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    Texas but travel a lot
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Latin vers raw fuck pig. Stocky/beefy build.
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    Lots of phone vids and pics
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    Nasty pigs to swap raw fucks and loads. Wilder the better. Like to pimp out my bottom husband and watch him take loads. Making personal vids, nasty verbal are +++

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  1. Yes, very fuckin hot! I like to do this with my husband after he’s taken a few loads.
  2. Thanks for the follow, Stud

  3. HOT profile/pic!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. evilqueerpig


      Been known to rim guys to climax!  Love to kiss...you

    3. PigPlayRaw


      Damn, will have to look you up next time I’m in FL

    4. evilqueerpig


      NASTY PIG with few limits...no females/condoms/scat/extreme pain...anything else is definite or definitely negotiable!  TAKE ME or vice versa!

  4. Fuck, that sounds like a great time!!!
  5. Just heard that the Phoenix no longer has dark play spaces. Damn.
  6. Thanks for the follow!

  7. My husband and I both love ATM. I especially like to suck the cock that bred him while I watched, but he beats me to it!
  8. A few weeks ago, I got bred 3 times by 2 BBCs at Mockingbird. My BF took vids of the action!
  9. http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=lrMZS-G175-#.VT8_lK1VhBc
  10. http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=XkoEG-G299-#.VR5IuBPF9_0 BallPlayer breeds PolarBear @ TBRU 2014 From TBRU 2014, a hot softball player visits us and gives PolarBear a hot breeding!
  11. Love to get in the back room of a bath house and just take as many cocks and loads as possible. Like others said, it's hot to do it in front of others so they know they can fuck and breed me raw.
  12. Also agree. Midtowne is sleazier - but also more variety of guys, esp hot black and latin men
  13. Will be there with my btw partner. Hope to give and get a lot of loads myself, and see him get filled with a lot of loads. Hoping to pimp him out at the bathhouse and/or our hotel room
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