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  1. Just to let you know, if you wish to get rid of the gay image shown by default in the background now, you can change it by clicking the paintbrush at the top of the screen and selecting a blank background.
  2. Essex Tgirl Needs Breeding

    Hi Lucy, where are you? Love to meet up and play! Message me and let's hook up!
  3. Best cruising area for bb - London

    Anyone here use Scratchwood for fun?
  4. OK, just as a pre-emptive warning: This thread will not turn into a "name-and-shame" thread or sanctions will be applied.
  5. Looking For Sophie

    Anyone have her picture to share? She sounds like the sort of girl I'd like to bump into!
  6. I genuinely have no idea how many guys or how many women. I've only had a handful of serious relationships, so they're no trouble, but whores? No idea. A few stand out, but there have been many street girls and parlours and independants over the last 20 years or so.... I found some emails with pictures in last week when I was migrating some email accounts. I met a woman at least a few times, and her male partner at least once for a threesome, but I genuinely have zero recollection of either of them! It's why I like to take pictures and videos when I can, so that I have something to look back on in my old age...
  7. Hatfield Next Week

    You gonna be able to accom? got a BBRT profile?
  8. It is possible that the post below hasn't been seen by some using the straight part of this site as it was posted as part of a discussion thread in the escort section. Most people using a forum such as this would know to be careful in trusting anything posted by another member, but many will take posts at face value. Remember, large numbers of posts does not mean somebody is guaranteed to be telling the truth, equally somebody posting for the first time may be perfectly honest. Stay safe out there!
  9. July 25 - Aug 5

    Horny English bi guy here. Will be with wife on trip, but will have a few days to myself to have fun. Looking for horny guys who are up for some no strings fun with me! I would consider booking a sleazy motel room for a day so that I could leave the door open and let guys come in and find me arse up... Any recommendations for somewhere cheap, sleazy and good for cruising?
  10. Database error

    Still having problems - couldn't access this thread past night, still inaccessible today: https://breeding.zone/threads/13275-Gifter-talks-bottom-trough-breeding
  11. Swinger party

    Bottom_jim, for a guy who identifies as gay, you sure do seem to fuck a lot of pussy!
  12. I can't seem to access any message threads this morning, I just get a database for when I click on the thread. Browsing the list of threads doesn't seem to be a problem..
  13. On a similar note to my last post, my wife set me up with a different vicar who she knew through a mutual friend. Our first 'date' was at the same bathhouse, and he was nervous when we were there as he said he had heard rumours that another vicar he knew frequented it! Turned out it was the one I had bumped into previously. I never let on that it wasn't just a rumour!
  14. I once bumped into a local vicar at the bathhouse I frequent! I knew he was gay, so wasn't totally surprised, but I think he was shocked as I'm married and quite careful about who knows I'm bi (the wife and the guys who I play with basically). We were friendly before the encounter and have remained so ever since, but not a word has been spoken about it by either of us!
  15. Sadly Carlotta's next dates don't work for me, but she is a great slut, I highly recommend her and I'll be back next time her dates coincide with mine!

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