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  1. Mans country is sleazier than SteamWorks. Also check out a bar called ManHandler.
  2. nothinghere11

    Fuck Machine

    I bought a cheap one called the "Inflatable love lounger". The piston doesn't have enough force to get inside my hole though, so it was kinda lame. I guess the more expensive ones might have a better motor. If your hole is really loose, i guess it could work. It takes four D size batteries, no option for plugging it in.
  3. nothinghere11

    Bbc Documentary

    *Raises his hand*
  4. nothinghere11

    Craigslist Trolls And My New Bbrt Profile :d

    A site with a feedback system would be awesome, someone should be working on this (it probably exists, but at least someone will reply with the site when they read this )

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