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    exploring my sub side these days with Dom Tops. I love cum and cock, am discovering that it is a Mans pleasure I love most and i am pretty consumed with how I can contribute to that. Right now, I am controlled by another and haven't cum since being under His control. I am not allowed to touch the cock between my legs or to cum, am headed in the direction of chastity and have taken measurements for a Jail Bird cage.
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    Poz, On Meds
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  1. tallslenderguy

    Would you bareback a eunuch?

    Yeah, think you are right about the confusion. A guy without his penis is a nullo. Check out this vid https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/nullo-male-dildo-fucking-11984771 I've seen several nullo vids where the guy orgasms and cums from his slit and it's hot as hell. Like others have indicated, a guy without testicles can still orgasm and cum, it's just seminal and prostate fluid without fluid and sperm from the testes. Personally, the idea of being nullo both scares the fuck out of me and excites me. It is something i have fantasized about and has a lot of mind fuck implications for me. One thing i have thought of is sort of a reversal where the cock is removed but not the balls. That would leave a guy with all his testosterone and drive without the cock to exercise it, it would automatically refocus his center of pleasure, probably on his slit? Would be even hotter, in my mind, if the testicles could be implanted into the body somehow, as though they had never descended, so he'd still have all the hormone and drive of a male without the equipment. For me, a big part of being bottom is the psychological component, what i think of as "mind fuck." i've connected with some Tops who i synch with in this way, where Top and bottom is not just a physical thing, it's a psychological disposition. And like most orientation, it seems Top and bottom guys are on a (somewhat fluid?) spectrum individually. For me, things like castration and nullo fall into this spectrum. i am not a transgender person. i have no desire to be female or be identified as female. Which is not to suggest that i see anything 'wrong' or 'bad' about that, it's just not where i am coming from. For me the dynamic of Top and bottom ventures into Dom/sub, but i hesitate to use those words because of their oft presumed meaning. i think those fall on a spectrum too. For me, one of the biggest components of the dynamic is the Top or Dom who wants to be in control of both His and His partners sexual pleasure. A bottom/sub is someone who wants to give control of his sexual pleasure to his partner. The dynamic of relationship between the two involves that exchange and how it happens. i don't think it's 'that simple,' tons of ramifications and variations. For instance, i see some guys on both ends of the spectrum who really get into force, and almost seem confused by a Dom or sub who eschews force. And here's where i come full circle in this topic exploration. One of the most powerful Dom/Top guys i have encountered explained to me that the most valuable gift a bottom could ever give to Him was to become nullo. He told me it was something He'd never ask or demand, and it was that that scared the fuck out of me, because His attitude and desire had the effect of evoking my desire to please Him. To me, castration or nullo is a sort of ultimate and permanent example of the dynamic.
  2. tallslenderguy

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    i think this is a great question and appreciate all the answers!! i find myself mostly nodding and relating to the answers FelchingPisser and sthrnguy wrote. Coming from a deeply religious and 'traditional' background that took 'monogamy' beyond sexuality, i have become very grateful for my sexual orientation because the realities of who and how i am have taught me to question the status quo and pretty much freed me from their constraints. To me, the notion that any one person can be everything the other person needs or wants was born in the hetero world and was perpetuated by Disney. Given the divorce rate, i'd say there is good reason to question the idea. i think a lot of couples split because instead of making allowances for each to get what they need from someone who wants to give it, instead the expectation that each will become what the other needs/wants? In my experience, that is a formula for frustration and resentment and turns the relationship into quid pro quo. On the other hand, i could see myself in a relationship like sthrnguy, where if each of our make up was very complimentary of each others, i can see some advantages. For instance, depth of kink interaction.
  3. tallslenderguy

    STD testing poll

    i'd proffer that untreated HIV that turns into AID's will curb ones lustful pleasure, as will the insanity that can occur from untreated syphillis. i think shame can curb lustful pleasure and it is imposed by some forms of culture, stuck in Victorian mentality. If that keeps people from getting tested and treated for disease, that mentality has won. To me, the 'Victorians' have still accomplished their purpose of punishment if they manage to discourage treatment. Whether the reason is rebellion or shame, the end physical result is the same. i think a good way to say "fuck you" to those who would shame sexually free people is for populations like the gay community to be the healthiest, not the sickest. i know this will never happen, but what if ass a community, every LGBQTI (i.e., marginalized) person simply got tested and treated every 3 months? What would happen, if there was 100% compliance, is diseases like syphillis, chlamydia and gonorrhea would be virtually gone and one wouldn't get those infections no matter how much sex they had. Some would have us believe that irradiation, or reduction of a particular STI can only happen through abstinence. The truth is, that only isolates or restricts the disease, and those who have it. Treatment can eradicate a disease if people will simply be treated.
  4. tallslenderguy

    Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    i know, quoting myself lol. But i have been thinking about this, not just in a sexual context, but a broader context of interaction between people. The fact is (at least in western culture), the experience of a person of color is different from a white guy. Gay white guys are sort of tweens because we are a part of a minority, but not necessarily a visually (read: automatically) identified culture. As such, we are not automatically subject to bias that a person of color is or a woman is. here's a really good discussion of unconscious bias. i've identified something that really attracts me to black men, and that is their inherent lack of assumed/unconscious superiority. It's a bias that they generally haven't had the opportunity to develop. i see assumed superiority as delusional (i.e., unreal) and, consequently, it becomes an impediment to connecting with another guy on a deeper level. As an aside, i don't see Dom/sub as Superior/inferior, but as Positive/negative, i.e., to opposites that attract in nature. not sure the link took, trying again with edit:
  5. tallslenderguy

    STD testing poll

    interesting the number of us who only get checked when we suspect or have symptoms. I was in for a my annual HIV checkup and my doc did an anal and oral swab to check for gonorrhea and chlamydia. My oral came back positive for gonorrhea and i've had no symptoms, so no telling how long i had it. That was a wake up call for me. I get azithromycin from India and treat presumptively for chlamydia sometimes, it is easily knocked out with the CDC recommended 1 gm dose. Gonorrhea requires two antibiotics to ensure clearance though (because of resistant strains), 1gm of oral azithromycin and a 250mg intramuscular injection (i.e. "shot") of Ceftriaxone. Can't get the injection from India. Also, not a bad idea to be tested for Syphillis. I had it a few years back and caught it when symptomatic. The topical symptoms go away fairly quickly on their own, but it then hides and can lead to some pretty bad stuff, insanity among them in later stages. Easy to cure, but requires penicillin shots. Bottom line, routine testing is the best way to go if one is active and wants to realistically stay ahead of infection.
  6. tallslenderguy

    STD testing poll

    Ok, this has been up 45 minutes at this point and gotten 17 views (but only 2 have taken the poll, including me). Now i am wondering if some are even shy about taking part in a poll here? i know many, especially if from an older generation, have had to face stigma and social disdain all their live's because of their sexuality. i can see where even polls on a site like Breeding Zone might evoke some negative feelings. Hopefully we'll get a good response. i really would like our community to overcome the stigma of STD testing and be healthy and happy in who we are.
  7. tallslenderguy

    STD testing poll

    i've given a similar response, it just pisses me off that i have too. i wonder if it becomes a deterrent for some to get tested? And me too when it comes to telling regulars or FB's, i'd much rather talk to them than tell a complete stranger from the health department who then contacts them.
  8. tallslenderguy

    STD testing poll

    I'd get tested a lot more frequently, but am put off by stigma when getting tested, but mostly because of the threat of setting off alarms if i test positive for something that the county is then going to be contacting me. I hate how intrusive they can be, asking about all your partners and habits. How bout you? Do you get tested, how frequently, and if not, why?
  9. tallslenderguy

    "I feel like a young man trapped in an old man's body"

    I was scared to death, i hired a ridiculously expensive lawyer who dealt with stuff like this all the time. It took a year to go to court and in that time the arresting officer actually apologized to me for arresting me. The attorney general at the time was very conservative and instructed his attorney to go for blood, but the judge pretty much laughed at him and asked my attorney "what do you want to do?" to which my attorney did a sorta "well shucks" move and put it back in the judges court who then reduced it to a misdemeanor of "indecent exposure." The thing is, there was no "exposure," it was just a conversation where i asked the cop if he wanted to fuck me. I was so relieved to have it reduced, i didn't even consider the judgement. So, it is on my record and as a healthcare provider, i have to explain it to every employer who ever interviews me. I've found that everyone is pretty understanding, but it is embarrassing to have to explain it. If i were the person i am today, i would have made a lot of noise... but i was married and scared then. Which was part of my point, culture for many of us who are pre social acceptance of gay people was different. Many of us were ashamed and felt compelled to hide, so we didn't have a chance to be young and gay.
  10. tallslenderguy

    "I feel like a young man trapped in an old man's body"

    Wow, some really great thoughts here... from everyone, so i couldn't decide who to "quote." Another angle to this is many of us witnessed a gay sexual revolution, while younger guys have been born and grown up post 'revolution.' So to speak. i know things are not perfect, but things have really changed a lot in my life time. i got arrested in 1998 for cruising an undercover vice cop pretending to be gay to entrap gay guys. i was charged with a felony using a earth 1900's law that made fucking with a guy a felony. This was in Virginia, but even there this wouldn't happen today. I was married to a woman for 31 years, but knew from age 12 that i am attracted to guys. Grew up in a religious culture, but even regular culture saw gay guys as "sick." Homosexuality was only removed from the APA list of disorders in 1973. I remember going to the library at 12 and trying to figure things out, all the medical books said i had a disorder and my religion told me i was going to hell if i "chose" to live this way. All this to say, i think if you are part of the older generation, you've likely had a lot to undo in order to find self acceptance. I didn't actually accept myself for who i am till 2006. I did a lot of processing all those years, so my self acceptance is very thorough, but i did miss out on being able to go through the normal phases of development. I think there is some real truth to the notion of older guys going through a puberty of sorts when they finally feel free to accept their self. I don't think the idea of "feeling like a young man trapped in an old mans body" is strange or unusual at all because i think in a way, it can be true. I get mixed reviews this age, and am surprised at the number of younger people who seem to flirt with me, but i am careful not to cross a line. Most of my sex is anonymous cruising, and that's still pretty easy to get, but am getting more rejection now too which i attribute to age.
  11. tallslenderguy

    Competitive Bottoms

    Yeah, i've encountered a few... i just think they are immature and petty. i've been at ABS where a guy will walk through and close the door next to the rooms with guys in them so incoming guys will think they are occupied... in order to direct traffic to them. Personally i think tactics like that are really childish.
  12. tallslenderguy

    21 year old guy.

    @ drscorpio. lol, yeah, i noticed the 21 year old is really 27 now. @ bbcunthole: Not "everyone." 🙂 For me getting fucked is way more about the attitude and the energy of the Top and the chemistry between us. i had a FB with a 2" cock (not exaggerating) and was always impressed that He could even fuck with it, but He used to breed me beautifully and i developed a great deal of affection for Him. The primary thing i get from a Top is His drive and desire to connect and leave something of Himself inside of me, and i am not just talking cocks and cum. A Top can 'mark' a bottom with a part of Himself in so many different ways, many of those ways can be emotional as well as physical. i love receiving a Mans pleasure, desire, creativity into me, and that is what i love most about being Topped, it's that transference of desire and pleasure from Top to bottom that is magical to me.
  13. tallslenderguy

    Poz on meds, why?

    The practice of going on and off of meds also facilitates the development of resistant strains of HIV.
  14. tallslenderguy

    Poz on meds, why?

    i think i understand what you are getting at. As you note, it's the notion that: "...we all have the right to do our own thing...." i too have noticed there is a segment of guys, "chasers" who, for whatever reason want to be POZ. i've tried to understand this, and do think i understand some guys who chase, but not all. But i don't relate to chasing at all. i have no desire to have a disease (any) and was actually at an appointment to get on PreP when i found out i am POZ. There is apparently, a segment of guys who are POZ and not on meds. Some want the 'power' to infect others, some just want to be POZ. i can sort of wrap my mind around their explanations, but cannot wrap my emotions around it. i don't think it's a black and white topic that lends itself to grouping guys into neat little groups, though we sure try lol. Ultimately i think it is an individual thing, that there are some guys who have romanticized what it means to be POZ, or even have AID's, but i suspect there are very few people who when faced with the realities of AID's would actually want it. But on the other hand, i don't doubt such people exist, i just don't think they're a huge group and the nurse in me would try and get them on meds.
  15. tallslenderguy

    MEMORABLE Darkroom Bareback Anonymous Sex

    For me the "draw" of a dark room is the combination of anonymity and the general readiness of guys to have sex. If the room is truly dark (so many are not), there's pretty much only one purpose for being there: sex. i am looking to eliminate the visual component of sense (i have done the same with a blindfold). Our tastes and biases are effected by what we see and not seeing gives our other senses a chance to exercise without visual distraction. Also, visual often means the difference between acceptance and rejection... a lot less rejection going on in a dark room lol. At a bath house it's so common for guys to continuously walk around, sizing each other up and not doing anything. Or there's always a group of guys that seems to get rejected or is alone. How often to we miss out on the other aspects of sex (e.g. touch, sound, attitude) because we don't even get to that place because of what we see?

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