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    6ft1, 195 pounds, blond/blue, all-american looking guy. 8 inches cut, muscular ass, hungry hole. Uninhibited versatile bottom into groups, 3ways, 1-on-1, bathhouses, sex clubs, sex parTies, sex outdoors, PnP, more. Prefer bareback. HMU if interested!
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    homemade porn; off-camera with several porn performers
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  1. I always have fun in the steam room at Club San Diego
  2. I really enjoyed your REAL story.  It proves that with  enough ...chem's and opportunity....anyone can become the BEST CUM DUMP around.  I would HOST you for a few days, myself...whenever, everything gets back to NORMAL.


    1. mascjock8guy


      Thanks Chuck - sounds good!

  3. Any of the male cast (including extras and stunt doubles) in Marvel's Black Panther; or better yet, bareback gangbanged by all of them.
  4. I have probably participated in enough sex parties/groups to have been in every position at least once, with the possible exception of 19 (does he have a foot fetish or did he drop his bottle of poppers?)
  5. Google search slosherboi84 pornhub. The first search result is a PornHub video playlist by orionhunter 14, which has 8 Slosherboi84 videos.
  6. I ran into the lead guy (tall blond Aryan-looking) at Hollywood Spa several times back in the day. I hooked up with a few of the other guys who appear in those videos. Came across one of them on Facebook recently; don't know what happened to the others.
  7. In my opinion, some of the hottest homemade bareback sex vids posted on Xtube (and other sites) about 10 years ago were from Slosherboi84 - a sexy versatile 26-year old white guy in Decatur Illinois who was versatile with twinks and younger jocks, and an oral/anal bottom with older beer-gut bears and black guys. He removed all his videos from Xtube a while back, but a few can still be found on Porhhub and elsewhere online. Does anyone know if he still makes sex vids and posts them online, or have any info about him?
  8. Lost my bathhouse cherry at that (CBC Club New Orleans) bath house. Damn, what ambiance! Old school southern charm.

    Four stories of fun - Club New Orleans





    1. mascjock8guy


      Club New Orleans was always incredibly wild during Southern Decadence

  9. BV park is especially active during a full moon
  10. Several years ago I traveled with two friends to Ibiza for a week followed by three days in Barcelona. On our first day in Barcelona we went shopping at the Zara flagship store near Plaça de Catalunya. As we arrived in the men's clothing section, I immediately noticed a hot young Spanish guy (light brown hair, blue eyes, olive skin) about 50 feet away who saw me looking at me and grabbed his crotch. After cruising each other for a couple of minutes, he walked by and said something to me in Spanish. then headed towards the exit. I caught up with him in front of the store. He was surprised
  11. Me too - I definitely had some wild times at the Coral Sands
  12. My first time at one of the Hot Desert Knights infamous dungeon parties, Chad Adams was there looking totally sexy & slutty in a white jock strap, leather harness, white socks and black chukka boots. His hole got pounded by a lot of raw cocks that night (mine included). I assumed he was spun, but don't know for sure.
  13. Thanks for the like! 

  14. Los Angeles (Slammer sex club, Flex bathhouse, Elysian Park, BBRT is always busy; Midtowne Spa in DTLA is largest bathhouse in LA since Hollywood Spa closed, but unfortunately condom usage is quite prevalent except during the monthly Blackout Party) Palm Springs (clothing optional resorts) San Diego (Club San Diego bathhouse) New Orleans (especially Southern Decadence)
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