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  1. A Brother in Trouble

    Thanks. That chapter only has 6 likes/upvotes so far so either not many liked it or people are bored with the story. We'll see how the next couple chapters fare... ------------------- Part 53 - New Years Party 4 Kyle walked into the apartment and saw Raphi slowly getting out of the sling, trying not to slip and land on his well loaded ass. Vince was on his knees on the couch getting fucked by Eric and Kai was eyeing the sling. “How many loads?” Kyle asked Raphi and Kai. “Seven, so far” Raphi said as Kai grumbled. “Only five” Kai said, laying back in the sling. Kyle walked up to Kai and pushed his pants down, freeing his stiff cock. Kai laid back and hooked his feet in the straps, like he had done countless times before and offered his ass to Kyle. Kyle shoved his cock into Kai’s puffy, cum filled hole and felt Kai clamp down as soon as he was all the way in. “Ready for more charged seed?” Kyle said. “Fuck yeah! Give it to me” barked Kai. Kyle pulled his cock back half way and slammed in, pushing Kai back off. Grabbing the chains, Kyle stopped his movement just after Kyle’s cock came out of his hole. Tugging on the chains, Kyle’s cock drove back in until Kai’s body slammed back into Kyle. Thrusting again and starting the pattern again, Kyle pounded Kai roughly. The groans from Kai told everyone that this was not a gentle fuck. The jangling of chains, the grunts, the groans, and the sounds of a cock fucking a cum filled hole drowned out the sounds of Eric fucking Vince. With a loud growl, Kyle emptied his balls into Kai’s fertile hole and mixing with the other toxic loads inside. Raphi was stroking his cock as he watched Kyle fuck Kai. When Kyle pulled out, Raphi moved in and asked “Do you want my neg load?” “Sure. Give your cock a poz cum bath” Kai said. Raphi drove his cock into Kai’s hole and stood there, with his cock all the way in. He had never fucked a cum filled hole before and the feeling was amazing. “Oh fuck” Raphi repeated for several seconds and then started to fuck Kai’s pussy hard. Stu walked up behind Raphi and tweaked his nipples while encouraging him to shoot his useless seed into Kai’s hole. Stu’s cock pressed into Raphi’s hole and soon Raphi was fucking himself on Stu’s shaft or into Kai’s ass. He only lasted a few minutes like that until Raphi’s cock erupted pumping one of his last neg loads into Kai. The orgasm milked another load out of Stu’s cock and added to the cream filling up Raphi. The door opened and in walked Paul, laughing at the sight of the orgy. “Where the fuck have you been?” asked Eric. “Out with a client, but he’s in bed now and I need to bust a load or two. I figured this would be a good place to find some hungry ass” Paul replied as he quickly took his clothes off. He walked over to the sling and Raphi moved out of the way. “I hope you take charged loads” Paul said, plunging his cock into Kai’s sloppy hole before Kai could answer. “Add your bug to his hole, Paul” Kyle said while walking behind Vince. Kyle slid his cock into Vince’s muscular ass and leaned over, whispering in his ear “You poz or neg?” “Newly poz” Vince replied. “Cool, I hope you bred Kai and Raphi” Kyle said. “Yeah, and the other guy too. I was hoping to get fucked while my balls fill back up” Vince said as he squeezed his pussy tight around Kyle’s cock. Kyle pulled out and slammed back in, feeling the cum inside Vince’s hole. Kyle pounded Vince a few dozen times and then pulled out. He went and grabbed a new shirt and went back downstairs, hearing Paul grunt each time he drilled Kai’s hole. Paul got more vocal and fucked harder and harder into Kai’s hole. Kai worked his hole on Paul’s big cock and then started begging Paul to breed him. Kai was swinging back and forth, getting his hole impaled by Paul’s thrusting shaft. Paul grabbed his legs and forced his throbbing shaft as far inside Kai as he could and felt the spurts of infected seed mix with the other loads inside him. Kai moaned as he felt another charged load pump into his starving hole. As Paul pulled out of Kai’s flooded hole, Raphi was on his knees begging to suck Paul clean. “You should just bend over and use that cum as lube” Eric said. Raphi nodded, stood up and bent over the back of the couch. Paul chuckled and roughly shoved his cock into Raphi’s dripping pussy. Grabbing on to Raphi’s hips, Paul pounded as hard as he could, sometimes bumping into Eric who was back inside Kai’s hole. Eric ravaged Kai just like Paul was doing to Raphi. Dan was next to Eric stroking his cock and Vince was now next to Paul stroking his. Paul slammed in, growled and unloaded his virus tainted seed into Raphi. Hearing Paul breed Raphi gave Eric all the incentive he needed and he dumped a second poz load into Kai. Both Dan and Vince were on the cusp of their orgasms and pushed Paul and Eric out of the way in order to plant their loads inside the bug hungry holes of Kai and Raphi. Everyone caught their breath and Eric went to his bedroom and came out with a pair of butt plugs. He took the larger one and forced it into Kai’s cum soaked hole and then pushed the smaller one into Raphi. “Those plugs have sealed the fate of several neg guys, so I want them back” Eric told them. The guys wiped down with towels and then dressed before heading back down to the party. They had missed hearing the fireworks that went off at midnight, but had made their own anyway. The whole group drank and talked for a while until one by one or two, they headed home. Raphi had drunk a few too many shots at the end of the night and Mark, Eric, Joe and Kyle finally took him up to the apartment and they all soon passed out. Mark and Joe were hoping they had probably brought a few new guys into the brotherhood in addition to having a fucking great time. Only time would tell.
  2. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 52 - New Years Party 3 “Where the fuck are those guys?” said Jonathan to Kyle. “You know how geeks are, they get all excited and start poking different things to see how stuff works” Kyle replied and then asked “I’m gonna get another drink, you want one?” “Yeah, sure. I’m going to wander around and see what’s outside” Jonathan said. Kyle went over to the bar area and mixed a couple drinks from the bottle of vodka they had brought down earlier and decided to stop by and say hello to Adam and Wes. He found them alone, gossiping about everyone at the party. “Hi, guys. Spot any fresh meat?” Kyle said as he walked up behind them. “Only a few. Who was the hottie you were talking to earlier?” Wes asked. Kyle chuckled and said “That’s why I’m here. If you happen to talk to him, can you keep quiet about Joe and I being poz? He’s the boyfriend of one of Joe’s future co-workers and Joe wants to keep it on the DL.” “No problem, Kyle. Is he fair game to hit on?” Wes asked. “I really don’t know. I heard he plays around, but is supposed to be monogamous” Kyle said. “Mmm, my kind of guy. I love cheating boyfriends” Wes said with a smirk. “If you want, I can introduce you. I’m sure he’d like another guy to talk to” said Kyle and the way Wes’s face lit up answered the question. The three of them walked over and found Jonathan oogling guys in the pool. Kyle handed Jonathan his drink saying “Jonathan, this is Wes and Adam. Joe and I met them in the hot tub the other day.” The four talked for a few minutes, mostly about the various guys at the party until Wes moved closer to Jonathan and rubbed his hand over Jonathan’s ass. “Damn, that feels nice” Wes said and Jonathan turned his head back and smiled, letting Wes feel all over his body. Wes pulled him tight and ground his hips into Jonathan’s ass. Kyle was making similar moves on Adam who stood there lightly moaning and pushing his ass back on Kyle’s crotch. “Let’s take this upstairs” Adam said, looking over at Wes, Jonathan and Kyle. “Uh, I don’t know. I’m waiting for Patrick to come back down” Jonathan said. “I’m sure it will be a while. You know how geeks get when they play with new things” Kyle said. Wes reached around and cupped Jonathan’s cock and balls and squeezed. “Ok, but I gotta do this quick and please don’t say anything” Jonathan said. The four guys went up to Adam and Wes’s apartment and as soon as they got in the door, Adam took Kyle’s hand and led him to his bedroom and Wes took Jonathan to his bedroom. Adam pulled Kyle’s shirt off and was pawing at his jeans trying to get inside. Kyle laughed to himself, remembering how only a few days earlier Adam wanted nothing to do with a poz guy. With Kyle’s jeans around his ankles, Adam began sucking his stiffening cock. Once he was fully hard, Kyle reached down and pulled Adam’s shirt off and pulled his face back to his cock. Kyle put his hands on Adam’s head and slowly fucked his face, going deeper until Adam’s face was tight against his pubes. Adam massaged his cock with his throat until Kyle felt him start to struggle to pull off. Kyle held firm a few more seconds and then let Adam move back and gasp for air. He loved the feeling of control and could sense Adam loved to be used. Kyle looked down at Adam’s face and he saw the fire in his eyes. He pulled him to his feet and pushed him towards the bed. Adam kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his jeans and letting them fall to the floor as he climbed on the bed. Kyle slicked his cock up with spit and then spit on Adam’s winking hole before pushing it in with his finger. Knowing that Jonathan wanted to get back downstairs soon, Kyle skipped rimming Adam’s hairless ass and plunged in with his cock. Kyle quickly realized that he wasn’t the first cock in Adam this evening and started long stroking his pussy. Each hard thrust got a grunt from Adam who used his ass muscles to grip his cock. “How many loads, Adam?” Kyle asked. “Three, but I really want yours” Adam replied. “Fuck, yeah. All Wes’s?” Kyle asked curiously. “No, a few guys at the party fucked me in the sauna” Adam answered. It just turned Kyle on even more and he pounded Adam’s cunt even harder. As much as he wanted to save his loads for Patrick and Kai, he knew Adam’s hole deserved another dose of his bug. He fucked hard and rough and the last dozen thrusts that Kyle gave Adam really tore his ass up. Kyle pushed Adam’s head to the bed and let out a loud groan while he pumped his cum into Adam, making his hole even sloppier. When the throbbing stopped, Kyle slowly pulled out, looking at the cum pooling inside the gaping hole. Adam turned around and slurped up all of the cum on Kyle’s cock. “Do you have a plug? It would be a shame for you to lose that hot cum in your hole” Kyle said. Adam grinned and pulled one out of the night stand and shoved it into his hole. They dressed and Kyle gave Adam a kiss, tasting his and the other three guy’s cum. Jonathan was almost completely naked by the time they got to Wes’s bed. He sunk to his knees and grabbed Wes’s cock sucking it to full length and covering it with spit. Wes grabbed the bottle of poppers and took two deep hits before pulling out of Jonathan's mouth and passing the bottle to Jonathan. While Jonathan huffed, Wes coated his cock in lube and then watched Jonathan lay back on the bed and raise his legs up. Wes moved in and heard Jonathan say “Condom?” “I never use em. I like it bare and I’m on prep” Wes said as he pressed his cock to Jonathan’s hole. Nothing more was said and Wes just pushed in with one continuous motion. He could feel his precum drip and coat Jonathan’s guts and he waited there, fully implanted in Jonathan’s hole, letting him get used to his cock. He looked at Jonathan’s eyes and could see how much he wanted to get fucked. Wes slowly withdrew until just his cock head was just inside and then rammed his cock in hard. “FUCK!” Jonathan yelled out. Wes did it again and then started to piston in and out of Jonathan’s hungry hole. Wes doubted that many guys covered up before fucking Jonathan and he let most everyone, including strangers, bareback his hole and then breed him too. Wes heard Jonathan whimper and then start to beg for him to cum inside him. His strokes were hard and it wasn’t long before Wes’s balls started to tingle. Asking for a condom and then begging to be bred in less than ten minutes told Wes that Jonathan was a cumdump that needed more seed inside him. Wes pushed his legs back as he buried his cock all the way in and then felt his load shoot into Jonathan’s empty hole. “Oh my god that felt good” Jonathan said as the spasms subsided and all of Wes’s seed was planted deep inside him. Wes pulled out and was disappointed when Jonathan didn’t offer to clean his cock. He grabbed his cum rag and wiped his cock off and put his clothes back on. Jonathan laid there naked a few more moments and then got up and got dressed. They walked out into the living room just as Kyle and Adam were walking out of the other bedroom. “Good timing” Wes said with a laugh. They wandered down to the clubhouse and Patrick, Mark and Joe were standing near the bar area mixing a drink. Jonathan panicked. Joe asked Kyle with a smirk “Where were you guys?” Thinking quickly, Kyle made up a lame excuse and said “Oh, Wes and Adam were showing Jonathan their aquarium.” Patrick looked even paler than normal and more than a little exhausted. It was obvious that both he and Jonathan were avoiding eye contact with each other, hoping the other wouldn’t suspect their transgressions. They stood around chatting and commenting about some of the other party goers that had been drinking way too much. Kyle intentionally bumped into Joe, and spilled his drink on his shirt. “Crap! I’ll be back in a few, guys. I’m going upstairs to change shirts” Kyle said.
  3. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 51 - New Years Party 2 Eric quickly introduced everyone until he got to Raphi and Joe stepped in to finish it off. Joe could see that Raphi was embarrassed about having guys walking in on him obviously getting fucked. Raphi was scrambling to pull up his pants and Kyle said “Not so fast, Raphi. Stay there a minute.” Kyle went in to the room and came back with a butt plug and stuffed it into Raphi’s swollen hole. “Now you can put your jeans on” Joe said with a snicker. Eric brought Kai over to Raphi and said “You are the two bottoms that are getting bred tonight. I want to see who gets the most loads. Kai, you’re already three behind. There’s a clipboard over by the door. Make sure your tops keep track of how many they gave you.” Mark went over and put three marks under the “R” on the clipboard. He went back and he and Eric moved the dining table over to the side and assembled the sling. Raphi, being shorter than Kai, was used to set the seat height and Eric brought out a couple bottles of poppers. Joe lit up a pipe and passed it around. There was another knock at the door Kyle let two guys in. “Hey Dan, hey Stu” Mark said as Dan and his boyfriend walked in. The two bottom guys looked over another pair of guys that probably would be trying to poz them up that night. Dan was a nice, if average looking guy. He was toned and had a nice tan. He had that wholesome look that belied his twisted sexual appetite. Stu obviously spent a lot of time at the gym. His upper body was built and showed off his wide shoulders. His thick, muscular legs looked a little oversized for his waist but he didn’t look too out of proportion. Little did the guys know that inside his pants was a third leg that was both thick and long and could easily destroy a pussy in a single fuck. The introductions went around again and the room started to feel a little small. There was another knock on the door and Mark opened it and invited Vince inside. Mark hadn’t seen much of Vince the past few weeks and was happy that he came to the party. After Mark’s initial breeding and then Mark and Eric’s followup, Vince had become a total bareback slut. The last time Mark had talked to him, Vince had been topping a lot more and really got off on stealthing neg guys with his newly infected seed. Mark told everyone about the clipboard and to take turns bringing Kai and Raphi back to the apartment to fuck and to please avoid the other tenants. Joe added that another guy might be showing up later with his boyfriend. They needed to be discrete with the boyfriend, he can’t know that Patrick is fucking other guys much less taking charged loads. The group went down to the apartment clubhouse and joined the party. There were a few guys in the pool and a few more in the hot tub, but most were in the clubhouse drinking and mingling. Joe stood near Raphi and they chatted a bit about almost everything but sex. “You know, you can go whenever you want. You shouldn’t feel like you need to beat Kai at getting more loads than him. I just thought this would be an easy way for you to connect with some poz guys and let you have fun getting fucked. I’m sure my brother and his boyfriend would love to breed you together or 1 on 1, if you’d rather do that” Joe said. Raphi chuckled. “No, that was hot earlier and I’m hoping it gets even better.” “Cool. I’m sure it will” Joe said. Kyle walked up and joined in the conversation. Joe felt his phone buzz and he read the message from Patrick - “on our way” and Joe smiled. Dan and Stu soon joined them and Raphi found the two right behind him, both grabbing his ass. Joe and Kyle grinned as they saw the two eyeing their next fuck. “If you’re not careful Raphi, you’re going to end up getting fucked against that wall over there” Kyle said. “Yeah, I think these guys want to tap my ass, but I don’t think I’m ready for getting fucked in public like this” Raphi replied. “That, and I don’t want to be the reason Mark gets thrown out of his apartment” Joe said with a chuckle. “Yeah, yeah, we get the hint. Raphi, want to try out the sling?” Stu asked. “Sure, it looks like fun” Raphi said and the three guys started walking away. Joe and Kyle wandered around and met a few more guys and were getting the feeling that every guy in the place wanted to fuck them. They saw Adam and Wes talking to a couple twinks and when Adam saw Joe, he blew him a kiss. Joe took another look towards the door and saw Patrick and another guy walk in. They eyed each other and Patrick and his boyfriend grabbed a drink and then went over to Joe and Kyle. “Joe, this is my boyfriend Jonathan” said Patrick. Joe introduced Kyle to them and they talked a bit. Mark saw Joe talking to a guy that looked really familiar and he wandered over. “Mark?” said Patrick. “Patrick? Wow, this is a small world” Mark said. “You know each other?” Joe asked. “Yeah, we used to work together until this asshole abandoned us for a better job” Mark said with a grin. There was a short pause and then Mark said “Please don’t tell me this is going to be your new boss.” “Not yet. Who knows, I might find a better job and leave him hanging like I did with you” Patrick said before laughing. Mark and Patrick started talking and Joe, Kyle and Jonathan felt a little left out. They started their own conversation and after several minutes, Mark butted in. “Joe, I’m going to show Patrick the product we worked on. Do you want to see it too?” Joe nodded and excused himself. “We’ll just be a few minutes, babe. I’d invite you up but I know how this stuff bores you” Patrick said to Jonathan. Jonathan and Kyle resumed talking as the three others headed up to the apartment. As they walked in, they found Raphi in the sling naked with Dan fucking his ass, Stu fucking his mouth and Vince stroking his cock waiting for Dan to breed him. “Chasing, huh?” Mark asked Patrick who just smiled and grabbed Mark’s cock through his jeans. Joe walked up behind Patrick and started unbuttoning his pants and Mark pulled his shirt over his head. Patrick only had on a jockstrap under his jeans and Joe was quick to slide his fingers between the crack and zeroed in on his hole. Pushing a finger in Joe laughed. “Prelubed?” he asked. “Yeah, Jonathan and I had a quickie before we came over” Patrick said. Joe unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop and pulled his hardening cock out the side of his jock. Patrick was pulling Mark’s jeans down at the same time and Joe bent Patrick over as he shoved his cock into the cummy hole. “FUCK!” yelled Patrick as his mouth descended towards Mark’s cock. Patrick stood there in the middle of the living room, bent over sucking one poz cock while getting his ass reamed by another one. Mark was fucking his cock into Patrick’s throat while watching his brother drill Patrick’s ass. He really enjoyed watching his brother fuck and it made his cock throb harder. The door opened again and the tops all looked to see who it was. Kai and Eric walked in and Kai said “Every time I walk into this place, someone is getting fucked!” “Now it’s your turn. Hope you’re ready to get charged up, cuz most every one of these guys has a gift for you” Eric said, pushing Kai towards the couch. Kai was a Japanese American, like Eric, except he stood six inches taller. His face looked innocent, yet his mind was far from it. He had a neatly trimmed goatee and a neatly trimmed trail from his navel down to his trimmed pubes that accented his six-pack . His seven inches of cut cock got a lot more action than his ass, but he considered himself versatile. His arms had some well earned muscle from his many hours in the gym. The colorful back tattoo extended down both arms to his wrists. Kai pulled his tee off and dropped his jeans and underwear and climbed on to the couch. Eric forced his tongue into Kai’s ass and Vince walked over from the sling and slapped his cock on Kai’s face. Eric’s legs were too short to fuck Kai from the floor, so he climbed up on the couch and drove his hard, leaking cock into Kai’s pussy. Kai screamed out, the scream being muffled by Vince’s cock that was now stuffed into his mouth. Eric hammered Kai’s pussy saying “You don’t know how much I’ve wanted to breed your ass, Kai.” Dan was the first to dump his load and Raphi pulled off Stu’s cock long enough to yell out “Yeah! Give me that hot load!” before taking Stu’s cock deep into his throat one last time. Stu and Dan swapped spots and Stu mercilessly slammed into Raphi’s cummy hole with his monster cock. Joe was nearing his orgasm and rammed his cock in hard before his poison flooded Patrick’s hole. Joe and Mark swapped places and Mark didn’t hold back on shoving his cock into his former co-worker. Patrick and Raphi were sucking the cum off the guys that had just bred them while enjoying a new deathstick in their ass. Eric put his arms around Kai’s muscular chest and hugged him as his hips rammed his cock in hard and fast. “Here’s your first toxic load” Eric grunted as his balls tightened and cock pulsed and he filled Kai up with his virus enhanced cum. Vince could feel Kai moan as his guts filled with Eric’s semen. Eric slowly pulled his cock out and saw the evidence of how much damage he had done to Kai’s rarely fucked cunt. Vince was ready and as soon as Eric was walking to the other side of the couch, he plowed into Kai’s swollen hole. Grunts, groans, moans and the slapping of skin filled the apartment while the three neg guys got fucked and bred. After Mark had finished breeding Patrick, he moved him over to the couch next to Kai. Dan’s cock slammed into Patrick and Joe’s went into Kai’s mouth. Eric walked up to Raphi, laying in the sling with an evil look on his face. Raphi looked back at him, smiled and said “Fuckin’ do it. Wreck my hole and knock me up.” Eric slammed into the well lubed hole and tried his best to make sure Raphi wouldn’t shoot many more neg loads.
  4. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 50 - Happy New Years 1 “Mark, are we doing anything for New Years Eve or are we going to stick around here and play bingo?” Joe asked. Mark laughed and said “Well… I’ve been invited to a party. They said it would be OK to bring you guys along, but I didn’t know if you’d be interested.” “Why do you think we wouldn’t want to go?” Joe asked inquisitively. “Sometimes its an older crowd so I wasn’t sure how you felt about that kind of group for a New Years Eve bash” Mark replied. “It all depends. Is this just a drink, eat and dance party? And how old is old? Are we talking about everyone else being in their 60s and 70s?” asked Joe. “These guys have monthly parties and I’ve been to a few. I didn’t go to the New Years party last year, so I don’t know what that’s like, but usually they have a mixer to start with and after the bell rings midnight it turns into an orgy. The guys range in age from barely legal to 70’s. The parties can be fun, it just depends on the people that night. There’s also the apartment complex party. I’ve been to one of those and it was fun. Joe looked at Kyle and grinned. “Of course this year you’d be bringing more than your smile to the party here” Joe said back. “Yeah, that’s true. I haven’t fucked anyone here since I got pozzed” Mark replied. “Too close to home? Afraid they’ll give you trouble?” Joe asked. “Yeah, don’t really want to chance it” Mark replied after a few seconds. “OK, that rules out the apartment party then” Kyle said. “Let me ping a friend of mine and see what the other party was like last year” Mark said. “Cool. We could still go to the party here and just not fuck any more of your neighbors” Joe said with a grin. Mark was tapping out a message on his phone when he stopped. “Any MORE?” he asked. Joe and Kyle told him about their meeting in the hot tub and Mark just shook his head. “At least they don’t know that I’m your brother and they knew you were charged up before you fucked them” he said. Mark finished the message and hit send. A short while later Joe’s phone buzzed. He read the message from Greg that said “u mad at me?” Joe really didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the job offer, but he needed Greg to know that the extent of their relationship was casual sex. He typed back “No” and hoped the discussion would end. When a message came back he knew he wouldn’t be that lucky and he read it “OK. Just hadn’t heard back from u.” “Maybe now the discussion will be over” Joe thought. His phone buzzed again and he picked it up, fearing another message from Greg. It was from Raphi and it said “Hi.” Joe responded “hi. sup?” “wondered when u were going home & if we could fuk again” Raphi asked. Joe chuckled. He replied “going back the 2nd. maybe we can fuck, not sure when.” Joe started thinking and after several minutes of silence asked Mark “Who can go to the New Years party here?” “Uh, anyone really. It’s BYOB and everyone is supposed to bring an appetizer. One of the tenants is going to DJ. Last year people would hang and hookup and go back to their apartments to fuck then come back to the party. Why?” “I was just thinking we could invite a few people and maybe have our own group to fuck with. That way we don’t knock up your entire building” Joe said and then laughed. “Hmmm, that sounds interesting. Are you thinking of anyone in particular?” Mark asked. “Yeah, I am. Do you know if Paul, Dan or any of the other guys that we met the night we arrived might be free?” asked Joe. “I can check. Are you looking for poz guys?” Mark said as he pulled out his phone and started sending messages. Joe nodded and did the same with a couple people. He hesitated and sent a third message and then crossed his fingers. Eric walked in the front door and laughed. “I hope you guys aren’t texting each other from 6 feet away” he said. “We’re not that bad. Just trying to set up a little fun for New Years Eve. I’m not sure what Joe is planning but I’m sure it has something to do with sex” Mark said. “Oh? Do tell” Eric said. “There’s a couple guys from the place I took the job offer that want to convert. So, I thought if we were going to a party and Mark doesn’t want to poz all your neighbors, we could bring in neg guys to knock up” Joe explained. “I like your thinking. Do you have room for one more neg guy?” Eric asked. “We don’t have any confirmed yet, so sure. Who?” Joe asked. “The only neg guy left in my office. Kai told me a few days ago that he wants to do it” Eric said. Joe’s phone buzzed and he read Raphi’s message. “Got one” Joe announced. The guys spent the next hour trading messages. “We have two and a maybe for the neg guys and seven for the poz guys. That should be good enough to get a result.” Mark sent off a message to the guy organizing the party and asked what to bring as an appetizer and was told anything but chips, dips and salsa. He wandered into the kitchen and looked around and sliced up a block of cheese and some deli meats and put a small bowl of olives in the center. “OK, our appetizer is ready” Mark announced and nobody made a response. “So, who are these neg boys you have lined up?” Mark asked Joe. “We have two confirmed and one maybe. One of the confirmed guys is Eric’s guy from work and the other is a guy I met at my interview and then at a hookup the other day. He’’s chasing. The maybe is actually a couple. One of them is chasing and he wants to keep it quiet from his boyfriend. He said he would let me know in about an hour if they can make it. If he does, we’ll have to sneak away and breed him quietly while someone else distracts his boyfriend. Oh, and he’s going to be my boss, too” Joe said. “Be careful there. You don’t want to have it bite you in the ass later” Mark said. “Yeah, I know. He wants revenge on his boyfriend who has been cheating on him” Joe explained. They laid around that afternoon resting until the party. As they were finishing up their showers, there was a knock at the door and the first person to arrive was Raphi. Joe opened the door and invited him in. Just as Raphi and Joe got to the center of the living room, Mark walked out of his bedroom naked. “Did I hear someone at the door” he said and stopped dead when he saw Raphi standing there with his mouth open looking at Mark’s unclothed body. “Well, hello there” Mark said. “Mark this is Raphi, Raphi this is my brother Mark” Joe said. “Joe, you didn’t say that the guy you invited was so cute. I may not let him go down to the party and let the vultures see him” Mark said. “Hehe, his hole would be wrecked by the time the rest of us would have a chance at him” Joe replied. “You say that like its a bad thing. I thought he wanted what we have” Mark said while his cock started to rise. Raphi looked at Mark, smiling, and said “I can’t wait to feel that cock inside me.” Mark grabbed Raphi and pulled him behind the couch turning him around, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans in one quick move. Mark pushed Raphi over the back of the couch and rubbed his cock over Raphi’s tight ass. Precum dripped from Mark’s cock and he leaned down and spit on to the tight hole and stood up, dragging his cock along the crack until the head met Raphi’s hole. Mark grabbed Raphi’s hips and drove his cock in slowly. Once past the sphincter, the anguish in Raphi’s moans faded and Mark started to pound harder. Joe dropped his pants and stepped out of them. He stroked his cock the rest of the way to full hardness and watched his brother fuck Raphi. Kyle walked out of the spare bedroom and watched Mark fuck the stranger and pulled his underwear off. A few quick strokes and his cock was dripping toxic precum on the floor. “I guess we’re going to have a warmup before the party, huh?” Kyle asked. Mark planted his cock in deep and growled as his charged load flooded Raphi’s ass. “I hope you were looking for a poz load, cuz you got one in you now” Mark said after the last pulses stopped. Kyle was walking towards Raphi’s ass and Mark moved aside. Without an introduction, Kyle shoved his cock into Raphi’s cum soaked hole. “Oh fuck yeah” Raphi grunted as another cock entered his fuckhole. Kyle remembered Mark’s first fuck with him and tried to follow it step by step. The only difference was that Kyle wasn’t lucky enough to have a poz load lubing his ass up when Mark had pounded and bred him in the storage room. Kyle held Raphi’s body and hammered his hole, both of them grunting on each thrust. He dug his cock in several directions, feeling the piercing tug and drag as he fucked. His balls began to boil and it was time for him to add his bug to Raphi’s neg cunt. He held his cock in all the way as his cock throbbed and pumped it’s infected seed inside to mix with Mark’s. Joe finally got his chance to fuck his future co-worker and he didn’t last long. He was so turned on watching Mark and Kyle breed Raphi, that it was only a few minutes of fast pounding before he was shooting his load into Raphi’s doomed hole. Just as he was pulling his cock out, the door opened and in walked Eric with his friend Kai. “Damn, you couldn’t wait until I got back?” Eric said. Joe saw the shocked look on Kai’s face who was probably not expecting to walk in on 3 naked guys and another bent over the couch with his shirt on and pants around his ankles.
  5. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 49 - Wolves in the Sheep Pen “Joe, Paul asked for your number. I hope you don’t mind me giving it to him” Mark said as he walked into the apartment after a run. “No problem. Do you know why?” Joe responded. “No clue. I was too in the zone while I was jogging to do much more than type it out, sorry” Mark replied. Joe didn’t have to wait much longer to find out when his phone buzzed with a message from an unknown number. “Hey Joe. Paul here. u free tonight? want to earn a little $? maybe ur bf too?” said the message. Joe showed the message to Kyle and then whispered to him “What do you think?” Kyle grinned and whispered back “It could be interesting.” “Mark, do you have anything planned tonight?” Joe yelled into Mark and Eric’s bathroom while Mark was showering. “No, I thought we’d just chill and buzz. Why?” Mark yelled back. “May have a gig from Paul, but I didn’t want to step on your plans” Joe replied. Mark laughed a bit and said “Go if you want to. We’ll still be here when you’re done.” Joe replied to Paul’s message and said “mmm, maybe. lets talk.” The phone soon rang and Joe answered “Hey Paul. How’s it going?” They chatted back and forth with Kyle trying to listen in but only getting bits and pieces of the conversation. “OK, cool. See you at 8 then. Ciao” Joe said as he hung up the phone. “So, here’s the deal” he told Kyle. “It’s a kind of roulette party. Paul is in charge of getting the tops. Its mixed neg and poz tops - 9 neg, 3 poz for this party. All the bottoms are neg. They choose the top based on their pic and basic stats, so we have to send him a picture and our age, height, weight. We just can’t show our biohazards or indicate we’re poz or neg. We fuck, we breed, we’re done. We get $300 each. I told him we’re in. If you don’t want to go, I’ll call him back right away.” “Fuck, that sounds hot. So the guys know they could get pozzed?” Kyle asked. “Yeah. They don’t know the odds, just that at least one of the tops is poz. Paul has been the lone poz top for the last few months, but he thought for the last party of the year he should jack the odds up” Joe replied. They went into the spare bedroom and pulled their shirts off. Joe took a few pics of Kyle, including one of him completely naked except for his hands over his tattoo and cock, and then handed the phone to Kyle. Kyle snapped some of Joe who then Joe sent the pics and their stats to Paul and let him decide which picture to use. Joe and Kyle lounged around the pool the rest of the afternoon and then went back to the apartment. Eric was sucking on Mark’s cock out on the balcony. The trees obscured most of it but there were a few angles where they could still be visible. Joe peeled his swimsuit off and started to stroke himself. Mark motioned for Joe to come closer. When Joe was out on the balcony, Eric stood up and Mark pushed Joe to the railing. "Lean on the railing and spread em" Mark said. "But..." Joe started to say and was shut down by Mark. He looked over the railing and felt someone spread his ass and spit on his hole. Seconds later, Eric shoved his dripping cock into Joe's pussy. Joe started to scream from the pain, but then realized where he was and held it inside. Eric started to pound in, with full strokes and did that about a dozen times and pulled out. Mark thrust his cock into Joe's now open hole and took his dozen hard strokes before pulling out. Eric went back in and they continued swapping back and forth until Eric shoved in hard and grunted as his poisonous load filled Joe's cunt. "Fuck yeah" said Mark as his cock dove into Joe's now sloppy hole. He hammered his brother's ass until he too was breeding Joe. Mark pulled out and slapped Joe on the ass. "That's what you get for abandoning us for the evening" Mark said. Joe and Kyle showered and dressed and waited for Paul to arrive. “You two have fun. I’ll have a big bowl packed and ready when you get back” Mark said. “Shit, I think I need that bowl now” said Kyle, visibly nervous. “Is this your first paying sex job?” asked Eric and Kyle nodded yes. “Forget that you’re getting paid for it. Its just another fuck. Paul said its mostly rich college guys. They have to pay $200 to get in, so they must be pretty horny to spend that kind of money to get fucked. Here, take a dick pill. It should take care of any, uh… performance anxiety” Joe said as he handed Kyle a blue pill. Kyle chugged half a bottle of water with the pill just as there was a knock at the door. Joe opened it and there stood Paul with a huge grin on his face. He walked in and said hi to Mark and Eric and said “Ready to knock some boys up?” Joe chuckled and said “I always am!” Paul drove Joe and Kyle over to a warehouse area and parked the car in a loading dock. “Since I organize all the setup, I have to get here early, I hope you don’t mind waiting around a bit until the party really starts” Paul said. “Not at all” Kyle replied. The guys watched the DJ unpack his rig and connect to the speakers, the caterers set up a table of hors d’oeuvres, a bartender tapped a keg of beer and set up glasses, bottled water and a few canisters for a pop dispenser. Another person set up a table by the door with a clipboard of names and 2 stacks of wristbands. A few garbage cans were set up and a few people were setting up partitions to make twenty fuck cubes and another communal area for group sex. Paul saw the amazed look on Joe’s face and said “The best thing about this area is its really easy to pick up these office cubes cheap. So many start-ups fail and most new ones don’t want to buy the used stuff since they think its jinxed.” In only 30 minutes, everything was in place and the party was ready to start. The DJ cranked up the music and the lights got dimmed. Paul came up with three cups of beer and continued “The guy that runs this party does a bunch of parties in this space - raves, orgies, blackout parties, even a cool halloween party and haunted house. Tonight, theres a social hour first and when you hear the first bell, all the tops will congregate near the fuck den in numeric order. At the second bell, the bottoms will line up out here in order. One by one, the bottoms will go and meet up with the top they selected and find a cube or they can choose to fuck in the open area. If the top didn’t show, then we have a few spares. Lets just hope we don’t have more than three no-shows. The bottoms randomly got a number to pick and two hours before the party, they log in and choose their top. Usually everyone is online at 7pm sharp. You guys are new faces, so you went first. I also added that you were visiting, so you were here one time only.” “Wow, that is really organized. Hope I get a hottie” Joe said. Paul chuckled “It doesn’t matter, you’re just here to fuck and breed. If you want, you can go a second time. Oh, and you have to be clothed when out of the play area. Shirts off is ok, but no underwear. We should go over and get our wristbands.” The three walked up to the table and there was a thin black guy standing there making sure everything was ready. “Hey Crystal, can we get our bands?” Paul said. “Sure thing, hun” Crystal said with a femme voice and clipped a white band on Paul’s wrist with a number 4 on it. “And you are…?” Crystal asked. “We have J2 and K here” Paul interrupted. “We only use first initials and a number if we have duplicates here. No need to let too much info get out. Oh, hehe, I forgot to introduce you guys. This is Crystal, the sexiest drag queen around.” “Nice to meet you two. I hope you have fun tonite. It should be positively amazing!” Crystal said. As they walked away, Kyle said “I wouldn’t mind tapping that ass.” “Already did, many times” said Paul with a smile. The DJ sounded a bell and Paul walked over and opened the door. There was a line already there and they slowly filed in, giving their code name. Joe and Kyle wandered back towards the social area and grabbed a couple appetizers and sipped on their beers while the area filled up with guys. They looked around and saw a few guys with white bands like they had and the rest had blue bands. Joe looked to see who had a number 2 that matched his number, but it was fruitless since the angles and lighting made it impossible. “What number do you have?” Joe asked Kyle. “I got number 1. Not sure what that means though, but I’ll be harassing you about it for a while” Kyle said jokingly. They looked around and talked about the guys that were milling about. It was somewhat diverse crowd. Some white frat boys were there along with just about every ethnic group you could think of. Most of the guys seemed to be in their early twenties, a few were a bit older, a couple in their thirties and one guy looked to be in his mid 40’s. They noticed a lot of guys looking them over and pointing at them. “I feel like the new animal at the zoo” Kyle said. “You too?” Joe replied. Just as Joe finished his beer the bell sounded and all of the white banded guys left the area and the Joe and Kyle followed them. Once they were over in the sex area, they lined up - Kyle first, Joe second and up through number 12. The extras stood to the side and then the next bell rang. The talking seemed to stop and just the music filled the warehouse. Kyle looked over and saw the line of bottoms all getting into place. He looked back and saw Paul joking with the guys around him and took a deep breath to relax. Crystal tapped the first guy in the bottom line and he walked towards Kyle. As he got closer Kyle saw his next victim - a tall, tanned blond surfer looking guy with long hair and shiny white teeth. He was one of the ones he saw earlier and had guessed he was in his late twenties. He walked confidently up to the opening of the sex den and Kyle went over and met him. They walked in and found a cube to use. Joe stepped forward and saw Crystal tap the next bottom on the shoulder and he started to walk towards Joe. Joe could sense the uneasiness in his gait and chuckled to himself “the guy is probably just as nervous as I am.” When he got to the opening, Joe could see the guy he was going to fuck was a dark skinned Indian, about the same height as Joe but not muscled at all. He had a trimmed beard without a mustache and was wearing an Atari t-shirt. “Nerd” thought Joe as he walked over and they found a cube to fuck in. One by one the rest of the guys paired up leaving three unassigned tops who were debating who was going to bottom for the other two until Crystal walked up to them and they all started to smile. The music blasted through the area, drowning out any sounds of sex that was soon to happen. Kyle followed his surfer into the cube. The walls were over six feet tall, so no one could really see into the cubes unless they were standing at the doorway. Each cube had 2 bags to put clothes in and a rubber coated pad on the floor. There was a bottle of lube and two towels on the floor in the corner and a single condom thumb tacked right through the center to the wall. Kyle laughed at the sabotaged condom and turned to the surfer who was already taking his clothes off. Kyle stripped and put his stuff in the other bag and moved over to the surfer. They kissed and Kyle pulled him close, cupping his muscular butt. The guy was over four inches taller than Kyle but it didn’t matter. Both of them quickly got into groping and caressing each other. Kyle heard the guy moan into their kiss when his hand gripped Kyle’s cock and he felt the ring. The guy broke the kiss and said “Oh fuck. I’ve never taken a pierced cock before.” “Don’t worry, you’ll like it” Kyle said. Kyle rubbed his fingers along the crack and found the guys hole which felt extremely tight. “Relax, this is going to be fun” Kyle said. When the hole seemed to get less tense, his hands moved up the guy’s back. He was impressed at the taut muscles the guy had and kept moving his hands up until his they were on the guys shoulders. Slowly he pushed the guy down and felt the guys lips and tongue explore down his neck, chest, abs and finally his cock. Number 1 quickly engulfed his stiff cock with a warm, wet mouth and began sucking like a pro. The guy took Kyles cock all the way to his pubes several times, massaging his cock with his throat and tongue. For someone who had never taken a pierced cock before, it didn’t seem to slow the guy down. Kyle began to fuck his face, holding his head with his hands and enjoying his eager cocksucker. His cock was getting coated with spit and throat slime and the surfer was gasping for air each time Kyle pulled most of the way out. Kyle pulled his cock out and tilted the guys head up. The surfer opened his eyes and looked straight at Kyle, his mouth still open. Kyle spit into the open mouth and the guy jolted a bit, surprised at the action. Still staring at Kyle, Kyle said “I want your ass.” The guy nodded and immediately turned around and went to all fours, spreading his legs like he had done hundreds of times before. Kyle grabbed the bottle of lube and brought it closer, just in case spit wasn’t enough to lube the guys clenched hole. He dropped to his knees and spread the muscular mounds before pressing his face in. Licking up from the guy’s balls and up to his hole in one slow motion, the guy wiggled his ass and moaned loud enough for Kyle to hear him over the music. Kyle could see the guy’s six inch uncut cock was dripping precum already, leaving a small puddle on the mat. Kyle dug his tongue in and felt the ring slowly relax. The tight hole he felt earlier was submitting to his tongue and soon his toxic cock would be inside. Kyle tongue fucked his hole and then would lap up the spit while flicking his tongue over the guy’s taint. He could feel the shivers from the guy when he would do it, so he would alternate tongue fucks with tongue tickling his taint. Satisfied that the hole was well soaked with spit, Kyle coated his cock with a light cover of lube. He placed the piercing on the guy’s hole and pressed in, feeling his cock head enter the warm tunnel. There was a bit more resistance and Kyle gave a harder nudge and felt him pop inside the surfer’s unprotected neg ass. The thought caused Kyle to start leaking more precum and he kept driving his cock deeper. He could feel the guy squirm, knowing his cock was stretching the guy open and probably putting small tears in the ass lining. “Just wait til I really fuck this ass” Kyle thought to himself. He let the guy rest a moment once his pubes were firmly against the surfer’s ass. Kyle started to pull back and then quickly rammed back in. The guy tried to pull away, but Kyle held him firmly. He began to fuck the guy’s hole and felt the guy relax and after a few minutes start to enjoy the fuck. Long, firm strokes let the guy know just how long Kyle’s cock was. When Kyle decided the guy was feeling too relaxed, he would slam in, feeling the piercing tug and scrape along the tender tissue gripping his shaft. Kyle didn’t have any concept of time and didn’t know how long he had been fucking. He knew it it had been a few songs since his cock first went into the surfers ass, but it felt really good and he wanted to keep fucking for a while. He also wanted to dump at least two loads into theguy so he started to fuck harder and faster. His balls were churning and he felt his cock swell. Kyle knew it was time to give the guy a taste of his strain and he slammed in, holding the guy tight as his cock pumped and filled his guts with his infected spooge. He leaned forward and said into the guys ear “Don’t worry, I’m usually good for two, maybe three loads.” He didn’t know if that would reassure the guy that he planned to keep fucking or scare him away. The guy milked a few more drops from his cock and then Kyle pulled out, laying down on the mat next to him. The guy moved over and started to suck his cock clean. All of a sudden he stopped and Kyle looked down. The guys eyes were wide open and he could see him mouth the words “You’re poz?” Kyle grinned and nodded yes. He then saw the guy say “Oh fuck!”. The guy went back to licking the cum off his cock, but he could feel the guy shake. After a few minutes of licking, the guy laid down next to Kyle. He could tell the guy’s heart was racing and he hadn’t been prepared to take a charged load tonight. Thanks to the blue pill, Kyle’s cock was still rock hard. Kyle rolled over and stood kneeling between the guy’s legs. Kyle leaned forward and said “You ok?” and the surfer nodded yes. “You want more, don’t you?” Kyle asked. The guy paused a moment and then nodded yes again. Kyle smiled and leaned back and spread the guy’s legs and thrust his cock back into the unsuspecting hole. The earlier fuck was just a warmup and Kyle was determined to make this one something the guy would remember. The spit, precum and cum lubed him perfectly and Kyle took advantage of it. Driving his cock in hard and varying the speed, he would move his hips around jabbing his cock in different directions and abrading the cum coated chute. Kyle paid attention this time and three songs later he was ready to pump a second bug filled load into the surfer. This time, when he started to shoot, he would pull out and ram back in with each pulse of his cock. He could see the guy scream out. He couldn’t tell whether it was from pleasure or pain over the din of the music. After the orgasm faded, Kyle leaned forward and then felt the guy wrap his arms around him, holding him tight. Kyle wasn’t sure what was going to happen and was a little surprised when the guy began kissing him. They rolled over and left Kyle now on his back. The guy kissed and licked the sweat off his chest, nibbling at his nipples and then licked down to his still hard cock. The guy looked at it and laughed before climbing back on top of Kyle, straddling his stomach and lining up the shaft to the surfer’s well abused hole. The guy sank down onto the rigid cock, taking it to the root before he started riding it. Kyle was surprised how hard the guy was bouncing on his cock and even more surprised at how hard his ass muscles were squeezing his shaft. Sweat was flying off the guy and it almost felt like rain on Kyle’s skin. The surfer was stroking his own cock and soon it erupted, coating Kyle’s chest and face with neg cum. The guys orgasm milked one last small load out of Kyle’s balls. Three spurts of virus shot in and Kyle was pretty sure the next couple shots were dry. They laid there a few minutes and finally the guy pulled off of Kyle’s cock. He grabbed one towel and cleaned the sweat and cum off of his chest, cock and legs. Kyle got up and wiped his body down too and put his jeans on and tucked his t-shirt into his back pocket, letting it dangle. When both were dressed, the guy came over and said to Kyle “Thanks, that was fuckin’ hot. Are you on meds or toxic?” “I guess you’ll find out soon enough” Kyle said as he walked out of the cube. Joe followed his bottom into the cube and could see him shaking he was so nervous. Joe looked around the cube and saw everything that he might need. There was a familiar feel to the floor inside the cube and he realized it was a section of wrestling mat. He pulled the condom off the wall and stuffed it in his jeans pocket before he took his jeans and shirt off. He stood there in just his jockstrap and moved over to the guy who said “Hh…h..h.h…hhhhello, I am Amir.” “Hello Amir. You seem awfully nervous. Is this your first time at one of these parties?” Joe asked as he reached out and massaged Amir’s shoulders. “Yyy..yy..yes” Amir replied. Joe moved behind Amir and resumed rubbing his tense shoulders. “Me too. I guess we get to experience it together. Have you had sex with men before?” Joe said into his ear, his warm breath blowing across Amir’s face. Joe hoped he wasn’t a virgin since he really wasn’t prepared to deal with someone unprepared to get fucked and bred like he was planning. “Yyy…yes I have. Mmmmm… many times but my family doesn’t know” Amir said, calming down slightly. “Well, they aren’t here and there’s no reason for them to ever find out what we are going to do. So, relax and let’s just enjoy it” Joe told him. “Yyyyes sir” Amir replied. Joe pulled Amir’s t-shirt off and tossed it over by the wall. “How old are you, Amir?” Joe asked as pressed his bare chest against Amir’s back. “Nnnnineteen, sir” Amir replied as he started to relax. Joe moved his hands over Amir’s body, running his fingers through the hair on his chest and flicking his thumbs over his nipples. He could feel the tension fade in Amir’s body the more he rubbed. He moved his hands to Amir’s back and down to his ass which he squeezed. He moved his hands back to the front of Amir’s jeans and unbuttoned them before pushing them down. Amir was wearing old school boxers and he could feel his firm cock inside them. He could tell that his cock was on the small side but it didn’t matter. Joe was going to do the fucking here. He kissed the back of his neck as he pushed Amir’s boxers down and let them fall to the floor on top of his jeans. Joe backed away a bit and Amir bent over to pick up his jeans and underwear and Joe took his first look at the ass he was going to try and impregnate. It was a little on the flat side and was covered in dark hair which continued down his legs. Joe ran his finger between the crack as Amir was bent over and felt him jump. Once his clothes were folded by the wall, Amir came back to Joe and stopped a foot short looking at him. “I liked your picture… I like men with beards… I wish I had muscles like you… The tattoo makes you look so… uh, dangerous” Amir said to Joe while tracing out the tattoo on his arm and chest with his finger. Joe thought “Just wait until you look at the other tattoos.” Joe pulled Amir closer and tried to kiss him on the lips, but Amir pushed away. “I don’t kiss. I only like to suck and get fucked” Amir explained. “Well then, you better start sucking” Joe said, pushing Amir down to his knees. Amir stared at Joe’s jockstrap and the bulge inside it. He finally put his hands on either side and pulled it down and Joe stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. Amir gasped as he saw Joe’s semi-hard cock. “Suck it” said Joe. Amir put his left hand around the shaft while he played with the piercing with his right hand. Slowly his head went closer and his tongue played with the piercing and finally his lips went around his cut cock. Joe put his hands on the back of Amir’s head and held it as he started to rock back and forth. When he pushed deeper he felt Amir gag but he was doing a better job than Joe expected. He thrust his cock into Amir’s throat and held it there for a few seconds and he felt Amir’s throat spasm around his cock, but he didn’t fight him off. Joe pulled his cock back and Amir gasped for air. Joe looked down and saw two eyes that seemed to say “I will do anything you want me to.” Joe smiled and made Amir suck his cock a little longer before pulling out and saying “Lay down on your back Amir.” Amir did as he was told and instinctively raised his legs. Joe chuckled at his eagerness. Joe pushed him back and licked his tongue up the hairy crack. Before pushing in, Joe always did a light lick to see if a bottom had cleaned out well. Amir passed the test and Joe curled his tongue and pushed in. From the reaction he got, Joe assumed that few guys had ever rimmed his ass. The moaning and writhing seemed to indicate that he liked it and Joe just kept at it. He always enjoyed rimming an appreciative hole and Amir’s was just that. With Amir holding his legs back, Joe spread his ass cheeks wider while using his fingers to stretch the tight hole open. Joe’s fingers and tongue assaulted Amir’s hole and then Joe got a little rough with him. Other than an occasional grunt, Amir never objected to the abuse Joe gave the tender flesh inside his pucker. When he thought the hole was soaked with enough spit, Joe slicked his cock up with a little more and lowered Amir down. With legs over his shoulders, he tapped his cock against the slick hole making sure that Amir felt the steel tap his ass ring. “Sir, you’re going to take it out, right?” asked Amir. Joe smiled and said “No, it will give you new feelings and I like how it feels too.” Before Amir could say anything more, Joe pushed his cock into the hole. Amir clamped down at the sudden invasion, but then relaxed and Joe slowly pushed in deeper. With half of his cock inside, Joe started to fuck, rocking in and out getting further with each inward stroke. Joe could see Amir panting and the tight grip his hole told him the same thing - he was scared about what the PA would do to his insides. Joe knew exactly what was going to happen and it was going to happen sooner with the pressure he was putting on Joe’s cock. Joe picked up the pace and started to fuck faster and deeper while saying “Relax” to Amir. After several minutes Amir’s muscles must have been exhausted and he released his grip on Joe’s cock. Joe really started to enjoy the fuck and his precum was really lubing up the chute, allowing him to long stroke Amir’s pussy. His balls were bouncing off of Amir’s ass and the tightness of the hole was just right to let him fuck as hard as he wanted but still feel the tissue against his bare cock. Joe looked down and saw a smile forming on Amir’s face and he knew he had transitioned from pain to pleasure. Joe started to fuck harder and he was really reaming Amir’s cunt. The tugging of his piercing stimulated his balls to start their production of virally enhanced sperm. Joe wondered if Amir had figured out the symbolism of the scorpion tattoo or was oblivious to the impending poz cum he was going to be filled with. He drove his cock the full length as hard as he could and then left it there as his cock twitched and pulsed as it shot almost ten spurts of charged seed into Amir’s neg hole. Joe looked down at Amir while he bred his hole and saw his eyes get wide, knowing he was being filled with a stranger’s load. Joe gave a few more thrusts of his cock to drive some of the cum deeper and then slowly pulled out. Joe looked down and he had definitely done some damage to Amir’s guts. The cum had a pink hue to it and there were a few darker streaks. Joe rolled over and laid on his back next to Amir, catching his breath. Amir turned to him and said “That was amazing, sir. Do you always fuck that hard and that long?” Joe laughed and said “Yeah, I do. But I hope we’re not done. I just need a little break and we can go again.” Amir’s eyes got wide again and he replied “I am a little sore, sir. But if you want to use me again, you may.” “Just a little sore? I need to do a better job then” Joe thought. “You should clean my cock up a bit before we start our second round” Joe told Amir. “You mean suck your cock, now?” Amir asked. “Yes. Taste what is inside you now” Joe said. Amir slowly moved his mouth towards Joe’s cum and blood covered cock. He tentatively put his tongue out and licked off the tip and studied the taste. “It tastes weird, sir” Amir said before he went down and licked all around Joe’s cock, cleaning it and the base around his cock. After several minutes Joe felt he was ready and got up, pushing Amir to the center of the cube and directing him to stay on all fours. His dick slid into Amir’s hole with ease this time and he pushed all the way in on the first stroke. Joe was on his feet, crouched behind Amir’s raised ass. He pushed down on the small of his back to get him arched and Joe grasped his hips before starting his fuck in earnest. “Slap, slap, slap” was the sound in the cube trying to drown out the dance music the DJ was still playing to a probably empty dance floor. Joe took no mercy in fucking Amir’s sore ass. He pulled all the way out and rammed back in a half dozen times, garnering a loud groan from Amir each time. His cock felt amazing plowing through the load he had dumped in earlier. He was churning the previous cum and adding to it with more poz precum. He knew the wounds he had inflicted earlier gave easy entry to the bloodstream for the virus that was swimming inside Amir’s ass. Joe began to jackhammer Amir’s hole and could hear him whimpering to the pounding. He never asked Joe to stop and Joe doubted he would anyway until he had deposited another toxic load. Joe grunted and slammed in one last time and let his cum begin to shoot inside. Ropes of deadly sperm flew into the cum filled hole. He felt Amir’s hole start to milk his load out and then realized it was from Amir’s own orgasm. His neg seed sprayed all over the mat as both guys reveled in their orgasms. Joe pulled out and this time Amir quickly turned around and licked all of the cum off of Joe’s body - cock, balls, pubes, and legs. Joe sat down and looked back at Amir who said “Thank you, sir. I don’t think I will ever forget this night. It has been an amazing time, but I must go now.” Amir picked up a towel and quickly wiped his body off and then put his clothes back hurriedly on before walking out of the cube. Joe wasn’t sure if Amir was embarrassed or worried or really had somewhere else to go, but he saw the wet spot already forming on the back of his jeans as he walked out. Joe took the other towel and wiped his body down and put his jeans and shirt on before walking back out to the social area and grabbing a bottle of water. He chugged the water down and then grabbed a beer and a few lukewarm appetizers. He looked around and saw Kyle talking to Paul and another top, so he wandered over to them. “How did it go?” asked Paul. “Damn good. Fuckin’ tight hole that seemed to just suck up my cum. How was yours?” replied Joe. “Pretty good too. Though I didn’t last as long as either of you. He just wanted me to pump n dump” Paul said. “And yours?” Joe asked Kyle. “It was a lot of fun. I think he’ll remember this night for a while, at least. How was yours, Trey?” Kyle said. “Not bad. Good hole, but he was pretty dead. I like an active bottom and he just stood there letting me fuck him like a fleshlight” the other guy replied. They watched and saw two different types of people - those that left right after fucking and those that hung around talking to the other guests. Soon, all of the guests started to leave and the workers started tearing things down. “Thats a lot of leftover food” Joe said to Paul. “Yeah, we order extra so theres always some to take over to the homeless gay teen shelter” Paul replied. Paul drove Joe and Kyle back to Mark and Eric’s place and they went up the apartment. Walking in they saw Mark and Eric on the couch, naked, obviously wasted and exhausted from fucking all night. “Did you leave us any? I could use a good toke right now” Joe said and Eric pulled out a small baggie and tossed it on the table. Joe and Kyle smoked a few bowls and then went in to their beds and crashed, reeking of sweat and cum.
  6. A Brother in Trouble

    [ I tried something different with this chapter. I'm not sure how it turned out, but I'm sure I'll hear about it! ] Part 48 - Flashback The smell of poppers and cum filled the air and the sounds of the chains jangled as the muscled hulk slammed in and grunted as his highly toxic jizz flooded into the sloppy cunt. “Oh yeah, give me that dirty load” Frank yelled back at the guy. He looked up at the top’s body, from his bulging muscles and well defined torso, veins clearly visible on his arms, the biohazard tattoo on his left pec and finally up to his face where the snarl told him “you are so fucked” without a word being spoken. Who knows how many diseases this guy had just pumped into him. Frank knew he had to have him when he saw most of the guys in the bathhouse scurry away as he walked through looking for his next victim. HIV didn’t scare Frank. He had made sure that he had taken many charged loads from his son until he too was infected. He kept taking them afterwards, since he was so turned on by getting fucked and bred by his own son who never seemed to run out of that delicious poz cum. But variety is the spice of life, as they say, and he sought out as many other strains as he could. “How the fuck could I have gotten to this point” he wondered. He had always loved the feeling of being with another guy. It felt completely different than when he had sex with women. Sex with guys was always about the base need to fuck or be fucked. Just animal sex between two guys who knew what men craved from sex. When he got married, he swore off gay sex and was a devoted husband and then father to their son Ric. As Ric got older he sensed that his son was just like him, but maybe even more so. Ric wasn’t as outgoing as Frank and as far as he could tell wasn’t even sexually active. Once Ric turned 18, Frank decided he needed to prod his offspring into finding the joy of sex. First he hired a female escort to show him how to have sex. She seemed willing and even turned on to be his first. She left after only a half hour and told him later his son was “a fag.” Apparently he never got hard and barely made it to first base. After a few weeks of perusing male escorting sites, he came across an ad for a guy that was only a few years older than Ric. The pictures turned him on. He almost hired the guy for himself, since he liked the looks of the muscular jock. The ad oozed confidence and yet didn’t seem too intimidating. He liked the tattoos on the guy and pieced a few pictures together to see that the lower tattoo was of a scorpion. He searched the internet and found out what the symbolism of it was in the gay community these days. It turned him on even more, but he didn’t know why. He had stopped having gay sex when he met his future wife. He had used condoms occasionally up to that point. His whole sex life had been during the AIDS crisis and after. He saw the pictures and they weren’t pretty. He had ignored the issue since it didn’t affect him while he was living a straight life. But now, thinking that his son was probably gay and his wife had stopped having sex with him a few years earlier and told him that their sex life was over, he started thinking that maybe he should return to having sex with men to satisfy his needs. But this was a whole new world to him. Here was someone who was infected with HIV and proud of it enough to have it broadcast to the world with his very permanent ink. He sent off the message explaining the situation and had gotten a prompt reply from the guy, Dave. It seemed weird having a conversation about having sex with a guy as a business transaction and even weirder that he was setting this guy up with his probably virgin son. “If it goes well, I’ll hire him too” thought Frank. He talked several times to Dave about the meeting with his son and each time found himself stroking his cock wanting to change the appointment for himself instead. He got the hotel room as suggested by Dave. It seemed expensive, but Dave told him it was well equipped for a day and night of fun. When he checked in, the guy at the front desk just oozed sex. Frank would have done almost anything to have an hour or two of wild sex with him. The guy looked straight but he had this feeling inside that he wasn’t. He seemed to be just like the guys he had searched out when he was younger. Masculine, bearded, hairy, confident and a burning desire for sex with other men. Ric had been even more exasperated with Frank at meeting another escort after the first, embarrassing session. In the end, Ric did as Frank asked, but Frank knew this was his last chance at anything like this. He left Ric sitting in the hotel room and sat in his car until the meeting time with Dave. Frank was sure he was more nervous than Ric was. Ric seemed to be completely uninterested in meeting someone for sex. Maybe he didn’t want his parents to know that he liked guys more than girls. Frank had hundreds of thoughts going through his mind. He waited and waited. It had been over an hour since the meeting time and he had seen a guy walk into the hotel room right at the time Dave was supposed to be there, but Frank had been too far away to know if it was Dave. No one came out of the room and he was too scared to get close to see if he could hear any noises. He went and got a hotel room on the other side of town near the interstate and a six pack of beer and watched gay porn on his laptop for the rest of the night. Frank woke up early and checked his phone for the thousandth time, making sure that Ric hadn’t called him to pick him up. Frank went down to get the free breakfast offered at the hotel, but wasn’t really hungry. He was even more nervous now. What if something happened to Ric? What if Dave was really a murderer? He loved his son more than anything in the world. How could he have been so reckless and left him in a hotel room with an HIV positive whore for a whole day and night? He had been projecting his own forbidden fantasies on his young son. He even rationalized that HIV wasn’t an issue any more. If Ric was gay he probably would get infected sooner or later and it made sense to get it over with so he didn’t worry like Frank had. They probably used condoms anyway if they had sex he thought then. He looked down at his plate and he had only taken two bites out of the muffin and the apple still sat there without a mark. His coffee was now cold and the cup almost full. He tossed the muffin and plate in the trash, poured the coffee down the sink and took the apple back to his room. He waited and waited. Time seemed to just crawl along until it was finally time to go pick up Ric. Or maybe claim the body. He packed up, checked out and drove back over to the other hotel and parked. There wasn’t any police tape around the door, so maybe everything was OK. Or they hadn’t found the body yet. He tentatively knocked on the door and it took an hour for someone to open it. Or ten seconds, he couldn’t tell which. The door opened just a bit and he heard the guy say “Yes?” Frank said “I know I’m a bit early, but I was kind of anxious to find out if Ric’s ok and if he had a good time.” The door opened the rest of the way and Dave stood there in just a jockstrap and nothing else. Frank felt his cock jolt awake. He looked up and down Dave’s body and he realized that the pictures didn’t do him justice. He was a magnificent human specimen. Tight muscles, not overdone or roided up. A smile that could melt your heart and a nice bulge in his jockstrap that said he could probably fuck you for days. Frank was brought out of his daze when Joe told him “Yeah, I think it went well, but the real judge is Ric. You have a great son there, Frank. You should be proud of him.” Frank nodded and said “Oh, I am. I just want the best for him.” He wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to ask, but he did anyway, trying to be discrete and not let Ric hear. He whispered “Uh…. I gotta ask… Is he really… gay?” Joe smiled back at Frank and replied to him quietly “Oh yeah, he proved that pretty quickly. I hope you’re ok with it and it won’t change how you feel about him.” Frank nodded. He sat there for a few uncomfortable seconds and swallowed hard before asking “And, did you fuck him? And… knock him up?” He saw a confused look on Dave’s face and knew that while they hadn’t discussed HIV status before the meeting, he was bringing it up now. Joe replied “Yeah, we both fucked each other.” Frank explained “I saw your tattoo in the pictures. One of the reasons I chose you was that I’m guessing you are poz and I wanted Ric to get it out of the way and not have to worry about becoming poz. It’s going to happen sometime if he’s gay, right?” Frank saw the surprise in Dave’s face and he then got very serious saying “It doesn’t have to happen. There’s ways to prevent it. Condoms, prep, being careful with who you fuck.” Frank realized that he had indeed projected his desires on his son. He tried to rationalize it by telling Dave “Yeah, but its easier to just get it over with and he can now do everything without worry.” Before Dave could reply and continue the awkward conversation Ric walked out of the bathroom. Frank looked at his son and couldn’t believe his eyes. His son was no longer the awkward, nerdy kid with the messy hair and the scraggly beard. He could tell it was Ric, but just barely. The clothes he was wearing fit tight and showed off his young body. Ric wasn’t muscled like Dave but the tight shirt let everyone know he was a lean sexy guy. The jeans were cut low and showed off both his bulge and his ass. Frank had never thought his son was hot, but that now changed. Frank blurted out “Oh my god.” He paused and then said “I didn’t expect you to do anything but talk and maybe have some fun.” Frank heard his son’s voice ask him “You like it dad?” Frank nodded his head and said “You look so handsome. Sexy even.” Frank saw his son smile and he realized that any concerns he had about Ric were now gone. Dave then revealed how he had wanted Ric to get pozzed and he was embarrassed that he would do something like that, but Ric seemed to be ok with it. More than OK, since Ric suggested that he get fucked by Dave too. He was shocked, surprised and turned on all at the same time. Ric encouraged him, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to have his son watch him get fucked. Suddenly he found himself in a position he hadn’t been in in a very long time - on his knees in front of another man. He didn’t really know how he got in that position, but it was just like he had dreamed the night before. He sucked his first cock in a very long time and enjoyed every second of it. When he saw his son get aroused watching him suck cock he was shocked. He couldn’t believe how well endowed his son was and then felt disgusted that he wanted to suck his own son’s cock. But disgust turned to lust and he wanted to suck that long, thick shaft. He kept becoming more of a sex pig when he stood there on his knees sucking both cocks, back and forth. Then he found himself kneeling on the bed. He felt Dave’s pierced cock push into his tight ass and all those memories of taking dick decades earlier came back to him. He knew then that he wasn’t going to deprive himself of the pleasures of getting fucked by another man. He remembered getting spit-roasted by Dave and his son and how great it felt. He was jolted back to the present when he felt a guy slam into his ass and grunt “you’re pozzed now, whore” and pull out. He looked up and it wasn’t the muscled guy, but an older black guy with gray in his beard and a large belly. It was only seconds and another guy shoved his cock into Frank’s cum filled hole. He remembered when he was back in the hotel room with Ric and Dave and Dave had leaned over and whispered in his ear “Yeah, I’m poz and not on meds so I’m really toxic. I knocked your son up and now its your turn. You can convert together.” He couldn’t believe how hearing those words turned him on. What he had tried to avoid his whole life was now happening and his cock began to shoot cum all over the bed. Hearing his son tell Dave to breed him caused him to begin shooting his load again. HIs ass spasmed and milked the poz cum out of Dave and into his guts. Frank didn’t think it could get any hotter than that until he heard Dave tell Ric to fuck him. He felt his son’s cock drive deep into his hole, but couldn’t feel his son’s body against his ass. Ric started thrusting in harder and harder and Frank couldn’t remember ever having a cock that deep inside him. And then there was the pain as Ric drove in even further. His cock just kept going in and hitting a wall inside him until he broke through. The pain went back to pleasure after a while but it ended way too soon when he felt his son cum inside him. He wanted more. He needed more. But thats all he got that day. He remembered sneaking into Ric’s room late one night after Ric had been sick and begging him to fuck him. He knew that he might have not gotten infected from Dave and now that he knew his son was poz he wanted Ric to make sure he got pozzed too. Ric had fucked him a lot - almost daily for a few weeks until he got sick too and Ric told him to go to the clinic and get tested. Frank remembered that was when he became a total pig. He volunteered for business trips so he could go to other cities and fuck or get fucked by random guys he would pick up. If the city had a bathhouse, he was there after taking care of work. Sometimes he would pick up other guys on business and fuck them in the room or get fucked. It was always bare. If the guy wanted a condom then he wasn’t interested. He loved it when a guy would ask his status after he had bred them. He always said “I’m not sure but probably neg” claiming that he rarely barebacks. And thats how he ended up here, laying in a sling with guy after guy shooting their charged spunk deep inside his poz cunt. He had put an ad up looking for toxic tops to breed him at the bathhouse and more than a few showed up. He looked up at the guy currently fucking him who was probably in his late sixties with all the signs of wasting. “Yeah, I knew when you let Bobby fuck you, you’d take any load. If you’re not already poz, you will be after all these toxic loads soak into you” the guy said as he grunted and Frank felt yet another bugged load pump inside him. When the guy left, Frank got out of the sling and wandered around trying to find some hopefully neg bottom to breed but they seemed to run away when they saw him coming, knowing that he was a poz cumdump looking to leave his mark on someone. Frank headed back to the hotel and started looking online for someone to tag. He shoved a plug in to hold the loads in his ass and then opened his computer. His search was always the same - neg or not sure bottom or vers guys, either not caring about his status, not asking, or looking for poz cum. He never failed at finding at least one guy every time and was sure he was leaving a trail of newly poz guys all around the country. He tried a different site and there he was: BB bottom, 26 wm, 5ft6, 128lbs, shaved body, neg, recently tested, blindfolded, send pic in 1st msg He sent off a cock pic and a pic with his head cut off and waited for the reply. It came quicker than most and after two more messages, he was off to meet the guy. He walked into the guy’s apartment and heard “Hi daddy. I’m in the bedroom. Are you ready to fuck your boy?” He followed the voice and turned the corner to see a guy matching the description on his knees with his ass up and a hood over his head. “No blowjob, I guess” Frank thought and he took his clothes off, leaving them in a pile on the floor. He tongue fucked the guy and heard him moan. He finger fucked the guy more roughly and the moans became groans. After he worked three fingers in the guy, he stood behind and shoved his cock in. At first it was only a quarter of the way in, but past the outer ring and he felt the guy shake and quiver at the invasion. “You want daddy’s cock all the way inside you?” he asked. “Yes, daddy, please fuck and breed your boy” the bottom said without hesitation. Frank thought it was weird. Every time he would fuck one of these younger guys they would call him daddy, but he never would fuck his own son. He was a poz bottom bitch for his son, and he didn’t want that to ever change. He loved every time his son fucked him and always left with a large poz load inside him. These guys were different. They wanted a bare fuck and he would give it to them along with a fully charged load of cum. The guy he was fucking now was just like them, but maybe a slightly better bottom. The guy worked his ass around Frank’s cock, trying to get Frank to shoot his load in. Frank wanted this fuck to last a bit longer and he stretched it out almost 10 minutes more before he buried his cock inside the boy’s hole and felt his balls pump another load of virus filled cum into the guy. “Thank you daddy” the guy yelled out as his cum shot out. Frank pulled his cock out and wiped it on the sheets and got dressed, his cock sated for a few more hours. He walked out of the apartment, got in his car and drove back to the hotel. Another successful business trip in the books.
  7. Cub Finds a New Team

    Frank and I started spending 2 to 3 days during the week together in the evening in his playroom. Weekends we might do other things but usually ended up having sex too. I learned a lot and we soon started swapping roles. It felt weird at first. I had never had any problems fucking Frank. Hell, the first time we met, I fucked him. But to be a Dom to him took some work to get my mind into it. Frank seemed to like it though. Sometimes he would stop and give me hints on what might make it better. We always talked afterwards, though, about what things we did that turned us on and how to make it hotter the next time. I mentioned that I liked the element of surprise and Frank nodded without saying anything more. One Saturday I showed up at his house and walked in the front door. As was the usual protocol, I stripped and left my clothes by the door. I wandered around the house looking for Frank but couldn’t find him. I stepped out the back patio and quickly two guys grabbed my arms. A dark cloth bag went over my head and I tried to break free, but the guys holding me were too strong. I felt someone wrap some rope around my ankles and then pick up my legs. I was carried away, naked. It seemed like they were taking me a ways away from the house and my mind was spinning, trying to figure out what was going on. They finally set me down, but they tied my hands to something. I felt someone put cuffs around my ankles and the rope was removed. Someone spread my legs and they were locked to something to keep them apart. I could feel the breeze against my skin and I remembered I was still outside and naked. Someone stuffed a cloth in my mouth and I lost my chance to scream out and call for help. “He’s just as sexy as Frank said” I heard one of the guys say. “If they are friends of Frank’s then I’m probably ok” I thought. I felt hands all over my body - not just two. It seemed to be more than four, too. Probably six. While they were big and rough hands, they were gentle in their touch. “Look at that ass. Nice and hairy and muscular. I could spend hours with my face buried in there” said another voice. “That cock is damn fine too” said a third voice and I realized my cock was getting hard. “Just remember, we can touch but no sex. Frank would have our balls if we messed with his boy without his ok” said the first voice. I was trying to figure out what was going on. They knew Frank and they knew he considered me his ‘boy’. They also knew Frank would be pissed if they tried to fuck me. They stopped groping me and I heard them whispering. Soon I heard another person approach. “Thanks, guys” I heard Frank say. “You got one fine boy there Frank. Any time you want to share him, just let me know” the second voice said. “Well, maybe we should ask him “ Frank said. A moment later he asked “Boy, would you like a few men to help me show you how good fucking outdoors is?” Frank said. Someone pulled the gag from my mouth and I felt the hands keep floating all over my body. My mind was all over the place. It sounded so erotic and so dangerous that it turned me on. But I had no idea who was there. They were friends of Franks, obviously, so it wasn’t like it would be random guys fucking me. I didn’t want to keep Frank waiting, so I said loudly “Yes, Sir!” I heard a few guys say “Fuck, yeah” or something similar and I heard Frank’s distinctive laugh. “I’m not sure you know what you just asked for, boy. I’m sure you will remember it though” Frank said. I heard the sound of a couple zippers being unzipped and then felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. I could tell it was Frank and he whispered in my ear “Make me proud, boy.” His hands went down my back and then spread my ass apart. Frank’s tongue went after my hole and he was pushing spit into my hole and then tongue fucking it in deeper. I could picture the scene in my head. Me hooded and tied to some trees in a forest, surrounded by naked men, all wanting to use me. I had no idea how many men were there, I was thinking it was maybe six, but I kept hearing noises all around me. Suddenly, I couldn’t feel Frank’s tongue or beard against my ass. I heard whispering, but couldn’t make out what anyone was saying. I felt two hands on my shoulders again and then a cock pushing my ass apart, heading straight for my hole. Frank’s cock pushed in and I tried to relax but I was still tight without him fingering me open. He let me get used to it for a minute and then started to fuck. This was different than our usual fucks. Frank was showing his friends how he owned my hole and while he might let them fuck me, they should consider this a rare privilege. He kept pounding me and kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. It was a big change from our sex play of the past few weeks. I felt his cock swell as he drilled me and I knew he was about to mark me with his seed. The grunts were familiar and then I felt the warmth of his cum fill me up inside. He gently bit my neck and then pulled out. I heard a voice say “Frank, may I use your boy?” followed by Frank’s affirmation. A new cock slid firmly into my cum lubed hole and I heard the man behind me moan. His cock pumped in and out of me slowly at first and then getting faster and more frantic. I felt another load shoot inside me and I was now carrying the DNA of one of Frank’s friends too. Another guy approached and the request was the same and Frank allowed him to fuck me. And another and another. When the eighth guy pushed his cock into me, my ass was beyond sore. The cum could only do so much to put out the fire from being roughly fucked over and over. This fuck was thankfully short, but the guy seemed to cum forever. When he pulled out I felt cum dripping off my balls and down my legs. I stood there for several minutes, waiting for either another guy to fuck me or to be untied and unhooded so I could see the men that used me. Instead, I started feeling warm streams cover my body. They came from every direction and from the smell I could tell that they were pissing all over my body. I had tried piss once before a long time ago and it had never done anything for me. This time, it just added to the experience. When everyone’s bladders were empty, I could hear people walk away. I was left there for what seemed a long time, Frank told me later it was fifteen minutes, before Frank took the hood off of me and then untied me. Everyone was gone, it was just the two of us, naked in the forest around his house. “I hope you liked that, Mike” Frank said as we walked back towards the house. “Yes, Sir” I replied and I heard him chuckle. “Good, I’m glad. I did too and you made several men very happy tonight. But, once we are done with the scene, you don’t have to address me as ‘Sir’” Frank said and I replied “OK, Frank.” He led me into the back entrance of the house that took us down some steps right into the basement. We showered off together in the playroom. Once cleaned off we went up stairs and drank a few beers before we went to his bedroom and fell asleep. Frank was behind me with his cock nestling next to my balls and cum slowly leaking from my ass.
  8. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 47 - Boning for a Job Joe spent the morning talking with Kyle about the job. He was worried that Kyle would be reluctant to go to California with him if he didn’t have a job out there too. If Joe had to choose, he would choose Kyle over a job, but he really wanted both. Plus, he would be close to Mark and he really enjoyed their renewed connection. Kyle insisted that he take the job. The pay was good enough to support both of them and he would look for jobs in the area both before and after they graduated. Joe called an uber to get to the hotel to meet Greg and whoever else he had invited. It was a little more complicated than he had planned on, but decided to enjoy the time. Joe had gotten a text message with the room number and he walked through the elegant lobby to the elevators. He got off on the sixth floor and went to room 609 and knocked. The door opened and Greg was standing there in just a jockstrap. Joe walked in and set his backpack down and as soon as he stood up, Greg had him up against the wall and his tongue diving for his throat. Greg’s hands lowered and then slipped behind Joe and then gripped his butt cheeks. Greg pulled him up and carried him to the bed and then leaned over, laying Joe down. Greg climbed on top, pinning Joe’s hands to the bed. “Hey there, sexy. I’ve missed you.” “I missed you too” said Joe and added “How have you been doing, now that you’re all charged up?” “Well, that flu sucked big time. After that, I felt great. And every time I breed a guy I feel even better” Greg said. “Good, I was hoping you would share once you were toxic. That was part of the deal, right?” asked Joe. “Yeah, it was and I’ve been doing my best. I’ve bred a few dozen guys. Not sure if I’ve tagged any yet, though” Greg replied. “It will happen, don’t worry. I thought you said there was going to be a group today” Joe said, looking up at Greg. “Yeah, that’s later. I wanted some time with you alone. Save your loads though, they need to be used on the guests and you already got me, hehe.” “Ok, but now you have me curious who these guys are” Joe said. “Shhh, you’ll find out soon enough. Now suck my cock” Greg said sternly. Joe rolled over and nibbled his way down Greg’s body and swallowed his cock to the base with one gulp. He sucked Greg’s cock before moving to his balls, careful not to get Greg too worked up and let him waste his load. While Greg was firmly in control, this meeting was a lot more sensuous than their previous two sessions. They spent more time cuddling and kissing and even when Greg fucked Joe, it was not as intense. Joe hoped that Greg wasn’t getting attached to him. He liked Greg and was appreciative of him following through with the job, but he always was careful about clients getting too close. Greg’s alarm went off and he slowly pulled his cock out of Joe’s ass. “Damn, I could do this forever, but the other guys are going to be here soon” Greg said. Greg went over to his clothes that were neatly stacked in the dresser and pulled out a stack of cash. He peeled off $1000 and handed it to Joe. “Greg, I can’t take your money. You’ve paid me a hundred times over by getting me a job” Joe said. “Take the money. Until you start working for my company, you are still a student. You’re going to need to pay the bills until you graduate and maybe longer. Now, don’t say too much about our previous meetings to the guys that show up today. As far as they are concerned, we met when I was visiting your campus and you happened to be one of our interviewees. We fucked on a hookup before the interview. Nothing more. OK?” Greg said seriously. Joe sighed and put the money in his jeans pocket. “Yes, sir. You’re the boss” he said to Greg. “Speaking of which… Have you considered our offer?” Greg asked. “Is this really the time to talk about this? Naked in a hotel room?” Joe joked. “Well, it won’t be official unless you have the offer letter signed here, but I’m curious” Greg said. Joe reached into his backpack and handed Greg the offer letter. “Consider it accepted” Joe said. Greg took the letter and quickly looked it over before putting it in the dresser, then turning to Joe and hugging him. Greg said to Joe “Thanks and welcome to the insane asylum. You made a good decision. Though it might make the next hour or so a bit interesting.” Just then there was a knock at the door. Greg went over and opened it and let a guy in. “I see you’ve already started, Greg” a vaguely familiar voice said. Joe turned and saw the goth guy from his interview walk into the room. As soon as Patrick saw Joe standing there naked he stopped and said “What the fuck? Greg, what’s going on here?” Greg laughed and said “I told you I had a surprise. I think you remember Joe. He’s going to help us out on our project. You sometimes say our employees fuck us over and he’s going to do his best today. Joe, you remember Patrick. He’s going to be your boss in a few months, but today he’s your bitch.” Joe felt his stomach flip flop a few times and couldn’t remember ever being so nervous. Patrick looked up and down at Joe and licked his lips. “You look a hell of a lot hotter without those clothes on. You should have been naked at your interview and I would have hired you on the spot” Patrick said. After a pause he continued “I figured you were gay if Greg was raving about you. You’re not like the guys he usually picks up, though, but I figured he had hooked up with you the way he went on. Are you’re the one that did him?” Joe took a deep breath and didn’t really want to answer the question. It really wasn’t anyones business besides Greg and him. Thankfully Greg interrupted and said “Let’s just say it happened on that trip. As you can see from the tattoos, Joe doesn’t hide his current status. He’s nice and potent and perfect for today’s fun.” Patrick circled around Joe looking at all of his body and noticing both the ink and the steel. “Do you take that out to fuck?” he asked Joe. “Nope. I just stretched it up a size so its got more mass” Joe said with a smile. There was another knock at the door and Greg motioned for the other two to stay quiet and move around the corner. Greg opened the door and said “I was starting to get worried that you had decided to not go through with it.” Another familiar voice said “I’m sorry sir. I’ve been down the hall trying to get the nerve to come in.” “If you’re not ready, I understand. There’s no going back. You can leave now, but you know what the deal is” Greg said. “Yes, sir. I am ready.” “Good. Then come in and meet the other guys. One is like you and the other is going to help you two on your quest” Greg said as he walked into the room. Raphi walked into the room and gasped as he saw Patrick and Joe. His eyes darted back and forth between the two and Joe could see a new wave of panic take over Raphi. Greg came up behind him and massaged his shoulders, trying to get him to calm down. “So, Patrick and Raphi want to get charged up. Each has their own reasons, but I told them that I could help. Joe here is poz and toxic. So am I. We’re going to give you our loads and hopefully we will get you both converted. I know that we all work together, so it might be awkward, but this is not a company event. We are just guys meeting to fuck” Greg said as he started to pull Raphi’s shirt off. Joe started to help Patrick undress and soon all four were naked. Joe looked over Patrick’s naked body and saw a skinny, pale guy. He was a couple inches taller than Joe and naturally smooth. His cock was like his body, pale, long and thin. His straight dark hair hung over his head, covering his eyes and there was a matching trimmed bush around his cock. He looked over and saw Raphi standing next to Greg and the difference was startling. Raphi was a a few inches shorter than Joe, not skinny but not muscled. He was latino and had perfect light brown skin with a dark trail that ran from mid chest down to his cock and a light covering of black hair over his pecs. His lower half was pretty hairy and his cock seemed to be a growing uncut six inches. Joe and Patrick took one side of the king bed and Greg led Raphi to the other side. Joe grabbed his backpack and pulled out a few items and tossed them on the bed. He dug around and pulled out a fresh bottle of poppers and took a hit before passing the bottle to Patrick. After Patrick took two long hits, he passed the bottle to Greg. Joe looked Patrick in the eye and said quietly “Do you really want this? There’s no guarantee, but I have a good track record.” Patrick leaned in and kissed Joe deeply and whispered “Yeah I do. I want to knock my cheating boyfriend up. The fucker has kept me from playing around and now I want revenge.” Joe smiled and looked back at Patrick “I hope I don’t regret this in a few months.” “Don’t worry, I keep playtime and work time separate. Now, lets see if all of Greg’s raves about you are true” Patrick said as he dropped to his knees and began to suck Joe’s half hard cock. Joe’s cock reacted quickly and Joe knew that his future boss was really skilled at sucking cock. He had no problem taking it all the way and didn’t gag with the piercing in his throat. His cock had a thick coating of throat slime all over it and Joe wanted to feel Patrick’s ass suck his cock in. He stood there getting sucked and started thinking of ways to ensure Patrick got pozzed. He had taken the bottle brush out of his backpack for the trip and wondered what he might have in his bag to replace it and then grinned. He pulled Patrick up and saw Raphi’s face buried in Greg’s crotch. He whispered to Patrick “Want me to brush your hole?” and saw Patrick’s eyes get big before he nodded slowly. Joe reached down and rifled through the bag and came out with his travel toothbrush and pushed Patrick onto the bed on his knees. Joe stuffed one of Patrick’s socks into his mouth before going to work. He knew this was going to hurt, but he slowly inserted the brush into Patrick’s anal cavity. He pushed in and out while twisting the brush around and he could hear the muffled screams from Patrick. Greg looked over and grinned, remembering how Joe had tortured his hole. Joe spent a few more minutes prepping Patrick’s hole before pulling the brush out. There wasn’t a white bristle left and Joe made sure that Patrick saw the result. Joe pulled the sock out and shoved the toothbrush into Patrick’s mouth. Joe’s cock was dripping and he saw a trickle of blood run out of Patrick’s hole. He spat on the hole and then slowly inserted his rigid penis into Patrick’s destroyed pussy. Once his balls were against Patrick’s, he ground his hips forcing his cock around inside Patrick. Then Joe began pounding in. He had no intention of this being a gentle fuck. Suddenly the bed bounced as Greg threw Raphi on to the bed on his back. Greg reached over and pulled the toothbrush out of Patrick’s mouth and roughly jabbed it into Raphi’s cunt. Raphi’s tried to stifle his screams but was only partially successful. Greg reamed the boy’s hole while Joe was drilling Patrick. Joe wasn’t sure what was lubing his cock, but it was probably a mixture of precum and blood. The bed shook as Greg rammed his cock into Raphi’s hole and more stifled screams filled the room. Patrick felt like a doe in a nature documentary about the rut. Joe was his buck and was intent on knocking him up. The pain was very present but this is what he was here for. Greg was right, Joe really knew how to fuck and as rough as it was he was enjoying every second and his moans told Joe that. Most guys that had fucked him never had this intensity or variety during the fuck. He felt Joe’s breath on the back of his neck and moaned louder. He felt Joe’s teeth bite in gently and knew he was probably getting close. Patrick worked his ass muscles, milking Joe’s cock, getting Joe even closer. With a grunt, Joe unleashed a huge load of his toxic seed into Patrick’s battered hole. Joe’s chest was on Patrick’s pale, sweaty back and as the last pulses from his cock ended he heard Patrick say “Fuck, that was amazing. Greg, you weren’t shitting me.” Joe chuckled and then slowly pulled out. The bed was still shaking as Greg was pounding Raphi mercilessly. Raphi was whimpering and Joe could see the tears run down his face. He hoped that it was from pain and not from him being pressured to get pozzed. Greg slowed his fuck down, but the thrusts got even stronger. Both Raphi and Greg grunted for the last few strokes until Greg exploded inside Raphi’s wrecked hole. Patrick was cleaning Joe’s cock, licking up the blood and cum and bathing his balls in spit. Greg wiped his cock off with a towel and moved around to the other side of the bed. He pushed Joe aside and pulled Patrick off the edge of the bed so he was bent over, his feet on the floor and shoved his cock in. Joe went over behind Raphi and pulled him on to the floor and down on to his knees. He wanted to give him a rest before breeding him and wanted his balls to have more time to recharge. Raphi sucked and licked Joe’s cock, almost like making love to it. Joe quickly realized that this kind of fuck wasn’t really his scene. He figured that Greg had wrecked his hole enough and he just needed to add his strain to Raphi’s cunt and let the bug seep into his blood from there. He pulled Raphi up to the bed and rolled him on to his knees. Raphi reached back and spread his butt cheeks and Joe knew he was ready. With his cock coated in spit he lined it up and slowly slid in to the ravaged hole. He heard Raphi groan and knew he was still pretty sore from Greg’s brushing and rough fuck. He worked up the speed and length of his strokes and soon felt Raphi getting into the fuck. He was pushing back on to Joe’s cock as Joe thrust in and he started to feel Raphi squeeze his ass muscles around Joe’s cock. Joe heard Greg pounding Patrick just like he had Raphi. Patrick was grunting with the occasional scream when Greg really jabbed his cock in. The bed was once again bouncing and both Raphi and Patrick seemed like rag dolls on a vibrating table. Joe started to hear Raphi talk and his voice started to get louder. “Oh fuck yeah, breed me please. Poz my neg ass up.” Joe knew that now he could fuck with full force and he did. He hammered Raphi’s hole and felt him clamp down on his shaft tightly. Joes balls started to tingle and he knew it was about time to give Raphi his second toxic load of the day. He grabbed Raphi’s shoulders and drove his cock in deep, holding it there as the pulses spewed his infected seed into the once neg body. The moans from Raphi turned Joe on and his orgasm lasted longer than he expected. Greg began to shoot when he heard Joe’s moan from shooting his load. Patrick grunted with each thrust of Greg’s cock, each one showering the insides of his hole with poz semen. Greg pulled out and slapped Patricks ass and then went into the bathroom. Joe collapsed on the bed and heard the shower go on. The three of them laid on the bed panting for several minutes. Greg came out of the bathroom, got dressed and walked out of the room without saying another word. The awkward silence that followed was broken by Patrick. “I guess he’s not that into it” Patrick said and neither Joe or Raphi knew how to respond. Raphi rolled over next to Joe and started to stroke his chest. Patrick looked over and then did the same on the other side of Joe. “That was one of the best fucks I’ve had in a long time” Patrick told Joe. Joe put his arms around both guys and said “Thanks. I hope you guys were serious about wanting to get pozzed.” Raphi spoke first and said “I’m scared, but yeah I am.” Patrick said “I already told you I was. I’m just trying to figure out how to get you to breed my boyfriend” and laughed. “If you really want revenge, I think its better if you do it” Joe told Patrick. “Yeah, you’re probably right. And Raphi, the fear is part of what makes it so exciting” Patrick said. “I guess you’re right. I was so turned on when I felt the cum shoot inside me. And feeling it inside me right now, knowing what is happening has my dick so hard it hurts” Raphi said and he started to move down Joe’s body. Joe felt Raphi’s warm mouth engulf his cock and he moaned. Joe’s cock stiffened and Raphi started sucking harder and bobbing on his shaft. “Got any more seed in those balls, Joe?” Patrick asked as he leaned over and started to suck and bite Joe’s nipples. “Yeah, but I’m gonna need a little while to let them fill back up” Joe replied. He enjoyed feeling Raphi nurse on his cock and got an idea on how to dump his next load. “Patrick, are you vers?” Joe asked. “Yeah, why?” Patrick responded. “You up for fucking Raphi while I breed your ass? You’ll get your cock coated with our poz jizz and if you let me scrape it up a bit we can give the bug another way in” explained Joe. He looked over and Patrick had an evil grin on his face. “Climb up and feed me that fuckstick” Joe said. Patrick straddled his chest and Raphi moved between Joe's legs. Joe licked the tip of Patrick’s cut cock and took it in deeper as Patrick pushed in. It started out just like any good blowjob with Joe’s tongue exploring and probing around and his lips moving up and down the shaft. Joe closed his jaw a bit and his teeth scraped along the flesh of Patrick’s cock. It was gentle at first and then Patrick started to fuck Joe’s face harder. With a little more pressure, Joe’s teeth were digging in to Patrick’s cock. The harder he went down, the harder Patrick plowed his face. Patrick put his hands around the back of Joe’s head and really started to fuck his face. He even jabbed to the sides and Joe’s molar’s dug into the head of his cock. Joe really wasn’t expecting Patrick to get into it like he did, but with the coppery taste from blood and the salty precum taste mixing, he knew that Patrick’s cock was ready for a poz cum bath. Patrick slowly pulled his cock out of Joe’s mouth and looked down, seeing the roughed up sections on the shaft and several deep scrapes on the head, both getting darker as the blood rushed to the surface. He knew his cock would be sore for a few days but felt strangely turned on. Patrick got off of Joe’s chest and Joe pulled his cock out of Raphi’s mouth, garnering a whimper from the boy. Raphi was pushed forward on the bed and up on his hands and knees. Patrick moved in behind him and wasted no time in sliding his cock into Raphi’s cum lubed hole. Joe realized that this was not the first time Patrick had done this and was planted deep in Raphi’s ass, waiting for Joe to penetrate him. Joe watched his spit covered cock descend into Patrick’s puffy hole and thrusted in hard the last few inches. He heard a combined “Fuck yeah” from both of the guys in front of him. Joe pulled back until just his cock head was inside Patrick. He knew Patrick’s cock was at least an inch longer than his, though thinner, and this position should be perfect for Patrick to fuck himself on Joe’s cock and then drive back into Raphi. Patrick began to rock back and forth, taking Joe’s cock in until he felt Joe’s thighs against his ass and then shoving his scraped up cock into the cum filled confines of Raphi’s cunt. He picked up speed and occasionally gyrated his hips. Joe’s hands rested on Patrick’s hips to steady himself and to give him a brace for the times he would slam in when Patrick was ramming into Raphi. He could even feel Raphi push back to meet Patrick’s thrusts and it seemed they all were enjoying a perfectly orchestrated three way. The bed was rocking and all three guys were either moaning or grunting. Patrick began to fuck harder and with each thrust in, he squeezed his ass around Joe’s cock which started to swell. Patrick slammed into Raphi, grabbing his shoulders and holding him firmly just as his cock began to shoot ropes of neg cum into Raphi’s hungry hole. Joe felt the orgasm milk his own cock and it was only a few seconds later that Joe hammered Patrick’s hole a few more times before pumping a third toxic load into his ass. The three stayed in position until all of the bodies stopped shaking and cum had been fully deposited into both asses and the bed cover. Joe pulled out and collapsed on the bed and Patrick soon did the same. Raphi moved between them and started to clean both of their cocks, sucking up the cum mixture before looking up at both guys with a huge grin. They rested for a short while before getting up and rinsing off in the shower. They got dressed and cleaned the room up a bit, but the bed was a cum and spit soaked mess. “Thanks. That was a lot of fun. Its going to take a few weeks to see if you two were successful and I don’t know about Raphi, but I’d like to do it again before you go back home. We can leave Greg out of it next time, though” Patrick said. “Hell, yeah! I’m up for it” Raphi said enthusiastically. Patrick wrote down his number on slip of paper and handed it to Joe saying “Call me about the job, at least. Or sex… Or both.” They walked out of the room and Joe hopped in the cab outside the front of the hotel and took the short ride back to Mark’s apartment. Half way through the trip his phone buzzed. He read the message from Greg. “Sorry for bailing. Realized I don’t like watching you fuck other guys.” “Shit” muttered Joe hoping the driver hadn’t heard him swear.
  9. Cub Finds a New Team

    Tuesday Frank invited me over for dinner. I asked what I could bring and he replied just my sweet ass. I decided to bring a six pack of beer too. When I arrived I could smell the grill going and I found Frank on the back patio tending the grill in just a speedo and flip-flops on. He looked so sexy standing there next to the grill. I walked up to him but wasn’t sure how to greet him outside. His neighbors were too far away to see anything, but I didn’t want to kiss him outside if he didn’t want to. I didn’t have to wait long to find out, since he set down the tongs and gave me a big bear hug and a deep kiss. “Mike, you have too many clothes on” he said. I blushed and pulled my t-shirt off and looked back at him. “Jeans too” he said. I replied “But… I just have a jock on.” He laughed and said “Don’t worry, no one will see us back here. Rocky and I used to fuck all summer long out here and all we got was a curious squirrel. Besides, I like looking at that hot body of yours.” I took my jeans off and was walking around in my bare feet for a little while before the rocks were too hard on my feet and I put my boots back on. I could see his cock start to fill out his speedo and my own cock was stirring inside my jock. I usually wore a jock every day and would wear the same one for a week or more before washing it. I love to smell the sweat soaked fabric after I had worn one for several days and this one I had been wearing a week and a half. “Damn boy, you look fuckin’ hot there in your boots and jock. If these steaks weren’t just about ready I would bend you over that table and fuck your brains out” Frank said as he put the steaks on a plate. I loved it when he called me ‘boy.’ At first it just seemed to be natural based on our age difference, but the more I heard it the more I wanted to be his boy. We walked inside and he placed a steak on each plate at the dining room table. I stopped in the kitchen and put the beer in the fridge, saving two for dinner. I found a bottle opener hanging from the fridge and opened the bottles and went in to the dining room. The table was set up with a salad, the steak and a bowl of steamed broccoli. We sat down and ate our dinner mostly naked. The food was delicious - so much better than I normally ate. Frank got up and took our empty plates to the kitchen and came back with two dessert plates with a slice of cheesecake on each. “Are you trying to fatten me up for slaughter?” I asked. “No, not at all. But I know how students usually eat and thought you might like something nice for a change” Frank said. “Thank you, I appreciate it. It was the best meal I’ve had in a long time” I replied. “Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll work off this meal very soon” he said with a sly grin. We finished our meal and I helped him clean up. We grabbed another pair of beers and sat on the couch, the TV on but just as background noise to our conversation. “Did you really have sex out on the patio?” I asked as I finished my second beer. “Quite a few times. We even tied each other up to trees in the woods. There is something magical about having sex out in the open, like our ancestors ten thousand years ago did. I guess thats something else that you have never experienced” Frank said. “No, I haven’t. I don’t want to get caught and arrested” I replied. “Thats the benefit of having a place out here. No one minds. The sheriff has even enjoyed some fun out here a time or two, but we want to keep that quiet” Frank said. I nodded and got up to get another beer for us. As I returned Frank was standing and was just turning off the TV. “I think we should take these downstairs and you can explore the play room” Frank said. “Uh, ok. I hope you will go easy on me. I just ate” I said with a chuckle. “Oh, I won’t start with the heavier stuff and you can tell me to stop any time. Tie your boots before we go down the stairs, I don’t want you to trip” Frank told me. We went down the steps and into the room. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I had never done anything other than vanilla sex - suck, fuck, rim, kiss. I didn’t use toys and had never been tied up. I stood in the center of the room looking around and having flashbacks to some of the porn I had seen using the equipment. I felt Frank come up behind me and he whispered in my ear “what do you want to try first?” I looked around some more trying to find something that would be gentle and Frank slipped a leather cuff around my right hand and I heard a “click.” I went to look and he took my left hand and put a leather cuff around it too and the same click happened. I stared at the cuff that he had put around my wrists. “If you don’t decide quick, I will decide for you” Frank told me. My mind raced and I couldn’t figure out what to use. “Time’s up” Frank said as he pushed me to the cross. When I was standing in front of it, Frank grabbed my hand and raised it up and clipped the carabiner that was locking the cuff to my wrist into the loop on the top of the cross. I started to speak and he swiftly had my other hand clipped on to the hook on the other side. I couldn’t escape and the only reason I wasn’t panicking, yet, was because I trusted Frank. Soon I had my legs restrained like my wrists were, spread wide for easy access to my ass. I felt something brush up and down my crack. It felt cold and yet a little soft. “Are you scared or turned on, boy?” Frank asked. “A little bit of both” I replied. I felt something slap my ass and it stung. “You will address me as ‘Sir’” Frank said sternly. “I’m sorry, Sir” I said and my body shook slightly as I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. “That’s better, boy. You learn quick” he said with a sinister chuckle. I heard him take a big gulp of beer and move right behind me, his hairy chest against my back. He whispered in my ear “You are mine to use as I want, but I will go easy on you since this is your first time.” “Thank you, Sir” I said. I found myself aroused by his closeness and the thoughts of what he might do. My cock got stiffer and strained against the jockstrap. I felt him move away from me and wondered what he was up to. He came back and pulled a hood over my head. I heard it zip around the back of my head and while I could breathe easily through my mouth and nose, my vision was completely obscured. I felt a clip go on one of my nipples and he dropped the rest of it, but I felt a chain dangling down my chest, tugging on my nipple. Soon my other nipple was clipped and he tugged on the chain and both nipples got pinched. My cock twitched each time he pulled on the chain. “Well, my boy, how are you liking my playroom?” Frank said. It was a little hard to hear with my ears covered but I knew what he was asking. “I think we are going to have a lot of fun here” I said, not thinking of what the consequences could be. I felt the flogger slap my ass again. “Sir!” I added. “That’s better” Frank said. I felt his body against mine and wished that he would just use me and fuck me until he was completely exhausted and empty. “So, boy. You wanted to learn about using this room. Some people think that a dungeon like this is where people have wild sex. There’s so much more to it. Porn flicks are not good educational tools except for the basics. I have had guys down here for days at a time, but there were only two or three orgasms the entire session. There are so many ways to pleasure each other without fucking. Do you want to please me?” Frank said into my ear. “Yes, Sir!” I replied. It was the truth. I was really enjoying having someone that was more than a quick fuck and then go home. “Good, I am glad to hear it. I want to please you too. I want to teach you new things and maybe you can learn things about yourself that you never knew. “ Frank said as he reached around and tugged on the chain which pinched and tugged on my nipples. “When you submit to another man, you do not become his toy. You are an equal. Your pleasure comes from making your master happy. I will never abuse you. There may be pain but it will come either from you disobeying or because it stimulates you.” “Yes, Sir” I said. The sexual tension was causing my cock to get even harder. It was easy to just find a hot guy and just fuck or get fucked by him. The anticipation of what was going to happen next was driving me crazy. “I consider us right now to be at the ‘friends with benefits’ stage. I really consider you a friend, but also one I enjoy having sex with. We could continue like that or we can maybe take it a step further. This is a decision that both of us need to make. Do you want to continue like we have been or do you want to explore our relationship deeper?” Frank asked. I was trembling. What was the next step? I didn’t want to be just a slave to a man. Part of me wanted to continue having random casual sex with people I liked. But another part wanted more. To learn from someone like Frank would be a lot of fun and maybe he could teach me to give myself to someone more than just sexually. “Yes, I do, Sir” I replied. Over the next few hours, Frank taught me that desire was almost as good as the real thing. He could fuck me for a half hour, but if he could entice me and keep my attention on him, wanting him, doing anything to please him, our play could go on for hours and my orgasms would be bigger than I could ever imagine. Feeling his touch, whether it was from his hand or tongue or cock was amazing. My senses were concentrated on the ones that were still functioning - touch, smell and sounds. I finally felt his hands spread my ass apart and his face push in. His beard against my skin and his tongue on my hole were familiar feelings, but now it had been drawn out and my desire, almost cravings, for it were so much ore intense. When Frank’s cock entered me I screamed out “Oh FUCK YES!!!!” without even thinking about it. His raw cock inside my hole felt a hundred times better than it did a few days before and I enjoyed every second when that time. The pleasure was off the charts and I hoped that he felt it too. His cock pumped into me harder and harder and I needed it more and more. When I felt him shoot his load in me I came too, without touching myself, since I couldn’t. I had never felt that feeling before. Physically, his fuck was no more intense than most of them, but psychologically it was on another level. I felt like there was a liter of cum inside me and I had dumped just as much all over the wall and floor. I was still locked to the cross but I didn’t feel like I had been tied down and raped. Feeling his sweaty chest against my back, his heavy breathing and his cock still inside me was euphoric. I felt his arms reach around and hold me tight and he kept kissing the back of my neck. “Thank you, Mike” he said. I realized he didn’t use the term boy this time and I wondered where I went from ‘boy’ to ‘Mike’.” We stayed there for several minutes until his cock softened and fell out of my ass. He first removed the hood and I was blinded even with the dim light. Cum was dripping down my leg and I felt him release first my legs and then my wrists. I turned around and Frank embraced me again, kissing me deeply. A few minutes later, our kiss ended and he handed me my beer. My body was sweaty and I really needed something to rehydrate myself but I drank the beer down. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked as I was drinking. “Oh my god yes. I have never had such an intense experience like that with sex. Yeah, the orgasm can be amazing but it never lasts that long. You didn’t really fuck me any longer, but we went on for so long. I’ve never spent more than 10 or 15 minutes doing foreplay and that was so much more exciting. Frank stood there with a grin on his face. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. There are so many more things that we can do to enhance sex. These tools aren’t required, but they can also make things more interesting. If you want, we can keep trying new things.” Frank said. We walked over to the tiled area and rinsed ourselves off, washing and caressing each other’s bodies and ending with a long kiss as the water cascaded over us. “Mike, many people think of sex in these kinds of places to be a place where one person is the Dom and the other a sub. It doesn’t mean that the same person has to be the Dom all the time. We both are versatile and I like to submit just as much as I like to dominate. I think you might be the same. I don’t want us to fill the same role all the time. You don’t have any experience, so I want to teach you. Its easier to teach if I am the Dom and you to observe both roles. Once you feel you are ready to try switching, I want to do that. Rocky and I didn’t have anyone to teach us, we just figured it out as we went along. You and I need to find our own way to do it so that we can both get pleasure regardless of who is Dom and who isn’t. Do you understand what I am saying?” Frank said. I couldn’t remember Frank talking that much at one time before. I hung on every word he said though and I completely agreed with his comments. “Yes I do, Frank. I’m glad you think that, because I don’t think I would be happy being just a bottom or sub or… all the time. Its just not who I am. I want to learn, because tonight has taught me that sex can be more than just a quick fuck. I just wonder what happens when we both are in the mood to be dominant, though.” Frank turned the water off and pulled a pair of towels off the rack and handed me one. “There are times where we need just a quick fuck. And don’t worry about if we both want to be dom or sub. We just invite other people over to fill that role. Our time with Craig last weekend told me that we make a pretty good team when we both want to fuck. That told me that you were ready for me to try this tonight.” I started to put my clothes on and Frank stopped me. “I prefer to be naked as much as possible. From now on, if its just the two of us here, I want us to be naked. The same goes for being in the back yard. You are too sexy to be covered with clothes” Frank said. I never considered myself to be a nudist and I had always been self conscious about my body since so many people had made comments about my size and my hairy body when I was younger. But, if Frank wanted me to be nude when I was at his house, then I had no problem with it. “Sure, Frank. The same goes when you are at my place” I told him. We went upstairs and I looked at the time. It was almost 2AM. “Uh, I should be heading home. I have class in the morning.” “Stay the night, I’ll be getting up for work and you can go home then when you’re rested” Frank said and I wasn’t about to argue. We curled up in bed together and I felt his cock nestle in below my ass and cock. His arm was over me in seconds and we soon fell asleep.
  10. A Brother in Trouble

    The list is at the end of page 11. There are only three or four new characters to add. I'll update it when there's more. My formula has been to mostly have the main characters (Mark, Joe, Kyle) have fun with a new guy or two, and occasionally develop those characters when I find them interesting (i.e. Steven, Ric, Greg). I'm actually trying not to create too many "regular" characters, but sometimes its better to have a familiar face add to the fun. It seems from comments that some readers seem to have their favorites though.
  11. A Brother in Trouble

    [ There is a mention about escorts in this (and earlier) chapters. From the info in the alert, I think it should be OK since its in a section of fictional stories and this story is complete fiction ] Part 46 - Pool time The next few days were quiet as they recovered from their trip to San Francisco. Joe sent a message off to Greg with several questions about the job and a separate one about meeting for fun. He didn’t feel he could charge Greg but was unsure how to handle it. He decided to just meet and not mention anything about money and not accept it if Greg gave it to him. Joe’s other phone buzzed with a message and he hauled it out. The message was from Greg. “Let’s meet at the Palomar Hotel tomorrow. I’ll get room. Mind if its a group?” Joe replied “Sounds good. What time? Group OK, I think. Who?” His main phone buzzed and he had answers to most of his work questions from Greg. While he was reading the messages his second phone buzzed and Greg’s response was “4pm. A couple future co-workers.” Joe then sent a message to the intern he met on the interview before Christmas. “Hi. This is Joe. We met when Greg gave me the tour after my 2nd interview. Can we talk?” Raphi replied back a little while later “yeah. now?” Joe walked out on the balcony and took a big hit off the joint and stubbed it out. He called Raphi and he asked several questions about the job, the workplace, work hours, and then finally asked about the people there. “Yeah, its the people that make this a great place to work” Raphi said. “We work hard, but we play hard too. Sometimes its G rated stuff - bowling, softball or sand volleyball. Stuff like that. But some of the people like to have more, uh, adult fun. Drinking, dancing, partying, and…” Raphi stopped. “And?” Joe asked. “Can I ask you a personal question, Joe?” Raphi asked nervously. “Yeah, no problem” replied Joe. “I think I know the answer, but I want to be sure. Are you, uh… gay or bi?” asked Raphi. Joe laughed and said “Yeah, I am.” “Oh good. My gaydar has always sucked and I misinterpret guys all the time. I can never tell if someone is just being friendly or hitting on me. Anyway, the reason I asked is that some of the guys at work have sex parties sometimes. I’ve heard they’re really wild. I haven’t gone to one yet, I’ve been too nervous” Raphi said. “My turn to ask a personal question, then” said Joe and Raphi said “Sure” in his usual, exuberant voice. “Are you nervous because you’re a virgin?” Joe asked. “Oh fuck no! I lost that years ago. I, uh, just never, uh… done it in a group” Raphi replied. “Ah, that’s cool. Don’t worry about it. Maybe start small with two or three other people and then try larger groups when you’re ready. Just remember, it can be fun to go outside your comfort zone” Joe said. “Yeah, thanks. I hope you decide to take the job. You seem like a cool guy and I think it would be fun to work together. If they’ve offered you a job then they really want you. Its very tough to get a job there. Most people don’t last through the first interview. I heard they only gave four second interviews” Raphi said. “Oh wow. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be talking to you later. Maybe we can grab coffee or a beer later in the week” Joe replied. “Yeah, that would be cool. Maybe you can tell me the strange place where Greg found you then, hehe” Raphi said. Joe chuckled and said “Uh, maybe. Bye” and hung up the phone. Joe and Kyle put on their swim suits and grabbed a few beers before going to the hot tub downstairs. They took their t-shirts and sandals off and slid into the hot bubbling water. They discussed Joe’s job offer and how they wished they could be naked and fuck each other out in public. They made comments about some of the guys laying out by the main pool and realized why Mark liked this apartment complex since it seemed that it was filled with hot guys. They heard a noise behind them and when they turned they saw two guys setting their drinks down and getting into the other side of the tub. They took in the sight of the newcomers who smiled back and were obviously checking Joe and Kyle out. “Hi, mind if we join you?” asked the blond haired guy. “No problem” Kyle replied. The new guys tossed their towels to the side and both were wearing speedos that left little to the imagination. The blonde guy was tall and thin and seemed to be completely shaved, with no pubic hair showing above his low cut orange speedo. The other guy was a chocolate skinned black guy with his hair in a mohawk, a few inches taller than his friend and while also thin, had a lot of definition to his muscles. His cock, while seemingly soft left a large bulge in his yellow swimsuit. “I’m Adam and this is Wes” the blond guy said and Joe introduced themselves. Joe looked over and Adam and Wes were sitting close together with their hands underneath the bubbling water, which he assumed meant they were groping each other. “I don’t think I’ve seen you guys around before. Did you guys just move in?” Wes asked. “We’re out visiting my brother for the holidays and thought we’d come down here and enjoy the weather and the views” Joe replied. “Ah, cool. Are you two… uh… together?” Adam then asked. “Yeah, Joe’s my boyfriend. But… we’re… uh… open” Kyle responded and then winked. Both Adam and Wes smiled before Adam said “We’re roommates but sometimes we play together.” There was a minute of silence while it seemed everyone was checking each other out more thoroughly. “Nice tattoo” Adam commented. “Thanks. My brother got it for me as my graduation gift. Now I just have to graduate!” Joe said with a chuckle and everyone laughed with him. Adam and Wes started to move across the hot tub near Joe and Kyle. Adam reached out and traced parts of the tattoo on Joe’s arm and then chest. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to be that rude. I just haven’t been up close with any guys that have a tattoo and it fascinates me. I don’t think I could stand the pain to have something like that done” Adam said. Joe chuckled again and said “No problem, I like hot guys touching me. The tattoo didn’t hurt too much. Just the chest part, really, and it wasn’t too bad.” Joe glanced over and Wes was getting close to Kyle. He looked back and Adam was moving in to kiss Joe, so he put his arm around Adam and pulled him in. Their lips touched and then Joe parted his lips and pressed his tongue to Adam’s lips. The kiss got more intense and Joe heard a moan come from Kyle and Wes’s direction. The two pairs were making out for several minutes until Adam broke the kiss and sat down next to Joe. His hand quickly made it’s way to Joe’s crotch where he found a stiff cock straining against his swimsuit. Adam grasped Joe's cock and then stroked it slowly. Kyle was rubbing Wes’s bulge and watching the snake grow longer and thicker until it started to crawl out of his speedo. Kyle looked up at Wes and grinned before licking his lips. Wes looked over at Joe and Adam who were kissing again while Adam stroked Joe’s cock underneath the water. Wes said “We should probably go inside before we get busted again.” Adam reluctantly ended the kiss and agreed. Adam and Wes went back over to the other side of the tub and got out, covering their hard cocks by wrapping their towels around their waists. Joe and Kyle started to get out of the pool doing the same and dropped their empty beer cans in the trash. They started to walk back towards the building, with Joe and Kyle in the lead. Once inside, they got on the elevator and Adam hit 3, for their floor. The four walked down the hall to Adam and Wes’s apartment and went in. As soon as they were inside, everyone stripped off their swimsuits and Adam led everyone into his bedroom. Joe turned Adam around and backed him up to the bed before pushing him back so he laid down on one side of the bed. “Damn, you have another tattoo” Adam said as he tried to look closer at it. “Yeah I do” Joe said as he climbed on top of Adam. “Fuck! He’s got a third one too” exclaimed Wes as he spotted the biohazard tattoo on Joe’s calf. “What? Let me see!” Adam said excitedly. Joe climbed off and then turned around, showing Adam the back of his leg. “Oh, shit! You’re poz, aren’t you?” Adam said. “Yeah I am” Joe replied. Kyle moved back and let Wes see the tat above his cock. “Fuck. You too?” Wes said. “We can play safe” Joe said, sensing reluctance from Adam. “I don’t care. I’m on prep, so I’m good” Wes said. Adam looked to be white as a ghost. “Uh… I… uh… don’t fuck with poz guys. Sorry” Adam said. Joe decided to push a bit, since he really wanted to fuck Adam. “Are you on prep?” he asked. “No” Adam replied. “Then you always fuck with condoms then. Right?” Joe probed a bit more. “No, I prefer it raw” Adam said after several seconds. “Then its just a matter of time. There’s lots of guys out there that don’t know they’re poz and will tell you they’re neg. Theres even some guys that know they’re poz and will lie just to fuck you. You’ve probably already taken poz loads and you didn’t even know it” Joe said in an almost scholarly voice. “No, I’m really careful” Adam said. “Dude, that’s stupid. I’ve been telling you for over a year to get on it” Wes said as he started to move towards the door, dragging Kyle with him. “You wouldn’t fuck with a poz guy even with a condom?” Joe asked as he looked down at Adam. “No. I’ve had them break before” Adam said. Joe stepped back and started towards the door. As soon as he got out into the living room and was reaching for his swimsuit, Wes called to him and motioned him into the other bedroom. Wes pulled them in close and said “Fuck yeah! Now I get to get tag teamed by a couple of hot poz guys!” Joe looked at Kyle and then said “As long as you end up fucking both of us too.” “Hell, yeah!” Wes replied and the three of them moved on to the bed. Joe moved in front of Wes and Kyle behind him and soon Wes had a cock in his throat and a tongue up his ass. His rock hard, nine inch, thick cut cock was dripping precum almost immediately on the bed while Joe and Kyle used him. No mention had been made about condoms and Kyle didn’t see any around. He did spot a bottle of poppers next to a bottle of lube and quickly grabbed both of them. He did two hits from the brown bottle and then dripped some lube on Wes’s pulsing hole. Kyle worked his finger in and forced some lube inside. He worked his finger in and out and then added a second finger. Wes was moaning around Joe’s cock as his hole got opened up. Joe was slowly fucking his cock into Wes’s mouth and then into his throat. Joe knew that Wes was really good at sucking and deep throating cock and seemed to be enjoying every second. He tried to pace it so that he didn’t blow his load down Wes’s throat. He wanted to plant his load deep in that hot bubble butt. Kyle couldn’t wait to get his cock in Wes’s hole so he pulled his fingers out and slicked up his cock with lube and moved in. He passed the poppers to Joe and then slid his cock into the quickly closing hole. He pushed in slowly, sinking his cock all the way in with one long stroke. A muffled “Oh fuck yeah” came from Wes and Kyle felt Wes clamp down on his cock when he got all the way in. Kyle started rolling his hips and drilled his raw cock into Wes’s hungry pussy. The harder he fucked the harder Joe’s cock got driven into Wes’s throat. Joe and Kyle had fucked many guys like this and it never seemed to get old. Joe’s cock was getting treated like few other times when they had spit roasted guys. No matter how hard Kyle fucked, Wes was still using his tongue and throat to massage and pleasure his cock. He finally had to pull his cock out of Wes’s mouth to prevent himself from cumming. He held up the poppers to Wes’s nose and let him breathe in. Kyle put his hands on Wes’s shoulders and forced his head into the mattress. He got up on his feet and started to pound into Wes, his cock plunging deep into his tunnel. His precum had been coating Wes’s insides and making it easy to fuck him hard. Kyle began to moan as his balls tightened. Wes started to beg in between thrusts - “Fuck yeah” “drill that ass” “fucking breed me.” The last one told Kyle everything he needed to know and began to feel his cock pulse as he shot his toxic seed deep inside Wes’s prep'd neg hole. He wasn’t going to be able to knock Wes up, but it still felt good. When the shots stopped, Kyle thrust in a few more times and pulled out. He heard a whimper from Wes, but his hole was not empty long before Joe took his turn. Wes’s hole was slick and still gaping when Joe shoved in all the way and Wes let out a loud moan. This was a feeling Joe loved, an eager hole filled with poz cum coating his cock. Joe knew he wouldn’t last long, since Wes’s oral skills had taken him to the edge several times already. He reached forward and pulled Wes up, so they were both upright while Joe drilled his cock in. He whispered into Wes’s ear “It feels good having that poz load inside you, doesn’t it?” Wes replied with a “Mmmhmm.” “You like taking the forbidden seed, right?” Joe continued as his hips slammed into Wes’s ass. “Oh yeah” Wes moaned. “One day you’ll stop taking the meds and let it happen, won’t you?” Joe teased and got “Mmmhmm” from Wes. Joe was a little surprised at Wes’s response, but it turned him on even more. Four more thrusts and his cock showered Wes’s guts with another toxic load of cum. They both yelled out when Joe’s orgasm hit and Joe held Wes tight, lightly biting his neck. Joe and Wes slowly fell to the bed, Joe’s cock still inside Wes. Kyle joined the two of them and they laid there recovering for several minutes. Wes’s cock was semi hard and Kyle leaned down and began to suck on it. He tasted the sweat and the precum that had been dripping out while they had been fucking Wes. It quickly got rigid and filled Kyles mouth with its girth. Wes smiled as Kyle sucked and Joe played with his nipples. “You boys want my neg seed in those poz cunts?” Wes said and was greeted with both saying “Mmmhmm” as they continued getting Wes aroused. Wes got up and pushed Kyle off the bed and bent him over. He took the bottle of lube and pushed some into Kyle’s hole with a pair of fingers. It was obvious to Kyle that this fuck wasn’t going to be gentle. A third finger joined in and Wes twisted his fingers around, stretching Kyle open. Wes yanked his fingers out and slapped his hard cock on Kyle’s ass. He spread the cheeks apart and rubbed his cock up and down and then without warning jabbed it into Kyle’s hole. “FUCK!” Kyle yelled. This was the biggest cock that Kyle had taken in a while and Wes was just ripping into his ass. Kyle buried his face into the bed, letting it muffle his screams. He tried to get his body to relax but it took longer than he wanted. After almost two dozen thrusts he got used to the brutal invasion from Wes’s cock. His ass was burning, but it started to feel good. He turned his head and started to moan and that seemed to spur Wes on to fuck harder and go that extra bit deeper, hitting his inner ring. Kyle’s eyes rolled back and a new wave of pain spread through his body. Soon, that too dissipated and Kyle’s moans returned. Wes pounded Kyle like that for several minutes and then Kyle felt his cock get even thicker. “UGHHH UGGHHH AAAAHHHHHHHHH” screamed Wes as Kyle felt his guts get filled with cum. He couldn’t feel any pulses from Wes’s cock, it just seemed like a flood of hot cream was getting pumped into him. Joe stood there looking in awe of what happened to Kyle and was bracing himself for similar treatment. Wes pulled his cock out of Kyle’s hole and a mixture of cum and blood dripped out down his balls and legs. Kyle crawled up on to the bed and laid there face down and Wes slapped his ass. “Thats why I love fucking poz guys. They know how to take cock and love it rough.” Wes said. He sat down on the bed, rubbing Kyle’s back when they heard from the doorway “Can I join in?” It was Adam. He was shaking and still pale. “Sure, bring the condoms” Joe said. “No. No condoms. You’re right. I am playing with fire and didn’t want to admit it. At least this way I’ll know when it happens” Adam said. “You sure about this? We’re not on meds” Kyle said, turning his head back towards Adam. “Uh… Yeah” Adam replied. Kyle got up from the bed, feeling more cum drip down his leg and motioned Adam over. Wes got up and moved to the other side of the bed and motioned for Joe to kneel on the bed with his ass over the edge. Wes lubed up Joe’s hole and then tossed the bottle over to Kyle. Adam climbed on the bed and Kyle said quietly “On your back.” Kyle rolled Adam on to his shoulders and began to rim his hairless ass. He sucked Adam’s balls into his mouth, one by one, and then feasted on the tight hole. He could still feel Adam’s body quiver but soon he also heard him moan. Curling his tongue, he worked it into Adam’s tight hole, feeling it relax the more his tongue poked in. Kyle brought his index finger up and slowly pushed it in, getting the spit inside. He knew that Adam was too nervous and too tight to just use spit for lube and leaned back and dripped some of the lube over his pucker. Kyle’s finger slid in much easier now and he tried to get the lube in deeper. Joe and Wes had been watching up to this point and then Wes started to lube up Joe’s ass too. Kyle added a second finger and felt Adam loosen up and didn’t feel him shaking any more. The moans got louder from Adam and Kyle knew he had gotten over his fear. A third finger went in and Adam’s hole opened up nicely. After a few quick strokes of his lubed hand on his cock, Kyle lowered Adam down and lined his cock up. He wasn’t even sure if Adam had ever had a pierced cock in his ass, but he soon was going to. Kyle locked his eyes on Adam’s and he saw that combination of fear and lust that he knew from every neg guy he had fucked since he converted. Kyle slowly pushed in and felt Adam’s hole clamp down. “You sure about this?” he asked and Adam nodded ‘yes’. Adam took a deep breath and his hole loosened up and Kyle’s cock popped inside. He let Adam get used to it before rocking his hips, getting his cock in deeper with each stroke. Kyle chuckled to himself thinking that as brutal a fuck Wes had just given him, he was doing the opposite with Adam. His strokes got longer and longer and his precum began to add to the spit and lube he had used. Adam was staring at him, never blinking as he started slow and worked up to a full fuck. His pubic hair was hitting against the hairless pussy and he saw a smile come across Adam’s face. Soon there was the slapping sound of two bodies slamming into each other as Wes was pounding Joe while Kyle fucked Adam. Wes was holding back, trying not to scare Adam any more than he already was. Joe was relieved that he was being spared the savage fuck that Kyle had gotten. Groans and moans filled the room with the skin slapping sounds. The pace seemed to pick up in spurts. First Kyle would fuck faster and Wes would match it, then Wes would speed up and Kyle would follow suit. Kyle knew he was close and he looked down at Adam, trying to decide whether to pull out or not when Adam said “Breed me.” Kyle needed no more encouragement and jack rabbited his cock into Adam’s hole before slamming in deep and unleashing a huge load of charged cum inside Adam’s neg hole. Wes heard Adam’s comment and Kyle’s subsequent orgasm and started to pound Joe’s ass hard. Just as hard as he had Kyle’s. Joe wasn’t prepared for it and his body recoiled from the sudden attack. His hole gripped Wes’s shaft like a vice and it just made things more painful. It also caused Wes to start to shoot his load deep inside Joe. When Wes’s cock stopped throbbing and pumping his seed in, Wes pulled his cock out and stood there panting. Kyle pulled his cock out of Adam and climbed off the bed. Joe scooted over got between Adam’s legs and asked “You want another one?” Adam nodded and Joe slid his rock hard cock into Adam’s creamy hole. Kyle walked over to Wes and got on his knees and started to clean his cock of the slime from Joe and his ass. Wes’s cock stayed hard even though he had just fucked and bred two guys. He was fixated on Joe fucking Adam. Joe wasn’t as gentle as Kyle was, but Adam seemed to be ok with it. Joe pushed Adam back and folded him up, getting better leverage to drill into his neg cunt. His long strokes sometimes got too long and he pulled all the way out and drove right back in, causing a gasp to come from Adam. The cum from Kyle kept Adam lubed up and the force of Joe’s cock was pushing some of the creamy goodness out and around the base of Joe’s cock. “You want my load too?” asked Joe as he started to fuck harder. Kyle stopped sucking to hear Adam’s response. “Fuck yeah, breed me too!” yelled Adam. Joe slowed down and slammed in, waited a moment then slowly pulled back before doing it again. Joe looked deep into Adam’s blue eyes and gave one final shove, leaving his cock in deep as his balls pumped his virus laden cum into Adam’s unprotected hole. He pulled back half way and drove his cock back in, feeling a few more spurts shoot inside. He leaned forward and kissed Adam deeply before leaning back and pulling his cock out. Adam stretched his legs out and laid there on Wes’s bed and said “That was fuckin’ hot. I can’t believe I actually did it.”
  12. Cub Finds a New Team

    I grabbed my gym bag with my cleats and pads and we walked out the door. “Let’s take my truck. I want to stop at home and change clothes” Frank said. We drove just out of town and went down a gravel road to a small ranch house set in a clearing surrounded by trees. “Welcome to my house” Frank said. I followed him inside and looked around like a little kid. Pictures of him and another man were all over the place. I started to feel like I was intruding into his life. He saw me staring at one picture and said “That’s Rocky. I still can’t believe he’s gone sometimes. One of these days I have to put some of these pictures away. It’s time to move on.” “How long were you together?” I asked. “Fourteen years. We met when we were about your age. It started out just as friends, then fuckbuddies and then we moved in together. But now he’s gone and probably humping angels whenever he can” Frank said with a laugh. I laughed a little. “Wow, that’s a long time. I’m sure you have a lot of great memories together” I told him. “That, I do. And as long as I remember them he’ll still be with me. Now, let me show you around quickly before we head to your game” Frank said. “Here’s the guest room… here’s the office” he said pointing towards the little hallway off the living room. We walked back into the dining room he said “And Dining room and Kitchen”. He walked back into the living room and over to a door and opened it. We went down the stairs and were in the basement. There was a laundry room and workshop and he paused and turned to me, saying “I want to show you something, but I don’t want to alarm you.” “I think you already did just by saying that” I said laughing. “Hehe, yeah. I guess I probably did.” He opened a door and there was a large, dark room. He reached inside and flipped a switch on and some dim lights illuminated the space. We walked in and I looked all around. I must have gasped because Frank turned and looked at me asking “Are you ok?” I just kept looking around, seeing a sex dungeon in real life for the first time. I had seen them in porn flicks but had never known they were real. There were two slings hanging from the ceiling, a giant wooden X that I learned was a St. Andrew’s Cross, two padded benches, a weight lifting bench, a couple freestanding posts, a pillory, a large tiled area with a shower and a free standing tub. Along the walls were numerous devices that I had never seen before along with many cuffs, bars, ropes, chains, blindfolds and a large bag that looked like you could put a body in it. “Mike, are you ok?” Frank repeated. “Uh, yeah. I’m ok. I’ve just never seen anything like this before. Do you use all of this stuff?” I asked. “Not for the past few months. I come down here to lift when I want to clear my head. I hope you’re ok knowing I have a kinky side” Frank said, his face showing how concerned he was. “I guess you’re going to have to show me how some of this stuff works some time” I said with a sly grin. You could feel the tension lift from the room. “We better get going or you’re going to be late for the game” Frank said and we went upstairs. I followed him into his bedroom and watched him quickly change clothes, almost wanting to tackle him to the bed and forget about the game. We drove over to the field where we play and I could see the rest of the team already there, warming up. We parked and I ran to our bench and put my cleats and pads on. It was a fun game and we won by a field goal. I had the biggest cheerleader with Frank screaming the entire time I was on the field. We gathered together after the game and everyone wanted to know who the guy was that kept yelling my name. I blushed and told them he was a friend. A few guys told me to be sure to bring him to the party. I was tempted to say “back off, he’s mine” but I remembered Frank’s comment earlier. We went into the locker room and showered, cleaning off the mud and sweat and I changed into the jeans I had brought in my bag. “See you at the party” Deon said. I walked outside and looked around to see where Frank was. He was standing next to his truck, looking really macho. We hopped in the truck and I kissed him, which felt really strange and yet wonderful at the same time. We drove over to a little hamburger restaurant that Frank knew of and we had burgers for dinner before heading over to the party. I told him that there were a few guys that were hoping he came to the party and all I got was “Oh?” We pulled up to the house and walked inside. As soon as everyone saw me walk in with Frank, you could hear people talk. We grabbed beers and wandered around chatting with people. I introduced Frank to most of the team and we were standing alone for a change. Frank turned to me and said “So, how many of these studs have you fucked?” I swallowed hard and said “Almost all of them.” “Damn, you are one lucky boy!” he replied. After a few minutes he asked “Which one should we tag team?” I was a bit surprised by his comment, but my cock twitched and I started to think how hot it would be to use a guy together. I looked around the room to see what bottoms were there when I spotted Craig our center. Craig was a big guy, almost six foot four. Two hundred eighty pounds of pure muscle. Dark hair and this week he was scruffy which hopefully meant that he had been letting his body hair grow back after shaving it a few months earlier. Craig was a top until he had a few drinks in him and then became a total bottom pig. He was one of the guys that wanted to make sure I brought Frank to the party, so maybe we could make his wish come true. I pointed Craig out to Frank and said “What about him?” “I’m not ready to get fucked by a hulk like that” Frank replied. “No worries. One more beer and that guy becomes a cock whore” I said with a laugh. Frank laughed along with me and we grabbed another beer and moved over to where Craig was. We chatted a bit with him for a few minutes and he said “Just a sec, I need another beer.” I winked at Frank and when Craig came back we steered the conversation towards sex. Frank was rubbing his hardening cock as we talked and I started to as well. I could see Craig looking down and then back and forth before licking his lips. He finished off the rest of his beer and said “All this sex talk has gotten me horny and I can see it did to you guys too.” I smiled and nodded my head towards the play area of the basement. Ty was getting fucked on the couch by one of the tight ends with two other guys who were waiting their turn. I got to the first bed and there was Deon with two guys that looked like freshmen trying to figure out how to suck his ten inches of thick meat. I remembered the first time he fucked me and chuckled to myself that these two bois had no idea what they were getting into. The second bed was open and I walked over, pulling my jersey over my head while Craig climbed on the bed. I was pulling Craig’s t-shirt off while Frank took his shoes off. Craig unbuttoned his jeans and with a few tugs, Frank had them laying on the floor. “On all fours, Craig” Frank said in a quiet but commanding tone. Craig said “Yes, sir” as he flipped over and assumed the position. I had taken my jeans off and left them with my jersey, pulling my cock out the side of the jockstrap. I looked back at Frank, who was admiring Craig’s muscled and furry ass. When my cock slid past Craig’s lips, Frank’s hands pulled his butt apart and his face plunged in between them. I felt Craig whimper when Frank began to eat his hole out. He was sucking my cock more aggressively than I remember him doing in the past. I realized he was relaying what Frank was doing to his ass and when Frank got aggressive, Craig did too. When Frank eased off, so did Craig. After almost twenty minutes of ass eating and cock sucking, Frank got up and moved towards Craig’s head and motioning with his head for me to take his ass. My cock was covered in Craig’s spit and his ass was covered with Frank’s. I hoped that there was enough inside Craig’s hole to let my cock enter him without too much trouble. I knew Craig didn’t get fucked a lot and he was going to be tight. I tapped my cock against his hole and he moaned around Frank’s shaft. I added more spit and then started to push in. I stroked his ass with my hand as I pushed in harder until I felt my head pop past the ring. I felt him jump when I got inside, but he settled down and I started rocking in and out, getting my bare cock deeper inside him. Craig usually asked for condoms, but he had let me go in bare without a word. Maybe it was because his mouth was stuffed full of Frank’s cock. The spit and my precum let my cock start to slide in and out a lot easier and I could really begin to pound his hole. I would slam in hard and watch Craig deep throat Frank all the way down. Frank would smile and I could hear Craig gag. I didn’t do it to be mean or abuse Craig, it just felt really good and I knew it felt even better for Frank. I felt my load start to build, so I started to fuck faster. Craig knew what was coming and really massaged my cock as I fucked him. I went in deep and held my cock there as spurts of my cum coated Craig’s tunnel. He kept milking my cock and worked even more cum out of my balls. I slowly pulled out and tried to not lose any of the cum from his hole, leaving as much as possible as lube for Frank’s cock. Frank pulled out of Craig’s mouth and moved back to take my place. Craig tentatively licked the end of my cock and must have decided it didn’t taste too bad, since he started licking all of the cum off of my cock and balls. Frank sunk his cock into Craig’s cum filled hole and slowly fucked him with long strokes. He started to fuck faster about the time that Craig finished cleaning my cock. I tried to slide underneath Craig, which was only possible due to his height. I inched my way under him until my chest was against his stomach and I sucked down his cock which was covered in precum. We sucked each other while Craig’s body bounced around from Frank pounding his pussy. I was watching Frank’s cock enter and exit Craig’s hole, but then some of my cum landed in my eye and it burned. After that passed, I sucked feverishly while Frank drove his cock in. I could tell that Craig was about to shoot a load down my throat and I figured that would push Frank over the edge and get him to shoot too. I tried to reach up and tug on Craig’s balls but the angle was wrong. Instead I reached up and pulled his butt apart, letting Frank dig his cock in a little deeper. I opened my throat and took all of Craig’s cock in and then squeezed my throat around it just like he had done with his ass on my cock. Ropes of cum began shooting straight down my throat and I was having problems keeping it down. I heard Frank’s familiar growl and knew he was depositing his cum with mine inside of Craig. We all laid there motionless for a while, me trying to swallow all of the cum Craig shot, Frank trying to catch his breath, and Craig realizing he had just been bred by two guys. Frank finally pulled out and stood up at the end of the bed. Once Frank was out, Craig tried to stand up on his knees and pull his cock out of my mouth. I laid there and then moved to the end of the bed, opening my mouth for Frank to put his cock in. I licked and sucked our cum off of it and let him decide when it was enough. “Damn, that was hot” Craig said before continuing “I never fuck raw, but it just felt right tonight. Thanks!” “Thank you, that was a lot of fun” Frank said and I agreed. We hung around a little while longer, drinking another beer and talking with a few people, some mentioning how hot it was watching the three of us fuck. Apparently we had an audience for most of it, but we never noticed since we were so into fucking Craig. Frank drove me back to my apartment and when we got there he said “Thanks for indulging me tonight. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.” He leaned over and kissed me deep for several minutes before we finally stopped and I said goodnight and got out of his truck. I was exhausted and was soon sound asleep, wondering where this all would lead.
  13. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 45 - A Trip to the City (Part 2) The guys walked out and heard the sounds of people partying in the parking lot but decided to wander over to the bar that Tony had recommended. Mark pulled out his phone and got directions to the Whip and Bit Pub and it seemed to be only about four blocks away. It wasn’t on one of the main streets, but off on a side street about three doors down from Market. They finally found the place and walked in. Their first impression was that this sleepy neighborhood bar was not going to be as much fun as Tony had led them to believe. It didn’t matter, there were some good looking leather guys staring at them and they needed a little break after the motel fuck. They also realized that they were overdressed. Mark peeled his t-shirt off and went up to the bar and got four pints. The guy near him at the bar said “Mmmm, nice to see some new meat around here. What brings you in?” “A friend of my brother’s said that this was a place not to miss if we were in the area, so we thought we would check it out. It looks a little quieter than what we expected…” Mark replied. “Yeah, the crowd comes and goes. Its a bit early yet. As you can see we like to see a lot of skin here. You got a good start by taking that shirt off.” Mark chuckled and then looked down and realized the guy was wearing a leather jock, boots and a couple leather arm bands and nothing else. He looked around the most he saw anyone else wearing was a pair of assless chaps. “Ah, I see. I think we can fit in as soon as I get these beers to the table” Mark told the guy. He paid for the beers and took them back to the table and realized that the guys had already gotten the hint. Joe put his harness on and just had his jock and boots on. Kyle was just in his jock and boots and Eric had his harness on and a leather jock. “Fuck, you guys are quick” Mark said as he set the last of the beers down and started to take his jeans off. Several more guys came in to the bar, each following the same ritual - find a spot, take their clothes off, get a drink, talk and then most walked into the back of the bar and they didn’t see them again. “Either that bathroom eats guys or there’s a back room somewhere” Eric said. “If Tony recommended this place, I would bet on the back room” Mark replied. “Yeah, he said there was and its a lot of fun. Theres a password to get in and I think he even said its poz-only” Joe said. “Hmm, we might need to find it. How about another round and then we go have fun” Mark said. “Sure. It’s my round this time” Joe said as he headed to the bar. The same guy was at the bar and looked Joe over as he walked up. “Mmm, you’re lookin even better than the last guy from your group that came up here” he said to Joe. “Thanks” Joe answered. “I guess you’re liking the place since you’re sticking around. You even followed our dress code” the guy said. Joe laughed and said “Yeah, it’s a cool bar. A friend told me we had to come here. He mentioned that there was a back room that was really fun.” “Oh I don’t know if you’re ready to go there. Its got a few special requirements to get in” the old guy said. “I heard. I’m pretty sure I have it taken care of” Joe said as he turned and lifted his leg up showing his biohazard tattoo on his calf. The guy looked down and then smiled, saying “I see you do. Congratulations. Its nice to see some sexy young guys getting into the club. I hope you’re staying nice and strong and not going the drug route.” Joe grinned back “Nah, gonna stay off as long as I can. I need to share my gift.” The guy nodded and the bartender brought the beers. Joe took two back to the table and came back to get the last two. The guy said to Joe “Third door on the left. Go down the stairs and talk to the doorman.” Joe nodded and motioned for the bartender to get a drink for the guy at the end of the bar. He peeled off some money and then took the beers back to the table. “I got the info on where to go for the back room” Joe said and then sipped his beer. The guys talked some more and finished their beers. Joe grabbed his backpack that was now stuffed full of their jeans and shirts and they all walked towards the back of the bar. They heard several of the guys talking about them and one even said “they’ll be back soon. Danny won’t let em in.” Joe opened the door and they went down the staircase and walked around the corner. There stood Danny, a tall muscle cub. He wore ripped jeans, heavy boots and a thick leather chest harness. There was ink on every part of skin they could see below his neck. He was an imposing figure that surely scared some guys away without a word. The expression on his face said “Get the fuck out of here.” Joe walked up and said “I hear Rudolph is hung” and snickered. Danny shook his head and a smile came over his face. “You seem to know the password, but do you know the other requirement?” Joe looked straight back at him and said “Poz and horny? We got that covered.” “Well, damn. You surprised me. I hope you guys are tops since most of the guys tonight are bottoms” Danny said, sounding a lot friendlier. “We’re all vers” Joe replied. “Mmm, good. No condoms are allowed. There are two special guests in there. A chunky Filipino guy and a thin mixed race guy. The guests are there to get bred, no questions asked. The more toxic the better. You can move them to whatever area you want. The rest of the guys are there to have fun too, but ask first before you do anything. Uh, so you guys on meds or not?” Danny asked. “No meds for any of us” Mark said. “Fuck yeah. You should have a lot of fun” Danny said as he reached into a box and pulled out some red wrist bands. “Vers guys get two, one left, one right unless you’re just going to top or bottom.” Joe held out his left arm and got one band on his left wrist and then Kyle, Mark and Eric did the same. “White is undetectable and green is neg, but only the special guests can have those. Uh, you just have clothes in the bag, right?” Danny asked as he waved a metal detector wand over the backpack. “Yeah, and poppers” Kyle said. It beeped and Mark then said “Car keys.” Danny clicked the button and the door opened and the guys went inside. The space was big and they wandered around a bit seeing what was available. They found several small private rooms, an area with two dog cages, a wet room, a dark room that seemed to have a padded bench in the middle and was truly dark, a bondage room with several slings hanging from the ceiling, a few crosses, fuck benches and hooks hanging from the ceiling. As they walked through, everyone seemed to look at them and smile. Joe whispered “I’ve only seen white wristbands so far. I think we’re the only toxic guys here.” Mark said “We’re going to go hunt. We’ll meet up later” and he and Eric headed off. Joe and Kyle wandered some more and found the Filipino guy hanging from a hook in a secluded corner. He had a small towel stuffed in his mouth and his ass was red from being beaten. There were paddles on the wall and a barrel with a pad on top. “Mmmm, this looks like one of the guests they told us about” Kyle said with a sly grin. He saw the look in the guy’s eyes - a mixture of fear and excitement. “Yeah, green wristband, so that must be him. Someone has tied him up here, his feet don’t even touch the floor. You think we should bring him down?” Joe asked. “Yeah, I think he’d really appreciate it. Maybe even offer his ass up to thank us” Kyle replied. “I don’t know, he’s got a green wristband. Did the guy at the door say we needed to only play with ones that match our red ones?” Joe said mockingly and saw the guy shake his head side-to-side and mumble something into the gag. “I think he’d look really good with my dick inside him” Kyle said. “He’d look even better with my cum dripping out of him” Joe said as he bear hugged the guy and lifted his bound hands over the hook and carried him over to the barrel and set him down. The guy bent over the barrel and presented his ass to Joe and Kyle. Kyle kneeled and started to rim the hefty ass and quickly pulled back. “He’s loaded. Wonder whats swimming inside him” Kyle said to Joe. Joe replied “Poz cum, duh.” Kyle stood up and shoved his cock into the cum filled hole and began driving in and out. Joe walked around and pulled the towel from the guys mouth and said “How’s that cock feel inside you?” The boy replied “Fuckin’ great. Gimme that charged up cum.” Joe chuckled and asked “How many toxic loads you get so far?” “I don’t know. I was blindfolded for a long time today. A lot of guys fucked me right when I got here at 2pm” he answered. “Cool, you’ve been taking poz loads for over nine hours” Kyle said as he started to slam in harder. Kyle grunted a few times before he buried his cock in and let loose with several shots of toxic seed. “Oh fuck yeah! Poz me up” screamed the chaser. Kyle pulled his cock out and Joe moved in. He shoved his finger into the cummy hole and then pulled it out. “No signs of blood. You didn’t fuck him hard enough” Joe said and shoved three fingers in and twisted them around, digging his fingernails in. The bottom screamed out and Joe kept going. After torturing the guy’s hole for a couple minutes he shoved his cock in and fucked him like an animal. The sounds reverberated around the room and someone walking by might have thought it was a horrible rape scene, except the bottom was begging for more. Joe liked a bottom that could take as rough a fuck as he could give, especially after being fucked for nine hours. Joe slapped his ass and kept pounding as his cock spurted his death seed into the bug hungry hole. After the last of the cum shots, he fell forward on top of the guy and said “Enjoy those loads. I’ll bet you got knocked up today.” He pulled his cock out and looked at the battered hole. The cum dripping out had traces of blood in it and so did the cum coating Joe’s cock. Joe and Kyle left the guy bent over the barrel, moaning in both pain and ecstasy. They looked around and came across a group of guys they had seen earlier upstairs in the bar. There was a three way fucking on a bed and next to them two more guys fucking. They watched and stroked not wanting to interrupt the guys. Suddenly, Joe felt someone right behind him. Arms came around and held him tight. He saw the tattoos on the guys arms and recognized him as the guy at the end of the bar that he had talked to when getting beers. “I hope you boys are having fun” the guy started out as he began to hump Joe’s ass. Joe could feel a rigid cock with a large piercing rub between his ass cheeks and pushed his butt back and finally caught the tip of the guys cock on his hole. “Yeah, Danny said you were vers. I bet you want this cock inside that tight young pussy” he said and Joe just moaned. Kyle was stroking harder, watching his boyfriend about to get fucked next to him and the group fucking in front of him. The guy dripped some spit on the end of his cock and then pushed into Joe’s hole. Joe groaned as the large piercing followed by the thick mushroom head forced its way into his hole. Joe started to ride the guy’s cock and got it deeper and deeper inside him. “Is this how you got knocked up? Taking strangers diseased cocks until they filled you with all of their bugs?” the guy asked Joe. Joe moaned and replied “No… that didn’t work. My brother knocked me up.” He heard the guy grunt in his ear and his cock pulse inside him, filling him with more infected cum. “Damn, boy. Thats so hot” the guy whispered in his ear while breathing heavy. The cock slowly pulled out of Joe’s hole and as quickly as the guy showed up, he was gone. Joe and Kyle wandered around some more and found Mark and Eric with the other special guest. They had the guy on a fuck bench and were spit-roasting him. He was a sexy guy with dark caramel skin, a plump bubble butt and a desire for cock. Mark and Eric were pounding both ends and they could see the bottom try to pull Eric in closer with his hands and Mark with his legs. Mark let out a guttural yell and flooded the guy’s hole with his venom. They pulled their cocks out and Mark led the guy over to the wet area and Mark and Eric hosed the guy down. Joe looked at Kyle and they walked over and aimed their cocks at the guy and added their streams of piss. They took turns aiming for the guys open mouth and watching the piss overflow and run down his lean, smooth body. Kyle leaned down and pushed the guy face down on to the piss covered floor and pushed his cock in to the guys sloppy hole. He started to fuck and felt the streams of piss cover his and the cumslut’s bodies. He drilled and pounded, turned on by the warm piss and the cock hungry hole. The slut was milking his cock like a pro and Kyle felt his balls churn. The pissing had stopped but the smell hung in the air. He leaned down and licked the beer piss off the slut’s back. Kyle moaned and he heard Mark yell “Knock the slut up” and Kyle slammed down and let his cum shoot inside. Volleys of his toxic cum pumped in and mixed with the others in the guy's guts. Kyle got up and quickly rinsed off under the sole shower head. They left the guy laying on the floor covered in piss and sweat and the group kept touring around. Each fucked a few guys but their balls were mostly empty. Mark said “I think I have one more. I want to find the other neg guy and add my load.” Mark found him in the sling getting fucked. He noticed the guy fucking him had a wasted look and a red wristband. The top groaned loudly as he held the bottom’s body tight. His body shook and Mark knew the boy was getting an AIDS load deep inside him. The top pulled out and Mark marveled at the long thin cock, dripping with cum. The bottom said “Thank you sir” as the top walked away and Mark took his spot. He shoved in and felt his cock enter a sea of frothy poz cum. He drilled the slut’s hole for several minutes until his balls were ready to shoot the last of his cum for the night. “You ready to be a poz slut, boy?” Mark growled as he felt the cum rise. “Yes, sir” answered the bottom as he squeezed his ass tight around Mark’s shaft. “FUCK!” Mark screamed as he felt his cum shoot inside. The guys decided to head back upstairs for a final beer before heading home. As they walked out of the playroom Danny stopped them and asked how many loads they gave the neg guys. Joe said “We gave two to the Filipino guy, one to the mixed guy” and Mark added “two to the mixed guy, one to the Filipino.” “Good job” Danny said “I think they’ll both have red bands the next time.” As they walked through the bar back towards their table, Mark saw several guys nod and smile when they saw their red wristbands. Kyle stopped at the bar to order another round of beers and the bartender motioned him towards the back. Not sure what to expect, he followed the bartender into a dark hallway and the bartender said “Give me a toxic load in my ass and the round is on me. Its gotta be quick though.” Kyle’s cock instantly got hard again and he pulled the bartenders shorts down and pulled his cock out of the jockstrap. Kyle kneeled, spreading the bartender’s ass cheeks apart and spitting on the hole a couple times before standing up and lining his cock up and thrusting in. “You like taking poz cock?” Kyle whispered in his ear as he drove his cock in with firm, deliberate strokes. “Only taken undetectable ones so far, yours is the first toxic one I know of” the bartender replied. Kyle’s cock twitched and he started to fuck harder. He heard the bartender grunt with each stroke and could feel him wince from the hard thrusts. “Knock me up” the bartender begged and Kyle drove his cock in hard and unloaded what poz cum he had left. Kyle pulled his cock out and told the bartender “wait here, my boyfriend has another load for you.” Kyle slipped his cock back into his jock and hurried back to the table and told Joe where to go. Joe walked up and found the bartender still standing against the wall, his legs spread and his shorts pulled down. Joe whispered in his ear “Sorry your Christmas gift is a day late” and then shoved his cock into the bartender’s ass. The bartender let out a scream that he stifled quickly and pushed his ass back. “What do you want?” Joe asked while pounding the guys hole. “Your poz cum” replied the bartender. Joe felt someone standing next to him and turned to see Eric who was stroking his cock. Joe slammed in hard several times until his cock started to spew his infected seed inside the bartender. Volley after volley filled the tight hole adding to Kyle’s load. Joe pulled out and Eric rammed his cock in. He was all ready to shoot and told the bartender “Consider this load a tip” before burying his cock in and pumping in his charged seed. Eric pulled out, slid the bartender’s shorts back up and then slapped his ass. Eric stopped at the bar and the bartender quickly pulled four pints and Eric took them back to the table. Rehydrated, they walked back and found the car and headed back to Mark’s apartment. Eric and Kyle slept the whole way back while Joe and Mark talked. As they neared the apartment Mark stopped talking, leaving a very long pause before asking Joe “I hope you’ll be my best man.”
  14. Cub Finds a New Team

    We both woke up the next morning and the first words I heard were much friendlier than the day before. “Morning, Mike. Did you sleep well?” Frank said. I yawned and stretched and said “Morning, Frank. Yes I did. I hope you did too.” “I haven’t slept that well in a long time. You really wore me out” he said with a chuckle. I laughed with him and replied “You wore me out too and filled me up. I can still feel cum dripping out.” He reached over and grabbed my stiff cock and stroked it saying “I’m a really bad lover, I didn’t let you shoot your load before I crashed.” He moved down and took my cock in his mouth again, sucking and licking it just like he had the night before. Frank slid his body over closer to mine and we were almost in a 69. I stared at his hairy legs and ass and then started to stroke them with my hand. My fingers slid into the crack, running up and down. His moans around my cock excited me even more and I was struggling not to shoot my load right away. I guided his leg over my chest and head and licked his cock from the tip to his balls. When he spread his legs wider, I could get my face to his ass and I started to eat like a starving child. His musk filled my nose and I was getting high from it. I almost forgot that he was sucking me until I would hear a grunt from him when my tongue would dig into his pucker. I had some of his hairs floating in my mouth and I wanted more. I spread his ass wider and felt my spit soaked beard against his hairy ass. My tongue dug even deeper into his hole and he suddenly pulled away. He turned around and straddled my stomach and he looked down at me and said those magical words again “Fuck me, Mike.” I guided my cock to his ass and it slid easily to his opening with the mixture of our saliva helping it along. Slowly he pushed down and my cock popped inside. I slowly raised my hips, forcing more of my cock inside and he started to ride my cock. I was pounding into his hole as he rocked back and forth. I felt his sweat dripping on my chest. I looked up at his face and could tell he was enjoying it as much as I was. When I would thrust in harder, he would push down harder. I reached up and rubbed his sweaty chest, pressing the palm of my hand against his hard nipples and felt his hole squeeze around my cock. I then pinched his nipple and felt him squeeze again. Frank reached down with his hand and pinched my nipple with his thumb and forefinger, no doubt looking to see what my reaction would be. We worked each other over like this for several minutes until I felt my balls start to tingle. It didn’t take much longer and I thrust my cock deep inside him and Frank plunged all the way down. Pulse after pulse of my cream pumped into his body while his ass milked every drop. I let out a loud growl that I’m sure the neighbors heard. Frank leaned forward, laying on my sweaty chest and kissing me with a slow, passionate kiss. When the kiss stopped, Frank gently bit my lip before sliding down my body and between my legs. I spread them wider and he lubed my hole with spit. I knew it wasn’t enough but I didn’t care. If I was going to get Frank’s cock back inside me I would take it any way he wanted to give it. Frank stood there with his cock just in my hole, staring at me and waiting for more of his precum to ooze inside me. Maybe it was the precum or the cum from the fuck the night before, but when he pushed his cock inside me it didn’t hurt at all. Just that wonderful feeling of a bare cock sliding inside my hole. Frank’s cock slid all the way in until I felt his bush against my ass. I looked up at him and said “Fuck me, Frank.” His cock already felt bigger than normal and I doubted he would last long before he came. Each thrust was firm and deliberate. Hard enough to make me know he was in control and make me feel it , but not too hard to be painful. I worked my hole around his shaft until he couldn’t restrain himself. He looked me in the eyes and softly said “Take it, boy” as I felt his cock pump it’s seed into my cum craving hole. I could feel the warmth and fullness from his cock and cum. When his cock fell out of my pussy, he laid next to me. “Thank you, Mike. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. It’s not just the sex. I like being with you” Frank said. “I feel the same Frank. The sex is great, but you make it even better” I replied. We laid there for several minutes, smelling of cum and sweat. Neither of us wanting to move and break the mood. I looked over at the clock and it was almost 11:30AM. “Crap” I muttered. “What?” asked Frank, with a concerned look on his face. “I have a football game to play today” I said with a hint of disgust in my voice. “Mmmm, I bet you look like a real stud out on the field” Frank said with a grin. “You can see for yourself if you want to watch a bunch of gay guys play football” I replied. “I don’t see how I could refuse. I might have to hide my hard cock as I watch you prance up and down the field, though. And I might be envious of the guys you tackle” Frank said with a chuckle. I grabbed Frank by the hand and led him into the bathroom. The shower was a long one of half washing and half groping. We dried each other off and Frank put his clothes on from yesterday and I put on my jockstrap and then the gray uniform pants which clung to my body showing off my muscular legs and ass. I pulled on my long sleeve compression shirt and then our team jersey. I looked up and Frank stood there with a huge grin on his face. “You like?” I asked. “Oh yeah. And I’m gonna like taking them off you after the game” Frank said. I smiled. Oh, yeah, I remembered. After the game. My smile turned to a frown. After the game when we always have our party. How was I going to tell him about it? I could just not go, but I needed to be honest with Frank. “Uh, Frank. We usually have a party after the game” I said in a serious tone. “Oh, cool. Can I come or is it only for the team” Frank asked. “It’s open to anyone. I have to warn you that there’s going to be some sex going on” I said nervously. I wanted to go to the party, since I had been to everyone after the first one I went to. But I also didn’t want to mess up anything with Frank. “Hehe, are you worried about me being jealous of seeing your teammates have sex with each other? Or with you?” Frank said. “Yeah, we haven’t known each other long and I don’t want to fuck it up” I replied. “Boy, there’s one thing we need to agree on right now. No matter where our relationship goes - friends, fuck buddies or partners, we need to let each other have fun with other people. Understand?” Frank said bluntly. I was relieved. “Yes, sir” I replied with a grin. “Today is probably the best day to try it out. If we get really lucky we can see each other fuck with other people and realize its ok. It won’t change how I feel about you” Frank said.
  15. A Brother in Trouble

    (Another chapter that got too long so it’s in two parts) Part 44 - A Trip to the City Joe woke up Christmas morning and kissed Kyle. “Merry Christmas, you sexy fuck” Kyle said. They got up and put on some shorts and walked into the living room. Mark was on the couch with a Santa hat on and Eric had a sexy elf costume on. They could see Eric was riding Mark’s cock and they could tell from the sounds that Mark was about to shoot. “Breed me Santa, give me a big gift!” Eric said and laughed. As cheesy as it was, it got the desired result and Mark groaned as he shot yet another toxic load into his boyfriend. “Damn, thats how Santa keeps those elves happy” Joe said and giggled as he wandered into the kitchen to get some coffee. He came out of the kitchen and saw Eric now bent over the back of the couch and Kyle’s cock deep inside him. It was a quickie and after only a couple minutes of fucking, Kyle’s cock erupted inside Eric’s cummy hole. “I got what I wanted for Christmas” Eric said and then laughed. Mark had a small fake Christmas tree in the corner of the living room and there were a few boxes underneath. Joe went in to the bedroom and came out with a couple wrapped boxes and put them under the tree. Kyle was next and put one under the tree. The guys sat down on the floor next to the tree and Mark handed out the presents. Mark opened the first one and it was from Joe and Kyle and the tag said it was for both Mark and Eric. Inside he found a pair of large glass dildos with a pair of fur-lined leather handcuffs. “We hope that’s not too kinky for you” Joe joked and everyone laughed. Kyle opened the next box and it was from Mark and Eric. Kyle peeled back the tissue paper and inside was a heavy stainless steel butt plug. Joe was next and was trying to figure out what sex toy Mark and Eric would give him. Inside was plastic carrying case which he opened and found an electro stimulation device with an electrified cock ring and dildo. Kyle yelled out “Oh fuck yeah! You’re mine now!” and everyone laughed. Kyle tore into his gift from Joe and found a gift certificate from the tattoo and piercing shop along with six small barbells. “That’s for a Jacob’s Ladder for your cock. Daryl also wants to know when you’re going to go up a size on your PA” Joe said. Kyle licked his lips and said “That’s so fucking hot.” Eric went to open his and Mark said “Let Joe get his next. I want yours to be last.” Joe grabbed his box and dispatched the wrapping paper and opened the box to find a new tablet. “I know the theme seems to be sex related here, but I’m sick of you stealing my iPad all the time. Now you have your own!” Kyle told Joe. Eric looked at Mark before he opened the last present under the tree, which was from Mark. He tore off the wrapping paper and opened the box, but was greeted with another box inside. Just like little Russian nesting dolls, he opened a box only to find another box inside. Exasperated, he opened the sixth box and found inside a pair of rings and a note from Mark “Will you marry me?” Shocked, he looked at Mark and fought back his tears as he quietly said “Yes.” Mark hugged Eric and then the two younger guys joined in. — The guys woke up refreshed from a lazy Christmas day and Mark was tapping at the spare bedroom door at 8:30 AM. “Leaving in half an hour” Mark said as Joe and Kyle were getting dressed. Joe packed his backpack with his leather harness, some lube and poppers. Kyle stuffed a few things into the backpack and they went out into the living room. “What’s that?” asked Eric. “Well, I looked and there was a sex party at B’s Motor Lodge this evening and Tony recommended a bar to go to that had a fun back room, so I thought after we saw the sights, we could all have some fun” Joe replied. “Damn, you are one horny fuck. You’re just like your brother” Eric said. “What did I hear about a back room” Mark asked as he came out of the bedroom. “Your innocent little brother has an evening of fucking all planned out for us” Eric quipped. “Oh? I guess I should get a few things then” Mark said. Mark and Eric went back to their room and came out with a few items and put them in Joe’s backpack. They drove up to San Francisco and parked the car. They walked the wharf, had lunch and a few beers, rode the cable cars, and then toured around some of the areas. “We’ll come back next week and we can do the trip out to Alcatraz if you want” Mark said. He drove around and gave the guys some history of the neighborhoods. Later in the afternoon Mark asked “So when do your festivities begin?” looking at Joe. “Let me check” Joe said as he pulled out his phone and opened the app to see when the party at the motel started. “The invite said he would be going from 4pm to 4am tomorrow. I asked if I could bring people and he said yes.” “What exactly are we getting into?” Mark asked. “Here’s what the party invite said” Joe answered. “25 yo neg sailor on leave for the week looking to be a cumdump. Tops and vers only, no other bottoms. BB only, taking all loads. No pullouts. No watchers - wait your turn if theres a line, fuck, breed then go. May be blindfolded. Room info sent day of party.” “Damn, that sounds like fun. I hope its real” Mark said. Joe looked and he had a message and it gave the room number for the party. They grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed towards Castro. Mark parked the car and the guys walked the couple blocks to get to the motel. A bunch of people were hanging around and you could see a few different rooms that seemed to have some action. Kyle said “well, if this one is a fake then it looks like we have a couple other possibilities.” Joe went to the room he had gotten from the message earlier and knocked. A guy answered the door and asked “what’s your screen name.” Joe responded “bbwrestlr” and the guy said “Gotcha, come on in. There’s three guys ahead of you and I see you brought your friends like you said. Cool.” The guys moved into the room and Joe and Kyle took their jeans off. Mark and Eric just unzipped theirs and pulled their cocks out of the side of their jockstraps. They looked around the room and Joe spotted the guy’s navy uniform folded neatly on a chair next to the bed. The guy getting fucked looked like the profile pics - five foot ten, brown haired, smooth body and he spotted a couple tattoos on his arms. He was nicely muscled and seemed to be enjoying the older guy that was fucking him. Joe looked back and the doorman had a smile on his face as he watched the sailor get pounded. The doorman was a muscled hulk who definitely could be a doorman at a club or bar. His hair was cropped short and the muscles were visibly straining his t-shirt. His jeans were tight and full of beefy legs and ass. The bulge in the doorman’s pants and the occasional rub from his hand said that he liked some man on man action and was enjoying the scene. Joe’s attention was drawn back to the sailor getting fucked when the guy pounding him yelled out “Fuck… Fuck… FUCK… TAKE THAT LOAD, BOY!” He could see the older guy’s ass clench as he pumped his cum into the slut and the sailor let out a loud moan. He pulled his cock out and wiped it with a towel as the next guy in line moved behind the sailor. “Don’t forget to put your mark on him” the doorman said and the older guy took the marker and put another hash mark on the slut’s back. The next guy to fuck the sailor was a skinny guy a few inches taller than Joe. He had long straight dark hair, but little body hair and pale skin. He was a bit jittery and Joe figured he was probably wired on something. He was endowed with a long 9 inch thin cock that he rammed into the empty hole. He fucked hard and fast and Joe had seen him edging before so figured he wouldn’t last long. Joe stroked his cock to full hardness as he watched the skinny guy pound the sailor and it took less than five minutes before he heard the guy grunt and then yell out “I’m breeding your hole with my dirty seed, faggot.” The guy slammed in a few last times and pulled off using the towel to clean his cock off and marking his load on the slut’s back. The guy in front of Joe then walked up and checked out his prey. The sailor moved around on the bed, eager to get another cock inside him. The guy was a stocky Puerto Rican guy with muscles and tattoos everywhere. Joe noticed a marine corps tattoo on his chest and his haircut said military. The bushy mustache and goatee told him he was he was ex-military. His legs and ass were very hairy over the thick muscular limbs. The guy’s beefy hands roamed over the sailor’s body and ass. He leaned over and whispered something in the bottom’s ear and then grabbed the blindfold laying on the bed. He covered the sailors eyes, securing the blindfold and then slapped his ass hard before shoving his thick uncut seven inch cock into the sailor’s waiting hole. He pistoned in and out hard and fast for a few minutes and then pulled out as if he was just testing if it was worth his time to continue to fuck the bottom. In one quick motion, he flipped the sailor on to his back and slammed back inside. He fucked with an even pace of hard thrusts. The guy kept having to pull the sailor back to the edge as he kept getting pushed towards the center of the bed. Joe stroked his cock with the same tempo, occasionally stopping so he didn’t blow his load before getting to fuck the bottom. A growl filled the room as the top bred the sailor and everyone took a step back in case the top became "the hulk". He slammed in twice more after the growling subsided and then pulled his cock out. As the guy pulled his jeans up Joe kneeled down behind the sailor and pushed his face in between the muscled ass cheeks and feasted on the cum dripping out of the gaping hole. He heard the sailor moan, only the second sound Joe had heard from him. Joe stood up and dripped some of the cum from his mouth on to his cock and flipped the sailor back on his knees before he pushed in. His cock slid in with just light pressure until his bush was against the cummy hole. He started to fuck and sped up quickly. He knew these kinds of fucks were to fuck and nut as soon as possible to let the next guy take his turn. Joe slammed in and heard the door open as the skinny guy left and another top arrived. He watched the previous top mark his unknown load and then Joe started to pound hard and then jackrabbited his hole, enjoying the sea of cum around his cock. He varied both the angle and intensity of his thrusts and appreciated that the bottom could still work his cock after a few hours of getting used as a cumdump. He began to fuck harder again and then groaned as he shot his toxic seed into the sailor’s cumhole. He took the marker and went to add his mark. He looked back to the guy’s left shoulder blades a ‘-‘ with a line below it and two hash marks. in the middle was a ‘?’ and a line below it with five hash marks. On his right shoulder blade was a ‘+’ and a line and nine hash marks. Joe made it ten and stepped aside. Kyle was next and stuck his finger into the sailor’s hole and scooped a little bit of cum on his finger and tasted it. He lined his cock up and shoved in and drilled like he was possessed. Joe had watched his boyfriend fuck numerous guys but never with the speed he did this time. He was groaning as he pounded and in a few minutes was dumping his strain into the cum hungry bottom. He added his mark on the guy’s back while Eric dropped his pants down and shoved his cock into the sailor. While Eric was fucking, two more guys showed up. He fucked hard for a little bit and then slowed down and enjoyed the sailor’s cum soaked pussy. Eric bent over the sailor’s back and hammered him for half a minute before adding another charged load to the swill inside the slut. He marked the bottom’s shoulder while Mark slid in. Mark took a slower pace than Kyle and Eric had but was just as rough. The sailor was grunting as his cock slammed in deep, paused and then pulled back. Mark did it over and over and then started to fuck faster. Joe moved behind Mark and reached around and pinched his nipple through the t-shirt and whispered “knock him up like you did me” into his ear. Mark rammed in and his cock pulsed, shooting his bugged up semen inside to mix with the other loads. He pulled out and Joe leaned down and quickly cleaned his cock. Mark added a thirteenth mark under the ‘+’ and zipped his pants up. The next guy, a tall, light skinned black guy with a biohazard tattoo on his upper left arm took Mark’s place and started fucking the sailor. The four guys went to leave and the doorman gave Joe a wink before saying “Thanks. Come back later if you want.”

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