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    Love to be bred I have evolved from safe sex to a
    cock sucking faggot.
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    I love to be fucked BB so I am willing to be pozzed so I no longer have to have to think about it, I can just enjoy the feeling of cum being pumped into my male pussy. being gang banged, being a cum dump , like to have two cocks in my ass at same time.

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  1. been a while since I posted this topic. I did a little research and found it is very very difficult to find a dentist or oral surgeon to pull healthy teeth let alone all of them. plus it would be very expensive for the pulling and to have bridges made. So I guess I will go on sucking cocks with my teeth still there.
  2. regrettably i haven't been to a glory hole as yet. Wouldn't even know where to find them in my city.
  3. I have yet to suck a cock in a glory hole. sounds like it would be enjoyable. Don't even know where to find one in my city.
  4. I like cut cocks and the ones I love most are the guys whose glans swell really large before they cum. so large I feel like we are stuck together.
  5. sucking a cock until it cums in my mouth.

  6. not exactly, I had a friend who invited me to his house once and he asked if I would jack off with him. It scared me being so sudden so I said no and left. In hind site I wish he had led up to the invite because I would have loved to play with him. Funny thing is he turned out gay and in the long run so did I. Had I accepted his invite perhaps I would have realized my being gay much earlier in life.
  7. absolutely, I was BB from the start when my best friend inducted me to gay sex. Then the AIDS thing started and I practiced safe sex for years. Then a couple of years ago I could not take it anymore and started BB again. For me it is the greatest feeling to feel a cock swelling and filling my ass with cum. I had to go back to it no matter today's risk.
  8. Baldwin 69 5'8' 140 lbs Text only as I don't answer unknown numbers 502-262-1912 white 40272 zip most weekends and some weekdays
  9. biggest I have had was 9 inch and it was great. kinda spoils me for anything smaller. I would love to try bigger.
  10. Loved this story, wish it was real and it was me.
  11. missing the feeling of a hot cock pounding then filling my hole and I feel the warm cum inside me. go away covid.

    1. melvin0095


      Me too.  So  tired of this crap.

  12. oh my, I just watched a video of the action at a horse market. I would love to go to one as a mare. red hood of course the video is on barebackbastards.com
  13. Thanks. of course all on pause now with covid virus. Seems events are all on west coast of USA. a very long trip from my location on East.
  14. OMG I would love to be a mare at this. To bad not happening in USA
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