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    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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    Bug chasing. Bareback, UNINHIBITED fucking or slow, love-making fucking. Taking loads, especially POZ LOADS. The more TOXIC the better. However, all loads accepted! Also Rosebuds, "mancunt lips," gaping holes, and prolapses. I'm thinking of trying ff.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I am a neg Chaser looking for Gifters and other Chasers. Discovered the kinkier side of me. Can be completely uninhibited. Now vers/btm after mostly topping for years. Will still top. However, more often now I want to get fucked and be a cum dump! I am into or will try almost ANYTHING.
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    Looking for like-minded for hot raw fucking. One on one, groups, and bb fuck parties. Looking forward to getting fucked hoping they are poz and TOXIC! Sex with poz guys, taking their hot toxic loads while I worship their cocks. Willingly open to most anything. I love cum. I will take any load...in my hole and my mouth. Don't waste good cum! I won't!

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    Whatsapp is Pisces77
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    Tumblr is luv4barecock
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  1. Warehouse Parties

    Exactly! Me too phukhole!!!!
  2. Warehouse Parties

    Makes me want to move to a bigger city! I know, just not proven, that there are underground sex parties. I just don't have the connections to know where to go and how to get in! 😥
  3. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Can't wait till I can change my vote FROM neg to.....
  4. Hot profile!!!!

    1. BBSeroMan


      Hmu if u wanna get knocked up by my uncut AIDS fucktool

    2. bbpoznow


      hey  love to get a for sure loads. been chasing as while and nothing yet I am going to Florida in Jan  but live in Toronto area Canada.  need to be knocked up by a specialist . 

    3. bareall77


      BBSeroman, I do want your AIDS tool to knock me up. Just a matter of getting out by you!!

  5. Establishing a Breeding Group

    SE Wisconsin here!! Would love to get something going with my neighbors here in Wisconsin and to the south in Chicago. 😈😍☣
  6. Convert me so I can get that which I desire. Then gift others like me!

  7. Piggish Fun

    Hot fucking pics!
  8. My name is...well if you wanna know get to know this perv chaser from SE Wisconsin. 

    Get chatting...and if your 5min or 5hours or more away. You never know what or who you'll meet.

    1. alwaysready



      they have parties once a month at steamworks in Chicago. I have heard that these are very well attended and very intense breeding sessions. I would def. look into this.

    2. bareall77


      Maybe some of my Wisconsin or Chicago pigs could join me.

    3. alwaysready


      do you have local pigs at your disposal?

  9. Ok it's been almost 2yrs. Can't my posting in the wrong section spanking points disappear? Come on guys!

    1. TTFN


      It's a bitch but they stay forever, just like mine.

    2. bareall77


      I did fuck up. But after 2 fucking years? Come on Breedingzone! I love this site...but after awhile our "sins" forgiven? 

      It's cool. Rules are rules. There is NO site like this. And in order to continue they have to be consistent. I'm cool with that. Still...2 yrs. LOL 

  10. Show me The ways!

  11. It's time. My fellow pervs, chasers, gifters, and followers. It's POZ time! It's time for this vers "boi" to get cunted! So what are we waiting for pervs!? Lets do this!

    1. alwaysready


      it is like waiting for the Robert e. lee (the steamship)...not sure your economic state. I can tell you that megabus can get you to and fro from Memphis for around 35 bucks or so. I might even be able to get other gifters. can't promise though.

  12. I promise you fellow sex loving condom hating pervs I will write a story. Until then...check out my Tumblr. luv4barecock. I have stuff on there for everyone hehehe. 😈

    1. alwaysready


      please check out my story: the swimmer's gift.  part II is about ready to post. 

    2. alwaysready


      love your tumblr site. the 1st vid is my fave slam vid. I love how the second guy licks the blood of the buy who has shot up. makes me hard. thanks.

  13. Mmmmmmmm me too!!!!!!

    1. aidswanted


      Need aids and other toxic 

  14. I wanna get fucked and pozzed tonight!!!

    1. Sarif98


      You and me both stud!

    2. PartyandBreed


      Love to be The one To do iT To you sTud! <eg>

  15. Hot fucking pics! Nice cock and hole!!

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