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    exploring my sub side these days with Dom Tops. I love cum and cock, am discovering that it is a Mans pleasure I love most and i am pretty consumed with how I can contribute to that. Right now, I am controlled by another and haven't cum since being under His control. I am not allowed to touch the cock between my legs or to cum, am headed in the direction of chastity and have taken measurements for a Jail Bird cage.
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  1. tallslenderguy

    Dominance - Questions for Bottoms and Tops

    Re-reading through the replies to this thread and wanted to add more to the idea of "mind fuck." i can be pretty damned sub, but the extent of my submissive disposition is often a reflection of the Top i am with. i often avoid using the word "sub" as a self descriptor because so many guys seem to equate "Dom" with attributes like "mean, hate, rough, etc.." i'm pretty analytical and cerebral, attributes some identifying as Dom dislike. i've seen Doms, for instance, who are specifically looking for an "empty headed play thing." To me, being penetrated vs the one penetrating, is automatically "sub" at a basic level. So, for me a Dom is one who knows how to penetrated and breed me at a mental and emotional level too. "Rough" or "forceful" (not to be confused with passionate), doesn't translate as "Dom" to me at an emotional or mental level, it actually has the reverse effect. For me (and i know this is personal, so it's not a universal judgment), a guy that relies on force or bullying is compensating for something he feels he lacks. What he doesn't realize or connect with is i don't think or feel he lacks anything if He is a Top. I.e., if he thinks/feels he has to force his way in, he is missing that he already 'owns' me. i don't think the OP is being to polite, or that He needs to be rough to Top or Dom. If the guys He is referring to truly have the sub ingredient that so many bottoms have, He doesn't have to wait for them to want Him, He needs to assume they want Him and proceed accordingly. I.e., instead of waiting for them to contact you and ask to be bred, know that they always want to be bred and contact them and tell them you want/need to breed. It's not a question, it's a statement. If they demur, they are either not that sub ( i think there are degrees of sub and Dom) or they may have another issue that they are afraid to voice to you or afraid you wouldn't like, like an std or they are not cleaned out. They are rare, but a few Dom guys i have been with let me know that they don't care what my 'condition' is, that if they want to breed, they want it no matter what. i sort of equate that to straights who will breed a woman even if she has her period, but that's another topic. If He want's it clean, then if He really wants to push a sub button, He should simply say: "clean out, I want to breed you" vs dancing around the topic, or worse, assuming that bottoms are just always automatically prepped (we have to eat to stay alive lol). If we are out cruising, we're likely prepared. If a Top is spontaneously contacting us, they should not pretend or assume the issue doesn't exist. To me, rape is the ultimate "rough." There's a lot of bottoms who have rape fantasies. i'm bottom and have a decided sub side, and i have no desire to be raped. to me rape is not a show of strength, but a lack of confidence. A Top doesn't have to take something He already has. A Top or Dom that understands that i am bottom sub, never has to resort to taking it because He already knows i want/need Him. If He want's me 'ready,' He just needs to say: "get ready, I want/need to breed you." (btw, i don't think there is anything 'weak' or not Top/Dom about Him expressing His desire or need to breed). It's not a question, it's a statement of fact.
  2. tallslenderguy

    Do you use poppers only when it’s too big?

    i don't typically self administer poppers butt love it when a Top puts a bottle under my nose. Nothing pushes my horny buttons like a Top who does things to try and make me more receptive, more bottom, to Him.
  3. tallslenderguy

    Anonymous hookups who end up wanting to date you

    Most of my sex life with men has been anonymous hook ups. i've never actually had a traditional relationship with a guy. i've never ended up "dating' a hook up, not in a traditional sense. i have had many hook ups that turned into regular, ongoing FB relationships, but even those have remained "anonymous." i had one fb who really pretty much owned my hole for about a year and a half (we moved apart, so it ended), using it about once a week, and i never saw Him. To this day, i have no idea what He looked like because He always wanted me waiting naked, blindfolded and face down for Him. He talked a lot to me while using my hole in all sorts of ways, and we communicated by email. It was a very intimate connection/relationship, but not "dating" in any traditional sense. That's something i like about being gay and part of the gay culture, we are free to make our own culture and types of relationship.
  4. tallslenderguy

    a hole is a cunt

    Same here. The way it strikes me when a guy uses the word "manpussy" is that he's not sure of himself. i know that isn't necessarily the case cognitively, but that's the way it makes me feel, like it's a gauche (i.e., he is not delivering the term with his dominant hand). lol, i know i'm being way analytical. And, i am not judging it as a 'bad' or 'wrong' term, just explaining how it effects me. Like it's something a versatile guy would say lol. And again, not saying "versatile is bad" or "wrong," just that it's not fitting chemistry for me. For me sex can be so much more than the physical act, words and attitude add dimension. An advantage that humans have over animals when it comes to sex is we can fuck using our minds and emotions as well as our bodies. Words and attitude are part of that process.
  5. tallslenderguy

    a hole is a cunt

    i know i've already commented on this, but.... Not only do i love a Top who calls my hole a "cunt" or "pussy," i also get really turned on an sub when He calls my penis a "clit" or minimizes it. It has nothing to do with me being feminine or wanting to be a woman, it's all about His attitude of making a distinction between Him and me. He's the Top and i;m the bottom and those are all just terms that emphasizes our roles.
  6. tallslenderguy

    Do Tops have a right to bottoms’ asses?

    From the other end of the spectrum (i.e., as a bottom). i have fantasized about a top whoring me out, but when i fantasize about it, it's not just (or even mostly) about the loads i'd be getting in my hole, but about the excitement the Top would have "whoring me out."
  7. tallslenderguy

    Do Tops have a right to bottoms’ asses?

    This guy was (i.e., "aggressive"), but intelligently, and even affectionately so. and he was remarkably powerful with/to me. There are Tops who can fuck and breed with their words and method, and end up "marking and making my pussy" Theirs, without actually having physically fucked or bred me. This Top owns me, even though He never actually put His literal cum inside of me (He was afraid to because i am poz). i don't know how to explain it, but to this day, He "owns" me and i adore Him still. P.S. i love that You love that, it's a way of my putting my scent out there.
  8. tallslenderguy

    Do Tops have a right to bottoms’ asses?

    i read this this morning before i went to work, and it had the effect of putting me in heat, like a pheromone of sorts. i didn't have a chance to respond this morning because i had to get to work. i work 13 hours and the whole day, anytime i thought of this, it had the effect of turning me on. i got home tonight, and the first thing i wanted to do was respond to this, and that's part of who i am as a bottom, as "responder." i haven't read through any of the replies yet, i first wanted to respond to you. So much of what you say here resonates with me. i'm a bottom and seem to have sub in me, but i do not identify as "garbage." i know for a fact there are Top men who would not take pleasure in that, and some who do. One reason is "garbage" may not really show off who the top is, like setting a diamond in a plastic setting. i come from a conservative, religious background and was married to a woman. It took a long time for me to figure out and accept myself. i do not try to conform to anyone's idea of who i should be. Also, i am not suggesting there is a right a wrong here, i think there are a lot of shades and variations of both top and bottom, dom and sub. For me, submitting is something i (always) give, it's never taken... which is not to suggest that the top always has to ask permission for every act. That's one of the great things about relationship to me, my position of submission is forged and deepened in relationship. An example (and desire) i have used before is being available for my top, even when i am asleep. As fun as it may sound on some levels, the idea of a stranger breaking into my house and raping me just doesn't work. I have a second degree black belt and would probably kick the hell out of that person, instinctively. On the other hand, a top that i have a relationship with would get a very different response because i'd belong to him and i don't feel that belonging to a stranger. i appreciate the distinction you make between alpha and beta males. While i do not see it as a black or white thing, i definitely see differences between tops. One of the differences that is very meaningful for me is tops who are not only physically alpha but intellectually and emotionally as well. While we use terms taken from the animal kingdom to try and describe ourselves, people, in part, differ from animals because of the intellectual and emotional components we bring to relationship. For me, it is not only the cum that a top puts in me that makes me want to submit and become his, it's the man doing it. i am the same way, from the bottom side, i.e., it's my hole he is using to 'breed' and 'own' me, not my "mouth." Not to say i don't suck cock, it's just not the same. And for me, it's not just his cum, but what ever cums from his body (e.g., i feel impregnated by his piss too, if it's something he made with his body and wants to breed me with) For me, a top breeds and inseminates me with more that his physical essence, he also breeds me with his thoughts and emotions... it's hard to explain. For me, the ownership you speak of is like being impregnated, and a top can have more than his cock and cum to 'impregnate' and "own" me with. i had a top once who had me so intellectually and emotionally inseminated by him that just walking down the street, he reached over and nonchalantly put his hand in the back of my pants and ran his finger along his crack, and he owned me. You see, i couldn't even write "my crack" because it didn't feel right. He had me so thoroughly captivated that just that gesture made me want to be his, made me feel and think owned. i adored him and couldn't help it (nor did i want to help it). That to me is the natural course of top/bottom , not a forced or manufactured thing.
  9. Hot, i've never thought of this. As a bottom, i am hugely turned on by a Top with a cock piercing. There is something very assertive an Top about it to me, so i wouldn't be inclince to get something that would draw attention to my penis, i like when a Top minimizes my penis as part of the chemistry. But i can see how a taint piercing could be viewed as more of a bottom thing, presenting more as part of the ass than cock.
  10. tallslenderguy

    Don’t cum in my ass

    It's hard for me to imagine people like this exist in 2018, that there is this much ignorance with the existence of google? You can catch STD's from pre cum. It's an emotional compromise, not a rational one, no matter what kind of mental gymnastics a person goes through to reach that option. i do kinda like the answers that suggest it might be a sort of mind fuck thing though, on either side. i love mind fuck. The first time a fb pissed in me, He didn't ask or tell me He was going to do it. i was face down and on my stomach, which for me is the most vulnerable position for a bottom to be in (other than restrained). After he came deep, he relaxed His weight on top of me and sort of spread out his body a little more to cover me. After a bit, i felt His cock and balls twitch and started feeling the warmth and fullness that comes with being filled with piss. At first i was startled, but He knew me well enough to know i'd really want whatever He was filling me with. He continued to assert His weight on me and whispered, talking dirty to me and telling me: "let me, it's feels so good and i want you to be my little piss slut..." i immediately got turned on and fully submitted and was extremely happy afterward... and He knew it.
  11. tallslenderguy

    Glory holes

    To me, all cocks (i.e., size doesn't matter to me), and the men who possess them, are awesome. For me, it's the drive within the Top that matters, His cock is just how He expresses that desire. I'd rather be fucked by a Top with a 12 inch desire to penetrate and breed with a 3 inch cock than the reverse. If a facility is built for sex, it only makes sense that it should be constructed with understanding. Many facilities are simply built for making money, with a blind eye towards accommodation of the customer.
  12. tallslenderguy

    Breeders sharing one cumdump?

    Straight people should be more open minded, they have a hell of a lot more advantages. No one has to ever defend themselves because they are straight, or hide or fear. Gay people are just beginning to get those kinds of freedoms, and as you note earlier, they are not universal by any stretch of the imagination, eh? i absolutely love that there are people like you out here, pushing the boundaries, asking questions, asking "why" and "why not." As to discussion about barebacking. There is so much about this that is unconscious. Despite the fact that HIV is no longer a killer disease, thanks to modern science, there is still a lot of fear and ignorance about it. HIV is sort of in the category of herpes now, a non curable, but manageable, std. The truth is, when a person takes the right meds, HIV is not transmissible, and there is no such med for herpes. But even though HIV is no longer the threat it was during the 80's and early 90's, that's where many peoples emotions (and even heads) are when it comes to thinking about it. The truth is, if one is not in Africa, HIV is more prominent as a gay disease than straight. That fuels fear and prejudice in both the straight and gay community (the gay community still has plenty of issues inherited from toxic roots) In my mind, PreP is sort of like the polio vaccine was when it was first developed. If we could get everyone who is at risk on it, we could similarly irradiate HIV. i don't agree with them, but i love "chasers" for their sheer emotional rebellion against being caged by a disease. Personally, i think there are better ways to assert solidarity and individuality than catching a disease, but i adore the sentiment. The reason i am saying all this stuff about HIV (and i am a medical professional, so i have that perspective as well) is because in your opening comment you state: "Btw, we all three are neg and plan on staying that way." i want you to stay neg and am glad you want to stay that way. That's part of the reason why, even though i am poz, i am on meds and get tested regularly to make sure my HIV stays suppressed and untransmissalble. Based on current scientific evidence, no one is going to get HIV from me. i'd suggest, if you are not already on PreP, that to do so would be a part of a rational "plan on staying" neg. i got pozzed by a negative Top lol. Either he was lying, or simply didn't know, but my methods to stay neg weren't very effective lol. As you mention, there is no 100% way to ensure that the guys you are having sex with are all they say or think they are. PreP (and suppression if poz) are evidence based preventative measures. To me, HIV meds are a boon to the gay community. They provide a way for us to assert both our freedom and our sexuality without any threat to ourselves or society. i'm gay and a bottom who's sexuality includes receiving a mans semen into me. i do not want my partner to be restricted in his drive to breed, or me (or anyone) to be restricted, so i have pretty much always refused to cage (or require my partner) His sexuality in a condom. Giving and taking semen is part of gays way of sustaining who we are, even if it doesn't produce babies, it sustains something vital. i'm for promoting ways of exercising who we are that preserves and enhances us, not weakens or kills us off.
  13. tallslenderguy

    Breeders sharing one cumdump?

    i haven't read the rest of the replies yet, so sorry if this turns out to be redundant. What you describe sounds polyamorous to me and not "strange" at all. I'd suggest you try polyamory sites for additional conversation and input. Gay relationship has not had the social advantages for evolution that straights have, i think we are at the beginning of figuring stuff out, but it can be a fun adventure and i appreciate what you are doing. i think an advantage can be that we don't have to start with preconceived notions adopted from the straight world (not saying you are doing that, but that sort of thing can be subtle). i suspect there are a lot more of us open to such relationships than any of us realizes. Many haven't "realized" it (yet?) because we haven't tried it? Idk. But i applaud your trying and discussing it. To me what you describe is just more refined and relationship oriented vs just hooking up. i don't think this has to do with quantity so much as it has to do with quality. i'm a bottom and similarly relationship oriented? For instance, i much prefer fb's to trying to arrange a hook up with someone i've never met. To me, having fb's is sort of in between poly and hook up sex, because there is a form of relationship between the Top and bottom, but they don't have relationships with each others fb's. i also am a bottom with decided sub tendencies. For instance, the idea of sleeping (literally) with a Top who i have the trust, because of relationship, where He can penetrate me anytime He needs or wants is very appealing. i'm literally imagining being asleep with this person and waking up in the middle of the night to Him sliding in. i have no doubt there are plenty of bottoms who would love that arrangement. You'll note that i identify "trust" and "relationship" as part of the ingredients, i think there are Tops and bottoms who want that. i also think that "fluid and honest communication" would be part of building something like that. i love kinky and imaginative sex that incorporates 'mind fuck,' that can be hard, or impossible, to explore in any depth with a hook up. i am not suggesting there is a right or wrong way to do any of this and i love that we are discussing this.
  14. tallslenderguy

    Glory holes

    i know, right? As a bottom, i find even the thin walls restrictive, i want to be able to reach through and hold and stroke my Tops balls while i suck Him, and be able to take Him to the hilt. And, when He wants to breed, definitely want Him to have full access to my hole, thick walls and small gh's just do not accommodate that. ABS owners need to do surveys and learn from their customers what works, it'd be revolutionary lol.
  15. tallslenderguy


    I found this info (copied and pasted below) on WebMD... not a government site, but i think it's reliable info in this case. What the Results Mean A high viral load is generally considered about 100,000 copies, but you could have 1 million or more. The virus is at work making copies of itself, and the disease may progress quickly. A lower HIV viral load is below 10,000 copies. The virus probably isn't actively reproducing as fast, and damage to your immune system may be slowed, but this is not optimal.

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