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    when in heat, I am a total bottom slut and the only place i want it is in my cunt. lately my interests are stretching (so to speak) to other bottom pursuits like toy play, fisting, piss fuck and k9. i am not into pain, but love pleasure dominance from a top... if that makes any sense, love the grooming attitude of a top who is obsessed with cunt and knows how to get what he wants
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    getting my hole filled and played with

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  1. Totally agree with your linking the physical sex with the psychological "mindfuck"  that the best Dom Tops know how to deliver.      I thoroughly enjoy the  verbal abuse and denigrating use of feminine terms.

    Some how it enhances the sex for me.    Sexual  fantasy is great.

    I have enough boring constraints on my real life  where I am a somewhat aggressive person.      Being a sub bottom is a nice place to retreat to with the right kind of Dom Top.


  2. As a cum hungry slut, I like the idea, butt have never experienced a true darkroom. I live in OR and go to Hawks BH in Portland, but I don't think their darkroom is much of a darkroom, more like a dimly lit closet (maybe 6"x5') it's small and only has a smallish padded platform. To me, it doesn't qualify as a "room" or "dark." I guess it can't be pitch black, but not light enough to see the outline of a persons body or features. Would like to find a real one, but the only other BH in Portland is Steam, and they don't have one at all.
  3. It depends. I'm a cum slut and you don't get any cum from a toy. Butt I'm also a slut, so if the top is really into it, then it can be really hot. I have a fb who Ive played with for 2 years and he only plays safe. He's really careful, even wears gloves (which has a kink factor). He is really into opened and cum sloppy hole though. He loves it if my hole is cum filled. He often uses a toy with me to open and gape my hole. Recently he's been using a speculum and I've finally been getting his cum in me (he jacks it in after fucking me with a condom on). Bottom line for me is the energy of the top using the toy. Some tops manage to convey their lust through the toy and it becomes an extension of them, and that's HOT. Others cannot connect to the toy and it feels mechanical and I don't get into it. I use them on myself sometimes, but it doesn't cum close to being as pleasurable.
  4. Not as a rule. For me rimming a Tops ass doesn't connect with my psyche of being a sub bottom. Not that I won't or haven't rimmed a fine ass (if it's clean), but not someone who identifies as "Top.". For me a mans ass is the hottest part of his anatomy, top or bottom, so ass is a real turn on for me. Butt it's a turn on for me to see as it thrusting up and down and around while fucking, there's a power there that is totally hot to me. I'm not exclusively sub, but can go there very easily it seems and part of my sub persona is being a hole to breed, i.e., I associate ass holes with breeding, so it just doesn't fit to treat a tops hole as a pleasure center to me. I'd actually be afraid of encouraging towards more... i.e., bottoming, which I don't wanna do.
  5. lol
  6. Ive had a few experiences with couples. I played with one couple in particular on several occasions and it was good. They were a mixed race couple (black and white) and had a nice place with a pool, hot tub and tv thet covered an entire wall. The white guy had the larger cock and only liked to get sucked, the black guy loved to fuck and also had a nice cock. The black guy was also fond of kissing. I'm a really picky kisser, not into having my face inhaled or lots of spit or frenzied tongue probing. I haven't found many guys who I enjoyed kissing, but this guy was an awesome kisser, we had great chemistry. Typically we'd start out in the hot tub and end up on a sofa in their theater with the white guy sitting legs spread while I went down on him and his partner would watch some and end up behind me and slide in doggie style. It was always nice and rhythmic sex... kinda miss them since I moved.
  7. Not sure. SF isn't bad, I drove down to SF in June to meet up with a friend for a few days, but didn't do any sex while there. I drove down the coast, beautiful drive in the convertible, but too cold for that in the winter. About a 9 hour drive taking the inland interstate, so doable. Flying is pretty cheap, but staying in SF is pretty pricey. I'm guessing the sex clubs there are second to none? Seattle is a thought. I'm walking distance from the train station where I live, could be fun to do that. Why do you think Seattle would be busier than Pdx?
  8. thanks for the input on input guys. First day off from my marathon work week... healthcare. 13 hour shifts for a week, but then I get a week off, so am wanting to use my weeks off more effectively.
  9. Is it spring? My body seems to feel that way, because I am craving being bred, even more than usual. Even at work I find myself on my phone on break wanting it badly, wanting cock is never far away from my consciousness. I work in healthcare, 13 hour shifts, 3 on, 1 off, 3 on, then a week off. I don't have any time for sex when I am working, butt get every other week off, so lots of flexibility. I wanting to do something on my week off starting Friday, go someplace where I can get bred a lot and pissed into and used for pleasure. I go to Portland (closest city) to a bath house for a day, but it's not a huge city and the bath house can be hit or miss. The "dark room" is the size of a closet and not very dark. I don't care who breeds me, I just want cum and cock in my hole, so would love suggestions on good destinations for sex? Not rich, so and thinking some place closer vs farther from OR, places where airfare is cheap. Three thoughts are Las Vegas, Palm Springs and San Fransisco? Would appreciate ideas and input. Thanks
  10. I saw this in another thread and like it. I'd have to say "bitch" as well, with some of the others thrown in? My qualifier is that I'm a total slut and do not care about size. I have taken some tiny cocks and I end up having the same feelings of adoration as for the guys with large cocks. I love a tops desire to breed and that is what spreads my legs almost unconsciously. "Bitch" works for me because I feel like a bitch in heat.
  11. This is kinda fascinating. I'm a very sub bottom of a sort. I'm sub but not masochistic. My guess is it may be conditioning. As a kid I had a lot of bullies in my life. Kids seem to be intuitive and cruel at the same time, I seemed to have it written on me. As an adult, I got a 2nd degree black belt and pity the guy that tries to mug or abuse me in a way that triggers that childhood angst lol, they wouldn't know what hit them. I have a high threshold for pain, again conditioning, but I don't get off on it at all. On the other hand, I crave being used for pleasure and don't mind being 'degraded' if I see a top is turned on by it. The lines we draw are varied, it's interesting stuff.
  12. I love the Bd part but not the Sm, no thrill from pain here, but love to be subjugated.
  13. Good point, it should be qualified we're talking sti's here that are treated with antibiotics.
  14. When I was younger and married I used to hook up on the DL, usually in restrooms. One guy became a regular and would wait for me at a particular restroom. He'd spit on his cock and slide under the stall wall and I'd sit on it and he'd breed me. One time he followed me from the mall where we hooked and found the office building where i worked. He made an appointment to see me, ostensibly to sell me something. I had no idea who it was until he showed up. He saw how my office was set up. He left a note on my car to meet him in the downstairs restroom when he drove by (he knew I could see all the cars that drove by from my corner office since he'd been there, it had floor to ceiling windows). Once I was with my wife and he walked past us in the mall, so he knew I was married. I was scared to death he was going to expose me, and he knew it and pretty much had a hole to fuck anytime he wanted, and he'd subtly hint he'd expose me if I ever said no. Looking back on it as I am now, it's really hot to me because I'm a slut now, but then I was conflicted and scared and he used it to his advantage.
  15. LMAO. I never thought of this. I love PA's and wouldn't mind if one automatically came installed on all tops.

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