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    Long history of sexual partners all of whom were female, most of whom were whores. All of whom I was (and still am) in love with!
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    A new "Partner-in-Sin" who I can keep in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Who I can fall head-over-heels in love with, and pass around bareback amongst friends and strangers alike at parties, clubs, brothels and car parks.

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  1. My wife used to refuse to tell me who's the cum was until I'd fucked her and licked her clean!
  2. Always good, but even better to see it being pumped into her first
  3. Of course you can't trust him, even then, a few little sperm will leak in there with the pre-cum. You've always got the morning after pill for the morning after your thrilling little cuckold adventures; unless you're happy with him for good skin hair and eye colour, and all the rest of it, in which case he never need know!
  4. Even bigger thrill when my wife got pregnant, "I think I did that to her!"
  5. Rape and Consent are serious issues. If we are leaving our name, phone number and tracking details with doubtful women who might have us charged or blackmail us on a "his word against her" basis, maybe we should keep our phones on record while we're there!
  6. She should feel you cumming, maybe not your pathetic little squirt if she's your third fuck of the day, but certainly the big one you've been saving up. She should feel your cock twitching and pumping too, however much or little you produce. Those are the twitches and contractions you can fake if you've shot your load somewhere else half an hour ago, and this fuck's taking too long, and you know you've got something else better to move on to; or when you're just dipping in to the woman you love during a momentary break in her gangbang!
  7. Very true, and I've lied about it. One favourite working girl gets a child knocked out of her every year by her boyfriend and only barebacks clients who say they've had the snip. She just takes our word for it! I assume everybody lies!
  8. At least you can have dirty thoughts about impregnating a dirty prostitute you've picked up, barebacked without question, She's never going to find you again, and nobody has the budget to DNA test the whole male population. You just have to be careful to steer the conversation away from any subject that would lead to her volunteering too much information, like being on the pill, sterilized, or already pregnant!
  9. Disappointed in the two guys (out of the three) who turned up last night, they appear to be only interested in communal and mutual masturbation, we had no need to warn them, put up no-entry signs or shove champagne corks in our arses! No point in enlightening the regulars, they wouldn't believe anything but their own prejudices anyway
  10. We all agree she's past her prime. However I'm into Old Slappers. Hairy cunts are beautiful too, and a little bit of weight in the right places, a soft tummy that's just as sexy and sensuous as tits and bum, just so long as you can get your elbows on the bed. Piss is not something I usually indulge in, having my fingers piddled on by a lady sitting in the loo is okay, even that needs an immediate wash, I've never enjoyed doing a girl in a stinking men's urinal, although like most of us I have. Six (or a dozen) guys in quich succession and she's beautiful, but even a spunky cunt tastes and smells stale after an hour or two. Those tits are nolonger an asset, they need an engineered, cantilevered, heavyduty sports bra to support them, and keep her from pain as she bounces up and down. The effects of her MS, and oxytocin as a pallative is an open question, but otherwise she must be the healthiest person in the world, because the bugs and germs, death defying and virulent diseases, repeditive stress disorder and post traumatic stress, of fucking tens of thousands of careless, self-absorbed perverts, runs off her like water off a ducks back. She's still alive and doing it! The headlines in the paper are for the Grenfell Tower, not for Kiri having laid waste to half the country! "Grotesque" is a two way street (or like cricket it is a game of two halves). Either you are offended to the point of backing away in disgust, like the Queers on this site at the sight of a vagina, or the thought that anyone would prefer one. Or you are just so fascinated, that you have to lead the charge of the next ten thousand, regardless of any perceived consequences!
  11. Hi Bi-new2BB, so good to see you and your partner have such a carefully thought out plan for the future. We all develop and evolve (or deteriorate and de-evolve) as we get older. We can't expect to be young and rampently virile for ever! My wife didn't age well after a nice long career swinging with me, with both love affairs and dirty quickies; she put on weight, lost confidence and finally fastened the popper between her kinees. My more recent partners, like yours, are significantly younger than I am, and I am reaching the point that a planned foray where my partner gets fucked silly and I get to enjoy her during and afterwards, needs a little blue pill to ensure my erections are both prompt and reliable; it wouldn't be good for me to take too many too often. So I am looking forward to spending more time concentrating on other forms of bodily worship, kissing and licking her all over, from her nose to her toes, from her armpits to her arse, and drool over every cock she takes. Encourage her to do anything she wants with guys she fancies, cheer her toyboys on (and a couple of them are ridiculously young!) I've taken a strategic shortcut in finding the most suitable ladies to be my "surrogate wife" (wives!) Instead of trying to convert some innocent into the ideal depraved Goddeess (like my wife was). I've "rescued" ladies in their dirty thirties and filthy forties from the "fate worse than death"! They've already been broken to lives of depravity and sex for money by pimps and greedy boyfriends, where the risks of abuse, rape, disease (and not enjoying the sex) fade into insignificance alongside getting another beating from their pimp. They're at an age where the pimps see them as past their sell-by-date, and are generally happy for me to take them off their hands; afterall pimps all want young firm pretty girls to hang around them and be passed around. A little love, affection and consideration goes a long way (along with a guaranteed income), and the knowledge that they will never again have to do a punter they dispise, to ensure their loyalty to me. It's a perfect act of christian charity which will probably ensure my place in heaven! Because of these ladies history, they'll each fuck more men in a week than my wife did in six months! They even retain a couple of their old regulars for a modicum of financial independance. (I slipped one of them thirty quid the other night so he could aford to fuck her! lol - she might have done him for free). We're all the very best of friends. Check-ups in the clap clinic are normal, as is bareback and disease risk, and they still qualify for the free clinic in the RLD. I can continue to improve the quality of their lives; and am working hard to find new guys for them whose cocks I can play with, suck, giude in, lick their beautiful pussies while they fuck, as well as wallow in the aftermath. Afterall I need to enhance my life, given my age related restrictions, both real and imagined for the future. One of my greatest points of satisfaction, and I didn't seem to do it that much with my wife, is to use the other guy(s) as an audience. Three guys with their trousers still around their knees have just fucked her, her cunt is full of their spunk, we're both encouraging the guys to touch her, feel her up, she's still playing with them as she climbs onto my lap and impales herself on my cock with a big spunky squelch; I tell her how beautiful she is! I tell her I love her! I may even beg her to marry me! She tells me something she wants, and I promise to buy her it for her, just like the perfect wife being promised the new kitchen or the holiday she always wanted! Somehow this act of both confession and devotion, publicly proclaimed before strangers (and occasaionally friends) in the midst of a public debauch, when my dirty angel is both at her dirtiest, and most angelic, keeps my erection up better than any blue pill!
  12. I love the whole thing about being cuckolded. My partner has to fancy the guys, and they have to smell nice, taste nice and be respectfull. I don't feel the need to be humiliated, and it would put me off. Those little cages would be horrible things to get an erection in! I manage to keep it up for extended periods if I don't cum, don't wank too much; and I love to slip it into her at every available break in the proceedings, even if it's only for a few moments to feel the spunk inside her. Even if I do cum, it's all such a turn-on that I "pop up" again quite quickly; and I'm the one who gets to have her when the other guys are "spent" and have gone home worn out, to their wives and sexless marriages! All the local perverts who hang around the doggers carparks and pay for girls in the Red Light District, are far too straight. Really up-tight about it. I'm not looking for queers, just to get to give their cocks a suck and guide them in, feel them in her, feel them cumming in her, lick her pussy as they fuck, taste them as they pull out; but no, if you accidently touch them at all, they think you're going to turn them gay! Not even my girl fucking them again could cure that! We met sombody new for the first time in ages a few weeks ago. A young, unattached, 22 year old, clean-cut guy who had just found the freedom of owning his own car. We hadn't noticed the new cock in the darkness until one of the regulars asked if we knew him. I managed to take him aside and suggest he follow us to another venue on his own if he wanted seconds. He did, and we got to suck his cock together and I guided him in. She promptly invited him home with us, we've seen him a few times now, and he's following my example, sucks my cock and guides me in too! She loves fucking this guy half her age who can come five or six times in an evening and always has an erection! The regulars have warned us about a group of three guys who drive around in a blue Merc, they even gave us the registration number. These guys are supposed to be bi or gay or something equally dreadful. They probably know all the queers and would be riddled with disease! As one of the regulars wisely said "You have to keep your musket clean". We've only found one new cock in months. When the regulars left and we'd stopped laughing, Her ladyship demanded we track them down, find them and fuck them! She likes her few cocks in the dark, but she wants new meat! It took five nights out driving around by myself, including the queers' cottaging spots where I don't normally go, and I got my cock felt a few times before I got pointed in the right direction. Apparently the queers are suspicious of these guys and their friends too, since they are suspected of being more interested in girls than guys! (Dreadfull!) We've lined up a new spot to meet them this weekend.
  13. This thread is trying to answer too many questions at once. The initial suggestion that "The Goverrnment" is trying to do away with anal sex should be relegated to the Conspiracy Theory Bin! Anal sex is generally considdered to be principly prevelant amongst gay men, from the most monogamous relationships through to the least monogamous. This is because men generally do not have vaginas. The only other fuckable hole they have is their mouths. Various historic attempts to prevent anal sex, gay relationships, and just being gay, have all failed. Worldwide (nearly) the "Gay Community" is so well organised and defended that no organisation with a bank account is prepared to stand up against them for fear of littigation, at least not in the civilised countries. (This is why straight guys stick it out on this site to discuss hetrosexual bareback sex, for fear of persecution on straight sites.) Anal sex with women, is largely to do with women being second class citizens, to whom we can deny certain human rights, including the right to give consent to sex. Suggesting that men have the right to do what they want with the women within their control and ownership. Anal sex with women is often about birth control, and not only just in poor catholic countries. You can fuck your underage sister, neice or whoever, so long as you fuck her in the arse, she doesn't get pregnant, and there's no evidence. Most women would choose to be fucked vaginally rather than anally, so long as there are no repercussions, because being fucked in the arse hurts. Given that men expect anal sex with women to hurt the women, they choose to do it as a demonstration of their control, for the pleasure of seeing the women wince with pain as they assert their manhood over them. (One assumes that the male bottoms bravely accept it as part of "male bonding", in the same way that women are supposed to accept their inferior place in society. UK law mentioned here has gone so far, that most straight people are likely to complain about the possibility of buggery being made compulsory! Even the attempts by the government to do things like categorize pornography, which has come up with annomolies like banning "Breath Control" beause people die from autoerotic asphixiation when they try it on their own, and then go on to ban "Face Sitting" when by definition they are not on their own, and there is no documented evidence of fatalities. But they have made absolutely no attempt to ban anal sex as porn! There is a long, amost sacred Conservative tradition preserved in the best boarding schools, of making boys into men by beating, bullying and buggery! As for the religious right wing, including the bloody, so-called "Democratic Unionist Party" in Northern Ireland; they are so demoralised by the constant assaults from the athiests, the humanists, and the scientists, that their main defense is to try to force other people to believe everything that they believe, or think they believe. They have to defend the pharmasist who refuses to stock contraceptives and the morning after pill, and will do so until the good christian pharmasists go bankrupt. And deny aid to foreign countries with a family planning policy until their own country is done irreparable harm. But face them with the "logical" response of stoning queers to death, throwing them off high buildings, or legislating against anal sex, and they'll run a mile to protect their bank accounts against prosecution for discrimination! (Is it true that a piece of left-wing spoof legislation to ban masturbation has passed the Texas legislature?)
  14. She only sucked on me briefly as I remember, although the other two guys seemed to enjoy being sucked as I fucked her! Her kisses, cunt, and arse were particularly tasty!
  15. Just a big woose Dispo, no gold star if you didn't fuck her raw like the rest of us!

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