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    Bug chasing. Bareback, UNINHIBITED fucking or slow, love-making fucking. Taking loads, especially POZ LOADS. The more TOXIC the better. However, all loads accepted! Also Rosebuds, "mancunt lips," gaping holes, and prolapses. I'm thinking of trying ff.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I am a neg Chaser looking for Gifters and other Chasers. Discovered the kinkier side of me. Can be completely uninhibited. Now vers/btm after mostly topping for years. Will still top. However, more often now I want to get fucked and be a cum dump! I am into or will try almost ANYTHING.
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    Looking for like-minded for hot raw fucking. One on one, groups, and bb fuck parties. Looking forward to getting fucked hoping they are poz and TOXIC! Sex with poz guys, taking their hot toxic loads while I worship their cocks. Willingly open to most anything. I love cum. I will take any load...in my hole and my mouth. Don't waste good cum! I won't!

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  1. God this is like "Medical Student Tales" come true! Very hot guys! Especially since they're in the medical field yet twisted, bareback, etc!!
  2. bareall77

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    HOT Wickr is barecumfuck77 Whatsapp is Pisces77
  3. I'm FUCKING ripe for poz cock! Damn...the few guys around me are safe ONLY or neg. Good for them. It's just not who I am.

    This beautiful young twink wanted me to FUCK him. Though he would not budge from safe ONLY! 

    And sorry, it's just not in me to break a condom even if I think it's hot when I see vids of it...

  4. bareall77

    How it Started

    Agreed!!! Please continue this story.
  5. Goddamn do I want to get poz cock tonight!!!!

  6. bareall77

    Brotherly love

    I agree. Depends on what those twists are.
  7. bareall77

    Brotherly love

    Completely agree. It's one thing if we got signs of it. Quite another to add this "twist" without warning. This was a very good start to a poz incestuous story between brothers and lovers. I am ok with the smegma and piss play. Though I do have to say that this is a disappointing twist. Great writing to start. Not so much with this slave thing added in.
  8. I love this site. It's where our fantasies can come true in our minds. Plus, we can talk about our various desires openly, without shame. 

    I'm in SE Wisconsin. I hope to meet and chat with guys that are into chasing, gifting, and more. Between here and Tumblr... I know there are more guys like me. Going through various stages of their own desires and fantasies. 

    Regardless of if we make it happen or not, and I do hope to for ME, at least breedingzone provides a site that allows us to be who we really want to be.

    Whether just fantasies, reality, or both, I want all of us to not take breedingzone for granted...to use it as it's intended.

    I'm HIV neg. However, I hope and want to change my status to POZ. Either you guys are into that...or were at one point in your lives. You wouldn't be here otherwise. 

    So let's do this! Whether it's writing or reading stories, seeking out others like us, or just wanting to be free of the stigma of our own instincts and acknowledging who we really are...

    ... hopefully we can all live out our fantasies through stories or make our own sexual desires and NEEDS a real thing! 

    1. anonymous_raw


      This post is amazing. I really hope we're able to meet up soon—even though I don't have POZ seed to offer, I'd love to encourage you to follow your needs and would love for you to do the same for me!

    2. bareall77


      YES I agree. Even if we're both neg...we can have fun and encourage and HELP each other to follow our desires!!!

    3. Denvercumslut


      Poz bottom vers in Denver here would love to help change your status

  9. bareall77

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Fucking HOT story! It just keeps building and building...just like a huge load in my balls ready to fly out of my cock! I love it!!
  10. bareall77

    Swallow Your Own Cum

    I fucking love it!!!
  11. bareall77

    Den of Sexual Horrors

    Now THAT would be one hot fucking film!!!
  12. bareall77

    Swallow Your Own Cum

    Well said! That's EXACTLY what I believe! Including my own cum!
  13. Fucking horny tonight! Where's some good fun and perv fucking? 

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