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  1. Chapter 4: One of the guys that had been watching moved forward, pulling his dick out and yanking my head up by my hair. Without even asking, he immediately took control of me, jamming his dick down my throat. I gagged, not at the size or penetration, but with taste and odor. He laughed and said, “I haven’t been able to shower in a couple days.” He proceeded to fuck my throat before pulling out and shooting his load all over my face. He targeted my eyes and as he was slowing down, put the head right at my nostril and shot up my nose. As I was choking on the cum in my nose, he pulle
  2. Chapter 3 As we walked out of the door, several people were walking towards the door. I initially became aware of my appearance, wearing only the shirt and jockstrap, and then really focused on what was clearly written on the front of the shirt. I began to get nervous and wanted to run. But again, the meth took control, and I just kept walking. Several people made faces and comments and steered clear of the three of us. As we were walking across the parking lot, a couple of guys, not appearing to be together, stared intensely at me, eyeing me up and down. Their leering continued, a
  3. Chapter 2: Hearing this man, who I still had not seen his face, say what he did both scared and turned me on. This was the man who I apparently had expressed all my hidden desires to and he had set me up. He planned all this and here I was flying on meth, naked in a public bathroom, bent over with my cunt (never had I ever wanted that word used to describe my asshole) fully exposed, dripping the load of some unknown guy and wanting more. The man who set this all up, who I will call Sir, said to his friend, “Glad you enjoyed his cunt. But I think the little faggot wants more, don’t yo
  4. I’ve had fantasies, DARK FANTASIES, for as long as I can remember. They have evolved over the years, from public sex at gloryholes (okay maybe that’s not dark) to more open public sex at parks, rough sex, rape and more. Recently, I’ve been reading Chem Sex stories and the thought of drugs, both consensual and forced, has intertwined into my fantasies. The problem is, they have always remained that, fantasy. I’ve been to scared to even verbalize them, let alone follow through on them, or even write/chat about online. Until now that is. A few weeks ago, I created a profile on NKP
  5. Live in Colorado Springs, but easily can get to Denver. I haven’t had anything in my hole since November. seeking raw fucks and more
  6. Live in Colorado Springs, will drive to you for the play. pump n dumps (blindfolded optional) 1-1, 2-1, more. Whore me out. have some mild fantasies (DP, fucked with PA, fisting things.) have some wilder/darker fantasies. hit me up. I can do this until 11-22-20
  7. Hope this okay to post here. I ha ok old comic, magazines and books that I want to be rid of. drummer, manifest, Tom of Finland comics, etc. anyone want them?
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