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    when in heat, I am a total bottom slut and the only place i want it is in my cunt. lately my interests are stretching (so to speak) to other bottom pursuits like toy play, fisting, piss fuck and k9. i am not into pain, but love pleasure dominance from a top... if that makes any sense, love the grooming attitude of a top who is obsessed with cunt and knows how to get what he wants
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  1. I like your thought process on this ChileanTop. You had me at "In the caverns..." :). Seriously though, I have often described myself as "feeling like a bitch in heat" when I am horny. I love the idea of a "competence trigger" evoked that causes a top to ejaculate more cum into my hole because their is a mechanism in him to win the prize, so to speak. From a bottom point of view, it may explain why as a bottom I have an almost insatiable desire for more cum, especially after the first load goes in. Most bottoms here will probably agree, the more cum they get, the more they seem to want. Except most gay tops are intellectually evolved and if some of the cum from another top leaks out, they will either eat it or push it back in... Seems gays are more civilized.
  2. lol FelchingPisser... and I would totally spread my legs for you... but then, you're obviously not cumming from a bottom point of view (so to speak)
  3. see below
  4. ditto ff-whole. I went 35 years taking bb cock and stayed neg. I m a cum slut and have prolly had thousands of cocks and loads in that time and was always kinda worried about HIV, but never enough to overcome my desire for cum and cock in me. I got some great information and encouragement here on BZ from tallbtm, finally got educated and decided to go on PrEP. When I went in to get my std check and to start PrEP, I found out I was Poz. Not the end of the world, am pretty much still taking PrEP now (truvada) and one other pill and am undetectable and totally healthy. Still, I'm not one who actually wants to be infected, even though in 2017 it's not a death sentence, nor does it really present with side effects for me. I personally think PrEP awesome and wish all guys who bareback would go on it, but I'm in healthcare and not into disease :-).
  5. halfway ditto. Not a fan of fetching either. I rarely even rim (almost never), but if I do it has to be very clean. I am not into strong smells at all. I like stuff like deodorant and clean asses and crotches. If i get a hint there something more than cum in there, it turns me off. I was at a bathhouse last week and a guy came into the dark room and started making out with me and wanted me to fuck him. It was towards the end of the night and i was getting ready to leave, so it's been my recent policy to breed a hole vs wasting cum jacking, so I would have. I always finger a hole first, if it comes back smelling unclean, I have zero desire to breed that hole. I asked him first if he was clean, and he said "I always use a condom." I laughed, sad how so many still associate an STD with "unclean." I clarified, "do you douche?" He just looked at me mystified and when I fingered him, he obviously didn't. So I passed. Same with rimming, cum filled or not, if I smell anything like feces, it isn't going to happen. But even if a bottoms hole was the cleanest, sweetest hole in the world (and I love a mans ass, I think it's the sexiest part of his anatomy), I still wouldn't fetch the cum out of it. To me, cum belongs in a guys hole and taking it out would almost border on sacrilegious lol. Bottoms work hard to get their holes loaded, I'm going to either add to it or push it back in, but I'm not gonna remove it. ;-)
  6. LMAO poptronic, I was trying so hard to be diplomatic when I replied. Most of my experience with meth users is from the standpoint of a healthcare giver. Nothing ruins your day like getting a meth head for a patient, I have yet to care for one that was not totally self absorbed and consumed with self entitlement, even when not high. I totally get the desire to ramp things up and to some degree, they all have my sympathy. Meth really fucks with a persons head to such a degree that they are extremely out of touch with reality. When I read the chem stories/fantasies on this site, it sounds really hot. A hit of "T" turns a bottom into a sex crazed hole. But the reality is different than all the stories and fantasies, and tweakers are perceiving something that prolly never happens? Every story I hear about T from guys who are not on it ,but have been with someone who is, has been negative. The "Hot" is all in the drug altered brain of the person on T. I get it. I have never been high or even drunk, but I get the appeal. I love when a top puts poppers under my nose, just the idea of induced submission is really hot to me. I wish T really worked that way. I have even been tempted to have a top stealth drug me with it, just to turn me into a wild sex slave lol, but it just doesn't happen that way (honestly, if a top/Dom knows what he is doing, he can do that just by using his brain). Or certainly not consistently enough to make it worth the risk. The patients I get are seriously physically and mentally destroyed by the drug. They usually have green, rotten teeth, if any, their brains are usually altered and often their hearts are ruined (many need heart transplants). One patient would end up in the hospital about every 6 weeks. I watched as he withered away into nothing, they found him dead and frozen on the street, he was only 31. And you could tell he used to be really hot. He was always mean and yelling when he came in, throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old. Most guys who think meth is hot, haven't seen this side of it, but it's a very real side of it.
  7. Right with you on this. When I look at porn, it has to seem 'real' to me in order for it to work. If I sense at all that it's just guys putting on a show, I stop it right then. It's the stuff that at least looks like a real encounter between lusty guys that pulls me in. Attempts to pull that off with actors can be laughable. Some of the hottest porn I like is video taken where the guys being videod are not aware of being recorded. There used to be a guy on xtube (i think) who would record understall action in restrooms. There were several stalls, and he would record other guys who would be having sex under the stalls next to him. Was so fucking hot, especially when understall fucking was caught. Another hot scenario is anonymous walk in breeding where a bottom has hidden cameras set up and is waiting ass up for an anonymous load, and all of that is recorded without the anonymous top knowing. but really, the only thing that gets me off is real stuff, especially when there is no self consciousness of them knowing they are being recorded. I also LOVE creeper porn. have a huge fantasy of being bred by a "creeper" while I'm asleep. Course, that's really hard to pull off, the bottom pretty much has to be passed out for that to be real, and you can tell if it's put on usually, which again is kinda cheesy lol.
  8. Hi tallbtm, et al, Yes, this is it for me too. As a bottom, I find there are different ways to fill the gap (so to speak) because the whole I seek to fill is not just physical. For me the drive of being a bottom seems to revolve around having another guys cum in me. However, if I could go to a cum store and just buy a bottle of cum to put in my hole, it wouldn't be the same. So, when I consider, "what is it about the delivery that I desire," I can identify several things. Probably at the top of the list is desire. In this respect, I think this is where tops and bottoms are the same in what motivates them. As a bottom, I love the top who I sense has this all consuming desire to breed me. The desire that I be a reseptical for their seed is a huge turn on. I think the top is similarly turned on by the bottoms desire for them to place their seed in them. IOW, both are getting off on being desired, even though it's different roles. Though it seems to be changing, we live in a largely patriarchal, male dominated world. A huge part of patriarchal culture is that women submit to men. The term "pussy" or "cunt" is associated with women, and by default, associated with submission. Not always, of course. There are all sorts of variations depending on the people involved, but crudely, and at it's root, "pussy" and "cunt" started out as pretty much derogatory terms used on women. When they are used with a guy, they can carry the flavor and history of meaning and intent, and they seem to summon up feelings that are probably seated somewhere in our lizard brain lol, i.e., where our emotional response hits us before it is processed by the 'higher brain.' The whole cave man, rough sex thing can have some appeal to me, but I am much more captivated by intelligent intent. When a top or Dom guy refers to my hole as a pussy with a derogatory tone, it can trigger one of two responses. If I sense he is just a bully, I am completely turned off, and even angry to the point of wanting to back kick him into the next room lol. That almost never happens. When I sense he is using the term to verbalize the dynamic of Dom/sub in recognition of our mutual desires, he totally has me and I fold into him. Along the line of working the mutual desire angle, I have encountered some Dom guys who use the terms "pussy" or "cunt" without any derogatory connotation. That's my favorite, but I don't encounter it often. Really happens more in a FB set up than a hook up, for me. That's when the higher brain or "mind fuck" kicks in, and it's the hottest thing to experience. I've had a few of these type relationships where the top/Dom guy not only referred to my hole as a "pussy", etc., but referred to me as a pussy, or his pussy. There's no overtly demeaning tone, even affection. The power exchange is so complete, there doesn't have to be any 'force' in the term or attitude, because the top/Dom has already captured me, knows it and the term becomes an acknowledgement of that.
  9. Interesting topic. I've never been stoned or drunk. I've never even had a beer, so I do not know what I am missing. But I have been around a lot of it. Even as a kid, my sister and her girlfriend would get stoned on grass everyday on the way to school. I was their mascot sort of , so I got to go to all the parties where there were taking stronger stuff. My point is, I've been around a lot of partiers all my life. One of the things I've always noticed is the person on meth has a different perception of what they are experiencing than the person who is with them? I love reading the stories of "T" and the whole notion that it makes one sex crazed (though I already feel sex crazed when I've been edging and I'm horny lol). But when I am around someone who is on meth, my experience has never been that they are just just sex crazed. The people I've been around are usually jittery and unfocussed, which seems the opposite of how they perceive the experience? I'm curious to hear from others who have been with guys on meth (when they are not) and have enjoyed the experience? Professionally, I've had a lot of patients who are suffering the bad affects of meth, and at that point I have never known anyone who was enjoying their self, so I do not think it's worth it because of the bad things it can do.
  10. Hi Slender ... thanks for the rep m8 xx:*xx

  11. I don't use the term referring to myself, but use it as a reflection of the top. I came out to a friend yesterday who I have worked with for 2.5 years, she was shocked. Many of the women I work with have hit on me. I think I am obviously gay, but then, I know me. She said there is nothing feminine about me, and it really is true. I don't see anything wrong with that, I just am not. The big turn on for me when a top or Dom guy calls me or my hole a "pussy" is not the word so much as the attitude behind it. It's more the attitude of power and control that cums along with it. And that doesn't happen with all tops/Doms. I find bullies weak and boring, a total turn off. There is a mind fuck that some guys have that makes me wildly sub and open, wanting to be bred by them even more... kind of an "on" switch. When that is conveyed in their use of the word "pussy" , I fucking love it.
  12. Thanks for the follow Slender! xx:*

    1. tallslenderguy


      Ditto Fistme, love your profile and desires. Wanna be a hole for your...muaw

  13. I fuck rarely, but when I do, it is with the intent of breeding an ass. I don't want to be sucked off and pretty much just tolerate it to please the other guy if he is into it, but I don't want to waste my load there. When I cum, it's usually hard (like over my head if I jack) and a lot. I have come to the place where I save it for a pussy and want to plant it deep into a hungry pussy if I'm going to fuck. I love it when a bottom cums while I am fucking him and it will often trigger me to cum, probably because I was married to a woman for most of my life and trained myself not to cum until she did, so a bottom orgasming is a trigger for me. Yes, absolutely love the feel of his hole spasming and clamping down on my cock, makes me cum harder, but prefer he be hands free. If I am topping, I like the feel of being in control of all the pleasure and want the bottom to be a total bottom (at least when I am fucking him).
  14. ditto. I've had occasions where a top will pull out with the intent of shooting on my ass or on the outside of my body and my internal response borders on animal. If I sense a top is going to pull out to cum, I'll push my pussy back onto him, pulling his cock deep inside and clamping down, milking to try and get him to lose control and cum deep inside me instead. For me I feel kind of incomplete if a top doesn't plant his come inside me, and feel much more complete when I know that that is where he wanted it or needed it to be.
  15. I'm not "always" thinking of it, I have a job where I keep people alive and sometimes have to focus on other stuff. But getting bred is always just under the surface when it isn't on the surface and it seems to take little to nothing to bring it to the surface. I will take any cock in my pussy any time any top wants it, that does seem to be an intrinsic drive for me.

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