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  1. I found belcaro, but it’s booked Saturday night. any other suggestions?
  2. I heard, but can’t remember name of, a cheaper motel in Denver where anon scenes can happen with no real risk of getting in trouble. anyone tell me the name
  3. I’m planning to visit Atlanta in August or September. any black guys who would be up to using my hole (cunt or pussy, if you want to call it that) any guys into whoring/pumping a guy out? Would be completely down to be blindfolded at all times and take all loads in me.
  4. I had heard that a local bookstore had an active restroom. I’ve go one several times over the last several months and nothing. I decided, spur of the moment, to go today. Got there, went to the middle stall and heard someone in the disabled stall. sat quietly, trying to determine if he was playing with himself. I tapped my foot; nothing. Tapoed again, twice in succession, and then bent down. I saw his foot tap and we tapped once more each to confirm. I reached my hand down and motioned him over. I was NOT disappointed. Thick and hard cock, 7-8”. Pubes salt and pepper. I jerked him a few times, before getting on my knees. Sucked him good and deep, moving to get the whole thing in my mouth and throat. He pulled out and motioned for my dick. I’m all bottom, so nothing usually happens with my dick. I scooted forward to give him access and he tried for a couple minutes. Nothing. I pulled back, motioned for his dick. He did not move back toward me, but was beating fiercely. I took my favorite position for this, head and face below his dick. I begged him once, “Shoot on my face.” Sadly, he didn’t shoot on my face. That fucker blasted one of the hugest loads I’ve ever gotten under stall. it went over my shoulder, on my neck, in my ear, on my right cheek, front of face, arm, floor. I scooped some from the floor and hot back on my toilet. I rubbed cum in my crack. I took pics of the cum on my face. scooped that up and shoved it up my ass. while I started jerking off, I could feel more dripping in and out of my ear, down my neck. I of course scooped it up to use to jerk off. glad I made the decision
  5. Husband decided to cancel his part of trip, so I’m looking to get some action. visiting from Colorado, 4-15 to 4-18. looking to be used anonymous, take any/ALL loads. Neg, not on prep. mild to wild, few limits
  6. Part 8 I felt myself slide almost half way down Daddy’s arm and all I could do was moan. Daddy took over, twisting his hand arm in me until he found what he was looking for. Taking my prostate between his fingers, he began squeezing and tapping it, alternating between them. I could only groan and moan in pleasure. Then a feeling of intense pressure came over me. “Piss…” was all I could nutter. Daddy stopped his motion and warned me, “You don’t piss until I tell you. Understand?” I groaned in compliance. Daddy pulled his hand out of my sloppy cunt and moved to his bag as he told me to get on my back. I was flipped over on my back, and turned so I was sideways to the mirror. Daddy came back with a long tube and I did not know what it was. “Hold him down, this is gonna hurt..” After everything I’d taken over the last several hours, I didn’t know what else could hurt. Until I did. Daddy grabbed my shriveled cock and pulled it as far out as it would go. He then placed the tip of the tube at the piss slit and began pushing it in, having Sir apply lube as the tube was forced further down my cock. I could only watch in horror as my cock stood straight up, because of the tube. When Daddy was satisfied that the tube was in far enough, he dropped the rest of it across my chest. He stood watching me, not saying a word. When Sir began to say something, Daddy stopped him. It took me a minute to realize what was happening and what Daddy intended for me to do. “Oh, no, please. I never…” “You will. By your choice.” I continued to whimper, but was broken. I picked up the other end of the tube and stretched it from my chest to my mouth, putting it in and wrapping my lips around the hole. “Lift and spread your legs, boy. Show me that cunt.” I reached out and grabbed my legs and did as ordered. Sir lifted me up and shoved pillows under my back. My cunt was on full display. Daddy said, “I’m going back in. When I get to your prostate, you have two choices. You know what the first one is. The second is to fight the pressure. I warn you, I will not let that happen.” I could only nod. This time, I got a better view as Daddy relived my cunt lips and shoved lube in me before lubing his hand up. He entered my cunt, with some resistance due to the difference in angle. As he slid in I moaned and pleaded with my eyes to have more in me. Soon he was at my prostate again and resumed the squeeze/tap gestures. “Choose, boy.” The pressure built up again, and though I was repulsed by what I knew was coming, I let go. It took a few seconds, but the piss started releasing from my bladder. I watched in slow motion as the piss, a very dark yellow, entered the tube at the head of my cock and began moving to my mouth. “That’s it boy, piss it all out. Drink your own chem piss and get even more fucking spun. The first drops entered my mouth, and I gagged at the heat and taste. I began swallowing as the piss filled my mouth, to avoid choking on it. I heard the door open and saw in the mirror, two new guys, black and tall walk in. I kept swallowing and before I finished, I began to feel a wave of warmth from my stomach and a new high coming on. Daddy saw it and said, “It’s hitting, and it’s gonna hit hard” I lost all sense of disgust and became eagerly swallowing the rest of my piss, wanting more in my stomach and to get fucking twisted. “That is so fucking nasty. He’s drinking his own piss,” one of the new guys said. I looked over, nodded my head and watched him step out of his boxers. He was hot, not muscular or fat. And he was packing only about 7” hard. I looked at the other guy, who was about 6’3 and built like a brick shit house. He was pulling on a thick and long piece of meat. As the piss finished, and I was flying higher than ever, I let the tube fall from my mouth. “Someone, anyone, use my cunt hard.” Daddy looked to the new guys, just fist still in me. “You want his cunt?” The bigger guy said, “Fuck yeah, I’m gonna pound that sloppy hole.” Daddy pulled his hand from my cunt as the black man moved between my legs and slammed his cock all the way in. He groaned, “Fuck you sloppy faggot. Your hole is wide open.” “Cunt,” said Daddy. The guy continued fucking me, pounding me hard with each thrust. “Fuck, I can’t get off with no friction on my dick. Fucking worthless…” He stopped in mid sentence when I grabbed his right hand. It was bigger than Daddy, but not too much. I grabbed the lube with my other hand and scooped some out. He began to figure out what was happening as I smeared his right hand with the lube. “Oh fuck yeah. You want my black hand in that sloppy cunt?” I nodded and said, “Yes, I need it.” The high from the chem piss was still surging through me as I finished lubing his hand up. He started to pull out and, in response, I tightened my hold on his right hand and shook my head. “You aren’t serious.” I nodded my head and moved his hand to my cunt and his cock. He took over and began sliding his fingers in my gaping snatch. I watched in the mirror as Master was again recording my abuse. The guy struggled, but with effort and direction from Daddy, I felt his hand, wrapped around his cock slide past my lips and in. I groaned in ecstasy as I briefly lost consciousness. I came back quickly, feeling the guy jerking his dick off in me. “Oh, fuck, this is so hot. I’m, gonna blow my black jizz up your cube white boi. That’s what you want.” I could only nod, not able to form coherent words. He yelled out, “Fuck yeah, here it is,” and groaned as he intensified the jerking of motion and began unloading in me. This was the most intense cumshot with my cunt so full. After he finished shooting, He slowly pulled out, cock first, then his hand. “Goddamn that was incredible.” He turned to his buddy and said, “Bro, you gotta tap that faggot cunt.” The second guy moved between my legs and slid his dick in me. He began sliding his hand in, but his buddy stopped him. “What the fuck Jamal, I need to do what you just did.” Jamal then said, “No man, Ricky. I’m going back in.” With that, I watched as Jamal took control and slid his hand in my cunt next to his buddy’s dick. I watched a wave of confusion come across Ricky’s face, probably not believing that his dick and his buddy’s hand were next to each other, in a cum filled cunt. I noticed movement as Sir moved around behind the two guys and get on his knees behind Ricky. I felt Jamal move, his hand wrapping around Ricky’s dick. “Fuck man, what are you doing?” “Shut up and fuck the cunt. Don’t worry about me.” I couldn’t help but notice a smirk briefly appear in Jamal’s face. Soon, Ricky gave up the fight and began fucking me, which was causing him to get jerked off by Jamal. All of a sudden, Ricky stopped and bellowed, “What the fuck?” I looked over and saw Sir on his knees, his face between Ricky’s round ass. At the same time, I felt Jamal open his hand and let go of Ricky’s dick. “Shut… your fucking mouth Ricky.” Ricky was completely confused, by the sudden changes in what was happening. “You want to fuck this faggot and bust your nut, just go with the flow. Otherwise, you get the fuck out.” I saw the conflict in Ricky; the fear of Jamal’s attitude and what was probably the first time he’d had a face between his ass. Ricky started to pull out, which caused him to push his ass back on Sir’s face. He tried, but failed to stop himself from moaning. “What’s it gonna be Ricky boy?” Ricky stood for a second before sliding his dick back in me. Jamal wrapped his hand back around Ricky’s cock. Suddenly, Ricky stopped and screamed, “Fuck, what the…” I saw that Sir now had his hand between Ricky’s ass cheeks and had a finger up in him. Jamal hissed, “I told you to shut your mouth. You chose to go with the flow to get his cunt. Now, just go with it, Ricky.” I watched Sir pull his finger out and stick a large shard between his fingers. I saw Jamal watching me, seeing what I was seeing. He lifted a finger to his mouth, instructing me to remain silent. He reached down, took Ricky’s right ass cheek in his hand and pull it apart. Before Ricky could protest the touching, Sir jammed his fingers, and the big shard, up Ricky’s ass. He screamed out again, begging Sir to stop. Then he felt the burn and began begging for it to stop. Sir held his fingers in long enough to make sure the shard wasn’t coming out. He yanked them out, and quickly slammed them, along with another shard, back into Ricky. Jamal told Ricky, “Fuck his cunt, while you can. It’s almost over.” Ricky struggled to recover his focus and began fucking me again. Sir stood up, lubed up his cock and moved behind Ricky. This was going to hurt him. Ricky’s ass cheeks were pulled apart, allowing Sir direct access to the meth hole between them. He stepped forward and, as Ricky pulled back out of my cunt, Sir pushed in. Even with the meth, Ricky was in pain. He screamed, “No, please. I ain’t a faggot.” Sir pushed in, making Ricky take more of his huge cock in his ass. “Go with the flow Ricky. It’s over for you.” I get Ricky’s cock fall from my ass as the meth hit him and caused his cock to shrivel up. Sir pushed Ricky down and began railing his ass. Ricky continued pleading, crying and moaning in pain. “Fuck, Ricky, you are taking that black dick like a right good faggot. Bet you want him to shoot his load in you.” Ricky was at the edge of function and could only say, “Not…no…” between the crying and moaning. Sir picked up his pace, now pounding balls deep into what I’m sure was a virgin hole a few minutes before. He slammed in one more time and told Ricky, “Yeah bitch, wrap those pussy lips tight and make me cum in you.” He grunted several times, busting another load, and giving Ricky his first load. As soon as Sir pulled out, Ricky tried to get up. Jamal warned him, “Stay there, bitch. You’re not done.” Jamal moved between his buddy’s legs and slammed his cock balls deep. Ricky could only moan, “No, please don’t…” Jamal pounded his buddy for several minutes. He verbally degraded him, calling him pussy and bitch and faggot. He spat on Ricky’s face and yanked his head back by his hair. Jamal told him, “You’re mine now bitch. Forever, you’re my whore.” He slammed in one last time and shot a load deep in Jamal’s pussy. Master and Daddy soon followed, dropping a second and third toxic load into Ricky’s now sloppy, but apparently still tight, pussy. When they were all done, Daddy saw my face, smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, boy. I got lots of cum for you.” Jamal reached over to Ricky, who was blubbering incoherently and yanked him off of me and threw him on the floor. “Stay there were you belong. You aren’t done.” Master was the first to speak, “What the hell just happened?” Jamal turned to Sir and asked him, “You wanna tell him? Or you want me to tell him? Dad.”
  7. Hope and you shall receive. it’s been a crazy month+. I’ve got more in mind, plus a possible spinoff
  8. Love this story and the Kid’s introduction. you’re not wrong in linking the inspiration to being spun. since my first time, I’ve been more open to explicit fantasy writing.
  9. “Fuck me Daddy. Fist my cunt. Please, Daddy, I need it.” They all laughed, and called me names. “Lamont, strap him up.” “Mike, swab his arm. Get me a good vein.” I watched as Sir clipped the strap above my left upper arm and Master swabbed the inner elbow with an alcohol wipe. The fear came back and Daddy saw it in my eyes. He smiled, “You changing your mind boy? Don’t want me to slam you to stars and then fist your cunt?” I shook my head, “Please, I… I’m scared.” Daddy’s eyes became a pure evil as he laughed again. “That’s a right shame boy, but also very fucking hot. I love forcing faggots like you yo surrender and take my needle against their will. Beg me not to do it. Maybe I’ll let you go.” “Please don’t do it Daddy. I’m too scared. Please.” I felt tears sliding out of my eyes. I was in genuine terror. “Daddy has decided to give you what you want.” He dropped the needle, now full, on my stomach. I started to mutter thanks, when I saw something in the needle. It was not a clear liquid, like I’ve seen in videos. It was a dark red. I looked up, in even more fear, at Daddy. He saw the look in my eyes and solemnly nodded his head. “Remember what you said you wanted? That you wished we could have been the ones to poz you up?” I nodded my head, knowing I had said that. “I was going to give you that. WE were going to give you that. But now, you’ve rejected our gift to you.” I closed my eyes, battling with my self. My fear of the slam versus the desire to be pozzed by them. A hard smack to my balls brought my eyes open and Master told me never to close my eyes when they are talking to me. I apologized and turned back to Daddy, my eyes lingering on the needle again. “You disappointed me boy. I was offering you just what you asked for. You were going to be my poz son. My third poz son.” I looked at Sir and then Master, before back to Daddy. “Actually, you’d have been a son AND grandson, though I’m not to keen on that title yet. I see you think you figured something out?” I nodded my head. “Mike and Lamont are brothers. They are my sons. They both came to me, separately, wanting me to knock them up. Unlike you, a natural cum whore? They are tops but accepted the only way to take my gift, was to give up their asses.” Master and Sir confirmed it. “Neither of them enjoyed the fucking I gave them, ungrateful little shits.” He smiled when he said this. “Lamont?” Sir said, “Look at me, you felt my cock. I fucking hated being turned into a hole for Jake, but it was the only way. He made me his bitch, several times, telling me he was going to let all my homies know I was giving up my hole to him.” “What can I say, I’m a nasty son of a bitch.” “That you are, and I don’t regret it.” “I’m so sad that you’re rejecting our gift to you. You were going to be their first son.” I noticed a look come across Sir’s face when Daddy said this. I briefly closed my eyes, letting the need overcome the fear. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I’m sorry, Sir. I’m sorry, Master.” I looked to each as I said this. I turned my eyes back, tears increasing, to Daddy. “This is…” “I’m…” Before I could make another decision, I grabbed the syringe, held it up to see what was clearly the blood of these three men. I looked to each, finally at Daddy, and held the syringe. “Daddy, I still don’t want the slam.” “But I want you all to be my dads.” He took it from hand, smiling his evil grin. “Hold the faggot down. Beg me again, faggot, beg me not to slam you to faggot Heaven.” “Please, don’t do it. Don’t slam me. I don’t want it.” He slapped my balls and while I was groaning in pain, he quickly reached to my arm. I didn’t feel anything as he slid the needle into my arm. “Watch me, boy. Watch me destroy your innocence. Enjoy the rocket ride.” I turned my eyes to where he’d inserted the needle. I watched, still begging him to stop, as he pulled back the plunger and the liquid took on my blood. “Noooooo, please.” Sir unclipped the strap and took my wrist in his hand. I watched, in reducing fear and increasing… anticipation? I watched the plunger get pushed in and watched as the slam was administered into my arm. Sir lifted my arm up as soon as the needle was removed. I could only whimper, “Pl…” before it hit. I had read stories. I had watched videos. I never imagined I’d be that guy. That faggot taking a slam of meth. I couldn’t register any thoughts as I felt the slam hit me in the chest. My eyes flew open as my lungs lost all the air. I knew I was dying. Daddy’s voice entered my head, barely. “You’re fine faggot. Just go with it” As fast as the air left, it came rushing back in. I could not handle this invasion and began coughing, a cough harder than I’ve ever felt. When the coughing stopped, I thought that was it. Then it happened. The rush to my cunt. The need. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” “Yeah? Tell me. Beg me.” “Please, oh fucking fuck, take my ho… cunt. Fist it. Destroy it.” “Flip him over, facing the mirror.” I was flipped over to my hands and knees. “Lamont, give him something while I get ready.” My hips were grabbed and I was pulled back, my hole being raped open again by his fat cock. “Yes, please, harder, more.” He raped me hard for about a minute. “Out.” Sir yanked his cock out and I felt Daddy put his fingers and thumb, watching in the mirror, as they entered my cunt. “Please, Daddy, fist me. Give it to me.” He stood there, motionless. I continued to beg and pushing back. I knew what he was doing. Torturing my cunt, my brain, my whole being. I started pushing back on his lubed hand, feeling it stretch me open like I’d never been stretched before. I thought, “This isn’t bad. Fuck it feels so good. It’s not hurting.” Then I hit the spot. The widest part of his hand. There was no going further. “Oh god, I… please Daddy. I can’t.” “Faggot, you will.” With that, Sir and Master grabbed me by waist and shoulders and started pulling me backwards. There was more stretch. Then the breakthrough. My hole was not able to resist any longer. I felt the immense pain, screaming out loud, as my hole passed over that widest part, and my cunt was full of its first fist. Daddy’s fist. I continued to beg and plead, “Noooooo.” Daddy lifted my head, so that is looking into the mirror. I could see where his arm disappeared into my cunt. “Video.” Master grabbed my phone, moved to the side and began recording. Daddy began to move. Twisting and turning his hand, while pulling back and pushing forward. I continued the moaning, the pain of my hole stretching and my inner cunt being stretched. I felt Daddy pull to the widest part, stay motionless as he reached for lube and lubed his hand and my stretched out ring. He locked eyes with me and said, ”Tell me what you want. What you really want.” I stared and begged, “Please, I can’t take it. Pull out.” He shook his head, disappointment in his eyes. “Be careful what you ask for.” He slid back in a couple inches. Then, without warning, he pulled hard, not stopping despite the resistance of my cunt, and yanked his hand out in one painful motion. I screamed again, this pain much more intense then the entry. “Show him.” Master held my phone in front of me, making me watch the video of my cunt filled with Daddy’s hand. I clearly heard my begging and my screaming as my hole was ripped open by Daddy yanking his hand out. My cunt was wide open, the lips obscenely stretched. Something broke in me. The meth taking control of my brain. Turned so fucking on by the site of my cunt. “Mo… mo… more.” Daddy looked at me, “More? More what?” I was officially broken. Broken by the need for his fist in me. Broken by his making me beg for it. “Shard, Master?” “Daddy, shove a shard in me with your fist. Please, I need your fist back in me. More…” Sir reached over and grabbed Daddy’s baggie and pulled out a big one. Daddy held his hand up, making me watch him lube it up. I felt lube getting shoved into my cunt, my lips being lubed up. Sir handed Daddy the shard,slipping it between his fingers. Daddy smiled at me, “Good boy.” He placed his fingers in my hole, pushing them to the point of resistance. I felt the burn, as the T started to melt. “You want it boy? You want my hand back in you?” As the T hit, reenergizing what was already in me, I nodded my head and begged him. “Fist me Daddy, wreck my cunt.” Before he could move, I pushed back. I forced it and soon felt my cunt lips open around his hand and slide down his wrist. I immediately pulled back, sliding back over his hand and all the way off. “Thatta boy. Do what you need.” I slid back down, harder to break past the resistance. That was a mistake, or a blessing. As my lips, looser than I realized, did not meet as much resistance, I easily slid over the hand, around the wrist, and further down his arm then before. I felt several inches of his arm slide into me.
  10. Part 7 “Daddy’s gonna fist your cunt. Then shoot his toxic load in it.” “Thank you Daddy.” “You’re gonna need a pick me up for that boy.” I smiled and begged, “Please Daddy. Give me more. Shove more up my ass.” He shook his head. “I don’t play that way, boy.” I looked at him and asked, “Smoke?,” hoping this was how he played. “Nope. Try again.” I closed my eyes, knowing the only other way. And I was terrified. I slowly opened my eyes, overcoming my fear. “Slamming,” I quietly said. “I didn’t hear you boy.” I mustered every ounce of courage. “Slamming, Sir. You slam. You’re gonna slam me, Sir.” “Is that a question? Or a statement? Yes, I only play by slamming little faggots like you.” It was easier to say this. “I want you to slam me Daddy. Please slam me and fist me.” “Good boy. But before I do that, I have a question for you.” I nodded my head. “You’ve already taken five toxic loads. Do you care who gave it to you? Who made you into a poz whore? I though about it for a moment. I nodded my head. “I wish it could have been one of you.” Daddy smiled, “I wish it could have been one of us. Telling you we were giving you our toxic loads and making you beg for them,” I felt a tear roll down my face. “I wish that would have happened.” Lamont and Master, agreed. “Sorry we couldn’t make you do that.” Daddy walked over and grabbed a pouch from the floor and walked back me. He opened the pouch and pulled out a bag of shards. He saw my eyes go wide with hunger. The came a strap with a small clip. He saw my questioning look and said, “it’s for your arm. Easy on, easy off.” Then he pulled the needle and held it up for me to see. It was empty but still intense. “You can still say no, boy. It’s gonna be your choice.” I didn’t hesitate this time. “I want it Sir. Please, slam me.” He smiled and said, “Good choice, son. But it was going to happen your way. Or mine.” “Lamont, I need your help.” Daddy and Sir left the room, going to the bathroom as Master took over fingering my cunt. He leered down at me and before I knew it, he smacked my balls causing me to whimper and tighten my cunt. Lamont returned and Master slid his fingers out so Lamont could take over. Lamont slid his fingers in, bigger than Master’s. I was lost in this feeling and did not hear Master leave. Soon Master returned and told me to open my eyes. I did and saw home to my left, Sir to my right and Daddy, now naked, standing in front of me. His dick was average in length and thickness. His PA was twice the size of Master’s and sharp on the edge. He had the same bio-hazard tat as the previous guy. This one was in red and had the words, “Toxic Shooter” above it.
  11. “You recognize me don’t you boy?” I nodded in response,shutting my eyes in shame. “Open them, faggot.” The voice had changed back. This was the Lamont who had fucked me hard. I opened my eyes and looked at him, trying to avoid his eyes. “Look at me. Tell me where you’ve seen me.” I met his eyes and said, “Grindr.” “That’s right. You’ve led me on, teased me, and then backed out. That was your punishment. You liked your punishment didn’t you.” I nodded, but he told me to say it out loud. “Yes, Sir, I loved my punishment. Feeling your huge dick raping me deep and hard.” He smiled a wicked grin and said, “You could have had it for months. You got it tonight though, and as hard as you wanted.” “Alright, Lamont. It’s time for him to see us.” This was Jack’s voice. Lamont moved away from my face and I saw Jack. I recognized him as well. I had seen and talked with him on Grindr. When I dropped my eyes, again feeling that shame, he said, “Open and look over.” I saw the guy next to him. Master. He was also a Grindr guy. Who I had done the same to. I avoided each one, for different reasons. Lamont was too big. Jack wanted to fist me. Master wanted to get me higher than I was ready for. They all smiled, evil and scary smiles. Master spoke first. “You were a fucking tease to all of us. Leading us on and then running away. Like a scared little faggot.” I could only nod my head and started to apologize. “Shut the fuck up faggot. You don’t get to say anything.” I nodded my head. “When I saw your ad tonight, I recognized you right away. I knew this was the perfect chance to get some retribution.” “The three of us know each other. Very well in fact. We’d known for awhile that you led us all on. So we decided to crash your little fuck fest. And give you what you owed us.” I nodded and fought to not say anything. Jack took over and I looked to him. “The party’s not over boy. You still owe me. And you’re going to tell me what you owe me. And beg me to give it to you.” I struggled, somewhere fear coming into my brain. I fought to speak and it took me a minute to get there. “I stopped talking to you because you wanted to fist me. I was too scared. I’m not anymore. Please Sir, will you fist my as… my cunt Sir?” He and Master smiled, and Jack said, “You know you have a cunt now. Remember that.” “Yes, Sir.” All through this, there was something nagging at my mind. It suddenly hit me and my eyes widened. Master smiled again. “Guys? I think someone just realized his other offense against all of us. Did you, boy?” I nodded again. “Tell us.” “Your all… poz. You wanted to infect me. I don’t… didn’t… I don’t know..” “That’s right bitch. You weren’t gonna let us poz your cunt. You wanted it though. Didn’t you? Say it.” “N…” I stopped. “Yes. I did. I was to scared.” They all laughed at me, making my shame intensify. “Were you too scared about getting pozzed tonight? Wanting to get fucked and taking loads from guys you didn’t know? Didn’t see?” “Yes, Sir… that’s why I wanted to do it this way. If I didn’t know. Didn’t see, I wouldn’t refuse. I couldn’t refuse.” “That’s right boy. You know if you’ve taken any poz loads?” “Yes, Sir. At least one.” “Not even close boy. You’ve taken six already.” “Fuck, that’s a lot Master. Are you sure?” He nodded, “You have video of one, begging him to breed your hole, before it became a cunt.” I remembered him; the guy with the tattoos. “I see you remember him. The guy who was leaving as I got here? Poz.” I couldn’t remember that fuck. I nodded my head, accepting this as fact. “Then there was the first guy I doubled with in you.” I nodded, clearly remembering the double penetration. Lamont said, “Two from me. The second one bigger and more intense, thanks to your cunt.” Master said, “Mine was when you passed out.” I widened my eyes in surprise. “That was fun. Breeding a passed out faggot. Knowing it was us that caused you to pass out” I nodded, thinking how hot that would be. “So there you go, boy. Six poz loads we know about.” “But I could still…” Master shook his head, solemnly. Then the evil smile came back. “No chance of that. The wreckage we did to your cunt? There’s no way.” “Because you didn’t just take poz loads. You took toxic loads. One from me” Lamont said, “Two from me.” “The tattoos guy? Toxic also. You remember him saying, ‘Not anymore?’” I nodded, “My first toxic load.” Master simply said, “Yes.” I looked at each of them, Master and Lamont. The I turned to Jack. “Are you toxic also, Sir?” “You better fucking believe it.” I paused, only briefly. My mind had been converted, along with rest of me. “Will you give me your toxic load? Please, Sir?” Master and Lamont both said, “Fucking pig.” Jack smiled and nodded. “You want my toxic load? I thought you said you were scared.” I looked at him, then Lamont. Then I licked eyes with Master. “I’m not scared anymore. It’s already done. I want more.” They smiled and I heard Lamont whistle and say, “Damn. That’s nasty. And hot.” I turned to him and said, “Thank you Sir for giving me your toxic load.” I turned to Master and thanked him for his toxic load, “But I hope next time, I’m awake to feel it shooting in me.” I turned to Jack, “Please, Sir. Add your toxic load to my cunt. Please, Daddy?” I don’t know where that came from other than him being older. “Daddy? You’re gonna call me Daddy?” I knew I had offended him and started to apologize. He interrupted me and said, “Do that. Call me that again and see what happens.” Not sure what would happen, I called him Daddy again. He smiled, “Lift your legs. Show me that cunt.” With effort, I tried but could stay balanced enough. Lamont reached down and pulled my legs up and spread them. “When you’re told to do something faggot, you fucking do it.” “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.” “Look at me faggot,” Daddy Jake said. I looked back at him, go see him quickly shove three fingers in my cunt, causing me to moan. “Daddy’s gonna fist your cunt. Then shoot his toxic load in it.” “Thank you Daddy.”
  12. Part 4 Even with all the T I’d been given, my hole was resistant. T Guy kept pushing, telling me, “Open up for me cunt.” I then felt a finger shove into my hole, next to the big cock. The finger pulled my hole upward to stretch it out. “Here we go,” he said, pushing his cock into the small gap he’d made. Removing his finger, he started shoving the part of his dick head that he’d planted in me. “When I say, grab his shoulders and push down. We’re gonna get him to open up. NOW.” My shoulders were grabbed by the guy under me and pushed down. At the same, T-guy pushed in, also grabbing my shoulders to bring me down. Despite the T, the pain was intense and I let out a scream. “Yeah, faggot, scream for me. Let everyone know we’re wrecking your drugged up cunt.” When he finished degrading me, he began the forced invasion of my hole. Though in my brain it heard “cunt,” not hole. Every inch of his cock stretched me further, eliciting pleas for him to stop and pull out. He stopped his forward movement. “You really want my dick out of you?” I said I did and he responded, “Okay.” He pulled out and the other guy started to say, “what the…” Before he could finished, T-guy shoved his cock back into my stretched out cunt. The T finally took over and my cunt opened and took the thick cock and PA. This time, there was no stopping him. He had my shoulders still and kept me in place as he pushed all the way in. I groaned as he got in as far as he could. Then without knowing I was about to say it, I moaned, Oh, God. Do it. Fuck me.” He pulled his cock out to the ridge and slammed back in, making me moaned beg for it. He let go of my shoulders, as did the guy under me. “Tell us what you want. What you need.” I moaned, “fuck me, I need you to fuck me. Wreck my hole.” I heard a new voice say, “That’s fucking hot.” T-guy, responded to the new guy, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” He leaned down as close as he could to my ear and said, loudly, “You need to get fucked? Then you do it faggot. Ride our cocks, show us how desperate you are.” He leaned back up and my need took over. I began lifting myself up and off the cocks before sliding back down. Each move took me further up their cocks and a little faster each way. “Don’t fucking waste our time.” I got his meaning. On the next lift I went all the way up, and then slammed back down. “That’s it. Good faggot. Beg for it. What do you need.” “Please, Sir, I need you both to breed my cunt. Give me your loads.” I kept up my fucking myself, once lifting all the way and slamming back down, taking them at the same time. The guy below me announced, “Fuck yeah faggot. I’m gonna breed your cunt. Make you pregnant.” Almost immediately, I felt him get even thicker as he began shooting his cum deep in my cunt. He kept thrusting, making sure every drop was in me. I felt him start to soften and tell T-guy, “ I’m coming out.” The new guy said, “Damn that was hot. Wish I could get in there.” T-guy told him, “Get naked and on the bed. On your back.” I heard clothes rustling and then movement on the bed. T-guy said, “Nice dick. You ready?” T-guy pulled out of my hole causing me to whimper and beg him to put it back in. There were no words as he lifted my right leg at the knee, pulling me off the bed. I felt the bed move as the new guy slid across to get under me. “Faggot, grab his dick and aim it to your cunt. Do not put it in you.” I was wobbly, from all the meth. I grabbed the dick and it was thick and long. I put it at my stretched cunt, and fought hard to not put it in me. “Good faggot. Follow directions and you’ll get what you want. Grab his hips.” I felt the guy take hold of hips with his big, calloused hands. This was a hard worker. “Beg him for his cock. That’s a man sized black cock.” “Please Sir, shove your big black cock in me. Please Sir.” The guy below me, still holding my hips, said, “You think you can take it faggot? Feel how big it is around? It’s even bigger in length, 11” in fact. If I put it in that faggot cunt, you don’t control what happens. I do. Is that clear boy?” “Yes, Sir. Fuck my faggot cunt.” T-guy, who’s quickly taken control of me, tells him, “Do it. Hard.” “Faggot, I’m gonna destroy your cunt.” He said this then immediately pulled me down as hard as he could. Even after taking the two big dicks, this one hurt. I screamed in pain as my hole was forced open again and my rectum was stretched even more to accommodate his thick monster. I felt his cock ram into my second hole and stop, but I knew it wasn’t all the way in. “Open that fucking hole faggot. You still got 3” to take. Get off my dick unless it goes all the way in.” I kept pressing downward but it wouldn’t go in. I knew what I had to do, and was so fucking turned on to do it. I rose up, and off his dick. I turned to where I thought T-guy was and said, without thinking, “Master, May I have more and your help?” He laughed and said, “Master? That sounds right.” There was a moment of silence, followed by another rock getting shoved as deep as could. “Now faggot, beg me for what you need me to do.” “Please Master, push me down as hard as you can so this big dick opens my hole.” Turning back in the direction of the black guy, I said, “Hard and fast?” I felt the rock burning and the feeling of wanting nothing more then my hole and that cock. I pressed the head to my cunt simply said, “Now.” I pushed down as hard as possible. Master’s hands pushed me down even harder and the black guy slammed upward. The pain was wonderful as this time my inner hole briefly fought the invasion, but was beaten by us. I groaned in pleasure as I came slamming down on the black man’s crotch. “Fuck yeah faggot, you done good. You were right Mike, this bitch is good.” “I don’t make shit up, Lamont.” I knew their names. I didn’t care. I just said, “Please, again.” I rose up to the ridge of his dick an slammed all the way down again. I then took over, fucking myself up and down, taking it all the way to the balls. After several minutes of riding his cock as hard as possible, I stopped when I was fully impaled. I leaned down, laying across his chest. Master knew what I wanted and immediately moved into place. “Hold him tight, Lamont. I’m coming in.” Lamont wrapped his arms tightly around me. “You are a freak white boy; I like that.” I only had time to say, “Thank you, Sir.,” before I felt Master’s cocky at my hole. As he began to push in, I started pushing down and back, forcing my cunt to stretch. With a lot of resistance, my hole fought a valiant fight. It lost as we worked together and I groaned as Master’a dick penetrated it. Not allowing myself to change my mind, I kept pushing down, taking Master’s cock inch by inch without stopping. “Fuck faggot, you really are a pig.” I pulled up and then slammed back down, taking both cocks as hard as I could. My hips were grabbed from behind and Sir said, “My turn.” He pulled out, all the way, before slamming back in. He did this several times until there was no resistance. A new voice, deep and with a sound of twisted pleasure, said, “Hope there’s gonna be something left for me, Mike.” The only thought that could go through my mind was that I’d been setup. I moaned in response to this thought. “Don’t worry Jack. I have something for that,” and laughed as he again rammed his dock in me, Lamont groaned and said, “I’m going to fucking nut in you faggot. You want my load? “Please, Sir. Breed my ho, breed my cunt.” With that, he pushed in as far as he could and I felt him start to spasm as he shot his load in me. “Fuck yeah faggot, take my load.” He shot for almost 30 seconds before the spasms ended. “Thank you Sir. Thank you for giving me your load.” “Oh, faggot, that’s the first of many I’m dumping in that cunt.” Master began pulling out and I whimpered. I don’t know what came next, but I could feel a new, feeling through my rectum. It was as if my cunt was vibrating from inside. I lost control and could not stop from Master’s being forced out of my hole fast and hard. “I’m gonna cum,” and I could barely finish it before my cock, still soft, erupted with a force I’d never felt before. The new guy told Master, “Quick, shove it back in and fuck him, he’s gonna enjoy this.” Whatever was happening in my cunt, was still going on as Masted rammed back in and began fucking me again. I moaned and begged, “Please, I can’t.” The new guy said, in my ear, “Ride the wave boy. Your having anal orgasms. There gonna continue, over and over, while you got his cock in you. He ain’t stopping until I tell him.” Master continued to fuck me, and like the guy said, the orgasms continued in waves. I lay there, still across Lamont’s chest, when he said, “Fuck, I can feel your cunt cumming around my dick. Keep it going and you’re gonna get me hard again.” I lost all focus on the world around me, other than words, and as intense s what was happening, I started moaning as the intensity moved from overload to extreme overload and felt great. I gave into it and just lay there, taking Master’s cock. Wave after wave continued and at the same time, I felt Lamont get hard again and start pumping in and out with Master. This only intensified the feelings in my cunt. I think I must have passed out, just after blowing another load. When I came back around, my hole was empty and I could feel residual waves, less intense then before, still going through my body. When I moved, I heard Lamont say, “Welcome back boy. How you doing.” This was a much different voice and temperament. “I…I’m… oh, fuck. That was intense.” He gently rolled me off of him and put me on my back on the bed. He reached up and pulled the blindfold off. I tried to keep my eyes closed, wanting to continue the anonymity. “It’s okay, Master said you’re ready to know what’s going on.” I gently and slowly opened my eyes, finding it hard to focus for several seconds. When my eyes could see, I saw the face, and recognized it, flinching in response. “You recognize me don’t you boy?” I nodded in response,shutting my eyes in shame.
  13. Sorry for the delay. There are four more parts written. Part 3 The next guy walked to the bed and saw the plug. “How many loads so far?” and I told him. “Nice, I love sloppy holes.” He tugged at the plug, stretching my hole, but not removing it. He asked, “You party, pig?” I shook my head. “Say it faggot. Do you party?” I said I didn’t and he asked why. I told him I was too afraid. “Too bad.” He returned his attention to the plug, this time pulling it all the way out. As soon as the plug was out, he shoved two fingers in my hole. I felt the scrape of a shard; a BIG shard. I felt the burn start as he pressed it in to the wall of my ass. “What the fuck was that. What’d you do? “Relax boy, enjoy the ride. I told you you were not going to say no.” He kept his fingers in my hole, adding a third. As the shard really hit, I started to have trouble breathing, but my ass became majorly hungry. I began fucking myself up and down on his fingers. “You like what the T is doing to your hole?”a All I could do was groan and continue fucking his fingers. I felt a cold metal at my hole and realized it was his PA. Somehow my mind cleared briefly,remembering a fisting video I’d see of a guy taking a huge hand and cock in his ass. I wanted that. The fingers were removed, and the guy said, “let’s get you fully tweaked,” as he shoved another shard, not as big, but equally strong, up my ass. He then pulled his fingers out, and slid his PA and cock in my hole. He was thicker than any of the first guys and even with the shard running through me, I grunted from the stretch. I could feel the still melting shard get pushed deeper with his cock. He did not waste time. He began pounding my hole for all he was worth. I’m sure the PA was tearing me apart. I began pushing back to meet his thrusts, begging him to fuck me hard and to breed me. I heard a new voice, not having heard anyone come in. “Fuck man, pound him out.” The guy fucking me stopped and spoke to the new guy, though I couldn’t understand anything. Suddenly, the guy who was fucking me pulled out. I begged him to fuck me, but his response was telling me to shut the fuck up. I was waiting for the new guy to fuck me, but nothing happened. I was starting towery that they were leaving. “Where’s the blindfold?” the new guy asked. I told him and he tossed it on the bed, “Put it on.” When it was on I felt one of the guys get on the bed next to me. I then was pulled across his body so that I was straddling his dick. I knew it was the new guy, since there was no PA. T guy/PA guy asked the new guy, “you party?” He answered, “No, I get tested. But you can.” I felt another shard get pushed into my hole. This was as big as the first, and just as powerful. I started to lose control, begging the guy I was on to fuck me. “Ride my dick if you want it bitch.” I grabbed his dick, lined it up with my hole and dropped myself down. His was the biggest dick of the night. Easily 9” and thicker then the T guy. I lifted up and dropped down several times, enjoying the stretch from his dick. After several of these moves, he grabbed me by the shoulders, slamming me down as hard as he could. At first, I thought he was getting ready to cum, but they had something different in mind. With my ass ground into the crotch of the new guy, T guy came behind me and told me, “Lean down bitch. We have a surprise for you.” I leaned down, as much as I was pulled forward by the guy on the bed and pushed by T guy. I knew immediately what they planned and I whimpered to them to stop. I couldn’t possibly take both of their dicks. In almost unison, they told me to shut the fuck up. “Now it’s time to make that hole a cunt. We’re gonna stretch you to the limit.” I felt the PA at my hole and again begged them to stop. I was immediately smacked on the back of the head. “The only sound I want to hear out of you is your groans as I rip your hole apart. Do you understand?” This night had taken a turn I did not plan for. “Yes, Sir.” With that, the destruction began. The PA pressed against my hole
  14. Want to do this tomorrow night, 12-18. What’s a good motel to do this at? looking for an early Xmas gift
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