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  1. "Meanwhile the Indonesian Constitutional Court is currently hearing a petition by a conservative group to recommend changing the country's criminal code to make homosexual sex illegal. "LGBT rights is going hand in hand with women's rights, it is going hand in hand with religious freedoms for minorities, they are all in slow decline in Indonesia," Harsono said. "At the same time, sadly, we are seeing the rise of Islamic fundamentalism ... in Indonesia""." That is a quote from the report. It wasn't that long ago that 'Christian' fundamentalism was trying to pass similar laws in the US. I was arrested in Virginia in 1998 for asking an undercover officer if he wanted to fuck me. A common practice of law enforcement was to assign undercover vice officers in cruising areas and they would pretend to be gay in hopes of entrapping a guy looking for sex. I was charged with a felony and they were using a 100 year old law. It took a year to come to trial, hired a very expensive lawyer. The day of the trial, the arresting officer found me in a lobby and actually apologized for arresting me. The attorney general in VA at that time was a right wing evangelical and had told the attorneys under his control to prosecute to the full extent of the law, so they were out for blood. The judge essentially laughed at the prosecuting attorney and asked my lawyer "what do you want to do?" Unfortunately, my lawyer was kind of past his prime and he replied: " i dunno judge, what do you suggest?" The judge said: "how about we reduce to indecent exposure" (a misdemeanor). I was so scared and relieved at not having a felony, that I went for it. This was before I was out. If that had happened only a few years later, I would have gone to the press. Anyway, there was absolutely no "exposure," the arresting officer and I had a conversation, both with our clothes on. I have a permanent record of indecent exposure that I never committed. I have to explain this whole story anytime I apply for a new job (I'm a critical care nurse and employers do background checks before hiring). I had to explain to the licensing board. Everyone is cool and I have never encountered a problem with it, but it is still stupid to have to tell every one the story. Fundamentalism of any sort is pure insanity and poison. It's the stuff of naziism. Fundamentalists actually believe they know "the will of God" and often consider it their mission to get others to conform to it. Of course, it is only their opinions that they are equating with "God," but fundamentalism is evil and dangerous. Anyone who thinks it cannot happen in this country needs to listen to the speeches of our current vice president.
  2. Thanks for the rep Slender. I've just read your post about how you try to make guys at ease  - such a shame I'm out of reps as you'd most certainly have had one from me. Perfect sex has to start with being relaxed and comfortable ... all else flows from that

  3. Something I do is always try to get a sense of the top before we even hook. I am one of those guys who asks questions ahead of time when texting back and forth. I have learned to be careful with that, because a lot of flakes to that too. But for me, knowing what you like ahead of time means that when we hook it can be about the actual sex, we don't have to figure it out or discuss while in the process of fucking. If I have an ad or profile, I state clearly that I am a total bottom and sometimes state that I don't want my cock touched. This way guys who are more versatile and may be in the mood for cock and fuck don't even come on to me because I was clear. On the other hand, guys who just wanna fuck don't have to worry about that now, they know. I ask if they have fantasies or fetishes, then if I can, I try to accommodate. If they like porn, I have it playing. If they want lacey panties or boxers or jock, I have all those. I almost always host and my set up is really easy. I give very clear, step by step instructions on how to find me and get into my house. If a guys already nervous about walking into a strange house, or he cannot find the address because it's so dark out, that's going to detract from his lust. I try to enhance all those things by setting up the environment to make easy access and accommodate fetishes, desires, fantasies.
  4. Thanks for your input (so to speak), on both your posts. On behalf of all bottoms, I apologize for any who would be so inconsiderate as to try and interact with someone else while getting fucked. That's totally insane to me, I cannot imagine doing something so stupid. I do want a tops cum, but equally important to me is I want his pleasure. Really, his cum to me is the token of his pleasure. It tells me he enjoyed the fuck, the experience of being with and inside me and that is what I crave more than anything, that experience where we connect at that level of intense desire for each other. This is why a fuck machine would never do it for me, it lacks the human components of desire, need for connection. I do not want a mechanical fuck, and I don't want to be a flesh jacket. I want to be a warm human being who receives another warm human being inside of me.
  5. Yes, this is so well put Kptinline, thank you for sharing some of your experiences. When I look back on my marriage to a woman I realize that I was still sub, but from a top position, which was a weird dynamic, but it's like I found a way of coping for me while living in a prison of sorts.
  6. Your rational self seems to think you are at least 20% gay. Define gay? It might help if you question heteronormative notions and ideas. Like all ethnocentricity, when we're in that place, the ideas we are raised with are perceived as "true." But you are experiencing a reality that is different from your ideas of what should be? Your culturally conditioned self seems to think "wtf, I'm not gay." Where does the 80% come in? Do you feel other stuff when horny (besides wanting to get fucked in the ass dressed like a sissy bitch?). And, yeah, if this is still all in the fantasy stage, experience will surely tell you something.... but really, I think if you are fantasizing about it, there's obviously something about you that wants it. As to the embarrassment about facing friends... are you planning on putting on a show for them?
  7. "nightdepositbox13" lmao I think your hitting on a lot of the hazards of 'online meeting.' There's not social accountability with online. If your at a bar, bathhouse, gay beach (any place in person), it's pretty much impossible ghost someone. Looks is not a factor because you wouldn't even start the chat if that part isn't right. There's just so much more you can pull when you have the super power of invisibility. Another thing that happens with online is multi tasking. I've had many occasions where you get several people voicing interest all at once... but there's no que like at the DMV, where would be fuckers can take a number and wait their turn. Then there's the whole coordination thing of who wants firsts and who wants seconds. Then there is the age thing. If I'm on a dating site, looking for any possibility of relationship, then I am honest about my age. If I'm on a strictly hook up site, I lie and state the age I can get away with (that's getting harder and harder lol). It is definitely easier for me to hook up in person, where my age isn't plastered next to my ass. Most sites even offer friendly search applications where you can completely eliminate undesirable > 40 year olds. You may be a total hottie, but a lot of guys will not look past the age number when online.
  8. I see this topic touched on a lot here, but don't recall seeing a dedicated thread? So, here goes for those interested. In addition to being wired 'bottom,' I also am wired 'sub.' I have found that means something different to everyone, just like "Top" and "Dom" are defined by the individual. There are general similarities, but the definitions can get complex and individual, so I am looking forward to reading the individual attributes from guys on both sides of the fence. I'll start it off. I recently spent a weekend with a Dom/top guy who picked me up while I was on vacation. I was at a clothing optional gay resort and he saw me sitting on a lounge chair (i had a swimsuit on). I saw him put his shorts on before he approached me. He came over and sat on the lounge next to me and struck up a conversation. He was nice, but the talk was vanilla. He got up to leave and I pointed at the bulge in his shorts and asked: "can I have some of that." He moved in and I pulled his cock out and took it into my mouth. He had at least 8" and it was fat!. I'm not a size person at all, but the size is pertinent to the story lol. As soon as I took his cock into my mouth, he grabbed my head to control it and push deeper into my mouth. I looked up at him and he said "I'm not much of a public person," so I invited him back to my room. I wanted to be bred. On the walk to the room I mentioned that he had "Dom overtones," and he just feigned innocence or ignorance and didn't reply. Back in the room, he removed his clothes and sat back on my bed, leaning against the head board and asked me to strip and lie on my stomach, face between his legs. So began my experience with learning to take his cock. He was patient and subtle, but assertive and persistent in wanting me to take him as he wanted. He pushed me to take it deeper and hold it longer, coaching me to "take it all" or "get it past that curve." When I would get it deeper or hold him in my throat longer, or gag, he would practically gush: "good boy." Which made me feel both humiliated, embarrassed and proud at the same time. He kept at it (we did this for hours with small breaks) adding components. He would add all the stuff together, having me take him deep, not be able to breath and gag then he'd ask me to look into his eyes. That's not all that easy to do all of that in that position, but I found myself trying hard, and succeeding and starting to feel more proud the more he praised me. Forcing his cock into my throat was bringing tears to my eyes, and he obviously like the kind of pleading, tearful look in my eyes. He also got off on asking me questions when my mouth was full of his cock and I couldn't really answer, like a dentist asking you questions while he has a drill in your mouth lol. He didn't seem to care or notice my mouth was full of cock, he'd persist until i answered, garbled and unintelligible, my mouth full of cock. At the end of the day, I found myself full of deep adoration for this guy and craving to please him. Wow. There's a voice in my mind that says I have been totally played and manipulated, but instead of resenting it, I love it and crave more.
  9. "Poor communication..." I've found this to be a problem in all sort of online hook up situations. There seem to be so many guys out there who either don't want to communicate or don't have a clue how to do it. So common to see the "no endless emails" line, and I get that. There are those guys out there who only want to email with no intention of getting together: flakes. That'd be fine if they were just up front about their desires and intentions (i.e., sexy chat). Communication. But the other side of the coin of "endless emails" is guys like me who want to communicate in order to ensure a better experience when we get together. For me, the more details I know about a guy, the better the sex is going to be because I know how to cater to his wants/needs. I can't do that if I don't know, and I'm a lousy mind reader. I think writing can be a great way to communicate about sex because it can take a lot of the shyness out of it for those who feel awkward talking about sex (um, that isn't me lol), but it also gets that part out of the way so when you do get together you can focus on pure sex and not have to worry as much about communication. I'd much rather communicate before fucking than during. When having sex, I want to be in the active mode of employing the stuff we've already communicated about.
  10. Last night... started with a new FB who loved to rim and give my hole pussy lips to breed... he gave me two huge loads, so fucking good. Then another fb contacted me who is one of the more incredible fuckers I have ever been with. This guy has a really large cock, long and thick, and it never gets really hard, but damn does he know how to use it, He fucks long, deep and purposefully. It;s like he targets my prostate and the whole fuck turns into a combination of probing, caressing and assaulting that target the entire time. He fucks for a good half hour to forty minutes and most of the time I feel on the edge of having an orgasm. It's like I can relate to how a woman feels when a guy brings her so close, but not to full orgasm. I moan and squeal involuntarily clenching two fists full of sheets, my ass pushing and gyrating deep into him as he thrusts and moves deep into me. When he comes it's from these huge, low hanging balls and it feels like he leaves a gallon of cum in me. leaving me strangely sated and horny at the same time. It's been about 6 hours now since the first 2 loads and about 3 since the last load he gave me. The loads are exerting pressure to cum out, there is a lot in there, and I have spent the last several hours clenching my hole tight, refusing to give up on precious drop. I swear semen is the ultimate aphrodisiac, love potion. I feel fucking in love lol.
  11. lol, my thought too. Though I appreciate that Jerry provided the definition for fetish, I wonder if a woman's desire to be bred would ever be termed a "fetish?" I definitely treat it with reverence, lol. I too have little to no problem retaining it, and if it does by chance want to slide out... I finger it back in.
  12. Okay, was going through and liking a bunch of these posts, then realized most of them were from 2015 lol. Sigh. It is a good question though, so thanks BBanonBoy for refreshing it. I have yet to find one really good site for BB.... In my opinion, BZ is by far the best, but this place is not really a hook up site. As has been noted by others on other threads, hook up sites often have regional preference. I.e., Squirt may be the place in SF, but not in Chicago, etc.. I have gotten BB action from all of the major hook up sites, so when I am looking, I generally have about 5 or 6 tabs open on my computer, trying to find loads anywhere I can get them. I put myself out there as a bottom cum slut and am clear in my profiles about what i am looking for. Of course, I still get guys who want me to fuck them lol... some guys only look at the pictures.
  13. I've been a member of sites like Recon and FetLife for a few years now. Some of the profiles, especially on Recon, are pretty damned exciting to read. But other than tantalized hopefulness, I haven't gotten much, if anything, in the for of connections. I wonder if it's because sites like that are so specialized that they end up with a huge concentration of what appears to be look alikes, and that has the effect of making lots of people invisible because they blend so well into the back drop? I am more and more interested in Dom/sub dynamics and exploring that more in some sort of relationship setting vs just hooking up, but sites like Recon or FetLife haven't helped accomplish that. I figure it there are many reasons, but I'd like to figure a way to connect with Dom guys for the purpose of developing and nurturing our mutual dispositions.
  14. Yeah dear barecubtop, But your willingness, courage and humility to open up, be vulnerable and discuss this is so very mature. You're awesome man, way beyond teenaged drama queen. Sure, you might experience some of that, but a person stuck in drama queen mode would not exhibit all the other mature and contemplative stuff you have. I hope the connections between you end up reflecting mutual beauty.

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