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    Long history of sexual partners all of whom were female, most of whom were whores. All of whom I was (and still am) in love with!
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    A new "Partner-in-Sin" who I can keep in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Who I can fall head-over-heels in love with, and pass around bareback amongst friends and strangers alike at parties, clubs, brothels and car parks.

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  1. I think you've got the message badpenny72! I don't understand why a woman would want to be fucked routinely in the one hole that doesn't have orgasms (oral is a courtesy and foreplay). And I don't understand why they would ever want to be fucked in the hole that hurts! (even the idea of anal sex makes my eyes water!) This is not for men who have sex with women, this is for men who do sex to women!
  2. Max5123, I'd only push your numbers up about five years, little princesses can hang on into their late twenties, and some of the Old Slappers can wear quite well, A little bit of wear comes with experience and a decent amount of depravity!
  3. We'd all love her diving head and shoulders out of a car to suck our cocks, I wonder what colour she's she'd go when we told her we thought she might have a sting in her tail?
  4. SexiLexxie said "I wouldn't sleep with a poz guy". She also said, that while she was fertile, she was on birth control ("Yes to both" - above) Does this surprise some of you? There are two sorts of people on this site; the ones who fuck - most of whom have some sense; and the ones who sit at home, fantasise about it all and wank over their keyboards - they don't need any sense, just well developed arm muscles. The guy in the good dirty story goes out and gets HIV, he goes around giving it deliberately to all our best prostitutes, tarts and swingers; and goes home and gives it to his wife. All of us reading the story are supposed to have a hard on by now. He gets arrested (he probably ought to be done for attempted murder), loses his family because of his behaviour, loses his livelihood because of the scandal, his wife divorces him and cuts his penis off with a kitchen knife, and his neighbours lynch him for ruining all the local tarts. Now we all have to buy new keyboards because we've ejaculated on them!!!!! This is the power of fantasy without responsibility, the prerogative of the wanker through the ages! SexiLexxie is quite safe! None of the wankers will ever leave their keyboards long enough to meet her; their arm muscles are so grossly developed they they won't be able to squeeze out through their basement doors.
  5. The fantasies about doing it are way better than actually doing it for real, in reality they'd all expect child maintenance or worse! The best ones are the ones you never meet again, you can fantasise anything you like, then the girls who actually get knocked-up are only statistics. You can read about the plethora of little bastards being bred out there, and claim that half of them are yours! The Swingers, Hotwives, Doggers and Prostitutes who tell you they want to get pregnant are all liars. It's all a big fantasy, motivated beautifully in the one instance to get everybody in rut; or motivated in an entirely mercenary manner, to get you to hurry the fuck up with the job you've paid for, and bring their ordeal to an end, so they can get out there and do another punter or get back to their boyfriend! But don't you believe a word of it. You can knock-up every little tart who will take it bare (or tear the end of the condom for), walk away and take no responsibility! We all want to breed a "Master Race", clones of our selfish selves, or clones of the sluts we fuck and forget, all brought up in care or penury to perpetuate the knocking-up from the day they turn twelve! It's all for real! Our getting a dose just proves that we honourably participated!
  6. In years gone by when my wife and I entertained other couples and occasionally larger parties, everyone was religiously using (and being seen to use) condoms. When we got to sneak around and meet the same people one-on-one, it always tickled us how many would go without, with the proviso, "this will be our little secret, we can't ever tell anyone"! My wife always told me because, after all, I was having her immediately afterwards (or nearly immediately), and the single guys she was (we were) meeting on their own or for threesomes had far fewer scruples about it, apart from the occasional one who also insisted it had to be a secret, and the ones who had to wash their cocks before they went home. Nowadays, my wife having lost interest, I'm only seeing a few regular professional trollops who seem to be totally careless about it all. I'm getting sloppy seconds in lovingly lubricated ladies, from partners, boyfriends, friends with benefits, regular paying clients, regular doggers, and the occasional real random stranger. It's all just brazen, depraved and "out there" with none of the sneaking around anymore. These are ladies have friends and family who know that they're trollops and don't care; their children buy them "MILF" jewelery and T-shirts; they talk about "doing clients" at the bar or restaurant table unconcerned by people overhearing them! Hopefully, in the future, this discussion about the love of natural lubrication won't have to take place on smutty anonymous internet sites, but then, when that happens, will it lose all the appeal of the secrecy and sneaking around?
  7. Looks so pretty and innocent in these old pics (so did I when I was her age lol) Still no sign of the more up-to-date ones from her dogging adventures
  8. SexiLexxie said "I wouldn't sleep with a poz guy". Someone with sense on here! I posted: Now that's different from all the fantasy about deliberately seeking infections
  9. When you look back to my first post on this thread - I'm surprised I didn't get suspended or banned long ago!
  10. I mean, how do they cope philosophically with their own conception, and their Mammys having given birth to them?
  11. We have to be sorry for the rare and delicate little flowers, with the tattoos and hairy arses, buggering each other to hell; in case they have conniptions at the sight of a tit or a twat; or the thought of a man actually having sex with a woman. They need full time protection from ever being exposed to the vile and sacrilegious scourge of the sinful sistern; so that their mammys might be proud of them.
  12. You get the impression that some of the "discipline" here is a bit erratic. We seem to get a bit more leeway on the "Straight" forum when we take a skite at the bug-chasers who butt into our threads offering to "Poz-up" our wives, girlfriends and favourite whores without their (or our) knowledge or consent. I was discretely "Following" a guy who said something sensible on a thread I was on, he then posted on a thread about "Self Destruction" which was where I was facetious about the whole concept (I wouldn't even say I was sarcastic) and maybe that was the wrong place to do it.
  13. Sorry cuntlover, the original post was deleted by admin.
  14. I did NOT get suspended for suggesting that all the sensible members were Defying the risks rather than Embracing them unto death. I did NOT get suspended for suggesting that the suicide squad were all wankers who had never in their lives ejaculated in the presence of another living, breathing, human being. I did NOT get suspended for suggesting that the suicide squad should develop a whole new religion where, if they were bad enough, they could ascend to a Poz Paradise (Poz Valhalla), and bugger bloody, or be buggered bloody by, a gang of 72 bum bandits for all eternity. (Or if they were sensible cuckolds and slut worshippers like me, every 72 of them would be in thrall to one depraved whore who would only ever wash in their semen for all eternity!) I did NOT get suspended for composing a hymn for us all to sing as we ascended during the Rapture. I did NOT get suspended for calling the gay community “Queers” (perhaps because I made the point of saying that I always capitalised the word out of respect). I did NOT even get suspended for making a serious argument to the effect that: those on meds should live a reasonably normal life without infecting anyone; those on PrEP should successfully avoid infection; that with early diagnosis and other developments, HIV was on the back foot; with decreasing numbers of new diagnoses month by month (in the civilised world at least). That the inevitable expectation of death by AIDs was as out of date as singlehandedly invading the Land of the Giants with a big sword in the hope of dying a hero! I DID get suspended for making a joke! If the admin responsible is a Scientologist, and was offended by the suggestion that “The Aliens in the Volcanoes” might be a party to our being beamed up to Paradise as our penises exploded; then I must humbly apologise to him for the offence.
  15. Some of those tattoos weren't biohazard signs at all, they were three interlocked 6's, as in the "number of the beast" (Actually these Arabic numerals only started to be used 1,000 years after the publication of Revelation where the number is in Roman numerals DCLXVI and is thought to be an acronym.) But the three sixes is a Goth thing, absolutely nothing to do with either Bio Hazard the group, or bio-hazard the danger. Something odd here, when you type three sixes in a row it reads99, missing the previous space and needing inventive editing

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