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  1. Any news on if when events at union restart? (Hardon and SBN in particular) Or at Hove (boiler room hosts of cumunion)? Cumunion suggests all saunas can open from June 21st (assuming nothing covid crap happens)
  2. Pleasuredrome plans to be open after/in June. Their website says they have done a big reworking / refit. Time will tell.
  3. Very similiar, a bunch of address book contacts - particularly if a contact graduates off app to whatsapl/signal/kik/email/whatever I use a default surname of Odo if I don't know it. (Yeah ST geek ☺️)
  4. I have always found different apps vary in locales. Orange Facebook is mostly fine generally, particularly for English speaking world Romeo is best in Italy/Germany/Greece Scruff is ok / good even but mostly coverage is same as orange Facebook (albeit different people) Growlr can be ok but still sparser in Uk than say bayarea. recon varies bbrt hookups are always the most reliable but penetration varies. US & UK ok but it seems hookups always happen (mostly) a4a seems useless in Uk (outside London?) —- Anyone else see this sort of regionalism i
  5. I had elevated proteins (kidney function) that we put down to a stint on Keto medico was more concerned as it interferes with a blood pressure medication I take. Was doing a blood test extremely regularly and it went back to normal. tl;dr are you doing a high protein/fat diet?
  6. Yeah that one - 😞 post COVID is sure going to be different
  7. quick thoughts: all pre covid and focussed on BB’ing definate +1 on Taiwan Berlin. It is that good. LAb.oratory Thursday evening naked night - wow Barcelona venues have changed so no idea now but holy handbasket I’ve not ever had so much fun - about 8hours sleep for 6 days iirc private parties and many many app hookups Amsterdam is a delight, although perhaps not as many venues as you might expect (3 weekday venues) London is COVID-weird like most places but lookout for JamieHP events - SBN a particular favourite and Vault139 brighton / hove - boiler room in hove
  8. I write notes, mainly cause I realise there are places I’ve utterly forgotten or memories I just can’t place... I used to keep notes on the guys I’d hook up with but frankly got lazy, shame as my memory is a pile of crap and I always run the risk of messing up with a previous hookup, or missing them cause I’d forgotten what city they were in... I also enjoyed writing cause it’s good to help other people understand a place I was largely inspired by James Calvin on medium [think before following links] https://link.medium.com/JDBGr1gI4fb in particular his piece describi
  9. Recommendations? also since the demise of club80 😞 ....
  10. Wouldn’t that be awesome! along with what sort of shower a hotel room has - shower hose please - everytine
  11. Totally had a sore throat for a bunch of days after a keen night at the sauna. it calmed down of its own but turned out I’d just been way too eager to get cock down my throat at the time. test fine, it wasn’t bugs so over the course of the following weeks I just went easy. Drank plenty of fluids (before taking fluids 😈) and that helped a mate suggested the tiniest amount of lube can help, but universally as others here have said - practice practice practice. also I enjoy being in control so that stopped anyone smashing my throat until I was ready; that helped.
  12. I came from a land Downunder but yeah I had a few a-levels or equiv - and a couple of other quals before I phd’d in the uk. I love hooking up when travelling - hotel room or sauna or cumunion or whatever is going on - love it all
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