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    On the Straight/bi side of this site.
    Bareback, Cuckolding, Dogging, Prostitutes, Cum-Buckets, sharing women I love.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Long history of sexual partners all of whom were female, most of whom were whores. All of whom I was (and still am) in love with!
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    None other than taking dirty pics of the women I love getting cock and spunk.
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    A new "Partner-in-Sin" who I can keep in the style to which she would like to become accustomed. Who I can fall head-over-heels in love with, and pass around bareback amongst friends and strangers alike at parties, clubs, brothels and car parks.

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  1. I didn't ask! just rebooted and ran avast.
  2. Got a virus notification immediately on clicking on your second url
  3. What Was Your First Std ?

    Gonorrhea, the first few times. But the consultant said I could have several other things at the same time (Chlamydia and Syphilis principally) which would have been hit on the head with the quick (painful) diagnosis and quick treatment; before they themselves could be diagnosed at all! Whoever said it is right, the penicillin injection "in the hip" was bloody sore, but you and I must have had it years and years ago, since penicillin just doesn't cut it anymore. It will be hard to tell if the incidence of gonorrhea will go up with the new antibiotic resistant strains, or go down with more of us being inoculated for Hepatitis B. Had crabs a couple of times (not on the list above) and only recently got a single wart amongst my pubic hair about an inch away from the root of my cock. Just froze that off with "Wartner" and said nothing. For those of us not inviting Queers to fuck us in the bum, HIV is still a longshot! Health to all, that we can continue to wave our willies at danger (and each other), relatively unscathed!
  4. What Was Your First Std ?

    Will you be sharing it with Mrs M.?
  5. I like women who lose their inhibitions without the chemicals
  6. Your last hetro load...

    New face out tonight, said her name was Sharon, early thirties, blonde hair scraped back into a little ponytail, a little on the plump side (at least I didn't cut myself), white sock pulled up over one leg of her leggings but not the other - obviously had her leggings off one leg in the back of somebody's car and put them back on in the dark! £40 for sex, £25 for a blowjob, when I hesitated she brought sex down to £30! She said I didn't need to use a condom unless I wanted to, so I didn't! Good kisser, nice clean, hairy, tasty, pussy which got very wet. She happily talked about her punters, how many she'd had, how many more she needed to do tonight, and how much she'd earned. I generated several orgasms (or very very good imitations) both fucking and licking her. She was pleasantly surprised at being given the full £40. 9 out of 10 - highly recommended. She was away with a taxi driver within a minute of my dropping her off, back in just under 25 minutes and I missed her, back in under half an hour from the next, and I picked her up again. Seemed pleased with another £20 just for a lick at her pussy as she bragged about how much more money she'd made, and what she'd done for it. back into another car within a minute of being dropped off again!
  7. Looking For Sophie

    Hi marshmarch47 and Peoplefox I'm definitely going to share your enormous inferiority complex because I don't have "nine inches" either. I'm going to suspend myself by my average six and a half inch cock from the ceiling, in the hope of stretching it to come up to Sophie's standards. All despite the fact that I'm hundreds of miles away and never likely to see her anyway. At least if I did manage the impossible, I'd qualify as "new meat" ! You two are just going to have to watch this space for pictures, and read the accounts from the "supermen" !
  8. It doesn't taste (or smell) as nice by then, so much better fresh
  9. Looking For Sophie

    Can't get my attached photos deleted and my quota's full. We need a suitable free host.
  10. All good! Her fuckbuddy(s) can quickly and desperately bang a week's worth of cum into her and go home rejoicing; you get to make love to her long and slow in the midst of his mess after kissing her all over, and plot her next escapade with her before she falls asleep in your arms.
  11. Looking For Sophie

    Too bad Nineinchlover if she's only looking for new meat. We have to approve her motivation in maximising the number of different guys rather than just the same lot over and over again! That's all my girl gets in our little backwater, the same guys over and over; I would love to get her out into the big world for some real strangers, we haven't had a dose for years, lol! My six and a half inches wouldn't be any good for Sophie anyway (and I'm hundreds of miles away), so we can commiserate with each other! At least you can go out and get a bit of bum to take the edge off your appetite, and I can make do with old friend's sloppy seconds.
  12. Looking For Sophie

    “New Encounters” “Well-endowed men, at least 9 inches” “If you’ve already met us don’t reply” “We don’t mind drugs to enhance the pleasure, but please be STD free” “PLEASE BE STD FREE” – they’re just going to trust us all – Hurray! They’ll have the clap again in no time lol. That leaves me with four more photos to add to the collection (nine now) Best of luck chaps! I won’t be anywhere near South London unfortunately, but whoever is please report back, and let us all know if there are any more Craigslist adverts.
  13. Bareback Gangbangs

    My wife only ever entertained the occasional random stranger, it was mostly old friends and lovers, the occasional threesome MFM, one or two FFM (her in the middle!), and one or two small gangbangs (4 men at the most). Some guys were made to buy her presents, give her flowers, and we had a couple of framed banknotes on the bedroom wall for years! Since she's no longer in the picture, my more recent partners were found from amongst the sluts and prostitutes whose stock in trade was sex with strangers! They came from a background of being bullied or being desperate for money, gave very little thought to their own safety, would either have charged extra for unprotected sex, or just done it to avoid losing the business. I only see them one at a time, though I may keep a couple on the go. They're still just as dirty and open to risk as ever they were. Now they're doing it all for me without a second thought, for a little love and affection, and because I'm keeping them in the style to which they are accustomed (or better). I get to recruit friends (whom I know) to fuck them, but even better I get to recruit strangers from clubs and bars, whom I met while out dogging, from the Red Light District, or the internet. These are guys whose sexual history I may have my suspicions about, but know nothing for certain unless they brag about it, and then I've no idea if they're telling the truth! A couple of girls continued to see one or two of their old regular clients and tell me all about it, because they expect me to immediately double their immoral earnings if they don't wash! I get to see each of them fucking, get lots of sloppy seconds to fuck her in, and continually have an audience of guys with their trousers around their knees groping her after their fuck, while I get to make love, tell them how beautiful they are, tell them I love them, even beg them to marry me; all with the other guy's spunk still in her, his hands still on her; probably thinking that I'm totally insane for being in love with a girl like that! It's all just so much more intense than it was with my wife, still just one girl at a time getting all my attention as well as everybody else's. I look after them and protect them (from everything except random strangers' intimate contact and cum) as if they were god's own angelic choir. Keep them, surprise them with presents, encourage the guys to buy them things and treat them just as well as I do.
  14. Fetish/Kink Differences

    Or maybe a fetish is something you actually do, and a kink is something you just like to think about doing?
  15. Fetish/Kink Differences

    I don't think there is any difference between a fetish and a kink, it just depends which site you're on

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