remembered being with Aaron in this room and Aaron was so much better. Mark could tell his cock was getting coated in spit and throat slime and Zane hadn’t puked yet, so at least that part was good. He pulled out and held Zane’s head in his hands, tilting it back so they were looking at each other. “You need practice sucking dick. Ask Aaron for some pointers. Now show me that ass of yours” Mark said. Zane was still gasping for air, having never been face fucked before. He staggered to his feet and Mark pushed him over to the urinal. “Grab on, Zane” Mark said sternly. Zane looked and wasn’t sure what to grab on to - the porcelain or the plumbing. He grabbed the pipe and bent over taking in the smell of stale piss that rose from the urinal. It made him feel like a dirty slut, but it was only an illusion. He had only had sex on a bed and even then it was only about two dozen times. He felt Mark spread his ass cheeks and then spit a couple times on his hole. A finger then rubbed around the puckered opening and then pushed in. Zane tried to relax but he had never had anyone treat him this roughly or tried to fuck him this quickly. Mark pushed his finger in all the way and then twisted it. He did it a few more times before he pushed two fingers in. Zane wasn’t sure that he could take Mark’s cock and then he remembered the ring. “You’re going to take the ring out, right?” Zane asked. “Hell no, you’ll love how it feels” Mark retorted as he sunk three spit covered fingers into Zane. Twisting and flexing his fingers, Mark knew time was short and he needed to fuck Zane’s tight ass. He pulled the fingers out and quickly shoved his cock in half way. Zane yelled out, feeling the pain rip through his whole body. “Fuck you’re tight. You gotta get fucked more, Zane. Now relax or this is going to really hurt” Mark said as he pulled out. Spitting on the hole and then on the tip of his cock, he pushed back in again. Zane howled as Mark’s cock forced it’s way inside. Zane felt two hands grab on to his shoulders and Mark started to rock his hips, plowing his way in deeper. Zane felt light headed as the pain in his body took over but it faded a bit and he could concentrate on Mark fucking him. This was a rougher fuck than any he had ever had and it seemed all Mark wanted to do was to ram every part of his body into Zane’s ass. Mark finally got all of his cock inside Zane and he sped up the pace. Zane was whimpering and tears were streaming down his face, but then at some point the pain seemed to disappear. The whimpers became moans as the pleasure of a cock driving in and out of his ass took over. “Fuck! You’re using a condom, right?” Zane blurted out. “I only fuck raw” Mark replied in between grunts and thrusts. Zane tried to wiggle away, but he was trapped in the confines of the urinal and metal dividers. His ass started to feel slicker and he wasn’t sure why. Mark’s cock was leaking virus laced precum inside Zane’s ass and the fuck became much less a struggle with more lube. Mark drilled for a few more minutes and then felt his balls start to tighten up. The last few thrusts were hard and long and then Mark unleashed a toxic flood inside Zane’s unprotected hole. “Oh shit… No… Please!!!” Zane yelled out as he felt a warmth fill him up from the inside. Mark held Zane’s hips tight as his cock throbbed and pumped a huge load of cum into Zane’s fuckhole. Mark slowly pulled out and grabbed some paper towels to clean his cock. He put his clothes back on and turned to Zane who was still clutching the urinal and said “Thanks. That brings back some good memories.” Mark walked out of the restroom just as Eric and Aaron were walking out of the women’s restroom. “How was he?” Aaron asked. “Not nearly as good as you, Aaron. He’s needs a lot more training, but I’m sure you’ll get him up to speed” Mark replied.
  13. Josef ran his finger around the leather, checking the clearance between the chaps and Louis’ full pouch. I watched as Josef moved his hand, rubbing over the jockstrap’s cloth pouch and squeezing a few times. “They need a little tailoring to fit his body, but it would be easy to alter” Josef said. He stood up and brushed his hand over Louis’ hairy chest and then picked up the first harness. It was a traditional harness in thick black leather. He unbuckled one corner and placed it over Louis’ head. Buckling it back up, Josef tugged on various part of the harness to check the fit. He made a few changes and then hooked his finger in the bottom front ring and tugged, pulling Louis over to a mirror. Louis checked himself out. “This looks nice, but I think the other one is more your style” Josef said, tugging Louis back to the original spot. He unbuckled the harness and pulled it off, setting it aside. He took the other harness and pulled it over Louis’ head. This was a yellow leather bulldog harness. Josef spent some time adjusting it and did the same thing, hooking his finger in the ring and pulling Louis over to the mirror. Josef turned him around and then positioned him facing the mirror. Josef was behind him and I could see him grinding his hips on Louis’ ass. His hands were roaming all over Louis’ body and I saw Louis’ head lean back. I cleared my throat and both jolted upright and came back to me. “This harness is much more fitting to you. The color is up to you. If you are into watersports it would be appropriate but for a first one I would recommend the traditional black. It’s much more versatile and doesn’t tie you into a particular scene” Josef said. Just then the door opened and the bells jingled. I looked over and it was Derek and his partner AJ. They came back towards us and Derek was the first to speak. “Afternoon, men. I hope this is the new model for the web site, Josef” Derek said. “No, just a friend of Ryan’s trying a few things on” Josef replied. “You found yourself one hot boy, there, Ryan” Derek said to me. “Just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I’ve been expanding his horizons” I replied. Louis looked at me, unsure what to do or say. “Derek, this is my friend Louis. Louis, this is Derek and his partner AJ. If you ever want a real education in BDSM, you should talk to them” I said. “Boy, you are flattering me. We are always learning what stimulates us. But, yes, if Louis would be interested, I would love to spend a few hours or days with him in our dungeon” Derek replied. AJ had a huge grin on his face and Louis had a look of terror in his eyes. I had spent several evenings in Derek’s dungeon. While I didn’t consider myself a sub at all, every moment I spent there was educational, erotic and fun. Derek and AJ were excellent teachers who taught me discipline and how to really please a partner. But, we also learned that my limit to being subservient to another person was calculated in minutes and hours, not days and years. Derek walked up behind Louis and gently caressed his bare ass and then moved around to the front of his body. The back of his hand rubbed over his cheeks, through his beard and then down over his chest. “Fuck, Ryan. You have yourself quite the specimen of masculinity. I can almost smell the testosterone seeping from his body. I’m sure he would win first place if he entered. I’m not fond of the big beard, but I know you and most of the younger men are. The tattoo is a bit too fresh, and he would look better with even more ink… maybe the other sleeve or a back piece. A touch more muscle in his arms would be good… The bulge shows he is packing something nice and that ass I could spend hours eating” Derek said. I could see that Louis was uncomfortable being inspected like a side of beef but also a little turned on. I walked up behind him and whispered in his ear “You look really hot like this and you’re one step away from getting bent over the counter and fucked by all four of us. You want that?” “Mmmhmm” Louis replied quietly. I turned Louis and walked him the few steps to the counter. “You heard him, boy. Sir Derek wants to eat your ass. Bend over and show it to him” I said. Louis grabbed the counter and bent over, pushing his ass out. He turned his head to me and said “Yes, Sir.” Derek moved quickly behind Louis, defying his late 50’s age. His hands massaged Louis’ muscled ass before spreading the halves apart and pressing his face in. Josef hurried to the front of the store and locked the door, changing the sign to “Closed.” When he came back he moved a clothes rack to obscure our soon to be naked bodies from the street. Derek was licking and munching on Louis’ ass like a child with a new lollipop. AJ was rubbing his crotch and so was Josef. I wanted to make sure that Louis got what he wanted, so I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. I pulled my cock from my jockstrap and stroked it. AJ saw me and grinned back while he pulled his shoes and jeans off. I looked over at Josef and he had his shirt off and was untying the laces on his boots. AJ started jacking his cock and both of us moved closer to the action. I could hear Derek moaning as he tongue fucked Louis’ hole. I moved closer and slapped my bare cock on Louis’ ass cheek. That caught Derek’s attention and when AJ did the same thing on the other side, he realized that he needed to get his cock out or he would be left out. He gave one more poke with his tongue and then stood up, letting me move behind Louis. My cock was leaking, my body excited about fucking Louis in the store. I let the precum pool in his hole and then pushed in. The spit that Derek had forced in helped my cock slide in all the way with ease. As I began to pump into his ass Louis moaned out loudly. I looked left and right and Josef, Derek and AJ were all standing there naked, stroking their cocks. Josef wasn’t completely naked, he had put his boots back on - 14 eye Docs that added an extra edge to him. I plowed harder and harder, knowing that the three other guys were anxious to get their turn. “Please breed me” Louis cried out while I pounded his ass. These were the kinds of orders my body understands and I planted my cock in as far as I could and coated Louis’ fuck chute with ropes of white cum. When the last throbs from my cock ended I slowly pulled out. I stepped away and realized that all three guys were waiting for my indication as to who could fuck Louis next. I nodded at Josef and he eagerly moved in behind Louis. He coated his 00 gauge PA with the cum dripping out of Louis’ hole and then thrust into him. Louis let out a grunt as he felt Josef’s thick cock stretched him open. As I said, Josef was never quiet and polite when he was naked. He fucked like an animal and Louis was his latest prey. His long strokes frequently caused his cock to pull all the way out and then he drove back in. Louis started to grunt with every inward stroke. I could tell from the movements of his body he was working his ass muscles around Josef’s cock. Josef slowed down but the intensity of his thrusts increased. After ten minutes he shoved in, screamed out something in German and flooded Louis’ gut with his seed. I looked over and nodded at Derek and AJ, letting them decide who was next and who was last. AJ took Josef’s place and slid into Louis’ sloppy hole. I could see cum dripping down off of Louis’ balls and down the leg of the formerly spotless chaps while they changed places. I knew from past experience that AJ wasn’t the best fucker. He was great at discipline, bondage, flogging, piss and fisting, but not giving a bottom a great amount of pleasure with his dick. The fact that his cock was on the small side of average and not very thick didn’t help. Thankfully, he fucked fast and nutted quickly and today was no different. He drilled Louis’ hole hard and fast and then came in under three minutes. Derek went back to eating Louis’ ass as soon as AJ was done. He had his tongue buried as deep as he could get it and both of them seemed to be enjoying it based on the moans we heard. Derek spent more time slurping Louis’ hole than AJ spent fucking it. He wasnt going to miss a chance at fucking it too and stood up, rubbing the tip of his cock over Louis’ spit and cum covered rosebud before he slid the head in and paused a moment. Derek pushed in forcefully until his balls were resting on Louis’. He grabbed the bottom ring on the harness Louis was wearing and used it for leverage to plow deeply into Louis’ cunt. Derek picked up the pace occasionally pulling Louis upright towards him before shoving him back down on the counter. Louis was growling with each thrust and I could see him flex his ass cheeks. Derek’s face told me that he was getting close so I yelled out some words of encouragement “Yeah, Derek. Do it... Breed him.” That seemed to do it and Derek shoved his cock in and groaned, yelling out “Oh yeah, boy. Take daddy’s seed.” I waited a few moments for Derek to recover from his orgasm and back away. As soon as he was clear, I was on my knees licking up the cum dripping from Louis’ hole. My dick was hard again as I ate his ass. My beard was getting coated with a mixture of all four of our loads. A few minutes later I stood up and slammed my cock back into Louis’ hole. “Oh please, Ryan, fuck me” Louis cried out. My senses were overloaded and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I grabbed on to the harness with both hands and pounded him as hard as I could. I felt some wet fingers push into my hole, twisting around while I fucked. Suddenly the fingers were gone and replaced with a thick, pierced cock. Josef gave me four hard thrusts and then started shooting his hot cum deep in my ass. I forgot how good it could feel to be the middle in a three way. I shoved back onto Josef’s shaft and then rammed into Louis, letting my balls blow their contents into Louis’ guts. The three of us stayed there for a minute or two until our cocks fell out of their holes. Josef moved to the side and I pulled Louis up by the harness until he was standing upright and against my chest. Louis looked a little dazed but had a smile on his face. In fact, everyone seemed to be smiling. Louis broke the silence by asking Josef “Can I get a discount on these chaps, they have a stain on them.”
  14. The clock was nearing midnight when we walked out of Tom’s place. Louis seemed to be in a hurry to get to the train and was twenty feet in front of me. Even on the dark street I could see the wet spot on the back of his jeans. I knew he would find himself really popular standing on the train platform in boystown reeking of cum. I hailed a cab and knew Sean was probably going back to the bar until last call. I sent a message on Friday asking Louis if he wanted to go riding again, but he replied that his ass still hurt from Wednesday night. I replied “Sorry” and got a reply seconds later “Don’t be. I loved it. hope we can do it again.” I smiled, having heard the same thing from Tom and Sean. It ended up raining on Saturday anyway, so my plans to go out and visit the farmer got washed away. On Sunday I got a text “can u talk?” I replied “yeah” and paused the porn that was playing on the TV when my phone started to ring. Louis: “Hi” Me: “Hey, stud” Louis: “I had a really fun time on Wednesday. I can’t stop thinking about it.” Me: “Cool. How’s your hole feel?” Louis: chuckled “Almost back to normal” Me: “Good. You made it home ok, then?” Louis: “oh fuck. That was a crazy trip home. I had one older guy hitting on me before I got to the station. He offered me $200 so he could taste the loads in my ass. It didn’t stop when I was waiting for the train, either. Some guys slapped my ass, some made comments.” Me: “Hope they weren’t too rude” Louis: “Oh god no. Most were envious, one guy called me a sexy cumdump another a hot motherfucker” Me: “Nice. No one tried to fuck you then” Louis: “Nah, one guy slid his hand down the back of my jeans and fingered my hole before pulling it out and sucking his finger clean. He was really hot but it didn’t go any further. He just said ’Thanks’ and walked away since the train was arriving” Me: “Be careful. Some guys will try and take advantage of you” Louis: “I know. He was really cool though. He gave me his number on the train” Me: “You gonna call him?” Louis: “Yeah, I think so” Me: “Mmmm, just be careful and don’t go any further than you want to” Louis: “Yes, dad” and then he broke out laughing Louis: “Anyway, the thing I wanted to talk to you about was the bar we went to” Me: “Yeah? What about it?” Louis: “Some of the guys in there were wearing a lot of leather” Me: “It’s a gay leather bar. The dress code says you should be in some leather, but if there’s no event going on, jeans are ok. It depends if the bartender thinks you’re hot or not” Louis: “Oh, ok. Where do you find that kind of stuff? I looked online but I couldn’t really find anything” Me: “There are some places online I can send you, but it’s better if you support the locals and get it online only if you can’t find what you like around here” Louis: “There’s stores like that?” Me: Laughingly I said “Oh yeah. You want to go shopping?” Louis: “Uh… You mean today?” Me: “Sure, why not. I’ll text you the address. Meet there in an hour, OK?” Louis: “OK” I washed my face and got the cum out of my beard from Saturday night’s hookups and dressed in boots, jeans, a tee and put some leather wristbands on. I headed over there, but Louis was a few minutes late and found me standing on the sidewalk leaning against the building. “I never spend much time around this part of town. There’s some cool places around here” Louis said. “Yeah there are. You need to spend more time with your queer brethren. Follow me” I said as we walked into the shop. The door chimed with an old fashioned bell and I could sense Louis was looking around. I stopped and he walked into the back of me, staring off to the side where some mannequins showed some of Josef’s handiwork. “Sorry” he said. “Don’t worry. Look around. That section has cheap imported crap for the tourists and posers, the rest of the store has things he makes by hand or gets from other craftsmen. You pay more but it supports locals and will last a lot longer” I said. I left him to wander around and went to the counter to talk to Josef. “Hi Josef, how are you doing?” I said. “Good, Ryan. And yourself?” Josef replied in English that had just the slightest German accent to it. Josef had taken over the shop when the previous owner retired. He was just as talented as the old owner and quickly became a part of the community. Josef was in his late 30s. blond haired and blue eyed, a little over six foot tall with short hair and a trimmed beard. His chest, abs and lower body were covered in fine blond fur and he had a nice plump seven inch cock between his legs. He was quiet and polite until the clothes came off. “Very good. My friend was interested in getting some leather gear so I brought him in to look around. Other than his Harley biker jacket and boots, he doesn’t have any leather” I responded. “Ahh, good. A boy like that would look amazing with a proper outfit. Have him come over and he can try a few things on” Josef said as he walked from behind the counter over to a rack. He pulled out a couple harnesses and then grabbed some chaps from another rack. “Louis, come over here. Josef wants you to try a few things on” I called out. Louis came over and was standing at the back of the store in front of Josef and I. “Strip, boy” Josef said. Louis looked back at me with a worried look on his face. I looked back at him, smiled and nodded. Once he saw my approval, Louis pulled off his t-shirt. He didn’t do it like most guys would - just yanking it over his head, it was slow and sensuous and if I hadn’t known him I would have thought he was a male stripper. He laid the shirt over the rack and then pushed one boot off and then bent over, pulling the second one off, too. Louis unbuckled the heavy leather belt, unbuttoned his jeans and then slowly unzipped them. Louis pushed his jeans down and then tugged them off, laying them on top of his tee. I was about to pull out my wallet and stuff a couple bills into his black jockstrap and then remembered that we weren’t at a strip club. I looked over and Josef was licking his lips and rubbing the bulge in his leather pants. Louis stood up straight and said “Yes, sir?” I knew that Josef originally just wanted Louis stripped down to try on some chaps and a few harnesses, but this had suddenly taken an erotic twist. “Josef?” I asked, trying to break him out of his daze. “Sorry. Uh… Please try these on first” Josef said handing Louis a pair of assless leather chaps. “These are made of a softer leather that is good for show. I have others that are heavier and more protective if you want a pair for riding” Josef explained. Louis slid the pair on and buckled them up. Josef walked around Louis, examining the fit. He cupped Louis’ butt cheek and checked the opening around his ass. I couldn’t tell whether he was admiring the firm, hairy ass or actually checking how the chaps fit around his butt. Josef moved around his body, never letting his hands off of Louis’ flesh.
  15. Tom was sitting back on the couch and Louis was on his knees in front of him, feasting on his rigid pole. My face was deep in Louis’ ass and Sean was making all sorts of comments, each alluding to the fact that he had no one to enjoy. He figured out quickly that I was rimming just to lube Louis up and once I had, I was positioning my cock at his slick hole. Sean waited until my cock was all the way in before he straddled Louis and left me staring at his very hard cock. I got into a good motion fucking Louis’ ass and then moved my head closer to Sean’s cock. I opened wide and licked my way down to the base, first on the left side and then on the right and then up the bottom until the head had my lips wrapped around it. I sucked in and out taking more of it each time. Sean got a little impatient with me and grabbed my head and started fucking my face. I actually preferred this, since I could concentrate more on fucking Louis’ ass. That doesn’t mean that I was ignoring his cock, my tongue and lips were working it over and from his moans I assumed he liked it. Louis’ hole got wetter the longer I fucked, between the spit that kept dripping off my beard and down to his hole and my precum that was coating his fuck chute. My hips were pounding his ass and my balls were slapping into his until they started to pull up. When I started to shoot my seed into him, Sean grabbed my head and forced my face into his crotch. I yelled out as best as I could around his thick pole as my cock pumped volleys of cum deep in Louis’ gut. I slapped Louis’ ass as I pulled out of him and off of Sean’s cock. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I knew both Tom and Sean wanted to sample Louis’ slick hole. Louis leaned up, letting Tom’s cock slip from his mouth when I backed away, dripping with sweat. It was probably about this time that Louis realized he was going to be the sole bottom tonight. Sean climbed behind him and pushed his back down before pushing his face into Louis’ ass. Louis went back to sucking on Tom’s cock while Sean sucked and licked at his furry, cum-filled hole. I sat down next to Tom, recovering. I really wasn’t close enough for Louis to trade off sucking both of us, which was a shame. After several minutes, Sean moved in with his cock pointing right at Louis’ pucker. I hoped that there was enough cum left and that I had opened him up so that Sean could slide in easily. The groan from Louis told me ‘no’ on both counts. Sean took his time working his cock in but it was still a struggle. I had been the only guy to fuck Louis, as far as I knew, and the second guy was much thicker. Louis pulled off Tom’s cock and braced himself. He seemed to accept the challenge of taking Sean’s beer can thick shaft and with more spit and a lot of work, he finally found Sean balls deep inside him. Sean gave him a few minutes to acclimate and then started to plow in and out. Louis groaned some more and then started nursing on Tom’s cock again. Sean built up speed and his thrusts were hard enough that he was forcing Tom’s shaft deep into Louis’ throat. It was muffling but not silencing Louis. There was an occasional gag, but mostly grunts as he got pounded. Sweat was pouring off of Sean’s body as he slammed in over and over. He looked so hot with sweat dripping of his nose and beard and his chest fur matted down like he had just stepped from a shower. I saw him close his eyes and throw his head back and I knew he was about to shoot. Sean let out a loud growl and shoved in hard as his cock twitched and pulsed, replenishing my seed that he had forced out. I watched Louis fuck back a few times on Sean’s cock while he got filled with sperm. Once Sean had emptied all of his seed into Louis, he pulled out and fell back on the floor. Louis, too, backed away from Tom and rolled on to his back on to the rug. I could tell that Tom was eager to fuck Louis but I wasn’t sure if Louis could handle any more quite yet. Tom was determined, though, and he crawled over to Louis and lifted his legs to Tom’s shoulders. The long rod slid easily into Louis’ stretched out pussy and Tom was quickly all the way in. Louis let out a loud sigh and then said “Fuck, I can’t believe I took it all.” Tom smiled and began to rock his hips, each stroke getting longer. His fuck wasn’t nearly as intense as Sean’s, but I knew Tom was probably pretty close from all of the sucking that Louis had done and didn’t want to shoot right away. Louis was moaning more than he had for the first two fucks except when Tom would jab all the way in and the moan was replaced with a pain-tinged grunt. Tom fucked a lot longer than I expected him to, but after twenty minutes or so he sped up and then unleashed a torrent of cum deep inside Louis’ hole. He gave one last thrust and his balls gave up their last bit of cum. Tom pulled out and laid down on the rug between Louis and Sean. I looked down from my spot on the couch and decided I too should be down there. I laid next to Louis and the four of us rolled together, enjoying the feeling of our four bodies close together. I leaned in and kissed Louis deep and asked “Did you have fun?” “Holy fuck, yeah. My ass is going to be sore for days though” Louis replied. We all chuckled, knowing he was right. The four of us laid there, fondling each other and I said to Louis “Damn, we forgot to get you off too.” He let out a loud laugh and said “I shot three times tonight. You’re gonna have to clean this carpet, Tom.”

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