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    exploring my sub side these days with Dom Tops. I love cum and cock, am discovering that it is a Mans pleasure I love most and i am pretty consumed with how I can contribute to that. Right now, I am controlled by another and haven't cum since being under His control. I am not allowed to touch the cock between my legs or to cum, am headed in the direction of chastity and have taken measurements for a Jail Bird cage.
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  1. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    I agree and think it's great. I'm a healthcare worker and know that ignoring treatment can put one in a state of deteriorated health the the point they are dependent on others to care for them. I don't ever want to get to that place if i can help it, i cherish my freedom and independence.
  2. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    I think this is true. Though things are changing, social standards are set by the straight majority. One could argue for monogamy and relationship with sex if the goal is to build an environment to raise kids (though i think one can argue against it too). But how does that argument apply to single or gay people who don't have kids? The only issue i can see with anonymous sex is STD, but i do not think monogamy is the answer to STD's. I think removing the stigma associated with sex is the answer. If people were not shamed for having sex, they would not feel embarrassed or ashamed about getting treated for STD's.
  3. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    Ive been hooking with guys for 34 years. I've been with well over a 1000 men sexually, but had never slept overnight with a guy till this year. Not that i have never gotten to know guys that i have sex with, but the vast majority of my sexploits have been anonymous. I started out when still married, hooking in restrooms through GH's and under stall walls. It wasn't that i preferred it, but i was closeted and on the DL, so just worked out that way. Even after divorcing though, i find most of my sex has been anonymous. My favorite is anonymous walk in where i am lying face down and never even see the top who breeds me and he only sees my back. I've even had regular fuck buddies who i have never seen. Sex with men has been very separate from social interaction, a huge difference from what straight people mostly have where sex is part of a complex social agreement.
  4. What’s Your Favorite Way to Hookup?

    I wouldn't put ABS and sex clubs/baths in the same category. For me, they are very different experiences. I encounter a lot less 'shopping' at ABS and more sex. I guess if we had a dark room in Portland OR that might be different? As it is, there is the visual element at a bath/club, so rules of attraction kick in for many. At an ABS, i typically do not leave a booth the whole time I'm there, lots of GH sex, which often turns into a shared booth, but always initiates through a GH. I also think the guys who frequent ABS are more likely to be 'straight' or Bi, but more closeted... guys who would not go to a gay club because they do not identify as such or want to be identified as gay. I think there is something about the neutral anonymity of a ABS that attracts a very different guy. Not unusual for me to be sucking or getting fucked by a guy through a GH while he watches straight porn. I've never seen straight porn at a bath house.
  5. Sloppy holes

    I find that I like guys who like sluts... since i am one lol. Seriously though, i was the same way, pretending not to be a slut when i was. Then for a while, i went to the opposite end of the spectrum where i flaunted it, now i am just comfortable with who i am. i feel like guys who slut shame are often not the kind of guy id wanna associate with anyway. As to "sloppy holes," i definitely have an opened hole from years of use. i have muscle control, so i can milk, but access is absolutely easier. I don't think tight or sloppy loose is really the matter, but texture and friction. I guess that is affected some by pressure, but i think viscosity has more to do with it.
  6. Strangest place you were fucked?

    A Burger King rest room. Not that getting fucked in a restroom is all that "strange," but the whole circumstance of it. I was driving down the street in my beat up pick up truck and a guy pulls up in the lane beside me and glances over. Our eyes meet and he pulled ahead of me and then pulled in my lane in front of me. I followed. He turned off the street and parked in a BK parking lot and walked in without ever looking back. I followed. He went into the restroom. I followed. When I walked in to the restroom, he locked the door behind me, undid my pants and pulled them down, then pulled his cock out, bent me over and slid in. I was dry, so he added a little spit. He came inside me fast, put his cock in his pants and left. Never a word spoken between us. Damn, i love men.
  7. Interesting observations. i have some rambling observations that are similar. i too have found aps to be more successful in remote areas (really remote though). I have hooked from grindr with one guy in 3 years where i live. I was traveling out in the remote parts of Oregon and stopped at a hotel in a tiny town (<5000?) and got 4 or 5 hits on grindr that night. It's a challenging prospect (i.e., developing a hookup site), there are so many factors: looks, position, ability to function, fetish/kinks... the list seems endless. Maybe do something like OKCupid, that matches people based on their answers to questions? Sort of a pre filter? If you eliminated or reduced the process of finding a match, that might be a winner? I live in a smallish town (pop 50k) that's 10-20 miles from other somewhat larger towns (100k). When i lived in larger cities (1m+), sex was pretty easy. In larger cities, CL used to be a great hookup site for me. i never posted on M4M, but always on "casual encounters" and am pretty sure that most of my hookups were with closeted guys or Bi guys. So, the population (i.e. "supply") was greater. I think it's the old issue of supply and demand. Aps have increased supply, and thereby reduced demand. I think the vouching idea is a good one. Or maybe a flake ID? One of the issues we all have is flakes. Maybe have a followup where you could verify that you actually hooked? The problem with having a way to identify flakes and such is that those can be abused by guys who want to knock out the competition. In the last year or so, i have pretty much gotten away from the net for hookup. i may go there to get horned up, but not to actually hook. When i want sex i go to the local ABS. I have never left without at least one hookup and usually get 4 or 5 if i hang a couple of hours. I can spend a whole lot more time than that online and get nothing but flakes. I also go to sex clubs, but find that guys are pickier there than at ABS. I attribute that to the population. I think at sex clubs most of the guys are gay, at ABS you get the closeted or Bi guys on their way home from work or looking for a quickie at lunch. At the sex clubs i run into a lot more tops who do not want to cum so they can draw out the experience... edging. One last rambling thought. If you could make a site (or section of a site?) that removes the issue of looks, that could do a lot. Maybe even call the hookup site: "The Dark Room." A lot of us have gotten to a place where we do not care about looks. When i am horny, if you have a cock that works, i want you. I work out, tall slender guy... it's important to me to be as attractive as i can, but I'm a slut and don't care what my top looks like.
  8. Tops- How Do You Spot a Cocksucker?

    lol, you're not getting many answers to your question. Back in the days before the internet, we used to "cruise" for sex. Prolly one of the greatest examples of gaydar i have ever experienced was when driving down a busy street in my pick up one day, a guy pulls up next to me and just looks at me, then pulled up in front of me and I followed him. He parked in a Burger King parking lot and walked in without looking back and went straight into the restroom, and i followed. He locked the door behind us, pulled my pants down and bent me over without a word, stuck his cock in and bred me, pulled up his pants and left, again, without a word. This is a totally true story. The truth is, more than 85% of communication is non verbal, but i have made guys and been made by guys more times than i can count. Of course, it's not fool proof, gotta be careful of wishful thinking.
  9. Raw Dawg - safe raw fucking?

    Yep... me too (i.e., only used it once as a bottom). I also tried fucking it and was totally disappointed and can't imagine doing that to a top with my ass. It was a cool idea, but the idea didn't really translate. I will confess to using it a few times with a dildo when fantasizing K9 though, it does have a knot.
  10. Have poz bf I am negative

    The simple answer is "yes," the virus would be in pre-cum just like it is in cum. Maybe a little risk reduction because there is less fluid than with a full on ejaculation, but the virus would still be present. That said, getting on PreP is the bigger preventative with good science behind it. If he is on meds and undetectable, the CDC says you are virtually no risk of transmission.
  11. Question of responsibility

    A little more on this. The shaming culture perpetuates disease. I'm in healthcare, so stay up on a lot of this stuff. There are methods that have been used (and studied) where reward is used to help people stop deleterious behaviors (actually involves monetary remuneration). It can actually be cheaper to pay people to stop smoking, for instance, than to treat the ultimate diseases many develop as a result. Radical thought, what if we paid people to get tested for STD's? Not really suggesting this, what I am trying to provoke is a different thought process, attitude. Why not have the same attitude towards STD's that we did towards polio or small pox? We have cures. STD's are still a huge problem because of how we treat them and the people who might have them. stepping down from the soap box
  12. Question of responsibility

    Ditto everyone else who has counseled get treated first (and tested and treated after if need be). I appreciate your honesty in asking and posting this. The truth is, pretty much everyone going to Folsom could say the same thing, eh? We focus on HIV, but HIV is now the only STD that has scientific study evidence that one can have it and be reasonably confident they will not transmit it (i.e., if they are on meds and undetectable). We cannot say that about chlamydia, gonnorhea, etc.. Imagine if everyone going to Folsom decided to get treated and tested first vs wondering whether or not to? It's kinda strange how our reasoning can be backwards on this, my thinking is it's because we still have a very strong culture out there that guilts and shames people, treating them as 'bad' or 'wrong' or ___________, if they have an STD, so we have an emotional aversion to being tested... it cultivates a culture of denial.
  13. nah. but you knew that already, no? For me, when i am being sub, it's more a matter of attitude and connotation than the labels used. A Dom guy can maybe wrap His mind around understanding it, but probably not His feelings. As i see it, D/s can represent the extremities of yin and yang. In nature, polar opposites attract, the stronger the opposite charge, the stronger the pull. i see extremity in D/s relationship as a fuel of intense attraction. Man/faggot, D/s, M/s....
  14. Diaper Pissing

    This is a fascinating topic to me. I've never worn a diaper (as an adult). For me it would need to involve another guy, a D/s type of scenario. I am sub. I have been told by one very experienced Dom that i was the most submissive person he'd ever encountered, which i found hard to believe. i won't submit to just anyone, it's a very cerebral thing for me involving seduction. there's something about using enemas and diapers the push some buttons in me, seems like it could be a real mind fuck.
  15. When your top/bottom can't perform.

    I ran into a guy yesterday who couldn't get it up, was pretty soft the whole time i was sucking him. I could tell he had anxiety, which doesn't help his cause. I sucked him for awhile, but then when i saw he was just working me and couldn't even seem to cum, i was done. I'm pretty sub, but not so much so that i can forgo the reward of making a guy cum. So, if he cannot get hard, that does not make him less than for me, but if he cannot cum, i see no point. I understand there are Tops out there who just wanna fuck or be sucked without cumming, that's a disqualifier for me, as long as they can have an orgasm, i will find a way to give it to them, soft or not.

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