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  1. Oh fuck it..... NO! Don't fuck it, FUCK ME,. FUCK ME! 

  2. You could try drinking plenty before hand. Not many guys can piss while hard and what I have found usually works for tops in that predicament iis use my throat to get hard enough get in balls deep. Then just stay still and relax - no actual fucking motions - until you can piss. Don't worry about your hardon going. Unload their piss deep in my cunt and when empty, just start fucking. Most get hard again pretty quickly all without having to pull out
  3. I've changed my [deleted] to essexfuckwhore2
  4. I always try to make it absolutely clear before arranging to meet that I only get fucked bb. If a guy isn't comfortable with that then we don't meet. I then word my reply to them as simple language as possible. Along the lines of "we are looking for different things". The difficulty comes when faced with one of guys who seem incapable of answering basic questions such as "what are you into/not into. Some come out with the that classic "most things" WTF does "most things" cover? And then it turns into an interrogation to. Then there are those who think all that they hav
  5. I'm not too keen on blindfolds. I get a big kick out of seeing guys using me like a total faggot whore
  6. How many actually bred me is almost impossible to say. Getting fucked by hard raw cock is rather easier. I couldn't be bothered to try and keep even an approximate track of the nim. I'm certain from I was going to places like the fort and Pig Pit Men (and I think at least it's first three successors) where taking 20-30 (+) cocks in one evening was particularly hard., that the count of mine has at three zeroes on the end, if not four. My approximation was the time I tried to work even a rough approximate figure. I know as when I tried to work it out my calculator complained loudly th
  7. For me this is easy. I have always had a high sex drive/appetite. Since being diagnosed poz did the amount of sex I was having and the filth/perversion level jump up hugely. The reason was simple. It wasn't anything hiv added, but something it removed. Prior to being diagnosed the "fear factor" acted as a limiting restraint. After diagnosis all the worry and fear of getting hiv was gone and nothing holding my appetite back. So it was just going at full unrestricted potential ?
  8. "Do you forsee a time when BB becomes the norm again?" You mean it isn't and hasn't always been? Since when? Typical, why did no fucker tell me? Hmmm. Maybe they've been trying and I was too getting my raw cunt bb fucked and bred to notice ? ?
  9. Some say size doesn't matter.Others say it dioes. Personally I am mostly in the "doesn't" camp. Plus there are other factors: Shape - is it completely straight or like most have a degree of curvature or "bend"? Degree and direction of "bend" if present. I have no idea what other btms feel about this or what their experience is, but for me those can matter. While our internal plumbing all follow the same general layout, we are each essentially custom built. Those sometimes mean what works with one sluts hole may not always work as well on the next. The shape of a cock
  10. My favourite, but I don't rigidly stick to it when fucking with guys or have different tastes, is to get used and bred in my "faggot whore, cum dump and breeding bitch uniform". Which is black boots, leather collar with chain dog leash attached, leather wrist restraints and nipple clamps. Wearing that and nothing else puts me in the perfect "head space" of "I am a slut bitch whore and slag with a cunt and throat for hard hung tops to use abuse and breed. I exist to service their cocks and take all of their raw cum and piss - as much as they can and want to fuck deep into my holes. Th
  11. I treat them exactly as I did HIV - an occupational hazard of being a total whoring slut and breeding bitch. And worry about getting them just as much - don't give a fucking shit if is in any way going to get in the way of raw cum and piss being fucked deep into my raw cunt and throat. ?? I don't go in for that "collecting" them as while the idea of having loads of stis might be a turn on for some (I not judging in any way) the reality of having any of them is anything but. And I am a fucking selfish greedy cunt when it comes to stis - you can't have mine, fuck off and get your own lol.
  12. A near identical topic was posted and a healthy ensued. The question posed then went along the lines of - if you came across a horny looking but unconscious guy in a bathhouse/saunA would you fuck while unconscious or not? I don't feel my view on this on this "thought experiment" had altered in any way. In coming up with n an answer on what l would do.on, I started by asking myself this - what I would I want to be done I'd it WAS m Easy! I wil rjdallyappreciateifould check that I am not dead or dying.
  13. For me I find the whole degrading aspect of men using me as total slut bitch and whore a massive turn on, So with tops guys that enjoy that sort of scene/scenario I find my hole hole being called a cunt just adds to the fun.
  14. This slut loves being bred pissfucked and used by hard hung yng filthy perverted lads. I just wish I could find more of them
  15. Hi this faggot cum/piss dump btm pig slut and toilet is free for use from early evening tonight (18tj April) onwards, especially by hung perverted yng bastards, indoors or outdoors Kik/wickr essexfuckwhore
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