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    All things involving hot raw lustful sweaty manfucking
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I'm a total masculine fag. Love cock, sweaty balls, fucking hot passionate mansex. I fuck bareback only and every top gets to plant his seed in me. I love verbal while fucking and what gets me over the top is poz talk. I'm in need of the gift and need someone to make that happen for me.
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    Men for seeding my ass. Poz men not on meds move up to the front of the line.

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  1. Want your hot cock

    1. Menbendovr


      I’m sure we’d have fun pleasing each other.

  2. That is too bad! I really found him to be extremely sexy.
  3. I’ll have to wait for one in the Bay Area of California.
  4. I’d definitely be going if I were anywhere near LA that weekend. I’m going to the first one I can held near me or that I have the opportunity to travel to.
  5. Wow! That’s a fucking hot true story then. Damn! So did you poz convert from this encounter?
  6. I think you may have missed the point. The idea for this one was which cock size and type would you prefer and do. Not which mold of a cock on that wall would you use as a dildo. At least, that is how I interpreted this posting.
  7. Honestly, I’d do each and every one of these and if it was a multiple fuck night I’d save 4 for last. I must say I have a strong affinity for number 5.
  8. As much as I would want to believe this story and a hot one it is too, I think this posting belonged in the fiction section. Am I right, or can the original poster verify this is a true story? Moderator's Note: This comment was made before this post was moved to a fiction section. Thank you to everyone who reported the comment, but it was our error not Menbendovr's.
  9. I am in no way a reluctant bottom. In fact, it’s what I live for. Although I do like to top too from time to time. I got to thinking on something as I was at Steamworks in Berkeley twice last weekend and had a great time in both instances. I’m almost always ass up in a room there and I love getting my ass eaten out before getting fucked although it’s not a requirement. Each time I get licked and rimmed, I go into ecstasy and I go to a place where I just need to get fucked. I demand it in fact. I already started out prepared to get fucked but after a dude eats me out it’s like my need goes up several hundred more notches. So I was thinking if that’s what happens to me does it happen to other dudes too. Specifically, I was wondering about the guys who are reluctant or hesitant bottoms. When a guy eats out your ass do you go to a place where all your hesitancy goes out the window and you suddenly have that overwhelming need to take a cock deep inside your hole? Let me know what your guys thoughts are on this.
  10. Between your latest comment and the one followed up by hntnhole were taking me to my ultimate point which I did not get to in my earlier post. Screen names are simply to subjective to satisfy any one common understanding. You like SN "MethodicMadness" and hntnhole does not. You each have your reasons but will never come to agreement on what makes a good SN or not. Kind of no point in judging SNs to that degree.
  11. I understand your point ErosWired. A good user name is a way to hook someone or at least make them pause and think who this person is. It gets the interest level piqued. It is a marketing strategy. I never thought of it that way before, but you are on to something there. I will say that for me that is not the only thing important here nor the most important thing. I tend to still click on many user names to see what other info has been provided by their profile such as likes and interests and photos. Photos are huge of course since we are primarily cued into others visually. But what ends up making or breaking a hookup is the dialogue you eventually have with someone. Nothing like a turnoff for me than one word answers to a question or a pause that seems an eternity before a response is given. Anyway, I'm interested in hearing from you what you think are examples of good user names or why they are by being specific. You listed several why you thought they were bad or ineffectual.
  12. These three studs exemplify why a man absolutely should keep his pit hairs. Fucking beautiful!
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