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    Bug chasing. Bareback, UNINHIBITED fucking or slow, love-making fucking. Taking loads, especially POZ LOADS. The more TOXIC the better. However, all loads accepted! Also Rosebuds, "mancunt lips," gaping holes, and prolapses. I'm thinking of trying ff.
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    I am a neg Chaser looking for Gifters and other Chasers. Discovered the kinkier side of me. Can be completely uninhibited. Now vers/btm after mostly topping for years. Will still top. However, more often now I want to get fucked and be a cum dump! I am into or will try almost ANYTHING.
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    Looking for like-minded for hot raw fucking. One on one, groups, and bb fuck parties. Looking forward to getting fucked hoping they are poz and TOXIC! Sex with poz guys, taking their hot toxic loads while I worship their cocks. Willingly open to most anything. I love cum. I will take any load...in my hole and my mouth. Don't waste good cum! I won't!

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  1. Hot fucking pics! Nice cock and hole!!

  2. It's gotten to the point where I can't even watch porn if there's a condom. I GO SOFT seeing a condom! The guy could be the hottest twink or sexiest daddy...if there's a condom? It ruins the whole thing!

    And, no offense, but that goes for real life too. Hottest youngest twink...older sexy motherfucking daddy? Hot. Except if there's a condom. I love cum! It doesn't deserve to be wasted in a fucking rubber! Just saying. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ericjohn_70


      I stopped having any interest in porn with condoms years ago, huge turn off.

    3. horny4bb


      I know how you feel. I go soft at the sight of a condom. There was 1 time about 6 years a go, this hot 20 year old jock wanted me to fuck him with a condom, the only reason I was able to do it was when went to the bathroom and was able to cut the condom.

    4. bareall77


      Thank God I'm not the only one! Fuck I hate condoms! Quick history. When I first began my sexual awaking, I always had a condom on me when hooking up with a trick. BUT I never used it unless the guy wanted me too. Then a few years later it was MY CHOICE not to use a condom. If the guy I was with wanted a condom, it was oral only...just like @justsexnowatl. There is only one way to fuck. Natural and bare. Even IF one doesn't believe in that...isn't porn supposed to be our fantasies and desires? 

  3. Untreatable gono is here

    People are getting waaaaay to personal on here. Let's all stop and fucking relax. Think for a minute. It's someone's CHOICE if they want to get sick from whatever. Whether we agree with one anothers' choices or not, it's a site of fantasy. If we choose to fuck or get fucked without a condom is it not our own fault for getting whatever we get? Whether or not we want it is IRRELEVANT once we choose to fuck strangers without protection. Remember these are all our fantasies guys. Sometimes they come true. And remember this...forced condom use is fascist. What's next? Sex with another man is illegal? Plus condoms don't protect us from all stds. So before we say stupid things, on both sides, let's calm the fuck down and admit that one man's fantasy may not be every man's fantasy. Think about this the next time you fuck or get fucked without a condom. With a man you don't really know. Save the judging for the condom Nazis and the far religious right.
  4. Bugs and Aids

    Hot fucking pics!
  5. Steamroom

    THE ONLY KIND PartyandBreed!
  6. Steamroom

    Obviously toxic poz cum:))))
  7. Cody's Return

    What the fuck. One of the best stories on here...again...and author says it's the moderators why he won't continue! Why?
  8. No offense to any of the other writers on here but "Medical Student Tales" is the only story that got me to cum without touching my cock. 

    What does this mean for me? If I met a full blown guy, I'd let him fuck me!

    1. Chargedup


      the answer is positive !

    2. PissPigBrooklyn


      I would beg him to!

  9. PartyandBreed is one HOT fucker. If only we could meet!

  10. I love this site...been away too long! Throughout all walks of life. It isn't a hookup site...sure if you meet someone from here great! Breedingzone is where we can share stories, real life experiences, ask questions that others may be able to answer, and the best damn stories on the net! We know what we want...and are not afraid. Just check out my Tumblr...there's a bit of everything! Thanks guys...happy to be back with my fellow bbackers! ☣😙😘😈

  11. Hey all...thanks for following me...and the wonderful writers on here! We are members of an exclusive group that wants and enjoys poz fucking! Whether real or fiction...its what we want, crave, need. Luv all you pervs! 

  12. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Wood love to breed it, & swap too. My VL= 100G. Thanks for following me.

  13. I agree! I love the wasted look and would take him in a heartbeat!
  14. My sentiments exactly! What I enjoy is the genuine screaming and moaning from the pain and new pleasure of taking cock in the ass. Whether it's the first time...or a young twink taking on 2 black dicks! You can't fake pain...that look in their eyes...the expression on their face...yet they continue to take it. Either they want to...or have to. With "Blake's Ordeal," the extended version is 20min or so, the bottom is clearly in pain...and is hot to watch.

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