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  1. Littlebill77

    What cities do you recommend to get some raw fun?

    HK sex spots are variable but apps are excellent - particularly scruff and jack’d
  2. Littlebill77

    IS there a NAME for an ANAL TAT???

    Butt wipe? Turd-cutter target? Freckle art? Brown star doodle? Brown eye pirate patch? Cornhole cartoon? Back-door etching? Brown-star sketch? Starfish stamp? Billboard on the Hershey highway? Arse art? Fart Art? Anal art? good lord I need to stop procrastinatin....
  3. Littlebill77

    B.B. in Budapest?

    Also found Friday evening at Magnum was a lot of fun and all BB
  4. Littlebill77

    Can't upload a profile pic

    I found the file selector to be very browser picky. Opera and chrome no, safari yes (from iPhone) Also for the smaller pic thumbnail - check your filesize: strictly <50kByte
  5. Littlebill77

    Became HIV + while on PreP

    Firstly a straight up big thank you for letting us know your situation. You must be well pissed off with this; I for one really appreciate any info you can give the rest of the prep community. Second thanks for answering our probably insensitive, repetitive, and probably plain-old annoying questions. I guess many of us are information junkies and appreciate whatever updates you can share. let us know what we can do, DMs if that helps or what suites you too. thanks again
  6. Littlebill77

    Getting PREP in UK

    If your talking about prep on the impact trial they don’t decide about daily vs event-based (on demand), that’s your choice. as forlots of questions, no more than at any Sti/std clinic screening (how many partners, etc.)
  7. Littlebill77

    Became HIV + while on PreP

    Thanks for your post, ouch. Bigtime. if you don’t mind a question: were you on truvada or a generic? take care, lb
  8. Littlebill77

    best bareback hookup sites?

    Try barebackfucker lot of Germans and nastykinkpigs
  9. Littlebill77

    Prep Side Effects

    Yes. This is referred to as Prep on demand or event based dosing; largely I believe your correct 7 days beforehand, fantastic information on this website https://www.iwantprepnow.co.uk/how-to-take-prep/
  10. Ibis Euston (and regular ibis in general) all use the same bathroom module with a shower err douche house not the case for ibis budget if I recall can someone confirm ibis Euston is no more? ?
  11. Littlebill77

    Raunchy bars

    And The Backstreet bar Mile End Station used to be a leather fetish haven
  12. Littlebill77

    Best sex clubs/events

    SBN (stark bollocks naked) at Vauxhall Arches https://jamiehp.co.uk/nights/sbn/ not breeder specific (pro choice) but damn there is a lot of breeding going on.... and not uncomfortably ageist either. (I can’t say no attitude, but 98% attitude free people) also -while not London the cumunion event in Brighton is a great breeding time

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