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    I love cum and cock of course, this is Breeding Zone after all... but more than that, it's receiving a Mans pleasure into me that I love most. To me, that goes beyond physical. i think the best connections also penetrate and inseminate the mind and emotions as well as the body. i look for the natural compliment and fit of Top/bottom, where opposites naturally attract and bond, where connection is a response of nature vs trying to make something work.
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    a relationship where each is naturally fed and nurtured by the needs and desires of the other person. sacrifice is part of any relationship, but i don't think it makes a good foundation to build on. i believe compatibility makes for sustainability.

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  1. Well, there was a do over after the flood, and the Jewish people (decendents of Shem, son of Noah) didn't arive till later when Abraham purportedly left Ur of Chaldea. It's pretty interesting to compare the "Law of Moses" to the Code of Hammurabi that predated it by about 300 years. Some argue Moses copied it. The notion that God created other people would kinda throw a monkey wrench into Christianity though, either that or the additionally created people would also have to have 'fallen' by eating from the "tree of life" and in order for all to have been born into "sin."
  2. i think it's awesome any time someone finds love and connection. i came out of a very conservative religious background, where i think most of these types of negative rules and attitudes come from, and in many cases became the 'social norm.' When i stepped away from my religious beliefs, it wasn't just rebellion, it was a long process of looking, examine, questioning. What i personally came to was i could discern no 'God" who had made all these rules, but just a bunch of people saying "God" had made these rules. And there's all sorts of holes in their sources. For instance, christianity draws from the bible as an authoritative source. Christianity is a long time source for [banned word] re incest, yet the bible is full of stories of family members marrying family. The story of creation is supposedly God created just Adam and Eve, who had kids... but where did everyone else come from lol. If there was only Adam and Eve to start out, then incest would have had to be the rule 'in the beginning.' Once i left religion, i pretty much lost a lot of my [banned word] boundaries. Basically, i live by a code of do no harm. Religion aside, one of the (major i think) challenges of relationship is compatibility, if you have that with someone you have lived with most of your life, what is the rationale for disregarding that to follow a social norm? The only scientific reason i can see against incest would be the DNA issues, but two guys are not reproducing as a result of sex, so that isn't a factor. As you describe it, i see no "line."
  3. i so agree with You. Often we meet on hook up sites, so our hormones are ramped and we're (usually) all horny. Probably anything all the time would get routine and boring, to me the D/s, Top/bottom dynamic is not so much about always being on, but where we go when we are on. i also agree romantic partners break up when the two fall in love with an idea instead of the person. i think i often get rejected by "doms' because i just don't see it as text book, written in stone way of living. To me, that isn't living, it's conforming to a rule, or idea vs writing our own rules and living out our reality. Sure, we have to know each others basic nature, but that's a foundation to build on, not an already established structure. To me, part of the thrill of it all is the power to evoke and turn on that opposites have with each other, not that they are always and already turned on or evoked. Some of my fantasies revolve around me or my partner being asleep, and one or the other has need and knows they have the freedom with the other to fulfill their need. if im asleep, i'm obviously not "on," but i can easily imagine my Top waking me by pressing His cock into me and whispering into my ear "i want your pussy." Pretty sure He'd turn me on lol. And reversing that, Him waking up to find His cock in my mouth... might have the effect of turning Him on. Both require communication and fore knowledge of the other (an advantage to relationship) where each has learned the other and knows where their 'on' switches are. That doesn't happen in a lot of hook up situations because the communication and knowledge of the other just isn't there. i think when trust is built, then openness and vulnerability are more available (though, sadly, i think a lot of ltr never get there).
  4. This all makes sense to me. i don't disparage role play, i just cannot do it, i cannot get past the pretend element. The guy that regressed me was like magic for me, but really He was just being Himself and i lucked out because who He was attached to something in me i didn't even know was there. If He's said to me, "pretend your a boy sucking my cock," that would have actually ended up being a barrier for me. Instead, He simply related to me as a "good boy" sucking HIs cock and i was. It wasn't pretend or role play, i emotionally became exactly what He wanted/needed, and it wasn't role play or pretend, it was already there and He tapped into it. i've experienced similar stuff with feminization. i am not the least bit fem, have no desire to be a woman or dress up like one (not saying that's 'bad', just not me). But i've had Tops/Doms who just treat me that way. I.e., want me to wear lace panties, call my penis a clit or my ass a pussy. Saying and using those words in a matter of fact way, no pretend or role play, that's just how they see me, and just like the "good boy," it surfaces something in me that is not usually evident. It's not like i start acting fem at that point either, but i do have a clit and an pussy at that point, and there is nothing role play about it on an emotional/psychological level for me. It's as real as it gets, and that realness makes the idea of role play less appealing to me.
  5. Personally, i don't like "role play" and will not engage in it (which is not a criticism of those who do). i just cannot get into acting out something. Chances are, if i want/need it, it is not an act, a role or play for me, it's real. And, as find91 notes "can bring up deep issues." Frankly, i think the notion of (or desire for) role play generally derives from deep issues, and is why people seek it out in the first place. It strikes me as a sort of work around those issues vs a head on acknowledgement of them. And i don't use "issues" in a negative sense here. i'd probably use the phrase "deep need/desire" instead of "issue." i've been regressed before and it was one of the most erotic and profound experiences of my life. There was no discussion ahead of time, no attempt at producing that result from a role play scenario, the Dom simply saw me and knew how to regress me to being a "good boy." It was so fucking real too, something i may never have experienced had He suggested i play the role of a "boy." Intellectually, it would have seemed silly to me, i didn't even know it was in me, but He surfaced it in me, 'collared' me, influenced and controlled me with it. The power of it was there was no role play at all, He knew it was real and demonstrated the realness of it to me too.
  6. i don't think that is lame, it's just who you are and i believe there is NOTHING wrong or lame about that. You identify as versatile bottom, so you're not as far toward bottom as some of us on the scale. i'm pretty far to the bottom side, with some sub thrown in. i'm not obsessed with having a gaping or prolapsing hole, it's not something i try to do to myself. But i am deeply turned on by the idea of a Top gaping and even prolapsing my hole. i read find91's posts about having a weakness for a bottoms hole prolapsing around His cock as He penetrates them, and i am instantly collared lol. For me, a Top opening and molding my hole is part of the breeding process. Being bred for me is a way of taking possession and opening and molding my hole, effecting and changing it is a form of impregnation, a way a Top leaves a part of Himself in me. i am especially turned on and drawn to Tops who mold me without my necessarily knowing that they are doing it. For instance, i had a Top FB who slowly and purposefully opened and changed my hole over a fairly long period (a year and a half), doing it subtley and gradually to where i didn't realize what He was doing until He'd already gone along way towards accomplishing His desire. It wasn't mean or even devious, He read me well and knew that i needed/wanted that as much as He did. It was pretty perfect symbiosis, which i consider the ideal of Top/bottom, Dom/sub, i.e., complimentary opposites.
  7. This morning. Regular FB who has my phone number and texts me. i have an arrangement with Him where i don't say "can't," so i drop whatever I'm doing and am available spontaneously... which means it's a BJ half the time if He doesn't want me to take the time to prep. But hay, i'm a cocksucker too, and always happy to take a load down my throat even though i prefer being bred. Hard times spmetimes call for sacrifice.
  8. just watched Captains America. OMG, His ass. Holy fuck. Incredible ass.
  9. just now. Two loads from a sweet 20 year old Hispanic muscle boy, He apologized that He only had two loads in Him, what a babe. i was only the second guy He's ever fucked and i had to explain to Him about clean out, but He waited for me and did an anonymous walk in with me. His loads are deep inside making my gut growl, they must of been big loads because they are trying to get out... not chance of that happening, He's gonna be a part of me.
  10. wow, i love this community. Some great responses here. Fuck i love men.
  11. i'm a total bottom and personally relate a bottoms hole for penetration (be it rimming or any other expression of penetration). For my particular wiring (and i know this is personal, not universal), rimming is a Top, penetrative activity... like "eating pussy," and in my experience something more than a few Tops get into as a prelude to breeding me. Awesome. Having said that, i fucking love a Mans ass. Men's asses drive me wild, which has always struck me as ironic given my bottom predilection. i do love to hold, maul, massage, pet, kiss and lay my head on a mans ass, in addition to simply gawking at it in lust and wonder. Rimming is not something i aspire to, or have an independent desire to do, but i have rimmed some smooth boy asses that had me otherwise hypnotized.
  12. Thanks for your thoughts here, they gave me pause. i'm one of those guys who writes a book for a profile (though i am getting better). When someone approaches me with just a "Hi" or "sup," i go to their profile. If there is nothing there, for me, there is already an imbalance. It's hard for me to imagine someone is just randomly approaching strangers. I.e., the person saying "Hi" or "sup," is likely responding to something about my profile-a pic or something i wrote. If their profile is empty, i cannot respond in kind. When i have bitten and responded in kind with a mirror "hi" or "sup," or "fine," the next question is often "what are you looking for" or "what do you like" or "how are you," i don't know that i have ever gotten a "real opener" after that? Someone like You would be the exception for me. I suspect it would go differently between us though because my guess is that when i went to your profile, i'd find some of You there and would then be able to show interest because there is someone presenting something other than an otherwise invisible "hi?"
  13. i never got into asking, it always felt awkward and contrived for me. i think it can also be a 50/50 gamble to show neediness. For some, neediness is a turn off, a lot of Tops want the conquest. in cruising places, i simply present. i lower my shorts enough to show some ass. i'm not overt, more subtle, but any horny guy on the prowl is going to notice presented ass lol, i've gotten a lot of cock that way and it's fucking hot when a Top comes up behind and wordlessly lowers my shorts and just slides in. When i lived in VA there was a cruisy park where i would get bred on a bridge at dusk and as it got darker. i'd stand on the bridge leaning a little bent over ostensibly looking out at the water. When i'd see a guy getting ready to walk past, i'd lower my shorts enough to show the top of my ass, without looking back. If i heard Him pause to look, i'd lower them a little more to encourage Him that He was seeing what He was seeing. It was an awesome way to fuck.
  14. It's been a couple of years, but i found Hawks in Vegas to be disappointing. According to their web site , they are re-opening today 8/1/20. i'd give them a try, Covid may result in a lot of horny men at the baths, or not. i could see it going either way. i didn't see or experience a lot of action when i went, but the facility is nice enough though. They also had a location in Portland OR that was decent at times, but the landlord didn't give a break during shutdown from Covid, so they had to close after 10 years there, they are re-opening at another location however. i got most of my action in Vegas using all the usual aps and doing walk in. The hotels on the strip are all close together and a lot of horny guys, the only thing is you have to find a hotel that doesn't have security guarding the elevators. Some hotels require a key card to get into the room section of the hotel. i considered staying a sleazy joint, like the Travel Lodge just off the strip, that has outside access to rooms. i imagine that good be a way to go, but possibly not as safe as the bigger indoor hotels.

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