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    I'm inexperienced with bareback sex, but feeling that the time when I will start barebacking is getting closer. Used to imagine my barebacking debut as a bottom, but over time I've become more and more convinced starting out as a top will be better for me.
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    A serious guy. Someone I feel comfortable with ... someone I can trust, and with whom I can gradually get into a routine where barebacking is the normal way to fuck.

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  1. That's a VERY nice cock you show NL!

    1. NLbear


      Thank you Dane! I may be a bottom but I am very happy with my dick :D

    2. Dane


      And you should be, you have all the reason to be happy with it!

  2. Thanks for the following ;)

  3. Not spending as much time in the new chat as I used to do in the old one ... but hopefully you guys will get it "up" and working again soon
  4. Mailed Another Hot Load

    Are you guys serious about this? Is there an actual mailing list you can subscribe to? Fucking HOT!
  5. Thanks for the like in barebacking & exhibition !!!EO6QB5RX0.jpeg.6f8d3f034079cd056cd6364d681486df.jpeg

    1. Dane


      You're welcome Dickmagnet, good to know you're not hiding away when being bred ;)

  6. Hi there you handsome guy, thanks for following :*

  7. Hi Seeker, thanks for your nice comment on my pic. :*

  8. Hi there Jim, thanks for the following ;)

    1. cockluvrJim


      Well I would follow closer if I could get there <wink>


  9. Why haven't you bred me yet?


    1. Dane


      You are flattering me :*

    2. DanishAss


      If you are so shy and inexperienced with BB, you need an experienced hole to let you play around and unload in... large.5935baa8a0d1f_LawnNude.JPG.58ee4dd3713e1f01ec832ddeac4dd834.JPG

    3. Dane


      Well right now my cock couldn't agree with you more ;)

  10. Thanks for the following cumpig ;)

  11. Hi, thx for the following ;)

  12. Hi there HOT man, thanks very much for the following :) 

  13. Thanks BBBeard for your nice comment on my cock pic ;)

  14. Hey NL, thanks for upvoting my pic ;)

    1. NLbear


      You're welcum!

  15. Thanks Fist for liking my pic - glad you like :P

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