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  1. 27 - by a Male prostitute. ‘Twas lovely, low stress, fun (aside from him squirting right in my eye!) ?
  2. You may need to consider why you don’t trust yourself; why you are not allowed to let go.... is it guilt (was for me); is it concern about your own safety? You note that your worries you will become the bicycle but honestly what is holding you back? Sex is fun and your allowed! pvt me about being a wingman if you want to explore that too. hang happy - life’s very short
  3. are you still here? lets get your load(s) in me

  4. Married 17 years wife knew from the outset. She felt at risk of loosing me to a guy as a gay couple but, with the genuine promise she was the only woman for me, and a standing rule to not embarrass her (nor she me) - so home is off limits - we give each other time to play in our own way. I could always justify it to myself cause we had things the other couldn't provide: she loved bdsm/play-acting and I loved men. I was a condom nazi; then prep came out and I try to look after her - so we flip between condoms and no-condoms for periods after breeding when I'm at risk. Prior to that, we had serious discussions about what-if for hiv, I was pretty shocked she considered it just a possibility but concluded she would prefer more of my bare dick even if risky than waiting for clean (hiv) results all the time. (Turns out she loves hot cum inside her as much as I do ?.) I probably fuck a lot (LOT) more than she realises particularly since my need to breed could be made safer with prep. Other sti are a pain but to date I've managed to keep her clean. Recently she started being the unicorn at swingees and just loves the attention. That's really important to me. I wish she would join team prep, raw cock, and just accept the other-sti risk - then she would be swinging bare and become the unicorns unicorn and if she thought she was popular now... Well My wife is a rare amazing person.; The honesty between keeps us togethee, we can each play without it impacting the other as long as we make time for each other. Kids eat up what time we have - so extra diligence required - but the happier and more consistent the sex she and I get; the more approval I have to play away and that is most definitely a good thing.
  5. Me... looking forwardtogoing - sure I’m sad though
  6. So now the news is official https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1103082355680403456 ... Guys this is it... We have an official closing date. Our last event will be our CumUnion party on Saturday, March 16th. We will be giving you back to back CumUnion parties that weekend on Friday and Saturday so mark your calendars and come help us go out with a BANG! ... 442 Natoma last event will be the 16th of March So double cumunion - Friday and Saturday I'm looking forward to my upcoming travels...
  7. Vauxhall chariots on Sunday before Xmas - it was not v busy but I got loaded. Then went to SBN and loaded others ? 40+ here
  8. As a vers who tops - I absolutely love this from my bttms - it exactly a horse cock but having them organism makes me smile extra wide
  9. Had a fantastic time tonight, busy and a lot of lovely inked guys. Okay far too many aloof beautiful boys looking at the glorious tapestry of sex - I fucked a half dozen guys, loaded a couple, and suxked some lovely cocks. Left wishing I'd taken more loads... Sex is such fun
  10. Ditto I find a few pnp'ers see to have attentiin-deficit bigtime and can't sit still for five fucking seconds - drives me mental
  11. I’m so fucking depressed about this - had some awesome fun and more than a handful of good friends do please fill this thread with alternatives.... thank god for steamworks Berkeley, I wonder how long before Oakland/Berkeley developments place them at risk. no more Natoma - well fuck. any alternatives in SF city?? anyone got a precise closing date? The Facebook announcement is weirdly unclear. although I saw this - yah for a bit https://twitter.com/442natoma/status/1069124881973940227?s=21 Open for three months at least

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