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    Long history of sexual partners all of whom were female, most of whom were whores. All of whom I was (and still am) in love with!
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    A new "Partner-in-Sin" who I can keep in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Who I can fall head-over-heels in love with, and pass around bareback amongst friends and strangers alike at parties, clubs, brothels and car parks.

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  1. Surely you mean most insist on covered in front of other swingers, and go bare when they are sneaking around in private or behind their partner's back. In our experience at least half the guys meeting my wife behind their own wife's back would go bare, while if their wife had been there they wouldn't have dared. Maybe a quarter of girls I fucked behind their husband's back were the same. There's this big fear on the swinging scene, of being shamed by the Condom Brigade for daring to break the rule. But like your wife and her couple of drinks, on the dogging scene with half a dozen guys lined up, a couple can talk about everybody using condoms, and once things get started abandon all thoughts of safety. Some guys taking their wife dogging will feed her a few drinks to relax her, after all the talk about using condoms, it's hubby who is telling them (right at point of penetration) not to wear them or to take them off! My wife always fucked bare without the need of being pissed or high!
  2. Pregnancy risk can be a complete fairytale, and can still be a turnon!
  3. Good story, revenge and punishment is one entirely understandable reason for stealthing someone (unless you're stealthing innocents, which I don't get). I also understand the guys that reckon that becoming Poz is inevitable because of their behaviour. The poor, sad gay kid who thinks he's joining a big friendly loving Poz family where he will no longer be bullied I'm sorry for. The subs (male or female) who are so imprinted on their masters that they will share their disease with them, I'm not so sure about. But where does this leave me, THINKING about stealthing comparative innocents? Fuck Mary bare last night and Jane bare tonight; they're both tarts, they're both a dangerous but unquantifiable risk, neither of them expect any better of me; but I get off on imagining in my mind's eye, Mary's bugs jumping up and down on my willy, as I slide it into Jane! Am I just as dirty, malicious and murderous a fucker as the rest on here, advocating spreading disease, accepting disease as a good thing, and offering to Poz up everybody's wives girlfriends and whores? Likes on this post will count as a "Yes" to that last question!
  4. Rachel's rare gloryhole escapades seem to have been in London, Amsterdam and Florida; she seems to get almost all her stray cock dogging and escorting.
  5. The three attachments (listed in attachments on my profile) fill my quota and disallow me from uploading a pic bigger than a postage stamp. I can't delete, Please check my original post and delete at least one. Thanks
  6. Nobody seems to want to delete mine!
  7. We know why you'd want the husband or boyfriend to be bi PissPig, lol; but a good cuckold who lives to wallow in his wife's cum filled cunt is a whole trip in itself, you and he may get to be "brothers" in your love for that same cum filled cunt! If the best you can do is an escort then you can get to play the sharing role with all her other punters. In any case you should be opening yourself up to all sorts of good scary stuff, with the angel of death and all his lesser demons looking over your shoulder!
  8. I've found the cuckold couples to be nearly as rare, far too much competition, and I'm getting too old to try putting myself about as someone's toyboy! All these sites are much more useful if you can approach them from the other side (like Layla). If you have your own personal Goddess in tow and are indulging her libido for the sloppy seconds. Set up a couples profile with your wife or girlfriend (or even set her up with a singles one) and try fielding the large volume of offers. The only problem being the wankers and wastrels who will indulge in email ping-pong and promise meets they have no intention of keeping. Paying for sex sharpens these guys minds! Escorts and prostitutes get to meet about 50% of the guys who promise to turn up. Only about 10% turn up for swingers, gangbangers and doggers for free! I had one regular girlfriend who got me to help her set up an escort profile, it was great fun. We flagged "bareback" and "Unprotected sex" with a "Frequently Asked Question" Do you really do bareback? answer, Yes but only after the second or third meet. and another FAQ, Do you give discounts? answer, Yes 50% off if you will do a bareback threesome with my partner! She made a decent amount of money over a few months despite the extra expense of taking two hotel rooms (adjoining with a communicating door). She barebacked the repeaters she half way fancied (and a few who just produced enough extra money) and we got about a dozen guys for threesomes, two of whom kept coming back for more for months, and we stopped charging them though they both kept bringing her flowers and presents. We had much more success finding men to pay her than advertising for free. And making love to her after a paying punter was always so much dirtier than after friends or even random strangers! That's her pussy and my cock in my avatar!
  9. Agreed Layla, but there are so many single guys to every willing woman; those women are like unicorns (hen's teeth or rocking horse shit!); the average guy doesn't stand a chance. The good looking well hung studs are in bed with someone's wife not hanging around online grumbling! The wankers and the wastrels are going to play email ping-pong and promise you the earth and just never turn up. The only single guys who seem to be doing well online are the ones on the "Sugar Daddy" sites waving life-changing wads of money around. I've tried a couple of them and I think I'd be bankrupt in six months! So I go for the depraved old prostitutes! The pimps find teenyboppers more flattering to hang around with and pass around, and abandon them when they see them as "Old Slappers". This is the perfect time to "rescue" them. They have already been broken to do all the dirty and depraved stuff for fear of a smack in the mouth, it now comes naturally to them, and they seem oblivious to the risks. They'll do all that stuff for me for a little love and affection, being looked after, and my insisting they only fuck guys they half way fancy. They're cheaper, and may even be partly self-financing if they still have three or four regular punters - which makes them even dirtier.
  10. Interesting thread, some of which gives the lie to it the "All being Worthwhile", "No Regrets" image mostly promulgated by the fantasists. I'm sure they're close to finding a cure or vaccination or both TigerMilner, and as long as there are dirty fuckers like us about, "Bug Chasing" will continue gloriously with the nuisance itches, and do us all a lot less damage.
  11. Couples meeting couples in clubs or on sites like FAB have a whole different set of rules about what the participants are "allowed to do", than the dirty fuckers on here consorting with prostitutes and the glorious wives and girlfriends who behave like prostitutes! The main problems occur where the two scenes overlap. Unprotected sex with random strangers is so despised on the couples scene, that we have to come and hide on this site just to talk about it. FAB may work for couples sticking to the rules; it may even work for single women finding men to fuck them so long as they can ignore the abuse; but it's no good for single guys. Trust me I've had a verified profile for years!
  12. Wish I lived there . Id fill you and her up 👄Love when theres both sexes to please.👄Is she hot? Don't matter but I like to know 😜

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      With 9 reps, you must want be to breed her hard and long. Which is not a problem.👄

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      Thanks for those too 😘

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      With you so far away I just want to talk; if you were close . . . . .

  13. I can't delete it, No one here seems to be prepared to delet it for me, I may just resign myself to having my quota of three pics on the site, and never being able to post another one!
  14. I saw a "chin down" pic on CL from a link here and wasn't quick enough to download it - it has since been deleted. You're not the first on this thread to ask MystryStranger. The question is, did anyone else manage to download it? and if they did, are they prepared to share?
  15. I've got a pic that I want to post which is much more relevant to the thread

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