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    On the Straight/bi side of this site.
    Bareback, Cuckolding, Dogging, Prostitutes, Cum-Buckets, sharing women I love.
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    Long history of sexual partners all of whom were female, most of whom were whores. All of whom I was (and still am) in love with!
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    None other than taking dirty pics of the women I love getting cock and spunk.
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    A new "Partner-in-Sin" who I can keep in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Who I can fall head-over-heels in love with, and pass around bareback amongst friends and strangers alike at parties, clubs, brothels and car parks.

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  1. Don't be silly MysteryStranger, that's an oxymoron! (Since you're a revolting colonial who doesn't quite speak English, remember that is pronounced "ox-zim-er-on"). If you, or Filthycunt018, is actually fucking strangers, the fun is in NOT KNOWING who they are, what they might have, and what they might give you. All that glorious fun is found swimming in a sea of doubt, worry, half-arsed statistics supposed to prove that you're safe, and sheer terror as you check to see if your willy is about to fall off, or that the lady you're head-over-heels in love with is leaving a trail of necrotic willies in her wake! Let's stick to the subject in hand. Random strangers knocking our girl up, a discrete termination before we quite feel the baby kick, and before going straight out and getting knocked up again, or lovingly carrying the little bastard to term! Imagining how dirty the stranger's cocks might be is only an added incentive, as we play our game of connubial terrorism with our own and each other's heads! If you can't do it, then just think it and masturbate, it's nearly as good!
  2. Reading your profile, I see you're into dirty, depraved, dissolute (and probably disturbed) girls - with real vaginas; impregnation fantasy; and being fucked in the ass by random strangers as an equally depraved "bottom". There is no contradiction in that!

    I want a supply of randy cocksmen to ensure that the depraved (and probably disturbed) women I love are adequately exercised, and get a regular supply of fresh cum in their baby-making hole, and we can all compete with each other in the calumny of lies we tell about they're forgetting to take the pill, and how every period has been missed!

    Your bringing an ass full of random perverts cum to the party is immaterial, other than that it gives you added bragging rights and dirty stories to tell, in competition with her accounts of the inappropriate sex she has with  inappropriate random strangers in inappropriate places. My accounts of sleazy prostitutes with their last punter's cum running down their leg. Our joint accounts of dogging, sex in public toilets, and whoring her out!

    There are clearly no risks at all in any of these "innocent" and healthy pursuits, just so long as we chose to play them down, ignore them, and don't worry about them until afterwards!

  3. Sorry MorganStar, even the fantasy of pregnancy risk sex needs you to have the right props! And a dirty girl-pussy full of the last guy's cum so I can believe I'm competing for the prize!
  4. Like you, my experiences have been with termination resolving an unplanned "accident". I have known a couple of ladies who enjoyed the feeling of pregnancy in the early stages and had no problems, whether or not they'd have had the same thrill as another couple I know who wanted to do surrogacy and give the child up to it's new parents, again because they enjoyed the whole pregnancy thing, but had enough kids of their own
  5. And tell us all about the thrill of keeping getting briefly pregnant, by random strangers. I completely understand the fantasy. With me and mine it's all about the calumny of lies, keeping all the dirty fuckers in rut! Making them believe there's a chance! The accounts of how many times she'd forgotten to take her pill, and how every period was late! Discussing the dirty fuckers both privately with me and with them as well, as to how good a match they'd be for my colouring, hair and eyes, so while I'd never know if I was the father or not, the guys would all half believe it was them! While we almost always knew (most) of the guys, there were one or two who passed nameless in the night. In the end our only child was mine (I think). It was an absolutely thrilling ride! Short pregnancies could have been an added thrill, but they would have never worked out since my wife had such a debilitating, sickly, first trimester!
  6. Do you actually expect all of them to have your babies? Or just have a termination?
  7. That looks like a risk you almost planned for, is getting knocked up a better thrill than the pill? How often does it happen?
  8. Tell us more Filthycunt18, test for what? and what sort of clinic? We know you "love the risk and the accidents" as a result of lots of "random cum" in your holes. So how do you define "an accident" and what are you going to do about it?
  9. Mail Order: bareback sex on tap!

    They say that the girls like Melania Trump, who you find in the sales catalogues from Slovenia, and have worked at home on dairy farms, make the best escorts, because they have the well muscled forearms to make them ideal for jerking off old white men! (And you wonder why guys talk lovingly about the "milkmaid's hand".)
  10. Poz bull for wife

    Apart from the "Suicidal Fantasy", and taking loads yourself (if you love it that much, you go for it!) you seem to have done all the right things and found the perfect partner. We should all be full of admiration and just a little jealous. You have to support her completely, worship her always, and never never do anything which would offend her!
  11. Yesssss, so much of it is in the suspension of disbelief! Lies to get everybody turned on, maybe even lying to hubby about "forgetting her pill for days", late periods, and suggesting that the stud has the right colouring etc. to pass of the baby off as yours!
  12. Your last hetro load...

    You poor little boy Morgan, did the wittle girl not appreciate your efforts? Find a prostitute; you'll get all the appreciation you pay for. You can't expect to get it right the first time! You'll soon learn.
  13. gf is at her bbc bulls apartment

    Lovely photos, lovely girl, great attitude! Everyone jealous here! We all know that pregnancy risk sex, particularly with bulls, is all baloney (90% of the time). A pack of lies to get everybody up to high doe; to get the next cock in quick to chase the last guys little swimmers to the target! It's an even better pack of lies if hubby/boyfriend at least half believes it. Lick up that nigger's spunk boy! You know she deserves it (the nigger, the spunk, and the lick). Keep posting, we all love her too!
  14. Admin gave us a straight section and despite a few niggles, hasn't taken it away. And look up at the headline, this is part of it! We can get suspended with penalty points, just for getting into a discussion on something like "sloppy seconds" in the main (gay) posts and mentioning a vagina. When people here compare "bug-chasing" to smoking or base jumping, the straight smokers and base jumpers might point out that they don't smoke scyanide nor do they jump without a parachute! I don't see any likelihood of gay members being suspended for trying to fuck with the heads of the straight members. On joining the site it takes us time to get used to their machinations! We can find it offensive when we're told that we're subhuman if we don't want to die from Aids. Or to find our posts interrupted by offers to "Poz up" our wives, girlfriends or favourite whores.
  15. What’s the best way to get some pussy

    Wrong! While it's true the prettiest ones' expectations are probably too high for us to get easily into their pants, what you need to do is find a comfortable old slapper who knows that she can't quite compete with the young firm pretty ones, and treat her like a Goddess, she'll be so delighted with the attention and a bit of money that she'll throw caution to the winds, be all over your dirty dick, and she'll fuck you!

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