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    looking for raw poz breeders and even feeders if you are willing to use use and abusing me as a complete toliet want to be used and abused pozed up and made into your slute whore even slave can host and even right man can live here as my MASTER here in northern alabama

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  1. When is my gang bang🔥🔥🔥🍆

  2. Hi👄🍆Again 👄🍆🍒

  3. Definitely want to be POZED UP  the shoals area  Florence Sheffield Tuscumbia and Muscle Shoals AL 256-324-8543

  4. Hope you can plan a long weekend or even longer here to infect me poz,aids,stds, and then castrate me 256-324-8543 a lot of cheap sleazy motel around here for this and woods isolated places to infect and casteration need to be used and abused no limits extremely no way out situations doormat bootlicker doormat ashtray toilet pain pig ECT EXTREME & PERVERTED for REAL NO PLAY 




  5. Appreciate the information,  can't believe you took a Poz load in Muscle Shoals AL  hell even the word Poz is taboo around here and  yes I did know their was a few Poz guys here but have never been able to hook up with any. I have recently been talking to a cutter with 12cyears medical experience,  I am waiting on him to see when he will be able to remove them he self castrated himself.i also just found out about another cutter so I am seek several just in case one or the other does CUT the mustard so to speak.THANKS to all who have replied and hope you'll will continue to do so because as you'll all know a lot of times people back out .

  6. Would love to have Poz me up even AIDS and STD'S 

  7. I should be fucked and then castrated 

  8. Would love to have you infect me then castrate me 

    1. rede4it


      by the way, these messages are being sent through a friend's account.   as you might imagine, i am a bit protective until i understand who i am talking with.....so rede4it is not the person who is the poz eunuch.

    2. alabamapig


      That is fine my information is all true , but unstand it is actually 6 <l

    3. alabamapig


      That is fine my information is all true , but unstand it is actually  fine that it's not your real information b7t I do wan5 to be used abused poZed up even AIDS and STD'S and castrated can even turn me into a Eunice. 

  9. Please continue to write as a rule I don't get into reading but I will continue to read your stories very hot please let me know if you post anywhere else or have written other things alabamapig5118@gmail.com
  10. alabamapig

    Adding Me As A Friend

    I would die for this to happen 108 Watts Bar street apt #6 Sheffield Alabama 35660 256-324-8543
  11. Thanks man if ever up this way would love to take your loads yes see you might be neg and a bottom but I take any load from a top or bottom in hopes of getting pozed up , the way hot looking hot would love to eat it out and you are a hot looking stud. Thanks 

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    2. wsmanscentbug


      great I know a few places - amongst them my place - where I could whore you out 

    3. btmwsfun


      Would love to get whored out and used as a toilette side by side, then share with each other whatever bugs the other one gets.

    4. wsmanscentbug


      Love your spirit man and push each other's limits

  12. Hoping you can visit soon to infect with TOXIC LOADS &STD'S 

  13. What town in North Alabama? Im in Georgia 👄

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    2. alabamapig


      Yes SIR I can arrange for that to happen 

    3. Willing


      More than one bbc? Or just you and him with me in the middle?👄

    4. Willing


      Id love to be yalls cum dump for a weekend 👄

  14. alabamapig

    Alabama Area?

    Sheffield Alabama 35660 begging to be pozed up even AIDS would love to relocate as a slave no limits no way out 256-324-8543

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