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    Love to be bred I have evolved from safe sex to a chaser.
    cock sucking faggot.
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    white male, 140 lbs, 5' 8" smooth body. retired
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    none I wish there was
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    I love to be fucked BB so I am willing to be pozzed so I no longer have to have to think about it, I can just enjoy the feeling of cum being pumped into my male pussy. being gang banged, being a cum dump , to feel loads in my ass and as they run out. big cocks to breed me with. Having cocks in both my holes. cocks to suck! would like to have two cocks in my ass at same time.

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  1. I would not mind at all being on video but I would prefer my face not be shown to identify me to my vanilla life. Of course being videoed while sucking cock, it would be hard to not show my face.
  2. After stopping safe sex a couple of years ago I was ready to bareback again. Things were slow and then the virus hit and things got even slower. But after months of needing cock I posted to a few local contacts I had on BBRT that they would be welcome to come to my place and make a deposit in my hole. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when a couple took me up on that. The first guy came by and I was naked and ready for him. He was a bit chubby and hairy but a cock is a cock. I wanted no conversation just a cock and cum in my ass. Anyway we went to my bed and he bred me. It felt so g

    Finally a pozz load

    1. hrbigbelly


      Lucky you. I hope it takes let us know. Still looking for mine.

    2. melvin0095
  4. like others once we set my limits (no scat, children, permanent marks, not really fond of rimming) anything else is the tops choice. I love being a faggot cumdump and are willing to do or have done to me anything beyond my limits.
  5. wish I was young and this was a true situation that I was the cumdump.
  6. We were caught but I am not sure what they could see. Many years ago my BF was graduating from grad school. So for the occasion I rented a new Lincoln Town car. After the ceremony and dinner out we returned home. As it got late we both thought it would be cool to "do it" in the Town car. It was very late or very early depending on your outlook. We put on robes and slipped out to the drive way and got in the back seat. We started making out and quickly there were no robes and we were naked and getting down. I was knees down on the back seat as he was pounding his cock in my hole. Sudden
  7. Like this story. would be nice if it was a gay guy like me taking all that cum.
  8. Yes swallow but be aware some guys like to cum on you face, so don't be shy about that. Watch your teeth! When I first started sucking cock I would sometimes let my teeth hit the cock I was sucking. I learned quickly guys don't like that. The more cocks you suck the better you will get.
  9. I can't help myself, I just want to suck cock and swallow the cum. I love the feeling of a cock in my mouth and the taste of the cum as it fills me. Nothing beats a cock swelling in my throat as it is about to squirt its' cum.
  10. While I prefer bigger cocks with shaved pubic as an all around cumdump I will take any cock.
  11. Needing cocks to suck and cum to swallow.

  12. I haven't gotten sick swallowing cum but I haven't taken as many as you guys at one time. But I would love to have sucked 10 or more at one session even if I got an upset stomach.
  13. in need of cocks to suck and breed me.

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    2. Willing


      Aren't we all 😵💧🍆

    3. melvin0095
    4. Willing


      A group of 2 is nice too😵🍆😵

  14. reminds me of how much I miss those old Yahoo groups.
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