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  1. Fucking hot, love how this is progressing! I totally feel like being this bottom slut and accepting those loads and what come with them in the dark!
  2. Hope you’ve had fun being fucked by him like I have! 😈
  3. One of the guys who fucked me recently had me pinned face down as he fucked me. As he blew his dick slipped out of my hole and he blew half the load up the crack of my arse. It actually felt pretty good as his dick slid through it a few times and then back into my sloppy hole!
  4. Hot story, and I think most of us can relate to being somewhere on that sliding scale downwards.. 😈
  5. Use the Three Words app and head to “stump. Vibes. Rich”, but check out squirt’s cruising listing: [think before following links] https://mobile.squirt.org/Cruise/display/589?catID=1&distance=17 (sorry, if you want the desktop version you’ll have to get it on your own, I can’t load it on my phone) If you look through the listing details on there, you will find some good info, but check out the photos as well as the text as they have details on how to get to the tree that are quite clear.
  6. I previously only looked for older guys to fuck me, but recently when I’d had a little artificial help getting really horny, I offered myself up to a 26yo ‘straight’ guy. I have to say, worshipping his young cock and looking up at his ripped, smooth body was a massive turn on. He didn’t fuck great, but I’m sure with practice he could get better! 😈 Anyway, it’s left me much more open to the possibility of being used by young guys too. Hopefully plenty of young cock will be opening me up, along with all the old guys too - I’m not stopping taking those dirty old men who want to fuck me!
  7. I can really relate to this story! Hot as fuck thinking about being forced to do T and then being turned into a meth whore!
  8. This is such a hot story, I’m working on being that bottom.
  9. I still fucking love this story. Only time it fails to get a load out of me is like today when I’m edging myself to keep me hot and horny for the poz friend who is coming over later to fuck me! 😈
  10. I’m not colourblind, but the tags are simply impossible to read and the “follow topic” and “hide” options below this dialog are dark grey on a black background, making them hard to read too. I know grey, black and red are the site style, but some contrast options might be useful..
  11. Yeah, I think so. He wanted more last night, but I was busy and couldn’t do it.. 😕 I’ll get him in one night after work next week. He can go back to his mrs with my arse juice on his cock! 😈
  12. Yesterday I was feeling especially horny and in need of some cock, so I got on Squirt and set myself to online and looking for sex in the next 3 hours with a status of ‘come and fuck me now’. I haven’t used squirt in a long time, so was surprised when I got a chat request. I wasn’t surprised when I saw there was no photo, but the distance looked good. Here is the chat (with a couple of redactions for discretion): Jack: Hi can you meet now Me: I can meet now. Where are you and what are you looking for? Jack: (Near) And love to suck and be fucked and rimming what do you like
  13. I have to say that my job has kept me working throughout this pandemic, and without going in to too much detail, I’ve been in lots of places where people have been gathering in groups throughout. Honestly, I’ve been appalled by people’s behaviour in general, ignoring the rules deliberately or through plain ignorance/stupidity. I doubt there will be much difference when a bunch of horny guys get in a private, dimly lit space... Right now, I’m not judging that. At the height of things, I totally was, and I still think those people were inconsiderate arseholes. As things stand, I think if a
  14. I can’t for one minute imagine that the type of people who visit the saunas as they reopen will be overly concerned about maintaining social distancing... And yes, the saunas will have to put measures in place, but there are bound to be spaces that can be used for play, and I very much doubt they will be patrolling and enforcing!
  15. Couldn’t blow your load because your roommate was home, but could invite a random in to fuck you on the bathroom floor?
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