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    Long history of sexual partners all of whom were female, most of whom were whores. All of whom I was (and still am) in love with!
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    A new "Partner-in-Sin" who I can keep in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Who I can fall head-over-heels in love with, and pass around bareback amongst friends and strangers alike at parties, clubs, brothels and car parks.

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  1. When you look back to my first post on this thread - I'm surprised I didn't get suspended or banned long ago!
  2. I mean, how do they cope philosophically with their own conception, and their Mammys having given birth to them?
  3. We have to be sorry for the rare and delicate little flowers, with the tattoos and hairy arses, buggering each other to hell; in case they have conniptions at the sight of a tit or a twat; or the thought of a man actually having sex with a woman. They need full time protection from ever being exposed to the vile and sacrilegious scourge of the sinful sistern; so that their mammys might be proud of them.
  4. You get the impression that some of the "discipline" here is a bit erratic. We seem to get a bit more leeway on the "Straight" forum when we take a skite at the bug-chasers who butt into our threads offering to "Poz-up" our wives, girlfriends and favourite whores without their (or our) knowledge or consent. I was discretely "Following" a guy who said something sensible on a thread I was on, he then posted on a thread about "Self Destruction" which was where I was facetious about the whole concept (I wouldn't even say I was sarcastic) and maybe that was the wrong place to do it.
  5. Sorry cuntlover, the original post was deleted by admin.
  6. I did NOT get suspended for suggesting that all the sensible members were Defying the risks rather than Embracing them unto death. I did NOT get suspended for suggesting that the suicide squad were all wankers who had never in their lives ejaculated in the presence of another living, breathing, human being. I did NOT get suspended for suggesting that the suicide squad should develop a whole new religion where, if they were bad enough, they could ascend to a Poz Paradise (Poz Valhalla), and bugger bloody, or be buggered bloody by, a gang of 72 bum bandits for all eternity. (Or if they were sensible cuckolds and slut worshippers like me, every 72 of them would be in thrall to one depraved whore who would only ever wash in their semen for all eternity!) I did NOT get suspended for composing a hymn for us all to sing as we ascended during the Rapture. I did NOT get suspended for calling the gay community “Queers” (perhaps because I made the point of saying that I always capitalised the word out of respect). I did NOT even get suspended for making a serious argument to the effect that: those on meds should live a reasonably normal life without infecting anyone; those on PrEP should successfully avoid infection; that with early diagnosis and other developments, HIV was on the back foot; with decreasing numbers of new diagnoses month by month (in the civilised world at least). That the inevitable expectation of death by AIDs was as out of date as singlehandedly invading the Land of the Giants with a big sword in the hope of dying a hero! I DID get suspended for making a joke! If the admin responsible is a Scientologist, and was offended by the suggestion that “The Aliens in the Volcanoes” might be a party to our being beamed up to Paradise as our penises exploded; then I must humbly apologise to him for the offence.
  7. Some of those tattoos weren't biohazard signs at all, they were three interlocked 6's, as in the "number of the beast" (Actually these Arabic numerals only started to be used 1,000 years after the publication of Revelation where the number is in Roman numerals DCLXVI and is thought to be an acronym.) But the three sixes is a Goth thing, absolutely nothing to do with either Bio Hazard the group, or bio-hazard the danger. Something odd here, when you type three sixes in a row it reads99, missing the previous space and needing inventive editing
  8. Good stuff Dirtyboy30, sounds like you're as dirty a fucker as she is! Awarding Three Gold Stars with Kiri's name on them to stick on your STI Free Certificate! (That would make it a special and extraordinary document lol!) It was just over eight years ago I had her in a hotel room with two strangers; we all fucked her cunt which was nice and soft (but wasn't horribly slack). I got to dip in after the first and cum in her after the second. She bragged about doing five or six guys earlier in the day which we were all very blase about. Like you my dick never fell off either.
  9. Hi disorder, no indication here, or on your profile, where you are, not even which country! So we're hardly likely to meet you, your group or your girls dogging. I'm in a quiet backwater where there is one gay sauna with gloryholes, and being straight I've never been to it. Only a couple of public toilets where someone has "maliciously damaged" a partition, it's patched up in double quick time and nobody knows to go to it. I've taken willing bareback girls dogging. They're either hardened prostitutes who accept the risks or don't care; hardened swingers who do the same; or they're naive or stupid and are unaware of the risks or don't seem to care. The physical contact at the car door is better without the sheet of plywood. The girl is either bending over with her upper body in the car taking "strangers" doggy, or she's lying in my arms with her bum out the door and her feet up against the top door frame. In either case we we don't get to see the guys faces (and it's fairly dark). I always go last and occasionally dip in in between! The reality of risk is limited by the fact that I know most of the guys, they're regulars, but the girl doesn't necessarily know that. We maintain the fantasy that they are all strangers! We obviously get new guys from time to time to add to the fun. If the stranger is on his own for the fuck we may just not know, but if he joins the queue there is the feeling that he is being vetted by the regulars outside the car (at least some of the time). One hardened swinger and I were warned by the regulars that there were three bi-guys in a blue merc who we shouldn't entertain because they might be too dangerous! But she insisted on going out every night until we found them, and she gleefully fucked them too! We have never caught anything (so far) despite one of the hardened prostitutes coming down with chlamydia on one occasion and gonorrhea a month later (presumably from clients), during the time I was seeing her occasionally, and taking her out just once or twice. HIV is more problematic since the local clinics don't bother to test for it unless a patient asks them to. But then none of us actually know anyone who has HIV in our little backwater. Your scenario sounds even more fun, if just a little more dangerous
  10. You get in there dom_uk you must be as close as anyone, closer than most, come back and tell us the score, tell us how good she tastes. Tell us she's real before the trolls start denying that she exists lol
  11. "Closed Eyes" - were you not prepared to look her in the eye, or was she not prepared to look you in the eye, lol I'm stuck with just my few regulars over here, it's a long time since I got "fresh meat" - I miss it! Lovely looking girl, lovely looking freshly fucked cunt, I'd love to have her now, random stranger on random stranger, after a succession of random strangers! There's just something unholy and depraved about taking a random, unprotected fuck, on faith. But we need our eyes wide open to see eachother's reactions, it's just too filthy a scenario to go into with our eyes wide shut!
  12. A little bit the same with me fnarfnar, I'm stuck in a little backwater, even getting to the mainland needs pre-planning, planes, trains, hire cars and hotels; to say nothing about planning care for my resident invalide at home. Otherwise I'd be across the shough like a shot and get my turn loving-up Lexi. AdultWork doesn't do me any good either, only a couple of peripatetic Romanians doing bareback who don't have enough English to tell me how adventurously dirty they are! Just my few Old Slappers from the remains of the RLD.
  13. Nice fantasy, I get it. I can pick up a regular Old Slapper in the street who I know will fuck me bare. In reality she is probably only doing regulars bareback. If she doesn't know me that well she'll lie to me and swear she uses condoms on everyone else (as they do!) If she has a sticky spunky cunt she'll swear it was her boyfriend, or the "one guy" she does bare. I'll know she's lying! Trying to keep me sweet for the money and repeat business and so I won't be afraid of getting a dose. If she knows me better (and a couple of them do) and she has at least a trace of spunk there to taste off her, she'll tell me that she's done every guy bare that night "a dozen of them", all "random strangers she's never met before"! Of course I know she's lying! She realises I get harder quicker and cum quicker when she does! Maybe I get off on the worry (terror even) of checking my willy for a discharge every time I pee! And she knows I'll pay her extra for having the appearance of being such a dirty wanton slut! One lovely wee girl (had to fuck her twice with a condom before she'd do me bare), was being stalked by a punter trying to monopolize her. He told other punters she had a dose! She knew that I knew it was all a lot of shite; but we had an amazing fuck (despite my old age I came twice - paid her double) as she told me she was giving me a dose, and we discussed the symptoms, the clinic, the treatment, how many men she'd given it to, who I'd give it to before it was confirmed, it was just an amazing fuck. And it's not just about how wanton a girl appears to be, how careless she might be with her health and mine; it's also about how disreputable she is, how far I'll stoop to get that good dirty fuck! She's been to jail (at least they'll have done a blood test even if no one else has lol), there's a bench warrant out for her, her best friend OD'd, her boyfriend got four years for doing a post office, she's got no idea who the fathers of her children are. Dangerous girls don't just risk giving you a dose! You want your anonymous wanton slut to be more or less silent; mine's only anonymous because she's lying about her name and where she lives; but I want mine to be horrifyingly, disgustingly, and filthily, verbose!
  14. Just one girl turns up on here, and the site has improved immeasurably
  15. That's okay BBBoyfromTN, if you have an infinite supply of girls or hookers you're never going to see again, girls are going to be pissed off with you if you keep leaving condoms in them or don't pull out when you said you would. Just go for the dirty girls and Old Slappers who are happy with bareback.

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