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  1. Totally had a sore throat for a bunch of days after a keen night at the sauna. it calmed down of its own but turned out I’d just been way too eager to get cock down my throat at the time. test fine, it wasn’t bugs so over the course of the following weeks I just went easy. Drank plenty of fluids (before taking fluids 😈) and that helped a mate suggested the tiniest amount of lube can help, but universally as others here have said - practice practice practice. also I enjoy being in control so that stopped anyone smashing my throat until I was ready; that helped.
  2. I came from a land Downunder but yeah I had a few a-levels or equiv - and a couple of other quals before I phd’d in the uk. I love hooking up when travelling - hotel room or sauna or cumunion or whatever is going on - love it all
  3. So very very much! Horny oh Christ I always seem to have a hard when reading/browsing or whatever bz has broaden my horizons, lowered my inhibitions, and given me a butt load of information. I appreciate the honesty, and I love the stories, insights, guidance, and friendships
  4. Vers top love a long session if bttm is up to it littlebill777 (three 7’s) on kik Cambridge / London
  5. look at where the clubs are Vauxhall otherwise inside zone 2 Opinion on south or north of river? if your going to be south of river may as well live in brighton 🤣🤣
  6. Certainly isn’t in big pharma’s interest STIs still cost, doxy is a very cheap drug, so local health services/donor orgs/trusts can and do commission their own studies. sadly I expect though the world is preoccupied;
  7. Is anyone keeping track of current or pending studies for doxy pep/prep? I recall seeing a uk (imperial/London) initial phase proposal but believe it all got sidelined by cv19. any others?
  8. Pickup gono every year or two - depending on how much I’m fucking i test a lot so it’s picked up quick when I’m active i guess an upside(?) of quarantine is limited chances to get it. (I dox prep/pep dose for the rare occasions atm I’m active - it’s basically meant clymidia and Syph are nonstarters for me.)
  9. I notice a gentle rise in my minimum age.... I’d joke that “breathing” (and legal) is my guy-criteria but sub 25 in a university town - for a university professional - just seems like asking for trouble so avoid them. With a few (fun) exceptions; a lot of 25-34 are focussed on trying to get into a relationship, good luck but no thanks. I like sex clubs and sauna ‘cause everyone knows why they are there; no risks of hosting, and someone else is worrying about legals but I’ve also noticed a lot of (I’d guess sub 25) voyeurs waiting for their ideal-man or such - I feel sad cause st
  10. Sounds awesome but the r is trsgic news about club 80; such a fantastic fun place.
  11. Shame they have dropped the walk-ins but DeanSt always gets top points!
  12. Interested to hear how long the wait is for locker room (they had a 30 headcount and 3hour limit last time I looked....) be interested to know if there is a big q. if Covent Garden is open, are the events (tfn??) back on?
  13. Definitely do talk To the local clinic - ideally the clinical lead for the prep trial at that SHC. they are recycling left over/unallocated impact prep as stock pipelines for dispensary prep start up.
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