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  1. I love a musty and sweaty ass. I'm not into feet, armpits, or crotches. Just ass.
  2. I'm a top. I'm not into scat, but I love the natural smell of ass. I hate it when someone's ass is "clean" or freshly showered. I want it to smell like it's been hot all day, and sweaty, and funky. And on a related topic, when I fuck a guy and he accidentally farts, it drives me wild and makes me fuck the shit out of him and blast a load in his ass.
  3. I've never been to an orgy. I live in San Jose CA and no one here seems to want one.
  4. I'd love to attend. I have never attended one before. I wouldn't mind contributing to the cost of a hotel or some other venue. I live in San Jose.
  5. Where else are you looking? Have you been to watergarden? Do you have a specific criteria that everyone must follow / because most guys just want to get off - everyday. 

  6. Apparently it never happened. I'm San Jose and have been looking for several years to find a group.
  7. Anyone here in the San Jose area into a little raunch? I've not tried it before but am curious. Let me know.
  8. I used to live close to Santa Rosa (in Rohnert Park). This was almost 20 years ago. There is not much of a gay community there but I did have a regular fuck buddy that I met while going to the junior college there. I miss those days. Now I'm in San Jose and I can't find any guys who are serious about meeting.
  9. I would love to make my fantasies a reality but there is no one here who lives close to me.
  10. I've been trying to find the same thing. I've been looking for guys are in my area who are into kinky or raunchy things , but I don't know how to find them. When craigslist allowed hookups, it wasn't a problem. I want to eat somebody's sweaty ass and fuck the hell out of them. I just don't have the nerve to actually tell somebody what I want for fear that they might be put off by it.
  11. endowed

    Ass Rimming

    I'm not into scat but I love an ass to smell like ass. I love to sniff and eat ass after it's been churning all day. It's got to have some flavor for me to enjoy it. Squeaky clean is boring and makes me lose interest real fast. Once I get a sniff of a funky ass, I'm ready to fuck the shit out of it for hours.
  12. Whenever I fucked a guy, I never was too concerned with whether he had cleaned himself out. I figured that if I am going to go up a guy's butt, I'm probably going to get dirty. It has happen lots of times and it did not stop me. I just told him I'm cool with it and we keep on fucking.
  13. I'm the same way. I fantasize so much about fucking anonymous guys raw and then I back down. I'm so afraid of getting and STD. When I was younger I didn't care. Now I'm terrified. I love ass so much but I only get it about once a year only because I'm afraid.
  14. I thought that I was the only one who loves he smell of ass.
  15. If I saw a guy do that I would simply walk up to him and fuck him.

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