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  1. Rawfuckclub, Sketchy, Dark Alley, and any studio that pushes the boundaries. TIM "can" still be good...but need to continue with new guys and hot scenes. As far as cum shots. I love watching a top cum inside the bottom and then pull out. However, I also like cum I get why they are there. Plus @NLbear explained it well why, in non amateur porn, the top cums outside of the hole.
  2. I know they are in the Backroom now. What about when Breedingzone gets split up? That was my question.
  3. Well said @RBinWeHo and @mjkuhl. It is ironic that the "party for the people," the little guy, gays, minorities, etc...the Democratic Party is actually going the farthest of left ideology in recent memory. The proof couldn't be more clear then the Presidential election of 2016, where Donald Trump won, not because of conservative evangelicals, fiscal conservatives, etc...but "the little guy" got pissed off. This includes many crossovers like minority groups, and the LGBT community. How many of those people said fuck this and voted Donald Trump in? Also, other than the two coasts, namely California and New York, Democrats have been losing elections for years. Except in 08 and 12, when Obama won, Democrats have been losing House seats, Senate seats both Nationally and state-wide. Also better than 60% (?) of the Governors are Republican. Is this a coincidence? I also am a fiscal conservative believing in equal rights for all. Furthermore, with every violent protest, shooting of cops, rant by the Hollywood elite, I believe that Americans (as a whole) get more fed up. I go to concerts, watch movies (including porn) and TV shows, sporting events for ENTERTAINMENT. Part of that is to escape from everyday life, even if only temporary. So when politics is brought in more and more than before, how's that escape? I don't need nor care what someone making millions and/or having personal body guards telling me what I "should and should not do or say." That's where I tune out. It's also why the further the Democratic party pushes left...there is a push back from those Americans who just have had enough.
  4. Me too! I like the stories and profiles all on one site. Also, what will happen to the "chem" breeding stories/chats?
  5. Thanks for the rep Bareall xx :* xx

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      Anytime Fistulike666 😉. I do mean...ANYTIME 😈

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      Nice guy xxxxx :):P:*

  6. Thanks for the follow.

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      You're welcome sexy! 

  7. With each chapter I like Darren more and more. Great writing of the story, keeping it fresh, without losing the hot sex and characters you have developed with a passion, sarcasm, and gusto rarely seen. Well done with a great twist!
  8. Yeah I've seen this. Unfortunately, some of the scenes have been hot...then just when you think the scene or story will lead to bareback fucking? The condom shows up. Daddy and son scenes, brothers scenes, rape scenes, those at least you'd think would not need a condom for obvious reasons. I agree I lose my hard dick...go soft...and look elsewhere for bareback porn.
  9. This is one hot fucking story! I have a feeling that toothbrush isn't done yet...
  10. @Ragnar13I always wonder when guys freeze cum, how they do it. @ You use ice cream containers with some of the ice cream in them! Sounds yummy to me. You mention avoiding chocolate...but to use cookies n cream...wouldn't vanilla be best?
  11. Yes!! Perhaps: Kreme De Le Kumm Think Haggan Das would sell this?? 😉
  12. Fuck yeah dude! Now you're talking!
  13. I love this question. It brings up so many other points. First...I am not a Democrat nor a Republican. My political beliefs tend to be center-right. To the individual who said those videos are obsolete...not in the sense that they did not believe in gsy marriages up until the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was legal. Which, by the way, was ruled legal WITH a very conservative justice Antinon Scallia (spelling) on the court. Jeb Bush. There are a ton of gay Republican donors that liked him. One of the top people on his campaign staff was gay. When asked in a forum out in San Francisco whether he believed in gay marriage Jeb answer? He did not believe in it for his own beliefs...however, if 2 adults wanted to get married and loved each other they should be able to. Period. Everyone seems to forget that 2 things happened at the Republican National Convention this past year. One was there was a strong push by some to include the glbt community in the Republican platform. It was voted down by those same religious conservatives that "hate" us. Then, during his acceptance speech, President Trump made a point to say to the glbt community that "you will not be forgotten" and so forth. Then, after some applause, Trump went off script and thanked the audience for recognizing and applauding that...especially at a Republican Convention. That has never happened! But on the downside, he picks gay hater Mike Pence as his running mate. While a good conservative politician, Pence hates gays. I mean anyone who believes in conversion therapy is nuts in my book. But Vice-president Pence isn't running things. Trump is. Do I like Donald Trump? I hated him during the primary and did not vote for him in our primary election. However, I am going to give him a chance. You know how politicians run on things and don't end up doing them? It's safe to say that President Trump is doing the things that he ran them or not. I'm not blind, nor an apologist. However the election is over. Let's move on and hope for the best. There are a ton of bad people and nations in the world that hate us gays as well. Some of these are even provoking the United States. Not cool. Finally, remember Brian from the US version of "Queer As Folk"? He said something like I'd rather have someone hate me to my face then behind my back. So I don't think it's Republicans so much as religious conservatives that hate us. But don't forget all the other Religions that hate us as well. Practice whatever you want. Or don't. Just don't shove it in my face. And dont let it interfere with MY life. That's my position.
  14. Very hot story continues! I love the Halloween party and costumes they wore! Huge roleplay fan and love the spandex...and body paint these super heroes wore!
  15. This is very good advice. My question is if, for the most part, "online hookup sites suck" (and I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you) is there a better alternative? I honestly wish hooking in 2017 was like I heard it was in the late 70's - early 80' parks, bookstores, bathhouses, theaters, etc. Then, along with the online hookup sites, it would be like going through a catalog. "Hmm, looks like tonight is college night at Stickys. But it's fucking hot out...I know Used Holes Park will be busy!" Then I could contact friends and fuck buds from the hookup sites to find out what they are doing.

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