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    when in heat, I am a total bottom slut and the only place i want it is in my cunt. lately my interests are stretching (so to speak) to other bottom pursuits like toy play, fisting, piss fuck and k9. i am not into pain, but love pleasure dominance from a top... if that makes any sense, love the grooming attitude of a top who is obsessed with cunt and knows how to get what he wants
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  1. I'm more into cum dripping, so to speak lol. Once cum is in my hole, i do not want to lose it butt want to hold it deep inside. For me it's an almost spiritual thing where a top has placed some of his essence in me. It is really hot to me though when I get so full that some dribbles down my taint and balls, kind of an invitation for more.
  2. Here's some evidence based info for anyone interested (from the U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs) "A smaller study looked at both male-female serodifferent couples and male-male serodifferent couples who did not use condoms (and did not plan to use them). All of the HIV-positive partners in the study were on ART and had undetectable HIV viral loads. After more than a year, none of the HIV-negative partners had become HIV positive. The results of these studies show that if an HIV+ person is on ART with a completely suppressed HIV viral load, the risk of infecting an HIV-negative sexual partner is likely to be extremely low. However, there are some major caveats to consider:" you can read the whole thing here http://www.hiv.va.gov/patient/faqs/transmission-of-undetectable-virus.asp
  3. Yeah, this. I too am a healthcare worker. I do so many assessments that the questions are just data for me to use to help you. If I don't have the data, my help is going to be affected. Like madeupname, when it comes to some questions like alcohol I, and most of my peers I have discussed this with, at least double the answer. I work on a critical care unit in a hospital, so the people I see are there for emergent conditions. If I get a patient in for a heart attack, or whatever, I need to know if they are alcohol dependent because once they pass the 18-24 hour mark without a drink, they can start heading into withdrawal symptoms that I can treat and ease if I know about it. If we suspect, we just put the order set for ativan in their drug MAR so we have it if we need it lol. I had a patient recently who was in for low blood pressure. That happened because he had and infection. He also happened to be HIV poz. It turned out that the infection he had was from his pet snakes... you fill in the blanks lol. He told us after we did some extensive tests. The poor guy was miserable from diarrhea he'd had for a couple of months from the a GI infection, and finally got dehydrated and had electrolyte imbalance from all the fluid loss. If his PCP had known about the snakes, could've educated him about stuff he didn't know about diseases they can transmit.
  4. I find myself moving more in the direction you are. I love anal stretching and am very open to exploring. Nice profile.

  5. Hi Sunovabesh, Not sure how much I can add to the great responses of Phoenixgeoff and subbytch. I would ditto PG's input about being upfront in your profile, both about what you want and that you're not looking for a sugar daddy. I think you are so far ahead of many guys, younger or older, because you are thinking and articulating what you think, feel and want. I am sort of amazed at the number of guys I encounter who want one to be a mind reader, or expect others should just know what they want. When I place an ad or write a profile, I work pretty hard to give the reader a clear picture of what they're getting. I really want the same from another. Guys who don't have a detailed ad or profile, then refuse to have some back and forth exchange before getting together are a crap shoot. I know that can be an attempt to avoid guys who are just getting off on talking and have no intention of hooking, but once you get past that you could be on your way to cultivating some fb's. One of the things I think is good about being different is 'different' people seem more apt to question the status quo, and learn a lot by doing that. Not expecting one person to be everything helps me a lot. It seems to be a heteronormative idea that somehow there's one special somebody out there. I get pieces of my needs/desires met by all sorts of different people, and I work to make that reciprocal. I'm comfortable with who I am and I don't want to put expectations on others to be something other than who they are. That's why it's important to be self aware and know how to communicate. I tell people what I think and feel and look for, and I ask others to do the same. I kind of avoid guys who don't know how to do that. For me, finding connections is not about finding someone who'll conform to what I want, but finding someone who likes what I'm looking for. I find it's easier to do that in pieces. For instance, if I am just super horny and want cum in my hole, I'll go to a place that has a GH or a dark room. For other desires like friendship or visual appeal, I have a network of friends. I look for pieces to create the picture/puzzle I'm trying to construct vs one guy being the whole picture. I think it's awesome you're examining this stuff. Yay you!
  6. Ok, went and had a great time... ready to go back. The play areas at the resort were kinda similar to a bathhouse. I got most of my sex just by leaving my drapes open and door ajar, then lying naked and face down, plenty of takers. (_O_)
  7. It's not something I typically do to myself, but I like the idea of it. I like the attitude of a top who wants to make my hole wet and accessible. A lot of tops seem to like wet and sloppy and this can be part of the process of making their mark, but I understand not all tops are into it.
  8. hey phukhole, got here this afternoon (_!_)
  9. This is where I will be staying... have a room for 5 nights
  10. made reservations for Palm Springs, looks like it will be fun.
  11. I haven't adjusted to my age. I turned 60 in October and do not see myself as 'typical.' I'm not as horny as I used to be, so I think that helps. When I am horny, the feeling is just as intense (maybe more?) than it ever was. I don''t think the less frequency of the need/desire makes it easier for one to get what one wants. As a bottom cum slut, it's easier to get what I want because my only 'limit' is do you have a cock that you can fuck with and cum? If I am face down, visual doesn't apply. Tops have to look at who they fuck, so it is much more of a factor. Meaning, how we look as bottoms matters more. I.e., we're going to have more appeal the more appealing we make our selves. For me, I've always managed my weight and for most of the last 10 years sex has been very anonymous, meaning the top doesn't even see my face, just my back side. I'm honest about my age, so fewer people hit on my ads, but I get a lot of repeats from those who know me, so I'd cultivate fb's as a way to get what you want?
  12. haha, yeah, this reminded me of a time I was driving down a street and a guy pulled up next to me and looked over at me, that's all he did, kind of a magical communication. I followed him, he pulled into a Burger King, went into the restroom. I followed and he locked the door behind me, pulled my pants down and fucked me, came and left.
  13. The net and smart phones have definitely changed the cruising dynamic. Getting sex was different during the 80's, no doubt about it. I was living in Hampton Roads VA at the time (Virginia Beach, Norfolk...), home to the worlds largest navel base. There were lots of easy cruise places, but I remember one beach in particular where you could go pretty much any time and find anywhere from 5 to 30 guys cruising. And restroom sex was so common, there were several places you could go and get almost instant sex. There wasn't the buffer of space and electronics. And yes, the net does serve those looking for fantasy much better than cruising places do. I run into that a lot, guys will chat me up to the point of actually asking for my address and then disappear from the face of the earth. On the other hand, I like the component of being able to exchange fantasy and info with someone ahead of time, for me it's like foreplay and gets me even hornier, but I do want to follow through and actually do it vs just jack off to fantasy... which I find very frustrating.
  14. Totally agree with your linking the physical sex with the psychological "mindfuck"  that the best Dom Tops know how to deliver.      I thoroughly enjoy the  verbal abuse and denigrating use of feminine terms.

    Some how it enhances the sex for me.    Sexual  fantasy is great.

    I have enough boring constraints on my real life  where I am a somewhat aggressive person.      Being a sub bottom is a nice place to retreat to with the right kind of Dom Top.


  15. As a cum hungry slut, I like the idea, butt have never experienced a true darkroom. I live in OR and go to Hawks BH in Portland, but I don't think their darkroom is much of a darkroom, more like a dimly lit closet (maybe 6"x5') it's small and only has a smallish padded platform. To me, it doesn't qualify as a "room" or "dark." I guess it can't be pitch black, but not light enough to see the outline of a persons body or features. Would like to find a real one, but the only other BH in Portland is Steam, and they don't have one at all.

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