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    Inexperienced with bareback sex, but confident that the time when I will start barebacking is getting closer. Used to imagine my barebacking debut as a bottom, but over time I've become more and more convinced starting out as a top will be better for me.
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    A serious guy. Someone I feel comfortable with ... someone I can trust, and with whom I can gradually get into a routine where barebacking is the normal way to fuck.

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  1. Hi there, thanks very much for following me 😊

  2. Dane

    Hi, thanks for following me 🙂

  3. Thanks for following me man :)

    1. Dane


      My pleasure 😉

  4. G'day arseontap, thanks very much for following me. Nice profile 😊

    1. arseontap


      Hey buddy,

      You welcome :) Hot profile yourself man!

    2. Dane


      Thanks 😊

  5. Hi there Ginger, thanks very much for following me 😉

  6. Hi bbjockload, thanks very much for following me 😊

  7. Dane

    Face pics online

    I'm usually also disinclined to put face pics on my profiles. But, at least at BBRT I've had a few face pics for the last year or so. So far, I haven't had any bad experiences with it.
  8. Hi there Chris, thanks very much for following me 😉

  9. Hey there obliging, thanks very much for following me 😊

    1. ObligingBottom


      No worries. My ancestors are from the Danish / German border area — some have Danish surnames — so we need to stick together :P Hope you’re well and PM me if you want to chat more :)

  10. Hi there cumhole, thanks very much for following me. Wish you many happy loads in Dallas 😊

  11. Hi there RawSmoke, thanks very much for following me 😋

  12. Dane

    gay cartoonists

    Tom of Finland has always been one of my favourite gay cartoons. Besides being extremely hot the men are horny and cruising 24/7. To call them well equipped would be the understatement of the year. Also, I like that they really know how to dress ... love how their obscenely tight pants clings to their bulges. In fact, in my next life, I want to be a Tom of Finland guy 😎
  13. Hey there Faceload, thanks for following me 😉

    1. FaceLoad


      I love your penis, hair, and trim build. You are sexy!

  14. Dane


    Ohh, sorry to hear you've had such bad experiences with the Czechs.
  15. NICE pics, thx for sharing 🤤

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