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  1. Littlebill77

    Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Vauxhall chariots on Sunday before Xmas - it was not v busy but I got loaded. Then went to SBN and loaded others 🙂 40+ here
  2. Littlebill77

    Are you on twitter?

    Duh @littlebill7777 I meant...
  3. Littlebill77

    Are you on twitter?

  4. As a vers who tops - I absolutely love this from my bttms - it exactly a horse cock but having them organism makes me smile extra wide
  5. Littlebill77

    Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Had a fantastic time tonight, busy and a lot of lovely inked guys. Okay far too many aloof beautiful boys looking at the glorious tapestry of sex - I fucked a half dozen guys, loaded a couple, and suxked some lovely cocks. Left wishing I'd taken more loads... Sex is such fun
  6. Littlebill77

    Are there crazy sex pigs in here that DON’T pnp?

    Ditto I find a few pnp'ers see to have attentiin-deficit bigtime and can't sit still for five fucking seconds - drives me mental
  7. Littlebill77


  8. Littlebill77

    442 Natoma closing

    I’m so fucking depressed about this - had some awesome fun and more than a handful of good friends do please fill this thread with alternatives.... thank god for steamworks Berkeley, I wonder how long before Oakland/Berkeley developments place them at risk. no more Natoma - well fuck. any alternatives in SF city?? anyone got a precise closing date? The Facebook announcement is weirdly unclear. although I saw this - yah for a bit https://twitter.com/442natoma/status/1069124881973940227?s=21 Open for three months at least
  9. Are you encouraging or discouraging visitors to london from joining this? I'm in Cambridge and pretty much seek a hookup everytime I goto London. Happy to be told this is strictly for locals....
  10. Littlebill77

    How do you guys get laid?

    Saunas including cumunion - big thumbs up fuck events like SBN fuck buds Bbrt fabguys/squirt (always liked squirts cruis details about locations) Scruff / grindr / growlr / gayromeo in Europe / jack’d in Asia
  11. Littlebill77

    Clean As A Whistle

    And it isn't a pill, it's a bunch of gunk you make up as a drink - ghastly with the consistency Of any fibre drink with way too much fivre.... Still it did mostly work and colonoscopy was ok aside from (oops) I'd eaten a dragon fruit on the flight back from HK and within the Nil-by-mouth window - little seeds were hiding all over the colon, not many but enough to make me blushe each time I saw the stupid things....
  12. Littlebill77

    Give your input on the new chat

    "doesn't work" apologies for a crap error report. When I launch chat, the new window site opens but it reports I didn't login. Error: IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Browser ID could not be determined. Your login cannot be verified.
  13. Littlebill77

    Give your input on the new chat

    Fyi chat doesn't seem to work on iPhone / opera coast - possibly a cookie issue - I tried the suggestions and several others without joy. Safari seemed ok for chat on the same handset. (using opera coast has other advantages I'd rather not give up, in answer to the "so use safari")

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