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  1. Herts

    Essex Tgirl Needs Breeding

    Hi Lucy, where are you? Love to meet up and play! Message me and let's hook up!
  2. Herts

    Best cruising area for bb - London

    Anyone here use Scratchwood for fun?
  3. Herts

    Hatfield Next Week

    You gonna be able to accom? got a BBRT profile?
  4. Herts

    July 25 - Aug 5

    Horny English bi guy here. Will be with wife on trip, but will have a few days to myself to have fun. Looking for horny guys who are up for some no strings fun with me! I would consider booking a sleazy motel room for a day so that I could leave the door open and let guys come in and find me arse up... Any recommendations for somewhere cheap, sleazy and good for cruising?
  5. Herts

    Database error

    Still having problems - couldn't access this thread past night, still inaccessible today: https://breeding.zone/threads/13275-Gifter-talks-bottom-trough-breeding
  6. Herts

    Swinger party

    Bottom_jim, for a guy who identifies as gay, you sure do seem to fuck a lot of pussy!
  7. I can't seem to access any message threads this morning, I just get a database for when I click on the thread. Browsing the list of threads doesn't seem to be a problem..
  8. On a similar note to my last post, my wife set me up with a different vicar who she knew through a mutual friend. Our first 'date' was at the same bathhouse, and he was nervous when we were there as he said he had heard rumours that another vicar he knew frequented it! Turned out it was the one I had bumped into previously. I never let on that it wasn't just a rumour!
  9. I once bumped into a local vicar at the bathhouse I frequent! I knew he was gay, so wasn't totally surprised, but I think he was shocked as I'm married and quite careful about who knows I'm bi (the wife and the guys who I play with basically). We were friendly before the encounter and have remained so ever since, but not a word has been spoken about it by either of us!
  10. Herts

    Giving head at the bathhouses

    I love sucking random cocka through the glory holes, rarely swallow though so never had your problem. I do usually have a sore throat for about a week after though - any idea why?
  11. Glad you like my arse, I haven't yet been to the Greenhouse yes, but plan to visit both Luton and Darlaston in the new year.

  12. Great arse! Maybe we can hook up at the Greenhouse sometime?

  13. Herts

    Question for Londoner's - Which Spa is This?

    I had no luck at all in the Sauna Bar, it was very cliquey! Must try Chariots or Pleasuredrome if they are likely to be better for action!
  14. That is such a hot video! I would love to be in his place taking load after load!
  15. As a scared bottom who loves the thought of being stealthy as it takes my responsibility away, I love to read from the bottom's point of view. I can imagine myself as the dumb cunt who get a pozzed because he was stupid enough to think it wouldn't happen to him...

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