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    I'm inexperienced with bareback sex, but feeling that the time when I will start barebacking is getting closer. Used to imagine my barebacking debut as a bottom, but over time I've become more and more convinced starting out as a top will be better for me.
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    A serious guy. Someone I feel comfortable with ... someone I can trust, and with whom I can gradually get into a routine where barebacking is the normal way to fuck.

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  1. Hey bud, thanks for following me 😊

    1. manseeker


      You bet your hot love your bulge. 

    2. Dane


      And my bulge loves being flattered 😊

  2. Dane

    36.5 inches of black dick on a Sunday afternoon

    Sounds like an unforgettable night to me 😋
  3. Hi there bareall, thanks for following me 😉

    1. bareall77


      Your welcome 😋

  4. Dane

    Berlin 2018

    Hey baller, did you give or take any loads at the Boiler sauna?
  5. Hi there, thanks for following me 😉


    LOVE your avatar, that is one nice pic for sure. LOVE that hair 🤤

  7. Dane

    Dad and Son dilemma

    And I think by the amount of replies to this dilemma of yours, you can tell that a lot of us are curious to know how it will all turn out.
  8. Dane

    Dad and Son dilemma

    I can see your dilemma NL. I think, if this relationship between dad and son had started at a time when the son was still under age, you should draw a line. However, if it didn't start until the son was 20+ and if both dad and his son are fine with what they're doing ... why then should you have "moral" regrets just because "in the eyes of the law" what they're doing is illegal. Another thing is, that you can never really know when this relationship started ... just because the both say it didn't start before the son was 20+ it's not necessarily true. Maybe it started at an earlier point ... only the dad and his son know for sure. Also, have you been considering, that the son could be exaggerating the number of times he's been bred by his dad? Maybe the son thinks you're turned on by this kind of relationship, and for that reason he exaggerates the number of fucks. I guess, that if both of them are happy with what they're doing ... and from what you tell it seems like they are ... then there's no reason for you to feel bad about going ahead with your plan of getting tag teamed by both of them. Whatever you decide, I hope you will let us know your decision.
  9. Hi John, thanks for following me 😊

    1. John2018


      My pleasure

  10. Dane

    Interracial Bareback

    In a way I feel a little prejudiced saying this ... but I (too 😉) love seeing a BBC deep balling those white bottoms 😋
  11. Thanks for following ?

  12. Thanks for following me ?

    1. aguiltyone


      of course sexy! id happily bottom for you as you are exploring bareback.  

    2. Dane


      Thanks, that is very kind of you! 

  13. Hey Hot Man..thanx for the follow...

    1. Dane


      Thanks Darkroom, you're most welcum ?

  14. You are Extremely HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - Huge Bulge - love Huge things - love to see what's underneath there !  :)

    1. Dane


      Thanks ronnie, glad you like ? 

  15. Thanks for following me dad ... damn that cock looks good ?

    1. MTWTFSS


      Thanks bud

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