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  1. Sorry just saw the first post and not all answers. Yes this guy is very stupid. But may i ask: whats the difference to the ones that are „bugchasers“ or proud to spread HIV like many here in this community? For me this behaviour is about the same degree of stupidity. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Thanks Homo60 for you answer. In fact i am only searching for older men, 50-65, so that could indeed be the reason, you're right. I should try some younger ones, athough i am not very attracted by them...
  3. It's quite frustrating: since i am on PrEP, 5-6 guys have fucked me bare, but no one came! That happened in bathrooms or Sexclubs. They needed to make a pause etc. I only had once a cumshoot in my mouth. But for that i would not need any PrEP ;-) It's really not funny that guys just don't want to come. And i dont think it's because of me, since all of them said i had a very nice ass. Do you know that problem with guys who don't come? I dont want to stay 3-4 hours at the same place before it would perhaps happen...
  4. I'm back with some news and questions. I received the pills on thursday this week. I discussed the use of them with my doctor for my special situation, that means for an "on-demand" use, since i have only a very few gay contacts (the last time in April). The doctor told me, that the level of effectivness of Truvada in my case isn't proven until yet. The only thing we know is based on the ipergay-study. During this study, the participants took the pill on an intermittent way (2 pills 24h-2h before sex, then 1 pill the day after and a second one the second day). But the problem here is that the participants had a lot of sex, so that at the end they took the pill on an average of 4 times each week (!). The evectivness is good in that case (86% risk-reduction) but i become scared when thinking about myself, since that means i have no idea how high the protection would be in my case if i take it only for one 4-day period a few times a year, or even only once a year.... So i'm pretty scared right now. I paid 900 CHF (around 900$) for 30 pills and i finally question myself if it was worth it, since i am not sure about the protection. My idea at the beginning was that i could enjoy bearabck sex if i go to a gay-club a week-end and dont have to be angry after having taken a risk. But now i observe that i feel very insecure about that. Are there here other guys that take the pill a very few time a year and could tell about their experiences? I would be very interested.
  5. I'm angry about such side-effects...but i will see as soon as i will take the first pills.In fact, from what i have understood, we can take the first pill until min. 2 hours before sex. And then 2 days long after the last sex. Someone other asked above: I dont know how i will react, if i would know that he is positive. I think it's very difficult to know because i only have sex in bathrooms ou clubs, where men wouldn't tell that. Until yet, i asked each time if a guy wanted to fuck me without any condom (what only happend a few times), but i think we cant trust most of them...and a lot of guys dont know that they are positive. Whatever, if he would say he is positive, i guess that i would become angry, despite having very few chances to get infected with that pill. But we never know, when horniness is too big ;-)
  6. I don't like the word 'bareback' or 'barebacker' because it sounds like something very negative and bad... For me it's just the natural way we have sex! Since i know about the dangers, i often asked the guy to put a condom if he wasn't doing it. But time after time, i become extremely excited if the guy wanted to fuck me on the natural way...and i just let it happen 6-7 times, since i was just too horny and my brain was in my ass more than in the head ;-) Like everyone here i just like it much more and i feel like doing it the way it should be. After that i was very angry and made a test. As reported frequenty i also observed that i was becoming addicted to be taken like that. That's the reason why i will soon start the PREP. Amd i already know that i will be very disappointed when a guy will take a condom, if i can reduce the risk a lot. Let's see how it will be in the future, i hope i will enjoy my sex life without this sad feelings after having done it.
  7. Hi to all I'm having a question to people who are in the same situation or know about it: It's will probably receive next week a prescription for the PREP. Since i am "only" bisexual and my craving for men only happens a few times a year (or sometimes i have no contact at all a whole year), the doctor said that i could take the pill 1-2 days before sex and 2 days after it, as soon as it will happen again. From what he said and i have read, this should reduce the risk a lot, even if i dont take it daily but only before and after having gay-sex (without condom). What do you think about that? Are there other users who take it on a situational way? What are yozr experiences? Did you stay neg? Thanks a lot for any advise. Cheers! Bi-Bottom

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