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  1. Favorite bath house for raw sex

    This topic seems worthy of revival. My favorites are: Slammer in L.A. (sex club rather than a bathhouse, but still awesome for bareback) Club San Diego Steamworks Chicago Flex L.A. Midtowne Spa L.A. (especially the monthly Blackout Party) Gone now but not forgotten: Hollywood Spa, Mustang/2200 in San Diego, Club New Orleans, Melrose Spa/L.A., l'Arène in Paris (awesome sex club/cruise bar)
  2. A few years ago, I attended an invite-only private sex party in Orange County CA as the guest of my roommate's friend. I drove to his place in Long Beach and rode with him to the party. Along the way, as a favor to the party host, we stopped to pick up a sexy 18 year old Latino, who had just graduated from high school two weeks earlier; the kid had recently done a solo JO scene for a porn movie produced by the party host. The party was just getting going when we arrived, so I wandered off by myself to explore the scene. I walked into a dimly-lighted room with nothing in it except for a canvas sling in a portable frame and two guys in their late 20s who were making out intensely. As I'm heading out of the room after taking a closer look at the sling, the two guys grabbed my arm and pulled me into their embracing and kissing. Without evening saying anything, they stripped off my clothes, put me in the sling and took turns rimming and fucking my hole. After each guy had cum in my hole, they hung around for the rest of the party watching me get fucked, felching the cum out of my hole and whispering in my ear the running tally of how many different cocks and cum loads I'd taken. At one point I noticed that the 18 year old Latino kid had been watching from the back of the room for quite a while. I motioned for him to cover towards me, which he did just as the guy fucking me pulled out, so the kid opened his fly, took out his rock hard 8 inch uncut cock and then proceeded to jackhammer my hole for a few minutes until he shot his load deep in my hole. He smiled at me as he pulled out and I thanked him. When the party started winding down, the two guys kissed me goodbye and left the room, but they soon returned with a studly black guy in his early 40s. Apparently the guy had a huge cock and loved to fuck white ass, so they told him about my ass and brought him to check me out. Unfortunately he had been just cum after fucking for a couple of hours, so he wasn't able to get fully hard, but even just partially erect his cock was at least 11 x 8, which he was able to put in me since my hole had already been opened up by 18 different cocks (and 13 loads). Not sure if this is THE most slutty thing I've done, but it's definitely in the top 10.
  3. Strangest place you were fucked?

    - empty classroom in Savery Hall at the University of Washington in Seattle (almost got caught by a janitor) - RoB London leather gear store (met two guys at a gay pub in Soho who wanted to have a 3-way, but none of us could host; luckily, one of the guys was an assistant manager at the RoB store, so we ended up fucking around there in the dark except for the light coming through the windows from the streetlamps) - University of Southern California frat house (once in the attic, once in the group shower) - Dolores Park in San Francisco (near the Muni tracks at 3am)
  4. Shopping for a sling

    Definitely avoid canvas slings, especially those with a series of strips.
  5. Staring At Men's Dicks While In A Restroom?

    When I was 14 we had a family outing at Longacres horse racing track in the Seattle area. (I pretty much knew my orientation was gay by that age, although my only experience had been playing doctor at age 8 or 9 with a neighbor.) My first time taking a pee at Longacres, I discovered that older men (ages 40 and up) would stand at the trough urinal with their cocks out trying to pee while leaning forward slightly so they could write notes on the Daily Racing Form. The guy standing next to me happened to be black, and my eyes must have bugged out because I had never seen such a big floppy cock. I made several visits to the bathroom that day and would always try to stand next to the black guys.
  6. Hot Damn!

    I always have a great time at Club San Diego. Love getting fucked in the steamroom.
  7. Thx for the likes on my photos!

  8. ParTyn with two AUSSIE PIGS all weekend long. They were excited about seeing your pix. Nowadays they want pig's to know. 

  9. hot man. where in hollywood u at? would love to connect and get piggy and nasTy with u.. u game?

    1. mascjock8guy


      Thx. I'm near Hollywood Blvd. and Gower.  Sounds fun - where are you at?

    2. hornynow6


      i am near fairfax and smb. hit me up via text 323 334 0353

  10. Hey. Hotguy Thanks for the follow Mate. ;)

  11. Had attended some great blackout party's in LA with friends in the industry. Never enough time when you get into these session's. 

  12. Ode To Our Now Closed Gay Treasures.

    In L.A., the infamous Hollywood Spa closed in 2014 because the property owner increased the lease amount by 200%. This past June, the much smaller and less famous Melrose Spa closed after 52 years at the end of June; the landlord needed the building to be vacated in order to sell the property as a redevelopment site. In San Diego, the Mustang aka 2200 bathhouse was shut down by the city about 10 years ago, and the Vulcan bathhouse was closed by the owner about four years ago in order to sell the site to developers. Gone, but not forgotten.
  13. Great place to entertain a few friends for a few days. 

  14. I have been fucked by several guys with double-digit cocks (10 or more inches). If I hadn't been fucked for a while (like at least an hour or so, lol), then I will usually have them slowly penetrate me as deep as possible and remain in that position for about 10 to 15 seconds, which opens up my hole enough to enjoy getting pounded by a double-digit cock.
  15. Does anyone Keep a FUCK Diary?

    I have been doing the same thing with names, contact info and notes written on cocktail napkins, bar/club fliers, bathhouse cards, etc., as well as digital files (photos, emails) for about 20 years now. Recently went through them and was surprised at how many guys I've hooked up with overall as well as by how many I had no recollection of; not sure if this is due to me being a complete slut or my memory is fading. So I created a spreadsheet for all that data along with whatever details I could still recall.

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