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    On the Straight/bi side of this site.
    Bareback, Cuckolding, Dogging, Prostitutes, Cum-Buckets, sharing women I love.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Long history of sexual partners all of whom were female, most of whom were whores. All of whom I was (and still am) in love with!
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    None other than taking dirty pics of the women I love getting cock and spunk.
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    A new "Partner-in-Sin" who I can keep in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Who I can fall head-over-heels in love with, and pass around bareback amongst friends and strangers alike at parties, clubs, brothels and car parks.

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  1. No, never could do it. There was always another available tart, perhaps a new prostitute on the street. It may have taken a few fucks to get her bareback but that was always the aim. All my successful affairs have been with cumdumps, prostitutes or retired prostitutes. I encourage their profligacy, and all the rest isn't cheating!
  2. For someone who must have spent half his life objecting to discrimination against the Gay Community, discriminating against women has to make you some sort of hypocrite! Shame on you Lol
  3. Isn't it wonderful that the clown signing this into law is on a KGB sex tape, in a hotel room, pissing on a prostitute, and calling her Hillary"; such a fine example to everyone who voted for him!
  4. This seems likely to wipe out the entire straight section here, since it all revolves around the word escort, few of us are getting any random bareback sex without paying for it and referring each other to the recommended sources; and general discussions about infamous barebackers like Kiri is all about her career in the escort business, with direct references to her perfectly legal advertising on UK sites The best recent material in this section has been the confessions of MiaSlut24, who also discusses her professional fees for street prostitution in Miami Florida. Fully understanding your concern about the term "whoring out", isn't just going to effect this site, but will tear a swathe through Fetlife, where it seems to be part of their Dom-Sub speciality. Fiction written about this subject needs to be reality based to have any authenticity. I'm not sure that simply using the word "fiction" will provide Admin with his "get out of jail free card". Neither might dating the events described as being at a specific time in the past, not even last century! Our best alternative might be taking these discussions to http://barepunting.info/index.php. This being a UK based site covering the same subjects. We need to encourage them to fix their occasional connectivity problems, especially for new members. Once they do this and have their site better moderated so it will not simply fail because of the loss of one Admin; I think we'll find it a very welcoming place.
  5. Pelops

    Getting HIV

    Just never heard of them as "slut pills"
  6. Okay, this questionnaire is on the main (gay) side of the site, yet I got onto it because I was "following" a FEMALE hoe and gangbanger from the straight section, who was proudly announcing her score! I grant you that SHE seems to have been massively turned on by reading about gay guys taking multiple anonymous loads, and that has apparently encouraged her to do the same, the only difference being, that on her knees with her arse in the air, she can offer the alternative of two holes to fuck! The problem with the questionnaire is that it's Gay! HER score (and my puny score of 116) are impossible to compare "like for like" with everybody else's. Do we just ignore the questions that don't seem to apply to us, or do we "turn the question inside out" to allow us to answer? I know FEMALES who are turned on by seeing their guys handle and guide in each other's cocks, give them a desultory wank, a courtesy suck, hold the girl they adore in their arms as they are fucked by someone else, feel them coming for the other guy, and use the other guy's cum as lube. And I know one or two who are massively turned on by watching two gay guys having sex; and two girls in "three pillow" relationships each with two gay guys! The really nice thing here is the fact, that stuff I might cringe a bit at, has had such a wonderfully "moral influence" on this FEMALE's attitude and active desire to seek multiple anonymous loads in motel rooms from unvetted Craigslisters. Again, more power to her! But do I have to run a mile from saying so in case some guy gets his panties in a knot about the very existance of a vagina? (She hasn't been blocked from this thread!)
  7. Pelops

    Getting HIV

    Definition, active ingredients, source, please Sounds like some crook selling red MnMs for 100 times their price to fools!
  8. You need to add (with a high score) fucking a stranger in the marital bed, and fucking on a church altar! LOL
  9. Pelops

    Getting HIV

    negligible, look at the CDC's stats! Stunned by the alkalinity of your saliva, and dropped into the pit of hell and hydrochloric acid in your stomach! open wounds and lesions in your mouth would be the only real danger.
  10. Always good to find bareback couples into fucking around.  I know a few, they mostly do a bit of "escorting" as well, generally to please the guy rather than for the money.

    I love to join them dogging, where I get to share her with her partner after a few anonymous random strangers! That's nearly as good as marrying her myself! I've also shared one or two with their partners after they've done a few paying clients!

    We all love the calculated risks we take, but none of us get off on masturbating about all the HIV/AIDS/STD flag waving, the promises of giving or receiving death sentences, or excruciating diseases!

    We'd all prefer the PreP, Meds, Check-up and Clean-up route, talk about our near misses, bullets dodged, and clinic visits, and terrify ourselves with what we might catch every time we take turns sticking our unprotected cocks in her freshly, anonymously fucked, pussy!

    Hope you find everything you're looking for, just don't ever come and tell us up-front that you're going to give us a dose! Just tell us how dangerous you are and we'll love you to bits!

  11. Reading your profile, I see you're into dirty, depraved, dissolute (and probably disturbed) girls - with real vaginas; impregnation fantasy; and being fucked in the ass by random strangers as an equally depraved "bottom". There is no contradiction in that!

    I want a supply of randy cocksmen to ensure that the depraved (and probably disturbed) women I love are adequately exercised, and get a regular supply of fresh cum in their baby-making hole, and we can all compete with each other in the calumny of lies we tell about they're forgetting to take the pill, and how every period has been missed!

    Your bringing an ass full of random perverts cum to the party is immaterial, other than that it gives you added bragging rights and dirty stories to tell, in competition with her accounts of the inappropriate sex she has with  inappropriate random strangers in inappropriate places. My accounts of sleazy prostitutes with their last punter's cum running down their leg. Our joint accounts of dogging, sex in public toilets, and whoring her out!

    There are clearly no risks at all in any of these "innocent" and healthy pursuits, just so long as we chose to play them down, ignore them, and don't worry about them until afterwards!

  12. Pelops

    Poz bull for wife

    Apart from the "Suicidal Fantasy", and taking loads yourself (if you love it that much, you go for it!) you seem to have done all the right things and found the perfect partner. We should all be full of admiration and just a little jealous. You have to support her completely, worship her always, and never never do anything which would offend her!
  13. Pelops

    Poz bull for wife

    In our little backwater you probably couldn't find a Poz guy if you tried! As I keep saying, it's most likely to be the same dozen or twenty perverts fucking the same half dozen sluts and prostitutes every week! The only risks being the occasional dose of clap or chlamydia, and even then some dirty fucker had to travel to a big city to bring it home. When my wife was playing, she was as likely to give me a dose, as I was to give her one. I've obviously been in more "dangerous" situations with strange tarts than she was in fucking the same couple of guys she fucked the previous week. There was usually the occasional one whose name we didn't know, so I could nearly always persuade her that she gave me the dose! The really nice, sneaky and manipulative part being my always completely forgiving her, and being totally non-judgemental about her fucking the guys who allegedly gave it to us! She would have been much more judgemental about my sneaking around with and paying tarts, despite the fact that for years she had framed banknotes on our bedroom wall to prove (if we needed any proof) that she was perfectly capable of behaving like a prostitute herself! On the couple of occasions when it was obvious that I had given her a dose, forgiveness was a long time coming, and cost me way more than the prostitutes! Since my wife is out of the picture and no longer plays, The working prostitutes, retired and partly retired prostitutes with whom I'm now getting my jollies, take getting a dose more-or-less in their stride, and I'm no longer at risk of bringing it home to my wife. These ladies have all come from a background of desperation for money or of getting another beating if they don't bring enough money home. I've got the advantage over all their other guys, of never judging them, never blaming them, never raising a hand to them, and continuing to finance them through each quarantine! The best way of getting into a woman's pants, continue getting into them, and to keep them enthusiastic about it, is and always has been, to play the Perfect Gentleman Card, to always persuade them that they are Goddesses, perfect specimens of womanhood, they are without fault, and without sin, (and are even more beautiful bearing the trappings and stains of promiscuity)! The lust of the other men they sneak around with, or fuck under your nose, is akin to their winning the public vote on X-Factor! Their public approval rating is through the roof, it just makes them all the more desirable! So I'm halfway there with you, sharing the risks with the women I love is really good dirty fun, as you say "It's Hot". It's just that considering where I am, I've never seriously recognised the risk (or inevitability) of HIV. I've been looking at Craigslist recently, there have only been five local posts in the last month W4M. Not a single one "adult enough" to have been flagged, all just because we're a dreadful little backwater. I can still pick up a prostitute in the street, once in a blue moon there is a new one. I have a few regulars on speed-dial who will go dogging or meet with friends; and they all know that I'm a pervert, so whenever a client wants an audience, wants to watch, or wants a threesome, I'm the one they recruit, and I always make it worth their while!
  14. Nice to have you follow me, let's have more information about which end of you is up!

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      Do you know of any other good sites for our interest?

  15. Pelops

    how many loads can you swallow?

    My wife always tended to feel queasy after swallowing a few. We prefer to get loads deep in her cunt where we can at least fantasise about getting her knocked up, and I have the benefit during my follow-up fuck. I don't swallow much during clean-up, since I tend to sweep the overflow down into the palm of my hand with my thumb, and rub it on her tits or elsewhere so I can smell and taste it all night, and just have a trace taste.

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