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    Walterboro SC
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    If you lived next to me, you'd never suspect. You'd see me working on my muscle cars, grilling out, but secretly I'd be fantasizing about being your slut behind doors.
    Sucking cock anonymously while blindfolded and WS
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Have been a closeted bi for 20 years, married the whole time. Been divorced 6 years and started going to bath houses and renting motel rooms just to be used.
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    Any kind of use that gets a guy off. I have a submissive side and like to be told what to do. I have some unfulfilled watersports fantasies that I can't wait to explore.

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  1. Im visiting Augusta Friday the 7th, can host in my hotel on Gordon hwy. Looking to take a few loads, love anonymous use. I'll have porn playing, waiting in whatever position you want, cum and go.
  2. I can host and will be waiting face down, Ass up, lube next to me. Use my hole, no load refused, and let yourself out.
  3. I was 12, he was a friend of my brother's, 16 or 17, he told me he was bisexual and I naively asked what that meant so he offered to show me. It was a great educational experience and I learned that I was very comfortable on my knees. I probably drank 40-50 loads of his cum that summer.
  4. A Sunday in October 2017 - This is the craigslist Ad I placed: I've found many women enjoy watching their guys get off but aren't comfortable with another female involved. If you want to see him get a ball licking, deep sucking blowjob that ends with his orgasm being swallowed without question I can help. I don't want anything in return. This won't be a social meeting. I'll get right to it when we meet and leave as soon as his orgasm is finished. I'll never contact or bother either of you in any way. Your privacy is guaranteed. I'm a well spoken, well mannered, masculine guy next door type. I got an answer from a guy about 15 minutes away asking if I'd be willing to service him while his wife was at work. I knew his wife probably knew nothing about it, or it's possible he didn't even have a wife but the important part to me was that he wanted me to suck him off. He couldn't play at home and suggested we meet at a boat landing. I hadn't ever done any public type play and was very wary but he said he'd done it before, knew the area well, and knew a place we would'nt be bothered. I initially decided against his offer but thinking of sucking him off outside got me more and more horny until I emailed him for directions. I met him at a boat landing and he told me to follow him a short distance away. He turned town a dirt road and I followed until we were out of sight from the main road and he pulled over. He dropped his shorts and sat on his back seat while I leaned in and started handling his cock which hardened quickly. I started sucking and he got firmer and bigger. He was enjoying himself, I was too. I could feel the sun on my back while he used my mouth and started getting verbal. "Suck that cock", " suck it deep, move your hands." I moved my hands and used just my mouth and he enjoyed that more. I kept going deeper and deeper until I gagged hard one time. His cock got bigger and harder when I gagged and he responded with more instructions. "Gag yourself, put it back in your throat." I worked him back deep again and noticed that when I gagged , his cock got harder, and the head flared up larger at the back of my tongue. It only took a second to realize he like me gagging on him and as soon as I recovered from gagging, I'd shove him back in my throat, deep, gagging myself again. Everytime my throat contracted from gagging, his breathing would get a little more ragged, and his cock would get harder, and he would lift his hips to fuck my mouth deeper. I kept gagging myself and he kept getting more verbal. I was soon rewarded by his thrusting and breathing stopping. He lodged the flared, swollen head of his cock behind my tongue and I could feel the shaft start pulsing. I didn't have to swallow. He was so deep I couldn't have if I had tried. He pumped his cum directly into my gut while my lungs started burning for air. After about 30 seconds that passed too quickly, he relaxed and started breathing and his cock slipped out of my throat so I could breath again too. I got only a faint taste of his cum as almost all of his load had been injected way past my taste buds. I thanked him and walked to my car as he was zipping up, backed out and drove home hoping he'd contact me for a repeat.
  5. South Carolina, Walterboro, just off of Exit 53 I 95
  6. I have a room at the Parliament House June 23rd through 26th. I may be travelling with a female submissive that enjoys watching me be used or I can blindfold her in a corner while you use my mouth or hole to empty your balls.
  7. I took a nap, didn't eat, cleaned up good and was ready when the pig pen was supposed to be open. I walked over, barefooted about 5 after, the door was locked. I decided to walk into the maze for a few minutes and found it as crowded as I've seen it. Just inside the door I heard moans from the back. Walking forward there are 6 glory hole booths on the left, 5 of the 6 doors were closed indicating guys were in them either servicing or being serviced. The moans weren't coming from there but deeper on the ground floor. I walked to the right, where the open room is with the wooden box/bed. There was a guy on his back, his legs held back as another guy was slowly fucking him. The moans were from the bottom. The top would fuck him 10 to 15 hard strokes, then slow and tease his hole with the tip of his cock. There were several guys watching, most of them stroking. I watched for a bit, one of the onlookers had started rubbing his dick on the bottom's leg. The top pulled out and stepped back, making room for him. The onlooker immediately shoved his cock in the bottom, who groaned loudly. The onlooker quickly set a rhythm, a good steady fucking and after a minute or two, he grunted, froze and it was obvious he was cumming in the bottom. The bottom moaned soft and guttural when he realized he was being filled. As the onlooker stepped back and the original top started fucking the bottom again, I moved on. Up the stairs, the video room had half a dozen guys sitting, stroking, watching the porn but no interaction. I wasn't interested. I walked towards the back of the 2nd floor where the jail cells and more glory hole booths are. Of 6 more gloryhole doors, 4 were shut, more guys either servicing or being serviced. I walked around the corner and while one jail cell was empty, the other had 4 guys, one bent over holding onto the bars, another was fucking him and the other two were stroking. In the few seconds I watched, the guy fucking the bottom came, stepped back, and one of the other two guys took his place fucking the bent over bottom. Extremely turned on from the action, I returned back to the Pig Pen. There is a small foyer just inside the door where the lockers are. You're required to strip to your underwear before entering the second door. The dungeon master is sitting at the second door and explains the rules to first timers. I stripped completely, pulled the hood that was in my jeans pocket out and fisted it. The dungeon master remembered me from Friday night. He had me stop and told the guy he was talking to that he had never seen me without my jockstrap on until last night and held out my dick for his friend to see. He remarked that I had a fantastic cock and he never would have guessed from the times he'd seen me there until Friday night. I walked into the play area. To the right are the 3 slings, some glory hole booths, a semi private room and bathroom, to the left is a large open play space with St. Andrews cross, spanking bench, cage, 2 rooms with private slings and another bathroom. I had been in the maze longer than I thought and there were already 18-20 guys milling around, nothing had started yet. Since I'd gotten over being nervous many visits ago, I went to the sling room. The way it is setup is there is a short hallway leading to the open sling room. When walking down the hallway, you can already see the sling on the left and as you walk through the hallway, the other two slings come into view. I prefer the sling on the left because anyone looking down the hallway can see it and hopefully be enticed into coming further. No one was in any of the slings yet. 5 or so guys were in the entrance to the sling area, like predators waiting for prey. I nodded at them, walked past, and eased myself into the left sling. There are stirrups for your ankles that most guys put on the inside of the supporting chains for comfort. I always put the stirrups on the outside of the chains to keep my legs spread wider. I positioned myself just right, put one ankle, then the other into the stirrup on the outside of the chains. My ass felt spread wide, exposed, vulnerable, just the way I wanted it. As the finishing touch, I unfolded the hood from my fist, found the front, and pulled it in place. Sling room description: There is a TV mounted from the ceiling playing gay porn. There is a table by the slings with lube, a couple of rolls of paper towels, and condoms. The lighting is not as dim as the maze, it's easy to see, except with the hood I was completely blinded. The moment the hood slid on, my other senses were electric. I relaxed. I put my arms behind my head in interlocked my fingers. The entry to the sling room is a U shaped, the hallway shows the sling room, but there are bars separating it, you have to walk to the right, then through the opening into it. I describe this in detail because with the hood on, I can see nothing but a glow from the television. The catch is that people walking to the right to enter the sling room, block the glow for a moment, then if they come to my sling it is blocked again for a moment. This makes it impossible to tell if anyone is walking near the sling room, or actually in it. Blinded, my ears come alive. I didn't notice the soft voices before but I can hear them now. Several conversations, talking about the cookout, the pool party, life, how horny they are. It's like I can almost keep up with multiple conversations at the same time, and time is the real variable here. I listen, I'm alone, naked, spread, inviting, hooded, a faceless stranger with a shaved clean hole. I can't tell if it's been 3 minutes or 20 minutes. I've seen the glow from the TV interrupted several times so I know guys are moving around. The sound from the Television isn't loud, but just loud enough to mask any footsteps. I hear the chains shifting to my left and know someone else is getting into a sling. Then I realized the sound of chains are doubled, guys are in both other slings now. Immediately, I hear grunts and groans. From the faint volume I guess the aren't the sling next to me but from the far one against the wall. As I hear the rhythmic clanking of the chains that indicate someone is being fucked, I think that to happen so soon after he got in, he must have been followed in. Like a couple that wanted to fuck while others were watching. I screwed up. While I was concentrating on the sounds and figuring out the scene unfolding to my left, I felt my sling move but didn't realize it was because someone had grabbed one of the chains. My chest feels a hand on it; at the same time, I feel a cock rub against my lubed hole. The guy is steadying the sling with one hand and rubbing his dick on my ass with the other. Initially, he's soft, but that changes quickly. I can feel him get stiffer and harder in just a few seconds. He stops running his cock head around my hole, steadies me with the one hand, centers on my exposed hole and pushes forward. Nothing happens for a second but pressure, then I relax the tension from the surprise just as he pushes again, and 3 or 4 inches of a pretty thick cock invade me. I feel the familiar burn because it's been a while since I was fucked. I will myself to keep relaxed and push out slightly as he withdraws and pushes in again. In two strokes, he's balls deep in me, and he's not long but pretty thick. He pauses for a brief moment and starts pushing and pulling on the chains, sliding my tight hole up and down on his shaft. I hear a noise and realize it's me, groaning loudly and then notice my hands are going numb. I had instinctively gripped harder when he first touched me and my hands were letting me know I needed to loosen my own grip. He has already got a steady tempo fucking me, but as I relaxed my hands and my hole loosened up, he started fucking me harder. I was lost in the sensation. He was hitting my prostate. People were watching. I was being fucked wide and deep by a guy I couldn't see. And while thinking of this all of my thoughts kept getting jumbled up by the thick cock that was pounding in my guts. As quickly as I could, I centered myself on his dick. His steady rhythm helped and I started tightening up my hole on every outstroke. He noticed the difference because he sighed and didn't change pace, but began fucking me harder. I knew that by pulling my legs back, the sling would tilt up towards him so I began pulling them back with his timing, and kept clenching my hole down on every outward stroke. I imagined that this should feel like a fist gripping his shaft. I heard his breathing change, subtly at first, then more noticeable. He was grunting, sighing, his air intake getting more ragged. I kept clenching my hole, trying to clench harder though the way he was stretching my hole I wasn't sure I could keep it up. I pulled my legs harder, forcing my ass against him and taking every inch he had. It worked. "FUCK." he hissed and I felt his dick jerk as he emptied into me. He slowed but didn't stop fucking me but it felt different. There was suddenly no friction and I knew from experience that his cum was acting as lubricant. He stilled, shuddered a couple of times, making sure his balls were completely empty, slapped my chest twice, thanked me, pulled out leaving me panting heavy, trying to tighten my expanded hole to keep his load from leaking out.
  8. Staying at the Red Roof Inn, Buckhead. I want to give my shaved, clean hole to the guys of Atlanta for their relief. I'm driving from SC for this, so discretion is yours if needed. From 5pm until midnight, my door will be blocked open. I'll be face down on the bed, lube laying next to me. Stop by, put your cock in me, fill me with your load, and disappear. No load refused. Quick cummers and first timers welcome.
  9. I'm staying at the Parliament house in Augusta Saturday night. My mouth and hole are available from 4pm Saturday until checkout time Sunday. Anonymous is my favorite, tell me how you want me to be waiting, give me your load wherever you want, and disappear.
  10. Looking for a little advice Sir. I decided to stay at the Red Roof Inn on Druid Hills. Close to the action, outside entrance, no lobby to walk through. Should I head to Tokyo and get in a sling or place ads and stay in my room face down to get the most use?
  11. I'll be in Atlanta for the first time next weekend, 11-5-2016, staying at the Red Roof Inn on Druid Hills. I'll swallow your load, kneel for WS, or be waiting with my ass in the air, blindfolded, for an anonymous style breeding. Good porn playing on the TV. Prefer quicker meetings that leave me feeling used. Fuck my mouth or hole, cum hard, leave relaxed and relieved.
  12. I'm staying at the Parliament House 10/1 - 10/2. Cum in my mouth, cum in my hole, taking watersports in either, bring a friend or use me one on one. You can use me poolside while everyone watches if you want.

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