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  1. Are you encouraging or discouraging visitors to london from joining this? I'm in Cambridge and pretty much seek a hookup everytime I goto London. Happy to be told this is strictly for locals....
  2. Littlebill77

    How do you guys get laid?

    Saunas including cumunion - big thumbs up fuck events like SBN fuck buds Bbrt fabguys/squirt (always liked squirts cruis details about locations) Scruff / grindr / growlr / gayromeo in Europe / jack’d in Asia
  3. Littlebill77

    Clean As A Whistle

    And it isn't a pill, it's a bunch of gunk you make up as a drink - ghastly with the consistency Of any fibre drink with way too much fivre.... Still it did mostly work and colonoscopy was ok aside from (oops) I'd eaten a dragon fruit on the flight back from HK and within the Nil-by-mouth window - little seeds were hiding all over the colon, not many but enough to make me blushe each time I saw the stupid things....
  4. Littlebill77

    Give your input on the new chat

    "doesn't work" apologies for a crap error report. When I launch chat, the new window site opens but it reports I didn't login. Error: IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Browser ID could not be determined. Your login cannot be verified.
  5. Littlebill77

    Give your input on the new chat

    Fyi chat doesn't seem to work on iPhone / opera coast - possibly a cookie issue - I tried the suggestions and several others without joy. Safari seemed ok for chat on the same handset. (using opera coast has other advantages I'd rather not give up, in answer to the "so use safari")
  6. Littlebill77

    London 8-12 for best BB sex party

    Sunday from 2, climaxs from 4 at SBN recommended highly https://jamiehp.co.uk/nights/sbn/
  7. Littlebill77

    London for first-timer

    Along with these others personally enjoy pleasuredrome but SBN (Sunday afternoon) has always provided ample fun stay on into NBN if you ha e the stamina
  8. Littlebill77

    Erection Issues/solutions?

    Beta blockers are a total fucker; talk to your gp about alternatives if possible as 1. a different beta blocker might be better 2. but more likely an alternative to beta blockers altogether. Beta blockers utterly fuck up any activity that requires a bit of athleticism from your body, it acts like a govener on your heart rate so simply stops you from doing anything that might otherwise make your heart rate climb. Sadly ED is not uncommon as a side effect too, it’s easy to see why. (Beta blockers cause you to run out of breath if your trying to run or cycle - caping the heart rate means a limit on heart rate and a limit on new oxygen, removing lactic acid, removing CO2 etc (capping blood flow and a bunch of other stuff.) i know about these as a blood pressure control - particularly as they affect athletes (badly); but i hope it’s clearer how this affects your activities too. I hope you get some strategy that works to get you back and fucking hard and long.
  9. Littlebill77

    Became HIV + while on PreP

    Duh!! my mistake.
  10. Littlebill77

    Became HIV + while on PreP

    Here is the med article, it should save @latinofever1 Having to answer the same questions over and over again. https://www.medpagetoday.com/meetingcoverage/idweek/75657
  11. Littlebill77

    Club 80

    Club 80 Trough nights are awesome the regular weekends have plenty of keen bottoms, eager tops and awesome Vers - I've never left disappointed - even on a quiet weekday evening, Damn I'm a totally Fuck-slut but then so is everyone else there too...
  12. Littlebill77

    Prep in BAREBACK Porn???

    I regularly read a few (3-4) people in the UK Industry and they seem quite split between Preping and being U. There were several leading the porn4prep movement who are quite up front about this A mate from Oz formerly in that Industry said when he started risk bare was as frequent as condoms but now it's pretty much 100% expectation/assumption about prep usage.
  13. Littlebill77

    Newly on PREP

    I have had the shits myself and like you it's annoying too. I found Prep seems to have affected My tolerance for caffeine (sadly) To be much lower and reducing my intake hugely improved GI issues Good luck. (I'm going to try swapping time of day)
  14. Littlebill77

    Broken link in forums

    Yep broken for me too
  15. Littlebill77

    What cities do you recommend to get some raw fun?

    Sydney and Melbourne loads of bb on apps Melbourne bb fav is club 80 sydney good one is club 357

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