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  1. I have good mates - ratio of about 1/4 neg, 1/4 unsure, 1/4 poz undetcable and 1/4 poz not on meds. Of the neg guys about half attend private group raw fuck parties about every 2 weeks in summer/warmer months. Most of those seek out poz undetectable guys to fuck raw. I understand my neg mates a bit anxious and taking steps to avoid HIV - if you can use combination of risk reduction strategies and enjoy sex - great. I knew what it is like being poz in my early 20s I would have ditched the condoms and just enjoyed the raw fucking - this is how *I* feel. Others might assess it differently. In short, it is for each person to decide. Having easy access to meds certainly makes this decision easier. I wouldn't necessarily chase HIV. I would not be upset if/when I became poz. I'm much happier about sex and relationships with good sexy, confident, happy, sexual poz buddies. I'm now not anxious about being poz. So, those mates that find it easy to use condom - I say, keep using them. And those mates that hate condoms - I say, think about what it is like being poz (for me it fine) and make a decision that you are comfortable with.
  2. Multi-story car park close to work is handy for BBRT and Scruff hook-ups during the day. I arrange to meet guy I'm meeting to take the lift (elevator) to top floor. It is rare for the upper levels to be used for parking except when there is a big event on at the near by football stadium. His instructions are to then enter stairwell and proceed up one more level. The door to the roof is usually locked but the landing provides ample space to get comfortable and fuck. I would be easy to hear if someone entered the stairwell to climb to the upper levels and we'd have plenty of time to tidy-up and exit back to the top car park level if necessary. To minimise attracting management to this convenient spot I keep it tidy and never discard any litter. On closer inspection I suppose the cum stains on the wall and floor might cause someone to monitor the area more closely but the lighting is low and it isn't really obvious. I've never been interrupted by someone entering the stairwell to climb the stairs and would be easy to hear someone enter the stairwell and we'd have plenty of time to someone entered the stairwell to the upper levels it work be easy up the stairwell (not that it has happened)
  3. I lev it when the darkroom is located near the dance floor so that you can feel the music while fucking and taking loads.
  4. Arrange to meet up with regular fuck buddy at local park. About 11pm, a warm night and a couple of other guys wandering around. Went down hill to where several paths snake around a couple of ponds. There are several spots that offer secluded spots where it is easy to see others approaching from a distance. Buddy high and keen for cock and stripped off fairly quickly to reveal firm legs and gym toned chest and arms. Fucked him for about 10 minutes when a figure approached slowly. We slowed for bit... kissing and pulling each others cocks while we accessed out visitor. A young, short guy with very muscular build. He smiled. I flipped my buddy around and resumed fucking. Onlooker enjoyed the show and got out a decent sized cock. After about 10 minutes I unloaded a 3 day load. Muscle kid then moved in to add his load. A fun night out.
  5. Sydney sex club was really quiet last night and I left after just one hour. Driving home I got a Scruff invite from two guys nearby. Hot couple - one about 25-26 and the other about 35. Older guy and I sat a head of bed watching porn and jerking off while several guys came over to unload in young bottom bent over end of he bed. He got about five loads. Hot to watch the couple smile and wink at each other. They clearly enjoyed the adventure. Bottom got a nice cummy butt - about 5 loads while I was there. Slowly bigger gap between visitors. I added my load before heading home. Hot couple win a fun sense of adventure.
  6. Fired up Scruff a couple of times today but regular cum buddies either off-line or doing social activities. About to give up for the day but checked one more time. Saw message from young local guy I hadn't seen before. Got chatting and turns out he visiting from another state. I normally dismiss younger guys as either being fussy over age, body shape and cock size (these fussy guys miss out on so many fun arventures). This guy was keen to hook up ... it seems a trip interstate provides and opportunity to discover new men and hot raw adventures. He was staying in apartment bock next door and came over a few minutes later. Beaming smile and muscles not over worked in the gym. Pulled his cock out. Almost hard cock with slight curve upward. After brief embrace flipped me around and pressed his cock to my butt. "Slow down buddy... will need this" I reached for silicon lube. No sooner had I slapped my lubed hand on his cock he again pushed his cock to my butt. This time his cock slid in smoothly to the base. Pounded away for two minutes before unleashing decent size load. Love those spontaneous sessions. Hope we get another opportunity to fuck before he returns home.
  7. Went to Melbourne sex club Club 80 last night. Despite low numbers I managed to get three loads. Perhaps quite a few of the regular crowd were attending the Code Black leather dance party. I arrived at Club 80 around 2am when numbers are usually at their peak. I made my way straight to the glory hole cubicles. One guy must have watched me arrive and promptly moved into the adjacent cubicle. A nice hard cock extended through the hole in the wall. I sucked it for a bit but sensed the guy was impatient to blow his load and go home. When I stood up he put his hand through the hole to follow the curve of my smooth bubble butt and lightly lubed butt crack. I took the prompt and moved into position. He slid in. His thrusting rhythm steadily increased over about two minutes before he blew his load. I had to wait about an hour before next bit of play. A 20 something must have stopped by on his way home from a local bar or function - I could smell his cologne. Older guys know better to avoid applying too much cologne. His hard cock was covered by soft fleshy skin - heaven. As he pulled out i could feel some cum slip out and down one of my legs. There was no mistaking the smell of fresh cum - my primal urge was satisfied. The third load was a bit of a surprise. I was doing one last circuit of the venue before leaving and caught the eye of a rather ordinary dressed looking guy with a slight build. We moved to a dimly lit corner. His massive meat didn't seem to match his build. He pushed his cock to my butt and I guided it to the target. A hairy well-built guy stood next to us and ran his hand over my body stopping at my butt hole to feel the raw cock slide in and out. He made deep growls of approval and encouraged the top to release his load. A few minutes later we were joined by a hot guy in his late twenties. He also seemed to enjoy feeling my butt swallow the glistening cock. When the top paused I gently gripped and relaxed my butt hole. He seemed to appreciate this and quickly swung into top gear before contorting his body in uncontrollable spasms. Satisfied with three loads and convinced numbers were unlikely to pick up any time soon I headed back to the hotel. A fun night out. This city rarely disappoints.
  8. hot pig.. would be good to breed you when back in Sydney

  9. Walking through city centre last night. It was warm and let's of people out. Couple of guys hit me up Scruff. Hooked up with a guy near by and agreed to meet in lane way. I was prepared to play their but his apartment entraknce was in the laneway where we'd agreed to meet. We went up to the roof terrace. Awesome view of the city while I fuck him and blew a load deep inside him. Mental note... Lots of fun spots in the city... I must cruise them more. Lots of international students int the city horny amend looking for cummy action.
  10. Cruised a guy on train just before getting off at central station. He followed me off the train and up the escalators. I turned back and smiled. He smiled back and I knew it was on. He followed me across the road to multilevel car park. Top of the stairwell is a good place to fuck. Except when there is a special event on in the city the upper car park level are never used. So I knew we wouldn't be disturbed there. Got to the top of the stairs and a frenzy of sucking before he turned me around. I slapped some silicon lube on his cock and he pushed on in. Spontaneous hook ups like this are usually short and sure enough about a minute later he blew his load. we neatened ourselves up and walked back down the stairwell. Next leg of my trip home was on a tram. Sitting on the tram I smiled thinking of the hot cummy load inside me. And once home told the boyfriend. He was turned on by the story and I got another load before dinner.
  11. Love seeing (and experiencing) creampie through glory hole. Glory hole fuck scenes in new video Overload are incredibly hot. Beautiful and hot!
  12. Was dating a guy and we enjoyed some group sessions. But he isn't as adventurous as me. I have fallen in love with two boyfriends but neither as much a cum pig as me. I'm perfectly comfortable with the boyfriend having hot raw cummy hookups. Actually I find it very attractive... adds to virility and masculinity. Hope I can find someone who loves me being adventurous and playful for cummy sessions with him and other guys. Love watching my boyfriend fuck other guys raw - top and bttm.
  13. Beautiful sight at my place last night as two bottoms on my bed and on all fours kissing each other while six tops quite transfixed on pounding away. Couple hours later a couple of very full, very satisfied bottoms. Tops had had a fun time and left. Then one horny bottom, still horny, surprised us by sliding into me and blowing a nice load. The three of us then cuddled and napped on the bed with occasional massaging still slippery legs, butts, balls and cocks. Arms wrapped around torso and limbs while napping was almost as nice as the energetic play earlier in the evening. I love my buddies - they are awesome guys. Back to zzzz.
  14. Hot dude. Loved seeing my boyfriend get caught up in moment and see him pound guys raw. And more rare but totally hot to see him take raw cock in group play. Love to be kissing a guy at the moment he receives a hot load from another in the group.
  15. It would be good to play sometime...

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