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  1. Hot experience, but when I top I don’t want ‘blow job eyes’ looking up at me. My cock and load should be the only affirmation you need, not looking into my eyes.
  2. I was concerned about this happening and said something to him at the time he started, but I guess his drive to PNP must have been too strong. Such a good writer 😞
  3. Careful- I believe it is a Federal offense to disturb a sleeping trucker on a mandated break by knocking on the door. And yes, they can get violent: I watched my ex get chased by a hammer-wielding driver for just walking around his rig. Hopped in the car and we were outta there fast.
  4. Hope we get to hear about those loads 🐷😜😈
  5. We need to hear more from you!!
  6. It’s illegal to record someone’s voice without their consent or a warrant.
  7. Don’t count on people ‘doing the right thing’ when you’re being an anon cumdump. Get on Prep!
  8. Makes sense, since studies have shown the shortest lifespan for the virus on any surface is on copper- dead within 4 hours vs a 3 days on plastic and stainless steel.
  9. Your first sentence reveals the flaw in your theory: human nature will prevent everyone from adhering to the protocol. I’ve had several married guys I’ve played with hitting me up to get together, I can only imagine what other gay guys are doing.
  10. Not a medical professional, but this info is derived from medical advice I’ve read: Any contact comes with risk. Despite the shield, The droplets from a heavily breathing orgasming guy could remain in the air in your house for a few hours at least, and possibly Land on surfaces And remain longer. It hasn’t been found in semen, but if it’s on his hands and he’s touched his cock then it will go directly to your mucous membranes. It has been found in feces. So if you have it, traces of virus could be in your rectum and infect him through his cock.
  11. Glad it happened- Tell us about a sucking episode!
  12. This is a type of SARS coronavirus And I had heard they do not like humidity also. Here’s something from the last SARS outbreak. [think before following links] https://www.hindawi.com/journals/av/2011/734690/
  13. It was cancelled due to coronavirus
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