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    Inexperienced with bareback sex, but confident that the time when I will start barebacking is getting closer. Used to imagine my barebacking debut as a bottom, but over time I've become more and more convinced starting out as a top will be better for me.
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    A serious guy. Someone I feel comfortable with ... someone I can trust, and with whom I can gradually get into a routine where barebacking is the normal way to fuck.

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  1. Totally agree here, this story deserves to be continued 😍
  2. Hey there Anon, welcum aboard. Thanks very much for following me in here 😎

    1. AnonPerv


      Thank you and you’re welcome! 🙂

  3. Hey, thanks for following me in here 😎

    1. baresexthr


      hey, it's my pleasure 

  4. I might not be the best to advice you on this topic. But I should think that the regressive policies of the Eastern European countries is very much a question about which specific country/countries you have in mind. The one country I know the best is the Czech Republic, where I have never experienced any issues with bringing meds in my carry-on or cabin luggage. I guess those countries who are EU member countries are not going to prove any trouble in this regard. Another thing is, that even some of these countries are somewhat homophobic. If by Eastern European countries you're thinking about the former Soviet republics I'm afraid I can't offer any advice ... but I guess it's common knowledge that these countries are not very kind to any sexual minority group.
  5. Dane

    Hi there Wawa6, thanks for following me in here 😉

  6. Hey there useme21, thanks very much for following me in here 😉

    1. useme21


      You're welcome

  7. Hi there Subchem, thanks for following me in here 😉

    1. Subchemfag69


      my pleasure you have some hot stuff I love and besides always good to meet more guys.  if anything you wanna know just ask

  8. As I've said before, it's none of my business ... but you guys really ought to set up a meeting and get to breed 😎
  9. Hi there anotherguy, thanks very much for following me in here 😉

  10. Well, as I’ve already said once, to me it’s obvious Riverfk wants this to happen too 😉 Maybe he just wants you to make a little more of an effort there. To feel sure, you really deserve his load 😊
  11. Well, all I can say is "if at first you don't succeed try try again" 😉
  12. I know it's none of my business of course, but you guys really should meet and breed. It's very obvious you both want it to happen 😊
  13. Guest

    Hope to meet with you in real life and spend time together

    1. Dane


      I'm sure we would be able to figure out some fun way to spend time together 😋

  14. Hi there Dutchpozfaggot, thanks very much for following me in here 😎

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