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    Bareback, Cuckolding, Dogging, Prostitutes, Cum-Buckets, sharing women I love.
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    Long history of sexual partners all of whom were female, most of whom were whores. All of whom I was (and still am) in love with!
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    None other than taking dirty pics of the women I love getting cock and spunk.
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    A new "Partner-in-Sin" who I can keep in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Who I can fall head-over-heels in love with, and pass around bareback amongst friends and strangers alike at parties, clubs, brothels and car parks.

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  1. Pregnancy risk?

    Your girlfriend and you can live with her little bastards if you choose to have her fuck around, a quarter of kids today are brought up by guys who aren't their biological fathers - and those are only the ones who know about it! Try lining up guys who are a good match for you for skin, hair and eye colour, it makes it easier, and if you love her you'll love her kids because they're hers. It's such a thrill to get your girl to take bare cocks, the pregnancy risk is the icing on the cake. No, my comment about deep pockets was about the other two girls you're fucking bare, and who may well pursue you for maintainance!
  2. Pregnancy risk?

    Good for you Lee31, I trust you've got a deep pocket!
  3. Does anyone Keep a FUCK Diary?

    For years I kept a folder on my PC, it was "down a rabbit hole" with a name that made it look like a program file. Name, if I knew it, and it might not have been real brief discription location And a series of codes, scored from zero to nine where applicable, or left blank if not. The obvious ones were "C" for condom scored either zero or one, "O" for oral etc.; and there was an oddity box at the end of each line for additional remarks. I kept the record religiously, and looked back on it occasionally, then when I upgraded my PC, it didn't get copied over and was irretrievably lost.
  4. Double penetration in an mfm

    double vaginal is good too, then you really can feel the other cock, feel it pulsing as it cums
  5. Your last hetro load...

    marry her, lol
  6. Women could fuck twenty men a day, prostitutes regularly do, men can only manage maybe three women a day (that's the most I've managed) and as we get older the numbers we're capable of, tail off! Libidinous women need more sex than one partner can provide, it's as simple as that! There is nothing humiliating nor demeaning about our encouraging it, nor about our arranging it. It just proves how much we love them.
  7. Balls Deep or the Tip

    Balls deep every time, you want to find the cunt full of cum for your own pleasure, and leave it full for the next guy. It doesn't make much difference to the risk, after all you're only thinking about the risk to yourself, unless you are fantasising about the bugs hopping up and down on your cock from last night's tart being transferred to tonight's! The risk to yourself is sticking it in there at all. And pregnancy is all fantasy too.
  8. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/margaret-henderson-jailed-for-three-years-for-killing-pensioner-eddie-girvan-36030420.html She only got six years, three in jail and three more on licence, see the article
  9. why did you cum in me

    I'd like to correct you on two points verslut, we can always leak a few sperm in our pre-cum, pulling out is not totally effective in preventing pregnancy. It is anal sex that is the standard contraceptive in poor catholic countries, not withdrawal. An invitation to have unprotected sex can be taken to be an invitation to cum inside her unless she tells you not to. It only becomes "rude" (and an assault) if you cum in her when she's made it perfectly clear that she has not consented to that.
  10. Swinging and bareback

    On the contrary, not a rash decision at all. Very responsible plan to start off on PrEP, especially since you're taking loads too, the rest of the unpleasant things are curable or you can live with them. Now you can just challenge the odds, live in defiance (or in denial) and occasionally go hand in hand to the clap clinic like good citizens should. Such an improvement over all the mythical bug chasing we see too much of. Unicorns aren't that rare, it may be unusual to cajole an innocent wife through swapping, into cuckoldry and taking loads bareback, (or even bullying her if you're some sort of Dom and she's your suggestible little Sub). We all just need the foresight to shack up with proper trollops, sluts or whores in the first place! Don't even date a girl who hasn't got the last guy's cum in her pussy, and don't marry her until she's proven her promiscuity. Even the used, abused and broken girls can be "rescued" and will repeat it all for you just for love and affection.
  11. As long as she's barebacking her bulls, your dirty secret's safe, if you get a dose it's her fault!!!!!!!!!
  12. It takes the edge off the whole thing when you realise that the girl doing all the mad stuff for you just doesn't care, and will probably be dead in less than a year.
  13. Only met one straight guy who used them, I got the impression at the time that he must have been using them to get a better erection, since I only ever saw him get one as and after I fucked his wife. He failed to get one altogether in a sixsome, much to his wife's embarrassment. On another occasion when out dogging I came across a "couple" in a car, I only saw the bare back in the front seat as they flashed the interior light. On parking and walking back with the big guy standing in the open car doorway beckoning me; I found a little naked fat guy wearing nothing but tartan socks sitting in the car sniffing and sucking turn about, on a popper and the big guys cock, which was about as big as my forearm. I stood and watched for a couple of minutes just out of reach of the big guy's hand. The little fat chap, whose limp cock was about the size of my little finger, suddenly stopped turned around onto his knees and took that enormous cock up his arse in one sweep. It made my eyes water! I left them to it. By then I was assuming the popper was needed to relax the sphincter. Following an angiogram and three stents in my heart last summer, I was told by my GP not to use viagra or poppers while I was on a "Nitrate" tablet for the symptoms of angina.
  14. About sloppy seconds ..?

    We read a lot about women who behave like sluts "Eating Cum" straight from the tap, and men behaving like sluts doing the same. That's a matter of subjugation. Ignoring the guys (which I tend to do) women shouldn't have to spend their life being fucked in the one hole that doesn't have orgasms, nor in the hole that hurts, when she has an alternative hole which has orgasms, is much more comfortable, and allows us to at least fantasise about impregnation. While that hole is self lubricating, is is even nicer, and infinitely more welcoming, when the last guy(s) have bust a nut lubricating it for you; we should always thank him(them) for their courtesy! And we don't have to be subjugated and eat all the cum either; we can sweep the overflow down into the palm of the hand with our thumb and spread it around elsewhere on a tit or a belly to smell and savour all night, and leave a trace taste, as we properly worship the hole that between us we might have just impregnated.
  15. Thanks barecubtop, maybe they were so high that they couldn't remember, or they were normally so self conscious that they couldn't sustain an erection in company and actually managed one!

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