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    exploring my sub side these days with Dom Tops. I love cum and cock, am discovering that it is a Mans pleasure I love most and i am pretty consumed with how I can contribute to that. Right now, I am controlled by another and haven't cum since being under His control. I am not allowed to touch the cock between my legs or to cum, am headed in the direction of chastity and have taken measurements for a Jail Bird cage.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    pleasing a Man

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  1. How Did So Many Tops Become Poz?

    Most of us here know the stats on bottom vs top vulnerability when it comes to HIV (i.e., it's less risk to top). But it doesn't just take an open would externally for a top to get pozzed. I was still married when i first started hooking with guys and it seemed like I could get chlamydia by just looking at a guy lol. Seriously, it seemed every time i got a bj, i got it, so i stopped getting bj's and got fucked (such is the logic of a horny married and cheating gay guy). Now that I am single, i can relax and have sex any way i want to, but understand about my anatomy that i seem to get bugs urethrally (through my pee hole) pretty easily (it seems). I carry alcohol wipes with me now and always wipe there after getting sucked (which is still pretty rare). Getting infected via the urethra is one of the ways guys get pozzed. My guess would be some guys are more vulnerable than others in that area. Some have bigger openings, especially if one sounds. Any opening is where pathogens get in.
  2. Open relationships question

    I think there's some great responses here. I grew up in a religious culture that didn't allow for my being gay, so I married a woman and was with her 31 years. I might still be together with her if she could have accepted my being gay. The point being, there is so much more to a relationship than sex. One of the best 'gifts' to me when it comes to being gay (i.e., different from the norm) is it forced me to question my status quo. As noted above, my status quo was completely restrictive. Questions like: Who makes the rules about how and why we should live? Who came up with the idea of monogamy/exclusivisity. I doubt one person can provide for all the needs and wants of another: emotionally, physically, mentally. There can be advantages to living with someone in a more intimate than just room mates setting. An open relationship is just a variation on a theme that is not black and white.
  3. Best Use of Slings in Saunas

    I think giveme makes a good point here. I'd say, "blindfold or hood." There are guys who want to fuck who wrestle with self consciousness also. I.e., it is not just your looks to consider, but theirs. Consider the appeal of the darkroom, a blind fold or hood sort of makes for a oneway darkroom. Some sex clubs also have private rooms with a sling, i.e., a single room with a door where the top can have privacy if he wishes, not all tops are exhibitionists. That in combination with a blindfold or hood gets you closer to being "just a hole to be filled." Really though, if guys were just looking for a hole to fill, they could use a flashback. I think most guys want a person to fuck, not just a hole, but as tops they prolly often want control of a person too? The leash/collar idea certainly enhances the message of submission, especially in tandem with the hood, blindfold, sling. Something else a hood takes out of the equation is looks. Not completely, but to a large degree. Especially when it comes to age.
  4. What is the best about bareback bottoming

    i know i am being redundant, but the best for me is no barrier between me and the top. For me, getting bred is first about the attitude, the fact that the top has something of himself that he wants to put and leave inside of me. His cum, orgasm, joy, lust, pleasure are all left inside of me after he is gone. If he uses a condom, it's like taking all those things and putting them in a trash bag instead of inside of me.
  5. Swimwear

    just bought a pair of these "Brazilian Cut" (model not included)
  6. Hiya ... thanks for the rep! xx:2thumbs::*xx

    1. tallslenderguy


      Of course Sir, totally love you!

  7. Piss up the ass

    I was in Vegas about a month ago and finally hooked with a Dom top guy I have been wanting to be with for a couple of years. We both live in Oregon, about 60 miles apart, and I figured he had lost interest, so I didn't want to stalk him, so I just let it go. Then then when I was in Vegas, he contacted me and asked me if I wanted his cock. I have no idea what he was doing in Vegas or whether he may live there and that's why we never hooked, but I gave him my hotel room number and left the door ajar for him. He's pretty muscled and I'm kinda tall and skinny. He was pretty rough with me, did a lot of face fucking, sort of pulling my hair to direct my mouth and head on his cock. I really wanted him to breed me, but he decided to ram his cock down my throat until I felt him shoot his sweet load at the back of my throat, which of course made me happy. After a few, he got up to leave and started to walk to his clothes and turned and told me to "get up and spread your pussy" (I was on the floor on all fours from face fucking him while he say in a chair. He was still semi erect and I was pretty excited at the prospect of getting bred, so I stood up and bent over the bed, reaching behind to spread my hole open for him. he pushed his semi erect cock balls deep into me and just held my hips, his big balls bouncing against my taint and just held me that way and announced: "you're not getting another load, but I will fill your pussy with piss" and I felt it streaming into my gut. He asked: "you like being a urinal, don't you?" and though kind of embarrassed, I answered "yes" because I really did love it. When he was done he pulled out and then gave my ass a couple of sharp spanks saying: "don't lose a drop of this if you want me happy, I don't give just any cunt my piss" and he shoved me face down onto the bed, dressed and left. I pushed a couple of pillows under my pelvis to elevate my ass so I could keep his piss in my gut and fell asleep. I woke up some time later having to piss myself and went into the bathroom, my pee had a really strong smell and I knew it was because I had absorbed a lot of what he gave me, it was so fucking hot. I put my finger over my hole just incase there was still some in my ass, i didn't want to lose it.
  8. Getting loose

    I'm not really loose, butt am definitely looser. My hole is permanently altered by the 100's of cocks that have bred it. My hole doesn't really have a round pucker to it anymore, it;s more of a slit. I had an online Dom guy who wanted me to used dildos to open my hole more, and I did what he asked and did get looser for awhile. But we both lost interest in just doing the online thing and I am too much of a bottom to even fuck myself with a dildo lol (I miss the Tops energy behind it), so I stopped and my hole went back to being a well used slit for cock. I find very few guys who prefer "tight" to well used, which seemed really weird to me for the longest time, but I've come to understand that Tops love seeing their handiwork as well as breeding. I can milk a cock, my muscles are all intact, it's just my hole is now custom made for cock.
  9. Aggressive tops

    Im a bottom, but I'm a guy and even if my testosterone is directed towards my ass instead of my cock, I still have the drive. I've had a few Tops push some tears out of me with their cocks, but never was willing to give up their cock. I might feel humiliated or awkward, but that is part of the power exchange between a bottom and a Top.
  10. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    I've been poz about a year and a half now, was diagnosed when I went in for testing to get on PreP. I take Truvada and Tivicay. Just got my most recent viral load results and am undetectable. I'm in healthcare and am used to looking at patient blood labs all the time. Mine are gorgeous lol. Mostly I am looking for liver and kidney issues, but everything in my bloodwork is perfect, so I'm a pretty happy camper. The one side effect I seem to have is my dream life is different. It's not bad, just odd? And it may be unrelated, but it's the only thing I can come up with as a side effect.
  11. So Disappointing When A Cool Sexy Guy Has A Small Dick.

    I can't remember taking a cock in my ass that I didn't like... there were a few guys attached to them that I didn't prefer, but I can count them on one hand and it had nothing to do with cock size. Agree with others that the most frustrating thing is a "top" who cannot get hard. Especially if they have talked it up, but not actually gotten it up. I've been with a surprising number of guys who never got hard, but knew how to get in and fucked like experts. For me the only cock I don't like is the one that cannot get in my hole.
  12. Being a total faggot bottom bitch and masculinity

    I like discussions like this. Heteronormative is the dominant culture, so it has pretty much defined what constitutes "masculine" and "feminine." I'm a faggot but not a sissy. To me being a faggot just means my fucking wiring (literally) is wired to my ass and not my penis. My testosterone is in tact and gets directed towards receiving vs inserting. I think I am different than a Dom or Top, but "masculine" and "feminine" are not the only two defaults?
  13. Making Him Piss Himself

    That is fucking hot. This is so my kind of scenario. I'm the kind of sub bottom that loves when a top takes control and surprises me by doing something like pissing in my ass, so this would be even hotter. Just as you describe the loss of power, the humiliation... a whole different kind of orgasm caused by the Top. damn
  14. Straight(?) and very confused

    I hope your post is real and I'm not wasting my time here, but the faggot nurse in me has to care lol. If you are young and good looking with 8" to spare, your desires may not be as out of reach as you think? Are you a member of FetLife? A ton of people on that site of all stripes. The thing about porn is it can set you up with some unrealistic expectations. Prolly a good idea to back off for awhile and go for real life experiences to give you a reality check. And I ditto getting on PreP. That may be a hot fantasy, but you are trying to decide a lot of different things all at once, I'd knock conversion fantasies off the list, at least for till you are more stable, because that's a permanent decision, you can't take it back if you change your mind about wanting it. Our core person usually wins in an argument with sound reason, so I'd give some allowance and pursue some of the less scaring decisions, that will give you an idea whether reality lines up with your ideas of what you feel you want.
  15. enough Tops?

    I know what all you bottoms are saying lol to that title lol. Let me preface this by saying I know this is very speculative, so I'm putting it out there as such. I think there are a lot more guys out there who want/like/need to fuck guys (i.e, Top guys). They are wired toward breeding guys just as much as bottom guys are wired toward being bred. Of course, we all know Tops are out there, we just think they are the minority. But I think nature seeks balance, and I believe homo is a part of nature that is not going away (becoming extinct). I don't think evolution is getting rid of the gay thing. So, what about the balance of nature? Where are the tops to balance out the bottoms. I think they are married. I think they're in marriages because they are natural fuckers and conditioned by culture that marriage is where they get it. Plus, forever, it's been taboo to fuck guys. So they marry and sublimate their need to fuck guys, or they find a GH on the way home from work. They're out there, they are just not as free to operate as bottoms are. My hope is, the more liberated society becomes, the more natural tops will be free to choose what they really want and we'll see more balance between tops and bottoms. Ok, it's a work in progress lol.

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