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  1. I thought the story had a good arc. Oh well, can't win them all. When this was written last Spring I left it open for another, probably shorter, year for Ric and Mateo. With my current lack of motivation for writing, I doubt that will happen. Even making a few edits was a chore.
  2. It's time for the last of Ric's adventures or at least the tales of them. I think I've taken care of all of the loose ends. Chapter 7.4 - Movin On They'd been studying all week, trying to get ready for finals. The silence was broken when Mateo asked "Do you remember the first day we met?" "Yeah. I woke you up so you could take a shower and you said a bunch of flattering things not realizing they weren't just thoughts in your head. Why?" Ric asked. "One of your comments was that you would never take a partner over to the bathhouse, since that's a place to hook up. We've never gone together and I know you've been there a bunch of times" Mateo said. He paused and continued "I need a break before my brain explodes. How about you show me what the allure is?". "Are you sure? It's not really your kind of place. You usually hook up only after they pass your hundred question survey. That won't work very well there" Ric told him. "If I'm going to change my ways, I should learn from the master on how to meet someone for a few minutes of mindless sex" Mateo replied, grinning back at Ric. "I usually last a lot longer than that" Ric said, rubbing his growing bulge. An hour later, they were standing in line at the bathhouse, finding out that a lot of other students were needing some stress relief sex too. Ric noticed a guy a few people in front of them that looked a little familiar. At least his head and shape did. The large back and arm tattoos were what made him question it. When he heard the voice, he remembered instantly. Ric handed over his card and their IDs and smiled at the attendant. "He in the club too?" the attendant asked and Ric nodded. "Boyfriend. We share everything" Ric replied, laughing. The guy leaned forward and said "Three looking today. Really tall blond. Other is a polar bear with a collared boy. You might be only toxic guys tonight." He pushed the IDs and card back and gave Ric a wink. Mateo followed Ric into the locker room, mimicking his moves. He saw Ric looking over at a guy that had just secured his locker when Ric asked "Peter?" The guy stopped and turned, facing Ric. A smile grew over Peter's face and he chuckled a moment before saying "Ric! How's it going?" Ric and Mateo finished stripping as Ric talked to Peter. "What's with the ink? I almost didn't recognize you. I never thought of you as a tattoo guy" Ric said. "I guess that's another thing that I got from you. Tay got one too, but it's pretty small. My views have changed on a lot of things now that I'm poz. The quiet guy is gone and I'm living life to the fullest. It's been a lot more fun" Peter said. "How's Taylor doing? I haven't heard anything from him this year" Ric asked. "He's been running around the country. The job he got is trying to get three people's work out of him. I've seen him maybe four times this year. He's going to be in town next week to pack his stuff up" Peter said. "You stayed roommates even after he found a job?" Ric asked. "Yeah, it was a place for him to crash in between his work trips. All he did was sleep and do laundry there, though. Now that I'm graduating, we're letting the lease end. I love that place, but since I'm moving to the other coast he doesn't want to keep it by himself" Peter said. Ric looked at Mateo and raised his brows. Mateo grinned back at him. "Mind if I give you a call tomorrow about the apartment? We're trying to figure out what to do about next year. I liked your place and if the rent is decent, we might be able to swing a deal with Taylor" Ric said. "That would be great. I know he doesn't want to give it up, but can't swing it on his own. I'm sure he'd give you a deal as long as you keep his ass busy when he's there" Peter said. "That, we can definitely do" Ric replied. "I should have asked Tay for his card to get in here for free. The front desk guy always had some good suggestions on who to tap" "You been sharing?" Ric asked, not expecting Peter's comment. The grin on Peter's face answered Ric's question. "Just finished a couple, that's why I'm here. They're not feeling well, if you catch my drift. One knew and it's a surprise for the other. After watching some of these guys convert, I think I figured out when Taylor's bug got me. Mine was mild compared to some of them. Anyway... I'm in the mood to bottom today before I breed someone. Hopefully there are a few tops around. Have fun" Peter said. Ric watched Peter walk confidently out of the locker room into the hall and was surprised at the transformation. "A victim of yours?" Mateo asked. "Grandson, I guess. He was one of Taylor's. I never thought he'd become a breeder. He didn't take finding out very well, but I guess he's gotten over it" Ric said. They finished stuffing their clothes in the locker, grabbed their towels and wandered out into the bathhouse. As Ric walked down the hall he heard a familiar voice call out "Beg for it!" from one of the private rooms. The door was open and Ric peered inside, with Mateo looking around him. Scotty was feeding the guy's mouth and Dan was drilling the bottom. The bottom pulled off Scotty's hard cock just long enough to cry out "Breed me!" and then inhale Scotty's hard dick again. Dan looked up and winked at Ric and Mateo right before he thrust in and blew his load inside. Ric gave him a thumbs up and they continued on their way. They found the only really tall guy in the playroom sling with a small group waiting to drill his ass so Ric thought he'd check on him later. There were a few bottoms in private rooms offering up their holes, but Ric kept looking to see the entire menu. "What about that guy?" Mateo asked as they passed yet another room with a cute guy laying on the bed, fingering his hole. "Unless I have someone I'm looking for, I like to see what all the choices are, first" Ric explained. They passed the dark room and saw yellow tape over the doorway and the lights on inside. A cleaning cart was there and someone was scrubbing the place down wearing a hazmat suit. "Kinky" Mateo said, laughing. They finished the lap and Ric stopped. "Want to share the polar bear and his sub? There were a few others that I haven't done before so we could share one of them or split up" Ric said. "Think the bear is going to bottom? I really don't want to be a live sex show for him while we do his sub" Mateo said. "The guy at the front desk said they were both looking, but you're right, he might just be looking for someone to tag his sub. They were the only pair we saw, other than Dan and Scotty. We can ask..." Ric said. They went back to the polar bear's room and looked in. They were still in the same spots, the bear on the bed, slowly stroking his average sized cock and the sub kneeling on his towel on the floor, watching. The bear looked to be a few inches taller than Ric and Mateo, beefy with a covering of white hair over his entire front which matched the dense beard on his face. His head was shaved, but that was the only part they could see that was. The sub was thin and hairless except for a small trimmed bush and his long hair tied up in a bun. Mateo was standing next to Ric in the doorway when Ric asked "What you guys lookin for?" The sub didn't move but the bear looked over both Ric and Mateo and licked his lips. "Uh... you two probably are more interested in my boy but I'd like to feel at least one of those nice pieces in me too" he said. Mateo smiled and replied "That sounds like a much better idea. You ever get fucked next to your boy?" The bear nodded 'no' and said "Most guys around here aren't interested in an old guy's ass. Too many college boys to fuck if they need a bottom." "Then you're gonna be tight and hungry for some dick, huh?" Mateo asked. The bear nodded, looking a little embarrassed but as his dick hardened a bit more, Mateo knew it also aroused him. "Let's see how good those lips feel" Mateo said, walking into the room first. The bear moved to the edge of the bed, bending over to take Mateo's quickly hardening cock into his mouth. Ric followed and walked up to the sub, looking down at him. He hadn't said a word, yet Ric knew from his face that he was eager to try something bigger than his Dom's cock. Mateo enjoyed the talented tongue and lips as they played with his cock and piercing. He expected an older bear to be experienced and he was, expertly prepping his cock for the coming fuck. Ric found the sub much less experienced and struggling to take more than a couple inches into his mouth. He spent a lot of time working over the foreskin and head, but Ric wanted his whole shaft to get some attention. Ric got more aggressive and found that was the key. With his hands on the sub's head, he worked his cock in deeper until his cock was nudging into the sub's throat. Ric looked over and while Mateo was enjoying his oral servicing, he was having to work for it. He imagined the sub's other hole was going to be even more work to get into. The bear pulled off Mateo's cock and growled "Take the damn dick" at the sub, before he took a deep breath and slowly pushed his face back on to Mateo's shaft. The further his cock slid into the sub's throat, the more Ric was surprised at the bottom's need to please his Dom. He didn't even need to get his cock all the way into the guy's throat, he was saving that for his ass. Ric slowly plowed his cock in and out of the sub's throat a few more minutes before pulling his cock all the way out. He tilted the guy's head up and smiled at him. The sub looked worried at first, but once he saw Ric's smile he knew that Ric was satisfied. Satisfied for the moment. "Move forward to the bed but knees stay on the floor" Ric said calmly. The sub turned before moving closer and resting his arms on the edge of the bed before looking back. Ric nodded and knelt down behind him. Ric felt some lube in the hole and shook his head, knowing from the greasy feeling that he wasn't going to want to taste it. Fingers and some spit would be the only prep he'd do on the sub. He knew that Mateo and the bear were watching him and wondered how long they would wait to start fucking. They didn't move until Ric had a pair of fingers easily twisting inside the sub's chute. Mateo had a much easier job and was sliding his cock into the bear's hole about the time Ric was giving the final few twists with three fingers. The bear's moan was low and sultry as Mateo drove his dick in to the base. Ric pushed the sub closer to the bed, so his head was over the edge. One hand pushed his face into the soiled mattress and the other guided his cock to the quivering hole. Even with the long prep, it was a tight fit. The lube and spit helped, but the sub was still writhing and groaning with each push. Slowly he started to relax and Ric was able to plow faster. With the cries from the sub calming down, Ric let up on his head and moved both hands to his shoulders. The bear was getting drilled, his moans and grunts showing how much he liked the bare dick that was using his ass. It took a few more minutes until Ric was able to match his boyfriend's pace. The leaking precum helped, but Ric knew the sub would be sore for a few days once he was done. He briefly wondered if the sub and Dom were sexual or just liked the power dynamic. It didn't matter, the bear's cock would never prepare the sub for the pounding he was getting now. Ric never got more than two thirds of his cock in the sub, but with the tightness he needed to vary the pace to delay his orgasm. Mateo was the first to cum, thrusting in hard and planting his load in as deep as he could. The bear moaned loudly, saying "Oh fuck yeah... I needed that so bad." Ric began to drill the sub harder, hearing him whimper as his chute got battered with each stroke. He looked over to the door and saw a few guys watching them fuck. Dan was behind Scotty, both of them grinning, with a thirties cub jacking his cock in time with Ric's thrusts. "Swallow it" Ric told Scotty, who nodded and dropped to his knees in front of the cub and opened his mouth. The cub grabbed Scotty's head and fucked his face a few times before filling Scotty's mouth with cum. Ric smiled and gave one hard shove before showering the sub's guts with his viral jizz. Seconds after Ric pulled out, the sub spun around and began to lick his cock clean. With the first lap came a whimper, as the sub tasted the cum mixture. Ric knew he had probably damaged the soft tissue inside the sub's chute and cum wasn't the only thing the he tasted. The bear didn't seem to be interested in cleaning Mateo off, so he moved next to Ric and offered his partially hard cock to the sub. Ric looked over and Scotty was getting back up and shared the cub's load with a long kiss with Dan. The bear muttered "Oh fuck" when he saw Mateo's back for the first time. Ric smiled at him as he rubbed the sub's head. He was sure the next conversation they had would be interesting, but he didn't want to stick around to find out. The cub had wandered off, followed by Dan and Scotty, so Ric and Mateo walked out of the small room and back towards the playroom to see if the tall guy was still around. -- There were two guys still waiting their turn on the tall guy's ass and Ric thought it was perfect since it would let their balls refill before they had another chance to fuck. Ric looked around and saw Jason standing in the corner in the same leather gear he always wore. Bobby was kneeling next to him watching the show. Ric walked over and saw a smile start to form on Jason's normally serious face. "How's it going, Jason?" Ric asked softly before nodding at Bobby to acknowledge him. "Fuckin' good. That bug of yours is pretty damn sneaky. It got Bobby and your old roommate. How are you doing?" Jason said with an evil grin. "Oh? I thought you weren't going to let Bobby tag him" Ric replied. He watched Bobby look up at him and smile. "I wasn't. I might have liked watching that piece of shit get fucked and used, but I wasn't planning on getting him charged up. Bobby didn't get the flu like I did but his viral load was more than enough to knock Steve up" Jason told him. "Oh wow. I bet he's pissed. Did you get him tested?" Ric asked. Jason nodded before explaining "We did. He was a very sick boy for a week and after he got over converting, I took him to the clinic. Toxic as fuck. Since I don't trust him, I locked his little prick up so he doesn't go out infecting unsuspecting people." "Fuck, I'd love to see that. I don't think I'd fuck him, but it would be good to see him caged and unable to use his proudest possession. So, has Bobby bred the guy in the sling? I heard he wanted something potent" Ric said. "No, I don't want him to be the only viral guy to breed him. All the poz guys that have fucked Shorty so far have been on meds. You going to do the deed?" Jason asked. Ric's cock twitched and he chuckled at the six foot seven inch bottom's nickname. After a short pause he replied "My boyfriend and I were thinking about it." "You should. He's been trying for a while" Jason said, grinning back at him. Mateo had been listening to the conversation and when the last guy pulled out of Shorty, he approached. A firm tug impaled his stiff cock inside the sloppy hole and made Shorty cry out. He pushed him away and then speared the hole again, repeating the same motion over a dozen times. The bottom may have been lubed with several cum loads, but the abuse from Mateo's pierced cock was tearing him up just like the bear earlier. A few guys had been drawn in by the large scorpion tattoo on Mateo's back to watch them fuck. Fifteen minutes of plowing the battered hole accompanied by numerous "knock him up", "own his ass" and "poz the slut" had Mateo ready to shoot. The bottom had finally realized that he was about to get a charged load of cum and began begging for it. Spurts of bug filled cum joined what was left from the previous guys. Ric whispered to Jason and seconds later was taking the leash from his hand. He led Bobby over to the sling, moving his grip to the other end of the leash next to the leather collar and told him softly to breed the bottom. Ric's stiff shaft nestled between Bobby's butt crack and he felt it clench when Shorty bottomed out on Bobby's shaft. A few more swings and Bobby's dick was driving into the cum soaked hole with an even rhythm. Ric lined his cock up and the next time the bottom drove back down on Bobby's cock, Ric shoved his cock in. Bobby groaned, feeling the cock that had knocked him up once again stretching him open. A few more times and Bobby began fucking back on Ric's dick and into the bottom's hole. "You like knocking up Steve?" Ric whispered into Bobby's ear. A moaned "Mmhmm" came out of Bobby's mouth while the three continued to fuck. "I hope your master lets you do more" Ric said softly. "He is" Bobby said breathlessly as an ass slammed back on his cock and Ric's shaft planted itself deep inside him. Ric could feel that Bobby was getting close. With most guys, he'd pinch or twist their nipples, but for Bobby he slipped two fingers inside the collar, making it dig into his throat. Bobby whimpered and thrust in when the bottom swung back the next time. After two more full length drives, Bobby grabbed Shorty's legs and buried his cock in, holding it there. Ric felt the pulses as Bobby's ring milked his cock. "Yeah... That's it. Breed that neg hole" Ric whispered into Bobby's ear after he pumped few shots in. While his load didn't go into Shorty's ass, his bug did. Bobby got another charged load in his ass too as Ric unloaded several ropes of seed. They slowly pulled away and Ric led him back to Jason, handing the leash over. "That was fuckin hot" Jason said, grinning at Ric. There was a pause and he then said "You know, you own him as much as I do. He's yours to use any time you want." -- Mateo and Ric talked it over, not knowing all the info, yet. They weren't sure of the costs or how they would split the rent, but it seemed to solve their housing for the next year with Mateo graduating at the end of fall semester and starting work. Mateo wouldn't be able to stay in the dorms once he'd graduated and while Ric knew he'd miss the dorms it was time to move on. "Are you interested in staying in your apt with 2 roommates?" Ric sent to Taylor. He got back a simple confused reply of "???" from Taylor. "Talked w/Peter at bh. said he was moving out and u wanted to keep apt, but too much $$$" was followed by "bf & I need a place next yr. Thought we could take Peter's bedroom and split w/ u. Still avail? how much?" Ric sent back. "OMG that sounds gr8" Taylor sent back, followed by "Let me talk to rental co." ----------------------------- THE END Thanks for reading
  3. Chapter 7.3 - Out-side, Pushing In The four guys sat at the table in the dorm cafeteria eating dinner when Scotty said "I never knew how many gay guys there were on the floor." Ric and Mateo chuckled before Ric said "I kind of told some of them to respect your relationship and desire to be in the closet. I knew you'd come out eventually. Have you been hooking up with any of them?" Scotty blushed and Dan laughed. "All but one that I know of and we're working on him. Did you know that Will does porn? It was really hot to swap loads with a porn star" Dan said. Ric smiled, not wanting to tell him that he'd been with two guys that have done porn. "It's kind of cool to see you guys getting more adventurous. Being out isn't all that scary, is it?" he said. "A couple people have made rude comments and we haven't told our parents yet but it's been a lot better than I thought" Dan said. "Do it on your own pace. Have you left your mark on anyone yet?" Mateo asked. Both Dan and Scotty got big grins on their faces. "Yeah, a few. We ran into the guys we did with Ric at the bathhouse a few days after that first time. They were eager for us to fuck them again, but like the first time, they got scared after we came in them. It was the same the next two times we saw them and then they didn't show up for a couple weeks. We really got turned on when we found out they were our first" Dan said. Scotty looked really excited and added "I hooked up with a guy upstairs a few times. He likes to flip which was new to me. He was surprised when he converted, he thought I was undetectable but he never asked." Dan nodded before saying "I did a guy that kept flirting with me at the gym. He always wore a wrestling singlet to workout in. It looked hot, but that thing came off really fast in the locker room. I thought he'd get turned off when I told him I was poz, but it didn't slow him at all. He loved doing it in the shower stalls and sometimes we'd have guys watch. I expect stuff like that at the bathhouse, not in the athletic center." -- Mateo had been tapping out a conversation on his phone for the past hour before he stopped and looked at Ric. "When is your next frat party with Devon?" he asked. "Uh... This Saturday. I hope it's not going to mess up your plans" Ric replied. Mateo snickered and replied "That's what I thought. I was actually trying to find something to do while you left me at home. My project is finally done and I have some free time." "I can cancel if you want to do something. It's the last one of the semester, though" Ric said after a short pause. "No, I know how much you like getting dressed up and eating expensive food. Besides, I got a couple guys that asked about hiring me for the night. One was for a fraternity party at a ritzy hotel. Would it be too weird if I was there with another guy?" Mateo asked. Ric laughed before telling Mateo "I don't have a problem with it. I think the only person that would be there that knows we're partners is Devon and he knows we're open. I won't tell him you're doing it for money. We can ignore each other or be friendly, it depends on what your client is comfortable with." Mateo sighed with relief. "OK. It sounds like he only wants someone for the social part. I won't be fucking his brains out like you will with Devon. I think I'll do the job. It could be fun to see you socialize with the rich folks" he said. -- "Holy shit... Is that your boyfriend?" Devon asked as they stood to the side looking over the crowd. "Yeah, some guy asked if he'd be his date for the night and he said yes since I was going to be out with you" Ric replied. "Damn, I've never seen Marcus with a guy. Usually it's some hot sorority girl that he's got his hands all over" Devon said. "It's probably best if you don't tell... Marcus you know Mateo" Ric said, getting a nod back. "Oh, how are Sami and Mick doing? I haven't seen them tonight" Ric asked. "Both are doing OK. Sami went on meds right away. His conversion was really hard and he was scared he'd have AIDS before he graduated. He's the house cumdump though and will take anyone's dick. Mick escaped our bugs. I have no idea how and Sami is pissed at him for it" Devon replied. "Did he get tested? Not everyone gets sick during conversion. I know some guys that were toxic as fuck for a couple months until they found out" Ric said. Devon chuckled and replied "I don't think so. That would be pretty wild. I know he's fucked quite a few guys." They continued to talk until Marcus came over. "Hi Devon. I bet you're a little surprised" Marcus said as he walked up to them. He was tall, about Devon's height but more muscled with perfectly cut blond hair. Marcus looked at home in his tux and his manicured nails showed that he probably had never gotten them dirty in his life. There wasn't a mark on his body, nor any jewelry that Ric could see. "A little... Is this your date for tonight?" Devon asked, seeing Mateo smile back at him. Devon didn't make any hints that he'd met Mateo several times and usually naked. Ric wondered where the nice suit that his boyfriend was wearing came from, since he'd never seen it before. "Yes it is. Matt, this is Devon. He's a friend in one of the other houses. Devon is the one that gave me the confidence to finally come out" Marcus said with no hesitation. Introductions were made and Ric shook his boyfriend's hand, giving him a wink. Ric finally knew what name Mateo used when he hired out and found it funny since Mateo was always quick to correct anyone that called him that normally. They talked a while, sipping on champagne and noticing a lot of people look their way. "I never thought that you were queer, Marcus. Why come out now instead of waiting until you graduate in a month?" Devon asked. "It was just getting too hard to fake being straight. Every time I'd see you at one of these events with a stud next to you, I'd get envious. You were out and no one seemed to make an issue of it. The hardest part was finding a date that was as hot as yours" Marcus said, grinning. "Well, congratulations. Expect some comments, but most will be good. I hope you got a room tonight so you can celebrate all night long" Devon replied, winking at Marcus. "Uh... Thanks... but we're just friends. I did get a room but that's because I know that most of my house is going to continue the party back there until breakfast and I need to get some sleep" Marcus replied. The four moved toward the dance floor once their glasses were empty. Ric saw several people come up to Marcus and make comments to him and Mateo. His boyfriend was smoothly dancing with both Marcus and the other guests. Some came over and danced with Ric and Devon too, with Ric grinding on more than a few asses and getting groped repeatedly by supposedly straight guys and a few women. While Ric checked on his boyfriend a few times during the night, he left him alone to do his job. Marcus' comment about using the hotel room just to sleep disappointed him, but he figured Mateo would try to convince him for at least a little action. As the last few songs got played, Ric swapped spots with Mateo but his dancing got much more erotic. Mateo did the same with Devon and Ric could see them talking. As the music ended and the lights came up Ric made his way back to Devon. He watched his boyfriend and client say goodbye to a few people and then head towards the door. Mateo followed Marcus down the hall to the elevator and up to the ninth floor. He'd told Marcus up front that a social event was one fee and any additional activities would be extra. He'd come prepared and had a few packets of lube and some condoms in his pocket. As expected, the alcohol and dancing had made sure that Marcus' hormones were racing through his body. They got to the room where Mateo would find out just how far Marcus wanted to go or if he was heading home. They walked inside and Marcus turned and planted his lips on Mateo's. "I hope you don't have to go home right away" Marcus started out. A smile came over Mateo's face. "Well, you know the deal. It's totally up to you" he said. "Did you bring condoms?" Marcus asked. "I did, but you really should bring your own in the future. How much experience do you have with guys?" Mateo asked. "About six over the past couple years. It's kind of hard to find guys that I trust to keep it quiet" Marcus said. "Well, you won't have to worry about that any more" Mateo replied. He could tell that the conversation was killing the vibe so he just went for it. Mateo pushed the tux coat off Marcus' shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. "Ready to have some fun?" Mateo asked with a grin and watched Marcus nod 'yes'. The shirt got unbuttoned while Marcus unbuckled his belt let his pants drop. With Marcus standing there in his underwear, it was now Mateo's turn to strip. "Damn, you're even sexier naked. Those pictures don't really do you justice" Marcus said as Mateo pressed on top of each of his shoulders. Marcus was on his knees, still wearing a pair of CK briefs and a pair of black dress socks. He stared at Mateo's cock a moment and then looked up. "Do you take this out?" he asked, fixated on the metal piercing. "Not unless I have to. Try it, just watch your teeth" Mateo replied. Marcus held the stiffening shaft with one hand and his tongue started to lick over the piercing and head. While Mateo assumed this was his first pierced cock, Marcus did a good job playing with it with his tongue and avoiding any chipped teeth. He wasn't as successful on the first few tries of getting it into his throat, but he kept trying and finally got it in. Mateo looked back and saw he had a good ten feet to get over to the bed. He let Marcus suck and slobber on his dick for several more minutes before pushing his head off his fully hard cock. He tilted Marcus' head back and nodded with his head toward the bed. Marcus gave a quick nod and stood, quickly walking over to the bed and looking back. When he got to the edge, Mateo said "That's good. Just bend over..." He pulled the packets out of his pocket, followed Marcus and set them down on the bed. Mateo knelt behind him and pulled the briefs down. Marcus' body trembled and Mateo knew how nervous he was. A hand gently caressing each mound calmed Marcus a bit but the tongue that lapped from his balls up to his tight ring got him relaxed and moaning. Mateo was glad that all he tasted was Marcus' scent and while he might not have a ton of experience bottoming, he knew to prepare for it. The next few minutes got a pair of fingers fully planted and twisting around alternating with his tongue. The hole slowly relaxed along with the rest of Marcus' body. Unlike his boyfriend, Mateo didn't dread putting on a condom. He'd rather have covered sex than no sex and with clients he usually played safe unless they told them they wanted it bare. While his tongue dug into the slick hole, he reached over and picked up a condom. Mateo's tongue and fingers were only off his pucker for a moment to roll the sheath on his cock, but Marcus whined softly at the lack of attention. Once it was slicked up, Mateo dripped some more lube on the throbbing ring and lined up. Marcus moaned the second that he felt the covered tip hit his hole. His cock nudged in a few times before Marcus relaxed. With the piercing and head inside, Mateo's hips rolled, plunging his cock deeper into Marcus' chute. "Oh my god that feels good... I've been waiting all night for this" Marcus moaned out. "Yeah? Feels good for me too" Mateo said, driving his next few thrusts deeper. He chuckled to himself hearing that Marcus was planning on sex all along. "Oh fuck! There's more?" Marcus asked, causing Mateo to laugh. "Just a bit. You want it all?" he asked. "Not sure I can..." Marcus replied. "Let's find out" Mateo said, moving his hands to Marcus' shoulders, gripping firmly and planting his hips on the lightly haired butt. Marcus gasped and trembled a bit, but Mateo pulled back and drove in as deep as he could with his hips bouncing off the mounds this time. Thus began the next several minutes drilling the surprisingly willing hole. Marcus' moans slowly turned into groans about the same time Mateo wanted to change positions. He gave a few final thrusts and pulled off. The soft whine returned, making Mateo grin. Obviously Marcus wasn't ready to stop. "Climb on the bed and lay on your back" Mateo told him calmly. Marcus followed directions, but pulled his legs back and exposed both his eager hole and a very stiff cock almost resting on his stomach. Mateo dripped more lube on the hole and then rubbed the last of the packet over his covered cock. Climbing on the bed, he lined his cock up and slid back inside. Marcus grinned back at him as the speed built back up. A pair of legs rested on Mateo's shoulders while he'd been plowing with long strokes. Mateo began to shove harder, watching Marcus tug on his own cock with one hand and trying to time their orgasms together. He had been thrusting in several minutes when he yelled out "FUCK!" and pulled back out. Shreds of latex hung off his cock which he quickly discarded. The familiar whine came from Marcus before he asked "What?" "The condom broke. Just a second" Mateo replied. "Shove it back in! I need you back inside me" Marcus cried out. Mateo froze, staring back at him and not reaching over for the other condom packet. "You know the risk" he replied calmly. "I don't care! I need to feel your cock inside me. I'm so close it hurts!" Marcus yelled back. He had seen it happen several times before, a bottom's desire for safe sex went out the window once they felt a cock pounding them. Marcus was no different and the minute it would take Mateo to put the new condom on and get it lubed would be too long. The pleading look on Marcus' face confirmed it and was immediately replaced by a euphoric expression the instant that he felt Mateo's bare shaft planted inside him again. Seconds later, he was back drilling Marcus' chute, this time with much more feeling of his bare cock on Marcus' guts. "Oh my god!" Marcus cried out as he stroked his cock even harder. Whether he knew he was working his ass muscles around Mateo's cock or not, it got both of them closer every second that passed. Mateo started to grunt as he fought off his orgasm while Marcus just moaned louder. The first rope of Marcus' cum flew over his head, the second and third landed on his face while the rest covered his chest and stomach. The third of Marcus' shots was the one that brought Mateo along for the ride. He may have been planning on pulling out and showering Marcus' front side with his charged load, but he was just too used to cumming inside a guy. After the last pulse, Mateo stood there a minute as both of them recovered. He pulled his still rigid cock free and lowered Marcus back to the bed before laying next to him. "Damn, that was the best sex I've ever had. It felt so good after the condom broke. I've never felt a guy fuck me without one before and when I felt your cock throb inside of me when you came it was amazing" Marcus said after laying there breathing heavily for a few minutes. Mateo laid there a few more moments before he replied "Yeah, that was good." He wondered how long he should stay but when he remembered that Ric was with Devon, there wasn't a reason to hurry home. Marcus nuzzled his head on Mateo's shoulder and softly rubbed his hand over Mateo's chest. A minute later he was sleeping which made Mateo chuckle. He closed his eyes and was asleep, too, a few minutes later. He woke almost two hours later. The lights in the room were still on and a pair of eyes were staring at him. The hand on his cock wasn't his and it slowly started to stroke, taking it from stiff to hard as a rock. Marcus asked "Can we do it again?" His tone had lost most of the confidence from earlier and Mateo thought he might even be embarrassed asking. Mateo smiled and winked at him. "If you want. I only have one more condom, though" he said, rubbing his hand over Marcus's back. "No rubber this time. I want to see what it's like bare the whole time" Marcus said, a little more sure of himself once Mateo hadn't told him 'no'. "It's your choice. Is there anything you haven't done before you'd like to try?" Mateo asked. Marcus shook his head 'no' before saying "Do what you like to do." A grin covered Mateo's face as he rolled over and moved between Marcus' legs. "Just let me know if I get too rough" he said, lifting both legs up. Marcus grabbed his legs, pulling them back like before, exposing his now bruised hole. Mateo licked a pair of fingers and rubbed around the ring before pushing in. It felt a little slick but he knew that some of his load from their first fuck had soaked in. Two gobs of spit rubbed over his shaft was all the lube he was going to give Marcus to start. He teased the hole with the piercing and tip of his cock for several seconds before Marcus said "The ring... you're leaving it in?" "Yeah, you took it before. Now you get to feel it as it goes in. I wish it was bigger like a friend of mine's, but it still feels good" Mateo said right before he pushed harder and felt the ring and mushroom head drag past the tight entrance. He stopped just barely inside and looked at Marcus' face. His eyes were wide and mouth open, yet he didn't say anything. Mateo grinned and pulled back out, keeping his eyes glued on Marcus' to see his response. Another push took him back inside and once again, he watched Marcus closely. This time he got a gasp. He repeated this a few more times, getting Marcus used to feeling his cock enter him. After six times, Mateo plowed deeper making the gasp last longer. Mateo held back the moan that was trying to escape his mouth. The tight chute gripped his shaft and it was only helped by a little leftover cum and some slowly leaking precum from his dick. From there, he slowly increased the pace. While the strokes were firm, he wasn't pounding Marcus' hole. Not yet, anyway. Mateo gave a firm shove, moving closer to Marcus and then leaning forward. Marcus rested his legs on Mateo's shoulders and braced his hands on the bed. The sinister grin on Mateo's face told him the slow fuck was about to get more intense. A dozen strokes had Mateo's hips slapping into Marcus' ass, pulling back three quarters length and driving back in. Marcus's face may have looked a little worried, but he hadn't said anything. The drilling varied from firm to hard and back. When he started to hear pained groans from Marcus, Mateo pulled out drooling a few ropes of spit down over the battered hole and shoved back in. The added slickness let him easily plow all the way in and thrust harder. It let him drag the fuck out a few more minutes but he felt the cum start to rise. "Almost there... You want me to pull out?" Mateo asked breathlessly. Marcus shook his head 'no' and then told him "It felt so good before. I want more." "I'm gonna own your ass then" Mateo growled out as he jabbed his cock in, first to the left and then to the right. A few last thrusts and he buried his cock in deep, feeling his cock throb as ropes of cum flooded Marcus' gut. "Oh shit!" Marcus yelled out after the second pulse and he began to shoot his own load over his chest. Like with Marcus, Mateo's second load was smaller than the first but still enough to coat the battered chute. He rocked his hips after the last spurt, looking at Marcus' face to see if he'd been to rough. "No one's ever made me cum without me stroking before. That was wild!" he said, with a large grin on his face. "You ever try licking a cock after it's fucked you?" Mateo asked and the shocked look on Marcus' face gave him the answer without a word being uttered. Mateo pulled out slowly, trying to leave as much cum inside as he could. After rolling over on to his back, Marcus crawled between his legs and gave a few tentative laps of his tongue. "If you cleaned out good enough, you won't have to worry. The tongue licked a few more times before Marcus took it in his mouth. Moans came out of both of them while he sucked and slurped. With the last of the cum in his stomach, Marcus crawled back next to Mateo, laying on his side as his hand caressed Mateo's chest. The light got flicked off and both were soon sound asleep. The morning fuck in the shower had Marcus bent over, getting one last short plowing and six ropes of cum painted over his well fucked tunnel. They cleaned up and Mateo left the room with two envelopes in his pocket and a smile on his face.
  4. Chapter 7.2 - A Brief Escape Ric and Mateo sat on the bleachers, watching the match. "Damn, my feet can't move like that. I don't know how he does that and not fall on his face" Mateo said. Ric laughed as he continued to scope out the players. A few minutes later, Gustavo came up and sat next to them, still sweaty from his own match. "How's it going? Here to watch your boyfriend?" Ric asked. "Yes. I wish I could see the whole game. Has he scored?" Gustavo asked. "Not in the game, yet. But I'm sure he will after" Mateo said. It took a moment before Gustavo understood the comment and then laughed. "I hope so" he replied. "I guess the team took the news OK? He's still playing at least" Ric said. "Yes, it worked out well. He just needs to start his medication soon. It gave a couple of the other players a chance to come out, too. I think he is playing better since he is more relaxed not having to hide his secret" Gustavo said. "How about you? Are you going to start medication too?" Ric asked. "I haven't decided. I think he wants me to wait" Gustavo replied. They continued to watch the match and Gustavo cheered when João kicked a perfect corner shot for their team to take the lead. Gustavo was cheering louder than anyone at the field. When things settled down, Ric felt his work phone vibrate. He took a look and it was a message from Rawson. "U n bf have passport? Need some help" it said. He nudged Mateo and showed him the message. Mateo nodded 'yes' and went back to watching the game. "Both. what kind of help?" he sent back, wondering what Rawson was planning now. "Can u do 3day wkend next wk? need off screen helpers" Rawson asked. "where?" Ric asked and got "P Vallarta. flt/hotel/food covered" as a reply. Ric showed the rest of the messages to Mateo and got a grin and a nod back. The six AM flight with three bags of equipment to take was a pain, but they got to the all inclusive resort by noon. "You got the afternoon off, meet for dinner at seven in the lobby. Tomorrow is a work day starting at ten AM, so don't party too hard tonight" Rawson said. Ric chuckled at how serious Rawson got when it came to work. Ric and Mateo went up to their room and waited for their lone bag to show up by the porter. "Want to go into town and shop around?" Mateo asked as he pulled his shorts and shirt off. "Yeah, we should see the sights anyway instead of fucking all afternoon" Ric replied. "Mmmhmm, we can do that all night" Mateo said before chuckling. They spent the next fifteen minutes groping each other's almost naked bodies until there was a knock at the door. Ric opened it, wearing only a jockstrap. The porter grinned as he brought the bag into the room and placed it on the stand. Ric handed him a tip and told him "Gracias." "Have fun" the guy replied and Ric laughed to himself at the porter speaking almost perfect English. "Do we really look like all the other Americans?" Mateo asked rhetorically. The shower was quick and they changed into some clean clothes. The walk was several blocks to get from the hotel to the shopping area. They wandered around, getting a few small souvenirs at a couple different shops. They hadn't uttered a word in English since they left their room, trying to not be the usual American tourist. Ric nudged Mateo as they walked down a street and said "I think we're being followed. Think they're going to rob us?" "I noticed that too. Turn right at the next corner and stop against the building to see" Mateo said. They got ten paces from the corner when they heard one of the guys behind him say in accented English "Nice American asses. Tight and hungry I'm sure." Both Ric and Mateo snickered as they stopped and turned around. They looked over the two local guys that were dressed in long basketball shorts and jerseys, one for the Lakers and one for the Heat, and baseball caps turned backwards. They were both a few inches shorter than Ric, one clean shaven and the other with a ragged beard. The bearded guy had a lot of ink and the other just a few tats on his arms. "We got some horny locals. Think they can handle a pair of studs from across the border?" Ric asked in Spanish, grinning. "No... too thin. You would easily split them in two" Mateo replied. He smiled and saw the confused looks on the locals. He knew they weren't expecting the tables to get turned on them. "No, no. We are the ones that want to fuck you" the bearded guy said. Ric shook his head and told him "We prefer to be the ones on top. At least you didn't want to steal our money." Mateo saw they still looked confused, but the shaven guy said "We are good... you can pay us if you want." Ric laughed again and replied "I don't think so. Guys pay us for sex, we don't pay." As Mateo looked over the guys he decided to take a chance. "Show us what you got. Biggest gets to fuck the smaller guy. I get you and he gets him" pointing first at the shaved guy, then at the bearded guy and finally at Ric. Ric snickered and liked Mateo's idea. "Got a place?" Ric asked, not wanting to go back to the hotel with two strangers. The locals looked surprised, but the bearded one said "There's an alley close by." They followed along, now being the one to watch the other guy's asses. The shorts were loose and the shirts hung down too far to let them get a look, but Mateo noticed that they looked a little nervous. The locals turned into an alley and then went behind a building. Ric looked around and the only window he could see was boarded up. "Two minutes to get hard, then show it" Mateo said, starting the timer on his phone. Ric was already partially hard, but he unzipped his shorts and pulled the shaft out of the jock's pouch. The other guy was stroking, but facing away and Mateo blocked the other guys' view of Ric. "Time" Mateo said and moved out of the way. The bearded guy turned around and held his cock proudly until he saw Ric's shaft. "Dios mio!" he said, knowing he was out-gunned by a few centimeters. Ric took the phone and said "Next two... Go" as he restarted the timer. Mateo faced him and got his dick hard. Mateo won, but only by a centimeter in length and a couple in circumference. "Let's see that hungry ass" Ric said. The guy looked back at him in shock, not expecting to have to go through with the bet. Ric didn't really care if he put out or not, he enjoyed surprising them and getting to fuck a local would just be a bonus. Slowly the bearded guy moved to the wall and pushed his shorts and briefs down before tugging his shirt off. Ric stroked his cock with some spit and then knelt down and spread the furry butt apart. He spit a few times on the hole and worked it in with a pair of fingers. He didn't want to get caught, so it was going to be a quick fuck. Ric stood up, briefly looking at the large gothic cross tattoo on the bearded guy's back and pushed his cock to the trembling hole. A hand covered the guy's mouth and Ric pushed in. While it took a few tries, his cock went in easier than he expected and the cries were quieter too. Once Ric's cock was inside a few inches, Mateo looked at the other guy and said "Your turn." Ric watched his boyfriend penetrate the other guy and realized that both of the locals were no strangers to taking dick. They may have acted like tops, but they were probably just as versatile as Ric and Mateo were. They fucked the guys quickly, not wanting to get caught having sex in public in another country. Ten minutes after he pushed in, Ric was the first to cum. The moan from his bottom affirmed his thought that they just wanted sex and he didn't mind getting bred by a stranger. Mateo lasted a couple minutes longer, leaving Ric to churn his load inside the bearded guy. They pulled out together and when the bottoms didn't turn around to clean their cocks, they just pulled up their underwear and shorts before heading back to the main street. It took a couple blocks before Ric said "That worked out damn good, but I'm going to need some time to refill." Once they got back to the hotel, they showered quickly before going down to the pool. It was a relaxing time with Ric and Mateo drinking and laughing about not getting mugged. The group shared a table for dinner and they met one of the actors who lived locally. Ric noticed that Rawson was on the phone for most of the dinner and didn't look too happy. Most of the group finished dinner and were enjoying their drinks when Rawson finally got off the phone. "Eddie got stopped at immigration. He's persona non grata in Mexico. We're going to be short one scene. Uh... Ric?" Rawson said, giving Ric a pair of sad puppy eyes. Everyone laughed as they all looked at Ric for his response. "I have spare contracts..." Ari said. Mateo nudged Ric and wordlessly asked if he was up for filling in. Ric's mind had a different idea and he whispered to Mateo "What about our hookup earlier? Think they might be interested?" A huge smile came over Mateo's face. "Maybe, but I might have a better idea" Ric said before telling everyone about the two guys they fucked earlier. "We can go look to see if they're lurking around tomorrow and interested. Do you have those contracts in Spanish?" Ric asked. Ari nodded and Ric suggested "Let's get the other two scenes done early tomorrow. Maybe start at nine and then we can go and search for the locals. I think they're both vers, so the scene could go either way." Rawson smiled, replying "I love taking local dick whenever I travel so hopefully they like my ass." The two scenes in the morning went smoothly and Ric liked the spacious suite that Rawson had. He and Mateo helped set up lights and reflectors besides trying to stay out of the way. Before the second scene started, the cameraman brought in the porter from the day before. It was obvious that the cameraman had spent some time with the guy, probably naked. He stood in front of Mateo, watching the porn scene take place. Ric got a few shots with the spare camera on the second scene and he decided he wasn't very good at it. At one point, Ric looked back and Mateo's hand was in the back of the porter's uniform pants with the porter's head leaned back on Mateo's shoulder while he got fingered. Before long, the second scene was complete. Ric looked around and didn't see Mateo until he looked out on the balcony and found Mateo balls deep in the porter. He thought about joining him, but decided to save his load in case the scene with the locals didn't work out. "How was he?" Ric asked as they walked back to their room. "Already loaded and really good. He said the camera dude fucked him all last night and the manager gave him one this morning when he started his shift" Mateo replied. They showered and dressed, walking out of the hotel on their mission to find the horny locals from the day before. They covered most of the shopping area that they had been in the day before and hadn't found them. Next they wandered over to a nearby park and they saw the pair sitting on a bench. "Hola" Ric said as they got close. He chuckled when he saw their shocked expressions, knowing they were probably still a little sore from the previous day's activities and even more surprised that Ric and Mateo remembered them. They explained the situation and wondered if the locals would be interested in fucking a porn star on video. Ric pulled his phone out and showed them a few of Rawson's pictures and a short video clip. He watched the guys look at each other and then smile. "OK, I need to send your pictures to him to make sure you match our descriptions. OK?" Ric said. Ric texted the pics over and a minute later got a reply "Oh fuck yeah. Sending Ari with the contracts. Where?" They were surprised when the locals read over the contracts rather than just signing them. The locals did seem concerned about the "unprotected sex" clause that told them that their partner(s) were untested, but in the end they signed and agreed with Ari about their expected payment. They looked at Ric for confirmation that the deal was good. "You can trust him" Ric told the locals. "Where do you want to film this?" the bearded guy asked. "How about where we did it yesterday?" Mateo asked. "Will it be safe? We won't get interrupted or reported there? Is it a public place?" Ari fired off. "It's a private alley. Behind my uncle's shop. We use it many times. There will be no problems" the clean shaven guy said. With a time set for a few hours later, Ric, Mateo and Ari got a ride back to the hotel. They filled Rawson in and suggested the scene to unfold like Ric and Mateo's shopping trip the day before, except Rawson was going to get the local's dicks. Ric, Mateo, and the cameraman took one taxi with the equipment, followed by Rawson and Ari in a second cab. They got to the alley and met the locals, Luis and Pablo, who were looking nervous. A gate was closed across the alley entrance that Ric didn't remember seeing the day before. The cameraman scoped out the area behind the building and smiled. "We need to hurry or the light will go to shit" he said. He finished getting set up and they started by getting a few shots of Rawson walking down the street with Luis and Pablo following him. Ric had the second camera and got a few shots of the locals plotting their moves and rubbing their crotches. Once they had the intro shots, it was time to film the real action. Ric handed both Luis and Pablo a dick pill. "Trust me, they may stop and start a few times and this will take care of you losing the mojo" he told them. He gave them a few tips on what to do and what to avoid and the locals looked happy that he was helping them out. When they restarted filming, the locals caught up to Rawson on the street, just before the alley and said "That's some nice gringo ass. Want to show it to us?" Rawson first looked surprised but a smile came over his face before they pushed past the gate, closing it behind them. Once behind the building hands groped over the three bodies and Rawson found himself kneeling with two uncut dicks in front of him. The blowjob was long and the cameraman got it from a couple different angles as Rawson moved between both hard dicks. Halfway through, Luis and Pablo pulled their shirts off and stood there only with sneakers and ball caps on. Ric wasn't sure that the pills were really needed, but they gave everyone confidence that the two cocks would stay hard. He could sense the locals were now both excited. "Are you always this quiet when you hookup with guys like this?" Ric asked during a quick break while some loud trucks drove down the street. He saw the two guys nod 'no' before a grin came over their faces. "Do what you normally do. Some Spanish and English would be good. Not too much, though" he said. Rawson looked up at him and smiled. They finished up the oral part and then had Rawson on his feet and turned around. He was no stranger to back alley sex and Rawson braced against the wall and spread his legs. Pablo, the bearded one, added some spit to Rawson's hole and worked it in quickly. Another gob of spit and he was pushing his hard, bare cock in. They had to reshoot the penetration since Pablo blocked the cameraman's view, but with a quick explanation from both Ric and Rawson the second take looked much better. Pablo covered Rawson's mouth before he shoved in harder and began to drill, just like Ric had done to him the day before. Ric grabbed a few more shots, one of Luis watching and stroking while his buddy fucked a porn star. Pablo started to pound faster and then suddenly pulled out. Luis was driving into Rawson's ass a second later. Ric now focused the camera on Pablo gently stroking while it was his turn to watch. They swapped again, this time both Luis and Pablo were more vocal, mostly in Spanish, calling Rawson a good slut along with several more demeaning comments. Once again, when Pablo started to get too close, he traded places with Luis. After they swapped again, Ric could tell they weren't going to last much longer. Pablo was the first to unload inside Rawson's hole, with Ric laying on his back aiming the camera up from below. Pablo tripped over Ric as he tried to make way for Luis and they did a quick re-shoot again. Ric also had to clean the camera lens from a drop of cum before they were able to continue with Luis' final fuck. The camera caught Luis' cock slipping inside the cum soaked hole and then he began to pound Rawson. He lasted only a few minutes before the orgasm took over. Once again, Ric had cum dripping down on to the camera as Luis pulled out. The cameraman took over and caught the battered hole leaking the local's seed. Mateo tossed the locals a pair of towels and then gave one to Rawson. "I hope it looked as good as it felt. You guys were great!" Rawson told Luis and Pablo. The cameraman nodded and Ric told them that they did a great job. Ric's phone buzzed and it was Ari. He read the message and walked out to the taxi that Ari had been waiting in. Ari asked how things went. "I think it went great. They looked nervous before the shoot, but it disappeared as soon as we started filming" Ric said. "Can I see the camera?" Ari asked and Ric handed it over. He watched some of Ric's footage and a smile came over his face. "Very nice. Here are the payments for them. Please tell them 'thank you' for me" Ari told Ric, passing him two envelopes and then the camera. Ric walked back to the alley and saw the group talking. "Are you happy with what you got?" Ric asked the cameraman. "Oh hell yeah. These guys were an awesome find" he told Ric. Ric walked over to Luis and Pablo who were talking to Mateo and Rawson in Spanish. Ric looked at Rawson and grinned, surprised at how well he could take part in the conversation. "Do you always try and fuck the tourists?" Mateo asked the locals. "Yes. It's easy. They all are looking for some local meat and leche. There must be a lot of... bottoms up north" Pablo said. Ric, Mateo and Rawson all nodded. "Ari says thanks for your good work. Here is your pay. I hope you had fun" Ric told the locals. He watched them open the envelopes and thumb through the bills. Both guys looked surprised and Ric remembered doing the same thing after he got paid for his first shoot. Ric got a big hug from both of them and they thanked him for giving them the chance to do the scene. The other four packed up the gear and said their goodbyes to Luis and Pablo before taking the taxis back to the hotel. "Meet downstairs at six in the bar" Rawson said to the group as they walked into the lobby. Ric and Mateo went to their room and were almost naked before the door was closed. The next hour was filled with grunts, groans and bodies slamming together. "Too bad Marco wasn't here to watch us rut like animals" Ric said as he laid there, his balls empty and his ass full of cum. Mateo laughed and looked at him, shaking his head. They showered and went down to the bar. They were sipping on their beers when Ari, Rawson and the cameraman joined them. Ric figured that they had worked while he and Mateo had played. "That might be the best scene of the three we did. I can't believe how good those guys looked. Thanks for finding them" Rawson said. "I thought it was going to be a waste of time, but they really surprised me. I wish some of the pros were that easy to work with" the cameraman said. "You got some great shots too, Ric. This is going to be so fuckin easy to edit together" Rawson said. They continued talking and drinking until they headed to the restaurant for dinner. Ric and Mateo ended up in the hotel club after dinner, dancing most of the night. While they got a few looks, most didn't seem to mind a couple gay guys dancing together. The group had a late breakfast before taking the shuttle to the airport. After take-off, Ric settled in, trying to take a nap when Rawson came up. "You really took control during that shoot. Your camera work is pretty good too. Have you ever thought about becoming a director? And not just for adult stuff, mainstream too. I think you'd be really good" he told Ric. "It might make a fun part time thing, but I don't really want to do it as a career" Ric replied. Rawson gave him a wink and headed back to his seat.
  5. The school year is coming to an end. Four parts to go... --------- Chapter 7.1 - Futures They were sitting in the hot tub at Joe's apartment complex and were on the second round of beers when yet another guy came walking toward the tub and muttered "Oh shit... poz" before changing directions towards the regular pool. Kyle laughed and sunk back into the water. "We might need to find a new place, Joe. I think we've tagged as many as we can at this apartment complex. I'm not even sure the last one saw mine. Mateo's was all it took" Kyle said. He got grins from the other three. "This app says eight are looking. Ric's been pretty successful by cruising the bathroom. They follow him in and come out changed for life. You guys can try, I'll save the spots. I'm saving my load for some college boys tomorrow" Joe replied. "I can give you a list of the good cruising places on campus if you want" Ric said. Joe laughed. "Not here, this time. I'm flying out in the morning for a campus recruiting thing. The company needs some fresh meat and since we finished my project early, I get to go interview at a couple university job fairs. This time, I'm on the other side of the table and get to make them sweat" he explained. "Sweat as you pound them or from night sweats after you've knocked em up?" Kyle asked. Joe laughed and said "The last school was weird. None of the underclassmen wanted to hookup. They said I was too old. I did a couple grad students though and one professor." "Ah, too young to be a daddy, too old to be an undergrad. Actually, those are my favorites, but I'm different than most college guys, I guess" Ric replied, snickering. Mateo gave him a wink before saying "I need to start doing interviews. I'm not going to graduate this semester, but I should get some practice in. I hate doing things like that so I probably suck." "Suck the interviewer good enough and you'll get the job. Just ask Joe" Kyle said. Everyone laughed but Joe. "Yeah. We have new rules because of Greg and me. I can't be part of the interview process if its with anyone I've fucked, or as HR puts it 'had an intimate relationship'". "We've been intimate? The sex I have with you is nothing like when Mateo and I do it. That's usually very intimate" Ric said with a big grin. "Sometimes. Other times we rut like dogs. Just ask my brother. But... I need to piss, so let's see if I can lead any of these bottoms to a quick, intimate encounter" Mateo said. He climbed out of the tub, dried off and slipped on his flip-flops before heading into the building. "Have you seen the guy we tag teamed last year?" Ric asked. "Yeah, that slut is still around. Last time he had a few loads in him before I added mine" Kyle said. Mateo walked slowly into the lobby, down the hall to the restroom and to a urinal. He pulled his partially hard cock out of his trunks and began to pee. A tall thin guy walked past him saying "Nice ink. Are you a Scorpio?" "Nah... I just like to warn guys I can sting" Mateo said, shaking off the last few drops. It had become his regular line when guys asked, since he wanted to make sure anyone he fucked knew what they were getting. "Uh... Uh... What do you mean?" the guy asked, standing at the urinal but not pissing. Mateo looked at the guy and replied "I think you know what I mean. Want to take a chance at a more positive future?" He could tell the guy was nervous but watched him back up slightly with a rigid cock in his hand, pointing straight out. Mateo slid his hand in the back of the guy's speedo and fingered the hole. "Five minutes of fun can lead to a lifetime of consequences" he said as he guided the guy into the stall. He pushed the swimsuit down and the bottom stepped out of one leg before straddling the toilet and leaning against the wall. Mateo pushed his finger in, forcing some spit deeper before adding more spit and a second finger. The fingers were shortly replaced with his bare cock. He had been too eager to get his dick in the guy to close the stall door so his leg held it open. The tight hole felt too good to worry about it and once he'd slid his cock all the way in, he began to drill him. Mateo never fucked hard other than a few firm thrusts. Unlike Ric, he wasn't a hole wrecker. He wanted it to feel like any other fuck, just one that might leave a lasting impression. He got into a good pace, bouncing off the lightly padded ass when he heard someone come into the bathroom. From the stories Ric had told him of that bathroom, he didn't need to worry about being seen and all he heard initially was heavy breathing behind him to match the gasps and grunts from his bottom. Mateo assumed the guy behind him was jerking his cock and when he started grunting too, it was confirmed. His strokes got faster and the guy behind him asked breathlessly "You gonna knock him up?" "Gonna try" Mateo replied as he thrust in and felt his cock pulse. The bottom moaned and Mateo felt the guy's hole squeeze several times around his cock. Once the bottom had finished shooting his load, Mateo pulled back and watched the hole slowly close. He turned around and saw his voyeur. "Want a taste?" he asked and the short muscled guy quickly dropped to the floor. His tongue licked the cum clinging to the piercing before lapping over the rest of the shaft. Mateo heard him slurp the cum into his mouth as he glanced back and saw the tall guy look back. He let the short guy clean his dick a minute before he pushed him off. As Mateo bent over to pull his trunks back up he said "He's all ready for the next dick or you can eat his ass. There's a lot more cum inside" before he walked out. "Long piss or did you do both of them?" Joe asked. "Just the tall guy. The muscle dude licked me clean so there won't be cum floating in the hot tub" Mateo said. -- "I'm glad you could come in and talk with us. Everyone that spoke with you is very impressed. We've had mixed results with employee referrals when they've had a relationship of some kind. Some, like Joe, work out really well and others fail miserably" Patrick said. "It went better than I thought it would. I don't have a lot of experience interviewing" Mateo replied. "I know most of Joe's... acquaintances are pretty casual since he's very serious about his partner. Are you just friends?" Patrick asked, his curiosity winning over asking an inappropriate question. "Well, Joe is a good friend of my boyfriend's, so that's how I met him. As you can guess, since he ruled himself out of interviewing me, our friendship goes pretty deep" Mateo said before chuckling. Patrick chuckled as well, saying "I doubt he has any friends that he doesn't have sex with at some point. Co-workers, too. He's one of the few who know how to keep work and play separate. Uh... Getting back to the job... I know you said you wanted to continue on for a year to get a second undergrad degree. That's pretty unusual. Most people would rather have a job than the second degree." "It's a little complicated. I am close to having the double major already and if I stay in school another year I can keep living with my boyfriend. If I get a job at the end of the school year, I might end up anywhere in the world and long distance relationships are very hard" Mateo explained. Patrick nodded. "I admire your commitment to each other. I'd like to make an offer that might make everyone happy. If you can finish your degrees next fall, we would like to hire you and I'll guarantee that you will be assigned here. If you think it's OK, I'll send you an official offer and you can talk it over with your partner" he told Mateo. "That sounds good. Really good" Mateo replied. -- "You trained him well" Ric told Jason as he pulled his cock out of the sub's mouth. He looked down and the sub just stood there, waiting for his next order from his master. "This one was easy. His old Dom got him most of the way so I picked up where he left off when he moved. Not like the new one I'm dealing with. I haven't broken him yet. He still thinks he's straight and free" Jason replied. "I've only done it for role play. I don't think I could do it 24/7 with someone much less two guys. My boyfriend would kill me if I spent that much time with a guy that wasn't him. Fucks on the side are ok, cuz he does them too, but that's it. That's the kind of sex life I want, too" Ric said. "Well, I kinda fell into this new guy. My boyfriend's sister dated this asshole and after the second time he raped her, we got involved in showing him who is really in charge. He hates fags too, so it's more fun to see him suck dick and get fucked. I even have Bobby here using him, just to show him that he's the lowest guy in the hierarchy" Jason explained. Jason pulled out his phone and flipped around until he'd found pictures from their session the day before. "This is the dude. His attitude doesn't show in the pics, but he really thinks that if he obeys us for a few weeks, she'll drop the charges" he added. Ric looked through the first few pics and when he got to the face pic, he laughed before saying "I expected Steve to do something like that." "What? You know him? You think he's a closeted cocksucker?" Jason asked, looking confused. "No, fuck a girl even if she says 'no'. I know he's a homophobic asshole and would hate anyone getting their dick near him" Ric replied. "How do you know him? Have a bad run-in with him?" Jason asked, getting more curious. "He was my first roommate in the dorms. He told the RA after a week that he was afraid I would rape him in his sleep, so I got moved" Ric said, feeling the anger come back. "You guys are about the same size, it's not like you could overpower him. Not like my boyfriend and I do. We both are bigger and stronger than that piece of shit" Jason replied. "Well, if you can't fight, you bitch and whine and the lazy ass RA took the easy way out. Steve didn't need to worry, he's not my type. I like em queer and have more than a handful of working brain cells. I bet he just shakes in his boots when you have him on his knees. All of his macho attitude is just a facade. I don't think I'd let his teeth get anywhere near my dick though" Ric said. "You'd be surprised at how obedient a guy is when someone has their balls in a tight grip. My boyfriend has strong hands too. Steve was curled up and whimpering after the first hard squeeze. He's got a ways to go, but he's getting used to dick in his mouth and ass. Bobby has been breeding him pretty often, usually to open him up for me" Jason said, his grin turning a little sinister. "Bobby might be knocking him up soon. I've dumped several loads in him after you gave me the first chance a couple weeks ago" Ric said. He looked down and saw Bobby smile. Ric wasn't sure what turned Bobby on more - getting pozzed or having the chance at pozzing Steve. "Oh? I assumed you were undetectable. Most poz guys I meet here at the bathhouse are" Jason said. "Nah, staying toxic a while. Anyway... I got to get going. Have fun with your new project and keep an eye on Bobby here for the next week. He might be feelin a little crappy" Ric said, chuckling before he headed to the locker room. -- Ric was standing at the urinal in the dorm, draining a very full bladder. "Heya, Ric" Scotty said as he walked up to the next urinal. "Hi stranger. Haven't seen either one of you guys around. How are you doing?" Ric asked. "Better now. Uh... Did Dan tell you?" Scotty said. "Tell me what? I haven't seen him for at least a month. Last time was when I ran into him waiting for an elevator" Ric asked, shaking the piss off his dick. "We tested poz. He said you told him we should go over at the clinic to find out for sure. They've been really understanding. We did counseling the first week, but it was hard since there were so many cute guys around that kept us distracted" Scotty told him. "Oh. Sorry, but I warned you. You guys will be OK. Trust me" Ric said. He zipped up and stepped back to the wall behind the urinal and Scotty followed. "Yeah, we know. We learned a lot... mostly about our relationship. You were right about being able to play around and still love each other. It's hot hearing about each other's hookups. It's just hard finding guys that are poz or that are willing to play bare. Most of the poz guys seem to be as freaked out as we were. We really don't know where to look for anyone to play with" Scotty said. "I know a few of your neighbors that might be interested. All of 'em thought you two were off limits" Ric replied. He was bending the truth since he'd told all of them to keep their hands off and let them come out on their own. Scotty smiled back at him and Ric asked "Uh... did you guys go on meds?" Scotty laughed briefly and said "No... Dan wants us to be like you and share first" Scotty said softly. "Cool. That's hard to do if you're only looking for other poz guys. Had any luck?" Ric asked. "Not yet. Dan tried one guy but he got scared and pulled off after only a few minutes" Scotty said. "You should try the bathhouse, then. No one asks about status over there. Hector might still have some cards for guys like you to get in for free" Ric said. "Maybe you can take us over there and show us the ropes some time" Scotty said, winking at Ric before walking over to the sink, washing his hands and heading back to his room. -- "Hey, good to see you again. Thought you forgot about us" the attendant said as he checked Ric, Dan and Scotty in. It had been over a month since he'd been to the bathhouse. School, clients and other activities had kept him busy. "Two twinks, one blond, one brown. Both have blue rope ankle bracelets. Been lookin for something potent for a few weeks now. Don't think anyone's done 'em yet. Have fun!" the attendant added. Ric led them to the locker room and they started to strip down. "Really? He tells you stuff like that?" Dan asked. "Yeah... It's one of the perks of the card. From your number they know who's toxic and willing to share" Ric replied. They wandered out into the halls, seeing who was around. After a short walk, they found the twinks in the sauna, sitting along the side staring at each person that walked in. "I'll let you guys have fun" Ric said, heading back to the door. The look of panic on both Dan and Scotty's face told him that they were still unsure of their cruising skills. He turned back, wrapped his arms around both and guided them to the other side of the sauna, whispering "Let them come to you." Dan sat on his right, Scotty on the left and Ric talked to them a bit. "Don't be too eager. Bottoms should be the ones wanting to get fucked, tops pick the ones worthy of taking their dick and cum. Don't be afraid to say no if they don't excite you" he said. A few minutes later he watched the twinks start to make their move. They walked closer and the brown haired guy elbowed the blond and and said something into his ear. "Does that tattoo mean you're toxic?" the shaggy brunette asked quietly as he got close. Ric smiled and nodded. "Can we taste it?" the blond asked, making Ric chuckle. Usually guys that wanted a charged load were more direct and wanted him to fuck them, but he quickly had an idea. "Give em room, guys" Ric said to Dan and Scotty, winking at each of them. Soon, he had the twinks bent over each of his spread legs, kneeling on the lower bench and licking his cock from the sides. When it was fully hard and their tongues and lips were occupied, Ric looked over at both Dan and Scotty who were stroking their own hard cocks. After a few more minutes, the brown haired guy took the tip of Ric's cock in his mouth and pulled the foreskin back while the blond worked the base. He didn't go down very far and gave the blond enough room to explore more than an inch or two of Ric's cock. Ric whispered "No rimming, just spit n shove" to Dan and Scotty before he motioned for them to move behind the two cocksuckers. They took their spots and Ric watched Dan drool a rope of spit just above the smooth crack and Scotty then do the same with the blond guy. The brown haired twink made a noise and started to pull off, only to have Ric's hand hold him down. The blond just kept licking on the hard shaft. The couple looked at each other, grinned and simultaneously pushed in. Scotty bottomed out first since he drove in a little faster, but Dan was only a few seconds behind. Ric could feel the guys sucking him squirm, but a hand on each head kept them in their place. The longer he watched, the more impressed he was with Scotty's topping abilities. From all of their talks, he thought Scotty was strictly a bottom. The twinks sucking on his cock were less impressive and clearly distracted by the bare cocks drilling their asses. Dan and Scotty started to plow harder and soon were bouncing off the twinks' butts. Ric could tell they were enjoying the the bottom's holes. Each one would watch his dick drive into the hairless hole and then glance over at the other one, smiling. Once he heard the first grunt from Dan, he knew they weren't going to last much longer. Dan's thrusts slowed but got harder, Scotty did the opposite and drove in faster. On cue, they came a second apart. Dan's louder grunts were accompanied by Scotty's softer groan. Both stood there as their cocks spurted and spewed out their newly viral cream, filling their respective bottoms. The brown haired twink also got his mouth filled with spurts of Ric's cum, giving him the taste of toxic cum that he had asked for. The look on Scotty's face surprised Ric, he never imagined that he'd enjoy breeding a neg guy with his charged load, especially after his comments about getting counseling when they found out they were poz. They both stood there still inside the twinks' holes and a satisfied look on their faces. Once their cocks were out of the bottoms, Dan and Scotty took their places on the bench again. The twinks stood back up and Ric watched the brown haired guy swallow his load. "Don't we get your cock too?" the blond asked. "Not this time, but you got my bug from these guys. They might even be more toxic than me" Ric said with a smile. He realized from their expressions that they never expected the guys he was with were poz too. They backed away slowly and headed to the door and down the hall towards the showers. "God that was amazing. I never thought I'd do something like that with Dan" Scotty said. "Yeah, I thought we might share a bottom, but to fuck a guy next to my boyfriend like that was wild. I'm so proud of him being able to top so good with all these guys watching" Dan replied. "I didn't even notice them. I was so turned on fucking my first neg guy that I only paid attention to us five. At first, I just wanted to prove to you and Ric that I could do it, but the longer I went the more turned on I got. The load I gave the blond guy was huge" Scotty said, grinning. "Yeah, mine was too. I wonder if we'll ever know if that fuck did it" Dan said. "That's the thing about these kinds of breedings... you rarely find out if you were the one or one of several. But now you know how this place works. I hope you'll come back and try out the other rooms. There's lots more fun to be had around here, whether the guy you play with is neg or poz" Ric said. They showered before the three went back to the locker room and got dressed. "I see you found the pair of twinks. They looked a little worried as they left" the attendant said to Ric as they went past. "As the saying goes... be careful of what you ask for. I didn't breed them... these guys did. They got the same result, though. Hope it sticks" Ric said as they walked out the door.
  6. Chapter 6.4 - Cumpadre His curiosity got the better of him and he was out at the soccer fields watching Toby's team play. He looked around and didn't see João anywhere. He even wandered to some of the other matches to check out the other teams, but didn't see him there, either. The match ended and after a short post-game meeting, Toby came up to Ric. "So, do you really like to watch second rate soccer or are you just checking out the guys?" Toby asked. Ric laughed and replied "A bit of both. I wasn't very good in high school. At first I didn't trust myself in the locker rooms, gym class was bad enough. When I was finally comfortable enough being gay, it was senior year and you can't really start sports then." "Yeah, I guess not. Some of these guys haven't been playing long, though. You would fit in. It's good exercise and keeps my butt attracting all sorts of horny guys" Toby said, laughing. "It is a sweet ass" Ric replied. A few seconds later he added "I thought there was another guy on the floor that played soccer." Toby stood there a moment and said "Hmm... I don't think so. At least not on the IM teams. There's one that plays on the university team, João. But he's way out of our league. He might be good enough to go pro." They started walking back towards the dorms when one of Toby's teammates came running up. He whispered something in Toby's ear and Toby laughed. Ric wondered what was funny and soon Toby told him "Gustavo thinks you're hot and wants to know why you haven't shown up at any matches before." He wasn't about to tell him why he was there, so he just said "I like to watch occasionally and Toby mentioned that he was playing today." "Cut the BS, Ric... you were checking out the hot asses looking for the next one to sink your dick into" Toby said with a grin. The bluntness surprised Ric and yet he guessed that from the comment Toby knew Gustavo was queer. When he looked at the smile on Gustavo's face, he knew he was right. "That too" Ric said, chuckling. "Oh... You're active... a top?" Gustavo asked. "Yeah, mostly. I'm versatile with my boyfriend, but it really depends on the other guy" Ric replied. Ric saw the shocked look on Gustavo's face and expected the next question, which he got only a second later. "You cheat on him?" "No, we're open. We both meet with other guys" Ric explained. "I bet it's fun to be one of those other guys" was the quick response. "Be careful of what you ask for. Ric is bigger than most guys and would probably wreck that hot little butt of yours. You had a hard time taking Davey's and he's not even close" Toby said. Ric laughed to himself and watched Gustavo look back at him. A moment later he moved closer to Ric and gave a quick feel of the bulge inside Ric's shorts. "Oh god" Gustavo said after the extended grope. -- A few days later, Ric and Mateo were walking to the elevator and saw Toby talking with Gustavo in the first floor lobby. "Hey guys, how's it going?" Ric said before introducing Mateo to Gustavo. "We were going to go on a short run, do you want to join us?" Toby asked. "Sure. We gotta change first. Uh... Come on up" Ric said. Ric figured it would be a good way to show Gustavo what he felt up the other day and see if he might be interested in playing some time. The four walked down the hall into Ric and Mateo's room and Toby closed the door. Ric and Mateo's t-shirts were off before they had even gotten inside the room. The sandals and jeans were off next, quickly followed by his trunks. Ric rummaged through the drawer and grabbed a jock, tank and running shorts. Mateo still had his cargo shorts on while he looked for his running gear. "I like the tattoo on your back. Are you a Scorpio too?" Gustavo asked innocently. The other three chuckled and Ric turned around, giving Gustavo a full frontal view of his naked body. He had trimmed his bush that morning and the biohazard tattoo was barely hidden by the remaining hair. Mateo replied "No... It's a warning that I can sting" as he turned around, dropped his cargo shorts and pulled on his running shorts. "Wow... that looks bigger than it felt. What does that tattoo mean?" Gustavo asked, looking over Ric and trying to figure out what Mateo meant. "The same as his scorpion. We both have HIV" Ric said. "But you look healthy" Gustavo said. "Mmhmm, we are" Ric said, just like he had told countless other guys that asked. He pulled on his jockstrap and shorts before pulling the tank top. He knew he'd be taking the shirt off part way through the run and hoped all four of them would be shirtless soon. Within ten minutes of starting their run, Ric got his wish as the shirts got pulled off. He ran with Mateo most of the time but would drop back to get a better view of the three sexy butts. Ric wondered if outing his and Mateo's status had ruined any chance that he could get into Gustavo's hot ass. As they finished their run, Gustavo waved as he headed back to his dorm a few blocks away. The other three ended up in Ric and Mateo's room and the three sweaty bodies were naked in seconds. "Need some dick?" Mateo asked, rubbing his fingers along Toby's moist crack. "Oh god yeah... I haven't had anything since Jack on Wednesday" Toby moaned. Ric was on his knees feeding Toby's mouth as Mateo pressed his face in, licking all over the sweat covered ass. He didn't spend much time rimming, his hard cock was eager to get into the ass that he hadn't fucked before. It was a tight fit, but Toby relaxed and was getting pounded a few minutes later. "Damn, that's a good ass... No wonder Ric's been keeping it to himself" Mateo said. Ric chuckled, feeling Toby get forced further on to his shaft. Mateo began to plow faster until his cock began to spew ropes of cum into the slick tunnel. Toby pulled off Ric's cock and moaned out "Ahhh fuck yeah! Breed that hungry pussy!" Mateo let the the load of cum soak inside a minute before slowly pulling out. He swapped spots with Ric and Toby eagerly licked the poz cum off Mateo's cock. Ric slid in easily and plowed Toby with long, firm strokes. The orgasm snuck up on him quicker than he expected and showered Toby's gut as he thrust in. "Ahhhh that feels so good" Toby moaned out. The three sat on the floor, recovering. "It always feels good to take a new guy's dick and cum, thanks. Hopefully that won't be the last time" Toby said, winking at Mateo. A moment later, he said "Ric... Gustavo was asking a few questions while we ran. I hope you don't mind, but I gave him your number since some of them I didn't want to answer." "No problem. Is he thinking about taking his chances with a poz load or three?" Ric asked. "Maybe. He sounds a lot more careful than I was. My desire to feel Jack's cock inside me outweighed everything else" Toby said. "I hope you don't regret it. I love knowing I have Ric's bug inside of me" Mateo said. "No, I don't. I just realize I rushed into it. I went from having my first experience with a guy to being poz in only a few months" Toby said. "Have you pozzed anyone yet?" Ric asked. "Yeah... A friend when I was home last summer. It was strange being a top, but that only lasted a month, thankfully. After he converted he went back to being a top and me a bottom" Toby said. "So you don't want to be the one to do Gustavo..." Ric then asked. "No... I think I'll save that for someone that I'm closer to" he replied. A day later, the first message came and slowly Ric knew he felt more comfortable asking questions. Questions were one thing, putting out was another and Ric had resigned Gustavo to the flirt-but-no-play group. That meant he was lower priority than guys that were actively looking to hookup. Like João. They had been meeting a couple times a week and Ric watched him become more comfortable with his status each time. Ric and Mateo had taken several of his loads, always like the first time he bred Mateo with a dick fucking his ass. "I think you're the closest I am going to get to having one of my people fuck me" Gustavo sent one day. "Why? Are there no other gay guys from there going to school here?" Ric asked. He felt ignorant not knowing what country he was from. He didn't want to guess wrong and offend him. He knew there was a camaraderie and yet a rivalry between different South American countries. He preferred the camaraderie of his fellow brown queers, even if he didn't speak their language. "No. All straight. I've never been with anyone from Brazil while I've been here for school, only at home" he replied. Ric smiled, but sent back "Being poz will make it harder. Find your compadre before you play with poz guys." He had a few motives for his response. One was to slow the stream of messages from Gustavo and two to satisfy Gustavo's need for hooking up with a fellow countryman. "Yes, u are right" Gustavo sent back. The messages didn't slow down, though, and Ric thought they might have gotten more intense. Gustavo even stopped by occasionally to talk face to face. They had been talking for over two hours when a text message came from João. "Free now?" he asked. It was his code for "I am very horny. Can we fuck?" and Ric laughed to himself. He typed back "Mateo not here. Talking with a friend. 5 min." Ric told Gustavo "A friend needs some help with an assignment. It's been good talking with you again." He had been trying to end the conversation for almost thirty minutes since it seemed to be going in circles. Gustavo hinting that he wanted to have sex but completely afraid of getting infected. Ric only had covered sex with clients and if his dick went into Gustavo, it would be bare. Gustavo nodded and asked one final question "Do you regret it?" "No, not at all. I've done a lot of things that I never would have, so the pluses outweigh the downsides" Ric said. Gustavo got up and opened the door to head back to his room. João was standing there and both gasped. "Do you know each other?" Ric asked. João pushed Gustavo back into the room and closed the door. "What are you doing here?" João asked him in Portuguese. Ric realized he wasn't going to be part of this conversation and sat back on the bed, trying to understand what he could. Gustavo told him that they were just talking. "Nothing more? No sex?" João then asked. Gustavo replied "No" and looked disappointed. "I didn't know you knew Ric, too. I will let him help you with your school work" Gustavo said. João looked confused but replied "Yes, I live at the other end of the floor." Ric could tell that Gustavo was nervous around João and wondered if he had a crush on him. "I should go, now" Gustavo said, switching back to English. Once Gustavo had left, Ric asked "Do you know him?" "Of course. He's from Brazil too. We sat next to each other on the plane coming back for this semester. He's a nice guy and a good football player, but he has a reputation since he is openly gay. Many guys don't want to be seen with him" João said. He thought a moment and then asked "Have you... had sex with him?" "No. He's too scared about HIV. I think he wants to, though. He's unhappy that he can't find any other gay Brazilians to have sex with and I guess I'm close enough" Ric replied, chuckling. "Oh? I know a few but I don't know if he would want them since they are older" João said. Ric laughed and said "To be honest, I think they could have three eyes, six fingers and a tail, as long as they were from your country." It took a few seconds for João to understand Ric's comment, but then he laughed too. A smile grew across his face before he said "I don't have a tail... or three eyes." "He has told me he is only a bottom, like you. If you know a top that might be interested, then you should give them a chance to decide for themselves" Ric replied. As João's smile turned to a wicked grin, he realized that he misunderstood. "You want to fuck him?" Ric asked. João nodded and said "Only if he understands what will happen. My playing days will be over as soon as I get my exam. There won't be a reason to hide anymore." "What exam?" Ric asked. "My medical exam. I get one every six months. When they find out I have HIV, they will kick me off the team. The other players will know I am gay too and won't want to play with me" João said. "Don't expect the worst. You might be surprised" Ric said. "Uh... do you want me to have him come back here?" Ric asked. He watched João nod, looking embarrassed that he was letting his urges drive his thoughts. Ric texted Gustavo and five minutes later there was a knock at the door. This time, Gustavo was excited and said "Ric said you wanted to ask me something." João nodded and asked "You wanted to have sex with us?" Gustavo nodded. "You understand that we will give you the bug, yes?" he then asked. "I know Ric will, yes" he said and then realized what João meant. "You too?" Gustavo asked and it was João's turn to nod. He thought about it only a moment and said "I am yours. Share your seeds and virus with me." Gustavo eagerly knelt in front of João and pulled his shorts down. Ric always knew when João was horny, since he only had his soccer shorts and a tank top on which made it easy for him to be naked in seconds. The shorts fell to his ankles and he kicked them to the side with the shirt joining them a half second later. João slipped back into Portuguese and Ric sat back, watching the pair. Ric noticed that João was taking a more dominant role and wondered if he was going to be needed to help João fuck Gustavo. After a few minutes of sucking, Gustavo leaned back and pulled his shirt off and then his shorts. He took the cock back into his mouth and João began to fuck his throat. The move surprised Ric and he slowly stroked his cock, watching the scene unfold. Several minutes later, João pulled Gustavo off his cock and said something to him, getting a vigorous nod from Gustavo. Gustavo turned around and showed João his jock framed ass. A pair of spit covered fingers lubed up the hole before João spit over the exposed ring. Without any hesitation, João pressed his uncovered cock to Gustavo's hole and pushed. It took a few tries, but Ric watched him finally penetrate Gustavo on his own. Moans came out of both of them as João held still just inside. He pulled out and added more spit before working his cock back in deeper. It was obvious that João didn't top much, but the longer he plowed, the more comfortable he looked. Ric could see that Gustavo was being patient and making sure that João lasted for more than a few minutes. The thrusts got faster and soon Gustavo was fucking back on João's cock. The fuck lasted twice as long as Ric expected and neither seemed to want it to end. João growled out and tried to delay the inevitable orgasm, but a minute later he thrust in hard and his body shook. Ric smiled, knowing that he was breeding Gustavo's hungry ass completely on his own with no help from a cock in his ass. The moan from the bottom was long and low as he milked the cock that was planted inside him. João stood there, shocked at what he'd just done, but slowly pulled back. He slowly sat down on the floor, dripping sweat and breathing heavily. Gustavo looked over at Ric and smiled, wiggling his ass to call him over. Ric chuckled and got off the bed, but he turned Gustavo around so he was facing João. The cum helped Ric force his cock into the tight hole. While João might have been thicker than average, he wasn't as thick as Ric was. The thrusts started slowly letting Gustavo adjust to the girth. There was still a note of pain in his moans, but he didn't show any signs of wanting Ric to stop. It was a short fuck since he'd been edging while João had fucked him. Just over ten minutes after he entered him, Ric's balls started to release their seed. He never went deep, trying to keep as much of João's venom inside as he could and add to it. Just like he had with João, Gustavo worked his ass to get every drop of cum that he could from Ric's cock. Ric slowly pulled out and even with a gentle fuck, he could tell that they had done some damage to Gustavo's guts. Once he'd pulled out completely Gustavo crawled over to João and sat next to him, holding him close and resting his head on João's shoulder. "We shouldn't have done that" João said, looking guilty. "You made my dream come true. It's a small price to pay. I am yours any time you want me" Gustavo said.
  7. Chapter 6.3 - Down the Hall He'd been playing around too much Spring semester and now it was time to pay up. Midterm tests were coming and Ric worried that his grades were suffering. Taylor's comment from a year before was getting too close to the truth, he was fucking his way through college. The door was closed and he had earbuds in playing quiet nature sounds while he studied. Ric reached around and grabbed the water jug from the small dorm fridge. It only had half a glass left and it was time for short break to refill it. As he pulled his earbuds off and put them back in the charging case there was a knock at the door. Ric opened it up and saw a startled short guy looking back at him. Ric recognized the guy from the other end of the floor, but had only seen him wandering around and had never talked to him. Ric wore his usual uniform of only jogging shorts and sandals while the other guy had jeans and a tee on. Standing at least five inches shorter than Ric, he looked intimidated. "Hi, what's up?" Ric asked. "Uh... Hi. I'm David from the other end of the hall. My... Uh... roommate is really sick and he asked me if you could come down there to check him out" the guy said. Ric chuckled and replied "I'm not sure why he'd want to talk to me since I'm not a doctor. I haven't even made it to pre-med yet." "I don't know anything or why he wanted you, but he asked so here I am. Can you please just come see him? He looks awful" David asked. Ric set the water bottle down, grabbed his phone and keys and followed David back to his room. Ric wasn't really sure who David's roommate was, but followed him at a brisk pace down the long hallway. Once in the room, Ric remembered the roommate immediately. João laid there almost naked with a pair of skimpy briefs struggling to contain a large bulge. He looked like a lot of soccer players he saw on TV. He was pretty sure he played on the team with Toby, but since he'd only gone to one game he wasn't sure. The few times he'd run into João, he seemed to have a very macho attitude and had actively avoided any of the openly gay guys on the floor, Mateo and Ric included. He had assumed that João was straight and homophobic, but maybe that was premature judgment. Ric was a little surprised to see him manscaped, with his chest hair trimmed, stomach shaved and a perfect, narrow line of hair running from his navel down to the top of the briefs. The beard on his face was similarly trimmed close all the way up the sides of his head to a slightly longer top. The only thing that prevented him from modeling the latest swimwear was that his body was covered in sweat and he passed out almost as soon as Ric got there. João's neck looked swollen and Ric saw a few patches of rash on his otherwise unblemished light brown skin. Almost immediately, Ric knew why he was called and had a guess as to what João was experiencing. "What's his temperature?" Ric asked and before getting a reply asked "How long has he been like this?" David said "It started Thursday night. I don't have a thermometer, so I don't know what his fever is. He looked bad when I went to classes yesterday and the rash started this morning. He keeps moaning like he's in pain, too." Ric glanced up and saw the large Brazilian flag hanging next to the bed and muttered "crap" to himself since his knowledge of Portuguese was only slightly better the German that the guy had tried to converse with him at the bathhouse a week earlier. "Can you go to the RA's room and see if he has a thermometer?" Ric asked David. He saw João open his eyes and asked "Habla Espanol?" and got a strained "poquito" in reply. "OK, I think I know why you asked for me" he said and before he could finish his sentence, he saw João pointing a finger at his biohazard tattoo. "Ah, well, welcome to the club" Ric said. He then told João "I don't speak Portuguese and I was hoping we could talk privately, but English it is. I assume if you got HIV it was from gay sex. Correct?" and watched João nod 'yes' before breathing deep. "Does David know you're gay or bi?" Ric asked next. He heard João reply softly "No. No one knows." There was pain in his voice and he knew João ached like he never had before. He remembered feeling the same a few years earlier. A few seconds later, David came in the room with a digital thermometer. "He said to aim it at the forehead, several inches away and hold it there a few seconds" David said. "101.7 F which is... 38.7 C" Ric said, handing the thermometer back to David. A moment later he continued "Keep checking it every four or six hours and if it gets much higher, he should go to the emergency room. Let's get some wet towels for him and I'll go pick up some stuff to keep him hydrated." Ric kept checking on him and it took until the following Wednesday until João's fever broke and he was able to walk around. Monday after classes and with his first mid-term exam completed, he dragged João over to the clinic to find out for sure. Wednesday they were back and Ric sat in the waiting room and he finally saw João come out of the exam area with Hector ushering him back. "He's going to need some help. He said that he knew what it was, but still took it hard. I'm glad you are here to watch him. But... Uh... Is it from you?" Hector asked. Ric shook his head 'no' and said "I didn't know he went that way. He avoided all of us gay guys. But I guess he saw my tattoo at some point and asked for me when he got sick." "We won't know what his numbers are until the end of the week. Bring him back next Monday and we'll figure out what he wants to do. Keep an eye on him until then, please?" Hector asked. Ric nodded and the pair headed back to the dorm. "If you want to talk, I'm a good listener, but I'd like to know what happened" Ric said after they got a half block away. "My parents are not accepting of people like us. They said very bad things about my cousin and almost as bad about my uncle and aunt for... loving him anyway. So, I have kept it to myself. Here, I can find men to meet and not have to worry about them finding out" João said softly. After a pause, he continued "I met a guy several weeks ago. He was nice at first and the sex was amazing. The last time we met, he got angry while he fucked. He told me that I was going to pay for the asshole that pozzed him. That all of us Mexican fags deserve to die from AIDS. But I'm not from Mexico..." he said, starting to sob. Ric put his arm around João and they stopped. "Stupid people lump all of us brown folks in whatever bucket their racist minds want to. You'll be ok, life will go on. It's not like you can change it, anyway" Ric said. Over the weekend, Ric, Mateo and João talked. "One of the questions they'll ask you is if you want to go on treatment right away" Mateo said. "Why wouldn't I? Doesn't everyone?" João asked. "Not all. Neither of us are and I know several other guys that aren't. I love feeling a guy filling me up with viral loads almost as much as I like giving them" Ric said. The shocked look on João's face surprised Ric and he wondered which part shocked him. "You're not afraid to take more infected cum? Or infect them?" João asked. "Once you have it, it doesn't matter. Some neg guys like the risk and others want it, so we can help them out" Ric replied, smiling back at João. "Do you mean I don't have to worry any more? I could take your poz cum and it wouldn't make me sick again?" João asked. "No. Not now or after you start medications. The only guys you might want to stay away from are neg guys that aren't on PrEP. Unless they want your bug. You would be very toxic right now" Mateo said. João shook his head. "No, I am only a bottom... But you could fuck me and we both would be ok?" He asked. "Of course. Why? Are you horny?" Ric asked. He and Mateo watched as João nodded 'yes' quickly, his body tingling at the thought of finally having sex again. Ric closed and locked the door and when he turned around, Mateo was pulling João's jersey over his head. Ric tugged his shorts down and they were all naked seconds later. Ric pressed against his back and Mateo his front. Mateo kissed him roughly until Ric turned João's head and and did the same. When Mateo turned his head back, Ric slid down his back, letting his tongue trace down his spine. João let out a loud moan when Ric grabbed both butt halves and buried his face in. The muscled ass was firm in his hands and the experienced hole felt good on his tongue. For all of the manscaping that João did on the upper front side of his body, he left the layer of fur on his legs and ass natural. Ric was in heaven and barely noticed when João bent over and started sucking on Mateo's cock. Ric felt a tap on his arm and knew that was Mateo's indication that it was time to change up. Next, João was on his knees, taking Ric's dick into his mouth while Mateo was getting in position to enter João's hole. The moment Mateo's cock touched João's hole Ric felt him tense up. Ric quietly said "Shhhh, you'll be ok. He won't hurt you and you can't hurt him" as he stroked João's head. Mateo's face soon smiled and Ric watched his boyfriend slowly slip inside the muscular ass. A moan surrounded his cock, followed by a tongue resuming it's work on his shaft. Mateo slowly built up speed which helped Ric's cock thrust into João's throat. João took the ass and throat drilling better than Ric expected, since most closeted guys didn't have a lot of experience. He even deep throated himself on Ric's cock a few times, staying down longer than most guys. When Ric heard the familiar growls, he knew his boyfriend was close. Ric slipped his cock out of the warm, wet mouth and held João's head gently. The whimper from João when Mateo came deep in his ass was a little surprising. Ric wondered if it was from regret or if he really was that submissive. When Mateo pulled out, Ric said "Turn around" and watched both guys turn around on their knees. He was close and he didn't know how much longer he could hold the cum in his balls. Ric reached around and guided João's stiff shaft to Mateo's ass and got another whimper. "Just slide in, I'll do the rest" Ric said and with half of João's cock in, Ric drove his own spit covered shaft into the cum filled hole. Moans came out of all three guys while Ric started to thrust into the freshly bred hole. Mateo had stretched him enough that Ric easily started pounding João. "Fuck, that's one hot poz ass" Ric said as his hips bounced off the firm butt. After a few minutes, Ric realized that João was pulling back after each inward thrust so that the next thrust would fuck him into Mateo's chute. "Maybe he's not a total bottom" Ric thought. A hard thrust pushed his dick all the way into João's hole and thus his into Mateo. Ric pumped a few more times and then buried his cock again. When he did it the next time, he felt João's hole spasm around his cock and a deep moan come from Mateo. He stayed planted, enjoying the muscles massage his shaft as João bred his first guy since converting. When the squeezes softened, Ric plunged one more time into João's hole and unleashed his own viral seed into the sloppy chute. The three stood there, breathing heavy with their sweaty bodies pressed together for a few minutes. The sound of gasping was broken up when Mateo said "That was a huge load... When did you cum last?" "Before I got sick" João said, sounding embarrassed. "You sure he'll be ok?" he then asked and finally "I have not fucked anyone since I came here for school." "Hopefully it won't be the last time. You have a great dick and I love how that little curve feels" Mateo said. They pulled out from each other and laid on the floor, João licking Ric's cock and Mateo, his. "Feel better?" Mateo asked. "Much better. Both of you fuck like my friends from last year. It brought back a lot of good memories" João said. "What happened to them?" Ric asked. "They graduated and moved back to Sao Paulo. They want me to go back for their wedding, but now I can't" João said. "There are lots of solutions. If you want to go, you should" Mateo said. "Back to the present... How did you like breeding my boyfriend?" Ric asked. "It felt good, but I don't think I could have done it without you fucking me at the same time" João replied.
  8. Chapter 6.2 - Sparky "U like doin negs?" was the message Ric got from Jim. Ric laughed to himself and wondered where this was going. He liked that they had continued to hookup after the summer break but knew that once the new library was finished they might not. A few had been longer fucks than their usual pump and dump on the construction site. Ric had even met Jim's roommate when they had an extended fuck session at his apartment. "Done my share. why?" he replied. A few seconds later Jim replied "Been fuckin an electrician" and then "Last time he said he just tested neg again and wondered why" followed by "he thought all poz guys could give him bug." "doesnt sound like he's too worried abt it. he chasin?" Ric asked. "Dunno bred him most of summer b4 he found out I was poz" Jim replied then added "others stopped fuckin him when they found out I was nailing him too. dumbfucks dont understand since I'm undetectable I'm safer than most guys no matter how many times I tell em." Ric wondered what Jim was thinking and if he wanted to poz the guy up. "U gonna stop meds to do it?" he sent. "Kinda wanted to watch u fck him first" Jim answered. Ric chuckled. "fuck him or poz him?" he asked. "Fuck. Dont think hes had a dick as big as u. hes cocky. b nice to watch a college guy own his ass" Jim texted back. Ric thought about it a moment and replied "If I fuck him, I'll own his ass 4 sure. where n when?" Jim sent a message back a few minutes later "checking. prob do longer fuck than we can at jobsite. u know places? don't want to use my apt." "Bathhouse?" Ric asked. "I dunno, might be too public for him" Jim replied. "Just go at an off time and have him get a room. He can decide how visible he is" Ric said, starting to think this was going to be too much work. "Monday eve might be quiet. Can u do that?" Jim asked. Seven thirty on Monday night, Ric walked into the bathhouse. "Not one of your usual times. Meeting someone?" the attendant asked. "Yeah. Not even sure if he'll show. How's the crowd?" Ric replied. "No crowd. Only a handful inside right now. It might pick up after ten" he got as a reply. Ric stripped down and stuffed his clothes in the locker before heading to the sauna. He gave Jim and his friend Sparky an hour before he would give up and head back home. He didn't have to wait long and he saw Jim and another guy come into the sauna. Once they got close he could see the other guy better without the steam. Sparky was a several years older than Jim or maybe he just had a hard life. His head was shaved and he wore several days scruff on his face. His smooth body held several extra pounds and the good start of a beer belly. There were several small tattoos scattered over his body and one large lightning bolt tattoo on his upper left arm. When he took the towel off his waist, Ric saw a rather small cock and no pubes. Ric didn't think Sparky was very attractive and hoped that he was a better lay than eye candy. At least when he turned around to check out the steam room Ric saw a nice, but smooth, ass. "Did you get a room?" Ric asked. Jim shook his head "No, the guy up front said there weren't a lot of people here so Sparky decided to chance it." "Ya only live once, huh?" Sparky said in a thick southern drawl. Ric chuckled and nodded, spreading his legs and stroking his soft cock. "Damn that's big" Sparky said, keeping his sentences short. He kept staring too and started to lick his lips. "Yeah, I won the lottery in that department. Come on over and give it a try. Let's see if you can wrap your lips around it" Ric said. Sparky looked around and no one else had come into the sauna. He came closer and bent over, taking Ric's partially hard cock into his hand. "Fuck" he said before pulling the foreskin back and licking over the head. Ric hadn't showered and he knew there might be more than just sweat and some piss under the hood, but Sparky didn't object. Slowly, he took more of Ric's cock into his mouth and Ric watched Jim disappear behind Sparky. A few seconds later, Sparky moaned around Ric's cock and Ric assumed that came from Jim's tongue on his ass. The moans kept coming and Sparky began sucking harder and deeper. It wasn't the best blowjob Ric had gotten but it wasn't the worst, either. Sparky mostly kept his teeth from scraping on Ric's shaft, but Ric was used to it. He licked back up the shaft, letting Ric's cock pop free of his lips. After taking a deep breath and going back down, he took Ric further into his mouth and just let the tip hit his throat. Ric rested his hand on the back of Sparky's head, pushing harder until the tip squeezed in. Sparky struggled and Ric let up, giving him a moment to refill his lungs before pushing his head back down. With his cock deeper in Sparky's throat this time, Ric gently started to thrust up, getting a little deeper. A few moments later, he saw Jim's head pop up and then stand up. He let Sparky grab another bit of air and pressed down as he watched Jim push in. Like he usually did when he fucked Sparky, Jim slowly sunk his entire shaft into the hole. Sparky had told him he loved to feel the burn and today he was sure Sparky would feel it at least twice today. He made sure there was just the bare minimum coating of spit to let him in. A slow drag pulled his cock all the way out before he shoved back in. This time, he didn't stay planted and began to plow way with firm strokes. Ric was fucking his face too, just with shorter strokes. The moans had turned to groans and Ric could tell Sparky was in pain. He wasn't trying to push off or wiggle away, so Ric pulled his head back and let him nurse on Ric's cock. The moans returned after a couple minutes until Jim would thrust in and make him grunt. Jim started to drill Sparky faster and Ric figured he was close. He had never seen Jim top before and now knew he was much more than just a horny bottom. Out of the steam Ric saw a guy come closer, stroking his cock. When he got next to Jim, Ric recognized him as the guy he called spiderman. The guy was about fifty and had a dozen or more spider tattoos crawling up his arm. Ric and Taylor had taken turns the previous Spring making sure that his cum was now virally enhanced. Spiderman grinned at Ric and watched Jim inch ever closer to orgasm as he slowly stroked his hard cock. A loud growl preceded Jim's last thrust, followed by the first breeding that night of Sparky's hole. It looked like a long orgasm and Ric wondered if he had been saving up to make sure he flooded Sparky's cunt. Spiderman grinned and then wordlessly asked if he could be next. Ric wasn't sure that Sparky knew there was another guy in the sauna, but he found out when instead of Ric getting up or Jim pushing back in, he got spiderman's long thin cock. Sparky jolted a bit, but Ric held his head. It didn't take long before spiderman was pounding Sparky's ass. His fuck looked pretty boring to Ric, with only one motion and one speed. He only lasted five minutes before he began to shoot his toxic jizz into Sparky. Ric would have preferred to be the only one filling Sparky with viral cum, but so far Sparky wasn't a good enough fuck to earn Ric's desire to be the only one. Once spiderman was out of the way, Ric and Jim swapped spots. The hole might have been slick with two guys' loads, but it still was tight. He saw Sparky's face buried in Jim's crotch with a cock probably deep into his throat. Ric got a couple inches in and bent over Sparky, pressing his chest to Sparky's sweaty back. With his head next next to Sparky's, he asked "Ready to get knocked up, Sparky?" Sparky whimpered with Jim's cock still in his mouth. "I'll take that as a 'yes'" Ric said, plunging his cock most of the way in. Sparky screamed out but most of it was muffled by Jim's cock. His body squirmed and twisted but since he was pinned between Ric and Jim, it just forced Ric's cock in deeper. Ric raised his hips and gave another hard thrust, digging into a new spot and making Sparky scream even louder before Jim pushed his cock in deeper. "Jim said you were disappointed your last test was neg. I hope that won't be a problem next time" Ric said, rolling his hips so his cock was almost out before driving back in. Slowly he plowed, forcing most of the two loads out and stretching the soft chute with each thrust. The whimpers returned a few minutes later along with Ric's faster strokes. Ric saw Jim face fuck Sparky's throat and he started to plow faster too. Once Sparky got used to one intensity, Ric would go harder. Ric pushed up, keeping his grip on Sparky's shoulders while he kept pounding. Jim smiled back at him and Ric wondered if he was up for a fuck like this. Most of their encounters had been quite a bit tamer. Another five minutes had Ric close and a few minutes more found him firing off volleys of his cum into Sparky's battered cunt. A few guys had gathered to watch Sparky get fucked and a few made comments when Ric shoved in the final time. "He's fucked" one guy said. "Lucky bitch" said another. Ric chuckled, quickly glancing to see who might be a good hookup next time. Once the adrenaline had faded, Ric slowly pulled his cock free and watched cum drip out of the wrecked hole. He stood back and Jim got up, leaving Sparky gasping for breath and braced on the bench. Jim slid his hard cock into the loose hole and laughed. It was then that Ric saw the fresh ink on Jim's upper back. The bio tat was larger than his but looked perfectly sized for the placement between his shoulders. It only took a couple minutes before Jim was growling again and pumping more of his seed into Sparky's hole. Ric took a seat and Sparky licked his cock briefly. When Jim had pulled out, Sparky stood up obviously in pain. "Fuck, my ass and throat are so fuckin sore" Sparky said. "That should hold you for a couple days" Jim said, slapping Sparky's ass. They headed off toward the showers with Ric trailing the other two. "Nice ink, Jim" Ric said as they rinsed off. "It's your fault. I liked your tat and wanted to get one, but I was afraid of the reaction I'd get. I've been getting a lot more action the past year and found more guys that aren't afraid of fuckin poz guys. Seem to be a lot more poz college students that want some hole to fuck, too" Jim said. Ric smiled back at him. "That might be my fault too" Ric thought.
  9. Chapter 6.1 - Rescuing A Friend Ric was standing in the ballroom talking to Devon and the endless line of people that came up to chat. He felt uncomfortable in the tux but was getting used to being the eye candy on Devon's arm for these monthly formal events. Devon had even bought him the tux. He could never imagine spending a few thousand dollars on an outfit you only wear a few times a year. It looked and fit perfect, thanks to the cute tailor who needed three fittings and five loads to get it right. At first he thought that the champagne was messing with his eyes but the closer the two guys got, the more he realized that he saw him correctly the first time. "Hi, Devon. Good to see you again. Even better to see that you brought the same stud from the last few events. He's definitely a looker. Uh... This is my friend Zane" the cherubic guy with a cheap, poorly-fitting gray rental tux said. He was a few inches shorter than Ric, at least thirty pounds overweight with a round face that had a few pimples on it and a mop of dark blond hair on his head. More interesting to Ric was his date "Zane" or as Ric knew him, Paul. "Nice to see you again, Ted" Devon said, unconvincingly. He then said "Finally decided to come out? Congrats." Devon and Ted began to talk and Ric gave Paul a bro hug. "Good to see you again. Been way too long" Ric said. Paul leaned in and whispered "Your client is a lot hotter than mine. Want to swap?" Ric chuckled. "Devon is a friend, not a client. He did hire a guy once for an event like this last year, but it sucked in a bad way. Having fun with yours?" he asked. "Oh crap. Not really. He thinks he's a top and only plays safe. He's not a good kisser and burps a lot. The money's good though, and I've already spotted a half dozen previous clients at this event. All but one looked away. It seems most of these guys are closet cases. So... Friends or friends with benefits?" Paul asked. A grin covered Ric's face. "Oh, benefits for sure. He's a great bottom and is becoming a decent top. We had a fun three way with my boyfriend a few weeks ago" Ric said. "I bet that was hot. Is he on prep?" Paul asked. "Surprisingly, he wasn't. It took four tries but I gave him the Christmas gift you can't return. Now he's on the flip side" Ric replied, laughing softly. Ted dragged Paul away a few minutes later. Devon turned and leaned in close to Ric. "Uh... Is he a friend of yours? I think Ted hired him for the night" Devon said. Ric smiled and pulled Devon to the dance floor. He leaned in as they slowly danced and replied "Yeah, he's a friend but I know he does work like that on the side. Keep it quiet, please... and ask Ted to do the same." "Oh, sure. I'm kind of responsible for Ted doing that, though. I told him what I did last year, but added your suggestion to be more picky on who he hires. Zane seems nice and is really cute. Ted should have looked for someone more in his... league. He did say their warm up before the party was really hot and was looking forward to more later" Devon said. "Ah, ok. I thought he was telling you that he hired a guy just as normal conversation" Ric said. "No, it was more along the lines of thanking me for the idea. I got to admit, I was surprised at your response when I told you about the guy I hired last year. I only told one other person and they gave me a ton of crap for doing it. You should consider doing something like that. You'd be perfect. You know how to fit in, you're well mannered, you're hot, can dance and talk with people. And you're fucking awesome in bed. I guess the only down side is that you'd end up with guys like Ted hiring you" Devon said as the song ended. Ric gave him a wink and said "Or you" before they continued dancing the rest of the night. Ric grabbed a pair of glasses of champagne as last call was made and they stood next to a table watching the party wind down. "I invited a couple guys back to the room after the party. I hope you don't mind" Devon said. "Ted?" Ric asked, half seriously. "Oh god no. His... uh... friend, I'd ask in a heartbeat. No, it's a couple guys from the house that want to play with fire" Devon said. "You sure you want to knock up your fraternity bros? It can come back to haunt you. I had one guy from my dorm that glared at me most of last year after he got what he asked for" Ric replied. "One, I really do. The other guy I really don't care. He's a freshman and thinks he can fuck his way up the ladder. I told him if he put out good tonight, I'd help him get on the social committee" Devon explained. Ric chuckled, thinking what position the guy would have on the social committee. Pole dancing entertainment, was his first guess. He wondered if he couldn't help Paul get out of his boring evening with Ted. "I got Pau...Zane's number if you want me to invite them over. We could make the night really memorable for Ted..." Ric said before an evil grin filled his face. "That's tempting. He's made a few comments about wanting to hookup, but he's not really my type" Devon said. "Too chunky?" Ric asked. "Uh... too whiny... uh, needy, hell... both" Devon said, taking the last sip of his champagne. They kept talking as they made their way back to the suite upstairs. "Well, I think he owes you a big thank you for helping him come out and show up with a stud on his arm tonight. The least he could do is come over and take some dick" Ric said. Devon laughed and replied "You want us to knock him up?" "Well, we'd have to have an even number of tops and bottoms. I assume you and I are topping your bro's and I've only seen... Zane bottom twice, once when we flipped one time. That would mean Ted needs to bottom" Ric replied, chuckling afterwards. Devon was surprised that Ted agreed the moment he asked. He even didn't put up a fight when Devon told him he'd have to bottom. Fifteen minutes later there was a tap at the hotel room door and Devon invited Mick and Samir inside. Mick was the older of the two and Ric assumed that Samir was the power hungry freshman. He wasn't what Ric expected, only standing five foot four and looked thin, even in his tux. He assumed from the name and appearance, he was Indian. Mick was the tallest of the group at just over six foot with a lightly muscled and tanned body. "We got some other guests coming, so avoid any comments about status, okay?" Devon said and got grins and nods from the two new guys. Ric had changed into a robe over his naked body as soon as they got to the room. After the first guests arrived, Devon had removed his jacket and tie, unbuttoned his shirt and kicked his shoes off. The new guys stood there in just their underwear while they waited. Another fifteen minutes and finally there was another knock on the door. Ted looked nervous, but Paul was calm as they walked in. Devon got looks from Mick and Samir as they recognized Ted. Paul winked at Ric, giving him a very grateful "thank you" look. Once Ted and Paul were naked, Ric looked over and saw that Devon had stripped too. "Wow, that looks fresh. When did you get the ink?" Ric asked Devon. A big grin came over his face and Devon replied "A couple weeks ago. Tell your boyfriend thanks for the referral. That artist is awesome." Ric looked over the dragon tattoo on his right arm, covering from his elbow up and over on to his right pec. It was in black ink with red accents and looked good against his caramel skin. "Look at the claw" Devon said quietly. Ric took another look and saw a pendant dangling from the dragon's claw with a biohazard on it. "Subtle. I like it" Ric replied. When he turned back, Ted was on his knees, sucking on Paul's cock. Mick followed Devon to the side of the bed and Ric went to the other side. He opened the robe and watched Samir's eyes gaze up and down his body. He looked nervous, but raised his hand and wrapped it around the base of Ric's cock and guided it to his lips. Samir sucked better than Ric expected, but struggled with the length of his cock. Devon was the first to turn Mick around and forced some spit into his hole. Ric watched closely, waiting for Devon to be the first to drive his cock into a willing ass. Mick groaned and the expression on his face told everyone he was having a hard time with Devon's cock. Ric pulled Samir off his dick and a quick nod was all it took for Samir to turn and move on to the bed. Ric dropped the robe to the side and knelt down behind Samir. Unlike Devon, Ric buried his face into the hairy ass and worked some saliva into the tight hole. While the ring relaxed a bit, Ric knew he was going to have to spend some time opening him up to have any chance of getting his cock inside. When he finally had three fingers in, Ric knew he was way behind both Devon and Paul. He stood up and saw the other tops drilling their bottoms before he pulled the foreskin back and pushed his cock in. A deep groan came out of Samir while Ric forced his way in deeper. He barely made it half way in before he paused, feeling Samir gasping and twisting. "Gettin stretched there, Sami?" Devon asked, chuckling afterwards. "Mmhmm" Samir replied painfully. "Don't worry... it feels great once he gets it all in you" Devon replied. Ric heard Paul laugh as he plowed harder into Ted. Ric began to roll his hips, giving short strokes with his shaft. He leaned forward and pushed Samir's head into the mattress and began to thrust harder. The muffled cries caught the attention of the other four, but with Samir staying in position and taking the fuck he was getting, no one said anything. The two other tops began to drill harder too. It didn't take long before the tops were looking at each other, trying to gauge how close the others were to cumming. A quick nod said that Devon and Paul were ready and a minute later when Ric nodded it triggered the other two. Devon came first with Paul just a few seconds behind. Ric tried to drive the rest of his cock in, but hit the wall and got a loud scream from Samir before his cum showered the battered chute. Ric knew he'd torn him up, but the darker skin on both of them obscured the damage. Only the drips of dark pink cum onto the bedspread told how badly Samir's ass was wrecked. "Switch right" Devon called out as he pulled his dick out of Mick's hole. Ric had to walk around the bed to get behind Mick and once again was the last to push into his bottom. "Oh... god yeah... something smaller. I thought I just took a baseball bat in my ass" Samir said. "I can make up for it by pounding that pussy into tomorrow if you'd like" Paul said. "NO! Go easy... my ass is sore already" Samir said. Paul continued to slowly plow his hole and Devon was drilling Ted. He was surprised that Ted was taking it without complaint and figured that most of Ted's experience was as a bottom. Devon looked to his right and assumed that the scorpion tattoo on Zane's chest meant that he was poz, but figured that since he hired out he must be undetectable. Ric was relieved that Mick was used to taking thicker cocks and while he grunted with each thrust, it was much easier than fucking Samir. He was sure the load of cum inside helped, too. After fifteen minutes, the tops once again nodded at each other. Paul was the first to seed Samir's tortured cunt. Devon pounded Ted a minute more before he dumped his viral cream in and once again Ric was last. He was able to thrust his cock in balls deep before firing off his own tainted seed, forcing a low groan from Mick. Devon gave everyone a little time to recover and then called out "Next!" He was surprised when Samir tried to crawl away when his cock touched the battered hole. "You know the deal. You backin' out of it?" Devon asked, getting a pained "No" in response from Samir. A pair of hands on his hips tugged him back and Devon forced his cock in with one move. It was the only time Devon planned on letting Samir get a second chance. Ric approached Ted and slipped into the gaping, cum filled hole. The sounds Ted made let everyone know how sore he was and that Ric's cock was stretching him out even more. The walk around the bed made sure that this time Paul was the last one in. He rubbed his hand on Ric's ass as he went by to take his spot. Paul gave a wink and all three tops were plowing their bottoms again. Ric found he couldn't get too deep inside Ted, but plowed him anyway. He wasn't sure how much cum he had left either, but as usual the thought of breeding another neg guy urged him on. Paul was plowing the hardest, with Mick showing his ability to take cock far better than the other two. None of the tops lasted as long for the third round. They still looked at each other to time their orgasms close together. Samir whimpered when Devon gave his final two lunges and shot his load in. Ric was next, giving four hard thrusts, trying to break through Ted's inner ring before giving up and coating his guts with a third dose of cum. Paul added his seed to the remains of Devon and Ric's jizz inside Mick's ass. Ted groaned as Ric pulled out and then fell flat on the bed. Paul and Devon pulled out too and the three tops moved over to the sitting area in the suite. Mick joined them a minute later and Samir headed to the bathroom. "Fuck... My ass is bleeding... Do you think I got torn?" Samir asked. "Nah, but keep an eye on it. You were pretty tight" Ric said. He looked over and Ted was passed out. "You, ok there, Ted" Ric asked but got no response until he heard a snore a minute later. Samir joined everyone and gently sat down on a folded towel. He still winced, but sat there looking around. "I didn't think I was going to get bred by three guys tonight... only you, Devon" Samir said. "You guys all undetectable?" Mick asked. "Not me" came the chorus from Ric, Devon and Paul who all grinned back at Mick. "Fuck. I hope I can dodge the bullet again..." Mick said. "I'm done, then. There's no way way I'm not going to get pozzed with three viral loads and an ass this wrecked" Samir said. "Ya never know, but I know a couple of us have a good record" Paul said, smiling back at him.
  10. It seemed that interest had dropped off so I decided to skip a few of the "detours" Ric took. What little plot progression (4 short bits) that happened in them got tacked on to 5.3. TBH, I'm surprised anyone noticed.
  11. Chapter 5.4 - Easy Way Down The following morning everyone seemed to be moving slowly except for the two guys that stayed in the "quiet" room. Ric chuckled, watching Vic move awkwardly in the morning. Even an eighteen year old can't stay bent over that long, taking seven dicks intent on knocking him up and not be sore in the morning. The group made their way to the bus and headed over to the ski resort. Once out of the bus, the guys with gear grabbed it and headed off to get their lift tickets. Those without headed to the rental counter before getting their lift tickets and the beginners hung back with the coordinator. "We have a group lesson setup for you guys, so we'll get your equipment before we go meet your instructor. Don't worry, we're not going up on the mountain today, it will just be in the learning area. Follow me" the coordinator told the group of eight. Ric, Mateo, Joe and Kyle stayed close together. Ric was disappointed that the instructor was a girl that looked like she was still in high school. Once they got through the basics, the instructor took them a little higher up on the learning hill and while they fell a lot, the more they tried and the longer they stayed up before falling. Despite his initial impression, Ric liked the teacher and he was improving quickly. She gave each guy equal attention and Ric thought she tried to hit on him, but gave up after a couple comments told her they were all gay. Every time he thought he had it figured out, he would lose his balance and face plant into the snow or fall back on his ass. When they took a break he realized that they all were covered in snow from doing the same thing. "I've never spent so much time on my ass" Ric told Joe. After lunch, they tried to go down the easy run in the learning area. Getting on the lift was a challenge since it seemed to be set for the height of a five year old and their legs were a lot longer. All of them fell over at the top of the lift, making it painfully slow just to start their way down the hill. Kyle was the first to do more than two "S" turns before falling and soon all four were looking better. They finished the day by trying to make it down the beginner run without falling. Only Ric and Kyle were able to do it, but all four were doing better than they expected. "Hey! How'd it go?" Jack asked Ric when they met back at the bus at the end of the day. "I fuckin hurt everywhere. I'm going to be in the hot tub as soon as we get back, but only to relax. No fuckin today" Ric replied. "Geez, you sound like an old man. It will be easier tomorrow" Jack replied. They rested their sore muscles and watched as Jack, Trey and Allen had their way with Vic. Joe took a turn, plunging his cock into the cum filled hole. He only lasted five minutes, but it was a hard five minutes. Vic kept looking over at the other three guys hoping to take all of them again. Mateo woke up to the normal feeling of Ric's cock pushing into his ass. He moaned louder as the thrusts got harder. When he heard "Fuck... that's so hot. I don't know how he can take that dick so easily" Mateo remembered they weren't in their dorm room, but in the bunk room at the ski resort. A dozen guys were around them, stroking their cocks and making comments. Ric looked around but couldn't see Joe or Kyle and wondered if they were still asleep. He made a couple final thrusts, drilling his boyfriend as deep as he could causing Mateo to cry out. Ric's shots were accompanied by a loud growl as he filled Mateo with more of his seed. He felt a few ropes of cum land on his back, one from the right and one from behind him. After resting a moment, Ric pulled out and crawled off the bed. A second later, one of the guys from his beginner lesson the day before was licking over his slowly softening shaft. "Shit, someone beat me to it" Jack said before turning and climbing on the bed to rim Mateo's cummy ass. "Damn, we go shower and we miss the show" Joe said, standing there with Kyle and Vic. "Knowing you, you guys put on your own show. Did you make sure Vic will be in the club?" Ric asked as the guy sucked the last bit of cum off his body. "We tried. I'm sure he'll want more tonight" Kyle said, grinning. The group cleaned up and showered before getting dressed for another day on the mountain. They met for their second day of lessons and there was another instructor standing next to the one from the first day. Ric nudged Mateo and winked saying "A compadre." They looked over the new instructor and licked their lips. He was about Mateo's height and weight and wasn't wearing the resort's jacket yet, so they saw the form fitting thermals that revealed both nips were pierced as well as his navel. His face continued the piercing theme with several ear piercings; a lip, nose and brow ring, along with a few days scruff and a long goatee. "Cute. Bet he looks even better naked" Mateo said. A moment later, the new instructor walked over toward Ric, Mateo, Joe and Kyle. "Hola" he said to Ric and Mateo, winking at them and then said "Hi... I'm Martin. I'm going to be working with you guys today. Trish said you were doing a lot better than the rest of your group. Hopefully I can help you do the bigger runs." They headed back to the easy run and did a few passes before they got called over. "OK, I think you're ready to go up and hit some greens further up. Let's hit the high speed chair and get to the more interesting stuff" Martin said. All five got on the wide lift and zoomed up a little more than half way up the mountain. Ric looked nervously at Mateo, but they got off at the top without falling and the group met at a spot to the side. "Just relax, it's no harder than before and we'll stick to the easiest run... at least at first. I'll go down a little ways and then when I stop, one by one, you guys follow my track. OK?" Martin said. They repeated that until they were back at the bottom of the chair lift. "Two more runs like that and lets stop for lunch up top" they were told. Ric was exhausted but was feeling confident. The only time he was on his ass on the last run was for an intentional break. They went into the lodge in the middle of the hill and staked out a spot. "Sorry for the late lunch, but it's easier to find a place to sit at this time. Grab some food and something to rehydrate with. Do the adult beverages at the end of the day" Martin said. They finished lunch and Ric got up and looked around. "Restrooms are downstairs. This is the time you really appreciate snowboard boots instead of ski boots. Let me show you where" Martin said. They stood at the urinals and Ric saw Martin glance over. "Damn... that's big" he said, making Ric smile. "You want a taste?" Ric asked quietly. After a glance around, the pair went into the end stall. Martin sat on the toilet and opened Ric's pants, digging through the layers of thermals and underwear. His lips were soft and they felt good on his cock. Martin's tongue lapped around and then his hand pulled back the foreskin. Ric's cock stiffened and Martin worked harder. When he started going deeper, Ric pulled up his two layers of shirts up. Martin pulled off and looked up at Ric, smiling. His expression changed when he went to take the shaft back in his mouth. He pulled back off and looked back up at Ric, surprised. "Yeah, I'm poz. Sucking is pretty safe, though" Ric said softly. Martin swallowed down the shaft, taking it as far as he could. He bobbed a few times and then pulled off again. This time, the look on his face had a devious grin. His hand pushed Ric back to the door and Martin stood up. Ric was disappointed but a few minute blowjob was better than nothing, except that now he was horny. Martin stood up and turned around in the tight confines and pushed his boarding pants and thermals down, revealing a smooth, taut ass. Ric leaned forward, his hard shaft nestling along the crevice. "No condoms, sorry" he whispered into Martin's ear. "Good, I hate 'em" was the reply. Ric pushed some spit into the hole before he pressed the head to Martin's entrance. After a few seconds, the hole yielded and a stifled groan came out of Martin's mouth. He took Ric's girth better than most guys and he was soon plowing into the hole. He paused a couple times as someone came into the bathroom, always leaving his dick deep inside the hole, but began fucking again as soon as he could. Ric was going to ask, but he figured if a guy knew he was poz and bent over for him anyway then they expected to get bred. Any doubts he had disappeared when his cock thickened and Martin pushed back. One more shove and Ric wrapped his arm around Martin's chest while his cock pumped spurts of cum into the warm chute. Ric held him tight, listening to Martin moan quietly, until his breathing slowed. "Want more?" Ric whispered into his ear and got "Mmhmm" back. "Brown or gringo? All three toxic" Ric asked. "All... but we gotta be quick" Martin whispered back. Joe showed up a few minutes later and plowed into the slightly gaping, slick hole. He thrust in easily, drilling for a few minutes before dumping a second load into Martin's hungry hole. Joe pulled out, stuffing a finger into the cum soaked hole and fed it to Martin. "Oh fuck..." was all he said as Joe slipped out of the stall door and let Kyle in. Less than five minutes later, another load was added to Martin's cunt and Mateo was sliding in. It was another quick fuck and Mateo added his jizz to the mess. "That was a fuckin nice surprise. Now lets go shred" Mateo said, wiping his cock off with some toilet paper. They met back at the table a few minutes later, Martin looking a little worried and the other four grinning. Martin took them down some harder runs until he pulled off to the side. "Got about one more run. Do this again or do you want to try an easy blue?" Martin asked as Joe lit up a joint. Everyone got a couple quick hits until it was spent. "You guys did better after you fucked your instructor. I hate to see how much better you are when you're buzzed. Follow me" he said. Ric looked scared as he stood at the top of the intermediate run and looked down at the steep drop. Joe tapped him on the arm and said "Last one down, buys" and took off. At the bottom of the run, they waited for Mateo who showed up covered in snow. "Crap. I tried to play superman but I don't fly very well" he said, brushing the snow off. They walked toward the outdoor bar and Joe said "Beers are on us, Martin." "Thanks, but I gotta ditch the work coat. I can't be seen drinking with it on. Meet you in a minute" Martin replied, walking back to the school building. A few minutes later he was back and they found a table. "You got fifteen minutes over lesson time out of me. I should charge you extra" he said with a grin as they took the first sips of beer. "Oh... we charged you for about twenty minutes at lunch. Let's call it even" Ric said. It took a second and then Martin figured it out. "So you guys aren't on meds? You were serious about being toxic?" Martin asked. Ric and Joe laughed. "No meds and pretty viral. Got a few of guys I tagged with one fuck. You got four loads. Hope you're good with it" Ric said. "Yeah... Just hope my boyfriend was serious about chasing" Martin said, chugging down the last of his beer. "It's really hot when your boyfriend knocks you up. Trust me" Mateo said, grinning.
  12. Chapter 5.3 - Shredding "That is one vicious dick. Two more in the club" came the message from Rawson. "Both? Cool. I hope Tom is sharing with his bf" he replied. "1st guy sent pic of his new neck tat looks hot said hes sorry he cant do any more vids as a neg btm anymore lol" Rawson replied and then sent "Tom should b close w/bf." "Nice, let me know. 1st can do as many as he wants, just dont show tat" Ric replied. "Yep. Btw, videos up on site at end of week. Sending u email with staff login info. Like u to reply to msgs" Rawson sent. -- "LOL, ur dad bitched about shaving his chest 4 tat even more than u did" came the first message from Thad and was followed by "Less about shaving his leg. they look good tho" and then "Daryl liked doing ur dads nips better than ur moms." "Wow, I didn't think he'd go through with it" Ric replied. "He said u told him to do it so he had to. Guess ur the alpha in ur fam. We made a few changes to the tat, hope you like it. BTW, he's got a nice ass. We both bred him" Thad sent. -- Ric logged on to Rawson's site with his new account and looked around. He found more posts about his fuck with the contest winner and his other videos. He wondered what the response was going to be to the new ones. "Why waste hot wrestler with a fat dude" was the first post he read and he started to get angry. Then he kept reading and found that guys liked it a hundred to one over the haters. "Hot seeing normal guys in porn", "wrestler looked like he was havin fun with that chubby black guy", "Didn't know fan club got pikd for scenes. lucky btm", "gr8 to see wrestlr back. Hope its same guy. like the new leg tat" and "Hope wrestler is toxic. that wud b my dream fuck. knok up my phat azz" were the next comments he read. He added his own comment from his "BlueViper" account. "It was a fun shoot. Don't judge guys only by their looks. He was a gr8 btm & nice guy. I'd do him again in an instant. Loved every second" he posted. It was honest and he hoped the chunky black guy from the fan club would be at Rawson's next party so he could make good on the comment. There was only one other video posted and it wasn't his. He looked it over and there were a lot fewer comments. The video was a little boring and Ric thought it was because the bottom just stood there and took it. He was happy with his choice of bottoms for his scene and wondered what people would say about the other one he did. -- "Hey Dan, how's it going?" Ric asked as he walked off the elevator and saw him waiting there. "Doin good. How 'bout you?" Dan replied. "Good, thanks. We haven't talked in a while" Ric said. "Yeah, Scotty thought the temptation was too much and he didn't want to push our luck" Dan explained. "Ah, cool. I understand. You going to the floor party this weekend? Maybe we can catch up then" Ric said. "Yeah, we'll make an appearance for a while. Probably better to talk in public... less of a risk we'll rip your clothes off and go for a ride" Dan said chuckling. Ric leaned in and whispered "You guys didn't get sick after our last bit of fun, did you?" "Nah. Scotty had a cold, but that's it" Dan said. A smile covered Ric's face and he whispered "Just to be sure, you should hit the clinic on West Street. They do free tests there and the staff is pretty hot." "Oh... OK" Dan said as the elevator showed up and he hopped on. -- "Yo bro. u snowboard?" Joe's message came Sunday afternoon. "You know where I came from. Do you know where they hid the mountains there?" Ric replied. "Oh good ur gonna b as bad as me" was followed by "gay social group needs a few more people to fill bus next weekend. trip to tahoe they need 4 more so thought u, ur bf, kyle n me could go. my treat" Joe sent back minutes later. Ric had never seen a message from Joe that was that long. "Mark must be rubbing off on him" he thought to himself. He looked at his calendar and it was mostly empty. "What days?" he asked. "Thurs afternoon-Sun night get 2.5 days on mtn" Joe replied. "Who's teachin us? Gear?" Ric asked and after several messages back and forth he sent "Let me ask Mateo." As much as he thought it was a bad idea, he also thought it could be fun. He forgot to ask a bunch of questions, but he and Mateo had a bag packed and were knocking on Joe's door Thursday just after 1pm. They'd skipped their Thursday afternoon and Friday classes and were nervous. "I hope we don't break anything... like my neck" Mateo said with a forced grin on his face. Joe opened the door, wearing only a jockstrap and sandals. "Hey! Come on in. Kyle's on his way. Just packin all this shit up" Joe said as he walked back toward the bedroom. "Pipe's loaded if you want to chill" Joe said. Ric had just lit the lighter when Joe came back with two pairs of boarding pants. He tossed one at Mateo and waited for Ric to finish his hit before tossing the other pair to him. "Try these on. Nothin fancy and I don't know what to do if they fit really badly. Got em at the second hand shop along with ours. You brought coats, right?" he said, going back to the bedroom. Once Kyle showed up, they finished getting the bags loaded and were on their way to the meeting spot. "The Y? This is a joke, right?" Ric asked. Joe laughed. "Inside joke, yeah. They use this as the meeting place, but it's not sponsored by them. Oh, anyone that starts singing or playing Village People songs gets kicked off the bus" he said. A few clumps of guys stood around along with some singles. Ric was looking around and most of the guys were around their age and a few were older. Then he saw him. "Jack!" Ric yelled out and a few seconds later his fuck buddy from the floor was standing next to him. "Oh good, I'll know someone on the trip. I didn't know you boarded, Ric" Jack said. "I don't. None of us do. My friend, Joe, thinks it would be fun to watch me kill myself" Ric replied. Introductions were made and they talked a few minutes until the bus showed up. Everyone piled on, showing their ID at the door and their name was marked off the list. They staked out a block of seats and talked the whole way up. "There's only a few rooms for couples. Did you guys get one?" Jack asked. Joe shook his head 'no' before saying "We just signed up this week. We're in the bunk room with all of the other losers." "Hey! I'm one of those losers. It's more fun in the bunk room anyway. Uh... all you guys shootin something toxic?" Jack asked. All four nodded and Jack got a big grin on his face. "We all advertise, so you're probably on your own unless you're looking for a recharge" Ric replied. Jack pulled back the sleeve on his sweatshirt, revealing a fresh scorpion tat on the inside of his forearm. "Cool. Almost like my dad's" Mateo said. He had three pairs of eyes glaring at him, but Mateo didn't say anything more. The bus arrived at the lodge and the lucky couples got their room assignments from the coordinator. He next said "We have two bunk rooms this year. Room A is the quiet room and Room B is for those of you that like to make more noise. But keep the volume down after midnight. Please wear at least a towel in the public areas. Last year, the manager saw a lot more than he wanted to. Breakfast is at 7. Remember, we need to be ready to leave at 8:30" the coordinator told the group. Ric and Mateo ended up dragging a pair of beds from the quiet room to the party room. Coolers came out immediately and bottles were passed around. Everyone in the louder room quickly got acquainted, but they looked at Ric, Mateo, Joe and Kyle suspiciously. Jack walked up to the other four and said "Hopefully they fixed the sauna this year. Last year it was colder than the outdoor hot tub. "Hot tub? I know Ric likes those" Kyle said with a smirk. Soon, all five had towels around their naked bodies and followed Jack to the back door to find the hot tub already occupied by two guys. "Got room for five more?" Joe asked. With a nod from the pair already in the water, they all put their towels on the rack, slid out of their flipflops and climbed in. Joe started the introductions as he popped open a fresh beer. The other guys were Trey and Allen, who insisted they were just "friends" repeatedly. "Oh, we know Jack. He was quite the stud last year. He even gave us a souvenir. From some of the ink, I guess he got you guys too?" Trey asked. Ric smiled and said "Joe got me. I tagged Jack and Mateo. Kyle? He claims to not know who. We should put a warning sign on the hot tub with this many toxic guys in here." Everyone laughed as they looked each over. "You guys been doing good? I take it from your comment that your neg days are over" Jack asked. Both guys laughed. "Neither of us escaped. I thought I did, but it just took longer" Trey said. "Got your eye on anyone this year?" Jack asked. "All of them?" Allen joked. "I know you tried last year. But, just like then, I doubt everyone on the trip will top. I know these two will" Jack replied, pointing to Ric and Mateo. "Oh... I started to top some... Allen too. We both bottom most of the time, but sometimes we have the urge to see if we can still knock someone up" Trey said. "You get any?" Joe asked, grinning at the knowledge that his bug was still getting passed around. The pair laughed again. "Three for me, two for Allen and we did his ex together" Trey said. The building door creaked open and a guy walked out, glancing around at the group in the jacuzzi. He came up to the edge, looking to see if there was room. "Mind if I join you guys?" he asked. His smooth naked body only had a bush and some tufts of hair under his pits and his straight longish hair stuck down from under a beanie. He had a snake tattooed around his left arm and a sugar skull tattoo on his right pectoral, both looking pretty fresh. Trey grinned and replied "Sure, uh... Vic, right?" The guy smiled and said "Yeah... You two go on the weekly trip some times too, right?" Trey and Allen nodded. "Mmhmm. I'm Trey and this is my buddy Allen. You finally brave enough to try the adults-only gay trip?" Allen asked while Vic climbed into the tub, sitting down into the warm bubbling water. Everyone watched Vic nod before saying "Yeah, I finally turned 18. Hopefully this trip is more fun than the other one. I'm kinda bored with getting so baked I pass out every evening." "Well, we got a lot of pipe that you can suck on. Some might even have some weed in it" Joe said before chuckling. Vic looked shocked and then glanced around realizing everyone was smiling back at him and stroking their cocks. "Oh fuck yeah!" he said, kneeling in the center of the hot tub and moving toward Joe. Joe sat up on the edge of the tub and watched Vic come between his knees. Vic looked up and silently asked permission. Joe gave a nod and soon his cock was surrounded by warm, wet lips. "He's almost as good as you are, Ric" Joe said after letting Vic nurse on his cock a few minutes. After several more minutes, Kyle gave a tap on Vic's arm and the moment that he came off Joe's dick, he got pulled over to Kyle's. A few seconds later, Joe's hand rubbed down Vic's back and a finger found Vic's wet hole under the water. He whispered into Vic's ear "Glad you didn't freak out with the PA. You just want to suck or take a half dozen toxic dicks? Keep your ass low to just suck, stand up to get fucked." Joe rubbed his finger around Vic's hole before pushing in to the second knuckle. Slowly he felt the ass rise up until Vic's legs were vertical, his ass was out of the water and he was bent over still sucking on Kyle's shaft. Joe moved around and replaced the pool water with spit on and in Vic's pussy. Two fingers pushed the spit in deeper before Joe rested his piercing on the hole, added one more gob and pressed in. It took a few nudges, but the head popped inside, dragging the ring along the warm, tight chute. Slowly he pushed his cock in, forcing himself into Vic's hole until he was rooted. Vic pulled off Kyle's cock just long enough to gasp out "Oh my god!" before Kyle pushed his head back down on his cock. Several guys were talking as they watched Joe slowly rock his hips. Each stroke got longer until Joe was sliding over three quarters of his cock in and out each time. Vic eagerly sucked on Kyle's dick while Joe drilled his ass. Soon, they were full strokes with Joe's cock popping fully out and then plunging back in. Once he started to get close, Joe pulled on Vic's shoulders making him come off Kyle's cock again. "Ready to take your first poz load of the night?" Joe asked. "Breed my ass!" Vic yelled out. "Close enough" Joe muttered as he let go of Vic's shoulders and thrust in a few more times before showering his guts with potent cum. Both moaned loudly. When the last spurt shot into the cum soaked hole, Joe waited a moment and then pulled out. Ric was on his knees in a flash, licking the cum off Joe's cock. Kyle pulled Vic's head off his dick before pushing him toward Trey who was sitting next to him. Vic had only bobbed three times before Kyle was in place and pushed into the slick hole. He lasted as long as Joe did, but didn't bother to ask about breeding Vic. Another set of charged volleys of cum coated Vic's battered tunnel. The process repeated itself as all seven guys took their turns getting sucked and then fucking Vic's ass. If anyone had any question about Vic's attitude about what had just happened, when he stood up and said "Fuck! That was so awesome. I never did anything like that before. The most was two and they used a rubber!" Everyone could see he was clenching his ass closed, trying to keep the cum inside. Ric wondered if he understood how much charged cum was swimming in his guts.
  13. Thanks. It was written months ago, so it's a matter of just posting them.
  14. Chapter 4.4 - How About A Date? Ric had talked to Devon briefly before their classes following their meeting at the hotel, but it was just chit-chat. The following week was the same except that Devon came up to him after class on Thursday. "Hey... I was wondering... if you wanted to grab dinner sometime" Devon asked. Ric was surprised how the question came across. It lacked the confidence that Devon usually had. Suddenly the extrovert was gone and a shy, insecure guy had taken over his body. "We could... but it depends on what your intention is. If it's a date, then it's not a good idea since I have a boyfriend. If you just want to go out as friends, then... hell, yeah!" Ric replied. Devon's jaw dropped and he fumbled for words. "But... you and I jumped in bed after the banquet and fucked not once, but twice" he finally said. "Yeah, my boyfriend and I are open. We both like variety and each other" Ric replied. "Well, fuck. I thought I'd finally found someone that was a match for me. You're smart, you're funny, you fit in really well with my friends, you're great in bed and you're sexy. Even the guys in the house were asking when I was going to go out with you again" Devon said, the shyness instantly gone again. "Sorry, if you're looking for a partner then you're going to have to keep looking. But... we can hang out or have sex... or both. I just want you to know up front that it's not going to get too serious. I have a few friends I do that with. We're close friends and sex is just a part of it. But that only works if you're open to it and not looking for a traditional, monogamous relationship" Ric said, looking at Devon to see his reaction. "Damn... that's not what I expected. I guess I need to realize that two dads, a couple kids, a dog and a house aren't the only way to live" Devon said. "Remember, the other dad might have a wandering eye, the kids might be screaming most of the time and that dog might be humping the neighbor's dog 24/7" Ric said, laughing. "So, sex is still on the table?" Devon asked. Ric chuckled. "Yeah it is. You just need to figure out how much risk you're willing to take. I'm not going to use a condom with you again. You even said you wanted it bare next time. There's always PrEP, but it'll take a while to be effective" Ric said. Devon gave a shy smile and laughed a bit. "I dunno... I think I'd take my chances if you fucked me like last time, after we gave up on the condoms" Devon said. "It was pretty good. For someone that doesn't get fucked much, you took me pretty easily. At least when we fucked bare" Ric replied. "Yeah... I learned how to take big cock last summer. I did a trip to Costa Rica and the guide was hung like you. He claimed to be straight, but fucked me once or twice a day for two weeks" Devon said. "Sounds like a fun trip. I hope you didn't spend all the time in the hotel room" Ric said. "Nah, mostly in the rainforest. There was a lot of hiking and some really scary driving, but we had fun too. We tested mattresses when we could, otherwise we were in tents or I was holding on to a tree" Devon replied. "Nice. Let me know when you want to hookup. You'll have to find a place since I only like to fuck my boyfriend in my room" Ric told Devon. "How about tomorrow night? It's a rare Friday for me to be free" he replied. "Sorry, I already have plans. Uh, how about Sunday or Monday night?" Ric asked, not wanting to tell Devon that his plans involved a client. "Sunday works. We can do some sinning on the lord's day" Devon joked. Sunday night Ric met Devon at one of the nicer chain hotels. They walked into the room and Devon gently set down his bag and pulled out a bottle of champagne. "You liked the bubbles at the party and this is much better" Devon said as he set the bottle down. "I thought we were just meeting for sex" Ric said, unbuttoning Devon's shirt. "We are, but I like to loosen up first" Devon replied, pulling Ric's polo shirt over his head. Soon they were naked and Devon was pouring out two glasses. "Wrong stemware, but it will do" Devon said with a smile. Ric could tell that he was nervous and hoped that he wouldn't back out at the last second. With the first glass half empty, Ric started to grope all over Devon's body. Once the glasses were empty, Ric sunk to his knees and swallowed Devon's partially hard shaft to the base. It continued to grow in his mouth as Ric's tongue and lips worked the shaft over. He felt Devon's hands tentatively rest on his head and with each passing minute, gripped harder and then finally pushed and pulled. This was the first time he'd gone down on Devon and liked that he was feeling confident enough to start fucking his face. A few minutes later he realized he had a new taste in his mouth and it must have been Devon's precum. The first time they met, Devon only bottomed but with a stiff seven inches in his mouth and throat he wondered if Devon ever topped. He coated his finger in the spit that was dripping off his beard and Devon's shaved balls. The moment he pushed his finger into the flexing hole, he was rewarded with a face full of trimmed bush and a throat full of hard cock. Ric wiggled his finger around before working it in and out. A second finger joined in, stretching and fucking the hole while Devon plowed into his throat. Five minutes later he knew he was getting Devon too close and had to slow down. He wanted to edge him for an hour, not minutes. First he pulled his fingers out and then slowed down his sucking. Ric pulled off the spit soaked shaft, a pop filling the room as the head left his lips. He didn't wait and quickly hooked Devon's legs and threw him back on to the bed. The move worked just like he'd planned it and had Devon's legs on his shoulders and his cock poking at his slightly open hole. Devon's face first looked of shock and then a grin slowly covered it. His cock was still hard and laying on his stomach, dripping the mix of spit and precum all over his firm abs. "Want my poz dick in you?" Ric asked, staring at Devon's face. Devon nodded before saying "Deep inside me... Please... Fuck me." Ric pushed in, watching Devon's eyes roll back and a sultry moan come from his mouth. The strokes started slow and built up speed before tapering back. Ric did this a few times, carefully watching Devon's face to make sure he never got him too far. The only way Ric wanted him to orgasm was either by feeling Ric breed him or inside Ric's ass. Devon alternated holding his legs back and rubbing his hands over Ric's sweaty chest. He avoided Ric's nips, knowing that might make him cum. He wanted the fuck to last a long time, just like Ric did. Ric's own orgasm crept up on him since he was too engrossed in making sure Devon didn't cum. The moment Ric felt the cum start to rise from his balls, he began to hammer Devon's hole. "Gonna breed that neg hole... Ready to get knocked up?" Ric asked. The last time Ric fucked Devon, very little mention was made of his status. Each time they fucked raw, though, the risk got higher and Devon was on the road to being another pozzed up bottom. "Oh god... Please... Breed me... Give me another load!" Devon cried out. His eyes had conflict in them, but even if Ric had wanted to pull out, he couldn't. His cock began to shower the battered chute with cum. Over forty-five minutes of plowing had abraded the soft tissue and was only aided by some spit and viral precum. "Oh fuck yeah!" Devon screamed out as he felt the warmth fill him up. Each volley of cum sent waves of pleasure through Ric's body, urging his body to pump as much tainted seed as he could into Devon's cunt. The tenth spurt was pretty meager but the adrenaline flying through his body was still high. Reluctantly he pulled his cock free of the cum filled chute, dropping Devon's legs down on to the bed. With one swift move, he straddled Devon's stomach, lined up his still hard shaft and pushed down, taking it into his own hole. "Wha!?!?!" Devon cried out as Ric sunk down, feeling the hard shaft plunge deeper until his ass was on Devon's hips. He ground his hips a few seconds and then started to ride. Ric hoped it wouldn't take much and he was right. Only a couple minutes in and Devon's hips were thrusting up to meet his own downward drives. Another couple more was all it took and he felt the first of several blasts of Devon's DNA coat his guts. Ric looked down and saw the shocked look on Devon's face after the last spurt shot into his ass. When he felt the cock in his hole start to soften, Ric pulled off and laid next to Devon. He stroked his hand over the dark, smooth skin for a few minutes until he said "Thanks, I needed that and your hard dick looked so good" Ric said. "Uh... I never top anyone. That's the first time it's been inside a guy in years. I just love being fucked too much" Devon replied. "Well, you should do it more often. You're wasting a very nice cock. You need to get your own needs met, but the world always needs more tops" Ric replied grinning. Devon looked back at him and nodded, wondering if he was being selfish. Ric saw him looking over his body. Slowly a hand came over and gently rubbed over his chest. A finger traced around a couple of the stars on his chest tattoo before lightly playing with his pierced nipple. "God, I love the ink... I wish I had the guts to get one" Devon said. Ric smiled and replied "Then get two" before chuckling. A moment later he added "As the guy who helped me get my first one said, worry less about what people say and make yourself happy. You're already out and proud. Don't let strangers dictate any part of your life. But... if you get a tattoo, think about them. They should mean something to you or be art that you want to see the rest of your life" Ric said. The more Devon played with Ric's nipples, the harder Ric's cock got. Devon leaned over and replaced his fingers with his tongue. After a few minutes he worked his lips and tongue lower and Ric was sure he kissed the tattoo above his cock before licking down the shaft. He kept going lower until he was giving Ric's balls a tongue bath. Ric wondered if he'd continue down and eat his ass, but Devon moved back up and took Ric's cock into his mouth. It was a long and slow blowjob, getting Ric close but never too close. Devon began to softly massage his balls while taking his cock deeper into his throat. A minute later, Devon moved his hand down and started to finger Ric's wet hole. Once it was coated in cum, he pulled it out and licked it clean before grinning back at Ric. He gave him a wink and then straddled Ric's stomach and guided the rigid pole to his ass. Devon sunk down, taking Ric's cock easily into his cum lubed tunnel. He moaned loudly when he bottomed out and stared at Ric's face a moment. "I don't like to ride guys since I want them to use me how they want... It's the only time I ever give up control. But you looked so hot riding me earlier" Devon said as he raised his body up and dropped down. His pace picked up and he rode Ric's shaft for almost fifteen minutes before his muscles started to tire. Ric took over and drove his cock up into the sloppy hole, wondering how many loads it would take before his bug claimed Devon's body. It wasn't his only goal, since he enjoyed fucking him, but with each load he knew Devon got closer. After a few minutes, Ric thrust in hard and rolled over, taking Devon with him. With Devon on his back, Ric was now in control and Devon's grin got bigger. The thrusts got harder. His hips bounced off the firm butt as they stared at each other. "You gonna knock me up today?" Devon asked, his eyes locked on Ric's while his ass got pounded. Ric couldn't figure out Devon's expression, whether it was fear, excitement or resignation. "Maybe this time... Maybe next time" Ric gasped as he gave a final thrust and shot ropes of charged cum into the well used hole. He felt Devon milk his cock of a few more drops of seed before leaning forward on to his chest. Ric's cock was still partially hard and inside Devon's ass, holding all of the precious liquid in. "God... I love that feeling" Devon said before he faded off to sleep. Ric was right behind him and they woke an hour later. "I need to get back to Mateo" Ric said as they laid there after a brief talk. "Yeah, I understand. I want to meet your boyfriend some time and see what kind of stud could capture your heart and still allow you to play around without going crazy with jealousy" Devon said. "I dunno, it just seems to work. Let's grab a shower" Ric said. They stood under the hot water, making out until Devon turned Ric to the wall. Ric felt him against his back, using his feet to spread Ric's legs. Devon humped Ric's ass, his hard cock riding along the crevice. "You like my dick, huh?" Devon whispered in his ear. "Yeah, I do" Ric moaned out. "You want me to share after your bug gets me?" Devon asked in a menacing tone. "I do... you don't have to but you should share that dick with lots of guys, whether it's shooting blanks or not" Ric said. Devon plunged his cock into Ric's hole, driving all the way in and making Ric groan. It was a quick fuck, but Ric liked feeling Devon become an aggressive top. The pounding came to an abrupt end when Devon shoved in and unloaded his neg seed into Ric's slick hole. "I think I could get used to this. It feels so much better than I remember... Maybe because it's bare... I used to have problems keeping it hard with condoms so I assumed I was only a bottom" Devon said, kissing the back of his neck before pulling his cock out of Ric's ass. "I think you know what the problem was... Just expect to keep taking my dick" Ric said as they washed each other off.
  15. Chapter 4.3 - Cum Shoot "I'm doing a series of short videos for the site. They're going to be in the style of the amateur ones you see on the tube sites, but with a professional cameraman and 4k video" came the text message followed by "Would you do one?" and "I was thinking a woods hookup, so u just drop ur pants and breed a bottom" then came "Have five bottoms lined up a cpl r fan club members u can choose who u want" and finally "I'll edit them down to only a few minutes, will be a fast shoot" Ric got from Rawson one evening while he was studying. He showed the messages to Mateo and told him "This could be fun. A lot of those videos are mostly about the bottom getting fucked. I could do it like when I covered up for the pics with that contest winner." Mateo nodded. "You should make sure you get to approve what gets shown. People are going to want to see the mask and your bio tat... and of course your dick. I'm sure you'll make a lot of guys stroke really hard" he said. The planning took a few days and Ric showed up at Rawson's condo early Saturday morning. "I got a great idea to make sure people don't find out your identity this time" Rawson said. Less than an hour later the makeup artist finished the temporary tattoo on his leg. Ric had a couple sets of clothes packed and they drove off to a ranch. "A friend owns this place. We found several spots for the scenes. Everyone else is already there. Just do a pump n dump. You sure you're good for two scenes?" Rawson asked. "Yeah, as long as I get a decent break in between. My boyfriend is a little unhappy, but I saved up plenty of cum for today" Ric replied. "Cool. Both of the guys were really excited to get you. I was a little surprised at your first pick, but you're the star" Rawson replied before laughing. Ric winked at him and said "Did you say these guys are both neg? No PrEP? It's just a quick fuck but they still could get pozzed. There's a guy on my dorm floor that got a quick shower fuck at the beginning of fall semester and found out that's all it took." "That's what both are hoping for, though the second guy said he wouldn't mind a second, longer fuck off camera to get your bug" Rawson said. A moment later, he added "If you get him, he'll be the second big name porn star that you charged up. Hopefully you can keep your streak alive." "I thought all these bottoms were unknowns" Ric said. "Two are from the fan club, two have never been on camera before and one porn veteran that's been bugging me to get you to fuck him in a scene since your first video went out. He thinks that a top like him taking your poz load will give his career a boost. He's even doing the scene for almost nothing" Rawson explained. They pulled into the ranch and drove down several dirt paths to get to the first location. "Change into the sweat pants outfit and stay in here until I call you over. Your bottom will be on his knees sucking me and once I get him against the fence, come up and push me away. Drop your pants down to your ankles so people can see the new tat and then fuck him. Remember, do it quick and dump a big load into him. I don't want an hour of video I have to edit down" Rawson said. Ric remembered the fuck he had the previous year with Gabriel in the park and thought this would be even better since he didn't have to worry about getting caught. Ric swapped clothes, having gone commando for the shoot. The gray sweatpants were a little baggy but the white hoodie fit pretty tight. He sat there a moment waiting for his cue when Ari turned back from the driver's seat and said "Thanks for doing another video. He was really happy when you said yes." Ric smiled and replied "I know, that's why I agreed. Anything for a friend." When he heard Rawson yell out, he pulled the mask on, hopped out of the SUV and got ready for the scene. The bottom was a six foot black guy with at least forty extra pounds on his large frame. He got a big grin on his face the second he saw Ric approach. "OK... Ready... Go" Rawson called out and the bottom bent over and started to suck Rawson's stiff cock. Ric didn't wait like he was supposed to, walking up to the pair while Rawson was getting blown. He rubbed his hand's over the bottom's meaty ass before pushing down the guy's joggers. Rawson looked over at Ric, confused about his surprise entrance. Ric smiled back, but it was obscured by the mask. He pushed his sweats down to his ankles and spit on the hole. The camera guy moved from Rawson's cock to Ric's fingers that were pushing the spit into the inviting hole. His cock had stiffened on the walk over and was fully hard as soon as he saw the bare ass. Ric pulled up the bottom of his hoodie, set the tip of his cock on the wet ass ring and gripped the bottom's hips. "Oh yeah... Shove that dick in" Rawson said a moment before Ric did just that. The bottom cried out, slightly muffled by Rawson's cock in his mouth. Another jab got Ric's hips pressing against the soft butt cheeks. The tight hole quivered around his cock for a moment until Ric started to plow. Ric wasn't as rough as he'd been in the other videos he'd done, but the firm thrusts, lack of lube and tight hole conspired to make sure that the bottom would be feeling this fuck for a few days. Ric began to pull out and ram back into the stretched and battered hole, making the bottom grunt loudly each time. "Yeah! Knock him up! Breed that pussy!" Rawson yelled out while Ric started to drill the bottom. He slammed in and let a couple volleys of cum coat the bottom's chute, pulling out just as one spurt shot into the gaping hole. His cock shoved back in, pumping a few more spurts of virus laced seed into the abused chute. Fifteen minutes after he first walked up, the scene was done. The bottom turned around as soon as Ric's cock pulled out and he licked it clean, muttering "Oh fuck" after he got the first taste. "Damn, that was good" one cameraman said after the bottom pulled away with some cum dripping off his chin. "Thanks, Mr. Director. That was fuckin' hot" Rawson said to Ric, giving him a wink and heading to the tent to clean up. Ric followed along with the bottom. "I was surprised when they called and really shocked when they paired me with you. This was my fantasy fuck. They said you picked me. Why?" the bottom asked. "I like variety. Too many of these vids just have pale twinks in them. I wanted someone different and you were not the typical porn bottom. The smile you had in the pics I saw had a devious hint that I liked, too. Normal guys getting fucked by a porn star is good fantasy jackoff material, so I think people watching can relate. And it turns out you are really good bottom. I'm sure lots of tops love that ass. Thanks" Ric replied. "Thank you. I've taken a lot of poz dick but yours was the first toxic one. I hope you did it" the bottom said with a smile. "Ya never know how many it takes. I gotta clean up for my next shoot. Good luck!" Ric said. He caught a short nap in the SUV before his next scene. They drove to a new location and Ric noticed Rawson was really excited. "You'll love Tom, he's a lot of fun. I did my very first bareback scene with him. I'll let you guys decide what to do, since you had a better idea for that first scene" Rawson said. Ric hopped out and looked around. He saw two cameramen, Rawson and a couple other helpers. He also spotted a pair of dirt bikes that the helpers had nearby. "Mind if I take a spin?" he asked one guy who nodded and went back to assembling the party tent to provide shade. Ric took a few laps around, remembering his rides with Mateo the previous summer. When he spotted another SUV pull up, he figured his co-star had arrived. Ric parked the bike and wandered back over to the worker. After a quick discussion, Ric was wearing the guy's motocross jersey, pants and riding boots. The worker stood there in just his underwear and Ric's tennis shoes. Tom was wearing a pair of cargo shorts and dusty shoes. Ric whispered his plan to one of the cameramen and then the same to Tom before he walked back to the bike. Everyone got ready for the scene and Ric hopped on the dirt bike riding past Tom, spinning the bike around and zipping back, leaving a small cloud of dirt. A few seconds later, both Tom and Ric had their pants and shorts down, Tom was braced against the dirt bike on it's kickstand and Ric was adding spit to the tight hole. He knew Tom was mostly a top and his hole proved it. Ric spent longer prepping Tom's hole than the first shoot, knowing that most of the recording would get tossed away, but he wanted a good fuck rather than minutes of him trying to jam his cock into the tight confines. Once he had three fingers easily twisting around Ric pulled them out and stuffed his cock in. Tom growled as it was still a tight fit, but Ric slowly drove his cock deeper with each stroke. "Fuck!" Tom yelled out when Ric dug a little further into his chute. Ric was surprised that one camera guy was getting several shots with both Tom's and his heads in it, in addition to the shots above and below of his cock drilling the tortured hole. "Oh my god!" Tom cried out when he felt Ric's cock thicken as it prepared to fill him with his toxic seed. Ric chuckled and planted his cock in to the base. It was a silent scream, but Ric could feel Tom's body squirm and shake around him. All that did was suck more cum out of Ric's pulsing cock. Once the last throb faded, he pulled Tom upright and gave a final thrust before pulling out. Tom stood there panting as Ric backed away and pulled up his borrowed pants. "Damn, that was fucking amazing!" Rawson said. A guy came up with a pair of water bottles and gave one to Tom and then one to Ric. "You look so innocent until that cock comes out. I don't think he's ever been fucked like that. I know I don't on the rare occasions he lets me fuck him" the guy said. "Rawson said he wanted to get knocked up, so that's how I do it" Ric replied. "We both do. I can hardly wait until he's as toxic as you" Tom's boyfriend said. Tom walked up and said "Damn, you're one hard fucker. I know this sounds crazy, but can you give me another load before you head back to the city? I really want it to happen today" Tom asked as he wrapped his arm around his boyfriend. Ric laughed and said, "Yeah, I might be able to give you another one. Give me a few minutes to reload." He hopped on the dirt bike and did one more lap before riding over to the party tent. He gave the worker his clothes back and said "Sorry about the cum stains." The guy laughed and replied "Next party at Rawson's you can pay me back for the rental and cleaning fees" as he smiled back at Ric. Back in his own clothes, Ric walked back to the other group and found Rawson fucking the cameraman on ground. "On your knees, let's give you another dose" Ric said with an evil grin. Tom dropped his shorts, tossing them next to the cameraman and kneeling down on them. Ric knelt behind him, pushing a finger in, twisting it around and digging his fingernail in. Tom was groaning as his sore hole got wrecked a little more. Ric didn't spend much time before his cock plunged in. He gave a smile to Rawson, who was drilling the cameraman next to him. They got into a rhythm together, drilling their bottoms for the next fifteen minutes until they both bred their bottoms. "Fuck... That felt so good" Rawson said as both panted with their cocks still in their latest victims.
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