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    I'm inexperienced with bareback sex, but feeling that the time when I will start barebacking is getting closer. Used to imagine my barebacking debut as a bottom, but over time I've become more and more convinced starting out as a top will be better for me.
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    A serious guy. Someone I feel comfortable with ... someone I can trust, and with whom I can gradually get into a routine where barebacking is the normal way to fuck.

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  1. Thanks for your nice comment on my cock¬†ūüėä

    1. deepcatcher


      You are more than welcome!

    2. Dane


      Thanks ct, so kind of you. Btw ... shouldn't it be welcum ;)

    3. deepcatcher


      Yes it sure should!

  2. Dane

    What a tempting picture - damn HOT!

    1. Mores


      Thanks man!

  3. Some hot n serious meat you're showing - HOT!

  4. Beautiful looking piece of meat on your avatar - awesome :*

    1. huntman


      Thanks Dane.  Like your cock pics too.  Yum!

  5. Fuck, that WAS a hot video ... have these guys made more vids?
  6. Dane

    All in the Family

    Fuck, that WAS a GREAT story - almost blew a load here reading this!
  7. Thanks bud ;)

  8. Hi buddy, thanks for following me ;)

  9. Hi there FaceLoad - thanks for liking my dick pix ;)

  10. Even if the thought of having a guy to swallow my load has been a total turn on for me for years I still haven't experienced it. Lately though, I've been talking with a guy who gets off on blowing and swallowing. Naturally, I'm looking VERY much forward here to our first meeting!
  11. Happy New Year NastyBBFuckPIG - hope your trip to Berlin were loaded with success :D

    1. NastyBBFuckPIG


      Thanks Dane, and the same to you, Berlin was piggy, fucked so many sluts there :) 

    2. Dane


      Thanks, your welcome - glad to hear you had a good time in Berlin ... as I'm sure those Berlin sluts did ;)

  12. Happy New Year to You  from Norway ;-)

    1. Dane


      Thank you Rawrider, I wish you a Happy New Year from Denmark too :* 

  13. Hi there, thanks very much for the following ;)

  14. Thanks very much for liking my dick pix :P Happy New Year!

    1. DevilBoy


      Thanks, you too!


  15. Hallo, thank you for following me :)

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